Young Ladies Story

George Brown was a regular sort of guy. He had a good, steady job as an engineer, was a member of Rotary and the Neighborhood Watch Committee, and took his wife on holiday every year to a place in the sun. However, after 20 years of marriage they still hadn’t managed to have any kids or young ladies, and this was something that they both regretted keenly. George did his bit though with all the dads in the area and helped out with their kids’ ball games, doing a little umpiring or just plain gophering. Muriel was into the Girl Guides movement in a big way, so neither of them felt they were totally left out of the job of rearing the younger generation.

They’d considered adopting several years ago but, as Muriel had pointed out, they had their hands full with all the other kids in the neighborhood, and if they waited just a little bit longer, and tried just a little bit harder – well, you never knew – they might get lucky. But, of course, they never did.

George was having a beer with his neighbor Fred one summer’s evening, and the conversation got around to kids and what a handful they were. Fred had a pair of them – two girls – and George said something about how lucky Fred was to have two daughters who could keep each other company.

“Don’t you believe it,” Fred replied, taking a long pull at his beer. “It’s the worst combination you can have, two girls about the same age. When they started getting interested in boys they were always at each other’s throats. We’ve found a cure for that though.”

“Have you?” George asked, interested. He’d often looked at the way Fred’s girls had begun to blossom in the last year or two, and had recently volunteered to take up life guard duties at the local pool in order to ensure that the girls were properly supervised when they went for their lessons twice a week. At least, that’s what he told Muriel. If the truth be known he did it for the opportunity to see Karen and Susan in the pool, their firm little bodies tightly sheathed in the wet, clinging fabric of their bathing costumes, and the nipples on their developing breasts jutting out visibly with the cold of the water. Not that he had any ulterior motives in volunteering for the job – he would have been shocked if anyone had even suggested that.

He looked expectantly at Fred, wondering what he’d done to keep the girls quiet and so obviously contented. They were model daughters, and any parents would have been proud to have them. Attractive, polite, always giggling and chattering away with each other. Inseparable. George couldn’t imagine them squabbling over anything. But Fred had got up and gone to the fridge for another beer, so George’s curiosity went unsatisfied.

Just then, the front door slammed and the subjects of their conversation burst onto the patio.

“Hi, Uncle George!” Karen panted, and quickly planted a kiss on his forehead before flinging herself down on the sunlounger.

“Hi, Uncle George!” Susan echoed, and raced back into the house to get a cool drink.

Both girls looked hot and sweaty in their tennis gear, but to George’s eyes,delightfully so! Their young complexions simply glowed with good health and vitality, and their deeply tanned limbs were beginning to fill out in a most intriguing way.

“Whew!” Susan gasped, “That’s the last time I race you back here in heat like this! I’m sweating like a pig!”

“Like a Sow!” her sister corrected, giggling as Susan threatened to pour her drink all over Karen’s reclining body.

“Well, I’m going to get out of this hot gear!” Susan stated, “You don’t mind, do you Uncle George?” Without waiting for an answer, she stripped off her blouse and wriggled out of her pleated tennis skirt, then stretched luxuriously in just her training bra and panties. “Lovely!” she sighed, and lifted her face to the sun as she stretched again. “Come on Karen, you must be boiling like that!”

“Is that OK Daddy?” Karen asked her father, glancing quickly at George.

“Of course it is!” Fred laughed, “George has known you two since you were in nappies. Anyway, you shouldn’t flatter yourselves – you’re only little girls still you know.”

“No we’re not!” Susan retorted with indignation, “We’re Young Ladies now!”

“Yes,” Karen stared with equal indignation at her father, “We’ve been Young Ladies for at least three months now! Haven’t we Susan?”

“At least!” Susan agreed, counting on her fingers. “Three and a half to be exact!”

All this went completely over the top of George’s head. He hadn’t a clue what they were talking about. Anyway, he didn’t much care. All that mattered was that Karen had started stripping down to her underwear too. He sat more firmly in his chair and held his beer so as to hide the growing bulge in his pants.

His erection subsided as Fred handed him another beer and the two men started chatting again about the problems of rearing the youth of today. They had just decided that it wasn’t the same as in their day, when Susan interrupted them.

“Daddy, can I take my bra off? I’m going to get the most horrible tan marks if I don’t.”

“That’s OK Pumpkin. Take the lot off if you like. George won’t mind.”

George could hardly believe his ears. His best friend was telling his daughter to get stripped naked in front of him? Unbelievable!

Both girls giggled and quickly stripped off with their backs to the two men, then lay face down on the rug by the lounger to soak up the sun, heads together and giggling occasionally as one made a whispered remark to the other. George had volunteered at the swimming pool in order to “keep an eye”on the girls, but the sight of their firm little bodies stretched out naked before him was more than he had imagined in his wildest dreams. They were obviously used to sunning like this, for their rounded bottoms were as tanned as the rest of their bodies. He gazed surreptitiously at their delicious forms as he drank his beer and continued to chat with Fred – but with only half his mind now on the conversation. He almost choked on his beer when Susan lazily rolled over and began tanning her front!

Their feet were towards the men and he had an uninterrupted view of the deep groove splitting the prominent mound between her thighs. Then Karen rolled over too and he could see that both girls had only a light dusting of pubic hair, enough to be interesting, yet still too little to show that they were anything but little girls still.

“So what do you think?” Fred asked.

“About what?” George stammered, suddenly brought back to reality.

“About the chances of the boy’s team winning the ball game this week?” Fred grinned. “Oh, never mind,” he chuckled, “They’ve got cute little figures,haven’t they?” He grinned knowingly at George and winked. “One advantage of having daughters, isn’t it?”

George’s cock was now raging hard again, but he noticed with some satisfaction that Fred seemed to be reacting in much the same way, if that bulge was anything to go by.

Just then the front door slammed and the sound of Muriel’s voice came to him. A few minutes later, both she and Fred’s wife Constance came onto the patio holding long drinks in their hands.

“Oh, hello George, hello darling!” Connie greeted them both brightly. “What a lovely day. Hello girls! You’ll never guess what we got for you at Harper’s today – look at them, aren’t they lovely?” She held up a couple of dresses and the girls clambered to their feet and eagerly grabbed them off their mother, holding them up against their naked bodies and pirouetting around with delight. “Grab the lounger Muriel, I’ll get another chair from inside.”

Muriel sat down with her drink in the lounger and looked from the girls to George with a quizzical look on her face.

“It’s all right Muriel,” Fred laughed, “The girls were just doing a bit of sunbathing. I’m sure George has seen it all before. Besides, you’re both practically one of the family after so many years.”

Muriel didn’t look completely convinced, but quickly forgot her concerns when Connie came out again with a chair, sat down beside her and started chatting about their shopping expedition as though nothing out of the ordinary had taken place. The girls had disappeared indoors to try on the dresses anyway, so there was nothing to complain about.

Later that evening though, back in their own home, Muriel casually asked George what he thought of the girls sunbathing like that. He said it seemed rather nice actually. Just the sort of thing a close family would do in the privacy of their back yard. If they’d had kids of their own, they’d probably be bringing them up to be open and unashamed of their bodies just as Fred and Connie’s kids were. Anyway, he argued, it was really no different to seeing them in their bathing costumes, was it?

Muriel thought it was, but privately smiled to herself. She knew George inside out, and she’d seen the bulge in his pants as soon as she’d come onto the patio! Certainly, their sex that night was better than it had been for months!

The following day was pool day, and George drove the chattering girls there with anticipation. He wasn’t disappointed. Knowing what they looked like naked, he could picture them again like that under their bathing costumes as he watched them jumping in the pool and splashing around. He sat in his life-saver’s chair with his legs firmly crossed in case any of the other parents there saw the effect it was having on him. When they came tumbling out of the changing rooms and into the car, he drove back with a contented smile on his face, just listening to the girls in the back seat, and imagining.

“Thanks for taking the girls.” Fred greeted him as he brought the car to a halt outside the girls home. “Want a drink? You’ve been sitting in the sun for most of the morning.”

“I could do with one.” George admitted, following Fred out onto the patio. To his delight, the girls were already out there, stripped and sunbathing as they had the day before.

“Pumpkin – fetch Daddy a drink would you? And get George one too whilst you’re at it.”

Susan jumped to her feet and ran into the house, little tits bouncing with her energy. A short while later, she came out with two frosted glasses of beer, walking slowly and carefully so as not to spill a drop. George crossed his legs as she approached and handed him a glass with a smile, then watched appreciatively as she turned to take her father his drink. Her small buttocks quivered in such a delicious way with each step, he thought. Then his eyes widened as he saw her hand Fred his drink, then sit on his lap with her arm around his neck. The erotic sight of this naked little nymphet sitting on her father’s lap almost made him ejaculate on the spot!

“So aren’t you going to talk to George?” Fred called over to Karen.

“Sorry Daddy, sorry Uncle George! Of course I will.” She clambered to her feet and came over to George who had to uncross his legs in order to make a lap for her to sit on. Suddenly his arms were full of young, tanned girl flesh as she smiled at him and sat down – right on top of the hard bulge of his erection!

George fought hard to look nonchalant, as if this were an everyday occurrence. Surely she must feel me, he thought desperately, and took a long pull at his drink as she wriggled a bit to get comfortable.

“Do you like my tan Uncle George?” Karen asked him, stroking her tummy.

“It, it’s lovely dear!” he stammered.

“Look, no tan marks at all!” she said proudly, moving her hand up to stroke her breasts. “Here, or here,” she continued, moving her hand now down to her tummy again and the jutting mound swelling just below it. “I think it’s so much nicer, don’t you?”

“Oh, oh yes dear!” he stammered again, desperately trying to think of a way of shifting his straining cock so it wasn’t pressing so hard against her bottom. If Muriel were to walk in on him now he’d be dead meat. But what was it she said this morning? She and Connie were going to be away all day at some Girl Guides thing. Thank goodness for that at least!

His attention came back to the girl in his lap as she giggled and leaned over to whisper hotly in his ear, “I think you like me sitting in your lap, don’t you Uncle George? I can feel you right here!” She wriggled her bottom again, and whispered, “You’re so big and hard!”

What on earth was he going to say to that? George thought in amazement, then was saved the job of replying when she continued whispering, “Do you want to feel my breasts Uncle George – like Daddy’s doing with Susan?”

Startled, he looked across to where Fred was sitting with Susan in his lap and, sure enough, he was openly fondling his daughter’s ripe little tits!

“Are, are you sure?” he asked hesitantly, not daring to hope for the reply he wanted.

“Oh yes Uncle George. It feels so nice when Daddy does it!”

What on earth was going on here? “What the hell,”he thought to himself, “I’m not going to turn up a chance like this!”He tentatively reached up and touched her, then growing bolder cupped her breast and squeezed, feeling the firmness underneath.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice!” Karen sighed, her eyes closed and a look of bliss on her face. “Squeeze the nipple please!” She shuddered in ecstasy as he rolled the little erect nubbin of flesh between his fingers, and her arms tightened around his neck as he felt her kiss him under his ear.

They sat like this for longer than five minutes, Karen sighing and squirming slightly on his lap as he went first to one breast, and then to the other. The female scent of her grew in his nostrils and, looking down, he saw she had buried her finger in the slit of her mound and was slowly rubbing herself. His cock was throbbingly hard now, pressed as it was between his thigh and her bottom. “Why not?”he thought to himself, and slipped his hand slowly down from her breast until it was caressing the warmth of her tummy.

“Do you want me to do that?” he whispered, and touched the back of her hand. She didn’t say a thing. Just moved her finger out of her slit and put her arm around his neck to join the other one, widening her thighs slightly as he slipped his finger into the slippery warmth of her crevice. She jerked a bit as he felt the hard jut of her clitoris under his probing finger and began to gently stroke it. Then, growing bolder, he moved his hand further down and slipped his finger into the elastic sheath of her vagina.

George glanced across to Fred, and his eyes widened as he saw Susan straddling her father’s thighs and moving up and down slightly with her straightened arms pressed hard against his chest. It almost looked as if – he was!!! Fred’s shorts lay discarded by his chair and George could see Fred’s naked buttocks tensing as he thrust into his daughter. He was fucking Susan!!!

Karen was openly moaning now as George’s fingers had begun to slide in and out of her slippery tube, deeper and deeper. Her fingernails bit into his shoulders as she shuddered and suddenly tensed.

“Faster!” she gasped in a strained whisper, “Faster, faster, faster!!!” Her hips had taken on a life of their own, thrusting forward each time his fingers pushed inside her. His cock was on fire as her bottom rubbed it with each thrust of her hips, and she began to pant as her small body tensed in orgasm.

Finally, she gave an intense gasp and shook her head violently, moving her hips back away from his pressing hand. “You’ve got to fuck me Uncle George! Fuck me now!!” Her hands fumbled at his belt as she desperately tried to undo it.

“But I can’t!” George whispered in desperation. “You’re just a young girl. Your mother would kill me if she knew!”

“Who do you think showed me how to do it?” Susan panted, wrestling with his buckle. “Mummy showed us how to fuck Daddy over 3 months ago. We told you we weren’t little girls any more! Now help me get this bloody belt off will you!” She continued to struggle with it until George pushed her hands away and slipped it free.

Moving desperately now, all hesitation thrown to the winds as he heard Susan gasping in passion on top of her father, George lifted Karen up bodily as he pushed his shorts down and kicked them away. Karen straddled him eagerly, grasping his cock which now reared up in front of her belly, and pulled it back towards her to slip the swollen tip inside the crevice of her cunt. With a triumphant sigh, she pressed down and he watched and felt its hard length slip smoothly inside her, deeper and deeper, until she sat once again on his lap with his cock now fully buried in her hot, tight vagina.

“Now, you dirty old Uncle George” she grinned lasciviously, “Fuck this little girl as hard as you can!!!” She began to slowly rise up and down, moaning softly as she pinched her erect little nipples. George was almost out of his mind! He felt the whole length of his cock sliding smoothly in and out of her small body. Her tight vagina clasped him erotically, sucking him strongly each time he withdrew, then sliding down voluptuously to encase him again as her bottom bounced on his straining thighs.

She began to increase the speed of her pumping, and George felt himself respond with wilder and wilder thrusts into her spasming vagina. He felt himself begin to tighten, but she just beat him to it, gasping in unrestrained lust as her slight body shook in repeated orgasm just as his cock swelled and a torrent of spunk shot deep inside her belly. Jet after jet forced its way inside her tight hole, until white cream began to force its way past his pistoning cock and over the fat lips of her cunt.

Shuddering still, they both finally collapsed and became aware of Fred and Susan staring openly at them. “Is he a good fuck Sis?” Susan grinned.

“The best!” Karen said contentedly, and languidly stroked her juice laden vagina up and down his cock.

“Nice daughters you’ve got Fred!” George grinned.

“Help yourself any time you want,” Fred replied. “They’re too much of a handful for me to deal with all on my own, especially when Connie gets in on the act. Say, you don’t think Muriel ….” He looked across questioningly at George.

“Let me work on that!” George grinned back. “In the meantime,” he patted Karen on her pert little fanny, “I wonder if Susan would like to have a little chat with her Uncle George. What do you say Susan?”

Susan grinned quickly at her father and lifted herself up off his glistening cock.

“OK!” she smiled, splaying her thighs and wiping away the white cum oozing out of her gaping slit with a beach towel, “Just let me make room first!” She flicked the edge of the towel at her father’s still rampant penis, “But you come on top Uncle George – I don’t see why Young Ladies should do all the work around here, do you Karen?”