Young Guys for My Wife, The Three-Day Business Trip, Thursday Evening

After the first time, my wife became a hot slut wife, she loves to fuck and gets lots of young cocks to use her slutty pussy. I love to fuck my wife’s well used pussy after other men have used her as their cum dump leaving loads of hot cum in her pussy, I know some men will say I’m nuts for allowing other men fuck my wife, but it’s such a great turn on to me.

One weekend we went out of town on a three-day business trip for her company, she had four discreet meetings, all different men, we mixed lots of fun with business.

We were going to stay at a hotel Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we planned to arrive Thursday evening. We checked in, went to our room and cleaned up. I told her we were free for that night, so I hoped she had brought sexy clothes other than business attire. She answered, you know I did, what do you want me to wear? I asked her, well we are out of town, so do you want to fuck a young guy? She was not shy anymore, she replied you know I love to fuck young men, I don’t get paid for being a prostitute, but I’m much a whore these days, you know I will spread my legs for most any young man that wants to fuck me. Jill continued, if my corporation knew that one of their Executive VPs was a slut and a whore, they would fire me, end of career, I mean think of it, my husband whores me out to young men and takes videos and pictures, which I hope you are keeping all that stuff well hidden, I don’t want anyone to know of my extra relationships as a slut wife. I asked her, well Jill, don’t you like it? Jill responded in snickering way, that’s the problem, I love to fuck young guys a lot, I love for them to use me as their whore, I love to fuck and suck different cocks, it’s so fucking hot. Jill continued saying, I have learned to admit to myself that I’m a whore and love being a whore for young men to fuck.

I said, good, I love being married to a whore, that’s why I turned you into a hot-wife. Jill responded, well that’s a kind name for what I really am, either a hot whore or a hot slut, take your pick. I responded, more like both, you’re my hot whore and my hot slut, so in short, you’re my hot-wife. I finally said, put on something very sexy, I want you to take on some new young cock. Jill went into the bathroom and came out dressed in a short hot looking black skirt with a very sheer top that showed her breasts but covered her areolas. She had on four-inch heels and sheer black stockings. Jill’s heels made her legs looks so sexy and long, my cock quickly got hard and wanted to fuck her, but I wanted to wait so I could fuck her after she got fucked tonight. I said, raise your skirt, let me see the rest. Jill raised her skirt to her waist, she had a small sexy garter belt and was wearing black crotchless panties that was a great indication she wanted to fuck, and she didn’t want any problems with men having access to her pussy.

I walked over to Jill and inserted three fingers up her pussy and she was already very wet, there was no doubt she was anticipating a young man was going to fuck the shit out her tonight. I started inserting my fingers in and out several times, she closed her eyes, and started moaning. I said, you are so ready to fuck, aren’t you? Jill said, right now I would let anybody fuck me, you turned your wife into a real whore, if you don’t stop, you’re going to have fuck me right now and I know you love to fuck me after my lovers fill my pussy up with their hot cum. I said, hell yeah, that is the hottest turn on for me, I love to see other men fuck you hard, then I love to fuck the shit out you, it’s such a turn on for me to feel another man’s cum in your pussy as I’m fucking you. Jill said, so let’s go to the bar and get me someone to use my pussy. I lowered her skirt, and said let’s go, I’ve got you started so you’re going to be an easy fuck for whatever guy we find.

Like we always do, I walked into the bar first, there were plenty of young men to pick from. Jill came in after me, she looked so hot, most of guys took notice right away, it was very evident the way she was dressed she was sending the message, who wants to fuck me. She walked to the bar and sat on a pub chair, her skirt rode up very close to her crotch, the guys could see her garter belt and panties, it was just a matter of whom would approach her. It did not take long, a young Hispanic guy, later I knew his name was Jimmie.

Jimmie spent a little time talking to Jill and bought her drinks. Jill already had downed three whiskey-cokes, her favorite drink. Jimmie was now taking some freedoms and Jill did not stop him. Jimmie had his right arm around Jill and his left hand high on her inner thigh, undoubtedly, he was already fingering her pussy, I just couldn’t get a full view, but I could see Jill close her eyes as he worked her pussy. Though I was not close, I know the following was said, because my wife later revealed it to me. He leaned over and plainly asked Jill, do you fuck? Jill told him, I fuck, do you want to fuck me right now? Jimmie responded, hell yeah! Jill said, I want you to fuck me, but I have some conditions. Jimmie asked, what’s that? I take my wedding band off when I do this, but I am married, and you can fuck me with conditions that you let me hubby watch and video us as we fuck. He responded, that’s a deal, but I need him to blur out my face, I’m married also. Jill answered deal and signaled me over.

I walked over and said hello, he suddenly jumped and took his hand from under her skirt. I told him that’s pretty good pussy isn’t it? He said, hell yeah, fine pussy! I reached under Jill’s skirt and started fingering her pussy hard, she closed her eyes and moaned and started bucking her pussy against my fingers, I said look at her, she is whore and loves to fuck, come on man really put your fingers deep in her pussy, she won’t say a thing, she is an easy fuck, she would fuck any of these guys in here. Jimmie started fingering Jill real hard, Jill said, come on guys, I can hardly stand it anymore, please take to the room and fuck the shit out me. I said let’s go and Jill walked in the middle and started walking with us as she walked I raised her skirt revealing her crotchless panties and I told Jimmie, feel that ass and pussy man, she is your whore for tonight, so treat like the whore she is. As we were walking, some of the guys gave us thumbs up and yelled out let us know if you need any help, let’s pull a gang bang on that whore.

We walked into the room and I started my cameras rolling, Jill quickly pulled Jimmie’s pants and shorts down and out popped a huge very thick 10-inch or more hard cock, she quickly dropped to her knees and started devouring Jimmie’s cock and making noises as she sucked his cock real hard, uuuuummmm, oooooh, uuuummmmm. Jimmie grabbed her by the back of her head and started ramming his cock down Jill’s throat, Jimmie was fucking her mouth very hard just like a man would fuck a pussy very hard. As he violently fucked her mouth, I urged Jimmie very loudly, FUCK THAT WHORE’S MOUTH, PUT THAT COCK ALL THE WAY DOWN THAT SLUT’S THROAT, it was a hot scene. Suddenly Jimmie said, I going to nut in this whore’s mouth, he suddenly grabbed her, and he slammed his cock down Jill’s throat and held his cock down her throat, I started seeing of cum coming out of the corners of her mouth. Jimmie said, your wife is a great whore, she can fully take my hard cock down her throat, I can tell she loves to swallow and eat cum.

We had a couple of drinks and Jill told Jimmie that she had never taken that much cock down her throat, it was such a hot session, she wanted more, and she dropped to her knees in front of where he was sitting down and started stroking his cock until it got hard, then started bobbing her head up and down giving Jimmie a vicious blowjob, she was so fucking hot she started gurgling and moaning as she devoured his cockhead. Suddenly Jill stopped, and she stared at Jimmie’s cock that stood very rigid and huge, I was floored when I saw Jill go down slowly taking all his huge cock in her mouth deep into her throat, she slowly repeated going up and down until her mouth was against his balls, then she started picking up speed while making all kinds of moaning noises, ooaa, uuummm, aaaah, Jimmie yelled out, MAN, THIS SLUT CAN REALLY GIVE A GREAT BLOW JOB, BEST I EVER HAD, BETTER THAN ANY YOUNG BITCH. THIS WHORE ON THE STREET WOULD MAKE LOTS OF MONEY JUST GIVING HOT BLOWJOBS LIKE THIS ONE. As Jill was busy blowing Jimmie, he leaned over and stood her and walked her close to him where she stood over his very rigid hard cock and sat her down until all his cock disappeared in her pussy, she slowly began to grind her pussy on his cock and in no time, she was bouncing on his huge monster.

Jimmie started whacking her butt, every time he whacked her she bounced harder on huge cock, she started saying, PUT THAT HUGE COCK DEEP IN MY PUSSY, FUCK IT JIMMIE, I LIKE IT VERY HARD! Jimmie picked her up and laid her on the edge of the bed, he flipped her legs over and pinned them by her shoulders making her pussy point up in the air. Jimmie in swift thrust sank his huge pole all the way in until his huge balls were laying on the crack of her ass. Jimmie then started withdrawing his big pole leaving the cockhead in her pussy and came down impaling her pussy hard, with every hard thrust, his huge balls loudly slapped on the crack of her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Jill was out control screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Jimmie said out loud, THIS WHORE LOVES TO FUCK, THE SLUT HAS GREAT FUCKING PUSSY! I said, that’s why I married her Jimmie. Jill was bucking hard against his cock and she yelled out, FUCK ME JIMMIE, FUCK YOUR WHORE, FUCK YOUR SLUT, I’M A WHORE FOR ANY MAN TO FUCK, KEEP FUCKING ME. Jimmie again started ramming her pussy hard. I had a rock hard on watching this amazing hot scene of this young guy ramming straight down on Jill’s pussy his huge cock was hitting rock hard bottom, Jill kept screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, FUCK ME JIMMIE, FUCK THIS MARRIED WHORE’S PUSSY, FUCK IT HARD, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Suddenly he plunged his cock all the way in one more time and held his cock all the way in her pussy and she was screaming as Jimmie yelled out, RUSSELL, I’M GOING TO NUT DEEP YOUR WHORE WIFE’S HOT SLUTTY PUSSY! I urged him loudly, GO FOR IT JIMMIE, USE HER AS YOUR CUM DUMP, DROP EVERY LOAD YOU CAN IN THAT WHORE’S PUSSY. Jill yelled out, YES, I’M YOUR WHORE, YOU HEARD MY HUSBAND, GIVE IT ALL TO ME, DUMP ALL YOUR LOAD IN THIS MARRIED WHORE’S PUSSY! Jimmie was a young guy and he kept dumping and dumping huge loads of cum in her pussy. Jill kept saying, give it all to me Jimmie, I want it all. Jimmie stood up and he still gobs of cum flowing out of his cock, he got on the bed and moved over to her head, he knelt on the bed, picked up her head up and stuffed his huge cock in her mouth and started fucking it, it took about two minutes and cum started flowing out her mouth, I couldn’t believe it, Jimmie was coming again, this young guy was a stud. Jimmie told my wife to lick and clean his cock and balls, Jill quickly obeyed, she was a slave to his huge cock. Jimmie you can fuck me anytime I ever see you again. Jimmy got off the bed, leaving Jill like a rag doll, leaving her legs spread wide and dangling over the edge of the bed, there were streams of cum running down her legs and puddling on the carpet. I thought the maids are going to have a rough time cleaning this shit up.

Jimmie said, that was lots of fun and thanked me. He said Jill was a great piece of ass, the hottest fuck he ever had and left. I went back to finish where Jimmie left off, Jill was spread open with loads of Jimmie’s cum rolling down her legs. I took my wife’s legs and placed them on my shoulders, I looked at Jill, she still had Jimmie’s cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth, I gave her kiss and she passed cum into my mouth, I was eating the cum of the guy that had just fucked my wife, this was new to me, but it sure felt hot. Jill looked at me and said, this is your favorite part, you like to feel an other man’s cum in my pussy, I said, hell yeah, there was no friction as I sank all my cock in her pussy that Jimmie had just filled up with loads of cum, it was so fucking hot for me it didn’t take long for me to start coming, with every thrust I could feel Jimmie’s cum mixing with mine, what a fucking hot feeling…..this was only Thursday evening, I had plans for my wife to do lots of fucking before we left Monday morning.

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