Young Guys for My Wife, The Three-Day Business Trip, Friday

As I have mentioned before in previous stories, my wife is an Executive VP for a corporation and were on a three-day business trip for her company. We had arrived Thursday evening and she had lots of fun with a young salesman named Jimmie, that she met at the bar. During this trip she had four discreet meetings with different men. It took me a while to convince Jill, that young guys love to fuck older, but after the first time, my wife quickly turned into hot slut wife, she loves to fuck young cocks. I know there are guys out there that will never agree with me and some will say, I am a psycho for allowing other men fuck my wife, but it’s such a great turn on for me to watch other men plow hard into her pussy and hear her loud moans and screams. I love the feeling of fucking my wife after other men have used her as a cum dump, filling up her pussy with loads of hot cum.

Earlier during on first full day my wife and we had a conversation about her hot-wife role. Jill responded, I don’t know why swinger’s groups call wives that fuck other men hot-wives, I call it for what we really are, whores, we are not prostitutes because we don’t get paid to fuck, but as many men a hot-wife fucks, believe me, when I say, we are whores. She said, lots of married older women would love to fuck young men, but most won’t admit it. I asked Jill, did you have any fantasies? My fantasy was to watch other men fuck you and then fuck you afterwards. She responded, I know you do, any regrets? I said, hell no, I love being married to my secret whore wife. She said, good, at first, I was a little reluctant, but now, I love being your whore, I love fucking strange cock, especially very young cock, you wanted a whore wife, well sure have one. Jill said, you wanted to know about my fantasy, well since I was young, I always had a fantasy of being a whore, but like most women, was always scared to make it a reality because of my social upbringing. In my fantasy, I always wanted to be fucked hard and used like a whore. She said, when we go out of town, you can use me as your whore, I will spread my legs for any guy you want me fuck. Jill kept on saying, believe me there are plenty of guys I would want to fuck in our town but if my corporation ever finds out that one of their Executive VPs is a big whore, I would immediately be fired and there goes my hard-earned career.

Jill walked out of the bathroom dressed red business matching skirt with matching top, her skirt was not very short, but above the knee, her red spiked heels made her legs look long and delicious. I went over and kissed her and said you look so good and sexy in your red outfit, you make my dick get so hard. Do you have red sexy panties also? Jill replied, I’ll never tell, so why don’t you check for yourself stud. I said, I think I will and I raised her skirt, she had on a skimpy very sheer pair of red crotchless panties and red garter belt holding up her nude stockings. I told her, you look so fucking delicious, I could fuck you here now, and I inserted a finger up her pussy and she said, I wish we could, but I to attend a meeting. I said, yeah what a shame, why the crotchless panties, you planning something I don’t know about? She said, you never know and winked at me and left. I watched Jill as she walked down the hallway, I thought to myself, I’m so lucky I was able to turn my wife into a hot slut, she told me I could use her as my whore, she would spread her legs for any guy I wanted her to fuck, well I’m going to be getting my whore lots of cock.
It was late in the afternoon and Jill was still at corporate meetings, so I went to the bar. I met a young guy named Joe, we exchanged pleasantries. Joe told me he was at a convention in town, I asked him all week, he said no, he would leave in the morning, someone else would be taking his place on Saturday, then an someone else would be taking that person’s place on Sunday. Joe said their company constantly rented a hotel suite for district meetings and conventions, the guy for Saturday will be Rick and Sunday Rick would leave and Sam would take his place. I already had dinner earlier, Jill said she probably would eat before returning to our hotel, it was about 6:00 pm, Joe and I were having drinks. I came up with some ideas on how to get more young cock for Jill.

I said, well Joe, did you score any pussy in this town? Joe looked at me with a chuckle and said hell no, I got in to late last night, had to attend the convention all day and here we are, tomorrow the plane leaves at 11:30 am, no time. I said, hey Joe humor me, let me ask you a question. Have you had threesomes, like two guys and girl? Joe responded, hell yes, you know the other two guys that I told you that were coming these weekend, Rick and Sam. I asked, what about them? Joe responded, we all met in college, we use to tipple bang several girls, also did threesomes when one of us was not around. Some of fraternity members got their girlfriends to let us gangbang them. The objective was to get them started, because once they were gangbanged, they became our fraternity whores, all the members fucked them anytime they wanted to. I said then you might like what I’m about to propose, do you like to fuck older women. Joe said, I love to fuck older women, they know how to fuck, girls have lots to learn. Rick, Sam and I have a small network of housewives ages ranging from 35-65, we are not the only ones that fuck them, these housewives fuck other guys also. Joe said, in one case, we fuck a daughter 37 and her mother 56, we usually fuck them in a hotel or sometimes the mother’s house. The daughter can’t fuck at her house, she has two young kids, she tells her husband she is going to her mother for a couple of hours, so he babysits while the three of us fuck the shit out of his wife, sometimes the mother is not there, sometimes she is, when she is there, we fuck the shit out her to. Joe said, you know what they say, hubby is the last know, he thinks he is married to a straight conservative wife, the reality is there is not a cock his wife and mother-in-law won’t fuck.

Joe asked what’s your proposal? I had a section of videos and pictures on of Jill with a blurred face on my smart phone, I pulled my phone out and started showing him pictures and videos of Jill fucking, sucking cock and getting a hard cock up her ass. I said, well Joe, how would you like to fuck this little whore? Joe said, she is fucking hot, is she from this town? I said, if I can get her to fuck you, are you willing? If you say no, it’s the end of subject, forget about it. Joe said, HELL YEAH, I’M INTERESTED! Joe continued, it would have to be tonight, I’m gone tomorrow. I said, believe me Joe, watch, I snapped my fingers and said there it’s arranged, you’re going to be fucking that whore tonight, now let me tell you what she likes, she loves to be fucked hard in any position, she likes to be fucked like a the whore she is, she loves her butt spanked when she is being fucked, she loves her mouth fucked and she loves to give blowjobs. Joe asked, she does take it up the ass? I responded, if she lets you do it, make sure you have lots of lube, guys have fucked her ass, but not often so if you do, go slow at first, don’t hurt her or she will stop. I said, usually you can start her out by sucking her tits or fingering her pussy or both. I said, once you get her going and real hot, you can fuck the shit out of her any way you want, make her your total whore. Hell Joe, this slut told me the only difference between her and a prostitute is a prostitute gets paid for fucking, nevertheless she and the prostitute were both whores, she said most prostitutes are whores that are forced to fuck, she is a whore that loves to fuck lots of strange cock, so treat her like the whore she is.

It was about 7:00 pm when Jill came into the bar, Joe had not seen Jill’s face, so he did not recognize her from the pics and Jill also wears different wigs, so no one can recognize her. I signaled her over, and said this is Joe, he is here for a convention, but he will be here only tonight, his leaves tomorrow at 11:30 am. Joe this is my wife Jill, she is also here for a corporate three-day meeting. I said let’s go and sit at booth, Jill said, I need to freshen up, you guys sit, and I will be back in a minute. We went to an end booth, where it was a bit darker and I said how about you sit in the inner part of the booth, I can get up and sit Jill between us, Joe said sure. Joe said, so when do I get to meet the slut you set me up with? I chuckled a laugh and replied, very shortly, she’s on her way. Joe’s eyes almost popped out when he saw Jill, she had rushed to our room and changed her cloths, she looked hot in a very short pencil red skirt that buttoned up the front, a very low cut and sheer black top, no bra, that showed lots of cleavage, she had on the same spiked heels she had on this morning that made her look deliciously hot, I thought she no doubt has the same sheer red crotchless panties and red garter belt she had on this morning, well at least I hope she does, she looked fucking hot in them.

As Jill walked towards our table, Joe and I could see lots of men looking at my hot sexy whore wife. I got up and sat Jill between us and we ordered drinks. Jill knows her role as a hot-wife is to fuck and Joe was there to fuck her. Jill desire for Joe to fill up her hot pussy was so evident, I didn’t waste any time, I asked Joe, what do you think like what you see? He said, HELL FUCKING YEAH! Jill crossed her legs and very intentionally let her short skirt ride up very high showing her milky white thighs and revealing the sexy straps of her red garter belt hooked to the top of her stockings. My wife knows how to get a young man get a quick raging hard on. The table was not fixed to the floor, so I gave it a small shove to make room. I quickly turned and started French kissing Jill, while I put my hands under her top and massaged her tits. I unbutton her top, and displayed her tits, I started kissing her right tit and grabbed Joe’s hand and put it on her left tit and he started massaging and sucking on it, Jill closed her eyes, leaned her head backward, and began to moan, she said that feels so good. I said, does my whore wife like that? She said, in a low moan, oh yeah. I unbuttoned her skirt until her crotchless panties were in full view, I quickly inserted two fingers in her pussy, she was already so wet, that when I inserted my third finger, my fingers had no problem going in. I started fingering her hard, with her head was leaning backward she was moaning as she started bucking against my fingers hard. I took my hand out and too Joe’s hand signaled him to insert his fingers in her pussy, he wasted no time, he also inserted three fingers and she started bucking hard against his fingers. I asked her, do you like Joe’s fingers in your pussy? Jill answered, oh yes, please put your fingers in my pussy faster, Joe did not hesitate and started fingering Jill real fast.

I just had initiated out hot play to break the ice, I started watching out just in case a waiter would come unexpectedly. I was now leaving Joe and Jill to their sexual play. As Joe was fingering her pussy and kissing her breasts said, your hubby said, I can make you my whore tonight. She said, yes Joe, I want to be your whore, fuck me anyway you want, fuck me like the whore I know am. Joe said, I want to fuck your pussy hard, but I want to fuck your ass harder. Jill said, I don’t care Joe, just fuck me deep and hard, all you want, any way you want. Jill started French kissing Joe and she broke of the kiss and unzipped his pants and out sprang a very hard dick. Jill did not waste any time, she leaned over and started sucking his cock moaning and making noises, uuuummm, uuuuuum, oooaaaah. Jill got so fucking hot she was acting like insatiable whore, she wanted better access to his cock, she dropped down on her knees under the table and started deep throating Joe. Joe said, fuck, can this slut suck a cock, best cock sucker, look at this whore go, she’s taking all my cock down her throat. I said, Joe, I told you she likes being a whore, remember, it’s getting pretty spicy at the table, let’s take it to the room. Jill stood up, said, darn, I was having a great time. Joe, don’t worry, I’m going to make sure I give you plenty a cock tonight. Jill said, I hope that’s a promise. Jill buttoned up her top and skirt and Joe put his hand under her skirt and she told me later, he inserted three fingers up her pussy, while saying oh yeah, I’m going to enjoy pounding this pussy hard. As we walked out I was walking behind them, all eyes were on Jill as Joe massaged Jill’s ass raising her skirt showing the top of her stockings and garter belt straps. I thought to myself, Jill really has turned into big whore, what a damn great wife.

We got into our room and Joe quickly took off his clothes and Jill threw a pillow on the floor and started where she left off, I started my video cameras, and told them to have fun while I go and bring up some drinks. I came up about a half hour later, when I opened up the door, Joe had Jill on bent over a couch arm with her ass pointing up in the air, while he plowed into her ass hard, his balls slapping on her ass with every thrust, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Jill was screaming, AAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAH. Joe was spanking her ass, WHACK, WHACK, and yelling out, THAT’S IT WHORE, I LIKE TO MAKE WHORES SCREAM WHEN I POUND THEIR ASS, LIKE MY COCK IN YOUR ASS WHORE? Jill answered, YEEEEEEES, FUCK ME, FUCK MY MARRIED ASS! Joe kept spanking her ass, WHACK, WHACK, Jill was bucking her ass backwards to meet his hard thrusts. I went over to Joe and we did a high five and as kept fucking Jill he said, hey Russ, I want to take a video of me fucking this whore’s ass, no face shots. I want to send it to Rick and Sam, if you don’t mind they probably want a piece of this whore’s ass. I told Joe, yeah sure give them our room number, tell them to knock on our door at 7:00pm. Joe was reaming Jill’s ass real hard while she was moaning real loud, OOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOH, I asked her, do you like the fucking your getting, she replied, Oh yeeees, yessss, please keep fucking me.

Joe withdrew, pulled towards him, picked her up and brought her pussy down his cock, Jill was so wet he had no resistance inserting all his cock in one thrust. He carried over to the edge of the bed and withdrew to lay her down on the edge, he spread her legs, then in one swift thrust his cock went all the way in Jill’s pussy and started pounding her pussy hard. Jill was bucking up as much as she could to meet his hard thrusts, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Jill was moaning out loud, OH YES, OH YES, YES, YES, YES. Joe said out loud, HEY RUSS, YOU DIDN’T LIE, YOUR BITCH IS ALL WHORE, WHEN YOU WERE GETTING DRINKS, I BLASTED HER THROAT WITH LOADS OF CUM, SHE SWALLOWED IT ALL, THE SLUT TOLD ME SHE WANTED EVERY DROP, MAN THIS SLUT IS A FUCKING GREAT CUM DUMP! Joe than tensed up and yelled out, I’M GOING NUT DEEP IN THIS WHORE’S PUSSY! Jill said out loud, GIVE IT ALL TO ME EVERY DROP. Joe kept on going for another minute dropping loads of cum in Jill’s pussy and he withdrew and turned to me and what a great piece of ass, you’re a luck man, you sure have a great whore wife. Jill was on the bed all worn out, which was how usually young studs left her.

Joes said, hey thanks Russ, it was a lot of fun, and your woman can fuck, oh by the way Rick and Sam already answered, Rick will be stopping by Saturday at 7:00pm and Sam on Sunday, they said they can’t wait to fuck that ass. I said, as much as Jill loves to fuck young guys, I’m sure she will be ready, and he left. I went back to Jill’s raised her legs and started fucking the shit out my whore wife, as I thrust my cock in and out, I could feel Joe’s of cum and it also made swishing sounds as my cock pounded same pussy Joe had used as his cum dump! What a whore wife!

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