Young Exhibitionists

It was late fall, and the early onset of darkness provided many opportunities for my own arousal. I was 16 when these events took place.

Bear in mind that my experiments were still limited at this time, and nowhere near as adventurous as other exhibitionists. This time, on the pretense of renting a video, I set out for the high street from my home. It was late, and once out of sight of the house I slipped into the shadows of a garden to tend to the business at hand.

I was dressed in jeans, a shirt and a knee-length leather coat. After carefully unbuttoning the coat, my trembling fingers found my fly and unzipped. I cannot convey to you the excitement of this act, even under cover of darkness.

Cold air flooded my groin and my already erect penis sprang out to savor it. I enjoyed the sensation a moment, then slipped my hand underneath my hard cock to cup my balls. This done, I gently freed them as well, until my entire genitalia protruded from my pants.

I have no doubt I looked ridiculous, my cock and bollocks hanging out like an actor from some cheap porn flick.

But the embarrassment turned me on even more.

My dick isn’t huge, but that night I was so hard it reached a good 6 inches (6 « to be exact; like all men I’ve measured it). Once I had adjusted them to my satisfaction, I re-buttoned my coat, being careful to cover myself completely. The lump made what I was doing obvious, as did my walk; the cold metal zipper pressed uncomfortably into my skin, and the rough fabric of my coat rubbed against my helmet.

Needless to say, the walk to my local video store took some time, and with every step the wind rushed upwards to chill my tender arousal. But I made it there eventually to find the shop on the point of closing. Apart from the clerk, there wasn’t a person in sight, even the street outside was empty.

Heart pounding, I made a pretense of studying the selection, all the while surreptitiously masturbating through my coat. In due time the attendant went out back to answer the phone, and that was when I made the worst mistake of my life.

Unable to contain myself, I fumbled frantically with the buttons of my jacket, and hastily jerked it open. There I was, standing in this shop with my dick out and erect, the opportunity was too good to be true, and far more daring than anything I had tried before.

Standing in plain view, I gripped my dick and began wanking furiously. I intended only a few strokes, but the pleasure was such that I had to get off, and moments later orgasm overtook me. I thrust violently into my palm and with an audible gasp, shot a stream of hot white spunk out onto floor.

That was it. That was the moment I realized my predicament, so I hastily wiped my hands on my shirt, and stuffed my semen-covered prick back into my pants. I could do nothing about the cum on the floor, but didn’t really care.

As it turned out, someone cared very much, but I wasn’t to know that until a week later…

Ironically, it was on an entirely innocent venture that I suffered the consequences of my past actions. I rented another video, I think it was Die Hard, intending to have a quiet night in.

The present I left the clerk had been cleaned, and I managed to suppress a chuckle at this. But my mirth ended sharply when I returned home to open the cassette box. Inside was certainly not Die Hard, instead there lay only a blank tape and a cryptic note. ‘Saturday, 11:00 PM’, it read.

To be honest I knew what it was even before I played it, but the possibility of a security camera in such a small store had passed me by completely back then. But there I was, in black and white, clearly jacking off in public. My heart hammered in my chest and I felt short of breath. What would happen to me? Would the tape be sent to the police, resulting in my arrest for indecent exposure? This was beyond a joke, my parents would disown me. I almost broke down in tears, but I managed to keep a grip long enough to go to the shop at 11:00, that Saturday evening.

The sign on the shop door read closed, but the lights were on. Steeling myself, I plucked up the courage to enter, and was confronted by the same clerk I had seen before. He was seated behind the counter, his face expressionless.

I can honestly say this was the most intimidating moment of my life, and I found that I could not meet his gaze. A few moments silence extended to an eternity, and in a desperate attempt to avoid that stare, I focused on every other detail.

His nametag read ‘Marvin’, and he was taller than me by a good few inches. Clearly older as well, possibly 25, and bulkier. There was no trace of the youth that marked me, he was well muscled. His hair was long and black, framing pale skin and high cheekbones. There was a faintly arrogant twist to his mouth, obviously an unconscious expression.

“Can you explain this?” he said suddenly, picking up the tape.

I glanced up, startled. His eyes were blue, and they bored into me.

“L-look, I’m sorry okay. God, I’m so embarrassed, I just don’t know how to explain things….”

He cut me off with a sharp gesture. “Explain?” he snarled, “Do you have any idea of how I felt when I had to clean up after you? You little pervert.” The tape was thrown with an audible crack back onto the counter. “I could have you sent to prison for this.”

“Oh please don’t,” I burst out suddenly, “I’ll leave now and never come back, I promise.”

“Oh, sure, and how would that compensate me for what I had to do last week? I had to touch your cum, and I intend to get a little payback for that. Don’t think for a moment that I wouldn’t love to expose you to the community for the pervert you are.” He paused for a moment, the unspoken ‘but’ evident to me even in my disturbed state.

“What is it?” I gushed, “What can I do to make everything all right?”

“Just a minute,” Marvin replied, “first I want you to explain to me why you did what you did. What possessed you to jerk off in my store, practically in front of me. Maybe, you’re a fag, is that it?”

“No, I -”

“Shut up,” he was getting into his stride now, “maybe you were jacking off to me. Do you like the idea of me having to touch your spunk, you little shit?”

“Stop it, stop it,” I begged, now in tears, “I’m not gay, I just like the idea of people watching me. It’ll never happen again.”

Silence. I stood there, tears streaming down my face, breathing heavily.

Slowly I looked up, to see Marvin regarding me intently, his face unreadable.

“Take your clothes off.”

“W-what?” I gasped, “barely able to comprehend the request.

“You heard me, strip off.”

I couldn’t believe it. In my wildest nightmares I had never expected this, and I could think of nothing to do except stall.

“Why would you want that?” I stuttered. “Besides, I just couldn’t, not here and now, someone might see.”

“Someone might have seen last week – someone did see. I had to watch you pleasure yourself then, you can do the same now. You said before you liked to be watched, perhaps a situation you didn’t design might cure you.”

There was nothing for it, no escape. My hands were shaking so badly I almost couldn’t undo my shirt. All the while I was painfully aware of the huge window behind me. Late as it was, someone might pass by and observe my humiliation.

My shirt dropped to the floor in front of me, followed by my shoes and socks. Finally my jeans, and then my boxers, leaving me standing naked before him. I straightened up, embarrassing though this was, and I couldn’t bear to think of what would happen next.

“That’s good,” he complimented, “now why don’t you pick up your clothes and get over here behind the counter with me.”

“You’re not really trying to ‘cure’ me, are you?” I whimpered in reply.

He sneered and repeated the request, leaving me no choice but to obey. Any relief at being out of the public eye was instantly negated by the sight I was confronted with behind the desk. Marvin’ jeans bulged with a huge erection. He smirked at me, casually ogling my naked figure.

“Now, fag,” he whispered, I think it’s time you demonstrated a little hand and mouth action.”

“No, please no, don’t make me do this,” I begged over and over again. But to no avail, this terrible clerk was unmoved.

“Give me a blow job.”

I reluctantly dropped to my knees before him, and paused, unable to decide what to do next. An angry intake of breath on the part of Marvin spurred to me new heights of creativity. I reached out and unbuttoned his jeans.

Just this simple act was unbelievably alien to me, to touch another man in this manner is beyond description. His zipper slid down at a gentle touch, releasing his hard-on.

Marvin’ member was large, a full inch bigger than mine and thicker as well. Veins were out lined clearly in its surface and the foreskin was partially pulled back to reveal a dark pink cock-head. The smell of pre-cum was overpowering, and it beaded on his tip. I started to grasp it, but he stopped me.

“No, I want you to kiss my balls first.”

With a movement I had so often performed on myself, I grabbed his shaft and pulled it aside, it was hot and thick in my hand. Lowering my head, my nostrils filled with the smell of him, I hesitantly kissed his balls.

They were warm, and the pubic hair was rough against my lips and cheek.

He gasped at the sensation, and in response I extended my tongue to lick these two bulbous spheres. I ran my tongue quickly over the surface, lightly brushing them with my teeth, then cupped one completely in my mouth.

His dick flexed in my hand at this, and a trickle of pre- cum oozed down it’s length.

“Rub it,” he gasped shortly. So I slid my hand further up, its progress slick with his juices, and began to massage his helmet. It rested perfectly in my palm, almost as though it was made for the purpose – or I was made for it. I shuddered at this grim thought, and my tormentor seemed to sense my distaste.

“Look at me,” he commanded. So I did, on my knees with his testicles in my mouth, to meet his gaze. It was then that my shame was at its peak. Unable to withstand it any longer, I turned my concentration back to his balls, lapping at them and taking one and then the other in my teeth.

Then came the time to quicken the pace. I withdrew and rose up to regard his dick for a minute, which until now I had been slowly wanking. I eased back the skin to expose his blood-engorged helmet completely, and kissed it.

I tried to get him off quickly now but he insisted I take it slowly, forcing me to make long lapping motions from his base to his tip. This done, I finally took his cock in my mouth, playing my tongue across the pulsing helmet in my mouth. I gulped repeatedly, trying to swallow as much as I could, but I managed only about four inches before gagging.

Marvin didn’t care. He grabbed by head in both hands at this point and began thrusting violently into my face, throat-fucking me. My breath came in short gasps as his thighs, slammed into me. Needless to say I could not resist the temptation to try to fight him off, but there was no stopping him with his orgasm this close.

Then it happened. With a great cry he jerked deep into me and I felt my throat fill with his scalding spunk. He kept pumping his seed inside me, and my cheeks bulged. Thinking I would never breath again, I gulped automatically, swallowing the bulk of his load. But some escaped, only to slide down his quivering shaft and lie glistening on his heaving groin.

When he was done, I was forced to eat the remainder of the cum that had escaped. My mouth and face were coated with another man’s semen at the finish, and I thought I would die of shame. Cheeks burning and my stomach in knots (partially from my recent meal of dick), I began to dress.

“What are you doing?” Marvin asked mockingly, “don’t think I’m done with you yet.”

My heart sank.


Marvin’ initial rape and humiliation of me lasted only a few hours, although it seemed much longer. The video clerk seemed to take a sadistic delight in his abuse of me, and his lust grew increasingly demanding. My first naive belief that he would set me free after a single blow job were sadly mistaken; that evening he took every opportunity put his dick in my mouth and I quickly became little more than his whore. When I was finally permitted to leave, I fled the shop sobbing, traces of semen staining my face and clinging to my hair. The taste of it…him, lingered in my mouth for another day, and my knees ached from the length of time I spent kneeling before him. I was always made to lick up any of his load that I failed to swallow immediately.

However, despite my now sizeable self-disgust, nothing could have prepared me for what my new master had planned. He allowed three days to pass after our first encounter, enough time for me to grow complacent and convince myself that he wouldn’t touch me again. The dreadful irony of those rebellious thoughts quickly came to light, as he phoned me that very evening. There was no civility to the exchange, his instruction were curt and without pleasantries. I was to sneak out of the house and await him at the top of my road; lateness would be punished. To be honest I have no idea how I stayed conscious throughout that dreadful conversation, and I was left at the end with a pounding heart and weak knees.

At first I tried to deny that it had happened, but the ticking of the clock quickly forced me to discard this as a valid situation. Instead I resolved to hurry to meet Marvin and get today’s humiliation over with as quickly as possible. But why should he choose to pick me up this time? It could only mean one thing; we were not going to the shop. What could he be planning? With this weighing heavily on my mind, I set out. My parents were already in bed, so I had no trouble leaving the house, and this time my trip was not encumbered by any exposure on my part (or possibly of my part).

I made good time and was standing under a street lamp waiting for him when he pulled up in his car. It was some kind of Ford, I noted dispassionately before climbing in. Red. It was obvious from the moment I sat down that Marvin was in good humor this evening. The now- familiar smirk was plastered all over his face, and he greeted me as if I though I were a mate, rather than his fuck.

“Right on time,” he leered, “it’s great to see you’re eager to get started.”

I felt like telling him I wasn’t eager to do anything with him, but I’m a fast learner. By now I knew that any kind of retort would result in swift punishment. I had no wish to be commanded to suck him off as he drove.

“Let me feel that little package of yours you like to flash around so much,” he murmured, taking his hand of the gear stick and grasping my knee. I knew I was being baited, he was trying to scare me, but I couldn’t help freezing up as his hand slid between my legs. He cupped my cock and balls, gave them a rough squeeze, and let out a harsh bark of laughter.

“I sure hope your ready to put on a show tonight.”

With Marvin’ cruel taunts all the way the trip seemed to last a lifetime, but in reality we could only have been driving for fifteen minutes.

Eventually will pulled to a halt next to a seedy-looking terraced house in one of the less savory parts of town.

I was horrified. All I could do was pray that this was Marvin’ house, and he had taken me home for a more private fuck. Needless to say, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Marvin dragged me up the path, clearly bursting with impatience now, and rang the doorbell repeatedly. After a few moments there came the sound of bolts sliding back, and the door swung open. Music was audible immediately, and the smell of weed and booze billowed out. However, my attention was drawn to the man standing before me. He was tall, taller than Marvin, but not as muscular. His hair was brown and close-cropped, with a pair of striking green eyes. At the moment these were studying me with an inscrutable expression, so I lowered my gaze nervously.

Marvin broke the silence.

“Gerald, let me the fuck inside, it’s way to cold to stand around here ogling the meat.”

I winced visibly at the word ‘meat’, and my anxiety flooded over me stronger than ever. But there was no escape. At the sharp commands of Marvin, and the casual gesture of Gerald, I was driven inexorably inside.

The front room was small and smoky, dominated by a leather sofa and armchair. What struck me about it immediately was that the security tape was playing on the VCR. Two other men were slumped in the sofa, watching me jerk off on screen. One was clearly Gerald’s brother, and the other was shorter, with black hair and softer features than the others. Both of them had their cocks out and were staring fixedly at the TV. I felt a blush climb rapidly up my neck, but at the same time a kind of perverse thrill at the arousal of these other men. I cut that line of thought off sharply and turned back to look at Marvin.

“Kevin! Carson!,” the two started and looked up quickly. “The entertainment has arrived.”

Carson’s face lit up at the sight of me, and he actually cried out with delight.

“Jamie, he’s absolutely perfect! Even better in real life.” He addressed me directly, “do you suck cock as well as Marvin says you do, boy?”

I was speechless with shock and humiliation, but Carson repeated the question. His almost effeminate features had taken on a darker expression, and behind me someone quietly closed the door.

“I…uh…I guess so.”

They roared with laughter. On the TV I began to thrust into my palm.

“You guess so,” Marvin mimicked in a grotesquely high- pitched voice. “Tell us exactly what you guess-so.” Every word was agony. “I guess…I give good head.”

This comment failed to initiate the laughter I expected. Instead the men took on an almost hungry expression, and Kevin irritably demanded that they ‘get started’. Marvin nodded assent, and told me to strip. This I was expecting, and at least it was out of the public eye this time. With any luck I found myself thinking, I’d get away with merely sucking them all off.

I walked quickly to the center of the room and pulled my T-shirt over my head. The rest followed quickly and I was soon standing in the center of the room, stark naked.

The feel of it was different from the first time I did this. The air was warmer for a start, and there was less risk, but there were more people watching me. The old excitement set my heart hammering in my chest and I felt my dick twitch in excitement. Oh god, nothing could be more terrible than an erection in this crowd. They would believe they excited me that I wanted to fuck with them.

I tried to think calming thoughts, but my body betrayed me; my cock stiffened slightly and stood away from my body. This hadn’t happened when Marvin had made me take off my clothes. What was happening to me?

Carson’s crow of delight wrenched me back to reality. “The little slut’s getting hard,” he cried, “he’s gasping for it.” His harsh language sent treacherous messages through my impressionable body, and my dick pulsed to life in earnest.

Kevin, masturbating furiously now, told me to touch myself. My thoughts were completely divided now. I could no longer deny that I was aroused by the situation.

All these men wanking over me had turned me on more than anything in the past, and yet I was horrified and humiliated at what this said about myself. But to be honest, I had no real choice. My hand crept down and gripped my aching phallus, and I began to masturbate in front of them.

I will tell no lies about my performance. Just like in the video shop, my excitement was such that I lasted barely a minute, my fist rubbing frantically at my cock.

Carson came before I did, pearly white liquid erupting from his dick and flooding over his hand. He gasped as he ejaculated, murmuring obscene encouragement and turning me on even more.

I creamed hard and fast in my palm, unable to think of anything but my own pleasure. My degradation was complete…until I felt the shame of reawakening, my load cooling rapidly on my rapidly drooping cock, and all these lust obsessed men gazing at me. Carson was the only one to have actually cum, but Kevin and Marvin were close.

“I think it’s time for some blow jobs,” Marvin whispered hoassly, still beating off.

I actually began to feel a little relief at this request, after all, I had sucked dick before. But my moment of tranquility lasted but a brief moment. Gerald hadn’t had his fun yet.

“No,” he said suddenly, and I turned to see him leaning in the doorway. He wasn’t wanking, in fact he didn’t even have his cock out. But there could be no doubt that he was aroused. A huge hard-on tented his ragged jeans, and he stared at me fixedly.

“You broken him in yet Jamie?” he murmured, and I felt my pulse quicken.

“No,” his replied after a moment, “the little slut’s just gone down on me.”

Gerald smiled, and the expression was alien on his harsh features. “Good.

Why don’t you take Marvin’ place on the armchair, boy.”

This couldn’t be happening. There was no way it could be happening. I had no doubts about what this man meant when he said ‘break me in’. But I had never really considered it as a possibility. I followed his orders blindly, sitting down in the recently vacated chair like a robot. I guess I had just blanked the thought of sodomy from my mind completely.

“Not like that. Kneel on the cushion and bend over the back of the chair.”

My fear found voice. “I beg you,” I said in a rush, “don’t do this to me. I’ll do anything else; suck your cock, anything.” Marvin’ laughter rang out, along with Carson’s giggle.

“Tell be how much you’d like to suck my cock,” said Gerald, standing right next to me now. I was painfully aware of the size of the dick outlined against his jeans.

“I’d love it” I cried in terror, “please let be suck your dick. I want to feel your hard cock in my throat just like Marvin’. You can cum on my face and in my mouth, anything your like. Just don’t fuck my ass.”

Gerald clapped slowly, and leaned close to my face. I could feel his hot breath on my cheek as he whispered, “I can do all of this…regardless. You see, boy, there’s nothing you can do to stop me, you’ve come to far. Now turn around and bend over the armchair. Oh yeah, and rub that cum of yours into your tight little virgin asshole.”

I broke down completely, tears streaming from my face, but Gerald was impassive. I knelt on the warm leather cushion and bent gingerly over the back. My cock, still treacherously hard, strained against the seat. My own cum stood out against the black leather. I lay there, regarding my cum covered hand; thick cream lathered my fingertips. Gerald slipped his hand between my legs, and spread them roughly, exposing my tightly clenched ass.

The panting of the others filled my ears, and I felt him guide my hand back to my pale round bottom. “Slick it up,” he grunted. Cold slimy cum trickled slowly between my butt cheeks, and I my fingers searched for my back door. They found it, and I moaned at the sensation as I massaged my tender entrance with slick penetrating fingers. Gerald walked around in front of me as I did this, until my head was level with his crotch. Once there, he pointedly began to unbutton his trousers and unzip his fly, gently manipulating his huge erection into the light of day. “Here we go,” he whispered, as a giant cock sprang forward. It was at least 8 inches long, and the skin was wrenched back with arousal. Pre-cum glistened on his purple cock-head, and that musky smell filled my nostrils once again.

He teased me with it, leaned forward until it brushed my lips, leaving a slimy residue, then drawing quickly back. But there was no putting off this ordeal for long, they were all to eager for that. Gerald strode behind me, cock swaying as he walked, and I strained my neck to watch him. He stood there, legs apart, hand on dick, and positioned himself before penetrating me. “You’re never gonna feel anything like this again, boy,” whispered, “I’ m going to fuck you so hard.” I wanted to shut my eyes, but I couldn’t, and that hot throbbing helmet loomed closer and closer to my tender asshole, before nudging wetly against it. He applied no pressure then, delighting in watching me squirm. And squirm I did, crying out and begging, pleading with him not to bugger me. “It’s too big,” I muttered over and over again, but he paid no heed. The pressure started, slowly at first, so I could try to pull away, but then harder and more firmly. Two large hands gripped my butt cheeks and it felt like a rugby ball was pushing inside me. My sphincter parted slowly but surely, despite my struggles and, quite suddenly, he slid inside. The sensation was indescribable, the feeling of the first two inches of thick cock meat just sitting in my tender rectum. Gerald gasped in pleasure and I could see the others wanking out of the corner of my eye.

Once again I lost my focus as he pushed forward harder. More dick slid inside me, filling my gut completely, until Gerald’s hot hard thigh’s pressed against my buttocks. I couldn’t even beg anymore, all I could do was gasp for breath and contemplate the fact that I was being butt fucked. This was far worse than sucking cock, I was this man’s bitch now. His property.

Then came the real thrusting, as Gerald pulled back quickly and smoothly, till only his tip was buried in my rectum. His second was much more violent and the nerves in my ass screamed at the invasion. His buttocks clenched and unclenched rapidly, slamming into my weak and tender butt. I felt myself jerk forward at each savage penetration, my face locked in a rictus of bizarre pleasure and pain. Gerald settled into a rhythm, poking his dick impossibly far into my gut. I couldn’t help but clench my screaming rectum around Gerald’s invasive member, but this served only to excite him more. The motion made my cock hard as well, and I had to fight to keep from cumming.

His heavy, hanging balls slapped rhythmically into mine as he neared his peak. Thrusts became faster and jerkier and his moaning more savage.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” he gasped, “it feels so good to fuck you.”

And then it happened. There was no numbness about my ass from his abuse, if anything my senses were heightened. I could actually feel floods of scalding cum pumped into my ass, and his dick flex like a snake inside me. Spunk oozed out of my ass and trickled down my legs, coating him and me.

Yet Gerald still didn’t withdraw, instead he leaned against me, still linked in this terrible fashion to my body, savoring every moment of my fear and confusion.

All I could think of, through a haze of intense pain and alien pleasure, was that soon it would be the others turn. I felt dirty. I was nothing more than a whore.