Working Hard with Grace

Joel worked too hard. He knew it, his family knew it and his co-workers knew it. He was frequently back at the office after everyone else had left, busily working on the accounts of the large corporation for which he worked.
Recently, one of the new sales executives had also started working longer hours, as she pushed to meet the aggressive targets set for her by management. Periodically Joel or Grace would note the light on in the office of the other as they were leaving.
One nondescript Wednesday night, about 7:30pm, Joel got up from his desk to grab a glass of water from the staff kitchen and, deep in thought, nearly ran right into Grace as she was leaving with a hot mug of tea.
“Sorry!” blurted Joel, “It’s Grace isn’t it?”
“Yes, and that’s ok, you look like you have a lot on your mind”, replied the blonde from about eye level with Joel thanks to her stilettos.
“I would have thought that with the amount of time you spend here, you’d have had something stronger stashed away,” Grace joked.
“No, I need to keep my wits about me, and alcohol would only put me to sleep. I’m Joel by the way.”
“How late are you staying tonight, Joel? They said they were shutting the servers off at 9 tonight.”
“Really? I must have missed the mail on that. Damn. Oh well I guess I’ll have to finish at 9 then. You?”
“Don’t know yet. I’m trying to tie up some loose ends on a deal on the west coast. I’ll pop by and say goodnight when I’m leaving. Always nice to know I have a comrade in arms,” said Grace, and with that she turned on her heel, leaving Joel to watch her very shapely butt trace a winding path down the corridor to her office.

Joel jumped as the knock came on his open door, Grace leaning into his office; “I’m taking off. Are you here for a while yet?”
Joel looked at his clock. 8:30pm.
He said, “I might clock off I think. Oh and as it happens I do have something a little stronger here, so if you feel like a glass of red I’m pouring”
Grace thought for a moment and said, “Sure,” as she dropped her bag and jacket by the door and came over to Joel’s desk, sitting across from him.
The two talked amiably for a while about nothing in particular, and both felt the calming tendrils of the wine begin to caress their brains. The conversation turned to partners and both seemed to be in similar boats. Nothing too bad to report, but homelife was at times dull and routine.
Grace thought Joel was a fine looking guy, and Joel, as he poured them a second glass, couldn’t help admiring the well dressed figure of the woman lounging in his visitors chair, clad in a fine black business skirt and bright red shirt.
An observer would have had trouble picking the moment when it happened, but it suddenly dawned on the two colleagues that they wanted each other. There was no revelation, no fireworks and no premeditation. In a brief locking of the eyes, they seemed to agree it was time to progress.
Grace rose, as did Joel, and they met by the side of his desk.
Joel’s left hand reached behind Grace’s slender, soft neck and pulled her towards his lips, his other hand snaking around her hips. Grace responded with one hand on Joel’s shoulder and another around his waist as their lips touched electrically.
Grace parted her lips and felt the warm wet sensation of Joel’s tongue almost immediately, urgently seeking her out.
The kiss lasted some time, with each of them giving and receiving tongue lips and teeth. The erotic linking of their faces caused Grace to feel the heat build between her thighs, and for Joel to begin to rise in his suit trousers.

Grace felt the hardness press against her stomach, and that only made her all the more horny. She’d not thought about having sex when she’d first walk ed in here this evening, but now it was all that consumed her thoughts. She wanted Joel and wanted that hardness to be inside her.

Joel for his part sensed Grace push just a little more firmly against him, and reached a hand down to her ample but firm butt and squeezed it through the skirt. He revelled in the feeling of his fingers sinking just a little inter her flesh, and he smiled slightly on the inside when her realised he couldn’t feel a panty line. Joel’s fingers squeezed a second time and then traced a path between Grace’s cheeks to the top of the zipper that held those treasures inside the black skirt. Down it came, more slowly than he wanted, and quicker than it should. Deftly, Joel popped the button that still held the waist of the skirt and ran his hand down from the small of Grace’s back to the top of what he was to discover was a lacy black micro G-string. Without bothering to move it aside, his hand once again travelled down and grabbed a handful of arse flesh, squeezing and caressing the soft, pink gluteus of Grace’s now more available body. Joel wasted no time in pushing the skirt to the floor, and Grace stepped out of it without breaking their kiss. Her hands hadn’t been idle either, and Joel soon found himself kicking off his shoes and ridding himself of his trousers, too.

The pair kissed even harder, on the mouth, each other’s neck, ears and face, all the while using their hands to pull the other close, and to massage, back, neck and butt. Grace knew she had well and truly soaked her G-string, and Joel was well aware that precum was already oozing from his cock. Turning slightly, Joel pushed Grace back towards his desk, resting her butt on the edge. Grace obliged by lifting her legs and using them to wrap around Joel as he began moving his cock against her. They feverishly got to work on shirts and soon each was bare chested, the exquisite black bra Grace was wearing very soon forgotten after one appreciative glance from Joel as it flew across to land on the sofa.

Joel lowered his face, and used his tongue to first gently lick Grace’s right nipple while cupping and caressing her left breast. Tired of feeling the fabric of his underwear tearing at the head of his cock, her reached down and wrenched his jocks down with one hand, allowing his cock to spring free into the air-conditioned, but nevertheless very hot atmosphere of his office.

After nibbling and sucking on Grace’s tits for a few minutes, Joel felt her hands dragging his face upwards once more to hers. Grace kissed Joel again, and slid off the desk. Dropping to her knees she guided Joel into a similar position against the desk and grasped the shaft of his cock in one hand. Looking up and Joel, staring into his eyes, Grace opened her very moist lips and planted the sweetest of kisses on the circumcised head of Joel’s penis. A single string of precum seemed to linger as she pulled her mouth away briefly, as if maintaining the connection between them, and then Grace lunged forward, mouth open, engulfing the member deeply into her mouth. Grace and Joel both moaned as she slowly withdrew the length of his cock from her mouth and repeated her expert ministrations. Grace felt the head of Joel’s cock forcing it’s way into the back of her throat and felt her pussy gush even more at the thought of just how naughty she was being. Up and down her head bobbed, and Joel leant back enjoying the sensation.
“Grace, slow down I’m about to cum”, he cried, but Grace was having none of that. She wanted to taste Joel, and taste she did as she continued to suck and lick his cock as it released a torrent of cum into her mouth. She wasn’t normally used to swallowing a lot of cum, although no stranger to the taste, but it felt right and she was so seriously horny that it only added to the experience.
“mmmm, yum…” she crooned as Joel gasped, “How about doing me while you recover? I want that cock inside me before you get to go home, you know!”
“Love to,” was all that Joel could muster, and he watched as Grace rose up and lay back across his desk. Her still lace covered pussy mound rose high like a small, erotic hill, perfectly lit by his desk lamp, and he bent to kiss her pussy through the fabric.
Joel’s tongue traced up the small amount of lace keeping him from his prize, and he could taste and smell just how aroused Grace was. The fabric was slick with her juices and he savoured the taste. His tongue, as it passed Grace’s clit, made her gasp, and she clutched the side of Joel’s head to pull him closer and stroke his hair. Once at the top of the material, Joel licked gently across the top of the fabric and to the side of it, ensuring he teased the soft skin at the top of Grace’s thighs.
Grace released Joel’s head and she flicked her thumbs under the string at her hips, dragging the sodden garment off her pussy and down her legs, which she held high over Joel’s head.
“I am gonna die if you don’t lick this pussy. Make me cum with your tongue, Joel.” She growled, surprising herself at taking charge like this.
Joel didn’t respond with words, merely gripping Grace’s thighs and burying his face into her slippery snatch, drinking as if she were the last oasis on earth. Joel’s tongue snaked inside Grace, fucking her while it searched out her nectar, and then was gone, travelling north to encircle and flick at her clit.
Lower again now, as Joel ventured a little further this time, tickling Grace’s perineum, and rapidly brushing her anus before returning to collect more honey from her reservoir of lust. Grace withstood this for no more than sixty seconds before she again grasped Joel’s head, pushed her heels into the desk and mashed her pussy up into his waiting mouth. Grace ground her hips around, causing Joel’s tongue to make an even more violent assault on her clit, and prompting him to concentrate there, as he inserted two fingers into her pussy to massage her insides as well.
“Aaargh………fuck….yes..oh god…fuck……..I’m……..coming….”, shrieked Grace as a rolling wave of an orgasm started somewhere near her toes and made it’s way, via her pussy and clit, to her brain. Her body shook and Joel simply held his position both with his fingers and tongue, letting Grace move just enough to get the best out of her climax.
A minute or so of gentle caressing followed, before Grace decided she needed to have sex. Real sex. Intercourse. Cock-in-cunt sex. Joel felt it too, and wanted the feeling of being inside Grace more than he could ever remember wanting anything.
Joel’s penis, though drained by Grace minutes before, had begun to rise again, but it wasn’t happening quick enough for Grace, so she reached down to Joel and took the shaft of his penis in her hand. It wasn’t long before her gentle pulling, pushing and rubbing had Joel hard again. Grace expertly spread the sticky wetness that oozed from the eye of his cock around the head. Grace wanted Joel, and Joel wanted Grace. Sex was now inevitable.
Grace led Joel by the how hard cock to the couch, where she pushed him down into a sitting position, his pole standing up almost inviting her to sit on it. She straddled Joel’s thighs, positioned the swollen head at her entrance, and sank deliberately down, impaling herself on his pleasure stick. Her wet pussy easily accommodated him, and she felt the invasion as a pleasantly full feeling reaching from her outer labia to her cervix. Joel moaned with pleasure as he felt the slick walls of Grace’s vagina slide down his shaft, and the muscles inside her pussy latch on to the head of his member.
Grace’s delicious, and very hard nipples were right in Joel’s face, and he bent forward to lick her right one, using both hands to massage, lift and cup her breasts.
Grace rose up again, just to feel the suction her pussy would create around Joel’s cock, savouring the feeling of her lips dragging up the shaft, then being folded back the other way as she began to drop back down again. She reached behind her to gently fondle and cup Joel’s balls, and in doing so felt his cock pushing into the front wall of her pussy. Whether the G spot was just a rumour she didn’t care, she just knew it felt great. Her pace began to get a little faster, falling into a steady rhythm now, and Joel switched one hand to Grace’s butt. He loved the way it felt as she rode him and kneaded her buttocks like they were erotic dough, helping to push her down for that little bit more penetration. Eventually both hands (but not his mouth) had released her tits, and were now on Grace’s hips. He wanted to be as deep as possible inside her and was now rising to meet her thrusts, pussy meeting cock, and balls slapping into arse cheeks.
Grace for her part was enjoying the ride. She loved sex, and despite herself was enjoying playing the slut in Joel’s office. She ground her clit into Joel’s pubic bone as his stroke was at it’s deepest, and altered her movement from time to time to simply grind forwards and back on him, engorging her clit even more and bringing her close to another cliff of ecstasy.
Joel knew Grace was close, her face showed the concentration of a woman ready to cum, and he wanted to feel the gush of wetness all over his cock. His hands grasped her hips even more tightly and he said, “That’s it fuck me Grace, you feel so good, and you’re such a sexy minx. Fuck me, baby. Ride that cock!”
Grace loved hearing his encouragement and replied with some of her own, now completely lost in wanton lust.
“That’s right, push it into me. Fuck my wet cunt! Fill me up, Joel! My pussy is so hot. I feel so fucking horny. Fuck me hard!”, all of which we music to Joel’s ears.
They quickened their pace again and Grace was bouncing up and down hard now, Joel’s back arching as he launched his cock skywards to meet her, Grace’s gorgeous breasts all the while jiggling up and down to their own syncopated beat, occasionally, erotically, delightfully, hitting Joel in the face.
Joel was close and let Grace know, “Slow down, I’m nearly there”, he cried.
“Fuck that!” was all Grace could manage, as her own shattering orgasm crashed into her like a freight train, “Give me everything!”.
Grace’s head fell forward as she climaxed, and Joel felt those amazing, should-be-illegal pussy muscles start their magic milking grip on his cock. God how he loved that cunt and what it could do. And what it did, was tip him over the edge.
Joel felt a small shiver start behind his neck, and travel down his spine and up inside of him and then seem to grow into a lightning bolt striking his balls. He could sense the moment the boiling semen sped along the shaft of his penis, and he knew the instant the hot sticky ropes of cum left his cock and splashed against the inside of Grace’s pussy.
Grace felt her pussy gushing with fluid, and an instant later felt the heat of Joel’s sperm as it blasted her insides. Her own orgasm wracked her body with spasm after spasm of delight, and her fingers dug into Joel’s shoulders.
The pair collapsed together and kissed again, sharing a satisfied smile and more longing looks into each other’s eyes.
“I really needed that! Thank you!”, said Grace
“Me too, a real meeting of the minds, I think, ……..among other things!, replied Joel, still enjoying the flexing going on inside Grace’s vagina, seemingly milking him as his penis began to relax.
That sat like this chatting for a while, only moving when the tantalising cocktail of pussy juice and semen began to ooze from Grace’s well-fucked pussy.

The night went on, with the two having sex twice more, the final bout being a slow, languid affair on the couch once more, after a loud, raunchy doggie style effort that had left them both spent.

“We need to keep this between us, please”, said Grace as they dressed, “So we can keep coming back for more. I really enjoyed tonight and there’s no reason we can’t do it again soon.”
“I’d like that too, and I feel a lot better about these extended hours now!”, replied Joel with a wink.

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