(FF/M, F-domination,drugs,demonic pleasure,extreme beast, sex slave,m/servant)

I guess in case you haven’t read the other wife’s cheating dilemma stories i’ll fill you in on things that if I don’t explain now you’ll be like well what to hell does Little Woman::Little momma look like? My wife (Little Woman,Little momma) is a mere 4’ft /8″inches tall, a mere at best 98lbs and has long black hair down to her nicely rounded little ass(bubble butt), and her tits are mere 28 A and two nice little pencil eraser sized nipples, she wears starter bras most of the time! She is Spanish/Latina/Mexican dark brown her face is round with big eyes for it’s size with dark brown nearly black eyes and tiny black retinas unless she’s either aroused or things of that nature; With a small nose and a small mouth!! This all makes her look so damn young!! We’d go to bars etc. and she would get carded in a heartbeat!! We’d go to the movies and R rated etc. movies “bam” carded or they’d say oh brought your daughter along? No this is is my 23 year old wife!!
Snake Lady is 5’ft/8″inches, red hair to just below her shoulders big deep green eyes; a round face; medium nose; and a wide mouth; 32D tits with grape sized nipples; and really nice big bubble butt;She’s in her mid 20’s and looks hot as hell!! But she’s fem/dom through and through and loves women!! And is known to be a witch cultist and believe me she is a professional !! She can put a spell on your ass in a heartbeat!! She’s a Satan’s Angel I swear!!

After our last little Mistress/Servant/sex slave adventure and my little wife got fucked and I mean fucked good and that story and sexual adventure is behind us now and days afterwards Snake Lady calls and I answer; Well wildman how is your little woman doing after our last fuck fest for her? I said well the water broke (lol) and she’s semi back to normal now. She said so the seal(plug),I shot in her held good huh? I told her oh hell yeah she was blown out like that for 3 days(looked 4 to 5months pregnant)!!
She explained that it was indeed all purified hog cum and the seal(plug)was something she’d used the cum and mixed it with some industrial gelatin and took her a few days of experimentation to get it just right so that once sealed(plugged) it would take a day or so for the enzymes in the cum to eat and burst it and out that cum would go right through her cervix where the seal set(plug) and said good to hear our little momma made it through and I bet she had a time with all that having really blowed that little womb of hers out!! And that she did for sure I answered::
Then she said::I have a whole new adventure for our little momma now; You to for that matter my Servant so say this weekend since it’s Monday now and give her time to get back together and say Saturday nite we’ll all three get together and give her a whole new sexual adventure to bitch at you about all next week laughing when she said this and said i’ll set everything up in the “Room” as we’ll now call this and she’s going to have a really wild visitor come and fuck her tight little pussy!! I’m going to fuck that little bitch with that big ass black strap on dildo one of these days!!
That all said she hung up my little wife comes in from the kitchen and says who was that on the phone? I told her just a guy from work telling me about tomorrows job we had, and she said: It Sounded like “her”and I don’t want to talk to that bitch at all, after what she did to me last week!!! Feisty Mood again lol !!

Well that weekend passed us all by and “little momma” was just not capable of another “special breeding”. So Snake Lady and I called it all off to give her time to heal up per say from the hog breeding she’d gotten just over 10 days from this call off due to little momma just not ripe for her next sex slave sexual adventure. Then another 2 weeks had passed and a full month from her first really beastial fuck. And things had calmed down a whole lot and back into the same old routine we’d fallen back into. She’d still gone over to Snake Lady’s several times all by herself and I swear those same day visits that evening there’d be a little pooch in that belly each time making me wonder if she had gone back for more of that hog cock!! It showed in her eyes; In her i’ve been fucked cheek expressions, and damn sure that little pooched out belly each time!!

So Friday nite had come and Snake Lady called and I answered being on call that damn weekend which really meant nothing except if we had an emergency job over the weekend which meant Saturday Morning crew call in and our Rig going out to service whatever well it was that needed it. So no problem in the least for tonite’s fun and a evidently really wild fuck for my little wife!! Snake Lady had told me; “Don’t your fuck your little woman at all until this next so she’s really primed for a good fuck!!”

We brought over the party liquors for them and just good ol’ beer for me and soon the three of us were laughing and cutting up little momma in perfect attitude tonite though still her feisty attitude self as Snake Lady had gone to the kitchen to whip them up a new batch of drinks and gave me that “wink” that my wife didn’t see thank goodness!! And came back smiling now another “wink” at gone unnoticed thank goodness and gave little momma her drink and my wife trusted Snake Lady this way about as far as you can throw a bull!! And looked at it and smelled it and confident then that she’d not snuck anything in her drink but I and Snake Lady knew damn good and well she had!!! All Snake Lady said was; “Glowing red Devil” my wife going what the hell are you talking about? Snake Lady just said hell I don’t know little woman that just came blurting out of nowhere.
Nowhere hell it told me she’d gotten into them damn little syringe bottles again and somehow put some of the stuff in that glowing red Devil faced bottle which told me oh shit, here we go!! She’d told me during little mommas sex slave adventure that bottle with that glowing red color and the Devils face somehow imprinted or hand blown glassed that way was the Devils own brewed elixir potion and was some serious demonic shit!!

She’d seen it given and used at one of wild ass demonic cult festivals and the poor gal that got it being given to Satan Himself did stuff and talked in languages none of the other witches and cultist could understand but it damn sure Summoned A Demon up and he wild as hell looking all red and looked just like Satan himself!!

Now after consuming this potion nothing seemed to happen like right off the bat at all but about 15 or so minutes later I saw and did Snake Lady really intently watching my wife and we noticed her eyes opened wide and her pupils were getting hugely dilated and she was squirming and starting to breath heavier and heavier, slapping her legs open and back together and was becoming not so much groggy but more so under a spell of some damn sort!!
She was babbling out stuff we couldn’t even understand at all as if some invisible thing was there before her with her head looking way up as she was doing all this babbling and no doubt under some damn spell!! Snake Lady moved over to her sat beside her and said; “Can you hear me little momma?”
My wife never moved her head nor looked Snake Ladies way at all and said; “I am to be pleasured by you?” Not addressing this to Snake Lady in the least it was to whatever she was looking up at!!
Snake Lady just looked at me really wild eyed and came right over to me and sat in my lap and said; “What in the fuck have I done wildman?” There’s a fucking demon standing right in front of her!!! Now I couldn’t see things like that but damn Snake Lady; And hell my little wife for that matter would see things and tell me there’s this and that in the room!!
Both of us just watched as my wife continued this conversation but back to babbling again and she’d shudder all over and open her legs wide ass apart and and throw her back and moan like hell and hell it was for damn sure!! Her small little tits seemed to be somehow played with her blouse she wore contorted and moved and the whole damn area where her titties were wrinkled up and strange finger looking imprints were all across her tits smashing them moving them and like wild finger tips were pulling at her nipples through her blouse, through her bra, and this went on for a bit as then her legs parted wide ass open and then and there her legs raised putting her feet right up on the sofa her ass moving to the edge and there and then we saw the same damn wild looking fingers maneuvering her pant material right between her damn legs and all over her pussy as she had her head flung back and really crying out moans as then and there her juices wet her whole cuntal mound through her panties, through her jeans, and soaked the seat of the sofa!!

This went on a bit longer then as sudden as it had began it stopped and my wife dropped her down and her feet came off the edge of the sofa and she shifted back further up on it just sitting there wide eyed as she could be her pupils dilated way to hell out and she was breathing heavy as could be as if she’d been fucked or fingered to such a degree she was trying to catch her damn breath and come back to earth from her orgasm!!

Snake Lady said; “Damn he’s gone wildman he’s gone!! He fucking played with your wife’s titties and shoved one hell of a long red hot bony ass finger into her pussy and that’s why she came and is breathing like she is!!”
A demon just visited your wife!! I heard his ass say; “And I shall return my little sweet one!” “And while he was saying that shit he was licking his damn long ass bony finger full of her juices!!”
Snake Lady got back up and went right back over to my wife just fully trance and breathing heavy breaths and said; “Are you alright woman?” “Can you know enough to tell us anything?

My wife just sat there still trance like and shuddered all over and said; “I was just visited by a Devils Demon!!” ” He played with my titties and pinched my nipples, and finger fucked me!!” “And he said he was going to return and f f fuck m m meee!!” as she said that she really shuddered all over and her head shaking about in either fear as hell itself or the fact that she was so damn lustful of wanting it!!

Snake Lady just got up and looked at me then grabbed her by the arm and got her halfway up only to discover she couldn’t stand on her own at all and motioned me over and I grabbed her other arm and we both got her on her feet but she was to damn far gone to stand even this way just folding up so I picked her up into my arms and we both headed to the “Room” with my knocked out wife still saying the things he had done and shuddering in my arms her eyes still wide ass open and in some far ass away dream land or a visit to the gates of hell!!!

Snake Lady saying oh shit I think I opened a damn portal with that stuff!! But I didn’t summon them she did!! Remember me telling you that the stuff in demon bottle made women talk in tongues and summon Demons up? I said yes I remember that! As we still made our down the hallway to the “room” and my shivered all over!! What to hell had we done?
As Snake Lady was telling me that she understood some of his words to her(my wife)and he turned to us wildman as he was licking the damn juices from her pussy off that long ass red hot bony finger of his and told us that she had summoned him up to see if she was good enough to take all his pleasure for her and told us she was indeed perfect to be sacrificed to him!! Saying he loved them right at this perfect stage of development and she wanted all his pleasures!! She told him that wildman!!

Now we were at the door to the “room” as she opened it and walked in and said put her on the bed and let her come out of this damn spell!! So I took her over and laid her on the bed and We both disrobed her and left her naked body on the bed and there were two chairs in the room now as I glanced about and the whole room was painted black as could be from floor to ceiling and that cart was up against the wall as was the pleasure table and the ottoman as it had furry wolf imprinted throw over it a small pillow and folded towels on it. But what really caught my eye was hanging from the ceiling was this strange almost seat like hammock thing secured to the ceiling into the joist and just about between waist and knee high and had adjustments on all the soft rope like supports so it could be raised and lowered whichever it was that was deemed needed.
Red colored lights adorned different areas on all four walls 3 were placed this and that on the ceiling one right over that hammock swing thing and then pushed against the wall on the far side of the room was a really strange looking low table carved out of what had to be an entire tree trunk of some kind with all sorts of symbols and figures all over the sides and front and back of it a really soft red velvet looking material attached on top and really wild ornamated iron chains laid on top on all four corners and 3 red colored wide width leather straps all curled up laying on top and secured to the wildly carved out side with really wild looking wrought iron hand forged nails were nailed through the leather into the wood 4 of them per strap and attached to what had to be the head of it was this extended table one part curved down the sides attached to that were just about halfway down the thickness of the table and looked like little night stands there.

Snake Lady said we had one hell of a time getting that in here!! And it wildman is the “ritual table.” This room now serves as our worship and ritual chapel!!
I admit fully that I wanted to grab my little wife and fuck all her clothes and everything else and get the fuck outa’ here and this house fast!! But something held me here and I feared nothing just a strange aurora was here and I could feel as if some damn presence was among us it seemed to be in the damn walls!! In the damn Room!! This Room!!
Snake Lady just left me there walked back out the door not closing it or anything like that and headed down the hallway and turned towards the kitchen and other rooms back along that part of her house. And was gone some time leaving me to explore this room and walked over this hand carved table looking at all the carvings of symbols and wild looking demonic creatures and all sorts of strange phallic looking carvings adjourned the side, absolutely unbelievable shapes and looks of all these one that really caught my eye was this corkscrew carved cock deeply carved into the wood making it appear like you could just read and grab it out of it’s carved place and the tip was long and had circle of some thickness carved into the back of it where the corkscrews started I shivered at the thought of that thing in any woman or creature for that matter!! This whole table was old I mean like centuries and centuries old from like the wooden centuries old, maybe even the roman age came to mind!!

As now again here came Snake Lady pushing yet another wild cart it to was wooden and old and stump carved out of some dark like midevial time all sorts of carvings all over it none like the ritual table had but as she came through the door I could see it to had nothing but these weird ass phallic symbols carved all into it’s sides to and red velvet covered the top looking itself ancient in makings with the same hand poured nails all around the top had it secured and on this table she had 4 different hand carved creatures of about 2ft tall and in pairs of carved out wild looking demonic creatures two with wings that were carved out the exact symbol of Satan himself as through the door she came into the middle of the room with it and large pitchers also carved from trees and really old looking with all sorts of strange symbols on each of the three of them with perfectly carved curved pour spouts I could see different colored liquids splashing up one pure water the other two different viscosity of liquid one fairly thin viscosity the other a really thick one a weird dark colored liquid the other a more lighter near red colored liquid. A big Dark black leathered book of almost totally ancient pages filled it thickly a leather clasp held it shut and in the middle of this was hand leather tooled symbol of Satan himself his wings filled the sides his image the middle in dark red color.

Snake Lady herself now in a long fully black velvet robe with a thick black velvet rope tied around her waist,her whole face was facial make up with black deep dark black with blood red looking female symbols on each cheek a withes hat on her head of pure dark black velvet all of it ancient in makings yet not one bit looking old and ragged all sorts of different stitched into the velvet symbols adorned her hat hair red hair looked beautiful contrasting with all this black she adorned herself with and pockets on her robe seemed to hold a variety of things in them.
She headed no attention to me at all just pushed that cart over to the ritual table and took each creature and placed them on the stands and the two Satan carvings she put one at the head right where the curved down part was a spot perfectly arranged for it to sit with it facing the bed part and took the other one to the other end and sat it there looking into the bed as well Both Standing much higher above the bed at head and foot. then left the 3 pitchers on that table and wheeled it over beside the bed my wife lay one naked and totally out of it.

Reaching under that table she pulled out two large hand carved wooden goblets they to had weird symbols carved all around them but each one had both the male symbol and the female symbols clearly hand carved as well then reached and grabed yet another this one to was the female symbol and the same carvings except the female symbols on it as the others were.
She filled each one with each of the different pitchers one of the female goblets got the really thick liquid the other female one the water and the male one the thinner red colored liquid. And then grabbed the thick ancient book and took to what had to be the alter and lay it one the curved down part fully showing it was indeed for that purpose.

With all that then done she came to me and said; “What will be witnessed here tonite and done before your eyes cannot be told to a soul outside this room!! This you must obey!! Or he the master of us all will take her from us!!! She said; “Do you swear to this demand?” I told her yes and she said follow me to the alter as I did and she placed my hand on top that ancient book and said; “You must swear to the master of all, and call out his name as you do so he hears your pledge and the rules set forth for this night!”

I did swear and said his name as she told me to and I felt this strange feeling shoot through my hand and my entire body felt it as she said the master has answered your word of silence. All that said and done she moved my hand off it and led me back to table with the goblets and pitchers then left me there and walked over and turned out the lights and the red lights began to shine really dim and got just a bit brighter still really dark in the room yet enough light to see just clearly enough and returned to the table and said soon she shall awaken yet still not of the mind we are at all.
You must not question her actions, or words, and understand that she is as we call it under his spell and only I and he are allowed to speak to her! And you must not at any time touch her anywhere except as ordered by me or him through me!! I am his median of doing the human things!! He the master of us all will do his bidding of what He the master of us all wants to do!! Or he will destroy her if we intervene without his word and approval!!
Now let’s go forth and take the chairs and set them At a short distance to the side at first and will be moved when needed to where needed as we went and got them and set them a slight distance from the side yet right together. Then she reached her foot under each one and pressed down with her foot and up both chairs came the height of the table and I noticed both were hand carved of ancient wood both well curved from the seats and adorned in the same red velvet as the tables were. Soft cushion material under them both for comfortable seating and one each side of each chair were wide and thickly cushioned straps that were curled up and secured to each chairs both sides.

She saw me looking at them and said;”If you disobey and try to get up you will be shackled to the chair and secured to not interfere!

As she walked away and went to the door closed it and now it had 2 locks on the door one the same as before and now one just below the door knob and she locked it now leaving the room totally glowing a red color everything was perfectly visible that need to be visible yet darkness was everywhere else!!

Snake Lady now grabbed my hand and I followed her over to the bed my totally naked wife on it still to far gone and not even back with us yet and we sat on the bed there beside her awaiting her coming around as little movements of her body arms, legs, etc. were now doing such indicating she was coming around getting her functions back, her head now moving a bit and her mouth opening and closing as she was swallowing and her breathing regular now as well. Snake Lady looking at her and saying she’s being given the freedom to awaken back to us at least in some fashion of human awakeness though as I say she will not be mentally back with us at all only enough to allow her body to function is all she’ll be able to use her mind for!!

Sure enough she began to open her eyes flickering them wildly at first then they opened just a bit for a few moments then more and more as her feet and hands and arms began to move around as finally her eyes opened wide her pupils and retina still swollen way out, a complete total gleaming of her eyes began to happen until they gleamed her absolute total and complete lustful way as she raised her head up looking about the room blinking her eyes as if to focus and used her hands to rub them and blink some more as she looked about and then pushed herself up into setting position her hands behind her and she was leaning on them as Snake Lady got off the bed went to the cart and pushed it over to the bed and sat back down, my wife paid her no attention at all still just looking this way and that her head turning both directions and then right straight forward and shook her head trying to clear the cobwebs per say and just stayed that way blinking her eyes open and shut.

Snake Lady reached onto the cart and got the same assortment of bobbi pins, hair bonnets, etc. and crawled up on the bed my wife not paying one single bit of acknowledging her whatsoever just there shaking her head and still blinking her eyes though no damn doubt she saw absolutely nothing in the room!! Snake Lady now behind her and pulled up close to her back setting all the hair between them both as she spread her legs widely apart on each side of my wife and began pulling her hair together wrapping it around and around once she had it all gathered up put the bonnets all up and down her hair length and again twirled it about creating yet another princess like bun and secured it with the bobbi pins, my wife making no reaction at all just still sitting there still shaking her head but Snake Lady grabbed it at the start with her free hand and held it still as she did all this then left her and crawled right back and sat on the edge of the bed beside me.

We waited like this for sometime 15 or 20 minutes it seemed as my wife pushed herself forward on the bed until she to was sitting there right nearly beside me yet nowhere near to be touching me or even close enough to touch me. Still just looking straight ahead not blinking her eyes anymore or moving her head at all.

Snake Lady got up standing over the cart again and digging around into the injection bottles grab the demon one again and just slightly pulled the least little bit from the bottle into a very tiny syringe removed it. walked right over in front of my wife who didn’t look at her at all just staring straight ahead.

Snake Lady then raised her arms wide open into the air and her head looked up to the ceiling as she chanted something I could not in the least understand but my little tiny Spanish/Latino wife did as she looked up at her still silent as she began to shake all over twisting and turning as if she were absolutely in a complete spell and no doubt she was having what seemed like absolute seizures but rocking her whole upper body about as the shaking was as if out of this world which in truth it was just that as she herself began to say things only it half wasn’t her voice at all as at last Snake Lady had finished her demonic cult ritual to whomever she was chanting to brought her hands back down. Looking down at my wife who now wasn’t acting as wild as she was nor chanting anything either just looking back up at Snake Lady.

Staring up at her just a moment or two later then stood right up leaned over onto the bed with her head arms and shoulders her arms flung out and grabbed each hand a full grip of the sheet and mattress folder herself at the knees against the side of the bed and then and there pointed beautiful tiny little brown ass as far in the air as she could and stayed that way though she was shaking all over in what appeared to me to be fear or some anticipation of knowing what she was about to get really no way of knowing it was except that it was happening.

Snake stepped back just a bit looked at me and said; “You know this is now the Demon seed she’s about to get don’t you?” I nodded my head yes afraid to say a word or do a thing to disturb any part of this. But she said The Master wants your full submission and now lean over and kiss your wife’s beautiful little ass to show your full approval of this, and full knowledge that she your wife is about to be a sacrifice, of lust and pleasure to him in full submission and your approval for that to happen as well and with that said; “You are allowed kiss her beautiful little ass now in full loving giving of her to him!”
I leaned over after turning to my wife who fully and obediently herself submitted her ass up in the air for what she had to know what for as she shaking and shivering said it was of her mind knowing absolutely in full she was about to receive the “demon seed” not in a drink as earlier and diluted but now in full strength, and outright complete wantonness of it presenting herself this way without a fuss or fight or anything but outright full lust and wanting of it to be given to her this way.
And leaned down and kissed her beautiful upturned ass cheeks in the air as my wife really shook all over now her head flung up and she said in her own voice now oh thank you so much oh he’s awaiting my seeding honey so then I will be filled with lust and then pleasure as it rushed through my body and prepares me for him!!

Then snake lady told me arise but you must provide your saliva into the syringe and then give some onto right where you kissed as she moved her hand with the syringe and right to my mouth the needle right at my lips as I gathered saliva up in my mouth then opened my mouth as the needle went into it and she pulled the plunger back and gathered it into the syringe and removed it as I leaned back over right where I had kissed and put saliva right there and moved my head back away looking at the syringe being now aimed at her ass lining up with where I had just kissed and salaved my eyes opened wide as I saw in that syringe boiling begin smoke and steam filled it shooting the syringe backwards in an instant but Snake Lady got her thumb on it and stopped it and then turned it back up and pushed all the steam but not all of it.

As she pointed it to my lips and said open to receive the steam and your mixings of human saliva and demon seed so that you may then be able to see him and hear him and fully understand his words, your wife’s words, and my chanting words to know and see it all in complete clarity as now she pushed it to my lips once more and said close your mouth over it when I offer it to you and accept your offering from him as I opened my mouth the syringe in it a bit and closed my mouth and she pushed the steam and what was shooting out the needles tiny hole and it hit my tongue and then I opened my mouth back up and she pulled it from my lips. as I felt like I had just tried to eat the absolute hottest damn pepper in my life and my mind began to all but spin that very moment as well.
And watched with absolute great anticipation as Snake Lady turned the syringe back to my wife’s wildly shaking ass and body and then and there shoved it right into it my wife’s head flung up and she was screaming out the needle was red hot burning her ass and then and there as Snake Lady ever so slowly forced the boiling liquid into her ass she really flailed her head about gripping at the sheet and mattress pulling them both up a room filling scream coming from her as the boiling hot liquid slowly vanished from the syringe into her ass and her whole ass Cheek turned blood ass red no brown at all of her normal skin color and it spread down into ass crack into the whole of her ass hole and down to her pussy it went filling both of labia up in an instant and through them and into her clital area that swelled out and began to fill ever more outwards swelling out and spread from then into her hairy mound area even making her dark black pubic hairs turn red ass hot and spread from there upwards I loosing sight of it.

But my wife spread her legs wide open her ass jerking and swinging up and down as the very last bit was pushed into her ass and Snake Lady removed the needle from her ass and just held it as she stepped back and then got on her knees and told me come watch as the demon seed spreads as I leaned down right with her head and saw red hot color and boiling hot seed spread up from her mound into her skin area turning it red blood red and spread further up into her lower ab then spread out to each side now fully covering her whole lower ab area my wife screaming she burning alive inside thrashing and jerking and her legs shook like hell her ass doing a dance about in the air as further it went all the way past my wife’s navel now just two streams seemed to separate from the whole of the burning red hot skin following upwards just in those two streams and then ignite into two almost clearly perfect walnut sized looking spots as they to swelled out getting bigger and far more red until they as well were fire hot red and the size now of kiwi fruits and the spreading fire stopped!!

My wife screaming absolute bloody murder now her head slamming up and back onto the mattress thrashing it about as fast as she could still beating her head onto the mattress as Snake Lady it spread up through her pussy into her womb and those 2 streams of red hot fire are her ovary tubes it went through and those two large lumps that look now like kiwis are her ovaries that had to swell out from their small beginning to accept the full load of the boiling demon seed and she is burning fire hot red as you see and her screaming bloody murder is from that fire hot seed!

As she pulled her head and I pulled mine back up and Snake Lady said the demon seed soon shall calm down it’s boiling hotness and she will not scream as she is now but she will begin to pant and I mean pant like a bitch dog in heat pant and her tongue will fall from her mouth and drip saliva everywhere just exactly like a dog opens it’s mouth and hangs it’s tongue out panting and saliva dripping from it’s tongue as will hers!!
As now standing up we could see her ass cheeks once fire hot red now turn back to almost her normal dark brown color as my once screaming total bloody murder now calmed but her head held up high as she could get it and she started heavily panting and her tongue came out to one side and saliva began to drip from it as her body was now calming from shaking so wildly to just a hotly shivering state as Snake Lady said; “We must now retire from this and leave her to her in full burning heat and let the Demon seed do it’s work on what it needs to, and we get away and let it happen!”
Snake Lady tooke me over to the service table and handed my goblet and she took hers and she and toasted to master of us all and drank our drinks and we put our goblets together away from the one for my wife which was the really thick dark liquid which Snake Lady told me was her first drink once she’d become what the master wanted her to be and would come to us on her own and plead for her quenching drink!!

As we awaited my wife’s transformation per say Snake Lady then said she will not come to us the master of us all just summoned me that we will have to help her to the table and take her drink to quench her bitch in heat thirst!!

Minutes passed us by the drink I drank had me so pleasantly calm my senses all to a new height my hearing keen as could be as I heard my wife’s full panting on the bed really getting heavy and with sound and solid intake and exhale of air and I swear I could the droplets from her mouth falling onto the bed bellow a steady stream of them even large slobber fell from her tongue onto it we could hear her ass and body shaking, her ass jumping up and down and twisting all about her pussy, was clutching outwards and back even her ass hole was squeezing and releasing and clutching outwards and back I could hear it, feel it, see it all clearly now not being even there!! She as yet had not began pussy secretions as yet though I could hear it all deeply bubbling inside her womb her ovaries jumping and jerking inside her body the heartbeats of them clearly were heard as was her heavy panting with heated breath I could feel her lungs fill to capacity and then exhale with each panting!! Even her heartbeat was way fast from the absolute heat she was in!!

Now I began to hear my wife speaking not from her mouth from her mind!! She was saying her pussy and ass were on fire saying that it was from both her holes into her gut and womb and she could feel her ovaries throbbing fire hot pain!! Then she said; “Oh master of darkness oh please oh please come help me it’s to much for my body to take all this fire hot seed!! And then my brain about exploded as if I weren’t allowed to hear the master of darkness but his mere whisper was to loud in my mind as then it became clear as a bell!

Oh my little one of sacrifice to me for pleasure you must wait and endure the fire inside you for it is that which will allow you to stand taking me!! For I am the heat!! The fire of fires!!

Remember as I just grabbed your little titties and squeezed them and you screamed with the heat of it and as my fingers touched your nipples hot fire shot from my fingers into them!!

And when I lowered my hand to your pussy and summoned you to spread your legs wide apart and put your little feet onto the sofa and allow your man human of love see you!!

And inside your panties my hand of everlasting fire made you scream out afraid I would make your human haired pussy catch on fire!!

And then even worse was when my fiery hot finger touched your little tiny clit; You flew from your body it was to much for your human woman mind and body to take the fire that shot through it making it swell of swells burn with fire a human cannot take!!

Then into the folds of your little pussy my finger went making them jerk and shudder and swell and you begged me not go any further it was to much and way to fiery hot for your little human mind and body to take and handle as you screamed I was melting those little folds from the intensity of my red hot fire!!

And then you my precious little sacrifice shoved your ass up thinking you were taking my burning hot fingers from those then fiery hot lips and shoved my fiery red iron finger deep into your pussy making you gush the near orgasms of orgasms your juices boiling inside you like a red hot iron into a cold bucket of water!!
And you again screamed so loudly as my finger tip touched your far inner closed tight opening you humans call a cervix and you bucked and screamed and went out of your body again the fire was to much to handle!! And finally I withdrew and You lost your soul for that moment!!

And I was done giving you but a mere hint of what was to happen tonight and telling you that you must take the demon seed mixed with your husbands mouth secretions to boil it hot!! The near hotness you soon will feel inside your orifices of pleasure!!

My wife pleading to him to cool her insides down, they were cooking inside her, making her pant, and act like a dog she was horrified for the depth of it herself and more so because I and her mistress was seeing it all, hearing it all, knowing it all!! Pleading for him to not let us know of their conversation the depravity of it all but he answered her saying; ” They can hear you talking now and have heard your pleads, and all that happened in that other space you humans call a living room!!

Oh my master of darkness no!! Oh no they can’t know all this it is far to depravated for them to have known our brief meeting in the living room and how I acted and did when I pushed my ass up to take your finger oh please they cannot know this and he just said my little sacrifice they know it all they heard it all from you and from me!!

Noooo oh please No!!! Oh honey and mistress I am so sorry you both heard and saw my interaction with the master of darkness!! The Beast of Beast!! And I succumb to his every touch in such a terrible way sinking to deep depths of absolute forbidden pleasure yet I pleaded for it!! Drove his fiery hot finger into my pussy all the way to bottom and went crazy out of this world crazy as that finger tip barely touched my cervix oh the pleasure!!!

The master stepped in told her that we both were well pleased with what she’d done and very much lusted and treasured to hear her every very demonic telling of it and how she responded with her desire to experience the depths of pleasure untold in my kingdom and my presence!!

When can I move from this position master of darkness my asked? And he responded soon my tiny little sacrifice soon!! You are absorbing all the heat into the places needed both your holes walls are doing great at absorbing the demon seed into them and your womb and ovaries are doing even better as doing as the others to fix your seed channels that were tied and now are fully open again so that I may flood them over fill them with my seed so your seeds coming from your tubes and ovaries will meet my seed and consummate a total breeding so that you give me a son of the darkness; A son of a Bitch!!

For this you shall be rewarded a lifetime of total complete pleasure!! A lifetime of total satisfaction!! Of which you have only just begun to know my beautiful little sacrifice!! The hog I sent to for you to mate with and get such pleasure from and the complete copulation as your took his seed so pleadingly willing to want and got as he filled your womb to bursting with hot cum seed!! Prepared your womb for what I will do to your little belly so on fire with wanton pleasure for my seed to fill you even fuller and far hotter than he!! As my seed my precious little sacrifice shall stay hot inside your womb sealed up for days and days of fiery hotness!!

My wife jumping and jerking about now knowing his seed was going to fiery hot in her womb and she desired it!! She Pleaded for it!! She pleaded for his Beast of all Beast to fuck her, With his beast cock; Of beast cocks; The king of them all she was telling him and us alike!!

The master of darkness spoke to us my tiny little wife hearing every word perfectly knowing he was speaking to us! Told us only his precious little sacrifice as yet had seen his beast cock and then and there pleaded for it!! Begged for it!!! Bitch in heat desire for it!!

My wife then said Yes my master, Yes my husband, Yes my mistress of the dark, I want his beast cock to fuck me!!! I begged him for it!! I pleaded with him to give it to me!! I became a full outright Bitch in heat so that I could take it!!

And now when I have soaked the demon seed into my cunt walls!! My ass walls!! my womb walls!! my ovaries!! I shall then be granted the privileged you the pleasure and wantonness my husband, and my mistress, to watch when he begins to mate with me, fucks me, pleasures me, and above all my husband for us to enjoy together the gift of his, filling my womb, flooding my ovaries, colliding and entering my seeds of new life!! The new life of his beast son inside me growing and fulfilling my desire to be the mother of his son!! The Bitch in heat that offered myself fully to his Beast father!!

He shall suckle up to my breast then filled with the life giving nutrition he will need my husband as I will allow you and you to mistress to watch and see his beast belly swell with my precious milk!!

The master of darkness, The beast of beast now said o.k. my precious little sacrifice it is time now to have you prepared for my arrival and as I travel my sweet little one I shall watch in full; Your absolute submission to be bred by me, And your husbands submission to watch me breed you, And my mistress of darkness for your seeing it as well as helping she and I alike to be able to do this!! Now go forth and prepare her for my arrival!!

And just like that his portal to us ceased!! I could not hear or see him, Snake Lady saw him!! But she could not understand the things between him and wife only little tidbits of it!! Of which as yet we could not see him except for the glimpse in time when he first arrived in the living room in front of my wife!! And all that went on there!!

Snake Lady now said; We must do as he says!! And you Servant are allowed to help me take her for preparation for his arrival!! And You will lead her by the hand and cherish being able to take her to the preparation table and he has allowed us all to talk to each other!! To truthfully proclaim our desire and total lust to see him here as the breeder of your wife!! The pleasurer of pleasurer for her!!

My wife still laying as she was pleading, and yelling, for us to hurry and help her because she couldn’t move on her own!! She was frozen in this position by him!! And only when we came to her fully and openingly and did so to help would she be able to break the barrier that held her this way!! Telling us the demon seed was all soaked up by all her places needed!!

As we went to her bed scooting up on it and I had to ask Snake Lady can I touch her? Can I feel her? And she said did I not tell you that you could touch her and help get her ready for his arrival!! But you may not touch any part of her pleasure zones!! Until it deemed absolutely necessary for her preparedness and readyment for him!!

As we both grabbed her under her arms and as soon as we touched her she said I am now released from this position and we pulled her up from the bed as she squirmed and squealed her belly and gut and everything that was demon seeded hurt to much to move!!

So we stood with her holding her up as her body adjusted and awakened from the freeze he had put her in and soon she was moving her feet and her legs and said hurry we must go!!

We walked her my arm under her arm pit my hand holding hers in our total walk together to the sacrifice table of which as yet my wife had not even seen!! As we arrived there standing at the side of it that my wife looked and saw it and now glared wide opened feary eyes locked into the statue of Him The Beast of Beast and she shook all over and tried her best to pull back as the fear of him and his total beast look and saying the cock, Oh his cock!! My pussy will never stand to take it!! Omg it’s toooo bbbigggg!! TTTooooo RRRough!!! Tooo far dilapidated forrr Meeee!!!

Snake Lady just jumped right in and said up on the sacrifice table “Bitch in heat” as we both just lifted her right up onto it Snake Lady at her feet and I under her arms across her back as we both forced her down laying flatly out now on her back and that instant his voice spoke to us!!

Turn her over quick my two hear her pleas of trying to back out just because she saw my unheard of forming of my beast cock!! And plead all you want my little tiny sacrifice you shall succumb to it like it or not!! Fight and it will only hurt more!! Burn More!! But master my wife replied there’s to many different pleasure parts tttooo itt omg as he broke in real quick and said do not Use that word at all!! He is why I am what I am!! Why my Cock is the cock it is!!

As this entire time he and my wife were speaking we flipped her over on her belly as he had ordered and held her there securing the straps across her back all four of them tightly pinning her to the table as she was pleading and begging to not be placed so he could get any part of absolutely wickedly formed and disfigured cock which when glancing at it as we were there with her at first I noticed 4 parts of it levels I guess you would say!!

Now having her fully enabled except her legs, arms, shoulders and head as she was propped up on her arms under her right at her her rotator cuffs forwards on her elbows to her hands and wrist all flat against the table trying to force herself up only to discover as she did this and turned her head up that she was absolutely indeed nearly face to his groin and cock!! As we heard her crying out, pleading, trying her best to get us to help her in any way get off this sacrifice table!! Saying I can’t loook at it!!! It’s to damn much tooo seee!! Toooo mmmuchhh Cock!! Oh his balls are so Big and and hung so so low!!! Their the size of of of grapefruits!! her whole body shaking from total complete fear of life and deaf fear!!

Snake Lady all this while had rushed over to the cart and found 2 of the syringes still filled to their full exact measurements and came back over as my wife saw them in her hand!!

And began to scream out; “Oh no, Oh please No, don’t give me anymore of them!! I can’t take it!! I can’t take it!! trying to kick and squirm her way out all this forcing her arms to move her up but all it did was force her face to come right into full view of his cock and balls and she immediately swung her arms out from under her and flopped down onto the table her chin banging right into it her face semi buried into the softness of it!!

Snake Lady right at her hip now on the other side of the table holding one of the two syringes in between her forefinger and middle finger and her thumb on the trigger and said this will bring her little pleading ass into submission and want!!! hit her ass cheek dead square in the middle hard and fast my wife really screaming out No over and over again her head shaking all kinds of ways her whole body shaking like a leaf and then her head flung up as high as it would go trying to shut her eyes from seeing The Beast of all Beast hugely disfigured cock and balls only she couldn’t close them!!

She was screaming out she couldn’t close her eyes!! The master made her look dead at his hugely disfigured Cock and Balls burning her mind with the full outright up close and personal seeing of them unable to move anywhere but to see this before her eyes!!

Snake Lady slowly feed her ass the shot as my wife thrashed and thrashed to no avail as suddenly she shot her feet, legs and arms, and head all different directions!! it hit through her like speeding bullet of fastness and fulfillment as now Snake lady pulled it from her ass cheek yes oh yes much better now!!

But my wife still thrashing and trying to plead out No oh No it’s going to be to much for me was silenced in room noise but we could hear her every mental scream and see her arms and legs and head head all thrashing about still as if she was absolutely trying to swim away from all this!!

Snake Lady put the syringe into her robes pocket and went and grabbed a thick huge round pillow and came back and she and I alike lifted my wife’s shoulders up and put that pillow right there where her shoulders were forced way upwards right at the level of the beast of beast statues cock and heavily hanging balls the sack of them hung all the way down to his knees from his groin!!

Thhe huge grapefruit sized nuts banged tightly together in the bottom of the sack; Stretching the sack that held them tight skinned there; And then the long sack above pulled down tight from the weight of the balls; With wildly wrinkled and deeply in bedded draws of multiple mounds of flesh and dropping way into the sack!!

Deep inward wrinkles of rough, almost scaly rough skin drawn all together in a really thick; And really long!!! Two huge delivery tubes clearly visible as hell through the skin that showed them pertruding perfectly out from withing the sack it was no doubt according to figuring size and distance from a statue to real life size it was at least 2ft. long just from groin to balls!!

Snake lady had now forced her head up even higher than her shoulders and Immediately her neck locked into place her face and eyes perfectly level at his cocks midway length and my wife again was mind screaming seeing it all so closely up and personal every carved detail and different sections clearly showed of it’s horribleness along with the balls and sacks clearly defined carvings had her screaming in her mind!!

Oh it’s so so so Horrible Looking as she screamed!! It’s so thick and Big!! Damn the tips so long and and and corkscrewed!! Oh my pussy will be destroyed by him!!! Oh the next the next stage has these these awful looking big ass bumps all over it there little oh little needle like protrusions out to nearly those really nasty looking bumps have have little suck suckers on them!! Oh my pussy will not handle the feel of those and those suckers sucking at my walls!!

Then onto the third stage her eyes focused on in complete and total disbelief as she cried out in her minds thinking and our hearing every single detail she’d said of it so far and now her little tiny ass really went to squirming and moving her legs shaking like leaves being blown when you put one just into your mouth and blow and it flutters shakes and swings all about exactly as her legs, and ass were doing now looking at this stage of his cock which had several thick and pertruding out rings with almost the exact same needles thickly spread all around each one like thick hairs of a mans beard and knobby looking 3 rings in total each seemed to be about 1 inch from each other and about 1/2″ to 3/4″ an inch thick with all those hundreds of needle knobs all over each one!!

She was crying out oh those will are going to will or going to be unbearable to take into my pussy oh their going to rub my pussy walls to much with them all in me, all up in me!!!

now the fourth level up closer to his groin his cock hung from and attached to she looked at this stage made her legs fly wide ass open nearly off each side open at her feet!! Her ass immediately swinging upwards as if she was already to that part and had all the rest below this stage all buried in her pussy!!

And there it was a totally different look and altogether even more sinister looking more evil more pussy stretching and feeling it all was barber pole like looking really thick and pertruding spiraled all around and around yet space between them and there in the gap between each huge spiral were little like tentacles all thickly pointing up over the spirals she was describing to her mind and us and telling us they were slimy and really really wet looking and all were wildly swinging and working some sticking on the huge spirals folding over them and then swinging right back the other way!!

She was working her little ass really wildly about now twisting up then around then down her legs shaking even more and her upper body even shuddered and tried to match her asses movements as it it was going to make her whole damn body do this!!

While her mind was saying! Oh those tentacles oh those tentacles all slimy and really wet all swinging wildly about everywhere are going to make absolutely blow my juices oh all of them and those spirals screwing into my pussy and making my walls squeeze into them then then oh then those tentacles working all over in me on my walls oh oh that will will be to much to handle oh I’ll never get by them all!!!

then lastly the final stage she saw a way away from the end of the beginning of his cock was this humongous really rough dark green scaly looking ball that really made her swing that ass of her into the air and now hold absolutely still her pussy now really flowering out before us into a nearly wide open as it could go stretched out circled trying to match that roughly scaled ball that seemed to really swell out and deflate the scales separated each time it swelled out like thousands of clams opening their shells all at the same time then closing shut as it shrank!!

My wife totally lost it right here and there with seeing that action her mind screamed out a moment of reality then silenced as if having screamed herself to death!!

as now her ass lowered onto the table crashing down onto her pussy mound then and there her legs and everything all over her body stopped all movement but her pussy stayed wide ass open a depth into her pussy her clit elongated terribly out like a thick finger from it’s enclosure 2 to 3 inches long out and thick as the end of a huge carrot pointed just like one at the very tip the rest got thick fast and throbbing swollen out causing my wife mental cries of the pain/pleasure that caused her as it did this screaming out in her mind it rubbing against his huge ass very back of his cock that had a thickly forest of really rough hair like that of a porcupines throwing spears except backwards!! and my wife crazily saying oh I’m beat beating my my clit all into them oh it’s to much to take!!

And then and there she silenced in actions in mind description to us and herself alike having way over limit feel and everything doing everything in her pussy and her clit swing like a damn bat all around so far extended from it’s enclosure it looked like a damn cock itself!!

Then everything just slurped right back into her normal pussy opening barely and seeing into it all at all that clit disappeared quickly into it’s enclosure and her lips although real thickly swollen with complete and total pleasure just sucked back against each other!!

My wife smooth ass out of it now now more communication no more hearing anything but silence from her is all we heard!!

Snake Lady at me and I at her directly to each other each from each side of the table and she said Damn that was hot as hell hearing her telling a play by play description of just what each damn section of his cock was going to do to her describing it in exact detail as getting absolute in real life except saying that it was going to be burning ass hot on each one going into her pussy!! Damn are you ready to watch this as I am and see your little wife take that thing!!

I said; “Oh you damn right I am so damn turned on from that!” I want to see it all every damn last little bit of his cock work her pussy over in so many different ways and styles and stages!!

Snake Lady agreed and said she left one thing out!! I said what’s that and she said look down at the tip of his cock!! And there before our eyes a really wild fiery red hot whole like round bones all tied together by but separated just a bit and shooting way to hell out like 7 to 8 inches out and going right back into the tip that swallowed them back up like there was nothing like that at all only a hole in the very end but yet where the very end bone fiery red hot one was there was yet another hole!! It shot out again the same 7 or 8 inches long and swung around crazily like a run away garden hose only worse in the way it swung and slapped and waved all about then right back into the tip it went!!

We both looked at each other wide eyed as hell both of us shivering at the thought of what damn thing was going to do right where it was designed to do it at and that was inside her damn womb!!

Well our little sneak peak at the action soon to come was over now my wife laid limply out and we had to get her into position and strapped down as soon master of the darkness would appear in person and wanting to get the show and fuck on the road!!!

So we unstrapped my wife and let the straps fall to each side and I went around to Snake Ladies Side and grabbed my little wife and just tossed her right over on her back her neck was on the same round thick pillow she was propped up with under shoulders and leaned way back over it her head pointed slumpingly down as we paid no attention to that at all yet and threw each other the 4 straps one up just above her tits one just under them and one about halfway down to her upper rib cage about really 3 or 4 ribs down and secured it the last one went right straight over her hips but had this divider on each side that Snake Lady slid hers right into my wife’s hip as I did the same thing making them snug into the sides of her hip yet barely over the top of them almost into her pelvis bones and tied it securely down and then went to each leg!!

Snake Lady grabbed her foot and shoved her leg up into the air the knee rising straight up pushed her below the knee part right into her thigh part and then took 3 wide softly animal combed hair things the straps were slid through and put one around her leg right at her ankle to over thigh area and secured it adjusting the really soft animal hair sleeve about until her ankle front and sides were wrapped as well as making sure it was all around her thigh area real almost up to ass cheeks joining them and tightened it really down tight not pushing into her muscles tight no just barely into it as I did the same and made sure my animal sleeve was as hers fully covering all her ankle and thigh area up to nearly her ass joining and tightened it just as she’d done and nest about a third up her calf muscle to her thigh she did the same thing as I matched her then one last strap to go there for each of us that was put right under her knee and tightly secured them!!

Then we moved up to her head and arms Snake Lady take that Pillow totally away and went and got this really thick wedge like really soft pillow that was and slid the really long slowly tapered part under her head until it was propped up way above her body and slid under to her shoulders as she put her head down onto it right beside my little wife’s and looked down and said oh hell yeah perfect vision of that pussy!!

And threw me a wide and animal fur soft strap over and said go under the table feel under it and there’s 2 loops one into the other and go through the big one and back through the smaller one pull it tight as can be which I did then she reached under her side and did the same pulling the whole thing across my wife’s forehead making sure the soft fur was straight over her head and tightened it down only pulling my wife’s head very slightly into the wedge pillow then went and two more pillows each had a curve cut out and slid hers curve side against her upper temple pushed it to complete snugness and tried to move my wife’s head but it wouldn’t budge as I pushed mine in the same exact way!!

At last to right at the curve of her shoulders she threw me another one and we made sure it to was absolutely straight and no wrinkles in it anywhere and she tightened it down really really snug and now we were done with that part of securing her to the sacrifice table and then Snake Lady snapped her fingers and said damn I forgot to do 2 things most damn important of all as she walked away and tucked away into the corner by the bed was 3 step ladder that she brought back and folded out and had me climb it and handed me a loop tied clip there into a solid studd was heavy duty round loop screwed into the stud through the drywall and then undid the strap at just below my wife’s knee and slide the furry soft thing through making sure it didn’t pinch up there was belt like buckle adjustable of course and pulled it about a foot above my wife’s knee then pulled the knee to thigh strap back tight again and slide the end of the leather strap through the belt buckle and pulled up and my wife’s knee and leg went into the air as higher she pulled making her knee and leg pull up even higher now way past her hip above her and left it for the moment.

Had me move the step up ladder over to her other leg and thigh and reached up snapped that into the loop and she again loosed the strap around her knee and thigh slid that leather strap and really soft furry sleeve up into the back of her knee making sure it was perfectly straight reached up slide it through this ones buckle and right back to tighten her knee thigh strap tight then reached up and pulled until her knee and thigh and leg was pulled up the same as the other one way up past hip and ass area leaned down and looked and said oh hell yeah my little bitch in heat slave oh hell yeah perfect!!

I had gotten down and she motioned me over and had me lean down as she was and pointed out how my wife’s beautiful little round ass cheeks were all but off the end of the bench there The Beast of Beast Statue was just damn near touching her now pulled slightly open aroused as hell and swollen thick and high lips both her holes fully exposed right into full availability of he outrageously looking and shaped cock and put her head right onto my wife fury upped mound looked up to her and had perfect exact vision from pussy to her eyes making me do the exact same thing seeing exactly what she did and damn sure was perfectly visible from her straight to it all eye sight!!

Snake Lady then came right to me and gave each other a high 5 and said she’s going to get it damn good this time!! And if you think the balls I had below that hog cock I fucked her with, and looking at things the way they are here; His are twice that big!!

Damn I wish master would get here and awaken her ass we’ll get her one more shot when he’s right there ready to get started with her damn pleasure and hit that little ass of hers with the hot juice that makes everything important ass, pussy, titties, and damn sure her attitude!!

Lets now go sit in our assigned chairs and wait for him and her to do what they each need to and watch this performance right up front and personal just like you have told me you saw in Mexico but this sure is far far far more beastial than all that ain’t it?

I said oh hell yes it and far more personal my own wife is about get it!!

We went and sat down awaiting his arrival and my wife to come back into this world in full mindful knowing of it all!!

As we begin to hear my little wife starting to arise and wake up back to us little words were heard from her now; a is it over
yet? And then her saying it can’t be I don’t feel the hot cum in me yet? Then followed by oh great i’m starting to come back into my

Oh wake up oh please wake up as now her eyes began to flutter a bit then her feet moved, then her arms, then she began to get
even plainer , clearer spoken in her mind, oh my feelings coming back to me I feel my legs, my arms, oh my my titties are coming back
to life, my my belly is waking up, oh I feel it all up inside me now, my ass is waking, I am getting better with my eyes!!

I’m about to be able to open my eyes oh here my eyelids go as they opened just a tad bit at a time her saying everything’s to foggy
to see as Snake Lady aware of this got up went to the cart once more and got another syringe this one bigger than the others used by far and
took the ones out of her robe pocket and placed them on the cart and came back with just the one in her hand and sat in her chair as we heard my
wife saying in her head I can see my knees now and I feel like i’m tied down everywhere oh my knees are are are way up in in the air hanging
from from the ceiling oh my pussy is is burning a bit now, oh I feel my intestines burning a bit, Oh my rect rectum is on fire oh no please no
don’t let anyone do any any anything in it!!

As open her eyes came wide open at last her mind cheering with joy then the sight they took in was seeing herself all tied up this
way I got to my head so I can look around oh it’s not moving as her arms moved about and her saying I got to use my arms to free myself as
that mindful talking made Snake Lady get up and me alike and went up to near her head as we heard her saying move arms and they did up into
the air with both of them and headed to undo something anything that gave her more movement!!

But Shake lady caught hers and I caught mine and my wife screaming out oh they got my arms i’ll never get free oh their pulling them above my head
as we did then quickly slipped the leather fur loops right over each wrist in an instant and she did all the rest pulling on them only secured the loops tighter
now my wife screaming out No oh please No I am tied on the sacrifice table!!! moved her eyes up and she screamed out inside as she saw the master of darkness, the beast of beast and screamed out oh no oh please no he’s her here right between my my legs oh I need get away, move away get off here, but they have me tied down everywhere I cannot move or stop a thing!!

Then when she was screaming out in absolute ear covering shrieks of really high pitched screams saying oh he’s right there oh he’s right there!!
The beast is there I can see see his wings!! His His face oh I see his face oh the horn horns he he has growing out of his head oh they look like like goat horn horns!!!

He’s no not mov moving any just just staring at me!!! Oh please don’t stare at me oh your eyes of fire burn into the depths of my right through mine!!
I nee need to get out of here!! Oh my bodies on fire in me now so much much heat everywhere in me me!! Oh please don’t touch my body with yours your to hot to hot for me!! Oh he must not be able to hear me maybe no one can hear me!!

Just at the moment Bam his bestial voice filled all our minds at once!! He said I hear all my beautiful precious little sacrifice that my wife broke into
screaming out Ahhhhh as spoke on her mind screaming out he scared her to death!! He assured her she was not dead!! And said hang on my little wanton bitch in heat I shall be there in just a bit!!

My wife now really screaming to herself Oh no no please don’t come to me!! Oh please don’t come to me!! As now we heard everything as before but now her voice filled the room with her screams and pleas that instant she also proclaimed oh my ears hear hear me!! Oh they hear me now Snake Lady now spoke up and said; We all have heard you from sometime back at the very beginning of your awakeness! My wife screamed out Oh don’t don’t let him take me!!

Huney we have no power over that at all!! You summoned him!! You awoke him!! And now he’s on his way here to claim his precious prize!! My wife saying Prize? What prize? Snake Lady replied you my little dear are his prize!! She just screamed again and said oh no oh please no don’t let me be his prize!!

Oh but huney you are and proclaimed to be his tonite!! Oh no no no no I cannot survive his his his bein being in meee!!

His his Cock is to Biig To wic wicked and to h hot for me!!

And just as she said that the room shook all the red colored lights flashed and flickered as my wife’s body shivered all over a Cold Shiver!!

Then there before us all he began fill and form right where the exact carved replica of him was right at my wife’s pussy him just behind it
now starting at the top where he was damn near to the ceiling that are 9 ft. tall!! My wife really crying out now beyond screaming!! beyond yelling out at the top of her lungs!!

She was outright crying out in total complete fear her eyes beholding as ours were of the top of his horns and wings got clearer and clearer turning redder and redder my wife wide eyed in way more fear than she’d ever felt as now the horns were filled out the wings nearly touching the ceiling and folded back into
his face becoming clearer and began to steam up the room and in an instant it so thickly steaming fog no one could see anyone!!

My wife really loudly crying out as she squealed out the steam was burning her eyes as he replied something soon my precious little sacrifice shall be burning even better than your eyes as a loud gasping scream came from her a total and complete scream to him not to take her!!

As his laugh made the whole damn room shake!! We could hear clearly the sacrifice table and my wife bumped up and down on all four legs my wife’s crying pleas were broken and stuttering as she was really pleading oh please oh please stopppp th the bed from bo booo bouncing!!

And now the room seemed to defog first just seeing glimpses of him through it and my wife bouncing about in front of him and then it began to get clearer and clearer my wife the sacrifice table stopped bouncing as we all now saw his raw in the room figure huge and wide he was as his redness became ever more glowing hot his face, wings, and shoulders massive in size!! Twice as Big and way taller than any earth man had ever been!!

My tiny wife there as the sacrificial offering to him; Screamed beyond her ability to scream!! Oh he’s he’s h huge ohhh I can’t can’t do dod do this!!
As we heard him say oh but my little piece of angel cake you shall soon!!

And them bam the cleared totally up and there stood this huge sized Beast!! All of us gasped my wife just screamed and cried over and over again!!

As his huge muscled up thighs themselves bigger than any man on earth his belly rippled with abs no man could match!!

My wife was so scared her room pleas and cryings stopped but her eyes glanced up and down his huge body and she was beyond screams and cries she was absolutely terrified so much so her brain froze no communication but he on the other hand reached and took away the statue setting it easily without one single move at the head with the others and summoned I and Snake to take them down and secure them as we got up and did this and saw my wife’s mouth wide ass open in it and her eyes total disbelief of seeing him now awe strucken she was mesmerized now by his huge size and and strength absolutely relieved in her mind that when she saw him move the statue to the head of the bed in one non movement of anything but his arm the statue flying above her to the shelves above her head total shivers rocked through her body below!!

AS we had gotten all the statues and book removed for their secure safety and had them put back on the table they came on and turned to walk back to our chairs of veiwing we saw his entirety and were absolutely ourselves mesmerized by the all of him!!

He as yet was not naked but the loin cloth over his genitals that flowed past his knees was four or five feet tall his waist towered high above my sacrificial wife! Her eyes absolutely frozen wide open as they could get glued to his huge waist as shiver and shiver rocked her body as now he stepped back a bit from her and said my woman Servant come to the table and get prepared to give her what she needs!!

Now my wife spoke not out loud she was to far in awe and fear for that but mentally Saying Oh hhere she she comes to shoot something in me again oh I wonder What it is? What it does? Oh she’s under the table table now I’ve got to move my ass so she can’t inject me!! Oh myyyyy GGG and that was it the needle sank into her other butt cheek as she screamed and screamed and screamed loosing complete vision of everything as slowly the liquid went into her ass that was now all on it’s own jerking and shivering and her legs fought at the straps and the ceiling mounts but moved little!!

Then everything tried to move all at once her belly rising and falling and beginning to squeeze and twitch, Her tits were moving about in their freedom to do so but her fighting against every strap on her body failed miserably to do anything!!

Snake Lady pulled the needle from her ass cheek that was trying it’s best to move up off the very end of the table only slightly able to do so!!
As Snake Lady stood up and didn’t come to over to me no she went right up at my wife’s shoulders pushed the needle and syringe into the air and brought forth one tinny little droplet of the liquid paused at the needles tip as Snake Lady then and there grabbed my wife’s right tit and and squeezed the already hardened nipple up just under it and her aureola; My wife screamed in her mind no oh please no you’ve given me enough and before my wife said one thing else she buried the needle right into my wife’s nipple Causing my wife to scream bloody murder of the terrible pain and then tried to jerk and again at everything as that nipple began to swell out and balloon out and up nearly a quarter to half inch up and the nipple skin stretched and stretched out and up more her tiny little titty now began to fill out to become way more swollen out tightly now pulling at her tit flesh and it all became bigger and her tit flesh wrinkled inwards in places it had swollen so much no more room left to grow!!

Then the needle again was removed and right over to the other breast Snake Ladies hands reached and pinched that nipple up just below it and again shoved the needle in deep and hard and began again shooting into that tit nipple that swelled in an instant and became as big and hard of the other her tit flesh
swelled out and her tit grew wider out and up the nipple now itself the same height and width as the other!!

She now withdrew the needle again and just walked away leaving my wife there to groan and scream in painful swelling and filament of both tits the red hot fire of the shot made her sweat and Snake Lady walked around behind everyone to the other side and slumped down right at her right ass cheek and reached up and shoved the needle deep into that one and began pushing the liquid into it my wife jerking and straining against the all the straps in complete and total pain!!

Then Snake Lady withdrew it from her ass and stepped back and away put the syringe into her robe pocked and came back and sat in her chair beside me all of us watching my wife trying to twist and turn and push against every strap her mind constantly screaming out Oh it’sss bbburrrning my tits up oh my nipples are on fire!!! and then exclaimed the same exact thing for each ass cheek!!

AS her eyes focused now on pussy totally in full view of her eyes as her labia lips quivered and jerked and filled outwards and her inner mound area on both lips swelled out and made her pussy open outwards her clital area swelled and swelled and her clit began to grow and grow in length and width so much so it pushed upwards away from her clit labia as they to swelled and swelled and swelled outwards and up her clit straight up in the air 2 or 3 inches long in the air and it throbbed and throbbed and throbbed like it had a life of it’s own!! Her pussy began to convulse and quiver down into the swollen out lips and upward growth now way out from her once pulled in tight and togetherness now way out from their original start the once wrinkled lips were tautly stretched way out and now the very inner part of the lips spread thickly full and then opened outward like a flower opens into the world and the once closed tightly gap was beginning to open out more and more they opened outwards until her once finger tight hole was now full fledged wide ass open!!

Snake sitting beside me clasp my hand into hers and squeezed it as my wife’s pussy flowered open wide ass open!!

The Beast of Beast now spoke to us all saying this good my little sacrificial lamb!! You are opening up magnificently look at it growing as my wife’s eyes looked at it and Loudly heatedly grunted and groaned she was in absolute fiery heated ass desire!! Lust of Lust!! As she still stared at her pussy showing even more outward growth 2 times it’s all normal size then out to 3 times it’s normal size the more it grew upwards it grew outwards!!

Now her voice was back as she gave out loud animalist gruntal sound!! And shakily cried out Oh my master It is swelling out so much I feel my pussy being pulled out with it!!! Oh it’s stretching me wide out and open oh fire oh the fire in it is unbearable!! My titties are throbbing and jolting with twinges of pleasure down my belly and into my Ovar my Ovaries and wom womb!!

The Beast of Beast said yes my little precious one you are becoming able to take me soon!! Do you want it now my precious hot little sacrifice?

My wife could only answer in parables; “Oh my mast master I am on fire with wanton desire for you to Brrr Brr Breed M M Me!”

Oh I am fiery hot in me now!! M M My pussy is so hot and opening for you my Master!!

Then it shall be done!! He proclaimed!! My precious Servant woman come forth, and you her Servant come to and sit before me and I shall then give you instructions!!

We got right up went to his right side and nearly between him and her my now wanton little wife who was pleading and begging for the Master to step forth and breed her!!

Now sitting there before him and at the very foot nearly of her as we heard my wife crying out voice fully Oh Please Oh Please my Master Oh please come take me!!! BREED MEE!! She was now pleading and begging this over and over and over!!

As he now said; Look my little precious wanton of breeding by me!!

Feast your eyes here Directly at my groin and do not move your eyes to anywhere as you see my Breeding Tool!!

As we saw her eyes go from watching her pussy swell and flower out, To looking up a bit and was focused fully on his groin but he didn’t want maybes or almost he wanted wide out in the open!! And Said; “Tell us all my little wanton thing of beauty!” “Tell Us you have your eyes fully feasted upon my groin!”

My wife then and there said; “Yes my my mast master oh i’m on fire!” Then Said Again; “Yes my Master oh Yes I looking at your groin!” “Please oh Please expose it!” “Show it to me!”

He then said; Come my Servants, Servant and proudly show my tool of breeding to your Wife!”

My wife began begging and pleading for me to come do this! As I moved a bit forward and reached out and grabbed the loin cloth and he told me to look now back directly at my wife and that I did and he left a long pause my wife all this pleading and begging still for me to show her his cock!!

And then he said you are showing your wife your unimportant to my far superior cock whom she begs and pleads me to fill her to stretch her out that no man or other animal can!! “Tell her your incapable of doing a mans or beast job of pleasuring her! “As I tell her I am incapable of pleasuring you as a man or Beast can!”

“So I bring you forth this Beast of Beast this Man of men!” “To breed you and seed you and fill you till you scream It’s to big and long to take anymore!”

” But he will not stop through all your pleading and begging to stop he will continue to give you cock! The cock of cocks!”

AS she said; “Oh yes honey Oh please oh please show it me!”

Then he said; “Remove my loin cloth now!” “Reveal it to her so she may gasp and be feared to near death at it’s completely unbelievable look and size!”

As then and there I pulled the loin cloth free!!

My wife sucked in huge breath of disbelief!! At it’s magnificence!! It’s huge size!! and the unbelievable size and length of his ball sack!! She was fighting for air
gasping for breath after breath her eyes glued to it in complete disbelief Trying to say something but the words would not come out but her mind spoke it!!

“Oh my master Oh it is to huge it will wreck me for life my master!” “Your Your n nutts are huge!” “Your ball sack is to llong!”

Yes my little wanton lover Yes it Big and Balls huge and filled pressured full of my hot seed for you!!My Ball sack is beyond any other!” “It has to be because my balls are so big and I shoot gobs of cum that just squirt from me will fill your little womb full my wanton little lover!”

My wife just grunted out loudly and swallowed hard as she heard this!

Then He said; “Prepare yourself my little wanton lover for I am about to come forth and give you what desire, what you crave!!”

As she grunted loudly out again and then gasped and gasped again as he stepped mere nothing for him but for her it was a mile!!

The huge ass nearly 2 foot long cock swung about his huge sack and balls swung like wrecking balls at a building as closer he came and
huge ass cock was nearly touching her flowered way out pussy lips!! Gasping and Gasping as she saw come forth and now poised to really tear her pussy apart but she wanted it!! And he wanted to give it to her!!

Then he had stopped right at that perfect area to tease her to drive her to want to shove her pussy forwards on her own and get the pussy splitting of her life
As He said; “Go forth my servants servant and take your wife’s hand and and be there to support her calm her cries of pain unbelievable!”

I got up and went to her and grabbed her hand into mine and used my other free hand to caress her cheek and calm her as now he told Snake Lady grab my heavy cock and hold it at her pussy and we shall start this Breeding for her quick!!

As Snake Lady did as she was told grabbed that cock of his and it was heavy load to lift and hold for her as she cried out it burning hot in her hand and he said both of you look together down onto this very deed see my cock tip it will sink into her it’s length and then I will stop while she’s screaming and pleading how hot it is and I shall do something for her right there that not one other creature is capable of!!

As now we are both looking my wife gripping my hand hard and gasping out shuddering and shaking in fear and anticipation at the same time and then he slightly on slightly jabs forwards and the whole of the long tip is sunk into my wife now who gasp so hard from the heat she looses her breath gripping my hand like she was trying to break it her whole body shivering and really trying to grasp the terrible heat of it but she just could not respond!!

Then he said; “And now my little wanton woman I shall give you something up inside your that will make your mind and body collide with the intensity and feeling what going to happen inside you!”

And He did nothing of a move at all and my wife’s mouth shot wide open and a total and complete unbelievable scream of Lust beyond Lust and she then and there gushed all over the cocks barely burial into her pussy her ass trying to jerk and swing her whole body wildly trying in every way possible to ease her unbelievable pleasure as he said; “Yes oh Yes my little wanton sacrifice squeeze my cock tip oh those balls dancing and beating about your walls with fiery hot touch each time one of the hits your walls and they are all getting some of that pussy wall all around inside you aren’t They!”

All my wife could do give gruntal unnnghhhph out as her face was flushing now her eyes all but dancing to the back of her head her belly squirming and just above her deep dark black pubic mound began a whole new experience for us all!!

Those wild fiery hot bone balls were whipping about so hard in her pussy that we could see them making that area swell up and back down the complete outline of it was swinging so hard up that whole are bounced about and clear as bell showings of them popped that area up and down getting stronger and stronger with beating of her walls now her whole area would the would come puffing out really wildly up and back and up and back it did this!

My little wife had a death grip on my hand her mouth opening to scream out each time those things beat her upper mound area free of her hair as if something was inside her pussy and it was but something that could raise up make that area pooch up over and over and over!!

She was fully gushing juices now and then and there he stopped and pulled his cock free of her pussy the really long balls sucked back up into his tip!!

My wife just now open mouthed and her eyes was swinging about everywhere!

Then he said; “I shall let your return to us my little wanton slut!”

She has now become a full pledged slut bitch in heat!!

AS now her eyes began to steady and she now could communicate and she cried out Oh they beat the walls of my pussy oh that was to mucch heat to much act action!!

Then he told Snake lady put it up on her mound of hair and let her see just what was happening in her pussy
Which she obeyed and as soon as it rested on my wife’s mound he sent them flying out and they beat and swung and wildly danced about
hitting her lower abdomen all over and she tried to jerk and swing as they beat into her skin her hand gripping me as hard as it had when it was inside her doing this!!

Just as fast as he’d done this he retracted them and said; “It is obvious she is totally unable to take me in my current form!!” “I am capable of being any form of anything except a human!”

As he stepped back and told Snake Lady to remove from being anywhere close to him during his transformation! So she scooted back and went on the other side of the sacrifice table and stood there at my wife’s shoulders and head and to grabbed my wife’s other hand and to began rubbing her hand lightly over her other cheek.

Suddenly the room again filled with fog to thick to see. My wife now back to her body and we could human hear her now saying; “Oh master what are you going to become?” There was no reply!! Snake Lady however said that she’d read from the great book as she called it that when in transformation he could speak or hear!!

The fog began to lift once again taking time to clear; Some minute or so had passed, And now we could see a silhouette of him but not clear enough as yet to make what what he had become!! He then did speak though and told us all Close your eyes until I say to open them!! Going on that he often had to do this sort of thing or he would kill the human female sacrifice because he would rip her completely apart!! I started to do this our precious little wanton one but decided I’d show her my full form first!! Then he said you may all open your eyes and behold my present form of breeding her!!

As we all opened our eyes. And before us all now the Beast of Beast was still in his facial form, his wings gone, and he has assumed the body of a huge hog!! Except he had kept his arms and legs in his regular form but were now far miniature in size than his original ones!

So here before us was the beast of beast, His Head, and arms, but a hogs body, and then his legs!! The 3 of us looked at him wild eyed and total disbelief seeing him in such a form as this!!

He now said; “I believe we can release her from all bonds but her legs and the ones on her body except remove the ones at her hips!”

So we removed all the straps on her arms, her head, her shoulders, and at her hips. He then said; “Leave the pillow under her head so that she may clearly see me going into her cavern of pleasure!” And went on saying; “You both may still hold her hand, for she shall still have trouble taking my girth and length at it’s present state!”

I guess none of us as yet had really took a look at his cock, but his mentioning this made all 3 of us look!! And behold:: It was indeed his exact same cock just nowhere near the absolutely huge size it was in his regular form!! But one thing stayed the same!! His balls and ball sack!!

My wife had her eyes open in wide eyed disbelief, her body able now to really twist and shudder above her waist. Crying out now in full lustful and complete desire to have him mate with her, fuck her, seed her womb with his seed!!

The beast of beast looked at her and said look into my eyes and show me your wanton desire to be pleasured and filled by me!! As she did and her hands gripped ours her body rocked with, fearful desire and wanton lust! Saying; “Oh please master oh please fuck me!! Pleasure me!! Fill my womb!! Give me your baby!!

He then said; ” It shall begin!!”

As he moved forwards with his body his still nearly mid thigh length cock swung about his balls nearly dragged the floor and swung again like a huge pendulum wrecking ball!! My wife so wanton in her desire for this was swinging her pussy and ass about in churning lust filled desire as closer it came to her still as before swollen and flowered out pussy as he now had used his hand and grabbed his unbelievably shaped and staged cock;

We could all see now that all the tentacles, the knobby needles, the needle suckers all was swing and swaying about in full lifeform of their own!! The rest of his cock throbbing and swelling to hardened life!! My wife looking at him still her body now shivering and shuddering as he brought his fiery hot cock to before her churning and twisting pussy nearly there as the long corkscrew tip began to swell and throb on it’s own accord::

As he lunged forward sinking the tip screwing up into her pussy making it swing the exact way the corkscrews sank in to the first stage.

My wife slung her head back screaming out the unbelievable heat of it her pussy and lips squeezing and releasing as each time they touched his fiery hot cock sent them pushing away from it trying to escape the hotness of it only to come right back to grasp at it as the strange looking bulb seated in her opening! he then slowly began feeding her pussy those big ugly bumps each one making her pussy swell out and pop over it the suckers stuck to her swollen labia lips and pulled them to each knob,as my wife really began shaking and thrashing her upper body her ass swung upwards as he completely sunk all the knobs into her pussy every one making her pussy lips and opening swell over them all around the entirety of it as she then and there gushed her juices all over his cock making steam as it washed over his feiry hot cock!!

And he rested a moment and said; “Yes my little precious beautiful wanton one those knobs and suckers are making your little pussy go crazy and milking at their offering to you!! Oh suck that pussy tight against my corkscrew tip!

He let her gushing orgasm subside the steam filling the air around where they were one! Her pussy opening and lips were quivering like hell! And hell was indeed inside her now!!

He then slowly pushed the the first unbelievably sized ring into her very opening that swelled out and snapped over it stretching it hugely around it as they perfectly showed the ring swelling her whole pussy opening outward and her lips quivering and dancing wildly about her unbelievably swollen up clit danced about in the air throbbing and my wife had flung her head back screaming as it made her open and swell and snap and the thick hairy looking things tickled at her lips and opening my wife grunting and moaning and her whole body shuddered unbelievably as that first one went in!!!

He seemed to want her and us to savor and see exactly what it was doing to her pussy and then pushed and her pussy squeezed against the tickling hairs only to swell open immensely to take them all as he had buried that stage into her and she all but lost all consciousness crying out; “Oh their trickling me oh the the rings are throbbing and stretching me to mucch their to mucch!!

She was grasping our hands with every bit of strength she could muster because her pussy took all her mind away from everything dealing with what it all was making her pussy take and endure!!

Again she had a mind blowing orgasm then and there as that last ring sunk into her opening now clasp tightly over and to it the tickling hairs again wildly moving and rubbing against it and her lips as again her opening was swollen outwards showing the exact shape and size of the huge last ring just buried inside her as again her gushing juices caused steam to fog up washing over his cock!

He again just let this cycle of pleasure happen for her and him alike!! Wanting her full awake before continuing the journey of his next cock stage and it’s offering to her pleasure and feeling inside her pussy!! nearly half his cock inside her pussy now!!

And damn her browned skin area above hairy mound arose out where every damn knob and every ring was buried in her and we could absolutely see through her skin and flesh the suckers and hairs doing their work inside her pussy dancing and wildly making clearly show how they worked her flesh had knots showing up all over and around where they were the skin wildly dancing to the suckers and hairs as the rings swelled it up to their exact showing a near half moon swelling of flesh and the workings of the hair all clearly visible to us!!

Both I and Snake Lady alike marveled at how they all showed up to us all raised up nearly a 1/2 inch above her regular flesh 15 or 20 knots then the rings all poked out in her whole pelvic region just as my wife had come down from her mind blowing orgasms and finally raised her head looking at him first and then directly down to see the exact workings inside her pussy all pushed out through her pelvic region as she shuddered like hell and said:::

“Oh it’s all poking out in my belly oh the suckers and hairs are driving me crazy!” as seeing it through her pelvic region made her again orgasm as she flung her head about in wild fashion as it all was really working her pussy over inside!!
As he was looking at her himself cherishing every thing her pussy was doing for him the steam rising from her newest orgasm as he said; “Is it as good for you my little wanton sacrifice as it is for my cock feeling your pussy spasm and quiver and suck milk at my what inside you as yet?”
She just screamed out; “Oh yessssss my Master oh Yes Oh my pussy is feeling so many things all at once!”

As her orgasm subsided the steam letting up my wife crying out oh it’s all driving my my pussy crazy, driving me me crazy!!!

Then he again pushed and now the big swelled out long slowly swirled spiral began to go into her pussy it clearly showing its entrance into her her ass and pussy swinging in perfect exact unison of it’s slow entrance my wife thrashing and throwing her head screaming out it screwing into her as all the slimy tentacles was working all over her lips and opening leaving a trail of slime on where they were joined gathering thickly up outside her as he had slowly worked it into her as now the spirals made her flesh twist and turn highly pertuding up the showing of it spiraling in her pussy clearly absolutely visible the wild tentacles dancing about in between each one as all of it was inside her now leaving but the last curl showing in clasping to it opening swelled outward with it’s perfect shape left as again came her juices gushing and steaming on his cock!! Her head had thrashed about to the perfect exact unison of his spirals spinning into her pussy her shuddering and shaking as it all spin up inside her!!

Now her whole belly about 4 or 5 inches below her navel showed every stage of his cock clearly through her belly flesh, the knobs, the rings, and now the spirals all showed perfectly as the suckers, the hairs, and the tentacles made all those empty areas do little dances to their workings inside her!!

He had done all this in such a fashion as to make it every single stage after stage after stage make her belly show us clearly out through her flesh each one in it’s entirety now buried up in my wife!!!

Snake Lady herself having seen each stage arise up now shook all over herself and said; “Damn no wonders she’s been gushing orgasms over and over again no woman could not having all that do all the wild different things in her pussy!!” My wife thrashing wildly about with such an intense orgasm screaming out it was all doing to much inside her that she was about to loose it again!!

ONE LAST STAGE LEFT!!! THE HUGE KNOT!!! As he slightly gave a shove sending the spiral into her!! her pussy clasping right down against the fiery hot shaft of his cock all the slime gathered all around her stretched out opening soaking her quivering lips through and through boiling and bubbling from being heated to such fiery hot heat of his cock!! Her pussy opening clearly milking and sucking at his cocks shaft!!

The beast of beast now again stopping as he had each stage he’d pushed inside her pussy now resting until her fiery hot steaming orgasm subsided and she could mindfully know and being able to clearly see the huge knot sank into her telling us it would seal her pussy shut!! And show to us watching how it had stretched her pussy so much and took it into her!! And then explained and my my tip will at last screw into her womb and I shall then fill her with my seed!!!

Explaining to us as my wife was beyond knowing anything but her mind blowing orgasm from the spiraling stage of his cock inside her fully now that once he fully seated into her womb we would be at awe in seeing her belly swell out as never before saying she’d about bust open from all his seed inside her womb!!

This made both Snake Lady and I alike shiver all over knowing now and brought back to life the knowing of his cock tip we had all but since totally forgotten about because of watching in such awe each stage show up in her belly!!

Well it seemed like minutes and minutes had passed until my wife fully awakened now and again looked at him first and then her belly swollen out perfectly showing each stage and it’s totally different thing from the last one!! her eyes wide as open watching it all in her pertruding to it’s exact shape and form all inside her now her mouth wide ass open crying out exactly what each one was doing inside her!! the knobs, the rings, the spirals, and all them damn tentacles, hair, and suckers giving her pussy a working over it couldn’t stand!!

AS he now said; “My beautiful little wanton one, Are you ready to fully consummate our mating and my breeding you?” As he waited for her absolute reply and full wanton agreement to final it!!

Her head again flung back her body shaking and quivering her ass and pussy tried to also but that made everything damn well worse in her pussy so it didn’t take but an instant for that to stop. And she cried out; ” Yes oh Yes my master I am ready to be filled with your your seed my master!!”

But he waited until her head had come back to looking right down her belly at his cock shaft and see that huge knot awaiting it’s final entrance into her as she finally looked back down wide eyedly looking at everything in her pussy poking her belly up so!!

And he looking directly at her then over to each of us and back to her said; “You must look only at my cock!” Her eyes moved just bit downward!!

Then she really began crying out and shakily saying; “Oh master oh master it’s tto to Big Big for me I am am stretched to to far far open now!!”

He just then and there said; “what’s to big for you my little wanton precious sacrifice!”

She screamed out; ” That that Ball That Ball oh it’s to big to go in me!!” “Oh please can you give me your seed right here?”

He said; “No my tip must screw into your womb first and the big ring must shove against your cervix to be seeded my dear little one!!” “And for that to happen the knot or ball must fully stretch you open and enter you, so you are fully sealed on it tightly, to seed you!”

“Oh master oh master I so want you to seed seed me but the knott the knott is to big!!!” “It tear me up inside!!”

He waited not another moment and shoved the knot right into her pussy opening stopping to let us see and her feel it’s first stretching open of her pussy now swelled wide as hell open just at it’s tapered out front!! My wife flung her head back once again swinging about as it was, Crying out she was being stretched into!!! And just as that said:: She really shook and shakes all over screaming out; ” The tip oh that tip isss screw screwing into my my my womb!!” As he said; “Yes my little wanton one it is into your cervix just a bit screwed into it!!

She was screaming and shaking crying out her pussy was about to rip open and in pain she’d never felt far worse than even her painful Labors had been!! The three of them nothing compared to her pain now!!

As he then started to say something but as she was going crazy saying this over and over again:::
He looking at first me then Snake Lady because my wife to damn far gone from the terrible pain her pussy felt with just the first bit of it embedded into her stretched open beyond belief lips and pussy opening; the knot so big that her hugely swollen out clit standing up as it was now fully touching and beating against the huge scaly knot!!

He just left my doing her screaming and saying he was splitting her pussy into and trying to plead for him to stop; He Looked at us both and said; “I’m going to have to use my tip tool and that make her go so damn wild about it and just as she’s about to blow I’ll shove it into her!! And exactly why I have all those tentacles that slime as they do is to slicken their openings and lips like hers if they have them up so my knot can enter them!! He told us also watch her belly as those bone balls beat that womb of hers!!

Just as suddenly as he’d said that bam!! My wife flung her head back screaming and really going crazy as we saw immediately above her navel and just below it those beating her belly out bouncing around in her and come making her belly poke out somewhere totally different as he did this for a few seconds and left her screaming and crying they were beating the hell out of her womb As her mouth tightened up and her eyes flung shut in complete reaction to what he’d done then a shattering scream of pleasure sounded as he told us look at her pussy!!

And then there he pushed against her pussy with his knot which barely gave her a bit more and held his cocks hard pressure against her pussy and then suddenly her lips and pussy slid over the knot and it sank right into her pussy!! That made my little wife scream bloody murder and then and there she passed out from the intense pain!! Her pussy lips were stretched as tight as they had ever been her pussy opened the damn size of a baseball having now taken it into her fully only the very back part of inside her opening and lips flowered outwards as hell and the entire area all around there was swollen out in a ball shape!!

She really gushed a more powerful orgasm than all the others combined!! His corkscrew tip fully implanted now in her womb and no damn doubt where that was as that round bulb just before the knobs swelled out and showed right at her navel making it poke out towards us and all hell broke loose inside her at once!! her whole belly quivered and quaked and rocked about as all the showings of each stage in her whole belly’s entirety nearly was working that pussy over and the ring just before knobs seated into her cervix made that area really work about!!

He just then and there said; ” I am in!!!” as we both looked down and right above her pussy hair mound that huge ass knot made all that really swell out!! It looked awe inspiring seeing how it made all that swell out way above all the spirals, the rings, all those knobs, and the bulb now swelled out sealing her womb to cervix up!!!

My wife was totally out of it her body twisting, shaking thrashing her hands gripped us like a vice her arms even shaking and quivering and her legs pulled high atop her body were swinging and shaking as all this had gave her such a mind blowing gushing orgasm that she was passed out both from that and terrible pain her pussy felt being impaled by that huge as knott!!

He just said she can’t handle the immense pain my knott is causing her and if I wait till she comes to she will only pass back out from it!!

So let’s all three enjoy the filling of her womb as he said; “Here my seed goes for your little belly my passed out little wanton bred sacrifice!!!”

As his huge ass ball sack jerked and jumped and we saw the cum swelling out the delivery tubes as it shot up them and then into his cock and through the huge buried knot that made it swell and throb as in unison so did the spirals, the rings, the knobs, and that bulb really got bigger and then there my wives body jerked like it had never before as then and there her belly swelled and then another huge shot of cum delivered and swelled out some more as her whole belly area began to rise up and got bigger and bigger and bigger 3 months, 4months, 5months, 6months,7months,8months,9months swollen hugely from her as full carrying of a baby swelled up that whole area began to reden and all that area squirmed and moved about like an unborn does moving around in the womb.

But this was no unborn!! This was absolute Beast of Beast semen/cum filled belly swelled out like this!!

I and Snake Lady alike shivered all over our eyes opened in complete disbelief as she had swollen out like this right before our eyes!!!

The Beast of Beast howled like a wolf in the pleasure of finally emptying his balls in his own complete pleasure!!

He slowly regained his own composure his ball sack had at last been released of it’s burden to hold his huge cum filled balls was now wrinkled up and only about half way up his leg!! His once Huge grapefruit sized nuts now mere tennis ball sized telling of the load of cum my wife’s womb now had fully deposited in her the red hot heat of it having turned her dark brown skin into all but fiery red hot!!

The knott buried in her even shrank her once hugely swollen out above her mound area now was just a tiny bit pushing that area out but my wife’s body was still thrashing!! Still wildly jumping and jerking!! her legs swinging about shaking like hell and then all settled to really wild seizure like shaking!!

That continued and continued and continued her pussy spent!! Wrecked out!! Stretched beyond it’s capacity out!! AS he awaited and told us his knott must go down more to get it out of her!! And that he’d pull it back a bit and Seal my wife’s womb up completely and plug it so that his hot seed stayed as she is to make sure it got into her eggs!! Impregnated her with his offspring!! Saying oh thank you my human man and You my woman Servant to bring such a hot morsel to me for this!!

And then he popped the knot out that sounded like a balloon popping as it popped from my wife’s stretched beyond the limits pussy and everything that spun in spun back out but all we could see was it coming out of her pussy the rest was swollen up in red hot demon of demons cum!! and out his cock came and the tip slid out and his whole cock covered in her cum running from the swirls and off the rings and from the knobs and all pouring off his tip onto the floor and he thanked us and told us of his total gratefulness to both Snake Lady and I her husband for letting my little wife to be the surrogate mother of his son!!

Now telling us as my wife’s juices still poured from his cock tip and finally only dripping off it having washed off it in a huge supply!! And told us she shall sleep for sometime do not worry if you hear her awake and scream in the pain and heat her belly feels all this will soon pass but treat her easy as she is swollen in full term carrying now and it will take time or maybe no time at all for my sperm to entire her seed and start bringing forth life. Then the seal and plug in her womb will vanish and she will then disperse all my cum from her womb!! As he told us to go sit and await her awakening for no use to there as support now for it all had come full circle and she had been entered, and tied, and filled with his cum, and he had departed his cock let the juices flow off it from her and will now depart us!!

And we got off the sacrifice table went to our chairs and sat as then the room filled with fog and we heard what seemed like a wind blowing and then silence only hearing my wife’s strong audible gruntal pains!!
End of Chapter 4:: Does he come back to seed again? Well that is yet another story!!!!

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