Wife's best friend comes out of the closet

Let me give those not familiar a little background to this story A while back my wife had her first lesbian experience with a co-worker before this she had never been with another woman but confessed to me she had desires that she couldn’t explain she was literally taken both emotionally as well as physically by surprise by a co-worker who had lusted after her since her first day on the job so this may explain her willingness to submit to those hidden desires. Well unfortunately the “affair’ as my wife calls it was nothing more than a conquest game and she was the prize. It seems that Kelly her lover had never intended to leave her live in girlfriend as she told my wife but merely accepted a bet that she couldn’t turn my wife. She paraded her around to the local lesbian bars as a trophy and not as her new girlfriend as my wife had been made to believe. When this was divulged to my wife by the daughter of a close friend who I have known since she was a little girl and were guests at her wedding, she was devastated to say the least by the breakup, but this would have crushed her. If things just didn’t work out or they had a lover’s quarrel that would have been one thing, but she outright took advantage of her and to put it mildly it really pissed me off. I wanted to seek revenge and was told by my friends’ daughter no let me take care of her. I just looked at her and she said look I love you guys and your wife’s a doll and even though I think she’s hot as hell I would never use her or do anything to hurt your marriage. I thanked her and she said, hey look mom and dad don’t know and they don’t need to know so I’m cool but this sort of shit pisses me off. Let’s just say that person was dealt with and let it go at that. My wife has no knowledge of this and we both agreed to keep it that way. So now fast forward a bit and what happened next transpired changing thing completely forever and for the better.

Her best friend Barb who she has known since before HS said she had always had desire for women but was afraid to say anything, not even to my wife her best friend for three decades so much so they used to go everywhere together to clubs stayed over each other’s houses, bars, spend vacations down the shore where they always shared a room
Well my wife even told me Barb was always very comfortable with her body as she is drop dead gorgeous and my wife felt like her homely friend which is far from the truth.

Barb would often walk around naked or topless and it’s a girl thing most don’t mind my wife never thought much of it
Barb is 5’8” tall natural blonde 36C tight tummy and firm ass looks just like she did in school I will dig up a pic of her later
So one night they were out at a bar while down the shore and got really drunk so they staggered back to the hotel room even though guys were hitting on them, but Barb wanted no part of them and refused their advances, my wife innocently thought it was sweet her best friend was looking out for her or so it seemed.
My wife was going to get changed into a tank top and shorts but was so drunk she just walked around naked like Barb would always do then Barb said to her you know I wish I had your tits and my wife laughed she said these things cupping her large melons holding them up as if to show them off. They’re are the only thing I’ve got going for me, so they laughed, and my wife said Barb copped a feel and messaged her big 38DD melon tweaking her nipple and they laughed again and my wife jokingly moaned and said oh baby oh baby, then Barb planted a kiss on one of her nipples and actually sucked on it, my wife giggled and laughed again trying to be funny having no clue what she was doing to her friend. having no clue what she was doing to her friend. well it didn’t take much time before my wife passed out on the bed dead drunk.

My wife told me the whole story of how when Barb came out to her it revealed all of what really happened that night at the Jersey shore. My wife had told me that she dreamed she was getting fucked or having sex but dismissed it and just attributed it to being a horny 19 year old who needed to get laid. The next day they were both really hungover and Barb let her rest her head against her boobs and they pretty much spent the entire day in bed together with my wife being the patient and Barb being the healer comforting best friend. So now fast forward to about a years ago when one night Barb calls and asked my wife to meet her for a drink or maybe a lot of drinks as she had something to tell her.
When they met for drinks it took more than a few cocktails for Barb to confess to my wife about what really happened that night and said she had a sexual experience more so than an affair with some woman that changed her completely and that ever since then she had always felt like she was more attracted to women than men.

So now all the pieces were falling into place, which my wife attributes to her new found sexuality with the same sex she now recognized the signs so much more clearly which previously she had been oblivious to. The nudity the laying her head on her breasts, the kissing but that’s what girls do right? plus always complimenting her on her on her tits for years mind you. So, my wife said she almost spit her drink through her nose when Barb told her she lusted after my wife for years, then the real bombshell.
Do you remember that night at the shore when we were both drunk and naked?
My wife said the light bulb went off over her head she asked, did you? Barb responded yes, I did I couldn’t help myself, I’m so sorry. My wife not knowing what to say or think said what came natural its fine, its ok we’re best friends please. Barb her best friend who didn’t know about her recent lesbian experience, so it was titillating for her. So, my wife asked well what did you do that was so bad She said she first rubbed my wife’s legs trying to wake her up but nothing, she continued to rub her legs yet still nothing from my wife, so she continued rubbing her inner thighs making her way closer and closer to her honey pot. Barb said she then gently rubbed her breasts and nipples.

My wife was amazed at all the detail which Barb had no problem recalling. She continued until she got really brave and fingered her pussy, she first rubbed the outside of her lips gently with her fingers and cautiously parted her lips and massaged her wetness with her finger until she gently eased one finger inside her pussy, All my wife could do was blush and said you did, yes I did she replied.

She told my wife all you did was moan a few times and almost had a half smile on your face, which gave her some courage to do deeper and do more, so she slipped in a second then a third finger and was slowing finger fucking her super wet pussy. My wife said I was that wet she said yes you were, maybe it was that cute guy at the club you kept looking at staring at his cock all night, and they both laughed my wife saying I did not oh yes you did.

She kept fingering her pussy and licking her fingers of her juices. With the other hand she gently massaged her breasts with a feather light touch so and not to do anything to abrupt that would wake her up and then stopped rubbing her nipples when they were rock hard and even gently kissed them and blew on them. (Which is actually something my wife loves done to them.) eventually Barb gave into her lustful repressed desires and with reckless abandon not caring anymore started to lick my wife’s pussy. She gently licked her pussy that knowing my wife must have been wet by now, it doesn’t take very much stimulation trust me. I can only imagine that Barb’s gentleness combined with my wife’s love for tequila back in those days is what kept her from waking. (I have to wonder what it would have been like if she had)

So, Barb was softly crying saying oh I’m so sorry I did that, but I’ve always loved you more than you knew. My wife told her it was ok and said well if I was that wet, I must have liked it and they both laughed, and Barb said oh my you were very wet like soaking the sheets wet.
My wife consoled her gave her a big long kiss on the mouth looked straight in her eyes and told her it was ok we’re best friends nothing to worry about.

(What Barb didn’t know at the time was that my wife had her first lesbian experience some months earlier with her co-worker, so she was in touch with her feelings for women in an entirely different way)

My wife said really I’m ok with it, oh so where my nipples hard too she laughingly asked….because if so then I must have really liked it then, they both laughed my wife trying to make her best friend feel ok and Barb said yeah they were really, really hard and really, really big this was years before she had kids. Barb proclaimed I was envious of you actually, jealous that you have such big boobs and such great nipples especially that night, with that my wife put her hand in her blouse and pulls her bra exposing her nipple looking at it, oh like this she asked? Taking advantage of their location in the dimly lit establishment Barb took that as in invitation and softly rubbed her nipple without one bit of protest from my wife. Yes, like this and she leaned over and kissed my wife on the lips. My wife had to put a halt to their impromptu fun always being the ever conscious one with good judgement and knowing that her nipples being stimulated like that was her one true weakness her kryptonite

So, they left the bar just before closing and went out to her car which was parked in the back of the lot as she was fashionably late as usual, and they talked some more about what had happened and my wife said next thing she knows is Barb has her hand on her knee. My wife mind you is still dressed from work and was wearing a skirt. My wife said she did nothing to stop her then took her Barb’s hand and moved her hand up to her crotch and said YES I am ok with it leaning over giving her a kiss on the mouth, the two kissed intently, seamlessly my wife reclined her seat just short of laying fully horizontal with no fear of being seen by the ultra-dark windows of a finely engineered German automobile Barb slipped her one hand inside my wife’s blouse and into her bra and continued what she started in the bar fondling her massive 38DD melon my wife voluntarily unbuttoned her red satin blouse giving Barb full access to her massive melons she undid the front clasp of her black satin and lace engineering marvel of a bra by doing so her tits seemed to spring out of the captive enclosures. My wife always being one that must have everything match was wearing black satin and lace panties now completely soak with her juices, matching black garter belt and black thigh high stocking. Barb paused for a moment and smiled looking at her laying there with her tits exposed her wild blonde hair flowing over the headrest and just smiled and said my God you are so beautiful, I can’t believe this is happening it’s like the best wet dream I’ve ever had. My wife looked up and her and just smiled. Barb now leaned in and started licking her breast like she was licking an ice cream cone and sucking on her nipples Barb eventually made her way to my wife’s now wet panties, my wife lifted her ass slightly off the plush leather seat and pulled her leather miniskirt up giving her new lover better access to her pussy Barb eventually slipped them to one side and rubbed her pussy lips and eventually found her clit and slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, my wife confessed to me later that night that she so wanted her to lick her pussy, when I said so why didn’t you just ask, she confessed she was so overwhelmed and caught up in what was happening and the intensity of it all that she could barely compose her thoughts let alone words
Eventually Barb found her G spot with one hand while the other was massaging her tits and playfully tugging at her hard nipples she then skillfully brought her to orgasm, before my wife could let out a loud moan of pleasure which surely would have attracted attention from three towns away Barb stuck her tongue down her throat and the two French kissed intently. My wife described the orgasm as over the top with intensity so much, so her entire body was shaking. It took her minutes to catch her breath and compose herself, fix her cloths, when she brought the seat back up and was attempting to hook her bra for the ride home, Barb complimented her on her choice of lingerie, my wife smiled and said do you really like them she replied yes I do there really beautiful. Right there my wife had decided she was going lingerie shopping at her favorite boutique the follow day to get her new lover a gift, it’s just the way my wife is a very giving person in many respects. My wife teasingly smiled at her with her signature impish grin saying maybe I’ll drive home with the girls just hanging out (something she has done on several occasions usually alcohol driven of course. She looked at Barb and said well I do have to give you something to think about on the ride home. Barb had a bit of a shocked look on her face not a look of disapproval but simply shocked in as she thought my wife had outgrown her exhibitionist side from her younger days. Barb said well it may be a bit much, so my wife said yes, your right and buttoned up her blouse but leaving her breast bared and free with her bra unhooked. The two said they’re good nights which of course entailed hugs and goodbye kisses

I was like awestruck by this detailed account knowing my wife and just had a sexual encounter with her best friend who I have known as long my wife and I have been together. I was barely able to speak when she told me all this. Even though her name was mentioned by me when asked if she had any desires on anyone else perhaps one of her friends I never for a minute would have imagined this would happen.
So, my wife told me every last detail and said after she came, they just kissed a bit more all they did
I said a little. She said well I felt both bad and turned on she was visually upset almost shaking, so I put my arms around her, and it just happened. I assured her that I was ok with it and I understood. So, she said we kissed, and I said so what you guys kiss all the time, my wife said no not like that kind of kissing I was like oh, she said laughingly it’s not like I’m gay or anything and we both laughed, I said no your happily Bi. She smiled and said yes, I guess I am very happy right now

I said well did you like it, knowing how hard she took the rejection of her first girlfriend dumping and knowing how tight her and Barb were all the while secretly hoping they would be involved in a relationship because that would make her very happy. All she said was you’re such a guy everything is about sex with you guys you all love seeing two women kiss and sheepishly she said well maybe I guess I did like it a lot more than I ever imagined I would but so what she’s my best friend and I just felt she was hurting and didn’t want to reject her. So hence the reason my wife is now very happy and content because she has a genuine best friend who loves her in every sense of the word and a husband who does too.

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