Confessions: When I was 15 years old

When I was 15 years old my parents finally completed the adoption of a 13 year old girl called Samantha. She had stayed with us off and on for about 3 years as part of the foster caregiver’s scheme run by the British social services. The reason she was placed with my parents was because she was apparently being sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend. After a couple of months (during her first stay) she started to talk me about what she and her mother’s boyfriend had done together. At that time I was a typical 12 year old boy whose hormones were running away with themselves.

I couldn`t believe the things she was telling me until one night when my parents were at a works social function and we were trusted to be left alone. Samantha showed me all about how she would perform oral sex by actually sucking my penis. This lead to other experiments until we were having full intercourse. Despite the fact she is not a blood relative we still enjoy sex today as much as when we first started in 1982.

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