Confessions: Walking around scantily clad

A few years ago I was divorced, my parents divorced shortly after and my mother moved in with me. This lasted for over 5 years. Yes I did think about what it would be like for more than a few years before anything happened.

I was 35, she was 57 and still very good looking! She did almost everything else, walking around scantily clad, towel from the shower, had me zip up dresses etc. Then it just sort of happened. Finally she got feeling pretty good at a friend’s wedding reception that we attended, she was my date. That night we just fell into bed together, she had begun to undress in front of me. She was very horny and turned out to be a wild woman in bed! I never had any regrets about this! She was (is) great! Some of her preferences shocked me at first.

I became her lover as well as disciplinarian (she can be quite a handful at times.) This took the form of spankings and paddling’s with a wooden hairbrush.

It was carried out while she was bare bottomed and over my knee. The first time was a shock and a struggle, after that (when I’d had enough and it was time for a whacking), she would obediently take her discipline. She understood that there was no anger, simply discipline. We are re-married now but just last year, during a visit, we almost had enough time to get it on again.

If we could have had another hour alone it would have happened. We only had enough time for a very hot petting session in the car. She was begging for it and had worn the minimom to the mall.

It was very close! I still regret that we didn’t have time!

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