Waiting for the balls to drop (part 1)

December 31, 4:45 PM: “Honey, we can’t cancel the party! It’s too late to call the caterers! It’s too late to call 50 people!” blurts out the distraught Christine. “Well, I’m not going to be there,” replies her husband’s voice at the other end of the phone. “We’re having a blizzard here. At first they delayed my flight, but now they just cancelled it and nothing’s getting out of here for at least the next 24 hours. Just do the best you can, I guess.” Christine puts the phone down in despair. I need a drink!

The light is already beginning to fade on this last day of the old year. The 39 year old Christine, dressed in a t shirt and jeans and in her bare feet, uncorks a bottle of her favorite chardonnay and pours herself a glass. Taking a sip, she bemoans her fate. Lucky me! Wife of the high school football coach! I was going to help him with a New Year’s Eve party for the team, and now he’s stranded half way across the country and I’m going to have to host a party for 50 teenage boys all by myself! She raises the glass to her lips and takes a more sizeable gulp of the nectar. Well, I guess it won’t be that bad, she muses. This thing starts at quarter to seven and it should be wrapped up by no later than nine. After I chase the kids out of here, I can find a real party to go to! Plus, the caterers are going to set up everything, so it’s minimal work for me.

The wine is already casting her plight in a warmer, softer glow. They’re good kids, and I already know most of them. Heck, I’m on a first name basis with most of them! A little rowdy, maybe, but typical teenagers. Yeah, I’ll make this work! But, I really should have another adult here. Somebody to help me manage things so they don’t get totally out of control. I wonder if Tracey can make it over? I know that she has that big party to go to, but I wonder if she has some free time earlier in the evening? Christine’s slim, elegant fingers tap out a text message to her friend. Yeah, everything will work out! She takes another sip of wine and smiles to herself.

4:53 PM: If there’s one person who’s more frazzled this New Year’s Eve than Christine, it’s her 34 year old friend Tracey. Tracey’s plans for the evening have just been completely obliterated by a phone call from her husband. A full blown crisis situation has exploded at work, and as a production manager, he is needed to resolve it. Their plans to drive into the city and go to the biggest New Year’s Eve party in the state are now blasted beyond repair. Even worse, they paid $250 each for two non-refundable tickets! Tracey is thus in a foul mood when she receives Christine’s text. She bangs out an angry reply. My plans are totally fucked! What are you up to?

4:56 PM: Christine is now halfway through her glass of wine. I’m actually starting to look forward to this! It’ll be fun! Wonder if Bob will come? She is startled by her sudden focus on the team’s star 17 year old wide receiver, but she makes no effort to push him out of her mind. Bob is SO handsome! The best looking guy on the team…AND that dimple! She feels a sudden flush of warmth, and realizes that it’s not from the wine. Soon, her mind is racing. Her thoughts soon turn to Dom, the tall, well muscled quarterback. And Dan. And Doug. And Eric. And…

Her phone pings, jarring her back to reality. Wow! Wine always goes straight to my pussy, she reflects. Looking at her phone, she reads the text from Tracey. Cool! Sounds like Tracey’s free! But she sounds pissed! She taps back an invitation to the team party. Bill is stranded out of town. How’d you like to help me babysit 50 horny teenage boys? Telling her that they’re horny will definitely get her over here, Christine giggles as she hits send. Suddenly, the full possibilities of what the evening might bring begin to open up to her. Hubby out of town. Daughter having a sleepover at a friend’s house. I’m going to be all alone here with 50 buff, testosterone fueled teenagers. Well, me and Tracey, if she comes. I haven’t been an angel in my marriage, Christine admits to herself, but I can’t believe some of the thoughts I’m starting to have! I had better finish this wine and get in the shower.

4:58 PM: Tracey reads Christine’s text and breaks out laughing. If they’re horny, I’m definitely in! she types and hits send. At least this will give me something to do tonight, Tracey reasons. I’m sure it won’t last all night. I’ll get all dressed up, and then maybe Christine and I can go to that party downtown. At least then, that money we spent on the tickets won’t go to waste. Home all alone, she decides to strip naked in the living room before getting in the shower. She pulls off her t-shirt, revealing her bountiful, braless tits, and tosses it on the floor. She then loosens her jean shorts, and letting them drop to the floor, steps out of them and kicks them on top of her discarded t-shirt. She then begins to take off her red thong, tugging it out of her ass crack where it has become nestled. I always wear thongs and they always give me a wedgie, she reflects. Removing the thong, she tosses it onto the growing pile of crumpled clothing. She glances down; just shaved the pussy last night, she giggles to herself. Finally, she pulls off her gray, heavy woolen socks. Not sexy at all, she admits, but they keep my feet warm! She looks down at her toenails, painted electric blue, just like her fingernails. Hubby’s idea, she shrugs to herself. I asked him last night what color I should paint my nails and he picked electric blue. Now gloriously naked, she takes two steps towards the bathroom when she hears her phone ping. A reply text from Christine: Cool! Party starts at 6:45! And then immediately another ping: And wear something sexy! Duh, I’m planning on wearing something sexy! She simply types k, hits send and trots off to the bathroom.

5:13 PM: Enveloped in clouds of billowing steam, Christine luxuriates in the jets of hot water pelting her body. I can’t stop thinking about it now! Her hands caress her well rounded tits, their nipples now rock hard. Bob! And all those other guys…She now thinks back to all the games that she attended as the coach’s wife. Those rock hard, well developed biceps peeking out from underneath the well padded jerseys. The six pack abs on the players wearing cropped jerseys. Those tight uniform pants…those bulges…yes, I was looking, she admits to herself. Her hand slides lower…ever lower. She can feel the familiar warmth far below and now she knows for certain that it’s not the wine. Her hand slides further down, past the neatly trimmed little landing strip, down to the very essence of her womanhood. Yes, I want this to happen. Her heart racing, she now surrenders herself to the knowledge that something will happen tonight.

Turning off the water, she steps out of the shower into the sultry fog enveloping the bathroom. How far this goes tonight depends on Tracey, she thinks, as she belatedly turns on the ventilating fan to suck the steam out of bathroom. I know Tracey’s no angel either. She’s told me some wild stories about her experiences and she’s never let being married get in her way, just like I haven’t. I just don’t know how far she’d be willing to go tonight. Either she’s going to be a restraining influence on me, or she’s going to jump feet first into this along with me. Christine finishes toweling herself dry and reaches for her blow dryer.

5:46 PM: The doorbell chimes loudly. Oh shit! The caterers! I almost forgot about them! Christine puts down her hairbrush, and wrapped only in a towel, dashes to the front door. She braces herself for the blast of cold air that she knows will hit her and throws open the door. Suppressing a giggle at the astonished but appreciative look that the catering manager bestows upon her, she turns on her heel and calls out over her shoulder “The dining room’s all ready! You can set up in there!” as she sprints back to the bathroom, anxious to escape the cold air now wafting in through the wide open front entrance. Now, back in her sanctum, she turns her attention to the task of applying her makeup.

6:00 PM: As Christine is applying her brightest shade of red lipstick, two dejected teenage boys are sitting together in the house next door. Christine’s neighbor, Aaron, 15, and his cousin, J.J., 16, aren’t on the football team and therefore aren’t invited to the party. Even worse, they’re both grounded and have to spend New Year’s Eve with their families, the worst possible punishment that their parents could inflict on them. “This sucks so bad,” Aaron intones in his most solemn voice. “And the worst part is, I won’t be getting any.”

Aaron is especially miserable because right before Christmas, his 17 year old girlfriend, Jessica, dumped him without any warning. “Dude, I won’t be getting any, either,” J.J. assures him. “All the chicks I know are busy tonight. And even worse, I’m stuck here with you!” At that, J.J. breaks into a huge grin, which his cousin immediately reciprocates, the two of them flashing their braces at each other. The only thing that could make this night bearable for them is each other’s company, since besides being cousins, they’ve been inseparable best friends their entire lives. At first glance, most people assume that they’re brothers, with their dark hair, blue eyes and braces. Both are of similar build, short, lean and wiry, and are never seen without their backwards baseball caps. Girls consider them both adorable, and J.J. already has a reputation as a stud, having bedded 6 girls at their high school, most of them seniors. He now tries to reassure his cousin. “Don’t worry, dude. You’ll get another chick. Is Jess the only girl you’ve had?” “There was that chick who gave me head at that party,” Aaron replies, “but, yeah, Jess is the only one that I’ve fucked so far.” “Always go for older chicks,” J.J. advises him. “They always know what they’re doing.”

The conversation now hits a lull, and the boys listen to the bustle downstairs as Aaron’s parents, assisted by those of J.J., set up for their New Year’s Eve party. “This party is going to be so fucking lame,” Aaron declares, rolling his eyes in adolescent exasperation. “Tell me about it, dude,” J.J. readily agrees. “Hey, what’s up with the caterer’s van next door?” he asks after a quick glance out the window. “The coach and his wife are having a party for the football team,” Aaron answers briefly, in a completely uninterested voice, but J.J.’s mind is already moving in a completely different direction. “What’s her name again? Christine?” he asks. “Who?” Aaron replies, distractedly. “The coach’s wife! Duh!” J.J. ripostes. “Oh, yeah, Christine,” Aaron answers indifferently. “She is kinda hot,” J.J. offers. “Yeah, I guess so, for her age. She does have nice tits,” Aaron concedes somewhat reluctantly. “Ever thought about hitting it?” J.J. asks, finally getting to his point. “Dude, she’s married!” Aaron exclaims. “Dude, married chicks are so easy to score with,” J.J. replies, speaking with the voice of experience. “I’ve already done two married chicks. I think you should hit it if you ever get the chance.” “Well, I don’t think I will get the chance, but I guess you never know,” Aaron replies.

6:15 PM: Christine admires herself in her full length mirror. She is wearing a tight, low cut red dress, that goes down to just above the knee. Thirty-nine and I can still wear something like this! All that time Tracey and I spend in the gym has really paid off! A trim 5’5, and 119 pounds, Christine has light blue eyes, shoulder length light brown hair with blonde highlights and c-cup tits. She slips her feet into a pair of closed toe, red stiletto pumps that add another 5 inches to her height. Turning sideways, she admires her well rounded ass in the mirror. Tracey has bigger tits than I do, but I’ve definitely got the ass! And the best way to avoid pantie lines? No panties! No bra, either! Should I put in contacts? she now asks herself, taking another look in the mirror. No, she decides. I’m keeping the glasses! I rock the sexy librarian look!

Walking into the kitchen, she pours herself a second glass of wine and then walks into the dining room. The caterers have completed their setup, and now the dining room table is covered end to end with chips, pizza, tacos and wings as well as soda and sports drinks. Taking a sip of wine, Christine hits the play button for the pre-programmed music package. Yuck! How can the kids listen to this shit? She turns the lights down to a low setting and then looks at the table again. I’m starving! I really should eat something, she thinks, nibbling a single tortilla chip plucked from one of the bowls on the table. But, I want this wine to do its work, and it works best on an empty stomach, she decides, restraining herself from touching any more food. She takes a big gulp of wine. Tracey should be here any minute now!

6:29 PM Christine drains her glass and is just about to reach for the bottle of chardonnay again when the doorbell chimes. She opens the door and greets Tracey. She helps her out of her coat and is wowed by her friend’s appearance. Slightly taller than Christine at 5’6 in her bare feet, Tracey, like her fellow MILF, stands taller tonight in a pair of 5 inch heels. The two women have many things in common; Tracey also has shoulder length hair, of a slightly darker brown than Christine. She also normally wears glasses, but tonight has put in her contacts, giving her a pair of bright blue eyes. Most importantly, both women have the trim, fit bodies of 25 year olds; Tracey weighing in at 123 pounds. Tracey’s electric blue dress is even more daring than Christine’s. Equally tight but cut even lower, it provides a breathtaking display of cleavage and only goes down to mid-thigh. Her closed toe stiletto pumps are also electric blue. Dress and shoes both match her fingernails. Her d-cup tits are unrestrained by a bra, but she is wearing a blue thong under her dress, the only undergarment of the night between the two women. “Electric blue,” she shrugs apologetically. “Kevin’s idea!” “I like it! You look hot!” Christine gushes, pleased that her friend is dressed for the part that she will be playing for the evening.

They walk into the dining room and Tracey’s face lights up at the sight of the bountiful spread on the table. “Look at all this food!” she exclaims, grabbing a plate and reaching for a slice of pizza. Christine immediately gives her a stinging slap on the hand. “Keep your hands off that food! That’s not for you! It’s all for the team!” “But I’m starving! I haven’t had a thing to eat since breakfast!” Tracey cries out pleadingly. “Neither have I,” Christine assures her. She thrusts a wine glass into Tracey’s hand, fills it to the rim with chardonnay and then pours another glass for herself. “This is what you’re running on tonight! Just like me! And you better catch up to me! This is my third glass!”

“You know, alcohol always lowers my inhibitions,” Tracey murmurs, taking her first sip. “Would that be such a bad thing?” Christine asks, peering at her friend meaningfully from over her glasses. “I was thinking about that on the way over here,” Tracey says, taking another, slightly more substantial sip of the nectar. “I mean it’s not like I’m planning anything, but if something happens, it happens. That’s the way that I’ve had most of my experiences.” She now takes yet another sip that’s closer to a gulp. “That’s my girl!” Christine exclaims, pulling her friend in for a side hug. She now walks over to the liquor cabinet and takes out a bottle and two shot glasses. She fills the shot glasses to the rim with potent, 90 proof peach schnapps. “Here’s to something happening!” Christine proposes, and the two gorgeous MILFs clink glasses. They slam back their shots, with Tracey letting out a little gasp at the potency of the liqueur. The shots propel the two women even further down the road to the loss of all inhibition. To Christine’s delight, Tracey quickly gulps down the rest of her wine and willingly holds her glass out for a refill.

6:45 PM: Right on schedule, the doorbell chimes. Christine calls out “Come in!” and the door opens to reveal Dan, a 16 year old running back, accompanied by his best friend, Eric, a wide receiver, also 16. “Hi, Dan! Hi, Eric!” Christine greets them cheerfully. “Coach isn’t going to be able to make it tonight, but we’re going to party without him! You can put your coats in the room down the hall. First door on the right!” As soon as the boys are out of sight, Tracey exclaims “Shit! I only have one condom!” “Condom?” Christine replies in horror. “No! NO condoms! Give me that thing!” A grumbling Tracey reaches into her purse, digs out the prophylactic and hands it to Christine. “I’m getting rid of this thing! We’re going to do this the right way!” Christine declares. “And besides, I thought you said you weren’t planning anything?” “I wasn’t!” Tracey replies. “I always carry one in my purse, you know, just in case something does happen!” The two boys now enter the dining room. “Hey guys! Grab some food! We’ve got plenty! We’ve got game consoles, too! And air hockey!” Christine beckons them.

“Yeah, guys, this food looks SO good, doesn’t it?” Tracey exclaims, reaching again for a slice of pizza. Her reward is another sharp slap on the hand from Christine. “Guys, this is my friend, Tracey. You’ll have to excuse her. She has very bad manners!” “Hi, guys!” Tracey gushes, flashing a smile and making eye contact in turn with first Dan and then Eric, both tall, good looking, blue eyed blonds. The boys begin attacking the food with gusto. “Hey, Christine, where is Coach, anyway?” Dan asks, as he begins devouring a taco. “Oh, he’s stranded in…wait…where is he again? Well, anyway, they’re having a blizzard and he can’t get a flight out,” Christine replies. The doorbell chimes again. “I’m going to have to put a sign in the window to just come in!” Christine exclaims. Three more football studs now join the party.

As the new arrivals join Dan and Eric, Christine turns and whispers to Tracey. “Come on! We’re going to the bathroom so that we can get rid of this,” she says, indicating the condom concealed in her hand. “Why do you need me to help you do that?” Tracey asks in bewilderment. “I can stay here and hang out with the guys!” She casts her eyes longingly first at Dan, who is demolishing his third taco, and then at Eric, who is gorging himself on pizza. “No, you’re coming with me!” Christine replies firmly. “I don’t trust you around this food! Finish your wine!” Both MILFs gulp down the rest of their wine and Christine grabs Tracey by the hand. “Guys, we’re going to the bathroom! It’s a girl thing. If any more of the guys get here, can you please let them in, Dan?” “You got it, Christine!” the stud replies cheerfully as he now loads up his plate with some wings to sample.

As they head towards the bathroom, the doorbell chimes yet again and soon more young male voices are blending in with the rest of the group. Half dragging Tracey down the hall, Christine now feels her own hunger pangs stabbing at her with greater and greater persistence. Both women are starting to totter in their high heels as intoxication tightens its grip on them. But Christine is determined. Within 30 seconds, the last contraceptive device in the house is swirling its way into the abyss of the toilet bowl’s whirlpool.

7:05 PM: The crowd has now swollen to about two dozen boys, the thumping music providing an undertone to the buzz of adolescent male camaraderie. The door bell no longer chimes; a sign, hand lettered by Tracey, is now propped up in the front window inviting all team members to simply come in. Christine and Tracey now enter the kitchen to refresh their wine glasses. Christine fills Tracey’s glass three quarters of the way; the first bottle is now kicked. She pulls a fresh bottle from the fridge, where it has been chilling, and uncorks it. She tops off Tracey’s glass and then fills her own. The two women pause in the kitchen, sipping their wine, looking out at the party.

“I’m so fucking hungry!” Tracey exclaims in an anguished voice, but Christine simply ignores her. “Look at all these guys!” she purrs. “Yeah, there’s a lot of dick here!” Tracey readily agrees. “Look at the size of some of them! They’re so young and some of them are enormous!” “That’s all muscle!” Christine replies cheerfully. “Even during the off season, Bill has them lifting to keep them in top shape!” “I bet they’re in shape!” Tracey agrees in a lust tinged voice. “Ugh! This music!” Christine suddenly groans out loud. “It’s so awful!” “I don’t know! I kinda like it!” Tracey responds, somewhat unsteadily gyrating her hips. “It’s thumpin’! It’s probably good music to fuck to!”

Just then, the front door swings open again, and now Christine’s heart skips several beats. Arriving at the party are Dom, the quarterback, and his best friend, the star wide receiver, Bob. “Oh my god!” Christine blurts out, loud enough for Tracey to hear. “I want him. So. Fucking. Bad.” “Is that Bob?” Tracey asks, already knowing the answer. “Yeah, that’s him!” Christine replies, desperately trying to catch the young stud’s eye. Now in the dining room, Bob greets Dan and Eric, and then glances into the kitchen. Christine breaks into a grin and waves at him. Bob returns the wave and smiles broadly, his cheek dimpling deeply. “Oh, my god!” Christine groans audibly, now feeling a full fledged surge of wetness far below. Tracey’s attention, meanwhile, is caught by the other new arrival. “Who’s his friend?” she whispers to Christine. “That’s Dom. He’s the quarterback,” Christine replies. “Bill says he has a big dick!” “How does Bill know that?” Tracey asks, recoiling in shock. “Bill hears all of the locker room talk,” Christine replies, laughing out loud. “Boys are always going around comparing their…things, and apparently, Dom has the biggest dick on the team!” “I’d really like to found out,” Tracey purrs, taking a deep sip of wine and drilling the 6’1 stud with her eyes. “I think you will, Trace! I think you will!” Christine replies confidently. The two lust and alcohol fueled MILFS now rejoin the party to mingle with the studs.

7:20 PM: The entire team has now arrived and the house is filled with more than 50 teenage football studs, laughing, talking, eating and playing console games and air hockey. Christine and Tracey are now mingling freely with the studs, with Tracey now working on her fourth glass of wine, Christine her fifth. Sexual undercurrents are now beginning to break to the surface. No blatant grabs yet, but male hands are beginning to stray, brushing up against dresses and occasionally bare arms and lingering there. The always fragile barrier that separates adolescent male from adult female is beginning to crumble rapidly. Both MILFs are becoming more and more aroused; Tracey’s thong is now soaked, and Christine can feel that her own temple of love is thoroughly saturated and ready to welcome a stiff male visitor. Christine smiles approvingly at the sight of Tracey standing with Dan on one side of her and Eric on the other. Tracey is bantering playfully with the two young studs and Christine can tell that she’s attracted to both of them. Dan, Dom, Eric…who’s going to get her first? Christine wonders, giggling to herself. But, I better make my own move, she decides, locking her sights on Bob. She has been seeking him out with her eyes ever since his arrival and now her persistence has paid off, because she has caught him looking at her.

Making her way over to the object of her desire, she makes sure to brush up against every stud in her path. “Hi, Bob! I haven’t had a chance to talk to you yet!” “I know! What a crowd! The whole team is here!” Bob replies enthusiastically. His tone is friendly, as it always is, but Christine is now picking up on a new undertone. No longer is she Coach’s wife, dressed in a team jacket, jeans and sneakers, cheering on the Warriors at one of their home games. In her tight, low cut dress and heels, she is carnal bait for a red blooded, hormone fueled adolescent male, and her unerring woman’s instinct can tell that Bob is beginning to succumb to the temptation.

“You’ve had such a great season, Bob!” she gushes, almost sounding like one of the many teenage girls who have fallen under the handsome stud’s spell. “Yeah, it was a great season,” he agrees with a smile that brings his irresistible dimple to life again. “Especially that game against Cedar Valley.” “Oh, that was an awesome game!” Christine readily agrees. “I’m your biggest fan! I just love watching you play!” The two are now gazing deep into each other’s eyes. Christine draws herself closer to her stud. All the background noise of the rowdy party suddenly dissolves into nothingness and she and Bob are completely alone in their own universe. Her heart is thumping and seductively lowering her voice, she says “You always go so deep.” “I like going deep. Real deep,” the stud replies, also lowering the tone of his own already subdued voice. His eyes lock onto hers. This is it! Christine exults. She leans her face closer to his, starting to reach for his lips with her own, and then “…Christine! Christine!” The plaintive, almost whining voice coming from over her shoulder is jarring. NO WAY! NO FUCKING WAY! screams the voice in Christine’s head. The moment is lost. Turning in exasperation, she is just about to berate Tracey when her fellow MILF begins pleading with her. “Christine! Can we please eat something? I’m feeling so lightheaded!” “Okay, okay,” Christine finally concedes, quickly recovering her composure. “I guess we both really need to eat something!”

Grabbing Tracey by the hand, she leads her to the table. “One slice of pizza! That’s all you’re getting!” She puts a slice of plain cheese pizza on one plate and a slice of pepperoni on another. She dumps a handful of tortilla chips on each plate and then hands the plate with the cheese slice to Tracey. “How come you get the pepperoni?” Tracey protests in famished anguish. “Oh, all right, you take the pepperoni,” Christine concedes and swaps plates with her. Tracey ravenously devours her slice of pizza. “That guac looks so good!” she enthuses, almost drooling. “No guac. No salsa.” Christine responds sternly, giving Tracey a menacing look. Letting out a sigh, Tracey gobbles down her plain, unadorned tortilla chips. Christine hungrily takes a big bite of her own slice of pizza and then turns on her friend. “I was just about to make my move with Bob, and you ruined it! Thanks a lot!” “Sorry!” Tracey replies, washing down her meager dinner with a big gulp of wine. “But we’re going to need something to keep up our energy!” “Yeah, you’re right about that,” Christine admits, finishing off her pizza and then crunching on her chips.

Suddenly, Dom pushes his way to the table and plants himself between the two MILFs. He piles his plate high with the caterer’s special recipe garlic romano avocado chipotle wings and blue cheese and begins devouring them. “These wings are the bomb!” he exclaims. “Oh, those wings are awesome!” Tracey readily agrees. “I’ve had them before. Not that I can have any tonight,” she continues, casting a malignant glare at Christine, who simply smirks in response. “But they’re really, really messy! All over your face!” she giggles. Dom starts reaching for a napkin, but Tracey reaches out and restrains his hand. “Let me get it for you,” she offers and then uses her finger to squeegee the messy, goopy wing sauce and blue cheese from Dom’s chin and around his lips. “Oh, now my finger’s all messy!” she cries out in mock anguish. “Clean it up for me, Dom!” She holds her finger in front of his face, close to his mouth. Taking his cue, the stud licks Tracey’s finger clean with his tongue as she lets out a purr of aroused delight. Christine can hardly believe what she’s seeing. You little slut! she thinks to herself. Way to go!

Suddenly, she feels a male hand placed firmly on her right ass cheek. Startled, she instinctively tenses at first, but then realizing the possibilities, she relaxes and leans back into the hand, surrendering her ass to the groping. This is not a casual brushing, this is the blatant grab that she has been waiting and hoping for. The hand caresses the cheek and then gives it a firm squeeze. Smiling with delight, Christine takes a sip of wine. Is it Bob? she wonders. Peering over her glasses, she scans the party crowd and spots her favorite stud. No, not him. She also spots Dan and Eric, standing where Tracey had left them, as well as Doug, the compact, solidly built linebacker who has also caught her eye. She is thrilled that she has no idea who her unknown groper is. This party is definitely moving in the right direction! I just got my ass grabbed and Tracey is just about to get laid! She is so pleasantly distracted by the groping that she doesn’t even notice Dom and Tracey slipping quietly away from the party and scurrying up the stairs to the second floor…

7:29 PM: “Mmmm…baby!” Tracey purrs, caressing Dom’s bare muscular chest with both hands. The two have slipped away to Christine’s guest bedroom, and Tracey has wasted no time getting the stud out of his shirt. She runs her hands down the length of Dom’s long, well developed, rock hard biceps. Far below, she can feel her love juices flowing freely. The 17 year old stud is 6’1, 165 pounds with short brown hair, blue eyes and a ready smile; his braces only make him even cuter in the eyes of all the girls. Tracey knows what a prize she’s landed; I fucked the quarterback in high school, and now I’m going to do it again! she thinks to herself triumphantly. As she locks lips with the stud, trashing hungrily at his tongue with her own, her hands move eagerly down to the top of his jeans. “I’ve heard that you have a big dick, baby!” “Yeah, I do,” the stud replies with a cocky smile. “11 inches!” “No fucking way!” Tracey replies, with a mixture of skepticism and hopefulness as she starts undoing the stud’s jeans. That’s a big bulge in his pants…but, 11 inches? “We’ll just see about that!”

Quickly pulling down his jeans, Tracey paws at the bulging white briefs, now straining to contain the swollen beast within.
She pulls down the briefs, and the stud’s fully erect love python springs out to greet her. “Wow!” she gasps in amazement. “Wow!” She begins stroking the hardened tool and realizes that the stud wasn’t exaggerating it’s size. “It’s so fucking huge!” she exclaims happily, sliding her other hand under the stud’s bloated balls. She drops to her knees and touches the swollen tip of the stud’s tool with her tongue. Precum is already starting to seep from the slit; she delights in the taste of the oily treat on her tongue. She takes the tip in her mouth, and begins working her way down the shaft, slowly. The stud grunts his approval as more and more of his rigid manhood vanishes from view. Tracey pulls her head back, and then thrusts it forward again, this time going just a little bit further.

Determined to deepthroat the stud’s massive fuck stick, she draws her head back again, her drool already flowing freely. Taking a deep breath, she thrusts her head down once more on the rock hard love wand. Her mouth engulfs more and more of the rigid shaft. A little bit more than halfway down it’s length, she feels the first spasm of her gag reflex. Fuck my gag reflex! she thinks, and sputtering, her lips reaching for more hardened man flesh, she drives herself further downward. The stud throws his head back and lets out a deep groan. Gagging, drooling, now at the 8 inch mark, she pulls her head back, gasping for breath. The stud’s spit slathered love snake throbs and pulses in front of her face as she eyes it hungrily. “I want to deepthroat you so fucking bad!” she gasps.
“I’ll help you!” the stud announces, placing one hand on the back of her head.

She takes another deep breath before putting the tool back in her mouth. With renewed determination, she begins her final assault on the inflamed love wand. As she massages the stud’s balls with her hand, she thrills at the feel of his hand on the back of her head. There’s no going back now! she exults. He’s going to shove my head all the way down on it! Working the shaft with her tongue, sliding lower and lower, she once again begins to gag. Her excitement builds as she can now feel the stud’s hand begin to press on the back of her head. Fighting her way forward and down, now drooling uncontrollably, she makes more of the throbbing man meat disappear into her maw. 8 inches down, she almost begins to convulse with gagging, but the stud presses more firmly, more relentlessly down on her head. Yes! she thinks to herself! Push my fucking head down on it! Thoroughly aroused by the grunts of pleasure emanating from her young stud and with her eyes now watering, she makes it down to 9 inches. Suddenly the gagging ceases. With the stud’s help, she has fought her way past her gag reflex! She now pushes all the way down, until her lips are kissing the base of the stud’s stiffened penis. I did it! she enthuses to herself, as the stud lets out a deep groan and pushes even more firmly down on her head, holding her in place on his dick.

With the love tool sealed inside her mouth, Tracey works it, sliding her tongue along its stiffened length. “Holy shit!” the stud gasps. Tracey squeezes his balls tightly; to her delight they feel heavy with load. After a long moment, the stud releases his grip, and gasping and spluttering, Tracey comes up for air. “Holy shit!” the stud can only repeat, gazing at the MILF in delighted wonder.

Recovering her breath, Tracey giggles and immediately begins getting out of her dress. No words are needed; the stud also quickly discards the remainder of his clothing. Soon, the electric blue dress is lying in a crumpled heap on the floor; Tracey now pulls off her thong, soaked with her love juices, crumples it up into a ball and with yet another little giggle, playfully tosses it at her stud. Keeping her heels on, she throws herself into his arms for an embrace and a deep passionate kiss and then the two tumble into the queen sized bed together. Now on her back, legs spread, she whispers “Come on, baby!”

She can feel the tip of the stud’s rigid love spear push past her vertical lips, as it makes its entrance into her temple of Venus. Bathed in Tracey’s love juices, the rigid, throbbing penis slides deeper. Lifting her legs and pointing her stilettos at the ceiling, Tracey lets out a little moan of delight as the stud lowers himself on top of her and the two reach for each other with another searing kiss. The stud draws his hips back and then pushes them forward again. This first thrust is followed by a second and then a third. Soon, the stud finds his rhythm and is plowing the MILF with a steady fucking. Moaning with pleasure, reaching up to caress the stud’s powerful biceps with her hands, Tracey looks up into his eyes. He’s hitting me so deep! she thinks. She can feel herself hurtling towards an orgasm. “Harder, baby! Harder!” she exhorts him, prompting a succession of powerful, hammer like thrusts from the grunting stud. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Tracey wails as she can feel her orgasm surging over her. Her thighs quiver, and she can feel her toes curling inside her stiletto heels.

As she lies panting, the young stud continues his relentless carnal assault, thrusting steadily like a well oiled machine. “Oh, baby! You made me cum!” she purrs, looking deep into his eyes and reaching up with her hands to caress his face. “I told you I have 11 inches,” the stud taunts her as he slams home yet another thrust. “Oh, baby, I can feel every inch!” Tracey gasps delightedly. As the steady pounding continues, she can soon feel herself building towards another climax…

7:34 PM: Christine’ s eyes are closed and she can almost believe that she’s dreaming. Held tightly in Bob’s arms, their lips locked together, she reaches longingly, breathlessly, for his tongue with her own. Her body begins to go limp in his embrace, as she prepares herself for the total surrender that she has long hoped for. They have slipped away from the party and are now in the master bedroom, alone at last together behind closed doors. As if from a distance, the muffled sounds of the party reach their ears, punctuated occasionally by Tracey’s loud cries of ecstasy seeping through the wall of the guest room next door. The knowledge that her best friend is being railed mercilessly on the other side of the wall only serves to fuel Christine’s own excitement. Clasped in the arms of her stud, Christine softly murmurs “We shouldn’t be doing this…” “Christine…” her young stud begins, but she lifts her finger and puts it gently to his lips. “We shouldn’t be doing this, but we need to do it,” she says quietly, but firmly. At 5’7, and 145 pounds, the 17 year old Bob is wiry and muscular. With his deep tan, dark brown hair, blue eyes and dimple, Christine finds him absolutely irresistible. “I’ve waited so long for this, Bob,” she murmurs. “I’ve been fighting it, but I just can’t fight it anymore.” Their lips lock again and their tongues trash at each other hungrily. Christine lowers her hand and begins rubbing the stiffened bulge in the stud’s jeans.

Now disengaging herself from her stud’s arms, Christine drops to her knees. Eagerly, she loosens and pulls down his jeans and then his briefs, freeing his fully erect love snake. Bob’s tool is 9 inches and it is pointing stiffly at the ceiling. “Oh, baby!” Christine exclaims with glee, and holding his balls in one hand, she runs her tongue up and down the length of his shaft. “Sorry I have such sweaty balls,” the stud shrugs apologetically. “Yum! I love them!” Christine responds enthusiastically, now hungrily tonguing the young stud’s musky nutsack, before sliding her tongue upwards again. “And I love your hairy ass, too!” she adds, caressing his hirsute nether cheeks. The two now quickly divest themselves of their clothing, with Christine, like Tracey, keeping her heels on.

She now pushes her naked, erect young stud back onto the massive super king size bed. He positions himself with his head on one of the pillows, and Christine lowers herself onto him, face to face. As she slowly strokes his love wand, they exchange more kisses of scalding intensity. She then begins working her mouth down to his neck, his shoulders, and then his biceps. Her mouth lingers on his right bicep; suctioning the flesh with her lips, she mischievously leaves the stud with a small but intense looking hickey. Letting out a naughty little giggle, she continues moving her mouth lower, ever lower until she gets down to his balls. She works his nut pouch with her tongue while still slowly stroking his dick. The stud lets out a groan of pleasure as she slides his dick, now oozing a steady flow of precum, into her mouth. Lovingly, she caresses the stud’s tool with her mouth, even as she moves her hand down to his balls, massaging the sperm swollen ball sack. The stud briefly raises his head and then lets it drop back onto the pillow, letting out another little moan of pleasure.

“You like getting your dick sucked?” Christine asks, briefly withdrawing the love tool from her mouth. “Fuck yeah!” the stud groans in response.
“Do you eat?” she now asks hopefully. “Eat? You mean, like pizza? Wings?” the stud responds with a mischievous little grin of his own and flashing that irresistible dimple. “You know what I mean!” she responds. “Yeah, I eat THAT,” the stud affirms, and the two quickly switch positions, with Christine throwing herself on her back and spreading her legs wide. The stud thrusts his head forward, nose to labia. He pushes his finger into Christine’s love slit and then withdraws it, coated in her sticky love honey. As he begins diligently working her pussy with his finger, he puts his tongue to work on her clit. “Oh yeah, baby!” she moans, reaching out to caress his head with her hand. She is impressed with the young stud’s pussy eating skills. She throws her head back and lets out a loud moan as he lightly nibbles on her clit. “Oh baby!” she cries out in ecstasy.

He now redoubles his efforts with his tongue and soon Christine feels herself hurtling towards orgasm. “Oh baby, I’m going to cum!” she moans. A little more tongue work from the stud drives her over the edge. Her thighs quivering, she throws her head back and lets out an even louder moan. “Oh my god! Oh, my god!” She pulls at the stud’s hair with both hands, even as he continues his unrelenting oral assault on her. She feels another orgasm surge over her, slamming into her right on the heels of the first. “Oh god! Oh god!” she wails in ecstasy. The stud now pulls his head back and surveys the carnal havoc he has wreaked.

Panting, gasping for breath, Christine is rendered speechless for a long moment. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!” she is finally able to gasp. The stud positions himself on top of her and she can feel his rigid fuck stick sliding into her wet, welcoming love slit. She lets out another deep moan; all of her forbidden desires are finally being fulfilled. “Where did you learn to eat pussy like that, baby?” she asks breathlessly, gazing up at him in amazement. “I’m not telling!” the stud laughs, as he gives his hips a powerful forward thrust…

7:37 PM: Word begins to spread through the party; Coach’s wife and her friend have both disappeared upstairs with Dom and Bob. At first, the whispered news filters through the gathering slowly. Gaming consoles and air hockey absorb attention; food and conversation, mostly about the season that’s just ended, dominate the room. Some of the studs are starting to talk about leaving; Coach isn’t even here, and what’s worse, there aren’t any chicks here to score with, either. Slowly but surely, though, the buzz of rumor grows in volume and begins to overwhelm all other topics. The first reaction is disbelief; the whispers seem too outrageous to be true. Soon enough, though, the cries of female ecstasy from upstairs can be heard seeping through as an undercurrent to the thumping party music. Soon, all thoughts of leaving the party early are abandoned.

7:39 PM: In the overheated guest bedroom, Dom is now bathed in sweat, and a large drop of perspiration falls from his forehead and hits Tracey in the face. He’s so fucking good! she marvels. I didn’t know that a young guy like this could be so good! I’ve already had 3 orgasms! “Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!” she cries out. The stud can now feel the first twinges deep inside his balls. His massive load of man slime must be released. Making his final effort, he slams into Tracey with a flurry of rapid, powerful thrusts that leaves her screaming with delight. He rams his penis into her one final time, and then he feels it; the first powerful spasm deep inside his swollen nuts.

His balls explode and the thick, slimy load of man snot is hurled like scalding lava up the length of his rigid tool. The stud groans as his genetic slime is propelled at high velocity deep into Tracey’s wet, welcoming temple of love. “Yeah! Oh, baby! Yeah!” Tracey moans happily, running her fingers through the stud’s sweat saturated hair and then gripping his biceps and joining him in another orgasm of her own. As the stud’s dick continues to spurt, pumping more and more of his DNA into her, Tracey’s earlier concern for condom use is long forgotten. “Holy shit!’ the stud groans as his dick spurts again and again in a convulsive orgasm. When his tortured love snake finally stops belching, he withdraws the sperm oozing tool from the MILF and then flops onto his back beside her, breathing heavily.

Tracey leans over, kisses him on the cheek and paws his powerful, heaving, sweat choked chest with her hands. She then happily snuggles up against him, cradled in his arms. “You were so good, baby!” she purrs contentedly. As they lie in each other’s arms, they can hear the muffled sound of the party, punctuated by Christine’s loud shouts of ecstasy from the next room. “Christine must be fucking Bob,” Tracey murmurs. “Yeah,” Dom replies. “He’s always wanted to bang her.” “Really?” Tracey asks. “Yeah. I mean, we all do, but he’s really into her,” Dom replies. “And she can’t stop talking about him,” Tracey responds, as more orgasmic shouts pierce the walls. “Sounds like he’s really giving it to her!” “Yeah, he has a pretty big dick. Not as big as mine…” Dom replies matter of factly, looking up at the ceiling. Tracey raises her head and gives him a bewildered look. “I can’t believe you guys go around comparing dick sizes!” she says. Now raising herself up into a sitting position, she gives her stud a sharp nudge. “Come on! Let’s get back to the party! I’ve got more guys to fuck!”

7:42 PM: Tracey is soon back in the kitchen, pouring herself a fresh glass of wine. A wave of excitement and rowdiness is sweeping the party and she knows the reason. Not only can cries of female ecstasy be heard from upstairs, but Dom can’t contain himself and is spreading the word about his encounter with her. Let him tell them, Tracey thinks to herself with a wicked smile. I want them to know! Even if Dom kept his mouth shut, she knows that her creased, crumpled dress would tell its own story. She slams back the wine, determined to hunt down Dan and Eric and complete the unfinished business of the night.

She is just about to rejoin the party when her two carnal targets enter the kitchen and take up positions on either side of her. “Hi, guys!” she exclaims cheerfully. “This is some party!” “Yeah, it is!” Eric replies, pressing himself up shoulder to shoulder with the MILF and boldly putting his arm around her. “We’re hearing some wild stories,” Dan offers, likewise pressing into Tracey on the opposite side. The MILF giggles, drains her glass and puts it down on the counter. “Well, the night is young! You never know what’s going to happen!” she replies. She puts her arms around both studs and throwing away the last of her inhibitions, she exchanges a kiss with Dan, even as Eric reaches under her dress and starts sliding his hand up her thigh. She now turns her head towards Eric, as a crowd of amazed, rowdy studs gathers around them to watch the spectacle. “You’re going there! You’re actually going there!” she says in tipsy mock amazement to Eric. There’s nothing standing between his roving hand and her pussy; her cum saturated blue thong is now lying on the floor of the guest bedroom.

Just then, Dan boldly thrusts his hand down the front of her dress. “You guys seeing this?” Tracey now asks, addressing the growing crowd of spectators around them, eliciting rowdy shouts of approval from the horny teens. “What a bunch of perverts!” she exclaims in mock despair as she happily surrenders herself to the double groping. “And how would you guys like it, if I let my hands wander all over the place?” she now asks as she begins rubbing the inflamed crotches of both of her studs.

“We should go someplace where we have some privacy, or I’m going to start blowing you guys right here in front of everybody!” she now murmurs, squirming with pleasure as Dan begins to nibble at her ear. “That would be awesome!” Eric exclaims, as his hand completes it’s upward journey and he slides a finger into Tracey’s thoroughly saturated pussy. “Oh my god! You went there!” she exclaims, even as she can feel Dan’s hand continuing to squeeze and grope her tits. “Okay, guys, let’s go!” she finally announces, wiggling herself free from the two studs and grabbing both of them by the hands. “Excuse us, guys!” she announces cheerfully as she leads Dan and Eric through the crowd of cheering studs, into the living room and towards the stairs, ribald shouts of approval ringing in her ears.

7:45 PM: “Come on, babe! Deeper!” Christine exhorts her young stud. Bob, like Dom, is sweating profusely from his carnal efforts, and he is now nearing the point of no return. Christine’s legs are spread wide, red stilettos pointed at the ceiling to accommodate the deepest possible thrusts from her young stud. She moans loudly, caressing the stud’s sweat slicked back with her hands before moving them down to his hairy ass cheeks and digging her fingernails in. Grunting and sweating, the stud hammers home thrust after steady thrust with a vengeance, propelling Christine into yet another orgasm. Finally, he knows that he must surrender his load. “I’m going to cum,” he murmurs, his voice quavering between thrusts. “Want me to pull out?” “No, baby! I want you to cum inside me!” Christine gasps in a lust filled voice. She tightens her grip on the stud’s ass; there will be no pulling out. The stud’s thrusts now become harder, more determined. He slams in one final, powerful thrust and lets out a gasp as he feels his balls spasm convulsively. “Yeah, babe! Yeah!” Christine moans with delight. “Give me that load!”

Like a great wounded, tormented beast, the stud’s love python spews out its thick, slimy white venom. He lets out a deep groan as he feels his balls drained by one convulsive spasm after another. “Mmmm…nice big fucking load for me, babe! Deep inside me!” Christine murmurs approvingly as she can feel her stud shudder with pleasure in her arms, his balls draining with orgasmic force. The lovers kiss passionately in the afterglow of copulation and cuddle in each other’s arms for a long blissful moment, Christine bathing herself in Bob’s sweat. Their long deferred mutual passion has finally been consummated; the secret dreams of both have become reality.

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