Vacation Adventures

What a trip!

This story chronicles some of the few but exciting times I successfully convinced my somewhat conservative wife to show off some or all of her voluptuous body. We have been married for just over 25 years. We started dating in high school and got married right out of college. I was originally drawn to her by two very specific things… her breasts.

She was a normal hot high school girl with big hair (it was the eighties), small waist, and tight butt. However, it was her big boobs that got me attention. Even in high school she was blessed with 36C breasts that were the envy of every girl and the object of teenage lust for every boy.

I still remember the first time I reached under her lacy bra and got my hand her one of her luscious mounds. I was amazed at how soft and significant it was. I had never been with a girl with large breasts and I was completely in… well… lust from first touch.

We continued to date through college and ended up getting married after college. I would love to say that she was constantly showing off her assets for all when we would go out, but it just wasn’t the case. Like many women with large breasts, she typically did all she could do to disguise them under oversized clothing. All her t-shirts were larges and her favorite hanging-out outfits were big sweatshirts. Over the years I had even tried to buy her some clothes to move in that direction, like a light V-neck sweater or two, but she would always return them. Needless to say, she was the furthest thing from an exhibitionist.

For years the only time I would get to experience her breasts was in the bedroom or occasionally in the shower when I would slip in with her and take my time soaping up each of them. I loved to lift them slightly and feel their weight as I massaged them. She is relatively fair skinned and her areolas are very large normally but become smaller and firmer when she is aroused. I loved to play with her nipples in the shower to feel them stiffen under my touch. Early in our marriage I had no idea that her showing off a bit more would turn me on.

My awakening came during a trip to the beach we took a few years after being married. The trip wasn’t to some far off paradise, but instead was to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. I was looking forward to a normal trip and an opportunity to see her in a bikini for a week. Even her choice of bikini was conservative, in other words no string bikini. Lucky for me there was no hiding her amazing bouncy tits in a bathing suit. However, right before we left for the beach she got a case of shingles on her back. It was a very minor outbreak but it just happened to be directly under the strap of her bra. Shingles are very itchy and the bra strap rubbing on them was super uncomfortable. I had no idea that this would be the key to kicking off the most amazing vacation.

On the drive down she was very uncomfortable and about an hour into the six-hour drive she asked if I minded if she took her bra off. I of course didn’t mind, and told her to do whatever helped her be more comfortable. Due to the fact that we were headed to the beach in the summer she was wearing one of her somewhat loose fitting t-shirts and shorts. We were in a car together and it wasn’t too big of a deal. An hour or so further down the road we decided it was time for a potty break.

We pulled off at a rest area on the highway. It was still early morning so there were only a few cars in the lot. She picked up her bra and was deciding how to put it back on in the car and asked what she was doing. She told me she couldn’t go walking around without a bra on. I told her she was being silly, there weren’t many people around and as it was early morning so no one was really paying attention to anyone else. Besides, it was a short walk and her bra was just going to irritate her skin again. She reluctantly agreed and we both got out of the car to walk to the restrooms.

It was normal summer morning with just the slightest of chills in the air and slight haze which portended to the coming heat of the day. As I had suggested we didn’t pass a soul on the way to the restrooms. I finished first and walked back to the car and waited for her. As I watched she came out of the bathroom and started walking towards the car.

I was immediately struck by two things, first, as she walked briskly back to the car her forward movement caused her yellow t-shirt to cling more closely to her body. As a result her breasts were quite evident and even her nipples were slightly noticeable thanks to the cool morning air. The second thing I noticed, and what made it unmistakable that she wasn’t wearing a bra, was the fact that her big boobs moved around freely under her shirt as she walked due to their new found freedom. It nearly took my breath away watching the scene. It was bordering on lewd the way her breasts and nipples moved around under her shirt.

I was so focused on watching her that it startled me when a man walked past the car towards the restroom. He had apparently parked on the other side of the parking lot and was heading straight towards my lovely wife as she walked to the car. He was an older gentleman and moved with purpose suggesting it was a much needed stop. For a few glorious moments I looked past him and enjoyed the same view that I knew he was seeing. I could tell that he was staring right at her.

I can’t tell you how much it ramped up my arousal seeing another man looking at my young wife’s tits under her thin t-shirt. After a few more steps she looked up and saw him and as they acknowledged each other I saw her cross her arms over her chest. She continued to the car like that and then hopped in. At this point I was sitting there with a raging hard on. I had never experienced excitement like that.

When she spoke she was a little flustered and said “I thought you said no one was around.”

I regained my composure and tried to blow it off. “One old guy focused on trying to get to the bathroom before his bladder explodes is nothing to worry about,” I tried to tell her.

“Sure,” she responded with a sheepish grin, “you couldn’t see how hard he was staring at my boobs when he walked past.”

At this point my dick was about to explode but I managed to back the car out of the parking spot to continue our trip south. I spent the rest of the trip thinking about that scene and how hot it was. I wouldn’t say that I understood that I enjoyed exhibiting my wife, but I couldn’t deny how much I had been excited by this brief exhibitionism. I immediately tried to figure out how I could get it to happen more.

When we got to the beach I was dying for her to go braless as much as possible. It was a much harder sell when we were going to places with people around. Because of her condition we ended up getting take-out food a lot… much to my disappointment. However, my luck finally turned on the second to last day of the visit.

Whenever her family went to the beach they ate at a seafood buffet at least once. So, it was an easy sell to convince her that we needed to go to the buffet for dinner one night. She agreed but I was crushed when she put on a bra for the first time all trip. I couldn’t exactly protest, but I was really let down. We had a few beers before we headed there in order to minimize the bar bill at the restaurant and I had hoped that it might reduce her inhibitions. However, in the end the shingles came to the rescue.

After the short drive to the restaurant, she told me that she just couldn’t take the bra because it was so uncomfortable. She asked me if I thought it would be ok if she took it off before we went into the restaurant. I of course wanted to scream “YES, take it off.” But instead I tried to remain casual and told her I was ok with whatever was going to make her more comfortable. “Besides,” I told her, “all anyone is focusing on in a buffet line is the food.”

Now, I am sure that she would not have picked the white t-shirt with our High School Basketball Team name on front if she knew she was going to be going braless, but between the beers and the nuisance of the shingles she didn’t make a big deal of it. So, in we went.

While we waited the couple of minutes to be seated and during our walk to the table she crossed her arms over her chest so there was no viewing to be had. It wasn’t really weird that she was covering her chest as the air conditioning in the place was working very well and after coming in from the summer heat it felt pretty chilly inside. We were there pretty early so it wasn’t too crowded yet. Of course, you can’t have your arms crossed, and fill a plate with food from a buffet.

When we went up and grabbed our plates she was forces to drop her arms. Well, if I didn’t know the place was a bit chilly before, the view was of her rock hard nipples poking through her shirt certainly made the point. In fact, the white t-shirt allowed me to just make out the entire outline of her areolas. As I mentioned above, her areolas are normally very large and light pink so they don’t stand out much. However, when fully aroused they pucker up and become a much darker shade of pink. The effect was incredibly hot.

Like most seafood buffets the food was split between several self-standing sections or islands. As we moved around to the various sections, I would move to the opposite side of whatever section she was at. In this way I could both block the view of my young wife from the odd prudish woman or roaming teenager and at the same time get an eyeful of big breasts pushing against the thin fabric of her shirt.

Because we couldn’t see each other’s faces because of the buffet set-up, I was able to really enjoy the view without her catching me. As she became more focused on getting her food and less conscious of her surroundings her movements became more free. Whereas at first she was very stiff as she tried to keep her arms tight to her body or casually across her chest, eventually she was leaning in scooping or selecting her food items in a more natural way. This had the side benefit of adding motion and the effects of hanging to the equation which really increased the spectacle. However, I soon learned that I was not the only one enjoying the view.

As I was trying to get in my optimum viewing position across from what turned out to be her last stop on the first trip to the buffet, I found my spot was taken. A decent looking guy in his early thirties was standing like a statue directly across from my young bride. When I looked up at his face I could immediately tell he was not looking at the food. Instead, he was staring intently at my beautiful wife’s large breasts sway lazily in front of her while she dug a cluster of crab legs out of the steam tray. As I looked on I realized immediately why he was staring so intently.

Although she had only stood over the steam table a few moments, she had be forced to reach all the way across the tray (crab legs are always a favorite at these places) to get some. In doing so the warm damp air had ever so slightly dampened her t-shirt. As I watched in amazement, her tits stop swaying as she pulled back with her cluster and instead became stuck to the now damp area on the front of her shirt. It is not as if she looked like she had recently entered a wet t-shit contest, the result was more subtle, but her eraser sized nipples and puckered areolas, which were only slightly evident a few moments ago, were now far more obvious.

And it was clear as I glanced back to her admirer I was not the only one who noticed. I even caught him lick his lips just as my gaze went back to the show across the food bar. Luckily, this was her last station and she made a b-line for our table with her free arm across her chest in order to not cause a scene. I followed and tried to remain calm even though I had to re-adjust my dick as sitting with a hard-on can be tricky.

We sat and ate for a while without really talking. With her seated her large breasts were hidden by the table but I had the image of them from the bar seared into my brain. I also kept imaging that guy staring at them and I was amazed at how turned on it made me. After we had each made a pretty healthy dent in the pile of food on our plates, she broke the silence by asking me if I had enjoyed the view at the food bar. At first I tried to play it off and tell her I didn’t know what she was talking about.

She wasn’t buying it and said, “sure, then it was just a coincidence that you were always across from me when I was getting my food?”

Busted, I thought. So I gave in and confessed, I told her “all I can tell you babe is that seeing you walking around without a bra is driving me crazy.” Like most wives, she told me I was weird and perverted… but she did it in playful way. I sensed that she kind of liked how much it turned me on.

She really blew my mind when she asked “Do you think that guy at the crab station enjoyed the view?” When she said that two things happened, the first is that my dick just about exploded in my pants, and the second is that I fell even further in love with this woman. But I wasn’t sure I was ready to own up enjoying some other guy seeing her assets.

I tried to play it off by saying, “not sure I noticed that, but he sure took his time getting his crabs.”

I don’t think she was buying my innocence, so she pressed me. “Are you saying that you don’t think he noticed when my shirt got plastered to my boobs after I leaned across the steam tray?”

At this point I gave in “Ok, Ok,” I told her, “he was staring at your boobs so I am sure he noticed and enjoyed it very much.”

She had me now, “And you had no problem with another man staring at my boobs right in front of you?” she challenged.

“What did you expect me to do,” I asked, “punch him right there.” But I know that wasn’t what she was looking for. Since this was all pretty new to both of us it seemed like honesty was my only recourse so I told her in almost a whisper, “I have no idea why, but seeing another guy lusting after you boobs was really hot… sorry.”

She considered that for a while and seemed to accept the answer. We went back to eating and after a couple of minutes she again broke the silence by telling me she was going to get seconds and that I better get going or I wasn’t going to get in prime viewing position. In the end, I do not know what was more obscene as we walked across the room, her braless boobs swaying under her shirt, or my raging hard-on threatening to pop out of the top of my shorts. Most people in our world are so self-absorbed that our behavior went almost entirely unnoticed.

This time she walked around a bit and didn’t settle on any food, so I just grabbed a few things as I loitered. Apparently having made some type of decision, she walked up to me and told me to go back to the table and she would be right back. Not knowing what was going on but not in a position to ask questions I did as I was told. When I got back to the table and turned around to sit down facing the buffet tables which were halfway across the large seating area, she was right where I left her and she was staring right at me. What she did next was almost the death of me. She headed directly back to the crab table, “oh shit” I thought, “she’s going back.”

And she did just that, but this time she really took her time as she picked through the options before picking ultimately settling on two large clusters of crab legs. As she rounded the island I could tell that the steam had its effect. Even from my seat some distance away I could see her full nipples outlined in her shirt which clung to her large breasts. The dampness and stickiness of the fabric had an odd effect in that it reduced the swaying but increased the jiggling of her breasts as she walked.

But instead of walking the more direct and obvious path to our table she first started walking on an angle to the left of where I was sitting. I was confused at first and somewhat frustrated as I was missing out on the direct frontal view that I was craving. Then I saw that she had spotted her admirer from before and had decided to walk directly at him before pivoting not three feet from where he sat with his wife to walk back to me with a devilish grin on her face. She had walked up behind his wife but directly in front of him. The look on his face was priceless as he stared at the amazing tits being presented to him and taken away almost as fast.

When she got back to the table she said, “Do you think he enjoyed the show?”

I told her “I am sure he did, and I kinda liked it myself.” We finished and paid shortly after that and left without and further excitement. On the way out she demurely covered her breasts with her crossed arms, I was disappointed but I couldn’t complain after the fun we just had.

As we began the drive back to the hotel she told me she really wanted to dry her shirt before we got back. With that she rolled down her window, leaned to the right and tried to pull the front of her shirt away from her body and into the stream of warm evening air. Unfortunately, anyone who has ridden in a car with the windows down knows that if you are in the front seat the air does not really come flying straight in but instead flows past into the back seat.

As I attempted to watch, while still keeping one eye on the road, it was clear that it really wasn’t working. So I took a shot, “You know, that would be much easier if you just took it off.”

She fell back into her seat exasperated and said, “Yeah right.”

I decided to press my luck, “there aren’t very many cars out and the sun is going down, what’s the big deal?” I don’t know if it was because we were out of town, on vacation, or what, but after a few beats, my demure wife who lives to wear big sweatshirts at home to obscure her fantastic tits from the world stripped off her damp t-shirt like it was nothing.

“Happy”, she asked.

“Ah…yes,” I stammered. She just shook her head and set to the task of drying her shirt while we rode along. Seeing her sitting topless in the front seat was freaking amazing. She really focused on her shirt and I focused on her big boobs lying on her chest as she worked. There really weren’t many cars so I don’t know that anyone else got to really enjoy what was going on, but it was amazing watching her so brazenly expose herself. Well, the new technique was actually quite effective and in a few minutes the shirt was dry and pulled it over her head and back on a block or so from the hotel.

As we walked into the hotel my head was spinning from the night’s adventure and I was over the top horny. So, as soon as we got into the elevator to head up to the 5th floor, I was all over her. I grabbed her and began making out with her on the elevator. I almost immediately had my hands under her shirt caressing her back and the sides of her breasts. As I did that the shirt slid up until it hung up on the front of her tits. With a little more encouragement I felt the shirt come free as her breasts broke into the open.

I immediately took the opportunity to begin to hold them and rub my thumbs over her nipples. They reacted to my touch and became erect almost immediately. We were so into the moment we barely registered the elevator coming to a stop at our floor. As the door opened we turned our heads to find a couple waiting to get on. I pulled my hands away and my wife quickly pulled her shirt back down as we exited the elevator and we walked briskly down the hall not daring to look back at the couple who just caught me fondling my wife’s breasts right in front of them.

As we reached our room I fumbled with the key because I was in such a state of arousal. As soon as we burst through the door we ran to the bed. I had her shirt off in an instant and placed her in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed. In this way I could lick and suck on her nipples while I wrapped my arms around her. After a minute of this she told me that she needed me inside her and we stripped off the rest of our clothes and jumped on the bed.

She lay on her back with her legs spread wide. I could tell immediately by the look of her down there that she had been enjoying the evening as her lips were protruding and glistening. I got above her and began to slide my cock along her slit back and forth a few times before finally plunging deep inside her. I knew that I was not going to last long so I concentrated on giving her a series of full deep thrusts that I knew would heighten her excitement. I wanted to prolong the moment but in the end the site of her luscious breasts reacting to the force of my pounding was just too much and I came before she had a chance to join me.

After a few moments to catch my breath I rolled off her and apologized for being so quick. I told her the night had been amazing and I just couldn’t help it. She told me it was ok but that I better try to recover quickly because the she was going to need a full release before she could go to sleep. I told her I would do my best to get ready to go again soon.

With nothing to do but wait until the little guy had a chance to recover, I turned on the tv and found something for us to watch. After about 20 minutes or so I got up to pee and then decided to get some more ice so that I could have a cold drink of water. I put on some gym shorts and a t-shirt and headed to the end of the hall for ice. I flipped the security lock over so that the door wouldn’t fully close which would allow me to get back in the room without a key.

However, when I returned the door was completely closed. I checked the room number again to make sure I wasn’t at the wrong room but it wasn’t. I was confused so I knocked lightly on the door. From the other side of the room I heard my wife ask what was wrong. I told her the door was locked.

She then asked “Did you like it when that couple saw my boobs?” I thought this was a strange conversation to have through the door, but since I was the only one in the hallway I went along.

I told her “it was a rush to be so daring in the elevator and sorta exciting that we got caught.”

She told me “that’s what I thought.” But next she said, “if you want back in you have to take off your shorts.”

I didn’t have any underwear on so I knew what that meant. I told her “I’m not wearing underwear.”

“I know,” was all that she said in reply.

She had really turned the tables on me, but if she wanted to keep things going I was not going to be the one that stopped it. I looked both ways down the hall and decided that after what she had done tonight I really had no option but to do what she asked. So, with the full ice bucket in one hand I pulled my shorts down with the other.

She told me that I was too close to the door and she couldn’t see me thought the peep hole. So I backed up against the wall on the other side of the hall. I was starting to get nervous but it was also somewhat exciting standing in the hall with my dick fully exposed to the world.

She then said, “It doesn’t look like it is ready yet so I don’t think I can let you in.”

I looked down and my little guy was just hanging down. So I said, “Maybe you should come out here and help the situation.” At first there was no response. Then, after a few seconds, the door opened and there stood my wife, completely nude.

The appearance of her amazing tits out in the open again was great but I was taken with the sight of her pussy exposed outside for the first time. She trimmed before the trip and the only hair was a small dark triangle on top. However, due to our previous lovemaking her lips were engorged and protruding which made the sight very lewd and extremely hot. I could feel my cock starting to stir.

While holding the door all the way open she asked, “What do you need me for?”

I told her, “You are my inspiration of course.”

As I watched she casually flipped the security latch back over and then walked across the hall to where I stood and took my now stiffening dick in her hand. “It feels like somebody is getting ready,” she told me in a low voice.

She turned and started for the door holding my now rock hard member but I didn’t budge. My lack of movement stopped her in her tracks and I pounced from behind. I immediately wrapped my arms around her and began to fondly her heavy breasts.

As I glanced around to ensure we were still alone, I noticed for the first time a hemispherical dark object protruding from the top of the wall at the end of the hall some 15 feet or so away. It immediately dawned on me that I was looking at a security camera. It occurred to me that if anyone downstairs was watching they had a perfect view of me fondling my wife tits. Almost without consciously meaning to I lifted my wife’s amazing breasts from the underside as if to offer them to our unseen watcher.

One of my hands then slid down her body and began to rub her pussy lips. She was incredibly wet and I knew that the show was about to end because I needed to take her into the room and finish what I had started earlier… she had earned it. As if on cue, my wife responded to me touching her down there by turning slightly to give me better access. This movement also resulted in her facing directly at the wall mounted camera lens. I have no idea if anyone was on the other end watching, but if they were they were treated to the most amazing view of my nude wife grinding on my very active fingers while her tits swayed back and forth on her chest.

That was it… I couldn’t take it anymore and I picked her up and lifted her against the wall next to our room door. I had her just high enough that I could get my now fully erect cock into her pussy with ease. I started to move in and out rhythmically. She was so wet that I could hear my dick enter her with each thrust. My head was spinning thinking about what we were doing. I was now fucking my wife in a hotel hallway not three days after she had been embarrassed by being seen wearing a t-shirt without a bra.

I was getting into a good rhythm when it happened. Unlike in the movies where the heroes hear somebody opening a door and have time to leap out of eyesight, in the real world there is no warning when someone opens a door. So, it was quite a shock when a man emerged from his room five or six doors down with little or no warning.

He was probably in his forties and wearing a t-shirt and boxer shorts. The ice bucket in his hands made it pretty clear what he was doing. As I well knew the ice machine was in the opposite direction towards the elevators. He paused for a few second before turning towards the elevator. In that moment he had quite a view of me in my t-shirt holding my naked wife up against the wall. She had her arms wrapped around my neck so the side of her breast was in full view as was her wonderful ass.

As he walked away from us we had a big decision to make. Did we retreat to our room before he returned or did we finish what we had started? I looked into her eyes and expected her to make the decision for us. As I continued to thrust in and out of her she simply looked back into my eyes. The moment turned into a few seconds and it begin to don on me that my normally shy and modest wife was not stopping this.

We kept our eyes locked as the gentlemen returned from the ice machine this time he was able to take in the scene the entire time he walked down the hall. I could see him there out my peripheral vision and my heart was racing. As I continued what I was doing my wife actually broke off from looking at me and looked directly at our voyeur as he reached his room. This was the final straw for me and I began to finish.

My wife has told me that when I get ready to finish my penis becomes even bigger and that is why we typically can climax together. This appeared to be the case again here in the hallway and as I made my last several thrusts before ejaculating inside her she began to whimper and I knew she was beginning to finish as well while our friend watched. Our silent watcher took in the entire scene while standing silently and motionless outside his room.

With the act complete I exited my wife and set her back down on the floor. She made no move to cover herself, instead, after a moment she walked calmly and confidently back into our room. I followed immediately behind and imagined what a sight we must have been, me with my still semi-rigid cock glistening with her wetness and her with her fully engorged vagina protruding from between her legs.

And with that the most amazing and sexually adventurous night of our lives had come to an end. While I can’t say that this led to some exhibitionist awakening in my wife, I certainly made it clear to me how much I loved it when she showed off her amazing body.