Through The Lens

“Oh, wow! This is fantastic!”

Danny is looking down at his birthday present; a brand new DSLR camera, fresh out of the box! Julia is sitting next to him, beaming after giving the perfect gift.

Danny and Julia have been best friends for as long as either care to remember. They met when they were both in high school and Julia started dating Danny’s friend. That relationship went on for a couple of years, but when it ended, Danny remained friends with Julia rather than her ex. People always speculated that they would inevitably hook up. They were both attractive people: Julia is 5’3″ with long, brown hair, vibrant blue eyes, an easy smile and curves in all of the right places. Danny is 5’7″, mixed race with a stocky build from weight lifting and rock climbing. They probably should have hooked up 100 times by now, but the timing just never worked out. They seem to constantly alternate being single or being in a relationship with someone else. On top of that, they haven’t lived in the same area code for years. But whenever they see each other, everything goes back to how it was in high school.

“You need to take the cap off and turn it on,” instructs Julia.

“Oh thanks, I’m glad I have you here to guide me through the technical stuff, Jules.”

Julia laughs, “Shut up, loser!”

Danny starts running through the different modes and settings, occasionally pointing it at different things. They are in the basement of Danny’s parents’ house. Both he and Julia are home for the holidays and wouldn’t miss one of the rare chances to hang out. Julia looks around, thinking of the countless hours she spent in this basement over the years. She has missed the large couches and thick carpeting. The sharp click of the camera shutter draws her attention. She turns to see Danny taking a photo of her.

“Hey, you jerk, don’t take a picture of me!”

“Why not? I gotta take a picture of something. Might as well be your ugly mug.”

“My mug is quite nice, thank you.”

Danny would be inclined to agree, but he would never tell Julia that. As he examines the picture on the display, he cannot help but notice how attractive Julia is. Her ruby red lips with the corners of her mouth turned up in a sly smile, her tight t-shirt that brings out the contrast between her narrow waist and wider hips, and her tight jeans that ride just a little low, allowing a taunting view of the top of her underwear. G-string today, eh?

Julia moves closer to see, “How does it look.”

“Meh,” Danny responds while shrugging his shoulders.

“I’ll show you meh!” Julia punches Danny in the shoulder.

“Simmer down, woman!” This just encourages Julia to attack more aggressively, pushing Danny over and jumping on his hip. Danny laughs and accepts his punishment.

“Careful! This is a brand new camera!”

“Well let me see the picture, you perv!” Julia takes the camera and looks at her picture on the display screen. “Ugh, I look terrible!”

“No you don’t.” Danny knows she is probably fishing for compliments and he obliges. “You look great! Very Marilyn Monroe. Very seductive.”

“Oh really??”

Julia hands the camera back to Danny and hops on the couch with her knees curled under her and her back turned slightly towards him. She bats her eyes and holds her finger to her lips in a mock-sensual pose.

Danny laughs and raises the camera to his eye and starts taking pictures, rotating the camera, mimicking a photo shoot. “Yes, yes, make love to the camera, darling,” he says in some faux-European accent.

Julia tries to stifle a laugh as she continually changes poses. She holds her hair up and shoves her chest out, then she drops her head back and licks her lips, then she sits up on her knees and leans forward onto her elbows. Danny knows this is just a game, but he can’t help but start feeling turned on by some of the poses. He notes to himself not to delete these photos later on.

As she strikes another pose, Julia realizes her g-string has ridden up above the waistband of her pants. “Oh god, that is embarrassing.” She starts to tuck it back in.

“I wouldn’t call it embarrassing. I was actually thinking it was looking pretty hot,” says Danny. Julia hesitates for a moment. She has to admit, this focused attention she is getting from her friend is making her feel excited. Julia smiles and pulls her g-string a little higher out of her pants, making it more distinctive. She sees Danny smile behind the camera.

As the game continues, Julia’s poses start to get more provocative. She holds her tits in both hands, then she slaps her ass and runs her fingers between her legs. Danny is also getting more involved, making suggestions of what she should do next: “Raise you shirt a little to show some belly – what if you opened your legs a little wider – yes, lick your fingers like that.”

Both friends are getting noticeably heated. Julia starts breathing harder and she begins to feel hot in that basement. She knows Danny’s parents are not home, but she wonders for the first time how long they will be out.

“What if I take my shirt off?” suggests Julia.

Danny already felt like he was getting away with something with these photos. He hesitates as he can see they are approaching that line between “just friends” and “something else.” But he is too far gone in this little game of theirs.

“Uh, yeah, I think that would look good.”

Julia grabs the bottom of her t-shirt and slowly pulls it up, over her head, revealing her flat stomach and white cotton bra. Her breasts are not enormous, but they are large enough to create the gentle, supple curve on her chest. She lets the shirt fall to the side. Danny seems frozen for a moment, mouth slightly open. He manages to recover enough to start taking photos again. Julia isn’t sure about what she is doing, but that uncertainly translates to a nervous innocence in her face that only makes the photos look that much more erotic.

The camera continues taking photos. Danny has been hooked by what he has seen so far. He can’t help but want more.

“Umm, what if you unbuttoned your jeans a bit. You know, sort of in a teasing way.”

Julia hesitates, but only for a moment. She lays back on the couch and reaches for her pants. She unbuttons her jeans and slowly pulls the zipper down. She then raises her hips and begins to slide her jeans down. Danny is shocked and thrilled. He starts to feel some pressure in his own jeans building.

Julia pushes her jeans down to her ankles and kicks them off with her feet. She is lying back on the couch in her white bra and panties. With her knees bent, Danny can see the g-string emerge from between her thighs, offering just the minimum amount of coverage of her slit before it disappearing between her ass cheeks. Danny takes a deep breath.

“How about if you turn over onto your stomach?”

Julia complies. Her gorgeous, round ass is exposed as she lifts her hips off of the couch. She looks back at Danny with those stunning blue eyes, her hair falling down her shoulders and ending just above her lower back. Without any prompting, she reaches back and unclasps her bra. She slides it off and holds her tits tight with her arms. She sits up on the couch, her back still turned partially towards the camera. She is kneeling with her perfect ass resting on her heels. She is holding her tits, but Danny occasionally gets a peak of those pink nipples between her fingers. He starts to wonder about how much storage space could possibly be left on this camera!

“You look amazing,” Danny says, barely even blinking as he stares at Julia’s supple body. Julia smiles and lays back with her head towards the camera. She tilts her head back so she can stare back at Danny. Having him stare at her nearly naked body with such obvious, primal hunger turns her on. She must have thought about this a hundred times over the years, but never considered it might actually happen.

One hand drops from her chest and moves down her body. Her fingers slide under her tiny white panties to her pussy. She is soaking wet. She inserts a finger into her pussy, then another. She begins slowly finger fucking herself. Her breathing becomes labored as she gets more excited. Her body is writhing and shaking as she touches herself more vigorously, with more urgency. She is staring at the bulge in Danny’s jeans, hoping for a chance to feel him.

“I think these pictures could do with some male talent,” she whispers.

Danny walks towards her, the camera still in his hand but seemingly forgotten. Julia turns over onto her stomach, again revealing her juicy ass. As Danny gets closer, she reaches up and unbuckles his belt. She unzips his pants and pulls them down past his knees. Her face is level with the bulge in Danny’s boxers. She leans forward, burying her nose into the boxers, smelling the musk of his cock.

She is so turned on, she reaches up and yanks the boxers down in one quick motion. Danny’s cock bounces free, grazing Julia’s cheek. She looks up at her friend and opens her mouth to take his cock.

Danny is mesmerized. In the back of his mind he is willing himself not to cum immediately, but seeing Julia’s naked body in front of him while she sucks his cock is so incredible. She sticks her tongue out, slowly circling the head of his cock. She asks, “Don’t you want to take more photos?” Danny remembers the camera and points it down at this beautiful woman licking his cock. He hits the shutter button, capturing the moment. The display screen lights up showing Julia’s soft, red lips in a perfect circle, wrapped around the shaft of Danny’s cock, her blue eyes gazing at the camera.

She continues to suck and lick Danny’s hard cock. Saliva drips from her chin. She begins taking him deeper in her mouth. She can feel his cock touching the back of her throat. She doesn’t gag, no, she is an experienced cock-sucker. Her head bobs back and forth, jerking Danny’s thick cock with her lips.

Danny is starting to feel the tension of an orgasm. He pulls back from Julia with an audible slurp escaping her mouth. She looks at him like he just deprived her of something she wanted very badly.

“It’s my turn now, Jules.”

It only takes a moment, but Julia realizes what he means. She giggles as she lays back in the couch. Danny takes the rest of his clothes off and crawls on top of her. His face is level with her wet panties as his hands slide up the outside of her thighs. She shivers as he pulls her panties down past her ankles and tosses them on the floor. Danny opens her legs and lowers his face down into her dripping pussy.

She yelps when he first kisses her swollen pussy lips. He then runs his tongue from the bottom of her slit slowly up to the top. Her body almost convulses when he finally makes contact with her sensitive clit. She brings her legs in so the back of her knees are resting on his bare back. Danny’s begins probing her pussy with his tongue, swirling around her clit and penetrating her hole.

Julia is moaning and writhing. “Don’t stop, Danny. Please. Please keep eating my pussy.” She reaches down and runs her fingers through his hair as he continues to suck on her clit. Julia can feel an orgasm coming on. She thinks of all the times she came while touching herself to thoughts of having Danny inside her. Now it was really happening! Her orgasm came crashing down, her body tensing as she screams, “OHHHH, YES DANNY! MAKE ME CUM!” Danny keeps eating her out until it is more than she can bear. She pushes his head away and turns onto her stomach to escape the constant orgasm.

Danny is overcome with passion for Julia. He has wanted to be with her for years and now he can not contain his desire for her anymore. He crawls up her body, kissing her back and her neck. His lips are next to her ear when he whispers, “I want to fuck you, Jules.” Julia is still gasping from her orgasm, but is desperate for more. She sees the camera out of the corner of her eye and gets an idea.

“You know that thing has a movie mode.” She looks over her shoulder and grins at him.

Danny catches her drift and reaches for the camera. He turns the mode to shoot video and flips the screen up so they can see when it’s pointed at them. He sets it down on the table next to the couch and hits REC. The display lights up with the two of them staring at the camera, naked, one on top of the other. Julia gets a sudden pleasurable shock as she thinks about making her first sex tape.

Julia’s legs open, letting Danny’s hips sink between her thighs. His cock lines up with her pussy, feeling the warm wet of her cum mixed with his saliva. Danny leans forward just as Julia pushes back, causing his thick, hard cock to slide into her pussy, penetrating her deeply.

Julia lets out a loud gasp, “Oh God, I’ve wanted you so bad for so long.”

“I’ve wanted you too, Julia. I’ve wanted to be inside of you so bad.”

Danny begins to fuck her, pushing deep into her swollen pussy. Julia is moaning, begging him not to stop. Her hands over her mouth to hold back the loudest screams. Danny reaches forward and grabs her wrists and pins them down, outstretched in front of her. Julia starts moaning and screaming even louder. She is so turned on by Danny taking control of her body, from being used so vigorously. She has dreamed of Danny simply taking her one day, and fucking her until she’s numb.

She pushes back to meet his thrusts, desperate for him to be deeper inside of her. Julia looks over at the camera and sees the image of herself moaning while her best friend holds her down and fucks her, pounding her soft, little cunt. It trigger another massive orgasm, and she lets out another incredible scream.

Danny can feel Julia’s pussy tighten around his cock as she cums. He is fucking her wildly, feeling his impending orgasm build up with every second. Soon he can feel the tingling in his balls.

“I’m going to cum, Jules!”

“Cum inside me, Danny. I want to feel your hot cum inside of me!”

Moments later, Julia can feel her pussy fill with Danny’s hot cum. She savors the feeling as Danny collapses on top of her. She can feel his sweat mixing with hers on her back. They are both heaving, out of breath. Danny’s cock is getting soft, but he does not pull out yet. She reaches over and turns the camera off. They lay together like that for a while, not wanting it to end.

Julia breaks the silence first, “Was it as good as you had hoped it would be?”

“Better,” Danny replies, “Miles and miles better.”

Julia looks over and sees the camera. “What did you think of your birthday present?”

Danny laughs and says, “I can’t wait to see what you’ll get me for Christmas.”