Confessions: The relationship is still going on

The relationship is still going on and my daughter (with whom I`m currently having sex) is only 14. We have been having sex for the past four years.

It started when we went on holiday in the summer of 1992. We went to a caravan park in the south of France. Nearby was a beach that wasn`t very populated and most times we didn`t see another soul. My wife decided she was going to go topless.

I didn`t mind this but I was stunned when my daughter joined her. She wasn`t very big up top but her breasts were just starting to develop and I fell in love with her there and then in a totally different fashion.

I started to use every excuse I could to be around her in close contact. Our first sexual encounter came when my wife went to the site shop and left my daughter and I alone watching the television. We started cuddling each other and before long we fondling each other sexually. From that date onwards we stole every moment we could to be alone. Now, 4 years later we are both still mad about each other and look forward to being able to have sex we each other as often as possible. Don`t get me wrong, I never forced my daughter into having sex with me, She wanted to have it as much as I did. Hope this helps your survey. Contact me for confirmation or further details.

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