Confessions: The kissing cousins

One of my first sexual experiences was with my cousins, Vanessa and Kevin.

I was about 16 at the time. Vanessa was 15 and Kevin about 13. They had come down to us for the holiday with the rest of the family, and the day before they left Vanessa and I decided that we were going to get drunk together. So I went into town and got some liquors (I did not like beer very much). We decided that we had to let Kevin on it because he was sleeping in my room. Besides, Vanessa was sleeping with my sister, and she was a real priss back then. After the adults had all one to sleep (my father and my uncle were both pissed as coots, with my mother and aunt not far behind) Vanessa came over to our room. We were quite confident that we were not going to be caught, and that we could make quite a bit of noise as well. She got things going by teaching us a drinking game.

It was one of those ones where if you made a mistake, you had to down-down, and since we both did not know the game, she remained quite a bit more sober that we did. We soon got tired of the game, and then one of us suggested that we play strip poker.

It was probably Vanessa because I did not know how to play cards back then. We could not find a pack of cards, so we settled to playing poker dice with the set that my grandmother had given me for Christmas. Now, as with the drinking game, Vanessa had an unfair advantage on us. See, Kevin and I were probably both wearing about eight or nine items of clothing each (including our watches). Compare this with the countless articles of clothing and accessories that teenage girls wear at that age! I’m talking necklaces, bangles, earrings, stockings, a hair band, rings, etc… So you can probably guess that one of us males got naked before she.

As it were, Kevin was first. After getting him to expose his raging not yet fully post-pubescent erection to us for a few seconds, we allowed him to cover himself with a pillow. But Kevin kept losing, so we had to make up penalties for him.

I remember that one of them was to fuck one of my centerfold pinups. He was very athletic and had one of those bronzed bodies without any tan lines. Eventually I was also down to nothing, and at that point Kevin and I decided that we had had enough because Vanessa still had all of her clothing on and would not show us anything. So then she suggested that we play Man Or Mouse. (In retrospect, she probably made this game up.) We switched the lights out, and I lay down naked on one of the beds. She kneeled on the floor at the side of the bed and put her hand on my legs. She would say Man or mouse? Each time I would answer Man, and she would advance a few inches up my body. Eventually she was only one move away from my erection, and I was now so turned on that my cock was rock hard (to borrow a cliché – but it was).

I think that she could have breathed on it and I would have come. She asked the question and I answered Man, and to my disappointment she passed straight over my groin area and onto my stomach. She was obviously shy, despite initiating the game, so I made a bold move.

I found her hand in the darkness and put it onto my cock, although she took it away almost immediately. Then Kevin and I became tired of her teasing, and we both jumped on her and started to strip her and feel her all over, despite her half-hearted protests. We got her top and bra off, but she kept her legs clamped shut.

It was truly one of those cases when the girl said no, but meant yes, and we both knew it, because she was not fighting hard enough, and her protests were not loud enough to wake anyone up, which she easily could have done. The more we felt and sucked and touched and rubbed her the more turned on she became.

I even managed to get my hand over her pussy for a while, although not for long.

It was the first time that I had sucked a girls breasts. Before that I had only been able to feel them, and I remember marveling that the sensation of sucking them was similar to feeling them.

It was that strange, unimaginable sensation – soft yet firm. There came a point where she was able to fight us off and she made it out the door and back to my sister’s room.

I guess she was not ready for it yet. That or we were not pressing all the right buttons. Perhaps if her brother was not there, she would have gone further with me. Perhaps it was because she and her brothers are adopted that she even went that far. All I know was that after she left, Kevin and I jerked each other off. That night was the first time that I was able to come twice in a row without losing my erection.

I am now 24, and my cousin now lives in the same city as I. She is engaged, and even once in front of her fiancé she laughingly hinted at that episode. Whenever we met after that incident I tried to open the subject again – perhaps to talk about it or even finish it off, but we never connected on that level again. One of those cases where we were young enough (and lucky enough) for our separate interests not to have developed and diverged yet.

I was also not the only one to commit the I deed with her. After I told my little brother about it years later (when he stopped being such a pest), he told me that when he was about 10 or 11 Vanessa would let him tickle her back, and that sometimes she would allow him to feel her tits and her pussy. We always had our suspicions about them, but I always thought that he was too young! Imagine my surprise.

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