The Hotel


Spring break is finally here. A week off to enjoy my fiancé, kick back have a lot of Cabo Wabo tequila and relax, or so I thought. I get home from school and head for my front door. My tie is already off my sleeves are rolled up and I want a drink. As I put my key in the lock I notice an envelope taped to the door. I open it and its from my fiancé.

Honey, go to one of the best hotels in town and get a room. Text me the info and I will be there in an hour. Your overnight bag is in the backseat of your car.

What? I go back to my car and sure enough my overnight bag is behind the driver’s seat. When did she do that, I thought to myself. I get in my car and start driving trying to find a hotel. After a while I pull into one of the best hotels in town. The Four Seasons. They have one of the top restaurants in town, full fitness center, pool and jacuzzi and a spa. Again, spring break just started too, so I figured what the hell.

I go in and splurge on a suite for 1 night telling him it might be 2 and that my fiance will be joining me later.

Opening the door to the room I just soak it in. This room is huge. Separate living room and bedroom. The shower could fit 4 people (hmm could be fun). Then I see the balcony with chairs. That will come in handy I think. I get out my phone and text my wife with all the details. A couple of minutes she texts back:

Relax and get comfy be there in an hour.

She knows how stressed I have been at school with all the mandated tests we must give, so I guess this is just her way of starting off a well-earned break. Walking into the bedroom I take off my tie and kick off my shoes and laydown.

Hearing a knock at the door, I realize I fell asleep on the bed. I get up and open the door and there is my gorgeous fiancé wearing a white t-shirt and yoga pants.

“Hi are you Charley? I’m Ava. You texted that you would like some company for a while”

Oh, her games. “Yeah, sure come in on. Umm can I get you something to drink?”

“Water is fine if you have any.”

I went to the mini fridge in the front room and pulled out a water.

“So Charley, what would you like to do.”

“I’m not sure, guess I’m a bit nervous since this is my first time with an?”

“Escort” she chimes in “Not to worry honey I will take care of you but first we need to care of the matter of a donation for my time”

“Oh of course. I’ll be right back” I went back to my room and looked in my briefcase for an envelope. I see one that seems to already have something in it. Opening it I see about $200 in 20’s and shake my head with a smile thinking “she has thought of everything”

Walking back to the front room I hand her the envelope and she just puts it in her purse.

“Now how would you like to get started?”

“Umm I’m not sure.”

“Oh I know.” She exclaims, “How about a nice back rub to get the blood flowing, so to speak”

“Sounds good. How about in the bedroom?”

“Sure honey. You go get out of your clothes and come back with just a towel and I will get the room ready.”

A few minutes later I return with a towel around my waist. “Ava” changed into one of those “sling” bikini’s and my jaw hit the floor. It was purple and so barely there. The woman in my life was gorgeous in it.

“Honey, if you would like to lay down on your stomach, I can start with your back”

After “adjusting” myself I laid down and she poured some oil on my back and started rubbing. She then started asking me those questions “escorts” might ask of new folks, “So where you from? How long do you plan to stay in town?” Those kinds of questions. I answer each one since it was the part of her game.

“Back is done. Time to roll over”

I rolled over and my cock created a huge tent with my towel.

“Oooo” she said “that looks interesting”. Taking the towel off, she climbs on the bed and sits right on my cock. “Oh yeah I like this seat” Her hands start rubbing my shoulders and chest. “It’s ok if you want to touch honey”

I reach up start rubbing her tits through the sling bikini. Soon she takes my hands to the straps and I take them off releasing her tits and her gorgeous nipples are nice and hard. Leaning forward she shoves my face right between her tits and I start licking and kissing.

“Oh we must be done with the massage part then” she giggles. “Guess I should get a handle on things”

She grabs my cocks and starts jerking it slowly while I am basically mauling her tits with my hands and mouth. I hear her moan as I slip a finger inside her wet pussy, finding her “spot” right away. I know she likes it when she starts jerking faster on my cock.

“Well, Honey, should we put this nice cock somewhere warm?”

“Oh yeah” I say “how about you on your hands and knees to begin”

“I love doggy style” she squeals as she gets into position. I take the time to rub myself up and down her wet slit before I even put the head in.

“Oh don’t tease baby give a girl what she wants. Fuck me hard”

You know I do like to be courteous to the ladies, so I go all in. Fast and hard.

“Damn” she cries out. “That is an awesome dick”

I slap her ass making it shake and turning it red. “Yeah baby do that again on the other side. Make them match”

Who was I to turn down such a request so I smacked her other cheek. “Yeah baby, treat me like the whore I am.”

I think by this time I was well on my way to doing that. Grabbing her hips, I start thrusting in and out as hard and fast as I can. “Ava” was busy moaning, groaning and screaming at the top of her lungs on how good she was getting fucked. She finally screamed out her orgasm that I am sure the entire hotel heard. Probably didn’t help that I stuck my right index finger in her ass, or it might have. Not sure.

She falls forward off my cock and looks at me “Wow stud, that was amazing not many clients get me off at all and certainly not that loud. “

“Happy to be of service Ava, but I haven’t cum yet. Ideas”

“Just lay back and let me take care of you and you WILL cum”

I smiled at that did what she said. I laid back on the bed propping myself with a pillow and she went to town on my cock. First she stated sucking my cock up and down make loud slurping sounds until she just lowered her face all the down until her nose touched my crotch. Good I loved her deepthroat skills. Coming up for air she just looked at me and smiled and did it again. After coming up for air the second time she gasped “I’m going to ride this thing till I pass out.” She climbs on top and points my cock to her slick, dripping hole. Slowly she lowers herself gasping all the way down. After getting settled she started slowing going up and down in a kind of frog style. All I know is, is that was fuckling hot.

Smiling at me she puts her legs down and tries to spin around. She almost made it and we laughed about it. Completing her turn, she squatted again like a frog and put my dick back in her. Leaning back carefully she grabs my hands and places them on her tits. I start squeezing away and she picks up the pace. Up and down over and over. Speeding up and moaning so loud I thought the hotel was going to call the cops. She pulls my hands off her and lean forwards to fuck me. Her ass is slapping my stomach so fast and loud it sounds like someone playing a bass kick drum. My hands smack her ass and then grab it pulling her harder and harder on me. Taking my right thumb, I start rubbing her asshole again. That elicited a huge moan from her.

“Go ahead stud. Put a finger in my ass again.”

“Can I put something else in your ass?”

“I normally don’t let clients go there, but for another $100 it’s yours.”

“Deal” I said as I pulled out of her pussy. She grabbed my cock and aimed it at her other hole and just slowly sank down on it.

“God that is huge.”

She leans back again on me and starts riding me again. This time her moaning doesn’t start soft but loud.

“Oh God this dick is going to split my ass. Fuck my ass baby fuck it hard.”

I for one never had a problem fucking her gorgeous ass and I fucked it hard. After a few minutes, I feel my balls tighten and I try to hold back as much as I can, but since it is my gorgeous fiancé and her tight ass, I couldn’t hold back for long.

“I’m going to cum” I shout. She stops and crawls off and turns around and swallows my cock. That did it I started shooting loads and loads of cum in her mouth that makes her gag. I look down at her and cum is oozing out of her lips since she is smiling at me with my cock in her mouth.

“God I love when you cum in my mouth.”

Suddenly there is a loud knock at the door. We look at each other in that shocked “UH-Oh” look. I grab the towel and head to the door. I open it a small bit and there is somebody in a suit and a police officer.

“Sir, it has come to our attention that you may have a female companion that is a prostitute. We do not allow that at this establishment. “

My fiancé who is also in a towel opens the door wider. “Gentlemen,” she says “Since I am his fiancé I would know if he had a prostitute with him. He has just as me.”

“Oh, well um I apologize for interrupting. Please keep the ummm noise down,” and quickly walks away.

The officer tips his hat to us and just smiles as he leaves. We close the door and look at ourselves and just start laughing. My fiancé starts to hug me.

“You still owe me $100 for fucking my ass.”

I hug and whisper back “How about another $200 for another go around.”

“You’re on.”