The Car Trade

My wife and I have always known our relationship is more than most. More exciting. More intense. And most certainly more inclusive than your average couple. Our relationship is above average for many reasons. My love for her has no boundaries. I live for her happiness and pleasure, and as a man, I realize women last longer and require more attention than men do to be completely satisfied sexually.
Because I feel sex and love are two completely different things, I have no problem sharing that part of our relationship with others. In fact I really enjoy knowing my wife is being pleasured beyond any one man’s ability. Those are my opinions. You don’t have to agree. As long as Mandy and I do, that’s all that matters to either of us.
My name is Craig and I told my wife from the beginning that no one would ever love her like I do. To me that means I love her enough to share her with other men sexually and I actually enjoy seeing her in pure ecstasy even if I’m not the man giving that to her.
I’m not gay or bi. I’m not even curious. What I am is totally in love with my wife and I get great pleasure and satisfaction from seeing my wife get pleasure and satisfaction. I know for some that’s difficult or impossible to understand, but that’s the way I feel. I’m just lucky enough to have a wife that loves me enough to understand and agree.
My wife, Mandy is gorgeous. She’s 5’2″ and 98lbs soaking wet. She has small perky breasts and the finest, firmest ass you’ve ever laid eyes on. She’s very fit. Blonde hair and brown eyes top off the baby doll appearance that I fell in love with. She’s also a nurse. Add to that, Mandy is not only multiorgasmic, she can cum for hours and usually once every 30 seconds or less! I’ve never met another woman like her. Not even close! Mandy is insatiable!
Mandy and I talked often about our fantasies and eventually that lead to us inviting another man to our bed. It just so happened that a very close friend of mine was willing to help me see if I could find Mandy’s sexual limit. His name is Gary. He owns a car dealership in town. Gary and I both had already tried a few times to take Mandy to her limit, but we found out that there was no end to the number of times she can cum. At least not that the two of us working together could find.
One day on a whim, Mandy and I decided to go to Gary’s dealership to talk to him about a car we’d seen on his lot. Obviously a trade in, the little two seater roadster was a hot little number… Just like Mandy! We were just going to go there and look, then get him in the office and tell him Mandy wanted to see if he’d trade it out.
This was a fantasy of hers and I thought it was hot too. She was going to offer some personal nursing skills as the payoff for him on a monthly basis, for a car! All as a joke of course! She loved the idea of he and I taking her on his desk at the dealership.
When we get in his office, he closes the door so we can talk in private and I tell Gary of our idea and that Mandy already has the vehicle picked out. Surprisingly, Gary seems receptive to the idea and wants to hear more detail about what’s in it for him. So I suggest Mandy show him. With a grin, Mandy got up from her chair and walked over to his, kissed him on the lips while she unzipped his pants and freed his cock from his dress slacks.
Mandy stroked his already hard cock with her tiny hands. Then looks back at me, smiles seductively and bent down to engulf him in her mouth. I can see her head bobbing in his lap and the look of concentration on Gary’s face as he watches her pleasure his cock.
He looks over at me and says “I think we may be able to work something out.”

Mandy pauses from her masterful blowjob of Gary’s cock just long enough to look over his desk at me and say “See? I told you he’s a reasonable man.” She smiles at me again and devours his cock once more.
Gary then stands up with Mandy still latched on to his cock and doing the best she can to make him cum. But he’s different this time. He’s more in control and seems determined to keep it that way.
As he gets up he lifts her face to his for another kiss and says “We have a few details to work out before I can sign off on this car for you. Hop up here on my desk and I’ll tell you about them.” My wife sits on the edge of Gary’s new desk, mindful of the phone as he pulls her skirt up to her waist and her thong to her ankles. He doesn’t bother to remove them completely.
As he spreads Mandy’s legs and enters her pussy he slowly thrusts back and forth and says “I’ll have to cover a lot of debt with this, so we need to be fair about just who’s getting fucked and who’s being taken for a ride. What I mean by that is, I don’t mind the trade, but it’s a lot of work for me to cover this big of a deal without someone raising suspicion.”
He pushed Mandy back slowly on to the desk and continued fucking her. “With no cash as a down payment, your note would be $700.00 a month easy on the car you want. If I have to go pay for sex from a hooker it’s $250.00 for an hour. Since we’re trading a car for sex with no money down, I think I should get a little extra!” He thrusted harder on the “extra!” and continued with his offer.
Mandy, you’ll need to visit me, or I will you, four times a month every month for the next 4 years. Each visit I get an hour. Craig, you can be there with us or not. That’s up to you. Some visits may be more than hour so to be fair, if we go two hours that’s $500 off the car. But I say when.”
Mandy looked over at me with a cross between exquisite ecstasy and and quiet concern. Gary continued fucking her. I asked Mandy if that sounded ok as she began to cum. She moans “Mm hhhhmmm” softly. I couldn’t stand it anymore and stood at Gary’s desk, and unzipped my pants. Mandy opened her eyes from her orgasm and with an angelic smile, reached up and grabbed my cock to pull me to her open mouth.
By this time Gary is pumping her good and he says “Hold on before you agree. There’s some other paper work and fees we have to work out just like any other car deal. Other people have to be involved. There’s document fees that go to the finance guy. Can you guys pay that up front? I can’t make those fees just disappear. That’s some else’s pay check.”
Mandy takes my cock from her mouth and says “No Gary. We don’t have any cash. I thought we could trade all of it out.”
Gary pushes his cock deep into Mandy’s pussy, looks down at her with a grin and says “You can.” With that he picks up his phone and presses a button. “Butch, come in my office for a minute and don’t let anyone interrupt us. It’s about a trade agreement.”
Mandy now has a startled look on her face and in seconds Butch opens the door, closes it quickly behind him, walks up to Gary and smiles down at Mandy.
Butch is a well groomed, well dressed finance guy. He’s well mannered and easy going. Mandy had made comments about his appearance and personality when I introduced her a few months ago. However she never mentioned wanting to fuck him. She’s normally pretty timid. Getting her comfortable with having Gary join us in bed took months of her getting to know him, meeting for dinner or drinks and just hanging out. Now, here’s Butch thrust in to the mix in Gary’s office and I wasn’t sure how she’d react.
Gary tells Butch that Mandy wants to trade his doc fees on a car purchase and she has agreed to give Butch his $250 worth of trade… right now.
With my cock still in Mandy’s left hand, Gary steps from between her legs and is immediately replace by Butch. He unzips his fly and reveals his already hard cock. With one gentle but firm push, his cock is now buried in my wife’s wet pussy and he begins to thrust. In seconds Mandy cums again and again. Gary pulls her head to his cock and I watch my beautiful, sexy wife suck him feverishly as Butch continues to fuck with more enthusiasm.
Seeing Mandy stroke my cock, suck Gary’s cock and being fucked to repeated orgasms by Butch was out of this world erotic. She looked so sexy! I never expected her to be this open. But she was relishing the attention. Immersed in the moment and the orgasms were coming one after another and her hunger for more grew. She was in total control of three men and loving it. She looked so sexy.
After some time Butch announces he’s about to cum. Mandy released Gary’s cock from her mouth, wrapped her legs around Butch’s waist and dug her heels in to his ass. She let go of my cock so she could grab Butch by his shirt and pull him closer to her. Sprawled out on Gary’s desk, Mandy looks him in the eyes and moans “I want to watch your face when you come inside me.”
Butch abruptly pulls away and walks around the front of the desk where I’m standing. Mandy and I both are a little surprised by this. Butch nudges me out of the way, pushes his cock in to my wife’s mouth. She manages a smile around his cock and takes as much of him in her mouth as possible. She sucks him hard and fast as she looks up at Butch. He explodes in her mouth and Mandy swallowed every drop of his cum. She licked him clean with a grin and soft moan. Pulling his cock out her mouth just enough to say “Thank you Butch.”
Butch returned the gaze in to her eyes and said “I was hoping we’d get another trade soon. It’s been a while. I’ll get the paperwork taken care of. It was pleasure doing business with you.”
Gary replaced Butch between Mandy’s legs and continued fucking her. Butch zipped his fly and out the office he went, closing the door behind him.
I resume my position beside Mandy’s head and ask “So… That’s it right? She gets the car?”
Gary says “Well there’s one other fee she has to cover.” Mandy cums again as Gary and I pump her pussy and her mouth. “You see there’s a prep fee that has to be paid because that’s how that guy makes his money. Just like Butch does with the doc fees. It’s also $250. So, do you want to pay that in cash or do you want to trade that too?”
Mandy doesn’t hesitate. Taking my cock from her mouth and looking right at me she said “I want to trade that fee too.” With that she licked my cock, smiled at me and put it back in her mouth.
Gary reached for the phone.
“Jim, come to my office for a “trade agreement.” All the while continuing his relentless attack on Mandy’s pussy with his cock.
In less than a minute the service manager opens the door to the office, closes it quickly and walks behind Gary’s desk. He stands across from me and looks down at my beautiful, petite, blonde wife. She’s sprawled out on her back hungrily sucking my cock and getting fucked by Gary with her eyes closed.
Jim is 6’2″ 230lbs and all muscle. He’s also a very dark complicated black man.
“Jim” Gary says “This is Mandy and her husband, Craig. Mandy wants to trade out the prep service on her car. That little roadster. You ok with that?”
Mandy opened her eyes to see the huge black man standing over her. The look of surprise on her face was priceless.
Jim smiled down at her and said “Absolutely, Gary. You know I always enjoy helping our customers get the car they want. I’ll be happy to do whatever it takes to please a customer.”
Jim unzipped his pants and pulled his cock from his now open fly. It was huge.
“I really get a great deal of satisfaction working closely with our customers.” He grabbed Mandy’s head and pulled her mouth to his cock.
It was all she could do to take the first few inches in her mouth. Mandy came again from Gary’s now increasing pounding. She arched her back and with both her tiny hands wrapped around Jim’s stiffening cock. There was still more of Jim’s cock than she could take in her mouth left unsupported by her hands.
In a few minutes however, Gary brings her to the biggest orgasm yet. I watch in amazement as my wife holds Jim’s cock with both hands and cums yet again. Gary’s thrusts continued to get harder and faster as he reached his climax, then exploded his entire load in her pussy.
After grinding his cock and cum deep inside, he asked Jim to trade places with him.
Jim was happy to oblige and we both watched as he positioned himself between her legs. Jim rubbed the massive head of his cock against Mandy’s swollen pussy lips.
Using the slippery mix of her’s and Gary’s cum dripping from her pussy as lubricant, he slowly eased his cock in to her.
Mandy clutched both sides of the desk and arched her back with a grimace of sweet agony. A gasp of surprise and ecstasy released as the head of Jim’s cock popped into her pussy. Mandy winced for a split second and then the grimaced face flowed into pure ecstasy as Jim slid most of his enormous cock into her pussy.
I know she’d never had a cock that big before. I’d asked her several times while she and I watched porn if she wanted a big cock the size Jim was giving her now. Those guys in porn movies are almost always way above average size.
Her response was always the same. “Hell no! That’s too big for me. I’m a little girl and your cock is plenty big. Your cock is perfect! It hits my g-spot perfectly.”
I now looked down at my wife, spread eagle on my best friends office desk, in a car dealership. She has Gary’s cock to her right, my cock to her left. She’s still clutching the desk top and Jim is just now beginning to move his cock in and out of her pussy.
Jim can’t get the entire length of his cock in Mandy’s pussy. It won’t fit. Jim is careful not to push to hard and I was amazed at how gentle he was with her. He took her legs and placed one on either side of his chest. Rocking his hips back and forth, he allowed Mandy time to get use to his girth. Her thong was still hanging from her left high heel shoe and waved in the air like a flag of surrender with every stroke.
Mandy’s white knuckle grip of the desk relaxed after a few minutes and Jim continued to look down at her and smile.
“I always take good care of my customers, Miss Mandy. I’ll service you AND your car any time you need me to.” Jim cooed.
Mandy came instantly and looked up at me. “It will need service from time to time honey. Is it ok if I bring it here?… To have the fluids checked, rotation… You know… Keep it purring like it’s supposed to?” I knew she wasn’t talking about the car.
Gary chimed in “We do have excellent service after the sale, and our service department gets rave reviews. Would you like to add an extended warranty to our deal?”
Mandy’s back arched, she grabbed mine and Gary’s cocks and stroked us both. Again, another huge orgasm and I can see her leg muscles quiver as Jim continued his steady fucking of my wife.
Mandy is still slightly delirious from the explosive climax and looks first at me, then Gary, then up at Jim. “I want the best service plan you’ve got.” With that she takes my cock in her mouth for a moment. Then pulls it out again and looks up at me. Her eyes full of lust and as she comes yet again on Jim’s huge cock, she manages to whimper “Is that ok with you baby?”
“Yes baby” I answered. “You know you can have whatever makes you happy as long as I know and you include me.”
Mandy smiled and said “You are so fucking good to me baby. I love you” and put my cock back into her mouth.
She sucked my cock with such intensity and sultry persuasion that it wasn’t long before I came hard and in huge waves in her mouth. Again, she hungrily devoured my cock and swallowed every drop of my cum. She hates wasting it.
I fell back into the chair behind me and Jim seized the opportunity to have my wife to himself. He pulled his cock from her pussy and told her to bend over the desk. That’s Mandy’s favorite position, so she didn’t hesitate!
Again, Jim plowed into my wife’s dripping pussy but this time he pushed his cock in deeper than before and now with harder thrusts, he gave her what I know she really wanted from the start… A good hard fucking. Jim grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him with each stroke.
Mandy’s torrents of orgasms began again. One after another for what must have been 45 minutes. Gary and I took turns holding her still.
Sometimes Mandy would manage to get one of our cocks in her mouth… But not for very long. She’d begin to cum again and couldn’t keep her concentration on anything but Jim fucking her like she’d never been fucked before.
Ever so often Mandy turned her head to look back at Jim and cheer him on. “Fuck me harder, Jim. Fuck me!” Another explosive and intense orgasm would follow and she would announce it. “I’m commmmminng! Oh… God… I’m… Commmmminng!
Finally, Jim tensed up and announced he was about to come. Mandy looked back at him and said “Cum in me Jim! Fuck me harder and cum inside me!”

Jim came… And he came! And he came! His cum literally squirting out of Mandy’s pussy while he pumped. She was also coming over and over again.

Jim collapsed on top of my wife. His huge frame completely covered her tiny body. He held her tight against him as he pumped his last few drops of cum in to her swollen pussy.
After catching his breath he stood, put his huge cock away still dripping wet, and zipped his pants. “Miss Mandy, I hope my services were satisfactory. Given the short notice, I feel I may not have done my best for you. In the future, if you would call ahead and make an appointment I can make sure I have the proper time to provide you with the best possible service that you deserve. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I’ll have your car out front when your ready for it.” With that Jim was out of the office.
Gary and I looked at each other from across his desk with my wife Mandy still bent over it, panting. Her hair was a mess. Her dress still pulled up around her waist with her ass exposed. Jim’s hand prints still visible in her soft, white skin, and her thong still wrapped around her left high heeled shoe. She lifted her head, looked at me and said “That’s the first time I’ve ever gotten fucked this much in a car deal… And loved it!”

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