Confessions: The bionic woman

Well, by the age of 8 or 9, I’ve played the bionic man with my sister. She was the bionic woman, in our play. Usually, it was not sexual. But by two or three times, we have had sexual contact. She took my penis in her mouth once, but just with her lips. Her tongue stayed away and it lasted only a few seconds. (A single insertion.) I have kind of masturbated her with my big toe another time. Once, we had interfemoral intercourse.

I was fucking her thighs, sort of. And I came that way! Generally, she was just dancing naked in front of me. She is three years younger than me. Our last game play ended when I was about 12-13, I think. After a bath, I went in bed with her and poured some honey on her tits and I then proceeded to lick them clean.

I don’t even remember if I was excited or not when I did these things.

I am not excited at all to write them, now.

I am now 26, living with my girlfriend and my sister. (Up to July…) I have absolutely no sexual desire for my sister today. But we talk about sex pretty openly.

I know she once let a cat lick her clit, she also made love with her boyfriend next to another couple of friends, she enjoys cock-sucking (she said she probably have a g-spot in the top of her mouth). We have never talked about what happened when we were younger but I sometimes do jokes, just to test her. Like if she says she is out of sex, I ask her if I can help. No success.. 🙂 I don’t expect any, however.

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