The Animal Sex Circus

The sex circus is not a modern innovation of the Hippies or Swingers. Its genesis is as ancient as the Roman Empire (and probably a lot older). Gabby old Petronius meticulously informs us quite a bit about Roman morals in general and prostitution in particular, and he does not hesitate to dip his quill into detailed acts of sex, including the two types of sex circuses, one in which only human beings participated and finally the Sex Circus in which humans and animals took part.

If we are to believe Petronius, Juvenal and Martial, et al, we can only conclude that both types of sex circuses were not the least bit rare, certainly far more common than they are today.

Roman law was very two-faced but dogmatic about prostitution and prostitutes, even going so far as to prescribe the type of dress prostitutes must wear, so that they could be distinguished from “virtuous” women. Needless to say, a “virtuous” woman in ancient Rome was more than a non-drinker on Skid Row!

Roman women who played-for-pay were not permitted to wear the stola, a loose-fitting garment which concealed the form, or the vitta with which Roman ladies bound their hair, they could not wear shoes or jewels or purple robes, as these were the insignia of virtue. Instead, whores died their hair red or yellow and wore the toga like the men! Instead of shoes, they wore sandals tied at the instep with leather thongs. Their dresses had to be of flowered material.

Theory of law is one thing; practice is another. Prostitutes did wear jewels, tons of them, and purple robes; and they did wear garments that more than revealed their ample curves, such as silken robes from Tyre, whose texture was almost as thin as air. Red hungry nipples and dark triangles of pubic hair could easily be seen through these robes.

Roman prostitutes were not strangers to venereal disease either, a fact that somehow escapes modern writers. We do, however, find later Roman writers referring to morbus indecens (indecent ailments) such as the rubigo, the elazomenae and morbus campanus. However, it must be admitted that the ancient writers do not directly attribute these diseases to sexual intercourse with prostitutes. Just what these diseases were, we will never know for certain. If they were not gonorrhea and syphilis, they very strongly resembled these age-old sexual ailments.

Sex Circuses were common, too, orgiastic activities which prostitutes gave for assembled customers and even for the emperors, although in the latter case the whores were better paid and “better class” courtesans, offering their perverted services to only the patricians and disdaining the “common people”.

In these harlequinades as many as ten couples would perform; men and women engaging in every sexual perversion known to the human race. Men would fellate little boys and vice versa; there were acts of anal intercourse between men and boys, mutual fellatio in the sixty-nine position; tribasistic spectacles between women and little girls and adult lesbians. There would be living “daisy chains” of men, women and children, and often one woman would perform with four or five men, all the males doing different things to her at the same time, or as Juvenal says: “Every opening was given to the Venus.”

There was the human/animal Sex Circus, and while such a sexual extravaganza was not held as regularly as the type involving only human beings, it was a thousand times more common than it is today.

Nubians (male and female) were very popular and prized in these filthy tableaus, the males for their huge organs, the females because it was believed that a Negress, having more lust, could perform better. One ancient writer even tells of a Nubian male even killing a she-goat with his tremendous phallus!

We have no way of ascertaining if sex circuses took place during the Middle Ages. The records do not say. Probably not; not because the people were so moral or because of the insane attitude of the Church… since the priests and soul-savers fornicated along with the rest of the populace. Sex circuses were unknown because bestiality was so prevalent among the masses. Why pay to witness what was a part of daily living? The people thought like animals, lived with animals and… screwed like, and with, animals.

Morals were so debauched that even art depicted scenes of lust and licentiousness. It is a well known fact that the majority of the great works of Gothic architecture were so profusely adomed with lewd and filthy sculptures that, later, modesty forced their removal. Astonishingly, most of the subjects were taken from religious orders!

In some cases, priests and/or monks were represented in carnal connection with nuns; still other sculptures revealed penitents undergoing flagellation at the hands of their confessors. Other basreliefs showed monks engaged in connections with animals; and there is one in which a naked nun is shown being raped by a monkey. Nor were such “artistic works” displayed in back streets and in gutters. No, instead they adorned the doors, windows and arches of many of the finest Gothic cathedrals in France, Germany and Italy.

We do know a good deal about the modern Sex Circus. And they are more numerous than the average person might believe. There are those places in every large city, in every nation on the face of the earth, where, for a price, one can witness the most degrading of acts… between men and women, men and men, women and women, and between men and women and… animals.

France is noted for its sex — which is overblown propaganda — but in the mind of the world the French woman is equated with the Negress, both supposedly the ultimate in sexual ability and performance. There are sex circuses in France, with tourists always being in the majority as spectators. It should be of interest to the student of psychosexual matters to note that it is very remarkable how persons who are pillars of society and respectability “back home” feel that they must see such a filthy showing.

Some tourists, having been so brainwashed about these performances, feel that it is just as necessary to take in such a sight as it is to see the famous cathedrals and art galleries! Properly speaking, we cannot call these people either latent nor active voyeurs, but regular attendants at these spectacles definitely are… perverts who obtain a sexual satisfaction out of seeing women — and men — in the nude, and preferably in the performance of sexual acts.

Men and women of repressed homosexual tendencies also attend; by watching homosexuals, they subconsciously gratify their own homosexual longings. And by the same token, the performers are often actuated by the opposite perversity of exhibitionism — getting a thrill out of having strangers “admire” their sexual feats.

In Paris the sex circus, or “Grand Spectacle” is usually in the form of a play, presented on a stage, complete with special lighting and other theatrical effects. But the script is always the same: The men and women perform mutual masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, analingus, coitus per rectum, coitus per vagina and what-have-you.

There are “acts” in which only lesbians (or male homosexuals) perform; and there are those circuses in which men and women — and children — perform with animals. There are all manner of variations and combinations. Even penis substitutes are used when lesbians perform.

Part I

The author of this present study was fortunate enough to find an ex-G.I. who, during World War II, witnessed such a “Grand Spectacle” at the Quartier Latin, a night club in the Place Pigalle. I interviewed him with a tape recorder and gave his story word for word, transcribing from the tape exactly as he told his tale to me. This ex-G.I., now in his mid-forties and balding, is a construction worker in New York City, and if his choice of words are indicative of anything, they reveal — obviously — that he did not take advantage of the G.I.-Bill, after his discharge, and further his education.

“Well, a bunch of us guys was on leave and in Paris,” the ex-GI explained, “and we decided to take in the sights — you know, some booze and some of the French gals we had heard so much about. We went to this here nite club and when this old Frog came over to our table and said that for five hundred francs we could see this ‘exhibition,’ we jumped at the chance — after he told us what an ‘exhibition’ was… men and women fuckin’ n’ suckin’ each other… all sorts of weirdo sex acts.

“Course, this sex deal was not on the main floor of the club — I mean for just anybody to see. The average Frog couldn’t have afforded it no how. But us GIs was loaded — and what the hell is five hundred francs! So we followed this old bird down to the basement, real cautious like. We figured if we was gonna get mugged, we’d slit a couple of throats ourselves. The basement – – I call it that — was really an old wine cellar, one of them large vaulted deals like you see in the movies. But there wasn’t no booze there; the Krauts had stolen all the vino.

“In the middle of the cellar was a sort of stage with a bed and some chairs in its center; and facing the stage on one side were boxes and cartons to sit on. When we five guys walked in — and man! We were ready for anything, believe me — the place was already half full. Even some American brass! There was at least two officers with chickens on their shoulders and a captain and a major. But what the hell! We were on leave, and since the brass was there, why shouldn’t we be! Why it wouldn’t have surprised me if ‘Old Blood & Guts’ (Patton) himself wouldn’t have barged in!

“When there was about — oh, maybe forty of us present, the ‘exhibition’ began. And would you believe it! Two WACS was there, too, sitting right there in the front row. I’ll bet they took on a couple of Officers before the night was over. Hell, I caught clap offen a WAVE once. Anyhow, two girls and a man — all three stark naked — got on the stage, and the old Frog — you know, he was a filthy old fart! — turned on a spot light. The two girls had black hair and was about twenty years old, and really stacked up. Man, did my mouth water for them nipples! I guess the man was close to thirty.

He got on the bed and laid on his back. At the same time, one of the girls crawled up over his face and pushed her bunny box right down on his lips and he began suckin’ her, while the other gal got on all fours in front of him and began playing with his peter — jackin’ him to make it hard. She got it hard in nothing flat and put it in her mouth and began sucking it like crazy — real slow and hard, gettin’ as much of it in her mouth as she could.

I don’t think the guy ever did ‘come,’ because when they changed positions and one of the girls laid on her back and the guy began fuckin’ her in the mouth, his jock was still as big as a rolling pin. The other dame crawled around in back of him and buried her face in his ass — lickin’ his red-hole, I guess. Man, what a sight! I ain’t never seen nothing like it!

“After this the two gals began 69ing each other. While they slobbered in each other’s cunts, the guy sat on the edge of the bed and licked the girls all over, playing with his peter all the time. And he had a pair of balls on him as big as his peter!

“All of us just sat there, bug-eyed and wiggling on our seats, getting ‘stone-aches,’ and nipping at the wine bottles we had lugged down to the cellar with us.

“‘Come on, damn it!’ one of the colonels shouted. He was really gassed. ‘Stick that big prick of yours in one of those sluts!’

“The old Frog translated into French and the ‘actors’ changed positions. One of the girls, after caressing the guy’s dick, rolled over and the man crawled on top of her, the other dame guiding in his root. He began fucking the gal like crazy, her throwing her long legs round his waist and moving her ass just as fast as he moved his. While they fucked, the other dame sat on the bed and jacked herself off.

“Finally the guy must have shot his load. He rolled off the whore — and both of them were sweaty as hell — and lay there while the girl who had been jacking herself took hold of his wet and limp peter and crammed it into her mouth. The girl who had just gotten fucked moved herself around and began licking the ass- hole of the girl suckin’ off the guy. And while she sucked her she played with her pussy with one hand and with her other hand — she put her finger into the man’s bung- hole. We could hear them groaning and slobbering and making noise.

“We wondered what the three could possibly do next. They had sucked and fucked each other — so what was left? By God! We soon found out, after the old man led a big white collie dog onto the stage. One of the girls put several pillows under her butt and spread her legs real wide. The naked bastard onstage unsnapped the leash and said something to the dog and it leaped onto the bed, snuggling right up between the girl’s legs and beginning to tongue away at her cunt. We almost fell on the floor, we was so shocked! The way that dog parted her hair and went after that pussy juice.

“But we was in for a surprise. By God if we weren’t! The other girl got on the bed, rolled over to the dog, who was on all fours, and began squeezing his nuts and playing with his prick. You know what? When the collie’s prick was real hard and hanging out, all red and wet, the girl got underneath him and actually began sucking that dog’s prick! I heard one of the WACS say, ‘I think I am going to vomit!’ And she puked right on the floor!

“Well, sir, that dog sucked the slut and got sucked by the other bitch for I guess maybe five minutes. Then the girl sucking the dog changed places with the other girl, and the man — his jock was big and hard again — led the dog up between her legs. The collie had to be trained. He knew what the score was and knew exactly what to do. Right off the bat he mounted that French whore and began fucking her — just like a man would do. I dunno, maybe the dame enjoyed it. She must have from the way she acted, but there was no way to tell for sure.

“Say, mister — what in hell do you want to write about animals fucking people for?”

Part II

The Sex Circus should not be confused with what is popularly known as “the stag party,” although a circus can be a part of a stag party. However, it rarely is. Currently there are four types in which only males compose the audience: the Bachelor Party, the Blue Show, the Smoker, and the rather specialized Good Will Show.

The Bachelor Party is simply a party without women — an excuse the boys use to get together in honor of a buddy who is about to be married. Beer and whiskey are plentiful and so are the sorry old gags about wedded bliss. The closest the boys come to feminine companionship is in a few packs of pictures (the kind advertised in “girlie” magazines) and a number of lies told by guests who have “been around,” wild tales about orgies they have either attended or heard about.

On the way home, after the party, a few of the more daring lads decide to show their manhood by dropping in at… “a real classy joint with beautiful dolls and…” But after driving around for an hour or so, and more tipping of the bottle, they decide the “beautiful dolls” have moved…

A step removed from this mild sort of innocent fling is the Blue Show. No one is ever sure how this type of show gets started. Bob tells Frank and Frank tells Jim and so on. But finally a night is agreed upon and the boys gather at the home of a friend whose wife is out for the evening. For awhile the boys sit around and drink, getting courage out of a bottle; then they lock all the doors, draw the shades and depart, nervously, for the rumpus room in the basement. Voices are low and each man acts like a junior Dick Tracy, as there is general concem over a “spy” getting in. Just who the “spy” might be and represent is a deep mystery. However, no Blue Show is complete without a suspected “spy.”

The host grins stupidly and says, “Well, I guess we’d better get started.” He and another guest begin opening four or five cans of film and loading the 16 mm projector, which the host has borrowed from either his church or a local high school.

The lights are tumed down and the “movie” begins. There isn’t any danger of the films winning an Oscar. They are usually spotty and have a tendency to lapse into flickers of white nothingness. As to the “actors” and the story plot… a typical film might be called A Date With My Doctor. In this classic epic we see a young girl going into a doctor’s office. There is no nurse, and the “doctor” — crudely disguised in glasses and false beard — shows the young lady into his private office. She acts shy and afraid. He turns and leers at the camera and we can see his lips moving, telling the girl to undress. She does, slowly, until she is stark naked. The doctor advances and has the girl lay down on what passes for an examining table. He then indulges in various sex acts with her, climaxing the scene with sexual intercourse.

It is the Blue Show that is often raided by police. The guests are held for disorderly conduct and are fined anywhere from five to one hundred dollars each, depending upon how loudly the local bluenoses have been beating their moral drums. Naturally the wise thing to do is to plead guilty, pay up and get the hell out before the publicity gets out of hand.

Newspapers in reporting such raids have to rely on tired euphemisms as “obscene performance” and “pornographic” material.

One Chicago raid in the summer of 1967 netted almost the entire membership of a labor union, plus five women. This was duly noted by the press, plus the fact that ten reels of film, in color and with sound, were confiscated.

In a California raid, the police net also included a photographer, who was at the party to develop and print pictures for guests who might have trouble having them processed at the local drug store.

Girls are occasionally used in the Blue Show. However, I use the word “girls” in the broadest sense, for unless the ladies are enthusiastic amateurs — or unless it is a very swank affair — they are likely to be very sad indeed. This is easy to understand, since a gal with a good private practice is not prone to make house calls, and the talented free-lances are seldom interested in the large, economy-size project, all of which leaves “Smoker” work to ladies who are either too unattractive for steady work or almost too old to walk!

This author personally has known men who could laugh at some of the weirdest perversions in the world, but would almost vomit in horror at the female aspect of the program. As one salesman cried, “It’s disgraceful and indecent! Hell! That dame’s old enough to be my grandmother!”

Be that as it may, it is Grandma’s job to circulate among the guests, say witty sayings and disappear from time to time with individual males. All sorts of elaborate plans are made in advance for spiriting her away in case of trouble, and trouble is always close by, for this type of dame usually manages to get very drunk, which seems to be a sort of occupational hazard of the profession. Often Grandma will do a sloppy strip-tease and end up passed out on the floor.

There is the genuine “anything-goes” Smoker — rather rare, mainly because of the expense and the difficulty of finding a place to hold it. This type of deal is usually held in various parts of the country by say, National Guard units, fireman’s groups and the like.

There may or may not be movies at a rip-roaring smoker, but there are always girls. And unless this is really a swank affair, the girls will be mature. This is the only compliment we can give them. The goodlooking younger talent simply isn’t interested, not unless the price is right, and the price is seldom right because the boys can’t afford it, or else don’t want to.

The program? After the boys are a little boozed up, the entertainment begins with an “act” performed by the star. For some remote reason many of these performers insist on displaying some kind of sick-sick talent (aside from the usual one). They either sing, dance, juggle or otherwise make fools of themselves.

(I attended one Smoker several years ago in Tampa and the “star” walked onto the stage carrying a basket containing what she said was a dove. It was the bird’s job to fly around and pull off her veils, until she was in the nude. Most of us figured that was one helluva way to do a strip tease, but we waited patiently, that is until a middle aged banker, who was pretty well pooped, demanded loudly that we “…take that goddamned owl outta here!” The lady took offense at this and a free for-all was almost had.)

Anyhow, having made her bow to a disgusted muse, the performer gets down to work on her speciality. If the boys are operating on a low budget, she does this alone on the stage. But if the boys want to pay for it, she works with a partner or two. You can well imagine what the “act” consists of.

Often the show depends on audience participation. The lady shouts: “Is there a gentleman down there who will assist me?”

At this point the crowd will invariably push forward a pal who is known to be (l) a show-off; (2) a prude; (3) classically plastered. The lady, or ladies, loudly assists in getting him on the stage. Often the poor boob will try to run, but of course he doesn’t get far. Then again, the boob will throw himself whole- heartedly into the business, with such vim and vigor that he has to be pulled off by the “entertainment committee.” But usually he will yield to popular demand and make a grotesque attempt to do what the girls ask him to do, grinning stupidly and often flauncing off the stage in the confusion. As a rule he does succeed in making a complete ass of himself.

This breaks the moral ice and the party turns into something of a free-for-all: The girls run around naked all over the place and every now and then go into a back room with one of the boys. There is laughter and shouting and clouds of cigar and cigarette smoke. The party breaks up when the guests start passing out or somebody tosses a punch.

The Goodwill Setup (or VIP Party) is not a stag party in the strict sense of the term. It is for men, and the entertainment is strictly physical, but in his case the host is a public relations man with an enormous budget, in search of a sure-fire way to persuade a small group of VIPs to think gratefully of his client and to do business with him.

The whole business of high-powered sex usually begins with cocktails at a good hotel. The VIPs are introduced to lovely young ladies, who are usually in their early twenties, with clothes, accents and manners that are flawless. These girls are top professionals in the business and show uncanny skill in pleasing their escorts.

Looking and acting like movie starlets, no one would ever dream that they are $200 and $300 and $500 a night cau girls. These girls are also available for longer tours of duty, such as weekend cruises, visits to private lodges, etc. Of course their rates are higher for this type of work and can run as high as a grand or more. But as we have said, these girls are the best money can buy.

Part III

The Sex Circus, with or without animals, is undoubtedly the most depraved and vulgar exhibition known to the human mind, and no city or large size in the world is free of such an extravaganza. London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, the St. Pauli section of Hamburg, Germany, Tokyo (and it is even rumored that such displays have been put on in ultra-prudish Moscow) — and in the United States… the Near North Side in Chicago… certain sections of Greenwich Village… Las Vegas… Austin… Detroit… and others.

In Latin America… Havana, Cuba, in pre-Castro days was truly a mecca for Circus acts, such productions taking in thousands of dollars per day from gaping American tourists.

In Havana, the competition for the tourist trade produced, finally, four types of circus performances. One type emphasized the surroundings — like the walls, floor and ceiling being all mirrored, so that the spectators could watch the acts from any and every angle. In another type, the focus was on youth, the performers all teenagers, the attraction centering around the depravity of boys and girls so young.

HOMOSEXUALS, male and female, provided the tourists with the third type of show, performing en masse, in which lesbians (or male homosexuals) rolled together in simulated or real simultaneous orgasm.

The human/animal sex circus was the fourth type.

Part IV

Dr. Robert van Dextrineholtz, a medical doctor from River Forest, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago), an orthopedist to be precise, was a spectator at a human/animal sex circus, in which the “actors” were teen-agers, not one over sixteen. As an added attraction, elderly men and women performed with the teen-agers. Finally, Youth and Age indulged in acts of perversion with beasts.

Dr. van Dextrineholtz has given us permission to use his name and to record his history. I now give it in the first person.

Doctor Robert van Dextrineholtz: It was our good fortune — mine and my wife’s — to be spectators at what is known as a sex circus. The one I attended — I and my wife — was held in a large private home on the Rio Del Prado in Havana, my knowledge of the affair having been conveyed to me by a tout who, openly, solicited business all over the city. He did this quite openly and I assume that he and other shills were not the least bit concerned about interference from the police.

I discussed it with my wife, not wanting to go without her.

“It will be unusual,” Marie said. “And we might never get another chance to see such depravity — just so we don’t have to participate!”

So we went — in the middle of a hot July afternoon, and the cost was one hundred American dollars per person.

I was further convinced that the police were getting a share of the profits when we arrived by cab at the huge house and were ushered inside by a very pretty Negro maid. She was about twenty and very pretty. She took us to a very large room on the first floor and told us we could sit where we wanted and smoke.

She indicated a bar on one side of the room. “Anything you want to drink,” she said. “And the prices are the same as at the better hotels. Enjoy yourselves, Americanos.”

On one side of the spacious room was a stage perhaps four feet tall and twenty feet square, and in front of it scores of folding chairs, the kind seen in public halls and lodges. There must have been forty or fifty people present — men and women of all ages — but no children — and nationalities, though the majority were Americans, I judged. They sat there, smoking, laughing and talking loudly. Some were drinking and not a few were intoxicated. My wife and I took seats as close to the stage as we could. The front rows were already filled.

About fifteen minutes later when all of the chairs were filled, a Cuban came onto the stage — one of those pinched-faced, slicked- down types that reminded me of a weasel. And he had several gold-capped teeth in his mouth.

He said: “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. In a moment you will witness sights so depraved that they will shock you to your very core… sights you have never before seen… acts of lust and sex that only you, as privileged guests, are permitted to witness. For those of you with cameras — you may take pictures if you wish. There is no extra charge…”

The Sex Circus began. One teen-age girl and three teen- age boys skipped onto the stage — all four of them stark naked. The girl was about sixteen years old and well-developed, with long, slim legs and breasts and buttocks that begged for male hands. She had a very thick bush of pubic hair. The boys were about the same age, except one, who couldn’t have been more than twelve years old; yet his penis was rather large for his age, and under a full flag of erection.

The teen-agers got on the bed and got right to work. One of the boys lay on his back and the girl — she was blonde — got on top of him, working his organ into her vagina. Another boy got behind her and began pushing his organ into her vulva. With two male organs in her, her vagina was stretched to its limit.

Still, there was more. For as the girl began the movement of coitus in her ‘woman-on-top’ position, and the boy on top of her began his movements on her, the third boy, the one around twelve years of age, knelt on the bed in front of the threesome, his knees on either side of the head of the boy who was on his back, and offered his stiff penis to the red lips of the girl. She began licking the glans — even his testicles, and it was obvious that he was sexually excited.

He kept trying to push it in her mouth, but she wanted to lick and kiss it first. Finally she permitted him to shove it, full force, into her mouth. She braced herself with her hands — flat on the bed — while she pounded with her pelvic region the boy underneath her, moving her hips so furiously that numerous times his peter slipped out. He would hurriedly reinsert it. The boy kneeling in front of her kept moving his organ in and out of her mouth. If the four teen-agers were putting on an act, they were certainly good.

From the way they moaned and groaned, I do think they were genuinely excited. I know the boy screwing the girl in the mouth had an orgasm. She gagged for an instant the moment he shot, and when he withdrew his wet and wilting organ, all of us could see the girl swallowing his sperm. He must have been very excited, putting into her mouth a very large amount of sexual cream, for some even dribbled from her lips.

Then — “OHHHHHhhhhhhh! I’m coming!” the girl screamed — and moved her hips rapidly. The boy underneath her sweating body had an orgasm about the same time. He moaned loudly, his eyes becoming glazed as he shot to sexual heights. The boy giving it to the girl dog- fashion (in the uenus aversa position) burst his nuts too… moaning with open mouth and going limp and slowly withdrawing from the fine young ass of the girl.

She turned languidly on her back, pleading in a loud voice, “One of you suck me. Come on — eat it — now!”

The twelve-year-old inched down the bed and crawled between her legs, burying his face in her wet, dripping hairs. The boy who had been jamming her dog-fashion slid underneath the child and mouthed his half-hard penis, sucking on it so hard we could see his cheeks going in and out from the force of suction.

The boy who had been underneath the girl played with his penis and soon it was like a small iron bar. He lowered himself to the face of the girl, she parted her lips, and his stiff penis slid in. Slowly, he began screwing her in the mouth. While she sucked and was sucked, she worked her forefinger in and out of the rectum of the boy fellating the twelve-year-old.

This sucking scene continued for perhaps ten minutes. Again… orgasm.

I should say that by this time many persons sitting in the audience, of both genders, were becoming sexually excited. Of course, the drinks lessened inhibitions. Both my wife and I were surprised at some of the indecent remarks we heard, particularly from people who looked to be models of decorum. One middle aged woman – – she could have played the prudish old maid in some motion picture — laughed at one time and remarked, “That little son of a bitch really fucked her good in the mouth. I wonder how it tasted to her?”

The man with her laughed and took a quick nip from his pint bottle. “Well, you can taste my come when we get back to the hotel, if you want. I’ll be glad to fuck you in your mouth, dear. Just ask.” The wife — I assume she was — laughed.

The next act featured the Negress who had ushered us into the house, as well as a tall girl, about fifteen years of age, with orange-dyed hair, and four boys, from perhaps sixteen to eighteen years of age. First, the boys came on the stage, stark naked, followed by the two girls, fully dressed in street clothes, complete with silk stockings and high heels. Slowly, grinning and with lewd comments, the boys began undressing the two girls.

“Ah… look at those fine tits,” as the bra of the Negress was removed.

“What a fine ass,” and off came the panties of the girl with the orange hair. “And a fine cunt, too, just waiting for our peters.”

“Or a tongue!”

Men and women in the audience began taking pictures as the Negro girl knelt on the floor in front of one of the boys. The youth had a big hard, and, placing both hands on the back of her fuzzy head, moved his instrument back and forth across her half-parted lips. She cooed with half closed eyes as the moist glans stroked her mouth.

“By God! I think that nigger slut can’t wait to suck that dick,” a man said drunkenly, rather loudly. “Come on, boy, slam it in her mouth!”

The Negress opened her mouth, then pounced upon the erect penis, as if to devour it. Smiling, the boy began moving his hips, pushing his penis in and out of the girl’s mouth, and she sucked it eagerly, her eyes closed.

Two other boys moved in behind the kneeling Negress, each placing his penis in one of her armpits. They began pumping her in this manner, while she held her arms tightly to her sides, assuring a tight fit for their organs. This seemed to Marie and me a rather weird way to enjoy sex, but I suppose they enjoyed it.

However, I must confess that Marie and I were intrigued by the armpit act, and we tried it later. She said she didn’t particularly enjoy it, but I did, as long as she kept her arm tight. But she said it was “messy” when I — when the sperm filled her armpit. We didn’t try it again.

The fourth boy placed himself on his back behind the boy who was pumping the Negress in her mouth, his penis standing erect like a tiny flag pole. The orange-haired girl calmly mounted his mouth and he began — what’s the technical term for it? He began performing cunnilingus on her. As he sucked away on her — by the way, her pubic hair was black — she reached around and began masturbating him vigorously.

We could see the head popping in and out of the foreskin as she jerked him. And as she did this, she buried her face in the buttocks of the boy standing in front of her, her head moving perpendicularly as she licked his round, red eye. Of the six in action, the boy who was masturbated shot first — half a dozen creamed spurts that rose at least six inches, falling back on the boy.

The sex show progressed. The boys paired off into couples and did a 69. So did the two girls, the Negress on top. The girl with orange hair put on a dildo and had face-to-face lesbian intercourse with the Negress.

The Negress, on her knees, held on to the head of the bed, while two of the boys laughingly pulled apart the plush twin mounds of her buttocks, revealing to the world her anus. Orange-Hair ran off the stage and quickly returned with a small jar of what we all assumed to be vaseline. She dipped a forefinger into the jar, removed it and slipped it into the anus of the Negress, moving her finger back and forth, greasing the orifice, preparing it for action…

One of the boys took his place behind the Negress and with the two boys still spreading the cheeks of her buttocks, he began forcing his male tool into her prepared anus… twisting first one way and then another, while at the same time, the girl moved her hips, helping and doing all she could to assist entry.

You could hear a pin drop — I tell you — as all of us watched that boy forcing his penis into the rectum of the girl. At last it was all the way in — I mean flush — and he began to fu — I mean, he began the movements of anal intercourse, the black gal holding onto the bedboard for support, every now and then grunting as a result of a hard jab.

“Lawdy, lawdy,” the Negress gasped at one part of the proceedings, “that big ole joy-jabber is gonna push my insides clean outta place — oh! UG! OH!!”

“I’d like to fuck that black ass of hers,” a man close to us whispered.

The boys took their turns riding her rump — and so did the other girl, using a dildo and pumping her just as viciously as the boys had.

What I call Act Number Three was totally and completely unexpected, in spite of what we had already seen. A teen-age boy and girl — the boy about eighteen and the girl about sixteen — came out and undressed each other. They got on the bed and did a 69. Then the boy screwed her, both in the normal manner and via her rectum; then she licked real completely his butt-hole, and he licked hers.

We did a double take when an old man ambled slowly into the room and stepped, with effort, onto the stage. He was at least seventy, white-haired, and with skin the color of flour. His penis was shrivelled and, well, it just hung there, tired-like, as if it had seen better days, and no doubt it had.

Walking as if his bones were hinged with rusty wire, the oldster creaked onto the bed and, like a dying fish, flopped over on his skinny back. Quickly, the boy crawled over his face and, grinning like an imp, shoved his large phallus into the toothless mouth of the old guy.

The girl immediately began playing with the old man’s wrinkled weenie, flopping it back and forth, pinching it between thumb and forefinger — doing her best, applying every trick she knew, to emote him into erection. But his sex organ remained as soggy as last month’s cigar.

“Come on, Grandpa” she laughed. “Get hard! How can you fuck my young cunt with a limp rag?”

The old boy couldn’t. Finally, the girl began fellatio, giving the organ little nips and love bites. But that didn’t help either.

The old man, later, muttering to himself (frankly, I think he was senile) staggered from the room. He was replaced on the stage by an old woman (about the same age as the old man; her hair was stringy, snow white, and her breasts were thin. flabby and with big flat nipples the color of vamish. Her skin was the gray color of a corpse and glistened as she practically fell on the bed.

First the boy took her — coitus per vagina; then girl, using a dildo. And be damned if the old has-been didn’t make an effort to move her hips! She actually enjoyed it! You could tell that! As a climax to the act, the old girl performed fellatio on the boy as he sat on the edge of the bed. The girl held his phallus, as the old dame sucked it methodically.

I suppose the grand finale to the entire sex show was the ‘animal act.’ After all, it was a ‘circus!’ (Dr. Dextrineholtz laughed loudly at this point in his story. ) However, I do feel it was poor taste to include animals with teen-agers. After all, they were only kids.

After the bed was removed from the stage, two boys brought in a sort of ramp with steps. We wondered what it would be used for.

A boy led a hog onto the stage. It was a two hundred- fifty pounder, at least, and grunted every now and then — a rather vicious-looking beast, black in color, with little eyes and a long snout. My wife, who was a hillbilly from Southern Illinois, told me it was a ‘lard-type’ hog and called a ‘Poland-China.’ But I wasn’t interested in any United Nations at the moment and neither was anyone else at the time.

The boy led the hog up the steps of the ramp. And the animal just stood there, looking around, not the least bit frightened. The boy stood there holding the rope, the end of which was around the hog’s neck.

Another boy, who had been fellated into erection by the Negress offstage, walked up behind the animal. His penis was just at the right height, the same level as the back of the hog.

Easily, but slowly, the boy shoved his penis into the vagina of the sow and began screwing the animal, his hands grasping her sides. She glanced around, grunted, and the boy pounded away, panting and grunting, too! He enjoyed it and so did the sow.

I heard a woman say, “Now I’ve seen everything — those filthy perverts!”

My wife and I stared. The rest of the audience stared.

“Oh!” the teen-ager yelled. “Oh, sow baby, I’m coming!” Whether or not the sow did is a moot question.

And before the show was over, five other boys screwed that sow!

And when they were finished the Negress satisfied the animal — and maybe herself — with cunnilingus! I am still wondering why one of the girls didn’t use a dildo on the sow! They sure used it enough on each other — the little whores. I wonder how kids can sink so low! So young, too!

But if you think sex with a sow was something out of this world .. . . well the orange-haired bitch bounced on the stage with a snake coiled on her arm. Uh-huh, that’s what I said — a snake! It was about three feet long, a sort of greenish-brown in color and it had a sort of flat head. Its tongue flicked in and out real fast. I know the snake wasn’t poisonous, not from the way Orangy handled it — she wasn’t the least bit afraid of it. And do you know what she did with that reptile?

She stood with her legs far apart and put the head of the reptile right into her snatch — stuck in the snake at least three or four inches! She’d move it in and out three or four times and now and then leave it in for a couple of seconds — and how she’d giggle!

I guess the tongue of the snake did this to her, because she said, “OH SATAN BABY, YOUR TONGUE!”

Then she’d do it all over again — in and out… pause… in and out… pause.

Every now and then she’d stroke the back of the reptile’s head. We assumed this gesture kept the snake gentle and cooperative. She let the snake have intercourse with her — I wonder if that’s the right word to use in this case — for ten minutes or so. It certainly was a wild thing to see. My wife watched, fascinated, and I noticed that all the other women in the audience seemed to be spell-bound by the sight of that snake moving in and out the vulva of the girl.

Well, at least I could say I had seen a girl fuck — I mean screw — herself with a snake!

Two airedale dogs and an Irish setter were led onto the stage, their tongues hanging out, as they glanced at the audience. And I know damn well that those dogs were trained for their performances.

The Negress got on the stage and flung a quilt and a half dozen pillows on the floor. While she arranged them, another girl began masturbating the Irish setter. The black broad put several pillows where her head would rest and in the spot where her black butt would be raised. She lay down and got into position, spreading her legs, and a girl led the dog into position. That copper-toned setter knew what the score was. He sure did. Right away the dog crawled on the black piece and she helped him, guiding his pointed peter into her cunny-box. He began banging away on her, acting like he hadn’t had a piece in months. Maybe he hadn’t!

That Irish setter really enjoyed his chocolate mama, and while he worked her, his paws lying across her shoulders, she held him with her legs and with her arms around his waist. That setter did her just like a man would — and people in the audience really snapped the pictures. How they got them developed is a mystery to me. Remember, this was before the Polaroid. Of course, I suppose many of them did their own developing or else knew someone who did.

About this time, another girl, rather short and dark- haired and with the cutest little ass I’ve ever seen — I guess she was about fourteen — strapped on a small dildo and actually tried to have anal relations with the setter. But she couldn’t get the imitation peter in. She stopped very suddenly when the animal stopped his screw movements and turned and growled at her. But you couldn’t blame the dog for not wanting to be jammed in the can with a rubber or leather phallus. I certainly wouldn’t want to be.

A man sitting next to me nudged me in the ribs. “So help me, I think that’s a lousy way to treat a dog. By God! It’s indecent!”

Later, we didn’t think so much of the Irish setter. He was a ‘one-shot’ dog — seems kinda silly saying that about a dog! After he finished with the Negress the naked kids tried to get him to do Orange-hair, but he simply wasn’t interested. Several of the girls masturbated him and toyed with his testicles, but… they finally had to give up and lead him off the stage. One might say that the setter was sexually satiated.

Two other girls rearranged the pillows and then lay down, spreading their slim young legs. I must confess I now had an enormous erection. I especially would have liked to have taken on the Negress right then.

The Airedales didn’t have to be shown what to do; immediately they trotted between the girls legs and began licking and nuzzling their sweet little vulvas. The boys crawled over the girls and began having oral- intercourse with them. In my opinion, all those girls must have had very sore mouths.

After the boys had their orgasms, they got off the girls, and the girls got on their knees and elbows. Each boy spread the ass-cheeks of his girl, letting the dogs lick their red-eyes. All the while the gals giggled and squirmed.

The audience wiggled too. I gathered from observing the anxious faces around me that the women were about ready to explode, as sexually excited as they could possibly get — including my wife, whom I satisfied with hard and vigorous intercourse after we returned to the hotel.

What did I think of the Sex Circus. Well, it certainly was unusual. And watching it did give me and Marie ideas for new combinations. I don’t mean with animals, of course. That’s just plain nasty. But to each his own, I always say. If a man wants to fuck a sow or a woman get sucked by a dog — that’s their business — as long as the animals don’t mind.”

Analysis and Conclusions:

A point that the average sexologist misses is that the Circus of Sex serves as a subtle medium of conditioned response in those who have watched human beings cavort in seance-a-trois — with or without animals. As we have seen, there must be a subtle depravity that inroads itself insidiously into the Id of those who, in the first place, would put themselves into such a position. Moral fibre cannot help but be weakened in even normal persons of normally-directed sexual motivation — even those who, out of sheer curiosity, go but once to a circus. That once is often enough to cause a slow, festering cancer in the subconscious, giving the ruthless Id the chance it seeks to overpower the Super-ego.

We must ask: can any individual be sexually normal who attends such a perverted circus — regardless of whether the show involves human/animal relationships? An analysis of the sex drives of those in attendance would no doubt be as interesting as an intensive probe of the amorality of those who actually participate.

We do know that a number of on-lookers are active and latent scoptophiliacs, or, in the vulgar… “Peep Freaks”… and/or active or latent homosexuals. But how many are latent bestialists? There is really no way of knowing, the given number of any given group resting, out of sheer necessity, on sheer speculation; and it is not wise to speculate, even mildly, in the realm of sex.

The number might be larger than what one might think, if we could use as a yardstick of measurement the behavior of the observers who watch a circus; unfortunately such “evidence” is non sequitur and not admissible in the sexual court of inquiry we are currently conducting. People might be depraved — and the word is open to debate as used here — but we must remember there are different forms of degeneracy.

One addicted to oral intercourse does not have to be caught in the net of bestiality. Nor does a homosexual — active or latent. Nor a woman who prefers fellatio or anal-erotic activity. “To each his own” truly applies here. Where do we draw that so-thin line? We draw it by saying that while the spectator of a sex circus might be suffering from a sexual neurosis, he does not have to have the illness of even latent bestiality.

We have mentioned the Stag Party in order that no confusion exist between this relatively innocent amusement form and the totally different Circus; while the former is a spring shower, the latter is a raging hurricane. The student of these complex matters might wonder why respectable men, a doctor… a schoolteacher… a businessman, etc. — might attend such a Stag. We suggest, from our own observations and conclusions, that it is all a throwback to the primitive… the gathering of the males while woman stays home and takes care of kitchen and children. At least in theory, that is what a woman is supposed to do…

The male going to the Stag is actually looking for a kind of moral companionship. Favoring the sexy and the bawdy, his is a furtive, lonely kind of titillation.

He goes to sublimate his guilt feelings. And any product of Christian moral philosophy, noble in its aim but unrealistic in practice, methods and end results… perhaps because Christianity insists on making men something they are not and never can be. A noble state that can be reached only by those fanatics content to replace facts and reality with hysterical faith.

In general, normally-oriented people go to exhibitions of sex for the same reason: to sublimate their subconscious feelings of guilt, and any product of Western moral philosophy must have a feeling of guilt. This is evidenced in their coarse behavior at such gatherings, in their remarks which are not vulgar in the sense that the people who voice such remarks are deliberately trying to be obscene — no! They are merely removing the conditioned masks of their moral personas, revealing to each other their real selves… the sexual savage slumbering in all of us.

Such an aborigine of the libido even dwelt in the “Saints.” We cite here the case of Christian Ebner, who (in the twelfth century) imagined her self to have conceived a child by Christ after being embraced “spiritually” by Him. This “saint” cut a cross of skin over the region of her heart and tore it off — all of which sufficiently demonstrates her sexual desire manifesting itself not only in delusions but in conscious masochism.

There was St. Blaubekin, who became obsessed with the thought of what had happened to the foreskin of Christ after it had been removed by circumcision. This sexual psychopath ran all over Europe looking for it — an effort that was indeed wasted, for no fewer than twelve churches in Europe — to this very day — possess, among their sacred relics, the prepuce of Jesu Christi! But this should not surprise us, not when we learn that until 1876 five churches possessed the five skulls of John the Baptist.

Today, Notre Dame in Paris has one — but of course, the Vatican has the “true” skull.

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