Teen Lust

I remember when I first met Mr. Vaughn, I thought he was a TA. He looked young, mid 20’s as everyone always guessed, but he was well into his 30’s. He always wore jeans and t-shirts, which accentuated his slightly toned body. He told us he was former military, which explained some things, but he was never into it, so he left when he finished his deployment. He loved the outdoors, and always kept himself in shape, but his job as an honors teacher limited the time he could spend with nature. This led him to have a body type that I loved, not too buff, but still well-muscled on his slender frame. The next thing he started talking about was his wife.

“Damn,” I thought to myself, not that it would have made any difference. I was still closeted at the time, and careful to keep it that way. The way our school classes were structured, all of the honors students were in one hall and there was little interaction outside of the group of about 200 kids and 8 or so teachers with the large 3000+ student body. This made it both harder and easier to keep my secret. I was extremely careful inside the group, as any rumors or gossip in general spread like wildfire. However, it wasn’t too hard to find other students to mess around with. Because honors and regular students rarely interacted except for electives like sports or band, there was a low chance of the two groups mingling. I could keep an ear open for outed guys, find some excuse to befriend them, and then mess around with them until I got bored. I was always sure to make it clear that my sexuality was a secret, as my parents are extremely conservative. However, they were also extremely rich, which is why I always tried to stay on their good side. Even if they didn’t come home too often, I wanted to be sure that my secret would never get out.

As my senior year approached, I had gotten bored with the kids my age, the immaturity and drama was really not doing it for me. It was a dilemma I had been facing until the first day of school, that’s when I met him.

As I walked into English class, I was too busy catching up with my friends to notice anything else. Since everyone in the honors program were so close knit, it took a while for everyone to take their turn to describe their summer. Even after we were done, many were still stressing about our upcoming college applications. Lucky for me, my dad was a software engineer and had taught me many skills. A small startup that began as a summer project a few years ago had grown quite large, and my dad would transfer full control of it to me when I turned 18 later that month. My role in the company, combined with the fact that my father is an alumnus from Yale, got me a special meeting with the dean and a personal invitation to attend the next year, which I would have been crazy to not accept. Because this had already happened, I was just listening to the crazy stories my friends had to offer up. I was a really outgoing student, currently ranked number 1, and had many friends, but I was always quiet in large social settings. My average, 5’11” stature made it easy for me to blend in and hear things, yet once people knew me, they would always ask for my expert opinion. More than once I was complimented for my good listening skills and my calm solutions for difficult problems.

As we finished filing into the classroom, I had noticed that we had a new teacher. The senior honors English teacher had been an old grouchy woman for years, but I guess she had finally retired. Standing before us instead was a perfect specimen, I almost licked my lips as I saw him.

“He’s so hot” I heard Olivia whisper to another student, and I couldn’t help but agree. My eyes gazed at his perfectly bronzed skin and his defined, but not overly bulky, muscles. I wanted to peel his shirt off to see if he had a six pack and pull his jeans down to see the size of his manhood. Thank god I sat towards the back of the class as I was trying to hide my growing erection. This distraction of a teacher was sure going to make it difficult for me to pay attention this year.

I spent the rest of the class trying to avoid eye contact, focusing too hard on writing down everything he was saying in a notebook, yet even his voice entranced me. After he had gone through this year’s difficult syllabus, there were only a few more minutes until the end of class and everyone began to start chatting again.

As the day progressed, my mind kept traveling back to the new teacher. As more and more students went into his class, the buzz grew more and more. Even between classes, he would stand outside his door greeting students in, giving me hourly glances as him. It was bad. My slight crush on this new teacher kept growing and growing. At first it was a small infatuation, but I could feel something stronger within me. Lust.

I shook my head and tried to clear my thoughts. The day way pretty easy, and when I went home there wasn’t much to do but to order some books and pack my stuff for the next day. As I sat in my bed with the TV turned on for some background noise, my mind started to wander. Before long, it found its way to the hot teacher burning in my mind. I felt my prick starting to harden and decided to release it from the bounds of my underwear. As I stroked it, my mind wandered to a scene where the hot new teacher was naked, on his hands and knees begging for a taste of my cock. His chocolate brown eyes, just barely covered by his dark hair, looking up at me, begging me for satisfaction. I imagined myself giving in, plunging my member in his soft mouth, pumping in and out as he massaged it with his throat. I moaned in pleasure as I finally came in my hand. My prick pulsed as I reached the height of my pleasure. For a few minutes, I couldn’t do anything but lay there and catch my breath. Once I finally recovered, I realized that I was completely drenched in sweat. What was happening to me? How could one silly teacher, who I had known for less than a day, get me so worked up to a point where a mere fantasy would take me over the edge? At this rate, I really needed to find a way to satisfy my desire. If not, this would be a really difficult year.

The next day, I sat back in his class. Nothing like a fine hunk to wake you up in the morning. As he dragged on and on about more beginning of the year stuff, I zoned out and just focused on him. Once again, my location in the back of the room gave me ample privacy to daydream. As I went on and on imagining us alone, enjoying each other’s bodies, I was nudged by someone next to me.

“Shh, leave me alone. I’m thinking,” I said absentmindedly. I snapped back in shock as I realized that the whole room was now laughing. What I had thought was a gesture from a friend was really the teacher coming up next to me trying to hand out some papers. I gulped. He was now inches from my face and I could smell his slightly musky scent.

“Who do we have here?” he asked with a smirk.

His smirk fit his face perfectly and now that I saw him close up, he was even more attractive than before. However, his face was splashed with a slight irritation.

“Lucas,” I said.

“What?” he seemed dumbfounded.

“You asked ‘what do we have here?’ I answered Lucas. Because, you know, that’s my name.” I instantly regretted my choice as chuckles were heard around the room. Even though I was usually pretty laid back, I did often have a sharp tongue. Anger flashed on his face and then it all went away.

“I think that your daydreaming is a wonderful past-time. In fact, I think that you can come to my class during lunch and after school for detention in order to continue in peace.” His smirk returned, and the entire room hushed. Even though I did have a sharp tongue at times, I was still a model student. It had been unheard of that I would ever get something like an official detention.

Before I could blow up with anger, the bell rang and I fumed out of the classroom. I heard whispers throughout the halls and my friends came up to me to talk about what had happened.

“I can’t believe he gave you a detention.”

“Are you really going to go?”

I had no choice. If I didn’t go, I was definitely going to get an official referral, which would not only tarnish my school and official reputation, but also my home life if my parents were to ever find out. By the time that lunch rolled around, there was such a buzz that I even heard teachers talking about my detention. As I walked towards his classroom, students and teachers alike peeked their heads out to watch. Trying to avoid all of the drama, I walked right in. I instantly regretted it.

“How is it my fault if the door was left open? Even if I left after you, I went out the front door, not the back. How was I supposed to know you left it open and the dog ran out?” His face was red in frustration and I could tell he was trying to not yell into the phone. He took a deep breath, obviously trying to calm himself down. “Can the neighbors just keep her until the afternoon? I have class and I can’t come pick her up. If anything just have them…” he trailed off as he realized that he wasn’t alone. “Have them put her back into the house and just close the door. I have to go; a student needs something.” He quickly hung up and put his phone back into his pocket.

I quickly realized that I was standing in the middle of the room with my lunch. I slowly looked away and tried to shuffle to my seat, pretending nothing had happened. He stared at me in silence for what seemed like an eternity. I knew because although I was trying to wholly focus on my food, I couldn’t help but peek up every few seconds just to see his eyes boring into me.

“How long were you listening?” His firm, deep voice cut right through the silence.

“I didn’t hear anything.” I spoke reactively. “Ok, maybe just the last 20 seconds.” He stood silent again and I could tell that he wasn’t sure what to do next.

“Well,” he paused, still deep in thought. “As you can tell, I don’t have the smoothest of relationships.” I could see he was trying to be careful with balancing how to explain what had just happened, yet still try not to go too deep into his personal life with his student.

“Well,” I offered, trying to cut the uncomfortability in the room. “Relationships are hard.” With this, I saw his shoulders sag as he thought to himself. It wasn’t uncommon for my friends to come to me with relationship troubles as they said I was a good advice-giver, but I’d never had this type of one-on-one with a teacher before.

“Yes, yes, they are hard.” He muttered to himself. For the first time, his age started to show. He was still muscled and his hair showed no signs of graying, but his body posture as he leaned on his desk showed a tiredness and fatigue that you wouldn’t see from someone in the prime of their life. As the lunch went on, we started talking more and more. The tone got much lighter as we talked about how he was originally a soldier so that he could put himself through college afterwards. At first he wanted to be a financial analyst, as he already got an internship at Goldman Sachs, and became really friendly with a few of the higher ups. However, during a business trip in London, he went to the globe theatre and watched one of Shakespeare’s plays. That moment reignited his passion for literature and from there he became an English teacher.

“Hey, I’m sorry.” He said abruptly as we were talking about the importance of Hamlet’s second soliloquy.


“I overreacted this morning and gave you a detention. You are a good kid. Everyone says so and from what I can see, they are right.”

I was speechless and wasn’t really sure what to say. “I’m sorry too, Mr. Vaughn, for not paying attention.”

“Well, we were both a little wrong. Call me Mike, and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to come after school for a second session.”

“I don’t want to come after school for detention,” I said quickly and he nodded, accepting my choice. “But, what if I want to come after school to talk some more?” I could tell that this caught him off-guard and after a brief pause, he smiled and nodded. “That would be okay with me.”

My excitement caused me to be restless for the rest of my day. As people started to ask about my lunch session, they just assumed that I was still anxious about what was to come when I didn’t answer. If only they knew.

The final bell rang and my happiness was even more than usual. I tried to hide my smile as I walked into Vaughn’s room, making sure to shut the door, as most in the school auto-locked.

“I really didn’t expect you to come after school,” he said, as he was cleaning up his desk in preparation for leaving. I just watched him focus on cleaning up, not saying a word. As he moved, I watched as his muscles flexed and relaxed. His skin was so smooth and I just wanted to explore every inch.

“Is there anything in specific you want to talk about?” he asked me, finally finishing and sitting back on his swivel chair. I shook my head and he looked at me in confusion.

“Then why are you here?”

I gave him a weak smile. “I feel like there is something you need to talk about.” At this point he frowned and I could tell that he was at the point of stopping the whole exchange.

“What I meant was that…” I interrupted before he could say anything else. “For some reason, I feel like it’s really easy for me to talk to you.” I saw him give the slightest nod, that I was pretty sure even he didn’t realize.

“Can I tell you a secret?” I asked, and he nodded slowly, still unsure of where this was going. I pulled a chair from the desks and moved it so it was a few feet from his. We were close enough for me to feel the warmth of his breath and stare him straight in the eyes. “My parents are super conservative, and I’ve been super scared for the last few years, but I’m gay.”

There was some shock on his face, not of the revelation, but because I was being so honest with him.

“It’s okay.” He said to me. “For some reason, I too find it easy to talk to you as well. In fact, I don’t feel like I can be of any help. As you heard during lunch, and knowing your intelligence, I’m sure you can tell that my own relationship has been in shambles. I haven’t been close with my own partner for a while now, and I don’t think that I would be in a good place to give you any advice.” I think that his verbal realization of his life relieved some stress from his heart because I could visibly see him relax.

I stood up and put a hand on his shoulder, feeling his muscles slightly pull away at first but then relaxing. “I didn’t really come for you for advice on that aspect.” I told him as he looked at me.

“The real reason I wanted to spend time with you is because I need advice about a guy that I like.”

“Who?” He started to ask, but before he could even finish, I leaned down and pressed my lips against his.

His lips were soft, and I could feel him start to resist. However, the element of surprise had given me a head start. With one hand, I reached behind his head and held it against my mouth. Within a second, I felt him relax and let me take control. As I pulled him deeper, I could both smell and taste the cinnamon from the gum that he had been chewing earlier. The heat from his lips and his mouth made me plunge my tongue deeper and make the kiss last forever. As he leaned in to me, I moved my hand from his neck towards the side of his face. His smooth skin was slightly interrupted by the traces of stubble that I could fee with my hand and my chin. My other hand, which had been roaming the side of his body, reached deeper and went under the bottom of his shirt. I felt his stomach, firm with a trail of hair leading southward. As I moved further up, I felt his tight abs and kept moving up to his chest. I could feel his chest move at a faster pace as his breathing quickened. My hand made its way to his nipple and he released a loud moan as I did so. After brushing over it a few times, I finally rubbed it between two fingers. His breathing got even faster and he moaned uncontrollably.

During this time, my thigh, which had been in between his legs, felt his manhood grow significantly as his bulge rubbed up against my leg. My hand trailed back downwards until it made its way to his waistline. I pulled my hand out from under his shirt and reached to the front of his pants. I could feel his member grow harder with my touch, and in order to give it some more room, I popped the button on his jeans.

“Whoa,” he pushed me away and jumped up onto his feet. His breathing was fast and shallow and I could see sweat forming on his brow. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” He said, in between breathes, while still staring directly at me. However, his body betrayed his words as there was still a tent in his jeans and his eyes bore into me with desire.

“Do you,” I asked slowly, “Not like this?”

“I,” he started, still breathing heavily. I saw his whole body freeze as his next words came out in a whisper. “I do.”

Without any hesitation, I took another step back towards him, pushing him back so his butt was against the edge of his desk this time. I leaned in for another kiss and he met me halfway. He was slightly taller, but not too much because I was still able to reach his inviting mouth without even having to tiptoe. We kissed for a few more moments and I felt his arms wrap around me as mine wrapped around his, embracing his body.

When we finally came up for air, I removed my hands from around him and tugged at the bottom his shirt. Getting the hint, he lifted his arms over his head as I quickly pulled his shirt off. He did the same to me before we both dove back in. However, this kiss was cut short as I was anxious to explore the rest of his body. I broke away for less than a second as I leaned down and made contact with his belly. I traced the lines of his stomach with my tongue and felt his smooth, warm skin on the side of my face. My hands made their way around him, feeling the warmth on every inch of his body as my mouth made its way up his chest. If he was having trouble holding himself together when I played with his nipples earlier, he was going to lose it with what I was going to do next.

I slowly licked my way up the middle of his chest and I could feel his breathing starting to get faster again. In one sudden movement, I made my way to one of his nipples and licked my tongue across it. His reaction was immediate. He let out a loud moan as I continued sucking and even giving it a gentle bite. At that point, he lost control and fell back onto the top of his desk, which was thankfully clear. Our new position had me looking straight down into his eyes as I gave him another kiss.

From this position, my hands reached down and tugged at the elastic on his briefs. In one motion, I pulled down both his boxers and jeans down his legs. His member instantly jumped to attention, hitting my neck with a gentle smack. It wasn’t too large, but it was definitely not small. I trailed my tongue around the head, sending him moaning so loud that it was almost a scream. I then proceeded to try and take the whole thing in my mouth. I almost got to the base, as I could feel his hair tickling my nose. I alternated from taking the whole thing in my mouth, and taking long, licking motions up and down his shaft. After a few moments, I could feel him get more and more riled up as precum flowed out of his head. As I took my mouth off briefly, I took my left hand and rubbed the very tip of his cock. It sent him to the edge as I continued to gently rub his head, while making my way to his balls.

I could feel him struggling to keep himself together as he started a slight trashing on the table. I was careful to not push him over, as I had other plans in mind. I proceeded to lick one of his balls, gently at first but after a few licks, I took the whole thing in my mouth. After a brief moment, I opened my mouth again and added the other one as well. I could feel his body trying to pull them back in, but I sucked on his whole sack as if it was a piece of candy. I heard him groan and saw his grip on the table tighten as his body screamed for release, but the hold I had on his balls wouldn’t let him. I finally took my hand from the top of his member, which was now completely dripping in precum. With one finger, I started to circle his hole as I finally released my hold on his balls.

“Wait,” He started to protest, as my finger gently trusted into his hole, but his moaning cut off his protest as I proceeded to lick the spot between his sack and his ass. Giving another kiss to his balls, I focused back on that tender spot that gave him so much pleasure that he was speechless. While that was still happening, my finger made its way further every time he relaxed, slowing down whenever he would clench his body in pleasure because of what I was doing with my tongue. After a few moments of this back and forth, my finger finally made its way to his prostate, and I started to rub against it in at the same rhythm of how I was licking his sack. Almost immediately, he let out a loud scream and his penis jerked wildly.

“Oh god,” He let out as he reached the peak of his pleasure. I could feel his balls tighten up as he released his load.

I stood up and looked at his face. His eyes were closed and sweat had drenched his brow. His hair was also drenched in sweat and the only noise in the room was the sound from his wide-open mouth, trying to gulp down large amounts of air. I looked down at his chest and saw a large amount of his seed spread out. It pooled in some places, but it was distributed all across his chest. I guess he wasn’t kidding when he had mentioned that he wasn’t close to his wife, as this much cum could only come from someone who had held off for some time. I kept my finger in his ass, as his dick was significantly softer, but already starting to grow hard. Still, I knew that it was going to take a little while for him to be ready to continue.

An idea came to my mind as I again raked my tongue across his body, tasting his warm and salty seed. There was no resistance as he was still trying to catch his breath. Once I had gathered a large amount in my mouth, I leaned into his face and planted my mouth over his. It took him a brief moment, but once he realized what the new taste in his mouth was, his closed eyes shot wide open in surprise. I held firm as I felt his natural reaction to spit it out. I probed my tongue into his mouth, slowly mixing our saliva and his cum together. I felt him start to relax and even start to enjoy the taste and sensation. This really started to turn him on as I could feel his prick start to harden even more under me. Once we could go on no longer, I broke away and looked down at him with a small grin. He looked back, obviously oblivious to what I had intended as he just held the cum in his mouth. I gently pushed his mouth shut as he tried to lean over and spit out the contents. His eyes widened again as he realized my true intentions.

“It’s okay, swallow,” I whispered. Without averting his gaze, I watched as he took a huge gulp, his seed causing his Adam’s apple to bob as it traveled down his throat.

“Don’t you taste delicious?” I asked, gently leaning back down and kissing the side of his neck.

“Yessssss,” he moaned, although I wasn’t sure if it was in answer to my question, or if it was because I was now gently nibbling on his ear. As I felt his manhood stiffen even more, I knew that it was time to move to the main event.

I finally pulled my finger from his ass, noticing the slight moan that the movement caused in him. I took my whole hand and slowly passed it over his belly, slowly massaging his body and scraping up any juice that was still left on him. With my other hand, I pulled my own shorts off and kicked them away. My member took no time in growing and leaking in anticipation of what had been happening. I took the juice I had collected and started to stroke my own member, letting the cum act as a lubricant.

He had propped himself up on his elbows and was now watching what I was doing. His eyes widened as he saw my size.

“Wait, where’s that going?” he asked, although his expression told me he knew exactly where I had intended to put my member. I took my other hand and started to rub his tip, milking out some more of his juice for me to use. As I ran the now wet finger up against his ass, he moaned in pleasure. I then began to rub the tip of my prick up against his ass, slowly and only applying a gentle pressure against his entrance.

“I’ve never had anything…” he started, as he leaned forward his eyes wide and neck craning to see what was happening at his entrance.

“I’ll be careful,” I said as soothingly as possible. My prick was larger than his, and wider, but it wasn’t so big that it would be impossible for a first-timer. The problem however, was that he was so tense that it was impossible to make any progress. With one hand, I grabbed the head of his raging prick and made circling motions over the tip with my thumb. The over stimulus had the desired effect as the shocks of pleasure took over his body. His arms gave out and he fell back on his desk.

“No, no, no, please stop,” he cried. I moved my thumb even faster and his prick was so hard he was about to explode. He gripped the edge of the table as waves of ecstasy surged through his body.

“Please, please, let me cum,” all he could do was grip the table until his knuckles were white as I kept him on the edge. Every muscle in his body was tightened and his breathing came out in shallow gasps as he prepared to unleash his load. I suddenly stopped touching him and let him be. It was right before he was about to blow and I could tell it was a frustrating him to the extreme. He involuntarily whimpered as his body was denied the ultimate release. As he started to calm down again, his breathing finally slowed and his muscled relaxed. It was at this moment that I made my move.

In one small, quick motion, I pushed the head of my cock into his entrance. His loose muscles suddenly tightened as he let out a gasp, but it was done. The head of my prick was inside his ass and I could feel the warm muscles tighten and massage the head in an attempt to force it out. I moved my hands on to his chest, his heart was pounding and his eyes softly closed as he was getting used to the feeling of someone being inside him.

“Oh, its too big, I won’t be able to take it,” he moaned as I started to gently push myself further in.

“It will be okay, just long deep breaths,” I encouraged him as I licked across his chest in order to make him relax. When he finally got used to the new breathing rhythm, I started to push in little by little every time he exhaled and relaxed. Each time, his brow would furrow in concentration as a pushed further and further. At one moment, he clenched and I knew that it was all he could take at the moment.

“How deep are you?” he asked in the brief respite he had.

“Only halfway,” I whispered, watching as he let out the long breath he had been holding in. He looked so serene as his head rolled on the table, sweat dripping down his brow.

I looked down at my cock, even though it was only halfway in, I still experienced the waves of pleasure as his body rhythm causes his warm ass to clench and unclench, milking pleasure out of my dick.

“Wait,” I thought, as I realized where my prick was. I started to move my hips in a circular motion and his body instantly responded as my suspicions were correct. The head of my dick was now rubbing up against his prostate and I saw him start to moan in pleasure as the motion caused him to reach new heights of pleasure. All of a sudden, his muscles were much looser and I was able to make my way deeper into him. I took slow thrusts, pulling back after each time and brushing past his pleasure spot, allowing me to go even deeper. After a few thrusts, I gave one final push and I was in to the hilt. We both seemed to freeze as we looked into each other’s eyes. The only sound was our breathing as we both realized the new bond forged between us.

I began to move and felt his whole body move in pleasure. He tightened and loosened his grip on my dick and the sensation drove me thrust even faster. The slapping of our bodies and our moans of pleasure were the only thing that could be heard as I continued to pull all of the way out, and then pound my way to the deepest I could. I leaned in and raked my tongue across his chest as I continued to thrust quickly into his waiting hole. I could feel his hard cock pressed in between our bodies and knew that he was ready to lose it. I began to slow as I too was beginning to come to the point of my own release.

His prick started to twitch again and that sight sent me over the edge. As he started to spray his load straight up into the air, I gave one last thrust and buried my dick deep in him. As he continued to come, I could feel my body tense and could feel my cum explode into his welcoming ass. Both our dicks continued to pulse in wave after waves of wonderful orgasm as we blew our loads. After what felt like hours on cloud nine, we finally disconnected and collapsed in a heap on his desk. My member had slipped out of his ass as I laid on top of him. We both enjoyed a moment that no one would have ever imagined. Our chests were both heaving as we were pressed together his cum creating a sticky and warm bond between both of our hot bodies. I could feel his dick rubbing next to mine, both pressed between our bodies and leaking from our explosive orgasms. All I could feel was satisfaction as I felt my seed leaking from his loose asshole as a sign that I had taken my teacher’s ass.

“Riiiiiiiiiiiing,” the loud noise of his cell phone broke the silence in the room. He reached to ignore it, but I urged him to take the call. It was from his wife.

“Hey, sorry, but I’ve been busy,” there was a pause as he turned to look at me.

“No, everything is fine,” he gave me a smirk. “It’s just that a student is giving me a… hard time.”

I knew that this was going to be a great school year.