Tease Party Peg

Lynn was examining herself in the standing mirror when her shirtless husband, James, entered the bedroom. His olive-tan skin was still beaded with steam from his shower. She looked back at her dress. It was a teal and coral printed sheath that hugged her curves, even with the back unzipped.

“Someone looks nice,” James said as he came up behind her and placed his hands upon her waist. His tall, muscular frame was accentuated by the contrast to her softer, smaller body. The citrus and sandalwood of his aftershave wafted up to her as his lips pressed lightly on her neck as he pulled her tight against him.

She smiled and gave him a peck on the forehead. “Zip me up?”

He parted with another kiss to her neck, and the dress pulled tight around her. Not a bad tight, but Lynn decided she would take it easy on the hors d’oeuvres today. She’d been hounded about when they would have a baby ever since the wedding. No need to give her guests an excuse to stare at her midsection.

“Mmm,” James purred, not taking his hands off her. “I think you could tell me how much it costs and I’d still like it.”

She swatted away his wandering hands and straightened out the fabric. “Nice try. Go get dressed; they’re going to be here in a few hours, and I’m nowhere near prepared.”

He didn’t relent, pulling her close again. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her back, aching to be set free. Her pussy had started to respond the moment his cologne hit her nostrils, like a Pavlovian dog, but they had other things to accomplish right now.

“I fear I won’t be of any help so long as I’m in this condition,” James said with mock concern. He crouched a bit and thrust his pelvis against her for emphasis, grinding against her ass.

Lynn chewed her lower lip and let his hands reach up under her dress to the lacy panties beneath. She was already very wet, soaking through the thin underwear. A jolt of pleasure shot through her as his fingers pushed her labia together and up against her clit. Suddenly, she had a thought.

She grinned wickedly and moved towards the bed. James followed, the tent of his pants leading him along like it was magnetically attracted to her pussy. She leaned against low foot board of their king bed, eyes daring him to throw her back on it and fuck her in her new dress. He didn’t need much encouragement.

Her husband expertly lifted her onto the pillow top and lifted the hem of the dress up past her hips. His emerald eyes shone with lust as he removed her damp panties, stopping to smell them before discarding them to the floor. He planted soft kisses along the insides of her thighs, slowly making his way up to her pulsing pussy.

“I don’t have all day, dear,” said Lynn, fighting to keep her own excitement from her voice. It was impressive that he’d managed to get this far without ramming his cock into her.

He looked up with a grin of his own as he spread his tongue across her labia, reaching up in broad licks that further stimulated her clit. After a few more tortuous sweeps with his tongue, James pulled back and unfastened his pants. Pushing pants and boxers past his hips, her husband’s cock sprang forth and led him towards her exposed cunt.

Her breath was heavy and her breasts heaved under her new dress. James smiled and slid his cock head inside her, sending fresh waves of pleasure from her pussy. He let it glide into her welcoming vagina inch by inch, until his pelvis rested against hers.

They stayed there for a few moments, smiling back at one another. But when James pulled out to give her a full thrust, Lynn snapped her legs shut and pushed him back. He stumbled away and nearly fell into the mirror, pure confusion and dismay written across his face.


Lynn beamed with wickedness. “We have a party. Now your cock has something to look forward to, after the party. Get dressed and get us some ice.”

James looked crestfallen, but not angry. He didn’t put away his penis immediately, and she took pity on him enough to give it a quick kiss and suck before sending him off for ice. He was just being greedy, she thought as she pulled her dress back into order. They’d spent a lazy evening in bed the night before, fucking passionately for over an hour when the foreplay overcame them. He could stand to wait a few hours before dipping into her again.

Lynn went to the mirror and made a few adjustments before nodding in approval. Her long brown hair was draped over one shoulder, though she’d needed to smooth it back out. With her pearl studs and necklace, she felt satisfied with her outfit. The only thing she was missing was underwear. She considered not wearing any, but she was afraid that she might accidentally flash one of their guests, though that might be something fun to try in the future…

She went to her underwear drawer, and another thought occurred to her. Lynn lifted the tray of panties and surveyed the hidden contents. Dildos and vibrators lay arranged there, but it was the pair of wide cut panties that drew her attention. Affixed to the front was a detachable dildo of considerable length. It was purple and nearly the same size as her husband’s cock.

Lynn removed the dildo and took the panties, slipping them on. She would have worn the dildo too, but it pointed straight out and couldn’t be adjusted to be less obvious, like other models she had seen. The black underwear would be sufficient for now.

James was going to have a hell of a time staying focused now!

By the time he came back with ice and a few more bottles of wine, Lynn had done a fair job prepping for the party. It was a direct sales event that she’d agreed to host for her friend Marie, who had just gotten started and Lynn wanted to help her out. As most of her friends were nurses and other healthcare workers with irregular hours, she’d only been able to wrangle a few people, but it was a good group for a small gathering.

Their usually cluttered ranch house was spotless for the party; it had given James an excuse to clean, and they both felt better for it. With everything else in order, Lynn was just finishing a pitcher of margaritas when Marie knocked at the door and came in.

“He-ey!” Marie carried a pair of totes with trays full of jewelry, her fiance Andy right behind her. Marie was a bit shorter than Lynn, but she had an enviable hourglass figure that attracted the male gaze. Andy was tall like James, but dark chocolate colored and more solid. They were an active couple, and it gave them a healthy vitality that’s always in style.

Hugs and pleasantries were exchanged, and James came to join them as the girls set up in the living room. “Hey Andy,” he said, shaking hands with the man. “Did you bring your guitar?”

“Yeah, it’s out in the car. Should I go get it?”

James nodded. “Yeah let’s get it out of the heat. We’ll just set it in the music room til we’re ready.”

The men left, chattering like schoolgirls.

“And I thought women were bad,” said Lynn with a laugh.

“I know. It’s only been a few week since we’ve seen you,” said Marie.

“Speaking of which, how was Mexico?”

“Its was good,” said Marie, but Lynn could tell it was a canned answer. She’d ask again after a couple drinks; Marie would tell her anything after a couple drinks.

The rest of the guests filtered in a half hour later after Marie had set up. A few friends from work and a girlfriend from college had showed up, and after introductions, the party got under way. James’ crostini and hummus went over very well, as did the other snacks that they’d prepared. It was decidedly too much food for so small a crowd. Fortunately, the men took some as they sequestered themselves in the music room at the end of the hall.

The jewelry wasn’t really anything special, Lynn thought, but many of the sterling silver pieces would be good additions to her collection. Still, with the margaritas and wine, they all had a good time.

Andy and James surfaced an hour later, talking about music mostly. They bee lined to the kitchen for more beer.

“I’m going to have to keep working on it,” said Andy as he massaged his hand.

“It takes a while to be any good,” said James with a smirk. “I sucked for the first five years of playing.”

“Well, I suppose I have a few more years of sucking ahead then.”

Lynn left the couch and joined them in the kitchen. “It sounded alright from in here,” she said.

“Thanks, hon,” said James, and he pulled her into a kiss. They were seated at the corner of the kitchen table, and Andy’s view of Lynn was obstructed. She decided it was time to set her little plan in motion.

She took a seat beside her husband and took his hand, as if holding it innocently. “Well, I never thought you sucked,” she said as she brought his hand under her dress. She fought to keep her face straight as he reached for her pussy. “You just had to focus on what you were doing.”

His fingers met the silicone o-ring where the dildo went and stiffened. She was sure his cock did too, though she couldn’t see it. He eyed her suspiciously, but returned to his conversation with Andy.

Lynn pushed his hand away and stood, moving towards the sink to rinse a few of the dirty plates.

Andy took a swig of his Yuengling. “So, how goes the writing gig?”

She heard James snort under his breath. “Still looking for an agent, unfortunately.”

“Well, what about self publishing?”

James shook his head. “I’m not sure I want to get into all that yet. If I can’t find anyone to represent the book, I guess I’ll have to.”

“I hear the money’s good,” said Andy. “Easier than dealing with an agent too, right?”

James was going to start looking like a sideways bobblehead if he kept shaking his head no like that. “It can be, but you have to know the business. Honestly, the easy money is in porn.”

Lynn nearly dropped a dish.

Andy was incredulous. “Porn?”

James shot her a knowing look. “Yeah, like erotica. You put it online for a couple bucks, then you write another one and do the same thing. If you can find an audience, you can make six figures on it.”

“Huh,” said Andy. “That’s not bad.”

“If you can find an audience,” said James, finishing his beer. “Women can get pretty specific with their fetishes in these things.”

Andy started chuckling. “Like, vampire on werewolf porn?”

“Or vampire-werewolf-merman love triangle threeway porn,” said James with a grin.

“Haha. So what would you do? Lesbian mermaid on dolphin porn?”

James looked over to Lynn, then down to her legs, as if he could see the black panties beneath. “No idea. I’ll let you know if I ever cross over to the dark side.”

Lynn left the kitchen with a flush on her face and another tingle in her pussy. These ones were going to be soaked through by the time her husband got to them. It was fine with here; they were meant for dirty work.

What seemed like an eternity later, the party was cleared out, leaving only Marie and Lynn in the living room. The men were banging away again in the music room, having given their hands time to rest. The margarita pitcher had been refilled, but it was dwindling down as the girls sat there on the couch, catching up.

“So what happened in Mexico,” asked Lynn. “You never told me!”

Marie looked away, embarrassed, but she was already flushed from the tequila. She would crack any minute now. “Well, it was really good,” she said sheepishly.

Lynn gave her a flat stare.

“It was! We had a great time. We were right on the water, and the food was amazing-“

Lynn held up her hands. “Okay, but what happened? Come on, you’re dodging.”

Marie turned an amusing shade of red, even more vibrant on her pale skin. “Well, we went to this shop.”

Now they were getting somewhere. “What kind of shop?”

Marie wouldn’t meet her gaze. “You know, a shop.”

“Like a sex shop? And?”

“Well, we were looking around and just kind of having fun, you know,” said Marie, words tumbling out. “I mean, we’ve got vibrators and stuff for me at home, so it was just kind of fun to look.”

“And?!” Lynn was getting impatient, but that was probably the tequila talking.

“Well, there was stuff for him, too.”

Lynn smiled and played dumb. “Like, fake pussies?”

“No, like…butt stuff.”

“So what? He got weirded out looking at it?”

Marie shook her head. “I…well, I was a little tipsy, and I told him that he could you know…my butt, but only-“

The pieces clicked into place. “Only if you got to fuck him?”

Marie nodded and took another gulp of margarita. “I was sort of joking, you know, but I thought it seemed like fun. But then he got all bent out of shape, and it was super weird. I ended up letting him fuck me in the ass just so he wouldn’t freak out anymore.”

“That sucks,” said Lynn. “Men can be such babies.”

“I know right! I mean, Andy is great, but it was just a joke. He didn’t have to get so weird about it.”

Lynn played with the hem of her dress, but her attention was wholly on her black underwear, damp against her pussy.

Marie looked at her curiously. “Have you and James ever…I mean, I know he’s a little wild.”

Marie and James. The reminder brought her back to the present. It felt like such a long time ago that they had dated, a lifetime really. A little stab of jealousy hit Lynn, knowing that Marie was one of the only other people to have been with James. Lynn felt a wicked streak rising up in her.

“Ac-tually,” said Lynn, pulling back the hem of her dress to reveal her pelvis.

Marie gasped and pointed at the o-ring on her underwear. “Wha-! No fucking way!”

Lynn put her dress back into place and nodded. “He wanted to fool around this morning, but I thought I’d give him a little surprise, since he waited for it.”

Marie looked dumbfounded. “And he likes it?”

“He’s the one who asked for it originally,” said Lynn. “He said it was something he had always wanted to try, so I told him to do some research and we’d give it a shot.”

“Wow,” said Marie. “He’s not like…gay or anything, right? I mean, he really likes tits, but I mean…”

Lynn shrugged. “He said he doesn’t like guys; he just likes getting fucked. We pull it out sometimes when we’ve got time to play. All that lube can get messy.”

“Huh.” Marie sat there, pondering over her margarita. “Is it fun for you?”

Lynn grinned. “He moans when I fuck him, and if I let him cum on my tits, he’ll lick it off. It’s pretty hot.”

“And you’re sure he isn’t gay?”

“So long as he’s mine, I don’t care what he is. It’s kind of cool to have a cock sometimes. Mine’s purple and sparkly.”

The men returned once again, and Marie couldn’t help staring at James. Her husband smiled and shared a furtive glance with his wife, but Lynn let him remain confused.

“Well, we better get out of here,” said Andy. “I’m working the 7 to 7 tonight, and I could use a few hours of shut eye.”

They all helped put away the jewelry, and bade farewell. Before she left, though, Marie hugged Lynn and whispered in her ear, “Send me pictures?”

Lynn smiled mischievously and nodded.

Then they were gone, Marie and Andy driving away, and Lynn was alone with her husband.

“What was wrong with Marie,” he asked.

“Nothing,” she said. “Now, is everything away?”

He stood up straighter. “Food’s done, booze is mostly done.”

“Close enough. Grab that bottle of cabernet and meet me in the bedroom.”

He did as he was told, scampering behind her and taking hold of her ass. Her pussy was still ready to go, but she had to take her time here. She’d teased him this long, and he was probably fit to burst by now. They had to slow things down so he would last more than a few minutes.

He brought in the cabernet and a pair of glasses, setting them down on the bedside table before moving to the bathroom. There were a few preparations to make before she would stick her cock inside him.

Lynn opened the drawer and considered her options. She took out her purple cock to start. She’d bought it on a whim because it was similar to her husband’s in shape and size, but purple and sparkling. She set it into the o-ring and bounced it around a bit, to make sure it was secure…and because it looked funny.

She selected a sheer, white negligee that she bought for their honeymoon, two years ago. It showed off her breasts and made her cock look even bigger as it pointed out beneath the lingerie. Finally, she tied her hair back, so it wouldn’t get in her way. Thrusting was serious business.

She quickly changed, and soon, her husband emerged from the bathroom, completely naked. He was in good shape, if a bit hairy. His erect cock pointed out from an untamed bush of pubic hair, still pointing due north, or due pussy as it were.

Lynn made a little spinning motion with her finger, and James spun around to show off his backside. He had the cutest little butt. It looked even better when she was fucking him.

“Go ahead and get your warm up toy,” she said.

He turned around and grinned. “I took care of that already,” he said, proffering a small buttplug, washed and cleaned.

She was puzzled. “When did you put that in?”

“After you showed me your surprise,” he said, indicating her panties. “I slipped away for a few to clean up and put it in.”

Lynn sighed dramatically. “And here I thought we’d take things slow tonight.” She slapped his ass and shoved him towards the bed. “Assume the position.”

He set the buttplug down and lay on his back by the foot of the bed, almost in the same position she had been this morning. His cock waved back and forth in the air above his stomach as he angled his hips forward. She could see the hair down there was slick with lube already, and his hole was loose.

She moved up to him, rubbing her cock along his own. His was leaking precum all over, and she rubbed some of it into the skin of his penis. She gave it a good jerk, James moaned, and it oozed some more of the sticky fluid. She swirled the current of precum onto her finger and lifted it to his lips, letting him suck it off her digit.

“You’ve been impatient all day, young man,” she said, in her best disciplinarian’s voice.

He kept sucking and said, “Mmhhmm.”

“Well, we’re just going to have to make you wait.”

He shook his head, but she had already slipped out of the harness panties, setting the purple cock down upon the bed. She crawled up on top of him and gave him a messy kiss, tasting the precum on his tongue.

Lynn held up the purple cock and handed it to him. “I didn’t bring any lube for my cock, so unless you’d like it raw, I suggest you make me cum first.”

James tried not to glare, instead focusing on making this devilish woman cum so she would fuck him.

She was so wet that he didn’t need to warm her up, so the first full stroke of the purple cock took her by surprise in its force. Then she was ready for it, and her body hummed with pleasure as James plunged the dildo into her.

“So,” she said between panting breaths, “What kind of smut are you going to write, my dear?”

He didn’t look up at her, focusing on the cock that was not his and the pussy that was. “I didn’t think I was going to write any kind at all.”

“How…disappointing,” she said with a gasp. He was working both hands now: one on the toy, another on her clit. It was wonderfully distracting. “I thought you might want to try your hand at pegging stories.”

“Is that what you thought?” His eyes, his hands, and his words were teasing her now.

She dipped her finger into the growing pool of precum on his stomach and fed it to him. “Well, it does seem to excite you. Write what you know, huh?”

He redoubled his efforts, and Lynn’s orgasm came crashing down upon her. Everything was warm and fuzzy and sent perfect little jolts of cum energy to her brain.

When the aftershocks subsided, James pulled the cock from her. “My turn,” he said.

She slipped back into the harness and waggled her cock at him. It was slick and shiny and ready to thrust into his waiting asshole. She pulled him open a bit more and pushed the cockhead inside. His face melted in pleasure and his cock twitched. She slowly pushed it further and further, until their hips met. He was still leaking precum.

She would have to give him time to adjust to the girth of it, so she pulled out her phone.

James raised one eyebrow, incredulous. “And I’m the impatient one?”

She snapped a picture. “Now make a sexy face.”

He was still incredulous, so she gave a small thrust, and he moaned delightfully. She took another picture, much better this time. She opened up her messenger and sent the picture to Marie with a text: *Delete it when you’re ‘done’ XO*

“I think I’m ready,” he said, not questioning her phone use further.

“Well, if you insist,” she said and began to fuck him.

He moaned every time she lunged forward, and she had to fight the urge to take a video for Marie. If she saw that, she’d probably be begging Andy to let her fuck him.

They went at it for a while, Lynn enjoying his noises and faces, feeding him more and more of his sticky precum. When they paused for a break, Lynn reached for her phone and saw a text back from Marie.


She sent her friend another picture, this time with her finger in James’ mouth, with the message: *He really likes his own precum! ;D*

Then she remembered something James had said earlier. “So, is now a good time to talk about your book?” She gave him a little thrust, just to show she was being playful.

He smiled. “Is this the ‘don’t give up on it yet’ speech? I think I had one of those last week.”

She gave him a harder thrust, the little shit. “No, I was going to say that maybe you should try out something different, while you wait for the book to sell.”

“Like, pegging erotica?”

Another thrust and he gave a bigger moan. He was getting close. “I’d read it.”

He looked like he was mulling it over, but she grabbed his cock and gave him three short thrusts. He moaned even louder. “Okay, okay! Done! Just make me cum!”

Lynn gave in and fucked him for all he was worth. A few thrusts later, and James had sprayed hot cum all over himself, from belly to forehead.

“You look so hot,” she said. She reached for her phone and snapped another picture. “Will you eat it for me?”

James didn’t look like he was as into the idea anymore, not now that he’d actually cum, but he was willing to do it for her. She set to video record and picked up fingerfuls of rapidly cooling cum and fed them to him. Seeing that she was recording, he made a show of it, moaning and giving little “mmmms” with every lick. When he was done, he stuck his tongue out and blew her a kiss. She didn’t even think before she sent it to Marie.

Lynn pulled out and smiled at him. “So, you better tell Andy you joined the dark side.”

James looked confused, but caught on. “I don’t have my phone near me. Just text it to Marie.”

Lynn tried to hide her grin as she did so. *James says he’s going to start writing pegging erotica. Just tell Andy he ‘joined the Dark Side’*

The instant pingback read: *I can’t fucking believe it. Call me tomorrow. I think I’m going to need some new hardware.*

It was getting late by then. They would have to clean up, eat dinner, and prepare for work in the morning. Still, Lynn could only look down at her husband, after sex glowing, and smile. Things were about to get interesting for the two of them.