Taste of Vanessa

Ding. The bell rings. From beneath her white cap the dark eyes tinkled, The golden skin shone, Glistening sweat on a raised eyebrow smirk The steaming stinking ass masterpiece leaning her hips against the hot metal table. Over the piping hot plates of Wild mushroom ravioli with creamy chicken, Sage butter wine bowls; Over pink sauce with linguini, five feet of overworked frustrations, Vanessa waited impatiently .


The restaurant was vibrating with the hum and jumps of a Friday night.


Vanessa’s tan and muscular body leaned on the table, her elbow resting, one nail in her mouth, the other hand just above the bump of ass that rose out from beneath her white cooks apron.


Her silky voice crescendoing to a climax of question and command.

“What! I’m coming, would you chill the Fuck out” Muttered Tracy.

Hair pulled into a ponytail, the mature bespectacled blonde Bostonian bitch Older and sultry with a little bubble butt In Black T shirt and yoga pants sauntered in and up to Vanessa.

Although Vanessa couldn’t understand her, The Brazilian Buttslunker knew that she could not contain her spunky urge to drop her butt and throw her brown ass into Tracy. Nobody makes Vanessa’s food wait.

Blue eyes and Dark Eyes met.

Tracy scoffed and rolled her eyes as she grabbed the plate. Vanessa remained still and with her eyes followed Tracy’s ass as it humped up and down away from the hot metal table and into the dining room m.

The phone was ringing off the hook, and customers were pouring in. Vanessa got back to work. Order after order kept coming in and the tickets were piling up. Vanessa wiped her brow and took a deep breath. She stirred the Giant vat of Alfredo.

“Vanessa, they didn’t want the Alfredo they wanted the marinara.” Tracy whined as she walked into the kitchen .

Vanessa looked deeply at Tracy with a rage.

“TrrrraaaaCY!!” Vanessa slapped Tracy across the face, sending her into the table.

“What the FUCK!” Tracy spit.

In one swoop —WHHHHACK!!— Vanessa spanked her into the air and face down into the plates of ravioli and Alfredo.

It was time.

Quickly Vanessa got naked: dropped her pants, untied her apron, kicked off her shoes. Tracy lay prone on the heated table. Vanessa undressed her. Tracy helped.

“No make my food sit long time . Now I sit Tracy face long time.” Tracy smirked back slyly as Vanessa gave her ass a good hard SPANK!

“You ask for Alfredo, I give you. “

She grabbed the boiling vat of Alfredo and launched it onto Tracy’s naked skinny body, drenching her in slimy creamy gooey white spunk.

“aaaaAaah!!” Tracy screamed and wiggled in ecstasy, her eyes sticking and mouth gargling full of Alfredo. Her toes were outstretched in pleasure.

Vanessa hopped up onto the front counter and landed in a squat. Her small, flat, sweaty feet firmly planted on the surface. Her body too was drenched in Alfredo which looked so sexy against her Big bubble butt, long black hair, thick legs, flat tummy and Brown Brazilian body. She stood up.


Vanessa yelled as she jumped from the front counter and through the air slunked her sweet ass With a CLAP smack spank Into Tracy’s belly. It rippled as she lurched forward in pain.

“Uuuuuggffff” Her raspy cackle roared.

Vanessa laughed and flipped the bitch over. She jumped up and down on her butt squishing and smacking her pitiful bottom.

“You like it when I spank you with my bum bum?” The domineering cook teased.

Smack smap. Vanessa put one leg up and lifted herself up on the table, letting out a long fart.

She squatted on the hot table and positioned her stinking sopping asshole over Tracy’s filthy face. Her muscular tan calves spasmed and her veins bulged as she smacked up and down.

In between each sit Tracy sputtered and gasped, the juice from Vanessa’s ass and cream sauce was sticky and stringy and was like a slimy spider web that clung between Tracy’s lips and Vanessa’s asshole.

The Brazilian Buttslunker loomed above Tracy, her perfect apple ass in the air she bent over her body and looked down.

“Oi Caralho!” Vanessa yelled as she forcefully planted her sticky voluptuous ass onto Tracey’s face and hopped up and down in full squat. Again and again. She raised that ass high In the air aND let it go, dropping it onto the slut. Tracy choked and sucked her pussy lips and tongued the Brazilians holes with joy and dripping frustration.

her ass bounced. Smack smack smack smack! The sound was squishy and delicious. She lifted her head and closed her eyes deep in pleasure.

“Ohhh ohhh ayyyyyy”

Vanessa crouched and pulled Tracy off the table. She grabbed her waist and lifted, flipping her upside down. She jolted Tracy’s body onto the air and caught her, the sound of their skin smacking together as Vanessa clutched on to Tracy’s ass and the small of her back.

They were in full standing 69.

Tracy spread her legs and stretched her toes in the air as Alfredo dripped down her back and ass. Vanessa sucked and tongued the upside down sluts asshole. She spanked her repeatedly, and Tracy moaned loudly and purred as she munched upside down on the sweet sticky pussy of the Brazilian Buttslunker.

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