Tanveer and his master's friends

Tanveer suggested one day I should meet his master. He had a master long before he and I met. The master was his father’s employee -that did not make any difference. Tanveer enjoyed sucking him off, getting fucked and generally be humiliated and degraded.
It was one thing to have Tanveer over and we sucked and fucked eached other and he loved being punished by me.He had his cock in my mouth when asked me
“Will you like to meet Arif?” He asks, he knew I could say anything with a mouthful of cock. I was enjoying it after he shot his load in the new condom , though his cock was deep in my throat. I wanted swallow that cum. He pulls his cock out.
“You did not answer” He says
I slap his balls hard,
“How the fuck do you expect me to say anything when I have your worhtless piece of meat down my throat?”
“Ok now you can talk”
“Fine I’m coming over” I tell him.
“Great, I will tell him, he will let me know.
Some days later Tanveer calls me up.. I go to his place. I meet Arif the first time. He shakes my hand. We walk into to the brightly lit workshop. Without further ado, Tanveer drops his pants. Arif looks at me and unzips his cock. Tanveer kneels down before Arif and starts sucking his cock,then stops. Arif points at me. I was getting hot and the strange look on Arif’s face made me hotter. I strip and go over to him. I was standing.
“Turn aound” He says. He spits on his cock, holds my ass, his cock goes in with ease.He fucks me, the only cock I had had was Tanveer’s this was one was new and different perhaps bigger. I really liked it. I was hoping he would not stop but he does, he makes me face him his cock was in my mouth, sucked as hard as I could, he calls Tanveer over to suck his balls. He has cock out of my mouth he blasts his cum on Tanveer’s face then pisses on it.
“That was very nice thanks” Arif says and leaves.
Another few days or so, I was back in the workshop, apart from Arif there were more men, than I cared to count.
“Show us what you two can do” Arif says. Tanveer and I strip. Some of the men do. They tease my cock and balls, finger me. I began to feel angry and tried to hit one of them, I was wrestled down on the filthy floor. This was the fisrt time I had a cock in my mouth and asshole at the same time. I could not see Tanveer. When those two cocks were outh, they put lot of grease in my asshole, one cock went in then another slid, I screamed, to shut me up there was one cock in my mouth then there was another. Arif’s friends did not let me go, till all of them had done with me.
Arif and his friends left. I called to Tanveer, he did not answer. He see him knocked out with shit in his mouth. I find a jug of water and pour it over him, he wakes with a start. Then asks
“Wasn’t that fun?”
“I don’t think I will try that again” I say. I dress up and go back home

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