Early Bloomer

I had been out late that night with my buddies, and when I got home everyone was asleep. My family consisted of my mom and dad, my younger brother, Kyle, and my older sister, Martha. Kyle was a cute 13 year old, brown bowl cut, athletic for his age. He was into hockey and it was pretty much his life. Martha was 13, blonde hair shoulder length, good body and pretty sexy looking. At the time of this story I was 13. I was on the football team, and football had become my life I guess.

I walked down the hall to my room, glancing to the side to get a peek in Martha’s room, which did almost every time I went by. I stopped. No one was there? I walked in a bit, her bed was empty.

I knew she didn’t have a date tonight because she’d just broke up with her boyfriend. I gave up, and continued walking down the hall to my room. I tuned on my light and closed the door. I took of my shirt and pants, with only my underwear left on.

Just as I was about to lay down, I heard a noise. It sounded like it was coming from my Kyle’s room. But, it was unlike a normal noise, it sounded almost like an animal.

Out of a vague curiosity I got up and walked down the hallway to my brother’s room. The door was closed, but I quietly cracked it open, and the light was on. I peeked in through the crack in the door and saw something I had never even dreamed of before.

My sister was in a long nightgown and what looked like underwear, and Kyle was wearing his boxers, which were pulled down to his knees. Martha was kneeling at the foot of the bed sucking on my brother’s cock. I could tell by the expression on Kyle’s face that he was about to cum, and within a split second he was shooting his cum into Martha’s mouth.

He groaned as he came and Martha busily finished swallowing his cum. I had, by now, a painful boner in my shorts and couldn’t help myself, I pulled it out and began jerking off at this crude sight.

My brother pulled Martha up to him and they locked into a passionate kiss. Then Kyle was pulling Martha’s shirt up and they let go for a second so he could pull her shirt over her head. They continued kissing and Kyle worked her panties down.

Martha worked on pulling Kyle’s boxers completely off and then they were all over each other. Kyle began sucking her tits and Martha fondled his cock and balls.

“Martha, let me eat you!” I could hear Kyle whisper in her ear.

“I was waiting for you to ask me that.” she replied in a sexy voice.

She lay down so she was laying flat on the bed her legs spread hanging over the end. Kyle kneeled down to the edge and started licking Martha’s cunt. Sucking in the juices like a hungry puppy. Martha grabbed the sides of the bed and arched her back, forcing her pussy into Kyle’s mouth. She looked like a goddess lying there writhing under Kyle’s attentions.

I was shocked yet amazed, this was so wrong, yet I was getting turned on by it. I knew I was going to cum soon so I decided to take some action. Slowly walking in so neither of them would see me I sneaked up behind them.

Martha was closest to me. Aiming my hard cock towards her face I shot my load. Some landing on her face and the rest landing on her full tits. The shocked look on her face was something I will never forget. She glanced up at me and started to yell. Realizing my parents were upstairs I quickly placed my hand over mouth.

Then Kyle looked up. He wasn’t quite as shocked as Martha had been but it was still funny to see his surprise.

I moved my mouth towards Martha’s ear and asked, “Can I join in?”

“We didn’t see you-” my brother started apologizing.

“Don’t worry Kyle, I won’t tell anyone, especially mom or dad. I just want to be with you guys.” I said feeling my dick expanding again between my legs. I looked down and noticed Martha was already getting my boxers off, she looked so beautiful with her flowing blonde hair.

Kyle looked at me like I was crazy. “Well what do you think YOU were just doing?!?”

I said. He looked ashamed and embarrassed, and then asked, “Can I suck your dick, Jordan?”

I had never been sucked by a guy, but suddenly the sight of both my brother and sister turned me on. My boxers were off and I hadn’t said no and now Kyle was on my cock like a wild beast. I was still standing and I made my way to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. I looked over at Martha and then almost like she read my mind we began kissing.

She pried my mouth open with her tongue and we continued kissing for what seemed like forever. Then Kyle’s sucking became harder, and I felt like I was going to come again. I grabbed Martha’s tits and kissed her harder, “I am CUMMING Kyle! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” I yelled in a loud whisper.

Kyle was struggling to swallow my load, but it was seeping out the sides of his mouth. My sister went down by Kyle and helped by licking the cum from the side of his mouth. When they were done with that they kissed and cleaned each other’s faces just like kittens.

I was horny like I’d never been before, I was still rock hard even though I’d come twice in only a few minutes. I took my sister from Kyle and laid her on the bed, I kissed her deeply and with passion and she returned it.

Then I pushed her legs apart and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt, slowly I slid myself into her. Her cunt was so tight, and I realized she was a virgin.

She trembled underneath me and was whispering, “No, no don’t do it. I am a virgin Jordan don’t.”

But I was so horny I knew nothing was stopping me. With a quick thrust I got half my cock up her cunt, she grabbed the sheets trying not to scream out in pain, a tear rolled down her cheek. Kyle crawled up and started kissing her to take her mind off it, and I continued thrusting. My cock was in her all the way to my balls.

Then I slowly pulled out so the tip was at the entrance. Blood was coming out all over the sheets, and with a quick shove I forced myself in again and again loving the feel of my pretty sister’s warm wet cunt.

Kyle stopped kissing Martha, and the look on her face was pure pleasure. Rocking her hips with each thrust. I was going to cum again! With no warning I shot out my load into her young virgin body. (That’s what she gets for being such a tease, I thought.)

To my surprise she came seconds later, arching her back and moaning. I finally became limp and slid my cock out her. Laying down next to Martha I whispered into her ear, “You were wonderful.”

She smiled at me kissed my neck. I had almost forgotten about Kyle, until I felt a finger up my ass hole. He was gliding it in and out, with an unbelievable feeling. But, I was done for the night and knew I was unable to come anymore, I slid his finger out and he knew what I meant.

So Kyle took over where I’d left off and had his first real fuck. It was quite arousing to watch my brother and sister go at it like that. And after Kyle was done with Martha I just had to take one more go…

Kathy’s First Orgasm

My afternoon client had called to let me know that he was sick and would not be able to make our meeting. Disappointed, I went home early to catch up on a little paper work on the old home computer. I climbed the stairs and was walking past my oldest daughters room when a soft noise caught my interest.

The door was slightly ajar so I peeked in. There on her bed were my daughter and her boyfriend Steve. They were both nude, and she was on her back with her knees spread wide to allow him to kneel between them. He was rolling a condom onto his very stiff cock. The head of which was pointed straight at the waiting opening to my daughters love channel.

I knew I should yell or something but all I could do was watch in amazement as he slid his long love wand into her waiting pussy. Her window was open and the sun lighted the spot where he entered her, giving me an excellent view. As his cock slid deeper and deeper I realized that this was not the first time they had done this.

There was no blood, or evidence of pain, only a look of deep pleasure in Kathy’s eyes as he slid into her to the hilt. He began to pump in and out as they held each other close, flattening her budding breasts against his chest. Their mouths were locked together in a deep kiss, as his movements got faster and faster.

But something was wrong. The initial look of pleasure in Kathy’s eyes had been replaced by boredom. He was driving in and out so fast and hard that sometimes he almost pulled out completely.

Then Kathy started to show some interest, her hips moving up and down to help him drive deeper into her lovely body. Just as she started to respond to him, Steve gave out a growl and held her very tight, his cock buried to the hilt. Just small strokes deep in her pussy as he growled and groaned. Then he stopped moving. I knew that he had filled his rubber with his seed.

Thankful that the thin barrier of latex had been there to keep Kathy from getting pregnant, I was breathing pretty hard by now and knew that if I stood there for even a moment more, they would notice me, so I quietly continued to walk to my office in the back of the house.

Steve definitely needed some help with his technique, but as Kathy’s father I should have been chasing him out of the house with a shotgun, not giving him advice as to how to get my daughter off. I decided not to do anything about what I had just seen. I would not acknowledge that I now knew Kathy was sexually active.

Several days later on the weekend, I was walking past Kathy’s room again when she asked through the door if I had a minute to talk. I said sure and pushed the door open to step through. She was sitting on the bed dressed in her robe tied tight at the waist.

She’s a very pretty girl, and I’m not just saying so because I’m her father. She has long flowing blonde hair and a cute clear face. Her breasts are small but right for her slim frame. Her waist is so small that I could probably put my hands around it. She has flared hips to an ample behind. Something of an exaggerated hourglass figure.

“I have a personal problem she stated flatly. I can’t go to mom since she is such a prude, so I thought that I’d take a chance with you. You won’t like what I am about to tell you, but don’t forget that I am becoming a young woman.”

“Ok,” I said, “what is your problem. I promise not to get mad if you promise not to get mad at the advice I will give you.” We both agreed, and she began her story.

She explained that she and Steve had been active sexually for almost a year now. During that whole time she had never had an orgasm. In fact she had never had one in her life. Even when she masturbated herself, she would get close but never cross that line that others talked of with such joy. She was concerned that something was wrong with her and wondered if maybe I could make her a doctor’s appointment.

I agreed that I was not to happy to hear that she was sexually active, but would be more then willing to make the doctors appointment for her. Then I asked her what she and Steve knew about foreplay. Did they kiss and caress each other before they jumped in and did it? Of course I knew that they did not, but didn’t want to give my peeping away.

She said that they kissed some but that was about it. She wondered what it was that they should be doing. I explained that as her father I couldn’t really tell her much, but would be willing to try to help guide her in the right direction. With that I sat down next to her and slowly stroked her long hair. As I stroked her hair I told her that there was no rule that two people had to just jump right in and fuck. That maybe they might not have sex at all, but just touch each other with love. Just like now, how did it feel to have me stroking her hair. How did it affect the rest of her body.

Kathy looked at me really strangely. I thought that she was going to scream “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING.” Instead she said softly that her nipples were tingling from the attention that I was giving her hair. She was really surprised that just stroking her hair was affecting her so. To prove it she moved back the robe on one side to show me her nipple standing at attention.
That was the point at which I probably stepped over the line. Without touching her nipple, I gently caressed her breast. Just rubbing little circles around the nipple, slowly widening the circle till I was crossing her chest to the other breast, which was still hidden by the robe. As my finger tips slowly circled their way toward the nipple of her other breast, she shrugged her shoulders such that the robe fell off that breast also. I now had access to her whole upper body.

I continued to trace ever-smaller circles around each breast till I would just touch the nipple. Then I would apply pressure to the whole breast with the flat of my hand before tracing widening circles to the base of her breast and then crossing her chest to the other one. Kathy was now laying on the bed, her head back and her eyes closed. Her lips were slightly parted and I could hear her just barely moaning.

Like I said, Kathy is a very pretty girl. Looking at her lovely body responding to my touch, was having an effect on my body. My cock was pushing against my zipper so hard that it hurt. Still I didn’t want to ruin the moment by adjusting it. From her breasts I moved upward to her shoulders and down her arms as far as the robe would let me go. Then back up to her shoulders and down her sides to her tummy where the robe was tied.

Pulling on the robe belt, I untied it. Kathy didn’t move to help me or stop me. Her hips started to move gently up and down, responding to my touch. My fingers traced small circles to ruffle the scant pubic hair peeking out the top of her bikini underpants. The movements of Kathy’s hips was no longer so gentle, and her moans were getting louder. I was sure glad that the rest of the family had gone to visit my wife’s father. If anyone had been in the house they would have discovered us by now for sure. I had already gone way further then I had ever intended. I was sure that what I was doing was illegal, but I simply could not stop.

My fingers slipped under the elastic of her panties and moved down between her legs. I could feel the little bump that is the beginning of her clit’s hood. Her pubic hair was sparse and very soft. As I pushed my hand further down, her panties went with it and soon her pussy was uncovered for my eyes to feast on. I slipped her panties down her thighs and off. She never stopped wiggling her bottom or moaning. Rather then trying to stop me, she lifted herself up a little so I could slip them off.

Without the thick thatch of hair that many older women have, I could see her pussy plainly. The hood of her clit, and her clit’s little head peeking out from under it. The outer lips of her pussy all swollen with blood, and the inner lips open like petals of a flower. I let my fingers roam around the soft inner lips. Her lubrication was gushing out from between them and my fingers slipped along their path easily. With each trip around her entrance to heaven, I would bump the hood of her clit, never actually touching the little head, which was begging for attention.

Kathy was gasping now, a steady stream of moans and cries coming from her mouth. I let my middle finger dip into her love channel and pushed it as far as it would go. Kathy literally screamed and smashed her pelvis hard against my hand. Then she started moving her bottom such that my finger was forced in and out of her at an ever- increasing pace. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and just touched her clit with the tip of my tongue, her rapid motion moving my tongue back and forth on the sensitive organ.

That was all it took. Kathy’s body went stone rigid. For several seconds she did not move or make a single sound. Then she wailed like I had just pushed a knife into her. I could feel strong contractions squeezing at my finger like her pussy was trying to milk something from it. Her orgasm went on for what seemed like forever. Her pussy milking at my finger as her body started to shake. Then it was over. Her pussy eased its vice like grip on my finger, and her body started to relax. Her arms around me, she held me close and started to quietly cry.

Nether one of us said anything. I lowered my lips to hers and we shared a long deep kiss. Then I left her there in her room. Her cum had been so violent that I had almost cum myself. Almost, but not quite, I had a really hard problem, and that problem was trying to push through my pants. My balls were aching like they used to after dates when I was a teenager. I headed to my bedroom to relieve the pressure.

On the way I Grabbed a bath towel from the clothes hamper, this load was going to be gallons.

When I got to my bedroom, I closed the door and removed my clothes. Didn’t want to get cum stains on them and I knew that this one was going to be a gusher to rival Old Faithful. Setting the towel next to me I caressed my own cock and balls. My balls ached slightly with the load of seed in them. I hoped that when I came I could keep from hollering my fool head off.

Then I started to jack my cock, enjoying the sensation of being touched even if it was by my own hand. The head of my cock tingled and the shaft was harder then I ever remembered it to be as I imagined making love to that perfect body down the hall.

Just then the door opened and Kathy stepped into the room. She was still wearing the robe but it was open, framing all her feminine charms. As she stood there I noticed that her breasts were larger then I had thought. Those lovely breasts and the light blonde pubic hair that framed her love channel accented her lovely hourglass figure. As she walked toward me the gentle sway of her hips was like soft music in motion.

“Poor daddy,” she said. “I was so busy enjoying my first orgasm that I didn’t think about what all that must be doing to you.” As she sat down on the bed next to me, her small hand reached out to stroke my ridged cock. “If you will let me, I think that I can give you a little help with this hard problem that you seem to have,” she smiled.

With that, still holding my cock, she rolled over on me, trapping my cock between us. With my cock trapped between our two tummies she started to wiggle around. The feeling was exquisite, but our skin was two dry and it started to be uncomfortable after a few seconds.

Then I noticed that while she had been wiggling she had been moving up such that the head of my cock was resting in the hollow of her pussy lips. because of the angle there was no danger of penetrating her, but my cock was right at the entrance of my daughters pussy. Her pussy was dripping juice and it was coating my cock from the head to the balls. Each time she wiggled back, the head of my cock would touch her clit. Her eyes had glassed over and it was plain that I wasn’t the only one enjoying our forbidden play.

I lay back so I could look straight at her clit as it rode up and down the length of my cock. Then taking my fingers I started to massage the little hood it peeked out of. Kathy started to go crazy again. Moaning and tossing her head about. I knew that if I kept it up, she would cum again, and soon. The only trouble was that I was going to cum also, and with the eye of my cock pointed straight at my face, I was going to get a cum facial from my own cock. Still, that was better then getting my little girl pregnant, and what she was doing sure felt great.

Kathy moaned “I’m going to cum again” and with that she laid her chest against mine, pushing her firm breasts into me. Our lips met, and we were no longer father and daughter, but two lovers driving each other to heaven. She lifted her bottom ever so slightly, my cock sprang up and found the entrance to her body. Sliding back she started to take my cock. Even though her pussy was literally gushing juice, she was so tight that all that entered her was just the head.
“Kathy!” I cried, “We can’t do this. If I cum inside you, you’ll get pregnant for sure.” I tried to push her back and pull out of her, but she held me tight.

“I’m going to cum…” she moaned, “and when I do, I want you all the way inside me.”
After another deep kiss, she sat up to use her weight to force my nail into her body. Each time she pressed down, another half inch would drive into her. Now not only her own lubrication was helping me push into her, but I had started to shoot little spurts of pre-cum.

I could feel the minor contractions in my own body forcing it into her.

Finally her pussy lips rested at the base of my throbbing pole. She bent forward to give me another kiss but before she could her orgasm hit her. Kathy again went totally ridged in my arms, her pussy tightening around my cock. She buried her face in my neck stifling her wail of joy.

I knew it was wrong, knew the danger, but her pussy was milking at my cock just as it had my finger only minutes ago. It was milking me for my thick cream, the cream that would probably plant a baby in my own daughter’s body. And I gave it. My daughter was taking me, I couldn’t help myself, she was just too sexy for me to stop.

As sweet Kathy shivered in orgasm on top of me, I shot my heavy load of sperm deep within her, as I did this I looked into her eyes… eyes that flew open with surprise, as she felt my jets of hot come fill her.

As I pumped my last intense stream of sperm into my little girl, she collapsed on top of my panting. My heart was pounding with the exertion, but my mind was numb… how could I do this, how could I have gotten this carried away with my own little girl.

Kathy raised up to look into my eyes and said, “thank you daddy, I love you even more than ever. You’ve given me two orgasms in an hour, and I never thought I’d have one.”

We disengaged and went to separate bathrooms to shower and straighten up. I told Kathy when she asked later that day, that this wouldn’t happen again, and that we had to keep the event to ourselves. She agreed, but believe this — she never let her boyfriend just fuck her, he had to earn the pleasure from that day forward.

THE END… or is it just the beginning?

Lizzie Hates Sex

Lizzie McQuire has a rough time with sex. Her first dating experience was boring. The next one becomes a wrestling match. The next day she is raped by a dog and nearly raped by two young boys. It only gets worse until she meets the dogs owner, Doctor Hanson.

Lizzie and Miranda were gabbing excitedly about Lizzie’s date with one of the Jocks on the football team. His name was Randal but made sure everyone called him Randy.

He was one of the better looking guys in school and always seemed really nice. It was known that he had dated every girl in the popular crowd and had worked his way through just about every decent looking Senior and Junior girl in school. He was now, seemingly working his way through the list of the freshmen girls, clickish or not. Some girls he dated for a long time others just once. Lizzie was the third one he chose out of the freshman girls.

Kate, the cheerleading captain glared at her, making several rude comments almost every day, when she found out Lizzie was going out with him. Kate wanted him to be her steady and really got angry when he went from girl to girl. When he was dating Kate, she was like the Queen of the school and let everyone know the he was exclusively hers.

This whole date thing was really exciting for Lizzie because she had turned fifteen during the summer and it was now a time when her Parents would let Lizzie go on unsupervised dates.

Lizzie wanted to date when she was thirteen and but it was a losing battle for two years. Using examples of other girls that were already dating and some allowed to go steady at fourteen didn’t change their adamant stand.

Lizzie started dating at the beginning of the school year, two months after her fifteenth birthday. Her first dates were with a somewhat nerdish guy named Fred, he had been asking for a date for at least a year and she almost felt obligated to go out with him.

He was the same age as her and didn’t have a car yet, so he would walk to her house, escort her to a burger joint to a hamburger and fries. They would then walk to the movies, then home. He went out with her several times and the dates gave her something to do, but they were nothing worth bragging about. No one else asked her out because other guys got the impression from Fred that she was going steady with him.

It was several dates before he would try to kiss her good night the first time. The first kiss was awkward at best, he almost knocked her over stepping on her toes and tripping, falling into her. Later kisses seemed a little less awkward but none were prolonged and didn’t seem to be anything special. After the last date before the jock asked her out Fred tried kissing her a little longer and awkwardly grabbed her breast but she pulled quickly away saying “no’.

As he left for home, she stood outside and watched him disappear into the darkness. As she stood there watching him walk away, she thought for a long time about the feeling of his hand on her breast. It felt kind of nice in a way but he was kind of rough, she decided it seemed uncomfortable having Fred touch her there. Maybe if he had been a little more gentle she would have tolerated his hand there a little longer? That was the first time anyone had ever touched her breasts.

Fred called on Thursday, the day before their usual Friday date but she had to turn him down because Randy had asked her out the Wednesday before. Friday, Randy came to pick her up in his car. She was overjoyed by the fact she would be escorted in a car. He acted the perfect gentleman, opening doors for her, commenting on how beautiful she was. Gently holding her hand when they crossed the parking lot to the restaurant. It seemed like one of the most expensive places she had ever been, at least compared to the hamburger place that Fred took her to all the time.

She felt like a queen having dinner in a full blown sit down restaurant with a waiter. They went to a movie but this time it seemed more special than hamburgers and movie with Fred. The movie ended at 10:10. Her curfew was midnight so there was time remaining for her dream date. It was a warm pleasant night when they walked out of the theater.

“Wow Randy, thank you for such a nice date. My parents will be real happy, its still early.”

“You act like the dates over?”

“Well no I guess not, were we going somewhere else?”

“Sure, I thought we would go to Conquerors Hill and talk for awhile.”

“Why not, I don’t have to be home until 12:00”

“Okay lets go.”

He drove her to Conquerors hill and parked the car in a corner of the park overlooking the city. Kids called it Conquerors Hill even though the parks name was really Windrow Hill. It seems a civil war battle took place here and there was a statue and with plaque on it stating “In Honor of all those men who have achieved and mastered their greatest goal of defeating the enemy. This defeat has left the land free for all men to conquer the highest peaks, leaving the fertile valleys free to plow”. Most of he guys at school would attribute this to other things, like conquering a girls breasts, plowing their hairy mounds and discovering the valleys between cunt lips and breasts.

He turned off the engine and turned the radio to a soft rock station that always featured love songs on weekends. She loved this station and closed her eyes thinking to herself how nice this was.

“Hey girl, you falling asleep?”

“Oh no, I just was thinking how peaceful and how nice it is up here, and the music is so, I guess you could say romantic.”

“Yeah, romantic, I dig what you mean.”

He was quiet for a moment. Looking at her, he thought to himself, she’s a pretty sexy little bitch but I ain’t here to talk and I think its time she knows that.

He leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for, Randy”

“I just wanted to let you know that I really dig you and I thought it’s great being out here with you.”

“Thank you, I think you are pretty special too”

She leaned toward him and kissed him on the cheek. Their eyes locked and he leaned into her kissing her long and soft on her lips.

Her head was spinning a little thinking to herself how nice that felt. Much different than Fred. She felt a warm flush move over her body. She let the kiss continue, wanting to feel more of that warm sensation.

“Lizzie?, lets move to the back seat.”

“Sure, I guess that would be OK” Thinking to herself, that it would be OK, because he has been pretty nice so far and felt trust in his demeanor. His kisses were giving her the warm tingling feelings but the center console kept him at bay. If they moved to the back seat his body would be closer to his and she felt that would be nicer.

They got into the back seat and he moved closer to her and immediately put his arms around her and started kissing her. After a few seconds he came out with, “Lizzie, Lets fuck, I’m ready and I wanna fuck now.”

“No, absolutely not, I’ve never done it before and I want to save myself for my future husband.”

“That stuff is all bull shit now, nobody does that.”

“Several of my friends are saving themselves for marriage.”

“Naaaaa, no fuckin’ way”

“Please don’t use that word.”

“What word, you mean “fuck’?

“Yes, that word, I hate it”

“Every body uses it.”

“Not really, I know my friends don’t use it”

“Ah bull, its just a word anyway.”

Please don’t use it around me, it sounds like dirty sex to me.”

“Yeah it means sex but it’s also just a word that a lot of people use all the time.

You ask around and you will find out that even most of the girls use it. Just like almost every girl in school has been fucked, so its and every day thing.”

“No more please and I still don’t want to have sex, I’m not ready”

“Well I’ll have you know that I pretty well aim to make sure I get to fuck you and every other girl in school. That’s my goal one way or another.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“I’m gonna fuck every girl in school and that means you too.”

“You’ll die of old age before you get me in bed. You’ll have to marry me first.”

“Well that’s a thought. You can bet when we do fuck, whether were married or not, I’ll be the best fuck you ever had.”

“That word – please stop.”

“OK, but only if I get to kiss that cute face of yours a little more.”

“I don’t know now, I enjoy the kissing and hugging but I won’t have sex, I hear guys get carried away if they kiss too much. I think I want to go home now.”

He smiled at her on that statement and she softened some.

“OK doll I’ll be good, no more fuck word starting now.”

She thought to herself, that he had been pretty nice and he had a nice smile and he is really good looking and the kisses feel kinda good.

“OK, As long as you don’t use that word and you understand that no sex will happen.”

He smiled again and leaned into her and started kissing her again. After just a few seconds of kissing, his hands started to roam. He moved his hand to one of her breasts and started rubbing it. She knew his hand was there and it felt good so she didn’t push his had away. After a few seconds his hand moved from her breast to her knee.

The warmth of his hand felt good and the tingling sensation increased. In a very short time she realized his hand was more than halfway up her thigh. She reached down and moved his hand away but he put his hand back on her thigh, only higher. Again she pushed his hand away again. He moved it to her crotch, grabbing her in a rough manner.

“Stop! No more, its time you took me home.” She pushed him away and pulled away from him.

“Aw come on Lizzie, A little makin’ out ain’t gonna hurt. It feels good.”

“No ones ever touched me like that and I just don’t want to do that. The kissing and hugging feels good but touching my private areas is out of the question.”

“Every one does it. It feels good and I have urges. All I want is a fuck. It only takes a few minutes and it’ll feel good. Come on lets do it.”

“No, I said no bad words and no sex, you better take me home.”

“My cock is hard as a rock, it needs relief, now.”

“No! Please take me home.”

“Shit, OK, OK – I guess what’s gotta be has gotta be. I thought sure you would be my 25th virgin – “

“How can you talk like that.”

They were quiet until he got her back to her house. When the car stopped she started to get out.

“Thank you for the date Randy. If you learn to behave and clean up your language I’d go out with you again.”

“Look here, Lizzie. I’m sorry, it’s just that I really like sex and I can’t help it when it comes to makin’ out. You gotta understand that when I touch a girl it really gets me hot and you got me going better than anyone I ever been out with.”

“I’ve never been through this kind of thing before, it’s all new to me and scary. This was my first car date and that alone was a good experience so lets leave it at that.”

“I thought someone as sexy as you had lots of dates and you were ready for the ultimate date experience by going out with me.”

“No, this is my second month of dating and this is my fifth date, maybe I’m not ready for someone that has been around as much as you, ..Good Night Randy and thank you.”

“Ok Lizzie, I will be calling you, maybe we can go out again next week end.”

“I’m not sure, maybe.”

He pulled away in his car. As he left her standing in front of her house he thought to himself – “God she is fuckin’ sexy. Why don’t they put the junior high next to the high school? I wish I had seen her when she was in the eighth or ninth grade. She would have to be the ultimate challenge, a thirteen or fourteen year old virgin. She probably wouldn’t have put up as much resistance. I’m going to have to check some of them little junior high cunts out. Only one fifteen year old sophomore and she was pretty good but something younger might be better yet!

“My date with her friend Miranda was a failure. That’s two fuckin’ weekends without having my dick in pussy. I’m gonna have to butter up Kate again. She’ll always fuck when I want but she’s gettin’ so loose it don’t get me off like it used to. I think I’ll hit on that little fox Lizzie one more time, at least I got to feel her tit and got my hand on her crotch. That was farther than I got with Miranda.

As he pulled away from her house, Lizzie watched his car disappear and her thoughts poured through her head – “He can be such a well mannered guy but he can be so insistent and a jerk too. Maybe if I do go out with him I can slow him down a little more. After all he did stop when I said stop the second time and he did bring me home without much of an argument. There’s no way I want to lose my virginity like that. He did make me feel so warm and tingly when he started kissing me. Yes, if he asks. I guess I will go out with him again.

Her parents were up and as she walked into the house and as usual they had questions on how her date went. She told them the good parts but not the stuff where he wanted to do that thing to her.

She went to her bedroom and started undressing. She noticed a small damp spot in the crotch of her panties. The same type wet spot occurred a couple of times in the past year. She wasn’t sure what it was all about but assumed it was just something that happened when you were a girl.

She got into the shower, the water felt good as she soaped herself. She moved her hands up and down her flawless body. No moles, or funny marks, perfect skin. She was proud of her body, firm breasts that didn’t sag at all, her nearly flat tummy, baby fat nearly gone. Her legs compared to her body were quite long and slender.

Her private area was covered with fine very light brown hair that grew in such a way that it looked trimmed. What hair she had under her arms was light enough that if she forgot to shave, it wasn’t easily noticed. While she was showered she began to daydream about a very handsome guy caressing her body.

She dropped the wash cloth and moved her hands over her breasts. She felt a tingling sensation and noticed that her nipples felt a little sensitive. She stopped washing a looked at down at her breasts and noticed the nipples stood out a little more than normal.

She continued washing herself and as she washed between her legs in that private area, she felt a chill go through her body. She stopped washing down there closed her eyes and wondered what it would be like to have her dream lover touch her there.

Questions, questions, why does my body do these strange things. If I rub my breasts I get a tingling sensation and if I touch my private place it sends chills through me. Her mother always told her not to touch herself there, except to wash, so Lizzie avoided that contact. With that warning she only rubbed her private place when she was in the shower. What’s it all about, it’s her body isn’t it and it does give wonderful feelings?

She finished her shower and dried herself off, got into her night clothes and crawled into bed.

end of part 1

part 2

Sometime in the night she started dreaming about her ideal boyfriend. Her dream started out with her date taking her to a dinner dance. It was a romantic evening with dancing and drinks (non alcohol of course) and more dancing. Every dance was slow, with her dream date holding her close and sometimes kissing her as they danced. Then dinner was served, the most elaborate dinner she had ever seen.

After dinner drinks were served and her dream date saluted her beauty, clinking their glasses together. He crossed arms with her as they drank to his salute. Her head was spinning with excitement at the attention he was giving her. After the dinner he drove her to a park she did not recognize. There was a water fall in view and the sky was perfectly clear with more stars visible than she had ever imagined and the moon was full.

Her dream lover was the man that would possess her, regardless of marriage. They went between talking and kissing, holding each other and talking again. He suggested they go to his apartment. Because he seemed so nice and didn’t try anything improper she agreed.

Once in the apartment he lit a fire, got some drinks and they sat on the floor and started their conversation again. Kissing again but this time his hands started to roam all over her body. Caressing her breasts causing her nipples stand out.

He was causing chills to course through her body. His hands moved around and down to her legs. She didn’t object as his hands moved up her legs to her crotch. He caressed her private place softly through her silky panties and that wonderful tingling warm sensation coursed through her body making her very hot.

Her breathing became very rapid and her mind became fuzzy. His hands were now in her panties and his fingers were playing between the lips of her private area and her body began to move and twist in excitement. She was moaning with the pleasure of her sexual heat.

She was wet down there, very wet, what was this wetness. Her mind cleared, and she rapidly came out of her dream state. It was morning, and her hand was on her private area. Her panties were soaking wet.

“Oh god, what is this. Did I wet the bed, did my period start, why is my hand on my private area? She got out of bed fast and headed for the bathroom. She pulled her panties down and saw that the crotch area was soaked. But most of the wet seemed clear, not yellow like pee. Not being sure exactly whether she peed or not, she raised the panties to her nose and sniffed.

The odor was not that of pee. It was more of a sweet musky odor. She did see a little red area in the middle of the wet spot. She was starting her period. “Well that’s different, I don’t recall ever seeing clear wet during my period. I don’t understand what going on here. Tampax, I better get myself fixed up here. She never did like that part of being a girl. Putting up with this bloody business. She went to the linen closet and got the box of Tampax. Damn! Only one left.

She finished dressing and headed down stairs to look for mom.

“Morning mom.”

“Good morning dear.”

Her brother was already up and eating breakfast.

“Good morning douche bag.”

“Matt! What kind of language is that and where did you here that.”

“Sorry mom. All the guys say it to girls they don’t like.”

Lizzie wondering what the heck a douche bag was said; “Good morning fart head.”

“Lizzie! You kids stop now! I mean it!

In unison they both stated, “OK mom.” and Lizzie added, “I’m sorry!”

Lizzie walked over to her mom and whispered; “Mom, I’m out of sanitary pads, I just used the last one.”

In a rather loud voice her mom said, “Lizzie, you know dad and I are going to visit your Aunt Julia.”

“But mom, I can’t do without them.”

“I’ll give you money and you can walk down to the store and get some.”

Matt blurted out, “If she gets to buy some I get to but some too!”

Lizzie’s face turned a brilliant red.

Mom said in an irritated voice: “You don’t get anything, you have been very crude with your language and what she needs something you don’t need.”

Lizzie’s mom gave her some money and started cleaning up when dad walked into the kitchen.

“Are you going to be ready to leave soon?”

“Yes, just a few more minutes.”

Lizzie was fixing a bagel and getting some orange juice.

“How’s it going this morning doll?”

“Just fine daddy, thank you.”

“I want you two to behave yourselves while mom and I are gone.”

“I will, you don’t have to worry about me,” Lizzie stated.

“Yes, I’m sure you’ll be fine, it’s that brother of yours I worry about. So I expect you keep a running list of his misdeeds.”

“Oh, daddy, that would be snitching and you know he would be more trouble if I kept a list.”

“Yeah, I’m sure he would but, really if he does get too out of hand we need to know.”

“I have some money for each of you for food or you can make your own here at home. What you do is up to you”

“Thanks daddy.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Where’s that son of mine?”

“Mom’s talking to him about something.”

“Oh dear, more trouble”

Mom and dad left shortly after getting reassurance that all would be fine while they were gone.

Matt took off with a couple of his friends. Lizzie walked out the door and headed for the store.

She was going to ride her bike but decided the walk would be nicer. After walking a couple blocks she saw a dog meandering about. As she neared the dog, it ignored her.

She was thankful for that not being sure whether it was a friendly.

She continued down the road forgetting about the dog. She walked into the store and picked up what she needed then shopped around a bit but picked up nothing else. She walked out to the store and was on her way home when she heard panting behind her. She turned around to see the dog following her. Its tail was wagging but it still bothered her. “Go home doggy, be a good doggy, please go home.”

The dog continued to follow her, tail wagging and sniffing the air. At one point it ran circles around her and barking in what seemed to be a playful manner. She finally conceded to the fact that the dog was friendly and in a playful mood so she stopped to pet him. The dog stood in front of her as she rubbed his head.

He moved forward and had his nose inches from her crotch. His sniffing became more intense and his ears were pinned back a little. He moved his nose forward and into her crotch. She jumped back and tripped and was on the ground on her back. The dog had his nose back in her crotch. She screamed, moved her legs together and the dog backed away in shock.

“Jeeze dog, what’s the matter with you, I’m not a dog, so keep your nose away. GO HOME”, she yelled. She got back up and started for home again. The dog continued to follow. At one point she ran but the dog stayed with her.

She finally arrived home, closed the door and headed up to her bedroom where she felt safe. It wasn’t only a few minutes before the dog started howling, and barking. She went down stairs and yelled through the door, “Shut up doggy, go home.” She stood behind the door for a few minutes listening. It was quiet so she went back up stairs, confident of the fact the dog either left or was still there but decided to remain quiet.

She sat down at her desk and started doing her home work. She worked for several minutes when she heard a strange noise. Going down stairs again the noise seemed much louder. She peeked through the curtains and saw the dog furiously scratching at the door. “This is just too much doggy, you win, but you gotta behave yourself.” She went to the door and let the dog in. “Now be good, OK?”

He followed her up the stairs tail wagging, ears still pinned ears back. She decided he needed water so she went back down stairs to the kitchen and found a big bowl. Back up stairs again, she filled the bowl with water. He drank as if he hadn’t had water in days. Slobbering all over the floor. She let it go for awhile because he would probably slobber again anyway.

She went back to her homework and the dog lay down very close to her. She looked at the clock some time later and realized she was supposed to meet Miranda and Gordo in less than a half hour.

She jumped up so fast she scared the dog. He scurried out of her way and into the hallway, as she ran for the bathroom. Every time she was in the midst of her period she felt concerned about being clean. She quickly undressed, threw her sanitary pad away and hopped into the shower.

It felt good, the hot water and soap. She loved being clean but recently she also liked caressing breasts. Although hesitant about it, she loved the tingling sensation she got when she touched herself ‘down there’. She didn’t let her hand stay there very long because she could always hear her mother tell her that she shouldn’t touch down there.

She got out of the shower and dried herself off. She half ran to her dresser and pulled a bra out of the top drawer, panties out of the middle drawer and as she bent down to the bottom drawer for socks, the dog came up behind her and licked her crotch. “Oh jeeze oh peets, my god dog, what are you doing?!” She half swung at him and yelled, “NO! GO LAY DOWN!” He backed off and went back to the other side of the bed and lay down.

Back in the bathroom continuing to dry her hair. She started to put on panties and realized that she forgot her sanitary pad. Going back into the bedroom she noticed the time; “Darn! I’ve only have ten minutes before I’m supposed to be at Miranda’s house.”

She walked to the side of the bed where the bag containing her earlier purchase lay. She almost stepped on the dog and nearly gagged when she saw that the dog was chewing on her used sanitary pad. “Dumb dog, how gross can you get. Now stop that, get away from there.”

He moved away and she picked up the remnants of the pad and carried them back into the bathroom and threw them away again. She moved the trash can onto the counter out of the dogs way. Confusion ruling again, she realized she still didn’t have her new sanitary pad. She half raced back into the bedroom again and started grab the box of pads when she saw that he dog had apparently knocked some of her makeup off her dressing table and under her desk.

A bottle of cologne had broken spreading glass and liquid under her desk. She glared at the dog, starting to scold him, her eyes opened wide in amazement. She stared for a moment at the red tip of his cock and him licking it. “Holy cow dog, you are the grossest thing, yucky, stop!”

He stood up, looking at her, wagging his tail as though he were laughing at her. “Yes, you, it’s gross. Now you stay there while I clean up your mess.” She got down on all fours and crawled part way under the desk to clean up the mess he had made. As she cleaned he came up behind and licked at her thigh. She swung back at him and yelled, “Stop that dog.”

He backed away but kept pacing back and forth behind her. The desk was in the way for him to accomplish what he was intent on doing. He pawed at her calf a couple times and she looked back at him laughing, “Now stop it doggie I don’t want to play. I don’t have time for this and it’s your fault.”

As she proceeded with her cleanup she started backing out from desk and he came back and took a lick at her pussy. She reached back and pushed muzzle away, “Stop it, I said.”

He saw his opportunity to mount her so hear reared up and onto her back. “Now dog, stop it, I’m not in a mood for playing games, I told you.” His front paws were scratching the sides and breasts. “Stop it dog, I mean it, I don’t feel like playing.” She tried reaching back to push him off but that didn’t work. She then swung her arm back hitting him. He growled and nipped at her shoulder. “You silly dog, please stop it, I’ve gotta get dressed and meet my friends.”

Something wasn’t right she could feel something warm and wet poking at her soft pink private place. She bent her head down and looked back between her legs to see his red wet looking cock lurching forward poking at her rear end. Her mind flashed back to the female dogs she had seen being mounted by male dogs.

She always looked away in embarrassment never seeing exactly what happened. But now the reality of what the dog was trying to do came to light and she screamed out one of the few cuss words she had ever used, “oh shit no, not that.”

She tried to back from under the desk and stand but the desk was still over her head. “Damn, shit! Get off me dog!” He continued poking and hunching trying to find his mark and she began to go from fear to panic, telling herself she had to stand up and get away from him. She pushed back a little farther, figured she was clear of the desk and raised her body fast. Lizzie screamed loud as she bumped her head on the front edge of the desk. It stunned her for a second and she paused for a bit to regain her composure.

She tried moving again beginning to cry, “Please no, not that pleee – “

The word please never came out completely. It was broken by her scream as his huge rod found her tender pink opening and tore through her hymen. She screamed and started getting sick to her stomach at the realization of what was happening.

The dog shifted forward, covering her back even more, moving his cock deeper into her, stretching the tight clasping virgin walls of her vagina beyond any point she would have ever believed possible. The ripping away of her hymen caused a searing pain and tears welled in her eyes, blurring her vision.

The dog started pumping his huge cock in and out of her like a cylinder out of control. Her mind going crazy like a computer out of control. “Oh, god, raped by a dog. My precious virginity gone. It hurts, please make it stop, please. It hurts so much. He’s gonna give me a baby. Maybe puppies, can I have puppies? Puppies, oh god.”

His persistent pumping motion moving her body back and forth in unison with his movements. His moist rod moved in and out easily but the diameter of the huge imposing rod stretched the walls of her vagina, spreading her causing more pain than she thought possible. His claws scratching her breasts and the silky soft skin on the sides of her body.

Her mind screaming, “When will it stop, please make it stop. Her body feeling hot, sweaty, dirty and pained, causing the tears pour from her eyes. The thought of what was happening caused her to feel nauseous and she started retching. She only had that bagel and orange juice early that morning and there was nothing there to come up but a little liquid.

She felt the dog move deeper into her and the size of the menacing red thing in her seemed to grow even more, stretching her until she felt like passing out. She let out painful half moan, half scream, “AAWWWWWWWHHHH!” with her tears coming even faster. The pain was unbearable and she kept wishing it were all over.

Her confused mind took her back to her dreams last night, picturing her romantic encounter and she wished she were back there now. Coming back to reality she realized the dog wasn’t moving any more. The dog lifted his leg over her back and she could feel his huge cock twisting around in her. He was butt to butt with her and she thought her suffering and pain were soon to be finished. Lizzie tried to stand up but he moved with her. Her pain and fear were now elevated into pain and panic, he was stuck in her!

“Oh god dog, what have you done how do we get loose? You’re hurting me so much. Please let me go.” She was always too embarrassed to watch dogs complete the act, so she didn’t know that dogs got stuck together. She heard noises in the house and she strained to hear what or who was in the house.

“Hey douche bag. What ya doing?”

It was her brother! He came home for what reason? The worst possible timing in the world. The pain increased as her entire body tensed in fear that he would come up stairs and see the predicament she was in.

“Hey douche, you home!?”

She hollered back, “Yes, and go away, don’t bother me.”

She could hear him coming up the stairs. Her mind going crazy trying to figure out what she could do to prevent him coming into her bedroom. Dog was already trying to move to the door to investigate this person nearing his space. His ears perked up and listened. Fortunately he didn’t bark. He half pulled her to the door and she ended up being close enough she could lean against it, still in her ‘doggie’ position.

“What you doin?”

“I was working on my homework and I’m getting ready to go to Miranda’s place, OK.”

He was against the door and was twisting the door knob. “Think fast, I gotta get rid of him.” She started sweating in fear that he would be persistent enough to play games and force the door open.

“I’m dressing, you can’t come in here.”

“Why not, I gotta see a naked girl sometime or another, it may as well be now.”

She screamed at the top of her lungs, “Get the hell away, you can’t come in.”

It frightened the dog and he moved a little, nearly pulling her painfully away from the door. She could hear the door handle move again. “OK, chill out, bird brain, I’m goin’.”

She could feel the pressure in her vagina easing and was beginning to have hopes that she would be free soon.

“Good, and if you ever come into my bedroom I’ll beat your brains.”

“Yeah, like you and who else. Any way – if mom or dad call tell them I’m at the goin’ to the Pearsons place and stayin’ with Joey tonight.”

“Good, maybe that way I can have some peace and quiet.”

“And maybe I’ll see his sister naked.”

She could hear him walk into his bedroom.

It was still several minutes more before she had the strange sensation of the walls of her vagina closing. Her entire body shivered with the strange feelings that shrinking brought. Within another minute the dogs cock slid out of her, she let out a little moan in surprise and elation that she was free. She sank to the floor, to a sitting position against the door. She felt wetness on her crotch and looked down to see a gooey white slime mixed with traces of red dripping from her vagina. She retched and coughed.

Matt was back by her door, “Whad ya say.”

She tried to suppress the gagging sensation, “Nothing, I’m talking to myself trying to decide what to wear.” In the middle of this statement the dog came over and started licking her crotch. She had a hard time holding back any vocal reaction, not daring make any noise because Matt might hear. She was fearful of the fact that he may decide not to leave, but to force his way into her room. She let the dog continue to lick.

“I’m goin, remember, if mom or dad call let them know where I am, and don’t forget to keep the doors locked or someone might come in to rape an’ kill ya.”

Dog still licking her cunt, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t worry about me.”

She could hear Matt moving down the stairs. She pushed the dogs head away from her and he went to what seemed his favorite corner behind the bed and started licking himself.

She was relieved the dog had stopped licking her because it was causing tingling and little electric like shocks to course through her body. She wasn’t sure if it was a good feeling or a bad feeling.

She could hear Matt slam the door, leaving the house.

Her mind still reeling at what had happened, “Rapist, like I should worry about that, after what’s just happened.”

She got up off the floor and tried walking to the bathroom, it was difficult because of the sourness between her legs. She could hear the phone ring in her parents bedroom and in the distance the answering machine responding. “I bet that’s Miranda’ wondering where I am.” Her entire being hurt and her walk was strained. She could feel moisture dripping down her legs as she headed for the bathroom. She grabbed a wash cloth and started wiping herself off.

As she wiped she noticed more pain down there. She started to rinse the wash cloth off and as she put it under the faucet she noticed there was red on it. “I’m still bleeding, no wonder I hurt down there. Maybe my period? But that shouldn’t hurt. Thank God Matt left the house. Other wise I would still be in my bedroom with him outside my door playing mind games and I would have to be waiting longer to clean up this mess.”

She stepped into the shower again, feeling dirtier than she had ever been in her entire life. She had scratches on the sides of her torso and breasts. That made it difficult to wash but she continued anyway. There was a red spot on her shoulder where the dog nipped at her but didn’t break the skin. “My beautiful skin, all marked up.I’m going to have to avoid low cut blouses, to hide all this. What do I do about gym class?”

The other girls will see all these scratches. I’ve got to think of something to cover up how I got these.

She didn’t want to get out of the shower, staying nearly a half hour, soaping and rinsing. Then she would start over again, soaping, rinsing two more times.

She still didn’t feel clean but dressed anyway. She went down stairs to check the answering machine. There were five messages, with four being from Miranda and Gordo, wondering where the heck she was. She sat staring at the phone for several minutes, finally picking it up and calling Miranda. She explained that she was sick and fell asleep forgetting about the time. She apologized and told them she would see them in school on Monday.

When she got back to the bedroom, dog was sleeping. Hearing her, his eyes opened and his tail started thumping on the floor.

“Yeah, a lot you got to be happy for, you hurt me real bad and you pretty much screwed up my life’s dreams. Come on, we gotta get rid of you, so lets see if we can find out where you live.”

She got a rope, putting it around his neck and took the dog outside. She led him back to the spot where she first found him and started knocking on doors and asking people on the street if they knew where the dog came from. She had been walking for nearly and hour and a half when she found a girl that looked to be around twelve years old.

“Hey, hi girl, what are you doing with Woody, he belongs to old Doc Hanson.”

“Hi Woody, did you run away from home again”

Woody stuck his nose into her crotch and she jumped back and giggled loudly.

“Woody, don’t do that, in front of people, I told you before it’s not nice.”

Lizzie stood silent not knowing really what to say.

“He does that all the time, it’s really funny and sometimes it tickles, but sometime he pokes his nose so hard it hurts a little.”

“You let him do that?”

“Not really I just figure that’s what dogs do sometime. I do let him do something else. You’re a girl and you look nice so I’ll tell you a secret, if you don’t tell any adults or any boys?”

Lizzie’s curiosity got the better of her. “Sure, I’ll keep your secret.”

The girl came close to her and said in a quiet voice; “sometimes I pull my panties down and let him lick me there. It feels real good and it gives me really neat feeling shivers, but I have to make him stop because his red thing comes out and he tries to jump on me so I, pull my panties up and run home real quick, I don’t want him to make puppies with me. You should let him lick you sometime, I bet you’d like it like I do.”

Lizzie just stared at her for a moment, in amazement. “I can’t believe you would let a dog lick you there, it seems so dirty.”

“Naaaaah, a dog is supposed to have a real clean tongue. Besides, like I said it really does feel good.”

“If he didn’t keep trying to jump on me like a girl dog I would let him do it longer. You really would like it, really.”

“No thanks, I don’t really think so, it seems gross to me. I really want to get him back to his house so if you could tell where this doctor lives.”

“He’s over on Windham Drive, its a big ole house with a stone fence.”

“OK, thanks, little girl.”

“I’ll have you know, I’m not a little girl any more. I’m twelve and I got boobies just like you.”

“I’m sorry, I spoke to soon. What is your name anyway.”

“Nicki. What’s yours.”

“Lizzie. Nice to meet you Nicki.”

“I think I like you so you can be my friend Lizzie. Come over and see me again sometime. I live in that brown house across the street.

“OK Nicki, I’ll stop by and visit sometime soon.”

“OK, that’ll be really neat and hey, look I’m serious, I’ll show you my secret.”

“Sure – maybe, sometime, we can do that.”

Lizzie’s mind was going crazy again. “Imagine a twelve year old girl playing with a dog like that? I hope she doesn’t get into the situation I got into, because she’s so much tinier than I am. But she does seem to maybe understand – after all she said she didn’t want to make puppies with him. She a really cute girl and I’m sure the guys are going to chase her like crazy. She already has a weird sense. If I do become her friend maybe I can keep her on the right track. I don’t believe it, letting a dog lick her there. It sure felt weird to me. I won’t let him again, no way, no more.”

She rounded the corner and saw the house. It was huge, and pretty much could be considered a mansion. She walked to the door and pushed the button for the doorbell. She waited for what seemed an eternity. She pressed the button again and waited again. She decided no one was home and decided to tie the dog up and go home.

Just as she was ready to walk off a man came from beside the house. He was a big man, she thought at least six feet tall, if not more. He was definitely more than a head taller than her.

“Hello there, it looks as though you found my dog.”

“Yes, I did – he followed me home and wouldn’t leave.”

“Well, I sure hope he wasn’t too much trouble.”

“Ah – well – no, he was fine.”

“You sound a little unsure there, I imagine he probably was a problem.”

Think fast Lizzie, “Well he knocked stuff off my dressing table and he slobbers all over when he drinks, but not much else.”

“My big loveable dog, with an over active tail and a lack of table manners.”

“Come on in, I have a reward for you.”

“Oh, that’s OK, you don’t need to.”

“Well of course I do, he’s been gone fore nearly four days and his collar is gone. For all I knew he was a gonner for good.”

She expected his house to be dark and mysterious inside but it seemed bright and cheery for the most part.

“How did you find me, with Woody having lost his collar.”

His voice didn’t register as she was so amazed at the size of the house and was caught up in looking at it The enormity of this place wasn’t to be believed in this town. She could see from the main hall, a large living room on one side, and a library with what seemed to be a thousand books. Over the main entrance area there were two sets of stairs that went to an upper floor. There, on the ceiling was a huge chandelier. It was like something in a movie.

“Hello, are you still there, young lady?”

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry – this place is amazing, it’s so big, and the gorgeous chandelier and, well, its as though you have your own public library.”

“I guess I made to much money as a doctor and my long ago passed away wife had a mother and father that left her millions which was passed on to me. She always did want a big house and this is what we bought. Most of it is closed off now so its just me and Woody.”

“I’m sorry you’re alone.”

“It’s not too bad. I find plenty to keep me occupied. My garden gives many hours of pleasure, both in the care and just looking at it. Backing up a bit; how did you find out where Woody belonged?”

“I just brought him back to where I saw him first and after walking around for an hour or so and finally found this girl named Nicki, she told where you live.”

“Such perseverance, it’s great knowing some young people still try so hard.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Such formality is not needed, my dear.”

“OK mister.”

“Doctor, Doctor Hanson, you can call me doc.”

“Ok doc,” she smiled feeling at ease with this man.

“Nicki, yes – cute little Nicki. She found him a long time ago and since then she comes to get him for walks and to play with him. I guess you could say that she is his favorite playmate.”

Her mind went back to the things Nicki said but didn’t say anything about her

Lizzie loved books and was curious to know what he had in the library. He noticed that she kept staring toward the library.

“You like books?”

“I sure do.”

“Go ahead, take a look while I get your reward.”

She headed for the library and started looking around, there seemed to a large variety of books covering every thing one could think of. One wall was kind of strange, she thought. There were books of all kinds on babies and reproduction and some were pretty strange, “Anomalies of Reproduction in the Human Race”, “Sexual Techniques”, “Problems of Human Reproduction”, “Healthy Babies”, and “Reproduction in the Animal Kingdom?”

Doc Hanson returned, and Lizzie looking at him puzzled, “These books?”

“They’re all about – “

“Yes, That was part of my area of health care, bringing babies into the world.”Who knows I could have been the one that helped you get here. Where were you born.”

“St. Mathews.”

“Sorry no such luck, I used to work at City Central.”

“This seems as big as the library down town.”

“Well, not nearly but there are some collectors items here and many that are no longer in print.”

“I would guess, they sure area different than what I’ve seen in any library.”

“You may come to read them any time you wish.”

“Thank you, that would be nice.”

“Would you like something to drink, I have fruit juices and water, tea, coffee, no soft drinks though?”

Again she thought to herself, Ok he seems really nice and I’d like to look at more of these books, “Sure, thank you, orange juice?”

I’ll be right back.”

She went back to looking at titles of the books and was amazed at the variety but she kept going back to the section with the medical books. They seemed to cover everything imaginable. “Oh my god, “Sexual Perversions of Humans”.

She picked it up and looked at the contents, “Rape, and its consequences”, “Prostitution and Abuse of prostitutes”, “Humans and Animals”. Her curiosity was really peaked by this book but embarrassment of the doctor coming back and seeing her reading it forced her to put the book back. He came back just as she had it back on the shelf but she didn’t get it back all the way. She could feel her face redden but hoped he wouldn’t notice.

She walked to a different part of the library as they talked. He did most of the talking, asking where she lived, what kind of things she was interested in, where she went to school. He liked this Lizzie person. She was pretty and friendly. A lot of spirit and a beautiful smile.

It had been a long time since he had company and especially company that was this good looking. He never had kids and his wife had been gone nearly eight years. He didn’t want to admit it but he was pretty lonely living in this house by himself.

“I guess I better get home, I shouldn’t bother you any longer, it’s already getting pretty late.”

“Believe me, you are no bother at all, I enjoyed your company very much and you are welcome to come back any time you wish. If you need questions about babies or anything of a sexual nature, answered I of course can answer those questions. Then to if you need any books from my library you area welcomed to borrow them or come here to read them any time you would like.”

“Thank you, that’s very nice of you, but I don’t really think I should interfere with your life.”

“Absolutely not, as I said I really enjoyed your company, Oh sorry, I almost forgot” He pulled some money out of his pocket, folded it and gave it to her.

It seemed like a pretty big wad of money but she didn’t count it, “What’s – why.”

“Reward for finding Woody.”

“But, he might have come back on his own too!”

“Don’t worry dear girl, all the effort, and your so sweet, you deserve it and please come back to visit some time.”

She felt so surprised by his kindness, she moved to him and put her arms around him and gave him a very tight hug, “You’re so very kind, of course I’ll come back and visit, thank you so much.”

He watched her walk toward the street and as she did she turned around a couple times to wave good bye to him. “My god what a sweet girl, so pretty.”

“If I were only younger, I would love to get into that.” He closed the door and went into the library to turn off lights. He looked toward the area where his medical books were and noticed one sticking out a little. Reading aloud to himself, “Sexual Perversions in Humans”, “so that’s why she turned red when I came back with her drink. I wonder how much she read…” He put the book back, remembering that it was a pretty good turn on book, more so than a serious research book when he read it thirty years ago.

As Lizzie walked back home she thought about the doctor and thought he was a very sweet old guy. She wasn’t sure how old he was but guessed older than her father. It was fun talking to him and figured she would try to get back to visit him sometime.

She walked by Nicki’s house and she was still outside. Two boys, around her age, were bothering her.

Lizzie continued walking toward her. They were wrestling her, trying to get her on the ground. Hands were all over the place. She moved toward them and she could see them trying to pull Nicki’s pants down and they were grabbing her breasts and crotch. “You guys leave her alone!”

Lizzie tried to pull them off of Nicki and one of them turned his attentions on her.

“Hey look, bigger tits.”

He grabbed her and started squeezing her breasts hard. She slapped him hard and he backed off for a second but returned, jumping on her and knocking her to the ground, landing on top of her. He shoved his face into hers and mashed his lips onto hers. He started making humping moves against her crotch. She could feel his little cock against her crotch and got very mad. She used every ounce of strength she had pushing him off of her and slapped him again.

“You little perverted creep, get the hell out of here.”

He came back with, “Whore bitch, all girls are whore bitches and all they’re good for is fucking and I’m gonna fuck one someday, like I just did you.”

“Well it ain’t gonna be me or Nicki” She swung and kicked at him, missing with her swing but getting him hard with her foot, just below his crotch, knocking him to the ground. He got up and backed away, swearing at her again and yelling to his pal who was a little smaller than Nicki. Nicki was still in a compromising position.

The guy that had jumped Lizzie yelled at his smaller friend. “Come on Dave.”

“You come on, help me I got her pants down and I got my hands on her pussy.”

Lizzie looked around and saw him rubbin her crotch. Lizzie was close enough that she could kick at him so she swung her foot between the legs, he screamed, releasing Nicki, rolling away from her and doubling up in pain next to her.

The bigger boy came toward Lizzie but stopped when, Woody came bounding around the corner barking and moving toward the boys. “Shit, a dog, lets get outa here Davey!”

Davey struggled to his feet and they both moved off into the darkness. She could hear their conversation in bits and pieces over Woody’s barking. “Shit man – .’woof’ – .crotch hurts.”

“That – “woof” bitch, “woof” my balls but, “woof” pussy, I felt pussy, it was kinda wet like! “woof!” Woody’s barks became quieter as the trio vanished into the darkening evening.

Lizzie walked over to Nicki to help her. “Do you know those guys?”

“No, not really, but I’ve seen them at school, one of ’em is in the class across the hall from me, so he’s my age and I think his name is Bill. The other one is a class below me, he’s the one that touched me “there’. I think he’s “leven years old.”

“I’ve heard they act like bullies at school and I’ve seen ’em show off in front of the girls. I guess they’re cousins and the one called Billy is living with the one called Davey, so that’s why they hang together.”

“I guess just a couple trouble makers.”

“Ya, like really”

“Are you OK, Nicki?”

Fixing her panties and pulling up her jeans, “Yea, I guess so, he rubbed me pretty hard and it hurt some. But I guess I’m OK. what’s this big thing about touching a girl down there.”

“I don’t know, I guess guys just like to do it.”

“Anybody do you like that?”

“Well yes, but I told him no and he stopped.”

“He touched me by my pee hole though, is that bad?”

“I don’t no if there’s a good or bad place, all I know is my mom told me that no man should touch me there until I’m married.”

“Oh, my mom never says anything about that stuff so I didn’t really know. I guess maybe I shouldn’t let nobody touch me there, but I still like to have Woody lick me there.”

“I – yes, you probably shouldn’t let anyone touch you there and I do wonder about having Woody lick you, so maybe not that either.

“I know for sure no boys can touch me “specially because it hurt me some, but Woody makes it tickle and it feels so good. I guess I’ll have to think about that one.”

“Well you be careful, because Woody might hurt you.”

“You mean like try to make puppies with me?”

This statement brought Lizzie back to what had happened that morning. “Nicki, I – well, yes or – you – ahhh – well maybe he’ll bite you there or something.”

“Yeah, maybe, but I lay on my back so I can watch him and if he tries to get on top of me like those boys tried, I close my legs together push him away hard and run into another room and hide from him and he finally goes away. I started having my period about six months ago so he could probably give me puppies or a baby.”

“Puppies and babies are cute but my mom says I’m too young to take care them.”

“I don’t know what to think, other than you should be careful.”

“Ya, I will, don’t worry.”

“Well I guess I should get home because it’s really getting dark now so bye for now Nicki”

“Sure, me to, I should get in the house too, before my mom gets home, otherwise she gets really miffed. Bye Lizzie.”

As Lizzie headed for home her mind started going over the recent events.

She wondered about Nicki. “Such a strange but intriguing girl. She didn’t say anything about a dad, perhaps he isn’t around. Strange as she is, I really like her but her mom doesn’t seem to be around for her. I really hope that dog doesn’t get her like he got me this morning, I still feel icky down there.’

She realized that it was completely dark now and decided to run through a small park as a short cut. She only got about a quarter of the way through the park and she tripped on something as she ran between some bushes.

“Hey Dave it’s the whore bitch with the big boobies.”

“Yeah she’s the one that kicked me, get her.”

Lizzie was recovering from the fall and getting up but the older one jumped on her back straddling her waist. The younger one moved down and sat on her legs.

“She hurt me bad when I was on top that Nicki girl.”

“Yeah, an she kicked me too.”

The older one punched her in the back and she yelped in pain.

“Awwww, poor baby, now you know what for, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

The younger one laughing too, slapped her butt hard, forcing another yelp from her. She started bucking, trying throwing Billy off of her. “Davey! Quick hang on, don’t let her up.”

Lizzie managed to roll over, throwing Billy off. She tried to stand up but Davey still holding her legs, worked up the length of her legs, shoving her back to the ground. He moved to her waist sitting on her stomach.

“Ya, man hold her like that.”

She kept trying to shift and twist in effort to knock Davey off of her, but he lay down over her wrapping his arms around her arms. He was now hanging onto her as though he were trying to hold on to a tree in a wind storm. His face in line with hers he tried to kiss her but she kept twisting her face away from him. “Jeeze Billy, I like the way her titties feel under me.”

“Yeah man I bet, but I wanna get to her pussy.”

Lizzie felt him pull down the zipper on her jeans. She screamed and started kicking her feet and he slugged her in the tummy. She folded her legs upward in pain.

“Shut up and hold still bitch whore.”

He pulled her legs strait and slid her jeans down her thighs to her ankles then immediately pulled her panties down. “Holy shit Batman, what the hell is this.”

Davey tried raising his head to see what was going on but he was wrapped around Lizzie’s torso holding her still and couldn’t raise up far enough to see. “What – what, tell me what?”

Billy in a surprised tone. “I don’t know. It’s a white pad or something strapped to her.”

She could feel his fingers touching the belt which held her pad in place and she started fighting some more.

Billy grabbed the flesh on her thigh pinching her real hard. “Hold still bitch whore.”

She struggled again and he grabbed with more force.

She stopped moving again and could feel Davey’s erection pressing against her belly. “Will you hurry up Bill, I wanna see and I got a boner.”

“Fuckin’ shut up, just jack off like I showed ya.”

“How em I supposed to hold her if I do that.”

“I don’t know, just wait then, don’t bother me yet.”

She could feel his fingers moving on her body around the straps that held her pad in place. She could feel him move the straps down her waist and the cool air hit her private place. “Holy shit I think I know.”

“What? Show me quick.”

She felt Billy raise up off her legs and saw his head come up over Davey’s. He had her sanitary pad in his hand. “Look, , I think this has gotta be one of those Kotex pad things.”

“Ohhh gross man, It’s got blood on it.”

Billy shoved it into Davey’s face.

“You fucker you, god dammit.” He rolled away from the pad, letting go of Lizzie and Billy reached out to shove the pad in Davey’s face. He half stumbles over Lizzie.

Lizzie thought she had another opportunity to run. Her jeans were still around her ankles so she couldn’t move her feet. Billy was still half over her and felt her move. But he saw she couldn’t move that well, so he kept taunting Davey. She began to feel this was a hopeless situation and tried to close her mind to all that was happening. This had to be the worst Saturday ever in the world.

“Come on Billy quit screwin’ around.”

“Why, your boner still gettin’ to ya.”

“Ya, but not as much now.”

She tried kicking her jeans off but Billy saw her and kicked in the thigh. “Stupid pussy girl, you can’t get away Billy through the pad into the bushes. “C’mon Davey, get back on and hold her still.”

Davey straddled her waist again and he started rubbing her breasts through her T-shirt. “Hey, I’m rubbin her boobs man.”

“Well fuckin’ big deal why don’t you take off her shirt and feel for real.”

“I can’t if I gotta hold on ta her.”

“Well don’t be such a dumb fuck. Just pull her shirt up from between your legs over her boobs”

Davey loosened his grasp a little and struggled at pulling her shirt up. Lizzie tried to fight again but this time Davey slapped he hard on her face. She became still again. She could feel the damp grass on her back. Tears began running down her face.

Billy began moving his hand over her hairy mound. “Fuck man, you think you got a boner you should see mine. Touching her pussy is makin’ me hard man, this is really weird, my boner almost hurts. I’m gonna try to fuck her.”

Lizzie hollered, “No, please don’t. Please let me go.”

“No way man, I may not get a chance like this ever again.”

“Ya, me neither. Both of us are gonna do ya, me an Billy.”

Billy kept was trying to figure out how to get her bra off and kept pulling. He would stop for awhile, then slide his hands under the material, rubbing her breasts roughly, making them sore. They were becoming irritated between his rough rubbing motions and the pinching of her bra when he pulled on it. She could feel Billy move up her body, straddling her thighs. “Hey, move your butt outa the way.”

Davey moved farther up her torso and was now straddling her rib cage and nearly covering her full warm breasts with his thighs.

Still straddling her legs, Billy moved farther up and rested his cock over her bush and started humping. “Get off her Davey, I wanna lay on top of her.”

“Do I gotta, I’m still trying to get her bra off a her so I can start playin’ with her boobs.”

“Just get off and do it quick, cause I’m gonna squirt and I wanna touch her tits when I do her.”

Davey got up and kneeled next to her. Billy lay over her body swearing at Davey, “You dumb shit, you ain’t got her bra off yet.”

He was so mad he grasped her bra between her breasts, pulling so hard he lifted her off the ground a little. The bra gave way and her torso plopped back to the ground. “Holy shit, boobs, real boobs. Oh man, fuckin’ AHHH!”

Davey reached out grabbing one of her now fully exposed breasts. Billy slapped his hand out of the way. “Let go fuck head, you had your chance.” Billy took both hands and started rubbing her already irritated breasts. “Oh man, this is great, I really dig feelin’ boobs.”

Billy positioned himself between her legs and rested his cock against her slit.

She could feel his cock head slide along her private area. He humped her pussy for a few minutes then stopped. He half moaned, “Oh god this feels fuckin good.” He started humping her slit again moving faster and faster. Davey continued to squeeze her breasts. She was getting really sore down there. His cock rubbing harshly against her clitoris, that spot that normally made her feel so good, hurt like hell.

“Please stop, pleeeeaaasssseee!” Her eyes in a complete blur from the tears.

“Fuck – pant – off, pant”

“Hurry up Billy, I wanna do her too.”

“Oh fuck, shut up, I can’t stop.” His heavy breathing changed to panting. He moaned again, “fuck me, this is great, its kinda warm and fuzzy, and kinda slippery, a lot better “n’ usin’ my hand.”

“Come on man get off, I wanna do it now.”

“Shut – puff – the – huff – fuck – pant, up – “

He was humping fast and furious. Within a few seconds Billy closed his eyes, laid his full weight on her and moaned. She could feel his cock throbbing and wetness flowing between the inside of her thighs and over her hairy mound. He lay there for a few seconds and she could feel his cock soften and shrink.

“Billy, what’s wrong.”

“Damn, it feels good man, and it really took my breath away. I finally fucked a girl.”

“What’s it feel like when you stick it in her hole.”

“What! Stick it in her hole?”

“Ya, stick it in her. Remember, don’t ya remember, yesterday I told you, I heard an older guy say your supposed get it in her hole between her legs.”

“I forgot I rubbed man and it felt really good.” He got up off her and pointed.

“I don’t see no hole between her legs, all I see is a slit and I heard guys say it makes you squirt – and I squirted.”

“Between her legs man, I think they mean up inside between, you know, there’s supposed to be a hole there.”

“Shit nobody never told me?”

“No, there’s gotta be a hole and I told you I heard someone say it yesterday.”

Billy got up off of Lizzie and kneeled next to her, looking a little dismayed. “Jeeze, I wanna see it and I wanna do for real then.”

Lizzie tensed up and tried pulling legs together. Billy tried pulling them apart again but each time he let go and she closed her legs together. “Would you fuckin’ stop that. Davey, help me pull her legs apart.”

Davey moved to the other side of her and grabbed her other thigh and they pulled her legs open. Billy looked down there and looked confused. “All I see is slit too, there ain’t no hole.”

Lizzie thought how long can this go on. When can I get away from them. She tried closing her legs again but they pulled them apart just as fast.

“Pull her slit apart, maybe her slit’s hidin’ it.” Their fingers spread her lips open, but it was near the top and even with the darkness in the park they couldn’t see much of anything, let alone a hole.

Davey moved down her slit a little farther and spread her open again. “Damn I don’t see anything, no hole no nothing, it’s too damn dark.”

“Slide your finger along the slit, maybe your finger will fall in.”

Davey started at the top of her slit and slid his finger down it’s length.

His movements were rough as his finger traced the folds of her slit with his dirty fingers. His finger moved over her clitoris. She winced, because the pressure he was using was too much for her sensitive already sore clitoris. He didn’t seem to notice. “There’s a little bump by the top of her slit, I think and no hole so far. Pussy’s are weird man’ it’s a kinda wet there, but it’s like sticky wet and it has all this weird bumpy like stuff.”

“Let me feel, move your hand.”

“No, not yet, I wanna find the hole.”

His invasive finger went deeper and farther down her folds finally coming to her urethra and it sunk in a little. “I think I found it man.”


“Right here,” jabbing his finger at her pee hole.

“Alllllrrriiggghhhttt man! I’m gonna do her again!”

“No way, you already tried, it’s my turn.”

“No, I’m bigger an’ older, what I say goes.”

“No fair, damn you shit head.”

“I’ll beat your ass, you little shit. It’s me again little fuck head.”

Billy lay down on top of her again.. He started rubbing and kneading her breasts again. He started pushing mostly flaccid cock at her but it wasn’t hard enough to do anything. He stopped moving and kept kneading her breasts. He tried kissing her but she kept moving her head and he got madder and madder.

Davey got impatient. “When you gonna stick it in and fuck her.”

“My cock won’t get hard.”

“Try stickin’ it in anyway, maybe it’ll get hard if you that.”

“I already tried that, shit head, you think I’m dumb or something.”

Billy made several attempts to push into her pee hole with his semi flaccid penis but got nowhere.

Davey finally got real mad pushing at Billy, “Get off damn you, let me try, cause my cock is hard.”

“Well shit, OK, maybe when you’re done, mine’ll get hard again.”

Billy got up and Lizzie tried to get up again. He shoved her back to the ground then to add insult her pinched her nipples hard. She let out a pained yelp.

“Stupid whore bitch, were not done yet.”

Davey took his place between her legs. He lay down on top of her and moved his hips back and humped forward hard. His cock head struck between her cunt lips but he was too high. “Ouch, shit that hurts.”

“Whataya mean it hurts.”

“When I tried to shove my cock in her hole it hurt.”

“How can it hurt?”

“I don’t know.”

“Maybe you’re doin’ it wrong.”

“I don’t think so. I heard this guy say you’re supposed to jab hard so ya can push a girl open.”

Lizzie, even though in pain, kept thinking about the absurdity of this entire thing.

Davey made several more jabs with the end of his little cock, hitting near her pee hole, then above, off to one side, then hitting her clit and making her wince and yelp in pain. “You musta cracked her open a little, you made her jump. Try again.”

He made several more jabbing attempts and at one point, the end of his cock did land directly on her pee hole but being too small for a cock there was no success in entering her.

“Damn, it ain’t workin’ and my cock is startin’ to get sore. I know you hold her slit open, and maybe I can see her hole and help you point at it.”

“Yeah, that might work.”

Davey raised up on his knees but his feet tangled with her jeans and panties which were still around her ankles and he almost fell forward on her. “Damn, pull her pants off they’re in the way.”

Billy moved to pull her jeans off with Davey still between her legs. The jeans and panties were bunched up so much, it became a struggle.

“Hurry up Billy my thing is gettin’ soft again.”

“You hurry up.”

“How can I, you ain’t got her stuff off yet.”

Davey got impatient again and lay back down on her. His legs slung back and one foot caught in her panties and sanitary pad belt which were still around her ankles.

“Shit.” He shifted his legs around and freed his foot from her panties. During his struggles his cock got a little softer.

Billy finally got her panties and sanitary pad belt out of the way and Davey repositioned himself on her again.

“Now my cock is gettin’ soft, dammit!”

“Well rub it on her slit maybe it’ll get hard again.”

Davey tried pressing his soft cock between her slit and started humping her. Even with the leftover cum from Billy making coating her slit, the pressure he was using on her was hurting her clit again.

Billy had moved to her side again and sat on one of arms and started rubbing one breast.

“Please stop, you’re both hurting me, I can’t stand it.”

Billy slapped her face hard. “Just shut the holy fuck up and let him get hard again.”

Lizzie’s eyes, already blurry from crying, began to cry more.

Davey’s cock recovered to its former stiff self as he humped at her slit. He got carried away humping faster and faster between her wet cum covered slit. He went crazy out of control with the slippery friction and tickling sensation caused by the soft moist folds of her cunt lips and silky soft pubic hair.

He began to hump with greater movement and at one point he pulled back to far and his cock slid down off of her and in his non stop humping move forward his cock head buried itself in the folds very close to her vaginal opening.

Lizzie winced and was prepared for his cock to shove into her warm insides. He hurt himself a little and really didn’t realize how close he was to the prized target.

He stopped for a second and laid his cock back between her slit. Because of his uncontrolled eagerness he forgot about looking for her hole and it was just a matter of seconds before a grunt came out of him. He shot his white gooey liquid all over her mound, tummy and down her slit.

“Oh man, Davey, you did it, you did it to her, what’s it like.”

In a disappointing tone, “No, not really, I didn’t really do her.”

“Whataya mean not really.”

“I didn’t do her dammit.” I was rubbing her and it felt so good I couldn’t stop until I squirted.”

“Get off her, I wanna try again.”

“Go ahead, try so maybe you can really do her.”

Davey moved out of the way and Billy took his place, aiming his cock at her slit.

He pressed his cock against her slit and tried to push into her. Again, like Davey, he was too high. He moved a little higher and pushed with no success. Then he aimed a little lower. She tensed as she realized he was very close to being in line with her vagina.

There was clock across the park chiming. It was sounding the ten o’clock hour.

Billy shifted and listened for a second. “Shit, its ten o’clock.’ he thought.

Billy somehow ended up with his cock in the right place and just as he was pushing in Davey grabbed Billy’s shoulders pulling him back.

“Why the hell did you do that!”

“Shit fuck, we gotta get home.”

“No, we can’t, we gotta do her, I wanna do her.”

“We’re supposed to be home at ten and the clock just rang ten.”

“So!” If we don’t do this now we might never get another chance to do it.”

“We will to, get to do it, don’cha remember we been hangin’ with Denise at school and she already let us touch her boobs. She said she thinks she might let us do her. We gotta go damit.”

“You know that this afternoon my mom said we would be grounded for a month if we stayed out past ten fifteen.”

Billy looked at Lizzie lying there, if he only knew how close he had come to the mark.

Still kneeling between her legs cock back in hand. He reached down and squeezed one of her breasts. He then aimed his stiff cock at her again pushed, but too high again. “Shit, almost dammit. He placed his hand one her cum covered mound and slid it downward. “Hey Davey, you wanna feel her one more time.”

“Sure, why not, but then, like I said, we gotta run. Davey walked over to her, knelt down and squeezed her breasts. He bent down to kiss her, but she moved her head. “Stupid bitch whore.” He grabbed her face and mashed his lips against hers. He then moved his hand to her wet pussy and rubbed it hard. “Yah man, I like the feel of pussy, even if Davey and I got gooey stuff all over it.” He wiped his hand on her bare stomach and laughed.

Billy slid his hand over her pussy and pressed a finger between her slit sliding it down her wet crotch. His finger came dangerously close to finder her hole but her stopped and moved his finger up to her pee hole. He pressed it hard into her urethra making her wince in pain. He wiped his wet hand over her breast and got up to join Davey. “Come back to the park again bitch whore and help us find your hole, cause I really wanna do you.”

They stood side by side staring at her lying there. She started to get up but stopped as Davey swung his foot back to kick her on the side of her thigh. “That’s for kickin’ me, bitch whore.”

Billy grinned then spit in her face.

As they faded into the darkness she pulled herself together, and put her clothing on. She half ran, half walked home. When she got home it was 10:30. She headed for her bedroom and started undressing to take a shower. She got her T-shirt off but she was mentally and physically exhausted. She lay back on the bed in and closed her eyes for what she thought would be a few seconds.

Lizzie woke up at two in the morning with a start. She had been dreaming about several large dogs and small boys chasing her, nipping and grabbing at her, trying to knock her down. She realized that her crotch was wet and raced to the bathroom.

The crotch of her panties and blue jeans were soaked with blood. Her mind had been so turned around by the days events that she had forgotten to get a new sanitary pad. She got into the shower staying there for over an hour. She dried off, getting a new sanitary pad and clean panties, then crawling back into bed.

It was cold outside, and she couldn’t find her coat. It seemed to be close but every time she got close to it, the coat would move a little farther out of her reach. At one point it was in her hands but it seemed to get ripped from her hands. She made a lunge toward her coat and fell flat on her face.

Her head was spinning, her hands feeling around, but her brain told her this wasn’t the ground, it was the floor. Her eyes opened, she realized that she was on the floor next to her bed. Her brother was standing there holding her blanket laughing at her. Ha, ha, ha! You’re pretty funny when you’re half asleep. You got nice tits too. Do they always look kinda red like that and how did you get all those scratch marks?”

Lizzie screamed and grabbed for a blanket to cover herself. She realized that she didn’t put her nighty on and she never wore a bra under her nighty. Her dorky brother had pulled her covers off and was staring at her while she slept. “You bastard, you pervert, how could you do that. Get out of my bedroom, now!”

He ran out of her bedroom yelling, “I told you I would see your tits sometime.”

She was angry with the world. Everyone is becoming weirdo perverts, even her brother.

She had overslept by several hours. It was nearly noon, the latest she had ever slept.

As she dressed herself she noticed that there were red splotches on her breasts. “Those bastards last night, they kept hurting me there. I hope those marks go away quick and the scratches from the dog – , why me?” Examining further she could see red marks and scratches around her crotch too. Davey and Billy had kept their pants on and the zippers kept digging into her and scratching her.

Lizzie dressed went down to the kitchen, made a sandwich and headed back to her bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes and stared mindlessly and blankly for minutes. She finally got off the bed, pulled her homework out of her back pack and started reading her biology book, eating as she read.

The Teacher

Carl, a seasoned editor for a large publishing house, sat behind his desk wearing a white shirt with a navy blue tie, horned rimmed glasses that balanced low on his nose, wisps of hair that was not combed in place and had begun to grey, and an intense look on his face as he read Arlene’s manuscript.

Sitting across from him was a young slightly built woman with deep set blue eyes and long brown hair that was pinned up on most occasions. Arlene gave the air of being confident and aloof, a character trait which was not conducive to writing an erotic romance novel which she hoped to have published.

On the other hand as she watched Carl draw lines through her manuscript and write notes on the side margins, she felt it was Carl who did not fit the portrait of an experienced man in the art of romance and therefore could not possibly edit her work in a proper fashion. After almost an hour of scrutinizing Arlene’s work, Carl looked up to give his opinion.

“Well Arlene, there is a lot of work to do here if you want this thing to go,” Carl said taking a deep disappointed breath.

“What do you mean?” Arlene said in a defensive tone. “It has all the makings of a great novel.”

“I mean the work has no feeling to it, no sensuality, and no passion. Yes, it’s sexual, but it lays flat,” added Carl.

“Like you would know,” Arlene sarcastically shot back.

Carl removed his glasses and laid them on top of the manuscript and leaned back in his chair. For an older man he was still fit and showed the outline of a toned body.

“There are ways in art of sex that you must learn before you can write about it effectively in your novel,” he explained.

Arlene, offended by anyone who thought her work was less than perfect, was indignant, but bit her tongue and said nothing.

“Listen,” Carl began. “You’re young. You’re pretty and I’m sure you’ve had enough men in bed to know what I’m talking about.”

Arlene squirmed in her chair. She hadn’t that many men nor did she know exactly what Carl was talking about. Her experience came from reading other romance novels and the occasional late Saturday night indulgence on Netflix. The rest was imagination of how she thought it would be.

“I suppose I could revise it,” she began slowly.

It was then that Carl realized that she had no idea of what he was talking about and the woman across from him although not naïve, was not as experienced as she would lead others to believe. At first, he felt sorry for her, but she was a bright and intelligent woman and that sense of pity soon turned into something else.

“How about if I show you what I mean?” Carl asked.

“Show me how to write with sensuality and passion?” Arlene said surprised.

“I could do that or I could show you what I mean,” Carl said with a slow easy smile on his face.

Arlene thought for a moment. At first the idea sounded ludicrous, an indignant indulgence of an older man trying to prove he was still the virile sexually powerful man he once was, but as she looked at him, she saw nothing of that in his demeanor and began to consider the idea with serious intent.

“I can see the idea sounds appealing to you,” Carl said.

“It is interesting, but I’m not sure you could show me anything I don’t already know,” Arlene said bolstering her confidence.

Carl loosened his tie and slipped it off his white shirt collar. He then unbuttoned the cuffs on his shirt and rolled up the sleeves to his elbows. Arlene, sitting across from him in her pink blouse and navy blue pencil skirt watched him and swallowed hard trying not to notice Carl who was suddenly beginning to look much younger than his actual years.

“And how would you begin?” Arlene asked with a strained voice.

“Like I said. There is an art to it,” Carl began as he rose from his chair and circled the desk so that he stood behind Arlene so close that she could feel the heat of his body. “First, I would let your hair down.”

He removed the clip that was holding Arlene’s hair in place and the soft brown tresses tumbled down past her shoulders. He then leaned forward, grasped a handful of her hair and sniffed it.

“Smells like strawberries,” he said.

Arlene twisted in her chair, “Yes strawberries and honey,” she replied.

Carl pushed her hair away from her shoulders and lightly kissed the soft skin of her neck that seemed to grow hot with his touch. Arlene whispered something, but he didn’t hear and continued to kiss her neck allowing his tongue to taste her skin. The sensation made Arlene tingle and she sighed with pleasure. He then leaned over and down to unbutton her blouse just enough so that he could slide his hands inside of it and fondle the white lace bra that covered her soft breasts tweaking the nipples through the lace until they formed hard nubs. Arlene leaned back and caught the scent of his cologne and it gave her a heady rush of excitement.

“Do you like this?” Carl whispered in her ear.

“Yes I believe I do,” Arlene said trying not to let on that he was tantalizing her beyond her wildest thoughts.

Carl removed his hands from her blouse and whispered in her ear again, “I want you stand up.”

Arlene did as she was told and she turned towards him where he cupped her face with his hands and kissed her lips pressing firmly while his tongue darted in and out of her mouth. While he kissed her his hands moved to her blouse and released the remaining buttons exposing her lace covered breasts. Skillfully he reached behind her and unfastened the hooks of her bra allowing her breasts to fall loose from its confines. Stepping back from her, he admired the firm breasts, the softness of them, and the succulent nipples hard and taut eager for his touch. Slowly he cupped the right breast with his hand and lowered his mouth to it where his tongue darted across the nipple then took the nub into his mouth and suckled on it. Arlene took a deep breath and held it as she felt him sucking on her nipples, the massaging of his fingers on her breast and his warm breath on her body drawing her into him.

“You are delicious,” he murmured as he went from the right breast to the left giving it as much attention as he did the other.

When satisfied she was ready for more, he returned to her face looked deeply into her eyes, caressed her cheek with his hand and kissed her again. This time she eagerly took his kisses. Feeling his tongue dart in her mouth, she sucked on it as if it were a cock sending an electrical charge to below his belt stirring it to where he could feel it swell and press against his pants. His hands moved to her back where he unzipped her skirt and pulled it down exposing the soft well defined curves of her hips and the white lace bikini panties that hugged them. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled himself to her letting his hard cock press against her belly.

Arlene could not take her eyes off Carl as he slipped one hand inside the bikini panties to find her soft mound of hair where he twisted and curled the strands around his middle finger before sliding it deep into the wetness of her swollen pussy. Her lush pussy lips sucked his finger inside of her and Carl could feel her gently rocking on it. His legs began to tighten at the sensation as he pushed his finger in deeper. Arlene placed her hands on Carl’s shoulders to balance herself as he played with her sweet dripping honey and licked her lips with her tongue which made him smile as he removed his finger from her feminine hole and licked the juices from it. When Arlene saw this, she instinctively took his hand and licked his finger as well to taste the musky flavor of her arousal driving Carl to want more.

Carl then led her to the black leather sofa that was along the side of his office which was used for meetings and such. There he removed her bra and panties and asked her to lie on the sofa. The coolness of the leather felt good on Arlene’s backside as she lay there with her hands extended over her head as if stretching.

“Beautiful,” Carl said as he undressed tossing his shirt on the floor followed by his black pants. His underwear was the last to go and his engorged cock protruded from his body twitching and bobbing with anticipation.

Arlene eyes roamed over his body, the black hair on his chest that formed a line down his torso, the tight hips, taut legs, and the cock that was dripping pre-cum from its head. Carl leaned over and separated her legs with his hand placing one leg to balance precariously on the back of the sofa and the other spread to where her foot touched the floor. He then knelt between her legs, leaned over and kissed the soft wet mound before lowering his cock to the entrance of her womanhood. He rose up and kissed her lips again, a soft sweet kiss that meant he wanted her more than anything in the world. He then slid his cock inside her. Her wet folds gave way to the intrusion and he pushed in as far as he could go then slid out allowing her juices to drench him before sliding in again so deep that she could feel his full balls rub against her ass.

Not once did his eyes leave hers. She could see the desire in them. She could feel him wanting her as he probed her with his cock in and out, faster and faster only stopping to taste her nipples before beginning his rhythm again. Arlene could feel herself swelling around his engorged member. She could sense the slow tingling of her arousal grow and grow. She bit her lip as he reached down and held her buttocks while he drove his cock into her raising her hips to meet his strokes. Her breath came in ragged gasps as her body was consumed with intense pleasure and peaked causing her to cry out as wave after wave of her orgasmic ecstasy drenched his cock. He held still inside of her allowing her to experience the full and overwhelming pleasure of her orgasm without interruption and waited until she relaxed before plummeting inside her again with a determined sense of need. Faster and faster his cock rubbed against her until his own explosion filled her pussy with stream after stream of white hot cream. He lay inside her and held her close to him not wanting to break the connection between them. As he finished, he kissed her again sealing with his lips what their bodies had just experienced.

Several minutes passed before either could regain enough of their senses to bring them back to reality, but when they did, Carl helped Arlene dress before dressing himself including tying his tie around his collar and adjusting it to his neck. Arlene watched him perform this ordinary mundane task and could not help but look at him in a new light. She had a new respect for him and a strange wonderful feeling that she had never experienced before.

“I think I know how to begin the book again,” Arlene said wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him tenderly. “But I might need more help.”

Carl kissed her back softly, “You know where I’ll be,” he chuckled and then kissed her again. “This could be a very long book.”

Little Girls Are Smarter Than Men

Louise was only 12 and lived with her parents. She was an only child. Her father did most of the caring as her mom was too wrapped up in her business and the boyfriends she had on the side (which Louise knew about by listening in on her mom’s phone calls a few times).

Louise’s best friend was Carla, a 14-year-old next-door neighbor. There was a big age difference but Louise was a very intelligent 12 year old, mature beyond her years. Her body had also entered the process of puberty when she was only 10. She was already wearing a B-Cup bra and her pussy was covered in a nice thick thatch of dark brown hair.

One night when Carla was ‘“babysitting” Louise they got to talking and cuddling. Before she knew it, Carla snuck her hand into Louise’s panties and began to gently fondle her pussy. Louise did not object as she loved and trusted Carla and knew she would never hurt her.

Under the gentle loving of her 14-year-old friend Louise had the best possible sexual awakening. They had been having ‘boy kissing’ practice for a few months and Louise had always found this caused her tingles and pleasure in her pussy, so this progression to masturbation came naturally and was not traumatic. Carla taught Louise how to masturbate her too, although it did not take much learning.

Over the next few months young Louise and Carla couldn’t wait to lock themselves in one or the other’s bedrooms after school and pleasure each other. Their respective parents just assumed they were being naturally secretive like most girls their age having ‘“girl talk,” but in their case it was ‘“girl fuck.” Within a week of the first masturbation incident Carla had enticed Louise into oral sex and little Louise became a voracious pussy eater, to Carla’s delight. Of course all this awakened Louise’s overall sexual consciousness.

She had always loved her daddy, but one day she happened to see his cock in full erection as he went to the bathroom with a raging ‘morning glory’. He had not noticed her standing in the shadow at the end of the hallway, as she was about to go to the bathroom also. Daddy’s cock had slipped out of the fly of his loose fitting summer briefs and was on proud display.

Louise’s immediate response was one of admiration and sexual wanting. She was proud of her handsome father and now she was even prouder to see he had a massive manhood. She was more than proud. On that morning Louise retreated to her room, thought about daddy’s big cock and had the most amazing orgasm as she frigged her pussy imagining it was daddy’s cock rubbing against her. She told Carla about this as she and Carla confided everything to each other. It was their little secret.

Carla managed to borrow her mom’s big dildo, which was made of soft-hard rubber and looked like a real cock. Carla began to use it on little Louise, pretending she was Louise’s daddy. Carla would say things like ‘“Do you like daddy’s cock darling, do you like my big fat cock sliding along your pussy lips baby, do you?” Both Louise and Carla got off on this fantasy.

Eventually, one afternoon when Louise was particularly horny and no one was home, she got carried away and said to Carla ‘“Stick it in me Daddy, stick your cock in me.”

“Are you sure baby, do you want Carla to stick Daddy’s cock in you? It will hurt a bit.”

“Yes, oh yes please, I don’t care Carla, just stick my daddy’s cock in me.” Carla waited until Louise was just entering her orgasm, then she quickly thrust the well lubricated (by Carla’s own pussy juices) dildo firmly into Louise’s pussy, tearing her hymen. Louise winced and cried a bit, but the full pleasure of her orgasm was able to lessen the pain.

Over the next few weeks Carla thrust that ‘daddy-cock’ dildo into Louise with gently paced regularity. After 6 weeks Louise was able to take all of that fat 6? dildo. Things would almost certainly have stayed within the confines of that normal teenage explorative sex if two events hadn’t occurred.

Louise came home from school one afternoon and went into her father’s study. He was out somewhere but he had left his computer on and had forgotten to close the normally locked files he was working on. But he had not been working on files. He had been writing sex stories. Most of the stories were about father daughter sex and the daughters were always in the 12 -15 year age bracket.

Louise read a few of these stories and was both shocked and aroused. She realised that her father was fantasising about her. This pleased Louise immensely. She knew her mother would leave her father one day and she knew they were hardly ever having sex lately. Louise went into a little daydream about having ‘her daddy’ as her lover.

She excitedly told Carla of her find. Carla was incredibly turned on by the thought. They began to think up ideas of how they could get daddy to fuck Louise. They both thought that daddy was just fantasising and would likely never carry out his fantasy. They wondered how they could tempt him without getting either of them in trouble. Carla hit upon an idea.

She knew Louise’s father fancied her as he often flirted with her. She often caught him looking at her and caught him looking up her dress on a number of occasions when she was either lying on the bed with Louise talking or they were lying on the lounge room floor watching TV.

Sometimes when she ‘babysat’ Louise late when her parents were out somewhere he would insist on walking her home, which was just next-door. He always gave her a little peck on the cheek at the front door and Carla had gotten the strong impression for some time now that he wouldn’t object if she offered her soft full lips to him.

Using that leverage she told Louise of her plan. Her plan was conditional on Louise sharing her father’s cock with her, after she Louise had had the first use of it of course. Louise agreed.

Their opportunity came that very night, as luck would have it. Louise’s mom was away on business interstate and Louise’s father wanted to see a particular movie in town. Carla and Louise had an especially torrid time that night, their sexual fervour being heightened by their plans for daddy. Louise’s father duly came home and after the 3 of them had chatted for 10 minutes he offered to ‘escort’ 14-year-old Carla home.

Carla had taken action to ensure that the automatic porch light to her home was switched off, so they arrived at her front door in the privacy of darkness. This time, when Louise’s father went to give her his customary soft kiss on the cheek Carla turned her face and met his lips with her full soft mouth. At the same time she grabbed him around the neck and waist and pulled him to her. As she fully expected Louise’s father offered no resistance.

Within seconds her tongue was in is mouth and his in hers. She felt his manhood rising and without hesitation grabbed his cock firmly through his loose trousers. He just groaned and carried on. For several minutes they stayed in the dark and privacy of the porch. She and Louise had planned ahead. She had made sure to wear a skirt and blouse.

His hands were already roving over her firm voluptuous 14-year-old body so she took one of his hands and led it up her skirt to her bulging wet pussy. Louise’s father was beside himself with lust by now and could not believe his good fortune.

If he couldn’t ravish his 12-year-old daughter, her 14- year-old friend was a lovely substitute. His fingers pressed between her panty covered pussy lips into her wet slit. She sighed. Carla unzipped him and found he had no briefs on. She at first encountered his massively thick thatch of pubic hair and then she found the object of her desire. His cock was fat and hard. She pulled it out between his fully open trouser fly, broke the kiss and looked down.

Although it was dark her eyes had achieved their night vision. What she had in her hand was the throbbing fat 8? cock of the father of her best friend. Not even Louise had touched this marvellous cock as yet. Louise’s father took this as license to be bolder. Her pushed Carla’s panties aside and slid his 3 middle fingers through her thick matted bush and then along her swollen wet pussy lips.

She responded by pressing into his invading fingers and thus his middle finger entered 3? into her welcoming cunt. Apart from herself and his daughter Louise, no other hands and fingers had been where he was now. She was so aroused that she felt herself cumming within 2 minutes of his probing finger strokes.

He recognised her orgasm and held her firm to prevent her weak legs from collapsing while cumming. Having had her pleasure she was back in full control of Louise’s father. Firmly but softly stroking his huge throbbing cock she felt his pre-cum oozing down over her fingers.

Louise’s father’s name was David. ‘“David” she whispered, ‘“I cannot let you fuck me, I’m way too young. But I can pull you off. Do you want that?”

He replied in a faltering gasp, ‘“Oh yes, oh, please,please pull me off, pull me off Carla.”

As she continued to stroke his thick shaft with her soft young hands she whispered, ‘“You’re lonely aren’t you David? I know Louise’s mom isn’t giving you any.” Carla didn’t wait for his response. ‘“There are 2 older girls in the high school who have the hots for you. I know they would love you to fuck them. Do you want me to arrange that?”

By now he was on the verge of spurting his seed. The thought of fucking 2 unknown high school girls set him off. ‘“Oh God yes!” he replied. ‘“Do it. Arrange it Carla. I will make it worth your while.”

Carla saw a bonus opportunity. ‘“That will cost you $2,000 David, that okay?”

“Oh God yes! Yes, do it, arrange it… ooohhh God, I’m cumming!!”

Carla felt his powerful thighs flex and his buttocks tighten and thrust forward. She slowed her hand motion down and placed her other hand over the head of his cock. ‘“Arrrggghhh” he grunted softly. The first thick spurt of his fertile spunk shot into the palm of her hand. It was wonderfully warm and felt like slippery cream and was every bit as beautiful as she had hoped a man’s spunk would feel like. Spurt after spurt came.

Carla took her other free hand from his pulsing shaft and cupped his balls. She squeezed them gently in unison with their throbbing, his balls throbbing as each thick spurt of cream shot into her cupped hand. Spunk had filled up her hand and was spilling between her fingers and over the edges of her cupped hand by the time he had emptied his huge load of sperm filled spunk.

She brought her hand to her mouth and emptied its creamy warm load into her mouth. She swallowed half and then pulled his mouth to her. Her cream covered tongue entered his mouth and he tasted his spunk for the first time in his life. He darted his tongue into her mouth and they spent the next few minute exchanging his sperm.

It was about the most erotic sexual experience he had ever had and he hadn’t even fucked her. God he wanted to but he accepted her view that she was too young, but he was eagerly looking forward to fucking a couple of 16 or 17 year old high school girls, if she could arrange it as she claimed.

The next day Louise could not wait to hear what had happened after her father had taken Carla home. ‘“It worked like a charm baby,” reported Carla when they caught up as they walked to school. Louise’s father worked from home so Carla called him up during the school lunch break.

“Louise doesn’t know anything about this, does she?” he asked.

“No David. It’s just between you and I and the 2 girls. I spoke to them this morning and they are so hot for it. Have you got the $2,000?”

“Sure,” he said, ‘“but when and where?”

“Okay,” said Carla, ‘“tonight my parents are going to be away overnight and they expect me to be sleeping over at your place in your spare bedroom. Will Louise’s mom be home David?”

“No,” he replied, ‘“she is still away and won’t get home till tomorrow night.”

“Good,” said Carla. ‘“These girls are shy abut getting into trouble and don’t want you to recognise them. I want you to come into the spare bedroom at your place about 20 minutes after Louise have gone to bed. I will let them in through the bedroom window so that Louise doesn’t see and I will go sleep in Louise’s room. They will have the lights out when you enter the room and will be wearing costume masks. They will then blindfold you, take you to the bed and the rest is up to you.”

David got a huge hard on just listening to Carla describe this clandestine process of fucking these two schoolgirls while his 12 year old daughter lay sleeping in her nearby bedroom. It was all set and Louise’s father could not wait for the carnal experience in a few hours time.

He was so aroused that he went to the laundry basket and picked out the panties Louise had thrown in there this morning. He then went into her bedroom. He took a clean pair of her knickers and wrapped them around his shaft. He then wrapped her used panties around the head of his cock and wanked himself off, wishing it would be his daughter that he was going to fuck tonight instead of these 16 or 17 year old unknown schoolgirls. He spurted what seemed like a cup of cum, completely soaking Louise’s panties.

Louise came home from school and mentioned to her father that Carla was sleeping over tonight as her parents were away. ‘“That’s okay darling,” he said, ‘“You know she is welcome here anytime.”

Louise knew what her daddy meant. He meant he wanted to fuck Carla (and her of course). She later found the still wet cum soaked panties in the laundry basket and smiled knowingly to herself. Carla came over soon after and Louise’s father made them all dinner. Her seemed particularly happy this night and full of energy and almost boyish mischief. Louise and Carla gave each other secret knowing smiles, knowing full well the reason for his high spirits.

Finally it came 9pm and Louise’s father said to Louise that it was time for bed as tomorrow was a school day. The girls went off to clean their teeth. He allowed them to chat in Louise’s bedroom for 20 minutes. He then heard Carla say ‘goodnight’ to Louise and she came out of the bedroom and joined him in the lounge room. His cock was stiff already and he had had a shower and was now in a silk Japanese bathrobe.

“Have you got the money?” she asked.

He produced $2,000 in $100 notes but held onto it and said, ‘“Can you do a little extra for me sweetie, it is a lot of money?” Carla responded by going up to him real close. She reached in between his robe a pulled out his big throbbing 8? cock.

It was the first time she had seen it in full light. ‘“Surely two underage schoolgirls is enough for you David. Mmmmmm,” as she lightly fondled his sperm rod. ‘“You don’t want to empty your magazine now David, when you have two young ladies to fill up, mmmmmm?” She was enjoying teasing him and caressing his throbbing organ.

She dropped to her knees as she fondled him to look at his cock at close quarters. ‘It is fascinating to realise’ she thought to herself, ‘that Louise spurted out of this marvellous cock, just over 12 years ago.’

She lightly kissed the head of his cock and stood up. She held out her hand and he gave her the $2,000 and with that she turned quickly on her heel, she gave her short dress a quick flick and gave him a brief tantalising view of her light blue nylon panties before disappearing into the spare bedroom. She darted her head back out and whispered ‘“now don’t come in for 20 minutes, the girls will be here by then” and then she closed the door. David could hardly contain himself; his cock was so hard it was almost painful.

Carla closed the door and found that young Louise was already in the room, having climbed out her bedroom window and in through this bedroom window. They then both changed into school uniforms as David had specially requested. They had bought costume masks from the markets last weekend.

They spoke excitedly in soft whispers for about 15 minutes and then turned all the lights off and waited in expectant silence. Both Louise and Carla were ‘wet’ already as they sat on the bed gently rubbing each other’s pussies. Both had put on lipstick and makeup, even though the lights would be out (initially anyway). Meanwhile Louise’s father paced nervously around the house.

After 20 minutes he gently opened the door to Louise’s bedroom to make sure she was asleep. She usually went to sleep within minutes of hitting the pillow. The light from the hallway shone softly into Louise’s bedroom and he could make out the shape of his daughter under the doona sound asleep. ‘Good’ he thought ‘now off to slip this hard cock of mine into almost as young pussy’.

He quietly padded down the hall to the guests bedroom, lightly tapped on the door with his fingers and slowly opened it. No lights were on but he could just see into the room ever so faintly as the hall light did not shine into this bedroom as well as his daughters. Through the gloom and the light smell of perfume he could just make out two young schoolgirls in uniform sitting on the large king sized bed.

They were both wearing costume ball masks so he had no idea who these girls were, all he could tell was that they were from the same school as Louise and Carla. One of the girls motioned for him to close the door. With the door closed he still had some vision due to the moonlight and streetlights breaking through the curtains. One of the girls came up to him and tied a silk scarf around his eyes in a blindfold.

A little vision still remained but there was no way he could identify the young recipients of his forbidden lust. He was led to the bed and felt his robe being untied and slipped off his shoulders. Two sets of soft young hands gently pushed him onto the bed and shifted him into the middle. He felt breath on his face. He reached up and found the unmasked face of one of the girls.

She seemed quite petite and small for a 16 year old. The girls had obviously unmasked now that they had him blindfolded. Then he sensed light through his blindfold as one of the girls had turned on one of the small bedside lights to give them proper vision of their mature adult male prey. He was under strict prior instructions that no talking was to take place, to protect the girl’s identity and so not as to ‘wake Louise’.

His lips were met by young, soft, full luscious lips. Lips gently explored his. His mouth partly opened and he tasted a fresh wet tongue and fresh sweet young girls breath in his mouth. He almost ejaculated with the sensation of this and melted into her tantalising kiss. Meanwhile other soft hands were fondling his cock and balls. She was playing, stroking and squeezing but knew just enough not to let him blow his load.

He felt like he had died and gone to sex heaven. Then he felt soft lips half swallowing his cock, withdrawing and then swallowing again, all with enough subtlety to avoid him blowing in her mouth. He resisted the temptation to turn over, grab one of these young girls and thrust his hard cock into one of their soft wet pussies. Instead he just lay there and let them direct the action as he had been instructed. After all the deal was that he had all night until 5am in the morning, when they would have to sneak back to their homes before their parents found out (or so that is what David thought).

Louise had enjoyed her first sensuous kiss with her father, even though he thought it was someone else. Carla had enjoyed her second experience of sucking Louise’s father’s big yummy cock. They looked at each other and smiled, well satisfied at their cleverness in satiating their lust and getting $1,000 each as a nice bonus.

Carla crawled up and knelt astride Louise’s father head. Both Louise and Carla had kept their tartan school skirts on and their white blouses, but they were not wearing bras and they had their blouses unbuttoned and open, allowing hungry eyes and mouths full access to their taut young puffy tits.

Louise had her pert little B-Cup tits, but her areolas were raised and puffy and her nipples were as large as those of a woman breastfeeding. Carla loved suckling on Louie’s breasts and nipples. Carla’s breasts were already a full D-Cup even though she was only 14 years old. She was curvy and voluptuous and young Louise never seemed to tire of feasting upon the lips, breasts and pussy of her older friend.

Now they were feasting upon a real man, a forbidden man, an extremely fertile man, Louise’s dad. This fact was just now truly sinking in as they took pleasure from him any way they desired. Carla lowered herself and Louise’s father’s head disappeared under her skirt. She felt his breath on her pussy and sighed. He smelt pussy and knew exactly what was happening.

He opened his mouth in eager anticipation of those wet young cunt lips that were about to meet the lips of his mouth in a kiss. Her wetness enveloped his mouth and his tongue explored as far into her young love canal as possible. She tasted divine. She then slowly face fucked him as he lapped, sucked and kissed her cunts lips and swollen clit.

Down below Louise was trembling with joy as she looked upon her father’s throbbing cock. For the first time she was seeing, fondling and tasting her father’s magnificent big cock. She gently kissed his pre-cum oozing cock head and then squeezed his thick shaft to see more thick clear pre-cum oozing out of the opened eye of his cock.

She kissed it again in adoration and thanks. This was the source of her life. This cock had spurted her out just over 12 years ago and now she was going to reward it for giving her life. David could tell that the seemingly younger, certainly smaller girl now ministering to his cock in the most erotic act of sexual adoration he had ever experience.

Her mouth was smaller than the other girls and only just managed to swallow the huge helmet head of his cock. There was something about the touch of her fingers on his cock and balls and the gentle soft caress of her lips on his manhood that communicated lust and adoration.

Meanwhile, Carla could not stop herself, her orgasm was on its way and unstoppable. Momentarily Louise stopped sucking her father’s cock and crept up to lift Carla’s school skirt so that she could watch. Louise knew that look of Carla’s well, her look of ecstasy as she approached orgasm. Louise looked down and watched as her father gently but smoothly and rhythmically sucked and lapped Carla’s swollen clit.

Louise watched as Carla’s swollen labia parted and her love canal opened to show inside as her cunt experienced it’s first orgasmic contraction. Louise watched, fondling her pussy, as the first jet of Carla’s female cum shot into her father’s open mouth.

He swallowed and sighed, opening his mouth for the next spurt of young girl nectar. It was so erotic Louise thought as she lent forward as gave Carla a big wet open-mouthed kiss to thank her for feeding her daddy. Finally Carla was spent and retracted her cunt lips (for the time being anyway) from his hungry attention.

Carla moved back down the bed and grabbed that big fat pre-cum oozing cock. Time to let that sperm hose release its load. Louise moved to lie on her back in the middle of the bed as Carla coaxed Louise’s father to move over. Carla whispered softly in his ear. ‘“Time to slip that nice big cock into something warm and wet. Go for it big boy.”

Louise’s father felt his way and eased himself between the spread legs of his daughter. Not that he knew that as all he had heard were gasps, sighs, wet sounds and an unrecognisable whisper just now from the bigger girl. Louise had pulled her skirt up to waist.

Her blouse was fully open. She reached up and pulled her father’s mouth to one of her large erect puffy nipples and sighed contentedly as her father sucked with lust upon her tit. Carla still had a firm hold of this stallions cock. She pulled on it guiding its huge pre-cum oozing head to the wet slit of his daughter. Cock head kissed daughter’s wet slit.

Carla guided that massive cock in an up and down massage of the wet swollen slit of his 12-year-old daughter, Louise. Louise again groaned and sighed as she had her first feeling of her father’s mighty cock caressing her slit and gently rubbing over her clit hood. Carla then let go of his cock and watched as father and daughter began their forbidden incestuous coupling. Carla thought it would probably be the most erotic sex she would ever witness in her life.

Fascinated, Carla watched as Louise’s dad ploughed his huge manhood up and down her slit. He realised this girl was small and young and although he assumed she was not a virgin, he did not want to hurt her, as much as he just wanted to thrust into that little pussy and fuck her hard and fast.

It son became evident that neither Louise nor her father could hold on much longer. Carla whispered in his ear once more. ‘“Go inside, go inside, she wants you now.”

He thrust powerfully as Louise lifted up to meet her father’s penetrating manhood. ‘“At last, at last I have him in me, I have my daddy inside me where he belongs” she thought. She looked up and could see the ecstasy on his face despite the blindfold covering part of his face. Father and daughter then fucked each other slowly and sensuously for several minutes.

His 8? love lance penetrated to the full depth of his pre-teenage daughter and she thrust up strongly in hunger, loving every pleasurable sensation as her father’s thick spunk shaft plunged in and out of her love canal. It was coming. It was coming soon for both of them. Despite his agreement not to speak he was unable to stop himself whispering, ‘“I’ve got to pull out, I’ve got to pull I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.”

Louise grabbed her father’s smooth powerful buttocks and held him in as Carla whispered, ‘“Would you like to blow your load in her? Would you like to blow in this young girl?”

He groaned, ‘“Oh yes, oh yes, yes I would… but is she on the pill?”

“No she’s not, but she wants your fertile cream anyway. She wants you to pump your fertile sperm into her fertile cunt. Do you want to do that?” Carla softly asked.

“Oh my God, oh my God, yes yes I do.” He continued to thrust and little Louise held on to her daddy’s powerful thrusting buttocks, just to make sure he did not pull out. His orgasm was seconds away.

Carla now spoke softly but no longer in a whisper; ‘“And would you like to see this little school girl that you’re fucking and about to impregnate with your fertile seed?”

“Oh yes I want to see her,” he said as he gave one final thrust before his manhood gushed its hot creamy load.

With that Carla whipped off his blindfold as Louise’s father thrust again before releasing his incestuous seed. ‘“Oh baby baby, Louise my baby. Oh no, oh no. I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry.”

“Give it to me daddy, give it to me! I want you to fuck me hard daddy. Harder, give it to me harder. Cum in me. Cum in me. Give me your seed!”

“Oh sweetie, oh sweetie. Daddy may be giving you a baby. I might be giving you a baby.”

“Give it to me daddy. Give me a baby. Put your seed in me and I’ll make us a baby.”

“Ooohhhh fuckkk! Fuckkkk! Oh, ohhhh, here it is!!” And with that the first thick wad of potent incestuous sperm laden cum spurted deep into his 12 year old daughter’s welcoming cunt.

“YES daddy! That’s it daddy! Fill me up! Fill me up! Ooh, I can feel it daddy! I can feel your spurts, so wet and warm. Fill me, fill me… that’s a good daddy.”

Father and daughter were locked together in a passionate embrace for a long time. They looked at each other with wide open eyes in a frenzy of love, lust as cock and cunt orgasmed together, his cock spurting wad after wad of white cream while her cunt spasmed and sucked his cock into her as far as it could. ‘“Fuck me harder daddy! Fuck me harder, fuck me for the rest of my life daddy. Let’s make lots of babies.”

“Oh yes Louise yes, my cock is only for you!”

“And me!” interrupted Carla.

“And Carla! I-is that okay sweetie?”

“Yes daddy, I want you to give it to Carla too, but not to mommy anymore.”

“Sure baby, mommy isn’t getting it anymore. It is only for you two little girls from now on.”

“Oh thank you daddy, now keep filling me up.” And that is what David did for the next 7 hours. His massive balls and oversized seminal vesicle allowed him to cum 5 more times that night. Each girl got 3 huge fertile loads.

Two months later David split with his wife. Louise elected to stay with her father and they moved interstate. Carla had a big fight with her parents who had been abusing her for years. She also found out she was adopted, which explained why her parents had been so detached from her most of her life.

Carla joined Louise and David a thousand miles away where no one knew them. Everyone thought they were much older due to their precocious physical development and so no undue suspicions were aroused when both Louise and Carla gave birth to fine healthy babies 9 months later.

Louise had a girl and Carla had a boy. Carla would regularly breast feed Louise’s daughter and Louise would regularly breast feed Carla’s son. Several more very healthy normal children followed over the next 10 years. It was the perfect marriage, a marriage of three devoted souls.

Breaking My Cherry

Previously being a happily married 36 year old straight male I couldn’t believe after my first fleeting time man to man how much I desired more cock. My first time took me slightly by surprise as I had gone to a nudist beach to look at girls and before I knew it had found me being jerked off by this amazing stud. I wanted more and as much as I tried to resist I found my mind wondering to man to man action. I started watching gay porn and jacking off under my desk at work to it. It didn’t take long before my temptations got too much for me and my BMW was taking the winding road back to sandy bay.

I walked along the long path entering the beach area excited and nervous all at the same time. Still being completely new to this I didn’t know what to do or how to make contact but my cock was already semi hard in anticipation of action. I stripped down on the beach and walked naked along the sand towards the end of the beach where I had heard through squirt that the action happened. The freedom of walking naked on a beach was amazingly liberating.My excitement grew.

I reached the end of the beach and wondered what next to do. I noticed some guys going up a path into a dense bushed area and figured out that this is where the action must take place. i nervously started walking up the path. As I entered the bushy area I knew that I had found the right place as there were plenty of guys obviously looking for action. Being completely new to this and still rather scared I walked away from the entrance to the path further into the bushes.

Not far along a small circular path I noticed a really hunky naked guy looking at me with desire in his eyes. He looked at me and gently stroked his cock to show me that he was interested. For some reason my fear got the better of me and I walked past him. I couldn’t stop thinking about him though and after two minutes I turned around and headed back to where he originally was.

As I got close to his area I heard moaning. Right there in front of me the guy that had propositioned me was being sucked off by another man. My cock stood immediately to attention. It was rock hard with excitement. I knew that I should have walked away and let them get on with their fun but I walked towards the action getting more and more excited as I watched. The hunky guy noticed me walking towards them and smiled at me moaning as the other guy sucked on his knob. In a trance of lust I walked closer and closer to the action until I was next to them guys going at it. The guy getting his pole sucked looked at me and said “You like? “I got nervous and walked down the path about 10 m where the path was blocked by another guy watching the action jerking his rod as he did. He was slightly older than and not as hot as the guy getting his pole sucked off but I for some reason I reached out and took his cock in my hand. He did the same back to me and we stood together jerking each other off watching the other two guys going at it. In front of us the hunky guy pulled the guy off his pole and started kissing him deeply. My older guy pulled my lips to his and kissed me. It was the first time Id kissed a man but it was salty and hot and his pulling action on my cock was driving me crazy with desire. As he kissed me he played with my nipples with one hand and pulled my cock with the other.

I looked around to see my hunky guy bending the guy over a rock and position himself at the back end of him. His cock entered the guy easily as he started to fuck his willing lover thrusting in and out of his bum grunting with passion as he did.

My older partner was watching to, and one of his hands found its way around my bum giving it tight squeezes as he started teasing the outside of my hole with his finger . I moaned as he whispered in my ear I am going to have you my young stud his tongue darting in and out of my ear. I was watching the hunks young lover in front of me sit on the hunks cock his own cock bouncing as he was being fucked the hunky guy. They both knew we were watching and didn’t care as they went at it full ball wild with passion. I felt the older guy move around me and something hard at the entrance to my bum poking at me. I tried to resist but he held me close pushing his cock harder at the entrance to my hole. “You mustn’t” I whispered as teased my hole rubbing his cock up and down the entrance. “You know you want it” he said his tip entering the entrance of my hole going slightly in. “No!” I said but he wasn’t hearing as he pushed his hard cock deeper in my bum thrusting in and out. I knew that I should have pulled away the pain was terrible but I didn’t as he started to thrust in and out of me. “You’re so tight “ he whispered. In front of me as my virgin hole took its first man cock the hunky guy was coming all over the bum of his willingly hot lover .The sight drove me wild with passion as I started to buck back against the hard cock thrusting in and out of my bum. All my resistance crumbled as I started to love the feeling of my older lover’s hard cock drilling in my bum.

The hunk and his younger lover were gone but I didn’t care anymore I wanted my older lover. He turned me around and lifted my legs over his shoulders as he tried to get to my willing and eager hole. He started pulling my eager horny cock with his free hand as he drove his tool in and out of my eager bum. “Tell me you want me” he told me. “I want you” I moaned back at his as I felt his first jet of sperm enter my bum like a warm torrent. The feeling drove me over the edge as I came all over my stomach. My lover drew me close kissing me deeply. We both just lay the cuddling for a while before enjoying each other in a 69 when I took my first cock in my mouth.

I don’t know where this will all lead. My wife would kill me if she ever found out .ALL I do know is my BMW will be making the windy road back to sandy bay more and more.