Superman’s Lois Lane Kidnapped

It was a hot and sultry Monday in Metropolis. Lois Lane had dressed to match the weather. She had worn a white over navy summer dress. It fit tight across the bodice and ended well above her knees. She had made it business wear by matching the skirt with a light weight navy jacket, which she promptly took off and put on the back of her chair after arriving at work.

After all the hello and how-are-you greetings of office life, Lois Lane sat down at her computer and began a piece on the homeless of Metropolis. The words came easily that morning, and she was so absorbed in the work that she didn’t notice the visitors at her desk until one of them cleared her throat.

Lois Lane looked up. There were three young ladies standing at her desk. “Yes?” she said.

“Ms Lane?” Lois Lane nodded. “We’re the students from the junior college?”

Lois Lane looked down to her appointment book. Except for some notes to make calls, her whole day was free. She looked back to the girls, “I’m sorry, I don’t seem to have you down.”

“Oh dear,” the same girl spoke. She looked anxiously at the other two, “We put this field trip off ’till the last minute. Are you sure?” her voice almost broke as she looked down at Lois Lane’ book.

“I guess you’re looking for the grand tour?” Lois Lane said. She was often the role model for young ladies in Metropolis. From time to time she had to remind herself to be humble about it.

The girl nodded, “If its not too much trouble.”

“No,” said Lois Lane, standing. She looked at her watch. She had been typing for nearly two hours, “I needed a break anyway.”

“Oh, thank you.” said the spokesperson. She put out her hand, “I’m Alicia, this is Brooke,” she gestured to the next young lady. “And that’s Charlene,” she nodded to the third girl.

“How alphabetical of you,” said Lois Lane, as she shook hands with each of the young women.

Alicia and Brooke smiled at her little joke, but Charlene just looked puzzled.

“Let’s start over here,” Lois Lane gestured at a corner of the room.

As they moved about the news room, most of the men present found an excuse to walk by the group of women. They knew Lois Lane , of course, a dark haired beauty with legs that wouldn’t quit. She was always a treat for the eyes, but she was a mature woman. Someone to be reckoned with. The three young ladies, however, were the stuff of men’s fantasies. Alicia was a tall, long haired blonde with blue eyes and broad shoulders. Well defined muscles in her tanned arms and legs gave her a fit and athletic look. Brooke was a slightly smaller version if Alicia. She was probably the prettiest of the three, with an oval face and soft features. Charlene looked as if she had just stepped out of an Irish travel poster. She had dark red wavy hair and a creamy complexion. Charlene looked a bit heavier than the other two. But the men didn’t mind since that went along with her amply filled tee shirt.

By the time the women had worked their way back to Lois Lane’ desk, they were all carrying soft drinks. Alicia tapped on Lois Lane’ computer screen and said, “What are you working on?” Lois Lane turned her attention to the screen and began to comment on the piece. As Lois Lane talked, Brooke leaned over her desk and poured liquid from a small vial into Lois Lane’ drink. Almost immediately, Lois Lane picked up the drink and as she demonstrated how the story would be incorporated into the paper she sipped from the doped cola. She didn’t seem to notice anything unusual.

A handsome young man approached from across the room. Lois Lane wondered what had taken Jimmy so long to sniff out the girls. “Hi Lois Lane,” he said, pointedly looking at the young women around her desk.

Lois Lane made the introductions. Jimmy said his hellos and started to ask the girls about their classes. It was obvious that he would stand there all day chat- ting up the girls, if Lois Lane let him. “Jimmy ? Did you want something?”

Jimmy dragged his eyes away from Charlene’s breasts and turned to Lois Lane. “Uh – .yeah, Lois Lane. Those pictures you wanted?” Lois Lane nodded. “There’s hundreds of them. If you could come down to the files and give me some idea of what you wanted, then maybe I could make a better selection.”

Lois Lane took another sip from her soda, and said, “OK, Jimmy, lets make it quick.” She stood up, wobbled a bit, and had to steady herself by placing a hand on her desk.

“Oh – got up to fast,” Lois Lane said, straightening up. “Girls, we’ll go to lunch when I get back.” She and Jimmy headed toward the elevator. The doors opened as they approached. As Jimmy stood aside to let Lois Lane in, she reached out and slapped Jimmy on the butt and said, “You first, stud.” Jimmy grinned and rubbed his butt cheek as if Lois Lane had actually hurt him – as they stepped into the elevator.

As Jimmy and Lois Lane walked away from her desk the three girls huddled together. “I thought you said that stuff would act in a minute or two,” whispered Alicia.

Brooke glared back at her and said, “Listen, I put all of the love potion in her drink. Uncle Frank warned us that too much would make a person sick. How was I to know she’d take dainty little sips in this heat? Besides, if little miss butter fingers here hadn’t spilled the puke drops – .”

Charlene let her voice rise above their harsh whispers, “I said I was sorry. I offered to ask Uncle Frank for more.”

“There wasn’t time!” Brooke said in a stage whisper, “You’re fingers wouldn’t be so slick if you’d take them out of your cunt long enough to dry. I bet you used all the love potion and put water back in the bottle.”

“I did not!” said Charlene in full voice.

“OK – OK,” interjected Alicia, looking around to see if they had attracted any attention. “What’s done is done. At least we had some of it to use. I don’t know what made Uncle Frank think that we would need that stuff.” Alicia gave the other girls a quick smile that immediately vanished. “OK – .she must have drunk some of the aphrodisiac. Obviously not enough to make her sick.” Alicia looked at Brooke, “What do you thinks happening to her now?”

Brooke looked thoughtful for a second and said, “Well, she’ll either come back here sick as a dog or..” Brooke giggled,” – she’ll be one very horny woman.

Damn I’m horny, thought Lois Lane. She leaned against a wall of the elevator with her eyes closed. The familiar feeling of warmth and a creeping fullness was flowing slowly into her pussy. It certainly wasn’t any lack of sex that made her feel that way. Lois Lane was sure that she had a love life that would be the envy of any woman. After all. she was married to Superman!

Lois Lane had to suppress a giggle every time she heard the phrase, “man of steel.” He was certainly that. Clark could keep an erection for as long as he cared to. And of course he was tireless. More than once she’d had to wash dripping, cum soaked bed sheets after she had spent hours making him squirt endless quantities of love juice.

But what made him special was the fact that he was completely tuned into her wants and needs. If Lois Lane wanted to cuddle and talk about her day, then Clark gave her all his attention. If she wanted to fuck like a nympho then Clark could give her orgasms until she passed out.

“Lois Lane? – Lois Lane – you coming?” asked Jimmy. No, but I’d like to, thought Lois Lane. She opened her eyes. The elevator had stopped at one of the newspaper’s sub- basements and Jimmy was standing outside looking at her.

“Lead the way, Jimmy.” Lois Lane followed the young man, his firm butt in particular, down the narrow aisle between the filing cabinets. Do I feel this way because I’m jealous? thought Lois Lane. Is it because Jimmy was paying so much attention to those babes upstairs? It had been a while since Jimmy had looked at her with a lust- ful eye.

They turned several corners until Jimmy hadtaken them into a remote corner of the storage area. Jimmy stopped at one of the long, low rows of filing cabinets and pulled open the top drawer. He took out a heavily laden folder of pictures. Throwing it open on top of the cabinet, Jimmy said, “I put together a sort of ‘homeless-through-the-ages’ file here.” He opened the file and spread out several of the pictures.

Lois Lane moved closer, so close that Jimmy’s arm brushed against her breast every time he moved one of the pictures. Jimmy unconsciously tried to move away but the file drawer blocked him. Lois Lane turned until her crotch was firmly against Jimmy’s leg. She reached up and ran her fingers through his sandy blonde hair. She put her lips an inch from Jimmy’s ear and whispered, “I’m sure I’ll like anything you’ve got, Jimmy.” Her tongue flicked out and barely touched Jimmy’s earlobe.

Jimmy turned toward Lois Lane, which caused her thigh to rub against the head of his cock, and said breathlessly, “Lois Lane? – .wha’ – what about Clark?”

“Clark? – Clark’s just super, “she giggled at her pun. “He can screw me silly tonight, but I’m horny out of my mind right now, and he’s not here.” Lois Lane leaned forward, rubbing her thigh against a growing bulge in Jimmy’s pants. “But you are.” She pulled Jimmy’s mouth to hers in a lip smashing kiss.

Jimmy finally gave into the moment. He began to kiss her back. Their lips parted and gave way to tongues that melded and played. Jimmy put a hand on Lois Lane’ firm butt to pull her playful thigh harder onto his thickening cock. His other hand went to one of her heavy breasts. He could feel her hardened nipple, even through her bra and dress.

Jimmy ‘s head was spinning. He’d had a thousand fantasies about Lois Lane, and now she was exceeding even his greatest expectations. In his dreams Lois Lane was a pliant, if not enthusiastic partner. But now, in real life, she was doing her best to graft her body to his.

After a couple of minutes of playing and kissing Lois Lane pulled back a bit. She snaked a hand between their bodies and tugged down Jimmy’s zipper. His belt and then his pants opened at her touch. Then she was moving her palm against his shorts, tracing the firm flesh of his manhood. Lois Lane looked down, “Why Jimmy, you seem to be all excited, “she said, as she ran a finger across the wet spot that had appeared on his shorts. She brought the finger to her lips and licked it. “Yes, just about right,” she smiled, looking deeply into his eyes.

Lois Lane turned away from Jimmy and leaned over. She flipped the skirt of her dress across her back, then pulled down her panty hose. “I can’t spread my legs very much, but that’ll just make me tighter.”

Jimmy could only nod and make moaning sounds as he pulled out his throbbing cock. When he got it near Lois Lane’ cunt, she took it in hand. Lois Lane could feel his pulse as she ran the end of his fucker up and down her pussy lips and slicked their sex juices over the head of his cock. Then, as Jimmy sighed excitedly, Lois Lane pulled his cock into her pussy. He immediately pushed himself as far as possible into the hot, slick, clinging warmth of her cunt.

Jimmy began to pump his rigid tool in and out of her silky pussy. Lois Lane found her sensitive button of a clit with her finger and began to tickle it rhythmically. Jimmy was certainly well hung, thought Lois Lane, but she was worried that he wouldn’t last very long. Suddenly, to her surprise, she found that she was the one with a hair trigger. Her lovely, heart shaped ass pounded into Jimmy’s crotch as a pussy clinching orgasm overtook her. Two minutes later Lois Lane had cum three more times, and Jimmy was pumping gobs of cum into her cock hugging pussy as he held to her waist and made incoherent little sounds.

Lois Lane, clinging to one of the file cabinets, straightened up. Now that her passion was spent for the minute, Lois Lane seemed to realize what she’d done. She ran her fingers through her hair and put her clothes in place. She couldn’t bring herself to look at Jimmy. So she called over her shoulder, “ Let’s keep this our little secret. Ok?”

Jimmy could only nod. He looked faintly silly, standing there with his cock drooping from his groin. “Listen,” said Lois Lane, “Any of those pictures will be fine, I’ll let you be the judge. I’ll see you upstairs.” She quickly walked away before Jimmy cold even get his softening member zipped away.

By the time Lois Lane got back to her desk she was sweating and had trouble walking. Alicia grabbed the drugged soda and pushed it toward Lois Lane, “You look like you could use something cold.”

“Thanks,” mumbled Lois Lane. She took the can and downed the rest of the drink in two gulps. “Lets get some fresh air girls. I’m not feeling too well,” said Lois Lane.

“Oh really?” said Alicia, taking Lois Lane’ arm, “Let me help.” Alicia gave a conspiratorial smile to the other girls as she helped Lois Lane to the elevator. Later that day, Clark returned to the news room just in time to clear up some end of the day details before going home. He checked his computer for any electronic mail. At the end of the mail queue there was a message from an “Uncle Frank”.

It said: “Dear Mr. Kent; We have kidnapped your wife. Don’t worry, she won’t be harmed in any way as long as our instructions are followed carefully. Naturally, the police should not be involved. We want you to contact your friend, Superman, and have him – “ The note went on.

When he finished the piece of mail, Clark sat at his desk until he could gather his thoughts. Then, as nonchalantly as he could, Clark asked his co-workers about the last time they had seen Lois Lane. He determined that she had left with three young ladies at lunch time and hadn’t returned. But Clark didn’t have time to investigate further, he had to follow Uncle Frank’s instructions and make an appearance as Superman.

At precisely the time specified Superman entered a motel room in an out of the way town in Florida. He looked around the room. It was full of typically cheap motel furniture, except for a desk which held an opened laptop computer and some other electronic equipment. On the computer screen was the message: Enter your name. So he did. The computer’s drive hummed and the equipment blinked and clicked. Then the computer screen flared to life and another message appeared: “Congratulations Superman. Our sensors have not detected any type of electronic devices on your person. You now have ten seconds to get to the penthouse apartment of the Metropolis Arms Hotel. Use the roof entrance.”

Clever, thought Superman as he ran out of the motel room, I don’t have time to call anyone. He leaped into the air and, taking care to circle over the Atlantic, made an air scorching, sonic booming transit back to Metropolis.

He touched down at the roof door to the penthouse suite of the Metropolis Arms with three seconds to spare. Resisting the urge to give into his anger and simply kick in the door, he instead knocked hard enough to put dents into the metal casing.

The door opened immediately. Superman’s eyes, slitted in anger, opened wide at the sight of three scantily clad young women. For a second he was scared that he’d made a mistake and flown to the wrong address. But then he realized that they must be the girls Lois Lane was with earlier in the day. The tallest of the three said, “Superman! You’re right on time.”

“Where’s Lois Lane?” he asked , putting as much menace into his voice as he could muster.

Alicia stepped forward, “Now stay calm, Superduper,” she said, a slow, sultry smile spreading across her pretty face. “Nothing’s going to happen to Lois Lane now that you’re here.” She walked over to a laptop, that was open on a table, and punched a few keys.

Superman just stood in the doorway, arms folded across his chest. “I suppose you want me to do something, lets have it.”

Alicia, still smiling, shrugged a bare shoulder and purred, “Its nothing so terrible. We just want to make love to you.”

“You what?” Superman cried. “You’re committing a felony just to get me into bed? Can’t you just write a letter like a few hundred other women do every week?” Not to mention the men, he added silently.

“You don’t screw them. Do you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Well – there you go,” said the beautiful blonde. “We had to get your attention.”

Superman stepped into the room, his fists clenching spasmodically. “Look, what’s keeping me from torturing one of you until you tell me where Lois Lane is?”

Alicia stepped back, looking a little worried, as if she thought he might start with her. Brooke took the chance to come forward. She put her hands on Super- man’s arm, “You won’t, because Superman doesn’t do things that way.”

Superman glared at her, “Don’t depend too much on my noble sentiments. I’m pretty fond of Lois Lane.” He looked closely at the three kidnappers. It could hardly be a case of women desperate for sex. These three could easily have any man they wanted. With the exception of himself, of course. How could he want anyone but Lois Lane? He sighed heavily, “ There has to be a lot more to this than a roll in the sack.”

The three girls looked at each other. “Look,” said Superman, he wasn’t above lying to these three, “If you could be a little more forthcoming, then maybe I could be a little more cooperative.”

“OK,” Alicia seemed to get a silent assent from the others, “About three years ago, someone, he always hid behind lawyers and foundations, paid for our school district to give its students a bunch of physical and psychological tests. I think he said that he was doing research for a doctorate. Then he picked some of us students for more tests. And then more tests, until we were the ones left.” She gestured to herself and the other two girls.

“And ?” prompted Superman.

Alicia walked across the room and arranged herself seductively on a sofa. She was clearly warming to the subject. “Then he began to contact us directly via e-mail. Calling himself, Uncle Frank.”

“He sent us some cool computers,” interrupted Brooke.

“Anyway – . “said Alicia, giving Brooke a hard look, “He began to talk about our tests. It seems that we’re all fit and smart, despite some appearances to the contrary,” she looked at Charlene, who ignored her. “And willing to do just about anything for money.”

“And,” said Brooke, “to keep this short, we’ve been living together ever since. Long enough , in fact, to have our periods and ovulations together. And frankly, tonight’s the night. Superman we want to have your baby. All of us if possible.”

Superman’s eyes went from one girl to the other, “And this Uncle Frank is going to pay you?” he asked.

“Lots,” said Alicia, “millions in fact.”

“Hundreds of thousands just to try,” added Brooke.

Superman shook his head. “Look ladies, I’ve dealt with a lot criminals. I seem to draw the rich and kooky ones especially. You’re in a lot of danger. Even if you have a child, chances are he’ll kill you just to get you out of the picture. Maybe just to save money.”

Alicia shook her head, “You weren’t paying attention. Those tests showed that we’re willing to risk that. And like you said , we’ve already committed a felony.”

Superman rubbed his hand across his face in frustration. Saving Lois Lane , of course , was his main priority, and having sex with three sexy women seemed like little enough price to pay. Of course Lois Lane wouldn’t see it that way. And the thought of a child of his or maybe just his DNA in the hands of some nut filled him with revulsion. There had to be some other way out of this. Then he looked up and saw Charlene starring at him. She hadn’t said a word. She had only looked at him with longing ever since he’d entered the penthouse.

Hmmm – ., thought Superman, maybe there’s something I can use. “OK, girls, for Lois Lane’ sake, I give up. Lets do it.” Alicia and Brooke started to move. “Uhhhh. ..let’s start with her,” he said, nodding at Charlene.

Alicia and Brooke looked disappointed. “Don’t worry,” smiled Superman, “there’s plenty to go around.” He took Charlene’s hand and headed toward the open bedroom.

“What’s your name,” asked Superman , as he lead her into the bedroom and closed the door. She told him. “Well, Charlene, Let’s get comfortable.”

Charlene felt a soft wind against her body and saw Superman turn into a blur. When his image steadied again, both she and Superman were standing there in the nude.

Superman was everything she’d imagined. Body like the statue of a Greek god but with a cock that would have been all out of proportion on one of those pieces of art. Even soft it was of an impressive size. Then, as she watched, it suddenly sprang into hardness as if it were a hose filled by high pressure. His cock whacked its hardness into the rippling muscles of his washboard stomach. “I think I’m ready,” said Superman, with a seductive smile.

He had to admit that she had a great body. Long red hair fell across her shoulders. Pretty green eyes set in a face from beauty magazine. The curves of her breasts filled her chest and lead to a tiny waist and flaring hips. Her pussy was pink and smooth.

“I’ve never seen any man so ready ,” giggled Charlene. She felt as if she would faint as he took her in his arms. His cock felt like a warm, softly covered iron bar against her stomach. She could feel it twitch and throb with every beat of his heart. Superman softly kissed her on one lip and then the other. He planted little baby kisses on her cheek, and then on the shell of her ear. He trailed his tongue along her jaw line. Then he kissed her on the lips again, letting his tongue play freely with hers. All the time his hands were playing with her ass and rubbing her soft, warm breasts. “Mmmmm – .oh god – Superman,” she moaned with her lips on his cheek.

Superman swept her into his arms and carried Charlene to the big four poster bed. Everyone knew about Superman’s strength, x-ray vision and his ability to fly, but there were other more subtle powers he could use: like his hearing. He could detect Charlene’s heart as it beat excitedly above normal. And her breathing. Well, he thought , no one needed super hearing to tell him that her breathing was loud and irregular, coming in gasps.

Superman began to cover Charlene with kisses as he caressed her breasts and lightly fingered her nipples. He could easily feel her rising body temperature as her body flushed from her tits toward her neck. As he kissed across her fluttering stomach, Superman could sense the increasing heat in her pussy. He could even hear the light contractions starting to build in her pussy. Superman began to run a finger around her puffy pussy lips. His finger lightly brushing the hood of her clit as it passed.

Charlene’s moans had been growing louder and higher in pitch . Now her hips were softly undulating in her growing passion. “Oh Superman, fuck me – oh fuck me nowww, pleeease,” she moaned.

When Superman didn’t make a move to fill her cunt with his magnificent cock, Charlene reached for her pussy to bring herself to what she knew would be a thunderous orgasm. But her hands never found their way to her relief. Superman easily caught first one wrist and then the other in one of his hands. “No, we can’t have you doing that,” he whispered.

“Ohhhh – pleeease..” she whined.

In the other room Alicia and Brooke looked at each other. The cries of Charlene’s passion were getting to them. Alicia slipped a dainty finger onto her waiting clit and said, “I think I might warm up a little.” Brooke could only smile and tweak a sensitive nipple.

Superman eased some of his weight onto Charlene’s heaving body. He began to whisper into her ear, “Listen, Charlene, do you know what I can do with my super hearing and touch and feel?”

“No,” she whimpered as she gulped for air.

“I can bring you to within a second of the cum of your life and keep you there forever.” He eased a finger into her pussy and began to message her g-spot. “Oh , you’re not there yet. You can’t imagine, not even in your wildest dreams, what a powerful, sweet torture you’re about to go through.”

Charlene tried to cry out to her friends, but now she was so paralyzed with anticipated passion that only the softest little gasps could escape her pursed full lips.

Superman subtly changed the rhythm of his fingers to once again bring her back from the cliff’s edge of cumming. “Are you ready to tell me where Lois Lane is? I’ll give you an orgasm that’ll rock the house.” He eased up enough in his ministrations to allow her to speak.

“No – ..but please – .I’m begging you.” she gasped.

Superman renewed his efforts in her spasming pussy. For five long minutes he kept her on the edge of release. Her body became covered in sweat. Her muscles convulsed, and her love juices weeped continuously from her swollen pussy lips.

He eased up just enough to let her inhale sufficient air to speak. “I – I..can’t stand it – she’s in room twenty thirty in this hotel.”

Superman planted a tongue lashing on her clit that triggered a body spasming orgasm that he hadn’t seen since – well, since last night with Lois Lane. As Charlene moaned and thrashed on the bed, her fingers flashing in and out of her pussy, Superman dressed and forced open the bedroom window. In seconds he had a dazed and drugged Lois Lane in his arms, headed for their apartment.

The rush of cool evening air brought Lois Lane partially back to her senses. “Oh good, Clark, you’re here,” she slurred. “I’ve needed you all day,” she said, as she carelessly groped at his crotch. She smiled into Clark’s eyes, “And I guess you’ve need me” she said as she ran her fingers along his long, hard member.

Clark almost dropped her when she grabbed his cock. It took him a few minutes to get Lois Lane back into their apartment and to convince her that, yes, he would perform like a machine all night, promising her the love session of the year. And then he had to listen to her confession of her tryst with Jimmy. In fact, in he impassioned state he had to listen to it in every embarrassing detail. Clark figured that he would never look at Jimmy in the same way again.

By the time he got back to the penthouse, the girls and all their possessions with them. There remained a note on a single sheet of the hotels stationary. It said : “Congratulations Superman . You have ruined Charlene for any other man. Now when do we get our chance !!” It was signed A., B. and C.