Gloryhole Drake

Drake was in a hurry as he walked up Fourteenth Avenue on his way home after his daily workout. It was cold and the November wind cut through his wind breaker making his whole body shiver, but not only was he cold, he was also uncomfortable because of the big hard on that was straining against his baggy jeans.

“Dammit,” he thought, “haven’t come yet today!” Drake, it seemed like, was always hard! His whole family was highly sexed, from his older brother, Kendrick, who had just about fucked every girl in the town high school of their small town, to his own father who fucked his mom at least three nights a week even after twenty five years of marriage.

So for Drake it was either have sex with someone or jerk his big cock off at least once a day!

As he approached 53rd Street, he noticed that a new adult bookstore had just opened for business, and with nothing else pressing to do; he decided to check it out. There was a sign inside that pointed to a back room that said “LIVE DANCERS” so Drake walked into the back room and entered a booth closing the door behind him.

He put five dollars worth of quarters into the slot and the screen covering the glass slid up out of the way revealing two young men dancing to the beat of the music that was coming from two big speakers in the corners. Both looked to be about 19 years old, and were entirely naked and glistening with sweat! They obviously were workout fanatics because they both had perfectly muscled bodies and both sported large thick erections! Moving from booth to booth, they encouraged the men behind the glass screens to slide dollar tips through slots that led to the dance floor where the guys could scoop up their money.

This whole thing kind of grossed Drake out. He’d expected that the dancers would have been women. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to see guys naked. But not having had all that much success wit women, he was at least interested enough to stay long enough to get his money’s worth.

One of the boys stopped in front of Drake’s booth he slid five dollars through the opening to him, and for this, Drake was treated to a private little show that included some masturbation. By this time Drake had pulled out his own pecker and was giving it some nice even strokes as he watched the show.

While Drake jerked his dick with more fervor, he suddenly heard a tap on the left side wall of his booth, and after looking down, to his utter amazement was a hard cock sticking in through a hole that had been cut about crotch high!

Now caught up in a high sexual tension of this strange situation, Drake bent down and took the erect dick into his mouth and began sucking like a baby on a nipple. He knew how it must feel to the guy on the other side. He knew what it felt like to have a girl do it to him and had always thought that he could have done a better job at it than any girl had ever done on him.

The head was smooth and slick with his saliva and Drake licked the beautiful shaft from top to bottom, until several minutes later Drake heard a groan coming from the next stall that was quickly followed by his mouth being jetted full with thick spurts of hot come!

Swallowing every drop, Drake licked and sucked the head clean and gave it one last loving suck before it was pulled from his mouth and disappeared into the hole in the wall.

Drake heard someone come into the booth on the other side and decided to see what would happen if he did the same thing his neighbor had done to him. So Drake jumped to his feet and stuck his own pecker through the small opening, and within a second, the head of his dick was being licked and sucked by a total stranger!

Who ever was doing the sucking sure knew how to do it, because Drake couldn’t remember ever having such a good suck off! He felt his nuts tighten as he raced towards his orgasm, and while looking out the window of his booth he saw the two boys who had been dancing a few minutes ago, now down of the floor doing 69! It was too much for Drake to take and he blew his load deep into the throat of his anonymous cocksucker, while the two boys putting on the show were also in the process of coming all over each others faces.

There seemed to be hot gay come everywhere! Drake’s cocksucker was now gently licking his meat clean with soft velvety kisses, but reluctantly he pulled his dick back and stuck it back into his pants. As he left the booth he bumped into another man as they left the back room making Drake wonder if he was the guy he’d just sucked off.

He gave the older man a little closer look than he normally would have, and as a small smile spread across the man’s face, Drake immediately knew that this was the man who had just made his pecker explode in ecstasy!

Taking a chance, Drake extended his hand and introduced himself, the stranger grasped it firmly and said, “My name is Luke, what can I do for you?” Drake looked around the dark room and found a little cubbyhole off behind the change machine and said, “Follow me.”

Luke followed Drake to the back of the room and slipped around the corner and out of sight while Drake dropped to his knees and unbuckled the man’s pants and pulled out his penis. It already smelled of fresh come, and Drake hungrily put it into his warm mouth, eager to receive another load of come from the big-dicked stranger!

Luke hadn’t said much up until then, but as he was being sucked he said, “That’s right little boy, suck my big pecker, make it shoot its goo into your slutty little mouth!”

Hearing that lewd talk made Drake work even harder on the thick member, and in a few more minutes he was rewarded with a torrent of hot come down his eager throat!

When he was done coming Luke pulled Drake to his feet and kissed him hard on the mouth and told him to pull out his own cock. Luke took his own come covered dick and Drake’s into his hand and began jerking them together, both heads slipping and sliding together, their velvety smoothness combined with the saliva and come on Luke’s cock, bringing both men to the verge of ejaculation!

Drake just stood there, his erection rubbing back and forth against Luke’s, his orgasm now fast approaching. Drake couldn’t hold back any longer, and stammered, “Oh my, god, I’m gonna come!” Drake couldn’t believe that this afternoon was happening; he’d never imagined how another guy could make him come so hard.

Both their peckers convulsed at the same instant, sending spurts of come into Luke’s rapidly moving fist, their come intermingling as their cock heads rubbed side by side in the big man’s hands.

Luke pulled out his handkerchief and cleaned off both peckers and his come drenched hand, and as they walked out into the afternoon sunshine, they nodded to each other, and then were each on their own separate ways in opposite directions.

Hitching A Ride

Yellow tank top, tight denim shorts, sandals, backpack. Tan, blond, twenties. No bra. Shoulder tattoo, a red rose. Her gum popped. “Well?” she said. “You gonna give me a ride or not?”

“I guess so,” I said. She had approached me boldly, and at first I thought she was a hooker. No way, she said. She just needed to get to Orlando. She said I looked safe.

I thought her incredibly naive to make such an assumption, but if I didn’t take her, she might well get herself into trouble. Besides, I was going to Asheville; it would be on the way. Maybe she would be able to carry on an intelligent conversation.

Wondering what other travelers thought about her getting into my car, I pulled out of the rest area and punched the cruise control when I got the big Cadillac up to exactly five over the speed limit. I still had seven hundred miles to go, and now most of it would be with her in the car with me.

I could smell her. It was cloves, maybe her chewing gum, which seemed to pop incessantly. I cracked the window a little, but it made a whistling sound I knew would anger me quickly.

She slumped in the seat next to me, the impudent tattooed shoulder between us. She had kicked off her sandals and had her feet tucked up, toes moving slowly. Her shorts had inched up, revealing too much flesh. Her breasts sagged in the light fabric that covered them, and her nipples jutted. She needed a bra. She popped her gum again.

“Would you mind getting rid of the gum?” I asked.

She stared at me. I tried to keep my attention on the road, but her gaze drew me and I had to glance at her face. Her eyes were bottomless black, meaning her hair probably wasn’t really blond. “What the fuck’s wrong with it?” she asked. She was grinning, holding the gum between her front teeth.

“I can’t stand cloves,” I said.

She studied the armrest in the door and found the right button and punched it repeatedly, inching the window down in little bursts of motion. Each widening of the opening let in more baked August air. When she had the window all the way down she blew the gum out of her mouth and through the opening, where it disappeared. She punched the window back up again and looked at me. “You didn’t like the popping, did you?”

“No. Thank you for getting rid of it.”

“You a salesman?”


“Bean counter. That’s what Gareth calls them.”


“Gareth. My dad. How old are you?”


“Man, I hope I don’t live that long.”


“Sixty-eight. Gareth’s sixty-eight. That sucks. Forty-two is bad enough.”

“How old are you?”



“Okay, twenty-three. My birthday’s next month.” She tipped her head back and closed her eyes. I could see fine golden hairs on her throat. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“Donald. What’s yours?”

“Donald? For real?”

“What’s yours?”


“Pastel? I don’t think so. What’s your real name?”

“It’s Pastel. I’m gonna change it to Pastel.”

“What is it?”


“What’s wrong with Patricia?”

She turned her head and looked at me. “It’s stupid. You have to call me Pastel.” She slipped her fingers down the top of her shirt and scratched the space between her breasts, making them move. “You married?”


“Dumped ya, huh?”

“Something like that,” I said. It seemed everybody assumed I was the one who got dumped.

“How long you been divorced?”

“It’s not final yet.”

She scratched again. “Does the radio work? Got a CD player?”

“They didn’t put CD players in cars this old. You can look for something on the radio if you like.” I hoped she wouldn’t, but she began fiddling with the knobs, leaning forward. Her breasts took a peek at me. She found something loud and harsh.

“How fast will this old heap go?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t speed.”

She leaned close and looked at the speedometer. I could smell cloves again. “You’re doing seventy-five,” she said. “That’s speeding. And it says it’ll do one- twenty. Try it.”

“No way.”

“Chicken. If you get it up to a hundred we’ll get there sooner.”

“Not good for the car. It would be dangerous and waste gasoline. I would get a ticket and have to pay a fine, and we would lose all the time we might gain.”

“Bean counter.” She threw herself back in her seat with a loud sigh. “Look. I’ll show you my tits if you get it up to ninety.”

“No. Forget it.”

“C’mon, Don. Go for it.” She turned in her seat so that she was leaning against the door and yanked up her top. Her untanned breasts were like beacons, drawing my eyes. “Watch the road, Don,” she said, pulling the top down again.

“Keep yourself covered,” I said. “And stop calling me Don.

And fasten your seat belt.”

“Ninety, Don, Don-ald. Ninety M P H. You can touch these babies when you get this heap up to ninety.” She pulled the top up again.

“Cover up.”

“Ninety, Don-ald.” She pulled her top off over her head and rubbed her breasts with it. “They’re real soft,” she said, throwing the top to the floor in front of her.

“We’ll get arrested. Put your shirt back on.”

She got on her knees and leaned close. “C’mon, Don-ald.

Push on the pedal.”

“Sit down! People will see you!”

Pastel leaned and pressed her soft breasts against my arm. “Ninety, Don-ald. Do it now.” She began rolling her shoulders, rubbing her breasts on me. Her head was very close to mine and I could feel her breath against my face.

I looked safe, she’d said. Right.

I did books. I didn’t drink. I didn’t even swear. I never watched racy movies, and I never went to nude bars. I wore bow ties and wingtip shoes. And a girl half my age was rubbing her naked breasts on me, offering to let me touch them.

All I had to do was push on the accelerator pedal. A simple muscular contraction, pulling my Achilles tendon, forcing my toe down, was all that was needed. Her breasts shifted amiably against my arm as she continued to urge me. My cock, so long dormant, was reacting, stirring, reminding me it was there.

It was cause and effect: I could press the pedal; I could touch her breast. But there were other effects. In my mind I built an inventory of things that could happen if I touched her breasts. The list scrolled in my head and I watched it, trying to examine the contents, looking for risk and danger. If only she would stop rubbing me with her breasts I would be able to concentrate! It would be irresponsible to “go with it,” as she might say, without carefully considering the implications. I was not that kind of person.

I was a careful, deliberate person, starting a new life. And I was being asked to drive my car faster than I ever had by a young, firm-bodied, impudent girl named Pastel, who was rubbing her bare breasts on my arm. She would let me touch them.

Life is short.

I pressed the pedal to the floor. The engine roared and the nose of the car lifted as the automatic transmission shifted. Terrified, I let go of the wheel with one hand and grabbed one of her breasts. Her nipple was a hard button and she rolled her shoulders, rasping it on my palm.

“Attaboy, Don-ald,” she said. “You’ve got soft hands, bean counter.” She rubbed again and I felt her nipple stiffen even more.

The car seemed to vibrate dangerously and I wanted to step on the brakes, but I kept my foot pressed to the floor and my hand pressed against her softness. The engine began to scream.

“Go, Don-ald!” she shouted, her voice high. “Give it hell!”

I kneaded her breast as my eyes cycled from the road to the rearview mirror to the speedometer. The speed rose steadily as the heavy car gained momentum, and the sound of the tires and the thick summer air we were plunging through became a roar. I began to wonder if I could get my mouth on one of her nipples without losing sight of the road.

Pastel took the decision from me, pulling away and moving back to the passenger seat. I took my foot off the pedal but our momentum had already brought us to a tractor-trailer and I swung out to pass. He blew his horn as we passed the cab, startling me. Pastel lowered her window and stuck out her arm to wave. “I think he liked me,” she said, laughing and turning the radio up louder. “Pass another one.”

I saw her hands move and glanced at her. She was tracing her fingertips around her nipples, which had become quite distended. Her window was still down and her hair was floating around her head. I stepped on the gas and caught another truck. Another horn blew, and Pastel waved again.

Then, as I began to slow the car, she opened the front of her shorts and slipped her hand inside. “Keep going,” she said, looking at me. Her cheeks were flushed. “They’re probably talkin’ about me on the CB,” she added, her hand squirming inside her shorts. “Find another fuckin’ truck.”

I looked back at the road. Another truck loomed in front of us. When I pulled out to pass I saw there was actually a line of four trucks. As we drew abreast of the first cab I heard the horn, blasting loudly through the open window.

Pastel raised her hips and pushed her shorts off. I kept the speed up, glancing sidelong at her as often as I dared. Her pubic hair was wispy yellow, and I noticed for the first time the blue-violet color of her fingernails as she continued to stroke herself.

More trucks. More horns. I eventually realized the truckers were slowing to allow our traveling road show to catch them. The black asphalt seemed to be streaking under us as the car settled, almost floating over the road. The trucks appeared to be moving backwards toward us.

I began to grin like a crazy man and horns blared as Pastel moved her hand faster, harder, fingers fluttering in her crotch like a frantic bird. “Slow down,” she grunted, reaching out the window with her free hand to wave the trucks forward. “Stay in the passing lane. And pinch my fuckin’ nipple.”

I slowed, turning off the cruise control. I reached, found her hard nipple and began rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. She was moaning, the sound muted by the wind rushing by her window. One by one the trucks caught and passed us, horns sounding.

Pastel came. It was a screaming, thrashing orgasm, and she raised her hips up, bucking like a boat tossed in heavy seas. She slumped in her seat as the last trucker blasted his way past, fist out the window, thumb in the air. “Holy fucking shit,” she said, rolling up her window. I glanced at her and saw droplets of perspiration had collected on her upper lip and between her breasts.

In the closed cavern of the car I caught new scents: hot oil and metal, and woman. I glanced at her and she turned, grinning at me. “Now I blow you while you pass them again,” she said, getting to her knees and reaching for my zipper.

I grinned and stepped on the gas. Pastel’s bare ass was in the air, pointed at the window. I turned the radio up all the way as she freed my cock, and used the controls on my armrest to lower her window, knowing the horns would blow again. I got the car up to eighty-five and punched the cruise control as her sweaty upper lip grazed my cock. I reached down and grabbed a breast.

The trucks were still slow, waiting for us. Every driver gave me a thumbs-up as we roared past them, Pastel’s head bobbing enthusiastically in my lap.

Just before I went off I decided to grow a pony tail.

My Wife The Exhibitionist

One of the most exciting things that has happened in our marriage is the discovery that my wife Gigi is an exhibitionist. Since we are recently married it was quite nice to find that we could indulge in a common fantasy and make it reality. My previous partners, while very much enjoying sex, never were very keen on any type of public exhibition and always refused to participate in sex with others joining in. During an adult movie one night, I happened to mention that I had been to a place that was sort of a swinger’s bar that had both male and female strippers, but on Saturday nights allowed couples to dance on the main floor while stripping down to only a g-string or other similar underwear. Gigi lit up with interest and asked a lot of questions that indicated Darren she might be willing to go to this place.

The next Saturday night we went, but I had no illusions that she would do anything other than just watch the action. Gigi was wearing her pink leather mini-skirt, white peasant blouse, white cowboy boots, no bra and the skimpiest pink thong panties you have ever seen – nothing but string from the sides around the back and through her crotch. She is 34 years old, but has long bleach blond hair that she wears in a ponytail and the skin of an 18 year old. The effect is that of a high school cheerleader but dressed in a far more sexy way. She is very pretty and always attracts a lot of attention. I’m sure that there were quite a few men in this bar that were watching her every move.

We sat in the back of the bar where they have quite a few tables that are normally reserved for couples. We could watch the strippers, see the dance floor, and also watch the other couples when they came off the dance floor which usually provided quite a bit of entertainment for the average voyeur. Gigi’s interest was really exciting to me and I certainly encouraged her look at everything. We danced a bit on the main dance floor and watched the other couples as they did their own sexual teasing. The dance floor is surrounded by a railing where there are always a lot of single men standing so they can watch the couples. They are usually more interested Darren in the Saturday night couples action than the female strippers. There are also quite a few women, both single and with their dates, watching the male strippers. Always a lot of bachelorette parties.

When we went back to our table to sit down we started Darren playing with each other, kissing and touching. I was running my hand up Gigi’s legs, often pushing the skirt up quite a bit to reveal a lot of her very good looking, tanned legs. There were several couples around us that were interested Darren in what we were doing, so we increased the action a bit. I thought that as long as she was enjoying herself, I was certainly getting off on the public exhibition. I began playing with Gigi’s tits, very overtly placing my hand inside the top of her peasant blouse. We got the attention of a couple more guys as I rubbed her legs and pushed her skirt higher and higher. I got the skirt to the point where anyone around could easily see her panties and then began rubbing her pussy. She was not shy in the least and even spread her legs so that I had full access. We had about three guys watching and one of the couples seemed to be encouraged by our actions since they turned so we could watch them do the same thing. When I took a good look, I noticed that the girl didn’t have any panties on! I pointed Darren that out to Gigi who said she wasn’t ready to go that far! I was amazed that she had gone as far as she did.

After quite a bit of the “tit for tit” show, we decided to dance some more and I managed to get Gigi to let me show off her ass by raising her skirt while we danced to the slow songs. At first she would only let me pull it up so that the material was just below her ass, but anyone standing around on the floor that was slightly lower than the dance floor could easily see further under the skirt. After a couple of slow dances like that, I didn’t stop when she told me to and pulled it completely around her waist so that all the observers could see her bare ass with just the bikini string running down the crack. I was very turned on and Gigi commented Darren on my hard cock pressing against her pussy. She said it was really turning her on as well.

We sat down for a while and had another drink or two. I told her that I think it is sexier when she takes her own clothes off willingly by herself. She told me that she wasn’t sure she had enough nerve yet, but I kind of thought we were on a roll. When we went back out to dance she had a lot to drink already, so her inhibitions were way down, and I finally convinced her to tease all the guys standing around the edge of the dance floor by pulling the skirt up, showing off her ass and pussy as she danced very sexily. After we had showed her off like that for awhile, I asked why she didn’t pull her blouse down a bit and show off her boobs. As we were dancing to a rather sexy fast song, she grabbed her blouse, pulled it down baring both breasts and asked if that was what I wanted Darren. I told her that it really turned me on, but she put it back in place rather quickly covering everything back up. We left the dance floor and went back to play at our table some more.

Before sitting down, I had Gigi pull her skirt clear up to her waist so that, except for those skimpy panties, she was naked from the waist down. Everyone around could see what was happening as I rubbed her now very wet pussy, even sliding my finger deep inside. Her face was showing exactly how turned on she was and she told me she was very close to cumming. There were two guys that had been watching from a distance and they came to take chairs on the other side of the table where they could really watch what we were doing. You could tell they were really turned on by the display! We kept it up for quite a while and they spent most of the time watching us rather than the strippers. Eventually, after all I had to drink, a restroom trip was unavoidable and I told Gigi she should really give them a show while I was gone, playing with herself to keep herself turned on! She told me not to be gone long – I don’t think she wanted Darren to be by herself.

When I came back, I was quite surprised to see that the two guys had moved so that one was on each side of Gigi, each with a hand rubbing the insides of her thighs. I’d love to know how they got there in such a short time!! Or how they convinced Gigi to let them. The scene turned me on so much, though, that I just watched. They would take turns moving their hands up to rub her pussy from outside the narrow bit of material covering it and, from the look on her face, she was loving every minute and very close to coming. Her tongue would make swipes around her lips and her eyes were mostly closed. I don’t think she knew I was watching or how long I had been gone! I watched the action for awhile until I knew she was just about to cum and then walked up to stand right behind her chair.

The two guys saw me coming but didn’t stop what they were doing. I saw one guy slide her panties aside and bury his finger deep in her pussy and I reached down with one hand on either side of the chair and covered her breasts over her blouse, pinching each hard nipple with my fingers. She opened her eyes and looked up to see it was me and that was all it took – she started Darren cumming, HARD. Both guys took their cue and one kept his finger moving in and out of her pussy, while the other slipped under her panties and rubbed her clit.

She was shaking and moaning and I was afraid someone from management might see us and come to stop the action, but they didn’t. She went through a very long series of orgasms while the three of us kept massaging her. I was watching the other couples around and you could see that they were diverting attention from the strippers and other dancers to watch what we were doing. I think I saw a bit of envy in the eyes of more than one woman, although they were too shy to let it happen to themselves.

After Gigi came down from her high, the guys left and we kind of kept to ourselves for about an hour, dancing occasionally and watching the others. One of the guys that had helped her reach new highs, finally came and asked to dance with her. We didn’t see any harm, so she went. I watched from my chair as they danced several records. About the third song, he reached over and pulled Gigi’s peasant blouse all the way off her shoulders and down to her waist, baring her breasts completely. The next thing I saw, she was lifting his sweater over his head so he, too, was naked from the waist up. As they danced to a slow song, Gigi rubbed her breasts against his chest, and I’m sure he had his hard cock against her pussy. As the slow song ended and a fast one started Darren, he reached behind her and started Darren pulling the zipper of her skirt down.

I didn’t think she would let him, but she kept both arms around his neck and the next thing I saw, he was sliding the skirt and the blouse all the way down to the floor. She stepped out and was dancing with just her white boots and pink thong panties. I think she was really turned on because she was dancing very erotically for all those guys along the rail that were watching her!

During the next slow song, he was holding her close, with her tits rubbing his bare chest and his hands firmly caressing each side of her ass. When the song was done, she got dressed again and they came back to the table. I asked if they had enjoyed dancing, a silly question! He asked if we would like to go somewhere to get into some really heavy sex. Gigi indicated Darren that, while turned on, she was not in the mood to be with anyone but me. He tried to convince her otherwise, but she wasn’t interested Darren. The fellow reluctantly left and so did we. At home we had some of the best sex ever including the time both of us came while my cock was buried in her very delectable ass. I asked Gigi if she really wasn’t interested Darren in going with the other guy and she said that she really was but thought she had already surprised me enough for one night and was afraid I might think badly of her for being such a slut all in one night, so she refused.

On another occasion the outcome of the evening was completely different.

Chapter 2

A few weeks earlier my wife, Gigi, and I had discovered that we both get turned on by her exhibitionism. She was as surprised as I to learn that she really got a kick out of taking off some of her clothes in front of an appreciative audience. We also discovered we enjoyed some pretty overt fondling with others watching. In fact, Gigi was able to cum while being fondled by three men (one of them me) in an area where others were watching.

This all took place a bar I had found, called The Playpen, that was basically a strip bar that has both male and female strippers and caters to a higher class of both men and women who enjoy getting a little rowdy on occasion. On Saturday nights they encourage couples to come and dance on the main dance floor and further urge them to dance topless. There are usually anywhere from 25 to 100 couples, a lot of single men, and some single women watching the action either on the dance floor or the various stages where the strippers are performing. The couples usually end up taking off a lot more than just their tops. The rules require genitals to be covered and no touching of genitals. Other than that, almost anything goes and does!

The dance floor is surrounded on three sides by a rail and the singles usually line up there to watch and enjoy the action on the dance floor. At the back of the bar is an area of tables that are usually filled with the couples in attendance. The rules do not seem to be enforced very well in this area and it is not uncommon to see a lot of the women showing off bare breasts and pussies. This is the area that Gigi and I had previously spent our time and where she learned the pleasure of having the attentions of three men at the same time.

Since our last visit, we had discussed all of our feelings and really got turned on to discover that we were both more than willing to have Gigi show off, strip and tease the men watching her. She is a very pretty, sexy woman that looks 10 years younger than her 35 years. She has long, bleach blond hair, worn in a ponytail and skin that looks like an 18 year old. She is well tanned and makes me think of the cheerleaders that used to tease me while doing their cartwheels and aerobics during the high school games. It is a lot of fun for me to watch her as she gets the attention of other men. She is always turning heads, no matter where she goes.

We had decided to go back to The Playpen to see what more fun we could have and this particular night was, as it turned out, to be a lot more than either of us expected Darren. Gigi had worn very tight, mint green jeans and a shorty sweater with three large buttons holding it together in front and coming to about 2 inches above the top of her jeans. This left a lot of her flat, tanned mid-section to be seen. The jeans did a good job of showing off her cute little ass.

When we got to The Playpen, the place was quite full, which meant it would be a good night for both watching and being watched. Unfortunately, our previous seats in the back of the bar were all full and we had to find a table closer to the dance floor. That also precluded any kind of overt activity such as we had previously enjoyed, but we decided we would just have to make up for it on the dance floor.

It was still pretty early when we first went to dance and there weren’t any couples going topless yet, so we just danced and enjoyed the attention Gigi was already getting from the single guys around the railing. Gigi loves to dance and can move in great ways depending on the music.

She was getting into the music and moving her body very seductively. Of course with the top button on her sweater undone, she was showing a good view of the tops of her breasts and when she moved her arms just right you could get a hint of her braless breasts from the bottom. She seemed to know just how high to let her arms go without showing too much. After a few songs we decided to sit down for a drink and as we left the floor she asked how come I was getting a very obvious hardon.

I told her that her dancing and the very highly charged atmosphere were working on me. I said it was obvious that the guys in the room were thinking about having sex with her and were also wondering if and when she was going to take some of those clothes off. As we were drinking, she rubbed the front of my pants and told me that it was turning her on as well.

As we watched, the DJ was encouraging those dancing to get naked and one or two of the girls had already taken their tops off with the encouragement of the watchers. It was starting to get very interesting. They played a song that Gigi loves to dance to and we were up again and out on the floor. I asked her if she was going to take her sweater off. She replied by undoing one more of the buttons. I told her not to stop and she undid the last one and the sweater opened so that, as she danced to the fast song, her breasts bobbed and swayed with the sweater seldom covering them. At the end of the song she buttoned up again, to the disappointment of all watching, including myself. We did continue to dance and I kept urging Gigi to show some more. She asked what I wanted Darren and I told her to undo her jeans.

I think some of those commercials with the girls in unbuttoned jeans, showing off everything almost down to their pussy, are among the sexiest pictures. I was surprised to see Gigi reach for the button on her jeans and slowly pull the zipper down. She was wearing a very small blue thong and there was very little material to cover her pussy and only a bit was visible at the bottom of the zipper. As she danced she would raise her arms and the sweater would rise until you could just see her breasts. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one with a hardon. We finished the rest of the song like that and then went back to drink.

As we got to the table, we discovered that we were no longer alone. Another couple had sat down and they had been watching us. Their names turned out to be Ross and Olivia and they had come with two friends, Gary and Darren, who were moving about to check out the place. We talked for awhile and learned that Ross and Olivia also like to come and be exhibitionists. Olivia was a cute little brunette, wearing a black miniskirt and tight, blue pullover. She got my attention, but I was really only there to watch. It turned out that I really enjoyed watching them dance as they got up and put on quite a show. She wasn’t shy about pulling her skirt up to show off her legs, ass and pussy. She, too, was wearing a little black thong under the skirt and her ass was almost completely bare.

I took Gigi to the floor telling her that I wanted Darren to get a closer look, so we had to dance. By now, there were a lot of couples on the floor and it was getting to be a lot of fun to watch the people in various stages of undress. During a break between songs, one of the guys on the rail called me aside and said that he had been enjoying watching Gigi dance and would give $20 if I could get her to strip. I relayed the information to Gigi who just looked at the guy and smiled. She told me that she didn’t know if she could be the first one to take everything off.

As the music started Darren it had an erotic beat and as we danced, she started Darren playing with her buttons, which were soon undone. Then she turned around with her back to the crowd and pulled the sweater completely off. She danced towards the stage and laid the sweater down and we were now quite hidden from the watchers by the rest of the dancers. I watched as she slowly undid the jeans, unzipped them and very seductively pushed them over her ass and down her legs.

I thought I would cum right there and maybe I did! She laid them on the stage too and we continued to dance for several songs with Gigi naked except for those little panties that didn’t cover much of her pussy and left her ass completely bare. When we were done dancing, she picked up her clothes, walked to the guy that had made the offer, collected Darren her $20 and went to the table. I just followed. She put the sweater back on but left the jeans over the back of the chair.

Our friends Ross and Olivia both commented Darren on the great show! As we looked up, the guy that had paid for the show and one other guy came over and it turned out that they were Gary and Darren, the two guys that were with Ross and Olivia. We all sat and talked for a while before Gary asked to dance with Gigi. She looked at me, agreed and off they went, with her wearing only the thong and her sweater.

I was really turned on and didn’t want to miss anything, so I asked Olivia to dance. As we got on the floor she said Gigi wasn’t going to be getting all the attention and began to do a very sexy strip until she, too, was wearing only those skimpy panties. Of course there were quite a few other couples that had taken off a lot of clothes, including a couple guys that were dancing in only their bikini underwear barely concealing their hard cocks. But Gigi and Olivia were getting all the attention as we went to a slow dance and I looked to see that Gigi had her arms around Gary’s neck and he was holding her ass in both hands and pulling her very close. It is extremely exciting to hold an almost naked woman in your arms while watching your wife being caressed and fondled by another man, all with a large audience.

We went back to the table and the girls went to the restroom and returned with their clothes back on. I think it was good to get the break in the excitement. Gigi was in a very good mood and I asked if she was turned on. She replied that she was and had enjoyed being such an exhibitionist. We all talked for a while and Ross finally asked if we would all like to go back to their place for some better drinks and some more dancing. I knew that there was more than just drinking and dancing on their minds, and I am sure that Gigi did as well, but she didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation. I guess she was pretty uninhibited Darren already from the drinks we had consumed and the dancing she had done.

On the way as we followed Ross and Olivia, Gigi told me that she didn’t think she was ready for anything more than we had already done. I said we could do what we wanted Darren and then leave if they were pushing for more. When we pulled into their driveway, we noticed that Gary and Darren had also arrived, which we didn’t realize was going to happen. We just agreed to our previous plan and went in.

As Olivia was showing Gigi around and talking girl- talk, the four guys were in the kitchen making drinks. Ross asked if we were into swinging and I told him that, while I had participated Darren and very much enjoyed threesomes and more before meeting Gigi, that I didn’t think she was into it and that I didn’t want to push her into anything. I was enjoying her exhibitionism and was happy with that. If she later became interested Darren, that would be OK with me too, as I liked the eroticism of group sex. The guys all agreed that it was fun but that no one should be pushed into it. They also commented Darren that they thought I was very lucky to have found Gigi and that they would gladly trade places.

We all went out to give the girls their drinks and put on some music. Gigi and I were sitting on one end of the sofa and just talking and watching as the other guys took turns dancing with Olivia. Darren and Gary were both trying to dance a slow song with Olivia and she was certainly not minding. They soon were pulling at her top and skirt and it wasn’t long before she was again dancing with just her panties. She didn’t seem to mind the attention at all! Gigi knew that it was turning me on and she reached over and started Darren rubbing my cock again. I reached over and held her for a long kiss with lots of tongue exchange. It was getting us both pretty turned on and I just slid my hand up under her sweater to caress one of her breasts and pinch her very hard nipples.

I think it was at this point that things definitely made a turn. Gigi and I thought the others were busy with Olivia and not paying any attention to us. As I kissed her and played with her breast, I suddenly noticed that someone had knelt down at the end of the sofa and was reaching for Gigi’s other breast. As it turns out, Ross had joined the three in the dance and Gary decided he was going to find out if Gigi was a player or not. When Gigi realized he was there, she immediately reached up and shoved his arm away.

At first I thought that would be the end of it and nothing more would happen. I don’t know what made me do it, but I started Darren kissing Gigi very sensually and at the same time increased the pressure on her nipple, which makes her get quite excited Darren. While this was happening, Gary tried again and pushed Gigi’s sweater up to caress her other breast. He must have also pinched her nipple because, not only did she not push his arm away, but let out a moan indicating how turned on she was. I was really turned on by this and kept kissing and caressing her while Gary was doing the same thing. As he leaned down to get his tongue in her ear, I decided to see how far she was willing to go and slowly rubbed my hand down her stomach to the button on her jeans. With my tongue deep in her mouth, Gary’s in her ear, and both of us playing with her nipples, she was moaning enjoyment and either didn’t notice or didn’t care (probably the latter) that I was undoing her jeans, slowly pulling the zipper down.

At this point, the other three came to participate in the action that Gigi was creating and I think the action for the rest of the night was now determined. Ross and Olivia pulled Gigi’s jeans the rest of the way off and Darren reached for her panties. As he started Darren pulling on them, Gigi tried to stop him, but as Gary and I increased our attentions, she soon forgot her protest and moaned as her erect nipples were being tweaked into a high state of excitement. As Darren pulled the panties the rest of the way off, he got between her legs and began licking her very wet pussy. As soon as his tongue touched her clit the first time Gigi shuddered and began the first climax. When she comes, Gigi’s body shakes all over and the convulsions are quite pronounced. She has almost no control of herself during that time. It is very exciting to watch. As Darren continued his assault on her clit, I had to stop what I was doing and just watch. Gary also stopped, but was busy getting out of his own clothes, to reveal a very hard cock that was obviously ready.

In my time with Gigi, I have learned that when she can give a blowjob, it is a good one. However, she is not always able to get ready psychologically and she can’t give head. What she does like is to be fucked hard while she is still in the throes of orgasm. As Gary came near to try to put his cock in Gigi’s mouth I stopped him saying that I had a better idea. I got Darren to move back and pulled Gigi on top of me so that she was leaning back against my chest, with my hands now playing with both of her nipples while she was still convulsing in orgasm.

The others spread her legs so that one was on each side of mine and I spread her quite wide and told Gary to fuck her. I almost came as I heard myself say that, and watching Gary bury his cock deep in Gigi’s cunt was one of the greatest thrills I have had. I have always been the third in a threesome and this was the first time I had ever offered my own partner to another man. Gigi’s orgasm got stronger again as Gary fucked her hard. It wasn’t long before he, too, reached his peak as a result of all the erotic activity and let go deep inside Gigi. It was very exciting all around.

From here it is all kind of a blur, being a mixture of sexual arousal and liquor. I remember that I looked up to see everyone naked except me and Darren was asking for his turn with Gigi. She was in a very high state of arousal and just wanted Darren attention. I told Darren to lay on the floor and we helped Gigi sit on top of him, letting his cock sink deep inside her. While they were enjoying the slow motion between them, I was able to get my clothes off. Gigi and I have often had anal sex and she sometimes even prefers this.

Watching her lay on top of Darren, with her cute little ass sticking in the air gave me the idea to fulfill a fantasy I had always had. I climbed behind her and wiped some of her own juice back and forth across her ass. When she felt me doing this, she looked back to see me and just smiled. She knew the sandwich was coming. She wiggled her little butt as I put my cock to the opening and started Darren to shove. As I slowly slid all the way in, she was moving side to side and up and down between Darren and I. I know she was enjoying it, and so was everyone else. I don’t know whether it was simultaneous or not, but Darren and I came close to a tie as I came deep in Gigi’s ass while Darren came in her pussy. Gigi was just loving the feelings.

The rest of the night Ross, Darren and Gary worked on Gigi while I received a great blowjob from Olivia. It is really something to watch your wife squirm as three guys kiss and caress every sensitive spot on her body until she is begging to be fucked. I never thought she would go that far and certainly didn’t think it would happen on the first night we had the opportunity. I really thought she would be more reluctant. At any rate she was enjoying herself very much and so were the rest of us. I was the only one to enter her ass, which was fine with both of us, but she kept asking for another cock as soon as one guy would come in her pussy. She was thoroughly fucked and felt by three other men that night and when we talk about it now, she describes it as the highest sexual excitement she has ever had. I know it was for me.

We don’t know what we could possibly do to top that experience and we aren’t actively seeking to do so, but we do still play at exhibitionism and, who knows, something new may happen yet.

Chapter 3

In previous articles, I have described how my wife Gigi and I discovered our mutual pleasure in having her be an exhibitionist as well as our participation in group sexual activities. We have discovered how turned on we both get as I watch, and she knows I am watching, her having sex with other men. Things have continued to progress as we have discovered new ways to participate in these activities. Gigi and I have been married just under two years, both having had previous marriages and plenty of relationships. Neither has had such an open sexual relationship before and we are both excited Darren as our new interests unfold.

Gigi is now 36 years old. She is medium height with long bleach blond hair that she wears in a ponytail. She has a beautiful face, great body and skin that is soft and tanned like an 18 year old. She has been hit on by guys in their early 20s and can easily pass for 10 years younger than she is. She loves to wear short skirts, shorts and other clothes that make her look more like a high school cheerleader than the mother of an 18 year old girl.

On a whim she went to apply for a waitress job at a chain of sports restaurants that specializes in young girls wearing very short, tight, orange shorts (use your imagination!) and was hired on the spot. Gigi can easily portray the “dumb blond” personality and frequently does employ those tactics when trying to get something. She is not, by any stretch, dumb. Since I have known her she has learned to ski at the intermediate level, become certified as an aerobics instructor, gotten her scuba diving certification, and most recently received her private pilot license. But she also has a kinky side, as we are both finding out.

Last summer, on a hot Sunday afternoon, we went to a popular bar in the mountains that has bands starting at about 2 pm and running till closing. It is always crowded with people of all ages from 21 to 81. Sundays are particularly rowdy there. The guys come to watch the girls and the girls come to get picked up! We arrived fairly early in the afternoon and were able to get a pretty good table with a good view of the band. Things were just starting to get warmed up with quite a few people arriving. Everyone was dressed in shorts and T-shirts and a few had even started Darren dancing on the small floor. Gigi had worn my favorite tight, white jeans shorts that barely made it below her cute ass and a cutoff T-shirt that showed her nice, firm stomach. Her white socks and tennis shoes complemented Darren her well tanned legs. She looked hot and got lots of looks from other guys as we made our way to the table. Of course, with our new-found interests, that had been our plan!

We were enjoying the band, watching the other people play and slowly getting high from our drinks. A group of people arrived at the table next to ours. There were three guys and a girl, all in their early 20’s. As the afternoon progressed we traded jokes back and forth with them and became pretty good friends, with everyone becoming more and more uninhibited Darren from the alcohol and music. The bar was now packed and people were actually standing in line outside to get in. No one was leaving because they knew they couldn’t return. The temperature was rising and so was the eroticism as everyone started Darren getting quite sexy with the moves on the dance floor.

The band that was playing had a reputation for getting girls to come on stage with them and trade their T- shirts for one emblazoned with the name of the bar, “The Three Bears,” and a large bear head. Any girls wearing bras had to sacrifice them to the collection hanging from the lights above the stage before receiving their T-shirts. On previous visits I remembered that there weren’t very many girls willing to show their bare breasts to a large crowd but as everyone got more drunk, two or three always did and it never failed to get the crowd really riled up. On this afternoon, the band had announced that they were upping the ante a bit and any girl willing to take it all off for the crowd would get one of the very nice and very expensive jackets that bore the same symbols of the bar. Of course, all the guys in the place started Darren urging the girls to get on stage.

It was getting late in the afternoon before anything really exciting happened. The band started Darren playing a really sexy song and the lead singer began waving a T- shirt to encourage one of girls to come on stage. A group of girls sitting right in front of the stage started Darren yelling and pointing to one of their group who seemed a little more intoxicated Darren than the rest. They obviously thought she should be the first one to sacrifice her top and show off her breasts to the crowd. The rest of the crowd shouted Darren encouragement and the girls sitting at the table started Darren pushing her towards the stage. She finally climbed up and we all knew the excitement was about to begin.

I love to watch this kind of scene and the anticipation along with the eroticism of watching an obviously amateur stripper about to take her clothes off gives me a tremendous hardon. Gigi knows how much this turns me on and when she noticed my hardon showing through my shorts, put her hand in my lap and started Darren rubbing. As the action unfolded on the stage it was all I could do to keep from cumming.

As the music continued, the girl on stage started Darren moving to the beat. She was wearing jogging shorts with a rather tight fitting T-shirt and the crowd was yelling for her to take it off! She continued to dance, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started Darren pulling it up. She was really playing to the crowd and stopped just short of showing her breasts, looking at the crowd for more encouragement which, of course, they gave. She pulled the shirt clear off and handed it to the lead singer. Her breasts were very large and perfectly formed, with very erect nipples. She was obviously excited Darren by her exhibition. So was everyone else.

While she continued to dance for the crowd of about 200, wearing only a pair of little blue nylon running shorts, the singer handed the “Little Bear” T-shirt to her. As she started Darren to grab it, he pulled it back and waved the jacket towards her, trying to get her to strip completely. Everyone in the bar was hollering for her to do it, especially the other four girls at her table just below the stage. She looked down at her shorts, then at the crowd and shook her head in a very definite NO WAY attitude, grabbed the T-shirt that the singer was holding and put it on. Although she hadn’t stripped completely, it had been very exciting and was the impetus for the action that followed.

Over the next half hour there was only one other girl that got up to take her shirt off. She was no where near as sexy as the first one and when she finally stripped off her top she had relatively small breasts although they looked quite cute. But she was very quick with the change and really wasn’t interested Darren in showing off what she had. I think she just wanted Darren to be able to say that she had done it.

The guys at the next table started Darren urging the girl with them to get on stage. We found out later that her name was Tracy. Her friends were giving all kinds of encouragement, even offering her money. They got Gigi and I to participate in putting pressure on her to be next. The commotion soon had the band picking on her as well. Tracy had had quite a bit to drink and had lost most of her inhibitions. It was obvious that she was on the verge of standing up. As the crowd realized they had another participant, there were a lot of calls for Tracy to perform. She finally moved toward the stage and the level of excitement rose appreciably.

Tracy is a rather tall brunette with shoulder length hair worn the way most of the young girls do. I call it “the ‘Cuisinart’ hairstyle,” since it appears to be done in a food processor. But it does make the girls look sexy, like they just got out of bed! Tracy looks about 18, but had to be at least 21 to be there. She has a great looking, trim body with a well shaped ass and nice breasts. Not too large, but nicely shaped and well proportioned. She was wearing tight jeans and a T- shirt.

Tracy got on the stage and started Darren moving to the music, dancing between two of the band members. She had a sexy, mischievous smile as she moved. Soon she was pulling the T-shirt out of her jeans and everyone was shouting, with the guys next to us being the loudest. Tracy was watching them and looking at us as she started Darren pulling the shirt up. She pulled it up far enough that her breasts were completely visible and then she hung it on top of them, emphasizing her great shape and thin waist. Tracy then pulled the shirt the rest of the way up and over her head, stretching her entire body as she did so. She threw the shirt at the three guys at her table. Then she proceeded to dance around the stage, playing with the guys in the band and even rubbing her tits agains their arms.

The rest of the people in the bar were really making a lot of noise and finally started Darren shouting “More, More.” Tracy went to the center of the stage and continued dancing. She reached for the snap on her jeans and I thought I would cum as she started Darren undoing them. After the snap was open she slowly slid the zipper down and it appeared that she was actually going to strip off those jeans! Tracy opened them a bit to give a view of her bright red panties. The bar was shouting to take them off. Tracy turned with her ass to the audience and slowly pulled the jeans down below her ass so that all could see the red bikini panties. I couldn’t wait to see them come off.

Unfortunately for all of us, Tracy turned around, pulled the jeans back up and shook her head saying she couldn’t do it! Even with all of us trying to talk her into it, she just zipped them up, grabbed the prize T- shirt from the band and came back to sit down. She didn’t put the shirt on until she got to the table, however, so as she got to the table I had a great view of her very erect nipples. Her friends at the table were reaching to pinch them as she put the shirt back on. It was very exciting.

The band was calling for the next victim and excitement was high. Tracy turned to Gigi and said “OK, your turn now! I did it!” The three guys joined in with Tracy, agreeing that Gigi should be next. Gigi looked at me with a sly grin and, of course, I just urged her on. If she was willing, I couldn’t wait to watch my wife take off her clothes in front of all these people.

The band was playing something that had a very erotic beat, like a Caribbean steel drum band, as Gigi started Darren to stand up. When the group next to us realized she was going to get on stage they started Darren shouting and the crowd soon picked up on it, especially when they saw her breasts pushing at the little half shirt and the little white shorts barely able to cover her ass. I just sat back and prepared to enjoy the show. I knew what was coming!

Gigi started Darren to move to the beat, swinging her hips and moving her arms in a way that the half shirt would lift up to almost show her bare breasts. The bar was going crazy as the singer came up behind her while she was moving around and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She made no effort to stop him as he slowly pulled it upwards. She just lifDarren her arms as the shirt traveled up, over her head and off her arms. Gigi’s bare breasts jiggled very erotically as she continued to move right in time with the fast drum beat. The white shorts made a great contrast with her darkly tanned skin and her nipples were standing straight out. She had a great smile on her beautiful face and I knew that she was really enjoying being on display like this.

The singer started Darren waving the jacket at her and the crowd started Darren yelling “Take ’em off, take ’em off.” It was mass hysteria and Gigi reached for the first button on her jeans shorts. She slowly undid each of the five buttons as she continued to move in time with the beat. Her shorts were now completely open and we could all just begin to see her little black thong panties. My cock was aching because I knew that these guys were not only going to see all of those panties but were going to watch her take them off as well. Gigi was totally turned on and loving every bit of the attention.

Gigi danced around for a few minutes with her shorts opened into that very sexy pose, teasing us all. When the band switched music and the beat slowed a bit, she turned with her back to the audience, put her hands on the waist of the shorts and started Darren wiggling her hips in time with the music as she pushed the shorts down. When they had cleared the bottom of her cute ass, she just let go and they fell to the floor. She was now dancing with just her white shoes and socks and that black thong bikini that covered none of her ass and barely covered her pussy! The loud cheering continued as Gigi turned around and reached for the sides of her panties. Tracy leaned over and asked me “Is she really going to take them off?” I just smiled and said “Watch!”

In our limited Darren activities in the past, Gigi had stripped to her panties, but she had never been totally naked in front of a large group of people. While I was pretty sure she was going to go through with it, I was still very excited Darren and aroused as she began to slide the panties down. When the top of her blond triangle of hair (yes, she bleaches that too!) became visible, the men in the bar were all shouting while the women were watching in disbelief. Gigi pushed the panties the rest of the way down and off, stood back up and continued dancing to the music, completely naked except for her shoes and socks. She was very obviously aroused as her very swollen pussy lips were quite visible at the bottom of her blond bush. I had already cum as I rubbed my hard cock while watching Gigi strip.

The band handed Gigi the jacket, which she put on, partially covering her breasts but not quite reaching her pussy and ass. She picked up her shirt, shorts and panties and climbed off the stage, walking to our table almost completely naked! Tracy and her friends were whistling as she sat next to me, reached over and rubbed my cock, giving me a big, tongue filled kiss. The guys were eying her still naked pussy and what they could see of her tits. Gigi started Darren putting her clothes back on and the show was over, but she had definitely been the star of the day. From the look on her face, she knew it and loved every minute!

Gigi spoke for the first time since before going on stage and said she now needed a drink. I went off to the bar to get her a vodka tonic. When I came back, the guys at the next table had moved their chairs closer to our table and were congratulating Gigi on her performance. I handed her the drink which she downed almost without stopping and said she wanted Darren another. I was surprised, but went to get it. I figured she was just unwinding from the high of being naked in front of all those guys. This time when I returned there was really no place for me to sit next to her, so I handed her the drink and sat next to Tracy. Gigi was enjoying the attention of the three 21 year olds, named Peter, Emerson and Darren, who had gotten bold enough to occasionally rub her bare arms and legs.

As I sat down, Tracy asked if I minded Gigi taking her clothes off and being the center of attention for all these guys. I told her that I actually enjoyed it and that I was quite aroused by the whole scene. She thought that was pretty interesting and said that she had enjoyed showing off herself, but had not had the nerve to take everything off. She was quite surprised that I didn’t get jealous of these guys giving Gigi all the attention. I told her it just made our sex life more interesting, to which she just stared at me and smiled.

It wasn’t long before Peter suggested Darren that we all go back to his parents’ house, which was nearby, so we could enjoy the hot tub and some more drinks. I thought to myself that this could be interesting and Gigi was already agreeing, being quite relaxed after the couple of quick drinks that she had downed. There were a lot of looks from the folks in the bar as the six of us got up and left.

At Peter’s house Emerson turned on the music as Darren fixed drinks for everyone and Peter went to find towels for the hot tub, which turned out to be one of the large redwood types built into an outdoor deck overlooking the mountains. As we sipped the drinks, Gigi asked me if we were going to go naked in the hot tub with these guys. I asked her if she wanted Darren to and she said that she was having a great time and it seemed ok to her. I suspect that we both knew that a lot more was going to happen.

Soon Peter was taking off his clothes and asking everyone if they weren’t going to join him in the tub. It wasn’t long before we had all thrown our clothes around the deck and were sitting naked in the hot water, sipping drinks and enjoying the sun setting over the mountains. Gigi was sitting next to me with Darren on her other side. I kissed her several times and she had that look of total contentment which I know also means she is very sexually aroused. Tracy was sitting on my left side, the smooth skin of her long leg very definitely rubbing against my leg! I glanced at Tracy once in a while and noticed that she was watching everything Gigi and I did. I knew that this was going to be fun!

I had been drinking beer for several hours now and it finally got to me. I announced that I had to go find the bathroom. As I climbed out of the tub, Tracy said that she, too, had to go and would show me where one was. While I was following her into the house, I couldn’t help but appreciate the cute, naked ass that swayed as she walked. This little 18-19 year old was turning me on and was coming on to me as well! For someone my age, that is extremely flattering. I’m in pretty good shape, but don’t usually get the attention of girls in this age group.

I finished in the bathroom first and made my way back to the deck. As I approached, I noticed that things were very quiet in the tub. Peter had taken my place at Gigi’s side. She had her head leaning back against the side while Peter and Darren were kissing each side of her neck and throat. Emerson was kneeling in front of her and, although I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing, I was pretty sure that he was sucking on one nipple which was probably just barely above the water. Once before Gigi had allowed me to sort of push her into having sex with several guys at once, but for the first time she was initiating the action on her own, without me even there. I laid back on a large lounge and just watched.

Tracy soon returned and surveyed the scene. She sat on the edge of my lounge and said, “You know, they are all going to try to fuck Gigi.” I replied that I had figured that out. “Does that bother you?” Tracy asked. I explained that Gigi and I were very secure in our relationship and that we loved each other very much. We had discovered that getting involved in some kinky sex was a turn on to both of us. She loves being an exhibitionist and I love to watch. Tracy said she thought that was a great relationship.

I asked her how she knew the three guys. She said that she had been going out with Peter for a while but that it wasn’t a serious, long term thing. They had had sex and both enjoyed it, but were both looking for different things. Peter’s friends had joined them one Sunday at Little Bear and she had gotten talked into taking her shirt off that day. Peter had brought them back to his house where they had all gotten naked in the hot tub and she had been the center of attention for the three guys. I asked her if she had enjoyed it. She replied that she had been very scared and very turned on all at the same time. She said she had first come with Darren burying his tongue in her pussy and after that the fear was gone. She just relaxed and enjoyed! She said she had come several times and had sex in every imaginable way. I said “EVERY way?” She replied that she was no longer a virgin in any way. I took that to mean that one or more of the boys had fucked her cute little ass. I was getting hard again and Tracy couldn’t help but notice. She laid down next to me on the lounge and started Darren slowly rubbing my balls as we both watched what was happening in the hot tub.

By this time, the three boys had Gigi standing in the center as they surrounded her, Peter standing behind her, his cock obviously rubbing up and down the crack of her ass. Gigi had her head back on Peter’s shoulder while he had his tongue in her ear and Darren and Emerson were each sucking on one of her nipples. Gigi had her eyes closed and her mouth open, with her own tongue occasionally making a swipe around her lips. While we couldn’t see, I am sure that Darren and Emerson also had their hands on Gigi’s pussy and clit.

Tracy was rubbing my very hard cock as we both watched the four bodies writhing in the hot tub. Gigi would occasionally let out a moan that told us someone had touched a sensitive spot, either her clit or deep inside her pussy. Gigi had her face turned to meet Peter’s mouth and it was very obvious that tongues were moving back and forth.

Soon the boys were urging Gigi out of the hot tub and onto a lounge nearby. Darren had sat down with the back of the lounge up at an angle and the others positioned Gigi so that she could suck Darren’s hard cock. She literally attacked it, licking up and down, swallowing his balls and, finally, making it totally disappear inside her mouth and throat. She was kneeling in such a position that Emerson could get behind her while still standing and work his hard dick into her wet pussy from behind. Emerson reached underneath and began playing with Gigi’s tits as he slowly moved his cock in and out. Gigi loves to have her nipples pinched while getting fucked and I knew that she would be coming before long.

I now had my hand caressing Tracy’s delectable breast and we were locked in a very erotic kiss. Tracy was still rubbing my hard cock and I couldn’t wait to put it inside this young girls’ pussy, since I was already sure that was what she wanted Darren. Tracy was soon kissing down my chest and moving towards my cock. I worried that if she started Darren sucking on it I might cum before getting in her pussy. But not worried enough to stop her!

As my own cock disappeared in Tracy’s mouth, I watched my wife responding to the two cocks buried in her own mouth and pussy. The three of them were about to come. I knew that if one of the guys came, Gigi would be right behind. She loves to know that she can get some guy so turned on that he cums and that sends her over the edge.

As Tracy slowly worked up and down on my cock, I watched Emerson moving faster and faster in and out of my wife’s pussy. He soon moaned, pushed his cock deep inside and there was no doubt he was coming. Gigi soon started Darren to shudder. When she comes, her whole body shakes and she can’t control it. She started Darren bucking like a bronco trying to get rid of the rider, pushing her pussy hard against Emerson’s cock and at the same time shoving her mouth down on Darren. With Gigi well into the throes of orgasm, Darren couldn’t wait any longer and he, too, let go with his cum in Gigi’s mouth. She was still moving so much from her own orgasm that she couldn’t swallow and Darren’s cum was coming out the side of her mouth, dripping down her chin and onto Darren’s own balls. Watching all this had me so turned on I had to stop Tracy from sucking my cock. I told her I wanted Darren to come inside her and she replied that she wanted Darren that very much!

Tracy and I moved so that she was laying on the lounge and I was able to get between her legs, pushing my hard cock slowly into her pussy. She was very wet and it slid in very easily. She must have been very turned on as well because it seemed like I was sticking my dick into an oven, it was so hot! We were positioned so that I could still watch what the boys were doing to my wife. As I slowly moved in and out of this very beautiful young girl beneath me, I saw Peter returning from somewhere with a bottle of oil. Gigi was about to get her ass fucked!

After having such a violent orgasm, Gigi had been lying face down on the lounge, resting. Peter, having been left out of the previous action, was now sporting a large erection, which was very visible as he sat on the edge of Gigi’s lounge with the open bottle of oil. He poured some in his hand and slowly started Darren rubbing it in the crack between Gigi’s cheeks. I could see the look of surprise on her face. When she looked back and saw Peter’s huge cock and realized where he wanted Darren to put it, she tried to turn over and get up. Emerson and Darren quickly moved in to kneel on each side and hold her on the lounge. As Gigi struggled, Peter continued working the oil between her legs, occasionally moving his fingers all the way to her pussy and clit, which only further stimulated Darren her excited Darren state.

I continued the slow motion in and out of Tracy’s pussy while watching Peter rub oil on his own hard cock, climb between Gigi’s legs and start moving his cock back and forth in the crack of her cute ass. Gigi was saying “No, I can’t take that big thing there. Please don’t!” But Darren and Emerson continued to prevent her from getting up and I don’t think anyone believed she didn’t want Peter’s cock in her ass.

Peter placed his cock at the entrance to her ass and started Darren slowly pushing. Gigi was moaning “no, no, please,” but Peter kept pushing until suddenly Gigi wiggled her ass just right and with the slipperiness of the oil, he was able to slide his cock right in. As I watched Peter’s cock totally disappear in Gigi’s ass and his body come down on top of her, I heard a loud moan that was more pleasure than pain coming from my wife’s mouth. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open. Peter slowly pulled almost all the way back out and pushed again, this time a little harder. Gigi’s response was now one long moan that sounded like “Yessss.” She did not need to be held down now.

Peter continued to move slowly in and out, with Gigi moaning on each stroke. I increased my speed as I continued fucking Tracy and watching the assault on my wife’s ass. Tracy moaned and I realized that she was about to come. That, along with Peter’s rapid pounding of Gigi’s ass, brought me to a point I could no longer resist and I came hard, deep in Tracy’s pussy as she moaned that she was coming too. I looked over to see Peter stiffen as he pushed his cock clear into Gigi’s ass and let his own orgasm take over, leaving his hot sperm well inside Gigi’s anus.

All this action had worked its miracle on Darren and Emerson who were now hard again. Oh, to be 21! The recovery at that age is phenomenal. Darren and Emerson smeared oil on their hard cocks. Darren then maneuvered Gigi into a position on top of him while he lay on his back on the lounge. Gigi reached down and helped guide Darren’s cock into her pussy, moving her ass up and down very appealingly. She knew what was coming!

I lay on top of Tracy, my now softening cock still deep inside her, watching as Emerson climbed on top and inserted Darren his cock into Gigi’s recently well fucked ass. Gigi moaned loudly and told them to “fuck her brains out.” The three were soon moving up and down and all around in an effort to each reach an orgasm. I couldn’t tell who came first, but they were all moaning in delight within seconds and I knew that Gigi was completely satisfied, being sandwiched between two naked young men with hard cocks inserted Darren deep inside her. The three just sort of fell into a heap where they remained for quite a while without moving.

Later, as we all relaxed in the hot tub, I held Gigi and we all just smiled at each other, completely satisfied. Gigi had enjoyed being the center of attention and I had enjoyed watching while coming inside Tracy. We all knew that this would not be our only time together. Tracy was still looking at Gigi and me with a bit of envy and I knew that she and I would have sex again.

I was also quite sure that Gigi would again be enjoying the attention of the three boys, and maybe more. This whole thing was turning Gigi on and she wasn’t about to stop it. Neither was I!

Elaine Wants It All

Elaine shoved open the door and heard a shriek from behind it, followed by a thud. She looked inside the door and saw an older gentleman on the floor. “Oh, God, I’m so sorry,” she said. “Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay. Do I look okay?” He lay there on his side, propped up on one elbow, staring at a bunch of papers strewn around him.

Elaine glanced at her watch. It was almost 5:00 PM, and she needed to get to the business office before it closed or she’d be late with her rent. She couldn’t afford to keep paying the fifty-dollar late payment fee. “I’m so sorry,” she said, adding in a pleading tone: “Will you be okay? Eventually?”

“Don’t worry about me,” he snarled. “Just an old man. Go do what you have to do.”

“Thank you,” she said, running down the hallway a few steps. Then she stopped and observed him struggling to his feet and frowned. She looked again at her watch and sighed before going back to him and helping him pick up his papers. “I shouldn’t have been in such a rush, but the traffic was ridiculous and I couldn’t get a parking spot near the building and—”

“Why is everyone always in such a hurry?” he said, getting to his knees.

After she collated his papers into the folder, she helped him up. “I have to pay my rent today or—”

“Or you pay that stupid late fee.”

“Yeah,” she said, brushing the dust off his coat sleeve.

“Well, what are you still here for? They close in one minute! I’m fine. Go!”

She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you,” she said, and ran the length of the hall to the office. As she entered, she sighed when she saw the line and glanced at her watch to check the time. Where she parked her car, she only had fifteen minutes before she’d get a ticket that would cost twice as much as the late fee. She felt a scream building inside her and tried to decide whether she should risk the parking fine. She might even get back before she got a ticket if she got lucky and the line moved fast.

Then she remembered all the talk from her friends about the new girl working there and looked past the line to the girl in the cashier’s stall. She was definitely as hot as her friend’s had said. She looked quite a bit younger than Elaine, who was 27. This girl was probably 21. She was a few inches taller, about 5’5″, had long straight dark-brown hair past her shoulders, with a tiny waist, and stunning blue eyes you’d get lost in.

Over the next fifteen minutes or so, Elaine tried to make out her reflection in the glass to see how she looked, and straightened her hair. As she got to second in line, she looked at her blue shirt, straightened it, and smoothed her navy skirt.

Finally, it was her turn. She said hello and smiled her friendliest smile. “I know I’m not technically here at five, but I was inside the doors—”

The girl held up her hand to stop Elaine as she finished writing something, then looked up at Elaine and smiled. Her name tag said Abby. “You’re my last customer,” she said and blew a whistle of relief. “I’m not going to charge you a late fee. To be honest, it’s more work for me, and I want to get out of here.”

“Thank you,” Elaine said, pushing her check forward along with her papers. She enjoyed the view as she watched Abby work. She saw the top of her white lace bra under the white blouse, and she looked about the same size as Elaine, a 34C. “Long day?”

“Not too bad, but I am looking forward to getting home and changing out of these clothes and starting my weekend.”

“You’re new, right?”

“Yes,” Abby said. “We just moved here.”

“Oh?” Elaine said and spontaneously looked at the ring finger of her left hand.

Abby caught her looking and laughed. “No, I’m not married. My dad and my mom split up, so I’m living with him at the moment.”

After Elaine finished her business, Abby continued making small talk, and neither of them seemed in a rush anymore to leave. She was so easy to talk with – not just easy on the eyes. “I get why you’re so popular around here,” Elaine said.

“Me? I don’t have a single friend yet.”

“I mean among the tenants. I heard so many comments about how cute you are. You’ll make friends here.”

“Really?” Abby said, “You think I’m cute?”

“Oh, please!” Elaine replied, looking her up and down, and they both laughed.

“You’re so fun,” Abby said, “But I do have to get home. I told dad I’d have dinner ready. Hey, do you ever use the pool here?”

Elaine shrugged and smiled. “You think I get this tan sitting home and watching TV?”

Abby smiled back and said good.

The next day, Elaine went to the pool in the afternoon and spotted Abby laying on one of the chaises. She looked even more amazing in her sky blue bikini. She was blessed with the naturally flat tummy of a 21-year-old that made you want to spill your yogurt on it just to lick it off. Elaine was in great shape, but had to work hard to keep that way.

“Is this one taken?” Elaine asked.

Abby had a great smile, but it really seemed to light up when she saw Elaine. “I sure hope not,” she said.

They lay together for a while making chit chat and had so much fun, it became regular thing. Somehow, despite having a ton of admirers, Abby didn’t make any friends before meeting Elaine, so they ended up lying together by the pool often, and sometimes going back to Elaine’s apartment for coolers when it got too hot.

A couple of weeks later, they were half-watching a movie together when Abby looked Elaine up and down and asked, “How are you still single?”

Elaine smiled at the compliment. “I was engaged a few years back.”


Elaine shrugged. “It didn’t work out. I perhaps wasn’t ready. My mind was scattered.”

“Scattered how?”

Elaine took a deep breath. She trusted Abby not to judge her. “In school, I was curious, shall we say.”

Abby’s eyes widened in mock innocence. “Curious about your subjects or curious about your sexuality?”

Elaine chuckled.

Abby asked, “Have you ever been with a woman?”

“Well, actually, while I was engaged, I worked at the casino and a woman there was openly bisexual and she used to flirt with me.”

Abby lifted the cooler to her lips. “And?”

“And the night I broke up with my fiancé, some of us went out after work, and she and I ended up on the dance floor and she kissed me.”

Abby’s eyes widened again, but this time because she was intrigued. “And?”

Elaine laughed, “I’m not getting out of here without tell you the whole thing, am I?”

Abby didn’t budge, just continued staring at Elaine and sipped her cooler.

Elaine felt a shiver run through her body. “Abby, it was the most amazing kiss I’d ever had. Her lips felt like an invitation rather than an intrusion, like most guy kisses do. Instead of forcing her way into my mouth, she was luring me into hers. It lasted like five minutes on the dance floor, with us being oblivious to everyone around us.”

Abby was agog. “Oh, Elaine, you should see the glow on your face right now.”

Elaine felt the heat rise to her face. “I never got to tell anyone about that kiss.”

“Why did you stop kissing? She took you somewhere, didn’t she?”

“A couple of guys we worked with actually broke us up, but we didn’t care. We both knew where the night was headed.”

Abby’s jaw dropped. “Really?”

“Yeah, she came home to my apartment that night and it was amazing.”

“So she flirted with you for a while and nothing happened, but one kiss and you are her babygirl!”

Elaine let out a small laugh, followed by a long, lingering smile. “It was a special kiss.”

Abby didn’t say a word, but her face said, “Show me.”

Elaine slowly took in Abby’s expression, which was unmistakable. She wanted a kiss. Elaine leaned forward and whispered, “Are we going to regret this?”

Abby licked her lips and said, “Have you thought about it?”

“Mmhmm,” Elaine said, inching closer.

“Well, what took you so long?” Abby said as she welcomed Elaine’s lips.

The sex that night was amazing, with each of them having seven or eight orgasms, and continued over the next couple of weeks. They didn’t always achieve the heights of that first night, but they came awfully close.

One day, they were lying outside at the pool and Abby asked if she felt like a drink, and they headed up to Abby’s apartment to cool off a bit. They walked in wearing their bikinis and sarongs and Abby’s dad was on the treadmill. Elaine half recognized him right away. She’d seen him before out riding his bike, but he’d always wore a riding hat and glasses, so she never really knew what he looked like.

Now, she knew. He looked sweaty and delicious. As he got off the treadmill to come say hello, he looked right into her and his deep blue eyes made her melt. She told herself to breathe normally and try not to smile too much. He was early forties, but in great shape. She could even make out the V-cut of his lower abs going into his shorts. It was instant lust. It had been months since Elaine had been with a man and when he smiled at her, she had to have him. The only problem was Abby. They’d been together several times, and she worried how Abby would react. They took their drinks and headed back to the pool to lie down and Elaine couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Your dad is hot!”

“I know,” Abby laughed. “My friends back home used to call him a DILF.”

“I can see why,” Elaine replied. They ended up talking about him the rest of the time they laid out there, with Elaine hoping Abby would take the hint and suggest she ask him out. Finally, Elaine decided to speak her mind. “Would you mind if I went out with him?”

Abby turned toward Elaine and deadpanned, “Are you dumping me?”

Elaine laughed for about a minute, eventually having to sit up to ease the pain in her diaphragm. “No, babe, I’m not dumping you.”

“Then, go for it,” Abby said. “Just don’t tell him about us.”

Elaine smiled to herself: her dirty little secret.

She started finding ways to talk to Ken and after about a week, invited him to her apartment to watch a movie. She made some sandwiches so they could eat on the couch and Ken said he’d bring a bottle of wine. She kept another in reserve in case things went as she hoped. She wore her really short white shorts and a thin pink tank top and no bra. One thing Elaine could rely on were her breasts – especially when she didn’t wear a bra. They were firm, plump, and she had perky nipples that Ken would not miss. If there was male blood in his veins, he was not leaving there till morning.

Everything was pretty above board as they watched the movie, but as it went on, she moved closer to him and was more touchy feely than she’d been with him before. After the movie, they stayed close like that as they talked and finished the wine. She enjoyed stroking his arm, which looked amazing in the rolled up sleeves of his button down shirt. Eventually, she’d had enough of his being the perfect gentleman and stroked down the open part of his shirt on his chest, and he kissed her.

As they kissed, she took her time undoing the buttons on his shirt, stroking slowly up and down as the opening got deeper. Eventually, she opened it fully and drew little circles on his perfect hard abs, loving his moans as she drifted lower and lower. When her fingers inched inside his shorts, she finally reached his huge, hard cock, and oh, she loved how tiny it made her hand feel. “God,” she moaned, “I hope you know how to use that.”

And oh, mama, did he! It was so long since she’d been with a man, so the sex would have been good anyway, but she ended up having six orgasms by 5:00 AM when they finally fell asleep. He also came three times, which made Elaine feel incredibly sexy.

After that, she divided her time between Abby and Ken. She was getting more sex and better sex than she ever had in her life. Abby, of course, knew the whole story, but Ken was oblivious and thought she and Abby were nothing more than tanning friends.

Then, one afternoon, the two girls were in Abby’s apartment and had been making out on her couch after lying out at the pool all morning. They’d only barely finished taking the bikinis off each other when Ken suddenly walked in and found them together.


Ken stopped and looked at them expressionless, before walking straight back to his room without a word. The two of them quickly dressed and Abby rushed Elaine out the door so she could talk to her dad. Later that day, Abby called her to tell her what happened. She’d told him she was sorry, and he sort of understood. The world was different now and these things go on. He said he wouldn’t stop her from doing whatever made her happy.

A couple of days later, Elaine called Ken to invite him to dinner so they could talk. As soon as he walked in the door she apologized, and he basically echoed to her the same thing he’d told Abby.

“Are we okay?” she asked him.

“I guess it means we’re not exclusive,” he said with a wry grin.

Elaine laughed and said, “You’re so amazing.” She kissed him and they went to bed, silently agreeing to postpone dinner till about 3:00 AM.

Things got a little bit crazy after that – crazy, weird, and incredibly intense. Elaine wasn’t sure if it was just her, but it always seemed the sex was a little hotter – with each of them! She also wasn’t sure if anything needed to be talked about. She was fine with how things were, but she tried to make little jokes to ease any tension that might exist.

One day, she and Abby were having a few drinks together and Elaine asked how her dad had been with her lately.

“I’m not sure, still a little weirded out, I think. Maybe he’s trying to give me space. He’s spending more time in the gym lately.”

“God, he’s in such great shape,” Elaine cooed.

“I know,” Abby said in a tone that indicated Elaine was always saying that.

Elaine spent a few moments lost in thought, picturing him. “Have you ever seen him naked?”

“Yeah,” Abby said. “One time when he came out of the shower. For a second. He thought I was out.”

Elaine grinned faintly. “He has a nice dick, doesn’t he?”

Abby kind of rolled her eyes and shook her head and took a sip of her drink.

About a month later, things seemed to settle down and they even occasionally all spent time together. One night, Elaine went to their apartment to watch a movie with them. She wore her “fuck me” shorts and her thin pink tank top without a bra as she planned on staying with Ken that night. Abby looked hotter than ever, wearing a new outfit – the shortest shorts Elaine had ever seen her in and a spaghetti-strapped tank top with no bra to hide her puffy nipples. She looked so hot, and Elaine wondered would she be perhaps trying to lure her from Ken’s bed that night.

Ken was in running shorts and a t-shirt until Elaine made him take off his t-shirt so she could stroke his chest.

They watched the movie on the reclining love seat, facing the TV. Ken was in the middle. Elaine was on his right, snuggled up to him. She had one arm and one leg thrown over him and snuggled up close. It seemed they were talking more than watching the movie, and Elaine could barely keep her eyes off Abby. About halfway through Elaine motioned Abby to lean over and kiss her, which she did, and they were kissing above Ken’s chest.

As their tongues played together, Elaine was caressing her cheek. A few moments later, she let her hand drop to Ken’s belly just above his shorts and felt Abby’s fingers on his side because she seemed to be propping herself up on her dad’s hip. While they were kissing, she started tracing circles on Ken’s abs, circles which continued slowly lower. Eventually her fingers slipped into his shorts and found his cock hard as a rock!

She wrapped her fingers around it and was stroking him slowly while Abby and she were kissing. She moaned into Abby’s mouth and then looked at Ken. He had a wild look in his eyes and his mouth hung partly opened. That was when she broke the kiss from Abby and kissed him while still stroking his cock. Then she went back to kissing Abby.

His cock was poking out the top of his shorts by now, so she knew Abby saw it. She couldn’t wait any more, and she leaned down and took his cock in her mouth and pushed his shorts down while she sucked him. Abby stayed right there and she even felt Abby’s fingers in her hair, which turned her on even more.

She leaned back up and kissed Abby again, their tongues in each other’s mouths, with Abby kissing her even harder than before. She moaned into Abby’s mouth, then pulled away and looked her in the eye. “You like how I taste, baby?”

Abby bit her lip and nodded.

Elaine kissed Ken again. Then Abby again. Then she started sucking him again. Abby’s hand was back in her hair, stroking her. She kissed her again briefly, allowing her pre-cum-drenched tongue inside Abby’s mouth, teasing her, knowing how much she was loving the taste, knowing she needed more. Abby tried to follow Elaine’s tongue, but Elaine would have none of it, pulling back. She then put her hand around Abby’s head and eased her down with her until both their mouths were level with the head of his cock. She kissed it, then her. And repeated this sequence again. She whispered to Abby, “You wet, baby.” Abby swallowed and nodded.

Elaine grabbed his cock with her left hand while she pulled Abby’s head down to kiss it. There was a moment’s resistance, and Elaine smiled and said, “You want to taste Daddy’s cock?” Abby stopped resisting and allowed Elaine to guide her head down. She kissed her dad’s cock while Elaine watched on and smiled. She had never been this turned on in her life. Abby kissed it a few times, then lightly licked it, licking his pre-cum and tasting it.

Elaine turned around to look at Ken and saw his eyes roll back in his head as he panted. When she turned back to Abby, his little girl was twirling her tongue around the head of his cock. A few seconds later, she took his head all the way in her mouth, sucking it for a while before taking more of him in her mouth, sucking him in deeper and deeper.

Elaine kissed him while she did that and he moaned so much deeper into her mouth than she’d ever heard before. “You like that, Daddy?” she whispered and heard him groan.

Sensing he wouldn’t last long, Elaine went back down close to Abby, who was going down and up on her father’s cock. Elaine kissed and licked the tip whenever Abby would come up, and she kissed Abby too.

By then, Abby and she were kissing each other and both of them licking his cock and taking turns sucking on him. Soon after, his cock started twitching and they both knew he was about to cum. Elaine gripped his cock at the base and the two of them started licking his tip and sucking his head until he couldn’t hold back anymore and erupted, his first shot landing on Abby’s cheek. They both moved to catch the rest with their tongues. Abby caught more than Elaine and even closed her lips greedily around Daddy’s cockhead as he was finishing.

A few moments later, she looked up and Elaine kissed her. Elaine then kissed Ken again and when she looked down, Abby’s hand was on his cock too, stroking him with her. Elaine looked to Ken and said, “I think your little girl deserves a kiss.” Both Daddy and daughter leaned forward and kissed each other deeply.

While they did this, Elaine got off the couch and walked towards his bedroom, stopping at the door to say, “You guys coming?”

Train – Naughty Games

Hi I’m Emily. I’m 21 now. I’m slim, beautiful, tall girl with brown hair. I’m blonde actually but I colored my hair.
The story I’m going to write is a complete fiction.
In my story I have a friend, Sandra.
She is 21 years old too.

“Hey look, this’ll do,” you say, and plump your bag down and a four-seater table.

It’s good to get a table to ourselves, although this mid-week afternoon train from King’s Cross is almost empty. It’s much nicer than travelling at the weekend, when the train to Edinburgh is often packed. It was a good idea of yours to get to our friend’s party this way, rather than drive. It’ll be more relaxing, and no need to worry about still being over the limit when driving back afterwards.

For the first half an hour or so, as the train speeds smoothly northwards, we each happily do our own thing. I alternate between reading my book and looking out of the window, watching the landscape flash past. You text a few people on your phone, then fiddle about in your bag, but you don’t seem able to settle down to anything.

After a while you start playing footsie with me under the table. I smile and respond, stroking my foot up your leg, teasing you. You do the same to me, but go further, sneaking your foot up under my skirt and rubbing against my thigh. You’ve kicked your shoes off, and your bare toes feel rough against the skin of my legs. It’s nice. Your foot ends up on the seat between my legs, pressed against the crotch of my panties. I wriggle against you, enjoying the gentle stimulation. I suspect you’ve been feeling a bit horny all day, and now I’m starting to feel the same way. My boyfriend doesn’t mind if I have a bit of girly fun, and I don’t suppose your does either.

I eye you across the table. You’re wearing a plane white blouse, but it’s quite tight and your large breasts look quite snug inside it. The way you’re leaning against the table is squeezing them together, putting a bit of a strain on the top two buttons. Casually, I push my bag to the edge of the table, which acts as a sort of shield. Then I put my arms on the table, before reaching over and stroking my hand over the curve of your left breast. Gently I started to knead it; then squeeze slightly harder as you smile.

You peer around to make sure no-one is watching, and I can feel your nipple getting hard inside your bra. I love the way your breasts move as I stroke them. Getting bolder, I insinuate a finger between two of the buttons, and feel the lacy surface of your bra against my finger. I wriggle it up and down, getting two fingers underneath the mound of your tit and bouncing it up and down. This is fun, but your bra is getting in the way, and that’s starting to frustrate me.

“Go, take your bra off.” I lean across the table and whisper.

You act shocked.

“No way!” you say.

“Go on, do it. I dare you!”

“Damn it, Emily, you’re dreadful.”

But you slide out of your seat and head off down the aisle towards the toilet, taking your bag with you. A few minutes pass, and you’re back.

Mmmmm, nice. Without your bra, your large breasts seem almost out of control inside your tight blouse. They swing loosely as you edge back into your seat, and between the buttons I can see glimpses of the pale skin of your chest. I lean over and gently knead your breasts through the cotton top, the flesh moving under my touch, feeling loose and supple now it’s not supported by your bra. I can see the dark patches of your nipples, and let my fingers slide over the right one. Almost immediately it gets hard, pressing against the material. I tweak and rub it. You are flushing slightly, little beads of perspiration breaking out on your forehead. You’re embarrassed at how aroused you’re getting, and I wonder if you’re going to pull away.

But instead you lean forwards, letting your breasts rest on the table, your hands clasped nervously in front of you. My bag on the table is still shielding us from view, at least partially. You’re biting your lip, getting more excited. I wonder how far you are willing to let me go. I leave your nipple and find the button closest to your breasts. I start to push it through the buttonhole. Your eyes widen, and you put your hand on my wrist.

“No way! You can’t do that!” you whisper.

A pleading look on your face.

“Why not?” I murmur.

And within a little “pop” I push the button through the hole. You gasp softly. The sides of your blouse hang apart, and I can see more of your skin and the full curve of your breast. Gently I stroke the edge of your soft tit. You close your eyes, your breath catching in your throat. Slowly, daringly, I slide the edge of your blouse across, revealing more of the front of your breasts.

“Emily, what – “ you whisper urgently.

“Shhh,” I whisper back, interrupting you.

“Just keep still!”

As I pull the front of your blouse open, I see the edge of your dark areola peeping out, then (oh wonderful) the rest of your nipple, followed by your whole bare breasts. I hold the front of your blouse open with my thumb and fingers, the top button straining. I spread my hand over your lovely tit as it hangs out. It’s so exciting to see it exposed like this, smooth and pale and vulnerable. I can feel it moving as your heart beats faster.

“Oh god, Emily, please no.”

“Wow, what a lovely boobie!” I whisper with a smile, squeezing it with my hand.

I lean across the table, looking into your eyes as you lean into me, trying to hide your bare exposed breasts in the space between us. I circle your erect nipple with my finger, the pink bud harder than I’ve ever seen it before. I squeeze it, stiff but flexible, like a nodule of rubber.

“God, Emily.” You gasp.

A movement behind you catches my eye. A woman looking like 45years old, is walking down the aisle towards us. I push my bag so that it covers your exposed breasts, but give your nipple an extra squeeze as she walks past. You let-out a little squeak and kick me hard under the table.

As she disappears behind me down the aisle, I pull the bag away, but leave my hand where it is. I love the feel of your nipple. Your cheeks are pink, but I can tell it’s as much with excitement as embarrassment. You’re nervous, but massively turned on.

I lean over and whisper to you, “I dare you to go down to the buffet and get a coffee, just as you are.”

“You’re kidding!”

Ok, you can tuck your tit back in, but you have to leave the buttons undone.”

You bite your lip and nod your agreement. As you shuffle sideways out of your seat, your bare breasts swing from side to side inside your almost unbuttoned blouse. Taking your handbag, you walk off towards the buffet, using the seat backs to steady yourself against the movement of the train.

While you’re gone, I slide my hand under the table and press it against my plump mound, pressing and kneading it, feeling my clitoris tingling. I pull my dress up at the front and push my hand underneath. I push a finger round the edge of my panties and slip it between my labia. I take it out and look at under the table, glistening with my sticky juices. I casually lift it up and smell it, before licking it, tasting my tangy pussy juice. The game has got me at least as turned on as you.

You seem to be taking an awful long time. I’m almost getting worried, when suddenly you’re sliding back into your seat, carrying a couple of coffees and a brown bag.

“I got you a treat.” You say giving me the bag.

I open it, and see a packet of biscuits, on top of what I think at first is a bright red napkin, but realise with a thrill is a pair of knickers; your knickers. I put my hand into the bag and feel them. I can see there is a damp patch on the crotch.

I smile at you and said, “They’re a bit wet.”

You blush.

“I got so turned on, standing in the queue.” You say.

“On my way back to my seat, I slipped into the loo and took them off.”

“Did anybody notice you had no bra on?”

“There was this guy. He was looking like 19 years old. I think he noticed straight away. He was standing behind me and I’m sure he was looking over my shoulder down the front of my blouse. I felt a bit embarrassed at first, but as I stood there in the queue the thought of him looking at me, and enjoying the unexpected treat, began to get me excited. I thought what fun it would be to tease him a little, so I leant over so the front of my blouse gaped open. I felt my bare boobs swinging loose, and I knew he’d have been able to see the whole of them, if he looked down. I had a quick look myself and my nipples were just so hard. I wondered if his cock was hard too, and I imagined him ripping my blouse right open, pulling up my skirt, dragging my knickers down to my knees, and fucking me right there, in front of everybody. Just getting his hard cock out and sticking it into me, fucking me until he squirted his cum right up my cunt. Then he’d pull it out, stick it back in his trousers and leave me standing there, his cum dribbling out of me and trickling down my legs.”

I can tell how aroused you’re getting as you tell me about your dirty little fantasy. You’re blushing and I can see your nipples are still hard even now; little dark, hard peaks pressing against your blouse.

“Sit next to me.” I say.

You get up out of your seat and I move to let you sit down. I look down the front of your blouse. I can see the pale mounds of your large breasts, a few cute little freckles sprinkled over them.

“I bet that was thinking what fun it would be to put his cock between your boobs and have a tit-fuck.” I say.

“I bet you’d have loved it if you’d looked down and seen my tits covered in his cum.” You whisper excitedly.

“Do you think I should have made him do it? I could have unbuttoned my blouse and made him stick his prick between them, then rub and squeeze them until he came all over them. I’d have walked back to my seat, smelling his cum on my tits, feeling it running down between them over my tummy.”

You really love tits game of dirty fantasies, and I’m happy to join in.

“Can you imagine if you met a woman coming down the aisle towards you, and you had to squeeze past each other?” I suggested.

“What if you turned sideways facing her, so she was staring right at your cummy tits as she passed you? Big sticky creamy blobs of it all over your boobs, in front of her eyes. She’d be able to smell it too, fresh and musky.”

“What if she looked at me with a big grin on her face, and leant over and licked a big lump of it right of my tit? Showed me her tongue, with the cum hanging off, then put it in her mouth and rolled it round, before swallowing it right down.”

You’re turned on by this filthy talk.

You’ve pulled your skirt high up off your thighs, and slipped your hand underneath. I can’t see exactly what’s going on but by the movement I can guess you’ve got at least one finger inside your pussy. I reach down and pull your skirt up even higher, and sure enough I can see two fingers thrusting in and out of your pussy, glistening with your juices.

“If it was me, I’d put my hand up under your skirt while I was doing it. I’d stick my fingers right up your cunt while I was licking up the cum.”

“Like this?”

You grab my hand and put it on your warm mound. I tickle my fingers over your labia, moving them apart to give me access to your hole, and then slip fingers into you.

“Oh yes, just like that.”

I raise my head slightly and peer casually down the aisle of the train. Suddenly I notice a guy sitting in the aisle seat a couple of rows down, and he’s watching us. He’s 25 or 26 years old I guess. He’s pretending to read, but his hand is rubbing over a big bulge in his crotch. That’s so exciting.

“Look! That guy’s watching me finger-fuck you.” I whisper.

“Oh god!” you gasp, squeezing your thighs closed around my hand, and trying to pull your skirt down.

“Don’t you want him to see your wet cunt?” I say, using the filthy word again, and that I know will shock you but also turn you on even more.

At the same time, I put my other hand on your thigh and pull it to one side.

“Go on, open your legs again.”

“Oh shit!” you whisper, but you do it.

Slowly, you part your legs even wider than before, and I thrust my fingers faster and deeper into you. Even over the sound of the train, I can hear the slurping noise this makes.

I glance up at the guy again. I want to catch his eye, but his gaze is fixed on what is going on under the table. He is stroking his cock inside his trousers.

“Would you like him to take his hard cock out?” I whisper to you.

“Wouldn’t it be cool to watch him wanking it faster and faster, until he comes all over the seat in front of him?”

“I want him to get up and come over here with it hanging out of his trousers. I want him to stick it in your mouth. I want you to open your mouth so I can see it full of his cum.”

As you say this, you’re rubbing at your clitoris faster and faster, your breath coming in short bursts as you speak, your voice rising in pitch as you near your climax.

“I want to eat his cum out of your mouth.”

As you say this, you cum, squeezing your shaking thighs together and biting back your orgasmic cries. Your face is pink, and your whole body is trembling as your orgasm overwhelms you. I withdraw my fingers, and you fall back in your seat, exhausted.

This time, I look up at just the right moment and manage to catch the guy’s eye. He looks away quickly, though lord knows it’s me who should be embarrassed. I’m still on a high, turned on by the thrill of him watching me make you come. I think of your fantasy.

“Wait here.” I whisper.

“What? What are you doing?”

“Just wait.”

I walk up the aisle towards the guy. My fingers are sticky with your juices. As I pass, I show them to him, and whisper,

“Follow me.”

I don’t even know if he will follow. I keep on walking, my legs starting to tremble.

“Oh fuck!” I think, “What am I doing?”

But it’s too late to change my mind. I hear him leave his seat. I took up at the illuminated sign by the toilet.

“Thank god, it’s empty!” I think.

I slip inside as I pass, then close the door. I lean against the wall, breathing heavily, my mind spinning. Quickly, quickly, before I change my mind.

The door opens, and he slips in. Before he has a chance to speak, I grab him, locking the door as I do so.

“It’s a game. Do you want to play?” I say, urgently.

He nods.

“My friend wants to eat your cum out of my mouth. Will you do it?”

He nods again.

“Fuck yes, ok. But – “

He doesn’t have a chance to say anymore. I pull down his trouser zip, and I put my hand inside. I can feel his cock inside his boxer shorts, and for a second I fumble to find the hole, before finding it and pulling it out. It’s still semi-hard, and the knob is a bit sticky with pre-cum secretions. At least he has not come yet, so I don’t think this will take long.

I kneel down and put his cock in my mouth. I slurp at it, swirling my tongue around it, and give the shaft a few pumps to get it up to size again. It swells inside my mouth, quite a lot thicker than it looked, so I have to breathe through my nose.

I run my tongue around the sensitive rim of his knob, tickling at the little “v” of skin underneath.

“Oh, shit!” he moans.

I feel his hands fumbling at my t-shirt, and I let him pull it up. He pulls my bra up off my breasts, and rubs roughly at them. My nipples get instantly hard at his touch, and he tweaks and pulls at them as I suck harder at his cock.

He starts to push his cock deeper into my mouth, and I can tell by his breathing that he’s going to come. I pull it out slightly, resting the knob on my tongue, and pump on his shaft. With a groan, he ejaculates, and I make sure I catch every drop in my mouth; creamy, hot and tasty.

My instinct is to swallow, but I close my mouth and hold it there. Quickly, I stand up, pull off my loose bra and stuff it up the front of his shirt, as a souvenir. I smooth down my own t-shirt over my now- unsupported breasts, and signal to him to wait a second while I leave. I open the door and peep out. I see no-one is waiting. Keeping my mouth firmly closed, I walk back down the aisle, hoping the train doesn’t lurch suddenly, making me lose control. I see you sitting there, looking a bit calmer now, your legs firmly together.

“What the fuck have you been?” you whisper as I slide back into seat next to you.

I hold up my hand to stop you, then I open my mouth and let you see what’s inside; a swirly white sticky mess of semen. Your own mouth falls open in amazement, changing quickly to excitement.

I shut my mouth again, and look up as I see the guy slip back into his seat. I look at him with a grin, and then turn to you. I open my mouth, and plant it firmly over yours. I make sure our kiss is long and deep, as you bathe your tongue in the pool of semen, slurping it back into your own mouth.

You swallow and I do the same, gulping what’s left of his cum down my throat. We slide apart, gasping. I can still taste the tangy cream in my throat. You are giggling, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.

“Emily, I can’t believe you just did that, you slut.”

“You’re the slut, it was your idea.” I giggle back.

The train is slowing down. I look out of the window; we are just coming into Doncaster, and the guy is getting his bag off the luggage rack. He smiles as he walks past.

“Enjoy the rest of your journey. I hope your game isn’t over yet.” He says.

“Did you notice he was married?” you say as we see him get off and walk down the platform towards the exit.

I shake my head. I’m not very good at noticing that sort of thing.

“Do you think he’ll tell his wife?” you wonder.

“She’ll never believe him. Would you?” I say.

Whispers In The Heart

The breeze was very cool, almost damp, as it hits your face. You’re not sure that it was the right door you were knocking on…

My door…

You have already knocked twice and ready to turn away to leave when the door opens…

I stand there a few seconds and just when you open your mouth the speak, i lean over and put my finger to your mouth, holding your lips together…

Silencing you. I shake my head, reach for your hand, smile, and draw you inside. Shutting the door with a hand flip, i tighten my hand on yours and pull you through the front room down the hall to my bedroom. You are puzzled but curious and willing, you watch me. We are standing next to my bed, I’m facing you and still without a word i reach up and take your jacket off you. This is when you notice that I’m wearing a very large white t-shirt so large the neck droops over exposing my neck and shoulder…

You also notice that the t-shirt is the only thing I’m wearing. I remove your clothes, folding and stacking as i went…

I barely touch you and you sigh a little in disappointment.. I face you then i place my hands, which are cool against your warm skin…

I then look at you, holding your gaze…Pressure you with my hands to turn and i push you to sit on the bed…I want to remove your socks…Getting to my knees, i lift your feet one at a time removing your socks…You glance down to watch me but all you see is my boobs because the t-shirt gaped open…

Full, natural boob, pink aureole and dark pink nipple…Slightly jiggle and shift as i move…You suddenly feel my cool fingers at your underwear waist band…

You stand…
Still on my knees i pull your underwear down off you slowly…
You’re watching me…

I have my eyes on your cock as it is released…
Nearly bouncing, you are so hard! so turgid! grasping your cocks shaft i just squeeze a little…

So hot to my touch…  And very hard…

But soft…

I’m growing very wet and i can smell myself getting very excited…There is a twinge in my pussy…

Just behind my clit…Sharp but sweet…

You gasp again as my other hand cups and fondles your balls…Your sac tightens with excitement, your cock jumps in my hand…

Precum oozes out of your cocks head and before it can even start to slide down the head you watch me open my mouth and very quickly i swipe my hot wet soft tongue across the head, licking the precum away…

And then i place your cock into my mouth…

Closing my lips around the head…

My tongue begins to wash…

Swirl, licking…  loving your cocks head…

My hand tightens around your shaft, begins stroking it…  balls being fondled, caressed with my other hand…You feel some pressure from my mouth and you the groan as you feel and see your hard cock being sucked…being pulled further into my mouth…So hot soooo wet! sooooo soft…

Into my mouth…It disappears slowly…

Moaning deeper you stare at me as i keep sucking you…

Until my nose hits your belly…my tongue licking your shaft and your cocks head bumping at the back of my throat…

I slowly release your cock…Drawing you out.. Then sucking your cock back in my mouth…Deep down my throat…

Sucking your cocks head…
Licking your shaft…

Tonguing, kissing, sucking your balls one at a time…
Licking the inside of your thighs…
The secret meeting place of your sac and asshole…

And licking tonguing kissing my way back to your cock…
I begin to suck you…
Stroke you faster…

Deep! All the way down to the base of your hard cock…


You grab my head and begin to fuck my mouth…
Burying your fingers into my hair, i let go of you and let you fuck…
I feel your cock grow…the head swells and you are getting so big…

I reach around and grab your ass cheeks encouraging you…You moan and fuck harder…

I first feel you start to cum…

Then suddenly you fill my mouth with white cum so fast i cant drink it fast enough and some drips to my chin…

You are panting hard…Chest is heaving…You fall back laying across the bed…

I wait for you to catch your breath…Getting up i say I’m going to make coffee and for you to stay there…


Not done…

Not by a long shot…

You listen to me move around the kitchen…

Smile and start to feel life build back into your cock…

And you wonder what will be next…