Golden Showers

Abigail and Mary giggled as they entered the locker room. They were the last girls to leave the pool, Abigail giving Mary a little lesson that would help her make her turns a bit tighter and faster. All the things Abigail had been teaching Mary over the years had paid dividends. Mary was in particularly high spirits. It wasn’t everyday that a freshman made the varsity swim team and her exuberance was contagious to her cousin Abigail and they both were getting very silly.

Mary had admired Abigail for years and they had for years been more like sisters than cousins. Especially since that sad time six years ago which brought Mary to live with Abigail and her aunt for good.

Most of the other girls on the team had already showered and left. Lisa and Mary were in the physical therapy room. Lisa was stretched out naked on the table while Mary massaged Lisa’s shoulder. Lisa had pulled a little muscle during workout and Mary had ‘generously’ offered to massage the pain away. The pain must have migrated some though as Mary’s probing fingers were spending as much time on Lisa’s soft, rounded butt as on her shoulder!

“Hey guys! Better finish that up elsewhere. You better not fall asleep and let Mr. Pilkington find you again!”

Lisa and Mary both smiled at Abigail’s comment. They remembered well the time not long before when they had drifted off on that same table only to be discovered in each other’s arms by Mr. Pilkington, the school janitor! There were rumors circulating around the school about Mr. Pilkington and how he had a thing for the girls! There were even rumors that he had been with some of the kids and that he wasn’t a bad lover! And the sizeable bulge he displayed in his pants when he had been looking at them showed he wouldn’t have minded getting it on with them! Not that either Lisa or Mary would have really minded a little three-way playtime! Both girls were bi-sexual and horny little things to boot! But they had both freaked so when they had seen him, and had run out of the therapy room in such a state that he did not try anything with them. Being suddenly awakened by a strange man in a strange environment with your fingers nestled within your girlfriend’s pussy was not necessarily conducive to positive sexual response!

But for now Lisa settled back down, losing herself to the wonderful sensations of Mary’s knowledgeable fingers, her large breasts flattened against the table. Her breasts were large by any standards and especially so on a female swimmer. Her upper body strength was proportionately well developed to overcome the drag produced by her generous mammaries. Despite extra tight swimsuits and other attempts to minimize their deleterious impact, her breasts remained obstacles to be overcome. But only in the pool while swimming! On dates Lisa’s breasts were NEVER an obstacle and ALWAYS led to faster action!

Abigail and Mary quickly skinned out of their wet suits and, grabbing their towels, headed towards the showers. The girls of the school generally did not use the showers after their physical education classes for two reasons. One was for lack of time. Teachers in post-gym periods never understood that if you showered after gym there was absolutely no way to be on time for next period. Better to stink than to serve detention! The other was because this locker room used to be the boys’ locker room. After the new gym and pool had been constructed, the old locker rooms were going to be demolished. But just after the old girls’ locker room had been torn down, and just before work had commenced on the boys’ facility, there had been an explosion and fire in the chemistry lab. The lab had been located above the new girls’ locker room and the fire had resulted in the complete destruction of that new facility only weeks after its opening. So the girls had inherited the old boys’ locker room. Only temporarily! Two years ago! And this old locker room had gang showers!

Some of the female bodies of the student body resented being ‘put on display’ as it were in these showers. To the girls of the swim team it was not a problem though. They had seen each other in various stages of dress and undress so often that casual nudity in each other’s presence was second nature. In their acceptance of the openness of the showers there was also an additional element at work!

A portion of the girls of the swim team had for some years now represented a particularly close group around school. They studied together, ate lunch together, and hung out together, as well as swam together. Not all the girls of course, but most of the team. This select core of girls also loved together!

It had started several years ago when two young lesbian members of the team were interrupted in mid-embrace in the showers by one of their teammates. Instead of shock, the intruder had responded with curiosity and passion and the duo became a threesome! Later the trio was expanded to a quartet and a legacy had begun. Some of the girls were gay, some were bi-sexual, but all grew to love the special friendship that was the basis of their ‘clique.’ Now, when new girls made the team they were carefully checked out as to their orientations and attitudes. If the signs appeared favorable, a member of the ‘select committee’ of the team approached the new member. If first contact was successful, the new inductee was then introduced to the rest of the inner circle.

Mary did not know it yet, but she had been the subject of much discussion by that inner circle even before she had first tried out for the team. And even before her name had been posted as having made the team it had been decided that Abigail would be the one to make the first overtures. Some of the girls had first thought the incestuous nature of a Abigail-Mary liaison ‘weird’, but they were made to realize that if Mary WERE to be accepted into the inner circle she would have to be able to relate to ALL the other girls. That her cousin was one of them did not make a difference!

Though Abigail had shared a room with Mary since Mary had come to live with her, and had as a child bathed with her, there had been no prior direct physical intimacy between them. Though their mutual bathing had been stopped by Abigail’s Mom years before, they were quite comfortable with each other and had seen each other nude more times than either could count. And since it had been decided that it would be Abigail who would ‘check out’ Mary if she made the team, Abigail had been trying to introduce sexual overtones to most of their conversations trying to figure out what Mary’s initial response to her might be.

So far Abigail had concluded that Mary was a much hotter little number than she had ever given her younger cousin credit for being. Though a virgin, Mary was aching to be loved, both emotionally and physically! Her teenage hormones had her in such a state that Mary had even admitted that she wouldn’t mind playing around with another girl if she couldn’t get a nice guy to love her. And soon! Several times at night Abigail had heard the noises of Mary’s mattress moving and Mary’s muted moans as Mary let her fingers explore her sensitive little spots. And she knew Mary had on occasion heard her doing the same thing to herself! Playing with one’s own pussy wasn’t as nice as having someone else do it for you, but it sure beat not getting it played with at all!

And so, towels in hand, Abigail and Mary raced each other to the showers. Only Fiona was still there, and Abigail noticed Mary’s mouth drop a bit and her eyes fixate on Fiona’s body as Fiona stretched her limber body and washed away the last of the soapsuds. Fiona was VERY serious about her swimming and did all she could to wring every bit of speed out of her passage through the water. Her hair was exceptionally short. But what caught Mary’s eye was the fact that Fiona shaved. EVERYTHING!

Mary had heard about women shaving their pussies, but she had never seen the smooth depilated snatch of a grown woman before! So much smooth flesh down there was certainly different from the smooth flesh sported by the baby girls she had babysat and diapered. She felt her insides tighten a bit as she stared as the gleaming wet slit of Fiona’s furrow. Abigail noticed the object of Mary gaze and smiled. This was going to work out great!

Fiona smiled at the newcomers as they began to lather up, and congratulated Mary on having made the team. Fiona felt her own insides tighten as she gazed on Abigail’s familiar figure and on the softly rounded curves of the team’s newest member. Though through with her shower, she lingered under the water a bit enjoying its warmth and the sight of her teammates’ bodies. The team was well aware of Fiona’s total lack of interest in males.

“Hope to see you tonight,” Fiona said to Mary as she turned off her shower and began to leave.

If Fiona’s comment was a bit puzzling to Mary, her next act was positively amazing. As Fiona passed Abigail, her hand slid over Abigail’s tight breast and pinched lightly at the prominent nipple.

Fiona gave a bit of a moan that soon turned to a yelp as Abigail’s hand gave Fiona a swift swat on the butt!

“Save that for later!”

Fiona gave a little pout and then a smile as Abigail smiled at her. She left the showers, her small tight butt twitching and one check showing the pink mark of Abigail’s hand. Poor Mary still looked a bit shocked after Fiona had left and Abigail took note.

“What’s the matter, hun?”

“What she did to you! The way she touched you!”

“Oh that!” Abigail smiled at her cousin as she reflected on Fiona’s touch and how nice it had actually felt. “Fiona is a sweetie, but she is also the horniest thing! She gets the hots for other girls and isn’t at all afraid to show it.”

Abigail moved from her shower over next to her cousin and stood just inches from her. The two girls were just two inches apart in height so Abigail was able to look deeply into Mary’s eyes as she spoke.

“It really felt rather good you know. And it isn’t like Fiona hasn’t touched me before!”

Abigail watched Mary’s eyes widen as the full impact of her words registered.

“You mean you and she.. .”

Mary’s voice trailed off to nothing. She could not put words to what her mind was thinking. That her cousin and that girl had BEEN together was such an incredible thought! That they had been naked together and had DONE IT with each other!

“You know Mary, you’ve said yourself that you wouldn’t mind someone loving you, even if it were another girl! Well, lots of girls on the team feel the same way! It’s not like we’re all gay like Fiona or anything. Lots of us still like guys too. We just don’t mind playing around together. It’s fun! And you sure can’t get pregnant from another girl!”

Mary did not recoil from her cousin, but her mind worked feverishly trying to comprehend everything that Abigail was saying. Though she admittedly had once said to Abigail that she wouldn’t mind a little action, regardless of the other person’s gender, she had never really translated those words into specific thoughts. But now all she could think of was her sexy cousin cuddling naked with that sleek young swimmer. It was kind of turning her on. And she thought of the special thrill she had gotten down in her own secret place when she had looked at Fiona’s denuded girl slit!

Mary looked back into her cousin’s eyes as Abigail continued.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. All you have to do is say no and I will stop and that will be the end of it. You will still be on the team and everything. You just won’t be a part of the best part of being on the team.”

Abigail reached up and rested the tips of her fingers on her younger cousin’s shoulder. Mary trembled slightly at the contact, but did not move away. As Abigail’s fingers began to slide down Mary’s arm Mary just closed her eyes, let her head fall back, and moaned.

“But Abigail! We’re cousins. We shouldn’t”

“It’s OK Mary. Haven’t you ever heard of ‘kissing cousins’?”

Mary opened her eyes and just looked into Abigail’s. Both knew a threshold had been crossed as they closed their eyes and their lips met softly.

Unknown to Abigail and Mary, their situation was not as private as they assumed! The sight of the two young girls kissing in the shower was almost enough to make Cindy collapse right there! She had been watching that sexy little Fiona soap and caress her sleek little body and had been thrilled when Abigail and Mary had joined her in the shower. And now this! This was just TOO great!

Cindy Adams worked the middle finger of her right hand deeper into her very juicy girl hole and her left hand frantically squeezed her breasts still confined in her sports bra. The lights in her office were out and the blinds parted just enough so that she had a wonderful view of the showers but the girls had no idea she was there.

Cindy Adams had been the girls’ physical education teacher and swimming coach here at Jefferson High since she had graduated from Teacher College 6 years before. The most wonderful day of her career had been when the new locker room had been destroyed and the girls had been assigned the boys’ old facility. The first time she had seen the gang showers with her office just feet away and with a magnificent view of the comings and goings at the shower her cunt had absolutely ached.

For the only thing Cindy Adams enjoyed more than making love, whether to herself or another woman, was watching the soft bodies of other women as they made love. Even if they were not making love, just watching other women turned her on! It had not always been easy, but she had done everything in her power to delay and subvert the reconstruction of the girls’ locker room. Always discretely of course! But this present arrangement was for her a dream come true!

Cindy Adams had never had much use for males. In high school they were always trying to grab at her lush body. When they failed in this, they used to say hateful, hurtful things about her. It was not until college that she fully realized that her attraction was to other women, not to men. A lesbian professor taught Cindy much more than philosophy during her matriculation. She taught Cindy the joys of female love. She also ingrained in Cindy the strength of character Cindy needed to accept and embrace her homosexuality.

During her later years of college, Cindy expanded her social and sexual horizons to include other women. Sometimes alone, occasionally with her lesbian mentor, Cindy slowly but steadily pushed back the limits of her sheltered adolescence.

Since coming to Jefferson, Cindy had enjoyed several relationships. Most had been with women uninvolved in education, but recently she had embarked on a new affair with a beautiful young girl fresh from college and recently hired to teach science. Together they had discovered quite a bit about their mutual interests in biology and chemistry! Once she had even brought her lover down to the pool late at night and the two had gone skinny-dipping before they made love next to the pool! And while she frequently enjoyed viewing the lush young bodies of her students, she was not about to jeopardize her welfare and future for the sake of a passing attraction to a student.

Her relationships had never altered the pleasure she received from gazing on other women’s bodies and right now that pleasure was mounting steadily. Pausing in the frantic frigging of her cunt, Cindy stripped out of her sports bra and sweat pants and panties. Being nude felt ever so much sexier and better and she resumed her self- pleasuring as she watched the two teenage girls. She had already ensured that her office door was securely locked lest her peeping and pleasure be interrupted. Over her heated flesh her hands roamed but always returning to the soft swells of her breasts with their exquisitely sensitive long, dark nipples, and to the wet, wonderful slit of flesh between her legs and the tight, receptive cunt nestled therein.

While Abigail and Mary kissed and caressed in blissful ignorance of Coach Adams’ watching, none of the three were aware that another set of eyes was watching each of them! Mr. Pilkington, the school’s janitor, was currently seated before a bank of television monitors. His clothes lay in a pile next to the chair and his cock was huge and erect as he stroked himself and alternated between views of the two young girls on one screen and Coach Adams’ masturbation on another!

Jim Pilkington had been the school’s custodian since he had been RIF-ed from the SEALS several years before. Jim had loved the Navy and would never forgive Clinton and his bitch wife for their anti-military attitude that had resulted in his being parted from a job he had truly loved. Initially forced to take the custodian job to pay the bills, Jim soon turned his misfortune to advantage.

After several break-ins, the school had been installing a closed circuit security system to record activity around the school after hours. This installation just happened to coincide with his arrival at Jefferson. With his electronics training, Jim easily completed the installation of the system himself, earning the gratitude of the principal and the administration for all the money he had saved them. What they did not know was that Jim, while working on the security system and supposedly on the building’s plumbing and wiring, had vastly expanded the scope of the system beyond what had originally been envisioned!

The only thing Jim had ever loved as much as the Navy was women! And while he and Cindy Adams would NEVER have agreed on much of anything, had each known of the voyeuristic peculiarities of the other they would have been forced to agree on the statement that there was nothing more wonderful to watch than women!

Jim expanded the security system to monitor public areas such as the gym, the pool, and classrooms and offices. He also expanded the systems monitoring to include locker rooms, showers, and offices, including Coach Adams’ office. Many of the monitors did not record directly to the ‘approved’ recorders that were kept in a small office off his custodian’s closet, but were tied to a relay that transmitted images to monitors Jim kept at his own home. Of course in theory he could be in big trouble if his surveillance activities became know, but over the years Jim had compiled a nice library of ‘insurance’ tapes.

Included in his inventory were the principal mounting his secretary atop his desk and elsewhere; a history teacher getting a blow job from a young student eager for ‘extra credit’ to bring up her grade; the football coach buggering his star quarterback; the girls’ swimming coach skinny-dipping and lady licking with the new science teacher; and ultimately, the superintendent himself getting his hands on a cheerleaders ‘pom poms’ and teaching her a few cheers she hadn’t known before! This did not include a number of tapes of students, both male and female, getting it on! The straight shower activity tapes though were strictly with a female cast and were purely voyeuristic stroke material.

Both voyeurs, Jim and Cindy, became totally engrossed in the action in the girls’ shower which was definitely far steamier than the water! The gentle kissing that had begun Abigail and Mary’s activity and intensified to include lusty embraces and ever intensifying passion. The girls’ hands slipped over the slick wet back and flanks of each other. Abigail’s crept inward to cup and caress Mary’s sweetly mounded puss. Mary buried her face in Abigail’s shoulder as the wonderful sensations of this new and intimate caress swept through her. Abigail eventually broke their embrace and her gentle caressing of Mary’s soft feminine folds to kneel in front of her cousin and gently lower her face to Mary sweet little slit.

Though neither girl could hear it, Mary’s moans were precisely mirrored by moans from Cindy Adams as she sank another finger into her cunt, and from Jim Pilkington as his hand flew up and down the length of his very long, very hard cock! And just as Cindy rubbed and squeezed her breasts, Jim pinched and pulled on his nipples! Both voyeurs felt that this ‘show’ was one of the best in a long time.

Abigail could feel Mary’s legs becoming weak so she helped lower her cousin to the shower room floor. There, with the warm water cascading onto them, Abigail buried her face deeply into her cousin’s cuntal opening. Her tongue snaked out lashing against Mary’s throbbing clitoral bud, and then downward probing deeply into her still unfucked, and previously untasted cunt! Mary squeezed her breasts and rocked her head from side to side overwhelmed by the exquisite sensations Abigail was generating inside her. She had never felt as good or as sexually alive as she did at that moment.

Though lost in the wonderful feelings Abigail was generating in her cunt, Mary was aware that the pace and angle of Abigail’s licking changed. She opened her eyes and realized that Abigail had pivoted her body such that Abigail’s sweet, hair fringed opening was now positioned directly over her own face! She raised her head and for the first time brought her lips into contact with another girl’s sex! Soon her tongue flicked out and slipped between Abigail’s aroused and open cunt lips. From Abigail’s trembling Mary knew that she was succeeding in giving Abigail the same sort of pleasure that Abigail was giving to her!

At some point the girls rolled slightly so that each girl was now on her side with her head resting on her cousin’s thigh and her face buried in her cousin’s snatch. Lick and suck, touch and probe, the two girls brought each other closer and closer to release! Finally Mary’s body stiffened and shuddered as she climaxed, followed moments later by Abigail’s climactic twitching.

The two girls relaxed and the wonderful waves of orgasm subsided. Cindy Adams staggered over to the cot in her office and frantically bucking her hips forced her cunt harder against her impaling fingers. Circular rubbing of her clit with her fingertips was interspersed with deep and forceful impalement of her hot woman hole by her stiff fingers. Harder and harder, faster and faster she soon stiffened and whimpered as her climax arrived.

Cindy’s climax was the final straw for Jim Pilkington as he closed his eyes and pumped his cock. Soon he too was lost in orgasm, his thick white sauce jetting out of his penis and arcing onto his chest in jet after jet until the final dribbles just sort of oozed from the tip of his now softening phallus and dribbled down its length. Though all were for the moment very satiated, soon four very satisfied persons felt ‘normalcy’ returning to their very satisfied bodies and minds.

Abigail and Mary roused themselves from the shower room floor and returned to the locker room where they began to dress. Both were very quiet at first, but speech slowly returned.

“Hope you enjoyed that Mary”

“Oh Abigail! You KNOW I did!

“I’m glad hun! Lisa is having a special party at her house tonight. After what just happened, it is also going to be sort of a ‘Welcome to the team’ party for you. Fiona and the other girls are going to be there. And remember what I said earlier about what some of the other girls like? Well hun, this is the kind of party you DON’T have to dress for!”

Abigail was pleased with the look of delighted excitement that lit up Mary’s face!

Bondi Beach Lesbians

When I was 17 my parents and I were traveling around Australia towing a caravan (mobile home). We had stopped for a few days in Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is thousands of miles from home and is New South Wale’s more well-known cities, but it only then had no more than 13,000 people. I was bored and asked my folks if I could go into town to see a movie. They said, “Yes.” So I went off into town saw a movie then decided to go to a night club I had seen would be open on my way back.

I was wearing a sleeveless poly-cotton white blouse, lacy but simple bra, a flowered yellow, ming blue and brown full skirt buttoning up the front, tan belt and plain white panties, no stockings but with plain tan court shoes. My hair is brown with a red tinge, hazel eyes, 36D 25 35 figure and I stand 5’7 1/2″ tall. I wore a little lips sick and a touch of brown eye shadow and pencil that I carry in my tan shoulder bag. And I’m told I’m a “hot babe.” I’ll believe that (hehehe).

It was relatively quiet at the club: about six or seven couples and several ‘loose’ guys and girls sitting around. I saw a gorgeous woman who was older than I. I guessed she was about 23 to 24 years of age. She was chatting and laughing with a bunch of people at the end of the bar. I saw her look at me just after I ordered my drink.

I was making up my mind whether I should sit at the bar or at a table when she got up and came up to me saying, “Hi, I haven’t seen you before.”

“No, well I guess that’s because I’m a tourist just passing through but it’s really nice of you to take an interest, thanks.” “Pleasure, welcome to sleepy Bondi where nothing much happens.”

“Oh, boy, nothing?” I exclaimed, “I’ve just come from Sydney. Now there is a city I’ll go back to. But not with my parents slowing me down.” I chuckled. “By the way I’m Elia from Perth.”

“Oh, sorry, I’m Sophia and I’m going to Sydney as soon as I can. It’ll be right for me!” said she thoughtfully.

“Uh, why is that,” I said studying her face.

“Nothing really, I just find it hard here.”

“Hard to what?” I inquired.

“Well, it’s personal really.” Sophia said flatly.

I knew not to push it further.

Her body language, her glances at me, the way she looked at my breasts and legs told me she was interested in me. I had also been checking out her gorgeous face, skin, breasts, body and legs. As we brushed legs sitting at the bar my body felt an ‘electric charge’ bolt through me. I was so aroused by this beautiful woman just being near her. Everything perfection in my ‘ideal’. Then I ‘caught’ her looking down my cleavage; we looked at each other, I grinned, she grinned back a little sheepishly.

Just then the band started playing a C & W song that didn’t do much for me but we talked about my trip for a few minutes. By then I was really warmed by Sophia she was not only radiantly beautiful but a really nice girl and I was flattered by her singling me out.

She knew how to turn me on to her. But I was starting to mentally undress her and I could feel “things” being switched on inside me. Sophia asked me to dance and without answering I got up heading for the dance floor a few feet away. She quickly followed just as we got there the band finished the C & W song and Sophia took my hand squeezing it slightly.

“Mmmm… nice,” I thought. The band started playing a ballad so I turned to walk back to our stools only to have Sophia take me in her arms for the slow dreamy tune. I melted into her; I couldn’t help it, couldn’t say no, I think I fell in lust right there. She felt fabulous as our cheeks touched then our breasts. I buried my head in her perfumed hair shutting my eyes and just let myself enjoy her body on mine.

The ballad finished. That meant we had to break. God, I didn’t want her hands to let go of holding my butt cheeks pulling us together our mounds meeting. I could feel her nipples on my breasts and the warmth of her skin through her dress on me. The skin on her neck perfumed and soft under her shoulder length strawberry blonde colored hair done in a pageboy style. It suited her oval face and dimpled chin.

She was a really good-looking woman: I mean drop dead bloody gorgeous. A full figure you know; about 36C 24 36, 5′ 9″ legs up to her armpits. I was really turned on by her.

My face had flushed, my breasts swollen with my nipples proudly poking out in my bra, hard and throbbing noticeably in my thin summer blouse just from being near her. Even my labia lips were sensitized and my clit’ was swollen and nearly at its full Lima-bean size. I was a bit worried about having to stand in case I had a wet spot in my skirt.

We chatted about her, Bondi Beach over a few drinks getting really friendly. After a few drinks and at about twelve thirty she invited me to her place for “coffee” before I went “home.” I readily accepted her invitation. As we let I was aware of the eyes in the club following us but I didn’t care. I thrust my body up straight throwing out my chest.

I knew my nipples were poking holes in my blouse but I didn’t live there Sophia did but I guessed by then that everybody knew her. I heard some giggling but didn’t look I was feeling the few drinks and Sophia was gorgeous – I was proud of myself and feeling sexy and hot. I saw then what she meant by “being hard for her here.”

It was a still starry night like you only get away from the “big city” pollution. We walked hand in hand to her small apartment feeling so romantic in the warm night air, her perfume driving me crazy. Our arms were both bare and she felt great when we touched.

We marveled at the beauty of the moon hanging overhead. We stopped once looking up at that nearly full moon. Sophia took my chin and lightly kissed my cheek. My, she knew how to seduce me as my heart skipped a beat and my groin dampened. When we got to her apartment she sat me on her couch, lit several candles then went off and made coffee. The aroma of it brewing was really giving her place a delicious ambience.

But while making our drinks as it was a very warm summers night Sophia had changed all her clothing but she now wore a man’s business shirt, done up but for the top three buttons. Sophia looked fabulous in it, her bare legs and feet, creamy slim and perfect. For me the sight of her proud nipples showing themselves off had me going hard again or more likely just harder.

She put the coffee on the table in front of me. I could see down her front. She had nothing on but the shirt. The sight of her creamy breasts, her soft but muscular tummy, her strip of strawberry pubic fuzz and her legs made my back tingle in excitement; my now highly erotic thoughts turned on and tuned in.

My eyes were transfixed on this magnificent sight. I looked into her eyes – at 17 I wasn’t very bold – but I was trying to indicate that I loved what I had seen but she had seen my facial expression change. She walked behind me running her fingers along my shoulders.

I said rather pathetically, “Gee, that’s lovely.” The next thing she’s leaning over with her soft perfumed cheek on mine – I turned towards her and she brushed lips with mine; the hair on my neck stood up on end goose bumps raced over me. Our mouths met and we kissed softly.

Sophia with the tip of her tongue ran it around my lips, I shuddered, I opened my mouth. Our tongues met, we tasted each other, she sucked my tongue rolling her tongue around mine so sensually and gently bit my lips then moved to the nape of my neck sucking but not marking me.

I had responded as, I guess, she expected, with unbridled passion; lustfully I pulled her and she slid gracefully over the back of he couch to lay face up next to me. Her legs hanging over the back.

Before I really thought about anything but her mouth and what she was doing to me with it I found she had undone her shirt exposing her wonderful body. While I was not very experienced I am not stupid and I cupped her silky smooth breasts in my hands. Firm and fully developed with her nipples hard. They were not huge but about a “C” cup, but had pink aureola and slightly darker nipples but what really struck me were two fantastically long upwardly pointing proud nipples. They felt wonderful as I ran my fingers around them, watching her breasts rising and falling as her breathing quickened. Sophia had me in the palm of her hand but she was being pleasured not that I cared. I would have done anything for her by then.

My mouth was drawn to one of those long nipples that I kissed then sucked hard into my mouth until no more would fit. I swallowed on it – she gasped I new she loved it so I did it again and again. Each time she gasped in lungs full of air getting heavier and heavier with her breathing. Though I doubted that they could her nipples got harder and even longer.

While I passionately enjoyed her breasts and nipples, she undid my blouse and bra and I became acutely aware of her hands running all over my breasts. She did things to them that I had not imagined possible. Squeezing them so hard it hurt but it felt great, pulled on my nipples until they hurt but that was fabulous too. Suckling me then nibbling on my ever so sensitive breasts. I was ecstatic and my moans of sheer delight mixed with hers.

Then from a bowl I hadn’t noticed before Sophia got a couple of ice cubes and started rubbing them over my breasts especially my nipples. I was shocked by the sudden chill but the turn on totally unbelievable. My breasts went goosey, my aureola shriveled and my pink nipples so went damn gorgeously hard, throbbing fit to burst. My breasts went pink with the chill but it made me so hot I started loosing any inhibitions, indeed, any self control at all.

She lowered me to the floor and kissed me again before sucking my aureola and nipples as they had never been before. Her tongue was so wonderfully used by her to give me unforgettable pleasure curling around and around and tugging on me, flicking back and forth over and around my nipples. When suckling one breast she cupped and massaged the other working on my nipples also. My now reddish pink breasts and my nipples were full of blood throbbing unmercifully. So hard were they but it was outrageously wonderful. My panties were drenched with my sticky, slimy juices running out. I could smell me and I could smell her gooey aromatic juices too.

I wanted her to suck me dry; to be kissed and tongued screwed so badly. She started unbuttoning my skirt I encouraged her lift my butt off the floor to let her pull it under me. When she had it off I quickly pulled my panties off. Sophia grabbed them and smelt them: I was flabbergasted but since have done it myself and have found it exhilarating.

But as I was about to beg her she ran her tongue down my body and through my then little bush around my labia lips. Involuntarily my back arched and I thrust at her mouth but she was now running her tongue around my tight asshole as my arched back allowed. God, that really drove me crazy with desire. She returned to sink her tongue deeply in me. I just know I yelped with joy.

I stretched my knees wide apart for her holding my pussy open. She obliged kissing me softly, teasing me then licking slowly in further and further to then around my vulva. I ran my fingers through her hair and waited with baited breath for her. Sophia ever so gently sucked on me her tongue sneaking through my outer then inner labia.

I was screaming inside for her but she teasingly continued to control me in her slow advances on my most delightfully sensitive spot. Her hands once gently holding my butt cheeks were tightening as she pushed her tongue and face right into me.

I must have been groaning more loudly but my sense was concentrated on my pussy and her. Now deeply running that silky tongue over my clitoris taking it between her lips then teeth squishing it so delightfully. A finger went in my ass so slowly I nearly screamed in ecstasy as I felt myself building to come. She must have felt me too because she eased off but not so I came down very far as she squirmed around so her pussy was close to my face.

I wanted her badly: to bury my face into her, too, tongue her. I went licking all down her shiny, slightly sweaty skin to push her legs apart to get in to her but no need she opened her long slender legs for me. I hesitated long enough to lick around her sweet pink swelling lips tasting her delicious thick juices, taking in her pussy juice perfume.

As I buried my face into her glistening smooth publess hole I held her sweet soft butt my tongue finding her clit and I just went wild in sexual whirlwind of desire. Her tongue was playing its game in me and we came together. Drank all each other’s come then kissed tasting the mixed glorious come. We lay on each other on the floor legs and arms wrapped around in a hug grinning like Cheshire cats at each other.

Of course we didn’t finish there and we made passionate love for ages. It was fabulous sex: we eventually went to sleep in each other’s arms on the floor.

I have no idea how long I had been asleep when I started dreaming that Sophia was waving her hair over me then the wonderfully erotic feeling of my breasts being kissed then sucked. I was I thought in one of those dreams where I was nearly awake but not quite. Strangely I seemed very aware of my dream – it seemed so real. I tried to move but couldn’t move my arms. I remember thinking God I don’t want to wake up – it was fantastic.

Suddenly I realized I was awake and that Sophia wasn’t next to me. I could hear myself making little moans of pleasure. She was on top of me! I opened my eyes – but it wasn’t Sophia I was a much younger girl, a redhead, 15- 16 or so I guessed. By now I became very aware that my legs were being rubbed up from my feet to my thighs. Well awake by now but in a sexual and so erotic trance almost I lay enjoying every fibre of my body seemingly so alive, so electrified sexually: this was magical, surrealistic.

I felt a face on my breasts suckling me and there were beasts in my face. Wonderfully soft skin but firm and fleshy with very hard knobs of nipples just sexily swaying there, touching me, running over my face, my cheeks.

Highly aroused now I kissed and sucked on the gorgeous aureola and nipple in my mouth. I gorged on them hearing the groans of appreciation from above that only spurred me to greater tonguing and sucking. I was by now also aware that the hands on my thighs had a face with them, with shinny back hair; Geez, what, who was she, my god, don’t care now, licking my legs and around my ever so sensitive labia.

It was then that I realized that I was being so delightfully fucked by two people. I called out, “Sophia” and got an answer from behind me; she said, “Elia, relax, enjoy yourself – you are in good hands.” I said, quivering in ecstasy, “Oh, my god, you’re so right.”

A tongue went into my pussy right then and I gasped loudly; the pleasure was unbelievable. I wouldn’t have believed so much pleasure was possible. My mind was racing – who were these girls – god it’s fabulous – that face in my pussy was eating me so well – my back arched, I started thrusting into that face – my ass was being held then my butt hole penetrated by a finger – then my butt hole was being tongued.

I was almost overwhelmed with pleasurable sensations. I was loosing control rapidly as my body was taking over in the sexually induced trance. My eyes glazed over, my vision practically useless as my body started tensing up to orgasm once more.

The breast in my mouth was pulled out and a second or two later I had another face in my pussy. I had rolled onto my side while the two faces engorged on me one after the other. The breast replaced by a sweet pussy – I ate as I was being eaten – for more than three, no maybe five minutes of frantic passion I came – orgasm after orgasm while sucking the aromatic juices from the pussy thrusting in my face. The pussy I was eating suddenly gushed sweet come into my mouth – the moaning subsided replaced by sighs of contentment. It was Sophia, I hadn’t really realized that she had finished me off or that I had had her once again.

I saw the two other younger girls, younger than me fingering each other while kissing wildly, passionately next to Sophia and me. Watching only got Sophia and I hot again. A free for all followed with all of us naked sucking kissing anything everything as we all rolled around until we were all exhausted from orgasmic overload (is this possible); satiated, sweating profusely.

I remembered Sophia. Seeing her above us looking down lustfully, I said, “Who are these wonderful girls,” as we all looked at each other – all naked – all sweaty – all flushed in our glory. Grinning sheepishly at each other.

Sophia replied, “They are just friends, they were sleeping in the bedroom when we came home.” I was introduced to them – Savannah, the Asian girl and Andrea, the redhead.

Sophia had awakened early and had woken them telling them to fuck me while she watched but she couldn’t help herself; she had held my arms until she got so turned on and found herself joining in.

I showered, dressed and raced “home” to arrive just as my parents had woken. I have no idea how my legs got me home to the caravan park, I could hardly walk for two or three days. I have returned there but that is another chapter of my life.

Oh, what a night, what an awakening. Bondi Beach is a town I shall not easily forget.


Some nine months had passed since my first and memorable trip to Bondi Beach, and I found myself at my University’s Campus only four or five hours away by road or rail from Bondi Beach. I had traveled over 3,800 kilometers from home to complete my end-of-semester exams. It was extremely hard for me trying to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

I kept remembering the one night I had with Sophia, Savannah and Andrea. I had telephoned Sophia, or more precisely rung her number and had spoken to Andrea, the redhead, if you remember. She was excited as I was and said that although Sophia was working in Sydney, she was sure she would love me to come see them and, yes, Savannah was definitely still around. We left it that a message would be left for me in the Students’ Guild if it were okay for me to go to stay with them for a few days following my exams.

As I ate my lunch in the University Guild dinning room not knowing a soul, I saw a really cute undergraduate student who reminded me of Savannah. She was chatting amongst quite a few other female students. A shiver went through me as my eyes wandered over her as she reminded me so much of Savannah.

She was shorter than Savannah but really cute, her long shiny black hair pulled into a pony tail exposing her long slender neck, with possibly Vietnamese features or whatever, pert boobs and boyish body; she turned me on! Oh, Savannah, I wanted her; I had fantasised about Savannah. She was a quiet one, demure, softly spoken but very intelligent, and I thought, perhaps submissive.

Sophia had more than interested me; I lusted after her, fantasised about being very submissive to her. The idea of her owning my body and heart absolutely, strangely turned me on, given that I wanted the submissive Savannah big time; maybe because I knew her to be red hot.

I knew she could make me orgasm like nobody else I had ever met. I could easily have moved in to live under her spell if that is what she had wanted. And Andrea, of course, she was lovely too, but she didn’t excite me in quite the same way as the other two. ‘God, girl,’ I thought, ‘It’s been too long since my first trip to Bondi Beach and when my Lexia went back to Sweden, I needed a damn good ‘roll-in-the-hay’.’ But back to the books for two more days, and it would have to be up to my fingers to keep me sane.


I checked with the Guild and sure enough a message was waiting for me. Sophia was in Sydney and would try to get to Bondi, but in any case, Savannah and Andrea would be there. I packed everything but the necessities that I might need, ready for a quick departure. So I sat my two exams and rushed off to Melbourne’s coach depot to take me to Bondi.

I arrived in Bondi late afternoon that day to be met by Andrea; we kissed and hugged each other as any two girls might after returning home from a holiday. Boy, did she feel great. I could have easily kissed her like we were two long-separated straight lovers. Geez, I wanted to, but in a country town in Australia two girls just cannot get away with being that obvious without long-term consequences. We did hold hands, but even this raised some eyebrows. On getting to their flat, and at her request, I dumped my bag in Andrea’s bedroom.

Andrea said she felt a bit dirty after rushing around all day and that she felt like having a shower before dinner.

“Could you amuse yourself for awhile?” she asked.

“Sure, but why don’t I join you, I’m pretty damn grubby after my trip too.”

Andrea grinned, “Mmm, that might be fun, but Savannah and I are a couple, I’m not to sure she would approve.”

“Oh, yeah, hey, that’s so cool. Well, it was a nice thought,” I giggled, “For how long have been together? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Shit Ale, since before you met us, a year nearly. I guess we both thought you knew, but we both wanted you to come anyway; we didn’t wanna put you off or anything.”

“What are you trying to tell me?” I asked seriously. “I came to have some more fun with you guys and now you try and … well I dunno what to think now?”

“Hey, Elia Honey, chill out. Sophia will come, I’m sure, and Savannah ‘n’ me, well we did talk about it, but we all had a really cool night and we talked about that morning, time and again so I think we will enjoy having you here. Geez, after Savannah has finished today’s exam she is finished uni’ for this year, just like you, you know that. We gotta celebrate, hey?”

“Yeah, okay Sweetie, I guess I’m a bit tired after my exams and the bus trip ‘n’ everything. But I haven’t had good nookie for ages, and I need it bad.”

“Ale, one way or another, we will have great pleasure in getting you over that problem.” Angela smiled sexily holding her arms out to hug me again reassuringly. I went to her and held her, feeling her warmth through her cotton shirt, her breasts on mine and her soft but muscled back under my hands.

She kissed my neck and said, “Come on Ale, we should clean up and wait for the others. Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t say it, but I’d love to fuck with you now but… I can’t yet, I’ve gotta check with Savannah first, okay?”

“Okay.” I sighed thinking, ‘Shit, I can’t wait. They are a couple, oh, no. God, Sophia had better come. But she *did* say we’d celebrate. I’ll wipe myself out on booze. Ahh, come on girl, get a grip, you’re feeling sorry for yourself, things’ll turn out cool, you’ll see.’

Still a little sulky I stripped off and went into the bathroom trying not to look at her. I remembered what she looked like under her jeans and shirt. She has a small, trimmed vee of soft ginger pubes decorating delectable creamy skin and nicely formed muscles from her love of basketball; medium boobs, I guessed at 34B, with gorgeous pink aureolae and nipples like mine, shortish but thick. If I saw her nude right now, well…

We showered and changed, then went to a local coffee shop for a drink and a piece of cake. Catching up on what the three of them had been doing was our topic of conversation. Andrea had already pumped me dry of my humdrum, sexless existence since my first Bondi visit. Sophia had finished her post-grad degree and had a good, junior-executive job in Sydney, but was not yet in a steady relationship. Andrea told me she thought Sophia had been trying for a week to get time off to be with me.

I was flattered. We had certainly got on very well, but I was easily four or five years her junior. The thought of being with her, and possibly Andrea and Savannah, was exciting to say the least. My nipples had sprung to life at the thought of that and were feeling good in my bra. Andrea noticed and tittered at me; we both giggled somewhat, startling the young waitress who was serving us our second coffee. We then realized we had both been eyeing her off while we talked.


The next thing I knew, was my shoulders and neck were being stroked from behind. Then, Sophia’s face appeared in mine and kissed my lips softly, quickly! The sparks flew from my lips right through me; my nipples knotted, and pussy tingles were immediately evident to me, in me. The gorgeous Savannah was with her too. Before I knew it, I was quietly crying with joy.

It had only been that one night together, but she was wonderful; all the memories flooded back, the tension of the last week or so just got to me. I managed to get a tissue from my bag and pretended I had something in my eye, but nobody was fooled. Apart from my mum and Lexia, these three meant more to me than any of the other women I had been close to in my entire life. Savannah had taken the seat next to Andrea, and Sophia had sat next to me.

Sophia took my hand holding it tightly, rested it under the table on my thigh. The electricity flowed again between us, through our hands; the feel of her was incredibly sensual to me. Although she had driven some 600 kilometres from Sydney and must have been tired, she looked fresh and gorgeous to me. She breathed softly in my ear that she had the week off to show me around. ‘Yeah, right!’ I thought, grinning at her. She looked at me and quietly laughed, giving me her sultry look. My back went all goose bumps tingly.

Andrea and Savannah looked at us quizzically, but didn’t ask what we were carrying on about. They had seen Sophia breathe in my ear; maybe they guessed. Sophia’s fingers felt their way between the buttons on my skirt to my thigh. She just gently stroked my thigh, almost absentmindedly, but I loved it. I let her know I did by rolling onto my hip nearest to her and then opened my legs a bit. Then I reached my hand up to hold the back of her chair, where I could occasionally touch her neck or shoulder.

Then the two of them ordered drinks and I told them about how my exams went. Savannah and Andrea likewise, reckoning that they had passed okay. Sophia told us how good her job was and that she had a week’s leave to help us celebrate. We joked and chatted for a while. At around six fifteen Sophia suggested that we go to eat at a good, local restaurant. We agreed. Sophia said, “Great, ‘ ’cause I’ve already booked for seven thirty!” We laughed and went back to the flat to change and freshen up.


Sophia surprised us all with a gift each. My gift was a beautiful, diaphanous, black-chiffon, long-sleeved blouse with lace cuffs and collar. “Oh, Lillian, you don’t have to buy me chiffon to see my tits, just ask me to strip for you,” I giggled. “You shouldn’t have bought me anything, but its beautiful, thanks Darl’.” I said, moving to kiss her long and sweetly.

Sophia gave Andrea her present, a beautiful silver waist chain with quite large links. I knew she had wanted one for years. She kissed Sophia thanks, then stepped back to undo the top of her jeans, pulling them to a hipster position and tying her blouse under her boobs. Putting the chain around herself, she grinned looking at Savannah, “Sexy, huh?” She was right, her bared, muscled tummy looked great anyway, but the chain showed off her midriff wonderfully, highlighting it.

Savannah got a studded, black-suede choker collar that had a miniature gold-plated padlock fastener at the front. When I saw it I thought, ‘WOW! it’s gorgeous but the significance of it was a surprise. Well, I mean if Savannah was a submissive partner of Sophia, it would make sense, but she wasn’t. But Savannah was delighted, ecstatic perhaps. Sophia moved to me taking my hand, wrapping her arm around mine and again stroking the back of my hand. I could feel her torso, hip and leg touching me; she had come very close. I gripped her hand, luxuriating in her warmth and touch.

As Sophia moved over to me. Savannah having received her collar turned immediately to Andrea, then sat on her legs, her pretty butt on her feet, knees apart, on the carpeted floor. In an even softer than usual voice she asked Andrea to put it on.

I was flabbergasted, and then Andrea said, “Knees wider, Savannah.” Savannah blushed deeply as she spread her knees very wide. Her short skirt rode up her bare legs. She had no panties on. I could see her pussy clearly decorated by her trimmed, and very neat bikini triangle of pubic hair.

My eyes were transfixed by the sight of her shaved or waxed labia, pink and perfect. ‘Bloody gorgeous,’ I thought, as I felt my body responding to an already very sexy situation. Clearly I was getting hotter.

Then Andrea spoke again saying, “Savannah, on this occasion it is unfitting for me to fiddle with your clothing. Remove it, please.” I could not believe what I was witnessing as Savannah removed her skirt, then her shirt. ‘My god, she has no bra on either, I am witnessing a very special occasion for these two women,’ I thought. Ceremoniously Savannah pulled her hair up while looking at Andrea’s feet. Just as ceremoniously Andrea fastened the collar, twisting the little padlock to the front.

Andrea continued, “Savannah, you will be mine from now on. We have agreed that if you did this, that is, make this decision I will expect you to abide by the rules we have written down. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Andrea,” Savannah answered solemnly, continuing, “May I consummate this with the last kiss I will ask of you?”

“Yes, you may, my sweet Savannah, come up here.”

Whereupon followed the most passionate ten-minute or so kiss I have ever seen. I could see Savannah had been highly aroused by the whole act of submission. Her breasts, especially her aureola and nipples were swollen and erect, but her arousal had her pussy produce copious juices that ran down her legs when she stood up. Her aroma was filling the room.

If it had been intended that Sophia and I were to be aroused by this incredible scene, it worked. My panties were sopping wet and my nipples had become fat, knotted rocks, and my pussy tingles were gorgeous. I tore my eyes away to look at Sophia, she was clearly aroused too, but there was also a little tear in her eyes.

When they eventually broke off the kiss Savannah sat again. Andrea said to her, “No need for that now, tonight we celebrate. C’mon Sweetie, on your feet. Come to me, I want to hold you.”

Still nude except for her new collar, Savannah got to her feet and stood beside Andrea smiling sheepishly at us, not making any attempt at hiding her nudity. I felt that she was rather enjoying us looking at her. She looked radiant, sexy, but still subservient.

Andrea moved behind Savannah to hold her and pull her close, to feel her tummy on her new charge’s spine. Savannah’s eyes closed and as if to illustrate her dominance or ‘ownership.’ Andrea slid her hands up to cup Savannah’s breasts. She then proceeded to massage with powerful thumb strokes and fingers back from her aureolae right through to Savannah’s small, dark but hard nipples in rather quick but smooth movements.

Savannah seemed to be moaning with movement but she made no sound but that of her now ragged breathing. Both girls were clearly in a state of aroused bliss when Andrea seemed to remember our presence, kissed the slender neck before pulling Savannah to her side again.

I wondered how such an intelligent young woman could even think about becoming a sex slave to her best friend. But I then thought that if Sophia ordered me to submit to her right then, I just might have.

Savannah’s pussy was still oozing her juices and I knew mine would probably have been oozing like that too had I not been wearing panties but after watching that scene they were drenched. This was such a highly charged moment for all of us. I could see that Sophia was not as dumbstruck as I was. She may well have had some inkling that this was going to happen.

Sophia jumped in by congratulating Andrea, kissing her and wishing Savannah her best wishes, as though they had just got married. Taking on a sex slave, or becoming one, as I understand it, is not like a marriage. It does have some similarities, but large differences too. Anyway, I followed Sophia’s lead congratulating Andrea, kissing her, but asked if I could kiss my best wishes to Savannah.

Andrea said, “Of course, Ale, we have not gone into this lightly and I want Savannah to enjoy her role. I want her to do what I say, unquestioningly, but to do it because she loves me, as I love her. I know you want to take Savannah, I’ve seen you look at her and Savannah’s role is basically a sexual one. I will let you have her for your mutual pleasure. Just ask. She will please you if I tell her to.”

“Oh, Andy, I don’t want her if she doesn’t want me.”

“Ale, I know she does want you, but it’s not her call anymore. She wants me to decide those things. A big part of her decision is the thrill of not knowing, the uncertainty, the terror of having to suddenly do the unthinkable, to humiliate herself or be humiliated. She gets off on that. Look at her.”

I swung my eyes to look at Savannah, she looked demure, but somehow radiant and certainly happy and still nude. Her breasts were heaving a little, nipples hard, surrounded by her now puffy aureola. Her juices had reached her knees. She still made no attempt at covering herself, indeed, she seemed not to notice her pussy was still flowing, but I knew she must have realized.

Andrea continued, “She is so turned on by this, she may cum if we continue to leave her there. Look at her flowing cunt, isn’t it fantastic?”

Savannah could obviously hear us and I was very embarrassed by that. I don’t use ‘cunt’ and think it’s vulgar. However, Andrea said, “Go, kiss her again.” Still a bit shaken I kissed Savannah again, softly around her lips then a full on kiss, but still a soft, loving type of kiss.

As we kissed, Savannah groaned just slightly and shuddered. My lips, face and my hands, on her back, felt it. We broke off the kiss and I saw her face. It was so beautiful, I knew she had had an orgasm, albeit, a little one. I thanked her, quite why I am not sure, but that alleviated some of my apprehension for her.

Then Andrea invited Sophia to kiss Savannah again. She did as I had, and gave her many soft, loving kisses. By now, as I watched, what I felt was a young woman who knew what she was doing and was enjoying the tender love of friends. I also knew that it was unlikely that it would always be so tender, but that she wanted it.

However, Sophia had one stipulation: we had to wear our gifts that night and they had to be completely visible. We laughed, she would have had a fight on her hands if we couldn’t have worn them!


I raced for a quick shower before changing into my present. I had to shower, my panties and vulva area was drenched in my pube juices. Sophia followed me in and we kissed quickly as I got out of the shower. She tasted delicious; she was warm and quite wonderful. I realised then that I really did love being with her and that it was more than just pure lust.

I had brought with me a well-tailored pencil skirt in black, with matching shoes and clutch purse. It was the type of skirt with a side zip fastener and slit well up the side. I had a sexy black-lace, push-up bra to wear under it. I changed as quickly as I could. Sophia came in drying herself looking magnificent in her natural state.

I took in her beauty then got on with dressing. I looked in the mirror and saw my boobs in their little under-wire push-up brassieres through the blouse; god, it was so sheer I may as well have been nude. Luckily the blacks matched perfectly. Then I noticed Sophia’s image in the mirror. She was behind me, looking at my reflection, her eyes lustful. I felt as sexy as hell.

We looked into each other’s eyes in the mirror, we communicated much in that short eye contact. I knew now she wanted me, had feelings for me, and that was reassuring. I felt great after that. She put her make-up on expertly but quickly as I watch her transform herself from an attractive, fresh-faced, mid twenties executive type into a beautiful woman, who would escort me, a twenty year old student. I really felt flattered.

When she finished Sophia came close to me, pressing herself against me. I felt her warmth, her breasts, as her hands took my hips firmly in their grasp. I leaned back reveling in her touch. Her hands moved around to press on my mound as she softly said, “Darling Elia, you look fantastically fuckable, I want you. I’ve wanted you since you left last year.”

Soft kisses fell on my neck, her lips barely touching my skin. Her sweet breath flowing over my now glowing neck and shoulders, my body electrified by her aura, her presence, and what we had recently witnessed.

“Later, I promise you the best I can give anyone, my sweet Elia,” she whispered as the others came out from their room looking scrumptious.

I managed to whisper back ambiguously, “Oh, yes anything for you too, my Darling.”


We were all ready by 6.45 PM, all spick and span, and all of us looking great. Boy, were we going to break some hearts tonight. Setting off down the street, we paired off, Savannah and Andrea trailing close behind Sophia and me. All of us chatting exuberantly about all sorts of trivia.

Stopping at a grog shop we carefully chose our booze for the evening by asking the sales assistant for a few of bottles of ‘bubbly’ and two bottles of vodka. Oh, yes, and a six pack of Hahn Light Ice, and a half carton of ‘Coke’ for Ron, ‘later on’ … This was panning out to be a very pissy night. We asked the assistant if he would deliver to the restaurant. By the way he was drooling over us, I think maybe he would have delivered it to the moon if he thought we might be there.

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” he said.

We didn’t bother flirting with him, I mean why would we tease the poor guy. We cheerily gave him our thanks left him in the shop. Then we just sauntered down the street, stopping to window shop, chatting, checking out the chicks, just enjoying the cooling night air and each other’s company. We did get some wolf whistles and quite a lot of stares, especially from the guys.

Sophia had chosen a really sexy, backless, wine-colored, velveteen dress and it was quite obvious to me that she wasn’t wearing a brassiere, well let’s face it I knew she was not. Her boobs, although firm, were still a little bouncy and when she moves that is really sexy to watch. Her hair looked glossy and she knew how to swing it to great effect. I thought she looked fantastic; so did he. The bulge in his trousers was testament to that. I laughed to myself knowing that she was for me.


The restaurant was crowded, but our table was ready for us. There were lots of other students celebrating there too, as well as the regulars. Well, I guessed they were regulars, the staff knew them by name. The place had a romantic ambience with soft lighting, trees, candles and flowers on the red tablecloth covered tables, and even a guy playing Jazz standards on a baby grand piano. Sophia and I had our backs to the wall. From time to time I was able to slip my hand behind her to feel the softness of her back under my palm; she would give me a little sideways smile when I touched her.

Andrea and Savannah sat opposite us. I am sure Savannah was wearing a lacy, crimson camisole with a raw silk skirt with splits up both sides. All I could see were one set of shoestring straps. Surely she wore a bra, but her nipples, proudly poking dents in her top, clearly showed the dubiousness of that assumption. She looked outrageously sexy and Andrea loved the attention Savannah was getting.

Savannah was almost being ‘worn’ as a trophy by Andrea, who looked stunning herself. Dressed in a long, shinny black hipster, split sided skirt and a small jacket top with one button between the swelling of her flawless breasts. She wore her hair up with it clipped in the middle of her head, and with it being so long she let the ‘tail’ spread over her shoulders. Her cleavage was sensational. Her creamy pink skin sporting the waist-chain around her bare midriff, drew many eyes to her also.

Between the entree and the main course we had quite a wait, but it didn’t matter. While we waited much wine was consumed, jokes cracked, exam postmortems started, but then these were soon banned by Sophia.

I leaned over to her saying quietly, “You look and feel fabulous; love you!” A few minutes later Sophia’s fingers traced up my leg through the slit, that when I was sitting, opened wide, showing it off. ‘Geez,’ I thought, ‘That feels bloody wonderful.’

I usually wear hose of some sort, but the stay-ups I had couldn’t be worn with that skirt as the tops would have been visible (Oh, wouldn’t that turn heads), so I had not worn any stockings at all. As in the ‘Tea and Cake Shoppe’, I twisted a little towards her, pushing my left leg against hers. I glancing around catching her smiling sparkling eyes with mine, I grinned back. The fingers that moved around my thigh tantalizingly, made me quiver in delight.

Savannah and Andrea saw what we were doing. Before I knew it I had a foot running up my leg, ‘Oh, shit, I’ll be getting wet if this keeps up,’ I thought. It was Savannah. Then I noticed Andrea smirking at Sophia. Guessing that Andrea’s foot was giving her some treatment too, I started giggling like a teenage school kid. I was right and we all got the giggles.

Everyone was looking at us as if we were a bit crazy. I guess it was fortunate that just then our main courses were served, and we all tucked in bringing a halt to that bit of fun.


About three hours after getting to the restaurant, when we were full of great food, and the Australian champagne was doing nice things to us, we decided to go over the road to the club. The place was chock full of celebrating students who had arrived just before us. The guys were all over the girls at the bar and at the tables. The dance floor was crowded. The place was rocking.

Savannah and Andrea started dancing; Sophia and I ordered drinks. We winked at each other as she took my hand, squeezing it. We remembered dancing here before, as we had when we met for the first time.

I ran my thumb over the back of her hand as my memories took me back to that night. I could feel my nipples reacting to those thoughts and her closeness. It was a gorgeous warm, fuzzy feeling, which is my prelude to becoming really horny. We both sucked on our drinks just looking at each other.

Finally, I asked her for a dance and we did a full set by the local group, but no slow songs. It’s just as well they didn’t play any either, as I would have melted in her arms if we had held each other closely, just like that time when we met.

We had several more drinks there then called it a night at around 2.30 am. The four of us, arm in arm, chatted and laughed at nothing while we walked the few hundred meters home. All of us were very boozy and feeling happy. Andrea offered to make coffee, but we cracked a bottle of Champagne instead. Sophia poured us a glass each and we slumped on the couch, Savannah and Andrea on one big old- fashioned lounge chair.

Sophia and I started cuddling; she kissed and sucked my neck – she knew that sends me off. I started taking off my gorgeous blouse, Sophia helping and me bushing her hands over me, several times over my breasts. I loved it. Before I knew it we were all undressed, but I didn’t know I was being set up for a party trick.

The three of them jumped me and stuck me on my back, my head down over the arm of the couch holding my legs apart, pussy spread and facing upwards. We were all giggling like crazy making a hell of a lot of noise, their boobs and arms tickling me all over. We were all getting very horny, especially me.

Sophia the got the Champagne and a sugar cube and told me in a firm voice, “Be still.” I stopped squirming while Andrea and Savannah held me. Sophia said, “I am gonna baptise ya into the Cult o’ Sappho.”

She solemnly said to Savannah, “Hold her lips apart, but make them wet first.” Savannah licked her fingers and carefully pulled my labia wide apart. I was wet anyway, but wondering what the heck was happening.

The next second Sophia was pouring Champagne into my pussy. I felt its chill, then it fizzing in me. Geez, what a feeling, my clitoris was already somewhat engorged, but the fizzy, chilled wine on it sent me onto the edge of coming. What a wild turn-on this was. Sophia leaned in and slurped most of the wine out.

“Oh, god, shit, yes.” I spluttered, feeling my body rapidly approaching an orgasm. Sophia backed off to let me come down a bit.

Sophia, started caressing my labia and just gently touching my clitoris with the pad of her finger, circling it carefully so not to trigger a dearly needed orgasm, and whispered to me, “Do you want more?”

“Oh, yes, yes!”

“The others present must drink from your cup too. It’s part of the ritual”

“Geez, oh yes, yes – anything to come, I need to come,” I gasped.

After a short pause to let me cool, a little more fizz was poured into me again. Andrea was ordered to drink but not let me come. By now I was almost delirious in the extreme pleasure being imposed upon me.

My juices were flowing copiously. Andrea noisily slurped the wine and my juices from me. Oh, so close to coming, but not quite. I had been on the edge again as her face buried itself briefly in me.

“Not yet Elia, my Darling One,” Sophia said. “When I say, you can come, and not before, okay?”

She looked down at me sternly. She had phrased a question, but I understood it to be a command. It was strange to me. Sophia had always been so kind to me, but now she was almost threatening, overbearing; I felt I had to obey her but didn’t understand why.

It was humiliating. I was being ordered not to come, while by now, I knew that Savannah would be going down on me anytime soon. ‘What an experience,’ I thought, through glazed eyes and brain. Sophia must have known what the fizz would do to me. Then the fresh, chilly fizz hit my pussy again.

“Ohh, please suck me, I’m going to come.” I puffed out frantically, trying not to spray champagne and my juices all over everyone and everything.

Savannah lapped me like a cat, softy, just occasionally touching my clit. She was my fantasy girl, despite being smitten by Sophia, but her lapping was so wonderful; I bucked and squirmed, my back arching in desperation. Somehow, I kept from coming although my body and pleasure center was screaming for me to let it happen. She nearly drove me nuts when she lapped my labia lips clean. I blurted to Sophia, “Now?”

“Don’t you dare.” Sophia growled at me.

“Lillian, oh, Lillian, please … You do it, pleeeez, pleeeez, oh, god, now please?” I implored her.

Sophia grinned with lecherous eyes pouring more of the chilly fizz into me. My back arched involuntarily; again I was on the edge of a massive orgasm. Then Sophia carefully, even meticulously, dropped in the sugar cube. It set off a huge fizz, taking me over the edge.

It was amazing; my eyes rapidly lost vision as my ‘pussy’ exploded. I remember only the intense orgasms sweeping, coursing through me time after time. Absolute ecstasy.

I had never experienced anything quite like that before, but I have since. Sophia’s face was in me when I regained some vision and the sensation of her sucking and tonguing over my highly charged clit’ produced several glorious after shock orgasms.

‘Oh, god, you angel, that was fantastic, oh shit, don’t stop, you are wonderful,’ I managed to say in my head. My mouth would not obey my orders, and although I did say something, I doubt if any of those beauties understood a single word.

The last thing I remember that night was my head on Lillian’s lap, taking in her body scent as it wafted over me.

Fun With Jane The Gynecologist

I look at my clipboard to find the next patient on my appointments list. “Well Amelia, looks like you’re the last one before lunch!” I head down the hall making my way to the waiting room. I open the door and peek out. “Amelia?” A pretty young brunette stands up, and begins to walk toward me. “You’re up dear,” I say with a smile, and hold the door for her. She shuffles in nervously and waits to walk behind me. Her hair is pulled half up in a little clip, and she’s wearing very light make-up. Her sun-kissed skin and the tiny freckles on her cheeks and nose tells me she’s spent a lot of time outside. Her body confirms it. She’s wearing a long skirt, about knee length, and a tank top. She’s thin but toned. My love of women had never gotten in the way of my job before, but sometimes it did make it more challenging. Today was going to be one of those challenging days. I reach out my hand and put on a casual smile, “I’m Jane.”

“Nice to meet you,” Amelia puts her hand inside Jane’s and smiles. She sighs a silent sigh of relief at having thought to freshly shave EVERYTHING this morning. This was, after all, her first gyno appointment ever, and she wanted it to go as smoothly as possible. “God, of course it’s a ridiculously beautiful woman looking at my lady-junk… couldn’t have been some regular, average-looking lady doctor. Jane had short messy blonde hair. Her personality was very cool and nonchalant. It made Amelia feel much more relaxed. Jane’s body was slim, but curvy. She had larger breasts, and hips than Amelia. And when she turned her back saying “Come with me,” Amelia could see she had a nice round butt too.

“Have a seat in this chair, sweetie. Just gonna take your blood pressure and ask you some questions first.” Jane patted the seat of the chair before taking a seat on her rolling stool. Once Amelia sat down, Jane held out the blood pressure cuff. Amelia put her arm in it as Jane began to ask questions.

“So you’re here for birth control, right?”

Amelia blushed. She didn’t know why. This was Jane’s job, but it still seemed embarrassing. “Yes” She said softly. “Sorry, it’s my first appointment… of this nature, and I’m a little nervous.”

Jane waved her arm exaggeratedly and laughed as she undid the blood pressure cuff and pulled it off. Laughing she said “Oh honey, if you only knew how many naked women I have seen! And they’re not all tens! But you’re a beautiful young lady. You’ve got nothing to worry about!” Her smile was calming. “Are you currently sexually active?”

Amelia tried to stop it, but her freckled cheeks turned a bright pink as she giggled. “Umm… yes… I mean, that’s why I’m here.”

Jane smirked. “Sorry honey, I have to ask.” She definitely was not sorry. Amelia was extra cute when she was embarrassed. Now to get her out of those clothes! “Alrighty, you wanna follow me to the scale over here?” She crossed the room and stood by the scale. She waited until Amelia was on the scale and still before moving the weights and asking, “When was your last period?”

“Um, about 2 weeks ago.” Amelia replied sheepishly.

“Great! Well that’s enough of the uncomfortable questions. Time for the BIG uncomfortable. Are you ready?”

Amelia gulped. Her throat was dry. “Uh, guess so!” she said with sarcastic enthusiasm.

Jane chuckled. “Ok,” She grabbed a small cup from her desk. “I’m going to give you this. I need you to go into this bathroom here and pee in this cup, at least to this line. You also get the paper vest.” She laughed to herself at how ridiculous this always sounded. “It barely covers anything, rips easily, and is scratchy like paper towel. Pretty much no point, but you’re welcome to wear it. “So here’s your cup, and here’s your vest.” She handed Amelia the items and pointed to the door, wearing her warmest and most comforting smile. She secretly loved the frightened wide-eyed look Amelia gave her upon hearing the directions. She also was very excited to see this little beauty naked.

“Okay, I’ll try” Amelia grimaced, as she took the cup and vest. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Slowly she started to undress, folding her clothes and placing them neatly on the counter by the sink. She almost thought she had sensed a little something when talking with Jane, but she wasn’t sure. Interest, maybe? No… Jane had seen tons of naked girls. Amelia new she was pretty average. Why would that hottie doctor be interested in some random girl coming in for a pelvic exam? She sat down on the toilet and positioned the cup underneath her as she filled it closest to the line as she could, replaced the lid, and sat it on the counter. She finished peeing and wiped. She used her foot to flush the toilet and washed her hands, before slipping on the grossly revealing paper vest. She looked in the mirror. It was definitely ridiculous. She looked like she was wearing a cut off shirt with the arm holes dipping almost to the bottom of her rib cage. The front had nothing to attach it together, so she had to hold it. She quickly realized she would not be able to carry the pee cup, her clothes, open the door, annnd hold the vest shut. She shook away her irritation as she quickly thought of another plan.

Jane waited patiently. She smirked as Amelia slowly opened the door and a hand appeared, holding out the cup. “Thank you dear!” She said, grabbing the cup. I’m gonna run this to the lab and let you get settled.” She dimmed the lights and walked out the door.

Amelia came out of the bathroom, sat her clothes in the chair on the far wall, and walked over to the table. Her eyes got a little wide when she saw the stirrups. She felt awkward as hell. She knew she was probably blushing, and wondered why she was so nervous. At 18 she had been naked in front more than a handful of people, men and women. One more person seeing her body wasn’t going to make a difference. She realized after a moment that she didn’t know Jane. That’s why it made it seem more scary. It also made it more exciting. She had to admit, she was pretty turned on. She had just hopped up onto the table, sitting on the edge holding her vest closed when Jane came back in. She couldn’t help but admire her beauty. She was trying hard to guess if Jane could possibly be into women when Jane spoke.

“Feels silly huh?” Jane asked with an even tone. Inside her head, thoughts were endless. “By the way, you’re supposed to lay down.” She chuckled, gesturing to the pillow.

“Oh yeah,” Amanda said as she turned red. She swivels and layed down on her back, legs unconsciously clenched together. “Ha, and these things are pointless.” Her breasts were clearly visible through the gown. Especially now since the chill of the room (and the excitement) had made her nipples hard. All of a sudden a terrible realization struck her. “What if I’m wet? What if she notices? What if I accidentally make a noise when she touches me?” Her body tensed as terrible thoughts ran through her mind.

Jane giggled, “Yeah not much to ’em.” She walked up beside the table, the end with Amelia’s face. “So, this part will feel silly too. Like a boob massage from a stranger. I just need to check your breasts for lumps or any abnormalities. Let me know if you’re too uncomfortable ok?” She was having a hard time focusing on something as complex as speech while staring at Amelia’s now naked body. Her breasts were smaller, but not tiny. Her tan didn’t have any gaps like from clothes. “She must tan naked,” Jane thought. Her eyes drifted further down to the smooth skin of Amelia’s pussy. She did not allow them to linger longer than just to make that connection before snapping back to reality.

Amelia nodded, looking up at her doctor as Jane pulled the right side of her vest to the side. “That’s fine,” she agreed. And rested her arms at her sides.

Jane was lost in her own mind again. “Her tits are gorgeous.” She thought to herself. “And her nipples are hard. I hope it’s not just because it’s cold in here.” She raised her hands and with the first and middle finger of both hands began massaging Amelia’s breasts, from the edge further out working her way toward the center. She tried to drag it out just a little, hoping it wasn’t long enough to be noticed. She had mostly averted her eyes to a poster on the wall, so as not to make Amelia feel too uncomfortable. That, plus her excitement was throwing her off her game, because she accidentally drug a fingertip over Amelia’s nipple. Amelia’s breath caught, just barely, as Jane withdrew her fingers. “Well, that one looks great! Now the other one, and we can get straight to the good part.” She said somewhat jokingly with a wink. She was quiet as she went to the other side of the table, worried that she might have just given herself away.

Amelia giggled. She was almost positive she wouldn’t be barking up the wrong tree if she tried anything. Though the lights were dimmed, she was pretty sure she had seen Jane blush after that last comment. She also was almost positive that the average breast exam didn’t take that long. Especially just for one boob. She acted quickly and reached up to pull the left side of her vest open before Jane got there, trying to seem cool and confident.

Jane raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Finally comfortable are we?” she quipped. This time she lingered a little longer, allowing herself short moments to look at Amelia’s face in her peripheral vision. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing seemed a little fast. Jane naughtily wondered if Amelia would be wet. The tiniest whisper of a moan floated from Amelia’s lips, and Jane’s pussy throbbed. “Okay, that one looks great too. On to the last part.” She turned away to grab some gloves off her desk and walked to the end of the table as she put them on. Her gaze caught Amelia’s and she looked into her eyes with a small smile. Feeling bold she ran a fingertip over the top of Amelia’s foot. “Wanna open up for me?”

Amelia’s body quivered slightly at the touch as she relaxed her muscles and parted her legs. She sucked in a breath when the cool air hit her wet cunt. “Oh god, I’m wet.” She thought. She spread her legs fully and a small smirk played over her face as her cheeks flushed.

Jane had to bite her tongue to keep from licking her lips as Amelia presented her dripping wet pussy. She could see wetness dribbling down Amelia’s slit, working its way closer to her ass. Her skin looked so silky smooth. Jane wanted to make this gorgeous young woman scream in pleasure. She imagined making love to her. She imagined tasting that deliciously juicy pussy. She realized then that she had probably been gawking much too long, and blushed fiercely. “Alright babe, just gonna guide your feet into these stirrups ok? Then I want you to scoot your butt down on the table as far as you can.” She gently took one of Amelia’s legs by the ankle and with the other hand, ran her fingers up her calf, and steered it toward one of the stirrups. She did the same with the other leg, this time running her fingers further up Amelia’s leg, almost to the back of her knee before placing that foot into the stirrup as well. She gazed for one more moment at the juicy cunt, spread wide open in front of her. She couldn’t help it when a small sigh, sounding very much like a moan, slipped past her lips. “Oh the gel!” She rushed back to her desk and fumbled for a tube before realizing she was out, and bending to her bottom drawer for more.

Amelia whimpered softly as she watched Jane bend over. The scrub pants were not forgiving, and she could tell even in the dim lighting that there was no panty line to be found. She also thought she caught the tiniest glimpse of a small wet spot in the crotch of Jane’s pants. All of a sudden she could feel cum running down her ass. She was embarrassed but also so turned on. She had never before felt so exposed… So on display. She wondered what her sexy doctor might do next. Jane stood up, having found the lube, and started walking back. Amelia giggled. “I doubt you will need that…” She looked at her doctor, waiting for a response.

Jane’s cunt was throbbing so hard it ached, as Amelia’s words taunted her. She wanted to jam her fingers into this woman’s pussy and rub her g-spot. She tried to compose herself. She smirked, almost mischievously, “Looks like I won’t, huh?” She took a quiet, but deep breath. “Ok, I’m going to insert two fingers into your vagina. If you feel any pain, or if you’re too uncomfortable let me know alright?” Jane positioned her fingers and slowly slid them into Amelia’s soaked pussy.

“Oooh!” Amelia moaned, as her hips bucked a little, involuntarily. Her clit throbbed as she choked out an “I’m sorry!” and closed her eyes, breathing deeply to calm herself. She looked up at Doctor Jane, purposefully clenching her pussy muscles. She studied Jane’s face as her muscles tightened around the fingers inside her.

Jane slowly withdraws her fingers, but with them almost out she get a wicked idea. She can’t help it. She slams them back in again! She hears another moan, louder this time. She looks up into Amelia’s wanting eyes. They spoke no words but they were pleading. Jane starts moving her fingers in and out, her thumb brushing over Amelia’s clit. She hears the sharp gasp as she touched it and has to stifle a moan, as she continued to work Amelia’s clit with her thumb.

Amelia moans with each plunge. She finally gives in completely and starts thrusting her hips. “Ohh god yes!!” Her pussy tenses with each thrust and she feels it sucking in Jane’s eager fingers. She looks up at her doctor, sitting between her open legs. She notices Jane’s lips, parted. Her chest, heaving and jiggling. Nipples poking through the thin material of her scrub top.

Jane notices Amelia’s eyes on her. “Shit, Amelia!” she says. “I’ve never had one of my patients entice me so. You are so gorgeous. Mmmm and your tight little pussy feels sooooo goooood.” she moans.

“Ohhh Jane! Don’t stop!! Aaahh make me cum! This feels amazing!!”

Jane’s own pussy oozes as she assaults Amelia’s with her fingers. She keeps thrusting, making sure her fingers rub over the g-spot with each insertion. The fingers on her other hand rub fast circles on Amelia’s clit. “Ohhh that’s right Amelia! Cum for me! I want to really taste you when I lick your pretty little cunt!!”

Amelia’s pussy clamps down on Jane’s fingers as cum starts to trickle down Jane’s fingers and hand. Amanda’s back arches as she bucks her hips and her orgasm takes her. She groans, “Jaaane! I’m cumming!!”

“Oh fuck! Yes Amelia! Cum baby, cum!!” Jane’s fingers keep speed for a moment and then slow as she feels Amelia’s orgasm coming to an end. Amelia’s body goes limp. She gasps for breath as Jane slowly pulls her fingers out. Jane licks her lips as she stares at the drenched pussy in front of her face. She moans as her head leans forward. She starts to lick, from Amelia’s asshole to the top of her slit. Over and over she runs her tongue from bottom to top, gentle enough but also meant to tease and excite. She starts to pay more attention to Amelia’s hard little clit, flicking over it with her tongue each time she passes it. Jane dips her tongue deeper into Amelia, tasting her sweet juices and lapping at her beautiful wet cunt. Jane’s own pussy is dripping from the excitement of hearing Amelia cum, tasting her, and feeling her tight pussy wrapped around Jane’s fingers. She moan’s against Amelia as she licks. “You taste so fucking good!”

Amelia’s hips start to rock as a second orgasm takes her. Her thighs are shaking, fingers clutching Jane’s hair, holding her head in place. “Oh fuck! Yes Jane! Lick my cunt!” Amelia rides out her orgasm, keeping her eyes on Jane’s mouth and tongue. She whimpers softly as her orgasm comes to a halt, and the need to please her sexy doctor takes over. “Jane, may I please have you now?” she asks, breathless.

Jane’s head was spinning. She was so aroused. She wanted nothing more than to be brought to orgasm by this stunning young woman. She smiled and stood up to walk around the table. She leaned over and kissed Amelia, an urging kiss. When the kiss broke she sat Amelia up and wrapped her arms around her waist, pulling her off the table while groping her cute little ass. “I would love that,” she whispered.

Amelia shoves Jane toward the table, and starts ripping off her clothes. She throws Jane’s shirt across the room, unclasps her bra and drops it to the floor. She stops to hungrily lick and suck on the gorgeous breasts, nibbling at her hard nipples. She spends a few minutes enjoying Jane’s boobs, but soon the moans she was hearing turn into whimpers and pleading groans, and she knows she needs to return the most generous favor. She yanks down Jane’s pants to see a clean shaven, but very wet pussy in front of her. The pants drop to the floor and she points to the table and orders for Jane to hop up there. Jane kicks off her tennis shoes and lays down on her back, looking at Amelia. Amelia smiles and swirls her finger in the air. Jane quickly rolls over, gets onto her hands and knees, and almost immediately starts moaning as Amelia starts licking her soaked pussy. She runs her tongue from Jane’s clit to her ass a few times, and then moves only to Jane’s asshole. She begins licking faster as Jane’s moans intensify, and puts 3 fingers in Jane’s pussy.

Jane almost can’t control herself. She knows she won’t last long with all the previous excitement building on her anticipation. She grips the side of the table hard as she moans and trembles. “Oh god Amelia! That feels so fucking good!! Fuck me!!” She reaches between her own legs and starts rubbing her clit.

Amelia adds some pressure as she licks Jane’s asshole. Her fingers feel like they’re being squeezed right off inside Jane’s tight pussy. She keeps fucking though, faster and harder as she feels Jane getting closer to reaching her climax.

“Fuck!! Don’t stop baby! Yes!!” Jane screams. All of a sudden her orgasm peaks, and she rubs hard at her clit. Her body jerks and trembles as she rides each wave. Soon her movements slow, and finally stop.

Amelia gives Jane’s ass one more long lick before removing her face and fingers from Jane’s body. She plops down into the chair behind her and sighs with satisfaction as she watches Jane flop down for a few minutes to breath.

Amelia finally got up and walked over to the table. She kissed Jane on the back of the neck and around and to the side of her face. “That was so hot,” she said. “I think maybe I got too nervous to get my exam today. I will reschedule and be back in soon.” She started collecting her clothes and putting them back on as Jane turned her head, smiling, to look at her.

“That’s a plan babe!” Jane grinned, and started getting dressed. She then crossed the room and grabbed Amelia around the waist, kissing her passionately. “You just may be the best patient I’ve ever had.” She teased jokingly.

Amelia laughed and returned the kiss. “I should hope so. See you in a few days, Doctor Jane.” And turned to walk out the door.

Dear Kim Chapter 3

There were a number of things that made Kesha Rose Sebert a great secretary. She was organized, friendly, she could make an amazing latte she had a booty like POW and a fondness for short skirts . In truth what made her so amazing was that she always seemed to want to go that extra mile for Kim. Always willing to do just about anything Kim would ask of her, with no complaints or second guesses.

Kim thought, hoped it was because that little blond bombshell had a secret crush on her boss. Sadly that theory went out the window when Kesha Rose let it slip that she had a boyfriend. In truth it didn’t matter much why, Kim was just grateful to have someone like her she could count on.

Kesha’s warm, genuine smile that normally greeted Kim first thing in the morning, slid away slowly when she saw Kim. She looked like a live, shambling nightmare. She hadn’t slept at all and she clearly had made no attempts to hide it with makeup. She didn’t stop to say good morning or to ask anyone how their weekend was. She merely walked straight to her office. She shut the door and all the blinds. She felt hungover, she couldn’t have been she had barely had two drinks last night, but she felt hungover. Odd parts of her body screamed out in pain while blurred flashes of the previous night haunted her mind and all she wanted to do was crawl back to bed.

Of course that simply was not Kim. She was not one to take sick days she was forced to have too many of them as a child. She would much rather work through the pain.

Kesha entered kim’s office a few minutes later with a tall coffee for her cream no sugar just how she liked it. She hadn’t had asked for one but Kesha could tell she needed it. “You look like hell.” she said.

“Thanks.” Kim said sharply. She wasn’t about to tell anyone about what had happen to her last night, certainly not Kesha so a slight lie was in order. “I just have a bit of a stomach bug. I didn’t get enough sleep because I was throwing up most of the night.” hopefully that last detail would still any further questions.

Kesha Rose let out a slight sigh. “then you should have stayed home and rested. Believe it or not this place wouldn’t completely fall apart if you took one day off.” Kim knew it was true, especially if Kesha was around. In just the few short months she had been working for Kim she had already picked up quite a few things. She knew that in the worst case scenario she could trust her to take care of things, but that’s not why she needed to be in the office today.

“i’ll be fine. It’s out of my system now, just must have been something I ate.” or something i drank.

“If you’re sure. Well I’ve got some news that might make you feel better, the rsvps have started coming in for the promises benefit banquet . 37 in the last 2 days.”

That made Kim perk up immediately.“Really!” she felt overjoyed she had been putting a lot of time and effort into the banquet . She had hoped a lot of people would attend but she never expected so many responses so quickly. The banquet itself was just a front relly, they wouldn’t be making more than 40 to 45 bucks a head . The real substantial money would be coming from donations made by guest with too much disposable income.

“Yeah and you’ll never guess who was one of the first replays… the mayor!”

Kim gather as much fake enthusiasm as she could “oh yeah that’s …great”

“I know right. I”m sure once the papers and news puppets hear about this they’ll be begging to do a story covering the night. Strange, it’s nowhere near election season. Then again he did run on a strong anti drug campaign.” normally Kim loved to let Kesha talk.

“Yeah.. Yeah he did didn’t he.”

“Do you think he’s going to make a personal donation…” she said

“TESSA…” She raised her voice slightly.”I need you to do me a few extra things this morning.”

She was slightly taken back by Kim’s outburst but quickly fell back into her place “yes of course. What do you need?”

“I need you to go down into records. There should be photocopies of all the anonymous donations, I”m going to need them.”

“Aren’t those supposed to be…anonymous”

“I just need them for a few, tax forums.”

“shouldn’t accounting take care of all that?”

“Kesha. Can you just, please ?” She nodded silently and left. Kim didn’t mean to be so testy with her. Kesha Rose was a great secretary and an all around amazing woman, someone Kim always wanted by her side. Kim felt even worse lying to her about retrieving confidential documents for Kim own selfish reasons, but Kim needed to know.

….especially after all those anonymous donations you’ve been getting

Madison’s words still spun dizzily around in her head. Their whole evening together was replaying constantly in her mind. Could it be true? Was Paris the one making the donations? In a way yes Kim remember the unenthusiastic vagueness of her words. Could that be possible? How could it…and why? While Kim’s mind was haunted by what Paris said to her, her body was haunted by what madison did to her.

All the pain killers in the state couldn’t ease the aches and pains she felt right now. She squirmed in her chair trying to find a comfortable position. She was slouched so far down her ass was almost off it when Kesha return. Kim sat up immediately and tried to appear more her normal self. “thank you so much honey.” she said

“No problem.” Kesha replayed. She was smiling but still remaining cautious not to say anything to upset her “is there anything else i can help you with”

“No I think that’s all thanks.” Kesha left and it was just Kim and the file. She didn’t hesitate to open it, she needed to know for sure if the donations that quite frankly were the only thing keeping promises doors open were from people with hearts and a concern for the well being of their community or, by soulless sycophant with a sick obsession for Kim.

She scanned the list of name for Paris’s but it was there. Kim didn’t understand. Madison had said with certainty that promises was receiving a large number of donations. When she read thru the list the second time she noticed there was something strange. The first five donations were all made on the first day they were open. The amounts were all also similar within 750 and 825 dollars. Perhaps it was just a coincidence. Kim read the names to herself. Jerry N. Schultz, Daniel D. Mcclain, Louis Kozawa. They were all men from the city or at least very close it seemed too similar to be just a coincidence.

Kim leaned over to her computer and opened a new google tab. She typed into the search bar Louis Kozawa. Not only the least common name but he had also made the largest donation of them all. She found him on Facebook he worked for fayza tech industries And had a wife and 2 kids. She began to type another name. There had to be some connection perhaps work or… God what was she doing. Her Paris induced paranoia had her violating these random gentlemen s privacy and for what? So she could prove to herself that her success was her own doing not Paris’s to silences unnecessary insecurities.

She didn’t have time for pointless desertions like this, especially with the banquet drawing closer each day and her list of things she had to do before then growing every minute. Kesha had made a good point now that Cullen has promised to show his saggy face a lot more people would want to attend including more media coverage. The thought made Kim all the more nervous. Nervous that the night wouldn’t go right, nervous they might not make enough in donations, and terrified of giving her speech at the end of the night. It was well past time to put Paris out of her mind and focus on what was important.

On the night of the banquet Kim still had one more decision she had to make. A decision she had put off to the last possible moment but was far too important. What to wear? She needed something tasteful but she also had a theory that the more she showed off the girls the more donation would be given on slightly sinful motivations.

“Wow Kim you look amazing!” Kesha Rose said overjoyed to see her walk in the door. She was also dressed in her finest. Her young body was crammed into a tight black dress. The light shined from Gold earrings dangling while a simple gold chain drew the eye right down her neck line.

“Thank you. You too.”

“The first guests should be arriving soon. Are you ready. Of course you’re ready you’ve been planning this for months. I meant are you excited? Of course you are you..”

“Tessa…” Kim had to cut Kesha off as she did to often “Thank you…for everything” the two of them hugged and entered the promises common hall which had been decorated and was full of waiters with white shirts and black ties.

As hostess of the party is what her responsibility to greet every guest. She shook a lot of hands and welcome everyone. She still had a small hint of hope that one of her mysterious donors would arrive but none of them had responded to the invitation. Soon the greeting she been dreading had arrived. A black limousine pulled in and when Cullen stepped out the people became like insects swarming him with cameras and questions. Lights flashed and there was a slight ruckus from the crowd, Kim didn’t dare try and work her way thru it. She would simply stand where she was and wait for him to enter the building. Let him have his little moment she thought. Hes probably loving it having them all over him thinking he’s kind generous man for coming tonight.

Suddenly someone else stepped out of the back of the limo. Above all the other heads of the crowd Kim could see her red hair. All of Kim’s muscles tightened involuntarily, accept her jaw which hung open. After a minute of waving friendly gestures the two of them pushed their way thru. “aah Miss Kardashian.” Mayor Cullen said, shaking her hand. “it’s a pleasure to see you again.”

“thank you sir. We are so excited to have you with us tonight” she said. Madison put out her hand but Kim simply glared at her. What the hell was she even doing here. Kim had assumed that the mayor’s plus one was going to be his wife and honestly Kim would have preferred that awareness over the tension surrounding them now “yes well… why don’t you two go enjoy yourselves… Have some crackers and cheeses and mingle”

” Thank you we shall”  Cullen walked away and toward the large pile of shrimp. Madison smiled and simply nodded at Kim as she flowed after him. Kim watched as the two of them walked away. She couldn’t tear her eyes off Paris. Good lord that woman was a true work of art. A Supreme example of perfection from every angle. Gazes from others lingered on her as she walked deeper into the crowd of the city’s wealthy and elite. Why…why was she here.

Kim could have chosen from a number of different venues to hold the banquet. Some more fancy and most much larger but holding it in the promises common hall was the best choice. First off it was much cheaper and second surely really seeing where your money is going to must have a greater effect on donors the being in a over-blown ballroom miles away … The only downside was that promises was a dry campus. That meant they could not serve alcohol at the event. Kim began to regret that because right now she could have really used a drink. It was her two biggest fears, public speaking and Paris Hilton.

As the night continued Kim found her comfort zone. The trick was to never talk to anyone out of her tax bracket for more than fifteen minutes at a time. She gave some quotes to a few young polite journalist from local papers. Mostly she said the same thing to each one I”m surprised/happy so many people came tonight and the money raised here will do some real good. Even her speech before the dinner began went surprisingly well. It wasn’t until close to the end of the night, as people sipped teas and coffee and some were getting ready to make there leave, that Kim saw Paris again for only second time that night.

Madison did tell her last time they saw each other that she would no longer “Pursue her” but it was more like she was avoiding her. Madison was sitting at one of the tables talking to Kesha Rose. Kim panicked and her mind began producing questions and scenarios faster than she could process. What was madison doing? What were they talking about? What was Kesha unknowingly telling her?

Kim began to walk her towards them. She didn’t know what she would say to them but she didn’t like the idea of her sweet innocent little secretary talking to Paris and was going to put an end to it. She didn’t make it to fair before a young man whom she had already given a few quotable sappy line to put in his article as well as a few photos earlier that evening. “Miss Hilton to you have a moment?” he asked.

She put on a fake smile. “of course. What can i do for you?” she said all the while never taking her eyes off the two girls.

“I just wanted to thank you for a lovely evening.” Paris and Kesha began to laugh about something. Maybe Kesha told the story about her first day working at promises that was always a story was always good for a yuk“and thank you for taking time to speak with me.” don’t be fold by her Kesha, Kim thought. She’s nothing like the person she seems to be. She’s not quite like anyone ever.

“of course…” Kim said simply. Madison leaned over and played with one of Kesha’s blond curls. She was flirting with her now!

“if you would like some time we should do a more formal interview…” why couldn’t have Paris acted like that to her when they first met. Kim wondered now only barely listening to the man in front of her. If Paris had asked instead of taken, Kim would have given anything she would have asked for. She was beautiful and so clever and god so good at making her cum. Watching her now playfully run her fingertips up her arm made her panty slightly damp.“I would love to do a story on your clinic and more importantly the woman behind it.”

“Yes, YES, that would be great! Why don’t you… go set up a date and time with my secretary, she over there in the black dress” she pointed him in tessa’s direction and gave him a light shove.

Kim ducked down a nearby hall, she needed some air.she needed to be alone. She opened an exit door, the cold rush of the fall air on the exposed skin of her arms felt refreshing. How ever as she took a deep breath of the night’s air she smelt something. In the shadows there was a figure, she was not alone. As her eyes adjusted she identified the figure as mayor cullen and the smell of a lit cigarette. He stepped closer to her. “why Kim, fancy meeting you here.” he placed his cigarette between his wrinkled old lips and took a drag.

“Sir the promises rehab and support center is a smoke free grounds I”m going to have to ask you to put that out.” she said firmly

“Relax Kim, it’s just me. I”m not gonna share it with any of your junkys” Kim marched over to him, plucked the cigarette from his mouth, dropped it to the ground and stamped it out with the front of her high heels. She keeped her sirius business face on but the mayor smiled at her and let out a light chuckle. “it’s probably for the best. I wouldn’t any of these noisy journalist finding out i’ve picked it back up again. God forbid people find out their politicians are human being with flaws…and needs” It sounded like he wanted her to feel bad for him. To pity him for not being able to smoke or have affairs publicly because he lived in the limelight.

“Yes well…”

“How have you been Kim?” he asked.

“Busy.” she said bluntly

“Yes i can see that. You should be very proud of all you’ve accomplished here” Kim didn’t need his approval. Kim knew she should be satisfied with her work and deep in her heart she knew her mother would be proud of her and that’s all that mattered to her.

“Thank you sir.”

“You can drop the sir now. I think after all we’ve shared we’ve moved past formal titles. I’m sorry I haven’t called you in a while.”

“It’s fine. We’ve both been busy.” she hoped the conversation would stop there.

“Yes i had to spend a few weeks down in D.C. then when i returned my wife was claiming that we weren’t spending enough time together. You know how it is.”

“I was… surprised to see she wasn’t joining us tonight.”

“Yes I”m afraid she’s out of town for the weekend. As much as she enjoys a good party I”m sure it would have been awkward for us both. Lucky madison insisted she come along tonight. “

“Yeah. She seems to be enjoying herself.”

“Yes i believe she’s made a few donations to your cause lately. She must truly admire you” Kim had no response to that statement. The mayor looked around in all directions before stepping uncomfortably close to her. “i’ve missed you Kim.” the smell of smoke mixed within his breath made him even less appealing to her. “perhaps some time if you’re not too busy we could…”

“How about now?” Kim asked

“I… what… Kim i don’t think that’s such a good…” as she planted a kiss on him she grabbed his hand and placed it under her dress and in to her panties that were still wet from earlier.

“We.. Where?” he stammered

“My office, this way.” she led him across the ground toward her building. It was late enough that on one was around to see them. She unlocked the door to her office and the two of the quietly sneaked in. Kim knew she didn’t have any condoms in her office and she was sure he didn’t have any on him either. She didn’t want to ask because she knew if he did it would have been one provided by Paris meaning she knew that Kim would try and fuck him that night. Why hadn’t she had just gotten on birth control… like Paris had said. Fuck it she was past the point of no return and even farther past the point of caring.

She wasn’t too sure why she brought him back here. If it had been to anger madison it was a stupid plan. If she did it too feel some sort of sexual rush then she must have forgotten how much she disliked sex with him. He kissed her with too much tongue and he’s hands would never stay still as if he was trying to worm her with the friction of running his dry calited poems from her calf to her ear lob. Why was she doing this? It wasn’t about the money anymore so why was he cupping her breast in his old hands? What was she getting out of letting him press his swollen dick into her thigh? She could feel his fingers on her clit but it did nothing for her. “wait, stop.” she said. He didn’t. He pulled his thick cock out of his tailored pants. He tried to slide it into her slit. “I said stop.” she yelled. Giving him a hard shove. He stumbled back

“What? What is it?” you’re awful at this and you’re married and you disgust me and many other reasons but she told him “You taste like cigarettes.” she left without another word leaving the mayor standing alone dumbstruck.

“Wait Kim …” she slammed her door and took off running in the direction of the common hall.

There were still guest sitting and talking when she returned. “there you are. Where have you been?” Kesha asked.

“I went to my office for something. Where is she?” she asked.


“The woman you were talking to before with the red hair and..”

“Oh you mean Paris Hilton… I think she just left a few minutes ago why?”

“I need to go … i need to go talk to her about something.”

“go? But we still have guests and we haven’t even totaled up the donations. You can’t go.” she pleted

“But i…”

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah I”m fine. You’re right I still have to much to do before the night is over. What was I thinking. I”m going to go check on the cators and make sure they have all they needed.” she said in a quicker pace as she started taking a few steps back

“Umm Kim you might want to…” she moshed her hands over the top of her head a few time which after a moment she realized it was her code for hey slut your hair’s a mess from when you had and old man fondling it. You might want to fix that before you go in front of impersonal people who give you money. “Are you sure you’re OK?”

Nope “Yeah of course”

Kim had often heard from people who threw more house parties then her that guest that linger and don’t leave until much later than they should were the worst and now she saw first hand why. She waited as patiently as she could for them all to leave so that she could do the same. It was nearly 12:30 when she left the clnick in the back of a cab. “where to?” The cab driver asked. Threw heavy breath she gave him madison’s address.

She couldn’t do anything but stare at the intercom to madison’s apartment. What the hell was she doing here. A few people had entered or left the building by the time she worked up the nerve to press the button.

“Hello” Madison’s voice rang from the speaker. Kim took a breath in.

“It’s me”

“Ummm I know a lot of different mes. You gonna have to be more specific than that” what a brat.

“It’s Kim…Dovant”

“Oh, so what can I do for you?”

“Can I … come up?”


“I just want to talk to You.” she lied.

“You already are. What you want?” Kim wanted to say a lot she wanted to scream a lot.

“Look It ‘s cold out here. Can I just come inside?”

“that’s because you’ve been standing out there for a while trying build courage. I thought you still had my key anyway ?” Kim was starting to get frustrated and impatient.

“Yeah just not on me right now. Can i just please come up?”

“What, do you want?”

“I WANT YOU TO TOUCH ME AGAIN. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. You want me to tell you how often I’ve thought about you and what you’ve done to me, or do you just want to hear that you were RIGHT…you were right I did like it when you hurt me.” Paris Hilton opened the door for her and Kim Kardashian entered her apartment for the first time of her own accord… and she hoped that it wasn’t a huge mistake.

Dear Kim Part 2

Kim loved school. She loved every minute she was in that underfunded sad excuse for an educational facility. Even when the days were over, she filled every afternoon with clubs, sports and every other moment just in the library brushing up on her studies or absorbed in a book. By the time she finished high school, she had received so many scholarships from debate team, volunteer work, quite a few powerful essays and just all around having a 4.0 GPA that she practically got paid to go to college. People said she was driven, that she was a model student. The truth was she was a coward, hiding away. What else was a child of an abusive home to do. She loved every minute she was in school… because she wasn’t at home. She was away from all the yelling, all the hate, and the pain.

She never let it show and she never ever told a soul. None of her classmates or teachers had a clue and she preferred it that way. She would rather people think she was a determined young woman rather than a little girl who needed saving. She didn’t want to be saved, she just wanted to bury herself in her activities and pretend everything was OK.

She still lived like that to this day. Whenever things got stressful for her she would center all of her focus on her work. Not that she could give any more of her time or energy to the clinic at this point. She was now there 7 days a week sun up to sun down, each day was that much closer to opening day… to her dreams. That’s why she couldn’t stop seeing mayor Cullen… not yet.

It didn’t matter how much of her time she devoted to it, without the proper funding it would be all for nothing. Everything she had built so far would sink into the ground if she stopped now and she couldn’t let that happen. She would be letting so many people down. Her mother and brother, all of her employees, herself. That’s why even after everything with Paris she still said yes when mayor Cullen called asking to see her.

She made sure before he hung up the phone that they would be meeting in a hotel this time instead of his office. While Paris hadn’t said anything specifically about Kim stopping her affair with him, Paris did make it fairly clear that she wasn’t to keen on them being together and Kim would rather not poke the bear by strolling in there for a late night fuck. Like Kim said to her that night, she rather just avoid her for the rest of her life. Now if Kim could only get her subconscious to do the same. No matter how hard she tried, no matter what else she attempted to focus on, she couldn’t help but think about Paris. The way her hands touched her. The words she whispered to her replayed in her mind every other minute, and the way she gave Kim everything and asked for nothing in return Well nothing physical.

It no longer mattered, she would never see that sociopath again, hell within a few weeks she probably never see mayor Cullen again. She had worked and reworked the clinic budget, trimming unnecessary expenditures and downsizing a few things. Difficult but necessary. Now she would only need to see him 2 more times, maybe 3 if she wanted a little safety money for the first quarter but after that she planned on cutting ties with him and putting all of this behind her. She could just keep riding this easy train, he certainly showed no signs of losing interest. It wouldn’t be hard and she could really use the extra money for the clinic or even just for her maybe save enough to move out of her shit apartment in her shit neighborhood, but she was too damn proud. She was also really sick of people using her body.

Once again there night together was less than spectacular. It’s not that Mayor Cullen wasn’t a skilled lover or that he wasn’t well equipped. there was just so little passion between them. something about the involvement of money made it all feel so …well business. she felt no need to impress him or to compliment him and as far as Kim could tell he had no need or interest in anything but climaxing.

it always ended the same way with a few distinctly loud grunts from him and let’s call it an embellished orgasms from her and this time was no different. Kim watched him as he began to cover his pale wrinkled body with his expensive Ralph Lauren suit. she stayed in the bed she wasn’t in a rush to leave like he was “Paris…your assistant, do you trust her?” Kim asked timidly

“Of course, completely. She’s worked for me for many years… why do you ask?” She should have said nothing she should have just let him continue getting dressed but she had to say something. She needed to know if he knew that the woman he trusted with all his secrets was a deranged lesbian rapist.

“You know she knows about…us?” She more than just knew she had recorded evidence of all his affairs.

“Yes… I am aware. I’m sorry I should have explained. It’s difficult to keep a secret from someone who handles your schedule and your finances and is with you almost seven days a week. You have nothing to worry about, she’s very discrete.”

“Does she handle anything else of yours?” she asked.

“Oh no ,no” He chuckled “She is a lovely woman but she’s a bit of a rug-muncher” He said lowering his voice like an excited little boy telling a secret.

“Yeah, I noticed.”

“Oh I see. She was coming on to you wasn’t she?” Kim’s face went bright red. “listen, you have to make it very clear to her that you’re straight… “ Oh how little this man truly knew about her and how little she cared, not even enough to correct him. “Because if Paris decides she wants something she will get it” He said with absolute certainty.

“I’ll be sure to inform her” of course she wouldn’t. Even if she had said it even if it were accurate would it had made any difference to Paris?

The mayor was now looping his belt threw the last loop. Kim was anxious for him to leave so she could start browsing the pay per view movies new release or if there was nothing else of interest on Cinemax again. “Say it nicely though.You most certainly don’t want to be on her bad side. Especially since she’s been so kind in getting us such nice accommodations”


“Well you don’t think I reserve these rooms under my name or with my credit card do you?” It never even crossed her mind. She was stupid oh so stupid. “Your checks are easy enough to explain, charitable donation and what have you. How ever three different one night hotel rooms that might look some what suspicious and that’s where Paris comes in. Oh, and speaking of your check.” He extended his arm to hand her the check but she didn’t react for almost 7 seconds.

Kim could hear Paris’s arrogant voice as clear as it had been when she was tied to the bench “It’s part of my job you see.” “And you young lady have been making things quite difficult for me. Obscene hotel bills…” Great now on top of Paris knowing her sexual history embarrassing mistakes and all and the pitiful story of her childhood, she also knew how she liked her steak cooked and porn preference. Kim hated that Paris knew such personal things about her, it made her feel even more violated. She hated it even more that she knew almost nothing about Paris in return.

“Kim.” Mayor Cullen said snapping her back into reality. She rose from the bed to take it from him, the silk sheets falling from her curvy body. he reached around her and grabbed her perky ass with his bony old hand and brought her in for a close embrace. “I had a lot of fun tonight” His breath smelt like cough drops.

“Yeah, me too” She said through a fake smile. He kissed her and she kissed back.

“I’ll call you soon.”

“Oh yes, please do.” She said. Please do so I can get my last check and I can start doing something, literally anything else with my Saturday nights.

As soon as she heard the door shut behind him she back flopped back on to the heavenly bed. she laid there for a while mulling over her options. she could just leave and go home fuck me, that nearly a 25 minute train ride wait, why was she running away? what was she afraid of? it wasn’t as if Paris was there. even if she was… what more could she do to her that she hadn’t already. she made it clear that she would never release her secret.

Kim was starving. unless you count caffeine as one of the basic food groups, she did not have anything close to a good meal today. she decided that instead of ordering room service she would go down to the hotel restaurant and place a takeout order on her dime and take it back up to the room. her hopes of her New York strip and double fudge brownie sundae were crushed when she actually bother to look at the prices. she placed her order for a Cobb salad “$11.95, 20 minutes” the cashier rudely grumbled. the restaurant was busy every table was taken and the bar was shoulder to shoulder but still 20 minutes was ridiculous for a salad. she added a beer for her to drink while she waited. “$18.52.” she gave him one of her credit cards. it looked as if there was no room at the bar for her to sit but when she approached a slightly round balding man sitting alone offered her his seat. she smiled and thanked him but thankfully she didn’t have to talk to him because the bartender slid right on up to her to take her order and chat her up, clearly ignoring several other patrons who were still waiting, there is nothing in this world quite like being the hottest girl in the bar. as she sipped her beer and waited for her meal she thought about what she would do with herself this evening. she didn’t need a movie she could just flip on some mindless crap on tv. plus she had brought her laptop with her so she could also work on a few things, make the day less stressful tomorrow. assuming she didn’t get distracted by Facebook and some stupid colorful game. assuming she didn’t fall asleep immediately. after 22 minutes of waiting and more than half her beer she saw exactly what she wanted to do tonight, or rather who she wanted to do tonight.

He was tall and handsome and o so very muscular. not in an over the top beefy way, more like hand sculpted by sex gods to be the most perfectly desirable man to ever walked the planet. his eyes were dark and when they met her’s he flashed a flawless smile at her nice teeth were always an important factor for her.

“Hi there. I have a room up stairs, fancy a fuck?”… ok, ok Kim wasn’t that direct with him but she might as well have been. the way her eyes rolled over him lustfully while he talked, the way she graciously accepted his offer for another drink, this one hitting her faster and stronger than the first. it wasn’t long until he started to put his hands on her. he started by putting his hand on her thigh boring, predictable but then he started to lightly run his finger over her jaw line “you are an absolutely dazzling woman” he said in a low voice and a slight accent must be from out of town. she knew he was only saying that so he could get his dick wet but she didn’t care, it still felt nice to hear.

She took Chuck… or was it Chris… Kim was horrible with names and it wasn’t really relevant at this point. she took him back up to the room. she meant to put her salad in the mini fridge so she could eat it later or have it for lunch the next day but before she had even taken three steps into the room he began to kiss her and she was immediately swept away in it . there were almost know words between then just heat and passion. he fucked her rough and she loved it

” I drugged you and I raped you…. and I broke you” Paris did not break her or even slower down. there was nothing Paris could do to break her.

she woke up, still naked around 7 am . clearly fucking two men within a span of less than 2 hours had left her so drained that she fell asleep as soon as Clark had finished. He was gone which was not only what she has expected but what she hoped. now she could get ready for work without having to engage in small talk and she could shower without him asking to join. she showered, dressed and gathered her things.

at checkout the young woman behind the front desk asked if “Everything was to your liking ms. Rise” even hearing her last name made her feel uneasy “O yes everything was perfected” Kim replayed. She stepped through the large glass doors of the hotel into the busy city streets. it was an extraordinary beautiful spring day out and the sidewalks were crowded with runners,kids and people in shorts absorbing the nice weather all so every happy. she was only about 4 blocks from her office so instead of getting a cab she decided to walk.

entering the building she seemed to bring the exhilaration and brightness in with her. the receptionist greeted her with a bright smile like she always did but today even more “good morning ms. Rivera” she chirped

“Good morning Naya” she reciprocated the smile. Naya handed her some papers and reminded her about a 4 o’clock meeting that she had thank god for Naya. she would have most likely missed it if it wasn’t for her little reminders. on her way to her office she passed several other of her employees, each one more cheery and joyful then the last. was it the weather? did someone put something in the coffee? or were they all just that happy to be working?

Kim shut her office door behind her and just stood there enjoying the silence for a moment before she began to work. she wonder if anyone in her office knew. if any of her employees could see just how fucked up she really was. if someone, anyone could see past her bullshit facade and see the little broken whore screwing around for money and attention …Paris could see, Paris knew

Paris couldn’t break her because she was already broken.

Next time on dear Kim.

“You drugged me again!” Kim shouted

“i promise lowest dosage possible, completely safe for you and the baby.” Paris said in a calm reassuring voice.

“WHAT? I’m not…” Kim must have misheard or …. o god what if…!!


“I really don’t want to hurt you. It’s far more enjoyable watching you breakdown from pleasure rather than pain. pain is boring we all know how to brace agents pain we do it every day, but pleasure…” she removed her hand and began to manipulate the Speculum so it began to stretch her wider “especially pleasure you’ve never quite felt before…” Kim began to whimper “you have no choice but to succumb to it.”

Dear Kim Kardashian

It took Kim Kardashian the same amount of time to choose her outfit for the evening. a short black skirt and a tight blouse and her dirty blond hair pulled back tight, she meant business tonight. as it did for her to choose her gun for the evening SIG P226 Sauer.

Her Ruger LCP would have been easier to sneak in but the SIG was much more intimidating and tonight she meant business. Her heels clicked as she exited the elevator and made her way to apartment number 223. ten o’clock on the dot just as she was told or more accurately ordered. Funny thing about extortion it’s an illusion of having control or even free will.

Kim Kardashian could choose not to knock on the door, she could turn and run and never look back, but within a week hell a day her name and her shame would be all over the news papers. She was now in the hands of Paris Hilton. Just 2 light knocks that’s all she could bring herself to do.

Paris Hilton opened her apartment door. Paris Hilton was a tall statuesque woman with long bronze hair who was intimidatingly tall even when she wasn’t wearing heels. She was wearing a beautiful black dress and a smug smile. “Evening” Kim said in a quiet voice trying to be polite.

“Good evening.” Paris replied “you look lovely. Please come in.” She stepped thru the threshold to her large a good 3 times larger the hers, yet classy apartment. Clearly being the mayor’s personal assistant payed even better than she first thought. “Please make yourself comfortable.” she heard the click of the door locking behind her.”would you like a drink?” she asked.

Kim wanted to request whatever was her strongest whiskey, ever-clear, paint thinner but just said “Scotch “.

As Paris Hilton walked passed her to the mini bar to make their drinks Kim caught a breath of her perfume. It was the same one she was wearing the first day she had met Paris Hilton in that first meeting with the mayor.

Kim Kardashian was working on opening a drug rehab/support center and was trying to gather support from one of the biggest anti drug mayor in years. Even then Kim had gotten a strange vibe off of her like someone who was always thinking two steps ahead. Oh and hard lesbian. being as attractive as she was Kim was used to being looked up and down or being stared at whenever they thought she wasn’t looking but the way Paris Hilton looked at her, studied her like she was the 5 foot center of an art museum. It made her feel strange if not somewhat flattered. Paris Hilton watched her now with those same eyes as she sat down on the leather couch. while Paris Hilton made their drinks on the other side of the room.

Paris must have activated her wireless speakers from her phone because a Soft violin track began playing. Kim wished she would stop mocking her. The compliment was one thing but the drinks and the music it was almost like she was trying to make this feel normal like a real date. They both knew what this was.”paying for my silence with your body” as Paris had put it. A price she was willing to pay.

Kim had begun her affair with the mayor about a month ago. she was careful not to leave any trace or give anyone any reason to think they were anything more than professional acquaintances. the last thing she wanted was to have anyone find out. partly because Kim almost never took the easy way out in life and she didn’t want anyone to think that she fucked her way to where she was now. She put herself through college by working her perky little ass off and going out of her way to do extra work and volunteer. Now she was doing her best to open her clinic until she hit the slight problem of running out of funds, which is the real reason she didn’t want their little exchange to end because as soon as the sex stopped so did the checks . perhaps blowing an old married man in exchange for money wasn’t what one would call ethically sound but Kim would rather succeed with the shame then fail and have nothing to show for it but her moral high grounds.

What was certainly unethical was how she would spend her nights with him. normally they would get a room in one of the more lavish hotels in the city. Kim was a little more than ashamed to admit that her nights with him were the highest point of her week. not because of the sex or him god no. both were over and gone within 30 minutes. he would sign a check over then return to work or his wife leaving Kim in the already payed for sweet where she would spend the remainder of the night ordering room service, pay per view or just sleeping like the dead . At first Kim had to convince herself that she had earned this. Her weeks consisted of 7 straight days of running around attempting to organize people, paperwork, dealing with one roadblock after another and then followed up by having to meet the sexual needs of a pompous man nearly twice her age. she did deserve a little time to herself ,so she was slightly disappointed when he asked her to meet him in his office after midnight for their most recent visit. She didn’t think it was safe but he had insisted. Something about a lot of work piling up or something, to Kim it just meant instead of a plush king size bed now she’d be defacing herself on his hard wooden desk. The building was completely empty when she entered and only the lights from his office could be seen. they skipped the foreplay thank god and once the check was in her hands she bid him a good night and left. she would have gone straight home but as she was leaving a voice asked her ” are you two done?” she spun around to see Paris Hilton standing in the hall holding an arm full of papers and folders. Kim stayed frozen in shock. how long had Paris Hilton been standing there, what did she know, did she hear them of course she heard them Kim wasn’t quiet she was never quite “sorry. I didn’t want to interrupt you two, but him and I have a lot of work to do so…”

“whatever you thought you heard …whatever you think happened, it didn’t Ok” Kim said firmly and just shy of yelling.

Paris Hilton narrowed her eyes.“of course not” she said antagonizing . “I’m sure you just came over here at 12:20 in the morning to have a nice professional conversation then spent the rest of your time looking for something that fell on the floor judging by the shape your knees are in” Kim looked down. her stockings were ripped and her kneecaps were slightly red. her cheeks quickly changed to a similar shade “please refrain from doing it in his office again. I know it’s late, but you never know who might be around, someone might see or hear things” that smile was back and the sight of it made Kim knew that she wasn’t just being warned she was being threatened “and neither of us would want any bad word to spread, right? “ she turned to walk towards the mayor’s office but Kim grabbed her by her arm. Paris Hilton turned to look at her.

“Do not tell anyone about this” Kim said increasing the pressure of her grip “or I swear to god i’ll…”

Kim watched as the smile on Paris’s face slid away “Are you threatening me?” She said quickly. Kim wasn’t too sure what she was doing. she had no leverage over her and even if physical violence could make any difference.

Paris wasn’t someone she could take in a fight. she loosened her grip and let her arm fall limp at her side. she lowered her head in shame she couldn’t stand Paris Hilton staring at her with those icy blue eyes.

“What do you want?” she said in a low growl

“What makes you think I want anything from you”she put down her paper work

“I will not let you have this to hold over me just tell me what I need to do to make this go away” money clearly wasn’t an option. even if she had any money to spare she couldn’t buy off Paris Hilton. Not Paris Hilton who has wore outfits and handbags that probably cost more than Kim’s rent. it was desperate. it was unbelievably whorish but she had to go for the Hail-Mary pass “I know… one thing… you might want from me” she said slowly unbuttoning the top buttons of her blouse.

Paris Hilton immediately took interest. In the time it took Kim to blink Paris Hilton was already on her with both hands grabbing hard at her hips and her tongue sliding into her mouth. it was so ruff, all tongue and teeth, so hot and wet. Paris Hilton pushed Kim hard against the wall. a flicker of fear, that Paris Hilton intended to have her right here and now, blew into a bright fire when she felt Paris’s hand wrapping around her throat. the pressure wasn’t much but it was enough to keep her silent as Paris Hilton pulled out of the kiss and leaned into whispered in her ear “you are a pathetic train wreck of a person …and you have no idea how hot that makes me.” her hot breath filled her ear, spreading an intense heat threw her body “if you want to pay for my silence with your body you’ll be at my apartment at ten o’clock next Saturday”

now here she was on time and ready to pay. When Paris Hilton handed her her drink she purposefully brushed their fingers together, but took a seat a respectable distance from her when she sat. The cold smooth taste of the drink helped. Still she kept her bag within reach. She didn’t want to use it unless she had to and she had no intention of killing her or even hurting her in any way but in case Paris was less than reasonable, nothing says “keep your mouth shut cunt” like a barrel shoved in the mouth. Still what remained the best option out would be to pay her dues and simply sleep with Paris Hilton. Certainly not the worst situation, it had been quite some time since Kim fucked a girl and Paris Hilton was stunningly gorgeous. they both sat in silence for a moment “So” Paris began “how is your project going?” Kim drew the line at small talk

“Fine.” she said shortly right before taking another sip

“Good. that’s good.” she said cheerfully “I’m sure it must…”

“You can do whatever you want to me” she blurted

“Excuse me”

“Look I’m here I’m…” she finished her drink leaving only the ice “on my way to drunk”maybe even more than she thought she started to feel light headed. she assumed that it was because she hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast “let just do this.”

“Do you think I’m like him?” she said annoyed. “do you think you can control me, make me give you what you want just by flashing that young hot body around?”

“But you said …”Kim never got to finish her thought. Her hands began to feel numb and heavy then her whole arms. Her glass fell on to the couch spilling its contents then rolling to the floor with a light crack. It was getting harder and harder to keep her head up and her eyes open. She tried to say something but if anything came out it was most certainly inaudible. The cords of the violin were like a lullaby as she sunk into darkness.

When she regained consciousness. her arms were stretched tight over her head, both her feet were touching cold metal and she was completely naked. when she pried her eyes open she saw Paris Hilton fastening her left ankle to a metal stirrup with a leather strap.

She swallowed hard. “Something in my drink,” she said.

“Just a mild sedative. Would you like some water?”

Kim nodded. Paris Hilton cupped the back of her head and tipped a glass to her lips. The water was cool and welcome, her mouth so dry it seemed to absorb it on contact. Once she was able to move her neck she tried to look around. She was sitting straight up on some kind of bench that looked like it was taken right out of a doctor’s office. They were no longer in Paris’s living room she couldn’t be sure they were even still in her apartment. The walls were white and almost bare except for 2 oddly placed full length mirrors. she could see two doors at least one of which must have led to freedom. The furniture was all function over aesthetic appeal there was just one well made bed, a sofa, a small glass coffee table and this strange bench she was on. This was not good.“Why are you doing this?” Kim said pushing down all of her fear and anxiety, trying to sound as strong as she could “I told you could have me however you wanted you didn’t have to go to these lengths” she shook her hands rattling the cuffs for effect.

“Didn’t I?” she nodded her head towards the glass table. Kim’s close were neatly folded with her heels and purse to the side and her gun resting on top.


“Although all of this would have happened regardless” Paris interrupted. she picked up Kim’s fully loaded sauer.”but this is a nice twist” she said in a low voice as she ran her long finger over the barrel of the gun”I think that’s what I like most about you. So unpredictable…not like anyone else”

“You have an odd way of showing admiration” Kim said.

“Oh we haven’t even begun.” she replied eyeing her naked body hungrily. She placed the gun back in it’s original position. Kim was relieved that she put it down but was afraid of what might come next, but all that happened for almost a whole minute was Paris typing away on her phone.

“What the fuckin’ fuck are you doing.” Kim yell.

“Be patient.”she began to walk over towards her “just a few questions before we get started. How many sexual partners have you had in the last year?” Kim had to think for a moment. Not about her numbers she knew that. She had to think about what she was going to say. she couldn’t tell what was the right answer if she didn’t know why she was being asked the question. She decided to tell the truth



“Of course, I’m not stupid!” she protested.

“Recently perhaps but you don’t have the cleanest record.” she read off her phone. “Chlamydia in 2002, Gonorrhea in 2004 and then Chlamydia again. college was fun for you huh?”

“The hell! Do you have my medical records?” must have been, she was dead on. Would also explain why she was asking about the past year, that was the last time she got tested right after she returned from Thailand.

“I like to cover my bases and the more I know about you the more I can tailor your experiences. which brings us to question 3 what age did you become sexually active?” Paris was toying with her, but fighting her wasn’t going to make things better for her.

“16, Tim Long, quarterback” she said smugly.

“Boring. when was your first girl?”

“What?” the sound of something metal on metal in need of oil creaked as the stirrups moved out and away from each other, spreading her legs wide. ” h-high school graduation party, we were both drunk and i knew id never see her again so i thought … why not” they were both silent for a moment. Kim took this lull to try and take control back. “my turn. How many girls have you done this to?” Paris chuckled and sat down between her legs.

“No one … well never to this extent.” she said matter of factually as she reached into a black leather bag.

“What the hell does that mea…” Kim was interrupted by the sound of vibration she hoped it was her phone but it was too long to loud and too terrifying. she looked down to see Paris Hilton turning on a large purple vibrator “what -what is that? what are you going to do?”

“Why spoil it” she began to slowly run that vibrator over her trembling pussy. “But I’ll tell you this.” she paused for a moment to enjoy the sound of her heavy breathing and whimpering as she slowly ran over her clitoris ” I intend to push you to your limits tonight Kim ” her words were low and steady and almost seemed to resonate with the vibration deep inside her sending tremors up and down her spine. Kim desperately tried to close her legs but Paris Hilton pushed them back open. “Please don’t make me get my spreader bar” she shoved the vibrator hard inside her making her reel and release a loud cry of pleasure “I’d rather not have to restrain you any more than I already have” Kim began to bite the inside of her cheek in an attempt to keep her orgasm at bay, but when Paris Hilton started rapidly pushing the toy in and out she lost all control. hot liquid shot from her pussy with every pulse of her orgasm coating Paris’s hand and the toy.”Holey shit” Paris Hilton laughed. Kim felt embarrassed and violated . she turned her head toward her shoulder searching for somewhere to hide “You a Squirter?” she stood and walked across the room to one of the doors. it led to a small well lit bathroom where Paris Hilton retrieved a few hand towels. Kim took this brief moment to try to free herself but with no avail and the harder she tried the more the hard bite of metal hurt her soft skin “Surprised the mayor never said”

the truth was the mayor had never made her cum like that but she wasn’t about to admit that to Paris Hilton so she just told her “Fuck off”

“Should have known better then to stop for more than a second, got yourself back together have you?” Kim said nothing “guess that just means I get to take you apart all over again.” she clicked up the intensity of the vibrator which made Kim curl her toes and shut her eyes tight. Paris Hilton played her pussy like a master. Another more drawn out orgasm erupted from her. “Beautiful” Paris said in a breathy voice. Paris had the perfect view of every inch of her. Her eyes darting between Kim ’s face slacked with pleasure and her perky breast bobbing as her body convulsed with what had to be by now her fifth or sixth orgasm. Paris Hilton wanted to touch them so bad. She wanted to reach up and ravage her plump figure but she couldn’t. She had plans for the night and she wasn’t going to get off track. Still, she thought that Kim had had enough for now her voice was getting hoarse and a line of sweat was forming around her forehead. Paris Hilton let her have one more before she turned the vibrator off and slowly removed it. Still so sensitive she jumped a little when Paris Hilton began to wipe her crotch, her legs, her stomach and anywhere else she got cum. She was kind enough to use a different towel to dab at her forehead.

The worst part of everything was how Paris Hilton kept so calm and level about all this. treating drugging and raping someone with the same intensity of ordering a sandwich or describing ones uneventful weekend. Kim wanted needed to see her react. “You probably want some water.” Kim nodded, She had used a lot of fluids. Paris Hilton held her head up again and helped her drink. Kim let herself be supported, and when Paris Hilton took the glass away, she tipped her head to the side and brushed her lips across Paris’s wrist. Paris Hilton froze in place, Kim pressed a kiss against thin skin. She could feel Paris’s pulse racing against her lips, but once their eyes met Paris Hilton quickly pulled her hand away, pulled it back and with all her might smacked Kim hard across her face. The sound of the strike echoed in the silent room”DON’T do that again” Paris Hilton said firmly.

“Sorry.” she whimpered. Christ what was she apologizing for. As the heat rose in her cheek tears began to well in her eyes so she shut them tight ones more. that was not the reaction she was expecting.

“I’m the only one who gets to touch tonight. Do you understand?” Kim nodded. “Good. were going to press on now”She could hear the rustling of the bag once more and before she had time to react Paris Hilton was shoving a ball gag into her mouth. “I will no longer be needing your feedback” she said as she ran her finger around the curve of her mouth “this is all for me” Paris made more creaky adjustments lowering the top half of the bench until Kim Kardashian was lying down, staring up at the sealing.

Paris Hilton stood by her waist . The first touch was so gentle just two light fingers ran down the middle of her chest and over her stomach tracing her abdominal muscles She ran the palms of her hands over Kim’s belly, exploring the way the muscles moved. “You really should eat better. you’ve lost 7 pounds since we first met” it was unsettling how accurate she was. The stress of opening the clinic had been weighing on her heavily and the constant running around filling out paperwork, reading job applications often didn’t leave her time for decent meals. Next Paris Hilton reached up and brushed Kim’s soft curls off her shoulder. She proceeded to touch her shoulder the muscles were still tense Kim hadn’t learned how to relax properly. she explored Kim’s arm, the way the hair on the forearm had risen, the texture of the skin on the inside of her elbow. Further explorations of her legs, cataloguing the size and shape of the muscles under her sensitive fingers. The way her toes almost seemed to danced when she lightly ran one finger over and under her feet. Kim had no tattoos or piercing currently. she then slowly traced the circumference of her aureola before taking both nipples in between her fingers. They were the perfect size and color. she was mapping the front of Kim’s body in a way that no one ever had before. Even Kim herself didn’t understand her body in the deep way that Paris Hilton now did.

Paris Hilton leaned over and caressed her face, analyzing thousands of small clues, little factors. Kim’s smell, the tackiness of her sweat, the elasticity of her skin. The way the flesh blanched under a hard nail, then pinked when the pressure was released. How her lips smoothed when she ran her thumb over her bottom lip and then her top, the perfect curve of her eyebrows that she must reshape every other day. Paris Hilton stopped, Kim thought she was staring into her hazel eyes, until she ran her finger just below her eye, over the small faded scare she had had since she was 9.

Paris Hilton backed away and sat straight up, Kim felt like she could finally breathe again. “Tell me Kim Kardashian. Is this why you’re so intent on opening your clinic ?” the question was clearly meant to be rhetorical because Kim couldn’t reply with the gag on. “Fixing other people won’t heal the damage your father did to you”

Kim’s eyes widened how… the hell… could she have known about Kim’s father. She tried to ask but her words were so muffled that she didn’t bother to continue after trying to say “how..”

A huge grin spread across Paris’s face “It’s literally written all over your face. You can pretend all day that you’re doing this out of some sense of community or just trying to be a good person but everyone has their motivation, so you must have had some history with substance abuse but no one would try to help others if they have there own problems with addiction. Most would rather not draw attention to their own shortcomings so it wasn’t you but someone else close in your life.” Paris ran her fingers over Kim Kardashian’s most notable scar. 3 metal pins placed in her right arm after it was broken when she was 7.”these are not from a little girl playing too hard” she took out her phone and read from her medical records again “9 trips to the e.r. before you even turned 16, all brought in by your mother”

“YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH” Kim growled thru the rubber.

“2 broken ribs when you were 12. Did he kick you while you were on the ground?” Kim screamed and flailed about wildly. If she was free she would have punched Paris Hilton square in her pretty face. This was a mental mind fuck to an unsettling level. She arched her back high into the air but Paris placed a firm hand on to her stomach pinning her back to the table. She did not release her until she had calmed “it doesn’t matter. he can’t hurt you any more”

Paris Hilton returned to her position between Kim’s legs. this was going to be the most enjoyable to study. she started by separating her labia apart she could now see everything. She used the simplest possible touches staying away from the most erogenous zones at first. She used her other hand to play with Kim’s well trimmed pubes. Before Paris had used her double-D cell battery powered jackhammer to break Kim down, this times she only used the lightest whips and touches, one might say teasing. Kim started to bite into the ball gag. The look on Kim Kardashian’s face could have been agony, but it wasn’t. It was need. It was now time for her second phase of attack. Kim was already so wet that 2 of Paris’s fingers slipped easily into her pussy. She was hot and oh so very tight, squeezing around her with every thrust. Her clitoris was so sensitive all she had to do was rub her thumb in small ruff circles to make her squirt again. the taste was splendid sweet and raw just like her. She measure the dilation of Kim’s anus with her eyes, then with one finger. She met less resistance than she thought she would. perhaps Kim played with it more than Paris had expected, or maybe it was because of the copious amount of cum spilling all over it.

Kim Kardashian let out what sounded like a short wine, but Paris Hilton knew what it really was “I’m sorry love can’t quite hear you, say again.” she did it again only this time louder. Paris Hilton knew exactly what she was doing, she was begging. “Ummm one more time” Paris said as she removed the ball from her mouth

“Please, please stop” she whimpered. “I can’t … I”

“You can” she said placing a soft kiss on her inner thigh “I told you tonight I will be pushing you to your limits.” she began to thrust her finger hard inside her, fast well placed jabs that made Kim’s toes curl and her back arch her high off the table. when she came she came hard, and the faster Paris Hilton moved the more it splashed all over the two of them. normally something like that would have embarrassed her. the sound of it all was delightfully pornographic. the sound of hot flesh colliding with wet pussy in a steady rhythm. accompanied by Kim moaning and swearing, she wasn’t even trying to suppress it now. “Please, please, o fuck… ummmff.” Paris wasn’t entirely sure if she was begging for her to stop, or begging for more neither was Kim . regardless Paris Hilton took it as a sign that it was a good time to stop. when she pulled her fingers out Kim collapsed hard on the bench.

While Kim laid in post-coital exhaustion Paris Hilton unsnapped and removed the ball gag from around her head carefully so not to take any of her long hairs with it. She then used a towel to wipe away the drool from the side of her mouth, she even began to rub Kim sore jaw.

“You-“ Kim paused “you were wrong.” there was another moment of silence while she gathered herself, Paris Hilton didn’t interrupt her.”he wasn’t the one with the substance problem. You were right my father was an abusive asshole but… he was that of his own doing. It was my little brother who had the smack habit. He was clean for a while after mom died but he relapsed a few years ago and o.d.ed”

“I’m so sorry” Paris said and O god Kim thought, she almost sounded sincere.

Kim started laughing. It was a truly terrible sound, hoarse and more than half-hysterical. It shook her harder than she was shaking already. How could someone claim to have sympathy for someone they’ve drugged, bond and both sexually and mentally abused. She stopped as suddenly as she began “Are you done with me yet?” she asked

Paris Hilton smiled. “There is still so much more I would like to do too you.”her hands were on her again “but if you’re so determined to make this end, then we can skip to the climax” Kim watched as she reached back into the black bag and pulled out a silk blindfold. the sight of it made her stomach sink. she didn’t want to be blindfolded she wanted to know what was coming next , wanted to see Paris Hilton and what she was doing to her body. Now as Paris Hilton wrapped the cloth around her she had no way to brace herself for what new strange way she was about to be violated. she sat in the darkness and the silence for what felt like an eternity.

The first thing she heard was the click of Paris Hilton unlocking her phone. was she going back to the medical records Kim wondered. What more could she possibly find in there to torment her with and how did she get her hands on it anyway. the second sound was much louder and seemed to come from different spots around the room. it was the sound of her phone syncing with the wireless speakers in the room but no music or any sound came out just white noise. she placed something small but somewhat heavy on her stomach. her phone maybe. the 3rd was unmistakably the sound of the bag again. once the rustling had stopped Paris Hilton tapped the thing on her stomach yes most definitely her phone then and the strangest most disturbing thing began to play from the speakers.

It was a woman’s voice softly moaning and breathlessly saying yes over and over “Do you know who this is?” Paris asked. the woman was getting louder building toward orgasm.

“No clue “ she also had no idea what it had to do with her. suddenly a sharp pain stung from her left nipple. Paris had clamped something hard metal to her tender skin. “Her name is Elliot Hudson” ms Hudson was now begging for her partner to give it to her harder “She the young heiress to the Hudson family “ she tapped her phone again and another woman voice could be heard but this time in a less passionate and more pornographic kind of way. there was another male voice moaning along but it was hard to hear with the woman shouting O FUCK ” this is Abby Mills, mayor Cullen’s campaign manager in 2012 “ her right nipple was next. Kim’s breath caught in her throat as Paris Hilton locked it shut and let it fall against her chest so that it twisted the skin caught in its grip ever so slightly. it was a consistent kind of pain the seemed to spread across her chest. Paris Hilton tapped her phone once more and the voices of mayor Cullen and a woman with a slight accent began to assault her.


Kim wanted to yell back, to tell Paris Hilton to fuck off and make her turn it off or even just drown it out. then she felt something pushing inside of her and she let out her own shame full noise. It was something hard and smooth, not the vibrator this thing was metal and as Paris pushed it in it suddenly got thinner at the end. no matter how hard Kim wriggled and flexed it stayed fixed in place. Paris Hilton turned it clockwise and something else moved with it something that Paris Hilton position right onto her clitoris “and this is mistress velvet, a somewhat expensive prostitute. Do you see what they have in common?”

“None of them had to drug anyone to get laid” Paris tapped her phone for the fourth and final time and Kim Kardashian could now hear her own voice coming from the speakers. Thankfully it was not like the others she wasn’t begging or climaxing she was just … talking, not dirty talking or anything R rated just talking. then another voice chimed in and she could now remembered when this recording was from and suddenly she was not so thankful.

” Please ms. Billy” Mayor Cullen said “you have to understand as noble as a cause this maybe, what you’re asking for is well, a lot of money”

“Yes sir i’m well aware of that but I’v…”

“Kim “ he interrupted “do you mind if I call you Kim .”There was a pause where Kim remembered shaking her head awkwardly “I admire you greatly. you’ve accomplished so much at such a… young age” Kim remembered the unwelcoming cold touch of his hand on her’s.

Kim fumbled with her words “Your…umm Mayor-ness I don’t think umm.”

“You have so much potential to do so much good and I would hate to see your plans go awry… but I’m just afraid there’s no room in the budget for something like this. how ever I might be able to make a…. personal donation”

“GOD DAMMIT! STOP THIS!” Kim shouted at Paris Hilton “you don’t have to play this I was fucking there” each word became harder and harder to form “just stop… just … please” Kim was getting so accustomed to begging to Paris Hilton.

“O but were just getting to the good part” Paris whined but she turn it off any way. “so what’s the connection between you and these 3 lovely ladies ?”

“we’ve all fucked Mayor Cullen” there was no need to sugar coat it. the answer made Paris Hilton chuckle.

“That’s right. 4 different affairs. all of which have been kept a secret from the press and his wife thanks to me.” admits Paris.

Kim could hear sounds of things moving but couldn’t even guess at what they were, something frightening most likely.

“So you knew about us before that night?” Kim asked

” That night, please I probably knew before you did. It’s part of my job you see. I manage his schedule, I screen his calls and emails and I make sure his dirty little secrets stay that way and you young lady have been making things quite difficult for me. obscene hotel bills and now getting his rocks off in his office. why not wear a tee shirt that says i’m screwing a high ranking political figure. go on ask me which one “

“So when you said that neither of us want this getting out…. you actually meant it?”

“but of course. do you have any idea what kind of hell I’d have to endure if the press found out “

“So you had no intention of telling anyone?”

“Nope” she said putting an odd emphasis on the p.

“Then… why….?”something made her stop. It was low when it started. For a moment it just felt like a low pulse, a vibration coming from the plug inside her, but it wasn’t that. It was the jump and twitch of her own internal muscles, barely palpable, but undoubtedly not her imagination. It caused her to tighten and clench hard around the thing in her pussy.

“Why am I doing this?” Paris finished for her .

With one slight tug Paris Hilton pulled the blindfold off of her and Kim could see what she had done to her. two wires coiled off each nipple clamp and another disappeared in between her legs each connecting to an electrode. now Kim didn’t know the first thing about this device, electrical sexual play had never had any interest to her but she could tell just by looking at it that this was something serious, something that could cause some real pain and problems. the large dial was set to 1 and Kim feared what 2 thru 10 might feel like “Because I don’t respond well to being threatened.”

She turned the dial passing 2 and moving straight to the third. It was so fast, as quick as her racing heart, but each pulse still separate. the fourth had it up to a steady thrum, which Kim felt should’ve been easier to bear, but wasn’t. And then, with the fifth, something changed. It passed some threshold of speed or intensity, stopped feeling like physical vibration and became something else she’d never felt before. she began to lose control of her body, her toes and finger began to spasm

“Especially from pathetic, broken little whores like you.” Paris said turning it to the six setting. it was white hot and strange, and ran straight up and down her spine and she was making noises that were not words at all, or even meant to be words. seven was like fire, and she tried yell out, scream, cry, anything to tell Paris Hilton it hurt, but she still had no words, couldn’t even move beyond restless twitches, but thankfully Paris Hilton knew anyhow and set it back to six .

It felt like a heated blade stuck right through her. Her hands were curled up tight, eyes screwed shut, jaw clenched, every muscle in her body taut. “I’m sorry.” She said through gritted teeth. Paris Hilton didn’t reply or even acknowledge. It was all too much, much too much to bear, and didn’t stop. It wouldn’t stop. Paris Hilton said she wanted to push her to her limit and she was about to get her wish because if it continued at this rate she was very likely pass out. “I’m so sorry I’m… “ each word became weaker and weaker until she was unable make to any sound at all. Right before she closed her eyes for the last time threw blurred teary eye she saw Paris Hilton reach out to caress her face.

When she woke up the clamps and the plug had been removed and all signs of the wires and the stimulators were gone. Paris Hilton was down by her feet freeing her ankles. Kim was ready to beg for her forgiveness. Fully willing to plead for mercy and to let her go but she was so shaken, she couldn’t even form the words in her head much less speak them. when Paris Hilton looked up and saw her sleeping beauty was awake again she gave her a small reassuring smile. “It’s ok. were done now. you’re done now.”

she then began touch her right wrists just below the handcuffs . “you shouldn’t have been thrashing about so much you’re going to have some bruises tomorrow.” she said unlocking each cuff letting Kim’s hands fall back to her “but I suppose you couldn’t really help yourself could you?… it’s alright nothing a little bit of cover up can’t hide” Kim curled herself onto her side tucking her legs high into her chest. Paris Hilton pulled a soft blanket over her. she was free she should have ran, but she couldn’t. she might have passed out again or she might have simply fell asleep.

a strange sound what she discover later to be the sound of rustling plastic woke her for only a second. a second where she thought that maybe it was all some dream before she fell back to sleep.

Kim Kardashian had no idea how long she had slept it could have been just a few minutes or hours there were no windows in the room or any way to mark the time. she didn’t see or hear Paris Hilton anywhere and felt relieved for that. she sat up from the table a little too fast. she felt dizzy and thought for a minute she might throw up. once she gathered herself she looked over to the table where her close should have been. her close, shoes, and bag were all gone. all that remained was her gun. she hopped down off the bench and it took her legs a while to remember that they were made of bones not jelly. she picked it up and check to see if it was still loaded, it was. when she slid the magazine back in the sound must have caught Paris’s attention.

“O you’re awake” she said. Kim turned and saw Paris sitting on a sofa covered by some type of clear plastic tarp. Kim had no clue what was happening here. “Here you can use this as a silencer” Paris said tossing a throw pillow at her. clearly Kim was meant to catch it but even if her muscles and reflexes went scrambled at the moment she probably wouldn’t have even tried. “Then again if no one heard all the noise you were making you’re probably safe. I wiped your fingerprints off the glass already so just be careful on your way out.”

“Why are you doing this?” she asked “do you think you deserve to die?”

“Humm.. for this or in a general sense?” the sound of Kim clambering a built was more than an enough of an answer for her “no, I don’t… but it doesn’t matter what I think does it…. you’re the one with the gun” she was the one with the gun, the one with the power now. the cold dark metal felt good in her hands. It felt heavy as she raised it to aim at Paris Hilton. “I could have just taken it from you but I know you have another. well, at least one more registered, and I don’t want to be looking around every corner waiting for you to get your revenge. I’d rather just do it now and get it over with. You know what they say something, something, leave a pretty corpse” said flipping her long red hair and shifting to a more relaxed posture.

Kim’s hands were shaking as she clicked the safety off. She was a great shot, could hit a nickel right out of the air but she decided to take a few steps closer. When she did she came into view of one of the mirrors on the wall. She was a mess. her hair was disheveled and her makeup was smudged from shutting her eyes so tightly and from all the crying. The crying had left her eyes red as well. She didn’t stop moving until she was right in front of Paris Hilton. until she was close enough to see every detail on Paris’s face. she was still perfect, her hair and makeup still looked beautiful and there was no evidence that she had cried or even any sign that she intend to, despite her situation.

“I hurt you.” Paris said. It wasn’t what she said that made Kim take another step forward and push the barrel of the gun right between her eyes, It was simply that she was talking. she was sick of hearing her talk. the way she pretended to know her. every word she spoke was a carefully chosen psychological bomb on Kim’s mind. but of course not even the fear of death would stop Paris Hilton from running her fucking mouth. “and I drugged you and I raped you…. and I broke you…you want to kill me.” her voice low and steady

I broke you, broken, Kim was not broken.

“You’re right I do want to kill you, but I won’t give you that satisfaction.” she lowered the gun. she had been pressing hard enough that it left a mark. “I’m not going to kill you now or ever is that clear. I just want to go home and sleep this off like a bad hangover… please just let me go home. “ Paris smiled at her.

“Very well. You’re clothes are in the bathroom” she stood and began toward the door. “I’ll leave you to get dressed” after the sound of the door closing behind her Kim simply stood there in the silence trying to absorb everything that just happened to her. She could have stood there all night but the screaming pain in her legs suggested that if she tried for much longer she would end up on the floor. she walked shuffled, wobbled, fuck it over to the bathroom. just as Paris promised her things were on the counter top but she ended up on the floor.

The hard tile was freezing on her bare ass. still she sat there, back against the cabinet, knees in her chest, gun in her hand. she pressed it to her temple. of course she had no intention of pulling the trigger. She’d come so close to her dreams to throw it all away now over something like this, still something about the feel of it made her feel better.

After wiping away more tears she reached up to grab her purse. She put the gun away and took out her phone. It was 2:30 am. she quickly got dressed well as quickly as one can after having 300+ volts thru them. she then left this nightmare room threw the other door, it led right back into the living room where Paris was waiting for her.

“I called a car for you.” Paris said.

“Thanks but I’ll be fine.”

“I’m not letting you take the train home there are all kinds of creeps out at this hour” well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle a rapist “I already called they’ll be here in about 10 minutes.”

“Thanks.”Kim said. she turned and started toward the door. “I’ll wait outside” She didn’t care how cold it was, she wasn’t going to spend another second more here then she needed to. right as she put her hand on the knob Paris put her hand on the door keeping it shut.

“One last thing” Paris handed her a key. Kim gave her a confused look “It’s a spare for my apartment. feel free to stop by if you get some free time.”

“Ummmm no I don’t think i’ll be doing that, in fact i’m going to do the complete opposite and avoid you at all cost for the rest of my life.”

“Nope you’ll be back.”

“Do you think I like that?” Kim shouted

“No. I think you needed it” she took a step closer to her. Kim tried to take a step back but she was already agents the door “I think it’s been far too long since anyone has payed attention to you like that and I know it’s been even longer since anyone has made you feel this good.” Closer and closer she lent until she was whispering in her ear “so powerless, so controlled “ she began to dig the sharp key hard in the the center of Kim’s palm. it broke the skin when she twisted it “and you’ll never say it out loud …but you liked it when it hurt” Kim pushed her off her. slamming the door behind her she ran like hell down the hall with the key still in hand.

Next time on dear Kim : “Tell me more about Paris Hilton” she asked the mayor. “now that you are mine I want to mark you. I want to add my own lasting marks to the vast network of scars on your skin. Something so that you will remember me and what we’ve done here. I could hit you with my riding crop or one of my whips. It would even be fun to leave scratch marks down your back but I think this works best.” Paris said as she sanitized the needle. This was gonna hurt good thing she was bound so tight she could barely move