The Teenage Years

“I can’t believe they carded me for cigarettes again,” she said, returning to the car. For a woman of 27 she had a face that looked around 16. It didn’t help matters that her chest was almost as flat as a board. I told her she should be thankful, because when she’s 40 she’ll look 27.

She had a Masters degree in social work and was employed by the state, placing children in foster homes. She told me about one family that they were having trouble with. There was possible abuse going on but they couldn’t prove anything, none of the girls would talk. She spoke to the investigative division but there was little they could do. With out proof, there was nothing wrong as far as they were concerned. I could tell it was eating her up inside but she was helpless to do anything.

One evening over dinner I asked her what was wrong. She told me that the whole foster family thing was getting to her. “If I could only get proof by planting a camera or something,” she mused.

“Yeah, and if you got caught there would be a major lawsuit against the state,” I said. “You don’t even know for sure if there is anything wrong going on there.

“I need to get proof somehow,” she insisted.

“Look,” I said, “Even if you visited the house every day, they are only going to let you see what they want you to see. Unless you can get one of the girls to talk, you’re shit out of luck.”

“There has to be some way I haven’t thought of yet,” she insisted.

Becoming irritated, I said, “Look, without you being a foster child inside that house 24 hours a day, your not going to be able to know what’s going on.

“That’s it!” she cried.

“What’s it?” I asked.

“I could pose as a foster child and live in the house,” she replied.

“Are you out of you mind?” I asked incredulously.

“Well, you always told me I looked 16, maybe I could pull it off,” she responded.

“Look, just let it go,” I grumbled. “You’re getting crazy now!” She didn’t say another word and we left it at that.

The next day she came home from work all excited, saying that she had talked to the investigative division and they were willing to give her crazy plan a try. “You can’t be serious!” I scoffed. “I’m dead serious and there’s no changing my mind,” she insisted.

She told me the department was going to take care of all the paper work. “They went into the state computers and changed all of my records. First, they changed my birth year to make me 16 years old and issued a new birth certificate. To keep my cover from being blown I will be processed through another office and placed in the foster home. However, to make this happen, they had to legally make me a ward of the state and listed you as my current foster father. They also had to delete my driver’s license record so that an error flag wouldn’t blow my cover. Well, I guess these are no longer valid,” she said, cutting up her driver’s license and birth certificate and throwing the pieces in the trash.

“Are you insane,” I asked, “When is this all going to happen?”

“The paper work will be done in a few days,” she replied.

“Not the paper work,” I said. “When are you going to be placed in the home?”

“I have three weeks to get ready,” she replied.

“What do you mean by ‘get ready’?” I asked.

“I may look pretty young but I need to not only look 16 years old, I also have act like a 16 -year-old if I’m going to pull this off,” she explained.

“What are you saying, I’m going to have a, four-eyed, brace-faced, pimple-puss teenager running around the house?” I laughed.

“Those are some good ideas I hadn’t even thought of,” she replied thoughtfully.

She also told me while she was undercover in the house she couldn’t take a chance of blowing her cover and was told not to make contact with me. This whole crazy plan was getting out of hand, but I couldn’t do anything except play along with her.

That day, she packed all her things in a box and had me take them to the Salvation Army drop-box. She told me that when this was over I would have to buy her a complete new wardrobe. She also told me she was moving into the spare bedroom and that there would be no sex until this was over.

“You can’t be serious!” I said.

“I certainly am!” she replied. Jokingly she added, According to the state records, I’m now only 16 and that would make it statutory rape! Remember, from now on you are Mr. Jones, my foster father and, by the way, I need you to take me shopping now.”

We drove to the mall and went shopping. She went to the juniors department and picked out a pile of clothes, disappearing into the dressing room and coming out to model each new outfit. Then she would tease me, knowing I wasn’t allowed to touch her anymore. The next stop was the music store where she bought a ton of CD’s. They were all the pop, rap and hip-hop music that a fifteen-year-old girl would be into. She also bought a couple of posters of teen boy-bands to hang on the spare bedroom wall.

We then moved on to the bookstore, where she bought teenage romance books and a teen magazine. We also stopped at a phone store, where she bought a pager and had it activated in my name. As we left the mall, she thanked me for helping her.

On the way home she exclaimed, “Damn, I’m out of cigarettes! Stop at the market so I can buy a pack.”

“Look, you are the one who wants to be fifteen. As you well know, that’s legally too young to smoke and I won’t allow it!” She looked shocked, realizing she hadn’t thought about that. I quickly added, “Without a driver’s license and with no money, I would say you are shit-out-of-luck, my dear.” She knew I had her and dropped the subject.

When we arrived home she put all of her new clothes away and hung her posters on the spare bedroom wall. She spent the evening watching MTV and reading her teen magazine. Before she retired to her new bedroom, she told me she had several appointments the next day that I would have to drive her to.

The next day I drove her to the office of a collage friend of hers who was now a dentist. I was sitting in the waiting room when she came out smiling. I couldn’t believe it; friend had installed a full set of silver braces, top and bottom. “I can’t believe how far you are taking this,” I told her. “It was your idea, if I remember correctly,” she said.

The next stop was the eye doctor. She came out and got into the car, threw her contacts in the garbage and replaced them with a pair of glasses; the cheap plastic frame kind with thick lenses. I looked at her and shook my head saying, “I know. It was my idea!”

She finally made me drop her off at one of those cheap hair salons, the kind that does cuts for seven bucks. I hardly recognized her when she came back to the car; her shoulder length hair was cut short like a boy’s.

As we drove home, she proceeded to bite her long fingernails until they were just ugly stubs. Sitting there in her baggy jeans, Back Street Boys T-shirt and platform sneakers, I couldn’t help but comment on her new persona.

“I can’t believe how far you have taken this,” I said. “You look terrible! With the short hair, glasses, braces, no makeup, and stubs for nails you look like a fifteen-year-old geek!”

“I told you that I was serious about this and would do what ever it takes to make it look real,” she replied.

Jokingly I said, “I suppose you’re going to develop a face full of pimples next.” “Great idea,” she said, “That would be the finishing touch!”

When we got home she grabbed a hand full of dirt from a plant pot. Then, stopping in the kitchen and grabbing a container of corn oil from the cabinet, went into the bathroom. “Now what are you doing?” I asked.

“Developing a face-full of zits,” she responded. She ground the dirt into her face and then rubbed corn oil all over it.

She spent the next three days with this concoction on her face; watching MTV, listening to her new CD’s and hiding in her room reading her teenage romance novels.

She had succeeded in developing a full crop of pimples. She was all excited when I told her how terrible they looked. She told me that before bed every night she was going to repeat the process in order to keep them for the duration of the investigation.

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, she announced that she was starting a diet to lose some weight. She wanted to get her weight down to that of a fifteen- year-old. She was so thin to begin with I couldn’t imagine her much thinner.

I told her “You may look like a fifteen-year-old but you also have to be able to function socially if you were going to get away with this.”

“Got any ideas?” she asked.

“I’m going to start by dropping you off at the mall for a few hours every day. Then on Friday and Saturday night, I’ll drop you off at the roller skating rink. You need to make some friends and start hanging out with them.”

“But what if some teenage boy tries to pick me up?” she asked.

“Well, if you really want to think like a 16 year old girl, I think having a boyfriend your own age would be appropriate,” I told her. She looked at me with a shocked expression. “I didn’t say you had to sleep with him, just play along,” I assured her. “Maybe give him your phone number and let him take you out on a date or two.”

It took a minute but she agreed that it might help.

“I also have another idea that might help you get into the 16-year-old mind set.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Well, as the manager at a fast restaurant, let me say congratulations, you’ve got the job.”

“You expect me to work in a junk food store?” she laughed.

“Yep, starting tomorrow you’re our newest burger- flipper. All that grease and heat should help your face break out even more,” I said. Reluctantly, she agreed.

I made her take the city bus, come in on her own, and fill out an application, then interviewed her like all of the other applicants. After the interview I told her she had the job and put her right to work. I then made her go to the backroom and don her new polyester uniform, hair net and visor. Observing her being trained in kitchen, I was pleased to see that she looked just like every other teenager in the place. After work I made her take the bus home so no one would think anything funny was going on.

By Friday night, she made plans to go roller-skating with a girl from work with whom she had made friends. The girl’s mother picked her up and dropped the girls off at the roller rink.

That night she said she had met a totally awesome boy and gave him her phone number. By that afternoon he was calling her. The girl friend from work also called her. Between the two of them, she talked on her bedroom phone for hours. I overheard her saying things like “Oh my god!” and “Like, that’s so cool!” and Awesome!” Her pager also started beeping with amazing regularity.

On Sunday I pulled the classifieds from the newspaper and circled an ad for a baby sitter. “I want you to call and find out about it,” I told her. She looked at me strangely but called the number. By the time she got off the phone she had a job baby-sitting for a few hours Monday and Wednesday for the next two weeks.

She worked the whole second week developing more pimples from the greasy heat of the kitchen. She told me on Friday that she was going to spend the night at her girlfriend’s house and meet the boy at the mall.

Saturday morning she called saying, “Mr. Jones, I want to stay another night, her mother said it was ok.”

“I suppose, if her mother says it’s ok, you can stay over,” I told her. “Where are you going and what are you doing?”

She said they were going to go to this really cool amusement park and hang out for the day. They were also going to spend the night camping with her parents at a nearby campground and stuff like that. “I guess it’s all right, as long as there is adult supervision,” I said with a grin. “Ok, Toodle-Doo,” she said and hung up. I replaced the receiver, shaking my head and thinking, “She’s out of her mind.”

By the third week she was starting to unconsciously display the demeanor and vocabulary of a teenager. She had lost so much weight that what little breasts she had were now almost non-existent and her curvaceous ass and beautiful thighs had shrunk to those of a shapeless teenager’s. I let it go, not wanting to interfere and ruin the plan.

She told me she had a date Wednesday night and asked if I would drop her off at the ice cream parlor. I teased her about it and she told me to shut up. I eventually told her “No problem.” I dropped her off and told her I would be back for her in an hour.

When I returned, I parked across the street and saw her waiting for me outside with a boy. I watched as he grabbed her hand and held it. Not wanting to cause a scene, she didn’t pull away. Then he pulled her closer and gave her a kiss. I could tell she was shocked but had to go along with it. Placing his hands on her ass, he pulled her closer and gave her a deep French kiss. Realizing this could develop into a problem, I quickly pulled in the parking lot before it went any further.

She climbed in the car all flushed; I think she expected me to get angry but I didn’t say anything. I asked her how her date was and she merely said it was ok and left it at that. The rest of that week she sank deeper into her role until finally she WAS a teenage girl.

On Monday the department of social services arrived to pick her up. She packed her things in a suitcase and was escorted to the car. They placed her things in the trunk while she settled into the back seat. I watched them as the car pulled away.

After a couple of months she finally nailed the abusive family. When she returned home, I forced her to remain a teenager for a week and made her screw me every day before I would let her change back. I asked her if she had enjoyed her role-playing adventure.

She said, “It was a terrible experience, I never want to relive my teenage years again.”

The July Girls

It’s a warm July afternoon and Jackie Johnson is walking though the park near her Washington home. She is on the way back to her house after spending most of the morning and part of the afternoon at her friend’s house swimming in her pool. She is cutting through the park to a trail that leads through the woods to her neighborhood, and is enjoying the warm summer day. There are not very many people in the park; it is a weekday and not yet 4 o’clock.

Jackie is hoping that the rest of her summer vacation can be this nice and relaxing – swimming, sunning, walking in the park, no homework, not a cloud in the sky; a long, beautiful summer in Washington to enjoy before heading back to class at the end of August.

Jackie walks along the edge of the park until she finds the path that she’s looking for; it’s a little overgrown with raspberry bushes at the opening and she has to step carefully through to avoid getting her legs scratched up. The path is fairly well-worn, used almost daily by at least one person; the path is clear once past the entrance, and easy to follow.

About four hundred meters into the mostly hardwood forest, the path opens up on a clearing. The clearing is a little larger than her family room at home. There are charred remains of a fire in a circle of stones and several beer cans littering the tall grass. Local youths frequently use this clearing for small gatherings and clandestine drinking.

Jackie looks up in shock as something bounds out of the woods on the far side of the clearing. Her fear vanishes instantly when she identifies the interloper as a neighborhood dog, a friendly and energetic Chocolate Labrador she recognizes.

The dog prances up to her, its tail wagging fiercely.

“Hello, boy,” she says, bending low to greet the dog.

The dog drops down on its belly, tail wagging energetically, a seeming smile on its face.

“What’s up, boy? Do you want to play?” she asks, smiling.

The dog bounds up, licking her face.

“Okay; down,” she laughs. She bends down dropping her bag that holds her bathing suit and towel and picks up a stick. The dog’s body lowers, tail wagging, eyes tracking the stick, ready to spring. She tosses the stick to the far side of the clearing. The dog is off like a shot, catching the stick after one bounce. He runs back, circles the girl and sits in front of her, tail wagging. She grabs the stick and again tosses it.

He quickly grabs it and brings it back, sitting before her again. After several more tosses, she pretends to throw the stick, the dog takes two quick steps in the direction of her throw and stops. It looks at her, tail wagging. ‘Smart dog’ she thinks as she tosses it for real this time. He again retrieves it. When he returns he circles the girl, she grabs at the stick and he bounds back. He bounces back and drops it at her feet. When she bends to pick it up, he snatches it up and runs behind her.

“Now who’s playing games?” she asks him.

He approaches again and lets her take the stick from its mouth. She continues to toss him the stick for several minutes. The dog returns again, dropping the stick several steps away.

“Are you done playing?” she asks the dog.

Jackie is bending over to pick up a stick for him to chase when she suddenly feels his cold wet nose thrust up between her thighs, underneath the short skirt of her summer dress.

“Aaaaaahhh,” the surprised young girl yelps as she jumps forward from the shock. “Hey, now wait a minute,” she says. “I know that’s how dogs get to know one another, but as you can see, or smell, I’m not a dog.”

But the dog goes directly ahead with his rude sniffing, thrusting his huge head demandingly up between the young girl’s tender young thighs from the front, tail wagging. She giggles as she feels his cold, wet nose against her upper thighs. His nose presses squarely against her panty-covered crotch causing her to jump back a bit in modest surprise.

Jackie automatically starts to push the animal away from her genitals when she suddenly feels the hot, swiping lick of a long animal tongue moving wetly between her thighs to slide over her panty-covered crotch.

“Oooohh!” exclaims Jackie in shock, both at the act and her pleasurable response to it.

Before she can get a grip on herself, the brutish animal repeats his lewd act.

“Oh, no, no, dog!” Jackie says as she pushes at the dog’s nose. But he quickly ducks past her hand, diving his head back under her short skirt.

“Now what’re you playing?” she asks playfully as the dog wags its tail as enthusiastically as ever.

Again his head swoops under her skirt to press and sniff squarely against her crotch. She expects it this time, but is slightly surprised by her pleasurable response to the pressure on her crotch. His nose presses around her thighs and crotch, sniffing eagerly.

She allows the dog to sniff at her, feeling oddly, but strongly excited by his insistent contact with her crotch.

She is feeling quite risqué; alone in the secluded glen, the sun shining pleasantly upon her skin, allowing this dog to explore beneath her skirt, her libido strongly aroused. She feels so naughty, so ribald to be allowing the dog to probe beneath her skirt; but singularly aroused.

Suddenly the dog’s cold nose is rubbing maddeningly at the outskirts of her pussy, and his tongue is taking long, swiping hot licks that flash wetly along her inner thighs, slap in between, and finally circle in like a drill to churn hotly over the covered entrance of her tingling cunt.

She can feel his warm furred snout brush excitingly against the trembling insides of her thighs, and suddenly her tingling cunt feels as if it is a well gushing forth spring water. She can’t remember when her vagina has ever moistened so quickly — and all because of a dog!

“Oh… oh, doggy… you mustn’t… oh no… it’s wrong… oh god… oh god…” the confused young woman murmurs ineffectually as the big animal continues to lick and slaver at her.

Jackie feels a delicious and sensuous warmth begin to steal over her tingling young body, rippling over her flesh in electric waves with each further swipe of the dog’s long, hot tongue.

It occurs to her that she is alone here with the dog, and that whatever happens here between them is more secret by far than anything she might do with a human male. Whatever happens here today is their secret, foolish or wise or silly. No one will ever know.

No one will ever know.

Jackie blushes nervously. She has the most terrible guilty feeling in her fluttering belly. What on earth is she thinking of? The most terrible feeling of abandon is in her, making her already quivering breasts rise and fall in heavy gasps.

And with that, the dark-haired young student slowly spreads her legs apart as she stands there. She slowly pulls aside the moisture-soaked crotch band of her white nylon panties, baring to the animal’s eager gaze the gleaming wet furrow of her expectantly waiting little cunt.

With bated breath the young woman watches as that huge head slowly moves forward toward her eager pussy. Little shivers run up and down her thighs as once again that cold wet nose brushes against her naked flesh, tickling the first wispy curls of her pubic hair.

Then suddenly, without warning, the dog’s long, wet, animal tongue slithers out of its mouth and splays wetly over her shuddering cunt-lips.

Then, making a bold decision, she pulls off her panties and sits back on the ground spread-legged, knowing that she is about to embark on an unforgivable act, an act so lewd and perverted there can never be any forgiveness for it. Her imploring blue eyes meet the soft brown ones of the dog, and for a moment the pleading girl thinks that the dog is not going to do it, but then…

The long hot tongue snakes out again, stabbing deep up between the waiting girl’s quivering thighs, mercilessly splaying aside her slit’s lips, sliding up over the wetly flowering vaginal opening and then digging like a fiery knife into the tiny pink button of Jackie’s clitoris.

“Aaaaahh!” the girl moans in helpless submission before that burning, pleasure-giving tongue. Her softly flexing thighs spread farther and farther apart in a mindless attempt to open her body to the maximum, begging for the dog’s darting tongue to drive deep, deep up inside her.

And it does, again and again and again. The dog ardently strokes his hot wet tongue up into that glistening pink cunt slit, his own loins beginning to burn now as the odor of Jackie’s rising female passion floods directly into his senses.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, darling,” Jackie moans over and over again, her hips now starting a slow revolving motion up against the slaving dog’s furiously licking tongue.

“God, god, keep licking… licking. It feels so good. “I’m going to cum in just a minute… faster, faster, darling… aaaahhh, god, don’t ever stop… oohhh… oohhh… oohhh…”

The helplessly inflamed student’s mindless ravings fall into a kind of delirious chant, keeping time to the dog’s continuous ravings of her desire-moistened cunt.

The dog licks more eagerly, wanting to taste the intoxicating perfumes which pours so copiously from the moist tender orifice up between those silky young human thighs.

Since her vagina is opening up more and more with each nerve-shattering lick of the dog’s big tongue, the happy animal is able to thrust the tip of his wet fleshy organ a little distance up inside her warmly seeping cunt passage. Jackie arches her back with the unexpected shock of that hot unnatural penetration and her hands drop down to take the dog by the ears and draw his furry head even deeper up between her shivering thighs.

Jackie can sense that she is nearing orgasm. Desperately the hopelessly inflamed girl draws her legs up high off the ground, holding her knees back tight against her flattened breasts with her straining hands so that her obscenely wide-splayed pussy is offered up in defenseless sacrifice to the slavering animal above her.

Yes, yes, that will do it, Jackie thinks to herself as the dog takes full advantage of her lewd position and drives his scorching tongue ever deeper into her quaking cunt flesh. Yes, she is going to cum soon now, she can feel the fragile bubble growing deep up inside her already spasming belly. Yes, just another few seconds…

The dog somehow senses this as well, her excitement communicating itself to him savagely and luring his penis from its furry sheath. Gradually it expands. He recognizes the girls burning need; drawing him to lap even more hungrily at the warm moist folds of her open pussy.

Breathtaking waves of pleasure hammer through her as her muscles clench and her cunt convulses around the obscenely eager thrashing of the dog’s tongue on her juicy cunt. She cries out loudly as the orgasm tears through her, leaving her momentarily weak and incoherent.

The gasping girl lifts her head to gaze at the beast that has given her such a delightful orgasm. She can’t fail to notice the dog’s great cock, swollen into eager hardness from the wild, sensual stimulation of licking this young human female. Jackie freezes, as her eyes fasten in hungry awe on his glistening red penile length.

“Oh, my Christ!” she gasps, “Holy Christ!” The sight of his long cock overwhelms her. The image of his cock is burned into her brain forever.

Although the young girl had seen several male penises in her short lifetime, there is something about the tapered dripping cock being slowly bared before her that causes her to almost stop breathing. Combined with the throbbing sensations from her desire-inflamed pussy is the obscene fact that she is looking with such transparent lust at the cock of an animal. A cock she knows she can have if she wants it!

The unnatural, sinful, salacious thought numbs the girl’s spinning brain for a moment as she lays spread- legged before her slavering animal companion, little fingers of lewd sexual expectation plucking at her fevered insides.

She sits forward slowly and strokes his smooth back, her body trembling. Warm fuck juice bubbles inside her virgin cunt hole. “Ohhh, You’re just like a guy. You got a hard-on!”

She is amazed, unable to tear her eyes away from his magnificent prick.

“Jesus, boy. It’s so big.”

His cock is reddish-pink, thick, glistening with natural fuck oil, the tip pointy, seeping a white sticky cock juice. She pets him gently calming him for what she plans to do.

“Easy, boy. Easy. I’ll take care of you.”

What she is planning boggles her mind. Trembling, she pets his flank, rubbing under his chest, getting closer and closer to his long red cock. She gulps back a lump in her throat.

“Easy, boy,” she soothes. “I-I… want to do something for you too. Would you lie down, please. Lie down boy.”

The dog, unsure of her commands, confused and fearing a possible reprimand whines nervously, his cock retreating back inside its sheath.

“That’s all right, boy, you’ve been a good dog. Now just lie down and Jackie will see that you never forget this day.” And with that the naked young coed gently pushes the animal down, saying once again: “That’s the boy, lie down.”

Then the dog is lying on the grass, his head flat between his paws, the girl almost has to laugh at the expression of childlike hopefulness on his face as he looks up at her with his big brown dog-eyes.

“Roll over, boy, roll over,” she commands, giving a little shove with her hands that pushes him over on his side.

The dog lifts his head, squirming, his hind legs wide apart, whimpering like a puppy.

“Easy, boy,” she whispers huskily. “I’ll take care of you. I’ll do it just like the boys in school do it to take care of their cocks.” She giggles nervously. The dog rests his huge head on her lap. His tongue is on her thigh, spit dribbling off. His brown eyes stare up expectantly into the teenagers face.

She looks down hungrily toward the now flaccid sheath that hides the dog’s temporarily dormant penis. Yes, the gasping girl thinks. She wants to bring that giant red shaft of lustful animal hardness out of its secret hiding place once again. She wants to make the handsome dog cum with her own hands, to see his hot sperm jetting lewdly up from those fur-covered balls and out the pointed tip-end.

The depraved nature of Jackie’s desires adds perversely to the already tremendous thrills chasing one another up from her twitching cunt. Jackie slides one of her hands up over the dog’s hairy belly, letting it glide sensuously deep down into the soft pit of his loins before finally moving her questing fingers up over the lewdly bulging sheath and squeezing firmly at the vestigial hardness beneath.

The dog whines sharply as the hot stimulation of his young human companion’s touch causes his penis to jerk uncontrollably deep up inside his belly. The increasingly excited girl slides her other hand up to join the first and together they start to press and kneed at the dog’s furry cock-sheath.

With a feeling of lustful triumph Jackie can feel the hidden shaft inside begin to stir and grow and the young wanton waits breathlessly for the first appearance of that oddly exciting tip.

To speed its appearance, she reaches back with one hand to her canine lover’s flaccid testicles and scratches lightly with her nails over their sensitive surface, bringing another sharp yip from the surprised and pleased Labrador.

Jackie keeps up her obscene massaging of the dog’s loins, her own loins churning with illicit excitement. She can feel a strong surging under her caressing fingers now and knows it would only be a matter of seconds before she sees the first pink evidence of the dog’s arousal. Oh God, yes, the lewdly aroused young woman thinks to herself, here it comes now! And almost with a rush, the dog-penis she had been bringing to life shoots smoothly out, glistening red in the clear daylight.

The staring young girl watches in round-eyed fascination as the throbbing organ grows and grows under the pressure of her hands until it has reached a truly unbelievable size. It is a moment before the aroused young woman can bring herself to place her fingers directly around the naked scarlet dog-flesh; overcoming what fear she has, Jackie plunges forward in her desire to experience everything and anything she can with this handsome Lab.

She wraps her fingers around the dog’s thick meaty cock and finds it hot, wet and slippery to the touch, lubricated with its own juices. His prick throbs in her hand, making her pussy ignite into flames. With a look of unnatural fascination the raggedly breathing young student seizes the throbbing organ directly and begins to slide her hands slowly up and down its burning length. Once again the dog whines loudly under the girl’s lewd ministrations.

Many times before the precocious young teenager has engaged in what she had at the time considered lewd and forbidden acts. But the very obscenity and depravity of what she is doing now – actively caressing the penis of an animal — fills the panting girl with wicked feelings of sheer sensual lust. Her eyes fasten on that swollen red animal member trapped so tightly between her pumping fingers as she rhythmically pulls and jerks, sliding the moist scarlet flesh back and forth over the rigid hot core beneath.

With Jackie’s fingers wrapped around his prick, the dog goes into a frenzy. He fucks his cock through her fist, yapping and jerking as his balls rumble painfully. His tail thumps against the ground. He lifts his head, then drops it back with a thud as Jackie’s fingers tighten around his cock.

“Ooooh,” she sighs, her blue eyes bulging. The throbbing of his cock drives her crazy. She loves it, loves the power she knows she has over this giant animal.

The dog is humping faster. He squirms, rolling from his back to his side, his rump in constant motion. His tongue is hanging out, his eyes wide and glowing. The Lab’s prick swells, ready to explode.

Jackie, curious and hot, watches her hand hypnotically. She stares at his pisser, watching the white jizz seep from his hole. Her mouth dries up. She knows something is going to happen and happen very soon. The only thing she isn’t quite sure about, are dogs the same as boys? She intends to find out. She jerks the huge animal cock eagerly, wanting to be able to see that hot canine sperm jetting forth.

What color will it be? she wonders. How much of it will come pouring out? Will it look like a man’s? All these salacious exciting questions burn in the young woman’s lust-crazed brain as she pumps madly on that massive stalk of flesh.

Jackie begins to pump her hands even harder at the dog’s massively swollen cock, wanting to see it spurt forth its own hot juices

Yelping, his balls ready to blast, the dog rolls to his back and fucks his prick through her clinging fingers. He squirms, his front legs thrashing, his head jerking on Jackie’s lap. He is ready.

Jackie feels his cock swell in her hand. “Ooooh boy. You’re gonna cum? Huh? Huh?” She is dizzy, her own passion running rampant through her virgin body. “Oh, yes, doggie. Cum. Let me see you cum!”

Jackie feels the near-bursting dog-cock in her hands begin a violent trembling and jerking. Jackie squeezes and milks at it with both hands, actually able to feel the first scalding rush of thick milky sperm rushing the full length of the spasming member until it finally jets forth in an erotic fountain, spraying in sticky trails through the air to lewdly cover her naked thighs. Sharp yelps of painful pleasure come from the dog’s throat.

“Holy shit!” Jackie screeches as the first spraying load of doggie-cum splashes against her hot sizzling white skin. “Holy shit!”

The dog continues to jerk and thrash like a deranged beast. More cum spurts from his cock, spattering Jackie’s sizzling flesh in white gooey globs.

His yelping grows loud, more shrill. The muscles in his powerful body tense, all working toward the goal of emptying his balls.

The hot doggie-jizz spattering her body inflames her pussy, making her dizzy. Her hand jacks up and down his exploding prick. She feels each pulsing squirt shoot through his cock, watching cum squirt from his piss hole, feels jizz hit her body. She is out of her mind, never expecting the things that are now happening.

The dog becomes a raging howling beast. His entire body jerks, thrashing, twisting, and shaking. Jackie’s hands are torturing him. He howls, the whites of his eyes showing as his eyeballs float into his skull. His ears draw back, and his tail whips against the ground.

Jackie, her legs drenched in doggie-cum, continues to whack her fist up and down the dog’s thick spewing prick. “Ooooh doggie!” she cries.

The dog squirms, his prick about empty, his balls almost drained. His rubbery lips draw back, baring his teeth. Yelping sounds come from his throat.

Jackie is mesmerized, totally involved with jacking her fist up and down his prick. “More, boy,” she moans. “Cum!” She is greedy, her blue eyes glazed, fix on the hole of his pisser. “More, doggie. Cum!”

The dog fucks through her fist, and a thin spray of jizz shoots from his prick. It sprays her face.

Jackie squeals with surprise. the dog howls. She squeezes his prick tighter, jerks his cock faster.

The dog yelps, twists his giant body, grabs at her wrist with his mouth, pushes at her hand holding his cock, anxious to be free of her tormenting hand.

Jackie gasps, coming out of her trance. She drops his prick and watches as he licks his cock clean, giggling as it begins to shrink back into hiding.

Jackie stares down at her body, seeing the dog’s cum. “Oh my god.” Her flesh sizzles, her pussy burns.

She reaches over and grabs her backpack, drawing out her towel. She uses it to wipe the sticky, white syrup off her face and legs.

She is suddenly aware that she is no longer alone with the dog and jumps to her feet in alarm. Standing about ten feet away, just inside the clearing are two young men.

She recognizes them as seniors in her high school, graduates who head to college in the fall. Her eyes drop down to their shorts. Both of the young men have their zippers down, hands gripping hard, excited cocks.

She quickly grabs her panties as the young men approach her. She grabs her bag planning to flee, but a hand catches her arm, stopping her.

“Jackie Johnson,” says one of the men. She is shocked that they know her name. “Can you believe the way this hot little hussy jacked-off the dog?” said the man to his friend.

It is then that she has time to recognize the man, it is the older brother of one of her friends in school, a girl who lives just on the other side of the neighborhood from her.

“That doesn’t look like all she was doing,” answers the other man, “did you see her panties on the ground?”

“Oh yeah, and I saw her naked little pussy. A friend of Vanessa’s jacking off a dog, what would people say?” Muses Hunter Vilroy, the brother of Jackie’s friend.

“Please!” she begs. “Don’t tell.”

“Don’t tell everyone we caught you in the clearing with your clothes off, jacking dog cock like a pro? This is the story of the summer; you’ll be famous by the time school starts,” teases the second man, Dwayne Markham, a member of the school cheer team.

“No, please!”

“Silence has a price,” says Hunter, releasing her arm. She knows what he means, their cocks are still out and erect.

“What do you want?” she asks quietly.

“Nothing special,” says Hunter with a grin. “Just a little favor. Nothing you wouldn’t do for a dog.”

“You won’t tell?” she asks.

“You just give us the same treatment you gave the dog and our lips are sealed. You willing to go for that deal, Rich?” asks Hunter of his friend.

“Hell, yeah! If she pumps ‘the beast’ I won’t say shit,” answers Dwayne, stepping closer to Jackie, his slightly softened, but still erect cock in his hand.

“‘Beast,’ my ass; more like ‘the dwarf,” jokes Hunter to his friend, “But if ‘Beauty’ here takes care of our ‘beasts’ we won’t say shit about what we saw.”

“Go ahead Jackie,” Hunter encourages. “Do us this favor and we do you a favor.”

Jackie reaches out her hand and grasps Hunter’s semi-erect cock. It throbs in her hand, beginning to stiffen immediately. She lightly runs her hand along its length; caressing the warm shaft of her friend’s older brother.

“Oh, yeah!” groans Hunter in encouragement.

“Don’t forget about me,” says Dwayne, pressing closer with his own erect cock.

Jackie wraps her other hand around his stiff prick and begins to stroke it as well.

Soon both men are moaning softly in pleasure as her hands stroke their erect cocks.

Jackie is not unaffected by the situation. Her crotch tingles in excitement as she strokes the hard cocks of these two men. Hunter is watching her as she strokes his length. “God, that’s good,” he moans.

“Shit, yeah!” echoes Dwayne.

Jackie starts to stroke their long, thick cock faster and harder as their and her excitement increases. Hunter continues to gaze at her, and she looks into his blue eyes, becoming more aroused.

“Damn, you’re sexy,” says Hunter His eyes travel over her body, greedily devouring her charms with his eyes. His hand slides under the back of the skirt, raising it to expose her legs and ass. “I thought my sister had a killer ass; but you are beautiful. Look at those legs.”

Jackie’s pussy moistness further under his approving gaze.

“I’ve got to see her breasts,” says Dwayne from the other side of her.

Both men lift her summer dress up over her hips, above her waist, and off her head; revealing her firm, shapely body, naked crotch, and bra-encased breasts.

Hunter slides his hands around her back to undo her bra which she shrugs off to reveal her round, firm breasts and erect, pink nipples as she again grasps the men’s hard cocks and strokes vigorously.

“Fuck, she’s beautiful!” gasps Dwayne, looking over her revealed body.

“Perfect,” murmurs Hunter. He bends forward and Jackie moans in pleasure as his mouth finds her erect nipple, sucking gently. Dwayne bends forward to close his mouth around her other nipple as more moisture exudes from her crotch.

Hunter’s warm hand slides against her thigh, upward. Her thighs spread slightly as his hand presses to her wet crotch as she moans loudly; jerking the two hard cocks in sexual fervor. His hand rubs lightly against her crotch, sending jolts of sexual pleasure through her. Her legs feel weak.

Jackie slowly drops to her knees. Kneeling helps her trembling legs, gives her a better angle to jack off the men’s hard cocks, and allows her to closely look at their two swollen cocks. They step closer to her, their stiff cocks almost touching her face as she jerks their hot, hard lengths with her fists.

From her knees, she can suck them. She admits to herself that she wants to. Seeing these two bulging organs inches from her face, she can’t help but think about sucking them, about sliding her mouth over their lengths, tasting them, feeling them fill her mouth.

Her lips open as she turns to one of the engorged cocks, sliding it into her mouth, tasting it, feeling the hard, throbbing shaft fill her mouth. The owner of the cock moans loudly as she sucks, exciting and encouraging her. She sucks harder, puckering her cheeks to increase the suctioning pressure around his cock meat.

“Oh yeah, Jackie,” groans Hunter, “suck my cock… it feels so good!” His prick tastes very good, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth. She slides her lips back along the length of the cock and releases it, turning to the other cock sliding her wet, sucking lips onto the blood-beating hardness of the second cock taking it in her mouth.

Her mouth is filled with the hard length of the second cock. She sucks on the warm shaft filling her mouth, eliciting moans of pleasure from the other man standing over her.

She pulls the engorged organs closer to her. Spreading her lips wide, first one, then another smooth, bulbous cockhead fills her mouth, touching inside her mouth as she hungrily pulls the cocks into her mouth. She rubs her tongue over to two cockheads filling her mouth, her lips forced open their widest to accommodate their two thick shafts.

Jackie listens to her own slurping, smacking sounds as her tongue swirls and laves over their pear- shaped cock crowns, basting them with spit, lapping up the salty cum juice that oozed from them. She tightened her fingers around their roots, jacking the cocks hard and fast, her pussy creaming with wanton arousal.

Suddenly Hunter pulls back. Jackie holds his shaft tightly, trying to keep it in her mouth, eager now to suck him off. But he pulls free from her grasp and steps back. She wonders momentarily why he stopped; then hears him drop his shorts, and figuring he’ll be back in a moment, turns her attention back to the other hard shaft and takes it deep in her mouth.

Hunter walks around behind the kneeling girl. She suddenly feels his hands on her shoulders, pushing her forward onto her hands, forcing her to her hands and knees. Then she feels his hand rub against her fervent crotch. She moans as pleasure explodes from her aching pussy.

“My god, she’s so wet!” Hunter exclaims to his buddy.

Jackie feels a hand on the small of her back, followed by a prod at her super-heated crotch. “Nuh!” she tries to protest around a mouthful of hard cock; but it’s too late.

With a push, her wet cunt-lips part for Hunter’s hard, invading cock-shaft. Deeper it slides into her moist depths until it is completely buried in her snug pussy. Despite her vocal protestation to his action, she cannot help but moan as her impassioned pussy is pleasurably stuffed with the hard cock-meat of her friend’s older brother.

“Oh fuck!” moans Hunter as he buries his cock in the young girl. “Damn! She’s so fucking hot man!” he says to his buddy, “I’ve never felt a pussy so hot before!”

Hunter pulls his cock partway out of her tight snatch, then thrusts his hips rapidly forward, pressing deep as Jackie moans in pleasure around the stiff cock filling her mouth. A trickle of her hot juice slides down her thigh. Then the cock is pulled from her lips, leaving her mouth feeling empty, wanting.

“I’ll bet she’s the best damn cocksucker in the whole school,” says Rick, “She almost made me cum, but I want to try some of that hot little pussy. Don’t mess in her.”

“I’ll try,” grunts Hunter as he thrusts forward again. “I won’t be long.” he gasps as he thrusts his cock into Jackie from behind.

Jackie grunts in pleasure; she is so close. Hunter’s thrusting cock pushes her to the brink of orgasm; the men’s vile talk further thrilling her. First they force her to stroke their hard cocks as their greedy hands caress her helpless body, then they make her kneel and take them in her mouth, then force her to hands and knees to take their hard cocks into her pussy; talking about her like a young whore, taking turns fucking her inflamed pussy, using her body any way they please.

Jackie is powerless to resist these men now that they are aroused, they will use her in whatever perverse ways their lust-controlled minds can conceive.

Rick is slowly stroking his thick cock in front of Jackie’s face as she watches. Hunter thrusting his cock hard and deep into her dripping pussy. Jackie arches her back, crying out in ecstasy as the second orgasm of the day cleaves through her and she orgasm around Hunter’s pistoning cock.

This drives him over the edge and he pulls back with a moan and Jackie feels his hot cum spurt against her butt and thighs.

Dwayne quickly scrambles behind her and she can’t suppress a moan as another hard cock is shoved up her steamy cunt.

“Man, why’d you have to cum all over her ass and shit?” Dwayne grunts, “I said don’t make a mess.”

“Sorry,” Hunter apologizes, “I couldn’t help it; she’s so fucking hot.”

“Fuck yeah, she is,” agrees Dwayne, fucking his cock hard and fast into the moaning young girl.

Hunter’s prick begins to harden again as he watches his buddy fuck his younger sister’s friend. He absentmindedly strokes his cock into pulsating hardness as he watches the drama unfolding before him. With no conscious intent Hunter found that his pummeling of his own lust-thickened shaft has taken up the same tempo as his friend’s cock fucking rhythmically into the tight pink girl-cunt before it.

Dwayne grabs her hips tightly, thrusting hard and fast. “Take it bitch! Take my cock,” he grunts, driving furiously into the kneeling girl, “Gonna cum! Tight little pussy! So fucking good!”

Jackie moans as Dwayne thrusts wildly into her fervent cunt. His cock swells and jerks; he pulls out and Jackie feels more man-cum spray against her ass.

Then Hunter is in front of her on his knees, forcing his swollen cock into her mouth. She sucks him as Dwayne pulls back, temporarily spent.

Hunter moans as Jackie’s mouth softly suctions around his swollen cock. His cock twitches with excitement in her mouth as he looks behind her in surprise; but he doesn’t speak.

The dog, Dwayne’s dog, Thor is moving forward towards the kneeling girl. The smell of sex has excited him again. Jackie gives a startled yelp around Hunter’s cock as she feels the cool snout of the dog as is sniffs her pussy and ass.

The dog whips out his tongue, slithered it up through her pussy, between her ass cheeks, and over the tight wrinkled hole of her ass.

“Lick her hole!” Dwayne grunts from beside her, his cock beginning to stir again. “Lick her asshole, Thor.”

The dog’s tongue slaps over her ass, up through her ass crack. Cunt juice clinging to his tongue. He greases her asshole, soaking her asshole with a mixture of spit and pussy juice.

“Oooooo!” Jackie gasps around Hunter’s hot, swollen cock in her mouth. She presses her hips back, pushing her ass into the dog’s hard snout “Ahhhh!”

Thor growls and uses his tongue, whipping it over the vulnerable ring of her asshole. His tongue plunges into her asshole. He reams her, his tongue like an overactive snake.

“Unnnnn,” Jackie moans drunkenly around Hunter’s cock. She shoves back, wiggling her ass, reveling in his exploring tongue feasting on her firm ass cheeks and virgin ass crack.

Thor sniffs, the smell of her pussy and ass making him whimper. His balls are swollen, sore, filled with another heavy load of doggie-jizz.

She is on all fours presenting her buttocks to the waiting animal like a bitch in heat. The dog knows this position and the big animal stalks forward, his huge penis jerking and dancing beneath his hairy torso as he moves.

The big dog easily mounts the girl’s offered buttocks, his strong furry legs gripping tightly around Jackie’s smooth torso.

She gives a startled yelp and drops her hips, but Hunter grabs her hair, pulling her forward onto her knees, “Stay!” he hisses at her.

All instincts tell the excited beast to bury his aching cock deep up between Jackie’s expectantly quivering ass- cheeks, but he can’t find the entrance. Slipping and dancing in the moist wet cleft between the crouching teenager’s buttocks, time and time again the scarlet needle-shaped tip fails to enter, although it catches for a moment at the tiny puckered opening of Jackie’s anus, almost ramming brutally in before the frightened girl is able to twist away from the unwanted rectal impalement.

“C’mon, Thor,” encourages Dwayne, “Fuck her!”

The sharp, tapered tip of the dog’s cock finally finds the opening between her passion-swollen pussy lips.

Jackie feels it against the entrance to her vagina and braces herself for the shock to come.

Sensing finally that he is at the entrance to his long- sought goal, the powerful Labrador only does what nature demands. He fucks forward!

Mercilessly that huge pole of scarlet dog-flesh tears into the pussy before it, not stopping until the dog’s sperm-bloated balls crush up against Jackie’s widely stretched cuntal lips. As soon as the animal senses his complete penetration of the kneeling girl before him, he begins to ram into her with relentless jackhammer drives, machine- like, as he animal-fucks the helplessly cringing Jackie.

“Aaaaaaagh, uuuuuuuunnnnhh!” the stunned girl manages to gasp out, amazed at the sudden sharp pain that explodes in her cunt at the dog’s first brutal lunge; Thor’s powerful forelegs clamped vise-like around her body.

For one long moment, Dwayne sees his pet’s swollen scarlet penis poised at the opening to Jackie’s tight young cunt, and then without warning it disappears from view, driven deep into the squirming flesh before it by the powerful animal.

It is no surprise to Dwayne when the crouching Jackie cries out in pain, the only wonder is that she is able to take that monstrous pole of flesh at all. Dwayne begins to pump his own swelling cock more furiously as he watches the naked young girl cringe before the madly humping animal behind her; constant little cries and whimpers coming from her beautiful young throat: Hunter steps back to watch as well..

Jackie knows that there is no turning back now. She must go on to the end, go on until Thor empties his hot animal sperm deep up into her, his feral passion finally satiated.

Jackie tries to open her thighs wider, hoping it will lessen the slight pain in her cruelly stretched vagina, and indeed it does help. Jackie can feel that huge fleshy dog- cudgel ramming again and again like a rubbery pile- driver deep up into the unused depths of her virginal pussy until it feels as if her hips were going to be split wide open. Low, shuddering, moans escape in a continual stream from lips pulled tightly back over her even white teeth.

Wham, wham, wham, those hairy animal loins thud resoundingly into her widespread buttocks, each fierce advance ramming that merciless scarlet spear another fraction of an inch deeper into her young plundered loins.

It does not hurt anymore. In fact, it feels… good. The expression on the girl’s lovely young face turns into a blind stare of passionate acceptance as she crouches in helpless submission before the humping animal behind. Then, almost without warning, the young girl feels her hips begin a mindless, automatic motion back against the invading animal-penis, and in another moment the suddenly maddened young woman is twisting her buttocks around in lewd circles of abandoned passion, mewling and moaning in lascivious pleasure.

The sex-enchanted girl tries to look back under her kneeling body to see that marvelous red rod of flesh disappearing up into her grasping cunt, but she can only see the hairy canine balls as they swing repeatedly against her desire-swollen clitoris, causing her additional jolts of lewd pleasure.

With one hand the straining girl reaches back towards her own pussy and lets her fingers encircle Thor’s slippery wet cock as it flashes in and out between her sensitive cunt-lips, at the same time letting her knuckles dig gratifyingly into her own genital flesh.

The sweating, panting, moaning girl feels a rush of obscene forbidden pleasure come over her as the full realization of what she is doing hits her. Somehow the very thought of crouching lewdly on the ground, offering her young body up to a panting animal to fuck adds another dimension of lust-filled depravity to the sensations and emotions that are already ravaging her wildly aroused young body. God, how utterly… obscene, the no longer innocent virgin, thinks to herself in pleased amazement while ever-growing pleasure radiates through her shamelessly used body.

Hunter and Dwayne, too, are both panting with arousal from the sheer depravity of the unnatural scene before them as they lecherously watch the thick scarlet dog- cock disappear with ferocious regularity up into the young girls squirming, pink pussy-hole. Each has a hand wrapped in a death-grip around their own massively erect penises.

“Oooohhh, ooohhh, ooohhh!” they hear the girl chant in obvious pleasure as she moves her buttocks back against Thor’s hard-driving loins. Hunter begins to pump his own cock with increased vigor as he watches the changing expressions flicker over Jackie’s passion-distorted face.

The moaning girl is obviously completely enraptured by the wonderful animal-fucking she is receiving from behind. Hunter can see it all since he has moved back and Jackie is now turned slightly away from him, can see that merciless glistening shaft sawing relentlessly in and out, drawing back the soft clinging vaginal flesh on the out-stroke and then ramming it back inside each time the big animal lunges forward.

But the most exciting thing to the watching, masturbating men is the completely wild, committed way that Jackie moves her own ass-cheeks back to seek fulfillment from the hard red staff plunging deep up into her seething little belly.

Never in their whole lives have the men ever seen a woman so passionately involved.

Hunter wonders what the hell he is doing watching anyhow, with this red-hot little piece of tail just feet yards away, forced to satisfy herself with an animal? It hardly seems that he should be here pulling on his own hungry cock while the goddamn dog is humping the wildest piece of squirming hot cunt this side of the moon.

Jackie opens her eyes; the crazily bucking girl finds a gorgeous, swollen cock standing rigidly out right in front of her face as Hunter drops heavily to his knees in front of her.

Thor redoubles the force of his wild thrusts into the sweet smelling young human who had opened her lovely body to him. “Ooooooooh,” cries Jackie as the ever swelling animal cock pounds ever deeper up into her. And, “Ooooooooh,” again.

For a moment the young girl’s eyes unfocus a little as though she is looking off into distant mists, and it suddenly doesn’t matter to her who was kneeling before her. Only that wonderful filling of her hungry cunt matters, and now there is another cock presented before her dreamy eyes, filling her with further lascivious thoughts.

“You’ll never tell anyone about this, will you?” Jackie manages to gasp out between thrusts of Thor’s rampaging cock.

“No, never,” Hunter growls hoarsely back to her. “It’s between you and me, and Dwayne and Thor, and… this.” And Hunter moves his swollen cock even closer to the young girl’s parted lips.

Even though it is hard to concentrate on anything but that magnificent dog-penis fucking into her from behind, Jackie can’t take her eyes away from Hunter’s rigid cock as it juts forward from out of the coarse dark hair covering his loins. Just the size alone is enough to overwhelm the panting girl as she stares at his penis. She momentarily wonders if Vanessa has any idea what a huge cock her brother has.

Without really willing it, Jackie finds her hand moving up to encircle that great rod of blood-engorged male flesh with cool fingers. Then she feels Hunter’s pulse beating inside the rubbery shaft like a tiny heart. Jackie knows that she wants that huge throbbing flesh in her mouth again.

She wants to sense and savor and taste the whole of it. Have it rammed into her face while his friend’s dog rams into her cunt from behind. Slowly her lovely young face moves closer… closer…. her hand squeezing harder without her even noticing.

As he kneels before this lovely naked creature, Hunter can not keep a small groan from breaking from between his clenched teeth because of the almost painful delight of her touch.

As that giant animal member thrusts deep into her to its fullest extent, the trembling young girl can feel her vagina open up like an accepting flower, and a kind of dizzy euphoria sweeps over her. And now, before her very face is the rigid, throbbing penis of her friend’s sexy older brother.

A new maddening excitement sweeps over the completely abandoned girl and she begins to pull and jerk harder at the fleshy pole in her hand while Hunter writhes and twists in blissful agony under her touch. Finally, unable to stand the temptation another moment, Jackie flicks out her tiny little tongue and lets it glide warmly over the swollen glans.

Hunter groans loudly from the hot searing contact, his whole body spasming as the lovely girl kneeling before him begins to run her tongue in lewd little circles around the tip of his near-bursting penis.

A pungent tang of seminal fluid floods Jackie’s mouth, filling her with a new kind of wild excitement. She lets her hand slide down the smooth, hot penile shaft and then reaches behind Hunter’s wrinkled hair-covered sac to scratch her fingernails lightly over his clenched asshole.

At the same time, she takes Hunter’s cock into her mouth, feeling the veined underside of the glans sliding erotically over her tongue until it is all the way back to her tonsils, almost gagging her. Automatically she begins to suck, her ovalled red lips clasping tightly around the huge lust-swollen shaft sunk so obscenely into her face.

Hunter lets his weight fall back on his haunches, afraid that he was going to collapse from the sheer ecstasy of the girl’s unbelievable mouthing of his cock. As his heavy loins begin to rock slowly up into Jackie’s face, his hands circle together behind her head to pull her sucking lips down tighter against his aching penis.

The thick cock slides lecherously in and out of the passion-softened teenage face to the accompaniment of a wet sucking sound that can clearly be heard above Hunter’s hoarse groans.

Hunter stares down at Jackie, hardly daring to believe what was happening. But there it is right before his very eyes as he watches the young beauty’s rosy cheeks hollow and fill around his thrusting hardness, her tongue snaking maddeningly around it inside her hot little mouth. And if that isn’t enough, Hunter can look back over the nakedly gleaming back underneath him and stare straight into the glittering eyes of his friend’s Labrador as the dog humps repeatedly, endlessly into this little doll’s squirming vagina.

“Christ, it feels so good.’ gasps Hunter, fumbling down with one hand under Jackie’s quivering body and finding her voluptuously swaying breasts. He begins to knead them cruelly, first the one passion-swollen mound and then the other, rolling and squeezing the hard little nipples between his fingers until Jackie whimpers half in pleasure, half in pain, her lustful sucking of his hurting penis increasing with every second. Hunter revels in the firm resilience of the girl’s taut young breasts as he molds them like warm putty in his fingers.

Jackie now finds herself totally loving her debased position as she sucks wantonly at the massive human organ in her mouth while Thor’s canine shaft of pleasure traps her from the rear. Never in her young life has the girl known such perverse bliss as she feels now, being buffeted back and forth between the two males like a helpless rag doll.

Each time Thor slams powerfully into her ass-cheeks, she is driven forward with a jerk, impaling herself even further on Hunter’s rigid member as it saws relentlessly up into her face.

The moaning older boy is becoming less gentle now as his passion mounts, and reaching up he tangles his hands in Jackie’s long brown hair to hold her head in a vise-like grip while he brutally rams his cock far down her throat.

The gasping teenager finds her mouth so filled with Hunter’s stone-hard cock and her own free-flowing saliva that she thinks she will choke, and tries to pull her head away. But Hunter’s arms are too strong for that as he pulls her head even tighter into his up-thrusting loins.

“Oh no, baby,” Hunter mutters half-consciously. “You’re gonna have to go on to the end now. Go on till I cum… gotta cum.”

And somehow that makes it seem even more exciting to the lewdly crouching girl. Her whole body oddly tingles at this further humiliation as she finds herself actually trapped between two powerful males who will do what they want with her no matter how she might struggle to get away. Yes, yes, she wants them to cum in her. She wants to feel and taste the hot human sperm in her mouth while at the same time her hungry belly is filled to the brim with Thor’s lewd animal semen.

As the last ounce of hesitation drops from her, the writhing young blonde turns into a complete wildcat, ramming back with increased force against her hairy animal lover behind while her smooth young cheeks form great hollows from her powerful sucking of Hunter’s tingling cock.

‘I must have pushed the right button,’ Hunter thinks, a lewd, almost cruel grin coming over his normally amiable face. This is without a doubt the best blow-job the young man can ever remember getting, and there were quite a few good ones in his past.

Dwayne also smiles, pumping his swollen cock and smiling at his laboring dog as it stands on trembling legs, ceaselessly pounding its massive organ into the wonderful mating-hole that has been so tantalizingly laid out before him.

Watching the wildly-humping dog, Hunter knows it is only a matter of seconds before both of them come, so he makes several last desperate thrusts into the butter- soft mouth wrapped so lewdly around his throbbing cock. And then a bomb seems to go off in his balls, followed by a hot rush of what feels like molten lava as his semen explodes from his swollen testicles. Hunter’s last shout of pleasure trails off into a choking gurgle and he pulls Jackie’s lewdly bobbing head desperately into his steaming loins.

“Now! Oh God, mother-fuck!” Hunter shouts deliriously. “Suck it! For God’s sake suck hard, you sweet little bitch. I’m CUMMING!!” And then his back arches while his body helplessly jerks and twists in his ecstasy.

Jackie had wanted him to explode in her mouth and he did. The first burning gush of seminal fluid floods into her desperately sucking mouth, but try as she may she can’t swallow it all down without choking. Sucking and slurping, the slaving girl does the best she can, but thick streams of the viscous, white liquid flood out around the jerking organ protruding from her stretched young lips, obscenely covering her chin with sticky trails of the lust-inciting fluid.

Oh God, how she loves the nastiness of it, the wild-eyed girl thinks to herself, and then the excitement of having her first human cock shooting into her mouth touches off her own orgasm. As she feels the first onslaught of her building climax, the moaning girl thrusts her buttocks back hard against Thor’s laboring dog-cock just as he thrusts forward, wanting to get the full benefit of the animal’s long, thick length. The wildly excited girl can feel the rock-hard shaft smash past her tender pussy-lips on its way toward the ultimate depths of her convulsing belly.

This is the final trigger Jackie needs, and suddenly she feels as if she has been hit hard in the stomach with a fist as all her muscles contract at once in spasms of wild delight. Her buttocks flexes and hollow as her clenching pussy pulls wildly on Thor’s near-bursting dog-penis, while at the same time her lips and tongue keep spasmodically milking at the still spurting man- cock in her mouth.

All this is too much for the already wildly aroused Labrador and suddenly his hot animal cum begins to jet up into Jackie’s squirming cunt. The gasping girl has one split second to think how different it feels from Hunter’s orgasm, more like one long hot squirt that seems to drill a hole right through her quivering insides, and then Jackie’s mind explodes in a great flare of colored lights from this last incredible stimulation as she starts to cum all over again.

Hunter has begun to fall back away from the madly bucking girl and his shrinking penis slips wetly from between her semen-slick lips as she gurgles out a long mindless groan of sensual pleasure. Hunter gets quickly to his knees, wanting to watch this incredible sight, and his eyes bulged in amazement as he sees the dog empty his testicles savagely into the gyrating body of the young teenager kneeling before him in total, abject depravity.

Wailing and thrashing, Jackie presses her voracious cunt back against the spurting animal-cock as if she is afraid to let one drop of the milky fluid escape her. The thick liquid gushes back out again from where her snug little vagina clasps tightly around Thor’s jerking member, and runs in sticky trails down her shuddering white thighs.

More hot, strands of male cum spurt against her back and shoulder as Dwayne brings himself off. Finally, with one last quiver, Jackie’s sperm-soaked body goes rigid in final release, and the exhausted girl falls limply forward onto the grass. Thor’s now diminishing cock slips from her battered cunt with a soft wet sucking sound.

For long moments there is no sound in the clearing but the harsh breathing of the four depleted inhabitants. Then Hunter gets weakly to his feet, grabs his discarded shorts and stuffs his still-tender penis back into them. He looks down at the nakedly heaving body of the voluptuous girl who lies at his feet, and Hunter can’t keep his eyes from feasting on the glistening beauty of her sensuously swelling hips and buttocks.

Dwayne retrieves his clothes as well.

Before they leave the exhausted girl, they toss the towel to her and head off down the path; the dog following quietly behind them.


A week later, Jackie makes it a point to visit her friend Vanessa Vilroy. She says hello to the handsome Hunter when she sees him, somewhat amused by his shocked expression when he first sees her. She makes a point of telling Vanessa that she plans to go to the park the next day to play some Volleyball while Hunter is within earshot.

The next day the two girls finish playing a little Volleyball and head for the trail to walk home. Jackie has seen Hunter in the park, throwing a football with a couple of friends. As Vanessa picks her way through the raspberry bushes at the start of the trail, Jackie looks back and sees Hunter, Dwayne, and another boy with a German Shepherd on a leash heading towards them. She smiles to herself; she’ll have to find an excuse to get Vanessa to stop in the clearing, she thinks to herself.

the end

Bad Babysitter


Tangelique was a young girl I’d noticed since moving into the neighborhood a month before. She had short, straight brown hair that hung down the sides of her face, a pert nose, and sometimes wore wire-rimmed glasses. Her small, but nicely rounded, breasts were molded high up on her chest, jutting out straight, firm, and slightly pointed. Her small, nicely shaped ass created sharp curves on her slender girlish body, and she looked incredibly sexy from behind. At the age of 13, almost 14, she still looked like a young girl, though her body was just beginning to develop the traits of a young woman. She was at that in-between stage: no longer a girl, not yet a woman.

She had an easy laugh and a loose manner, and I could sense her budding sexual longings in her developing body. I found out later that she’d been very sexually active for almost two years and, though still quite young, there wasn’t much she hadn’t already experienced.

She was a regular baby-sitter for the young family across the street and I would often see her playing with the toddler in the yard. She’d glance across the street at me as I worked in my yard and we occasionally said ‘hello’ to each other, always with a big smile.

One day, I watched her cross the street and come up to the house.

“Hi, I’m Tangelique, the sitter across the street. Do you think you could come over and help me set up the pool? I just can’t seem to get it right.”

I gave her a big smile and let my eyes scan her nubile body, dressed in tight jeans.

“Sure,” I said, and we headed across the street.

It wasn’t really a big deal and we got it sorted out and set up almost right away. She explained that she sat for the young toddler all day several days each week, except on the weekends. As we worked together setting up the pool, occasionally our bodies bumped and touched, and each time it was like a spark jumped between us. The sexual energy seemed to crackle between us, and when nubile thirteen-year-old girl looked at me I could tell she felt the same thing.

We talked about how hot the day was going to be and the need to cool off. When everything was set and the small pool was filling, Tangelique thanked me, her shy glance making her more attractive than ever. Then, she looked into my eyes with a decided boldness and asked if I wanted to come over later in the afternoon and cool off in the water, seeing how I’d done so much to help put it up.

I readily agreed. She told me to come over right after lunch time because that was when the child she sat for would be down for her nap. Then we’d have some free time.

After lunch I changed into my swim suit. I have two: a regular suit and a brief racing suit that I wear when I’m feeling adventurous. I put the racing suit on and a pair of cut-offs over them and headed across the street.

The back yard was surrounded by a large, solid wooden privacy fence about eight feet high. I found the gate and walked into the yard.

Tangelique was already lying out on a blanket near the small pool. She was lying on her stomach and, as I approached, looked up and turned over slightly, giving me a little welcoming smile. My cock gave a jolt. She was wearing one of those little bikinis, the kind that is held together with little strings. Two thin triangles of material barely cupped the roundness of her developing little breasts and another, slightly larger, triangle spread up over her smooth, round ass. I could see the bottom part was held together by two short strings tied together on the sides of her hips. She looked incredibly sexy.

If she was going to wear that, then I wasn’t going to be shy about my brief racing suit. As I came up to her I paused, unsnapped my cut-offs, and threw them over on the grass, settling down on the blanket next to her.

“Hi,” I said, “you look terrific in that suit.”

“Thanks, I like yours, too.” She couldn’t miss the large lump of my semi-hard cock.

We talked for a little while. I sat next to her as she lay on her stomach. She had put her sun glasses on and I couldn’t tell if she was looking at my prick or not. I sure couldn’t take my eyes off her young, nubile body.

“Could you put some baby oil on my back?” I heard her say after a little while.

I got up on my knees beside her, took the bottle of clear oil and spread some on my hand. I began to rub it into her back, my hand sliding over the string that held her top on. She could tell it was getting in the way and reached back with one hand, pulled at the knot, and untied the two strings, letting them fall off onto the blanket next to her body. Now, I could easily spread the oily over her smooth back.

I began at her neck, gently kneading the softness of the back of her neck and shoulders, letting my fingers caress and tease her young body. I used the tips of my fingers along her spine, around her shoulders and upper arms and down her back, occasionally letting my finger tips slip down underneath her arms and along the smooth side of her little breasts.

The young girl felt incredibly good as I spread the oil over her slim, youthful body. My cock felt very hard, now, throbbing inside the brief suit I was wearing. The tip was beginning to push up against the elastic waistband and I knew if I moved too much it might slip out. Her head was lying on the blanket and was turned toward me. I couldn’t see her eyes through her sun glasses, but felt her gaze as she stared at my prick.

Eventually, I began to work my way down her thirteen- year-old body, inch by sensual inch. I let my finger tips follow her spine down to her lower back and the swell of her round ass. Her bikini bottom didn’t quite cover her behind completely, and the top several inches of the cleft of her ass ran up above her bikini bottom.

My hand slipped lower with each up and down movement as I spread the oil over her back. She hadn’t said anything about stopping, so I wasn’t about to. Down her spine, through the small of her back, and over the swell of her behind I worked the oil into her skin. My finger tips brushed the top of the cleft of her ass several times before I finally let my middle finger slip down a little more, sliding under the thin string that held her bikini bottoms on and slipping between the cheeks of her round behind.

“You have a great ass,” I said quietly, my hand now freely roaming and caressing the narrow valley created by her butt cheeks, gradually working my way lower and lower underneath the thin material of her bikini.

I hadn’t noticed it, but the tip of my cock head had pushed up and under the waist band of my suit and had popped out.

“You have a nice cock,” I heard the thirteen-year-old girl say with a slight giggle.

I shifted my weight a little so I could move my hand further down into the bottom of her swim suit and the move caused the head of my cock to slip completely free. It stood straight out the top of my suit, red and sticky from the drops of pre-cum juice that bubbled from the little hole in the tip.

The string holding her bottoms on was too tight and I couldn’t get my hand any farther down the crack of her ass. With my free hand I reached down and pulled at the tie holding the left side together and gave a little tug. The knot pulled loose immediately, and my other hand slid down. I let my fingers play over the round undersides of her round little ass, my finger tips making little circles over the round smoothness of each little cheek.

Gradually, my fingers slipped lower along the crack of her ass, over her puckered little asshole and down, sliding over her little girl slit.

I could feel the softness of her pussy lips and knew right away that she had practically no pubic hair, just a little soft fur to tickle my fingers. I gently wiggled my finger back and forth over the folds of soft flesh, moving the thicker outer lips of her cunt back and forth, enjoying the sensation of fingering the young girl’s pussy. She was already wet. I felt the oily wetness along her slit and it coated my finger tips as I gently rubbed them up and down, over her girl opening.

Her legs had been nearly together until now, and I felt her spread them out slightly, making it easier for me to play with her cunt. With more room I pushed the tip of my finger down between the outer lips of her pussy and into her a little. She wasn’t as tight as I thought she’d be, and it crossed my mind that maybe this wasn’t the first time she’d had someone slip a finger into her cunt. I wondered, too, if she’d had something else a little bigger in that opening before.

I leaned over her, keeping my finger moving around the entrance to her moistening pussy, and pulled at the knot keeping the other side of her bottoms tied together. When it pulled free, I pushed the material of her bikini bottoms down and off until it lay on the blanket between her legs, her beautiful behind completely uncovered.

I pulled my hand out from between her legs and let my middle finger slide up through the cleft of her ass and over her back again. Using the back of my hand I pulled my finger nails lightly along her spine from her neck down to her ass, allowing my fingers to slip down between her legs and play with her wet pussy lips before dragging them back up and over her behind. Back and forth my hand traveled, caressing the young girl’s skin. I felt her body shiver and wiggle slightly beneath the light touch of my hand. I love feeling and touching the bodies of young girl’s like this, reveling in their innocence and desires.

Like many young girls, she had an almost perfect ass: round, smooth and firm with no blemishes and a deep crevasse running down between the round mounds of their behind. Most girls have an ass like this at some point in their life, but lose it as their bodies begin to grow and get ready for child bearing. But Tangelique’s was just about perfect now, and I enjoyed letting my fingers run over the bottom curves of her little butt, slipping over the smoothness, now wet with the juices from her pussy.

As my own body moved I could feel the waist band of my suit work its way down, my hard, pulsing cock being more and more revealed. I looked at Tangelique’s face and could see her mouth and lips open slightly, her breathing fast and heavy as she became more and more aroused.

I began to concentrate my fingers more and more around her girl opening, plunging my middle finger further and further into her slit. In and out my finger moved several times until I pushed it all the way in, up to my hand. I finger-fucked her wet pussy, beginning to move faster and faster. I heard a low moan as the sensations began to build between her soft, slender thighs even more.

The creeping of my swim suit down my cock was really beginning to bother me. With my free hand I pushed it down, lifting my knees, and sliding it off my feet.

My hard shaft stood out from my body, pulsing and erect, a drop of almost clear liquid flowing from the hole in the tip.

“Are you going to fuck me?” I heard Tangelique say, her voice almost a whisper.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked.

“Yeah, I do…but I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“It’s OK; I’m sterile – I’ve had a vasectomy. I can’t get anyone pregnant anymore.”

“Then, do me…God, I’m so horny, please, do me.”

I moved over her reclining figure and straddled her tight, little ass with my knees. Pushing my cock down, I rubbed it up and down through the narrow crack of her ass several times before wedging the tip into her little wet slit. When I felt the warm wetness of her opening close around my cock head, I let go of my shaft and gently, but firmly, pushed forward with my hips. I didn’t know if she was a virgin or how tight she would be; I was ready for just about anything.

Surprisingly, I slipped in easily. I felt the first half of my cock slide up into her right away. Pulling back a little, I thrust my hips forward again, more of my hardness penetrating between the young girl’s pussy lips and slipping into her. With a final push I felt her smooth, tight little ass cheeks against my loins and knew I was completely buried inside her cunt, my balls wedged tightly against her moist little slit.

I paused for a minute, wanting her to get used to my prick and wanting to enjoy the sensation of my hard cock pushed up into the tight, wet pussy of this young thirteen-year-old girl. God, she felt great. The rounded curves of her firm, little behind were wedged in the crease of my thighs as I sat mounted over the backs of her legs, our bodies making that pleasurable, hot connection. I could smell the musky odor of her pussy juice as her wetness spread over our loins.

Leaning down, I ran my hands along the sides of her body underneath her arms, feeling and caressing the soft skin of the sides of her little breasts. She moaned again, quietly.

“How’s it feel?” I asked quietly as I made small circles with my finger tips over her smooth, tender skin.

“God, it feels sooo… good. I love sex. I’ve done it with other boys, and my boyfriend and me, we do it a lot.

“How old’s your boyfriend?”

“He’s fourteen. He’s kinda short and his…thing isn’t very big.”

“You mean his cock?”

“Yeah, his cock.”

As we talked I lightly caressed the sides of her soft, little breasts with my finger tips. She must have liked it because she raised herself up and supported her upper body on her elbows so I could reach around in front of her and play with her hard little nipples. I pulled and gently squeezed the two little buds, rolling them between my finger tips, exciting them even more. She moaned quietly, her head tilting back and her eyes closed, and I felt her wiggle her small, shapely ass against me as my cock as little jolts of sexual sensations ran from her breasts down between her legs where I was firmly and completely embedded in her tight cunt.

“Mmm, it feels nice, having you inside me. God, I love it when you play with my nipples like this…”

“It feels nice being inside you. I like fucking young little girls like you. You have such nice, tight pussies and you’re so eager to learn and to please.”

I enjoyed our frank sexual talk, but it made me even hornier. I put my hands down on the blanket on either side of her slender body and began to move my hips slowly back and forth, leisurely fucking her. I looked down between the round globes of her ass and watched the incredibly erotic sight of my smooth, hard cock sliding in and out the tight, furry little pink opening between this horny thirteen-year-old girl’s legs. Her wetness coated my shaft and made it glisten in the afternoon sunlight. I pulled out of her until just the tip was lodged in the entrance to her cunt, then slowly slid my prick back up into the young girl, the tightness of her pussy walls caressing and milking my cock.

I wanted to take my time. This is my favorite position to fuck young girls. Their small, tight asses feel so good against my thighs and lower belly as I move my cock in and out of their delicious little pussies. I know, too, that in this position my cock rubs over their sensitive clits and that I can make them cum easier and faster this way.

Fucking Tangelique felt so good I didn’t want to climax too soon, and I wanted her to enjoy this first experience with an older man. I stroked my cock fully in and out of the young junior high school girl several times, then pushed up completely into her, pausing for a minute to lightly run my fingers over her back and sides again. I loved touching her tender young body and, at the same time, feeling her tight, wet cunt grip my shaft deeply up inside her.

“It feels so good to touch you…” I murmured, my hands traveling down her smooth back and over the roundness of her ass. I let my fingers roam over her young body, probing and caressing her openings. I slid my fingers down along the sides of my cock and balls, touching the base of my shaft where it disappeared into her slit and caressing the soft, wet skin of her pussy lips. My fingers tips ran along the crease of her inner thighs and I could feel the light, silky hair that sparsely covered her most intimate area.

With my moistened, oily fingers I caressed the cleft of her ass, sliding them up and down between the cheeks of her tight little behind, letting them linger over her butt hole and enjoying the feel of this other sensitive opening. Some day I’d like to show her the pleasure possible here, I thought.

The sensations were beginning to build in my balls as the intense erotic contact with her almost child-like body aroused me to a new level. I had to fuck this young girl, to cum inside her. Again, I supported myself with my hands on the ground on either side of her and rocked back and forth, slipping in and out of her tight wetness. Little moans of pleasure told me she was feeling that fire of orgasm build between her legs, too.

From behind, I fucked into her a little faster, a little harder. It was almost too good to stop. The tight, warm wetness of her pussy gripped and pulled at my shaft like another mouth and for a minute I wondered what her real mouth would feel like wrapped around my cock. She was so wet now, we both could hear the squishing sound of our sexual union, her ass slapping against me with each thrust of my hips.

Tangelique pushed back against me, her great little ass tilting up toward the inward thrusts of my cock. Harder I fucked her, my balls slapping into her clit with each penetration. I could feel the tension of her orgasm build in her body beneath me as I rocked back and forth, my shaft plunging hard and fast into her sexy little body from behind.

Both of us were breathing hard and fast from our sexual arousal, grunting and gasping from the exertion, the fires in out loins growing and spreading as we neared our climaxes. With each deep thrust into the thirteen- year-old girl I felt her ass push up against my loins. The lips of her cunt seemed to close around the base of my shaft and squeeze like a soft rubber ring with each hard, deep penetration. God, she felt good.


Tangelique’s head suddenly came up from the blanket and she tilted it back, her mouth opening in a silent scream as her orgasm rushed over her. Her body tensed and I felt her push back hard against me, her cunt muscles gripping my cock deeply inside her as I came, too.

The first spurt shot hard up into her. With each contraction of my balls the incredible pleasure shocked my body as I felt each spurt of my cock spew cream into her young teenage body. Over and over again the spasms jolted me as her pussy lips held my softening cock tightly inside her. I felt her push back against my loins, her ass wiggling back trying to get me as deeply inside her as she could.

“God, that was nice…” I murmured quietly, still sitting perched on the backs of her slender thighs, my softening cock firmly held by the tight elastic opening of her girl slot. I gently caressed her back and shoulders, dragging the tips of my fingers over her smooth skin, just enjoying the feeling of the young girl.

“Mmmm,” she moaned in agreement beneath me, lost in that floating feeling that follows great sex. “You can come over and do this to me anytime…”

“That’s an offer I’ll take you up on,” I answered. “But what will your boyfriend say?”

“Oh, he doesn’t mind. We both agree that it’s good to have sex with other people. It feels good and it’s a lot of fun…what’s bad about that? We even have sex parties with some of our friends and you can do it with who ever you want to.”

“That sounds interesting. You’ll have to tell me about that sometime.”

“Sure, I’d love to.”

We heard the cry of the baby at the same time.

“Guess I’ve gotta get back to work,” she said. “Maybe see you tomorrow?”

“Sure. I work at night so I’m home most afternoons. Just come on over whenever you’re ‘in the mood’.

“God,” she laughed, “I’m ‘in the mood’ all the time. I’m just glad I found someone else who could do me so good, like you.”


I wasn’t surprised to see her standing at the front door the following afternoon.

“Hi. I just put the kids to bed for their nap and thought I’d come over and see what you were doin’.”

What I’d been doing was looking out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of her wonderful, young body and thinking about the previous day. I didn’t know if yesterday had been real: a young girl in her first year as a teenager willing spreading her legs and wanting me to fuck her. The memory had kept me hard all day.

I invited her into the house. It was a very hot, humid summer afternoon, but the inside of the house was cool. The windows were all open and a nice summer wind was billowing out the curtains.

Tangelique was wearing a very tight pair of jeans that seemed to cling to her body like a second skin. The jeans emphasized the blossoming beauty of her nubile body: slender legs and thighs, great round, little ass, and the flatness of her tummy sloping and curving down between her legs. The jeans were so tight I could see the roundness of her pubes and the crease of her thighs. I wondered it she’d worn them especially for me.

Over her small breasts she was wearing a halter top. It was the kind of top that has a piece of material over her front and two strings which tie around the back of her neck with two more that tie around behind her. The material was stretched pretty tightly across her round little tit mounds. As she walked they jiggled slightly and I could see the hard points of her little nipples bouncing against the thin material that covered them.

I told her she looked sexy-because she definitely did.

“I feel kinda sexy, thinkin’ about what we did yesterday. That was so fun and felt so good…” Her voice tapered off as she looked at me, her breathing coming faster. We both knew what was going to happen; we both wanted it to happen.

I led her into the living room where I sat down on the edge of the couch, the young thirteen-year-old girl standing in front of me. I ran my hand up and down the inside of her leg as she stood before me, my fingers caressing the inside of her thigh as my hand crept higher and higher. Finally, the edge of my hand was sliding back and forth over the swells of her pussy between her legs. I could feel the warmth of her cunt through the tight denim jeans as I pushed the edge of my hand firm up against her pubic mound.

“God, you’ve got a great pussy,” I murmured softly. Tangelique put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself as my hand roamed between her legs.

After another minute I sat back on the couch. “Take your jeans off.”

The young girl’s nibble fingers quickly pulled at the snap on the waist band, tugged down the zipper. She bent down and peeled the tight denim material over her slender girlish hips and down her legs. Tangelique slipped them off her feet and tossed the aside before standing up again, clothed now in her small summer halter top and little light yellow bikini panties.

Again I sat forward, my hand slipping between her thighs and my fingers rubbing back and forth over her pussy. With the tips of my fingers I found her slit and pushed up into it, the material of her panties keeping me from completely penetrating her hot little cunt. Back and forth my fingers moved over her slit, finally settling on her clit and making firmly little circles over her pleasure button. Already the wetness from her cleft was soaking the crotch of her panties, creating a patch of darker yellow on the light yellow material between her legs.

“I like to take my time, to really turn a girl on. Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“God, it feels so nice…Oh, yeah, there….do me there to, God…” I heard the young girl’s breath hissing in and out through her teeth as my fingers stimulated her clitoris. Her hands were still on my shoulders, steadying herself, and I felt her fingers digging into the skin as intense waves of sexual pleasure surged through her body radiating up from her loins.

I was getting incredibly aroused, too, fingering this thirteen-year-old’s pussy, and had to have more of her. With both hands I grabbed the elastic waistband of her panties and pulled them down, letting them drop to her feet. Tangelique quickly stepped out of them and stood before me, now naked from the waist down, the light brown fuzz of her pussy hair already matted and wet with her cunt oil. The sweet, pungent smell of her sex was in the air all around us.

Hurriedly I stood, my hands fumbling with the snap and zipper of my own jeans. Two other hands joined the frantic scramble, the young girl anxious as I to take our sex play farther. When I had my jeans undone, the youngster slid them down my legs, lifting each of my feet to remove them. She stood and immediately slid her hands down inside my white cotton briefs, her fingers stroking the length of my cock.

“Mmmm, nice cock,” the junior high school girl said softly, looking up at me with a grin on her incredibly young, innocent-looking face. “Nice ‘n big ‘n hard… nice to fuck me with…” The words seemed especially lewd and arousing coming from this young, thirteen- year-old girl.

Her small hands caressed my hard length, her fingers stopping to play with the sculpted, sensitive head and the little hole now oozing juice on its own. Occasionally, her hands would move farther down inside my underwear briefs and feel my balls, rolling them between her fingers. For a young girl she sure knew how to turn a man on. I suspected she’d already had quite a bit of sexual experience in her young life. As her soft fist lightly skimmed sensually over smooth skin my pulsing shaft I reached around behind her and pulled the ties holding her brief little halter top on her body. Two quick pulls and the now useless piece of clothing sailed to the floor, joining her panties. As the naked girl stood in front of me gently jacking off my cock, I cupped her small, sensitive breasts with my hands, my thumbs moving back and forth across her hard, pink little nipples as my finger tips gently caressed the underside of each little swell.

Tangelique was finding it difficult to really play with my prick inside my underwear.

“Here, let’s take these things off,” I heard her say as she pulled at the elastic waist band.

When they were down and off my feet she stood in front of me again, her hands freely roaming and touching, the youngster eagerly feeling my throbbing, hard erection. Wanting to arouse her even more I returned the favor, my fingers slipping down between her slender thighs and finding her pubic bone, then her slit and clitoris, as I began to play with her horny little pussy.

I cupped the front of her mound with my right hand and slid my middle finger into her girl hole, finger- fucking the little girl as she joyfully played with my prick with her fingers. Putting my left hand around behind her, my fingers slid up and down through the deep, narrow crack between the two round globes of her firm, girlish ass. Now, two fingers slipped back and forth inside her wet, slippery slit, one from the front and one from behind. God, she felt good.

Both of us were becoming very sexually aroused, our breathing faster and more shallow as the pleasure built. I couldn’t stand it any longer.

“I wanna fuck you,” I said to her, my voice cracking with sexual tension.

“I was hoping you would,” she replied, a horny twinkle in her eye. “How do you wanna do it?”

I thought for an instant. What would be fun to do with this young girl?

“I’d like you to sit on my cock,” I suggested, my fingers never once stopping the delicious penetration of wet little cunt.

“Mmm, I like doin’ it like that. Last year I went out for a while with this high school guy that had me do him like that all the time in the front seat of his car. We’d be drivin’ around and I’d be rubbin’ his cock through his pants until he could hardly stand it anymore. Then, we’d find a place to park and I’d take my jeans and panties off and we’d do it right there.” She giggled. “A couple of times he came over to the junior high and I sneaked out of school and we did it in his car in the parking lot. God, was that wild.”

Taking her by the hand, I walked backwards a few steps and sat down on the couch, my legs together and my cock jutting almost straight up between them. She followed, tentatively climbing up onto the seat and straddling my lap with her knees as her hands rested on my shoulders. Even as she knelt over me I couldn’t keep my hands away from her sopping little snatch and I used my fingers on her again, joyfully sliding my middle finger up and down between the gripping lips of her wonderful teenage pussy and deeply into the thirteen-year-old girl. I made sure to rub over her clit as I finger-fucked the youngster; she really liked that.

The young girl moaned, her eyes closed as she reveled in our sexual play. Her pussy juices completely soaked the entire area between her slim, open thighs and the smell of her sex oil was all over us.

“God, I love sex,” she murmured as my fingers created such wonderful pleasure between her slender girlish legs.

Almost reluctantly, I pulled my hand away and sat back, the thirteen-year-old sitting over my lap, her hands resting on my shoulders.

“Put me inside you.”

Tangelique reach down with her right hand and grasped my hard shaft, pointing and guiding it to her sex. She lowered her body down until I could feel the heat and wetness from her slit as the tip of my cock pushed aside her cunt lips and entered her tight fuck hole. When she felt me in place she let go of my prick, put her hand back on my shoulder, and slowly let her body sink down onto my cock, slightly turning her ass back and forth, helping me enter her.

I put my hands under her ass and caressed the smooth, soft little-girl flesh. When a couple of inches had entered her, she instinctively raised up a little before settling back down again, more of my shaft slipping into her. Several more times she moved slightly up and down, each time my hardness pushing farther up into the tight hole between her legs. It felt like her cunt was squeezing my cock deep inside her.

Finally, I felt her ass settle down onto the top of my thighs and I knew my shaft was completely buried up inside the cunt of this horny thirteen-year-old girl. God, what a feeling.

We stayed like that for a little while, my hands moving over her slender, almost skinny, body from her wonderful ass up to her little breasts. I used my thumbs and fingers to gently pull and squeeze those delightful little pink nipples and her moans and sighs of pleasure told me she enjoyed the attention.

“God, this feels so good…” she murmured, as she pressed her chest against my gently squeezing hands. “It’s really fun to take your time like this. Sometimes boys are in such a hurry to get off that I don’t have a lot of fun.”

“Good sex takes time and practice,” I told her as I caressed her sexy body. “It’s really important that the people involved talk to each other and tell each other what they like-what they want to have the other person do to them to give them pleasure. Besides, it’s fun not only to get pleasure but to give it, too. I really like playing with your nipples, your breasts like this; and your pussy too, that’s the best. God, I could sit and play with your pussy with my fingers all day.”

Tangelique moaned a little, just thinking about it.

“I’d let you do it, too,” she said emphatically, imaging the sexual fantasy. “God, it’d be so fun. I’d come over and take my pants off and we could sit and watch TV while you played with my pussy and I played with your cock and we made each other cum. Mmmm, I’ll bet I’d cum a couple of times, at least; maybe I’d even make you cum,” she giggled. “Then, when we couldn’t stand it anymore we could fuck. God, that’d be great.”

“It’d be better if you just wore a short skirt without any panties underneath,” I explained. “Then it’d be real easy for me to finger your pussy; and even fuck you if that’s what you wanted.”

“That sounds really dirty-let’s try it sometime,” she eagerly replied. “I never thought about not wearing any panties, but I bet it really feels sexy, especially when I’m wearing a mini skirt. I’ve got a couple of really short jean skirts and light summer skirts; they’d be perfect.”

“God, it probably feels great when I’m wearing pants, too,” she continued. “I wonder if I wear my really tight jeans without any panties if they’d rub on my clit and make me cum. Hey, maybe I can get Brackston to stop wearing his underwear and I can wear a skirt. Then, I’d just unzip him and we could do it whenever we wanted.”

As we talked, the sexy pictures vivid in our minds, the horny junior high school girl casually moved slowly up and down on my cock, her hot, tight pussy gripping my shaft like a warm sucking mouth as my prick slipped back and forth through her elastic pussy lips. I had my hands underneath her shapely ass, caressing the smooth flesh with my fingers and guiding her motion. Occasionally, I’d slide a slippery finger over the puckered opening of her asshole, pressing the tip up against her anal opening. I think she liked it because she’d let out a little moan every time I’d do it.

Up and down the youngster moved on my hardness as we took our time, the wonderful glow of sex surrounding us as our bodies made that hot, wet connection. It was fun to let her do the work as I sat back and watched the sexy sight as this young thirteen-year-old girl joyfully fucked herself on my shaft. Tangelique would raise herself up, my cock sliding almost all of the way out of her until just the cock head was held by the elastic tightness of her cunt lips. Then, she’d lower her body, the walls of her pussy squeezing my prick as she slid completely back onto me. As she moved, my hands and fingers constantly played over her cute little butt, slipping back and forth through the now slick crack of her ass and down underneath her to caress her slit from behind.

“Feels so good,” she murmured softly as she moved over me, her eyes closed, lost in the incredibly good, warm pleasure between her legs.

I leaned forward and licked her small, pink nipples, in turn taking each into my mouth and giving them a gentle squeezed between my lips. Her small tit mounds tasted salty, smooth, and creamy as I licked over the soft underside of each little breast.

Bringing my hands around to her girlish chest I used my thumbs to rub over her nipples as I used my tongue to lick the skin in the shallow valley between her breasts, gradually moving out and replacing my thumbs, again, with my mouth and tongue. God, she tasted so good.

With the added sexual sensations I was creating she began to move faster, more urgently, on me, my shaft slipping in and out of her tight little cunt more quickly. Her shapely behind started to slam down onto the tops of my thighs as my cock pushed deeply, completely into the little girl. My whole lap was covered with her wetness and the collision of our bodies made a wet, slapping sound.

Her moans of pleasure were getting louder as her orgasm built. I held her, my hands under her arms and my thumbs still rubbing firmly over the hard shape of her nipples. She pressed her chest against my hands, increasing the pleasurable contact and making it easier for her to move her pussy up and down on my cock.

I closed my eyes, lost in a haze of sexual pleasure and feeling the contraction in my balls signal my own climax as I fucked the young girl. I knew I was going to cum hard.

Faster, harder, she moved over me, cries and whimpers spewing from her mouth as we reveled in our sex play.


Tangelique almost screamed as she took two big bounces on my lap and drove my cock deeply into her, her ass squirming against my loins as she came.

I was right behind her. I squeezed my eyes shut and grunted out loud as I felt my cock explode deep inside her cunt, spasms of pleasure so intense they were almost painful as I spurted six, seven times, my cum flooding her pussy and dribbling out her slit.

We seemed momentarily frozen together, our bodies tightly connected and our sex juices mixing together creating a slimy mess on my lap.

It was several minutes before either of us spoke or moved.

“That was innn-credible,” I said softly to the youngster, my hands roaming over her smooth teenage body, caressing her in the afterglow.

“Mmmm,” she murmured, slowly opening her eyes. “I’ve…never had an orgasm like that before… that felt so good… I thought I was gonna die, it felt so good.”

We talked softly for a little while, the little girl still perched on my lap, my softened cock firmly held by the grip of her pussy lips.

“Damn, I forgot about the kids. I’d better go.” She giggled as she got off my lap and my prick pulled out of her, releasing a lake of white goo.

“God, what a mess we made.”

We both went into the bathroom and cleaned up with some warm water and towels. Tangelique quickly dressed and headed out the door, promising she’d be over again tomorrow.



That’s the way it went for the next several weeks that summer. A couple of days a week Tangelique would put the kids to bed for their afternoon nap and come over to my house, or she’d call me on the phone and have me come over there. Either way, we enjoyed each other in just about every sexual way possible. It was the next day that I discovered how deliciously sweet her pussy tasted as I licked her wonderful hot little cunt until she came, her thighs trapping and squeezing my head as she climaxed.

One day Tangelique knocked on the door of my house in the morning as she was on her way to her baby-sitting job across the street. We chatted for a few minutes and she invited me over in the afternoon, once the children were napping, to meet her boyfriend and her little sister. I said I’d be happy join them and she ran across the street.

Half an hour later, Tangelique let me into the house and introduced me to the two other kids with her. Brackston, her current boyfriend, was slightly shorter than Tangelique, which was not unusual for junior high-aged kids. He looked kind of tough, as though he’d had many experiences in life, even at his young age. He was slender, with long, straight brown hair that hung down almost to his shoulders, and had several earrings piercing each of his ears.

Tangelique’s little sister, Queenetta, was twelve-years-old, almost thirteen, and had just finished seventh grade. She had a cute body like her sister, though a little more slender and compact, almost muscular. The young girl had long, slender legs and her ass had obtained a nice shapely, compact roundness that filled her pants in a very sexy way. Her developing breasts were quite small, about the size of lemons; round little cone- shaped mounds just beginning to pop up from the flatness of her chest. She had short, reddish brown hair and a pretty face with a freckled nose and cheek bones that seemed to glow with excitement.

Both of the girls were wearing very tight fitting summer shorts that seemed to cling to their asses and the area between their legs like a second skin. On each of them I could see the narrow ‘V’ of their flat lower bellies as it tapered and sloped down between their thighs ending at the roundness of the front of their pubic mounds and the slight depression of their little cunt slits. God, they looked sexy.

On top they both wore cropped-tops: short, sleeveless, little T-shirts that hung loosely down and didn’t quite cover the mid area of their taut, girlish bodies.

As we moved into the house Queenetta walked in front of me, and I admired the twelve-year-old’s slim hips and cute, round, incredibly shaped behind. Beneath her tightly stretched shorts the outline of her panties was clearly visible. She seemed to be wearing little bikini briefs, the kind that form small, narrow triangles front and back and are cut way up high onto the thigh, a narrow elastic waist band holding the whole thing together.

“We’re gonna watch a movie,” Tangelique said to me as we entered the living room. “When I first started baby- sitting here I found some porno movies that they hide in the closet of the bedroom. Sometimes Queenetta and Brackston come over and we all watch ’em together,” she said, a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “Then, me and Brackston have some fun…”

“That sounds good,” I said with a grin, knowing what of ‘fun’ two horny junior high school kids could have.

Tangelique left for a minute, returning with several videos. She selected one, put it into the player, turned the TV on, and we all settled down on the couch to watch. I sat on one end and Queenetta sat beside me with Tangelique next and Brackston on the other side.

We watched the opening credits appear, followed by the first scene. It immediately began with a group of people fucking and sucking in the living room of a house while other’s sat around and watched. I didn’t know how much sexual experience Queenetta had already had in her young life, and I was interested to see her reaction to what was happening on the screen.

Brackston had put his left arm over Tangelique’s shoulder and pulled her close to him as the video had begun; he wasn’t wasting any time. I glanced over and could see his left hand cupped her left breast and his fingers gently kneaded the soft flesh of her tender teenage tit mound. Occasionally, his finger tips would pull at the hard, little nipple poking up from the tip of her small breast through her bra.

Tangelique enjoyed the excitement of his touching as she watched the torrid sex on the screen. It made the thirteen-year-old even more turned on, more horny, and she squeezed her thighs together as she felt her pussy slit begin to drool with that delicious warm wetness she loved. The young girl put her hand on her boyfriend’s leg and slid it up onto his lap, where she could caress the familiar hard lump of the boy’s cock pulsing and growing in the crotch of his jeans.

She’d been fucking Brackston for a couple of months now, and she loved to feel his crotch and get him excited and make him hard. Whenever her parents drove them to go somewhere, like a movie or to the mall, the kids would sit in the back seat where her mom or dad couldn’t see that she had her hand in his lap rubbing back and forth over his cock.

She loved feeling boys’ pricks, and the horny little girl ran her palm over the entire length, from the base to the tip, squeezing the shaft through his jeans, exciting the young boy as he was exciting her.

We continued to watch the video and the scenes of sex. The air in the room became charged with sexual energy as we all became more and more aroused. I felt Queenetta shifting her body next to me, her behind squirming against the seat of the couch, and I wasn’t sure if she was uncomfortable or embarrassed or what. I would soon find out.

She took turns watching the video and watching Brackston and her sister feeling and caressing each other as they sat beside her. The two youngsters weren’t shy and didn’t seem to mind having us watch their sex play. I guess, from what Tangelique had told me, they went to sex parties with other kids and were used to having others watching them when they had sex.

After a couple of minutes Brackston boldly slipped his hand up underneath Tangelique’s loose-fitting top and began to play with her breasts as she continued to stroke his cock through his pants. Tangelique had worn a bra that fastened in front and, with a giggle, she helped the boy unfasten it, letting his hands roam freely over the naked little mounds on her chest. Queenetta and I both could see his hand moving underneath the knit material and hear Tangelique’s little moans of pleasure as his fingers played with her sensitive, swollen little nipples.

As I became more stimulated by the video and watching the young kids next to me, I put my hand in my own lap and ran my fingers over my crotch, lightly rubbing over my cock through my jeans.

“Can I do that, touch you there?” asked Queenetta in a small, quiet voice.

I looked at the little girl next to me.

“Sure, I’d like you to.”

Queenetta tentatively laid her hand on my thigh. I put my hand on hers and guided it over onto the hardness that was pushing up at the front of my pants. Gently, I moved her small hand slowly back and forth over my bulging shaft, pressing it down onto my cock. After several passes I took my hand away and she continued to rub her palm back and forth over my prick, more confident with each stroke of her hand.

“Mmmm,” I said, encouragingly, “that feels nice. Have you done this to a guy before?”

“A couple of times. I’ve gone out with a couple of boys and we’ve done some things like this to each other. They usually want me to touch them…rub them here. I like doing it… it seems so sexy. Usually, when I’m over here watching a movie like this with Tangelique and Brackston, I don’t have much fun ’cause I don’t have anyone to have fun with. I… like doin’ this, it’s fun.”

She continued to slid her fingers up and down over the length of my cock through my pants, and with each stroke she pressed harder, more vigorously. She didn’t hesitate any longer; her enthusiasm was evident.

The other two junior high school kids had gotten to the point of no return. Tangelique whispered something to the boy and they stood up together.

“We’re going to go upstairs for a little while, OK?”

“What’re you going to do there?” I said with a knowing grin. As I said, what else would two horny young kids do?

“We’re gonna fuck,” she giggled, emphasizing the sex word.

“Why don’t you just stay here and do it on the floor and let us watch; it’d be fun,” I suggested with a smile.

The two youngsters looked at each other and shrugged, then smiled.

“We’ve done it in front of other kids before, when we have our sex parties, but never in front of my little sister. Think she’ll be shocked?” Tangelique said with a daring grin, glancing at Queenetta.

“Not me,” the cute twelve-year-old replied, “I wanna watch you… fuck.” She seemed to be trying out the word for the first time. “Yeah, do it… I wanna see you fuck,” she said more bravely, more sure of herself.

With her approval, Tangelique and Brackston wasted no time. They both quickly began to unsnap and unzip their pants and Tangelique threw off her unhooked bra and top. They were so horny, they couldn’t wait to start. Brackston had his jean and underwear off but, before he could slip his shirt off, Tangelique knelt down in front of him and took his hard, throbbing cock into her sweet mouth.

Holding it straight out at the base, she licked the head several times, letting her pink tongue wet all around the shaft before she slid the tip in and out between her tightened lips. As it became wet and slippery with the juices from her mouth, she used her fist along with her mouth, sucking him and jacking him off at the same time. Her fingers skimmed lightly over the surface of the boy’s prick as it slipped in and out of her mouth. It was obvious this wasn’t the first time the thirteen-year-old girl had done this.

The boy loved it. He groaned with pleasure at the warm, wet feeling engulfing his shaft. Putting his hands on the sides of Tangelique’s head, he gazed down at her and watched while he moved his hips slightly back and forth and guided his cock in and out of the junior high school girl’s horny little mouth, almost as if he was fucking her face.

It looked incredibly sexy as Tangelique, her tight, round ass thrust out, knelt naked before the young boy and eagerly performed oral sex on him. As we watched the two youngsters so openly enjoying themselves, Queenetta’s hand seemed more hurried, more wanting, as it continued to rub back and forth over the hard lump in the front of my pants. I wanted to have some fun with her, too. Besides, I was curious to see how far this attractive little girl was willing to go, so I put my hand on her leg just below the leg of her shorts and felt the smooth, soft skin of her inner thigh.

I let it lay there a moment and, when she didn’t object, I slowly pulled my fingers up along the inside of her bare leg, past the leg band of her shorts, and into the slightly open place between her slender thighs. Her legs were nearly together as she sat next to me on the couch, but I could feel the fly of her shorts against my little finger as I let my hand lay on her lap.

Her body shifted slightly beside me, and suddenly there was more room as she moved her right leg to the side, spread her knees apart and opened her thighs a little more.

Encouraged, I turned my hand over and completely cupped the front of her pubic mound with my palm and fingers. Applying pressure, I gently squeezed her there, letting my fingers push down between the little girl’s legs and along her pussy. Because of her shorts and panties I couldn’t feel too much, but I knew it was getting her excited by the little moan that come from her as I slowly began to rub her hot, little cunt through her tightly clinging shorts.

“Have you ever had a boy do this to you,” I said quietly, my hand sliding slowly, but firmly, back and forth between her legs, stroking her warm pussy through her pants.

“Just once, a few weeks ago. I went to a movie with this boy who’s a friend of Brackston’s and on the way home we stopped at this park where they have a shelter and we kissed and, did this to each other. I let him put his hand there and feel me…. like this… Mmmm, God, it feels good.”

“It feels good to me, too. I like doing it to you. Do you want me to keep doing it?”


Queenetta and I kept our hands busy rubbing and feeling between each others’ legs as we continued to watch the two kids on the floor. Brackston had pulled a condom over his cock and was on his knees between Tangelique’s open legs preparing to sink his prick into her hot sex hole. She was laying on the floor on her back, hands grasping her slender legs and holding her knees open and to the side. Her cunt hole was already juicy and wet as she lay there eagerly waiting for his cock, a look of young lust on her face. She looked like she wanted to fuck badly.

Brackston put his hands of the floor on either side of her body and pushed his hips forward, his cockhead probing for the wonderful tight, wet girl opening between her legs. He missed the entrance to her pussy several times before Tangelique finally reached down with her right hand, grasped the boy’s smooth little shaft, and guided the tip between her cunt lips and into her. Feeling the sensual warmth of her cunt envelop the head of his cock, he pushed all the way into her and immediately began to pump his ass up and down, eagerly fucking the horny teenage girl.

God, these young kids are always in a hurry, I thought.

Together Queenetta and I sat and watched the casual, wanton live teenage sex. I could feel the heat of her pussy growing through her shorts as I firmly caressed the little girl’s sex between her slightly parted thighs. Maybe she was ready to go a little farther.

“It’d feel better if you took your shorts off,” I told her quietly, my fingers pressing more urgently down against her slit.

She must’ve been getting pretty turned-on because she didn’t need any more encouragement than that. Her hand lifted off my crotch and, without hesitation, she reached down and unsnapped and unzipped her shorts. Pushing against the back of the couch she raised her behind up, peeled them off her hips, down her slim legs, and off her feet. She left her white tennis shoes and small, white socks on.

Her panties were as I had imagined them: two small, light blue triangles of material attached to a thin, white band of elastic running across the tops of her slender hips. The sides of her panties were completely open way up on her smooth thighs; French-cut is what I thing they call them. All I know is that they looked extremely sexy on the little twelve-year-old girl, especially when I saw a dark patch of dampness in the padded crotch and smelled the sweet, musky odor of her moistening sex.

Quickly she settled back down on the couch next to me, now dressed only in her cropped-top and little light- blue panties. The youngster hurriedly placed her hand back on my lap, anxious to continue stroking my hardened prick that pushed up so obviously through my pants. I could tell she really liked doing it; I sure liked having her do it.

After she’d settled down next to me I slid my right hand back down along her inner thigh between her smooth, slender, naked legs. Queenetta shifted them apart, much farther than they had been before, opening herself up and allowing my fingers to move freely and easily as I caressed her tender sexy place again.

The wetness trickling from her pussy slit made the cotton material in the crotch of her tiny bikini panties slick and oily as it stretched tightly over her small, rounded pussy mound. I ran my finger tips back and forth, just enjoying the feel of the raised swell of her wonderful little cunt lips. The tip of my middle finger found the depression of her slit between the two round folds and I pressed firmly down against it.

Concentrating the pressure near the top, on her clitoris, I aroused the young twelve-year-old girl with my fingers, playing with her horny little pussy through the tightly stretched crotch of her panties. She continually ran her hand over my cock, her fingers squeezing the long, hard shaft as her palm pressed down and slid along it’s length. I felt her firm, young body respond to my attention as I made quick little circles with my finger tips over her pleasure button. Her breathing was coming faster and more shallow as my hand moved slowly back and forth between her open legs, caressing her cunt and pushing the material of her panties deeper into her moist, warm slit.

“God, you feel good. You’ve got a nice, wet little pussy. Do you like me touching you like this, playing with your pussy?”

“Mmm, yeah,” she murmured, her voice low and breathy.

“Would you like me to do something more to you?”

She looked up at me and nodded her head.

“Take your panties off.”

This was new territory for the young, inexperienced girl, and she hesitated for just an instant. Then, she lifted her hand off the bulge in my lap and slowly pulled at the elastic waist band of her underwear, raising her hips slightly as they rolled down. Bending forward, she slipped them over her slender thighs, down her legs, and off her feet. She still hadn’t taken her shoes off; just her shorts and panties.

When she was naked from the waist down, I turned my body slightly and had her settle back against me, turned so her back leaned against my chest and her feet were together up on the couch. She seemed a little shy and hesitant, at first. She sat against me with her knees drawn up and touching each other, still a little shy, her short slender legs together. As she lay with her back against me, I reached over her shoulder with my arm, put my right hand out and lightly ran my hand over the smoothness of her knees, caressing her legs, the back of her thighs, and down over her naked behind.

“Open your legs,” I whispered softly to her after a moment as my hand lightly skimmed over her skin.

I felt her indecision, her brief hesitation. She’d never gone this far before. But, she was like most normal young girls her age who were on the verge of discovering sex for the first time, the promise of greater pleasures and the sheer sexiness of the situation were too great to resist. After a few seconds her knees began to part and she let them fall slowly to the sides, one against the back of the couch and the other down onto the cushions. As she opened her thighs, she kept her feet together and the flat bottoms of her white tennis shoes pressed against each other.

It was an incredibly sexy sight as this little twelve- year-old girl lay against me naked from the waist down and her legs wide apart. Her smooth, flat stomach and the crease of her thighs formed a long, narrow ‘V’ which tapered down to her raised pubic mound. Her pussy mound was completely free of any hair, although she had a thin patch of light brown, curly hair growing up from the top of her slit onto her flat lower belly. It looked like she regularly clipped and shaved any extra hair around her cunt. I asked her about it.

“I’ve… been in gymnastics for five years and the coaches always have us, you know, trim our hair down there ’cause of the leotards and uniforms we have to wear all the time.”

That helped explain her slim, taut, muscular body and her delightfully bare little pussy. God, I’ll bet she looked really sexy in her tight fitting gymnastics outfits.

I gazed with unconcealed lust down at the moist, pink cleft of her small pussy slot and the twin folds of raised, puffy, bare flesh between her legs. The hairless outer lips were slightly parted as she lay against me naked from the waist down, her feet together and her slim legs laying open. In the bright afternoon sunlight I could clearly see the pink, wet insides of her glistening little-girl sex place, that pouting, mouth-like opening between her thighs that gave so much pleasure. The insides of her thighs were smooth and white, without a blemish to mar their wonderful appearance.

Reaching my arm over her shoulder, I gently placed my hand down between Queenetta’s open legs and lightly petted her there, feeling the strange smoothness of the bare skin of the round ridges of her little-girl cunt. Her flesh was already damp and a little slippery with her drooling sex juices from my earlier touching. Slowly and carefully, I ran my finger tips back and forth on either side of her raised, bald pussy lips, lightly caressing the skin in the crease of her thighs, making small, little circles. She must have shaved herself recently because the skin on her pussy mound was perfectly smooth all over. It felt very unusual and very sexy.

Back and forth my hand hardly moved, my fingers gliding lightly over the smooth, naked surface of the little girl’s bare pubes and along the insides of her thighs. As I stroked my finger tips back and forth over the hairless folds of her intimate sex-place, I could feel her breathing faster, harder, as she lay against me. Glancing down at her face I saw that her eyes were closed and her senses seemed to be completely centered on the thick, warm glow quickly growing in her delicious little cunt as I lightly caressed her. The soft moans of delight and the wetness that continued to dribble from her slit told me she was becoming excited and aroused by what I was doing to her.

I know I was. My cock pulsed rock-hard in my shorts and my head seemed to be whirling. I was incredibly turned- on myself by the fact that I was casually playing with this sexy twelve-year-old girl’s sweet little cunt as she lay against me, naked from the waist down, her thighs so willingly spread apart.

“God, you’ve got a nice pussy… so incredibly sexy,” I softly murmured again, as my fingers lightly glided back and forth between her open thighs following the contours of her intimate girl area.

“Mmmmm, it feels so good, what you’re doing,” the sexy twelve-year-old quietly moaned as she lay against me.

We sat that way for several minutes as I just enjoyed the feel of her, letting her get used to the sensations of being touched in her intimate area until I thought she was ready to go even farther. I rested the heel of my hand on the short, narrow strip of silky hair growing up from her pubic bone and, using just the tip of my middle finger, separated the larger outer lips of her sex slot and moved it up and down through her already damp cleft. I could feel the soft, warm, wet insides of her little pussy as the folds closed against the sides of my slowly moving finger. Back and forth I dragged the tip of my finger through the opening of her fuck hole, concentrating on that little pleasure place in the front of her slit. God, she felt good.

Up and down my finger moved, sliding through her slit; not penetrating yet, just touching, feeling, arousing her. As my hand moved back and forth, my other fingers caressed the smooth, bare skin on the outside of her raised cunt folds and along the inner crease of her open thighs. She moaned again, softly, and I felt Queenetta shift her body and move her knees farther out to the sides. Her hips raised up slightly, and I think she tried to get more of my probing finger into her. I could smell the sweet, yet pungent, scent of her aroused sex all around us.

Little by little I allowed the tip of my finger to begin to delve farther down between her pussy folds and into her sex hole, making slow little circles as it moved up and down inside the warm moistness of her cunt. The wetness made my middle finger more slippery and it began to move easily as, finally, I pushed it completely down inside her, letting it rub over her clit as it slid deeply down into her sweet little girl hole.

“Oh, God…” she cried out, her head snapping back against my chest. The incredibly intense sexual sensations of the sudden, deep penetration into her private pleasure place exploded in her head.

I felt her raise her hips again, pushing her crotch instinctively up against the inward thrust of my finger, wanting more as I slowly, erotically, finger- fucked the twelve-year-old junior high school girl for the first time. The entrance to her pussy was tight, but there wasn’t any resistance as I felt inside the smooth warmth of her cunt. She was open, hot, and very wet.

I felt the weight of her body as Queenetta settled back against me. Looking down, it was a breath-taking and sexy sight: this shapely little girl with her feet together and her knees completely spread to the sides as my arm lay over her shoulder as my fingers busily played with her hairless pussy. Slowly, I stroked my middle finger fully in and out of her sweet, little cunt, her oily wetness coating my finger as I masturbated the young girl, turning her on like she’d never been turned on before.

“How does it feel now?” I asked quietly, the heel of my hand resting against her pubic bone as I slipped my finger, warm and wet with her sex juice, in and out of her.

“God, it feels ssoooo…. good. Mmmm….”

“I’m finger-fucking your tight, little cunt. Do you like it?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Then you have to tell me you like it.”

“I like it…when… you finger-fuck my cunt,” she whimpered, haltingly at the first. “God, it sounds so good, so dirty…Oh, yeah, finger-fuck me…” she went on, more confident and encouraging.

“Yeah, that’s right… say it; and any time you want me to do this to you, all you gotta do is ask… God, it looks so good, so sexy, doing you like this…”

We’d kind of forgotten about Tangelique and Brackston. A sudden groan broke the intense quiet as Queenetta and I watched the boy have an orgasm, his back arched as he pushed himself as far as he could into his thirteen-year-old girlfriend.

The junior high school girl wrapped her short, slender legs around his behind and pulled the boy’s spewing shaft tightly into her. The pulsing of his cock shooting off inside its latex covering made her cunt shiver with excitement. She loved feeling guys cumming and shooting into her, even if they were wearing a condom.

As Queenetta and I watched the two kids fucking on the floor, the palm of my hand fully cupped her pubic bone, my middle finger constantly stabbed into her tight, little sex hole and rubbed over her pleasure button. My other fingers moved back and forth and caressed the smooth, hairless flesh of her sweet pussy lips, and I used the heel of my hand to make little circles over her clit, sending shivers of sexual pleasure through her body.

Tangelique looked up from the floor and saw her twelve-year- old little sister laying back against me with her legs apart and her shorts and panties on the floor. She thought that Queenetta looked so incredibly sexy as she sat there naked from the waist down, though still wearing her white socks and tennis shoes. I saw her watching as my hand moved freely back and forth between Queenetta’s open legs and I casually fingered her wet, bare, little slit. Tangelique smiled up at us.

“How’s it feel, Queenetta?” she asked with a grin, already knowing the answer.

“Oh, God, it feels so good…I love doin’ this…I mean, havin’ someone do it to me,” Queenetta replied as she leaned back against me and looked down at what was creating those wonderful sensations between her legs. She could see my wet, shiny middle finger poking in and out of her. The sheer sexiness of the sight made her moan with pleasure.

“But, not as good as this,” Tangelique laughed as Brackston crawled back onto the young teenage girl and began to thrust into her again. “Fucking feels the best. Oh, yeah, fuck me some more…”

Young boys usually cum pretty fast, but are ready to go again almost right away. Brackston had quickly replaced his filled condom with a new one and was once again enthusiastically humping back into the ever-horny thirteen-year-old girl.

Queenetta and I alternately watched the porno video and the youngsters coupling on the floor as we sat together on the couch. She lay contentedly against me, naked from the waist down, enjoying the stimulation of my fingers as I gently slid my middle finger in and out of her cunt, casually masturbating her. She would occasionally whimper or moan, her body twisting and writhing in pleasure as I made a special effort to play with her clit. While my finger moved up and down between her pussy lips, I’d use my thumb to gently make quick little circles over her pleasure button. Her body would squirm against me as the intense sensations of pleasure shot through her body each time I did this.

After several more minutes I could feel the tension begin to grow within her as her sexual arousal passed a new peak. The girl’s breathing was coming faster, louder, as low moans of pleasure came from her lips, and I felt her body squirm with pleasure. Soon, her breath was hissing through her clenched teeth as the sensations grew to an almost unbearable level of pleasure.

Her sweet little fuck hole was so wet, now, that I began to use two fingers, my middle finger and ring finger, together on the young girl as I finger-fucked her tight cunt. Quickly, I plunged the two fingers in and out of her slit, my hand moving rapidly up and down as they stabbed down into her hairless little-girl cunt.

She began to raise her ass up off the couch, thrusting her pussy up against each inward thrust of my fingers. Harder and harder I jammed the two digits down into her hot, silky slit until, with the action of my thumb moving faster and harder on her clit, it was finally enough to send her into her first orgasm.

A throaty groan came from her as her slender legs suddenly snapped together and trapped my wet hand between them. I could feel the muscles on the inside of her smooth thighs tighten against my hand, wringing every ounce of pleasure from her climax, her young body shuddering with sexual release.

My right hand was held between her legs, but I wrapped my left arm around her and held her for several minutes. I smiled to myself, pleased that I could make her cum like that, and secretly hoping that we would have many more such sessions.

After a moment she began to relax and her legs parted a little. I carefully slipped my hand out from between them. For a minute I thought I’d never get it back.


Queenetta shifted her body so she could lay on her side next to me, her head on my lap and legs curled up together, the after-glow her sexual climax making her content. I softly ran my hand over the smooth, warm skin of her naked thighs and ass, petting and caressing her young body. God, she felt good.

“God, that felt so good..” she said quietly, after a few minutes.

“Is that the first time you’ve had an orgasm?”

“No, I’ve sometimes done it to myself, but that was the best one I’ve ever had. And… I guess I can tell you this… I’ve got a friend, another girl… we’ve… done things to each other, too.”

“Mmm, that sounds like fun. You’ll have to bring your friend over sometime and we can all have a good time together.”

Tangelique let out a high-pitched whine and we watched her cum as she lay on her back on the floor, her ankles locked behind Brackston’s ass as she pulled him tightly into her. The young boy’s back was arched slightly, his eyes were closed, and he seemed to be holding his breath. He was cumming, too, his prick spurting into the condom covering for the second time that afternoon.

Brackston gave a couple more half-hearted thrusts into the youngster, enjoying the last little jolts of pleasure, then slowly backed away, pulling his softening cock out of her as her feet slipped off his behind. Standing up, he took the condom off as he walked into the kitchen to throw it away, his semi-hard prick swinging back and forth as he moved.

After a minute, Tangelique got up, came over, and sat naked on the floor in front of the couch by her mostly naked little sister.

“How was it?” she asked Queenetta.

“Yummy,” Queenetta replied softly with a smile as she lay contentedly against me. “It felt so good.” I felt her wiggle her thighs together, as she remembered the wonderful sensation.

“That’s the way it’s supposed to feel, stupid. Otherwise, what fun would it be?”

“Can I… will you do it to me again?” she said looking up at me.

“Sure. How ’bout trying something new and letting Brackston lick your pussy?” I suggested. “Would you like that?”

“Yeah, if it feels good…”

Tangelique laughed.

“Feel good? God, it feels great! Brackston, Queenetta wants you to lick her pussy to show her what it’s like, OK?”

“Mmmm, yeah!” the fourteen-year-old boy said eagerly with a grin.

“Let’s do it like this,” I suggested. “Here, sit on my lap.”

As I sat on the couch, my feet spread apart on the floor, I pulled Queenetta’s slender body onto mine, her small, naked behind on my lap and her back resting against me. The back of her head lay on my chest just below my chin. I liked the scent of her shampoo. She let her legs dangle on either side of mine so that her firm, little thighs were spread to each side and the area between them open. Her shaved, bare little cunt lay fully exposed and still drooling with her sexual wetness.

As the young twelve-year-old girl lay against me, I slid my hand down between her legs again, and played with the rubbery lips of her pussy. I really enjoyed the wonderfully sexy feel of the bare skin and her oily wetness on my fingers. I slipped my fingers back and forth through the crease of her thighs and over her delightful little-girl pussy mound. God, I loved playing with her cunt. Several times I slipped the tip of middle finger into her hole, twisting and turning it and moving it in and out of her.

The youngster turned her head back toward me and we kissed, my lips covering her small mouth and our tongues licking together as I slowly plunged my middle finger in and out of her hairless pussy opening.

I looked up at Brackston as he stood over us and watched me finger her pussy.

“Kneel down here, right in front of her, and do her. She’s really wet and horny.”

I pulled my finger out of her slit as the young teenage boy eagerly got down on his knees in front of us, between our open legs, and brought his mouth to that warm, wet mouth-like girl opening between Queenetta’s thighs. As she sat on my lap, I felt Queenetta flinch slightly at the sudden contact his lips made with her pussy lips. But, when he began to lick up and down the little girl’s bare slit, her weight pressed more against me as she arched her back slightly and opened her legs even more, a throaty moan of pleasure coming from her mouth. She shifted her slender body down my lap a little more, wanting to connect with the boy’s mouth so he could lick and eat her hot, horny sex hole.

I watched the two kids as they enjoyed the erotic act of oral sex together. It was obvious that Brackston had already had some experience licking a girl’s pussy as he put his hands on the tops of her thighs and enthusiastically slipped his tongue up and down through the cleft of Queenetta’s cunt. I smiled, wondering if it was Tangelique who had been the training partner for Brackston’s cunt-eating expertise.

My hands softly caressed the smooth skin of Queenetta’s flat tummy as she lay against me. Letting my hands roam further up her taut body, I slipped them underneath the loose cropped T-shirt she was still wearing and over the two small bra-covered mounds of her developing little breasts.

Through the thin material of her bra I caressed the underside of each little cone-shaped mound, my finger tips lightly skimming over the surface in little circles. Gradually, I moved my fingers higher inch by inch until I felt the small, hard shapes of her tiny nipples poking up through her bra, swollen and erect from the intense sexual sensations between her legs. Using my thumb and first finger, I carefully pulled at the little pebble-like growths on the tips of her forming breasts, pinching and exciting them. Back and forth, through her bra, I rolled the two little erections between my fingers, enjoying the moans of pleasure created by my actions.

She turned her head slightly and looked up at me.

“Mmmm, that feels good.”

“You’ve got nice nipples,” I told her. “They’re fun to play with.”

After a minute, I pulled at the elastic band across the bottom of her bra and rolled it up, exposing the little bumps of her small, developing breasts and leaving her bra bunched up underneath her arms. The skin of the little mounds on her chest was incredibly smooth and warm, and my fingers played over them, swirling, feeling, and touching those wonderful girlish points of pleasure, my finger tips constantly flicking over her nipples. Making little circles I moved along the sensitive undersides, sometimes cupping them fully with my hands as my thumbs rubbed back and forth across the hard, pink little pebbles.

Tangelique, her tender teenage body still naked, came over and sat next to me on the couch watching as her little twelve-year-old sister sat on my lap. My hands played with her developing tits as Brackston knelt between her open thighs and enthusiastically licked at her pussy, turning the young girl on. Glancing over, I saw Tangelique’s pink tongue flicking around her lips as she watched the incredibly sexy things happening to her shapely little sister. She was still horny and could still feel the sticky wetness between her legs from her earlier fucking. I could see she want to join in and have some sex fun, too.

I had an idea.

“Why don’t you play with Brackston’s cock… you know, see if you can jack him off while he’s licking Queenetta’s pussy?” I said softly to her.

She smiled at the appealing and sexy thought and moved down to the floor. Tangelique knelt beside the young boy who was on his knees in front of me, his mouth glued to Queenetta’s sodden pussy, his tongue eagerly licking deeply inside and around her sex. The young girl lightly ran her hands over the young boy’s smooth, hairless back and ass. Slipping her right hand down through the sensitive cleft of his ass, she gently fingered his balls as they hung below covered with soft fuzz, caressing the skin in the crease of his thighs with her small fingers, enjoying the feel of him.

After a minute she reached underneath him with her other hand and felt the hard, pulsing, fleshy shaft jutting out from between his slender, boyish thighs. She licked her palm and made it very wet, reached down underneath the boy, and slowly began to slip her hand up and down the smooth, hot prick. She jacked off the young boy with one hand and playing with his balls with the other, an impish, wanton look on her face. She really liked playing with cocks and making them shoot.

Each time she reached the tip, the young girl’s fingers lightly pulled at the sculpted head of his cock, feeling the ridges and the oily wetness from the liquid that bubbled up through the tiny hole in the tip. Her fist lightly skimmed up and down over the smooth, warm surface of his shaft, barely making contact with his erect, pulsing member. She was having great fun, playing with the young boy’s cock as he used his mouth on her little sister’s pussy.

Brackston sat up, the slight pressure of Tangelique’s fingers sliding up and down his shaft feeling especially good. He remembered last fall, just after Tangelique began seventh grade, and the first time they went to her house on Saturday afternoon when her parents weren’t home and she invited him up to her room. As they sat together on the edge of her bed, swirling their tongues around inside each others’ mouths, he felt the girl’s hand drop into his lap and begin to squeeze his hardened shaft through his jeans. Right away his own hands reached up and cupped her firm little tit mounds and he thumbed back and forth over the small, hardened shapes of her nipples. He’d already enjoyed the sexual favors of quite a few girls at the junior high school, but Tangelique seemed especially eager and horny as she pulled open and unzipped his pants and slid her hand inside his underwear. And Brackston’s face was soon planted between Tangelique’s open thighs, his tongue and fingers driving her quickly to orgasm. It was the beginning of their intensely sexual relationship.

The boy turned and kissed the young girl passionately, his face, mouth and tongue flavored with the Queenetta’s pussy juice as his girl friend continued to jack him off with her experienced, talented fingers. The two young kids swirled their tongues together in each others’ mouths for a moment before the boy dipped his head down, again, between Queenetta’s open legs and tongued her tangy, tasty twat.

Tangelique found the taste of her sister’s pussy wetness musky and sweet at the same time, and the scent of sex made her even more horny. It was sure fun watching her little sister getting her pussy licked by her boy friend while she used her hand on him. The boy’s smooth shaft felt so hard and pulsing as she slipped her fist up and down the hard little fuck stalk as if she was milking him, her fingers coaxing him to cum, to shoot hard. His balls felt like they were growing, expanding, as the sexual tensions in his body built up.

She knew he was really enjoying what she was doing when he began to move his hips back and forth, driving his cock into her hand on each delicious down stroke of her fist. It was almost as if he was fucking her hand as it slid up and down his shaft.

Tangelique had always loved jacking boys off and making them shoot ever since the first time she’d done it. She was only eleven-years-old and in sixth grade when she did it for the first time to a high school boy on the living room couch at his house. He was the older brother of one of her girl friends from school and he seemed attracted her quickly developing body and the aura of sexuality that surrounded her. Whenever he was around her, she felt his interest in her, too. One afternoon she went to his house saying she was looking for her friend, already knowing she wouldn’t be there. But, she knew that her brother would be there, and it was the beginning of her first physical relationship with a boy.

The seventeen-year-old boy had been her first sex experience and had been a good teacher, patient and understanding at her first attempts to please him and be pleased by him. She eagerly learned everything that he was willing to teach her and do with her, and each time together was a step farther and a new experience. The two kids quickly progressed from kissing to masturbating each other, oral sex, and, finally, her first fuck the week of her twelfth birthday.

He encouraged her to masturbate so her body would get used to climaxing and she could more easily be brought to that blissful stage by his fingers, tongue, and cock. Sometimes, when they could be alone at someone’s house, they would even masturbate in front of each other. The high school boy would skim his fist back and forth over his cock as he watched her finger herself, and they both enjoyed the erotic sight of each others’ orgasms. It usually led to a great fuck afterwards.

And, from the very first, she felt not only pleasure from these sexual acts but also incredible power at her ability to excite and to arouse a boy. It was so dirty, so sexy, and so fun, and memories of the boys who’d been lucky enough to experience her lusty nature swam through her mind as she joyfully brought her boy friend to orgasm with her experienced fingers.

Brackston couldn’t stand it any longer. The incredible, sensual feeling as Tangelique’s tight, little fingers jacked him off and the fun of licking her little sister’s pussy was getting to be too much.

“Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Brackston groaned lifting his head, his eyes closed and his face wet and shiny with Queenetta’s sweet sex cream.

Tangelique felt his shaft grow and throb in her fist, then pulse strongly as it dribbled a thin stream of white cream from the tip. The boy threw his head back and grunted as, again and again, five, six times, his balls spasmed and drooled it’s load for the third time that afternoon. With each pulsing, shooting twitch of his cock the boy groaned with pleasure at the intensity of his orgasm.

Tangelique just knelt next to him, her fingers continuing to slip lightly up and down his softening shaft, spreading his cum along his cock, milking his prick. Quickly the spasms became weaker and stopped. Brackston paused a minute to enjoy his orgasm, but soon plunged his face and tongue back into the bare, wet area between Queenetta’s legs. It was obvious he enjoyed licking the sexy twelve-year-old’s bald little pussy.

I looked down at Tangelique as she smiled.

“You liked that, didn’t you making him cum like that,” I said.

“Yeah, its fun. I like jacking-off boys and making them shoot. I’ve been doing it since I was in sixth grade. It’s really fun to watch ’em spray their stuff, though it gets kinda messy sometimes.”

I could feel the tension in Queenetta’s body really begin to build as the little girl lay on top of me and Brackston licked her sopping pussy. I think he was really enjoying the feel and taste of her shaved pussy lips because he seemed extremely enthusiastic about mouth her. Sometimes, he would entirely covered her pussy opening with his mouth, plunging his tongue in and around her cunt. Then, he would lick up and down her slit, concentrating on her little pleasure button with the tip of his tongue. For young kid he certainly knew what he was doing, and I wondered who had taught him.

I continued to play with the youngster’s small, hardened nipples, pulling and pinching the little pebbles as the young boy licked her pussy, sending her closer to her orgasm. When Brackston spread apart her pussy lips with his fingers and rapidly flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit several more times, Queenetta suddenly arched her back and cried out, her thighs snapping together and momentarily trapping Brackston’s head between them.

Grinning, the boy pulled her legs apart and sat back, his mouth and face wet and shiny, the scent of cunt juice surrounding us all.

“That was fun,” he said with a smile. “God, when she cums she really cums! I thought for a minute she was gonna break my neck.”

Tangelique had gotten horny from masturbating Brackston and watching her boyfriend have so much fun with her little sister. Grabbing her jeans, she pulled a fresh condom out of the pocket and quickly tore open the wrapper, pulling the colored covering over Brackston’s shaft, already hard and erect again. She turned, knelt near me on the floor in front of the couch, put her elbows on the cushions, and thrust out her ass while looking back at him.

“Do me from behind-like this,” she said anxiously, her taut, slender body hungry for sexual release.

Quickly, the boy crawled over to her as she knelt over the front of the couch, her legs apart and her smooth, round ass thrust out, waiting for that wonderful penetration of his cock into her always hot, horny pussy. He rose up behind her, his cock hard and thrusting up into the air between his legs. He tilted his prick down with his hand and found her pink, wet fuck hole with the tip. Tangelique pushed back against him and his shaft easily pierced her slippery pussy opening and slid up, into the horny thirteen-year-old girl.

She immediately pulled forward, Brackston’s cock sliding out of her before sitting back again, fucking herself of the young boy’s shaft. Back and forth the little girl’s body slowly rocked, her tight pussy lips pulling and gripping the young boy’s sex shaft. She looked up at me and smiled.

“God, I love to fuck…” she grinned. “It feels so fucking good.”

Queenetta’s slender, warm body still lay on me, bathed in the glow of her second orgasm that day. Through half- closed eyes she watched her sister and Brackston fuck, her slim legs still spread wide and the entire naked area between her girlish thighs wet and shiny. My hands softly caressed her bare little breasts, her small bra still rolled up over the two delightful mounds. Slowly, I flicked my thumbs back and forth across her hardened little nipples as she lay contentedly against me.

Queenetta turned her head toward me and kissed my cheek. When I turned my head down to her, our mouths met and we kissed, long and deep, our mouths and tongues nibbling and licking.

After a minute we pulled apart.

“I want to fuck you now… you want too?” I said quietly to her.

“Yeah…” she said, a shy, eager little smile crossing her face.

“Think you’re ready?”

“God, more than ready, let’s do it, let’s fuck.”

As I helped her stand up on the floor, both of us glanced down at the sexy scene next to us: the bodies of the two young kids making that wonderful sexual connection over and over again. Tangelique’s slender, naked upper body lay over the seat of the couch, her arms holding the edges of the cushions as she knelt on the floor, her trim little ass thrust out. Brackston was up on his knees on the floor behind her and, as the boy held the slender little girl around her waist, his hips moved rapidly back and forth like a piston as he shafted his cock completely into her again and again. The wet, slapping sound their frantic sexual union was the only sound in the living room.

We watched for a moment longer before we finally turned towards each other. Queenetta raised her arms as I pulled at the bottom of her small T-shirt top and lifted it over her head and off. She reached around in back of herself and the little bra that had been bunched up under her arms dropped to the floor. The sexy twelve- year-old girl was now completely naked before me.

I began to unbutton my own shirt and asked her to help. Her anxious and nimble fingers quickly undid all of the buttons, and I was taking my arms out when I felt her eager hands already beginning to undo the snap and zipper on the waistband of my shorts. I stood still and watched as the naked young girl she unfastened my pants and let them fall to the floor. I hadn’t worn any underwear and my cock stood up at an angle, hard and throbbing.

The young girl looked down at my pulsing erection and, somewhat hesitantly, reached down put both of her soft, trembling little hands around my cock. Her fingers felt smooth and cool as they glided up and down over the smooth skin of my prick.

“It feels so good, so soft, yet so hard.”

I put my hand up, under her chin, lifted her face, and brought my lips down to hers. We softly kissed, our mouths partially open and our tongues sliding together as the sweet, sensual little girl slid her hands up and down my naked, pulsing cock.

With the fingers of her left hand lightly pulling at the rounded head, the other slipped down underneath to caress my balls as they hung down. The twelve-year-old girl cradled my sac in the palm of her right hand as she formed a tight right with her first finger and thumb and pulled up and down on my prick, jacking me off. God, this youngster really knew how to turn a guy on, but I wanted more from her than just a hand-job.

Turning, I stepped out of my shorts, took her by the hand and led her back to the couch.

“Kneel over me,” I told her as I sat down.

She got the idea right away, climbed up onto the cushions, and knelt over my lap, a knee on each side of my hips and her hands on my shoulders. I reached down between her slim girlish thighs with my right hand, held the palm of my hand up, and cupped her hairless little-girl pubes. Right away I slipped my middle finger up into her cunt again, feeling her bare, wet pussy lips between my fingers as I gently finger-fucked her. Her girl hole was still warm and drooling sexy moisture.

“God, I love feeling your bare pussy lips, it feels so good. I could do this to you all day.”

“Mmm, I’d like that,” she answered with a little moan, her concentration on the wonderful feelings in her cunt. “Mmmmm, that feels so good.” I felt the weight of her body as she pressed down on my hand and wiggled her crotch on my palm.

After a few more thrusts in and out of her with my finger, I took my hand away. I used it to angle my cock straight up towards her slit as the slender little girl straddled my lap. The tip brushed over the slick, hairless outer lips of her sweet cunt, then pushed them aside as it found her small cunt opening. I felt the warm tightness of her pussy hole surround my cockhead. Her elastic cunt lips seemed to grip the head of my prick and I began to wonder if I was going to be able to get my cock into her.

I knew she could feel the tip of my shaft wedged in her fuck hole.

“How’s it feel so far?”

“Feels nice, but kinda strange.”

“Sit down a little and let the weight of your body push my cock into you.”

I held my hands around her slender waist and felt her slim, muscular body begin to sink down onto my prick. There didn’t seem to be much resistance as I felt my cock slowly move several inches into the nubile young girl.

“How’s it feel now?”

“Oh, God, it’s feeling good. I… didn’t know if I’d be able to do this. I mean, you’re so big and… Well, you know.”

With about a quarter of my shaft inside I paused and lifted her slender body up slightly, showing her how to move up and down with my prick inside her. Just the first half of my shaft slid in and out of her hole a couple of times.

“Oh, God, this feels good,” she said. I felt a shiver go through her sensual young body as she enjoyed the wonderful sensations of sex for the first time.

Her wetness helped my prick move easily between her tight pussy lips and, little by little, she began to take more of my cock into her. I still held her by the waist, helping her body move up and allowing it to settle back down as more of my cock slipped up into her. I could feel her ribs against my hands as I held and guided her movement. Several more times up and down the young, twelve-year-old girl moved as, inch by inch, my hardness pushed all the way up inside her.

Finally, after a minute or so, I felt her firm ass settle down onto the top of my thighs and I knew my cock was completely imbedded in her tight cunt. We paused, letting her get used to the feeling of her pussy being filled with a hard cock for the first time.

As she sat on me, my shaft imbedded deeply inside her, I let go of her waist and used the palms of my hands and my thumbs to rub over her puckered little nipples. I smiled when I felt them grow and harden with my touch. Queenetta sat still and looked down at my hands as they played over her little girl chest. She shifted her weight slightly forward, making the pressure on her nipples greater as well as the pleasure between her legs.

“You like it when I play with your nipples, don’t you?”

“Mmmm, yeah. Feels good,” she murmured. “I’m… not a virgin, anymore, am I?”

I looked at her pretty face and smiled.

“No, you’re not. Does that bother you?”

Smiling at me, she shook her head.

“I’m glad. I know that Tangelique’s been doin’ things like this for a couple of years and she really likes it. I’m glad I can do it now, too.”

“Do it? You mean fuck, don’t you?” the tone of my voice encouraging her to use the sex word.

“Yeah, fuck,” she replied, emphasizing the sex word.

As we quietly talked I could feel the wetness from her cunt trickling down from her slit and dribbling over my lap as she sat imbedded on me. Her hairless pussy lips felt incredibly tight and a little unusual around the base of my prick as they gripped me like a thick, soft, rubbery ring. God, she felt better than any girl I could remember, even better than her big sister. I hoped that this wouldn’t be the last time I fucked this wonderfully sexy, little twelve-year-old girl.

Putting my hands behind her, underneath the firm cheeks of her butt, I lifted her slightly, pulling her off my shaft a couple of inches, before letting her firm and slender body settle down again. Up and down she moved slowly, experimentally, several times, feeling the first sensations of a hard cock sliding in and out of the pleasure hole between legs.

“Mmmm,” the young girl moaned, her eyes closed as intensity of the sensations between her legs grew with each movement of my cock in her.

“You like this, don’t you? You like fucking,” I said softly, coaxing her to talk about what we were doing, wanting her to say the dirty words.

“God, it’s great. Yeah, fucking’s great,” she moaned.

“Look, my little sister’s getting fucked for the first time,” Tangelique grinned, looking up at us, her body rocking back and forth as Brackston fucked her hard and fast from behind. “How is she?”

“She’s got a great little pussy… tight, wet… God, she feels good on my cock,” I told her.

Without any further encouragement, Queenetta increased the height her body moved on my shaft little by little until nearly the entire length of my hardness slipped in and out of her little girl cunt as she slowly moved up and down on my lap. Her slimy wetness made the movement easy now, and I took my hands away from her ass and plucked at her erect little nipples, squeezing and rolling the hard buds between my finger tips. I let her do the work and just sat back and enjoyed what was happening as she eagerly bounced up and down, fucking for the first time. I could feel the front of her pubic mound begin to come down harder on the base of my shaft, shivers of pleasure shaking her body with each stimulation of her clitoris.

“Mmmm, God, this feels good,” she murmured, again. “Fucking feels so good.”

Keeping my left hand on her breast, I reached down with my right hand and placed the palm on the deep ‘V’ created by the crease of her slender thighs and her incredibly trim, flat stomach. The hardness of her pubic bone pressed against the heal of my hand, and I felt the soft curly hair that grew up in a short, narrow strip from the front of her slit onto her smooth lower belly tickle my palm.

With the tip of my middle finger I found the little depression at the front of her pussy cleft and fingered her clitoris, stimulating that little pleasure button with my hand as she moved up and down on my cock.

Queenetta’s head was tilted back and her eyes were closed as she moved up and down on my lap, soft moans, almost whines, of delight coming from her slightly open mouth as we fucked. The young girl put her hands on her hips, letting her slender legs push her body up, my prick slipping out of her tightness before slamming back down on the base of my prick, my hand moving with her as I made quick little circles over clit my finger tip. I was trying to hold back and not cum too soon, but knowing I was fucking this horny, shapely little twelve-year-old and turning her on to sex for the first time was getting to be too much. I could feel the contraction in my balls warn me that I was getting ready to shoot into her.

“I’m gonna cum,” I told her, the words sticking in my throat as her hairless pussy lips pulled and stroked my cock with her up and down movement on me, “I’m gonna shoot off into your hot wet little pussy. Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum! Oh God!”

I grabbed Queenetta around the waist, just above her hips, and pulled her down hard onto my lap as I felt my cock grow inside her and the first powerful spurt of fuck juice shot up into her hot, creamy center. The incredible pleasure of my orgasm exploded in my head and each spasm, each twitch, of my prick sent more wonderful electric jolts of sexual pleasure through my body. I could feel the sexy little girl twisting and turning around my spurting sex shaft, grinding her naked ass down onto me and moaning with delight as she felt my cumming deep inside her. Instinctively, she coaxed my climax to greater heights as my cum jetted into her velvety warm insides and I filled her tight little pussy for the first time with my thick liquid.

As I held her tightly against my loins, her hairless cunt opening still holding and squeezing my shriveling shaft, I heard Brackston grunt and groan out loud as he, too, began to shoot off into the young girl he was fucking. I looked down and saw Tangelique, her round ass pushing back against his loins, a big, joyous smile on her face as she enjoyed the sensations of the boy’s cock pulsing between her tight pussy lips as he climaxed inside her.

As we began to pull apart, our sex places wet and sticky, we realized it was beginning to get late in the afternoon. We’d been so caught up in our sexual activities that we lost track of time and realized that the parents would be home before long. Besides, I had to get ready to go to work. We all cleaned up with a warm wash cloth and a fresh towel, and I gave both girls a kiss before I left, all the while talking about our experience and how much fun we’d had. We all agreed we were looking forward to getting together again.



The door bell rang about mid-afternoon and Queenetta was standing there, and she smiled a little nervously as I opened the door and invited her in. I hadn’t seen the sexy twelve-year-old girl in a little over week, since our first experience, and I’d been wondering what she had thought about the experience. She wore a red leotard, gym shorts, and white tennis shoes and carried a gym bag in one hand. She said she was walking home from gymnastics practice.

“Hi,” I said as I closed the door. “I haven’t seen you for a while. I thought maybe you were, uh, mad at me or something. How are you?”

“I’m great,” she smiled. “I… was kinda sore for a few days after we… well, you know, but I feel fine now. I really liked, you know, doing things with you that day. Tangelique’s been tellin’ me about what you’ve been doin’ with her and I was hoping we could… um… do some thing this afternoon. I told my mom I was going to stay after class and do a special work-out and I wouldn’t be home for a while afterwards, so she doesn’t know I’m here.”

“So, you wanna do a special work-out, huh?” I said with a lewd little grin. She smiled back with an understanding grin.

I stood and surveyed her wonderful body for a moment.

“You look incredibly sexy, dressed like that. Come on in. Why don’t you take your shoes and gym shorts off and leave them and your bag here?”

She quickly complied. I watched her slip her shorts off and admired her lean, athletic body. Her leotard clung to every curve, every swell of her firm, slender, youthful form, especially those wonderful round little swells that were so noticeable between her thighs.

I took her into the spare bedroom that I had fixed up with the mattress in the middle. She looked around for a minute, wondering about the room.

“I had this extra room with nothin’ in it,” I explained, “and thought it would make a good place for us or, you know, anyone else who wanted to, to get together and, uh, have some fun.”

“Sounds good,” she said.

We stood still like that for a few seconds, the anticipation building in the silence, before we finally turned towards each other. She looked really good dressed in her gymnastics outfit. The top of the leotard clung to slight rise of her small, blooming tit mounds and already the little buds of her nipples had hardened in anticipation, pushing out against the material like two small pebbles. She hadn’t showered after her workout and her body carried a slight odor of sweat. It made me even more aroused.

As we faced each other our breathing became more shallow and rapid in anticipation of the enjoyment to come. Not wanting to waste any time I laid my hands on her slender shoulders and hooked my fingers under the straps of her leotard. Slowly pulling them up and to the sides, I slid them over her shoulders and down her slender arms.

Queenetta quickly pulled her arms up and out of them as I began to peel the tight covering off the upper part of her tender, young body. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and I exposed the pink hardness of her excited little nipples as they stood out from the tips of her small, forming breast mounds.

“God, you’ve got great little nipples,” I said to her softly as I gazed down at her naked girlish chest, her nipples hard and pointed.

I paused with the leotard and my hands down around her waist and bent my head down, my hands holding her around her slender waist. My tongue swirled around each stiff little pink bud before I used my lips to gently suck and pull at them. The salty taste of her sweat mixed wonderfully with the sweet taste of her soft, young skin. She quietly moaned and pressed her chest against my mouth, wanting to increase the delicious contact. My tongue licked over each hard little nipple and around the slightly raised flesh of her small breasts, then through the shallow valley between the two mounds, licking and tasting the sweetness of the young twelve-year-old girl.

After a minute I pulled my mouth away from the small, tender morsels and let my body slide down to the floor in front of her, pulling the leotard down with me as if, little by little, I was peeling the covering from her taut, sensual, girlish body.

As I slid the outfit down and off her slender hips, she had a surprise for me. The strip of soft, curly, light brown hair that last week had grown up from the front of her slit was gone and the skin above her pubes was completely bare of any pubic hair. Now, the entire area between her legs was completely shaved and covered only with smooth, pink, bald skin. I looked up at her.

“I shaved it all off – lots of the girls in gymnastics do,” she said with a grin. “I thought it’d be kinda sexy and that you’d like it. Tangelique said how much you liked my bare pussy, so I did it.”

“Mmmm, God, I love it. It looks good, and so sexy,” I murmured, gazing at the erotic, breath-taking sight of this sexy twelve-year-old girl’s shaven pussy in front of my face.

Down her legs and feet I quickly pulled the tight, stretchy leotard the rest of the way off and laid it aside. Queenetta stood naked before me as I knelt in front of her, my face nearly level with her smooth, flat stomach. The sweet, pungent aroma of her already moistening pussy mixed with the smell of her body sweat. The nubile little girl stood quietly, her breath quickening in anticipation of the pleasures to come.

Again, I gazed for a moment at wonderful sight of her smooth, slender body and the long, narrow ‘V’ formed by the crease of her thighs and her smooth, flat stomach as it gradually tapered down and sloped underneath to the top of her bare little pubic mound. The hairless folds of her pussy were divided by the beginning of the cleft that led to that opening that gives and receives so much pleasure.

“God, you look so good, so sexy, so fucking sexy,” I murmured quietly.

I had to taste her.

Pressing my mouth against the front of her mound, I tilted my head back and slipped my tongue up into that little depression at the front of her slit and licked over her clitoris several times. Breath hissed from her at the sudden shock of pleasure and the little girl groaned and stepped her feet out farther to the sides, opening herself even more as I eagerly mouthed her hairless little cunt for the first time. The bare skin of her pubic mound felt very unusual, warm and smooth, against my lips – I liked it; I liked it a lot. I pushed my tongue farther up into her slit, already moist and musky with her body juices.

She put her small hands on my head to steady herself, petting my hair and firmly holding my face against that intimate area between her slender girlish thighs. The bare skin felt strange, yet exciting, against my mouth as I began to slip my tongue around and over the round contours her delicious little-girl cunt. Several more times I licked her there, the tart taste of her twat tingling my tongue as it slithered back and forth through her sweet sex slit.

I slid my right hand up, along the smooth inside of her leg until I felt the tips of my fingers touch the smooth, warm wetness of the intimate opening between her legs. Immediately, I pushed the middle finger of my right hand up into her girl hole, all the way into her until I reached my hand. Slowly, gently, I began to finger-fuck her tight, little pussy, filling her up inside while still quickly flicking my tongue over her sensitive clit.

Up and down my hand traveled, the elastic opening of her pussy lips gripping the little shaft as it moved in and out of her, exciting the junior high school girl. I felt her squat down a little onto my up-turned face, pressing her pussy against my mouth, and my tongue constantly licked into the front of her cleft as I fingered her warm, slippery, little-girl slit.

“Oh, feels so good… so good.” I heard her moan above me, her hands pulling my face against her hairless pubic mound.

The position was a little awkward and uncomfortable for me and I knew I couldn’t really do her well like this. Lifting my head up and pulling my hand out from between her legs, I gently pushed her back, guiding her slim, naked body so she would find the mattress behind her and sit down. As she sat I grabbed her ankles, separated her slender legs, and lifted them up onto my shoulders as she lay back on the bed. I moved up closer to her, putting my hands behind her knees and pushing her legs back toward her chest and out to each side, holding her smooth, tender thighs open before me.

The area between her legs was completely bare of any hair, her skin without a wrinkle or blemish. The cleft of her delightful cunt lay open and glistening with wetness, pink and shining in the afternoon sunlight. I gazed for a moment at the beautiful view of her hairless little twelve-year-old pussy, but was unable to resist its erotic beauty. I lowered my mouth, covered her pussy lips with the lips of my mouth, and plunged my tongue deep into her succulent little slit as if I was French kissing her.

“OHHHH!” she groaned loudly at the shock of sexual sensations jolting her body, her back arching at the intensely intimate contact.

I swirled my tongue in circles around the smooth insides of her tight fuck hole, licking and sucking the sweet, succulent folds of the young girl’s hairless cunt as I held her legs back and apart. The top of my mouth ground down onto her clit, and I could feel her push her hips up against my face, increasing the pleasurable sensations between her thighs. I centered my mouth fully on her bald pussy lips, my mouth sucking her juices as my tongue slipped in and out and around the rim of her slick little fuck hole. It was almost as if I was French-kissing this sexy mouth-like opening between her thighs. I’d never licked a shaved pussy before; it was extremely erotic, and I hoped this incredibly sexy little girl would let me do her like this many more times.

After a minute of enjoying her taste, I lifted my wet face up from between her open crotch.

“Put your hands behind your knees and hold your legs back like I’ve been doing. There, that’s right.” The aroused youngster placed her hands behind her knees and pulled them back, holding her legs apart as her sweet little cunt and ass tilted up toward me.

I wanted to try something new with her and needed my hands free. I slipped my first finger into her cunt and finger-fucked her several times as I licked over her clit with the tip of my tongue. That really made her squirm with pleasure. When it was wet and slippery, I continued to lick her smooth slit while I placed the tip of the finger against the dark, puckered opening of her asshole. Carefully, I twisted it back and forth while applying firm, constant inward pressure against the closed hole. Little by little, the opening began to give way, and the tip of my finger broke through the elastic circle of muscle and into tightness of her behind.

I felt Queenetta begin to move her hips and ass slightly up and down as I continued to slowly push my finger into her butthole. At first, I thought maybe she was finding the sensation uncomfortable and was trying to move her asshole away from my probing finger. I paused a minute, not wanting this to be an unpleasant experience for her, but soon found that the movement of her hips was helping my finger more easily penetrate her ass and I knew that she was encouraging me; that it felt good to her and she liked it!

With my finger about half way up her asshole, I stopped for a minute, my mouth and tongue continuing to work their magic on her bare, slippery little cunt as she held her knees back and to the sides. The taste and feel of her hairless pussy on my mouth was incredible as I continued to twist my finger slowly back and forth, creating hot pressure against the walls of her hot little asshole.

I pushed my finger into her ass a little farther, and the young girl let out a loud groan as the larger knuckle of my finger entered her butt opening. Pulling it out again, I began to slowly move the shaft in and out of her asshole, letting the larger knuckle slip in and out through the tight anal opening. God, did she like that! Each time it moved within her, another groan of absolute delight would come from her mouth. With the windows open, I was hoping that none of the neighbors could hear.

Back and forth my finger slowly moved, finger-fucking the sexy twelve-year-old girl in the ass as I licked her delicious, hot little pussy over and over again. I knew that her asshole was too small, now, for anything bigger than my finger, but I wanted her to experience the pleasure possible with something penetrating this other pleasurable opening. And I knew that some day she would be big enough back there to experience something other than a finger, and I sure wanted to be the one to show her that, too.

I glanced up and watched the junior high school girl’s head moved back and forth as she whimpered softly, her eyes closed, as the fire of sexual pleasure flared and burned between her legs. With my finger still slowly slipping in and out of her asshole, I concentrated my mouth and tongue over her clitoris, making quick, hard little licks over her pleasure button, my mouth sucking up her cream as the sexual tension built rapidly.

About a half a minute later I heard her gasp several times and squeal, her slender thighs snapping shut against my head, grinding together as she climaxed. I could feel Queenetta arch her back slightly, the orgasm making the muscles in her body rigid.

I stopped moving my finger in and out of her butthole and let her enjoy her climax, though my head was still trapped by her slim, muscular thighs. After a minute, her body shuddered slightly and her thigh muscles began to relax, dropping open and releasing me. I pulled my head out, leaving my finger still firmly imbedded in her behind.

I looked down and marveled at the erotic sight of this young girl, not yet thirteen, her smooth, slender legs spread open, her pink, wet, shaved pussy revealed and my finger wedged in her tight, puckered asshole. I rotated my finger back and forth several times, teasing her and enjoying the warm, tight feel of the walls of her butt around my finger, then slowly drew it out.

Right away I stood up and shed my shorts, my throbbing, horny prick springing up from between my legs, the tip moist and slippery from the drops of juice drooling out of the hole. I’d been so aroused, so hard, while eating her cunt that it had begun to feel uncomfortable and I was glad I could finally release my cock.

Queenetta turned over onto her side and lay quietly, her back to me and her eyes closed as she enjoyed the after-effects of her orgasm. I settled down beside the naked girl, knelt next to her shapely little ass, and lightly caressed her taut, sensual body. I ran my hand over her arm and shoulder, then down the gentle curve of her back, my finger tips barely touching her smooth skin. Lightly, I pulled my fingers along her spine, over her small, trim behind, and along the back of her thighs and legs. Up and down my hand moved, the tips of my fingers making little circles over her firm young body.

“God, you’ve got a fantastic body,” I found myself murmuring quietly to her, my hand roaming constantly over her wonderful and sexy twelve-year-old form. “So soft… so smooth… so young… so sexy…”

Queenetta lay on her side, her bottom leg extended nearly straight out while her top leg was slightly bent at the knee and pulled up toward her chest a little. After caressing and enjoying the feel of her slender, muscular body for a few minutes, I lightly grazed my fingers over round curves of her nice little ass, then through the deep cleft dividing those wonderful globes and down, until I found her still moistened pussy lips with my finger tips. Back and forth I lightly caressed those two wonderful, slippery folds of flesh, my mind and body captivated by the sensations of playing with this twelve-year-old girl’s smooth, hairless sex.

I slipped my fingers back and forth through her narrow girl slit, penetrating just a little with my middle finger, then back along the crack of her ass. God, I was horny and, as much fun as it was just to touch and feel her body, after a minute I felt a more urgent need.

Moving to the side and slightly behind Queenetta, I pushed her top leg forward a bit more, straddled her slender bottom leg with my knees, and pointed the tip of my drooling cock down. As she lay on her side with her top leg bent forward and out of the way, I placed the head of my prick against her hairless little cunt slit and gently, but firmly, pressed my hips forward. I moaned very quietly at that incredible first sensation as the tip of my shaft slipped into her tight, wet girl- opening.

Scooting forward just a little more, I was able to push nearly the full length of my prick into the young girl as she lay on her side beneath me. God, she made me horny and I wanted to be inside her, completely inside her, and groaned louder as I felt the hot, wet tunnel of her twelve-year-old pussy surround and squeeze my shaft like some warm, wet mouth. The bald outer lips of her delightful little cunt circled and held the base of my cock like a tight rubbery ring with my balls wedged up against her moistened girl slot.

We stayed like that for what seemed a long time, just enjoying the incredibly erotic sensation of our bodies making this hot, sensuous connection. The warm summer afternoon breeze made the window curtains flip and sway, and felt cool on our naked bodies as my hands continually roamed over her slender girlish body, lightly touching and caressing, my warm thickness filling her up between her legs.

She felt so incredibly good, both the feel of her soft, smooth, young skin under my hands and the sensual tightness of her pussy as the small elastic opening firmly gripped and squeezed me. I reached down and pulled at one of her little pink nipples, rolling it between my finger tips and smiling as the little bud grew and stiffened with my touch. The young girl sighed and murmured with pleasure as I caressed and played with her body, lost in a world of incredible sexual pleasure, her mind and body still floating from her orgasm, and my hard, pulsing cock firmly wedged in that wonderful girl pleasure-place between her thighs.

After a couple of minutes I raised up a little and gradually began to pull my hips back, my prick pulling out from between the tightness of her fleshy, bare pussy lips. I paused when I felt her wet heat around just the sculpted head of my cock before reversing the process and, bit by bit, pushed my hard shaft back fully up into the little girl’s pussy.

Back and forth my hips moved at leisurely pace as I slowly, casually, fucked the shapely little twelve- year-old girl as she lay on her side before me. My head seemed to swim as I reveled in the incredibly erotic sensations of sex with this willing young girl and the sweet, pungent scent of her cunt juice. As I slowly thrust in and out of her, I reach down and plucked at her sensitive little nipples with my left hand, pinching them lightly between my first finger and thumb, marveling at their responsiveness and enjoying the little moans of delight coming from the youngster.

Again, I paused a moment, my cock buried deep up inside her, bent down, and licked the soft skin of her shoulder and arm, tasting the saltiness of her skin. Queenetta moaned quietly and I felt her body slightly quiver at the delicious contact. As I leaned over her my body pressed against her raised hip and she suddenly moved, turning her body completely over onto her stomach so that she was laying flat beneath me, her legs slightly apart. My cock was fully inside her and her slim body just rotated around my hard shaft, never losing the sweet, sexy connection as she changed her position under me. Now, Queenetta was laying on her stomach on the mattress, her head turned to the side, and I was perched on the back of her slim, smooth girlish thighs, my cock penetrating her slit from behind.

“So, you want me to fuck you like this, huh?” I quietly teased her, my hands roaming lightly over the gentle curves of her smooth, slender back.

Queenetta turned her head and looked back at me, a horny, lusty glint in her eye.

“I saw Tangelique and Brackston doin’ it like this yesterday. Tangelique says it’s her favorite position… she says it gets her off fast. Mmmmm, that feels good!”

Although the pressure of the cheeks of her ass tucked into the crease of my thighs felt really nice, the tension that had built up in my balls and the urge to really fuck this young girl was becoming too strong to ignore any longer. Leaning forward, I put my hands down on the floor on either side of her body just about where her shoulders lay and began to rock back and forth a little faster, the full, hard length of my shaft slipping in and out of her moist, hot, hairless girl hole from behind. Queenetta’s legs were almost completely together, creating an even tighter connection and more pleasurable friction as my prick slipped so wonderfully in and out of her.

As I swayed back and forth above, I looked down between the split of her shapely, rounded ass and watched my cock disappear and reappear as it moved in and out between her wet, slimy cunt folds. With each deep penetration the feel of her tight, little ass against my thighs felt especially good, and I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to cum inside her.

“So Tangelique and Brackston were fucking like this yesterday?” I said as I moved slowly back and forth above the youngster, my slippery shaft moving easily in and out through her tight, pink, hairless cunt lips as I leisurely fucked the sexy twelve-year-old girl.

“Yeah, they came over in the afternoon while I was watching TV. They sat on the couch and started kissin’ and stuff. Tangelique was wearing a short skirt and Brackston was puttin’ his hand up between her legs while they were kissin’. They got real hot, and then Tangelique let Brackston pull her panties off. Then, she just laid down on the floor on her stomach like this and they did it while I watched ’em.” She giggled, then moaned in ecstasy as I thrust a little harder into her. “It was fun to watch… but not as much fun as doin’ it. Mmmmm, feels so good”

“Do they usually let you watch ’em do things like this?”

“Since that time last week they have…. and they do other things, too; like she puts him in her mouth and, you know, sucks his cock. I don’t think he wears any underwear ’cause Tangelique just kneels down on the floor in front of him, unzips his pants, and his cock pops right out. She’ll do him like that, right in front of me… I think they do it to tease me ’cause they know it makes me really horny to watch sex, I thought of you.”

Listening to her talk and describe her sister doing oral sex to her boyfriend was really arousing me and I’d begun to pick up speed, my prick sliding in and out of her from behind more rapidly and more forcefully. I felt the front of my thighs bumping against the mounds of her small, firm ass with each deep inward thrust. God, I was horny and needed to cum; to shoot into her wonderfully hot and tight little pussy.

“Mmmm, feels so good,” she murmured beneath me, “now I know why Tangelique likes it like this… fuck me like this a lot, OK?”

Jesus Christ, I couldn’t believe what she way saying.

“Honey, I’ll fuck you like this any time you want. God, I love your ass. Your sweet sexy little ass, such a tight pussy… such a great fucking pussy…”

I was lost in the intense sexual sensations flooding over me as my body rocked continually back and forth over the young girl lying under me. I wanted this feeling to last as long as possible, yet I knew I was helplessly plunging toward my orgasm. The tight, wet grip of her pussy and the knowledge that I was fucking this willing and horny twelve-year-old girl with a such a great body was too much. I felt almost out of control.

Harder and faster I moved above her, now overcome with the desire to shoot into her, to cum inside the youngster. She was feeling it, too, because I felt her ass moving up and down with each delicious plunge of my shaft into the warmth of her sweet pussy. In and out my cock slipped, faster and faster between the delightfully tight grip of her hairless little-girl cunt lips. With each deep, inward thrust her trim butt would rub up against my loins and the crease of my thighs, and I could feel my balls swinging back and forth, bumping against her wet slit with each delicious stroke into her. The incredible pleasure I felt was like nothing I’d ever felt before.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to shoot into you!” I grunted as I rocked out of control back and forth above her.

“Mmmm, yeah… do it!”

I felt the beginnings of my orgasm as my balls began to contract signaling what was to come. I knew it was going to be a good one as a tremendous wave of pleasure seemed to explode in my brain. Arching my back, I pushed into the little girl one last time, my prick pulsing over and over again deep inside her cunt as I filled her with my hot cream. With each spurt my body seemed to be jolted with shocks of incredible pleasure as I came inside the young girl.

Trembling and a little weak, I laid my body over her slender back, my softening cock still squeezed and held by the folds of her hairless pussy opening. Queenetta pressed her ass firmly against my loins as I wiggled my hips up against her behind, wanting to wring every bit of sexual pleasure from my climax.


This was the first of what became regular afternoon visits by the seemingly ever-horny youngster over the next several weeks. Queenetta told her mother that she was spending extra time training, though she didn’t say what sort of training she was doing. Every morning I walked around with a hard cock in my pants as I anticipated pealing the leotard off her taut, sweaty young body and tasting the saltiness of her young skin as my cock pounded into the eager and sexy twelve-year- old girl’s pussy. I found the smooth, hairless texture of her shaved pubic mound incredibly arousing against my mouth and couldn’t wait to lick and tongue her sweet little-girl cunt and hear her cry out as she came. It got to the point that she was so anxious to get started that she was peeling off her clothes even before I got the door shut.

One afternoon, about four weeks after our first sexual adventure, I heard the doorbell ring and expected Queenetta to stop by after her gymnastics class as she usually did. But, I was really surprised when I opened the door to find not just her, but another very pretty girl with her.

Queenetta introduced me to her best friend, Herneisha, who, like Queenetta, was dressed in a leotard and shorts. The two girls had come directly from their gymnastics class. Like Queenetta, Herneisha had a slender, muscular body, obviously conditioned from physical activities. She had short black hair and very bright, green eyes that seemed to sparkle and glow with an unusual intensity. I could see that her small breast mounds were only slightly more developed than Queenetta’s as they pushed against the front of her work-out clothes. I found out later that, like Queenetta, she was twelve-years-old, almost thirteen, and she was very attractive.

“Hi, girls,” I tried to sound casual and not disappointed. Queenetta’s arrival with another girl surprised me, and I figured we wouldn’t be doing anything together that day.

“Hi. This is my friend, Herneisha. We’ve had gymnastics together for a couple of years and we’re good friends. Sometimes we like to do things together. I told her about you and me and what we’ve been doin’ and she’d like to have some fun, too. Is it OK if we come over here for a while today and, you know, be with you?”

“Of course,” I answered, a little surprised. “It’d be fun. I just have to finish cleaning up and putting a few things away, then I’ll be up. Why don’t you and Herneisha go into the spare room and I’ll join you in a couple of minutes.”

A short time later I walked into the room and was surprised to find the two junior high girls already on the bed in the middle of the floor, their gymnastics outfits thrown in a corner as they lay naked over each other, each facing an opposite direction. Queenetta was on her back on the bottom, her small bare feet together and knees spread wide apart while her friend, Herneisha, lay on top of her with her mouth planted tightly against the smooth, wet sex slit between Queenetta’s open legs. The dark-haired girl had her arms underneath Tangelique’s slender thighs and held her legs open with her hands as her tongue and mouth eagerly licked and sucked the cream from Queenetta’s hairless little cunt hole as if she was already an expert at the age of twelve.

Herneisha heard me walk in and glanced up, her green eyes flashing and sparkling with lusty excitement and her face already shiny and wet with Queenetta’s musky girl juice. She didn’t seem shy or embarrassed to have me see what they were doing to each other and, after giving me a big smile, lowered her mouth back down onto the bald, pink folds of Queenetta’s pussy. I watched as she used the tip of her tongue to lick through the entire length of Queenetta’s cleft and up, over her clit, her little fingers pulling the outer lips apart so she could tongue the luscious pink insides. It was obvious that she was experienced and comfortable with this oral sex position and that she had done this kind of thing before.

Walking around to the side of the low bed, I saw Queenetta underneath her friend, her mouth also glued to the slit between Herneisha’s legs. Between her parted thighs I noticed that, like Queenetta, Herneisha had completely shaved off her pussy hair, leaving her adorable little-girl pubes pink, fleshy, and naked.

Herneisha knelt over Queenetta’s face, knees spread wide to the sides so she could press her bare pussy mound down onto Queenetta’s delightfully licking mouth. Queenetta had slipped her arms underneath and around Herneisha’s slim thighs, holding the girl in place. With her hands and fingers she pulled apart the round cheeks of her ass, opening the fleshy folds up so she could mouth the entire smooth, wet area between her friend’s legs. I could imagine Queenetta’s tongue probing and licking deep inside Herneisha’s hot pussy, the lips of her mouth kissing, tonguing, and sucking those wonderfully full, bare little pussy lips.

It was incredibly erotic watching the two young junior high girls so enthusiastically and casually perform oral sex with each other. Their hairless, little twelve-year-old pussies glistened with wetness as they enjoyed making each other feel so good with their tongues, and fingers. I know, now, what Queenetta meant about ‘doing things with each other’. I could see from their apparent expertise and enthusiasm that this was not the first such episode the two friends had experienced together.

But watching the two kids was getting me hot, too, and I wasn’t satisfied just to watch them have girl-sex with each other. I sat down on the mattress beside them and used my left hand to caress Herneisha’s small, beautifully round, naked behind as she lay on top of her friend beside me. Her skin was exceptionally smooth, without a line or a blemish just like a young girl’s should be. I ran my hand lightly over the soft, gentle curves of her naked back and down over her shapely ass as my finger tips brushed lightly over her skin in little circles. God, she felt good.

After a minute I centered my hand on her wonderful little butt and began to slide my fingers up and down through the deep, narrow crack between her ass cheeks, over her asshole, and down to her moistened, hairless little slit. Queenetta’s fingers continued to spread Herneisha’s butt cheeks apart, mouthing and licking her delicious little cunt as I enjoyed playing with her sexy, tight, little-girl ass.

Finally, I delved down a little farther until the tip of my middle finger slid back and forth between the girl’s swollen pubic folds until it worked itself into the hot hole of Herneisha’s pink, wet pussy. Slowly, I slipped my middle finger in and out through the elastic opening of Herneisha’s sweet little pussy, each time sliding it deeper into her fuck hole until I was penetrating her with the full length of the little shaft. The naked skin of her pubes was extremely smooth and felt wonderful; she must have shaved herself just that morning. Although the entrance was tight, she felt open inside, and I knew, though she wasn’t yet thirteen, she could take my cock. I felt the wet licking of Queenetta’s tongue as I slowly finger-fucked the youngster while her friend licked her clit from underneath at the same time.

Herneisha liked it, too, because she began to shift her behind back against my probing finger each time it slid into her. Her body started to rock slightly back and forth in rhythm with the fucking of my finger, though she never lost contact with Queenetta’s mouth. Her tight, naked pussy lips clung to the shaft, seeming to pull at it with each little movement. God, these junior high girls were horny.

“You like this, huh?” I said softly to the little girl, my middle finger plunging completely in and out of her hot, wet little cunt.

Herneisha raised her head up from her friend’s crotch.

“Mmmm, God, yeah, that feels good.”

“You’ve got a nice pussy,” I said, as my finger moved, slowly, fully, in and out of her. “Have you been fucked yet?” This wasn’t the time to beat around the bush.

“No, not yet. But I’d like to. Queenetta told me you’ve been doin’ her; you know, havin’ sex, and she said that you can’t get a girl pregnant.”

“She’s right. Would you like to try it? Would you like me to fuck you?”

“Mmmm, yeah, I’d like to…”

That was the answer I’d hoped it would be. I got up, put my hands on her slender, narrow hips, and pulled her back toward me.

“Back up just a little closer to the edge of the bed. There…”

Eagerly, yet a little nervously, the sexy young twelve- year-old girl got up on her hands and knees and moved backwards off her friend. Queenetta had heard our conversation and, as Herneisha moved off her, she slid out from underneath, wiping her friend’s sex moisture from her mouth and cheeks with the back of her hand as she curled up at the head of the mattress. She had a big smile on her face, excited about the idea of her friend having a cock inside her for the first time. This would be fun to watch.

As I stood on the floor, Herneisha knelt on all fours in front of me, her knees near the edge of the mattress and her bare feet extending out over the side. I unzipped my shorts and let them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them, I moved up behind the young junior high school girl, my stiff, throbbing cock sticking up rock-hard in front of me, a drop of juice already bubbling up from the tip.

Because the mattress and box springs were sitting directly on the floor and not on a stand, her ass was below me, about level with my knees, so I knelt down onto the very edge of the bed between her feet and directly behind her. Kneeling like this close in back of her, I glanced down and, for a moment, enjoyed the sight of her bare, shaven pussy lips damp and drooling with her sex juice. The clean, pink, swollen folds of her little cunt opening glistened with wetness in the afternoon sunlight and the musky scent of her sex surrounded us.

With my left hand I tilted my shaft down just a little, letting the tip slid several times up and down through the deep, narrow crease of her behind. I just wanted to enjoy the sensation of my cock sliding between the two firm globes of her ass for a moment before I finally backed up a little and found the opening to the moist, hot little fuck hole between her legs. When I felt the tip slip through the tight, elastic entrance of her cunt, I pressed my hips slightly forward, letting just a little of my cock push into her.

She was extremely wet from her oral sex session with Queenetta, so the head of my prick moved easily in between the folds of her hairless pussy. As I felt my cockhead begin to sink into her, I grabbed the youngster around her slender girlish hips with my hands, controlling the movement. Pulling out slightly, I again thrust forward while pulling her ass gently back onto me at the same time. Gently, little by little, I penetrated the young girl’s tight cunt with my rock-hard cock.

Knowing she’d never been fucked before, I wanted to take this very slowly, allowing her to get used to being filled up with my cock. Back and forth we moved just slightly, and each time, bit by bit, my prick pushed farther and farther into Herneisha’s wonderful twelve- year-old virgin pussy.

When my cock was about half-way in, I paused for a minute.

“How’s it feel?” I asked her as she knelt on all fours in front of me, our bodies connected together.

“Feels good, doesn’t hurt or anything. I thought the first time it was supposed to hurt.”

“It depends on how much sexual activity you’ve done before. Queenetta says you and her have done some things before.

I heard Tangelique giggle.

“We’ve been doing each other like that since last year,” Tangelique said with a wanton smile. “Herneisha stayed overnight at my house once and we slept in the same bed together. We got to talking about boys and sex and stuff and wondered what it felt like, so we started feeling each other up. We liked it so much that we started doing more things to each other. We’ve even had orgasms with each other.”

“But this feels even better,” said Herneisha, looking back over her slender shoulders at me, her green eyes sparkling with the fire of young lust.

Still kneeling on the edge of the mattress behind her, I leaned back and pulled out a little ways again before pushing my hips forward, feeling my shaft move into the hot, wet tightness of the slender, athletic twelve- year-old girl even more. Several more times I moved back and forth as I held her around her trim waist, further penetrating her pussy with each thrust until I felt the warm smoothness of her ass against the front of my thighs. She’d taken my cock fully into her for the first time, and I paused.

God, she felt good, so incredibly good. Her hairless pussy lips firmly gripped the base of my cock in a thick, tight, sensuous ring, while the inner walls of her cunt surrounded my shaft like a velvet glove deep inside her. I couldn’t just stay still like this – I had to fuck this wonderfully sexy little girl.

Holding Herneisha by the hips I gently began to rock back and forth on my knees, slowly sliding my sex shaft in and out of the youngster as she knelt on all fours in front of me. I found I could fuck into her fully and more easily now, as the full length of my cock slipped between her tight, hairless cunt lips and my balls swung and bumped up against her drooling slit.

I heard the little girl moan quietly as I rubbed over her clit with each deep, inward thrust.

“God! Feels so good… mmmmm,” she murmured, looking back a me, her eyes sparkling with lust. “I’m not a virgin anymore, am I?”

I smiled down at her. “No, you’re not a virgin anymore.”

“Thank God; I was tired of bein’ the only girl I knew in junior high who’d never slept with a guy yet.”

“But, we’re not sleepin’,” I said with a little smile as, together, we slowly rocked back and forth making that pleasurable connection again and again.

“You know what I mean,” she answered.

“No, I don’t. You’ve got to say it. What are we doin’?”

“We’re fucking,” she said softly, the words having trouble leaving her mouth.

“That’s right, we’re fucking. Do you like it? Do you like getting fucked like this from behind?” I pumped into her a little faster, more fully, as I spoke to her, the entire length of my hard, throbbing shaft moving completely in and out of her. I left just the tip held between the wonderfully tight grip of her hairless pussy lips before I slid all the way back in. The warm, soft skin of her firm, shapely ass pressed against the front of my thighs as I filled her delicious young little cunt with my hard, pulsing thickness.

“Oh yeah, God this feels so good.”

“Tell me you like it, then tell me you like fucking.”

“I like it, and I like fucking,” the girl said, emphasizing the sex word. “God, it sounds so good, so dirty and it feels so good. Mmmm, fuck me, fuck me from behind. God, I love it,” she murmured, the words coming out quickly, sounding more natural now.

The dirty sex words were turning us both on even more. I started to rock back and forth on my knees a little faster, my cock now, moving easily in and out of her hot, drooling little pussy. The smooth inside walls of her cunt seemed to surround my prick like a warm, sucking mouth, pulling on my shaft with each outward stroke. I glanced down between the cheeks of her ass again, and watched my cock move in and out between her bare, wet cunt lips. God, it even looked like the large lips of a mouth sucking on my prick.

The sexy junior high girl was beginning to move her body back and forth, too, rocking back onto my cock each time I pushed forward into her. We set up a slow, pleasurable rhythm with our movements. Her round, little ass bumped against the front of my thighs with each deep penetration and we made a wet slapping sound as we fucked. I put my hands on her ass, my thumbs in the crack, and separated the two firm mounds a little. Looking down, I watched my shaft disappear between the moist, pink, shaved opening of her little twelve-year- old cunt. It was an incredibly erotic sight and I groaned and closed my eyes for a moment, completely caught up in the wonderful sensations between my legs.

Queenetta was getting aroused by the sight of her friend getting fucked for the first time, too. I looked up and saw that she was leaning back, left hand on the mattress behind her, supporting her body, while she had her knees spread wide apart and her right hand between her legs. Her little pink slit lay puffy and moist and fully open as her fingers busily played with her clit, the tips of her fingers making quick little circles around her pleasure button while she watched us have sex. Sometimes, she’d push a finger or two deep into her fuck hole, quickly stroking in and out, openly masturbating as she gazed at us, her eyes blazing with youthful lust. She looked like she was really horny and needed to cum; to release all of the sexual tensions building up inside her as she watched me fuck her young friend from behind.

I closed my eyes and moaned involuntarily, again, at the incredible pleasure building between my legs as, together, Herneisha and I rocked back and forth in mutual sexual stimulation. The only sound was the wet, squishy sound of my prick moving in and out of her sweet little pussy. My cock slipped so easily now, in and out of her tight, naked little-girl pussy slit. Her wetness dribbled down my shaft and balls, tickled the skin, and made it shine in the afternoon sunlight. God, she felt so good. As, together, we enjoyed each others’ bodies I found that it was almost unbelievable that I had these two sexy young, twelve-year-old girls who were so willing to enjoy sex with an older guy like me.

Back and forth we moved almost as one, Herneisha’s ass bumping up against the front on my thighs with each deep, inward thrust. Though I still held her by her slender hips, she was now rocking back against me, enthusiastically impaling herself over and over again on my rock hard cock.

I heard my breath hissing through my teeth with each delicious movement inside the young girl. She was making noise, too, quietly moaning in an almost whispered voice.

“Mmmm, feels so good. Mmmmm, Oh God! Oh fuck!” I heard her murmuring over and over again as she pushed back against me.

I could feel the pressure begin to build in my balls as my orgasm begin to build. I wanted to delay it as much as possible so I could enjoy the wonderful warm, tight sensation of her slender, firm, young body and revel in the act of fucking this delightfully sexy little girl. But, God, it was too good to hold back much longer.

Faster and faster we moved, our bodies almost slamming together now. I could feel my climax building up and knew I was going to explode any second. Several more quick, deep pumps of my cock into the little girl’s tight, hairless pussy and it was too much. A flash of bright light seemed to explode in my head as the first hard spurt shot into her. I grabbed her hips and held her very tightly against my loins, spurting and shooting deep into the junior high school girl’s hot cunt. Each explosion of cum from my prick jolting my body with incredible sensations of pleasure. Nothing else seemed to exist; time seemed to stop as I repeatedly came inside the young girl, my cock throbbing and jetting cream into her.

Through the haze of my climax I heard a sharp cry and moan. Both of the girls had also reached their peaks. Queenetta had gotten herself off with her experienced fingers, and the explosion of my cock inside Herneisha sent her into her climax, too. The little girl’s cunt walls seemed to grip my cock as her orgasm rushed over her and, together, we seemed locked together, incredible waves of sexual pleasure and release expanding from our loins and filling our bodies with wonderful sensations.

Herneisha and I stayed connected together like that for several minutes, enjoying the ebb of our sexual climaxes. As she knelt in front of me I lightly caressed her bare back and ass, slipping my hands down around to her chest and enjoying the feel of her firm little breasts for the first time. I pulled at her small, pink nipples with my finger tips. I hoped I would have a chance to enjoy them at a later time.

After a few minutes I gently pulled back, my softening member slipping out from between her bare cunt lips and I laid down on the bed next to Queenetta. She was laying on her side, her hand still wedged between her thighs as she enjoyed the after effects of her own orgasm.

As soon as I pulled out of Herneisha and moved away from her, she laid down on her stomach, her head on her hands and her eyes closed. As her breathing slowly returned to normal, she opened her sparkling green eyes, looked up at me, and smiled.

“Mmm, I’ve had orgasms before, but never like this. Does this always happen when you fuck?”

“You mean cumming that hard?”


“Not always. It kinda depends on who you’re with, what you do, things like that. It was probably a good orgasm because of what you and Queenetta did together before I got up here; and the excitement of getting fucked for the first time. Some girls cum a lot harder when they’re fucked from behind, too.”

“Will you do it to me again?” she asked shyly.

I smiled. “Anytime,” I said. “There’s a lot of fun things we can do. I’d like to lick your sweet, shaved pussy one day.”

“Oh, God, that sounds good. I’ve never had a guy do it to me, just Queenetta.”

“And she tastes real good, too,” spoke Queenetta with a lewd little smile.



Tangelique called later in the week and told me that she had tomorrow afternoon off from her baby-sitting job and thought it would be fun to bring Brackston and her sister, Queenetta, over to my house for an afternoon of ‘fun’ as they called it. I thought it was a great idea, and looked forward to the next day.

The three young kids arrived together, eager little smiles on their faces as they came through the front door. I could sense their anticipation and feel the sexual energy that surrounded us all.

Tangelique and Queenetta were both dressed in the tight fitting jeans they liked to wear the kind that seemed to cling to every crease of their slender, adolescent, young- girl bodies and show off their flat tummies and wonderful little round behinds. Queenetta was wearing a sleeveless, pull-over knit top that tended to mold itself to her small, barely formed breast mounds while Tangelique was wearing a thin button-front shirt. It was obvious neither girl was wearing a bra and, though Queenetta’s twelve-year-old breasts were still pretty small and just beginning to develop a nice roundness to them, the hard shape of her already excited nipples poked against the tightly clinging fabric. The girls didn’t seemed concerned about the fact that I (or anyone else, for that matter) could see the small, dark circles of their adorable little nipples through the thin material of their tops. In fact, I think they liked the idea.

Tangelique’s boyfriend, Brackston, was with them.

“Looks like we’re going to have a lot of fun,” I said with a smile. The young kids agreed and we went into the living room.

“How should we get started?” asked Tangelique, always horny and impatient.

Queenetta quickly pealed her top off over her head and dropped it to the floor beside her.

“I want Brackston to do me. You said he could…” the sexy, topless little twelve-year-old said, looking over at her big sister and completely unconcerned about her semi-nakedness. Tangelique smiled in agreement.

Two hard, pink, little nipples topped the small, cone- like shape of the breasts on Queenetta’s smooth, almost boyish, chest. She quickly unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down and off, her small white bikini panties with them.

The young junior high girl stood boldly in front of us, naked, a look of eager, horny anticipation on her soft, child-like face. Although I’d seen her without clothes a number of times already, I still found the sight breathtaking. The incredibly arousing, wonderfully erotic view of the narrow V-shape of her flat stomach as it tapered down and sloped under to the rise of her pink, bare pubic mound made me so hard. The little valley dividing the two rounded folds between her thighs was clearly visible and, with her pussy so cleanly shaven, she looked very adorable, very young, and extremely sexy.

Brackston quickly slipped his shoes off and eagerly unzipped his pants and pulled them down, clearly excited about fucking his girlfriend’s nubile little sister. His already stiffened cock pushed out the front of his white briefs creating a large lump in his loins. Grabbing the waist band he pulled his underwear over his cock and down, off his feet. The boy wanted to feel his cock pumping in and out of the sexy little girl so badly that he didn’t even bother to take his shirt off. Now he stood there in breathless, horny anticipation, clothed only in his tight fitting tank top, his smooth, pale, erect cock gently pulsing with each rapids beat of his heart as it stood up at an angle from his loins, a drop of juice already glistening on the reddened tip.

The two kids walked to each other and embraced, their lips sliding together. They were almost exactly the same height, and their fully open mouths easily met and tongues probed inside, licking and sucking. Queenetta immediately reached down with both of her small hands to grasp and stroke Brackston’s hard cock as they deeply kissed.

Although Queenetta was not yet even a teenager, she was already a sexually turned-on little girl and really enjoyed playing with a boy’s cock – any boy’s cock. She pulled lightly at the fleshy, pulsing shaft with her finger tips for a moment, spreading the oily seepage from the little hole on top over the velvety cockhead before she enclosed his prick in her right fist, gently jacking him off. With one hand she reached further down and cupped his dangling balls, caressing and teasing them with the tips of her fingers, as her other hand slowly, playfully, skimmed lightly up and down over the smooth surface of his hard, throbbing prick. As usual, the little girl was enthralled at the warmth and texture of the boy’s sex organ as she gleefully played with it. She had quickly found out, at a young age, how much fun playing with a hard cock could be.

Brackston brought his hands up to her little girl chest. He gently pulled and pinched the ripening little pink nipples with his fingers, and they grew even longer and harder with his adoring attention. Although her breasts were still quite small, her nipples were very sensitive and, as I already knew, she loved having them licked and played with. After a moment the knowing young boy made light circles over the sensitive buds with his palms, rubbing over the two hardened little growths, the incredible feelings of pleasure flowing down between her legs and making the young girl’s pussy hot and dripping wet with anticipation.

Finally, Brackston did what Queenetta had secretly hoped and wished he would do: the boy slid his right hand down the front of her naked body and cupped the front of her bare pubic mound as his fingers searched for her already wet little slit.

Queenetta quickly shifted her feet apart as she parted and opened her slender, childlike thighs to give him room to touch, feel, and caress her horny little pussy. The twelve-year-old girl waited with breathless anticipation to feel that first wonderful penetration, that first thrust into her moist center, and she groaned out loud when she felt Brackston’s middle finger probe between her swollen folds, slide over her sensitive clit, and finger-fuck her. Tangelique and I heard her quick intake of breath at the deliciously sexy contact as the boy’s finger began to move up and down through the tight grip of her hairless cunt opening.

Although he had already experienced it, Brackston still found the smooth, fleshy feel of the little girl’s shaved pussy lips unusual and exciting. He was used to the touch of the soft, silky fur that covered Tangelique’s cunt against his fingers, mouth, and cock as he enjoyed her responsive body. But this was a new sensation: the sensation of smooth, bare, rubbery flesh that became slippery as his hand cupped her raised pubic mound and his fingers slid back and forth through her steamy sex slit and spread her sex oil over the entire area between her legs. Brackston thought it was incredibly sexy. Maybe, he thought, I can get Tangelique to shave her pussy, too.

Together, the two young kids casually and eagerly played with each others’ sex, manipulating and arousing, feeling and caressing, enjoying the freedom and excitement of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Their hands moved freely over each others’ bodies without shame or remorse, simply reveling in the excitement and stimulation of young, uninhibited kiddie sex. When they couldn’t stand it any longer, they knew what they had to do.

“Wait you two, don’t forget this,” said Tangelique to the pair of young kids when she saw that they wanted and needed to relieve that exquisite tension that flamed throughout their developing young bodies.

Pulling a little package out of her pocket, she handed it to her little sister. Queenetta quickly unwrapped the condom, reached down, and rolled it down over Brackston’s cock, a broad smile of anticipation lighting up her face as she covered the boy’s throbbing sex rod with the colorful latex. When the condom reached the base of his cock her fingers strayed a little farther down and tickled the boy’s fuzz-covered balls with her finger tips. By his little groans of delight she knew he liked that. Brackston reached for her sweet sex slit again, wanting to finger her little pussy and make her feel good, too.

Soon, the two kids slowly dropped to the floor, their hands never stopping and their caresses never ending as they seemed to melt together. Brackston slipped in between Queenetta’s opening thighs and held his body above the young girl as she lay on her back with her knees up beneath him. The condom-covered tip of the boy’s hard cock probed to find her hot little-girl opening. Impatiently, Queenetta reached down and guided the boy’s cockhead into her, wedging it between the hairless outer lips of her drooling slit.

Supporting himself above her with straightened arms, his small, pale, hairless behind pumped quickly up and down several times as his short, hard prick sank farther and farther into that tight, warm, wet place of ultimate pleasure between the horny twelve-year-old’s thighs.

Queenetta eagerly wrapped her slender legs around the boy and arched her back as he finally shafted deeply and completely into her hot fuck hole. She let out a low, throaty moan as Brackston pumped his ass up and down several times quickly, the base of his cock bumping up hard against her sensitive clit as he joyfully fucked the little girl. Brackston’s finger had already made Queenetta’s slit slimy with her girl cream, and the boy’s cock slipped easily in and out between the hairless elastic tightness of her girl opening.

Tangelique and I decided to watch for a little while and just enjoy the sight of the kids having some sexual fun. I sat on the couch, my back resting against the arm, one leg on the floor and the other against the back of the couch. I pulled Tangelique over with me and she sat down, her wonderfully round little butt pressing against my lap as she sat on the couch between my legs.

She lay back against me, the back of her head resting against the base of my throat, the scent of her soft hair rising up to me.

I ran my hands down over her firm, round little breasts, playing with them, feeling the nipples and soft undersides through her thin shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and, after a minute, I unbuttoned the front of her shirt and spread it open, her firm, young breasts slowly moving up and down with each deep breath she took. After a minute or so, Tangelique sat up, slipped it off her shoulders, and threw it on the floor before laying contentedly back against me, feeling so sexy and grown up as she casually lay topless against me.

I looked down at her tender thirteen-year-old body as she lay on me, naked from the waist up, her jeans stretched tightly across the flatness of her stomach and pulling firmly over the roundness of her pussy folds between her slender thighs.

Letting my hands slide down over her shoulders, I cupped her naked little breast mounds with my palms, my fingers pulling playfully at the pink, shrunken nipples. Immediately, they began to grow hard and long, sprouting from her young, budding tits like hard, pink, little pebbles. They weren’t very big, but they seemed very sensitive as I lightly rolled them between my first finger and thumb, pinching and squeezing, enjoying the incredible feel as they responded to my touch.

I heard Tangelique sigh and moan quietly as my other fingers caressed the underside of her small breasts. Her skin was smooth and flawless, as a young junior high school girl’s should be. I felt her push back slightly against me, the erotic sensations from my touch warming the pleasure place between her legs, her wetness beginning to flow.

“Mmmm…I love it when you play with my tits,” she quietly sighed.

She turned her face up toward mine and our mouths met, clinging and sucking, licking and kissing, the electric passion building with each caress of her breasts and searching of our tongues. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and slid around mine. My cock grew hard inside my own jeans and I’m sure Tangelique could feel the hardness push against her ass and lower back as she sat against me.

I felt her shift her body slightly, raising up, her searching hands slipping underneath her to find my hardening cock and touch it, feel it, squeeze it through my jeans as it continued to grow, straining at the denim material. She slid her hands up and down the length of my shaft, squeezing the hardness that pushed up against the front of my lap as my fingers continued to pull and squeeze her stiff, little nipples. God, she was a horny little girl.

We broke our kiss, looked down at the two kids on the floor, and enjoyed the sight of their young, lusty sex play. Brackston, wearing only his clinging, sleeveless tank top, was laying down on top of the young girl, his ass bobbing up and down as he thrust in and out of Queenetta. The boy’s small, hard condom-covered cock quickly plunged in and out of Tangelique’s horny little sister, his shaft already wet and shiny with her cunt oil. She had wrapped her slender legs around his waist, her ankles locked together, clinging tightly to him as the boy stroked constantly in and out of her tight, hairless little cunt. We could hear the sound of their flesh slapping together, the squishing wetness of sex, and the groans of delight, as their slim, youthful bodies repeatedly collided together in young, uninhibited fucking.

After another minute or so of pumping into Queenetta, Brackston paused, sat back a little and, without his cock losing it’s connection with her gripping, hairless little cunt, slipped his arms under her slender legs and lifted them onto his shoulders. The young boy leaned forward over the little girl, put his hands on the floor, and folded Queenetta’s slim, athletic body back, tilting her ass and pussy up. In this position he knew could fuck even deeper into the tight little-girl pussy that squeezed his cock and made him feel so good.

He had always admired Queenetta’s nubile, developing body and had enjoyed the time he’d licked her pussy, especially the sexy feel of her hairless pussy lips on his mouth. But, God, since then he’d really wanted to fuck her, to feel that hairless little pussy gripping his cock as he shot off deep inside her, and the young boy couldn’t hardly believe it when Tangelique said that she was going to let him fuck her little sister that afternoon.

Now he lay over her, his thin arms locked straight, holding his upper body above the sexy and naked seventh grade girl. The young boy’s pale behind rhythmically pumped up and down as his small, hard cock plunged again and again into the wet, pink sex hole between the little girl’s legs. Although she wasn’t the youngest girl he’d ever fucked, he’d never before had sex with a girl with a shaved pussy, and it felt especially good as her slippery, hairless cunt folds gripped and milked his cock so tightly. He was hoping this wouldn’t be the last time he was going to be able to fuck Tangelique’s little sister. Maybe she had some friends, too…

Queenetta’s ankles and calves lay high up on the boy’s shoulders as her legs folded back and her smooth, shapely ass tilted upwards. Brackston was fucking almost straight down into her sweet up-turned little cunt. This position was something new to her and she could feel the movement of his shaft even more intensely as it slid in and out between her bare pubic folds and rubbed so deliciously over her sensitive clit. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed, as the sexual fire of her orgasm quickly built in that special place between her legs. She cried out with a little moan each time Brackston’s cock thrust down into her tight pussy and banged into her swollen pleasure button, and the moans soon started to come faster as she got ready to cum.

My fingers continued to play with Tangelique’s hard, little nipples as we lay back against the arm of the couch and watched the couple on the floor. God, it was really fun to watch the two young kids fuck so openly and freely. Though Queenetta was only twelve and Brackston had just turned fourteen, they quickly learned how to make each other feel good and didn’t mind others in the room watching them. They seemed completely and totally caught up in the raging sexual desires that filled their young bodies and made them feel so good, unaware of anything else around them. All they could feel was the building of their orgasms as their bodies bumped and churned together, and you could almost feel the sexual energy in the air.

“God, she’s really hot, isn’t she,” Tangelique commented, feeling proud of her little sister.

“Yeah, she really is,” I agreed, my heart beating rapidly as I watched the sexy scene. “It’s so sexy to watch ’em. I wish we had a video camera taping ’em. I bet they’d get a kick out of watching themselves afterwards.”

Queenetta lay on her back on the floor, her round, shapely little ass pointed almost straight up, her legs bent back, and her ankles on the boy’s shoulders as the slender little girl eagerly opened herself to Brackston’s small, hard thrusting sex shaft. They were turned sideways to us and we could clearly see her cleanly shaven, hairless pussy slit shiny with her sexual wetness as Brackston’s condom-covered prick slipped quickly in and out between those wonderfully tight, slippery cunt lips. I already knew how pleasurable that sweet little pussy felt, and I was a little jealous of the young boy as I watched them couple. And it was especially arousing to hear the low moans of delight as the base of the teenage boy’s cock slammed down against her clitoris, continuously bumping that special button of pleasure and sending shock waves of sexual sensations through her slim, youthful body.

Sometimes Brackston pumped quickly in and out of the twelve-year-old, seemingly stabbing the little girl between her legs with his hard sex stick, only a short length actually moving between her tightly gripping, hairless cunt lips. Then, he would pause for an instant before slowly, teasingly pulling nearly his entire shaft out of her pussy until only the tip remained firmly held by the elastic opening of her girl slit before thrusting back down into her. The change in tempo seemed to drive the horny little girl wild with pleasure.

As we watched the two kids fuck so casually, I let my hands slide down, over Tangelique’s smooth, flat, lower belly, past the waist band of her jeans, and between her slightly spread legs. The jeans she wore were very tight and pulled snugly up between her legs, and through the material I could feel the warm, damp contours of her pussy. I knew right away she wasn’t wearing any panties, and the knowledge that this wonderfully sexy junior high school girl was naked under her jeans made me even more aroused.

As she felt my fingers begin to explore that tender area of pleasure between her slender thighs she moaned slightly and pulled her knees back and to the side, letting them lay open and allowing me easy access to the warm, wet place of intimate pleasure.

I reached down with both of my hands slowly stroked her horny little cunt through her jeans from the crack of her behind up and over the front of her pubic mound. The tips of my fingers pressed firmly down against her sex slit as my hands moved back and forth caressing her. I felt her ass squirm with the sensations of pleasure I was creating, pushing down against my rock hard cock pulsing beneath the weight of her body as she lay against me. I found my breathing becoming rapid as I became incredibly aroused knowing I was exciting the young girl.

“You’re gettin’ horny, aren’t you,” I said quietly to her, my hand rubbing firmly back and forth between her parted legs.

“God, yeah!”

“Why don’t you do yourself, I’d like to watch you get yourself off.”

Tangelique didn’t have to be asked twice and quickly her nibble fingers unsnapped the waist band of her jeans. I moved my hands aside as she hurriedly pulled the zipper down and pulled the front flaps of her jeans apart. Her hand slipped down between her legs into her sodden pussy as she began to masturbate.

Her fingers were hidden by the material of her pants but I could see the denim material move up and down slightly with the motion of her fingers delving in and out of her pussy hole. I felt her behind move up, off my lap as she thrust her cunt up against the probing of her fingers over her clitoris, creating shock waves of sexual intensity radiating from between her thighs and throughout her body. Her breath began to come in short, little gasps with each jolt of intense sexual pleasure that shot up from between her legs, and I knew it wasn’t going to take her long to make herself climax.

It was fun to watch her masturbate. She didn’t seem self-conscious or shy at all. Not wanting to be left out, I put my hands back on her tender little breast mounds and played with her nipples again, pulling and plucking at the hard, pink little morsels. The extra stimulation sent her over the edge and she came.

Tangelique’s head snapped back suddenly as she gasped, her hand making hard rubbing circular motions between her open legs. Breath hissed through her teeth as her orgasm suddenly built and exploded in her head. I felt her body tense against me and she snapped her knees together, trapping her still probing fingers between her thighs as made herself cum. I cupped her firm, little breasts in my hands and gently caressed them, enjoying the feel of their warm softness as I watched the young girl, barely in her teens, enjoy her orgasm.

We heard Brackston groan loudly and looked down at the floor and watched as he paused for an instant, then took two long, slow strokes in and out of Queenetta’s tight, hairless pussy before plunging in and wriggling his hips, pushing against her wet, elastic opening as his cock spewed it’s load of cream into the latex covering over his cock.

Those final hard strokes of his cock were also enough to send Queenetta into orgasm, too, as her climax exploded in her head and made her entire body quiver with delight. She could feel the walls of her pussy contract and clutch at the wonderfully throbbing shaft imbedded deeply in her, and feel the spasms of the boy’s orgasm as his pulsing cock shot hot cum inside her.

Tangelique and I heard her cry out with a high pitched whine, a cry that suddenly increased as Brackston gave several more quick, deep thrusts with his cock into her, his sex shaft still stiff even after cumming. Her slender, muscular legs clenched together, the calves pressing against the sides of his neck as the muscles in her body tensed, increasing the marvelous sensation of the boy’s thickness filling the pleasure slit between her legs.

The boy pushed down with his hips again, wiggling hard against her slimy little cunt, loving the feeling of her climax on his softening cock as her bald pussy lips gripped and squeezed the base of his shaft. Queenetta’s arms and legs were wrapped tightly around the young boy, their bodies locked together as the two kids enjoyed the intensely pleasurable waves of sexual climax that rolled through their youthful bodies.

As his orgasm subsided, Brackston sat back, lifted Queenetta’s slender legs off his shoulders and put her feet on the floor. Rolling the condom off his softening member, he stood up and headed for the kitchen to throw it away.

Queenetta lay still on the floor, her feet on the floor and knees in the air, her mind and body still floating from the after-effects of her incredibly intense climax. Her older sister lay against me, her hand still buried in her jeans as Tangelique, too, enjoyed the after-glow of self-made sexual orgasm.


After several minutes I felt Tangelique stir. She jumped up, pulled down her already unzipped jeans, and pealed the tight pants down her slender legs. I was right-she hadn’t worn any panties, and she was soon completely naked as she pulled her pants off her bare feet.

She turned to me, bent down, and grabbed the waist band of my jeans. Quickly undoing the snap, she pulled the zipper down and hurriedly pealed the denim material off my lower body. I raised my hips and used my hands to help her. I wasn’t wearing any underwear either, and she quickly had my pants off and thrown to the floor.

I lay on the couch clothed only in a T-shirt, my thick shaft laying across my lower belly, throbbing and incredibly hard from watching and participating in the kids’ sex play. Tangelique stood next to the couch and looked down at my loins. Her pink tongue flicked across her lips as she gazed at my half-naked body and my erect cock.

With a lewd little smile she put one knee on the seat of the couch and threw the other one across me, climbing up over me and straddling my crotch. I knew what the horny little vixen had in mind and I was glad the couch was wide enough.

Reaching down with her right hand, she pulled my cock straight up and, at the same time, lowered herself down, pointing my cockhead at the moist, little-girl opening between her parted thighs. I felt the tip of my cock slip into the tightness of her pussy slit, still wet and warm from fingering herself. She let her slender body slowly sink down, little by little impaling herself on my hard, pulsing member. I could feel every inch of my prick slide through the elastic grip of the entrance to her pussy hole, her body pressing down on my loins. Looking down between her slender, parted thighs, I watched the incredibly erotic sight of my cock disappearing up into this sexy junior high school girl’s hot and horny cunt as she gleefully sat herself down on my cock.

Glancing up, I found her looking down at me, a big grin on her face, a mixture of lust, playfulness, and want. She watched my reaction and seemed to relish my groan of sheer lusty pleasure as her tight little pussy enveloped and squeezed my thickness. I think she was really enjoying the fact that her sexy young body was driving me crazy.

Finally, I felt her ass settle down onto the top of my thighs and she wiggled her behind, loving the sensation of being so filled up between her legs. Putting her hands on my chest, she lifted her shapely little ass, pulling up slightly and letting about half of my shaft slip out of her before slowly, sensuously, settling back down. She was purposely going slowly as she moved her ass up and down, teasing, arousing, fucking me with her tight, gripping little thirteen-year-old pussy. God, she felt so good.

Brackston had returned from the kitchen and watched his girl friend climb up over me and sit on my cock. He always enjoyed watching others have sex, even his own girl friend. For these kids, sex was just another way to have fun, to enjoy yourself, and it didn’t much matter who you did it with as long as it was a good time and made you feel good.

As he stood next to the couch watching Tangelique straddle my lap and slid my cock deep inside her, he felt the familiar stirring in his loins. Young boys like this usually recover quickly after climaxing, and his shriveled sex shaft began to grow and lengthen almost immediately. It wasn’t long before it stood up straight and erect between his legs, gently throbbing with each heart beat. The horny junior high school boy put his right hand down and lightly skimmed his fist over the surface of his sensitive, swollen member, enjoying the sensations his fingers created as he watched Tangelique moving up and down on my shaft.

The young girl was quick to notice the hard prick beside her and she only had to turn slightly, wrap her hand around the base, lick her lips, and bend down a little before she could take the small, reddened tip into her mouth. Brackston moved closer to make it a little easier for the little junior high school girl to perform oral sex on him, and moaned at the intense pleasure as she closed her warm, wet mouth over his drooling cockhead.

He’d always liked this sex act the best of all, and Tangelique was the first girl (since his baby-sitter, Brandisha) he’d ever been with who actually seemed to really enjoy and eagerly wanted to perform this intimate sex act on him. Most of the girls in junior high accepted the fact that boys wanted to have their cocks sucked and, though they were usually willing, they just didn’t seem to enjoy it very much. Besides, most of the girls weren’t very good at it, either.

As she moved her slender body slowly up and down, sticking herself on my throbbing shaft, Tangelique held the young boy’s cock in her right hand and tilted it at just the right angle so she could lick and suck his pulsing prick as he stood beside her. She circled around the sensitive head and washed the tip with her hot, slippery tongue. Then, she licked up and down the complete length, feeling the raised veins that ran along underside of his cock from the base to the tip.

After a moment of just tasting him, she engulf the head, letting about half of the length slide into warm, wet mouth. The thirteen-year-old girl formed a tight ring with her lips and, when enough drool had been spread over the surface, slowly bobbed her head up and down, letting the teenage boy’s hard little cock slide in and out of her mouth.

I watched the two kids enjoy oral sex, even as I leisurely fucked the young girl who’s tight, warm pussy was gripping my shaft as tightly as her lips were gripping Brackston’s cock. I lifted my hands and put them up on her chest, letting the rough palms of my hands rub over the little nubs of her small, hardened, pink nipples, then pulled at them with my finger tips, rolling them between my thumb and first finger. Even with Brackston’s cock in her mouth I heard the thirteen- year-old moan in delight at the pleasurable new sensations that made her pussy melt as I played with her wonderfully firm, soft, little breasts.

Suddenly, I felt the weight of another person putting their feet on the cushions of couch on either side of my head. I glanced up and saw Queenetta climb up and sit down on the arm of the couch right above me, unashamedly naked and smiling as she gazed at the three of us, her eyes blazing with the juvenile lust of a young girl learning the joys of sex for the first time. She was still horny since getting fucked by Brackston, even more so, and the sexy little girl didn’t want to be left out of any of the afternoon fun.

“God, that looks great… so sexy…” she giggled as she watched her big sister moving up and down on my cock while pulling at her boyfriend’s prick with her mouth at the same time.

I loved touching Queenetta’s taut, sexy little body, playing with her shaved pussy, and getting her all wet and excited. Since we’d begun doing sex things together whenever she was around I found it difficult to keep my hands off of her body and my fingers out of her cunt. I reached up and put my left arm up over my head in back of me and caressed her slim, naked legs, feeling the hardness of her knees with the back of my hand as she sat on the arm of the couch directly above me.

Knowing what I liked to do to her, she eagerly shifted her feet slightly and moved her knees far apart, spreading her thighs wide and making her smooth, hairless girl sex place between her legs easily available to my touch.

I tilted my head back and looked directly up at the horny little girl as she sat above me and so casually and willingly opened her body’s most intimate place to my sexual caresses as she smiled her inviting smile. With the back of my hand I lightly grazed over the incredibly soft and smooth skin of her inner thigh until I felt the crease of her thighs and the rounded rise of her still damp and sticky pubic mound. Gently skimming over her little-girl pleasure place, I moved the back of my hand slowly back and forth between her widely parted legs, each time lightly grazing over the rubbery folds of her hairless little cunt, barely touching her, but arousing her all the same.

Queenetta liked it, and her moans of pleasure increased even more a minute later as my fingers found the moist, fleshy lips of her shaved slit and the cleft that divided them. I looked up above me and watched as my middle finger slipped slowly and completely up between the folds of her slippery little fuck hole and disappeared inside her.

“Mmmm, God, I love it when you do me like this. When you play with my pussy like the first time,” she softly murmured above me, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the intensely pleasurable sensations I was creating between her legs.

For a few minutes I just enjoyed her delicious little- girl cunt, gazing above me at her open, hairless cunt as I leisurely slid my middle finger up and down between the folds of her oily slit and casually finger- fucked her. After a minute or two, I slipped two fingers in and out of her smooth, warm sex hole, masturbating the wanton twelve-year-old more fully while enjoying the sensations of her sister fucking herself on my stalk. I was surprised I hadn’t cum yet, but Tangelique was moving very slowly and sometimes not at all, concentrating, I think, on getting her boy friend to shoot off in her mouth before she had me shoot off in her cunt. I didn’t mind at all. In fact, it was really fun doing two young sisters like this at the same time, and I wanted this feeling to last as long as possible.

By the amount of girl juice beginning to flow from Queenetta’s bare pussy slit over my hand I knew she was starting to get really horny again. She might as well get in the act, I thought.

“I think there’s room. Why don’t you sit over my face so I can lick your pussy.”

Queenetta literally jumped at the invitation, scrambling to get up on the couch over my head, turning so her body faced toward me and her back was to her sister. The young girl knelt over my head, her loins almost pressing against my face, a knee on each side of my face, and I could look straight up into her bald, pink, glistening slit just a few inches away. The little twelve-year-old leaned forward a little, her arms supported on the arm of the couch above me, and squatted down, her shaved pubic bone lowering down and rubbing against my mouth as my tongue probed up into her juicy fuck hole.

Queenetta groaned out loud at the barrage of pleasure that jolted through her taut, responsive body as I flicked the tip of my tongue several times up between the smooth, hairless folds of her cunt. In this position I could easily lick the front of her bald pussy, and my tongue slipped along the front part of her slit and over her clitoris. God, I loved the feel of the bare skin of her pussy folds on my mouth. It felt so erotic, so sexy.

Cradling each of her small, firm ass cheeks in my hands, I held her against my mouth. Up and down I slipped my tongue through her cleft, the musky, pungent taste of her juices flowing over my lips and mouth and chin as I licked and ate her sweet little-girl cunt. I made round circles with my tongue deep inside her tight sex hole, feeling the velvety smooth inner walls of her pussy while chewing lightly on the front of her shaved mound.

The way she was moaning and rubbing her crotch on my mouth I knew she was really getting off on what I was doing to her, and I decided to try something a little different.

I took my middle finger and slipped it several times into her drooling pussy from behind, quickly finger- fucking the youngster a couple of times and coating the small shaft with her oily sex juice. With the way she was leaning over me, pushing her loins against my licking mouth and her knees spread apart, the area between her thighs was open wide and I pressed the tip of my wet middle finger against her tight, puckered anal opening.

Turning my finger back and forth, I pushed it firmly against her asshole almost as if I was screwing the shaft into her. I felt the initial resistance of the entrance muscles begin to give and the tip of my finger popped in as the entrance closed tightly around it.

I knew she liked the sensation of having something in her asshole from the way she reacted when I first did it to her several weeks before. Now, I was ready to really see how she’d like being finger-fucked in the ass while having her pussy eaten.

It didn’t take long to find out. With a loud, throaty moan, almost a groan, her pubic mound lifted away from my mouth as she sat back and pushed down with her ass against the inward probing of my finger, trying to get more of it up her behind. I clenched the rest of my fingers into a fist, leaving my middle finger straight, and put my fist on my chest so she’d have something to push against. As the little girl wiggled her ass and sat down on my finger there wasn’t much resistance, and it slid completely up into her asshole, all the way down to where the rest of my fingers formed a fist.

“Oh, fuck! That feels so good.” I heard her murmur above me, her behind squirming on the small shaft that impaled her delightful little butthole.

Immediately, she lifted her behind up, and the small shaft slipped about half-way out before she sank back down again, my finger pushing back up inside her.

God, it was sexy. Up and down the twelve-year-old girl began to move, her slender, girlish hips and ass making short, little movements as she joyfully butt-fucked herself on my straightened middle finger. The smooth, hot insides of her asshole clenched tightly around my finger like a tube of hot butter as it slipped in and out of the tight little opening. I don’t know how it felt to her, but just the act of doing it to this sexy little girl was making my cock even harder and me even more horny. With my free hand I pushed her hips forward a little so I could continue to lick her sweet, juicy, hairless little cunt as I finger-fucked her in the ass.

God, she was aroused. Pussy juice was pouring from her cunt, sliming all over my mouth and chin. Up and down she move, her bare cunt rubbing constantly over my licking, sucking mouth as my finger slid in and out of the hole between her firm little ass cheeks. I had to tilt my head forward and back in time to the movement of her lower body in order to maintain the delicious contact.

It was kind of strange, but I’d completely forgotten about the other two kids until I heard Brackston give a funny little grunt and then a long, muffled moan. I couldn’t see him, but when Tangelique stopping moving on my cock and just sat on my lap with my thickness deep inside her, I knew she was probably drinking down his load as he came in her mouth.

It wasn’t long before the thirteen-year-old began to move again, this time faster, more urgently, her concentration now on my hard shaft sliding in and out of her fuck hole and reaching her own climax.

“What are you doin’ to my sister?” I heard her ask in a voice that was half-moan, half-laugh.

My mouth was full of Queenetta’s cunt and I wasn’t in any shape to answer – but Queenetta was.

“He’s eating my pussy and finger-fucking me in the ass,” the horny little girl replied in a voice that was half-whimper, half-moan. “Fuck, it feels so good… he’s gonna make me cum, I can feel it…”

Her voice tapered off as her slim, muscular body suddenly moved faster and harder. She held her loins tightly against my licking mouth as I chewed and licked her wonderful hairless little pussy lips while her ass kept up it’s short, jerky, up-down movement on my stiff, probing finger. Her asshole seemed to relax and fit easily around the small shaft now, and I began to wonder if she’d be able to take something a little larger up this terrific little asshole of hers. My cock was probably a little big for her slender, compact body, but a boy about her own age, like Brackston, might be able to pleasure her back there. After this experience, I think she’d be very willing to try a cock up her ass and, if it couldn’t be me, it would certainly be fun for me to watch her get butt-fucked by a young boy.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OH FUCK!!” the youngster cried out, her ass pushing down especially hard on my straightened finger as she slid it deeply up her butt hole for the last time. I could feel her smooth, slender body shudder and shiver, and the walls of her asshole grabbed and clenched my finger as she came. I continued to lick her slick pussy lips, lapping up her wonderful, musky juice as it dribbled out, and I felt her press and twist her pubic mound against my pleasuring mouth, squirming with the delicious sensations.

After a moment I became aware, again, of Tangelique banging her pussy down hard on the base of my cock. The kids had each had their orgasm and now it was my turn. I let myself get immediately caught up in my own pleasure, even as Queenetta slowly raised her body up, pulled her asshole off my finger, and slipped down to the floor beside me.

I could watch Tangelique as we fucked fast and furiously. With her little sister gone, she had more room to move and she leaned forward and put her hands on my chest as she rapidly moved just her ass up and down on my shaft. Her cunt slammed down on my loins until she was almost bouncing on my lap. I looked down between her widely spread thighs and watched my glistening cock disappear between the furry folds of her fuck hole, reappearing even more shiny with her sweet sex oil.

My orgasm grew rapidly with the tight, squeezing sensations of her pussy on my cock. I closed my eyes and let the wonderfully pleasure of sex with this young thirteen-year-old girl fill me, spreading from between my legs over my entire body. I felt my balls begin to contract as they readied to shoot hard up into her and I knew it was going to be powerful. I neared the edge, the tension building between my legs, the sensations more intense than ever as I felt ready to explode. Both of us were breathing fast, almost hissing, with each sharp intake of air. God, the feeling was incredible.

Through the sexual haze I felt myself beginning to explode and yelled out as I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down hard, our pubic bones rubbing against each other as I held her tightly against me. Over and over again I sprayed up into the sexy little girl, and each pulsing explosion sent shock waves of incredible pleasure through me. It felt as though all of the sexual tensions that had built up inside me melted and erupted all at once, spewing out of the tip of my cock and filling her pussy with my cum.

It seemed like a very long time before my orgasm began to subside. I felt the warm stickiness of my cum dribbling out of her cunt and dripping down my balls. It felt like I’d shot a gallon into her.

As the fog in my mind began to clear I opened my eyes and saw Tangelique looking down at me, somewhat pleased with herself for getting me off so hard.

“You’ve really made a mess,” she laughed, looking down to where we were still connected, white goo oozing from her slit.

“Sorry,” I said with a smile, “but sometimes fucking is kinda messy.”

I turned my head and saw Brackston and Queenetta sitting next to each other, their young, naked bodies smooth, hard, and shapely. Their hands were busy petting and caressing each others’ sex; watching Tangelique and I fuck was making them a little horny again.

“What time do guys have to get home this afternoon?” I asked Tangelique, still mounted on my lap, her tight cunt lips gripping the base of my softening cock.

“Oh, shit! We’d better get cleaned up and get home, Queenetta, or mom’ll have a fit.”

We all headed for the bathroom where warm water and towels wiped up the sticky mess we all had between our legs.

As soon as we got dressed Brackston and Queenetta headed out the door, but Tangelique lingered behind.

“Can I ask you a favor?” she said.


“Remember I told you about the sex parties we sometimes have? Well, I’ve been talkin’ to a couple of my friends and they, like, would like to have one ’cause we haven’t had one in a while and they’re gettin’ kinda horny. It’s hard for kids our age to find a place away from adults to do it, especially if you’re goin’ out with a guy that’s not old enough to drive. So, I was wonderin’ if you’d be willing to host one here some night next week.”

“How many kids are we talking about?”

“Well, there’d be me and Brackston and Queenetta (she’s all excited ’cause it’d be her first one) and probably three or four other girls our age with a boy. That’d be around twelve, including you, though sometimes one or two of the girls will show up without a date and just find someone to have fun with.”

“Sounds like it’d be OK. Which night are you talkin’ about?”

“Well, it’s easier for us to get out of the house on a Friday or Saturday night. We usually lie and tell our parents we’re going to a slumber party at a friend’s house, or a late movie.”

“How about next Friday?”

“Sounds great, I’ll talk to my friends and find out if that’s OK and stop by and tell you.” She smiled her lusty little grin. “You’ll have a great time. People usually think that junior high girls aren’t …you know… ready for sex, but all the girls I know have been doin’ it whenever they can. One of the girls that’s coming usually brings her brother… he’s in high school, but he’s cool. You wouldn’t you believe it, they do it with each other! God, it kinda freaked me out the first time I saw it, but now it’s great to watch ’em. They really get into it.”

I gave her a big hug and Tangelique headed out the door, telling me she’d stop by again in a couple of days and let me know if everything got planned. I told her I’d like her help to get things set up, too. She said she’d be glad to help. It sounded like it would be a wild night.



Several days later Tangelique was knocking at the front door in the early afternoon.

I smiled at her. “Hi, come on in.”

“Thought I’d come over and we could make some plans for the party Friday night. Brackston was going to come with, but my folks are gone for the day and Queenetta and her friend, Herneisha, invited him to be with them this afternoon. Besides, he thinks if I come over here we’ll end up doin’ something.”

“Is he right?” I asked with a little smile.

“God, I hope so…” she said with a naughty grin as she came through the door.

Brackston figured he was really going to have a good time. When Tangelique said she was on her way over to my house to plan the party and Queenetta had invited him over to have some fun with her and her friend, Herneisha, he quickly agreed. He hadn’t fucked Queenetta since that first time just a couple of days ago and his shaft was rock hard inside his jeans as he eagerly anticipated the wonderful feeling her tight, hairless pussy lips would create on his cock. Besides, Herneisha had a great little body, too, and she seemed willing to please him.

As he walked over to Queenetta and Tangelique’s house, he thought back to his own early initiation into sex. The summer following sixth grade, when he was eleven-years- old, he and his mom were living in an apartment complex. Brackston’s father had left them years ago, and his mom worked a lot, often over-time, to have enough money for the two of them. She didn’t want the boy to be on his own during the summer so she’d hired a high school girl who also lived in the complex to spend the day with him and help with the cleaning around the house.

Brandisha had just turned fifteen that summer. She wasn’t an especially pretty girl, though she did have a great body. Her breasts were firm and high, not too small and not too large, slim hips and waist, slender legs, and a nice, round, firm ass. But, with straight, strawberry- blond hair that hung down to her shoulders and a plain, round, freckled face with eyes that seemed to be permanently sad, she gave boys the impression that she was a shy, plain-jane type girl, not the cute cheerleader type that was so popular, and they kind of ignored her.

That was a big mistake for teenage boys interested in sex. If any boy had bothered to ask her out he would have found a very horny and sexually experienced girl very interested in sex and willing to try anything.

Young Brackston didn’t know this when his mother introduced them for the first time. All he knew was this girl was going to be around all summer watching him and he figured he was old enough to be on his own. He resented having a ‘baby-sitter’.

The first couple of days were pretty much the same. Brandisha would come over in the morning after his mom left for work and he’d spend most of the time watching television while she did some cleaning, read books, talked on the phone, or watched television with him. After lunch he would sometimes go down to the apartment’s pool and Brandisha would be there too, watching him and reading.

Toward the end of the first week he noticed the girl watching him more closely as he played around the pool. He was a little embarrassed by her long glances, but found he also liked it. He was at the age where some of the boys were talking about girls, and a few were even doing things with girls. He knew about sex and stuff from his health classes at school but, in reality, it was all kind of a strange and fuzzy mystery.

What he did know was that whenever he caught Brandisha looking at him with a strange, intense look as he walked past her, he felt a funny stirring between his legs and his cock would immediately grow long and stiff inside his tight swimming suit. A few times he even saw Brandisha giggle as he walked past her, his hard little shaft creating a big bulge in the front of his tight suit, making him feel very self-conscious, and a little excited, too.

On Monday of the second week, the weather was extremely hot and Brackston headed down to the pool in the late morning. He swam for a little while before heading back to the apartment for lunch. Afterwards, he laid down on the floor in front of the television, still dressed in his swim suit. Brandisha got her back pack and pulled a magazine out, sat down on the couch, and began to thumb through it.

It was only a couple of minutes before Brackston noticed the magazine she was reading. It was an adult magazine full of posed pictures of beautiful, nude young women, couples engaged in sex, and sexy letters and articles.

“What are you reading?” the curious boy asked.

“Oh, nothin’…” She continued to slowly turn through the pages.

“Can I come up and look, too?”

Brandisha smiled down at the little boy.

“Sure. Here, sit next to me. But don’t tell your mother I’m lettin’ you look at this. She’d get real mad. Promise?”

“I won’t, I promise,” Brackston said as he settled nervously, eagerly down next to the fifteen-year-old girl.

The boy looked at the glossy pictures of the naked young women, his breathing becoming more rapid as he grew more excited and his small cock began to respond inside his suit. It was the same sort of feeling he got in sixth grade when he’d begun to notice those delightful little mounds on girl’s chests in his class. In fact, he’d noticed Brandisha’s tits already, secretly gazing at them by the pool when he thought she wasn’t looking at him, her revealing bikini showing off her creamy, freckled breasts. Each time he did, his little cock hardened and throbbed inside his pants.

“Look at these naked girls,” he heard Brandisha say to him as she continued to turn the pages. “They’ve got nice tits, don’t you think? Mmmm, and nice pussies, too, huh?”

She held open a full page color picture of young blond girl laying on her back on a bed, her hands behind her knees holding her thighs open wide, her girl sex fully exposed.

“Do you like looking at pussies and naked girls? You must….you’ve got a big lump in your swimming suit. Mmmmm, I wonder what it feels like?”

Before he knew what was happening, the fifteen-year-old high school girl had her hand in his lap, her palm rubbing over the hardness pushing up against his suit. He wanted to be embarrassed, but only felt the incredible pleasure she was creating with her hand.

He knew that this kind of thing felt good. A few times lately he’d experimented with his own hand, sometimes putting his hand down inside the gym shorts he wore to bed, stroking his erection at night as visions of girls ran through his head. But, having a girl do it like this for real felt so entirely different, and so much better.

Brandisha held the small lump between her finger tips, squeezing the erect prick, feeling the head pushing against the tight waist band. The pressure was almost uncomfortable now, as the teenage girl boldly rubbed his cock, and Brackston squirmed a little as he sat next to her. But, he didn’t want her to stop.

“You like this, don’t you…I can tell. I like playing with boy’s cocks, even if it’s little boys like you. But, you’re not so little, now, are you?” She laughed quietly, her fingers rubbing up and down the soft, velvety length of the youngster’s hard prick, still held inside his swimming suit.

“Mmm, nice balls, too,” she crooned, her fingers slipping down underneath his slightly spread legs. “Nice and round… nice and full…”

Brackston was floating in his own sexual fantasy dream world. He was breathing fast in quick, shallow breaths and his mind seemed to be disconnected from his body, his brain a fuzzy haze. Instinctively, the eleven-year- old boy moved his legs apart when he felt the girl reach between them, caressing him in a new and exciting place. He felt like he wasn’t in control of himself anymore. All he knew was he didn’t want these new, incredibly powerful and pleasurable sensations to stop.

“Do you like what I’m doing to you? C’mon, you can tell me,” she encouraged, her fingers working their magic on his sex shaft.

“Yeah, feels good.” His voiced croaked out, the words sticking in his throat.

“Want me to stop? I will, if you want…”

“God, no… Don’t stop! Keep doin’ it!”

“Then you gotta tell me you like it and how much you like me doin’ it to you.”

“I… like what you’re doin’ to me… feels so good.” The words came out a little easier, smoother.

“I was just about your age, eleven, when I first started learning to do things like this. It was my brother who taught me. He was in high school and I was just going into junior high. I’d been growin’ boobs and gettin’ hair down between my legs when, one night, he came into my room and taught me how to play with his cock and make him feel good. Then, he showed me how boys make girls feel good, too, and have orgasms and stuff. He’s been doin’ me ever since. Even now, when he comes home from college, we have sex as much as we can. He’s the best… Oh, oh, what’s happening?”

The pressure had been building up in the little boy’s loins as the teenage girl rubbed her palm back and forth over his small, hard cock and talked sexy to him until, suddenly, he felt his insides start to melt. A tremendously wonderful wave of incredible pleasure washed through his body as his cock begin to throb and spurt a warm, sticky wetness inside his suit. It was a feeling he’d never before experienced, but it felt so good he knew he wanted to feel it again.

“Oh, oh, I made the little boy cum,” she teased. “Did you like that? Did you like cumming? Come on, you can tell me,” she coaxed, her fingers still playing over the length of his now shrinking member.

“God, it felt so good… making me… cum like that. Did I have an orgasm?”

“Did you ever,” the teenage girl laughed. “That’s what sex stuff is all about-having orgasms and making each other feel good. You want me to do some more to you?”

The boy nodded.

“Here, let’s take your swim suit off.”

The older girl leaned over him and, together, the two pulled at the boy’s tightly fitting swimming suit, sliding it down his skinny, hairless legs and off his feet. The boy instinctively took the suit and rubbed it over his crotch, cleaning up the white, gooey mess. Brandisha was surprised he didn’t act more shy or embarrassed at his nakedness in front of her. Maybe he was more grown-up than his age indicated.

When he was finished he dropped it on the floor and sat next to the teenage girl, his skinny, nearly hairless young body naked, yet still glowing from his orgasm. His small, limp cock lay shriveled between his legs, still sticky from the film of cum that coated the shaft. A light fuzz of silky hair was just beginning to grow and cover his prick and balls.

The older teenage girl put her hand in his lap again, her fingers gently pulling at the small, flaccid cock. The boy opened his knees and made more room for the girl as she reached down further and tickled his balls.

“Even when they’re soft I still like playing with them,” she said quietly looking down at what her fingers were doing; and they were having an effect already. Brandisha knew that young boys usually cum pretty fast, but are ready to go, again, almost right away.

She soon felt the little cock begin to stretch and grow in her experienced hand as she slowly stroked her fingers up and down. She pulled at the head, enjoying the feel of the ridge around the reddened tip. The sex shaft seemed to spring up in her grasp and a drop of juice already glistened from the small hole in the tip.

Brackston just sat back and let the fifteen-year-old work her magic on his cock. Everything seemed so dirty, so exciting, and he didn’t care what she was doing to him as long as he could feel that incredible rush of pleasure when he came again.

Brandisha skimmed her fist up and down the erect cock and thought the little boy was ready for a new experience. She knelt down on the floor and moved over in front of Brackston as he sat, naked, on the couch. Pushing his knees farther apart, she moved up between them, kneeling and gazing at the boy’s lap with a horny glint in her eye. God, was he going to enjoy this!

Grasping his stiff little sex shaft at the base, she held it straight up, bent over, and engulfed the small head in her mouth. Holding the tip tightly between her lips, she swirled her tongue around the head, licking all sides of his cockhead, loving the salty taste and warm, velvety feel of the boy’s small, hard cock in her mouth. After a minute, she let some saliva drool down the shaft, made a tight ring with her lips, and bowed her head, letting the eleven-year-old boy’s cock slide deep into her warm, wet mouth.

Brackston gasped out loud at the sudden rush of unbelievably intense pleasure, his eyes closing and his head snapping back. Even her hand hadn’t felt anything like this. He opened his eyes and watched the older girl mouthing and sucking his cock, creating unbelievable sensations between his legs. Up and down her head bobbed, her mouth engulfing the entire length of his shaft until he could feel the grip of her lips around the base of his prick.

Instinctively, he groaned and raised his hips up as his shaft slid down her throat, letting them fall back down to the seat of the couch as her head moved up. Slowly, up and down her mouth moved on him, his slender, boyish body moving with her.

Brandisha liked the size of the little boy’s cock. She found she could get it easily, comfortably, and completely into her mouth. In fact, she was a little surprised at being able to take the entire length of his prick all the way down to the base; she’d never been able to do that before.

As she wantonly sucked the young boy’s cock, she remembered being his age, about eleven or twelve, the first time her older fifteen-year-old brother had pulled her head down to his hard, pulsing shaft, telling her to lick it and put it in her mouth. He’d come into her room late at night liked he’d been doing for the past several weeks and put his hand up underneath her pajamas, using his fingers to rub her pussy through her panties and telling her what great pussy she had. Both of the kids enjoyed the sex play and finally, one night, the two kids took the big step. It was Brandisha who willingly and eagerly lifted her girlish hips and slipped her panties off, then opened her thighs to let her brother finger-fuck her for the first time.

The horny little girl thought she was in heaven, the feelings his finger created in her body as it moved in and out of her cunt, and she eagerly looked forward to the next several nights when her brother would come in and masturbate her. After the second night she fumbled with the snaps on the fly of his pajama bottoms, finally exposing the boy’s stiff sex shaft and feeling the smooth warmth of his cock in her caressing hands for the first time. Soon, at every opportunity, they were using their hands and mouths on each other as the two young kids discovered the powerful pleasure of young, forbidden, incestuous sex.

She was in fifth grade when she first got her period. But, even before that, she was aware of that special warm, pleasant tickle that she felt at certain times in the special place between her legs. Her mother told her that was a dirty place, but how could something that felt so good be bad? Besides, she learned at a young age that grown-ups often told kids that things were bad to do when they were really fun to do.

Ever since she could remember Brandisha and her brother, who was four years older than her, had wrestled around on the floor, their hands grabbing each other as they tackled and tried to pin one another to the floor. But, as she got older she noticed, especially when she was about ten-years-old, that he would often put his hand between her legs and hold and squeeze her there as they wrestled together. She really liked the sensations he created when he touched and felt her there, and secretly looked forward to the times when he would hold and rub her between her legs as their bodies twisted together on the floor.

The boy seemed to become more bold when she didn’t object to his touching, and soon it became much less wrestling and much more touching and feeling. In fifth grade, as her body began to fill out, she would often lay on the floor and watch TV at night, her head on a pillow from the couch. During evenings when mom wasn’t home, her brother would sometimes take another pillow and lay close behind her as she lay on her side facing the TV. She’d wait breathlessly anticipating that first tentative touch of his hand on her thigh, then ass, as he began run his hands over her nubile, developing young body from behind.

Soon, his fingers would travel down to the crack of her ass and begin rubbing back and forth through the valley between the two firm globes of her butt. Trying not to let her brother notice so he wouldn’t think she was enjoying it too much, Brandisha would slowly move her top leg forward, making the sweet spot between her legs available to him. She was always secretly glad when she felt his hand and fingers probing, touching, and rubbing her moistening little pussy through her pants.

She’d had the classes in school about sex and knew about boys’ cocks and stuff, but she was just beginning to really discover how good it felt. By this time she’d already been sneaking into her brother’s room and stealing a couple of his adult magazines he kept hidden in an old suitcase on the top shelf of his closet, secretly looking at them at night in her room. The explicit letters about sexual experiences and the pictures of beautiful, naked young men and women engaged in all sorts of sex play made her feel so excited and light-headed and her pussy feel so warm and wet and wonderful.

Her brother would make her feel the same way as his hand rubbed over her ass and back and forth between her thighs. Sometimes, when he seemed especially horny, he would curl up really close behind her and press his loins against her already shapely behind as he reached around in front of her and put his hand between her legs. Even through her jeans she could feel the big lump of his hard cock pressing against her ass as the boy wedged the shaft in the crease of her round little butt. Reaching around her, his hand cupped the front of her pussy and pulled her more tightly against him as he slowly humped the long, hard mass back and forth against her ass.

Brandisha would close her eyes and the sound of the TV would fade away as she became aroused, lost in the sensual sensations that made her pussy warm and wet and made her body tingle.

After a while she became even more bold and daring with him. Sometimes, when her mom was out a night, she would change into a mini-skirt when she laid down to watch TV. Her brother laid behind her and liked to slip his hand under her skirt and run his fingers over her ass through the thin material of the little bikini panties she liked to wear. She really enjoyed it, too, even though she was just eleven-years-old, especially when he reached around her and used his fingers to rub her pussy mound. At first, she kept her thighs together and only allowed him to feel her pubic bone and just the beginning of her little cleft. But, it felt so good and seemed so dirty and exciting that, after the first couple of times, she finally raised her upper leg and let his hand have complete freedom to roam over her cotton-covered crotch. She could feel herself getting so hot and wet as his palm cupped her pussy and his finger tips slid back and forth over her slit and pressed her panties down onto her clit. God, it felt so good.

This went on for the last couple of months of Brandisha’s fifth grade year as her body grew quickly and gained a nice, round mature look. It wasn’t until school was out for the summer that her brother finally gained enough courage to creep into her room one hot night, sit on the edge of her bed, put his hand under her pajamas, and really start to rub her fuzzy little cunt through her panties, sometimes even slipping his finger under the elastic leg band of her underwear to finger her wet, fleshy cunt lips.

That made Brandisha nearly faint with pleasure and, after the first couple of times, she’d finally gotten horny and brave enough to reach under her pajamas and slip her panties off for him. Almost casually, she dropped them on the floor next to the bed as she willingly opened her thighs to her older brother’s sexual caresses. She desperately wanted to feel more of those powerful and pleasurable sensations that were becoming almost addictive to the horny little girl, and her older brother, now fifteen, was only too happy to play his wanton little sister’s pussy any chance he could.

Things quickly progressed from there. Soon, the two kids were in each others’ rooms nearly every night, feeling and exploring each others’ bodies and learning how to create and receive pleasure. The two kids learned lots of things from her brother’s adult magazines and tried to copy the things they read about and saw. Brandisha discovered the feel and taste of a boy’s cock in her mouth and what happens when he finally shoots. And her brother immediately enjoyed the taste of his little sister’s sweet pussy as he licked her and made her cum for the first time. Together, the youngsters learned about sex and how to use their hands, fingers, mouths and, finally, sex, to give each other orgasms.

By the time the summer was over and Brandisha entered sixth grade, her brother was a sophomore in high school and the two kids were fucking regularly and often. Usually, it was late at night in her room, but sometimes they did it even in the afternoon after school when they knew their mother wouldn’t be home from work until early evening. As the school year went on there were days, too, when there was no school and their mom was at work. They’d spend the entire day hardly dressed at all, playing sex games, looking at sex magazines, watching porno movies that her brother got from his high school friends, and giving each other orgasms.

At first her brother used condoms, but when she turned twelve in October of sixth grade, she went to the local free clinic and got on the pill so they could do what ever they felt like doing and didn’t have to worry about pregnancy spoiling things. Her brother even gave her money from his paper route for the small fee the clinic charged. He figured it was a small price to pay to have his hot-pussied little sister as a willing sex partner whenever he got the urge and, to his little sister’s delight, he got the urge often.

Brandisha found that she especially like oral sex. Putting his cock in her mouth seemed kind of dirty and gross at first, but also made her feel very grown up and sexy. She remembered the strange taste and texture of his cock and how it felt so warm and smooth as it slipped in and out between her pursed and tightened lips. The first time she made the mistake of letting her teeth scrape along the sides for a second and heard the distinct yelp of pain from her brother. She learned quickly not to do that again. But, she also learned how to make a boy cum with her mouth and, even from the very first, loved the deliciously salty taste and the wonderfully sexy, dirty feelings that filled her as he groaned and filled her mouth with his cream.

The porno movies they watched together helped her to develop quickly an effective technique as she watched the young women bring men to climax. Brandisha learned to use her fingers along with her mouth, too. She smiled to herself remembering the almost silly-sounding whimpers and moans her brother made as she held the ridge of his cockhead between her tightened lips and played with his hairy balls with her fingers, and the incredible feeling of power and pleasure she felt whenever she brought him to orgasm and his cock spewed thick, salty cream down her throat. Brandisha also discovered that doing this intimate sex act on the older boy made her extremely horny and wet between her legs, and she found that she could almost have an orgasm herself just from sucking off the boy.

From that first time on she eagerly practiced on her brother a lot, especially when she had her period and they couldn’t fuck. At least a couple times a week he would sneak into her bedroom at night when their mom was asleep or, when she was especially horny, she’d sneak into his room and she’d bring him off with her mouth.

Of course, at that time she was only about twelve- years-old and wasn’t old enough to drive, but her brother was. He’d often have to drive her over to a friend’s house or to baby-sitting jobs in the family car and they’d usually use those opportunities to have some fun. As soon as they left the house and got in the car she’d be fumbling with the zipper on his pants, searching for his cock. As soon as she got it out, she’d lay down in the front seat, her big brother’s pants unzipped and her head in his lap, licking and mouthing his shaft and bringing him off until she finally drank down his sex cream as he came. It was sort of a dangerous sex game-a couple of times they almost had an accident. But it was so exciting the brother and sister did it every chance they could.

She’d unsnap and unzip her own pants, too, ’cause she knew how much her brother liked slip his hand inside her panties and finger her wet little pussy while she sucked him off. Besides, that way she could have some fun, and sometimes he even made her cum with his finger before she finished the job with her mouth.

At first it was kind of a hassle, with her pants and stuff, but soon Brandisha found it was a lot easier just to wear a short skirt without any panties on underneath. She bought several short little jean skirts which she often wore around the house when her brother was home or was going to take her some place in the car and she knew they could fool around. It made her pussy much more easily accessible to him. The teenage boy really liked the idea, and it was a good thing that the skirts were in fashion because no one suspected a thing, not even their mother.

Sometimes, she even sucked him off in the car as he drove her to junior high school. She felt very grown-up and sexy walking into school in the morning licking the salty taste of cum off her lips, her horny pussy making her panties all wet and squishy, though there were times when she just left her little bikini panties on the floor of her brother’s car and went into school without them. There weren’t many girls who have this kind of fun before school, she thought.

With a little smile she remembered the only time they almost got caught by their mom. She was celebrating her thirteenth birthday by watching a porno film and having great sex with her older brother on the living room floor. They were trying to do some of the things they saw in the movie, learning new positions as they watched. Her mom came back early from a dinner date and drove into the drive way as the kids were trying the ’69’ position with Brandisha laying on top of him, her slender, parted thighs spread wide over his face. Her brother was tonguing her pussy, making her really hot, and Brandisha was about to make her brother cum in her mouth. He’d already shot off once in her cunt, but she was really horny and both wanted to finish what they were doing.

When they heard the car they grabbed their clothes, ran upstairs to one of the bathrooms, and locked the door. When they were sure that their mom didn’t suspect they were in there together, she finished the job. Kneeling between his parted legs as he sat on the toilet seat, she eagerly brought him off with her mouth as his hands gently petted her soft, blond hair and he gazed lustily down at her. He told her later that she made him cum so hard he had to bit his lip to keep from crying out as he started to spurt in her mouth. That made Brandisha feel really proud of herself.

Then, they switched positions and he licked her hot, little cunt and made her cum, too. She sat on the toilet seat, her slender, almost skinny, legs draped over her big brother’s shoulders, his mouth glued to her nearly hairless little slit as she leaned back against the cool water tank. Fluttering his tongue over her clit, she came really hard, her sex cream flooding from her pussy and all over her brother’s chin. It was the best orgasm she’d ever had, and he gave her a lot more over the next three years.

Brandisha was always a little jealous of her brother’s girlfriends and tried to be his best sex partner, always willing to do whatever he asked whenever he wanted. Many times during his junior and senior years in high school he’d return late a night from a date frustrated by some prudish girl’s reluctance to play around or have sex. Brandisha would lay awake waiting for him to come home, her fingers usually busy inside her panties as visions of hot sex with her horny teenage brother rolled through her head.

She was always aroused by the time she heard him come home, and she’d lay in her bed breathlessly waiting to see if he would sneak into her room. She would smile to herself in the dark when she heard the bedroom door slowly open and the rustle of clothing as he slipped off his shoes and socks and shed his pants and underwear as he crept to her bed. Knowing how much he liked doing it, she’d let him reach up under her nightie and pull her panties off, though she always lifted her behind to make it easier for him. The boy would finger her pussy for a few minutes and sometimes even lick her, getting her good and wet before he rolled over on top of her. Brandisha would wrap his legs around his ass and two kids would quietly enjoy themselves, relieving their boiling adolescent sexual desires, usually making each other climax quickly and easily at least once, and often more than once.

Brandisha laughed to herself when she listened to the other junior high school girls talking about this boy and that boy, and what they did with them. They thought they were so bold, so daring, when they let a boy feel their budding little breasts or when they rubbed a boy’s crotch or played with a hard cock for the first time. She’d always smile to herself, keeping the secret of her sexual activity and experience, knowing she was having a lot more fun than these girls had ever imagined.

Now, she was returning the favor and teaching a young boy about sex for the first time. Though she masturbated nearly every day and had enjoyed a quick fling for a week this spring with a boy visiting from another high school, the only time that she had sex was when her brother came home from college, about once a month. She’d been horny all year and had looked forward to him being home for the summer and giving her a regular fucking again.

But, her brother was staying at college to work this summer and she was still, on the outside, a quiet, shy, plain-looking girl who still know many boys. When she saw Brackston at the pool on the first day she liked his slender, nearly hairless, young body and found herself strangely attracted to the boy. And when she noticed his furtive glances at her bikini top and saw the lump that grew inside his swimming suit, she figured he might be able to satisfy her appetite, even if he was still pretty young.

They hadn’t fucked yet, but she was certainly enjoying the feel of his hard, little cock sliding in and out of her mouth. It fit so easily, so neatly, and had a different taste and feel than the older boys. Maybe it was the fact that his cock was so smooth and didn’t have any hair on it except the light fuzz just starting to grow over his sac. She’d never sucked a boy this young before; maybe she’d have to try some of other little boys who lived in the complex, too. If Brackston had some friends, she thought, maybe he could invite them over and she could teach them about some things they’d never done before; she was sure they wouldn’t mind.


Performing oral sex on the eleven-year-old boy was turning her on, too, and she felt the familiar warmth and tickle in that girl place between her legs as her pussy began to seep with her sex juice. Feeling the wonderful sensation begin to build, her head bobbed faster up and down, the juices from her mouth making the skin slippery as her mouth slipped back and forth over the little boy’s wonderful little cock. She was eager to taste his sweet, salty spunk, to have him shoot off in her mouth for the first time and feel the pulsing of his prick and hear his moans of pleasure as he climaxed between her lips. Using her fingers, she began to skim her fist lightly up and down over the surface of the sex shaft as she lick the red, drooling tip, jacking him off and trying to make him cum. Her mouth and hand moved together, the tightened lips and knowing hand building unbelievably delicious sensations in the boy’s loins.

Brackston looked down between his skinny, hairless legs at the older teenage girl kneeling on the floor, her mouth and hands busy making him feel so good. He could feel he was going to explode, to shoot his cream into her mouth, and he didn’t know if he should warn Brandisha or not. But, it felt so good; too good to stop.

Brandisha sensed that the boy was trying to hold back, almost as if he was afraid of what was going to happen, of what he was going to do. She pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up at him and smiled, her hand still sliding up and down his slippery, erect little sex stick.

“It’s alright, I want to you cum in my mouth. Mmmm, you’re gettin’ ready to shoot aren’t you? I can see it on your face and feel it in your balls. C’mon, little boy, you can do it! Shoot for me; let me taste your cum.”

The words had the desired effect, and the boy grunted as he thrust his hips up against the girl’s pleasuring hand and came.

Feeling his orgasm begin, she slipped her mouth over his small cockhead just as it exploded, showering the insides of her mouth with thick wads of salty cream. Brandisha eagerly drank it down, swallowing each gob that jetted from the tip of the boy’s hard, little cock. Her fist continued to skim over the smooth surface, coaxing each spasm of his prick to send more juice down her throat. God, she thought, this could get to be a habit. It’s so fun doing a young boy like this. He tasted so good, so clean.

Brackston was too far gone to care about anything. His first orgasm had felt good, but this was so much more intense, so much more pleasurable, so much better. He lay back, his head resting against the back of the couch and his eyes closed, his body feeling almost powerless as wave after wave of orgasmic sensations rolled up from between his legs and rippled through his body. It felt as if his insides were melting and shooting out through his shaft, each jerk of his spurting cock producing more melting, more pleasure.

The high school girl continued to lick and play with his shaft even as it softened and shriveled between his thighs. She pulled the flaccid member up, lowering her head and sliding her lips over and around his nearly hairless balls, her tongue washing them.

“Mmmmm, you taste so good. You liked that, didn’t you Brackston? I liked doing it to you. Will you let me do you like this again, tomorrow?”

The boy floated in a sexual daze as he watched her face still moving between his legs, but had just enough strength left to grunt an affirmative reply. It was kind of difficult to act normally when his mom got home from work and Brandisha left. His head was filled with remembering those wonderful sensations between his legs and thoughts of the sexy older high school girl who created them. She left her adult magazine with him, making him promise to hide it so his mom wouldn’t find it. She also made him promise not to say anything to his mother about their activities. She told him she wouldn’t be able to have fun with him like this if he did.

He promised not to tell anyone and he knew it was a promise he would definitely keep. Nothing was going to keep him from having Brandisha make him feel so good- nothing.

That night he was under the covers of his bed with a flashlight, reading the sexy letters and articles, looking at the pictures and finding out what was possible in the world of sex that was quickly opening up to him. He wanted to know more and be able to do more with this girl that was so willing to teach him.

The next morning he quickly showered and dressed, anticipating Brandisha’s arrival and thinking about the day. What would they do? How would it feel?

His mom noticed his pre-occupation and wanted to know if anything was wrong. Wrong? Could things be more right?

Brandisha always arrived after his mom had already left for work and he looked out the window as her car pulled out of the parking lot, anxious for his mother to be gone. He continued to watch, waiting to see the teenage girl approach, his small cock already hard and throbbing inside his underwear as he eagerly anticipated what was to come.

He finally saw her leave her building across the lot and stroll toward him. He noticed she was wearing a very short skirt which swirled around her thighs as she walked. As she approach the building he examined her breasts underneath her tight knit summer top which seemed to cling to each tit mound. Just looking at her and remembering made his swollen rod twitch inside his pants and he put his hand down and rubbed his crotch through his jeans, making himself feel good.

He let Brandisha in as soon as he heard her knock.

“Well, how’s my little boy feeling today?” she teased as she closed the door. “Still getting over the excitement from yesterday?”

She noticed the hard lump in the front of his jeans and stepped close to him. “Mmmm, I see you’ve got something for me already,” she murmured, stepping close, placing her hand down against his crotch, and wantonly running her palm up and down over the lump.

“Well, we’ll take care of this in little while. But it’s always more fun when you do something sexy, first. Are you wearing underwear? Go into your bedroom and take ’em off. Then come back out but don’t zip your jeans up. You can snap ’em but don’t close the zipper. I want to be able to see and touch your sweet little cock all the time, whether it’s hard or soft.”

The young boy did as the girl told him, feeling very self-conscious about his stiff prick jutting out through the open front of his jeans as he walked out of his bedroom. But he was willing to do anything the older girl asked because he knew it would make him feel good. He had to admit that it did make him feel sexy and his prick seemed even harder than ever before.

“There, that’s better,” she crooned as the eleven-year- old boy came into the living room, his slender, pale, little-boy cock boldly extending out through the open front flap of his jeans, the reddened tip swaying slightly back and forth as he walked. “God, you look so sexy like that. Let me show you something.”

The teenage girl lifted the front of her mini-skirt. The boy stood still, his breathing quick and rapid, and looked in amazement at the triangular patch of light brown hair on her lower belly tapering down between her legs. He’d seen pictures of girl’s pussies in the magazine, but this was the first he’d seen live, and his pulse quickened at the erotic sight.

“I’m not wearing any underwear, either. I usually don’t; it makes me feel so much more sexy and turned on all the time. My brother taught me that. Last year, for my fourteenth birthday, he gave me a pair of panties that had a hole built in the crotch so you could fuck easy without having to take ’em off. I guess he got ’em out of a catalog that had lots of sexy underwear and stuff. He got himself a pair of underwear that had a slit in the front so his cock would hang out, and when my mom wasn’t going to be around we’d each wear our sexy underwear around the house, get real hot, and have a lot of great sex.”

Brackston gazed at the high school girl’s luscious sex place, licking his dry lips, his heart pounding in his chest. Was he going to be able to do some of the things he’d read about in the magazine last night? God, he hoped so.

“I’ve got to clean things up a little and you can help. It’ll be even more fun with us walking around without any underwear on, won’t it? Come on, you can help.”

The two kids busied themselves in the kitchen, picking up the breakfast dishes, washing and putting them away, and wiping things off. Brandisha had pulled her short skirt up high around her waist so it barely covered the bottom curve of her shapely ass. Each time she moved the skirt would swing and billow, and she knew it was giving the horny little boy teasing glimpses of her ass and pussy. The effect she knew she was having on the boy pleased her and made her feel powerful.

In the living room Brackston stood behind her as she bent over to pick things up off the floor and his breath quickened at the sight of her naked behind and the small furry, triangle-shaped patch growing up from between her legs. He couldn’t resist the need to pull a few times at his pulsing cock with his hand as he watched the sexy sight. Almost with realizing it his fist skimmed up and down his throbbing shaft that felt so thick, so hard, standing straight up from his loins.

The young boy just couldn’t seem keep his eyes off her, just waiting for her to move so he could catch a glimpse of her nakedness exposed under her short skirt. He noticed that the high school girl watched him a lot, too, her eyes constantly flicking down to his hard, little cock sticking out, throbbing and erect, through his open fly. Brandisha was finding it difficult to keep her mouth and hands away from the boy’s adorably exposed shaft that jutted up so invitingly through the gap in the front of his jeans. Both knew they were turning each other on, the anticipation and sexual tension growing until you could almost see sexual sparks crackling between them.

When things seemed to be straightened up, Brandisha sat down on the edge of couch and beckoned him over.

“God, I don’t think I can wait any longer. Come here,” she commanded.

The boy stood in front of her, his hard, slender little shaft poking about half-way out through the opening in the front of his jeans. Brandisha put her hands around his boyish hips, caressing his little behind with her fingers and pulling him closer as she tilted her head down and closed her mouth around the head of his cock.

Immediately, her head bobbed up and down on the boy’s incredibly stiff prick, his sex shaft slipping in and out between the tight ring of her lips. After a few quick strokes she kept her head still and held his hardness in her mouth. He could feel her tongue washing around his sensitive cockhead, oiling the shaft with her mouth juices before the girl began to move her head slowly back and forth again, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Putting his hands on her shoulders he steadied himself, the incredible sensations of pleasure making his knees weak and rubbery as the high school girl expertly sucked his aching cock.

After a minute the girl brought one hand around to the front and slipped her fingers into his open crotch, running them back and forth between his legs, playing his balls as she continually mouthed his hard, little cock. He closed his eyes, his entire being centered on the intensely delicious sensations between his legs. He couldn’t believe it when she stopped and pulled her mouth off his horny prick.

“I know you like that, and want me to do it some more. But, you’ve gotta make me feel good, too.

The fifteen-year-old girl sat back on the couch, lifted her legs, and put her feet up on the edge of the cushions. Spread her knees and her short little skirt fell back as her pussy lay open and exposed, already glistening with the wetness of her arousal. The rounded folds of her outer pussy lips were spassly covered with very short, light brown hair. The boy learned later that Brandisha liked to keep her pubic hair clipped real short.

For the first time he saw her slit, pink and moist, beckoning to him, laying like a little valley between the creamy smoothness of her inner thighs.

“Kneel down on the floor,” Brackston heard her softly say, his gaze riveted on the girl’s sex. He knelt in front of her. “Use your mouth on me like I did on you. Lick my pussy.”

She reached out with her right hand and gently, but firmly, pulled his head closer to her open legs.

It was a needless gesture. The horny little boy felt drawn to that secret and forbidden girl-place that now lay open and revealed to him. The slight, but insistent, pressure of Brandisha’s hands on his head overcame the last reservations he may have had about what he was going to do, and he found his mouth moving down to do what the teenage girl wanted him to do.

He liked the musky cunt smell of her as he got close. He felt Brandisha’s hand still lightly pressing his face down, though he really didn’t need any more encouragement. He slipped his tongue out and tentatively licked up through her slit several times, the tip moving up and down between the rounded folds. The sweet, pungent taste was strange, but not unpleasant. Moving closer, Brandisha’s hand stilling pulling his head down, the little boy’s mouth settled squarely on her cunt and his tongue licked deep inside for the first time.

“Mmmm,” he heard the fifteen-year-old moaned as he lapped at her pussy, her body shifting at the sudden barrage of pleasure. “God, that feels good, I didn’t know little boys could eat pussy so good.”

The boy eagerly slid his tongue in and out of her already wet fuck hole, any inhibitions having disappeared with the first wonderful taste. He enjoyed the smooth, warm texture of her cunt, and just the thought of what he was doing was arousing him. God, this is fun, he thought to himself as he felt the high school girl put her hands on the sides of his head, guiding him to that place of special pleasure as he ate her sweet, young pussy.

“That’s right, lick me. Mmmmm, here, near the top, on my clit. Yeah, lick my clit, make me cum…. harder! Oh, God! That’s good…”

Brackston found his mouth centered on her pubic bone and his lips chewing her slit near the top. Almost by instinct he quickly flicked his tongue in and out, sliding over the area as Brandisha held his head firmly in place, following her murmured directions. He felt so grown up, so aroused, doing this sexy, dirty, fun thing to the high school girl. It almost felt as good as having her use her mouth on him, and his eagerness to please her, to give her an orgasm, drove him on. He only hoped she would let him do this to her again.

“Oh, God, you’re gonna make me cum… fuck, I can feel it… faster, harder! Oh yeah!”

She wiggled his head back and forth, his mouth chewing hard against her cunt and his tongue licking, sucking her sex button. The sensations built, higher and higher, her head clouding with the sexual tensions building up between her legs. Though she masturbated often, it had been months since she’d had someone else give her an orgasm, and she wanted, needed the release.

Brackston was completely involved in what he was doing to the older teenage girl. His entire concentration centered on the taste, feel, and smell her pussy as he mouth her, his hands on her smooth, inner thighs holding her open. He wasn’t prepared when she let out a low, throat whine and brought her thighs grinding together, momentarily trapping his head between her legs.

Quickly, he pulled his head out from between them and sat back, watching the fifteen-year-old’s body shiver, all of her muscles tense as her climax surged through her body. Brandisha’s eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her head pressed against the back of the couch. She seemed to be holding her breath. It was kind of fun watching her cum like this, and he felt proud that he was able to give her so much pleasure.

His face was all wet with her sex juice and he wiped it off with his hands, his tongue licking the musky juice off his lips and finding the taste and scent of her sex intoxicating. He’d learned today how a girl’s cunt smelled and tasted and how much he liked eating and licking them, and making girls cum.

“God, that was good,” Brandisha murmured as her body began to relax and she opened her eyes, the glow of her orgasm beginning to fade. “Not bad for a little boy; but you’re not so little any more, are you?” she said with a wicked, knowing grin.

Brandisha stood up and took the boy by the hand, leading him down the hallway. She pushed open the door to his bedroom and walked over the single bed in the corner. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, her fingers hurriedly fumbled with the snap on the waist band of Brackston’s jeans. It opened, and she quickly pulled his jeans down his thin legs and off his feet. The eleven- year-old boy stood naked from the waist down before her, the bottom of his T-shirt ending just above base of his pale, slender cock which jutted up, pulsing slightly, from between his boyish thighs. Little wisps of dark, curly hair were just beginning to sprout over his balls and between his legs.

She let her hands roam over the skin of his smooth, hairless ass as she bent her head down and closed her mouth over the tip of his sex shaft. The girl’s head moved slowly, hungrily, back and forth, the young boy’s hard, little cock sliding in and out of the tight ring formed by her lips, her tongue sliding around the tip of the shaft. As she used her mouth on the boy, her fingers played behind him, finger tips pressing up into the crack of his ass and caressing him there. A little shiver of special pleasure ran through his body as he felt the ends of her fingers brush lightly over his asshole. He was surprised at the warm, pleasurable sensations that she could create back there.

Though the older girl was enjoying this, and was tempted to bring him off in her mouth again, it wasn’t what she really wanted to do.

After a few more strokes in and out between her tightened lips, Brandisha let his cock slip out of her mouth, the skinny, fleshy rod bouncing up as she released it from its pleasurable grasp. She laid back on the narrow bed, turning so she lay length-wise, a lusty glint in her eye as she pulled her skirt back and raised and opened her knees.

“Come here, fuck me, put your beautiful little cock in my hot pussy and fuck me,” she crooned, her voice soft and inviting. She knew the effect the dirty words were having on the boy.

Almost in a daze, his breath coming quickly and his head seeming to float above them, Brackston climbed up on the bed, his throbbing prick swaying slightly back and forth as he moved. Hesitantly kneeling between the high school girl’s raised legs, he bent over her, supporting himself with his hands placed on either side of her as he tried several times to position his hips so the head of his cock could enter the girl’s drooling slit. He knew instinctively what to do, what he really wanted, needed to do. He just wasn’t quite sure how to do it.

“Here, let me help you,” Brandisha quietly said.

The older, more experienced girl reached down with her right hand and grasped the little boy’s small, hard shaft, tilting it and guiding it down until the cockhead pushed aside the large outer folds of her cunt and slipped into the entrance to her fuck hole.

When the boy felt the warm tightness of her pussy close around the tip of his shaft like another sucking mouth, he thrust forward with his hips sinking his little erection all the way into the teenage girl, the sudden barrage of intense sexual sensations exploding in his head. He’d never felt anything like this before; nothing felt so good, so pleasurable, so grown-up, and he moaned quietly.

The fifteen-year-old’s pussy gripped the base of his cock in a wonderful hot, fluid wetness he’d never felt before and he twisted his hips back and forth, grinding his loins against hers, pushing his shaft into her as far and as hard as he could, the sensation unbelievably good. Quickly, he pulled out a little before thrusting back in, understanding the technique, each time grinding his hips against the wanton girl’s already sodden crotch as he began to fuck her.

Brandisha watched the boy’s face as he lay over her, thrilled at the expressions of joy, surprise, and pleasure that spread over his face as he discovered sex. Putting her hands around his skinny waist she directed his movement, showing his how to move and how to vary the speed of his thrusting, pumping hips, arousing each of them. Her heels rested on his hairless behind, encouraging his movement.

“Mmmm,” she whispered to him, “this feels sooo….good. Yeah, fuck me….you like this don’t you? You like fucking me. Tell me, tell me how much you like it.”

The boy’s eyes were closed, his mind concentrating on the waves of pleasure rippling up from between his legs.

“Yeah, I… like fucking… you. God, I love fucking you.”

With renewed vigor, the youngster’s thrusts became faster, his small, hard cock sliding rapidly in and out between the high school girls pussy lips, the base of his cock slamming against her clit with each deep thrust into her. The older girl wasn’t prepared for his stamina; she thought he’d cum right away, and was pleasantly surprised at the length of time he was able to keep going. The boy’s cock, though small and not very big around, was still arousing her, and she felt the glow of her own orgasm growing as the base of his cock continually collided with her pleasure button. God, he’s going to make me cum again, she thought to herself.

Brackston didn’t know what she was thinking; he only knew that this felt like nothing he’d ever experienced before, even oral sex, and he knew he wanted to feel it again and again. Faster and faster his slender, boyish hips pumped as his prick slipped in and out of the delicious grip of fifteen-year-old girl’s sex hole. He could hear her own moans of excitement and arousal mixing with his as the feeling of melting began to grow and spread through his loins. Any second now he was going to feel that sensational release of tension as he climaxed.

Harder he fucked her, driving himself to the point of orgasm, the wet slapping sound of their loins coming together filling the tiny bedroom. The bed springs were making a soft squeaking noise as the two bodies bounced on the mattress with the wild abandon of young, uninhibited sex. Brandisha reached down and around his body, grabbing the small, pale mounds of the boy’s firm, nearly hairless ass with her hands, pulling him harder and faster into her as her orgasm welled up from between her legs.

The two kids almost became one, their bodies connecting over and over again, bouncing and moving together on the bed as they joyously fucked, each feeling the unmistakable signs of the beginning of orgasm. The bed squeaked loudly; it was a good thing no one else was home. The sounds of wild, horny sex were unmistakable.

Suddenly, the eleven-year-old boy felt the wonderful, indescribable sensation that was beginning to become familiar to him: that sweet melting of his insides that seemed to flow from his balls and jet out through the small hole on the tip of his cock. Thrusting down into her for the last time and grinding his loins hard against hers, the boy made a throaty grunting noise as he began to shoot off deep inside her cunt. Waves of overwhelming sexual pleasure flood his body, washing over him with each new spasm, each new spurt of cream from his pulsing prick. His body squirmed back and forth, his loins pressing and rubbing against the slimy wetness of the high school girl’s cunt as his cum spurted again and again into her.

As Brandisha felt the little boy’s cock throbbing and pulsing inside her, she, too, grunted loud and throaty, then whined as she joined him in that tremendously wonderful release of tension and pleasure. Oh, God, he made me cum again, she thought through the orgasmic haze that filled her head, this little kid made me cum again.

The two youngsters clung together, their bodies throbbing in mutual orgasm, their sexual appetites momentarily satisfied. The older girl kept her feet and hands wrapped tightly around the smaller boy’s hips and ass, holding him hard against her spasming cunt as she felt the warm, thick cream spew from his small, hard cock and fill her insides. She thought she could feel each jolt of his shaft as his sperm spewed into her, and she slipped a hand down over his hairless butt and down between his legs, then lightly played with his hairless balls knowing that he’d enjoy the added pleasure. Besides, she really enjoyed touching and playing with the little boy’s firm, youthful body.

It was the beginning of an unforgettable summer for Brackston. His sex education was long and extensive. Every day that Brandisha was watching’ him the two enjoyed themselves sexually in many different ways. Often she would bring adult books or magazines that she found in her brother’s room for them to read and look at, and they would try to copy some of the scenes.

Some days they would dress up in unusual and sexy ways as she and her brother had done. For example, Brandisha wore a pair of crotchless panties under a very short skirt. They had been a present from her brother when she’d turned fourteen. On those day, she’d kneel on the couch or a chair, or lean over the kitchen table, and Brackston would just lift her skirt up and fuck her from behind. One afternoon, she had Brackston wear just his boy’s white underwear briefs and pull his cock and balls out through the flap, letting his semi-hard little prick stick out the front, ever ready to be caressed with her hand, mouth, or pussy. Even on days that Brandisha had her period, she’d bring him off at least once with her mouth or hand, a big, lewd grin on her face as she watched the little boy’s cock spurt drops of warm cream over her experienced hand.

Right before school began, Brandisha and her mother moved out of town. Brackston was sad to see her go but, as he began seventh grade, he saw lots of young girls at junior high school with nice, developing little breasts, cute asses and, undoubtedly, hot and horny little pussies who would like to be taught all the pleasures and possibilities of sex from an experienced boy like him.



Queenetta’s voice interrupted his daydream and brought him back to reality.

“What’re you thinking about?”

“Oh, nothin’,” the boy responded, a slight smile on his face and a big bulge in the front of his pants, “What do you girls wanna do?”

The young girls exchanged a glance.

“Herneisha and I’ve been havin’ an argument,” said Queenetta, a wicked little smile on her face, “She thinks her pussy tastes better than mine. Which do you think does?”

“Well, I don’t know,” Brackston answered with an answering grin, understanding the game, “I’ve never tasted Herneisha’s pussy before… I’d have to try each one to see.”

The girls gave each other a knowing look and Herneisha’s green eyes blazed with horny anticipation.

“Let’s go up to my room,” Queenetta suggested, and the three young kids literally ran up the stairs, a current of sexual electricity surrounding them.

Queenetta’s bedroom was typically decorated for a young girl and the double bed was covered with stuffed animals. The two girls swept them off the bed onto the floor on the other side and made room for pleasures to come.

Brackston leaned against the doorway as the two horny junior high school girls quickly cleared the bed. He watched them move about, the lump in his pants throbbing as he admired their round, shapely behinds packed into their tightly clinging jeans. God, this is gonna be fun, he thought to himself.

The two young girls knew he was watching them, wanting them, and that made them feel even more hot and horny. Finally turning towards the boy, the girls stood next to the bed, slipped their tennis shoes off, and pulled their summer tops over their heads, throwing them on the floor. Neither of the twelve-year-old girls was wearing a bra, and their small, pink nipples stood out hard and round like tiny pebbles from their developing little breast mounds just begging to be touched and licked and sucked.

As soon as they were topless the girl’s small hands quickly fumbled with the snaps and zippers on their jeans as they began to slip their pants off. Brackston watched each of the topless young girl’s wiggle their hips as they pulled the skin-tight jeans over their behinds and down their thighs. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Queenetta and Herneisha finally pealed them down their slender legs and off their feet, throwing them off to the side onto the floor.

They stood up in front of him, each attractive, slender, shapely young girl clad only in her panties. Queenetta was wearing dark blue ones that were cut high up on her thighs, a narrow strip of white elastic circling her slender girlish hips. Herneisha wore almost completely shear white bikinis, and Brackston could see the darker depression of the little girl’s sex slit through her sexy, nearly see-through, underwear. The material of each of their panties seemed to mold itself to the swell of their shaved, hairless pubic mounds, and he knew, now, they were purposely doing this to excite and arouse him; they were doing a great job.

Finally, after posing provocatively for the fourteen- year-old boy, the two young girls reached down, hooked the elastic waist band with their fingers, and rolled their panties slowly, teasingly, down their thighs. Each girl watched the boy’s reaction, secretly very pleased and excited they could turn him on as they gazed at the lump that so obviously pushed out the front of his shorts. Letting them fall in a small pile at their feet, they stepped out of their panties, their taut, young bodies now completely naked.

Brackston gazed breathlessly at the two sexy twelve-year- old girls, his eyes slowly roaming over their bare, flawless bodies, taking in the erotic sight of their flat and smooth tummies, shaved pussies, and small, pert breasts. They looked nearly identical: slender and athletic, the same height and weight. The difference was Herneisha’s green eyes that seemed to sparkle and flash with the wanton teenage lust that flowed through her whole body.

“God, you girls look so sexy,” he admired.

“Now, you gotta tell us which of us tastes better,” Queenetta teased, her hand moving down to the narrow ‘V’ that began with her flat tummy and sloped slightly underneath to her pubic mound. Her finger tips lightly brushed up and down over the front of her shaved slit, her middle finger beginning to delve up into that place of wonderful pleasure that had already begun to moisten.

The girls looked at each other and giggled at what Queenetta had said.

“Yeah… let’s find out,” he eagerly replied, licking his lips in anticipation. God, he couldn’t wait to tongue those luscious shaved little cunts. Brandisha, his baby-sitter, had taught him the pleasures of licking a girl’s pussy when he was only eleven-years-old, and he had practiced on her nearly every day, finally learning to bring her to orgasm each time.

When Brackston entered junior high school, he was eager to experience other girls and he was one of the few boys with the experience and willingness to perform oral sex on them. Right after school started he went out on a date with an eighth grade girl and they ended up in her up-stairs bedroom “watching TV”. Actually, they were kissing and using their hands freely over each others’ horny bodies, the heat of their excitement becoming almost unbearable. When her parents called up to them and said they were going for a walk, the front door had hardly closed before eager fingers were pulling open snaps and zippers and hands were reaching down inside to caress and excite.

Brackston remembered that he stood, pulled her jeans and panties completely off and, before she even knew what was happening, knelt on the floor beside the bed, pulled her legs apart, and planted his mouth on her hot, drooling snatch. It was the girl’s first orgasm, though Brackston was to give her plenty more with both his mouth and his cock during the rest of the school year.

Word of the boy’s skill with his tongue and his appetite for licking pussy quickly spread among the junior high girls, and Brackston was very popular with them as well as some older girls, too. This past year, though he was only in eighth grade, he even did the older sister of one of his regular girlfriends. She was seventeen and a senior in high school, and she’d boldly called him up and invited him over to her house on afternoon. When he arrived she took his hand and, without a work, led him up to her bedroom, pealed her jeans off, and laid back on her big double bed as she held his face between her legs and he enthusiastically brought the older girl to several orgasms. Up until that time she was the oldest girl he’d ever been with, and he’d really enjoyed fucking her that afternoon, too.

He was also very willing to be their practice partner so they could develop their own ‘oral’ techniques, though they weren’t nearly as good as Brandisha.

“Lay down next to each other on the bed… yeah, now put your feet kinda together ‘n on the edge ‘n open your legs.”

The girls quickly complied and laid down on the double bed beside each other. With their feet together on the edge of the mattress they were able to let their legs fall apart like the wings of a butterfly, their private pleasure places fully exposed and their pussies aching to be licked by the fourteen-year-old boy.

Brackston slowly walked closer toward the bed, his breath quickening, incredibly aroused by this incredibly erotic sight. The two slim, shapely, sexy junior high school girls lay on the bed with their thighs invitingly parted and their knees almost touching. The little pink slits between their bald, flesh-colored pussy lips were already beginning to glisten with their pussy juices in the afternoon sunlight. Not a blemish or hint of pubic hair marred the sensual, sexy sight of the smooth, soft insides of their thighs and the raised mounds of their deliciously hairless little cunts.

Brackston didn’t find it unusual that the two twelve-year- old girls were so eager to open their legs and to let a boy do sex things to them and make them feel good. In the first few months of junior high school, as he looked for new sex partners to take the place of Brandisha, his baby-sitter, the boy quickly discovered that lots of young girls just entering their teens were secretly eager and willing to experience the pleasures that their new and developing bodies could give them. The girls wanted to feel grown-up and desired, their self-concept revolving around their ability to entice and attract boys. Besides, it was fun and exciting and felt so good, and even the ones that weren’t quite ready to start fucking enjoyed having their little tits and pussies played with. And they were eager to learn how to use their hands and mouths to give pleasure to boys, too. It made them feel so grown-up and so special.

Finally, the boy knelt down on the floor in front of Queenetta, the nearest of the two girls. Like an irresistible magnet, the sight of her wonderful little pussy drew his face down between her widely parted thighs. As the boy knelt down on the floor in front of her he slipped his arms under her legs, his shoulders rubbing against the back of her silky-smooth girlish thighs. Now, he could hold her open as he enjoyed the taste and feel of her little-girl sex place.

Queenetta lifted her head up and watched breathlessly as the fourteen-year-old boy lowered his mouth down onto her waiting pussy. God, I’m horny, she thought, I really need to do this.

“OHHHH!” the young girl cried out, her head snapping back at the first intense explosion of warm, wonderful pleasure as the boy covered her pussy mound with his open mouth and licked several times deeply down into her warmth and wetness. With the flat of his tongue he licked again and again up through her slit and over her clitoris, each time beginning down near her asshole and slipping his tongue up through the velvet valley and over her pleasure button, lapping up her sex juice.

Herneisha lay next to her friend and eagerly watched as Brackston enthusiastically mouthed Queenetta’s pussy. She knew what Queenetta’s cunt juice tasted like; she’d licked Queenetta’s pussy lots of times during the past year or so as the two friends had begun to experiment with their developing bodies and sexual appetites. She knew she wasn’t a lesbian or anything like that. It was just that, at the time, oral sex with each other was the only sexual outlet the two girls had to release all of the horny tensions that built up so strongly between their legs. Besides, it was fun and felt so good to cum that way.

As the green-eyed twelve-year-old girl watched the sexy sight, her own hand was down between her open thighs and her middle finger slipped up and down through the soft, delicate moistness of her hot, hairless little slit. She knew, from experience, how to excite and arouse herself. She’d been doing it since she was ten, and her finger tip found her swollen little clit and played with the wonderfully sensitive pleasure point.

Although he had done her once before, Brackston still found the feel and taste of the little girl’s bald pussy incredibly exciting. He pressed his lips firmly against the girl’s sweet, hairless pubic mound and licked down deep inside her cunt, lapping and sucking her musky wetness. Pulling one of his arms out from under the girl’s thighs, he slipped his middle finger up into her fuck hole and slow finger-fucked the youngster as he continually licked up and down her pink slit.

Queenetta found the combination of the boy’s finger and tongue working on her horny pussy together almost overwhelming. The fire of sex built quickly between her legs, and she couldn’t help but groan out loud as waves of wondrous pleasure washed over her, exploding in her head.

Brackston felt the little girl’s ass squirm on the bed and felt her bald pussy mound raise up and press against his licking mouth. Pulling his finger out of her slit, he slipped his free arm under her open thighs again and held her slim and naked body still as he concentrated on her sensitive clit. With quick, small circles, he pressed his tongue onto her clitoris while lightly chewing on her bare, rubbery pussy lips. After another minute, he felt Queenetta’s back arch and heard her moan loudly as he increased the pressure.


It was just a few more seconds before the girl grunted loudly again, reached down with both of her hands, and held the boy’s mouth tightly against her spasming cunt. Her orgasm roared through her firm young body, wave after wave of thick, warm sexual pleasure pulsing over her. She was completely lost in the haze of her sexual climax, unaware of anything except the incredibly strong sexual sensations that enveloped her and made her feel so good.

Herneisha smiled as she watched Brackston get her friend off so nicely, and her fingers delved more quickly, more purposefully, into the deep, warm wetness of her drooling little cunt hole. She was sure having fun watching the other two kids as she masturbated. Usually, she had to imagine sexy scenes in her mind as she lay in bed at night and gave herself orgasms. Watching live sex stuff happening while she diddled her clit was sure a lot better and was getting her hot really fast.

Brackston finally pulled his mouth away from Queenetta’s sweet little cunt after giving her a couple more licks, pleased that he could make her cum like that. But, he wasn’t finished with the girls’ challenge, and quickly shifted his body over to where Herneisha lay on the bed, her legs invitingly parted and her cunt already drooling with excitement. The boy saw the little girl was already busy getting herself hot and knew she must be feeling especially horny.

Without hesitation he dropped his face down into her lap and began to slip his tongue up through her hairless slit, the sweet, pungent odor of her cunt arousing him even more. Like Queenetta, Herneisha kept her pussy shaved, and the boy felt the special sensation of her bare pubic folds on his mouth as he pressed his lips against her cunt and washed his tongue deeply up and down through her cleft.

Herneisha really liked what the boy was doing to her, but she was at the point where she wanted and needed something more.

“Mmmmm, that feels so good, so nice… but I wanna get fucked,” she murmured to the boy after a minutes, her voice pleading as her hands pulled his head up from between her legs.

Brackston remembered how great it had been fucking Queenetta a few days before, and how her tight, hairless pussy lips had gripped and pulled at his swollen prick so wonderfully. He stood up, grinning with brazen, unashamed lust at the horny, naked little twelve-year- old girl as he quickly pulled his jeans and shirt off. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his swollen pale cock stood out so hard from between his thighs, the darker red sculpted tip pulsing ever so slightly with the rapid beating of his heart.

Before dropping his pants on the floor, the boy searched in the back pocket and found the foil condom packet that he kept with him all the time. God, I’m glad to brought one of these, he thought to himself, as he tore open the packet and rolled the latex covering down his iron-hard prick.

“Move back,” he told the young girl as he approached the bed.

Herneisha scooted her body backwards on the mattress, her knees remaining pulled up in the air and far apart, her glistening, moist, hairless pussy eagerly waiting for the boy’s cock.

Brackston quickly crawled up onto the bed. Queenetta had finally recovered from her intense climax and moved aside to allow the two kids more room. She had heard what her friend had asked, and sat up with her back against the headboard to watch the two kids have their fun.

Brackston laid his body over the naked little girl, his hips moving up and down as he tried to find the opening to her fuck hole with his cock. His condom-covered shaft slipped up and down through her slimy sex slit several times before the tip finally pushed between her hairless pussy folds and slipped inside the youngster.

Herneisha felt the boy’s cock penetrate her cunt a little ways and instinctively lifted her slender legs and folded them around him, locking her ankles together over his naked behind and pulling him farther into her. She hadn’t had sex since she’d done it for the first time a week ago, and she was especially eager to get fucked again.

Brackston felt the young girl wrap her legs around him, the insides of her legs squeezing his thighs between them as he pressed forward and down with his hips and slid more of his cock into her wonderfully wet little fuck hole. The boy didn’t know if Herneisha had ever been fucked before, but she didn’t feel like a virgin and she definitely wasn’t acting like one, either. Encouraged, he ground his loins down against her open thighs and felt the base of his shaft rub up against her bald pussy lips as he sank his cock completely inside her.

Herneisha’s swollen pussy folds surrounded and squeezed the base of his cock like a tight rubber ring. God, she felt good, he thought to himself. These two twelve- year-old girls with their horny and hairless little pussies were just about the best fucks he’d ever had. Quickly, the boy began to hump into the youngster, his hips moving rapidly up and down, the front of his thighs slapping against the girl’s hot, wet loins as he plunged his cock into her again and again.

Queenetta sat back on the gently bouncing bed and watched the two kids fuck, her fingers idly stroking her still moist and slippery little cunt. She’d seen Herneisha fold her arms and legs around the fourteen-year-old boy’s naked body as he pumped his cock frantically in and out of her and knew that her friend was hooked on sex just like Queenetta. God, doing sex things was so fun…and felt so good, she thought to herself, and she couldn’t understand people that said not to do it, or just do it with someone you “love”. I mean, lots of kids her age were doing it just for fun, like the three of them were doing this afternoon. What could be wrong with that?

Herneisha laid back on the bed as the boy lay over her naked body and eagerly slammed his cock into her. She couldn’t believe how incredibly good it felt and she held him close, her eyes closed and her legs and arms circled around him, clinging to his smooth, hard, naked body that pressed down so wonderfully on top of her. It was as if she was in a dream world, floating through a quickly growing sexual haze as the boy’s sex shaft pounded into her again and again. She was aware her own body responding, the familiar throbbing heaviness in her loins signaling her rapidly building climax, and she could sense that it was going to be a powerful orgasm, too.

The horny twelve-year-old girl could feel Brackston’s hot breath on her face as she lay on her back beneath him, and she opened her eyes and gazed up at his face. Brackston’s eyes were squeezed shut as he lay on her, his naked body weighing her down. Her legs moved with the motion of the boy’s smooth, round little ass as it pumped frantically up and down, and his cock made wet squishing sounds as it slipped faster and harder in and out of her sodden little cunt. Oh, God, it feels so good… so good… Yeah, Brackston, fuck me… Oh, God, fuck me hard, the young girl thought dreamily.

The junior high school boy was completely enveloped in his own private sexual world. He’d never felt anything quite as good as the tight, hairless cunts of these two slender twelve-year-old girls. Herneisha’s pussy held and gripped his cock like a warm sucking mouth trying to draw his sex cream out. His balls swung back and forth and slapped up against her slit as his hips bobbed up and down, his prick pounding into her delightful pussy. Usually, he did his best to make sure that the girl he was fucking had a good time and got off, but, God, he was so fucking horny all he wanted to do was shoot off inside this sweet and sexy little girl.

Already he could feel the contraction in his balls as his climax neared. Slowing down a little, he pushed his upper body up with his arms and held himself over her as he pumped hard into Herneisha a couple more times. He looked down and admired her slim, naked body, her tiny nipples sticking up from the small, dark pink circles on her developing breast mounds, as he shafted hard and deep into her several more times. As the base of his cock jammed against her pubic bone, he felt the sensation of his orgasm swell up and expand through his loins, finally exploding in his head as his cock exploded inside the little girl whose arms, legs, and pussy clung so tightly to him.

Herneisha held tightly to the groaning boy and she felt his cock throb and pulse inside her just as her own climax rippled through her body. She arched her back and tightened her legs around him, squeezing the boy between her thighs as she suddenly came, too. All of the muscles in her body seemed to tense as the spasms of her orgasm rolled wave after wave through her young body in thick, heavy ripples of pleasure.

Orgasms were nothing new to her – she and Queenetta had been giving each other orgasms with their fingers and mouths for a year. But, coming with a cock pounding into you was something else, something even more exciting, and the young girl loved the sensation as she felt the boy’s cock pulsing and shooting inside her. She felt Brackston move a little in her embrace as he wiggled his loins against hers and triggered another delicious series of orgasmic surges between her thighs.


Afterwards, the three kids lay together, unashamedly naked on the bed, their pale, slender, adolescent bodies glistening with the sweat of sweet, young, innocent sex. Their hands and fingers seemed constantly busy, boldly touching and caressing each other without shame for what they had done or remorse for the pleasure they had experienced. The two young girls, especially, seemed to enjoy rolling the boy’s balls through their fingers and pulled with curiosity at his softened, pliable little cock. Brackston had his arms draped over the girls’ shoulders and enjoyed feeling their tiny nipples grow hand and poke up from the shallow swells of their small breasts as he lightly squeezed them between his thumb and finger.

“God, I’m gettin’ horny, again,” Queenetta murmured to the other kids. A few minutes earlier Brackston had reached down with his hand and Queenetta had opened her legs a little as the boy’s fingers casually fingered her hairless little pussy hole, making her hot and wet. “Wanna fuck?” she bluntly asked.

“You got some more, uh, protection – I don’t,” the boy replied.

“Uh uh, I ain’t got anything,” the disappointed girl answered, “and I don’t wanna do it if I’m gonna get pregnant.” She thought for a moment before her face brightened.

“Have you ever, you know…. done it to a girl? You know… in the ass?” she said hesitantly.

“No, but I’ve heard about it.” That was the one thing that he and Brandisha had never tried, though they had experienced everything else.

“Well,” the girl went on, the idea growing in her mind and her excitement growing between her legs, “I guess it feels good and can give you an orgasm and stuff, but you don’t have to worry about gettin’ pregnant or anything. Best of all, you don’t have to wear a condom when you do it.”

Herneisha was shocked.

“You mean you’d let a guy stick his dick up your… butt?” she asked her friend, shocked that Queenetta would even consider such a thing. This sex stuff was really fun, but doing something like that!?

Queenetta gave the girl a naughty little grin.

“Well, God, if it feels good like they say it does, sure, why not?. I mean, it’s just like fuckin’ except ya just do it in a different place.” She lowered her voice as if to tell a secret. “I’ve heard it feels really good. Wanna try it?”

Brandisha had taught Brackston to be open to lots of different sexual things, but this was something he’d never tried. Sure, he’d heard about it enough. Some of the guys at school whispered and talked about butt fucking, but usually as a put-down, not something that they really did. And with all of his sexual experience, even with older high school girls, butt fucking was something that he’d never done or been asked to do – not that he wouldn’t be willing to give it a try.

But Queenetta was right – it was supposed to feel good and he was sure horny again. Having these two pretty junior high school girls with him on the bed, their slender, naked bodies and sexy, bald little pussies so readily available to him was quickly making him hard. If Queenetta was willing to try it, he certainly was, too.

“Sure, let’s do it,” he finally said to the young girl trying to sound as if he was confident.

Queenetta jumped off the bed and ran out of the room.

“I’ll be back in a second,” she said as she bounded through the doorway.

She returned a few seconds later holding a jar of Vaseline as she stood, openly naked, beside the bed.

“I guess you gotta use somethin’ like this to make it slippery. Here, put some on your… cock.” God, she liked the sound of that word.

The youngster didn’t look embarrassed at all as she took the top off the jar and held it out to the boy.

Brackston stood up on the floor next to the little girl, dipped his fingers into the yellowish grease, and began to spread it over his erect shaft. At the same time Queenetta took a finger tip of Vaseline and reached behind herself, the finger spreading the grease around the opening of her asshole, even inside a little ways. She didn’t know why but she was really excited about trying this, and even the sensation of her own finger slipping slightly into her butt hole felt nice. Maybe it was because it was something that her older sister had never done before that she was so willing to experiment with this new sexual avenue. And besides, if what she heard was right and it really did feel good, she could get fucked back there any time she wanted and not have to worry about a condom or getting pregnant.

Herneisha laid on her side on the bed, a pillow under her head, and watched the two kids getting ready to do something that she thought was really disgusting. God, how can Queenetta do this, she wondered to herself. This has got to be one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen. I’d never let a boy to this to me.

Brackston bent down and wiped the extra grease onto his shirt that lay on the floor.

“Now, what do we do?”

“Well,” said Queenetta, “I guess we do it just like regular fucking.”

“I mean, you know, like how?”

The girl thought a moment. “I’ll get on my hands and knees on the bed and you stand on the floor and try to put it in me from behind, OK?” The boy thought that sounded reasonable and watched as the young girl climbed up on the double bed.

Herneisha scooted up toward the head of the bed and moved her legs back and out of the way, still not believing that her friend was going to go through with this. She knew lots of twelve-year-old girls at school who were doing lots of sex things like she and Queenetta were doing, but she’d never heard of anyone doing anal sex like this. Still, she was interested, too, and her early disgust was beginning to give way to a natural sexual curiosity. She moved the pillow around so she’d have a clear view of the two kids from the side as they began their sexual experiment.

Queenetta knelt on the bed on all fours, her knees close to the edge and her feet extending out, over the side. Brackston got in between them and paused a moment, looking down at the wonderful view of the little girl’s great ass and pussy. The hairless folds of her cunt were pulled slightly apart, the long, pink opening glistening with her girl moisture in the summer afternoon sunlight that streamed in through the bedroom window. Down through the narrow crack of her smooth, flawless ass he could see the dark red ring of her asshole, now shiny with grease, waiting to be penetrated with a cock for the first time. A shiver ran through his body as he imagined, for an instant, the exquisite sensations that her tightly gripping butt hole was going to create on his hard, throbbing shaft.

At first he stepped close behind her, his hands on her hips, and ran his slippery cock up and down through the deep crevasse between the two inviting globes of her little-girl behind. He looked down and watched the reddened tip of his cock slither up and down through the crack of her ass as he boldly pumped his hips back and forth. God, even though Queenetta wasn’t quite a teenager yet, she was such a sexy girl and this felt so good.

After a couple of strokes he stopped, backed away a step, and grabbed his cock with his right hand. He bent the shaft down a little until the red, sculpted head pressed against the entrance to her asshole. Brackston pressed his hips forward, the weight of his body pushing his prick against the opening of her behind with a firm pressure as he held the tip of his cock securely against the entrance to her butt.

For an instant he thought that he wasn’t going to be able to do it, to get his cock into the junior high school girl who knelt so eagerly before him, her shapely little ass perched so inviting in the air. But soon the pressure increased as he felt Queenetta push back against him at the same time. Slowly, the boy began to feel the tightly-closed muscles of the opening give way as the head of his prick began to push aside the tight, elastic muscles of the young girl’s anal opening.

Queenetta liked the feel of the young boy’s cock running up and down through the crack of her ass, the friction between her butt cheeks feeling especially warm and sexy. But the young girl was really interested in trying out this new way to fuck. When she felt Brackston stop, put the tip of his cock against her asshole, and begin to push against her, she began to push back with her ass, eager to feel his shaft sinking into her place of forbidden pleasure.

The added force had the desired effect, and the head of the fourteen-year-old boy’s cock suddenly popped through the tight outer ring of muscle and slipped into the little girl’s butt.

When the two young kids felt the initial penetration, they paused a minute, a little surprised that this thing was actually happening. Although Brackston was very sexually experience for a boy in junior high, he hadn’t yet begun his big growth spurt. Most of the girls in school were at least as tall, if not taller, than he. But sometimes his size had its advantages and his smaller cock seemed to fit nicely and comfortably in the young twelve-year-old girl’s butt opening.

“How’s it feel?” he asked the girl who knelt before him, the head of his cock squeezed tightly by the grip of the ring of muscles around her asshole.

“Feels kinda weird, kinda strange, but I like it. It seems so sexy, so dirty, and it doesn’t hurt at all. It just feels like I’m takin’ a big shit…” She giggled, then pushed back against him again, and a little more of his cock slipped up into her.

“Mmm, God, now that feels nice..”

Brackston felt the girl pressing her ass back against his shaft, wanting more and, with his hands on her slender hips, he thrust his hips forward and pulled back on her body at the same time. Looking down, he watched his slimy prick slide slowly through the dark red opening of her asshole. Bit by bit the length of his short, slender cock began to disappear as it moved into the incredibly hot tightness of the little girl’s sexy little behind.

“Oh, God, it’s feelin’ really good, now. Fuck, it’s even makin’ my pussy hot,” the young girl murmured, still pushing herself back against him, joyfully impaling her behind on his slippery sex shaft.

Brackston could feel the walls of her asshole surround and grip his cock as it slipped farther and farther up the twelve-year-old’s behind. When it was most of the way in he stopped pulling her back onto him. God, it felt so good, so hot, so sexy, that he had to fuck her.

Still holding her slender hips, he pulled back slightly, sliding a little of his small, hard prick out of her. Immediately, he pushed back in again, this time fucking nearly all the way into her butt hole. Slowly in and out he moved, nearly the entire length of his shaft slipping through the little girl’s tight ass opening. After several times they began to set up a nice, easy rhythm as he butt-fucked Queenetta for the very first time.

Both of the junior high school kids were pleasantly surprised at how easily Brackston’s cock moved in and out of the little girl’s behind and how incredibly good it felt for both of them. The muscles around the small, elastic opening of the young girl’s asshole created a delicious ring of pleasure around the boy’s slender prick, while the friction of the boy’s cock sliding into her butt created a horny warm wetness between Queenetta’s.



Tangelique and I sat down on the couch in the living room at my house. She was wearing a very short jean skirt that barely covered her ass and a knit top that buttoned down the front and seemed to mold itself to her cute, bra-less little breasts. As she sat down close to me and folded her legs beneath her, the hem of her denim skirt slipped up revealing her slender legs and her smooth, creamy skin high up on her thighs. God, she had a sexy body and it was difficult to keep me eyes off her.

We talked about the sex party I was going to host. There seemed to be a regular group of kids that all got together. There wasn’t any drinking or drugs; the kids just liked to have sex and have fun together without any adults around. Most of them were in junior high, although some of them brought high school-aged boyfriends or girlfriends. Tangelique talked about a couple of the kids.

“There’s this girl named Becky who’s been a friend of mine since grade school. She usually comes to our parties and brings her brother, Ted. She’s in eighth grade, like me, and he’s a couple of years older than us, but he’s a really nice guy, and he and Becky really go at it.”

She saw my puzzled look.

“I mean, they kinda like to be with each other; like, they do it, ya know?”

I finally understood. “You mean they fuck each other, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah. The first time they came to one of our parties was last year. God, they really shocked the rest of the kids there, though I knew all along what they were doin’.”

“How did you know that?”

“Like I said, Becky and I are pretty good friends and lots of times last year, when we were both in seventh grade, we’d go over to each others’ houses and talk about boys and stuff. I was doin’ lots of things with boys by then, but I didn’t think Becky had done anything yet. In fact, I kinda thought she was a prude and really innocent. Her folks are really religious and she does a lot of stuff at her church.”

“One afternoon last fall I decided to stop by her house on Saturday to see if she wanted to do somethin’, like watch TV or take a walk. Her folks have their own hardware store and they always work all day on Saturday, so no ones home except Becky and her brother.”

“I walked up to the front door and knocked a couple of times, but didn’t get an answer or see anyone. The front door was open a little and I could hear music so I knew someone was home and I just went in. The music was comin’ from upstairs and it sounded like it was comin’ from Becky’s bedroom.”

“When I got upstairs, her bedroom door was open a little and, even though the music was kinda loud, I could hear these moans and stuff, and her bed was squeaking. Shit, I knew right away what was goin’ on: I figured Becky was makin’ it with some guy. Like I said, that really like surprised me ’cause she didn’t seem to be into sex like most of us girls were by then.” Tangelique giggled. “I was really curious about what was goin’ on and wanted to see who she was makin’ it with, so I pushed the door open a little more and, you know, kinda looked in.”

“I could see her bed from the side and I saw her. She was naked and had her legs wrapped around some guy’s bare ass. He was laying on top of her and pumpin’ his cock into her real fast and hard. The guy had his head turned away from me and I couldn’t see his face, but he was really fuckin’ her like he meant it. God, the bed was sure bouncin’, and she was moanin’ like she was lovin’ it, tellin’ the guy to fuck her harder and how good he was and stuff.” Tangelique laughed again. “And all the time I thought she was this religious type and not interested in sex at all, and here she was gettin’ her ass fucked off by some guy in her bedroom; and it sure didn’t look like it was her first time, either, the way she had her legs wrapped around him.”

“Then, the guy turned his head toward me and I just about died. Would you believe it, it was Ted fuckin’ her – her own brother! They were goin’ at it like they’d been doin’ it for years, which was just about right. I found out, later, that they’d been foolin’ around with each other for a long time when their parents were gone on Saturdays; pretty much every Saturday, though they’d just started fuckin’ last year when she was in sixth grade. But, they’d been foolin’ around and, you know, even usin’ their mouths and hands on each other since she was in fifth grade and he was in seventh. And here I thought I started doin’ sex stuff early.

“So, what did you do?”

Tangelique gave me a lewd little grin. “What do you think I did? Watching ’em doin’ it made me real horny, so I took off my clothes in the hall and joined ’em. God, were they freaked when I walked in room. When the door opened they thought they’d gotten caught by their parents. But, right away they realized what had happened and, after that, we just had some fun. Ted fucked me real good while Becky sat next to us on the bed and watched. She even played with his balls when he started shootin’ off inside me and made him cum harder.”

“I was the first girl, other than his sister, that he’d ever done it with. But he’s really good; licked my pussy and everything.” She giggled. “He made me cum real hard like that. Of course, he was pretty experienced with all the times he’s been doin’ his sister; and Becky said it was fun watching us do it.

“It was a good thing I had a condom in my purse ’cause Ted didn’t have one. Becky told me she was already on the pill and didn’t have to worry about gettin’ pregnant and that they were doin’ it a lot, at least a couple of times a week. They usually got home from school a couple of hours before their parents and they’d have some quick sex before they’d do their homework. Sometimes, they’d sneak into each others’ rooms late at night, but that was only when they were really horny ’cause it was kinda dangerous with their parents around.”

“After we rested a little I sat and watched ’em do it again. Becky likes to be on top; you know, sit on his cock and ride him like that. I guess that’s her favorite position, ’cause it’s how they did it the first time, and she says it gets her off really fast. Becky told me that, the first time they actually did it, they were laying naked in Ted’s bed foolin’ around and feelin’ each other up and gettin’ really hot one Saturday morning and she just climbed up on top of him, put it inside her, and they fucked for the first time. God, she gets pretty wild bouncin’ up and down on him like that. She said she was lucky she didn’t get pregnant that first time and got on the pill right away.”

“We talked for a while too, about sex and boys. Becky said she wasn’t much interested in doing it with anyone other than her brother, though that changed after a while last year.”

“When we had our first junior high sex party last year in seventh grade it was only natural that we invite the two of them. God, the rest of the kids were real shocked at first. But they also thought it was a real turn-on, you know, watchin’ a brother and sister doin’ it. I found out later that a couple of the other girls went home and started doin’ it with their brothers, too, after watchin’ Becky and Ted. I mean, what brother could resist a sister who wants to have him fuck her? God, if I had a brother I’d have him fuck me all the time. It’d be great havin’ someone around all the time to do you.”

“The most fun was watching ’em go down on each other. Most of us would stop whatever we were doin’ just to watch the two of ’em go at it. Becky would lay down on top of Ted in the ’69’ position and suck him off while he held her legs apart and licked her till she came. God, it was fun to watch. Becky told me that was one of the first things they started doin’ to each other when they started foolin’ around a couple of years ago.”

“After the first couple of parties they both started having sex with some of the other kids, too. But, it was still a turn-on watchin’ just the two of ’em. It usually got everyone else real hot and horny.”

“Just listening to you talk about it makes me real horny.”

“Mmmmmm, me too.”

While we talked I’d begun to run my hand over her bare legs as she sat next to me, her feet tucked underneath her. She’d slipped her tennis shoes off before she sat down, and I enjoyed the warmth of her smooth, tender young skin as I lightly caressed her leg with my hand. The bottom of her short, little jean skirt had crept high up onto her thigh until it just barely covered the bottom curve of her behind, and I gently skimmed my hand up and down her slim leg, from her knee to the hem of her skirt.

After a moment, my hand dipped down and I caressed the front of her two legs has she held them together, one on top of the other, sliding my hand back and forth across the front of them. It felt so good to touch her.

We finished talking and, for a few minutes, just sat silently as I continued to make little circles over slender, bare legs with the tips of my fingers. The anticipation began to build in both of us, and I could sense the quickening of her pulse and her breathing as she became aroused.

It wasn’t long before the sexy thirteen-year-old girl turned her body and lay back against the arm of the couch, her head away from me. She lifted her top leg, opening her thighs and forcing the hem of her short,( denim skirt up even higher, revealing the white padded crotch of the cotton bikini panties she liked to wear.

I put my hand on her lower leg just above the knee, and my fingers made small circles over the smooth skin of the inside of her thigh as my hand slowly traveled high up her leg.

Closer and closer, ever so slowly, the tips of my fingers moved toward that intimate pleasure place hidden, now, by the crotch of her underwear. After a moment I felt the side of my little finger brush against the cotton material concealing her adorable little cunt, but I didn’t get any closer with my hand. I wanted the young girl to get teased and turned-on by my fingers.

After another minute I stopped making circles and just lightly brushed my finger tips back and forth over the smooth skin of her inner thigh right next to the elastic leg band of her panties. Dragging my finger nails lightly back and forth over the warm surface of her skin, I gently caressed the young girl’s bare inner thigh right up near the raised mound of her cotton- covered crotch. I glanced up a Tangelique’s face and saw that her eyes were closed and her breathing fast and shallow as the anticipation and arousal grew between the little girl’s legs.

Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer and shifted my fingers just an inch higher and the tips just barely skimmed back and forth over her panty-covered slit. I could feel that the crotch of her underwear was already slick with the musky moisture of her pussy and I smiled to myself knowing I was turning the young girl on and enjoying the fact that I was making her luscious little pussy drool with excitement.

I was getting incredibly aroused, too, just thinking about what I was doing to this willing junior high school girl, and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. I applied more pressure with my finger tips and pressed firmly down into her slit as I moved my hand back and forth between her.


I poured a couple of glasses of ice water and we leaned against the kitchen counter, sipped our drinks and talked. We discussed the sex party I was going to host. I told her I didn’t want any problems with drugs or too much drinking and that there shouldn’t be too many kids invited. Tangelique said that drugs and stuff weren’t a problem and that there were about twenty or so kids that knew each other and regularly got together, though not all of them could come to each party. Sometimes, one or two of the kids would bring someone new, but they always discussed it with the person holding the party to be sure it was all right.

I asked her if her sister, Queenetta, was planning to come to the party. Tangelique knew how much I liked Queenetta’s hairless little cunt. She smiled lewdly and said, ‘of course’, also telling me that Queenetta might bring her friend, Herneisha, if she could get out of the house for the evening. Neither of the girls had been to a sex party before, and they were both anxious to go to their first one, especially now that they were so much more experienced. I’m sure their little shaved pussies would be a big hit with the boys-and maybe with some of the girls, too.

I asked Tangelique how the other kids would feel about me, an older guy, hosting the party and being around and everything. Tangelique told me she’d already discussed it with most of the kids involved and they all thought it was ‘really cool’. In fact, they all thought having the party at my house was a great idea. That way, they didn’t have to worry about someone’s parents coming home suddenly, or brothers and sisters who might tell parents about what went on. Having a place to get together on a regular basis to have sex without the hassle of parents around was an appealing idea to the young kids. For me, if this worked out, I knew I’d be glad to host these parties because I was sure I’d have a good time, too. Fucking young girls was quickly becoming my favorite hobby, and I certainly looked forward to trying other young girls.

As we talked I looked at Tangelique and admired her slender, young body and the way the short skirt made her seem so sexy, especially because she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. It gave me an idea.

“Have you ever experimented with, you know, different ideas about these parties?” I asked her.

“Like what?”

“Well, like, wouldn’t it be really sexy if all the girls who came to the party were told to wear short skirts like you’re wearing without any panties on underneath and none of the boys could wear underwear, either. That way, every one would be dressed kinda sexy and you could take your clothes off and have fun, or just do things with most of your clothes on.”

“God, that’s a wild idea. I know everyone would love to do something like that. I’ll call everyone and tell ’em to dress like that.”

“Tell the girls that I’ll have a basket by the door and that when they come in, they have to take their panties off and put ’em in the basket. They can put ’em back on when they leave – if they want to. That way, they won’t run the risk of getting in trouble with their parents if they find out what they’re not wearing. The boys’ll be fine, ’cause no one will know if they’re wearing underwear or not.”

“God, this sounds great! Some of the girls may have to change into their skirts when they get here, ’cause their parents won’t let them wear anything like that. But that’s OK, and I’ve got a couple that I can lend to any girl that doesn’t have a short skirt. I think Queenetta’s got a couple, too. This’ll be so fun, I can’t wait. I’ll call everyone tonight and tell them about it.”

She seemed very excited about the party and, I must admit, I certainly was, too. The idea of having a group of cute little junior high girls running around the house wearing short skirts and no panties as they eagerly and openly had sex just for fun created an incredibly erotic picture in my head. And I was curious about Tangelique’s friend, Becky, and her brother. The way Tangelique described them, it really sounded like as if they were something to watch. As I thought about it, I felt a stirring in my loins and my shriveled shaft slowly began to grow to be semi-hard.

We walked around the house and into the room I had fixed up with the mattress and box springs in the center of the room. I told Tangelique we could use this as the main room and the kids could sit on the floor or the couch and watch what others were doing on the bed. They could also move into the living room or kitchen if they wanted, though I didn’t want anyone upstairs in my bedroom. The idea was for these young kids to have fun having doing sex things with anyone they wanted and for the rest of us to enjoy watching them. Tangelique said her friends liked to watch porno movies, too, especially to get things going at the beginning. I told her I had a couple of videos they might find really interesting to watch, and I said I’d move the TV and video player into the room with the mattress.

Plans for the junior high sex party seemed to be taking shape nicely and, as we talked about these sexy things and I began to imagine what it was going to be like, my cock began to take shape nicely, too. Tangelique was standing in the middle of the room beside the mattress, considering the arrangements, as I moved up close behind her. I put my arms around the young thirteen- year-old girl and closed each of my hands over her adorable little breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and the thin, tightly clinging knit top made the small buds of her nipples very easy to find. I gently pinched and rolled them between my fingers and they immediately responded, growing long and hard with my attention.

“Mmmm, what are you doing?” Tangelique murmured with seductive giggle, pressing her slim, firm body back against mine as I cupped her breasts in my hands from behind.

“Just enjoying your breasts,” I softly answered. “God, you’ve got great little nipples…”

I let go of the two small, round mounds and began to unbutton the front of her top. Tangelique reached down and began at the bottom, quickly helping me pull the buttons open. When they were free, I made a short step back and slipped the top off her shoulders and dropped it on the floor.

Stepping close, I slid my arm around the topless young girl again. I folded my hands over her now naked little breast mounds and found her nipples already hard and erect. Slowly, teasingly, I made circles with my palms over the hard, little pink buds and ran my fingers up and down through the shallow valley between her small, developing breasts, lightly caressing her there. The smooth skin and taut nipples felt really nice against my hand as I enjoyed the feel of her sweet, naked little breasts.

By now my sex shaft was hard and sitting up straight, and I pressed my loins against the crack of her ass, still covered with her short denim skirt. I felt the always horny thirteen-year-old girl push back against me with her firm and shapely behind as I continued to play with her wonderful tits. After a moment, a slight moan escaped her lips as she pressed her body back against mine, that warm, melting feeling growing between her thighs.

A minute later, I let go of her breasts and slid my hands down the front of her taut, slender body and over the waist band of her skirt until I felt the hem with my finger tips. I pulled my hands up against the front of her legs and the front of her skirt came up with them. Because her panties had come off earlier, my hands didn’t have far to go before my fingers felt the soft, silky hair between her legs. I felt Tangelique step her feet farther out to the side, making more room as I pressed both of my hands up between her thighs and cupped her pussy mound with my fingers.

As I slowly moved my hands back and forth between her legs, my first finger found her sex slit and slipped up and down between the large folds already beginning to become slick with her moisture. I heard her groan as my fingers slid back and forth in the crease of her thighs, both of my hands caressing the thirteen-year- old’s pleasure place between her smooth and slender thighs.

We were both getting really turned-on and, as I held her crotch, I began to lightly hump my cock against her ass, even though it was still covered with the back of her skirt. I licked her shoulder, tasting the saltiness of her skin. She tasted good.

I could feel her wetness quickly grow and slipped the first part of the middle finger of my right hand up into her snatch. Slowly, I finger-fucked the young teenage girl, the tip of my finger plunging in and out of her slit between the two rubbery, pink inner cunt lips. As my fingers continually rubbed over her clit and penetrated her hot little fuck hole, she ran her hands up and down over my arms as they wrapped around her body, caressing the skin and encouraging me with her moans of pleasure to make her feel good.

God, she was hot; we were both hot, and it was time to do something about it. I stepped closer to the mattress, pushing her body forward with me.

“Kneel down,” is all I said. It’s all I had to say.

The thirteen-year-old, naked except for the little jean skirt she still wore, quickly climbed up on the mattress and knelt down on all fours, her knees almost on the edge and her ass thrust back toward me. I moved in between her feet has they hung out over the edge. They were far enough apart for me to get right up behind her.

I lifted the hem of her skirt and pulled it up, over her round, naked little behind, letting the denim material bunch up around her waist. When her delightful ass was exposed, I tilted my cock down with my left hand and angled the head of the shaft down toward her sweet pussy entrance. As the tip pressed against the slick opening between the two fuzz-covered folds of her cunt, I thrust my hips forward, shafting easily and smoothly into the little girl right away until I felt the warmth of her ass cheeks bump against the front of my thighs.

“Oh, fuck!”

I heard her gasp at the sudden barrage of sensual pleasure that exploded in her brain as I entered her. Grabbing her around the waist, I pumped into her tight little cunt several times, my hips moving quickly back and forth as the length of my cock slipped in and out of the youngster.

Right away I fucked her hard and faster. God, she felt good. Her pussy grabbed and pulled at my cock as only a thirteen-year-old girl’s tight little fuck hole can. The walls of her cunt enfolded my shaft on all sides with an indescribably wonderful hot smoothness as it moved in and out of her place of pleasure. I had discovered that I love fucking young girls from behind like this. Their small, firm, round asses look so nice and sexy and feel so good as they slid back and forth on my prick.

Together we moved as one, my hips pressing forward as her little butt pushed back against me with each deep, hard thrust of my cock into her warm, wonderful cunt. This is what we both wanted and enjoyed so much: sensational sex, uncomplicated and without guilt or shame, just the enjoyment of sexual pleasure between two people for the sheer fun of giving and receiving pleasure.

We quickly found a rhythm, her ass banging against my loins and her sweet little-girl pussy made a wet, squishy sound each time my cock plunged into her. God, she was so wet and so hot. I was glad I’d cum already that afternoon; it would take me a lot longer to shoot off inside her, and I wanted to enjoy her young teenage body as long as I could.

“God, you feel so good… so fucking good,” I murmured softly to her. “You know, you’ve spoiled me. Since I started fucking you and Queenetta on a regular basis, all my old girl friends call me up and want to know why I haven’t asked ’em for a date. You know, I’m just not interested in them anymore. But, shit, I sure can’t tell ’em that I’m having sex with a thirteen-year-old girl and her twelve-year-old sister, can I?”

I held her around her slender waist as I talked to her, my hands just above the waist band of her skirt. I could feel her ribs under my hands as I held her and I controlled the tempo of our fucking. Sometimes, we’d move together fast and hard; then, we’d slow down and I’d take long, slow strokes into her, keeping just the tip of my cock wedged in the tightness of her pussy lips before shafting completely into her again.

The change in speed was driving Tangelique crazy with lust as it built up that exquisite tension between her legs that could only be released in a flood of intense sensual pleasure. Her low moans of delight were getting louder and much more frequent, encouraging me to begin to drive my shaft hard and faster into her. We both needed the release.

Her ass slapped hard against the front of my thighs as I quickly fucked the horny junior high school girl from behind. I sensed that she was almost there, let go of her waist, and slid my hands forward up the sides of her slim body and underneath her. I cupped her firm, naked little breast mounds with my hands and pulled at her hard, pink nipples, banging fast and hard into her with my cock and sending her into orgasm.

She cried out, her head snapped back, and she sat up and leaned back against me. Her bare back rubbed up against my chest as she sat back on my lap, my hard cock still pushed all the way up inside her. I could feel the contractions of the muscles of her cunt as she came and I just held her against me, my hands gently massaging her sweet little breasts and making her orgasm even more powerful.

I was almost there, too, and took five or six more quick strokes in and out of her climaxing cunt before I felt a squeezing sensation in my balls and fired off deep into her pussy.



On the night of the sex party Queenetta, Herneisha, Tangelique and Brackston were, of course, the first to arrive. The girls were all dressed pretty much the same: each was wearing a very short jean mini-skirt and a buttoned front shirt. None of the junior high school girls were wearing bras, though with their small, cone-shaped breasts neither Queenetta and Herneisha really needed one. Brackston was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. And, of course, none of the kids was wearing any underwear; that was the interesting part.

They all slipped their shoes off as they came into the house – sometimes shoes can get in the way of things. I gave them some jobs to do to get ready and they busied themselves setting up pillows and candles in the party room, putting some colored light bulbs in the lamps in the living room and, in general, trying to create an atmosphere of intimacy, adventure, and sex.

The other kids began to arrive about half an hour later and Tangelique let them in the front door. As instructed, each of the girls was wearing a short skirt and, when Tangelique reminded them what we’d asked them to wear, the girls were quick to slip their panties off and put them in a small basket I’d set on a table by the door. After she introduced us, she directed them to the party room.

Tangelique’s friend, Becky, and her brother, Ted, were the first of the other kids to ring the door bell that evening. Becky, who’d just turned fourteen-years-old, was a cute, pretty young eighth grade girl of medium height with curly, natural blond hair that was so blond it was almost white and hung down onto her shoulders. She kept the front of it back with a large hair clip on the top of her head. Along with a slender, youthful body and small breasts, the attractive young girl had green eyes and a pretty, innocent, clean-cut look about her. She also had a big, warm smile and seemed very at- ease with what was going to happen that night.

Her brother, Ted, was in high school and was obviously older and more mature than the junior high kids. He was seventeen, tall, and very athletic looking, with broad shoulders, narrow hips, dark, wavy hair, and a ruggedly handsome face.

Becky had worn a plain white blouse and a regular knee- length, blue and gray plaid, pleated skirt, telling Tangelique that it was the only one she had. It looked like she was wearing a uniform worn by girls who go to private schools. The skirt wasn’t very short but, after she’d reached up underneath and slipped her white cotton panties down her slender legs and dropped them into the basket, she pulled the waistband higher up on her body, almost to the bottom of her peach-sized breasts. Now, the hem of the skirt was much higher up on her thighs and it hung down just an inch or two below the bottom curve of her pretty and petite and now naked behind.

She gave us that bright smile and said that being dressed like this made her feel real sexy, and her brother said he liked the idea, too. Becky told us that she and Ted wouldn’t be able to stay too late: they were getting up early to go on a retreat with their church youth group the next morning. Because they both were so active in their church (Ted was the leader of the church group), it was important for them to go.

Sara and Aaron arrived a few minutes later. Tangelique explained that the two weren’t really steady boyfriend- girlfriend; they just casually dated and casually got together to have sex. I guess Aaron was a real ladies man around the junior high school, and no girl could capture his full attention.

Taller than most boys in junior high, he had thick, blond hair and a cocky smile and attitude. I could see where young girls would find him attractive.

Sara was fairly tall for a girl her age, too, with short, light brown hair almost touching her shoulders. She had a plain, but pleasant face, a little freckled nose, small mouth, and bright blues eyes that almost seemed to glow. She had the body of a girl athlete, with long slender legs, very small breasts, skinny waist, and not much of a behind. Tangelique said she was the star player on the eighth grade volleyball squad and was also one of the smartest kids in the school.

Sara was wearing a dark red shirt that buttoned in front and a very short, bleached denim jean skirt. As the couple started to go into the room where the party was going to take place, Tangelique reminded Sara that the girls weren’t supposed to wear anything under their skirts. With a lusty glint in her eyes Sara responded that she wasn’t. Aaron gave us a big grin as the two young kids moved away. I think that the two of them had already begun to have some fun even before they arrived.

The last couple arrived soon after.

Stacey was a cute thirteen-year-old who was just going into eighth grade. She had a really nice, slim, shapely body and thick red hair that hung down below her shoulders. As with most girls her age she had small, round breasts perched high up on her chest and a cute, round ass that was shown off nicely by the very short, tight, black jean skirt she was wore. And, like most red-heads, she had very pale, almost white skin and a freckled nose that curved up slightly. She was a very attractive young girl and right away I had visions in my head about what I would like to do with her if I had the chance that night.

She came into the house holding hands with the young boy who accompanied her. Matt was entering his sophomore year in high school. Tangelique explained that Stacey and Matt had been going together for almost two years and that they were really into the boyfriend- girlfriend thing. The two of them had been coming to these organized sex parties for the past year as a place they could get together and have sex without having to worry about getting caught by their parents.

Tangelique said she’d heard that Stacey’s mom had almost caught ’em fucking in Stacey’s bedroom one day after school. They heard the care drive into the garage and barely managed to get their clothes on before Stacey’s mom walked into the room. Now, they came to the parties so they could do things and not have to be concerned about getting caught. Tangelique told me that they were really fun to watch because they really got into doing sex stuff, though the two kids never did anything sexual with anyone else at the parties. That disappointed me.

Before they arrived Tangelique explained that the two of them were neighbors and lived across the street from each other. Apparently, they had played together since they were little kids, but in the fall of Stacey’s sixth grade year, when Matt had started eighth grade, they had begun to take walks together in the evening. Both sets of the kids’ parents were good friends and they approved of the blossoming relationship and thought it was “cute” to see the two of them walking down the street together in the fading light of the fall dusk.

At first the walks were pretty innocent: just casual talk, though the two young kids sensed their heated attraction to each other but didn’t know quite what to do about it. One evening they sat together on the grass in a secluded wooded area near their homes and, during one of those long moments of silence when you know something is about to happen but you’re not quite sure what it is, they turned to each other and kissed.

The heat quickly became a fire and the fire became very hot as, nearly every evening after that, the two youngsters headed out for a leisurely walk knowing full well they would end up in their private wooded spot, their small, wet mouths and tongues licking and twisting together.

During the third week they were together, Matt finally became brave enough to reach for her small, developing breast mounds and Stacey felt the intense wet heat between her legs as the boy squeezed her ripening little tits. She didn’t tell him to stop because she didn’t want him to stop because it felt so good and was so exciting, and this became a common activity for the kids.

Becoming even more bold the following week, the eighth grade boy reached over and fumbled with the buttons on the front of her shirt as he pulled them open. Stacey had to reach around behind her and help him release the catches on her bra so his small, quivering hands could caress the tender nakedness of her sensitive little breasts. It was a new step in their growing physical relationship and the thrill was intoxicating to both the youngsters.

Stacey knew a couple other sixth grade girls in her class who had already allowed boys feel their tits through their shirts, but she didn’t know anyone else who had let a boy take their bra off and play with their naked boobs, and she was secretly very proud of her maturity.

Telling her mother that the old ones didn’t fit anymore, she went shopping for some new bras and bought the kind that had a clasp in the front. She knew that Matt would be able to open them and get at her sensitive little nipples with his fingers and hands much easier and much faster. She always wore one of them along with a button-front shirt whenever they went out together. Without a word exchanged between them, both of the kids knew where they would end up and what they would be doing before the evening was over. They both eagerly looked forward to it.

The cooler fall weather eventually chased them inside, and soon they both hurried home every afternoon from school, Matt from junior high and Stacey from her grade school, to meet at Stacey’s house and spend some time together before either their parents got home from work. Stacey was the youngest child in her family and the only one left at home, so they knew they wouldn’t be bothered or discovered.

As soon as Stacey let Matt in the door the two young kids would run up to her bedroom, mouths and tongues swirling together, their hands already touching, feeling, caressing, their youthful burning sexual hunger flaming almost out of control as they headed up the stairs. Matt quickly became an expert at unbuttoning her shirt and unhooking her bra as his girlfriend stood quietly in front of him, her arms at her sides, her breath quick and shallow in anticipation of the pleasures to come. As soon as they were partially undressed they would lay together on the bed, both topless, kissing passionately while Matt’s hands played with Stacey’s small, freckle-covered breast mounds.

It wasn’t long after they began this ritual that, one late autumn afternoon, as they lay together topless in her bedroom, Stacey’s hand wandered down to that bulging shaft in the front of Matt’s pants. The boy nearly fainted with pleasure at the first bold touch of the sixth grade girl’s fingers on his hard little cock. As much as he wanted it, none of the junior high school girls he’d gone out with had ever touched him there. Without any hesitation, the young girl rubbed back and forth over the pulsing mass with her palm, pressing down firmly against the boy’s sex shaft through his jeans as his hands played with her developing, naked little breasts.

The two kids had broken the final barrier, that invisible wall separating the upper body from the wonderfully sensitive lower body, and the next afternoon it didn’t take long before both of the youngsters had their hands between each other legs, rubbing and exciting each other through PART 16 At this point the video made an abrupt change and suddenly there was a new scene. The lens focused in on the side and slightly to the front of the face of a dark-skinned Asian girl. Somewhat plain-looking, she had the distinctive flat, round face and almond-shaped eyes, with short, straight black hair that hung down just below the line of her jaw and curled slightly underneath. Her eyes were closed, but her lips were extended and parted slightly, and you could vaguely hear her breath whistling ever so softly between her pursed lips as she breathed slowly and deeply. She seemed to be concentrating very intensely on something, and you got a sense that, though you couldn’t quite see it, the rest of her body was moving slightly.

The camera angle began to drop very, very slowly and move around slightly more to the front. It followed her body as it moved down, little by little, away from her head and down her neck to her narrow shoulders. Her very slender, almost skinny, upper body was naked, and you could see that she was a very young girl, maybe just in her early teens. Her breasts were very small – just slightly raised little mounds on her otherwise smooth, flat chest, and her tiny dark nipples stood out hard and straight at the tips surrounded by darker circles about the size of a dime.

The camera paused for a moment, closely focused on her slender, nearly flat chest and her small tit mounds, and you could now clearly see that her body was moving slowly up and down, though not really very much. The Asian girl’s taut, slim body appeared flawless, her darker skin creamy and smooth and sensual.

The angle began to widen a bit, still staying to the side and slightly to the front. The shot included her face again, her eyes still closed as she seems to be raising and lowering herself. For the first time you could hear a groan, or moan, from the young girl and, from somewhere off camera, an indistinctly murmured reply.

Once again the camera began to move and follow her slight, slowly moving figure downward, the angle beginning to broaden even more. At last you could see that she was kneeling on a bed in the center of a dimly lighted room and straddling a man’s loins. She sat over him, her small hands laying on her upper thighs as she moved up and down over his lap.

The man’s pale, almost white, hairy body was obviously much bigger and his age much older than hers, a sharp, vivid contrast to the young Asian girl’s small, dark, youthful form.

While we now saw the girl’s entire body from the side, only the man’s mid-section was in the picture. But, it was obvious that they were fucking and that both were enjoying it. The girl occasionally moaned as she sat up straight and moved slowly up and down over him, her shapely little behind squirming on the man’s loins as she pushed herself down onto his thick cock. Like the previous scene with the two young teenage couples, this didn’t seem to be acting, but a video of the actual sex act as the small, slim Asian girl impaled herself over and over again on the older man’s shaft.

The man had his hands on the sides of her slender, dark, creamy thighs and slowly caressed her there as her firm little body rose and fell. His fingers occasionally wandered back and gently glided over the skin of her small, round ass as it moved up and down over him.

After a few minutes, the camera moved in a jerky motion around in back of the two figures, and now we saw his thick, pale fingers sliding up and down through the narrow crack of her small ass, feeling and caressing her. The man’s middle finger slipped through the crease of her behind and underneath her, spreading her wetness from her sex slit up between the cheeks of her ass, the tip of his finger rubbing over her sensitive asshole each time she raised up over him.

The camera angle changed again, staying low. We never saw the man’s face, but it began to zoom in on the young girl from directly behind her. Up close, we saw very clearly the man’s thick, pale cock moving in and out between the little Asian girl’s hairless pussy lips as she straddled his lap. Even in the dim light we could see there wasn’t a trace of pubic hair covering her swollen pussy folds. Her ass was quite small and the man’s prick seemed enormous compared to the young girl’s little cunt. But, she seemed to be taking him fully and easily into her as she slowly, continually, rose up and settled back down on the thick sex shaft.

This view continued for several more minutes, the action staying the same as the young girl’s slender body unhurriedly moved up and down, fucking herself on the older man’s cock until, again, we heard some murmuring from off camera and the young Asian girl stopped moving over him. While she still sat down fully on his cock, the girl got off her knees and shifted her small feet underneath herself. Placing her hands on the bed on each side of the man’s chest, the slender Asian girl leaned over him more and, putting more of her weight forward on her thin stiffened arms, raised her behind up and crouched over the man, never quite letting the man’s shaft slip out of her.

With her feet underneath her, she now appeared to be squatting over his loins, her back straight and parallel with the man’s body, and her head up. Once again she began to slide herself up and down on the older man’s long cock, faster this time as it stuck straight up into her. Her small butt bobbed quickly up and down as she slipped his prick in and out of her pussy.

The first time I watched this scene I marveled at the flexibility and strength of the little girl’s body as she used just her legs and hips to move her slender ass up and down. In this position, with the camera angle mostly from behind and down low, we could see even more clearly the man’s thick, pale cock as it moved in and out of the young girl’s hairless little cunt through the split between her ass cheeks. Even in the poor light you could see that the shaft glistened with the little girl’s sex oil and she seemed to slide easily and comfortably up and down the full length of his prick.

After a few more minutes the scene suddenly shifted again, this time back to a side view of the couple. The girl’s feet were flat on the mattress, her hands placed on the mattress on either side of the man’ chest as she leaned over him and moved just her naked little behind up and down on his cock. She was leaning so far forward that we lost sight of her round Asian face, but the camera kept tightly focused on the couple from about their shoulders to the man’s knees, and we watched them as the young Asian girl began to move faster over the man.

She seemed to be faintly whimpering, now, as her movements started to become faster, almost frantic, as her small, dark behind moved much more quickly up and down. Maybe in this position her clit was being stimulated much more and she was about to get off. The girl appeared to be totally absorbed in the sensations building between her thighs. Her round little ass was literally bouncing up and down on him, and we could hear the faint slap of flesh against flesh as the young girl was completely lost in their lusty sex act.

For the first time we clearly heard a loud groan followed by other indecipherable words from the man, his deep voice a sharp contrast to the girl’s high- pitched moans and whines of pleasure. His hands cupped and caressed the girl’s small behind as their fucking intensified. As we watched, we could only imagine the incredibly wonderful sexual pleasures they were experiencing: the obviously very young Asian girl, an older man’s thick cock filling up the pleasure place between her slender, almost skinny, legs and rubbing over her clit, while her tight, hairless little cunt gripped and pulled at the older man’s shaft like a deliciously warm, wet, sexual mouth.

Suddenly, the young girl slapped her body back down, squirming onto his loins as she straightened up, her hands around the man’s waist holding herself tightly down on his cock, her head tilted back and her mouth open in a silent scream. The man’s hips were moving, too, arching up against her open, skinny little legs as he, too, held her ass tightly against his loins, his hands around her slender hips as he shot off inside the young girl.

As we watched we had no doubts that they were both cumming.

It was an engrossing scene and I could feel the highly charged sexual tension that filled the dimly lighted room. Quiet murmurs of pleasure told me that some of the kids were enjoying themselves.

Seeing the sexy video, especially the part with the Asian girl, was getting me really horny, and I could sense that Queenetta and Herneisha were getting aroused, too. As we sat and watched, I reached out and my hands found the smooth inner thighs of the two twelve-year-old girls as they sat beside me on the couch, their legs folded underneath them and slightly apart. The very short denim mini-skirts they wore had crept high up on their thighs and my fingers only had to move a inch or so under the hem to find their smooth, rubbery, hairless pussy folds.

When they felt the touch of my hands, both of the girls shifted their bodies and moved their thighs apart to give me more room. Soon, both of my hands were busy as my fingers slid back and forth through their slick, bare, little-girl slits and I casually fingered their wonderful hot little pussies. Right away I felt the slippery moisture that seeped from their sweet cunts coat my finger tips. I spread the musky scented sex oil over their smooth, bald mounds and between their legs as I caressed and aroused them while we intently watched the sex video.

Herneisha, her green eyes blazing with unconcealed twelve- year-old teenage lust, soon turned, leaned back against the arm of the couch, pulled the hem of her short skirt up over her thighs, and lifted her left knee as she eagerly made her intimate area available to my touch.

I licked my dry lips as I gazed down with horny fascination at the raised, pouting lips of her sweet little cunt. The pinkish slit that divided her shaved and hairless pussy already glistened with the wetness that my fingers had created. I felt my cock, so hard inside my pants, twitch at the sight of this young girl so casually pulling up her skirt and opening her legs.

Reaching down, I completely cupped her luscious little hairless pubic mound with the palm of my left hand. Slowly, I moved my hand back and forth, caressing her sensitive sweet spot with my finger tips. I felt the smooth, fleshy lips of her pussy slid between my fingers as I leisurely rubbed my hand between her open thighs and over her hairless cunt. I looked down and watched as my middle finger slipped back and forth through her moistened sex slit while my other fingers lightly grazed over the surface of her pubic mound. I heard her moan quietly at the warm, wonderful sensations being created between her legs and I smiled. God, I loved turning on these young girls. They were so eager and fresh and willing to do these new and exciting things.

I knew what this horny little girl really wanted me to do to her and, after another minute or two of just feeling her adorable pussy, I poked the tip of my middle finger down between the folds of her slippery sex slit and into her.

The warm, wet, velvety insides of her fuck hole felt like soft, warm butter as my finger moved slowly in and out of her. The inner walls of her sex clung to the shaft like a sucking mouth, and I remembered how her cunt had felt so good wrapped around my cock the first time I fucked her.

As the sides of my hand lay in the crease of Herneisha’s widely separated thighs and my middle finger plunged in and out of her, she leaned forward, put her arms around my shoulders, and we kissed for a moment, our mouths open and our tongues swirling together as I slowly and continually finger-fucked her wet, oily pussy. When we finally separated and she lay back against the arm of the couch she gave me a big smile, then closed her eyes and moaned quietly at the sexy sensations I was creating between her legs.

“Feels so good,” she murmured, almost purring softly with her sexual contentment.

As I kissed Herneisha and played with her pussy, I felt Queenetta’s hand rubbing back and forth over my lap, her fingers gripping the sides of my hard shaft through my jeans. God, it felt good. It wasn’t long before she leaned over and pulled at the snap on my jeans, jerked down the zipper, and pulled my long, straight cock out of my pants. Her fingers grasped my hot, swollen shaft, and she began to skim her fist up and down the full length of my hardness. I turned away from Herneisha and looked at Queenetta beside me. Her eyes caught mine and the sexy little vixen just sat there and grinned at me as she casually jacked me off.

I’d seen this video a number of times by myself, but watching it was so much more fun with these two sexy young girls sitting on either side of me with no panties on and my hands under their short skirts, my fingers playing with their moist little slits while they took turns using their hands on my swollen shaft. God, I was horny, and Herneisha’s sweet little pussy was so nice, so near….

Abruptly, I slid off the couch, turned, and grabbed Herneisha around the waist, eagerly pulling her toward me. Her skirt slipped farther up to her waist as I brought her toward me, fully revealing her naked lower body. But her smooth, slender thighs remained apart as I cradled them in my arms and lowered my mouth to her succulent pink slit.

The musky, sexual odor of her drooling cunt caught my nose just before I pressed my lips against her shaven pussy mound and licked deep down into her fuck hole, tasting her wonderful little cunt for the first time. I heard her groan and felt her body squirm as I probed inside her with my tongue, rimming the edge of her inner pussy lips a couple of times before I flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth over her clit.

“Oh fuck!!” she cried out as I made quick little circles over her pleasure button.

My arms were underneath her thighs and circle around over them and I was able to hold her twisting body still as I tongued up and down her hairless slit. After a minute, I felt the sexy twelve-year-old girl put her hands on my head and hold my face firmly between her legs as I pleasured her with my mouth. She was already very aroused, and her climax built quickly in her loins. God, she tasted good.

As her whimpers of arousal suddenly grew louder, I glanced up and saw that Queenetta had gotten in on the act, too. She had scooted over close to her friend and had her right hand on Queenetta’s braless chest, tweaking the girl’s sensitive little nipples with her finger tips as I licked her pussy. Together, we were driving the youngster crazy with lust, and we loved every second of it.

Up and down my head moved as my tongue slithered up through her slit. The smooth, silky surface of her hairless pubes pressed against my mouth as I licked and chewed the swollen folds of her cunt, and I could feel the sexual tension in her body quickly increasing as I drove her to climax. She whimpered and pressed her thighs together, squeezing my head between them as I pulled her slit apart with my fingers and flicked the tip of my tongue in short, quick circles over her sensitive clit. I alternated between washing the full, flat width of my tongue up through her slit several times, then concentrated on her clit.

The combination drove her crazy with lust, and a minute later she was cumming. The muscles in her thighs tensed and she cried out. I felt as if my head was caught in a vice, trapped as she squeezed her legs together. I thought for an instant that she would crush my head, but, God, what a way to go: my mouth glued to the spasming pussy of a sexy twelve-year-old girl.

Finally, after a few more seconds, I felt the tension in her thighs relax and backed away, and sat back up on the couch. Herneisha gave me a big grin as I sat down beside her again, a grin that let me know she appreciated the pleasure I’d given her friend. Herneisha pulled herself up on the couch and snuggled in next to me, her skirt still bunched up around her slender hips. I put my arms around each of the girls and gave them a hug.

Movement in the room soon caught our attention, and Queenetta, Herneisha, and I looked around to watch the other kids. Becky and her brother had gotten up from the couch and stepped over to the bed in the middle of the room. Ted laid down on the mattress and Becky followed. As she climbed up on the bed she turned so she was looking down at his feet and lifted a knee over his chest, straddling the high school boy’s upper body with her knees.

The young, fourteen-year-old girl knelt over her brother’s chest, the hem of her short, pleated skirt inches from her brothers face as she fumbled with the snap and zipper on Ted’s jeans, finally releasing the catch and opening the flaps.

The high school boy’s cock was large and thick. I’m an average size guy, but Ted was a big, athletic boy, and his size carried over to his sex shaft. But his curly blond-headed little sister didn’t seem to hesitate or have any difficulty at all as she grasped her brother’s thick, dark cock with both hands around the base, lifted it upright with, and immediately closed her red lips around it.

Ted knew what to do, too. The boy lifted the hem of his sister’s blue and gray plaid school uniform skirt and laid it up, over her back. Then, he placed his arms around her slim waist and brought his hands over her ass, spreading her smooth thighs and cute little ass apart with his fingers as she squatted down and lowered her pretty, blond, fur-covered mound onto his waiting mouth.

The two kids were no strangers to the ’69’ position or oral sex. It was obvious that this was something they’d practiced numerous times before, and Ted seemed to really enjoy licking and tonguing his little sister’s pussy. We could see him slide the full flat surface of his tongue up through her slit, from her clit up over her dark little asshole. Again and again his tongue traveled over her sex, his head moving up and down as he repeatedly licked her fully and deeply, lapping up her flowing juices.

Becky held her brother’s thick cock nearly upright at the base with both of her hands as her mouth engulfed the cockhead and about the first half of the teenage boy’s sex shaft. Slowly, her head bob up and down on the boy’s rod, and she would pause each time to slip her little pink tongue over and around the large red tip before closing her tightened lips around it again.

I found it really arousing to watch this brother and sister so easily and natural enjoying oral sex with each other, at the same time knowing they were very involved with their church and that they were going away to a church retreat the next day. I guess, from what Tangelique told me, they’d grown up doing sex things with each other and feeling it was normal part of their relationship.

By now the other kids were getting in on the act, too. Matt had helped Stacey off with her shirt and bra, leaving her dressed only in her tight black mini-skirt, and the boy was using both of his hands to caress her creamy, freckled naked breasts as they kissed with open mouths and tongues.

Stacey was using both of her hands, too, her fingers slipping up and down Matt’s hard, velvet shaft she’d pulled out through his open zipper as her tongue licked inside the boy’s open mouth. With none of the boys wearing any underwear, it was easy for these young girls to just unzip their jeans and quickly get to their hard and horny cocks.

I looked down at the floor near the end of the couch and saw Tangelique was busy with Brackston. He had taken his jeans off and was naked from the waist down. As he laid back against a pile of pillows propped up against the front of the couch, he looked down and petted Tangelique’s head as she knelt, bent over, between his legs. Her head moved slowly up and down as her tightened lips pulled at his swollen shaft while she held it upright in both of her hands. Her very short skirt barely covered the curves of her naked ass that peaked out from under the hem.

I watched the two youngsters for a moment, thrilled at the sexy sight as quiet groans of sexual delight seemed to come from all over the dimly lighted room. Herneisha and Tangelique were watching the other kids, too, and getting pretty hot. With my fingers still playing with their bare, wet little cunts they would lean across and feel each other’s breasts. As usual, neither of the girls had worn a bra, and their hard and aroused nipples poked at the front of their shirts like small pebbles as their experienced fingers pinched and pulled at the swollen little buds.

I kind of got the idea they wanted to have some fun with each other and, being attracted to Tangelique’s adorable ass so invitingly perched in the air, I pulled my wet fingers from their hot little pussies, got up, and slipped off my jeans. I walked around the bed, my cock swaying back and forth in the air as I moved, stepping over and around the other kids so totally involved in their sex play.

Tangelique was kneeling on the floor between Brackston’s straightened, naked legs, her face in his crotch and her sweet thirteen-year-old behind in the air. As I got down on my knees behind her, I glanced over at the couch and saw Stacey get up and straddle Matt’s lap as he sat on the couch, his pants pushed down around his ankles. Her hand reached down and lifted and guided his cock into her pussy as she sank slowly down onto his sex stick.

Matt held the topless, shapely young red-haired girl with his hands around her waist, and held her skirt up over her tight little behind as she put her hands on his shoulders and slowly raised and lowered her youthful, pale body, taking her time and leisurely sticking herself on the fourteen-year-old boy’s cock. Her long, thick red hair swung back and forth across her naked back as she moved up and down and, as she leaned forward to let Matt lick her nipples, I got a clear view of the young boy’s cock splitting the pink folds of her rust-colored pussy slot.

It was fun to watch the two junior high school kids fuck but, God, I was hard. I turned back to Tangelique, lifted the hem of her skirt up over her behind, and revealed the youngster’s delicious pussy mound lightly covered with soft, light brown hair. Already her pussy fur glistened with her sex juices and I knew she was wet and ready. Holding my cock at the base I tilted it down and angled the tip toward her inviting little pink slit. I pressed my hips forward when I felt the warm wetness of her cunt opening close around my cockhead and slid easily and completely into the thirteen-year- old girl.

I was so horny from watching these young kids I began to thrust quickly in and out of the junior high school girl’s hot little pussy, feeling an intense need to shoot off hard inside her. Holding Tangelique by her slender, girlish hips, I rocked back and forth on my knees, my prick filling her tight fuck hole and her round little ass bumping up against my lower belly with each wonderful, deep penetration. God, she felt good.

I closed my eyes as I fucked her, the incredible sensations making my head swim with sexual desire as I stroked my cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy from behind again and again. The smooth, hot walls of her pussy clung to the sides of my cock like a fitted glove, and I could feel my balls swing and slap up against her slit with each delicious penetration.

After a moment I figured I’d better slow down or I’d be shooting off way too soon, and I wanted to make this sensation last as long as possible. As I paused for a moment, my cock completely inside the junior high school girl’s cunt, I opened my eyes and saw Queenetta and Herneisha had joined Becky and her brother on the bed. They got into the same position as the other two kids, pushed each others’ skirts up, and soon the two twelve- year-old girls were enjoying girl sex with each other. Their experienced tongues washed eagerly over each others’ bare pussy lips as their fingers poked and delved deep inside their sex places. I didn’t know if Tangelique knew about her little sister’s cunt-licking ability, but she couldn’t help but see the two young girls enjoying each other so much. I was even surprised when I saw that they were poking their middle fingers into each other’s assholes. I wondered where they’d learned that trick.

Glancing around the dimly lighted room to see what else was happening, I noticed that the other couple, Aaron and Sarah, had left the room. I figured the two kids wanted to find a place to be alone and do their thing.

Me, I was getting a big rush out of fucking this sexy little junior high school girl while watching these other young teenage kids so casually have sex around me. Becky and Ted had moved closer to the edge of the mattress to make room for Queenetta and Herneisha, bringing Becky’s cute, naked little ass near me. I could see Ted licking up and down through the crack of her behind, then plunging his tongue several times deep into his little sister’s blond fur-covered cunt before rapidly flicking the tip of his tongue over her clit. God, he sure knew what he was doing, and from the moans coming from his little sister, she was appreciating it, too.

I reached over with my left hand and slid my middle finger up and down through the short, deep, narrow crack of her shapely behind. The area was already slippery with her musky sex oil and my fingers slipped up and down through the crevasse easily. She’d spread her knees wide apart so her cunt opening was easily reached by her brother’s knowing mouth, and I found I could slid my middle finger into her pussy from above while her big brother licked her mound from below.

As I finger-fucked the small, shapely fourteen-year-old blond girl I heard her moan out loud at the delicious new sensations that flooded her loins. Encouraged, I plunged my finger in and out of her soft, sweet little snatch with the same slow, easy rhythm that I was using to stroke my cock in and out of Tangelique at the same time. I guess I was fucking two girls at once using two different parts of my body.

God, it was nice – but it wouldn’t last very long. Becky must have really liked the sensation of something plunging in and out of her pussy because she suddenly raised up, swung her body around the other way until she was facing her brother, and straddled his lap. In one swift, practiced movement the junior high school girl held up her skirt with her right hand, then reached down between her separated legs with her left hand and held her brother’s thick cock upright as she lowered her little pink slit onto the tip of his sex shaft.

I’d felt the elastic grip of her cunt lips when I finger-fucked her and knew she had a tight fuck hole. I wondered if she’d be able to take her brother’s prick without hurting herself. As I watched, the high school boy’s big cock disappeared little by little up into his sister’s pussy until she finally took the whole thing inside her and her ass settled on his upper thighs. I remembered Tangelique’s story about what the two kids had been doing for the past couple of years and figured she’d had his cock inside her plenty of times before.

As she sat impaled on his shaft, she let go of her skirt and it slipped down around her thighs. Now, Becky’s blue plaid, pleated skirt lay swirled over her brother’s naked lap and almost completely covered their activity as the little girl slowly began to move up and down over him. It was a very sexy sight to watch. She was still almost completely clothed in her school uniform – the only thing the slender, blond, fourteen- year-old girl was missing were her shoes and socks and panties. Her brother was still wearing his clothes, too, as he lay beneath his horny little sister, his pants unsnapped and unzipped and pulled open to expose his thick male shaft.

Becky must have been really horny because the pace of their fucking picked up right away. Soon, the girl seemed to be almost bouncing up and down on her brother’s lap, slamming down onto the base of his cock with each delicious penetration. Her short, curly blond hair bounced, too, with each movement of her slender young body on the boy’s prick, and her hard little nipples formed small round points high up on her chest as they pushed out against her bra and white, button- front blouse.

Ted’s hand wandered along her bare thighs and disappeared under her pleated skirt. He was probably caressing the smooth, warm skin of her naked behind as it rose and fell over his hips. Perhaps he even had his fingers playing through the crack of her ass and over her sensitive asshole, arousing her even more.

The shapely junior high school girl had her eyes closed and was breathing fast and hard with the rapid fucking pace. I could hear her breath whistle through her pursed lips as she built quickly to her climax. She leaned forward, put her hands on the floor on, and supported herself with straightened arms as she humped her ass on her brother’s long, thick cock, moving even faster and harder until I finally heard her brother cry out. His eyes squeezed shut and his face grimaced in what looked like pain, but was actually that indescribably intense and pleasurable sexual release as his cock spurted deep inside his little sister.

Becky cried out, too, just a few seconds later, her firm, fourteen-year-old body slamming back down onto her brother’s shooting shaft a final time, twisting and grinding her cunt down onto the base of his cock and sending herself into orgasm. I could see her body tense and shudder at the powerful and wonderful sexual sensations that rippled up from her loins and exploded through her whole body as she sat on her brother’s lap, his big cock stretching and filling her cunt.

God, I thought, those two sure knew how to get each other off; I guess they’ve had a lot of experience.

Watching a couple of young teenage kids fuck so enthusiastically with most of their clothes on was a very sexy sight, especially when they were brother and sister. And it was even more thrilling to watch as I pumped my cock in and out of a thirteen-year-old girl’s pussy from behind at the same time. I could feel my own orgasm quickly building in my balls and knew I was going to cum soon and cum hard.

I shafted my prick into Tangelique a little faster, the slap of her ass against the front of my thighs a little louder, and soon felt that overwhelming surge of incredible pleasure well up from deep between my legs. I held her around the waist as I pressed my loins hard against her wonderful behind for a final time, my cock squeezed deep inside her warm, wet cunt as streams of thick cream jetted from my prick. Each throbbing spasm sent another spurt of hot liquid into the little girl as I held her behind tightly against me until the spasms lessened and finally stopped.


I got up and walked into the kitchen to refill my wine glass and found Aaron and Herneisha there. The slender, green-eyed, twelve-year-old girl had lost the top that had covered her cute little tit mounds and was now almost completely naked. The only thing she still wore, her very short, jean mini-skirt, was bunched up over her slender hips as she lay face down across the kitchen table. Her feet were on the floor and her legs apart as Aaron frantically pumped into her hairless little pussy from behind. The blond teenage boy gave me a big grin as I came into the room, never once losing the rhythm as he held Herneisha by the hips and quickly plunged his condom-covered cock in and out of the little girl.

Pouring myself a glass of wine, I leaned against the counter for a minute and watched the two junior high school kid’s couple, their soft whimpers and moans of delight and the squishy wetness of their union the only sounds in the room. After enjoying the erotic sight of casual, uninhibited youthful sex for a minute, I went to see what else was going on.

I paused in the doorway of the party to observe the others. Sarah had found Ted and Ted’s big, thick cock had found Sarah’s pussy as she lay on her back on the floor beside the bed, her slim, athletic legs wrapped around the seventeen-year-old boy’s waist. Not being used to it, I wondered for a moment if she’d found the size of his cock uncomfortable or even painful. But, the way she was humping back against the high school boy each time he thrust forward with his hips, I figured she found the movement of the boy’s sizable sex shaft in and out of her slit very pleasurable indeed.

I saw that Tangelique was trying something new, too. She’d seen Herneisha climb over her little sister and the two girl’s have girl sex in the ’69’ position while she was busy getting Brackston off with her mouth. She was kind of shocked and surprised at first, though she lost track of what the two girls were doing when she felt a cock enter her from behind and fuck into her hard and fast, almost cumming as she felt warm goo filled her insides.

When Brackston finally groaned and spurted in her mouth and she finished swallowing down the boy’s thick, salty cream, she sat on the floor near the two girls and watched them enjoy each other. She was surprised she didn’t find it shameful or anything. After all, she knew her little sister wasn’t a lesbian or anything. This just seemed to be another way to have some sexual fun and enjoy someone else’s body. Tangelique admired the girl’s cunt-licking expertise: it was obvious this was not something new to them.

She heard them whimper and cry out as each, in turn, reached their blissful sexual climax as fingers, lips, and tongues worked together to lick and caress bare, pink little pussy lips. The longer Tangelique watched the two girls, the more horny and bold she became. When Herneisha finally rolled off of Queenetta, Tangelique was there to quickly take her place and, without hesitation, dipped her mouth down onto her little sister’s warm, wet little cunt and licked her.

She was surprised to find the taste and smell so exciting, and delved right into the softness between the folds of her pussy. She knew what she liked when a boy ate her pussy, and began to use the same techniques on her little sister.

The two seventh grade girls had given each other great orgasms and Queenetta’s mind was still floating from the after-effects of her climax when another girl climbed up over her and began to eat her still-spasming pussy. Whoever it was, they seemed to know what they were doing because the waves of wonderful pleasure swept up from between her thighs again, washing over her body and making her feel incredibly good.

It was a minute before she realized it was Tangelique doing her like this. The realization that her sister was going down on her for the first time was a secret ‘dream come true’ for the young girl, and she pressed her loins up against her big sister’s licking mouth as she raised her own lips and tongue up to her sister’s furry cunt opening.

The sensation of chewing a girl’s pussy that had silky hair covering the mound was a new experience for the little girl. Herneisha was the only girl she’d done sex things with, and she was used to her friend’s hairless little snatch. But, this was a new and deliciously dirty sensation, made all the more dirty and exciting by the fact that it was her own sister she was doing. Though her mouth was full she couldn’t help moaning as wet mouths licked and kissed other wet mouth-like openings and gave incredible pleasure.

I sat down on the couch next to Becky and both of us watched her brother fuck Sarah on the floor near us. I hadn’t put my jeans back on, and the kids’ hot sex action had made me real hard, again. I was holding my wine glass in my left hand, my cock jutting straight up from my lap, when I felt a hand close around my shaft.

Becky’s left hand slowly skimmed up and down over my prick. We hadn’t said a word to each other as we sat together watching the two kids on the floor, but she must have been getting turned-on again. She was still dressed in her white button-front blouse and blue plaid skirt, though I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath.

I moved my right hand over and set it on her upper thigh, just below the hem of her skirt. As she continued to slip her small, warm fist up and down my cock, I pulled my hand along her inner thigh and up, under her skirt. My fingers didn’t have far to travel before I felt the thin, silky hair of her little-girl pussy. As my finger tips made contact with her intimate girl place she moved her legs farther apart, and the tip of my middle finger slipped up into her warm snatch.

Slowly, I moved my finger in and out between the elastic grip of her tight little pussy as I cupped her cunt with my palm, each stroke sending my finger farther into her. She was very wet with her sexual excitement and my finger moved easily as I casually finger-fucked the little blond eighth grade girl who sat beside me.

We continued to watch her brother and Sarah, though our hands were busy caressing and exciting each other. I wondered what was going to be next; who was going to make the next move. She was.

Without warning Becky let go of my shaft and stood up, barely giving me time to pull my hand out from between her legs. Turning towards me, she got up on the couch and knelt over my lap, her short, pleated uniform skirt swirling around her slim upper thighs. I knew what she had in mind:

Tangelique had said that her favorite sex position was being on top.

Reaching down with her hand, she held my shaft upright as she lowered her body down onto me. I could feel the wet heat of her pussy slit as the young junior high school girl’s pussy lips were separated by the head of my cock, gripping it firmly between their rubbery thickness. God, this girl felt tight. But, if she could take her big brother’s cock, she certainly could take mine.

I could feel the smooth, hot walls of her pussy completely encircle my shaft like some liquid velvet glove as her body sank slowly onto my cock. God, she felt good.

When I was about a quarter of the way in her, Becky let go of my prick with her hand and put both of her hands on my shoulders as she eagerly twisted her hips back and forth slightly on my sex shaft, almost literally screwing herself onto me.

Lower and lower her body sank as my prick penetrated her girl opening and filled her wonderfully tight little pussy. I glanced up at her face as she straddled me. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be concentrating completely on what was happening between her legs.

Finally, I felt the smoothness of her small, naked ass make contact with the top of my thighs and she sat down fully onto me. We stayed connected like that for a while, not moving at all, as I enjoyed this young blond eighth grade girl’s body, so serious about her church activities and so casually wanton about her sex activities.

The small bulges of her firm little breasts were even with my eyes and I could see her lacy bra through the white blouse she wore. I lifted my hands from around her waist and cupped the two developing tit mounds, gently squeezing and massaging them through the material of her shirt and bra.

The young girl leaned forward slightly, pressing her breasts against my hands as I caressed them. After a moment I reached up even higher to the base of her slender neck and began to unbutton her blouse. We still hadn’t said a word to each other. I was waiting for her to say something, but she never did, though her eyes were open wide and she watched every move I made. When I got to the pulled-up waist band of her skirt I yanked the bottom of her blouse out and finished unbuttoning it. Reaching up, I slipped it off her narrow shoulders and it fell to the floor behind her.

Without pausing I leaned forward a little, put my hands around behind her back, and unhooked the catches on her bra. Her breasts were pretty small and so was her bra. I slipped it off her arms and dropped it to the floor.

Now wearing only her short, blue plaid skirt, Becky sat on me, her tight teenage pussy gripping my cock and her naked little tits level with my face, her tiny nipples begging to be licked. Once again, I cupped the soft, smooth little mounds with the palms of my hands. The tiny puckered pink nipples, surrounded by dime-sized red circles, quickly popped up, hard and erect, as I used my thumbs to gently rub over the two little buds. Leaning forward, I popped her small left breast into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the hardened nipple, sucking on the delicious little morsel for a moment.

Shifting to the other side of her slender body, I gave attention to her other breast, being sure to slide my tongue up through the shallow cleavage between the two small mounds several times. Then, I licked under the soft undersides of each sensitive mound and tasted the slightly salty taste of her smooth teenage skin.

The young girl closed her eyes and quietly moaned, the first sound I’d heard from her. She seemed to really enjoy having a hard cock fill her up between her legs while her tiny breasts played with. I know I was sure enjoying it.

When we heard Ted cry out, Becky opened her eyes and we both turned our heads and watched the two kids on the floor below us as Ted’s cock finally erupted and emptied inside Sarah’s cunt. We had heard the quick, hard slapping of flesh against flesh as he gave the fourteen-year-old girl a good fucking. As we gazed at the pair, the big, athletic high school boy arched his thickly muscled back and pressed his loins hard against the junior high school girl’s pussy as each pulse, each spasm of his balls jolt his body with incredible pleasure.

Ted had been only too glad to agree to the athletic- looking junior high school girl’s request when, as he sat with his sister on the couch enjoying the after- glow of their usual great sex together, she walked up, said she’d heard he had a big cock, and brazenly asked him to ‘do her’. Though he’d been fucking his little sister on a regular basis for several years, it had only been recently that they’d begun attending these sex parties and doing sex things with other kids. Becky was still his favorite sex partner, but some of these other young girls were pretty good, too, especially this girl he was fucking now.

Most of the other girls he had sex with at these parties weren’t on the pill like his little sister, but slipping a condom over his prick didn’t bother him at all. He took one from the basket of assorted colored condoms that had been provided for the evening, tore it open, and rolled it over his big fuck stick as the attractive junior high school girl pulled her skirt up and laid down on the floor, her sparkling blue eyes watching him intently.

Just as Ted came, Sarah, too, reached that level of ultimate sexual release, biting her lip as her taut, youthful body shuddered in orgasm as she felt every pulse, every throb of the seventeen-year-old boy’s thick cock shooting off deep inside her. Sarah had her long, slender legs wrapped tightly around the boy’s naked body, tightly clinging to his male form as she felt her own orgasm surge through her body. At first, she couldn’t believe the size of the older boy’s cock as he crouched between her open legs and pressed the condom- covered tip down into her slit with his left hand as he prepared to slip it into her. None of junior high boys she’d seen naked at the other sex parties had been nearly as big as Ted, and she wondered if it would hurt her. At the same time, she was excited about fucking the older boy, especially because she’d never had sex with anyone besides Aaron.

She’d been attracted to his big, athletic body and rugged good looks as soon as she’d seen him earlier that evening, and wonderfully dirty thoughts had crossed her mind, making her pussy drool with wetness even before being touched or caressed. No boy had ever had the effect of getting her hot and wet by just thinking about him. It was a new and wonderfully exciting experience for the young girl, and she was anxious to wrap her legs around his ass and feel his cock pounding into her.

Sarah felt the boy’s cockhead push aside her pussy lips and begin to sink into her. Though she could feel the entrance to her cunt stretch to meet his thicker cock as the shaft slowly penetrated her pleasure place, there wasn’t any sensation of discomfort or pain – just a delicious feeling of warm hardness filling her up.

Little by little Ted’s thick maleness disappeared between her swollen pink pussy lips. When he was about a quarter of the way in, he let go of his cock with his hand and put his hands on the floor on either side of her, supporting his body above her. Sarah put her hands on her knees and pulled them apart and back toward her chest, holding herself open as the high school boy thrust a little harder with his hips, sinking more of his cock into her, filling her up so wonderfully.

“Oh, God,” she groaned suddenly, her head snapping back and her eyes closing as the boy pulled out slightly before thrusting harder up into her, his sex shaft almost fully penetrating her.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” he quickly asked, his movement frozen for an instant. He knew that some of his little sister’s junior high friends found his cock a little too big and uncomfortable at first, though they seldom complained afterwards.

“God, no, it feels wonderful, so good…” she murmured in reply looking up at him, her blue eyes sparkling with lusty excitement. “Don’t stop, please!”

Slowly the boy began to move again, the muscles in his trim and tight behind tensing and relaxing as he pumped his shaft in and out of the fourteen-year-old’s pussy. The wet elastic opening of the young girl’s cunt held his big cock like a warm, soft rubber ring, stroking the length of his rod with a hot, slippery grip. God, she felt wonderful.

Gradually, he began to move faster as the wonderful sensations of sex built between his legs. His hands were on the floor and his arms were locked straight as his shafted repeatedly into the girl beneath him. Her moans of delight hardened him even more, and his cock felt like hot, burning steel as he humped harder and deeper into her.

Sarah couldn’t believe what she was doing, or what she was feeling. This was the first boy she’d had sex with since beginning her sexual experiences with Aaron; and it felt so incredibly good. She held her knees back and as far apart as she could, wanting to open herself up as much as possible to the older high school boy whose body was moving just above her and whose prick was creating such pleasurable sensations between her legs. She could feel his hot, panting breath on her face and breasts as his cock repeatedly slipped in and out of her. His big thickness filled her sex slit so fully, so completely, so much more than Aaron. Perhaps it was his larger size that was driving her so quickly to her climax.

It wasn’t long before Ted felt his balls begin to contract and he slowed a bit, wanting to prolong the incredible sensation of this junior high school girl’s pussy milking his sex shaft. Her oily wetness made a loud squishing sound with each deep penetration, and the musky smell of her sex was all around them.

Sarah sensed her orgasm near.

“Harder!” she heard herself murmur softly, her head swimming in a sexual haze.

Ted didn’t need to be asked twice. The intensely delicious feel of her pussy on his prick was overwhelming him, and he began to drive harder and faster again. The change in tempo had the desired effect and his orgasm suddenly welled-up from deep in his balls and exploded into the condom covering over his cock. Each pulsing spasm made him gasp and groan with pleasure as his balls emptied for the second time that night.

The final hard, deep thrusts also sent Sarah into her climax, too. Raising her arms above her head the fourteen-year-old girl locked her hands behind the boy’s neck and pulled his body down on top of hers, her slender legs grabbing around his waist and squeezing tightly around him. The girl’s body went completely rigid for an instant as she came so hard, so good.

Becky and I watched the two kids, excited and aroused by their obvious pleasure. The small blond girl turned toward me again and began to move her body up and down over my lap, her hands laid lightly on my shoulders. I placed my hands on her small, developing breasts again and gently squeezed the two firm, cone-shaped mounds, my finger and thumb pulling at her hardened little nipples. The soft undersides of her little tits felt so good, so smooth and nice as I gently caressed them.

Faster she moved over me, the slapping of her naked behind on the tops of my thighs sounding around the room. I was completely lost in the sensations I was feeling. Though Queenetta and Tangelique were always fun, there’s something especially intense and exciting about having sex with a new girl for the first time, especially one as young and pretty as this one. And the thought that on the surface she was so straight and religious while at the same time she was so eagerly sexual made the experience even more powerful.

Becky bounced faster up and down on me, her groans of pleasure getting louder and we both felt driven to that release of sexual tension that feels so good. She was lifting herself up so that just the tip of my shaft was in her before dropping herself back down on me. Several more times, and she ground her loins onto mine, her slender body twisting back and forth as she gasped for air, her climax rippling through her body.

I was nearly to mine, too, and didn’t want to be denied. Putting my hands under her skirt, I cradled the naked cheeks of her shapely little behind and lifted her up, letting her settle back down right away. She got the idea, and began her movement over my lap again. It took only a couple more thrusts and my cock shot off deep inside her sweet blond pussy. I held her loins hard against mine as jolts of pleasure rolled through my body with each spurt of my shaft. Five, six, seven times I squirted deep up inside the blond junior high school girl, until the spasms began to weaken and my cock began to soften.

Soon after, Ted and Becky cleaned up, got dressed, and headed for home. Stacey and Matt cuddled together for a while before they ended up fucking again. This time the boy mounted her from behind as the young, pale-skinned redheaded girl knelt on the mattress in the center of the room. They sure made a hot pair as we all sat around the room and watched their frantic coupling. Then, it was Queenetta’s turn for a show, and she showed her big sister that she’d learned something new by having Brackston fuck her in the ass while the rest of us watched. It was pretty fun to watch the two kids have anal sex, and Tangelique insisted that her boyfriend teach her the technique soon.

During the rest of the summer and into the fall my house became the unofficial sex party place for these junior high and high school kids and I hosted a couple each month. Queenetta and Tangelique usually helped me plan them, and we often had a theme. In October, we had a costume party. Everyone had to wear a mask all the time and, though you could usually tell who you were doing sex things with, sometimes you couldn’t, and that led to some interesting combinations and surprises. That night I enjoyed an incredibly long, hot, multi-orgasm session with a slender young girl in a black mask who, by the tint of her pubic hair, was a red-head. I found out later it was Stacey, and tonguing her freckled breasts and fucking her rust-colored pussy got to be one of my favorite activities.

Sarah and Ted began to date as boyfriend-girlfriend and have sex on a regular basis, though Ted still satisfied his little sister at home, too. I didn’t see Becky again at any of the other parties I hosted during the summer and was quite surprised when she stopped by my house on her way home from school one afternoon in the early fall. We didn’t say much – just spent an hour in bed before she got dressed and went home for supper.

Through the two sisters I got the chance to meet and enjoy a number of young girls over the next several years before I moved away, but they were always my favorites – I think they always will be.


My First Encounter With Gayness

I’m a 33 year old, single, Bi-sexual male. But I’ve only had sex with one man in my life and that was when I was 18. The relationship only lasted for a couple of months before he decided to end it. He was a 49 year old, married man with balding hair and a full beard. He had 2 grown children ages 21 and 25 who were living in Boston. He owned an antique store on LI, and his wife worked in the city.

I used to go bike riding a lot during the summer months. I often rode my bike the 10 miles down to the harbor to watch the boats. Lots of people liked to take lunch by the water as well.

One day I passed by a man sitting in a red convertible. I didn’t say anything to him as I passed by his parked car and stopped at a bench about 40 ft behind him. As I watched the boats, I noticed him looking at me through his rear view mirror. I stayed for about 10 min, resting up for the return trip.

As I walked the bike past his car, he said, “Hello.” Then added, “Kind of hot to be bike riding isn’t it?”

I returned his greeting and told him that I actually enjoyed it more when it was hot out.

During this exchange, I didn’t break stride while walking the bike past him, and I planned to continue on my way. However he continued the conversation by asking me how often I rode my bike this way.

Not wanting to be impolite, I stopped and approached his car. We then talked for a few minutes about biking. He told me he and his wife used to ride, but hadn’t for a few years.

When I finally told him that I had better get going, he asked again how often I rode my bike down to the water. I told him that I usually rode down about 2 times a week. He then said his goodbyes and said that it had been nice talking to me and I said the same to him had spun off on my way home.

About 5 or 6 days later, I again rode my bike down to the water. I hadn’t given any thought to my initial encounter with this man in the red convertible, and had entirely forgotten about him. It wasn’t until I saw his red convertible in the same location that I remembered our earlier conversation.

This time I didn’t walk the bike up next to his car, and instead stopped about 200 ft in front of his car. After a few minutes, I heard his car engine start up, and he drove up and parked right next to me. After greeting me, he asked me if I remembered that we had talked earlier.

Then he continued asking me a few more questions about bike riding. It was at this point, that he made the first of what I felt were obvious sexual advances towards me. He said bike riding was doing me good, and that he really liked my long muscular legs.

When he told me this, I immediately became very uncomfortable. Surprised and slightly confused by his comments about me, I just said thanks and started to move slightly away from him.

He then told me that he lived near by and that he had a nice built-in pool. When he asked me if I wanted to come over for a swim, I definitely knew that he was up to something, and I politely refused his offer.

As I started riding back home, he followed behind me for a short while, still trying to make conversation. After a few minutes of this, we finally parted company.

I knew that this guy was after something, and I didn’t plan on going back to the water for quite a while, or perhaps ever again. However something happened to change that. After a day or so, I found myself thinking about him. When I was 18 I was masturbating quite a lot.

Now suddenly after our second meeting, bearded men started appearing in my masturbation fantasies. I started fantasizing about what he wanted to do to me, about what would actually have happened if I had gone swimming in his pool.

The more thought about it, the more aroused I became. I tried hard to resist these thoughts but I just couldn’t. At 18 guys are very receptive to anything sexual, and this man seemed to send out sexual vibes. It was forbidden territory, something that I’d never thought about before.

It only took about 2 weeks before I found myself back on the road to the harbor again. As I approached the water, I felt my cock getting hard. Part of me was hoping that I wouldn’t see his red car there.

However, it was parked in its usual place. This time I rode right up to him. After a few minutes of casual conversation, I asked him about his swimming pool. I was very nervous, but also very excited.

He smiled at me and suggested that I come home with him and try it out. I secured my bike at the bike stand along side the harbor road and got into his car.

He only lived about 5 minutes away, so we quickly arrived at his house. As we went through the garage, he showed me his bike and suggested that we go biking together some time. Once inside we went into the living room and he offered me a soft drink.

We sat at opposite ends of his couch and again started talking. For the first time he asked me how old I was. I told him that I was 18 and was about to start my first year of college that fall.

As we talked, I was constantly thinking about how to initiate something sexual with him. It wasn’t really a conscious thing; it just seemed to be a need I had. I started worrying that perhaps he was just being nice and didn’t really want anything sexual from me.

I was also worried about my hard on, surely he would notice it if we went swimming. My cock was fully erect in my shorts as we talked. I figured that since I was much younger than him, he was probably reluctant to make the first move.

Finally I asked, “So you said you liked my legs, huh?”

He smiled and said, “Yes, long and muscular.”

I told him that I really liked his beard, and that I’d prefer to have thicker legs like his. Then a little nervously I got up and sat right down next to him. Being so close, he now clearly saw my bulge. He looked at it for a few seconds, then put his hand on it. Then without another word, he started gently rubbing and patting my bulge through my bike shorts.

I just sat there and let him do this to me for a while. When it became obvious that I was getting pretty hot, he stopped and asked me if I wanted to go upstairs. My legs were literally shaking as we climbed the stairs and walked towards his bedroom. I literally felt an electric charge run thru me when he closed the bedroom door behind us, fully realizing that I was about to have some kind of sex with him.

We stopped at the foot of the bed and we hugged for a while. Then he gently removed my shirt and shorts. He asked me if I wanted to explore his body. When I said yes, he pulled of his T-shirt and unzipped his pants.

I could clearly saw the huge bulge fully outlined in his jockey shorts. I reached down and cupped his balls thru his shorts and was amazed at how heavy they felt. I watched as he removed his shorts and his cock fell out fully erect.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as I removed my underwear. I sat down right next to him and grasped his fully erect cock and began examining it. It was uncut, about 9 inches and very thick. I had never seen an uncut cock before and was amazed at how different it was.

I masturbated him for several minutes, before he asked me if I wanted to do “more” to him. I just nodded and he stood up, moved some pillows before lying down fully on the bed. He then told me that I could do anything I wanted to him.

Not knowing really what he meant I touched and fondled his cock some more, ran my hands all over his legs, stomach and chest. I touched and gently pulled on his beard, massaged his balls, rubbed his nipples. I still remember how he simply laid there, letting me do all this to him.

Suddenly, I got the urge to get on top of him. So I simply climbed on top and began rubbing by body against his. He put his hands on by ass as I rubbed against him. I this position we were face to face, and I began kissing him and rubbing my face against his beard. We also seemed to rub noses quite a lot.

However, rubbing against him like this was making me too aroused. I was moving against him very fast, and he told me several times to slow down. Finally he actually stopped me entirely and told me to calm down. He said to relax and to take deep breaths.

After a bit I resumed at a much slower pace. However, this didn’t last long. The simple fact that I was having sex with an older married man in his own bed, and the feel of his hands on my back and ass was just too much for me. I again began moving very fast against him.

It wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm building. I didn’t want to stop it. I remember actually saying sorry to him when I started cumming. He told me not to worry about it and to just enjoy the feeling. I did enjoy it, it gave me such a feeling of freedom, and his skin against mine felt like it was on fire.

After my orgasm I again apologized to him, telling him that I couldn’t help myself and that I was just too excited. He assured me that he understood and that I would certainly last longer next time.

Then I moved down and began masturbating him. I don’t know why I did it but began sucking his cock just like the women in the few x-rated videos I had seen. I must have been doing a good job judging by his moans and facial expressions. I was able to get him off, and I was surprised at how much more spunk his cock produced compared to mine. I made every effort to swallow everything he had.


Afterwards we talked about what we had done, and he asked me if I wanted to do it again later. We then went swimming for a few hours before going back to bed. Again I climbed on top of him just like before. This time I lasted much longer despite still being very aroused by the whole situation. Finally he told me that his wife would be getting home soon. After he drove me back to my bike, he told me to come over again tomorrow anytime after 8:00am. He told me that his wife worked in the city and left every morning around 8:00am, arriving home around 6:00 pm.

The next morning I rode my bike straight to his house around 9:00am. We then went straight to bed. However, this time he told me that he was going to do something different to me while on top of him. He began rubbing the underside of my cock with his middle finger using a circular motion. I simply loved the sensations this maneuver produced. I found that I couldn’t really move against him while he did this. I had to simply lay still while he masturbated me in this fashion. However, I was still able to kiss and rub noses while he did this.

What was so good about this maneuver was his ability to control my arousal. He told me to take deep breaths and to just let him rub me to orgasm. Whenever I moved, he would stop. He could tell by my facial expressions and by my breathing when I was getting too close. He taught me how me to fight off ejaculation by always breathing deeply in a slow deliberate fashion. He was absolutely right. With practice, I was eventually able to experience multiple orgasms without ejaculation. He lectured me constantly about resisting the urge to ejaculate.

Sometimes I managed to hold off my ejaculation for up to 40 min, while experiencing countless orgasms. However, despite learning to last quite a while, he always seemed to get annoyed whenever I finally ejaculated. He always felt that I could have lasted longer. Of course many times he was absolutely right. I couldn’t help it, I liked ejaculating. Sometimes after 20, or so minutes, I was simply ready to experience that special feeling of ejaculation. Other times I just could stop ejaculation no matter how hard I tried. He mostly didn’t like it when I told him I was going to end it by letting myself ejaculate.

After a few days, he started asking me how I felt about anal sex. I had never done it, so I told him I didn’t really know. It took him several more days before I finally allowed him to have anal sex with me. He assured me that he would be gentle and go very slowly.

I helped him rub Vaseline all over his cock. He then positioned me over some pillows and he initiated me doggy fashion. I remember feeling his hands on my hips, but he was having trouble getting in. I was very tight, and it took him quite a while to open me up. However he going very slowly and he constantly asked if I was feeling any pain. He told me that there might be a little pain, but if it ever got too much to let him know immediately. Then suddenly after several min, his cock just slipped right into me. We both gasped at the suddenness of his cock sliding almost completely in.

He then proceeded to fuck me using a slow deliberate rhythm. There’s wasn’t any pain, and it felt very good. I could watch him thanks to a large mirrored closet opposite the bed. I saw by his facial expressions that it felt good inside me. He moaned quite a bit and it added to my arousal. He kept up his slow rhythm for several min before he finally lost control. He suddenly began humping faster and faster before he spasmed and laid completely on top of me. I could feel his hot cum squirting up inside me.

We had sex around 4 times a week during that summer. His wife’s side of the bed was often still warm when I got into it, and I could often smell her scent in the room, which added to my arousal. I always rode on top of him, and he fucked me whenever I let him. I always gave him head, yet he hardly ever sucked me.

Although he was probably being very selfish in bed, I really did enjoy riding on top of him, and I really enjoyed sucking him off. After a while he began to get concerned about being caught. Also, every fall, he always took over the Boston store, and wouldn’t be around anymore.

I started college, and we never got together again. I still relive our sexual relationship when masturbating.

Fun With Jane The Gynecologist

I look at my clipboard to find the next patient on my appointments list. “Well Amelia, looks like you’re the last one before lunch!” I head down the hall making my way to the waiting room. I open the door and peek out. “Amelia?” A pretty young brunette stands up, and begins to walk toward me. “You’re up dear,” I say with a smile, and hold the door for her. She shuffles in nervously and waits to walk behind me. Her hair is pulled half up in a little clip, and she’s wearing very light make-up. Her sun-kissed skin and the tiny freckles on her cheeks and nose tells me she’s spent a lot of time outside. Her body confirms it. She’s wearing a long skirt, about knee length, and a tank top. She’s thin but toned. My love of women had never gotten in the way of my job before, but sometimes it did make it more challenging. Today was going to be one of those challenging days. I reach out my hand and put on a casual smile, “I’m Jane.”

“Nice to meet you,” Amelia puts her hand inside Jane’s and smiles. She sighs a silent sigh of relief at having thought to freshly shave EVERYTHING this morning. This was, after all, her first gyno appointment ever, and she wanted it to go as smoothly as possible. “God, of course it’s a ridiculously beautiful woman looking at my lady-junk… couldn’t have been some regular, average-looking lady doctor. Jane had short messy blonde hair. Her personality was very cool and nonchalant. It made Amelia feel much more relaxed. Jane’s body was slim, but curvy. She had larger breasts, and hips than Amelia. And when she turned her back saying “Come with me,” Amelia could see she had a nice round butt too.

“Have a seat in this chair, sweetie. Just gonna take your blood pressure and ask you some questions first.” Jane patted the seat of the chair before taking a seat on her rolling stool. Once Amelia sat down, Jane held out the blood pressure cuff. Amelia put her arm in it as Jane began to ask questions.

“So you’re here for birth control, right?”

Amelia blushed. She didn’t know why. This was Jane’s job, but it still seemed embarrassing. “Yes” She said softly. “Sorry, it’s my first appointment… of this nature, and I’m a little nervous.”

Jane waved her arm exaggeratedly and laughed as she undid the blood pressure cuff and pulled it off. Laughing she said “Oh honey, if you only knew how many naked women I have seen! And they’re not all tens! But you’re a beautiful young lady. You’ve got nothing to worry about!” Her smile was calming. “Are you currently sexually active?”

Amelia tried to stop it, but her freckled cheeks turned a bright pink as she giggled. “Umm… yes… I mean, that’s why I’m here.”

Jane smirked. “Sorry honey, I have to ask.” She definitely was not sorry. Amelia was extra cute when she was embarrassed. Now to get her out of those clothes! “Alrighty, you wanna follow me to the scale over here?” She crossed the room and stood by the scale. She waited until Amelia was on the scale and still before moving the weights and asking, “When was your last period?”

“Um, about 2 weeks ago.” Amelia replied sheepishly.

“Great! Well that’s enough of the uncomfortable questions. Time for the BIG uncomfortable. Are you ready?”

Amelia gulped. Her throat was dry. “Uh, guess so!” she said with sarcastic enthusiasm.

Jane chuckled. “Ok,” She grabbed a small cup from her desk. “I’m going to give you this. I need you to go into this bathroom here and pee in this cup, at least to this line. You also get the paper vest.” She laughed to herself at how ridiculous this always sounded. “It barely covers anything, rips easily, and is scratchy like paper towel. Pretty much no point, but you’re welcome to wear it. “So here’s your cup, and here’s your vest.” She handed Amelia the items and pointed to the door, wearing her warmest and most comforting smile. She secretly loved the frightened wide-eyed look Amelia gave her upon hearing the directions. She also was very excited to see this little beauty naked.

“Okay, I’ll try” Amelia grimaced, as she took the cup and vest. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Slowly she started to undress, folding her clothes and placing them neatly on the counter by the sink. She almost thought she had sensed a little something when talking with Jane, but she wasn’t sure. Interest, maybe? No… Jane had seen tons of naked girls. Amelia new she was pretty average. Why would that hottie doctor be interested in some random girl coming in for a pelvic exam? She sat down on the toilet and positioned the cup underneath her as she filled it closest to the line as she could, replaced the lid, and sat it on the counter. She finished peeing and wiped. She used her foot to flush the toilet and washed her hands, before slipping on the grossly revealing paper vest. She looked in the mirror. It was definitely ridiculous. She looked like she was wearing a cut off shirt with the arm holes dipping almost to the bottom of her rib cage. The front had nothing to attach it together, so she had to hold it. She quickly realized she would not be able to carry the pee cup, her clothes, open the door, annnd hold the vest shut. She shook away her irritation as she quickly thought of another plan.

Jane waited patiently. She smirked as Amelia slowly opened the door and a hand appeared, holding out the cup. “Thank you dear!” She said, grabbing the cup. I’m gonna run this to the lab and let you get settled.” She dimmed the lights and walked out the door.

Amelia came out of the bathroom, sat her clothes in the chair on the far wall, and walked over to the table. Her eyes got a little wide when she saw the stirrups. She felt awkward as hell. She knew she was probably blushing, and wondered why she was so nervous. At 18 she had been naked in front more than a handful of people, men and women. One more person seeing her body wasn’t going to make a difference. She realized after a moment that she didn’t know Jane. That’s why it made it seem more scary. It also made it more exciting. She had to admit, she was pretty turned on. She had just hopped up onto the table, sitting on the edge holding her vest closed when Jane came back in. She couldn’t help but admire her beauty. She was trying hard to guess if Jane could possibly be into women when Jane spoke.

“Feels silly huh?” Jane asked with an even tone. Inside her head, thoughts were endless. “By the way, you’re supposed to lay down.” She chuckled, gesturing to the pillow.

“Oh yeah,” Amanda said as she turned red. She swivels and layed down on her back, legs unconsciously clenched together. “Ha, and these things are pointless.” Her breasts were clearly visible through the gown. Especially now since the chill of the room (and the excitement) had made her nipples hard. All of a sudden a terrible realization struck her. “What if I’m wet? What if she notices? What if I accidentally make a noise when she touches me?” Her body tensed as terrible thoughts ran through her mind.

Jane giggled, “Yeah not much to ’em.” She walked up beside the table, the end with Amelia’s face. “So, this part will feel silly too. Like a boob massage from a stranger. I just need to check your breasts for lumps or any abnormalities. Let me know if you’re too uncomfortable ok?” She was having a hard time focusing on something as complex as speech while staring at Amelia’s now naked body. Her breasts were smaller, but not tiny. Her tan didn’t have any gaps like from clothes. “She must tan naked,” Jane thought. Her eyes drifted further down to the smooth skin of Amelia’s pussy. She did not allow them to linger longer than just to make that connection before snapping back to reality.

Amelia nodded, looking up at her doctor as Jane pulled the right side of her vest to the side. “That’s fine,” she agreed. And rested her arms at her sides.

Jane was lost in her own mind again. “Her tits are gorgeous.” She thought to herself. “And her nipples are hard. I hope it’s not just because it’s cold in here.” She raised her hands and with the first and middle finger of both hands began massaging Amelia’s breasts, from the edge further out working her way toward the center. She tried to drag it out just a little, hoping it wasn’t long enough to be noticed. She had mostly averted her eyes to a poster on the wall, so as not to make Amelia feel too uncomfortable. That, plus her excitement was throwing her off her game, because she accidentally drug a fingertip over Amelia’s nipple. Amelia’s breath caught, just barely, as Jane withdrew her fingers. “Well, that one looks great! Now the other one, and we can get straight to the good part.” She said somewhat jokingly with a wink. She was quiet as she went to the other side of the table, worried that she might have just given herself away.

Amelia giggled. She was almost positive she wouldn’t be barking up the wrong tree if she tried anything. Though the lights were dimmed, she was pretty sure she had seen Jane blush after that last comment. She also was almost positive that the average breast exam didn’t take that long. Especially just for one boob. She acted quickly and reached up to pull the left side of her vest open before Jane got there, trying to seem cool and confident.

Jane raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Finally comfortable are we?” she quipped. This time she lingered a little longer, allowing herself short moments to look at Amelia’s face in her peripheral vision. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing seemed a little fast. Jane naughtily wondered if Amelia would be wet. The tiniest whisper of a moan floated from Amelia’s lips, and Jane’s pussy throbbed. “Okay, that one looks great too. On to the last part.” She turned away to grab some gloves off her desk and walked to the end of the table as she put them on. Her gaze caught Amelia’s and she looked into her eyes with a small smile. Feeling bold she ran a fingertip over the top of Amelia’s foot. “Wanna open up for me?”

Amelia’s body quivered slightly at the touch as she relaxed her muscles and parted her legs. She sucked in a breath when the cool air hit her wet cunt. “Oh god, I’m wet.” She thought. She spread her legs fully and a small smirk played over her face as her cheeks flushed.

Jane had to bite her tongue to keep from licking her lips as Amelia presented her dripping wet pussy. She could see wetness dribbling down Amelia’s slit, working its way closer to her ass. Her skin looked so silky smooth. Jane wanted to make this gorgeous young woman scream in pleasure. She imagined making love to her. She imagined tasting that deliciously juicy pussy. She realized then that she had probably been gawking much too long, and blushed fiercely. “Alright babe, just gonna guide your feet into these stirrups ok? Then I want you to scoot your butt down on the table as far as you can.” She gently took one of Amelia’s legs by the ankle and with the other hand, ran her fingers up her calf, and steered it toward one of the stirrups. She did the same with the other leg, this time running her fingers further up Amelia’s leg, almost to the back of her knee before placing that foot into the stirrup as well. She gazed for one more moment at the juicy cunt, spread wide open in front of her. She couldn’t help it when a small sigh, sounding very much like a moan, slipped past her lips. “Oh the gel!” She rushed back to her desk and fumbled for a tube before realizing she was out, and bending to her bottom drawer for more.

Amelia whimpered softly as she watched Jane bend over. The scrub pants were not forgiving, and she could tell even in the dim lighting that there was no panty line to be found. She also thought she caught the tiniest glimpse of a small wet spot in the crotch of Jane’s pants. All of a sudden she could feel cum running down her ass. She was embarrassed but also so turned on. She had never before felt so exposed… So on display. She wondered what her sexy doctor might do next. Jane stood up, having found the lube, and started walking back. Amelia giggled. “I doubt you will need that…” She looked at her doctor, waiting for a response.

Jane’s cunt was throbbing so hard it ached, as Amelia’s words taunted her. She wanted to jam her fingers into this woman’s pussy and rub her g-spot. She tried to compose herself. She smirked, almost mischievously, “Looks like I won’t, huh?” She took a quiet, but deep breath. “Ok, I’m going to insert two fingers into your vagina. If you feel any pain, or if you’re too uncomfortable let me know alright?” Jane positioned her fingers and slowly slid them into Amelia’s soaked pussy.

“Oooh!” Amelia moaned, as her hips bucked a little, involuntarily. Her clit throbbed as she choked out an “I’m sorry!” and closed her eyes, breathing deeply to calm herself. She looked up at Doctor Jane, purposefully clenching her pussy muscles. She studied Jane’s face as her muscles tightened around the fingers inside her.

Jane slowly withdraws her fingers, but with them almost out she get a wicked idea. She can’t help it. She slams them back in again! She hears another moan, louder this time. She looks up into Amelia’s wanting eyes. They spoke no words but they were pleading. Jane starts moving her fingers in and out, her thumb brushing over Amelia’s clit. She hears the sharp gasp as she touched it and has to stifle a moan, as she continued to work Amelia’s clit with her thumb.

Amelia moans with each plunge. She finally gives in completely and starts thrusting her hips. “Ohh god yes!!” Her pussy tenses with each thrust and she feels it sucking in Jane’s eager fingers. She looks up at her doctor, sitting between her open legs. She notices Jane’s lips, parted. Her chest, heaving and jiggling. Nipples poking through the thin material of her scrub top.

Jane notices Amelia’s eyes on her. “Shit, Amelia!” she says. “I’ve never had one of my patients entice me so. You are so gorgeous. Mmmm and your tight little pussy feels sooooo goooood.” she moans.

“Ohhh Jane! Don’t stop!! Aaahh make me cum! This feels amazing!!”

Jane’s own pussy oozes as she assaults Amelia’s with her fingers. She keeps thrusting, making sure her fingers rub over the g-spot with each insertion. The fingers on her other hand rub fast circles on Amelia’s clit. “Ohhh that’s right Amelia! Cum for me! I want to really taste you when I lick your pretty little cunt!!”

Amelia’s pussy clamps down on Jane’s fingers as cum starts to trickle down Jane’s fingers and hand. Amanda’s back arches as she bucks her hips and her orgasm takes her. She groans, “Jaaane! I’m cumming!!”

“Oh fuck! Yes Amelia! Cum baby, cum!!” Jane’s fingers keep speed for a moment and then slow as she feels Amelia’s orgasm coming to an end. Amelia’s body goes limp. She gasps for breath as Jane slowly pulls her fingers out. Jane licks her lips as she stares at the drenched pussy in front of her face. She moans as her head leans forward. She starts to lick, from Amelia’s asshole to the top of her slit. Over and over she runs her tongue from bottom to top, gentle enough but also meant to tease and excite. She starts to pay more attention to Amelia’s hard little clit, flicking over it with her tongue each time she passes it. Jane dips her tongue deeper into Amelia, tasting her sweet juices and lapping at her beautiful wet cunt. Jane’s own pussy is dripping from the excitement of hearing Amelia cum, tasting her, and feeling her tight pussy wrapped around Jane’s fingers. She moan’s against Amelia as she licks. “You taste so fucking good!”

Amelia’s hips start to rock as a second orgasm takes her. Her thighs are shaking, fingers clutching Jane’s hair, holding her head in place. “Oh fuck! Yes Jane! Lick my cunt!” Amelia rides out her orgasm, keeping her eyes on Jane’s mouth and tongue. She whimpers softly as her orgasm comes to a halt, and the need to please her sexy doctor takes over. “Jane, may I please have you now?” she asks, breathless.

Jane’s head was spinning. She was so aroused. She wanted nothing more than to be brought to orgasm by this stunning young woman. She smiled and stood up to walk around the table. She leaned over and kissed Amelia, an urging kiss. When the kiss broke she sat Amelia up and wrapped her arms around her waist, pulling her off the table while groping her cute little ass. “I would love that,” she whispered.

Amelia shoves Jane toward the table, and starts ripping off her clothes. She throws Jane’s shirt across the room, unclasps her bra and drops it to the floor. She stops to hungrily lick and suck on the gorgeous breasts, nibbling at her hard nipples. She spends a few minutes enjoying Jane’s boobs, but soon the moans she was hearing turn into whimpers and pleading groans, and she knows she needs to return the most generous favor. She yanks down Jane’s pants to see a clean shaven, but very wet pussy in front of her. The pants drop to the floor and she points to the table and orders for Jane to hop up there. Jane kicks off her tennis shoes and lays down on her back, looking at Amelia. Amelia smiles and swirls her finger in the air. Jane quickly rolls over, gets onto her hands and knees, and almost immediately starts moaning as Amelia starts licking her soaked pussy. She runs her tongue from Jane’s clit to her ass a few times, and then moves only to Jane’s asshole. She begins licking faster as Jane’s moans intensify, and puts 3 fingers in Jane’s pussy.

Jane almost can’t control herself. She knows she won’t last long with all the previous excitement building on her anticipation. She grips the side of the table hard as she moans and trembles. “Oh god Amelia! That feels so fucking good!! Fuck me!!” She reaches between her own legs and starts rubbing her clit.

Amelia adds some pressure as she licks Jane’s asshole. Her fingers feel like they’re being squeezed right off inside Jane’s tight pussy. She keeps fucking though, faster and harder as she feels Jane getting closer to reaching her climax.

“Fuck!! Don’t stop baby! Yes!!” Jane screams. All of a sudden her orgasm peaks, and she rubs hard at her clit. Her body jerks and trembles as she rides each wave. Soon her movements slow, and finally stop.

Amelia gives Jane’s ass one more long lick before removing her face and fingers from Jane’s body. She plops down into the chair behind her and sighs with satisfaction as she watches Jane flop down for a few minutes to breath.

Amelia finally got up and walked over to the table. She kissed Jane on the back of the neck and around and to the side of her face. “That was so hot,” she said. “I think maybe I got too nervous to get my exam today. I will reschedule and be back in soon.” She started collecting her clothes and putting them back on as Jane turned her head, smiling, to look at her.

“That’s a plan babe!” Jane grinned, and started getting dressed. She then crossed the room and grabbed Amelia around the waist, kissing her passionately. “You just may be the best patient I’ve ever had.” She teased jokingly.

Amelia laughed and returned the kiss. “I should hope so. See you in a few days, Doctor Jane.” And turned to walk out the door.

Home School Sex Education

Prior to my early teens, I had never been exposed to any ‘overtly’ incestuous adventures, other than as a young boy, watching ‘uncle’ Harold wanking from a really good hiding spot. I must say when looking back that I really, really enjoyed it, and I watched him wank for years and it was our secret. I regularly give thanks for being so obviously blessed as to have been raised in a great and open family, thanks mostly to my amazing Mama.

A Mother whom I’ve seen naked as recently as the other day, for we dress and undress in front of each other still, as we did when I was a child. When I had surgery to repair a badly broken arm a couple of years ago (I was 33 years old at the time), my beloved Mother was there to look after me generally, and in particular wash me – cock and all.

During this time of ‘adult nurturing’, I must admit that at all times whilst she was washing me, my cock was as hard as a rock. When confronted with this ‘delicate’ situation, good old Mother wouldn’t miss a beat, she would just give me a wink and pull the shower curtain closed and I would wank it down. Then when I was finished cumming, she would wash my cock and towel me dry.

It never came up as to whether I needed any help with my wanking, since I could still use my other arm. However there was no secrecy regarding what I needed to do, as Mother was only on the other side of the clear shower curtain while I was wanking. She told me that since I wasn’t ‘getting any’ due to my condition, I had her ‘permission’ to indulge.

As a consequence of this ‘green-light’ Mother did get to see me cum though, as I had to face away from the shower’s spray and when I came she could see each rope of cum arc out and splash against the shower cubicle’s tiled black back wall. Cum that Mother would then clean up prior to washing me.

I really must confess that my orgasms during this ‘Mother watches while I wank period of convalescence’ were the most intense orgasms that I have ever had as an adult. I remember thinking to myself at the time as I was wanking in front of Mother that I had never had as big and as hard a cock as when Mother openly watched me wank!

She used to get this familiar cheeky grin on her face, when into the second month of my injury rehab, my cock after cumming stayed rock-hard. Again though Mother never missed a beat, and simply wiped my cum off the wall and washed my cock for me regardless of whether I was still hard or not.

On one such occasion, Mother washed my still hard cock too quickly after I’d just cum and I fell over in the shower as my still spasming cock bucked at her touch, causing me to slip and sending me crashing to the floor. This fall resulted in my cast being broken and adding another two months to my rehab. After that painful mistake, Mother would always watch my cock closely to see that my orgasm spasms were finished prior to washing it for me.

I can only try to adequately describe my beautiful Mother; Mother is a long honey blonde haired woman of 54 years of age, she possesses a slim and totally ‘pert’ figure, and has religiously shaved her delicious cunt bare since I was a baby… oh and she has the largest fucking clit that I have ever seen. To me she is magnificent and would be regardless of how she looked; she’s my Dear Mother; beyond judgment and criticism…simply perfect!!!

Since childhood we have had an open indoor nudity policy in our family. Indoors, as unfortunately no outside nudity can take place at home, since the back yard though completely screened and fenced, still isn’t private enough and the bloody neighbours are very nosy etc. Hence this means that all forms of naked cajoling and cavorting must take place inside the house behind closed doors.

It would be incorrect to surmise that I am comfortable with our mutual nudity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to be naked in front of Mama, however I’m seldom comfortable, in that when we are naked together, I am almost always sporting half a hard-on and leaking pre- cum over everything. I have to work constantly mentally on keeping my cock from getting rock-hard. This of course Mother finds tremendously funny, quite a bloody sense of humor my Mother.

To even up that score (and let me tell you, I do that regularly), take it from me – Mother has a HUGE clit. I can state unequivocally that Mother has a very, very, very pronounced clitoris and ipso facto clitty hood. It is so big that she cannot wear swimmers, because her clit can be clearly seen bulging under the fabric.

This I first noticed on Mama, when as a young boy at the tender age of three, whilst she and I were showering and as she was washing her long hair, I sensing an opportunity for mayhem (yeah I know – bloody shit of a kid) started to poke with my finger ‘Mommy’s button’, as she later informed me that it was called.

Well suffice to say, this surprised the hell out of her and as Mother opened her eyes to see what was going on, and began to sternly dissuade me from continuing in my present course of action, the shampoo suds flooded into her eyes. Now my poor dear Mama, whilst being in pain and temporarily blinded, could do nothing to stop me playing with this big button that kept getting bigger the more that I touched it, until it was as big as my toddler sized big toe (yep I know that is one fucking enormous clitoris).

Every time that I squeezed and pushed her cunt-button, Mama’s hips would buck up and forward, and her legs would shake with gusto! Finally she gave up trying to both push me away and wash the suds from her eyes, and braced herself by holding onto the showerhead stem. Mother then opened her legs wide, bent her knees and began cooing and moaning until I stopped playing with her scarlet and swollen clit.

The good thing about it from an infant’s point of view was that when Mother had finished washing the suds from her eyes, she (so I thought) had forgotten about what I had been doing to her button and didn’t reprimand me.

Can you imagine trying frantically to wash the burning shampoo from your eyes, whilst your infant son who is showering with you, decides that your clitty (or cock if you’re a papa) is the most interesting thing in the world at that moment, and proceeds to play with it and bring you off.

Don’t be too concerned about her ‘pain’ though, because Mother insisted that I continue to shower with her long after that.

Much of who and what I am today, I owe exclusively to my beloved Mama. This includes my preference for shaving… cunt and cock that is! In that again when I was an infant, and could easily identify the differences in things generally, and particularly things physical, Mother decided to shave her already spassly covered honey-blonde haired pussy, so that when we showered together, I wouldn’t bug her incessantly about why her pussy had hair on it and my willy didn’t.

The sting in the tail of Mama’s gambit here was that it exposed her huge clitty to me in all it’s larger than three lives glory, which of course made IT the first thing that I could see when I looked up etc. Poor mother as far as that plan went; it was all sting and no tail.

As we all know the shower is a wet place, and when I said that mother washed me during my injury rehab, you would guess right if you said that mother ended up soaking wet as well. It should be no surprise though, since we have always been an openly nudist family, that she was also naked when she washed me, and so it didn’t matter how ‘wet’ she got.

What you would also be right in assuming is that surely washing my cock and having it respond with a rock-hard erection must have been very exciting for Mother too. Then for Mother to observe me through the clear shower curtain as I wanked, and to follow that up by cleaning my cum off the tiles and to wash my still-erect cock again, must really have aroused her if she’s even remotely responsive?

I’m sure that I have not adequately described my gorgeous Mama’s fantastic cunt and in particular her fucking enormous clit. In order to effectively describe the size of Mama’s clitoris when ‘at rest’, the image that you need to visualize is one that is of a clit that is the same size as either one of her permanently erect nipples (these are a bee’s dick smaller than the circumference of a one cent piece – that’s the size of the nipple not the aureola), so even when she is ‘cold’ so to speak, Mama’s clit is still fucking ‘ENORMOUS AND PRONOUNCED.’

Bearing this in mind, it should no longer be a surprise to learn that Mama, whilst she was washing me during my ‘injury rehab’, would often shower as well after toweling me dry. It was obvious to me that yes Mother was very effected and excited by the feel of my rigid throbbing cock in her delicate hands, and by the sights, sounds and the smells of my wanking and spraying my hot and heavy loads of cum in front of her.

It should also be remembered that I was practically helpless with one arm trussed up and useless, and couldn’t have adequately participated in any resulting mother and son sexual expression session, whilst in that state.

Suffice to say though, that she had the same legs trembling and big toe sized Mommy’s button action happening, when she was both washing me, and then when washing herself after and always in front of me. Come to think of it, she really did wash her pussy thoroughly when it was her turn to shower, though you know what they say, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Quite often the simple reason that I stayed hard after wanking, was the fact that I could see Mama’s enormously engorged clitoris and silken pussy juices liberally smeared over and down her inner-thighs, and I could smell this deliciously musky ambrosia. I mean to say that with the heady amalgamation of aromas from both Mama’s cunt juice and my spunk fused within and by the closeness of that small hot and humid ensuite bathroom, who wouldn’t be ready and wanting to fuck up a storm, Mother and son or otherwise?

How did this masturbatory comfort and closeness develop? Well from this point you will need to travel back in time with me to discover just how indeed it began. One thing that I’m sure you may find surprising, is that not only did Mother arrange my very ‘first perfect-stranger fuck’ for me with a lovely courtesan on my eighteenth birthday (God bless her), what you won’t be surprised to learn was that Mother also encouraged and taught me the correct ways to masturbate, as a form of stress relief and sexual pleasure from the onset of my puberty.

You see it all started when…

Chapter 2

Mother introduced me to the joys of ‘Blueu Nuit Erotiques’ (as she calls them), as a way to set the mood etc. In fact it is an accepted form of behavior at home, to masturbate wherever, whenever and however you feel like it, as long as it’s indoors.

Believe you me, it is stunningly exciting and amazingly liberating, when whilst watching a really hard core bluey with your Mother, she overtly takes the initiative by very sexily, sensuously and noisily wanking her spectacularly and magnificently constructed pussy, whilst encouraging you, her son, to get your beautiful cock out and cum with Mommy.

How did Mother do it, well get your own cock or cunt out, get comfortable and wank along with me as I relate how indeed Mother brought about my magnificent sexual awakening.

Suffice to say that my delicious mother simply oozes carnality, however her greatest gift I believe, are her uncommon gifts for strategy and patience. So with a judicious application of her gifts for both, Mother designed a progressive introduction to the joys of masturbation, consisting of a series of tasks/methods for me to be taught and then to try, lasting for three months… initially.

Needless to say that even with such a young pre-teen son, who is calm and deliberate of nature, you can’t just say “get you dick out baby and mama will teach you to wank…OK.” Too many hormones racing as well as other random dynamics to calculate, which would make the implementation of such a strategy (the Hammer gambit) impossible to manage etc.

No, what you need to do is exactly what Mother did do, and that was to gradually build me up to the point where I would feel comfortable to masturbate in front of her without prompting. Off my own ‘bat’ if you like!

It started with her seeing that I had grown sufficient pubic hair (a grand total of twelve golden hairs, which she kept for my baby book!) to officially begin to produce cum. My age at this critical stage was twelve. At this point I under mother’s direction, shaved off my newly sprouted pubic hair.

During this time, Mother also noticed that I was ‘suffering’ from many more hard-ons than I had done prior to puberty. I during this time didn’t even think about touching myself in a sexual way, after all what form of reference did I have to draw upon anyway? The only dicks (even my ‘uncle’ Harold’s cumming from my hidey-hole) that I had ever seen were covered in thick hair and were attached to ‘old’ men, and I at twelve was certainly not one of those.

Previously as a child, I had naively believed to the immense enjoyment of my Mother (there’s that bloody sense of humor of hers again) that when I got hard, it meant that I had to pee. As a consequence of this I would stand at the toilet bowl, with my hard willy in my hand for up to half an hour before I would give up, and say to Mother that I needed a new willy because mine didn’t seem to work any more.

So by the time that I was about seven years old and each time that I got a hard-on, I would still go to the toilet, however I would only stand there for a maximum of two minutes, before going about whatever I was doing before I was so rudely interrupted by a ‘wrong number’ as Mother would ‘refer’ to them.

Mother sensing an opportunity to implement her slowly, slowly strategy, asked if I was having a bladder problem? I replied that I wasn’t, I just seemed to be experiencing a lot of ‘wrong numbers’ lately. She asked me to tell her what was happening with my plumbing, and I told her that I must have drunk about six drinks of water today, and I had only peed four times, yet I had eight ‘wrong numbers’ without having to pee at all.

Confounded by the recurrence of the childhood plumbing problems, I suggested that she make me an appointment with a doctor, in order to get to the bottom of the ‘wrong numbers’. Mother said that the next time I got hard, I was to tell her and she would check my plumbing for me, to see if she could find anything wrong with it first. Sure enough less than an hour later, I got hard and called Mother to take a look. In she came and in a wonderful combination of matter-of-factness and thoroughness, Mother inspected every inch of my cock. Mother suggested that we go to the bathroom, where she could press on my bladder and check to feel if it was full, which we did.

As Mother pressed on my bladder, she pointed my skyward gazing pecker down into the bowl, however even as she pushed nothing happened. She then let her other hand slip from the small of my back to touch my newly ‘arrived’ balls from behind… immediately my cock jumped. Mother repeated this action, and at the same time lightly stroked my sphincter with her long thumb- nail… my cock bucked and jumped again… I didn’t know what was wrong.

“All right” Mother said, “I think that I know what the problem is my young man, let’s go back into your bedroom OK.” There we sat on the bed naked (remember that we were always naked indoors) and Mother hinted to me why the ‘wrong numbers’ were increasing, and how we must learn to accommodate them.

The blank look upon my face convinced her that the implementation of the first educational tool was required. Mother went to her room and brought back some ‘stick books’, which clearly depicted men in various stages of arousal. She then told me to look at the books for a while, and she would be back when she’d fixed us some lunch.

One of the books showed men progressively wanking themselves and culminating in cum shots. It was this book that I was reading when Mother came back into my room with our lunch, and as she sat on the bed, Mother commented on how much I was obviously enjoying those books if my big hard ‘willy’ was anything to go by, adding to this observation by gently squeezing its head. This seemed to supercharge the swelling reaction of my pecker, as it grew noticeably harder and began to throb and bounce.

There we sat, Mother and me naked eating our lunch sitting on my bed, with me sporting a steel hard pecker the whole time. Mother suggested to me that if I played with my ‘cock’ (that was the first time that Mother used that terminology with me) like the men in the books were doing, that I could get some relief from these ‘wrong numbers’ that I had been experiencing.

It was at this point that the penny dropped for me, which considering the context of the interaction and excluding the history of bath-time mischief between the two people involved, explains why it may have taken me longer than it should have to get up to speed. So finally sensing an opportunity for mayhem (yet again), I asked Mother what she meant, as I couldn’t tell what they were doing from a couple of pictures. Mother told me that I should continue looking at the books for a while, and tomorrow she would help me to understand the images a little better.

True to her word Mother at lunchtime the following day fixed us some lunch and called me into the lounge to join her. We sat together naked in front of the television, and she told me that she had picked up a video that would help me to understand what was happening with my ‘plumbing’.

The images that appeared on the TV were amazing! The tape consisted of men and women of all ages, masturbating in every possible way that you could imagine. Mother told me that I should sit and watch the whole tape and write down the parts that I really liked, so that we could deal with that firstly. Mother was operating the video and she kept forwarding and rewinding the tape to parts that she thought would be of interest to me… and my cock.

When the tape had ended, we went through the list that I had made of the images that I had seen and liked. As I have said earlier I from a very young age used to spy on ‘uncle’ Harold wanking, so when Mother noticed that I had written down a lot of the images of the men wanking and cumming, she asked if I liked those better than the women masturbating? I said no I like them both, but I have seen a man wanking before, and since I hadn’t seen any women doing it, I could relate to the men better.

Mother didn’t get concerned with my inaccurate revelation, even though she would later tell me that when she was ‘washing’ her pussy, she was in fact actually tossing her cunt-button in front of me every night when we showered, however she just asked whom I had seen tossing? I didn’t tell her everything though, I only told her whom I had seen, how often I had watched him, and how long we had been doing it. Mother asked me if I liked what I saw, and I told her yes very, very much.

She laughed warmly and said that it was fine to feel that way, and that it was important for her to know these things, if she was going to help me properly with my ‘plumbing problems’. “That’s all for today my beautiful boy,” mother told me, “tomorrow we’ll watch something that’s a little different. OK baby?”

Sure enough lunchtime the next day, Mother loaded the video and sat back down beside me on the lounge. The video depicted men and women having sex, “Watch this movie carefully darling and write down what you like in it this time,” she said.

Whilst I was sitting watching the movie, Mother sat down beside me and as the movie action started to hot up with the woman sucking the man’s cock, Mother as I sat transfixed by the images, with her index finger softly wiped the eye of my own hard cock, and placed it sensuously into her mouth cumming excitedly.

When I looked quizzically at her, she simply repeated the action and this time placed her finger in my mouth. Mother laughed vivaciously at my expression and exclaimed, “It’s delicious isn’t it baby, you taste just like cinnamon!” Mother was right, the taste was delicious and just like cinnamon, with a texture that was as smooth as silk.

So there we sat naked on the lounge watching the movie, taking turns ‘eating’ my pre-cum (as Mother told me it was called) that Mother lovingly wiped from the eye of my throbbing cock with her finger.

There was a Method to this that at the time I had no idea of, until as mother was wiping another trickle of pre-cum from my cock’s eye, she grabbed it in her hand and placed her thumb against the glands of my cock head and gave them a couple of quick rolls, and then I was cumming… buckets!

Jet after jet of cum surging up, and fountained out of the eye of my throbbing cock, the whole time with Mother rhythmically rubbing my cock and balls, and in a husky velvet voice saying, “That’s my baby, cum for mama. Cum for mama baby, doesn’t that feel so good?”

Mother had seen to everything, even the clear plastic sheet on the carpet that was acting as a catch-all for my first, and as Mother told me; MEGA-LOAD of cum.

“Now baby, not one drop of this beautiful cock-nectar is going to go to waste,” mother said, “you need to get a taste for this stuff my gorgeous young man, as there is nothing better for a woman than to have a man lick her cunt clean of his hot cum after he has pumped a load up it. This should be really easy for you baby, because this cum of yours tastes sweetish like peanut brittle and spicy like cinnamon, I have never tasted cum that is this delicious my beautiful boy.”

So then following Mama’s lead, I got down onto my hands and knees and we licked and sucked up every single vestige of my first cum off the plastic sheet. The upshot of this, if one was needed, was that I was cured. Bravo Mama!

Chapter 3

The next day Mother said to me, “you and I my gorgeous young man are going to practice every single way that there is to masturbate, with the exception of using a woman’s breasts,” and then tweaking her perpetually hard nipples between her thumbs and index fingers so that she could pull them suggestively outward as she said laughingly, “since these Jennifer Garner titties of mine are little more than high-voltage nipples baby, I’m sorry to say.”

I sensing another opportunity (responding to Mama’s subtle button pushing was more likely) suggested that even so they were certainly big enough to cum on… if that was all right with her? Mother giggled like a schoolgirl at this, and she said, “We will definitely be doing lots of that my gorgeous young man… lots of it indeed.”

“Should we make a start on today’s lesson baby?” Mother asked me, and again we adjourned to the couch. “Now today sweetheart we will begin by watching a different type of movie, it’s one in which men and women have sex with each other all together, it’s one that I think you may find very interesting if my hunch about you is correct gorgeous!”

“Now when I think that your cock is hard enough, I’m going to start masturbating you with this pair of my panties ok. What I want you to do is, to just sit there and watch the movie and enjoy the feeling of your Mommy tossing your beautiful cock for you OK.”

“Then when you begin to feel the same feelings in your cock and balls that you felt just before you came for mama yesterday baby, I want you to start taking big deep breaths and say wank my cock mama, wank my cock and make me shoot my cum all over your beautiful tits!”

“That way I’ll know to move in front of you, so that you can spray your second hot load of cock cream over my titties Ok baby! Make sure that you only cum on my titties though, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to cum on mama’s face sweetheart, but I promise that I won’t make you wait too long OK baby?”

So there I was watching one guy suck a guys cock, whilst he was chock-a-block up the woman’s pussy, while my Mother is wanking my cock for me with a pair of her pink silk panties, with orders no less than to cum when ready all over my gorgeous Mother’s delicious pert titties (‘Jesus glory be the savior Christius’ my balls are bursting just remembering it), not a bad gig huh! Couldn’t possibly get any better than that, in fact not a snowball’s chance in Hades right… wrong now pay attention.

Right on cue both guys grab each others cock, and the woman lays down on the bed between them, encouraging them to spray their loads on her tits, Mother then takes a large metal salad tossing spoon, and places its cold underside up under my full and boiling ball bag, which sends me right over the top. Following the script word for word, I tell Mother that I’m going to cum, and I begin to take big deep breaths, whilst saying to mother wank my cock mama, wank my cock and make me shoot my cum all over your beautiful tits!

Then the dam broke, again as with the day before, only this time even more forcefully and copiously, I grunting loudly came in thick heavy boiling hot spurts of cock cream over my gorgeous Mama’s delicious titties, completely glazing every inch of her chest with my ‘new’ seed.

Poor Mother should have been wearing a bullet-proof vest for her own protection, because in a similar though this time much more throaty brushed velvet voice, she whilst telling me to cover her fucking titties with my delicious hot cock nectar said, “Oh my god baby, each spurt is like being hit by a bullet.”

I leaned forward to rest my hands on Mama’s shoulders as she pumped the last vestiges of cum out of my cock with one hand, and with the other was gently squeezing and churning my balls. At this point she leant forward and sucked the last dewdrops of cum straight from my cock.

Catching me as I began to fall, Mother laid down on her back beside me and said, “Come on baby, it’s time for you to lick up all of your cum off mama’s chest, and make sure that you pay particular attention to mama’s steel-like cum-glazed nipples, and whilst you do that I’ll wank my cunt for you!!”

As I was moving to obey her, Mother said, “when I begin cumming baby, you have to lick mama’s hot and sticky cunt clean as well OK!” I grinned wildly and as I started to lick my cum off my amazing mother’s delicious cum covered titties, she chided me by saying, “Hey don’t hog all of that cum baby, mama wants her share to. You slurp it up and feed it to mama for me, while I flog my cunt OK baby.”

As mother lay there, I remembered as a child reaching up and playing with her huge cunt-button whilst we showered. So while I slurped up and fed my cum into mother’s hungry mouth, I reached down to her hot sticky cunt, and whilst she fucked her bunched fingers in and out of her hot fuck tunnel, I rubbed and pinched her fat cunt-button until she began to groan loudly and started to buck her cunt wildly at our busy hands.

Taking my cue from her spare hand that was behind my head roughly pushing it down to her cunt, I quickly moved to face her boiling hot fuck tunnel and as Mother finally came, I proceeded to press my open mouth hard against the bubbling sopping wet opening, driving my tongue deep up into her slimy cunt.

Noisily I sucked her cunt clean of the slimy fuck juice flooding out of her cock tunnel. I was amazed to discover that Mama’s cunt nectar tasted exactly like smoky-bacon flavored potato crisps, so I licked and slurped at her cunt and clit until she pushed me away telling me not to kill her this early into our lessons.

We lay there for a time whilst she was recovering when Mother said, “Well baby, what do you think of that huh? Did you like mama tossing your hot cock until you came on my pert titties, and our little game of eating mama’s cunt huh? Yes I bet you did. So much so I think my beautiful boy, that we are going to do that and nothing else for the next two weeks OK baby. We will watch these two videos and copy everything that they do on them ourselves, firstly with me helping you to do them, then with you doing them, and then to each other OK!”

So there we met every day for the next two weeks, until we recreated every single scene inspired masturbation method that I would have thought possible. No longer was I suffering from ‘wrong numbers’ in the plumbing department, Mother told me that my cock had begun to lengthen and thicken noticeably (it would eventually measure seven inches long by two and a half inches wide, as I said Mr. Average), and I could never have imagined that it could get any better… again I was wrong.

Chapter 4

“Today baby we are going to do something very different OK. Today when you are ready to cum I want you to cum on Mommy’s face. I’ll have to close my eyes when you do though, because cum burns my eyes worse than shampoo does.” This time Mother and I watched a video showing men sucking other men’s cocks and mutual masturbation, I suppose you would call it a standard ‘gay’ film, which made up the big three that I had watched with Mother so far, the other two being hetero and Bi-sexual films.

So again there I sat on the lounge rhythmically pumping my hand up and down my cock as my mother had taught me to do, whilst Mother naked as always sat beside me, gently fondling my balls and cooing in my ear, “Wank your beautiful cock for mama. Look at that man sucking that other man’s cock for him, ummm doesn’t that look yummy baby? Mommy loves cock baby, don’t you?”

It didn’t take very long before the combination of the males sucking cock on the screen in front of me, and mother’s ministrations had me ready to cum. Again I followed the script, telling Mother that I was going to cum soon.

Then as Mother moved to kneel in front of me yet again as she had done for the past fourteen days, ready to receive her next cum bath from none other than her son, as I drew my final big deep breath and began to cum, she said, “Mommy’s got a delicious surprise for you baby, today you get to cum in mama’s mouth,” and then without any warning, Mother inhaled my cock into her soft warm mouth and pushed her index finger up my ass in order to torment my now fully functional and ‘peach- sized’ prostate gland.

That was it poor mother nearly drowned, because all the fluids in my body immediately turned into cum, and proceeded to pour from out of the end of my spasming cock that was buried to the hilt, down my gorgeous Mama’s throat.

Spasm after spasm, sent wad after wad of my hot cock cream down mother’s throat, with mother’s smiling and glee- filled eyes looking up at me as she skillfully milked me with her throat muscles, ensuring that I emptied my mega-load into her tummy, and all the while I was grunting and groaning loudly begging Mother to keep sucking my cock for me.

Then Mother started to quickly pump my shaft and lick and suck the head of my cock, until again impossibly, I was cumming into her mouth again, and seemingly discharging as copious a load of cum, as the first orgasm had only seconds before.

As I lay there exhausted from my two unbelievable sequential orgasms facilitated by my mother’s delicious cock-sucking mouth, mother asked me, “Would you like to have a man suck your cock as I just did baby, and or would you like to suck a cock yourself?”

In my after cumming glow, I gave up more than I would have normally, and I told her that I had already sucked some cocks, and that some guys had also sucked mine. At this revelation Mother was truly shocked, and exclaimed, “But I thought that I was the first one to suck your cock baby?”

I told her not to worry because she was the first to suck my cock as a boy who could cum, and that these previous cock-sucking experiences of mine, were with four other boys the same age as me; I was almost nine and a half years old at the time. Oh yeah and ‘uncle’ Harold.

I told her how the four of us boys used to go down to the creek, and while we were fishing and exploring, we found a cubby-house, in which we found some old ‘stick books’.

In these books were pictures of men sucking other men’s cocks for them, and so we decided to try out what these men in the books were doing. It was simple we had to suck each others cock, and all that happened was that our cocks got hard from the sucking and one of the boys whose cocks I sucked, pissed in my mouth, but no body was able to cum as we were too young.

Mother fixed me with her ‘tell me more’ stare, and I knew that it was time to share ‘uncle’ Harold’s and my secret with her. You see mother I said, one day after sneaking into my hidey-hole to watch ‘uncle’ Harold (our long time neighbour, not a blood relative) have his daily wank, I arrived a little late and he was already in there.

I should have left and got there earlier the next day, but I didn’t, so when I sat down to watch the show, I made a noise as he was working towards cumming. Of course he heard me, stopped wanking and quickly found me in my hidey-hole.

“What are you doing here?” he asked as he grabbed me, and whilst I proceeded to spill the beans about watching him every day for years, I couldn’t take my eyes off his big fat cock that was swinging back and forth in front of my face as he held me.

“Where is your mother?” he asked, and I told him that she – you were taking a nap. He noticed that I was mesmerised by his big fat cock and drew me closer to him, so that as he was talking to me about what we should do about my naughty behaviour, the big mushroom shaped head of his cock was brushing against my face and mouth. It tickled my lips and the clear liquid oozing from out of the eye was making my face sticky, so I licked some off my lips, at this his big fat cock jumped and his eyes lit up wickedly.

‘Uncle’ Harold said, “do you want me to give you a present or would you like me to punish you for spying on me?” A present please ‘uncle’ Harold a present, I pleaded. “It’s alright,” he said, “relax my boy a present it is!”

‘Uncle’ Harold had a present for me that he knew I would like after seeing him ‘playing’ in his shed all this time. He told me that he wouldn’t tell mother what I had been doing if I would do him a favour. Sensing yet another opportunity for mayhem, and knowing that mother would simply tell me to be more discreet, I agreed ‘pleading’ with ‘uncle’ Harold not to tell mother – you.

First he asked if I would like to see my ‘present’, “it’s a home-movie film that ‘aunty’ Rita and I made,” to this I of course replied yes. On the film he was fucking ‘aunty’ Rita, who is a very big busted red head with an hour glass figure. ‘Uncle’ Harold was fucking her up the ass over the kitchen table and when he was about to cum, he pulled out of her ass and made her suck his cock.

I turned to face him and he was sitting on the chair slowly fisting his big fat hairy cock. He told me that it was time for me to do him that favour, which was to suck his cock for him just as ‘aunty’ Rita, had done in the movie. So I sat down in front of his cock and with no further ado, I proceeded as directed to suck his cock.

He greased up my index finger and said “when I sit back and shift my bum to the front edge of the chair, watch me boy like this, you have to push your finger up my bum and gently tickle-scratch the ‘egg’ inside, keep sucking my cock too just like ‘aunty’ Rita is in the movie.”

He sat back in the chair, which allowed me to stick my finger up his ass, and stimulate his prostate (so Mother told me). Almost immediately ‘uncle’ Harold was dumping a gallon of thick hot and slightly bitter tasting cum down my throat, which I though surprised by the thick sticky stuff pouring into my mouth, greedily swallowed down to make way for more. The whole time with ‘uncle’ Harold telling saying, “Swallow all of it my boy. Oooh, ooh, oooh yeah, that’s a good little cum-drinker. You’re much better than ‘aunty’ Rita is.”

Knowing that ‘uncle’ Harold was no longer mad at me and wanting to keep it that way, I continued to suck his cock as he said that I must, until first it went limp and then got hard again, and then again he was dumping another load of cum down my throat.

He told me that I had to do this every day that ‘aunty’ Rita was at work from now on and that I wasn’t to tell anyone about our ‘special’ secret, or he would have to tell mother what I had done. I told him that wouldn’t be necessary, as I would love to suck his wee for him whenever he wanted. And so three times a week I would go over to ‘uncle’ Harold’s place and would suck his cock, whilst ‘aunty’ Rita was out.

It’s worth a present day mention here that, in those early days it was quite a stretch for my young boy’s mouth, as ‘uncle’ Harold’s lovely big fat cock is uncut, nine inches long by two and a half inches wide, with a big purple mushroom head. His cum though is very bitter, however it is still delicious and a distinct contrast to my own.

Mama, naked, sat there transfixed with a wonderfully wicked and mischievous look on her face, as I recounted my ‘no longer secret’ times with ‘uncle’ Harold. Mother then asked me, “Do you like the feel of a hot hard cock in your mouth as much as you liked eating mama’s cunt?”

I told her that I liked them equally considering how little cunt I had tasted, however I loved eating her cunt the best of all. With that my sexy mother playfully grabbed my head and said “my cunt sure could use some more ‘eating'”, as she pushed my head to her giant clit and sopping wet fuck tunnel.

So there I stayed for the next two hours, licking, sucking and eating mother’s cunt exactly as she taught me to do, as well as developing my own ‘cunt-lapping’ techniques.

On the final day of my instructional introduction to the joys of masturbation, mother baked me a cake to celebrate not only my graduation, but also my becoming a certified cum shooting ‘family man’. I thought to myself that this is rather an anti-climax compared to the course to date; however Mother as usual had placed a different spin on the celebrations.

Off came the bathrobe that she was wearing, and Mother took the slice of cake that she had cut for herself and proceeded to suck my cock, until I started to cum, then she lifted the plateful of cake up to my cock telling me to put my ‘icing’ on her piece of cake.

Mother then placed her piece of cake with my cum-flavored icing, on the floor and took my piece of cake and proceeded to stuff it up her cunt. “Now baby,” she said, “you eat your cake from mama’s yummy cunt, and I’ll eat my piece that you’ve iced with your delicious load of spunk OK! Happy graduation my gorgeous young stud, now eat mama’s cunt!”

From that night forward Mother insisted that I must now wank into the desert, gravy or mashed potato at dinner each night with or instead of father. It was a tradition that he had begun and had continued almost every night since they had married.

Now just try to imagine father and me standing naked in front of mother, who is kneeling between us alternately wanking and sucking our cocks until we both cum onto the ingredients of the family’s evening meal. Or even mother squatting over the ingredients, after father had emptied a load of spunk up her cunt or ass, drained into our food. You can’t? Well let me tell you about the Mama, Dad and me story.

Chapter 5

Again it all started simply enough the night of my ‘graduation’ after mother made me hide in her closet so that I could watch her and father fucking. Mother told me “watching your father and me fucking this way to start with baby will be fine, since your father would do absolutely anything prior to cumming, and would try most things even after shooting his load. Just stay in there until I give you the signal and then do exactly as I showed you OK!”

Mother told that she had already accustomed father to my beginning tossing, by saying that she had caught me doing it one day in the bathroom (she later told him what really happened), and had told me that it was good normal behaviour and had suggested that I do it at bedtime in my room instead. Mother even said that she had encouraged father to spy with her on my bedtime wank sessions. She said that she would take his cock out and slowly wank it for him, whilst they spied on me wanking at the same time.

Mother told me that whilst she was tossing father as they spied on me, she would whisper to him that he would love me to toss his cock for him, and when I came into a glass and then drank my cum as directed by mother to do so, when father then came as result of watching me, mother would suggest that I should suck his cock and drink all of papa’s cum down for him too. When she said this to father, Mother said that he would cum much more than even when he fucked her ass.

We went through Mama’s plan one last time before father arrived. I was to watch them fucking until mother rolled Dad onto his back and they got into a ’69er’. Then with father’s feet facing the closet, on mother’s signal I was to come out of the closet, creep up to the foot of the bed, and she would move her mouth off father’s thick hard cock and I would slip between his legs and suck his cock until he came. Mother would stay on top of father so that she could still have her cunt licked, and that way father wouldn’t know that I was sucking his cock until after he had blown his load down my throat.

Dad pulled into the drive and mother quickly ushered me into their closet, telling me she was going to fuck Dad the moment he walked in the door. “Stay here baby and enjoy the show, watch how mama and papa fuck up a storm… oh and don’t cum until I tell you to OK baby, I’ve got something special planned for your load. When we pull this one off honey, there’s nothing that we won’t be able to get Dad to do for us – especially sexually, Now quick hide!”

No sooner had father placed his case on the table and mother had his cock out and was noisily sucking it to an erection. “Jesus woman what if number one son walks in?”

“Don’t worry about him darling,” mother said. “He is at a friend’s place for the night, so get your ass into the bedroom and fuck the cunt off me – NOW!”

Mother of course was already naked, however in the blink of an eye so was father. “Woman I’m going to fuck your face, your cunt and your ass before I dump this man sized load of cock snot boiling away in my sack down your talented throat, now get over here and start sucking my cock!”

What a show they put on for me, father fucked mother in every position that I had ever seen at that stage of my sexual awakening. It was almost too much for me to keep from spraying my load of boy/man cum over the insides of the closet. “Whoa girl” father said, “if you want this load of mine down your gullet darlin, we had better 69 it and pronto… I’m about to burst!”

Mother was sitting up facing me with her back to father as she rode him like a bronco-buster with his cock buried to the hilt up her ass, the whole time making sexy faces to me that father couldn’t see, and talking slutty- talk whilst she flogged her huge fat clit to orgasm after orgasm.

As father slapped her ass to hurry the change of position, Mother slowly leaned back and raised her hips so that I could bathe in the vision before me as father’s cock was slowly pulling free of mother’s boiling hot and sopping wet number two fuck tunnel, it made a loud slurping – almost a farting sound as mother’s ass released its hold.

Mother fell forward onto her elbows and shoved her gaping cunt back into father’s face, whilst she hungrily licked her musky bowel nectar off father’s purple steel-like six and a half inch long cock. At this point mother motioned for me to come to the bed and get into the position that we had rehearsed earlier that day. She proceeded to ease her index finger up father’s ass, until it made contact with his prostate and his hips bucked, driving his cock further down mother’s throat.

Now it was my turn, I first had to lube my own index finger and bury it up father’s ass and tickle his prostate, when mother next removed hers. Done and there now, I’m tickling his ‘egg’.

Then when Mother lifted her head slightly to lick the side of father’s cock, as she was about to put it back into her mouth, I was to take her place here, and begin sucking father’s cock without missing a beat. There that’s done too, fucking hell I can taste mother’s cunt and c’ass (c’ass is mother’s pet name for her ass and its ‘juice’) on it, wow it feels so fucking good in my mouth, it’s the perfect size and I can get it all the way in. Please father cum quickly, please!

Mama’s watching me intently and motions that Dad’s ready to cum, right on cue father says, “Hold on baby…that’s it suck it just like that, that’s it I’m fucking cumming. Holy fuck girl that’s it… vacuum it all down into your gullet, oh fuck that’s it… shit here comes some more?”

There goes mother as father starts to cum, she rolls off him and sits up beside him looking into his closed eyes, as she says, “I told you he would do it for you papa didn’t I, number one son’s drinking his sexy papa’s delicious mega-load of cum… ummm you’re my deliciously naughty boys.”

At this stage Dad’s too far-gone to say or do anything, except to tell me, “Keep on sucking papa’s cock for me that’s a good boy.” There Dad and I lay on the bed, whilst I continued to suck his cock long after it had spent its load of snot deep into my throat, father tousled my hair.

Mother left us there and went to the kitchen to get dinner ready and surprised me by walking into the bedroom carrying a tray with the dinner ingredients arranged upon it. As mother sat down on the bed and fondled my cock, she said, “come on father, it’s time to share our dinner preparation tradition with our son, now that he’s a certified cum shooting and drinking man!”

Dad sat up and with a ‘why not we can’t turn back now’ look mixed with pride, he proceeded to tell me to stand by the bed and as he replaced mother’s hand with his, he began gently and languidly wanking my, his own son’s cock for me. “Move the food tray over here sexy,” he said to mother, and then he informed me of the tradition that he and mother had started when they married.

“Jesus you’ve got a lovely and smooth cock on you my boy,” he said. “Every night at dinner time when I go to shower, your mother wanks my cock into that nights dinner ingredients. So you see that you, me and your mother have been eating my cum since you were born. Of course you now know that my cum tastes fucking delicious straight out of the source, and so since you as my son are now of cumming age, both you and me will cum into the dinner every night henceforth.”

“Though tonight my boy it’s your show because tonight, only you will spray your cock snot over our dinner. Now spread your legs a bit wider and let me stick my finger up your ass to tickle your ‘egg’ and I’ll proudly wank you to orgasm into our dinner, come on matey cum for papa, don’t you just love papa finger-fucking your ass, whilst I wank your big man’s cock, cum that’s my boy. Get over here woman and let our boy suck your cunt clean, while I milk his bat.”

The way that it felt as father wanked me, as I sucked Mama’s cunt in front of him and the ‘dinner-tradition’ revelation, soon had my sphincter violently clamping down hard on father’s thick finger, and another mega-load of cock cream erupting from of my cock.

“Holy fucking hell woman will you look at those ropes of cock snot our boy is hosing into our dinner, hey buddy I want that finger back you know”, father bellowed. Then he nimbly spun me around to face him, whilst keeping his finger buried up my dot and said, “Yep, that’s enough for the pot I think, my boy, you can finish this one in papa’s mouth. Jesus fucking Christ woman our boy’s spunk tastes like cinnamon flavored peanut brittle, it’s delicious.”

With that I collapsed onto father’s shoulders as he drained the last of my man seed from my cock.