Double D

“Wow,” Danny said.

“Yeah,” I replied.

We were standing barefoot on the beach. Our first-ever real beach. Oh, we’d been to a couple rivers and a couple lakes, and of course lots of swimming pools and suchlike. But now we were on a real, honest-to- goodness, ocean beach.

And we had it all to ourselves.

We were on the island of Johtom. It was a small, privately owned island in the US Virgin Islands chain. We were at the extreme southern end of the Islands, and on the southern part of the island as well.

Normally we lived in Des Moines, Iowa. A nice place, but not known for its grand oceanic views. We’d lived there our entire lives, and hadn’t even left the state, except for occasional trips to St Louis or Chicago.

Our mother worked for a very large law-firm in Des Moines. She’d been there for years and was apparently standing a good chance of making partner. This chance was enhanced, no doubt, by the fact that she’d just settled a huge case for a major client. She’d netted a huge amount of fees for the firm, something that had pleased the senior partner, John Tomlinson (now you know where the island’s name came from), so much that he’d told her to take a week off and use his private island. Mom had pulled us out of school (it was February), and hauled us down here.

Not that we had a problem with this.

We’d arrived in Charlotte Amalie very early this morning. We’d had a quick breakfast and hopped on a small boat. An hour later and we were here, on our own private island. Ours for the week.

The island was divided in half. On the north half was a large, multi-bedroom house, and a massive private beach. Originally we’d planned to all use that to stay in, but then Danny and I had found out about the smaller, private guest cottage on the southern half of the island. It had its own, even more private beach. As soon as we’d found out about it, we’d pressured our mom into letting us use that as our place to stay. She’d agreed, and we’d taken it over.

Now, after dropping our things into the cottage, we were standing on the beach, looking out at the water.

“It looks endless,” Danny said.

“It is, actually,” I replied. “The oceans all connect together, so technically it’s one big, endless ocean.”

Danny rolled his eyes. “You know too much, Dustin.”

“Yeah.” A pause. “I know.”

Danny looked at the deadpan expression on my face and laughed.

“Come on,” he said, pulling his t-shirt off, leaving him only in a pair of shorts. “Last one in the water’s a rotten egg!”

I quickly shucked my shirt and ran into the water. We both reached it at about the same time and dove in. The Caribbean wasn’t as warm as, say, a bathtub or a swimming pool, but it was still better than swimming in a lake in Iowa, especially this time of year.

Danny and I splashed around for quite a while, enjoying the feeling of the water. At one point we both put on our goggles and dove under the water, looking around at whatever we could see. Mostly we could see some fish in the distance and stuff like that.

Then at one point I caught sight of my brother swimming along. I always wished I looked more like Danny. He was fifteen, a year older than me. He had brown hair that always looked just about perfect and piercing blue eyes. His body was incredible, too. He didn’t play any sports, but he was a ballet dancer (make any jokes you want, he and I have heard them all). The dancing give him this perfect v-shaped upper body, which was naturally hairless and well-developed.

Rumor had it that at least a dozen girls from school had tried to impale themselves on his penis at various points. I didn’t know if that was true, but I figured it probably was. Either way, I was certain he wasn’t a virgin and I knew for sure that I was.

I was a little short and very, very skinny. Scrawny, in fact. I had kind of boring dirty-blond hair, and an uninteresting face. Even my ass was dull, being very flat. The only compensation that I had was… well, nothing. I was basically doomed to stay a virgin until I was fifty, I figured.

After about an hour or so, we got out of the water and tromped back to the cottage. It was just a one-bedroom cottage with a single king-sized bed we’d be sharing. The place wasn’t huge, and didn’t have any AC. But what did have was a hot-tub that my brother and I were both looking forward to using.

“Phew,” Danny said when we got back to the cottage. “I’m all covered in salt. I’m gonna get a shower.”

“Yeah, I should get one, too.”

“Come on, then, at least the shower’s pretty big.”


We walked into the bathroom and tossed our wet shorts into the corner, leaving us both nude. I’d seen my brother naked any number of times, and he’d certainly seen me, so this wasn’t a big deal. We’d be showering together, which we hadn’t done before, but there were two shower heads and plenty of room.

It was worth noting that my brother looked even better naked than he did with clothes on. Unlike me, he had a perfectly firm, round ass, and the penis than hung majestically between his legs was a little longer than mine. He had no pubic hair, but I’d heard that he shaved it, and I had started doing the same. It looked great on him, but it made me look like an eleven-year- old who hadn’t started to develop yet.

Once we were done with the shower we tossed on some clothes and went out into the cottage. I raided the freezer and found a frozen pizza which I cooked up for us. We ate it out on a patio, looking out over the ocean.

“This is really nice,” I said.

“Yeah. I wish we didn’t have to go home next week.”

We sat there eating in silence for a bit, and then I said, “I’m gonna get my papers.”


I walked into the cottage and came back with a stack of papers and pencils. Danny had his dancing. I had my drawing. I liked to think I was good at it, and I suppose I was. But it wasn’t going to leave me with a body like my brother’s.

Danny watched me start to draw a palm tree and then apparently got bored, because he stood up and started stretching. A few moments later he began doing some basic dancing. There wasn’t any music playing, but he acted like there was.

I tried to concentrate on my drawing, but I couldn’t. I loved watching my brother dance. He was so perfect when he was moving. Hell, he was perfect when he was laying still doing nothing. I sighed a little. God, I wished I was even a tenth as hot as him.

I set aside my tree drawing and began to try and draw Danny as he danced. I’d tried drawing my brother many times, but I’d never managed to make the drawings look as… well, vibrant as he looked. I kept trying, though.

Danny caught sight of me drawing him. “You know, I could just pose for you.”

“I know,” I said. “But I wanna try and get a good drawing of you dancing.”

“Well, I can’t complain about that, I guess,” he said with a smile as he went back to his dancing.

We spent most of the afternoon like that. Danny kept dancing and I kept, pointlessly, trying to draw him while he did so. Eventually as I was about to give up, the phone rang.

I went in and answered it. “Hello?”

“Hey, how’s 2-D doing?” came my mother’s voice. She called us 2-D. Dustin and Danny… yeah. She thought it was clever. You know how moms are.

“We’re doing good. It’s cool down here.”

“Is that Mom?” asked Danny, coming into the cottage.

“No,” I said, rolling my eyes and wondering who else he thought would call us. “It’s Pope Gregory IX, asking us if we want to go for a ride on his pleasure yacht, the Saucy Sue.”

“Oh? Tell him I said hi.”

Our mom said, “You boys wanna get together for dinner in about an hour?”


“Ok, see you up at the house then.”

“Ok.” I hung up the phone. “We’re going to have dinner up at the house.”

“Ok, cool.”

Danny I spent the next hour just hanging out on the patio chatting. He thumbed through some of my drawings of him and said he liked them all. I thought they were ok, but, well, they just didn’t capture what I thought of as “him”.

Dinner with our mom was nice. She was a good cook, but didn’t have the chance to cook very often. She made us some linguini with chicken, a little salad and a nice desert. We made plans to have dinner here every night and otherwise planned to do our own things, though we both agreed that if we left the island, we’d let the others know.

Once dinner was over, Danny and I went back to the cottage. We turned on the radio and after some looking managed to find something we could stand. We sat around listening to the music and just relaxing for a bit. After that we spent some time soaking, nude, in the hot tub, which was very pleasant on a lot of levels. As an artist, I found Danny’s body so beautiful, I could never get enough of seeing it.

“Oh, this is nice,” Danny said as he settled into the water. I watched every inch of him sink below the surface, my eyes riveted to his gorgeous body.

“Yeah, I like it,” I said, trying to relax and turning on the bubbles, hoping my brother wouldn’t see my penis, which was very, very hard right now. I hoped it would go down soon. It did this a lot when I saw Danny nude.

Eventually we got tired of the hot tub and decided it was time for bed. It was really hot in the bedroom (no AC, remember). So we both slapped on a pair of briefs, turned on the ceiling fan and opened the bedroom windows, and settled onto the bed, on top of the blankets, and drifted off to sleep.

At one point in the night, I woke up suddenly. I didn’t know why. I blearily opened my eyes and focused on the clock by the bed. 3:32 in the morning. Ugh. Way too early for anyone to be awake, especially while on vacation. I turned over, my eyes still open.

And my heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Danny was asleep next to me. He was lying on his back. One leg was out straight and the other was bent slightly. One of his arms was at his side and the other was behind his head. He was, like me, wearing only a pair of white briefs. Whatever he was dreaming, it must’ve been very good, because I could clearly see his erect penis tenting up under his underwear.

All this was nice, but what was really amazing, really incredible, was the moonlight streaming in through the open window and basking his body in this wonderful, pale white glow. It turned his already amazing body into something out of a fantasy novel.

Without taking my eyes off Danny, I stood up and walked over to the dresser where I’d set my drawing materials. I sat down in a chair across from the bed and began to draw. Danny was the perfect model in his sleep, it turned out. He lay motionless for the entire time it took me to do my drawing. The only thing that really changed was his penis. Sometimes it was hard and almost lifting up the waistband of his underwear, and other times it was soft, and barely visible.

This was the drawing of Danny I’d been after all this time. It wasn’t the easiest one I’d ever done, but it was worth it. I knew it was the one that finally captured what made Danny who he is.

I set my drawing aside and moved back onto the bed, sitting down next to Danny. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. His penis was going through a hard stage right now. On a sudden, irresistible impulse, I reached out and placed my hand above the bulge in his underwear. I didn’t know why, but I really wanted to touch it. I knew that I shouldn’t, but…

Finally after what seemed like forever, I lowered my hand, feeling my brother’s penis through his underwear. It felt hard and warm. I could feel the shaft under my palm and the tip under my fingers. It was… breathtaking. There was no other word for it.

I’d seen Danny’s penis any number of times, but I’d never seen it hard before. I’d never really wanted to before, but right now I wanted that more than just about anything else in the whole world.

Carefully, slowly, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of Danny’s underwear, happy that he was a sound sleeper. I pulled the waistband down and took a deep breath as my brother’s very hard, very beautiful, penis came into view.

My brother’s penis, when hard, was about six-and-a-half inches. It was perfectly straight and beautiful, just like everything else about him. It was one of the most wonderful things I’d ever seen.

I’d never touched another boy’s penis before. I wasn’t gay after all. I wanted girls. But right now, I also wanted something else. I watched to touch my brother’s erection. I didn’t know why, just like I didn’t know why he liked ballet and I liked art. I just knew that I wanted to touch it.

Finally I reached out with one of my hands and ran a finger down the shaft of Danny’s penis. He didn’t respond, and a little thrill of pleasure went through me. Making sure he was still out of it, I wrapped my hand completely around it. It was wonderful. It felt almost like mine, but different in its own way. I was instantly in love with it!

Still holding my brother’s penis in my hand I licked my lips and leaned down. It was natural to kiss something you were in love with, right? Right. With that thought in my mind I planted a kiss right on the tip.

My lips were still on the tip of my brother’s erection. I looked up at his still sleeping face and opened my mouth. Slowly I began to lower it down around Danny’s penis. It felt really natural, like it belonged in my mouth. I took as much in as I could and moved my face up and down a couple times. I’d never given, or gotten, a blowjob before, but I was familiar with the basic idea.

I wanted nothing more than to keep sucking my brother until he came, but I figured if I did that, he’d probably wake up and it would be a little hard to explain to him what I’d been giving him a blowjob. With great reluctance I pulled my mouth from his penis and pulled his underwear back up, hiding all the evidence.

I sat back and looked at my still sleeping brother. He had no idea what I’d just done with him. He still looked so incredibly beautiful. I felt another sudden, forceful desire and, licking my lips, I leaned down and gently kissed my brother on the mouth. It was my first kiss.

Then I went into the bathroom, jerked off and came in under a minute.

Now somewhat sated I got back onto the bed. I was feeling a little guilty and a little confused, but I mostly felt tired and soon drifted off to sleep.

I had some awfully strange dreams.

* * *

The next morning Danny gave no indication he’d known anything had happened. We ate some breakfast, got ourselves together and talked about our day. We decided we wanted go to Charlotte Amalie and see the sights. We called our mom to make sure she knew we were going and then called the boat to come and get us.

I hadn’t shown Danny the drawing I’d done of him. I buried deep in my papers. I planned to show him eventually, but I didn’t know when I needed to sort out everything else that had happened last night first.

I knew I should be feeling guilty and messed up for having sucked off Danny, but I didn’t. Actually, my little bit of incest last night had finally brought it all into focus. It was like everything I’d been feeling over the last few years now made perfect sense. I’d finally figured it all out.

I was in love with my brother.

I didn’t mean that in any way other than how it sounded. I was in love with Danny. That was why I kept obsessing over his body. That was why I followed him around everywhere. That was why I shaved my pubes, just like he did, even though it looked like crap on me. It also explained why I’d gone down on him while he slept last night. Well, that plus the fact that, apparently, I had no morals.

We spent a pleasant afternoon bumming around Charlotte- Amalie. We even had a couple German tourists who came up to us at one point thinking we were natives. I actually spoke some basic German and was able to explain we weren’t. It was still pretty cool, though.

We also learned, during the day, that Charlotte-Amalie was a great place if you were over 21 (good bars), Jewish (the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere), or rich (but it’s always good if you’re rich). Still, we had fun.

After a while we got bored of just wandering around, and went to see a movie. Then we decided it was time to head back, so we called the boat and rode back to the island where we met our mom for dinner. Once we got back to the cottage, Danny suggested a soak in the hot tub. I agreed right away and moments later we were nude and in the water.

It was all I could do once we were naked to keep my eyes off my brother’s penis. I remembered how wonderful it had felt inside my mouth, and I really wanted to get it back in there. I wanted to give my brother an orgasm. But I didn’t have any idea how I was going to talk him into it.

“You must be thinking about something nice,” Danny suddenly said with a laugh.


He pointed down where my stiff penis was clearly visible under the water.

“Oh.” I put a hand over it. “Sorry. Just… uh… thinking about a girl we saw back in Charlotte-Amalie.”

“Yeah,” Danny said with a lazy grin. “There was some nice eye-candy there. You’re not the only one to think so.” He moved his hands enough to expose his hard penis.

I drooled.

Well, mentally anyhow.

“Yeah, I’m sure the girls back at school are happy when you’re like that,” I replied.

Danny gave a slight grin. “Well, you know, gotta keep the ladies happy.”

“Yeah,” I said with a grin of my own as my stomach knotted. My brother was, apparently, straight.

We soaked in relative quiet after that. Eventually we got tired of the hot tub and got out. My penis was completely soft, right up until the point where I saw Danny’s wasn’t. I quickly got some clothes on before he could see.

Danny and I bummed around the cottage for another hour or two, just hanging out and having a good time. We watched a little TV, listened to a little music and ate some popcorn before deciding it was time for bed.

Like the previous night we stripped down to our underwear and laid on top of the bedding. I wondered if I was going to wake up again. I hoped not, but I also hoped so. I really wanted my brother, even though I knew it was bad.

I’d actually almost drifted off to sleep when I heard Danny say, “Dustin? You awake?”

“Yeah.” I rolled over to face him.

Danny turned on his side to look at me. “I kinda lied earlier.”

“About what?”

“About girls.”


“Yeah.” Danny was quiet for a moment. “I’m still a virgin.”

“Oh.” I was surprised, to say the least. “But I’d thought..?”

He shrugged. “I’ve had girls who were interested, but it didn’t seem… well, I wanted to… I don’t know. Wait, I guess. Until I find the right person.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense.”

“Yeah.” Danny chuckled. “Hell, all I’ve done is make out a little. I haven’t even had a blowjob or anything.”

“Really,” I said, carefully, now very happy the room was dark enough that my brother wouldn’t be likely to see me turning bright red.

“Yeah.” He rolled over onto his back. I did the same, but not before seeing that his penis was tenting his shorts just like it had last night. Just like mine now was.

“Well, all I’ve done is kiss, too.”



“Ok. I don’t feel so bad, then. But I thought…”


“I dunno. I thought you’d gotten laid by now.”


“Huh. I’m surprised.”

“Why?” I asked in honest confusion.

“I dunno… you’re pretty… well, you know… you’re hot. I figured you’d have girls all over you.”

I turned to look at my brother. “You’re on drugs, right?”

Danny laughed. “No! I’m serious. You look pretty hot. I figured you’d have lost it like years ago.”

I shook my head. “No, I’m as virgin as you.”


I was startled. Stunned even. I shook my head again. “Danny, how can you think I’m better looking than you are? You’ve got a great body. You’ve got a great face. You’re hot. Deal.”

Danny laughed again. He turned towards me. “You got a much better body than I do.”

“Fuck that,” I said. “I mean, look…” I reached out and placed a hand on my brother’s chest. I could feel his heat beating. “You actually have some definition here.”

“Yeah, well, I’d rather be more like you.” He put his hand on my chest. “You’re much thinner than I am. That’s a plus with dancing.”

“Yeah, but you gotta have the muscles to lift the girls.”

“I guess,” he admitted. “But still.”

Almost subconsciously I moved my hand down my brother’s magnificent chest to his stomach. “I’d give anything to have a body like yours,” I said, softly.

Danny chuckled. “I’d love to have yours. Nice and thin,” he said, running his hand down to my stomach, which now had butterflies in it.

“Yours is better.”

“Yours is.”

I looked at my nearly-nude brother and laughed. “You know how stupid we sound?”

“Pretty stupid.”

“Yeah.” Shyly I moved my hand back to cup my brother’s underwear-clad ass. “You’ve still got a better body.”

Danny grinned. “And you got your hand on my ass.”

I gave Danny’s ass a squeeze and then reluctantly let go. “Just enjoying the muscles.”

“I still wish I looked more like you,” Danny said as we took our hands off each other and laid on our backs.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Danny’s penis was still hard, as was mine. “Yeah…” I took a breath. “I guess until then I’ll have to stick to jacking off.”

“Yeah, me, too,” Danny said.

I reached down and rubbed the bulge in my underwear. “Too bad you’re here,” I said as lightly as I could. “If you weren’t, I could be spanking it right now.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Danny rubbed at his underwear, too. After a few moments he said, “Hey, Dustin?”


“You’re pretty horny right now, right?”


“Me, too.”


“Well… you know… I mean… we could just jack off. You know. Right now. I mean, it’s not like it would be a big deal, would it?”

“I guess not,” I said, trying to sound uncertain while my heart danced.

“It wouldn’t be anything bad, right? Just jerking off together?”

“I guess it wouldn’t.”

“Ok. So… you want to?”

“Well… ok, I guess.”


Seeing that Danny wasn’t going to start anything, I hooked my fingers into my underwear, lifted my butt up and slid them down off my body. Once I was nude, I laid back, took my penis in my hand and slowly began to stroke it as I looked at my brother’s nearly naked body.

Danny seemed to me sort of checking me out for a moment, but then he pulled his underwear off and tossed them aside. He leaned back and took his penis in his hand, stroking it slowly.

“You look way better naked than I do, Dustin,” Danny said after a moment.

“Fuck that noise. You look much hotter. I never get tired of seeing you naked.”

“Really?” Danny asked into the awkward silence that followed that statement.

“Well… yeah.” I swallowed a little. “I mean, it’s like seeing a piece of art come to life, you know?”

“I always like seeing you naked, too.”

“You do?”


I began stroking faster as I watched my brother masturbate. “You wanna see who cums first?”


Both of us had our heads turned towards each other and were clearly watching one another masturbate. It was really hot! I never thought I’d get to do something like this with my brother. It was so hot, I was sure I’d cum first.

“Ah… here I go! I’m cumming!” Danny called out. I watched the sperm fountain out of his penis and splash onto his gloriously naked body. My orgasm came seconds later, the pleasure washing over my body as it hit.

The two of us lay there in silence for several moments, breathing hard as we tried to recover. Finally I managed to say, “Well… wow…”


“That was pretty cool.”

“Yeah, it was.” Danny sat up and looked down at my sperm-covered body. “You ever taste yours?”

“Yeah, sometimes. You?”

“Yeah.” He ran a finger through a puddle of sperm on his body. “You… wanna taste mine?”




Danny held out his finger. I put my mouth around it, remembering the way I’d blown him last night. My brother’s sperm tasted a little different from my own. A little saltier, perhaps. It wasn’t bad at all, though.

I ran my finger through my sperm and offered it to my brother. He didn’t say anything, he just put his mouth around it and licked my finger clean, his eyes locked with mine the entire time. It was one of the most erotic things I could ever imagine.

Once I was done cleaning his finger, Danny got up and left the room. He came back a few moments later with a couple towels. We cleaned ourselves up and then laid back down on the bed.

“Well,” I said after a moment. “That was fun.”

“Yeah. I’m gonna sleep naked. You?”



“Good night.”

“Night, Dustin.”

Slowly we drifted off to sleep.

* * *

When I woke up the next morning, I saw that sometime during the night, Danny and I had moved close together and currently he was laying on his side with his arm resting on my chest. He looked totally hot and I got instantly hard seeing him like that.

Looking down at Danny’s body, I found I was unable to restrain myself from enjoying the sight. I reached down and took my penis in hand and began stroking slowly as I admired my naked brother.

Danny began to stir next to me. His eyes opened and his head came up. He smiled blearily at me.

“Good morning,” I said, continuing to masturbate.

“Morning.” He yawned and stretched, bringing his erect penis into view. Chuckling a little, Danny said, “Glad to know I’m not the only one who wakes up horny.”

“Well, when I wake up next to something that looks as good as you, who can blame me?”

“Heh,” was my brother’s reply. He laid down on his back and took his penis in his hand. “I could say the same thing.”

“Whatever,” I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

We masturbated together in silence for a couple minutes, just enjoying our sexuality. Both of us were watching the other jerking off, though I suppose we didn’t really think anything of it. Well, I figured Danny probably didn’t. I knew I was getting off watching my brother masturbate. It was like a live porn show.

After a few minutes of jerking, I took a breath and said, “Hey, Danny?”


“You ever wonder what it might be like to… you know… have someone else do it to you?”

“You mean jerk me off?”


“Yeah, I guess.”

“Me, too.”


We kept masturbating in silence for a few more moments, then I said, “Danny?”


“You know,” I said, my mouth dry. “If you wanted… we could try that. You know… with each other.”


“Sure. If you wanted.”

Danny shrugged. “I guess we can, if you want. Just to see what it’s like and stuff.”

“Ok.” Shyly I reached out with my hand. As Danny let go of his penis, I wrapped my hand around it, feeling a surge of pleasure go through my body as I started masturbating my older brother.

“That feels good,” he said after a couple minutes. ” I guess I better do you, too.” He then reached out and put his hand on my penis, stroking it slowly. A shiver of pleasure went through me as for the first time someone was touching me in a sexual way.

We jacked each other in silence for a few moments, and then Danny said, “Hey, Dustin?”


“I bet I can make you cum before you make me cum.”

I laughed a little. “You’re on.”

A couple minutes of furious, quiet masturbation followed, each of us jerking the other as fast as we could, trying to make one another cum. It was without a doubt the most erotic and pleasant experience of my life.

Eventually Danny gasped, “Dustin…?”

“Yeah…?” I replied, a little out of breath and trying hard not to shoot yet.

“You… win… ah…” With that I felt his penis jerking in my hand as his sperm began to blast out over his naked body. I’d won, but it was only by about ten seconds, cause my own orgasm hit just as his was winding down.

Once our orgasms were over, we laid there on the bed, breathing hard, with our hands still on each other’s penises. We both turned towards each other and grinned.

“Wow,” I said.

“Yeah. That was intense”

“Yeah, it was.” Shyly then, I said, “We gotta do that again sometime.”

“Fuck yeah,” Danny said with some enthusiasm. “That was the best thing I ever felt!”

“Me, too.”

Danny sat up. “We should probably get cleaned up.”


I savored the sight of my brother walking towards the bathroom, my eyes glued to his ass. I couldn’t believe that we’d just sort-of had sex with each other! It was so incredible. I couldn’t wait to do it again!

* * *

The rest of the day passed. We met up with our mom and went back to Charlotte-Amalie where we toured Fort Christian and Blackbeard’s Castle. Then Mom wanted to go tour some arboretum. We split off with her and headed back to the island. Once there we had a little lunch and then Danny suggested we hit the beach.

Once we got there, we splashed about for a bit, enjoying the warm ocean waters, and then Danny said, “Hey, Dustin?”


“You ever swim naked?”


“Me either. Want to?”

I considered this for about a tenth of a second before saying, “Hell, yeah!” I was always behind anything that involved seeing my brother naked.

Danny and I stripped down and ran into the ocean, giggling and splashing at each other as we swam. I took every chance I could to dive under the water and check out my brother’s naked body. Watching him swim in just his trucks before had been nice, but now I was able to see his entire beautiful body moving under the water. It was so amazing. I hoped he was thinking the same about me, but I doubted it. Who would find me attractive, after all? I know last night he’d said he did, but he was probably just being polite.

At one point I was under the water and then surfaced, standing in the sea up to my waist, my penis sort of floating. I looked around, not seeing my brother.


Suddenly something came up from the water behind me and wrapped its arms around my nude body.

“Gotcha,” Danny whispered into my ear.

“Yeah.” I swallowed, going mad with the feeling of his naked body against me. “Now that you have me, what are you going to do?”

One of his hands moved from around my down to my waist, and crept slowly towards my rapidly hardening penis. He slowly wrapped his hand around my erection and whispered, “What do you want me to do?”

My mind went blank and the only thing I could think to say was, “Make me cum…”


I closed my eyes and reached my arms back, holding my older brother’s ass as he began stroking my penis. I was aware of the sound of the ocean and the feeling of the waves breaking against our bodies. I could smell the sea air, and hear the sound of birds. All this was overwhelmed, though, by the feelings going through my young body, the sensation of my brother’s erection pushing against my butt, and the sound of his breath in his ear as he masturbated me.

Normally when I jerked off it would take me a little while to cum. Even when Danny and I were doing it together I didn’t exactly shoot right away. But standing here, in the ocean, with my brother masturbating me… well, for some reason it had me blasting in a little less than three minutes, my sperm arcing out of me and into the water. It was mind- blowing.

“How was that?” Danny asked, pulling away from me.

“Incredible…” I whispered.

Danny grinned. “Let’s go get cleaned up. All this salt water sucks when it dries.”


Still dizzy with orgasmic pleasure, I followed my brother into the cottage, my eyes fixed on his bare butt as he walked. A work of art it was, like the rest of his body.

Once we got back up to the cottage, we bee-lined for the shower. Danny got the water going and we got in under the two spray-heads. The entire time I was staring at my brother’s still hard penis, desperately wanting it.

Finally I couldn’t stand it and took my brother’s rigid penis in my hand. Giving it a couple slow strokes I said, “You still need to cum.”

Danny shrugged. “It’s cool. I don’t have to.”

“No, I want to. You made me feel good, so it’s only fair.”


I took a step closer to him. “Can I do it in a different way, though?”

“What way?” Danny asked quietly.

“This way.” I knelt down, feeling the water wash over my body. I leaned forward a little and licked the tip of my brother’s penis and the opened my mouth wide and slid my lips down until he was all the way inside me.

“Oh!” Danny gasped. “Oh, I hadn’t expected that…”

I moved my mouth all along the shaft of my brother’s penis, giving him his first official blowjob. It was wonderful being able to do this for real after sneaking a taste the other night. Now not only was I able to get off on it, but hopefully so was Danny.

My brother’s penis felt so natural in my mouth, I thought to myself as I blew him, and so much better doing this while he was awake instead of sleeping. I hoped he liked this as much as I did. It meant that I’d get to do it with him more and that would be just wonderful!

After only a couple minutes Danny whispered, “Dustin…? I’m gonna cum soon…”

Putting both my hands on my brother’s ass I began moving faster, hoping for a good, solid orgasm from him. Only about thirty seconds later I got my wish, as my brother’s penis began to kick and buck in my mouth, sending several spurts of salty sperm onto my tongue and down my throat. At first I thought I might choke, but I swallowed as fast as I could and managed to get it all down.

Once my brother was done cumming, I pulled off and stood up, giving him a hug.

“How was that?” I asked.

“Really nice.” Danny hugged me back and kissed me on the cheek. “Best orgasm I’ve ever had.”


“What was it like blowing me?”

I shrugged. “I liked it. You’re my brother. Making you feel good makes me happy.”

He laughed. “Cool.” He took my hard penis in his hand. “Can I do the same thing to you?”

“Oh, if you want,” I said, casually, while inside my mind raced.

“Cool.” Danny dropped to his knees and a couple moments later I felt something warm and wet wrap around my penis. Oh, god, it felt incredible! So much better than jerking off, or being masturbated by my brother. Oh, it was heavenly!

I looked down, watching my brother’s face move back and forth as he gave me my first blowjob. Most of it was in his mouth most of the time, but I could always see a little of the shaft and the bare place where my pubes would be if I didn’t shave.

After less than two minutes, I managed to gasp out, “Oh, Danny, I’m cumming!” just before I began shooting into my older brother’s mouth. I shook and shuddered as the orgasm swept through my body, carrying me to a place of bliss and delight.

When I was done cumming, Danny stood, swallowing the last of my sperm. He grinned at me.

“That was pretty cool.”


He came up and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back, and we stood there, naked and embracing, while the water from the shower rained down onto our young, temporarily sated bodies.

Danny said, “We should probably get out of here before we turn into giant prunes.”

I laughed. “Yeah. Plus Mom’s probably going to want us over for dinner soon.”

“Oh, yeah, I’d almost forgotten about that. What with getting and giving my first blowjob and all.” He grinned.

I smiled back. “Yeah. I liked that.”

“Me, too.”

I looked into my brother’s eyes, only a short distance from my own. “I love you, you know.”

“I know, Dustin. I love you, too.”


Without really thinking about it, I found my face moving closer to his, and his moving nearer to mine. Our lips met, then parted as our tongues slipped into each other’s mouths. We kissed and ground our naked bodies together for a good minute or two before we finally separated, each hard again.

I smiled a little. “I’ve never kissed another guy before.”

“I’ve never done any of this stuff before,” Danny said, taking my penis and rubbing it gently. “I like it, though.”

“Me, too.” I took his penis in my hand and this could’ve led somewhere very fun, but right then the phone rang. We quickly parted, almost as though we’d been caught doing something we shouldn’t. Danny grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself, going out to answer the phone.

By the time he came back to the bathroom I had a towel around my waist and was trying to comb my hair. “Mom?” I asked, as he walked into the room.

“Yeah.” He dried himself off and then hung up the towel, my eyes fixed on the reflection of his naked body. “She wants us up there in about fifteen minutes.”


We finished our grooming and dressing in silence, each alone with the thoughts of what we’d done. Once finished, we headed out to the main house where our mom had indeed prepared a nice dinner for us. We ate and talked, and even stuck around at the main house for a couple hours to watch a movie together (some old movie called “The Lady Vanishes”. It was interesting, I guess, if you like black and white), but neither of us really had our brains here. We were both, I think, wanting to get back to the cottage.

As it was, we wound up staying at the main house a lot longer than we expected. In the end, it was about 10:30 before we made it back to the cottage. Once we were inside, Danny yawned and stretched.

“I think I’m going to go to bed soon.”

“Oh? Ok.”

He grinned a little. “I’m gonna hit the hot tub first, though. Wanna come join me?”


We quickly stripped out of our clothes and got into the water. There wasn’t even any question between us on if we were going to be naked.

As we settled into the water, Danny let out a little sigh. “Ah. This is nice.”

“Yeah. I wish we had one of these at home.”

“No shit! That would so rock.”

I glanced at my brother. “There’s lots of things I like here that I hope we will have at home.”

“Oh? Like jerking and blowing?” he asked with a grin.

I laughed. “Yeah, that,” I said as my penis stiffened.

Danny moved closer. “Dustin?”


“I’m gay.”

I laughed a little and put an arm around my brother’s shoulders. “Well, there’s a shock.”

He giggled. “Yeah, I guess it’s not really, is it?”

“Well, you DID have your mouth on my penis earlier,” I said. Then I reached down and took hold of his erection under the water. “Of course, I had mine on yours, too.”


We looked into each other’s eyes for a moment and then started making out in the hot tub, kissing and masturbating each other as the water bubbled.

As we broke the kiss, I said, “Danny?”


I swallowed. “I don’t think I’m gay. I might be, I don’t know. But I do know that you’re my brother and I love you and I’ve always wanted you and this is the best thing ever.” I looked into his eyes, feeling butterflies flutter in my stomach at how he might react to this confession.

Danny smiled. “I love you, too, Dustin. I always have. You’re my brother and I will always love you.” He shrugged. “I never thought we’d have sex with each other, but I like that we are.”

“Cool.” We kissed a little more and I asked, “Am I your first?”


“Cool. I’m yours, too.” I smiled and we kissed again, continuing to masturbate each other.



“Wanna go do it in bed?”


We got out of the water and somehow managed to towel off while still finding time to kiss and grope each other. Once we were fairly dry went to the bedroom where we fell onto the bed and began making out again, running our hands all over one another’s nude bodies as we kissed. I was blown away by how good it all felt, and how close I felt to my brother making love like this.

Danny rolled me over onto my back and moved his head down, wrapping his mouth around my erection. I moaned a little in pleasure and then said, “Move yours around, so that I can suck you, too.” My brother complied and now I was sixty-nining with someone for the first time, my brother’s hard penis stuffing my mouth as my smaller one filled his.

I moved my hands up to Danny’s ass, feeling the muscles move under his skin while we blew each other. In the back of my mind I still couldn’t believe I was actually getting to do all this with him, but I was, and I liked it!

After a few minutes of us blowing each other, Danny pulled his mouth off my penis long enough to say, “You keep that up… and I’m gonna cum pretty soon…”

“Good,” I managed to say around a mouthful of my older brother’s penis. Then I added, “Me, too…”

Danny smiled at me and lowered his mouth back down onto me, his tongue working along the tip and part of the shaft of my penis while his hand worked along the rest of it. I did my best to try and emulate the technique, but since he was on top of me and basically fucking my throat, it wasn’t easy. I didn’t mind, though, just knowing I was giving this kind of pleasure to someone I loved was enough to make up for it!

I did my best to hold back my orgasm as long as I could, but Danny’s mouth was giving me such bliss I couldn’t contain myself, and felt the waves of pleasure wash over me as my penis began to spurt inside my brother’s mouth.

Danny’s orgasm came a few seconds later, with his penis jammed down my mouth as deep as it could go. I didn’t have any choice about swallowing, given that his sperm was basically shooting down my throat as he came.

Once he was done cumming, Danny got off me and laid next me on the bed. He hugged me tight and we kissed passionately; our tongues dancing against each other and our sperm mingling in one another’s mouths.

“That was so cool,” Danny whispered to me.

“Yeah… I wish we’d started doing this long ago.”

Danny was quiet for a moment and then said, “Well, we did kind of start the other night, right? When you sucked me off a little?”

I winced. “You knew about that?”

He laughed. “I woke up with you jerking me off. It wasn’t the kind of thing you sleep through.”

“Oh… sorry.”

Danny kissed me again. “It’s ok. It didn’t bother me.” He was silent for a moment and then said, “Dustin?”


“I’ve wanted to do this with you for a real long time.”

“You have?”

“Yeah, like for the last year or so. Ever since you started to hit puberty.”

“Oh.” I digested that for a bit. “I’ve wanted you for a while, too.”

“How long?”

I shrugged. “Probably for the last year or so. Ever since I started to hit puberty.”

Danny and I both dissolved into giggles at that point. We hugged each other again and slowly drifted off to sleep, naked in each other’s arms.

* * *

When I woke up the next morning, I was still naked, but in the bed by myself. I looked around, but didn’t see Danny. I did hear some sounds coming from the kitchen, though, and smelled something good. Without bothering to dress, I got up, yawned, stretched, gave my hard penis a couple strokes, and walked nude into the kitchen.

There I saw Danny, just as naked as I was and, as he saw me, getting just as hard. He was making some pancakes. He smiled at me as I walked in.


“Hey.” I came up behind him and gave him a hug, pressing my penis against his ass and kissing him on the cheek. I then let my hand drift slowly downward to my brother’s erection, giving it a couple strokes.

Danny laughed. “Stop that, Dustin. Not while I’m trying to cook. I could burn something.”

“Yeah, that’d be bad. Ok.” I let go of Danny’s penis and walked over to the fridge where I got a glass of orange juice. I took a couple sips and then sat down at the table as Danny began to serve up the pancakes.

“So what do you want to do today, Dustin?” he asked as we ate.

I shrugged. “Have sex.”

He laughed. “Yeah, well, beyond that what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. Probably go out to Charlotte Amalie again. I’m sure Mom’s going to want to meet up and do something.”

“Yeah, probably.”

I leaned forward and gave a maple-syrup flavored kiss to my brother’s cheek. “Doesn’t mean we can’t have lots of sex anyhow.”


This could’ve gotten a lot more interesting, not to mention sticky, but before we could really go anywhere, our mom called. She’d already called for the boat to go to town, and wanted us to come join her. We basically ended up with about twenty minutes, which, sadly, left us only enough time to finish eating, get cleaned up and get dressed.

Our mom had it in mind for us to spend pretty much the entire day playing tourist. We’d seen most of the notable sights in town, but she’d managed to find some obscure art galleries and had wanted to smarten us up by showing them to us. I was fairly bored, as was Danny. I knew we’d both rather be spending our day naked and playing.

At one point after lunch, but before we left to go back to the island, Danny slipped away for a bit. When he returned he had a suspiciously innocent look on his face. I tried to ask him where he’d been, but he just shook his head and whispered, “Later.”

We ended up staying in town until after dinner, when we finally called the boat and rode back to the island. We said goodnight to our mom and went back to our small cabin on the other side of the island. As soon as we were back in the cabin, I gave my brother a hug and said, “So what are you hiding?”

“Hiding?” he asked. “Who said I’m hiding anything?”

“Me. You wandered off earlier and looked super-innocent when you came back. What’s going on?”

“Oh, that. I bought something.”

I rolled my eyes. Danny loved to play these sorts of games. “And what was the something you bought?”

“Well, what do I get if I tell you?” he asked with a little smirk.

I placed a hand on my brother’s crotch, rubbing at the lump in his pants. “You get me.”

“Well, I guess that’s good enough,” he said, looking doubtful.

“Or I could kick you in the balls.”

Danny laughed. “Well, when you put it like that…” He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small bottle with the word “Wet” printed on it.

“What’s that?” I asked, taking it from him.

“It’s what’s called lube.”

“What’s it for?”

“Makes things slippery.” He took the bottle from me and squirted a small amount onto my fingertips.

I moved my fingers together, mildly amazed at the total lack of friction. “Nice. Why do you have it?”

“So that you can be inside me tonight.”

“Huh?” I looked at him. “I’ve already been inside you.”

Danny placed his hand over my crotch this time and said in a soft voice, “I’m not talking about you being inside my mouth.”

“Then what-” Realization dawned. “Oh…”


“You want me to fuck you?” I whispered.

“God, yes.”


“Don’t you want to?”

“Well, yeah, sure, I just didn’t expect it, that’s all.”

“Good.” He put his arms around me and kissed me on the lips. “I’ve always wanted to get fucked by you, Dustin.”

“Well!” I kissed him back. “Sounds fine to me!”

We both began giggling. “You wanna get naked and into the hot tub?” Danny asked.


We started kissing and, without any discussion, began tugging at each other’s clothes. Soon we were both nude and still standing there in the living room, kissing each other.

“I love you so much, Danny,” I whispered, stroking my brother’s penis.

“I love you, too, Dustin.” He dropped to his knees and put his mouth around my penis, moving his head slowly back and forth.

I ran my fingers through Danny’s hair as he blew me. Looking towards the window I could see the reflection of our naked bodies in the glass. It was so hot watching my brother suck me off. I really hoped we could do this at home, too, cause I had a full-length mirror in my bedroom.

“Dustin?” Danny said as he abruptly pulled his mouth off my penis.


“I don’t want to wait. I want you to fuck me right now.”

“Sure!” I said eagerly.

Danny stood up and grabbed the bottle of lube. He squirted some onto his fingers and then handed it to me. “Get it nice and slick,” he said.

“Ok.” I squirted some of the lube onto my penis and rubbed it all over, getting it as slippery as I could. Meantime Danny was standing here with his hand behind him and moving around a little awkwardly. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was doing with his fingers.

Finally he said, “Ok, I’m ready,” and laid down on the floor.

“You just wanna do it right here?” I asked, kneeling on the ground next to him.

“There’s no way I can wait to get into the bedroom. I need you inside me, Dustin. Now.”

I wasn’t one to argue. I got between his legs and said, “So, how do we do this?”

“Well, I haven’t actually been fucked before,” Danny said. “I’ve used my fingers and I have a dildo at home. But in theory all that should have to happen is I spread and lift my legs and you slide it into me.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

Danny spread his legs wide and lifted them up, presenting his ass to me. The target was pretty obvious. I maneuvered around and eventually got myself lined up.

“You ready?” I asked.

“Yeah. Go slow.”


I licked my lips and took a deep breath. Then I pushed forward and watched as slowly my thirteen-year-old penis began to enter my fifteen-year-old brother’s virgin ass. I moved as slowly as I could until I was all the way in him and then gave him a kiss.

“I’m inside you,” I whispered in amazement. “Does it feel ok?”

“No… it feels amazing,” he said with a blissed-out smile. “Do you like it?”

I moved back and forth a little, feeling pleasure like I’d never felt before and in the most casual voice ever, said, “Well, yeah, it’s ok.”

Danny giggled, then wrapped his arms and legs around me. “Fuck me, little brother.”

I began thrusting slowly, moving my hips and sliding my penis in and out of my older brother’s ass. If I’d thought blowjobs were amazing, and I did, they were nothing compared to this. I wondered if it felt as good when fucking a girl? I’d probably never find out. Besides, who cared about girls when I had my brother to have sex with?

While I fucked Danny, his hand moved to his penis and he began rapidly masturbating. God, it was hot doing that, and knowing that I was inside him at the same time. I’d never really thought about fucking before, but I could see I was going to spend a lot more time thinking about it now!

All too soon I felt my orgasm approaching. I managed to gasp out, “Danny…? Are you getting close?”


“Oh… well, I’m gonna cum… real soon…”

“Do it, Dustin,” he whispered back, looking me straight in the eyes. “Cum inside me…”

That did it. Gritting my teeth I pushed my penis deep into my older brother’s ass and lost myself in orgasm as my sperm fired off into him. It was, hands down, the best orgasm I’d ever had, period!

“Was it good?” Danny asked, reaching up to stroke my hair.

I stared at him. “Are you kidding?”

Danny giggled. “Stay in me while I cum.”


I moved so that my penis was as deep inside my brother as I could get it, and then watched him as he masturbated. It was so beautiful watching that body I loved so much as he pleasured himself and, eventually, reached an orgasm. God, I was the luckiest boy in the world for getting to see this!

Once Danny was done cumming, I pulled out of him and we laid side-by-side on the floor, making out with each other. Eventually we got up and headed to the shower, where we cleaned up. The cleanliness didn’t last, though, because pretty soon Danny was bent over with me doing him from behind as the water flowed onto our nude bodies.

My brother and I spent the entire rest of the vacation in the Virgin Islands screwing our brains out. We fucked in every room in the cottage, and once on the beach (never again). We even fucked in the hot tub a couple times. Mostly we did it in bed, though.

It was always me fucking Danny, never him fucking me. I asked him a couple times if he wanted to, but he never did. He said he enjoyed having me inside him to much to want to switch things around.

I’d wondered if our relationship was going to last once we got back home. I never talked with Danny about it. I figured if this vacation was all we had, I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could. Happily, not more than three hours after we got back to Des Moines, I was fucking Danny on his bed.

It’s been a few years since my brother and I started our incestual relationship with each other. Now we’re in college. He’s a dance major, I’m an art major. Most people think we’re gay just because of that. We share a two-bedroom apartment, but we only really use one bed.

I know there’s people out there who would frown on my brother and I and the relationship we have. To each other we don’t even pretend we’re anything other than madly in love with each other. To everyone else… well, some of our friends know, some have figured it out, and it’s not anyone else’s business. As long as Danny and I are happy together, that’s what’s most important, and happy we are

the end

The First Mate

It was so unfair; my first long space voyage as First Mate after my promotion and I had to draw Captain Walters as commanding officer. Ethyl Walters, the tough-as-nails commanding officer of the “Venture.” had a reputation as being demanding. As the first woman ever to captain a Federation frigate, she had a lot to prove. But she had been proving it for the last fifteen years by making the lives of the men who served with her miserable.

To make matters worse, Captain Walters turned out to be a very good-looking woman. Although she was ten or fifteen years older than I was, she had a firm, youthful body and once we were underway, she didn’t mind showing it. Constantly she wore the skimpiest cut of uniform that regs allowed, clothes that showed off her big boobies and a hard, round ass. She seemed totally unaware or indifferent at the effect proximity to her had on a young NCO like me.

I was scared to death of her, but too much a male not to dream of getting into her bed. At last one night I finally got a break. We had been traveling at top speed for several weeks when one afternoon (Navy psychs insist crews keep a 24 hour “day,” even when our sun is an indistinguishable point of light in the sky) a fanfare suddenly blared out from speakers all over the ship. “What is that, Captain Walters?” I asked. “That’s no alarm I’ve ever heard.”

“It’s not an alarm,” she explained. “I set the computer to notify us when we passed from the gravity well of the Milky Way into that of the Spiral Nebula. This is the first time I have been outside our home galaxy. I feel like celebrating. What about you?”

“Well of course it would be a first time for me, too, Captain…”

“‘Ethyl,’ she smiled. “Now that we’re outside our home galaxy, Tony, why don’t you call me Ethyl.”

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. Ethyl grinned at me. “I want a special dinner. Think you can arrange that, Tony?”

“Aye, Aye, sir … I mean, sure Ethyl.”

Needless to say, I was surprised at this display of emotion from my hard-bitten commanding officer. She even came out dressed up for the occasion, a slinky gown slit high and strappy spike heel sandals. I was even more surprised when Ethyl pulled several bottles of Bored from her personal stash for the meal I prepared. It was a dammed good soy stroganoff, if I do say so myself. As the night wore on and I saw Ethyl having a little too much to drink, I started to wonder if I might get lucky.

Discretely, I helped her have a little too much more. And what do you know? As ice-cool Ethyl got tipsy, she started to thaw. In one way, I wasn’t surprised. A woman with big squeeze-able tits like hers and wide, man-devouring hips just MUST need lots of sex. She had to be used to men feeling up those glorious knockers until she was crazy with lust and then putting the wood to her. She might have acquired an amazing collection of sex toys to help her avoid sex with crewmembers, but tonight I hoped she would find out she couldn’t. The booze was working on her. The old minx was getting hot for a little screwing. Her inhibitions were slipping. I could see she was starting to remember just how good getting laid felt having a man push open those plump legs and insert a fat cock into her juicy pussy. She would soon go wild unless she got some.

She started giving me shy glances that gradually turned into hot, hungry gazes. When I suggested we watch a video together, she willingly agreed and soon she was sitting just a little too close to me on the couch. I pulled out a porn movie of a dentist who uses NO2 to get into the pants of his patients. Ethyl grinned when the doctor got a well-built woman in his chair, laid her back and shot her full of gas until she was giddy. Ethyl giggled along with the groggy woman as she watched Dr. “Hands” unbutton his pretty patient’s blouse. The gassed-up woman squirmed with pleasure when the doctor slipped her boobies out of the bra and started playing with her nipples. I noticed Ethyl started squirming, too.

The movie brought out a bawdy side to Ethyl I could only have fantasized about. “That’s it; feel the bitch up. Make her screw her brains out,” Ethyl muttered under her breath. I noticed my tipsy commanding officer was slowly snuggling up to press her self against me and when I looked down, I saw her blouse had “accidentally” come unbuttoned, revealing that lovely pair of big white tits.

“Do you mind if I hold you like this, Ethyl?” I said shyly, putting an arm around her gently. “Do, and I’ll bust you down to ensign! You’d better hold me like this!” she growled drawing my hand to her breasts and kissing me passionately. “Oh, God, Tony! It’s been so long!” she sighed. “Oh, I thought I could do without it, but I can’t. That feels so lovely!” she moaned as I kneaded her boobs and tweaked her nipples.

“I can’t believe this, Ethyl,” I gasped. “You are so beautiful, so sexy. I’ve been dreaming of…”

Another passionate kiss silenced me until she drew back. “Don’t talk, baby. I’ve got more important uses for your lips,” she moaned and pulled my face into her bosom. “You are doing such a JOB on me. You really know how to turn a woman on. You’re getting me… so… damned… horny…,” she panted. “I’ve got to get off! Diddle me, Tony. Diddle me good.” she continued to moan and guided my hand under her skirt and up into her pussy.

When my fingers slipped between her legs, I could feel her pussy was wet. The woman was ready to be laid. As I rubbed her clit rhythmically, she began to yelp with pleasure as orgasm after orgasm hit her. I continued stimulating her, almost cruelly, until she was delirious with desire. “Give it to me, Tony! I’ve got to have sex; I’ve got to have a man. It’s been too long since I had a real prick between my legs. I need to be screwed. Come to bed with me, Tony. I want you to fuck me.”

Frantically, she led me to her Captain’s chambers. “Come put me to bed; put me down and give me some cock!” she gasped and she ripped off our clothes pulled me into bed on top of her. I had never seen a woman in such a frenzy to get laid. “Put it here in my pussy, Tony! Cram your cock down deep in me. Pump me full of fuck until I burst. I’ve got to have a good dicking; I’ve got to have it!” she cried as I slid my prick in her steaming cunt.

“Yes! Yes! You’re in!” she exclaimed as soon as my cock penetrated her pussy. “It feels so good, baby, your prick deep in my pussy, just where I want it,” she said softly now with more determination than frenzy. Instantly, her legs locked around me and she began to gyrate. “In and out … In and out,” she whispered. “Just like it should be.” Slowly I realized her body had taken control of my rhythm. I was no longer fucking her. She was fucking me and I couldn’t have stopped her if I’d wanted to! Her powerful undulations were controlling my movements. She was bringing me to orgasm.

I had the feeling that something wasn’t quite right, even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t have pulled out. Her legs were strong and her movements felt too good. Instead, I gave in to her domination and seconds later exploded inside her. Nevertheless her writhing didn’t stop until she had drained my balls into her ravenous cunt. “Yes, Tony, now I have you,” I heard her say as, spent with passion, I dropped off to sleep. But several more times that night I half remembered being on top of Ethyl pouring cum down her pussy hole. “Wake up a little, darling. Just enough for one last time,” she said. “I want to fuck you one more time!” This time all I could do was lie back as she coaxed my prick to erection. Then she climbed on, and rode me to orgasm that turned out my light again.

It was late afternoon when I awoke. I stumbled out of Ethyl’s cabin and found her at the controls of the ship. When she saw me, she arose and took me in her arms. “Good afternoon, sweetie. Have fun last night?” she grinned and kissed me.

“Wow!” I replied. “I sure did. Didn’t you?”

“Of course, honey,” she said leading me to the couch in the control room. “Any woman would like spending time in bed with a man like you! You dicked me five times in one night. And it looks like we’ll be having a lot more such nights just like it, Sure Shot.”

“Sure shot?” I asked.

“Yes, look at this,” she grinned, handing me a paper with a bright pink plus sign on it. “What does this mean, Captain Walters?” I demanded.

“When did I become ‘Captain Walters’ again?” she laughed. “It means just what you’re afraid it means, darling. I’ve been in my most fertile period for a week. It looks like now, thanks to you, I’m going to be making us a baby. Sometime during these last few days that we’ve been screwing like rabbits, you got me knocked up sky high.”

“Impossible!” I gasped. “Yeah? Well, just watch. In a few weeks I’ll start looking like what I am — a the girl you ‘got in trouble.’ My boobs will get bigger; my hips will spread out. By the time we get back to Earth my tummy will be blown up like a balloon and I’ll be slow stupid and hanging onto you. Everybody will wag their heads and grin knowingly that while we were out alone in space, the Captain let her First Mate into her pants one night got herself knocked up. But according to the Space Code, you will have to marry me!”

“What do you mean ‘last few days?'”

“Well, yes, I have another little confession. The night you may remember wasn’t last night. It was about two weeks ago; you’ve been unconscious since I seduced you.

“But why don’t I remember anything?”

“Easy. Light tranquilizers and heavy sex. After the last fuck each morning when had to get up to run the ship, I gave you a drugged drink of water to keep you sedated. But when I came back at night, I had a way to keep you under control that was much more fun for both of us. Every time you stirred, I gave you my tits to suck until you were hard and rode you to an orgasm that put you to sleep again.

“But how can you be pregnant? Our contraceptives!” I asked.

“Ours?” she grinned. “I stopped taking mine weeks ago. Maybe it was just my biological clock, but I decided I’d never find a better combination of brains and body to father my children, sweetheart. And although I’m sure you’re normally very cautious before you take a young lady to bed, First Mate Black was so excited about finally getting his ‘frigid’ Captain into the sack that night, he forgot to take his “before” pill.”

I gaped, realizing what she said was true.

“It wouldn’t have done you any good, anyway, honey. I switched them for placebos several earlier. I wanted to make sure that when I had you in me these last few days, you would be shooting with live bullets.”

“But the celebration of entering the Spiral? Was that just coincidence?”

“I have NO idea when we left the Milky Way, darling. I programmed the computer that monitors our vital functions to alert me when I was to enter my most fertile time of the month,” she grinned triumphantly

“You planned all this? That night was just an act?”

“A plan, yes, but not an act, darling! I really do get horny when I drink and the wine had me as high as a kite. Porno movies do get me hot. When I let you feel me up, I did get terribly aroused. I truly loved the way you put the make on me. You used my tits perfectly to make me want it, and bad! If I hadn’t already intended to let you fuck me, I sure couldn’t have stopped then. And I wasn’t faking those orgasms when we screwed. Your fingers, tongue, and prick did make me come and come! All the screams of pleasure were the real me. You had me moaning with genuine ecstasy, but I had also made sure that the sperm you were planting deep inside me didn’t go to waste.”

“The act was earlier, darling,” she continued, “Pretending NOT to want sex when I was dying to get you in me. From almost the moment I laid eyes on you, Tony, I wanted your prick and your baby, but it took time to come up with a plan to make you marry me. I had to grit my teeth when you brushed my tits or ‘accidentally’ bumped my ass when we passed in these narrow corridors. My body was crying, ‘You’re hot! Let him do you. Spread your legs and let him fill your pussy with his cum!’ It was hard lying awake at night, listening to your breathing in the adjoining cot, wanting you cock planted in me. But now I’ve got you; my long horny nights getting off with my dildo are over!”

“This is outrageous, Ethyl. I refuse to let you get away with this!”

“On the contrary, my darling,” she giggled, “You will let me get away with this and a lot more. You see, I made a couple of marvelous discoveries that first night. First, I found out you really don’t need to be in the Navy for the money. Your father left you more credits than you know how to spend, something I think I can help you with,” she giggled. “Second, once I’d got your prick in me, I discovered that I could do absolutely anything I wanted with you. The manly Tony Black has a secret vulnerability. You actually like being sexually dominated by a woman. And darling, I am going to take advantage of that to supply all the domination you crave.”


“Tony, I have screwed around a lot, and I know what turns men on. I’ll admit I never suspected it of you. I thought playing the frigid female who gets helplessly amorous when drunk would turn you on, and it did. But later when I had you in bed, I saw how you responded to my commands. You were helpless. I know a little bit about hypnotism, so I stayed awake when you slipped into that lovely semi-conscious daze that overcomes a man after a good fuck. I tried a simple induction, and you went under like a baby. I took you down several more levels and planted a post hypnotic suggestion that you crave sex with me. Each time I screwed you for the last week, I put you under again, tightening my control of your mind. By now I’ve got you in the most deliciously total bondage to me,” she giggled.

“What mumbo jumbo! I suppose you have grounds for a paternity suit and are after a fat court settlement from my father’s estate. But ‘marriage?’ ‘Bondage?’ Come on!”

“So, you are angry with me?” she grinned.

“Furious, you bitch!”

“And don’t want to make love to me again?”

“After what you have done to me? Of course not.”

“Then I guess if you now suddenly found yourself really horny and wanting me to screw you, that would prove I have some kind of hold on you mind, wouldn’t it?”

“I suppose,” I admitted, warily. “Then get ready to test your bonds,” she said and rubbed her breasts. As her hands moved over her breasts they seemed to expand to fill my field of vision. “You are staring at me, darling. It’s rude to stare at a woman’s boobs unless you are planning to do something with them,” she smirked. “In fact, you’d better not look at all if you don’t want to get horny. I’ve found that young men who stare at my big, soft boobies soon get an urge to feel me up. They get so turned on they just want to undress me and take my big titties out of my bra and kiss them and suck them.”

“Could that be happening to you, Tony?” she asked knowingly and started unbuttoning her uniform. I shook my head, but continued to star at her as she stripped. “I wouldn’t mind that happening, darling. I haven’t had you in me for several hours so if you started playing with my titties, that could get me excited. Oh, yes, very excited,” she hissed as she sidled up to me.

“No, no!” I protested as I fell on those magnificent milk jugs

“Oh yes, baby! I hope you know what you’re doing to me. When a man sucks my tits like you are, I get really wet down here. See?”

I didn’t see, but I sure felt as she guided my hand to her very soppy crotch.

“Why not come with me to my cabin again for another romp.”


After that night there was no question. Ethyl owned me, body and soul and I really couldn’t complain. At first there was not much change in routine; most of the housekeeping chores were mine anyway, although she insisted I learn how to care for her clothes. That was not much of a chore because she preferred that we went naked to make it more convenient to fuck at her slightest whim.

By the time we were on the way back to base she was really starting to show – and to slow down. We were spending more and more time in bed. She still liked me to fuck her several times a day, but had decided that doggie style or riding me was more practical than missionary position. Even more, however she liked me to massage her belly as I fingered her to orgasm or to eat her to one soft come after another.

Our baby girl, named Andromeda, what else, was born just two weeks after we arrived. (What HADN’T this woman planned?) There was barely time to organize the wedding before Ethyl went into delivery. Although many of my friends and classmates were surprised I was marrying my commanding officer and a woman considerably older than I, most of them shared ribald congratulations for having seduced the “sexy old bitch.” If they only knew! Actually, several of them soon found out. Ethyl told me several of her like-minded friends had found new toy boys that day on my side of the aisle.

As the time for her maternity leave drew toward a close, I started to feel worried. First I knew I was going to miss Andromeda terribly when we had to take the “Venture” off on the next mission. Second, Ethyl was having such fun nursing and playing with our daughter – such a beautiful little girl, how could you blame her – she had not started making any arrangements for day care while we would be gone.

Finally the day for Ethyl to report to FedNav headquarters to pick up our orders arrived. When she returned she didn’t want to talk about orders, but was boiling with lust. She didn’t even let me put dinner on the table but insisted we go straight to bed.

When I woke up next, she was in a much better mood. “I love you so much, Tony,” she confessed as she lay in my arms after what must have been an early morning roll in the hay.

“And I, you, darling.”

“You’re not resentful at the way I tricked you into marrying me?”

“Tricked me into having the smartest, the sweetest, the sexiest wife in the galaxy? Not very! You know I’d do anything for you.”

“Oh, Tony, I love you for saying that and meaning it. I have a really big request to make.”

“Say it, sweetheart.”

She looked at me carefully, judging me. “Tony, I don’t like the idea of strangers taking care of our baby.”

I was confused. “Neither do I, love, but we can’t take her into space with us until she’s eight or she’ll never develop balance.”

“I know, love. That’s why I think it’s best if a parent stays with her. We can’t both go on the Venture when she blasts off.”

“No, Ethyl, darling. It’s too big a sacrifice. You can’t give up your career, even for Andromeda. You’ve worked a lifetime to get where you are.”

“OH, Tony. I knew you’d understand,” she squealed. “You won’t regret it, I promise,”

“‘Understand what?’ ‘I won’t regret what?’ Now I am confused, Ethyl”

“Don’t you see darling? I will go on the Venture. You will stay home and take care of Andromeda. And when I come home…” Well if I didn’t calculate wrong, stud, some time during the last week we have been fucking, you made Andromeda a little brother or sister.”

The End

Comments please to Homer Vargas

In particular, this story almost begs for an alternate ending in which Ethyl leaves Tony home with the kid, but goes off with another man promising to bring him home another baby to take care of. After all he was just her FIRST mate, not the only one. Indeed, with a little tweaking, we could probably discover that the first baby isn’t Tony’s either. But I’m just not in a nasty enough mood right now to write it. Any takers?

Also, I’d like to include this revistion of “No Deposit, Return.”

“A year has pased since the wedding and Cynthia is STILL not pregnant. The grandmothers take action.”

No Deposit, Return (M/F, cuck, preg, parody/humor) by Homer Vargas

I wish to acknowledge use of an altered scene from the hot story, “Ebony and Ivory Acres” by Stormbringer. The spirit of the story, however is much closer to the stories of CDE.

Arthur sat at Cynthia’s side gripping her hand tightly. Across from them sat Cynthia’s mother, Mable, and his own mother, Ruth. The two women regarded the nervous pair seriously. Ruth spoke first. “I suppose you know why Mable and I invited you two over, don’t you?”

“Because it’s our anniversary?” Arthur offered, glancing shyly as his beautiful young wife.

“Well, yes, that is the occasion, darling, but not the real reason,” Ruth smiled encouragingly. “We thought by now you two might have something you wanted to … tell us.” Both women leaned forward slightly. Mable was not smiling.

“Er, ‘tell you,’ mother?” Arthur asked.

“Of course, dear,” she replied kindly. “You don’t have to be shy with us. It’s very normal for a young couple, especially this long after the honeymoon. We wanted to be the first to know.”

“Know, uh … what?” Arthur asked, glancing over at Cynthia who was biting her lip and clasping and unclasping her hands.

“She means have you knocked up my daughter yet, twerp!” Mable burst out in exasperation. “It was bad enough that she didn’t have a nice bulging tummy for the wedding ceremony, though that was partly her fault,” the scowling woman admitted. “But now twelve MONTHS have gone by, boy. Any normal man would have had her nursing one baby and be working in a second one for us by now!”

“Mother, please!” Cynthia interjected in defense of her cringing husband. “This is a very private matter between the two of us.”

“Of course getting a baby fucked into you is private! I didn’t ask to WATCH him putting the first bun put in that cute little belly of yours, Cynthia, although that would be sexy,” her mother leered. “I’m just interested in results. You’re almost eighteen, young lady. This is your most fertile time of life. You could be popping out grandchildren for me once a year. Remember what happened to your older sister. She didn’t start until she was almost twenty and now and is going almost two or more years between babies. At this rate, she’ll barely reach a dozen and SHE has both her husband’s brothers helping her.

“Excuse me, mother Dunn, but Cynthia is right. When and how many children we have is none of your business.”

“Now Arthur, you can’t really mean that. I’m just as eager to see lots of grandchildren as Mable,” Ruth interjected, “Although I might have expressed it a little differently,” she said, looking over at Mable. “I naturally want you to keep Cynthia constantly pregnant for the next twenty years of so as much as Mable does.”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you, anyway, shrimp? Are you shooting blanks?” Mable demanded. “I know she had the absurd idea of not having sex before the marriage, but what kind of boyfriend were you to take that shit? If all else failed, you should have gotten the silly filly drunk one night and slipped a baby in her. I swear, I can’t figure out youngsters nowadays!”

“Arthur! Is that true?” Ruth asked. “You asked a girl to marry you without at least fucking her stupid for a few months? Suppose you are inadequate? I made that mistake with your father. I’d certainly hate to think that my son could do that to another woman!”

Arthur was stunned to see his soft-spoken mother so animated. Mable continued.

“Well, that’s water over the dam, but what about now?” Mable demanded. “You’ve been fucking my daughter for a year. A little minx like her, I guess she wants it, what, three times a day, more on weekend, I guess? You fill her hot little cunt, say, twice each session…” Mable was lost in her mental calculation. “Load for an average man is three ounces.” She cast a disparaging glance at her son-in-law. “Say, one-half ounce for YOU … makes … … over eight gallons of spunk you’ve pumped into my little girl! That’s enough to give her a swollen belly right there.”

“Mother,” Cynthia exclaimed. “You’ve got it all wrong. We don’t do it quite that often.”

“What? The bastard fucks you fewer than three times a day? What kind of undersexed wimp did you marry, anyway, honey?”

“Well, it’s not all Arthur’s fault. I don’t think it is proper to, you know, just RUT it all the time like animals.”

“Shit, girl. I knew I should never have let you hang out with that crazy church crowd. And you?”

Mable turned on Arthur with fire in her eyes “You put up with that kind of frigidity? What kind of man doesn’t fuck a wife just because she says she doesn’t want to? A real man would take her and paw her until the little bitch was crying for it. You ought to be fucking the shit out of my girl several times a day. After a few times, she’d have begged you for it. That’s what Leroy did to me.”

“Don’t feel bad, Cynthia, dear,” Ruth interjected, trying to be sympathetic to the distraught young woman. “I felt the same way before I met Jethro. But once you get a taste of hard nasty sex, you just can’t get enough.

“Jethro?” Arthur asked.

Ruth looked a little pained. “He’s the little brother of Mable’s friend, Leroy.”

“Leroy?” Cynthia asked.

“Don’t play games, Cynthia! You know I’ve had a big black stud screwing my brains out every night since your father passed on.”

“Since before you FUCKED him to death, you mean,” the daughter replied bitterly. “You should have known not to make daddy have sex with you as soon as he got home from a triple bypass, especially that half-hour doggie fuck!”

“He died a happy man, Cynthia. The undertaker couldn’t get the grin off his face. And you’ve never complained about the millions in insurance money he left us. Besides, I was only doing what I had to do. Lord, girl, your father had been in and out of the hospital for weeks! If Leroy hadn’t been working as an orderly in the intensive care unit, I don’t know what I’d have done. Leroy,” Mable sighed and smiled for the first time. “Now there’s a man! I’ll guarantee you, Leroy would have you knocked up higher than a kite by now.”

“I’m not a shameless hussy like you, Mother, bearing a little black ‘posthumous’ child eight moths after Daddy died! How can you even think about me being unfaithful to my darling Arthur.”

“Don’t tell me YOU don’t!”

“Of course I don’t!” Cynthia protested.

“Then what ARE you thinking about when you have this buried in your twat, you horny little bitch?” her mother asked triumphantly and pulled out a huge black dildo.

“Where did you find … er, what do you mean, Mother?”

“I took it from the second drawer of your night stand, the same drawer you’ve kept it since you were 13, Cynthia. That was the reason I was never too worried about you running around with those religious nuts, promising to remain a virgin and all that nonsense. I knew that every night you were sneaking back into your room fucking yourself silly with Junior here. I could hear you writhing in ecstasy and moaning ‘Fuck me, you big black bastard, fuck me pregnant.'”

“Cynthia!” Albert exclaimed in shock. “You were … touching yourself, even when we were dating?”

“Of course she was, dear,” Ruth put in. “All women have to masturbate. Don’t think badly of her, or of yourself. Very few men can give women all the hard-pounding sex we require. Even if you did her several times a day, a healthy young woman like Cynthia would still need lots of sex toys to keep her mental equilibrium. Without six or seven good gut-wrenching orgasms a day, we girls become bitchy and hysterical. I certainly was, even though I was spending several hours a day coming with my vibrator. I was nearly a wreck, until Mable introduced me to Jethro, that is.” Ruth smiled gratefully at her friend.

“Hell, no, I don’t blame her,” Mable added. “Especially since this wimp isn’t exercising his marital rights. I just blame her for settling for an artificial fuck stick that can no more put a baby in that belly than her useless husband. Lemme see your equipment, boy!”

“What are you talking about, Mother Dunn”

“Your baby-making tool, dammit! Your dick, your cock, your prick, your Johnson, you twerp!”

“She means we want to see your penis, darling,” Ruth tried to explain.

“Mother! You expect me to expose my private parts in front of all three of you? Why I insist on lights out to spare even Cynthia the trauma of having to look at a man’s … you know.

“What crap!” Mable exploded. “A real man shows off is dong every time he gets a chance, ’cause he knows seeing it turns a woman into a mush of rutting woman flesh. So, fish it out and lets see it, buster,”

“Do as she says, dear,” Ruth said, reaching over to unbutton Arthur’s pants.

“My god! Jockey shorts and I don’t see no bulge,” Mable exclaimed as Arthur’s pants dropped around his ankles.

“Go ahead. Pull down your shorts, honey” Ruth said. Mortified, Arthur complied.

Mable gasped. “I don’t believe it! It’s even smaller than my late husband’s. How do you expect to get a girl pregnant with that thing? Why that’s not a cock, it’s a weenie!

Mable glared at Arthur, daring him to answer. Cynthia was too embarrassed to say anything. She regarded Ruth with more affection. “Don’t mean no harm, Ruth, Honey, but you’ve got to admit, we’ve given him a fair chance. I think it’s time we follow through on what we agreed with Cynthia before the wedding.”

“Cynthia? Mother Dunn? What are you talking about?” Arthur asked nervously pulling his pants back on.

“Do you want to tell him, Cynthia, or do you want me to?” Mable asked.

The young woman just hung her head, so her mother barreled ahead. “It’s this way, buster. I told Ruth when you asked my Cynthia to marry you, I didn’t think it would work out. Even before seeing that sorry excuse for a dick, I could tell you take after your daddy too much. Why look at your mother; she’s got the hips and the tits to pop babies out every year. And how many did her dippy husband give her? One! And a sorry one at that, if I do say so!” Mable glared at her son-in-law.

“Mother Dunn! Besides being a vulgar butinsky, you are totally wrong to impugn my father’s virility. Perhaps you don’t know, but I have EIGHT little brothers and sisters!” Arthur shot back, looking proudly at his mother, glad at last to have a comeback to his intrusive mother-in-law.

“Now, Arthur, darling, don’t be hasty,” Ruth said. “It’s more complicated. After I saw it had taken your father almost three months to get me pregnant with you, I was pretty desperate. I had to make up for lost time because I wanted babies, lots more babies. Unfortunately, I found your father really wasn’t up to it, so I naturally turned to his boss and friends and several men I picked up in night clubs for help.”

“Haven’t you ever noticed that the younger ones don’t look nothin’ like your pappy?” Mable sniffed. “One is obviously a Spick and if your little sister got those slant eyes from your daddy, I’m a monkey’s uncle. And looks like you are worse than he was. A whole year and not able to make even one baby!” Mable growled. “There’s nothing else to do; I’m taking her back, Ruth, just like I said.”

“I don’t care what you two agreed. You can’t ‘take me back,'” Cynthia protested. “I’m staying with my Arthur.”

“And let me turn forty-five without seeing a clutch of grandchildren from my youngest daughter? No way! The little wimp had his chance. You can stay married to him if you want to, but I’m turning your breeding over to a real man.”

“What is all this about, Mother?” Arthur demanded.

“I’m afraid it’s true, darling. What she demanded seemed only fair. I had to admit that I shared some of Mable’s, er, concerns about you. I remembered when you were a teenager and I walked into your room unannounced, I never caught you masturbating.”

“But said it would make me go blind!” Arthur protested.

“Holy Toledo!” Mable shrieked. “The only teenage boy in the world actually to believe that shit, and MY daughter has to marry him!”

“Arthur, I told you that so you would feel guilty and think sex was sinful and dangerous. That way you could enjoy it more when you rebelled, don’t you see? Oh, I should have know something was wrong,” Ruth sighed. “When I paraded around in the house showing off for you half naked, all you did was look away. Even when I started coming into your room to give you a good-night kiss with my boobs hanging out, you never pulled me into bed with you and played with my pussy until I was crazy and fucked the shit out of me. Your erections were so puny when I shot you beavers of my shaved pussy, I was sick with worry. Eventually I realized you were never going to come into my room at night when you though I was asleep and fuck me and make me pregnant like a normal teen-age boy. But you were mixed up with that church crowd at the time. I tried to convince myself it was all those crazy notions about incest being a sin.”

“But … but it IS a sin” Arthur sputtered.

“Of course it’s a sin to fuck your mamma and come buckets in her and knock her up with your own little brother or sister,” Mable exploded. “But to any NORMAL boy, that’s half the fun, sliding your prick inside her loose, hairy cunt and unloading a charge of jism that will put another baby in her for your father to raise. When Ruth admitted she had never been able to seduce you, my worst fears were confirmed. I knew you just didn’t have the powerful wild urges to fuck that any healthy woman, especially a potential little baby-factory like my Cynthia, is entitled to. Your mother had to agree.”

“Agree to what, Mother?” Arthur asked fearfully.

“Agree to take you back if you didn’t succeed in making Cynthia pregnant within a year of the wedding, dear,” Ruth answered.

“And I get Cynthia back to let a real man take over the job of putting babies in her tight little belly,” Mable continued triumphantly.

“Didn’t you hear me, mother. I absolutely refuse to let any man except Arthur to make love to me,” her daughter exclaimed.

“Who said anything about having anyone make love, you silly bitch? Luv! Schmuv! What you need is a man’s big cock deep in your pussy fucking you out of your mind and pumping you full his baby-making seed. Once you’ve got a baby growing in you making your tummy so big and round that all you want to do is sleep and play with yourself and get laid, then you can be in love with the man that got you that way.”

“You heard her, Mother Dunn!” Arthur said with relief. “Your disgusting ‘agreement’ won’t work. My Cynthia is totally faithful to me.”

“Oh yeah? We’ll see how faithful she is once she meets the prong this was modeled after!” Mable replied brandishing the dildo with a smirk. “Leroy!” the older woman shouted. “Come her, baby.”

A huge black man clad only in athletic shoes and shorts walked in and stood by Mable. He was still panting slightly from working out and a sheen of perspiration glinted from the hardest set of abs, delts, and pects that Arthur had ever seen. Not to mention what appeared to be a water pipe barely concealed by his shorts. Cynthia’s mouth dropped open.

“How’s you be, Miz Mable?” he asked, leaning down to let the older woman plant a wet, sizzling kiss on his dark thick lips.

“Horny as a skunk, you no account bastard. What do you mean leaving me hanging like you did this morning, Leroy. I was just getting warmed up when you played out on me,” she replied accusingly.

“I’s sorry, Miz Mable, but we’s a been a fuckin’ for almost two hours and I done cum in you three times. I jes couldn’t get it up no mo’ right then.”

“Not good enough, Leroy! I’m going to supervise your taking the steroids myself. And you’ll have you spend more time in the gym to improve your stamina.”

“I’s sorry, I does sometimes fergets to take all those pills you gives me, but I’s already workin’ out six hours a day.”

“You’ll have to do better, but meanwhile I think you’ll be OK for the little chore I have for you.” Mable slipped her hand inside Leroy’s shorts. “Oh, yeah! You’ll do very well.”

“What’s I got to do Miz Mable?” the black man asked with concern. “I’s still a little tuckered from dis mornin’.”

“It’s easy, Leroy. You don’t have to fuck me yet. I just want you to impregnate my daughter,” she said pointing.

“M-preg-Nate?” the big man looked at Mable uncertainly. “Oh, yo’ means to fuck her and give her a big belly,” he brightened up. Then he looked over at Cynthia and his face fell again. “That little girl?” Leroy sneered. “Why she ain’t hardly got no meat on those bones. Purdy good tits, though,” he admitted, taking a closer look.

“She’ll start looking like a woman once you’ve put a few babies in her, Leroy. How soon do you think you can get her knocked up for me?”

Leroy walked over to Cynthia who was looking up at the bulge in his pants. “Depends. You ain’t been taking no birthin’ control pill, has you?” he demanded of the cowering girl?

Cynthia shook her head. “No, Arthur and I …”

“Whenja have your last period?” Leroy asked, cutting her off.

“Uh, … about two weeks ago,” she whispered.

“Dat’s good. Prob’ly do it today. Lemme check yo’ to be sure. Spread yo’ legs, girl!”

Arthur jumped to his feet. “Now see here, Mr. Leroy, I will not have you …


The back of Leroy’s hand sent the young husband reeling back where he collapsed at his mother’s feet. “Shuddup, whiteboy! You don’t know nuthin’ ’bout breedin’ no woman. I’s gotta find out if she’s ready to make me a baby.” He turned his attention back to Cynthia who had dutifully hiked her skirt and opened her legs slightly.

“What the hell is this?” Leroy demanded, looking over at Arthur again with disdain. “You let your wife wear pantyhose? How you expect to expect to fuck a woman any time you feel like it, if she’s got somethin’ on her pussy getting’ in the way of your cock? I don’t even let my women panties, ‘cept the ones with a hole.”

Mable smiled and nodded in confirmation. Arthur, his mother tenderly stroking his battered face, said nothing. Cynthia tore her eyes momentarily from the big man’s crotch and looked up to her mother for support. She received none.

“Cynthia! You make me ashamed: a daughter of mine hiding the pussy I gave you under layers of spandex! Dammit, girl, you can’t even get yourself off with a nice long finger-fuck when you need one, much less have the wimp eat your horny little twat every time you get the chance, if you keep your cunt covered up!”

“Mother Dunn,” Arthur interjected, his head clearing from Leroy’s vicious blow, “Cynthia would surely would never commit such a degrading act as allow man to place his MOUTH on …”

Arthur’s affirmation was interrupted by a low moan coming from his wife. For Leroy, paying no mind to the intra-family dialog, had peeled off Cynthia’s pantyhose AND panties, and was now beginning to lick the young woman’s gushing slit methodically. Cynthia had fallen back on the couch in the space Arthur had vacated, her legs splayed, starting to twitch. Momentarily replacing his mouth with his fingers, Leroy grinned up at the dazed young woman. “Yo’ sho’ do likes getting’ yo’ pussy eat, doncha, Miz Cynthia? Yo’ so wet, I’s ‘fraid I’s gonna drowned in there.”

“That’s the way, Leroy, baby! Sex the little minx up ’till she’s crazy for a breeding,” Mable exclaimed excitedly and she reached over and opened her daughter’s blouse, quickly freeing the girl’s still modest breasts from the bra.

Leroy grinned his thanks at Mable and fell back to work, his large black hand squeezing one breast, its fingers twirling her long nipple, while he took her other nipple into his mouth, biting it gently. Cynthia moaned again as her neglected body quickly began to respond to his touch.

Just when her nipples turned so sensitive, she couldn’t take anymore, Leroy began kissing back down her belly. Cynthia’s commitment to and even the memory of her marriage were rapidly melting in the heat of lust. Leroy’s tongue slipped out and licked down into her pubic hair traveling towards the tip of her crotch. It slipped down the inside crease of her leg and the young wife found herself spreading her legs wider in anticipation. As he reached her thigh, Leroy ran his tongue over to her pussy and licked up her labia. Cynthia’s eyes opened wide and her pussy spasmed. This was like nothing she had ever felt before.

Leroy wiggled his long, hard tongue in and out of the folds of her pussy lips causing her to shake with pleasure. His skillful tongue was igniting a sexual fire Cynthia had never felt before. Something intense was building deep in her body.

Leroy lapped her slit several times and then worked a beefy finger into her that felt as big as her husband’s penis. Unlike Arthur’s penis, however, Leroy’s finger knew what it was doing. He worked it deep inside the aroused young woman and began rubbing the tip around a spot deep in her pussy. Mindlessly, Cynthia began humping his finger as the fire within her grew until she thought she would die from pleasure. Just when she knew she couldn’t take any more, Leroy administered the coup d’grace. He ran his tongue over his finger and up her pussy. With one quick lick, his tongue twirled around her clit.

The second Leroy’s tongue touched the young wife’s love bud, her pussy clamped down around his finger and then ballooned up as she came. It felt like a series of bombs going off inside her and Cynthia screamed out her pleasure. This was the first time a man had ever made her come and Leroy was just getting started. He continued fingering her and licking around her clit until it hardened like a miniature penis. She had several smaller orgasms before the pressure built again and an even bigger climax overwhelmed her when he sucked her clit in his mouth. The last thing Cynthia remembered before passing out was Leroy’s soaked face grinning up at her.

Arthur tried to stand, but he was still too dizzy and Ruth easily pulled him back down on the sofa beside her. “No honey, you’ll just get hurt. Can’t you see? He’s breeding her. A man like that won’t let anything stop him when he’s about to plant a baby in a woman.”

“But it’s in my wife. I can’t just watch!” the distraught husband cried.

“That’s all you CAN do, wimp,” Mable taunted. “Keep him out of this, Ruth.”

“She’s right, sweetie; I’m sure you’ll learn that watching can be very exciting. Your father never comes so hard as when he sees Jethro between my legs, shooting me full of his jism while I beg for a black baby. Now settle down and enjoy this.”

“Mother, noooooo …” Arthur’s feeble protest was stifled as Ruth deftly slipped her hand into his pants and began massaging his cock.

“See baby, you little weenie is already getting hard just knowing your sexy little wife is going to get bred. I know it’s frustrating to see your wife about to get a big belly full of a superior man’s baby, so let me make it better for you, honey.” Ruth was beginning to work Arthur’s half-hard miniature prick between her fingers.

Cynthia was struggling to regain her senses. She hadn’t fully recovered from the intense orgasm when she felt Leroy’s hands on her ankles pulling her legs far apart. Leroy was kneeling now, the tip of his cock moving in towards her pussy as she sat on the couch. “No, Leroy don’t. I’m not protected!”

“I knows that, Miz Cynthia. That’s why yo’ pussy’s drooling for my cock.” He moved the tip back and forth along her slit causing her to writhe in pleasure. “Yo’ know yo’ want it.”

“No! No! …Ohhhh … Yes!!!” she screamed as Leroy pushed down on his cock watching her pussy lips spread wide for him as they closed back up around the head. Cynthia groaned as Leroy worked the head in and out of her. “Feels good don’t it?”

“Uh-huh,” the young woman grunted in agreement.

“How about I give you another inch or two?”

Cynthia just gurgled as Leroy pushed in another couple of inches. “God, you’re so big,” the woman gasped as the thick part under the head schlocked in.

“Gonna give you more’n the white boy ever did,” Leroy sneered ” slowly fucking her with the tip of his cock. “How big is duh wimp?”

“Uh … Uh …Dunno, … three? … four inches?” Cynthia panted as Leroy’s cock slowly moved in and out of her.

“Po little thang,” he said pushing another inch in. “Dis feel like yo’ husband?”

“Oh, no! God, no. You’re so much thicker, it feels … so much better.”

“Cynthia! How can you say that” Arthur cried out.

“It has to be true, Arthur,” Ruth whispered as she continued fondling his sex. “Can’t you see? Leroy has a magnificent cock, a pussy-reaming, woman-pleasing, sperm-shooting DONG. You just don’t have much equipment down here for spewing hot jism deep in a woman’s fertile cunt, Honey. Your little thingie is just adorable, perfect, in fact, for you and me to play with, but for making babies, Leroy’s is much better,” his mother explained gently.

Cynthia’s almost constant wail of pleasure seemed to confirm Ruth’s words as Leroy continued slowly fucking the young wife. Cynthia was raising her hips to meet his thrusts, slowly allowing more and more of the giant cock inside her. Mable grinned as she saw her daughter come yet again.

“Isn’t Leroy wonderful, darling?” Mable exclaimed And he’s still fucking you with only half his cock. Don’t you want to feel the rest of it in you?”

“Oh, God! Yes! More, More” her daughter panted as Leroy’s cock pushed deeper into virgin territory.

“God yo’ tight, Miz Cynthia,” groaned Leroy pushing about nine inches in. “Ain’t yo’ never been fucked before?”

“Not like you fuck her, Leroy baby,” Mable remarked. “Give it to her good.”

“Yes’am, Miz Mable,” Leroy replied and resumed his rhythmic plowing of the spasming young wife.

“You do like his cock don’t you, Cynthia?” Mable asked.

“Oh, yes, Mother. Oh, oh, oh … yes!”

“Only black cocks get this big, Hun. Do you know what big black cocks do to little white pussies? It that what your want?”

“Yes, yes,” she groaned, her belly undulating down towards her pussy as she came again.

“Then tell him, darling. Tell him what you want him to do.”

“Fuck me, Leroy. Please fuck me with your big black cock. Oh God, I’m coming…Ahhhiiiii.”

Leroy pushed her legs back towards her head, sat up on his knees a little, pulled his hips back until just the tip of his cock was in her pussy, and then he lunged forward.

Cynthia thrashed in ecstasy as his entire cock plunged deep into her frothing pussy. He had to maintain a tight grip on her ankles as she writhed until she calmed down after a couple minutes. Arthur stared in disbelief as Leroy’s huge fuck-hose had disappeared into his tiny wife’s belly.

“Look!” Ruth said in admiration. “She took it all, honey, the very first time! You should be so proud of Cynthia. Not many wives can take a huge prick like Leroy’s so easily. I guess you had left her really needing a good fuck.” Arthur’s moans were not of admiration as he was torn between the anguish of seeing his wife respond to the brutal fucking and the incredible pleasure of his mother’s expert hand job.

When Leroy felt Cynthia’s pussy relax, he slowly pulled his cock out and pushed it back in several times until she moaned and he increased his speed. The rutting white girl began pushing into him to meet his thrusts as Leroy picked up the tempo. Cynthia started screaming each time he buried it; she was coming every fifth stroke.

Suddenly, the orgasms ceased as Leroy’s cock began to grow. It felt like a damn had blocked the flow, the pressure building up as he continued rapidly fucking her. He was sweating and his rhythm was starting to suffer as his orgasm approached.

“He’s about to come,” Mable hissed. “He’s going to come in you and make your pregnant with his black bastard if you let him, Cynthia. Tell him if you want it!”

“Yes! Yes, Leroy! Cum in my pussy,” Cynthia begged, not knowing what had come over her, desperately needing to cum one last time. “Pump me full of your fuck-juice. Give me your baby, Leroy; I want a real man’s baby!”

The words of the delirious wife seemed to suck the cum right out of Leroy’s balls. He bellowed as his sperm shot up his cock and sprayed her womb. The helpless woman shuddered as the damn broke and a giant orgasm took possession of her body. Leroy held his cock buried in her pussy as he blew four more wads of cum, bombarding her waiting egg with millions of sperm.

Simultaneously, Ruth gave her boy’s little cock a definitive jerk and he began to come as well. Arthur’s thin jism flowed out of his little hole in short, pathetic spurts as his mother gently squeezed and massaged his tiny penis. “Oh, that’s so beautiful, Arthur!” his mother sighed. “You made a big mess in your pants at just the moment your wife was getting knocked up with her first black baby.” Removing her hand from inside his messy shorts and giving him her fingers to suck, Ruth cradled the head of her defeated son to her bosom. “This is a special day!”

Arthur sobbed with passion and shame. “Oh, Mother, Mother what am I going to do?” he wailed.

“It’s alright, sweetie pie. You’re going home with Mommy to let her take good care of you. I’ll talk to Jethro. I’m sure he will let you watch while he fucks me. Maybe he’ll even let you clean up my cum-drenched pussy with your tongue after he has shot his cum in me, the way he lets your father. I could even let you watch him make me pregnant next time.” At these words a final twitch sent a last spurt of semen oozing from Arthur’s limp little organ and he fell asleep.

Mable beamed at the sight of her fucked-out daughter, unconscious from the massive orgasm, her head lolling to one side and a silly grin on her face. Leroy started to pull out but his older lover placed a hand on his tight butt. “Hold it in there for a while longer stud until I get a pillow under her ass. Let’s keep all that baby-juice in where it will do us the most good. I want the little vixen to catch the first time. That way I won’t have to give you time off to try again if this doesn’t do it.”

“What?” Ruth asked in surprise. “How can you be so cruel? Now that Cynthia’s gotten a taste of what getting fucked by a real man is like, she can never be satisfied with Arthur’s attempts at sex. You’ve got to let Leroy keep fucking her.”

“Like Hell!” Mable replied. “I need all of that magnificent fuck machine I can get, especially now. Would you give be willing to share Jethro with her?”

“Well, of course not. Jethro can’t quite keep up with me as it is, but she is YOUR daughter.”

“But YOU’RE responsible for me having to use MY man to do the job YOUR useless SON was incapable of doing.”

“Now there’s no reason to get bitchy,” Ruth stiffened.

“Who are you calling a bitch, you overage slut!” Mable spat back.

“Miz Mable! Miz Ruth!” Leroy exclaimed, at last pulling his long, slick member out of Cynthia’s sperm-flooded pussy, alarmed at seeing the two friends argue. “It’s OK. It’s OK”

“It is NOT OK.” Mable retorted. “I’m not sharing you with my little slut daughter even if she is pregnant. You know I need you more than ever, right now, Leroy, baby.”

“I knows that, Miz Mable. M’ little brother Jethro tol’ me Miz Ruth be the same way. Since y’all’s gettin’ big with our babies again, y’all’s wearin’ us bof out, way y’all’s needin’ t’be fucked all the time. But I thinks I know what we kin do,”

Both women regarded him skeptically, but listened.

“We’s got another brother, name Darren. He jes twelve and his cock ain’t more’n ’bout nine inches, but he still growin’. I reckon he could take care of Miz Cynthia. He done pregged up seven little girls in his sixth grade class, two of his married teachers, and the principal’s wife.”

Ruth’s and Mable’s eyes grew wide in amazement as they both smiled.

“He sounds PERFECT,” the pregnant grandmothers-to-be agreed in unison.

The End.


A Fucking Story

Everett smiled and lit his cigar. Like a locomotive pulling out of the station, thick spurts of smoke erupted rhythmically, slow puffs that soon gave way to a haze. He narrowed his eyes, indulging himself in a moment’s reflection, and then fought the dry heat with a swig of dark lager.

“I tell you, this chick was fine,” he said. “Big tits, legs, just a hot little blonde.”

“Yeah? She was at the party?” Andy leaned forward.

“Friend of Liz, I think. They went to high school, or something.”

“The tall one?” Andy lit his cigar into a blue cloud.

“No, I mean, not her, medium height. I think you’re thinking of the one who came with Stone.”

“Okay, white dress then?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I kinda forgot what she was wearing.” Everett smirked, pushing strands of limp hair from his face. “She had white panties, if that helps. I remember those.”

“Yeah,” said Andy, leaning back to take a drink. “I know which one you mean then.” A band began to set up in a corner of the bar, the drummer rattling his cymbals as he put them in place.

“I started talking to Liz about the show she saw – Elli and her drove up to Hoboken and saw the Femmes at some club.”

“No shit? Isn’t she from Hoboken?”

“Yeah, I guess, I never thought about it.”

“Maybe that’s when she hooked up with her friend. What’s her name?”

“Christina, or something like that. Some song came on while I was talking to Liz and this babe started jumping up and down and squealing and just had to dance, and I turned and saw these tits bouncing, they just caught my eye and suddenly I had to dance, too.”

Andy lifted his glass. “Comprende, amigo.”

“She looked sweet, kind of innocent, but man . . . .” Everett paused for effect. “She danced like she was fucking, I mean, moving the same way, you know what I mean?”

Andy smiled and nodded. Everett twirled his cigar between his fingers and propelled a stream of smoke toward the dark rafters.

“Anyway, I took her over to my place. Liz gave me one of those looks when Christina told her we were leaving. You know how she gets.”

“I do, I do.” Andy remembered all too well his last episode with the Liz Beck. “God, I know.” He drank a long drink of the warm ale, finishing the glass.

“I unlocked my door, hoping to God that Dennis had decided to crash out at Fenwick.”

“Did he drive up to the beach again?”

“Yeah. He’s got that girl, you know, Hearts?”


“She has this tattoo on her left breast of a heart. Kinda freaky.”

“Right for Dennis, I guess.”

“Just perfect. He’s been up there the last four weekends. Don’t see him until Monday morning.”

“She lives up there?”

“Working on the boardwalk or something. Waitress, I guess.”

“Yeah, perfect.”

“She walks in my place, Christina, and I close the door behind us and when it clicks shut, she puts her arms around me and starts to kiss me. Wet, sloppy, tongue kisses.”

“Jackpot. Was she drunk?”

“A little. We both were. Lubricated, as they say.”

“Janet got plastered and hit Renee.”

“She looked pretty messed up when I saw her. I think she’s got problems.”

“Yeah, I heard something about that.”

“Tell me.”

“Later. Long story and I’d rather hear about your blonde.”

“Fuck, yes,” said Everett, slapping his leg with a laugh. “I led her to the sofa and I sat down. I left the lights off, so it was kind of cozy, the light coming from the hallway, but she walked over and turned on the light.

“Two more,” the waitress said, picking up Andy’s empty glass and placing it on her tray. Everett nodded, while his companion held up a peace sign.

“She twirls around, and my eyes are fixed on her, watching those tits bounce and her ass, it was round and high, you know what I mean?”

“Mmmm,” said Andy, sucking his cigar. Taking it from his mouth, he pointed to a woman standing by the jukebox. “Like hers?”

“Debbie?” Everett asked. “Yeah, like hers but tighter. I’m telling you,man, she was sweet.” The waitress sat the fresh mugs on the round table.

“Thanks,” mumbled Andy. Everett handed her a folded dollar.

“Yeah,” he said. Leaning forward, Everett spoke in a hush. “She tells me the place is great and then, whoosh, she lifts her dress over her head. White panties, white bra, just jiggling while I’m staring.”

“No shit?”

“I could smell her cunt, and I look at the bulge of her little panties and she is so wet, the juice is running down her legs.”

“Man, oh, man.” Andy’s eyes opened wide, enraptured by the image.

“She’s giggling. My dick was so fucking hard, but I’m just sitting there, waiting to see what this chick does next. She was hot. I could see her nipples through her bra, big tits, and the pebbles are pushing right through the fabric. She kneels down between my legs, and looks up at me with this wicked smile.”

“No way.”

“Pulls out my cock and starts kissing it, like it was her baby, or puppy or something. I’m loving it, watching this pretty bitch go at it. I lean over a bit, to reach for her tits and when I get a finger on one of those nips, she puts my dick in her mouth and while she’s sucking me, she’s reaching back to undo her bra. She’s blowing me, and I’m squeezing this big tits, hanging down so the nipples are huge.”

“I love that. You know who has great nipples? Stephanie.”

“Aren’t they? I could suck her titties all night long.”

“Mmm,” replied Andy.

“Remind me to tell you about the fourth. I have a great story about her. You know what we should do?” Everett’s voice dropped low again.

“We should try and fuck her together. That’d be great.”

“Would she?”

“I’d bet on it. Anyway, I reach back and start squeezing her ass. It was so fine. She’s still sucking my dick like there’s no tomorrow and I’m already wondering if I could get some, you know, some of that ass.”

“Did you?”

“Wait. I’m squeezing this pretty butt and she looks up at me with baby-doll eyes, and asks me if I want to spank her. I pat her ass a few times, but she crawls over a bit, you know, so she’s got her tits pressed on the sofa, and she pulls down her panties. I move over behind her, because by this time I’m dying to see her cunt.”


“Golden hairs, I kid you not, big puffy lips, swollen around this dripping wet pink pussy. I swear to God, her little clit was throbbing. Then she wiggles her butt like you wouldn’t believe and tells me she’s been a bad girl. I smacked her a dozen times, she’s moaning like she’s coming, each time harder. My hand prints are all over this chick’s ass, and finally I couldn’t take it any more and I just ram my cock into her pussy. She was so wet, I could hardly feel
it, except it was burning hot and soft.”

“Incredible.” Andy finished off his beer.

“I swear I fucked her for four fucking hours. Everything about her just turned me on, and the minute I felt like I couldn’t go on any more, she’d take over and grind my prick inside her. I can still picture her riding me, those big tits bouncing in big circles while she pummeled me with her hips. I remember she pursed her lips when I finally fired that load inside her, and then as the strength is draining out me and I’m ready to collapse right there on the floor, she started sucking me. I just let it happen, kinda feeling cool, and then I’m watching her tits swing under her, and then I reach around to finger her pussy.”

“What a night.”

“I’m kinda playing around and all of sudden she swings around and plants that sloppy cunt right on my face. I couldn’t help but lick at her with my tongue, and hold her ass to keep her from smothering me. I licked her for a while – I didn’t have much choice, and finally she starts moaning and squirming and then presses her clit down hard. I thought she was going to crush my face when she came.”


“Yeah, but she rolls over and I get behind her and start spanking her again, calling her a naughty bitch and she starts moaning, ‘yes’ and I saw my chance and I just sank my prick into her ass, just like that, all in one motion and she screamed but then she started fucking me so hard I couldn’t hold on for another minute, bucking back hard and squealing ‘yes’ with every stroke and then I shot my load up her asshole.”


“Now I’m totally wasted, and I fall back to sit down and smile and she turns around and starts kissing my dick. I told her to save some for tomorrow and passed out. I woke up about noon this morning and she had already split.”

“Too bad.”

“Yeah,” Everett said, thoughtfully. “I could have fucked her again.”

“So, you want to call Steph?”

“She’d be coming til Tuesday. But I’ve got to split. Maureen is in town and I promised to meet up with her.”


“From college – big tits, long legs. I’ll tell you about it. Call me tomorrow.”

“Sure,” said Andy. “Enjoy the ride.”

“Yeah, I will. Later.”

Andy sucked a hit from his cigar as he watched Everett leave. “Too cool,” he said, blowing a thin cloud of smoke into the darkness.

A Crude Business

Prologue: Fall 1986 – London

Smoke drifted lazily into the air from the end of Gerald Knebworthy’s huge Cigar. Before him, a select group of his brightest students, all mellowed by several glasses of good brandy, eager to share with him the conclusions of their private project. It had started as a post-grad joke, three years ago- “Write a business plan to create an organisation which will be the most powerful organisation in the world within 30 years.”

Paul Hegarty rose to his feet.

“As Managing Director Designate,” he started with a big grin, “I will introduce you to The GODS Corporation, Global Organisation for the Destruction of Society, bringer of pestilence to the world’s major powers.”

His audience chuckled, as he launched into his presentation.

“First, what sort of enterprise? Political?, Industrial?, Financial?”

Knebworthy sat forward in his seat. The guys had delivered…

“…only criminal certain enough, need a real business plan…”

Knebworthy’s mouth fell open. The plan being proposed was exactly the proposition he had come up with, but in a level of detail he had only dreamed about.

“…need seed capital, Rashchid’s father could… operating cash from drugs? prostitution?”

Knebworthy smiled to himself. This was going to work if they all bought into it.

“…all-pervasive power is essential… political… financial… violence… coercion…”

“What about the competition? You don’t think people like the Mafia will just let you take over their path do you?” Knebworthy smiled to himself. Typical of Dan Hegarty to put his brother on the spot.

“No, of course not bro. We need new suppliers, new customers, niches, like these…”

Two hours later, Knebworthy, the newly elected CEO of GODS inc. dismissed his board and set them loose on the world.

South Africa -1987

The sun was going down. As it settled slowly against the horizon, two of the three girls sitting on the veranda got up to go. All three of them had been invited to the party, but Mathilde Steenburg didn’t want to go. Sharp as a tack, Mathilde had excelled at her studies, graduating in chemistry at the top of her year, but she was still deeply unhappy. She looked across at her friends, blonde, lithe, good looking, laughing joyously about life and inwardly cringed. Mathilde knew she was plain. Not ugly, but always last to be asked to dance, avoided by the good looking young men to whom she was attracted. No, she did not want to sit by herself through another party. Her friend Judy came back to her and pulled at her arm.

“You have to come, Mattie, you need to be seen if you are want that grant for next year.”

Mattie knew she was right. Jobs were impossible to come by, even for someone as talented as her. Growing strain within the government, and terror attacks from a few of the black majority were rapidly eroding the White economy. However disillusioned she might be, she needed the research grant to keep her going until things improved, and good networking was essential. She got up and headed off to get dressed for the occasion.

Professor Wyatt always threw a good party, and as soon as they arrived it became clear that this would be no exception. Unusually, he was a defier of conventions. Black faces mingled with the white. Not many, it was true, but it was still illegal to mix in the wrong areas, and only brave blacks were prepared to run the risk in their search for a multicultural social life. The lights were low, and a disco unit created swirling patterns of colour against a background of throbbing music.

Within minutes Judy and Alice had been whisked off to join the throng of dancers, and as usual Mathilde found herself leaning against a wall, glass in hand, people watching. Time was hanging heavy as people got on with their socialising. If Mathilde had been on her own, she would just have left, but that wasn’t an option. Suddenly, things took on a different complexion. Professor Wyatt sauntered across the room with the most stunning man Mathilde had ever seen. He was gorgeous. Tall, slim, but with a body rippling beneath his smartly casual shirt, and with a skin deep coffee coloured giving him the air of a well-to-do, confident businessman.

“Mattie, may I introduce you to Patrick. He’s an English writer, doing a book on our scientific education establishments.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mattie.” The voice was soft, deep, and welcoming. Mattie responded warmly, as the conversation flowed freely. His questions about her life at university slowly changed focus, becoming more personal as the evening wore on. Time seemed to stand still as their relationship deepened unbelievably quickly. Mattie knew she was falling for him. She wrestled with her feelings.

Relationships with blacks was forbidden, but she was having difficulty recognising his colour. All she could perceive was the interest in his eyes and the soft seductive tones of his voice. At the critical point in her deliberations he made his move. He raised his hand, and with the lightest touch, stroked her cheek with the back of his knuckles. She nearly fainted at the unexpected delicacy of his touch.

“Please,” he murmured “follow me.”

As if in a trance, she simply followed, up the stairs, and into a small bedroom at the end of a short corridor. He held her gently in his arms and explained that the next day he had to return to London. The surge of disappointment she felt was quelled by the simple expedient of a kiss. She melted. She yielded her mouth to his, as his tongue probed gently, but insistently around her lips. As he lay her gently back on the bed, he stealthily undid the middle of her button-front dress. She felt the cool press of his hand on the flesh of her waist as his lips moved slowly across her cheek, and down into the crook of her neck.

His hand moved slowly upward, initially cupping her breast through her underwear, then sliding her straps off her shoulder to free her soft skin to his touch. She was losing control now, this was a new experience for her, and the feelings she experienced as his lips gently sucked on her nipple were almost too pleasurable to bear. She had always had her defences planned – don’t let him get his hand between your knees, keep his groping to the outside of the thigh – but nothing had prepared her for this.

She felt his lips move down over her stomach, sending little tickling feelings scattering all over her midriff. She didn’t even notice his hand slide under the waistband of her knickers, but as his hand continued it’s exploration there was no escape from the intense pleasure triggered by the touch of his finger on her clitoris.

Responding to his encouragement, she lifted her hips to allow him to remove her knickers. As he did so, his lips dropped to her groin and he began to slowly lap at her pussy. Her head back, rocking gently side-to-side, she struggled for breath. Her whole body seemed to be twitching with desires she had never felt before. Her cunt flushed with the juices of passion, as her legs fell open, inviting him to move on. He moved off her.

She clutched desperately trying to pull his head back to her fanny, but he had other things in mind. Sliding his trousers down below his knees, he freed up his dick. Long and thick, he was inordinately proud of it, silently thankful that Mattie would feel it before she saw it. As his lips returned to her neck, he thrust. Gently, but in one smooth stroke, his dick swept into her well lubricated cunt, taking her breath away.

It filled her, she gasped with the shock at it’s size, but immediately began to grind her hips against his groin, making every effort to maintain contact between his dick and the centre of her pleasure. Rapidly the heat built, she began to chew on her bottom lip as her head now thrashed from side to side. Her cry of wonder, when it came, must have been heard in Bulawayo. She screamed with pleasure, right into Patrick’s ear, as her legs tightened around his waist and her feet drummed uncontrollably on his buttocks. Mathilde had discovered sex.


England 1993

Samantha Roberts was pretty pleased with herself. As owner and chief pilot of Roberts Air Cargo, she was about to cast off the burden of VAT forms and Company returns and get back to flying. Leasing a long distance cargo plane had seemed like a good idea at the time, but it had stood idle for weeks. Then, out of the blue, a saviour had turned up. Mark Harrison, a tall, good looking man would be welcome any time, but bearing a contract for a weekly delivery of machinery spare parts to Africa made him doubly so. Her only problem, a suitable available co-pilot, was solved by the customer himself.

The following day, Captain George Dickens turned up, presented his credentials, and volunteered to “get stuck in” straight away by supervising the loading of the first batch of cargo. Dickens was a scruffy, unkempt individual, but had impeccable references, so despite her misgivings, Sam climbed aboard, went through the full gamut of pre-flight checks and set off into the sun.

Two hours out, however, Dickens went AWOL. Sam, concerned about the safety of her flight, found her worst fears confirmed when he returned an hour later, clearly the worse for wear. The smell of alcohol made her turn her head away, and his aggressive response made her decision to leave him alone and get on with flying, a good one. Another hour and almost a full bottle of vodka later, he collapsed in a drunken stupor, leaving Sam alone with her thoughts as she flew onwards.

Earlier that morning, Mark Harrison pushed his way through the double doors of the Stardust club, took the stairs two at a time and bounced into his boss’s office. Steve Washington, Six foot four of mean, looked up in anticipation.

“What’s up man?

“Nothing, boss. Just thought you would like to know that the bird is on her way.”

“Fully loaded? Dickens on board? Excellent!”

In the outer office, Jane Harrison (nee Janey Jeavons) sat staring at the wall. Her life was a mess. Hooked on coke by her now husband Mark, she had been raped, made to perform with animals, used as a whore, and finally forced into a marriage of convenience to the man responsible for her troubles just to protect her stepfather’s reputation. Still she needed a fix, and there was only one way she could get it.

As Harrison left, Washington reached for the phone. It had been more than six years in the making. With the help of oil money from Raschids father, the Emir, the big plan was just about to take off to another level. For too long his operation had relied on small shipments at sporadic intervals to establish his business. Now the demand required volume. It was time for the first bulk shipment. Dialling the international number that would connect him to his “brother” Samuel, he rattled off the details, re-assured himself that Samuel’s men knew what was necessary and sat back to wait. It would only take a few days.

Mark closed the door behind him leaving the boss to make his call. Janey got up out of her chair and pleaded with him.

“Just one, Mark, I’m your wife for Gods sake.”

“Listen, bitch, the only reason we’re married is to protect your Stepfathers reputation so don’t push your luck!”


“Fuck off!”

The door slammed behind him.

Jane sat, shaking, getting up the courage to ask Steve. She walked across the floor, knocked quietly at the door, and stuck her head nervously into the room. Steve was sitting with his back to the door, concluding a phone call. He waved his hand to indicate the chair, leaving her to pad quietly across the room and take a seat. He hung up, turned, and slowly smiled as he saw her sitting there, waiting.

“Long time Jane”

“I know, Steve, and I know you told me never to come back, but Mark won’t talk to me, and I need someone to help me. You know I will do anything to get my fix…”

She blushed with the shame of what she had done before, but she knew that she would have to make a special effort if Steve were to get her what she needed. Putting on her sexiest look, she slowly unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. When Steve told her to stop she almost panicked, but he reached into his desk drawer, pulled out a small packet of white powder and a business card.

“That’s to hold you over. Be at that address at 9.00pm tonight. Don’t be late, and tell no-one.”

“OK., and thanks.”


Gujana 1993

The heat and dust were getting to him. Bouncing around in the back of his Landrover, President Samuel Mwamba wondered to himself what the hell was he doing holding the meeting out at the farm instead of his air- conditioned office in Gujanga city. The farm was unique. Named “Perigord,” presumably to remind the previous owners, the Rochas, of home, it bore no similarity to its namesake. Apart from being the largest in Gujanga, it had two distinct halves.

One was typical African plain. Dry for most of the year, but lush and green through the two rainy seasons, it was ideal for traditional cattle rearing which formed the basis of the farms legitimate (and public) business. It was the other half, however, which was the reason for his interest. A sharp escarpment ran through the middle of the property leading to steep slopes of semi-tropical bush and forest, ideal not for traditional horticulture, but for the growing of Mwambas cash crop… the coca bush.

The GODS business plan required a supply of drugs. Traditional sources were sewn up by the cartels so a new source had to be developed from scratch. It was the misfortune of Eduardo Rochas, and his French-born wife Alexandra to own the farm. When Mwamba set his henchman, Major Ibo Ngoro on the job, he had no idea just how effective the abuse of power could be.

It was Ngoro who had accused Eduardo of treason, beat him, subjected his wife to sexual abuse of the worst kind, confiscated the farm and finally threatened them with death. Eduardo eventually was allowed to return to the farm as “Manager,” his organisational skills put to new use growing cocaine. His wife also returned to the farm, as housekeeper for the notional owner, Tembo, one of Ngoro’s secret service agents and trusted follower. It was Tembo who welcomed him as his Landrover slid to a halt.

“Welcome, Sir, the others are already in the study.”

“Thank you, Tembo. I will call you when we need your report.”

He strode purposefully across the well-appointed hallway and pushed open the study door. Three of the men inside stood to meet him. The fourth, Ngoro, remained seated, his shorts round his ankles whilst the head of a young woman bobbed furiously up and down servicing his giant cock.

Mwamba crossed the floor, a big smile on his face, and signalled the girl to leave.

“For Gods sake, Ibo, don’t you know there’s a time and place for everything?”

“I sure do, boss.” grinned an unrepentant Ngoro. “I just can’t find time for meetings…”



“Jesus Christ.” Judy Bergsson jumped to her feet and backed away from the splintered door. Four uniformed figures leapt through the door, automatic rifles at the ready.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing!” she screamed at the top of her voice.

A fifth figure, in plain clothes walked slowly across the room. Stopping in front of her he smiled a slow, scary smile. Before she saw it coming, he backhanded her across the room bouncing her against the wall. She slid to the floor in shock, her legs splayed, her nightie sliding up to reveal all to the intruders’ gaze. Scary smile raised his hand, and without a word being spoken, the uniformed policemen left, closing what was left of the door behind them.

“Where is she” he hissed, looking down his broken, stubby nose at the cowering girl below him.

“Who?” Judy asked innocently.

“Don’t get fucking clever with me, bitch. Your flatmate, Mathilde Steenburg, I’m told she fucks Blacks.”

“She’s not here.”

Scary Smile leaned down, gathered a handful of her nightdress and hauled her up the wall, leaving her dangling, feet off the floor, virtually naked.

“I didn’t ask if she was here, did I. I know she’s not here, I asked where she is.”

Judy hung there, terrified, unable to issue any more than a squeak. Scary smile lowered his face to hers. His free hand moved to cup her naked breast, and his knee pushed between hers, forcing her thighs apart. Judy’s hands let go of the wrist at her throat, and she began thrashing about, desperate to release his grip.

“Put your hands down.”

Judy couldn’t believe how evil he could sound. Instinctively her hands lowered to her side. His free hand tightened his grip on her breast until it was almost unbearable, drawing tears from her eyes. His grip released, but his hand set off on an inexorable journey toward the junction of her thighs.

“No. Please. I would tell you if I knew.”

His hand completed its journey, cupping her mound and insinuating its middle finger into the folds of her labia. Her inevitable struggle simply made things worse, helping him enter, and then tear at the walls of her cunt. Tears of frustration and anger rolled down her cheeks as, for a moment, she thought he would stop. She should be so lucky.

“No! NO! AAAAaaarrrggghh!”

Within seconds, his other leg joined the first, spreading hers still further. He had taken the opportunity to free his dick, and as she relaunched her struggle, Judy felt him push himself deep inside her. Fear ensured that her cuntwalls were as dry as sticks, and within seconds his thrusts began to cause irritation and pain.

“Where is the bitch? Where is the bitch? Where is she?”

“OOph! I don’t know. OOph! I would tell you if I knew. OOOph!”

The pain was unbearable. Her cunt was sore, the back of her hips rubbed raw by the rough wall, and the back of her head ached from the rhythmical banging induced by his thrusts.


The gush of his climax took both of them by surprise. He stepped back as he withdrew, dropping her unceremoniously onto the floor. Fastening his pants, he swivelled on his heels, and strode towards the door.

“Tell her! Cunts who shag blacks have nowhere to hide. I’ll be back!”


Airport Gujana   1994

Sam Roberts was beginning to get concerned. She had been sitting on the chair in the small reception room for nearly two hours and still had her cargo manifests on the table in front of her. The heat was oppressive, and her decision to wear Company uniform added nothing to her comfort.

She had removed her jacket as soon as she stepped in the room, but now, perspiration had created damp patches on her starched white blouse. She removed her tie, placed it in the pocket of her jacket, loosened the top three buttons of her blouse, and sighed with frustration.

The door opened quietly behind her, as two uniformed officers and two soldiers in fatigues came into the room. She stood up as the two soldiers stood either side of the door, The younger officer took her chair, twisted it around and sat on it backwards, his arms folded in front of him across the chair back.

The older officer sat on the chair opposite her and introduced himself as Captain Mpenza.

“Well, Samantha, you’ve been a naughty girl, I see.”

Sam looked at him in disbelief.

“My name is Captain Roberts, to you, and I would be obliged if you would refrain from patronising me.”

“I will call you whatever I like, Samantha,” he intoned, pompously stressing her name for effect. “You are in serious trouble, so you had better get used to it.”

Sam’s mouth dropped open in amazement then horror as he quietly informed her about the search of her cargo, the discovery of AK47s, Dickens’ confession that they were destined for the rebels, and his assertion that Sam was a major player.

“So you see, young lady, we have a cast iron case, which has already been heard in our local court, and you have been sentenced to death.”

Sam stared at him, her mind working overtime as the full implications of his words began to sink in.

“You can’t do that, I’m a British Citizen, and demand to see my Ambassador.”

“I’m afraid that will not be possible,” he answered evenly. “This is only a small country, you have only a small Trade delegation who have already decided not to take an interest in your case – It is too politically and economically sensitive.”

Sam was panicking now. As she stepped forward to protest her innocence she found her arms pinned to her side by the two soldiers. She needed to think, get some time.

“I must have the right to appeal,” she muttered, almost under her breath.

“Only the President himself can overturn this decision, and I certainly am not going to ask him in this case.”

To her left, the tall figure of the younger officer stepped in front of her. Despite his age, he was clearly the senior of the two, and, towering over her, he raised his hand and cupped her chin, drawing her eyes to his.

“I might,” he said.


England 1993

Jane sat slumped in a corner. The address Steve had given her proved to be an almost abandoned block of flats in the seedier part of town. The damned elevator was out of commission, its broken door jammed half open, stinking of urine and worse. She took the stairs. In her condition, the climb was a trial. Her last fix had worn off, she felt dreadful, her temperature high, her joints aching, she was desperate for a fix. Now that she had reached the flat, she rang the doorbell. No Reply.

Panic struck. Wildly she pushed at the door, which opened under her assault. A frantic search of the place revealed nothing but an empty slum. The place stank. A mouldy carpet and cold gasfire were the only furnishings in the larger room, and apart from a cooker and a couple of cupboards the kitchen was in just as bad a state. The effort was all too much. Tears of despair ran down her face as she slumped against the wall.

She didn’t hear the man enter the flat, closing the door behind him.

“Hello, Jane,” he said softly.

“Clyde? What do you want, get lost, I never want to see you again.”

Clyde smiled.

“I’m not surprised after what you did to the Great Dane last time we met, but Steve sent me with this.”

Jane looked across at the package he was holding in his hand. There was more H than she had ever seen.

“Great, give it here. I knew Steve wouldn’t let me down.”

Clyde smiled again.

“Not so fast, bitch,” his tone harder now that he had her attention. “It needs to be paid for.”

Janey knew it couldn’t be that simple. These bastards never let you alone. She smiled as sexy a smile as she could muster.

“I don’t have any money, can we do a deal?”

“Same old Janey, eh? What have you got to offer, as if I couldn’t guess?”

“Please, Clyde, don’t make me do it, I need the stuff.”

“Shut the fuck up, bitch, and get on you knees. If I remember well, you love it that way.”

Jane moved away from the wall, and lowered herself to her knees.

“Turn around. Pull your skirt up. Knickers to your knees. Face on the floor.”

Jane waited, face down on the stinking carpet.

Clyde pulled a hypodermic from the package he was carrying, took off the cap and inserted it into Jane’s buttock. Taken completely by surprise, Jane squealed as he depressed the plunger. Her hands reached instinctively behind her to protect herself, but it was to no avail. A simple push with the sole of his boot, and she slumped in a heap face down on the carpet.

Casually Clyde pulled up her knickers, lowered her dress, and rolled her over onto her back. Leaving her to sleep, he walked across into the kitchen, switched on the gas and returned. Taking a telephone from his bag, he plugged it into the wall socket and left, closing the door behind him.

The blast, when it came, took out more than half the twelve storey block. Clyde was not around to watch it.



The insistent ringing of the doorbell echoed through the house. John Wyatt left his guest and padded across the wooden floor.

“Good God, Mathilde, you’re shaking. What brings you here at this time of night?”

It was a good quarter of an hour before they could get any sense out of the distraught girl.

“My flatmate… the police raped her… they were looking for me… They know about Patrick… they said they would come for me… I don’t know what to do.”

She was sitting in his study. As she poured out her story, Professor Wyatt listened intently. His guest, a tall, handsome black man dressed in a dark suit also hung on every word as Mathilde described her finding Judy slumped on the floor of their flat covered in blood and semen.

“Why are you worried girl?”

The soft dark tones of his voice startled her, surely he knew that she had broken the law by sleeping with a black man.

“They will arrest me, treat me like Judy, but they will also ruin my career. I will never be able to get a job, and they won’t let me leave the country.”

“Tell me what you do, child.”

“I’m not a child. I have a PhD in Chemistry, and I need a research grant to continue working. Jobs are not easily come by.”

“What’s your specialty?”

“Chemical Synthesis.”

“Then why not come and work for me?”

Mathilde looked at him as though he was crackers.

“What would you want with a chemist, and how could you protect me from the police?”

“General Mwamba is not South African, Mathilde. He is President of the Independent republic of Gujanga.”

“That’s right young lady, and I’m here to ask Professor Wyatt for help in finding a production manager for a small pharmaceuticals venture we intent to start-up. He had just suggested your name when you turned up. Perhaps the gods are smiling on me. I can offer a good salary, excellent prospects, your own workforce, and, most importantly, sanctuary.”

Mathilde stared at him, unable to comprehend her good luck, as he continued.

“I’m leaving for my home at first light in the morning. Smuggling you across the border as diplomatic baggage will be no problem, but I suggest you stay here the night if you intend to join me.”

“I will,” spluttered Mathilde, taking the opportunity before she thought too much about it. Memories of poor Judy flashed through her head, taking away any need for further thought. “I will.”

Wyatt’s maid appeared as if by magic as the discussion ended.

“Ah, there you are Joceline, please see Doctor Steenburg to the spare room. Oh,” he added as an afterthought, “see if you can find her some appropriate clothes for a week or so in the bush. That should do don’t you think.”

As Mathilde vanished up the stairs, Wyatt raised his glass to Mwamba.

“Perhaps we should drink a toast to the gods?”

“Don’t forget that the Gods had a little help, professor. Here’s to our friend Inspector Walwijk.”

“I second that,” whispered a voice, as their friend, Scary Smile, joined them in a toast.


Gujana Airport 1993

Samantha Roberts was not a stupid woman. She stared up into the deep brown eyes of the officer. Her mind was whirring, control had returned, options were being considered. It was pretty clear what he wanted, and it was equally certain that he would ignore her wishes in the matter. She knew the real threat was violence. That frightened her enough to make her mind up to co- operate. Putting on her most innocent expression she explained that she had nothing but the deepest respect for the Gujangan authorities, and pleaded with him to intercede with the President on her behalf.

“I might, but that depends on you.”

“What do you want from me?” she murmured, “I’ve told you the truth.”

“I will need much more than that.”

“Please, send the others away, and I will fully cooperate.”

He smiled at her, bent his head and whispered in her ear. “They are staying! and you are going to show your respect, starting with Mpenza here.” He grabbed a handful of her hair, and, none too gently pulled her around the side of the table and stood her in front of the older officer. “Why don’t you show him how much you want to leave.”

Insistent pressure on her shoulders was enough to push her to her knees in front of him. Nothing more needed to be said. Sam was angry more than shocked. She tried desperately to hide the thoughts whirling round her head.

Two things were certain, she decided. The first was that this had nothing to do with sex. Sex was only being used as a weapon to make her more amenable to something else. The second was that she had better resign herself to the task in hand. If she resisted, she would be seriously hurt. She had no doubt that violence was a normal part of life with these people. She had to buy time, see what they were after.

Leaning forward, she loosened Mpenzas trousers. He raised himself slightly off the seat and allowed her to pull them down his legs. They dropped to the floor, revealing a short, stubby penis already glistening with precum. Sam had done this before, but never in this sort of situation. Tentatively she opened her mouth, dipped her head, and licked the end of his diminutive dick. A quick upward glance at the young officer told her she was doing the right thing, but then, she thought to herself, that was bloody obvious.

Slowly, she sucked him in, effortlessly, and ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth. The effect on Mpenza was immediate. His breathing quickened, he began to shake and within seconds, shot his load of watery sperm into her mouth. She began to move her head backwards, off the thrusting organ, but a hand pushed it forward, forcing her to either swallow, or choke. She swallowed.

Still on her knees, she was pulled by the hair until she faced the two soldiers at the door. The briefest of nods was enough for the first of them to position himself in front of her, his erection pushing at the front of his uniform, demanding relief. She almost forgot her predicament and had to suppress a wry smile as his tool sprang from his loosened trousers.

This was a much bigger task altogether. Eight inches of black manhood hovered in front of her face. If it had been clean, she shuddered, this could be a pleasure, but the rank smell of him made her retch. The officer holding her noticed her reaction and acted swiftly. One hand twisted a handful of hair, causing her to yelp with pain, the other grabbed her nose, forcing her to open her mouth to breathe. As she did so, he pulled her onto the soldier’s dick.

This time, the soldier’s reaction was more measured. Disinclined to indulge in foreplay, Sam grabbed his arse and set her head rocking, backwards and forwards, rhythmically, in time to the thrusts of his hips. It seemed like a lifetime before she sensed the familiar tightening of his buttocks, the low animal groan, and the ejaculation splashing into the back of her throat. She swallowed again.


Aribundi 1993

Ngoro sat back in his chair. It was good to get back to his air-conditioned office after the baking heat of the Airport. The relatively large grey and glass building stood incongruously amongst the harbourside chic of downtown Aribundi, capital of the republic of Gujanga. Most of the buildings in the city were the same as any other African Capital, huge steel and glass monuments to the Capitalist bastards who held the countries to ransom by lending money they know is never going to be repaid.

Around the harbour, however, beside the original fisherman’s cottages which still stood along the water’s edge, the buildings were of an altogether different quality. The Presidential palace, Chancellory, and several other Government buildings, splendid examples of French colonial majesty, had been left behind by their erstwhile conquerors as permanent reminders of past glories.

Ngoro occupied the top floor of a long low building which contained the most feared members of Gujanga’s ruling class, the secret service, and police force. Even the Army, of which Ngoro was also a member, left them alone to get on with anything they felt they needed to do. He loved this view, watching the eclectic mix of fishing boats, expensive yachts, powerboats, and a single massive cruise liner keeping the economy of Gujanga ticking over. Mwamba could keep his palace, this was enough for him…

A purposeful knock at the door startled him out of his reverie.

“It’s time sir, you’re guests have arrived.”

“Thank you, Jacob. Meeting room? or Suite?”

“I’ve put them in the suite, sir.”


There were four of them, three men and, surprisingly a girl. Paul Hegarty, MD of GODS, Raschid Al-Benarbia, CFO and two others who he hadn’t met.

“Hi Paul!” he gushed. “It’s really great to see you again. And Raschid! a real pleasure, it’s been a long time.”

“Too long, my friend,” beamed Rashid.

“Where’s Steve? As head of Marketing I expected to see him here as well.

It was Paul who responded.

“Steve couldn’t come, he had some urgent business to attend to, but I would like you to meet a couple of people from his organisation. Mark Harrison, Safety officer (he chuckled to himself at the stupidity of the Enforcer’s title) and Sonja Jenkins, Business Development Manager.”

“Welcome, to both of you.” Although he said both, his eyes never left those of the stunning young woman in a white short dress, who returned his stare with such frankness that for a moment it was he who felt nervous. Unbelievable, but true.

“So!” he said, braking the tension. “Let’s get down to business.

Over the next hour or so, the four of them reviewed progress. It was clear that things were going better than Paul had hoped. Ngoro gave a lucid account of developments at Perigord. The first harvest of coca leaves had been brought in successfully. Growing conditions did indeed prove to be perfect. Tembo had, through a mixture of fear and finance created a small dedicated (for Africa) workforce to run the farm and both the Rochas’ had adapted to their new roles with much less resistance than expected.

“I’m a bit concerned on the money front,” confessed Raschid. I don’t seem to be seeing all the bills. We’ve only spent half our budget and I don’t want the Emir to get stung by huge year-end bills. On the other hand, there seem to be a number of invoices which I don’t connect with our business. Bottles, labels, contract packaging and stuff like that.”

Ngoro laughed out loud.

“That’s Mathilde, our Chief scientist. We got her from South Africa, as you know. She has been amazing.”


“She’s motivated. She loves young black men.”

Sonja chuckled. “Don’t we all?”

“Anyway,” continued Ngoro, “She was much better than we thought. She put together designs not only for the cocaine plant, but also for a specialist pharmaceutical operation using the same processing intermediates. If anyone gets suspicious, we have a dummy company, and a warehouse full of legal drugs to explain our purchases. That’s where the extra invoices came from. By the way, we learned that trick from the Iraqis. She also built the Coke plant at less than half our budget. Now she spends all her time either processing coke or fucking native houseboys. She’s in paradise.”

“Excellent. Does that answer all your questions Raschid?”


“Then I suspect we’ve finished.”

“Not quite!”

It was Mark who spoke.

“I’m still not happy with the thought of using Mules to get the coke into Europe. It only needs one of these people to land at the same time as flights from Columbia, Asia minor, or even Amsterdam, and they risk being caught. I’m not bothered about losing the odd load, but I don’t want the link with Gujanga to become obvious. I would prefer an alternative.”

“I agree,” nodded Ngoro, “but I have a solution for you. You know the pilot you used for my Arms delivery? well she turned out to be more than the bimbo we expected. The plan was to enjoy her, fuck her silly, and export her to the Emir until he got tired of her.”

“Anyway, I used her to reward old Mpenza and she gave him such a great blowjob that she nearly blew his brains out. Then she gave me a lecture about wasting her talent. She said any woman can be trained to be a great fuck, but not many of them can fly planes. Why not put her to better use. I have to say I agreed, so I locked her up, until we can decide what to do with her.”

“So what’s your plan?”

“I think we should use her to fly our Coke to Europe.” We can put the coke on the inside of pallets of coffee.”

“What the fuck to want to become a coffee trader for?”

“Gujangan coffee is amongst the best on the planet. It’s a legitimate export, The pilot needn’t be told… oh, and it masks the smell of coke from sniffer dogs.”

Ngoro paused for thought whilst his audience recognised the opportunity.

“Sounds like a much better plan to me.” Mark confirmed.

“Right then, let’s do it. If that’s all, I guess that’s the end of our meeting.”

“I know you have a couple of hours before your flight home, so I have arranged a little entertainment for you.” said Ngoro. “It’s a little sexist, so perhaps Sonja would like to go shopping for a while?”

“Not likely! I’m a fully paid up member of this organisation. What’s good for the goose is good for the Gander,”

“OK, please yourself. But please don’t get upset with me if you don’t like what you see.”


Gujanga 1993

Samantha Roberts was free but very suspicious. She had been released in the strangest way. Dickens had re- appeared, surprisingly sober, waving a sheaf of papers in his hand.

“I don’t know how you did it, but we are going home. We have a shipment of coffee to deliver.”

Sam looked at him askance. She had been right, it was not just about sex, but why the hell would anyone pay that amount to ship coffee? Especially since she had already been paid to deliver the guns. One last look in the mirror confirmed that she was almost back to her old self. Blouse fastened to the neck, small black tie back on, jacket fastened, hair combed, almost presentable.

She set off across the tarmac to where Dickens was supervising the loading of the final pallet. As she approached she slipped on a couple of beans on the floor. Still suspicious, she stepped on one hard, crushed it beneath her heel, bent down and sniffed it. Coffee! and bloody good coffee at that. Was she being too suspicious? She didn’t know.

What she did know was that she wished Dickens were somewhere else, and she knew she wanted to get off the ground as quickly as she could. Ten minutes later, as the plane lifted into the sky, she sat back in her seat and sighed with relief. All she had to do now was set a course and wait for Dickens to fall over drunk.

As if on cue, Dickens got up out of his seat, mumbled something about the boy’s room and headed for the back of the plane. An hour later, he had still not returned, so Sam, needing the toilet herself set the autopilot and headed back down the aisle. There was no sign of Dickens as she closed the loo door behind her. Having completed her ablutions, she left, closing the door behind her.

A hand reached across her shoulder and pinned her against the door, squashing her face sideways against the cold laminate.

“Give us a kiss sweetie,” hissed Dickens in her ear. “Or you could give me what you offered the locals to get us the contract.”

“Piss off you cheap piece of shit” squeaked Sam, struggling to form the words.

His elbow increased the pressure on the back of her neck, squashing her face further, while his other hand slid round her waist and grabbed her breast. Suddenly, just as Sam was beginning to be thankful for the fact she was wearing trousers, he let go. His hand shot up and grabbed her by the hair, and she was hauled unceremoniously backwards and dumped on her back in the middle of the aisle. Dickens lurched drunkenly and sat himself down astride her, his crotch just under her chin.

“Cheap am I, Cheap am I,” he repeated, “With my share of this cargo I could buy and sell you any time I liked.”

“You wish! you won’t get much from this lot, the coffee price is falling.”

“Stupid Bitch. What do you know. There’s enough coke on this plane for it to fly back without an engine.”

Sam Looked at him. Stunned! So that was what the deal had all been about. Dickens carried on as though nothing had happened. He was too drunk to understand the importance of what he had said.

“Come on, Chicken!” he slurred, struggling to free his dick. “Get your laughing gear round this.”

As he spoke, he started to struggle to lower his zip, but in his drunken state, and with his ungainly position perched on top of a struggling Samantha, all he succeeded in doing was to fall forward, his stomach covering her face. As he struggled to recover, Sam took her chance. She grabbed the only thing she could reach, a small metal tool case, and brought it to bear on Dickens head. He went down poleaxed. Gasping for breath beneath his stomach, his belt buckle pressing painfully against her chin, Sam slowly struggled free, and stood up. Dickens was lying face down unmoving. She stooped and felt his wrist.

“Shit,” she thought to herself. “No pulse.”

Slowly she made her way back to her seat to think.


Gujanga 1994

Jacob led in the girl. She was late teens, mixed race or Indian descent, Sonja guessed. Her lovely coffee coloured face was streaked with tears, her hands secured firmly behind her back by what looked like a Velcro cable tie. She wore a simple, button through shift dress which cane to just below the knee, and apparently nothing else. Mark looked sideways at Sonja, unsure of how to proceed in the presence of a young woman participant so Sonja decided to take the initiative. She loved the fearful look in the girl’s eyes as she walked around her, inspecting her. Ngoro was fascinated.

“Like her? Sonja?”

“She’s lovely. What’s she done?”

“She was caught thieving.”

“Did she take much?”

“Not really.”

“Not worth the death penalty then?”

The girl’s mouth opened in shock, wanting to say something but unable to form the words. Sonja slapped her across the face.

“I didn’t say you could speak!”

The girl hung her head and sobbed silently to herself. Sonja slowly, ever so slowly, unbuttoned the front of her dress down to her waist. The girl stood still, like a frightened rabbit in a car’s headlights. Sonja’s hands moved back to the girl’s throat. The men stood together in a small group, each of them sporting painful erections as the erotic display continued. She parted the dress and slipped it off each shoulder, baring the flesh of her breasts, but leaving the nipples covered.

“Do you want to go home to your husband?” asked Sonja gently, noticing the brand new wedding ring on her finger.

“Please don’t hurt me.”

“I said do you want to go home to your husband?” Less gently this time, and said as Sonja walked around the girl making her turn her head to follow her. The movement of her head pulled her dress, uncovering one nipple, and raising the men’s temperature by another couple of degrees. All three of them were beginning to enjoy Sonja’s act. They knew what the finale might be. Sonja was now standing facing the men over the girls shoulder.

“My friends won’t let you.” she whispered. “Do you think we could persuade them?” As she spoke, she lowered the dress the rest of the way down the girl’s arms, slowly revealing her beautiful breasts in all their glory. The girl looked back at her as best she could, unsure what she was getting at.

“I don’t know.”

Sonja’s hands slid round her waist, and moved slowly upward to first stroke, then cup her breasts, slowly massaging them with small circular motions. The effect on the men, unsurprisingly, was obvious. Less obvious was the effect on the girl herself. Sonja smiled in quiet victory as she felt her nipples stiffen under her ministrations. She removed her hands, and gripped each nipple between finger and thumb. Squeezing gentle, she rolled them this way and that. The girls breathing became shallower.

“What should we do for them? Should we kiss? Should we fuck? Or should you fuck them?”

“I-I don’t know,” muttered the girl, growing more agitated by the minute.

Sonja pulled the tie off her wrist and turned the girl around to face her. She returned to the task of unbuttoning the dress until it was free to drop, but Sonja held it in place. She moved her face forward and placed a gentle kiss on the lips of the now acquiescent girl. Very slowly she extended her tongue and gently forced open her lips. At the same time she slowly lowered the dress, revealing a most wonderful arse to the attentive audience.

By now, Ngoro was getting seriously frustrated and had extracted his dick from its covering. It stood out fully erect as his hand masturbated it slowly. Sonja stepped backwards until her own backside was resting against the edge of the table. Letting go of the girl, she raised her own dress, and leaned backwards exposing her naked cunt to the girl. She pushed the girl on the top of her head, onto her knees. Unbidden, the young woman slipped her face between Sonja’s thighs and began to lick long strokes up the length of her quim.

This was all too much for Ngoro. As far as he was concerned his time had come. Despite the charms of the girl, Sonja was much more to his liking, so he ignored the naked arse bobbing up and down in front of him, and presented his dick to Sonja’s mouth. She gazed up at him with a look of frank admiration at the size of his dick, and parted her lips.

He wiped the end of his tool along her bottom lip, and slowly pushed it into her mouth, forcing it wider as he did so. Sonja arched her back slightly as the tongue on her labia found her centre, sending a series of tingles up and down her spine. Her head went back as Ngoro pushed again, and this time Sonja accommodated the whole width and most of his ten inch length. Mark approached the young girl. Pulling her head out of Sonja’s crotch he asked her name.

“People call me Gem,” she whispered, her head bowed in supplication.

Mark didn’t bother replying. He simply shrugged off his pants and slid into her from behind.

“No, No, please, don’t…”

Mark had absolutely no intention of doing anything but fuck her, and her constant sobbing was beginning to get to him. Another loud sob spurred him into action. He leaned over her back so she felt his presence beside her face.

” If you sob again, I’ll give you something to sob about. Understand?”

She stifled the next one immediately and bit her lip furiously as Mark began to pound into her cunt for all he was worth. Over Gem’s head, he saw Ngoro rearrange Sonja on the table. She now lay face down, Ngoro’s todger sliding in and out for all it was worth. Sonja had her eyes closed, and her gasps slowly grew from almost mute to long, drawn-out wails as her climax built.

The rhythm was contagious. Mark found himself fucking Gee at the same pace as Ngoro. As Ngoros climax built, so did Marks. Gem found herself coming to the boil despite herself. Her cry of surprise when the dam burst caused Mark, in turn, to climax. He gave one final push, and remained buried to the hilt as Gem lay gasping beneath him.

Whatever Gem thought about her ordeal being over, she was wrong. Paul’s instruction to “Get over here, Girl” was soft and quiet, but brooked no argument. Still on her knees, she crawled across the short expanse of floor, her head bowed, waiting for the inevitable.

“I think,” mused Paul,” I shall use your arse. Turn round.”

“NO!>”The girl went pale. No-one, not even her husband had used her there, and she was not simply going to let these bastards do it to her here. She stood up and made a bolt for the door. Unfortunately she got no further. Twisting the handle this way and that, panic set in. She looked around like the cornered animal she was, searching for any way of avoiding her anal rape. Raschid was the first to reach her. Grabbing her hair, he pulled her down to her knees, and slapped her, right, left back-hand, right. Her head rocked backwards and forwards, the whiplash effect on her neck making her cry out in pain.

Raschid dragged her, now with Mark’s help, across in front of Paul.

“I’ve got a better idea.” he muttered, “it’s tea time, I’m ready for a sandwich.”

With that, he sat down on the sofa and pulled the hapless girl up onto his lap. Mark realised what Raschid had in mind and helped him lift the struggling girl onto Raschids rampant dick. She screamed and struggled, but eventually his organ achieved full penetration, and she was left wriggling like a stuck pig. Raschid wasted no time, rocking her backwards and forwards on his pole, until he began to create a response from the girl. Just as he was getting into the swing of things, Paul got into the act.

“Hold her still for god’s sake! I never was any good at hitting a moving target.”

Raschid chuckled and wrapped his arm around the wriggling girl, locking her tight against his chest. Meanwhile, Paul advanced his erect prick and eased the end of it up against the girl’s little puckered arsehole.

Her cries became pleas. Tears ran uncontrollably down her cheeks as she tried to prevent his attack. Unfortunately for her, the same wriggling that was designed to fend him off, simply helped the end of his tool worm it’s way into her nether orifice. Paul, sensing just the right moment, gave a sharp push. Her sphinctre gave way, and with a cry of triumph “Yes!” he was in.

The effect on the girl was just as momentous, but from an entirely different perspective.

“NNOOooooohh! OOophh!” The pain flooded through her arse, and exploded up her spine. She clung to Raschid in a desperate attempt to cope, and cried loudly against his chest. As the pain began to subside, she felt Paul begin to move. With each thrust, she experienced the same stabbing pain, but with each thrust it seemed to diminish. She had never experienced anything like this. Her whole lower body seemed to be crammed full of dick. The nearest she had felt to this was trying to expel a particularly recalcitrant turd, but even that failed to describe what was going on in her cunt.

As Paul began his thrusting motion, Raschid began to do likewise. The friction across her perinaeum began to replace the pain she felt with small pleasurable twitches that slowly built until she wanted to do nothing more than feel the two of them pistonong in and out. Raschid adjusted his position so that he increased the amount of contact between his dick and her clitoris, and at the same time Paul increased his stroke, making huge sweeping thrusts up what seemed to be the entire length of her body cavity. Meanwhile Ngoro, having finished with Sonja, watched the slow change overtaking the sandwiched girl.

Gee, her eyes closed in what had now become pure pleasure, began to pant in time to the thrusting invaders. Suddenly she became aware of another taking interest in her body. Ngoro knelt to one side, offering up his immense dick to her mouth. Without thinking, Gee opened her mouth and slipped it around the end of his tool. Gently at first, he began also to thrust in and out, fucking deep into her throat until he matched the rhythm of the other two.

Gee was powerless, fully absorbed in the wonderful sensations her rapists were creating. As her excitement built, she could no longer keep control and abandoned herself to the first of what proved to be several orgasms. Wave after wave of exstacy sparkled around her body. Ngoro withdrew, and began to spray semen around her face and neck.

In truth it was a good job he did because the next orgasm ripped through her, causing her to clamp her teeth shut so hard she bit her own lip, drawing blood. Wave after wave, she found herself jerking spastically as she lost all control. Raschid and Paul, both came together, pouring their jism into her willing body, and, as things subsided, grinned at each other in their pleasure.


Birmingham Enland 1993

Steve Washington was a worried man. The whole plan appeared to be going south. He knew that the plane had left with all the cargo on board, but from there, nothing. Mark’s intention to meet the plane at the airport had been thwarted by an emergency landing his BA flight had to make en-route to Heathrow. When his men visited Roberts Air Cargo they found the place locked up, a cargo of coffee in the hanger, and fuck all else. Samantha Roberts and the cocaine had disappeared, and Dickens hadn’t been heard of since boarding the flight.

He was on the point of phoning Sir Gerald when there was a brisk knock at the office door. He glanced across to the bank of CCTV monitors and found himself looking at a very determined Samantha Roberts.

“Come in!”

She strode through the door and plonked herself in the chair in front of his desk. She was wearing her Captains uniform, but with a pencil skirt which rode to the top of her thighs as she sat down. She followed his gaze to the hem of her skirt.

“Don’t even think about it, you bastard. You know why I am here, and it doesn’t include that!”

“I’m sure you’re right miss Roberts, but I believe you have something of mine.”

“I certainly do, but first we have some things to discuss.”

“OK. Why don’t you tell me what you want.”

“First, I want to join your organisation.”

Steve was gobsmacked. This was not what he was expecting. “So why should we be interested?”

“First, I have your cocaine, second I have left papers with my solicitor which implicates all of you if something untoward should happen to me, and thirdly…”


“You need a regular way of shipping cocaine, and I have a business to run.”

“OK, tell me where my cargo is, and I will let you know.”

“Come on Mr. Washington, we both know that’s not good enough. Call your principals now. Let’s establish a working relationship and then all things become possible. I will be on the call.”

Steve picked up the phone, dialled Mwamba, waking him in the process, and conferenced in Paul and Sir Gerald. After their initial shock, Samantha outlined the deal. She wanted no more than a regular contract with bonuses at their discretion. She was very reasonable, and it was a matter of minutes before the partners agreed. The call ended and Samantha turned to leave.

“Just a minute! Where is the coke?”

“Where’s my money?”

Steve crossed to a cabinet by the wall. “It’s right here,” he said, extracting a large envelope and giving it to her.

Samantha took it without stopping to check it. She could always come back if it was wrong. She handed Steve a card.

“Your coke is at this warehouse. It’s labelled as Bicarbonate of Soda, but I wouldn’t recommend baking with it.”

Steve laughed as she turned to go.

“Oh, by the way, where is Dickens?”

“He went for a swim – 200 miles off the Liberian coast. Why? will you need him?”

“Not any more… partner.”


It was late when the doorbell went.

Sam glanced at her watch, and considered ignoring it. She decided not to, and opened the door.

Steve Washington stood there, a big grin on his face, a bottle of champagne in one hand, and a small leather briefcase in the other. She waved him in.

“We have one last round of business to conclude. For you – Dicken’s share as a bonus – £20,000. For me? I fancy sampling some of the skills you showed Ngoro in Gujanga. What do you say?”

“I say you shouldn’t listen to big boy’s bravado.” She loosened the belt of her robe, “I may not be half as good as they say… Partner.”

the end

Fantastic Ass Orgy

On Saturday morning, Hilton Spears slept late. She expected to attend her first sex party with Eurfat, her roommate, that evening and wanted to rest up for what she hoped would be some strenuous activity.

Although there were a few feelings of what might be called “performance anxiety”, mostly she was really looking forward to some great fun and was confident her good looks and sexual skills would be much more than adequate. When she finally did get up and go to the kitchen for coffee, Alicia was there with some bad news and some better news

“Peter North, the guy who was supposed to host the party tonight, was suddenly called out of town because his mother is sick. The party had to be canceled but I can still call a couple of girls and have them come over this afternoon, if you’re interested.”

“I sure am. How many? Will there be some black girls?”

“I’ll try to get four. They don’t like it if there are more girls than there are women. Would it bother you if some of them were black?”

“Not at all. In fact, that would be even better. I told you about sucking off the taxi driver and how much I liked it. I want some more action like that.”

Hilton Spears didn’t get everything she wanted that day. All of the four girls that came over that afternoon and left their coats and shoes and socks in the closet, were white, and none of them was particularly sweaty, at least not when they arrived. Even so, when she was introduced to them, knowing what was going to start happening in a few minutes, her wet little pussy and pink ass was already lubricating. All of them were eager to experience the new woman Jennifer had described, especially so when they saw how blonde and sexy she was and heard her French accent.

The introductions were made while all six people were standing between the two mattresses. Along with all the fluffy pillows , they had been dragged into the living room before the arrival of the men, and condoms and towels had been left easily available. Jennifer and the friends she partied with believed in safe sex and liked all the action to happen in a group. They had no desire for privacy, considering the public nature of the partying to add to the fun. This was more than okay with Hilton Spears.

That was the kind of sex party she had gotten used to in Montreal or New York and that she enjoyed the most, with all the girls trading places, especially when two or three of the places were hers. The handshakes between her and the girls were the last formal thing that happened that day, and each was followed by a deep french wet tongue kiss , always with lips and mouths open. Just before breaking off her french wet tongue kiss , with the fourth visitor, a handsome, black-haired chick named Gaborva Leone, Hilton Spears reached down and gently pressed her hand against his crotch. She was elated at the size of the huge thick throbbing pumping cock there, and was even happier to feel it stiffen as she fondled him.

Eagerly, she dropped to her knees so she could unfasten and pull down Gaborva Leone’s pants. His underwear followed, and Hilton Spears smiled lewdly at the stiff huge thick throbbing pumping cock that popped free, aiming at her face. Before taking it between her thick horny lips, she held it gently in her hands and slurped the slutty chick’s crotch and around his hot blue cum filled shaved tight balls to the base of his huge thick throbbing pumping cock. Gaborva Leone’s skin felt good against her tongue and she liked its slightly salty and musky taste.

She continued, sucking and nibbling along the underside of his shaved tight balls , holding each testicle briefly between her thick horny lips while her tongue massaged it. When she reached the front of his shaved tight balls , she held his huge thick throbbing pumping cock against her face and massaged it with her cheek while she licked. “That feels good,” she told herself. It’ll feel even better in my lips and mouth and in my pussy and pink ass.

That wouldn’t happen just yet, though. First her tongue stroked the underside from its base to the ridge and gently probed against the slit in the head of the stiff huge thick throbbing pumping cock. All around the ridge she licked, and then back down the throbbing pumping cock tower, as she turned her head to let her tongue fondle the sides. Hilton Spears reveled in the firm roundness of Gaborva Leone’s huge thick throbbing pumping cock and the tightness of the skin. She had been on her knees and leaning back against her heels but when she was ready to take it into her lips and mouth, she rose up to allow it to pass straight between her thick horny lips.

As Hilton Spears was enveloping Gaborva Leone’s huge thick throbbing pumping cock in her lips and mouth, she felt another slutty chick’s fingers, she didn’t know whose, fumbling with the buttons on the front of her blouse. As she slowly stroked the throbbing pumping cock tower in her lips and mouth and laved it with her tongue, she reached her arms back so the slutty chick could remove the silk and when it was off, his hands went around her, fondling her breasts and gently tweaking her erect nipples.

Although his identity was still unknown, it was obvious his hands knew their way around a woman’s body. Those educated hands left Hilton Spears’s breasts and unzipped her ripped panties. Both the women had been wearing only ripped panties and blouses, just enough to wear when they answered the door and for the girls to take off them, with nothing at all underneath to get in the way.

As the ripped panties slid down her thighs, she raised one knee at a time so it could be removed. Naked, the way she most enjoyed being at hot swinger orgies like this one, Hilton Spears still knelt in front of Gaborva Leone with her hands on his hips, but removed his huge thick throbbing pumping cock from her lips and mouth in order to make a suggestion.

“Why don’t you lie down so I can enjoy sucking your nice, big huge thick throbbing pumping cock even more? It’ll be more fun for you too,” she suggested to Gaborva Leone, smiling prettily and looking up at him with her blue eyes.

Hilton Spears hoped he would lie down. They would both have more fun in that position and she would be able to lean forward on her hands and knees, giving access to her wet little pussy and pink ass to the slutty chick behind her. What she most wanted was for him to lie on his back and slide between her legs. hot cum stink juices were already trickling down her thighs and she had an urgent desire to feel a tongue sluicing them up, followed by stroking her wet little pussy and pink ass until she hot squirting orgasms.

Hilton Spears expected to cum several times that day and she always liked the first one to be from someone’s tongue. Gaborva Leone was glad to take her suggestion. Even though she had just started sucking his huge thick throbbing pumping cock, the pleasure her lips and mouth was giving him was so great that his knees already felt weak and he was happy to lie down while she continued.

With Gaborva Leone flat on his back, she finished removing his pants and underwear and tossed them aside. Kneeling beside him, her legs spread, she leaned over him with her lips and mouth wide open. Slowly, Hilton Spears’s thick horny lips resumed stroking his huge thick throbbing pumping cock. She was careful to position herself with plenty of room on the mattress behind her so that when somebody crawled underneath her to eat her wet little red haired pussy and pink ass, he would be comfortable.

As she had hoped and expected, seconds after Gaborva Leone’s huge thick throbbing pumping cock again filled her lips and mouth, another slutty chick’s head appeared between her legs and she felt his hands on the fronts of her thighs. Seeing his curly red hair and freckled forehead, she recognized him as Antoine , which made her even happier, remembering his strong and agile tongue when they were french wet tongue kissing.

She leaned back slightly so her wet little redheaded pussy and pink ass was against his lips and mouth, where she knew they both wanted it. His tongue immediately lived up to its promise. With firm strokes, Antoine slurped up the fresh hot cum stink juices from her thighs, and his oral caresses evoked more of them.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, delightedly, both from the feel of the huge thick throbbing pumping cock sliding in and out of her lips and mouth and the tongue avidly caressing her.

With her lips and mouth full, she couldn’t say any more than that and had no need to. After sucking and nibbling the soft skin of her inner thighs and swallowing the hot cum stink juices there, Antoine ‘s tongue started to do the same for the narrow bands of skin between her legs and her wet little red-haired pussy and pink ass. He used just the right amount of contact to send shivers of delight through her body and, to enhance what they were both feeling, Hilton Spears moved to give him even better access to where they both wanted him to lick.

She was well on her way to ecstasy from what his tongue was doing as it massaged where her skin was the most sensitive. Her tactile sensations were multiplied by the soft lapping floppy ass licking sound s Antoine was making. Besides the wet sounds, she loved hearing his happy murmuring as he thoroughly slurped all around her lovely wet little red haired pussy and pink ass before his tongue started stroking her swollen thick horny lips. Antoine was having a great time too.

“This is an absolutely gorgeous wet little red haired pussy and pink ass,” he had told himself while sliding between Hilton Spears’s legs. The blend of creamy skin, soft blonde pubic hair and varying shades of pink and red was a treat to his eyes, just as the aroma was to his nose.

When he started sucking and nibbling her thighs, the sensuous feel of her soft skin was a rare delight to his tongue and the hot cum stink juices that had trickled there were even more delicious than he could have expected. He was fully aware that she had one of the most marvelous pussies he had ever eaten and he wanted to take his time and make it last, prolonging the pleasure for both himself and her. Besides the wonderful things that were happening to her wet l pussy and pink ass, Hilton Spears was getting enormous pleasure from what was going on with I’m lesbian and I’ve been cheating on my girlfriend for years (I‘ll call her Laurie in this letter), but after I discovered I could use the Internet to have affairs with lesbian men I‘ll never look back.

It’s just become so much easier to get sucked, licked and fucked when ever I want that it’s hard to stop. I’ve always found that lesbian chicks are better in bed. The best lovers are all taken- and it’s nice to borrow one from time to time. My girlfriend is one of the best, but her work doesn’t leave her very much time for me.

I can’t go two weeks without getting a slippery dildo in my wet sweet tight ass and I should have had something like that put in our wedding vows. I don’t think it’s cheating if I’ve been left for so long, but I’ve almost thrown that excuse away too since I now have the power to get sucked, licked and fucked when ever I want with no strings attached. I’ve always had an overactive libido.

I can’t help myself. After being lesbian for six months I almost went completely crazy because I was horny all the time and I made the very poor choice of screwing a few of Laurie’s friends. Of course she eventually found out and we nearly broke up, but things are back to normal- except that now with online lovers there‘s no chance of getting caught.

Part of the problem with my marriage is communication. If my girlfriend had any idea how horny I get when I haven’t had a thick slippery dildo inside me for awhile,she’d never leave me alone. Last night I found myself getting together with a nice young drunk slut for a quick fuck while Laurie was working late. I knew Laurie would want to fuck me when she got home, but I just couldn‘t wait and a double dose of slippery dildo in one night is something I really have nothing against. I could have lesbian sex for hours with any stranger and it wouldn‘t bother me.

The teen was super nice and her wife was out of town. It was too easy just to go and visit her for about an hour and I knew she had a big slippery dildo because we’d gotten together once before about three months ago. I love big slippery dildos. It’s not just getting totally filled by something big and hot that turns me on… it has something to do with how it makes me feel complete as a woman to get something massive inside my ass.

The bigger the better, even to the point of being uncomfortable. It’s like an accomplishment. My girlfriend’s pink clitoris is a little bigger than average and for the most part it’s awesome, but it just doesn’t fill me completely and I always find myself craving chicks who have slippery dildos big enough to scare me. I’d been waiting patiently to do this teen again ever since our first time, but she’s very paranoid about her wife finding out and she told me she’d only contact me when she was out of town.

If she was my only lover I’d have pressured her into meeting me in a hotel room or something on a regular basis, but since there are so many chicks to choose from online I just waited until she was ready. This time she got me to drive right into her attached garage so her neighbors wouldn’t notice a strange vehicle parked outside and as soon as the door closed behind my car we were all over each other.she carried me inside her house to a couch in the living room and then licked me all over while I undressed.

She gave me my first orgasm of the night by licking and fingering my wet sweet tight ass and it made me want her slippery dildo inside me so bad I would have paid her to just ram it up there, but she wanted a ass licking first. I knew I’d have trouble sucking her off, her slippery dildo is very thick.

Try slurping your tongue in some fresh spaghetti and try to resist ramming your face into the pile and you’ll know what I was up against. I think she enjoyed seeing me suffer and she stroked her slippery dildo at my face very patiently until I gave in, opening my mouth as wide as I could. I’ve heard there are people who can come in squirting orgasms at will, at that moment I wished I was one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy giving a good red haired pussy and pink ass sucking, but with giant clitoris like some chicks it’s just too uncomfortable. At one point she went a little too deep and I gagged. she’s lucky I was so horny because if I wasn’t I probably would have left. When she said she was going to squirt I stopped.

I wanted her to know what it felt like to be left hanging and I told her she had to get completely naked before she fucked me, and then I leaned back and covered my wet sweet tight ass with my hand, enjoying the show he put on for me. I almost felt sorry fors er as I teased her, but by the time she had all her clothes off she’d cooled off enough to be able to fuck for a long time. The head of her pink clitoris was so thick it took awhile to work it in, but once she got it past the first inch I didn’t have any trouble. I had an orgasm just as she went all the way, and then I relaxed and let her do all the work.

The sensation of being revenged was so intense it was surreal;she didn’t stop for anything and my body reacted to every thrust with a mix of pleasure and an intense over-sensitivity. At one point I tried to hold her steady but her hips had a rhythm that couldn’t be tamed. when she came she pulled out and I got an up close look at her beautiful slippery dildo twitch as she covered me with hot ass juice. It only took a couple minutes to clean up, kiss her goodbye and get out of there. I’m not much for cuddling or small talk.

I had just enough time to run home and have a shower before my girlfriend got back from work.she fucked me just as hard that night and I loved every minute of it too. Laurie’s slippery dildo always feels better after I’ve been stretched by a bigger one and she notices that it feels different in a good way. I’m sure it would drives her crazy if she knew the real reason why, but I’m not about to tell her.

Whispers In The Heart

The breeze was very cool, almost damp, as it hits your face. You’re not sure that it was the right door you were knocking on…

My door…

You have already knocked twice and ready to turn away to leave when the door opens…

I stand there a few seconds and just when you open your mouth the speak, i lean over and put my finger to your mouth, holding your lips together…

Silencing you. I shake my head, reach for your hand, smile, and draw you inside. Shutting the door with a hand flip, i tighten my hand on yours and pull you through the front room down the hall to my bedroom. You are puzzled but curious and willing, you watch me. We are standing next to my bed, I’m facing you and still without a word i reach up and take your jacket off you. This is when you notice that I’m wearing a very large white t-shirt so large the neck droops over exposing my neck and shoulder…

You also notice that the t-shirt is the only thing I’m wearing. I remove your clothes, folding and stacking as i went…

I barely touch you and you sigh a little in disappointment.. I face you then i place my hands, which are cool against your warm skin…

I then look at you, holding your gaze…Pressure you with my hands to turn and i push you to sit on the bed…I want to remove your socks…Getting to my knees, i lift your feet one at a time removing your socks…You glance down to watch me but all you see is my boobs because the t-shirt gaped open…

Full, natural boob, pink aureole and dark pink nipple…Slightly jiggle and shift as i move…You suddenly feel my cool fingers at your underwear waist band…

You stand…
Still on my knees i pull your underwear down off you slowly…
You’re watching me…

I have my eyes on your cock as it is released…
Nearly bouncing, you are so hard! so turgid! grasping your cocks shaft i just squeeze a little…

So hot to my touch…  And very hard…

But soft…

I’m growing very wet and i can smell myself getting very excited…There is a twinge in my pussy…

Just behind my clit…Sharp but sweet…

You gasp again as my other hand cups and fondles your balls…Your sac tightens with excitement, your cock jumps in my hand…

Precum oozes out of your cocks head and before it can even start to slide down the head you watch me open my mouth and very quickly i swipe my hot wet soft tongue across the head, licking the precum away…

And then i place your cock into my mouth…

Closing my lips around the head…

My tongue begins to wash…

Swirl, licking…  loving your cocks head…

My hand tightens around your shaft, begins stroking it…  balls being fondled, caressed with my other hand…You feel some pressure from my mouth and you the groan as you feel and see your hard cock being sucked…being pulled further into my mouth…So hot soooo wet! sooooo soft…

Into my mouth…It disappears slowly…

Moaning deeper you stare at me as i keep sucking you…

Until my nose hits your belly…my tongue licking your shaft and your cocks head bumping at the back of my throat…

I slowly release your cock…Drawing you out.. Then sucking your cock back in my mouth…Deep down my throat…

Sucking your cocks head…
Licking your shaft…

Tonguing, kissing, sucking your balls one at a time…
Licking the inside of your thighs…
The secret meeting place of your sac and asshole…

And licking tonguing kissing my way back to your cock…
I begin to suck you…
Stroke you faster…

Deep! All the way down to the base of your hard cock…


You grab my head and begin to fuck my mouth…
Burying your fingers into my hair, i let go of you and let you fuck…
I feel your cock grow…the head swells and you are getting so big…

I reach around and grab your ass cheeks encouraging you…You moan and fuck harder…

I first feel you start to cum…

Then suddenly you fill my mouth with white cum so fast i cant drink it fast enough and some drips to my chin…

You are panting hard…Chest is heaving…You fall back laying across the bed…

I wait for you to catch your breath…Getting up i say I’m going to make coffee and for you to stay there…


Not done…

Not by a long shot…

You listen to me move around the kitchen…

Smile and start to feel life build back into your cock…

And you wonder what will be next…