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On Saturday morning, Hilton Spears slept late. She expected to attend her first sex party with Eurfat, her roommate, that evening and wanted to rest up for what she hoped would be some strenuous activity.

Although there were a few feelings of what might be called “performance anxiety”, mostly she was really looking forward to some great fun and was confident her good looks and sexual skills would be much more than adequate. When she finally did get up and go to the kitchen for coffee, Alicia was there with some bad news and some better news

“Peter North, the guy who was supposed to host the party tonight, was suddenly called out of town because his mother is sick. The party had to be canceled but I can still call a couple of girls and have them come over this afternoon, if you’re interested.”

“I sure am. How many? Will there be some black girls?”

“I’ll try to get four. They don’t like it if there are more girls than there are women. Would it bother you if some of them were black?”

“Not at all. In fact, that would be even better. I told you about sucking off the taxi driver and how much I liked it. I want some more action like that.”

Hilton Spears didn’t get everything she wanted that day. All of the four girls that came over that afternoon and left their coats and shoes and socks in the closet, were white, and none of them was particularly sweaty, at least not when they arrived. Even so, when she was introduced to them, knowing what was going to start happening in a few minutes, her wet little pussy and pink ass was already lubricating. All of them were eager to experience the new woman Jennifer had described, especially so when they saw how blonde and sexy she was and heard her French accent.

The introductions were made while all six people were standing between the two mattresses. Along with all the fluffy pillows , they had been dragged into the living room before the arrival of the men, and condoms and towels had been left easily available. Jennifer and the friends she partied with believed in safe sex and liked all the action to happen in a group. They had no desire for privacy, considering the public nature of the partying to add to the fun. This was more than okay with Hilton Spears.

That was the kind of sex party she had gotten used to in Montreal or New York and that she enjoyed the most, with all the girls trading places, especially when two or three of the places were hers. The handshakes between her and the girls were the last formal thing that happened that day, and each was followed by a deep french wet tongue kiss , always with lips and mouths open. Just before breaking off her french wet tongue kiss , with the fourth visitor, a handsome, black-haired chick named Gaborva Leone, Hilton Spears reached down and gently pressed her hand against his crotch. She was elated at the size of the huge thick throbbing pumping cock there, and was even happier to feel it stiffen as she fondled him.

Eagerly, she dropped to her knees so she could unfasten and pull down Gaborva Leone’s pants. His underwear followed, and Hilton Spears smiled lewdly at the stiff huge thick throbbing pumping cock that popped free, aiming at her face. Before taking it between her thick horny lips, she held it gently in her hands and slurped the slutty chick’s crotch and around his hot blue cum filled shaved tight balls to the base of his huge thick throbbing pumping cock. Gaborva Leone’s skin felt good against her tongue and she liked its slightly salty and musky taste.

She continued, sucking and nibbling along the underside of his shaved tight balls , holding each testicle briefly between her thick horny lips while her tongue massaged it. When she reached the front of his shaved tight balls , she held his huge thick throbbing pumping cock against her face and massaged it with her cheek while she licked. “That feels good,” she told herself. It’ll feel even better in my lips and mouth and in my pussy and pink ass.

That wouldn’t happen just yet, though. First her tongue stroked the underside from its base to the ridge and gently probed against the slit in the head of the stiff huge thick throbbing pumping cock. All around the ridge she licked, and then back down the throbbing pumping cock tower, as she turned her head to let her tongue fondle the sides. Hilton Spears reveled in the firm roundness of Gaborva Leone’s huge thick throbbing pumping cock and the tightness of the skin. She had been on her knees and leaning back against her heels but when she was ready to take it into her lips and mouth, she rose up to allow it to pass straight between her thick horny lips.

As Hilton Spears was enveloping Gaborva Leone’s huge thick throbbing pumping cock in her lips and mouth, she felt another slutty chick’s fingers, she didn’t know whose, fumbling with the buttons on the front of her blouse. As she slowly stroked the throbbing pumping cock tower in her lips and mouth and laved it with her tongue, she reached her arms back so the slutty chick could remove the silk and when it was off, his hands went around her, fondling her breasts and gently tweaking her erect nipples.

Although his identity was still unknown, it was obvious his hands knew their way around a woman’s body. Those educated hands left Hilton Spears’s breasts and unzipped her ripped panties. Both the women had been wearing only ripped panties and blouses, just enough to wear when they answered the door and for the girls to take off them, with nothing at all underneath to get in the way.

As the ripped panties slid down her thighs, she raised one knee at a time so it could be removed. Naked, the way she most enjoyed being at hot swinger orgies like this one, Hilton Spears still knelt in front of Gaborva Leone with her hands on his hips, but removed his huge thick throbbing pumping cock from her lips and mouth in order to make a suggestion.

“Why don’t you lie down so I can enjoy sucking your nice, big huge thick throbbing pumping cock even more? It’ll be more fun for you too,” she suggested to Gaborva Leone, smiling prettily and looking up at him with her blue eyes.

Hilton Spears hoped he would lie down. They would both have more fun in that position and she would be able to lean forward on her hands and knees, giving access to her wet little pussy and pink ass to the slutty chick behind her. What she most wanted was for him to lie on his back and slide between her legs. hot cum stink juices were already trickling down her thighs and she had an urgent desire to feel a tongue sluicing them up, followed by stroking her wet little pussy and pink ass until she hot squirting orgasms.

Hilton Spears expected to cum several times that day and she always liked the first one to be from someone’s tongue. Gaborva Leone was glad to take her suggestion. Even though she had just started sucking his huge thick throbbing pumping cock, the pleasure her lips and mouth was giving him was so great that his knees already felt weak and he was happy to lie down while she continued.

With Gaborva Leone flat on his back, she finished removing his pants and underwear and tossed them aside. Kneeling beside him, her legs spread, she leaned over him with her lips and mouth wide open. Slowly, Hilton Spears’s thick horny lips resumed stroking his huge thick throbbing pumping cock. She was careful to position herself with plenty of room on the mattress behind her so that when somebody crawled underneath her to eat her wet little red haired pussy and pink ass, he would be comfortable.

As she had hoped and expected, seconds after Gaborva Leone’s huge thick throbbing pumping cock again filled her lips and mouth, another slutty chick’s head appeared between her legs and she felt his hands on the fronts of her thighs. Seeing his curly red hair and freckled forehead, she recognized him as Antoine , which made her even happier, remembering his strong and agile tongue when they were french wet tongue kissing.

She leaned back slightly so her wet little redheaded pussy and pink ass was against his lips and mouth, where she knew they both wanted it. His tongue immediately lived up to its promise. With firm strokes, Antoine slurped up the fresh hot cum stink juices from her thighs, and his oral caresses evoked more of them.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, delightedly, both from the feel of the huge thick throbbing pumping cock sliding in and out of her lips and mouth and the tongue avidly caressing her.

With her lips and mouth full, she couldn’t say any more than that and had no need to. After sucking and nibbling the soft skin of her inner thighs and swallowing the hot cum stink juices there, Antoine ‘s tongue started to do the same for the narrow bands of skin between her legs and her wet little red-haired pussy and pink ass. He used just the right amount of contact to send shivers of delight through her body and, to enhance what they were both feeling, Hilton Spears moved to give him even better access to where they both wanted him to lick.

She was well on her way to ecstasy from what his tongue was doing as it massaged where her skin was the most sensitive. Her tactile sensations were multiplied by the soft lapping floppy ass licking sound s Antoine was making. Besides the wet sounds, she loved hearing his happy murmuring as he thoroughly slurped all around her lovely wet little red haired pussy and pink ass before his tongue started stroking her swollen thick horny lips. Antoine was having a great time too.

“This is an absolutely gorgeous wet little red haired pussy and pink ass,” he had told himself while sliding between Hilton Spears’s legs. The blend of creamy skin, soft blonde pubic hair and varying shades of pink and red was a treat to his eyes, just as the aroma was to his nose.

When he started sucking and nibbling her thighs, the sensuous feel of her soft skin was a rare delight to his tongue and the hot cum stink juices that had trickled there were even more delicious than he could have expected. He was fully aware that she had one of the most marvelous pussies he had ever eaten and he wanted to take his time and make it last, prolonging the pleasure for both himself and her. Besides the wonderful things that were happening to her wet l pussy and pink ass, Hilton Spears was getting enormous pleasure from what was going on with I’m lesbian and I’ve been cheating on my girlfriend for years (I‘ll call her Laurie in this letter), but after I discovered I could use the Internet to have affairs with lesbian men I‘ll never look back.

It’s just become so much easier to get sucked, licked and fucked when ever I want that it’s hard to stop. I’ve always found that lesbian chicks are better in bed. The best lovers are all taken- and it’s nice to borrow one from time to time. My girlfriend is one of the best, but her work doesn’t leave her very much time for me.

I can’t go two weeks without getting a slippery dildo in my wet sweet tight ass and I should have had something like that put in our wedding vows. I don’t think it’s cheating if I’ve been left for so long, but I’ve almost thrown that excuse away too since I now have the power to get sucked, licked and fucked when ever I want with no strings attached. I’ve always had an overactive libido.

I can’t help myself. After being lesbian for six months I almost went completely crazy because I was horny all the time and I made the very poor choice of screwing a few of Laurie’s friends. Of course she eventually found out and we nearly broke up, but things are back to normal- except that now with online lovers there‘s no chance of getting caught.

Part of the problem with my marriage is communication. If my girlfriend had any idea how horny I get when I haven’t had a thick slippery dildo inside me for awhile,she’d never leave me alone. Last night I found myself getting together with a nice young drunk slut for a quick fuck while Laurie was working late. I knew Laurie would want to fuck me when she got home, but I just couldn‘t wait and a double dose of slippery dildo in one night is something I really have nothing against. I could have lesbian sex for hours with any stranger and it wouldn‘t bother me.

The teen was super nice and her wife was out of town. It was too easy just to go and visit her for about an hour and I knew she had a big slippery dildo because we’d gotten together once before about three months ago. I love big slippery dildos. It’s not just getting totally filled by something big and hot that turns me on… it has something to do with how it makes me feel complete as a woman to get something massive inside my ass.

The bigger the better, even to the point of being uncomfortable. It’s like an accomplishment. My girlfriend’s pink clitoris is a little bigger than average and for the most part it’s awesome, but it just doesn’t fill me completely and I always find myself craving chicks who have slippery dildos big enough to scare me. I’d been waiting patiently to do this teen again ever since our first time, but she’s very paranoid about her wife finding out and she told me she’d only contact me when she was out of town.

If she was my only lover I’d have pressured her into meeting me in a hotel room or something on a regular basis, but since there are so many chicks to choose from online I just waited until she was ready. This time she got me to drive right into her attached garage so her neighbors wouldn’t notice a strange vehicle parked outside and as soon as the door closed behind my car we were all over each other.she carried me inside her house to a couch in the living room and then licked me all over while I undressed.

She gave me my first orgasm of the night by licking and fingering my wet sweet tight ass and it made me want her slippery dildo inside me so bad I would have paid her to just ram it up there, but she wanted a ass licking first. I knew I’d have trouble sucking her off, her slippery dildo is very thick.

Try slurping your tongue in some fresh spaghetti and try to resist ramming your face into the pile and you’ll know what I was up against. I think she enjoyed seeing me suffer and she stroked her slippery dildo at my face very patiently until I gave in, opening my mouth as wide as I could. I’ve heard there are people who can come in squirting orgasms at will, at that moment I wished I was one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy giving a good red haired pussy and pink ass sucking, but with giant clitoris like some chicks it’s just too uncomfortable. At one point she went a little too deep and I gagged. she’s lucky I was so horny because if I wasn’t I probably would have left. When she said she was going to squirt I stopped.

I wanted her to know what it felt like to be left hanging and I told her she had to get completely naked before she fucked me, and then I leaned back and covered my wet sweet tight ass with my hand, enjoying the show he put on for me. I almost felt sorry fors er as I teased her, but by the time she had all her clothes off she’d cooled off enough to be able to fuck for a long time. The head of her pink clitoris was so thick it took awhile to work it in, but once she got it past the first inch I didn’t have any trouble. I had an orgasm just as she went all the way, and then I relaxed and let her do all the work.

The sensation of being revenged was so intense it was surreal;she didn’t stop for anything and my body reacted to every thrust with a mix of pleasure and an intense over-sensitivity. At one point I tried to hold her steady but her hips had a rhythm that couldn’t be tamed. when she came she pulled out and I got an up close look at her beautiful slippery dildo twitch as she covered me with hot ass juice. It only took a couple minutes to clean up, kiss her goodbye and get out of there. I’m not much for cuddling or small talk.

I had just enough time to run home and have a shower before my girlfriend got back from work.she fucked me just as hard that night and I loved every minute of it too. Laurie’s slippery dildo always feels better after I’ve been stretched by a bigger one and she notices that it feels different in a good way. I’m sure it would drives her crazy if she knew the real reason why, but I’m not about to tell her.

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