Fun With Jane The Gynecologist

I look at my clipboard to find the next patient on my appointments list. “Well Amelia, looks like you’re the last one before lunch!” I head down the hall making my way to the waiting room. I open the door and peek out. “Amelia?” A pretty young brunette stands up, and begins to walk toward me. “You’re up dear,” I say with a smile, and hold the door for her. She shuffles in nervously and waits to walk behind me. Her hair is pulled half up in a little clip, and she’s wearing very light make-up. Her sun-kissed skin and the tiny freckles on her cheeks and nose tells me she’s spent a lot of time outside. Her body confirms it. She’s wearing a long skirt, about knee length, and a tank top. She’s thin but toned. My love of women had never gotten in the way of my job before, but sometimes it did make it more challenging. Today was going to be one of those challenging days. I reach out my hand and put on a casual smile, “I’m Jane.”

“Nice to meet you,” Amelia puts her hand inside Jane’s and smiles. She sighs a silent sigh of relief at having thought to freshly shave EVERYTHING this morning. This was, after all, her first gyno appointment ever, and she wanted it to go as smoothly as possible. “God, of course it’s a ridiculously beautiful woman looking at my lady-junk… couldn’t have been some regular, average-looking lady doctor. Jane had short messy blonde hair. Her personality was very cool and nonchalant. It made Amelia feel much more relaxed. Jane’s body was slim, but curvy. She had larger breasts, and hips than Amelia. And when she turned her back saying “Come with me,” Amelia could see she had a nice round butt too.

“Have a seat in this chair, sweetie. Just gonna take your blood pressure and ask you some questions first.” Jane patted the seat of the chair before taking a seat on her rolling stool. Once Amelia sat down, Jane held out the blood pressure cuff. Amelia put her arm in it as Jane began to ask questions.

“So you’re here for birth control, right?”

Amelia blushed. She didn’t know why. This was Jane’s job, but it still seemed embarrassing. “Yes” She said softly. “Sorry, it’s my first appointment… of this nature, and I’m a little nervous.”

Jane waved her arm exaggeratedly and laughed as she undid the blood pressure cuff and pulled it off. Laughing she said “Oh honey, if you only knew how many naked women I have seen! And they’re not all tens! But you’re a beautiful young lady. You’ve got nothing to worry about!” Her smile was calming. “Are you currently sexually active?”

Amelia tried to stop it, but her freckled cheeks turned a bright pink as she giggled. “Umm… yes… I mean, that’s why I’m here.”

Jane smirked. “Sorry honey, I have to ask.” She definitely was not sorry. Amelia was extra cute when she was embarrassed. Now to get her out of those clothes! “Alrighty, you wanna follow me to the scale over here?” She crossed the room and stood by the scale. She waited until Amelia was on the scale and still before moving the weights and asking, “When was your last period?”

“Um, about 2 weeks ago.” Amelia replied sheepishly.

“Great! Well that’s enough of the uncomfortable questions. Time for the BIG uncomfortable. Are you ready?”

Amelia gulped. Her throat was dry. “Uh, guess so!” she said with sarcastic enthusiasm.

Jane chuckled. “Ok,” She grabbed a small cup from her desk. “I’m going to give you this. I need you to go into this bathroom here and pee in this cup, at least to this line. You also get the paper vest.” She laughed to herself at how ridiculous this always sounded. “It barely covers anything, rips easily, and is scratchy like paper towel. Pretty much no point, but you’re welcome to wear it. “So here’s your cup, and here’s your vest.” She handed Amelia the items and pointed to the door, wearing her warmest and most comforting smile. She secretly loved the frightened wide-eyed look Amelia gave her upon hearing the directions. She also was very excited to see this little beauty naked.

“Okay, I’ll try” Amelia grimaced, as she took the cup and vest. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Slowly she started to undress, folding her clothes and placing them neatly on the counter by the sink. She almost thought she had sensed a little something when talking with Jane, but she wasn’t sure. Interest, maybe? No… Jane had seen tons of naked girls. Amelia new she was pretty average. Why would that hottie doctor be interested in some random girl coming in for a pelvic exam? She sat down on the toilet and positioned the cup underneath her as she filled it closest to the line as she could, replaced the lid, and sat it on the counter. She finished peeing and wiped. She used her foot to flush the toilet and washed her hands, before slipping on the grossly revealing paper vest. She looked in the mirror. It was definitely ridiculous. She looked like she was wearing a cut off shirt with the arm holes dipping almost to the bottom of her rib cage. The front had nothing to attach it together, so she had to hold it. She quickly realized she would not be able to carry the pee cup, her clothes, open the door, annnd hold the vest shut. She shook away her irritation as she quickly thought of another plan.

Jane waited patiently. She smirked as Amelia slowly opened the door and a hand appeared, holding out the cup. “Thank you dear!” She said, grabbing the cup. I’m gonna run this to the lab and let you get settled.” She dimmed the lights and walked out the door.

Amelia came out of the bathroom, sat her clothes in the chair on the far wall, and walked over to the table. Her eyes got a little wide when she saw the stirrups. She felt awkward as hell. She knew she was probably blushing, and wondered why she was so nervous. At 18 she had been naked in front more than a handful of people, men and women. One more person seeing her body wasn’t going to make a difference. She realized after a moment that she didn’t know Jane. That’s why it made it seem more scary. It also made it more exciting. She had to admit, she was pretty turned on. She had just hopped up onto the table, sitting on the edge holding her vest closed when Jane came back in. She couldn’t help but admire her beauty. She was trying hard to guess if Jane could possibly be into women when Jane spoke.

“Feels silly huh?” Jane asked with an even tone. Inside her head, thoughts were endless. “By the way, you’re supposed to lay down.” She chuckled, gesturing to the pillow.

“Oh yeah,” Amanda said as she turned red. She swivels and layed down on her back, legs unconsciously clenched together. “Ha, and these things are pointless.” Her breasts were clearly visible through the gown. Especially now since the chill of the room (and the excitement) had made her nipples hard. All of a sudden a terrible realization struck her. “What if I’m wet? What if she notices? What if I accidentally make a noise when she touches me?” Her body tensed as terrible thoughts ran through her mind.

Jane giggled, “Yeah not much to ’em.” She walked up beside the table, the end with Amelia’s face. “So, this part will feel silly too. Like a boob massage from a stranger. I just need to check your breasts for lumps or any abnormalities. Let me know if you’re too uncomfortable ok?” She was having a hard time focusing on something as complex as speech while staring at Amelia’s now naked body. Her breasts were smaller, but not tiny. Her tan didn’t have any gaps like from clothes. “She must tan naked,” Jane thought. Her eyes drifted further down to the smooth skin of Amelia’s pussy. She did not allow them to linger longer than just to make that connection before snapping back to reality.

Amelia nodded, looking up at her doctor as Jane pulled the right side of her vest to the side. “That’s fine,” she agreed. And rested her arms at her sides.

Jane was lost in her own mind again. “Her tits are gorgeous.” She thought to herself. “And her nipples are hard. I hope it’s not just because it’s cold in here.” She raised her hands and with the first and middle finger of both hands began massaging Amelia’s breasts, from the edge further out working her way toward the center. She tried to drag it out just a little, hoping it wasn’t long enough to be noticed. She had mostly averted her eyes to a poster on the wall, so as not to make Amelia feel too uncomfortable. That, plus her excitement was throwing her off her game, because she accidentally drug a fingertip over Amelia’s nipple. Amelia’s breath caught, just barely, as Jane withdrew her fingers. “Well, that one looks great! Now the other one, and we can get straight to the good part.” She said somewhat jokingly with a wink. She was quiet as she went to the other side of the table, worried that she might have just given herself away.

Amelia giggled. She was almost positive she wouldn’t be barking up the wrong tree if she tried anything. Though the lights were dimmed, she was pretty sure she had seen Jane blush after that last comment. She also was almost positive that the average breast exam didn’t take that long. Especially just for one boob. She acted quickly and reached up to pull the left side of her vest open before Jane got there, trying to seem cool and confident.

Jane raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Finally comfortable are we?” she quipped. This time she lingered a little longer, allowing herself short moments to look at Amelia’s face in her peripheral vision. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing seemed a little fast. Jane naughtily wondered if Amelia would be wet. The tiniest whisper of a moan floated from Amelia’s lips, and Jane’s pussy throbbed. “Okay, that one looks great too. On to the last part.” She turned away to grab some gloves off her desk and walked to the end of the table as she put them on. Her gaze caught Amelia’s and she looked into her eyes with a small smile. Feeling bold she ran a fingertip over the top of Amelia’s foot. “Wanna open up for me?”

Amelia’s body quivered slightly at the touch as she relaxed her muscles and parted her legs. She sucked in a breath when the cool air hit her wet cunt. “Oh god, I’m wet.” She thought. She spread her legs fully and a small smirk played over her face as her cheeks flushed.

Jane had to bite her tongue to keep from licking her lips as Amelia presented her dripping wet pussy. She could see wetness dribbling down Amelia’s slit, working its way closer to her ass. Her skin looked so silky smooth. Jane wanted to make this gorgeous young woman scream in pleasure. She imagined making love to her. She imagined tasting that deliciously juicy pussy. She realized then that she had probably been gawking much too long, and blushed fiercely. “Alright babe, just gonna guide your feet into these stirrups ok? Then I want you to scoot your butt down on the table as far as you can.” She gently took one of Amelia’s legs by the ankle and with the other hand, ran her fingers up her calf, and steered it toward one of the stirrups. She did the same with the other leg, this time running her fingers further up Amelia’s leg, almost to the back of her knee before placing that foot into the stirrup as well. She gazed for one more moment at the juicy cunt, spread wide open in front of her. She couldn’t help it when a small sigh, sounding very much like a moan, slipped past her lips. “Oh the gel!” She rushed back to her desk and fumbled for a tube before realizing she was out, and bending to her bottom drawer for more.

Amelia whimpered softly as she watched Jane bend over. The scrub pants were not forgiving, and she could tell even in the dim lighting that there was no panty line to be found. She also thought she caught the tiniest glimpse of a small wet spot in the crotch of Jane’s pants. All of a sudden she could feel cum running down her ass. She was embarrassed but also so turned on. She had never before felt so exposed… So on display. She wondered what her sexy doctor might do next. Jane stood up, having found the lube, and started walking back. Amelia giggled. “I doubt you will need that…” She looked at her doctor, waiting for a response.

Jane’s cunt was throbbing so hard it ached, as Amelia’s words taunted her. She wanted to jam her fingers into this woman’s pussy and rub her g-spot. She tried to compose herself. She smirked, almost mischievously, “Looks like I won’t, huh?” She took a quiet, but deep breath. “Ok, I’m going to insert two fingers into your vagina. If you feel any pain, or if you’re too uncomfortable let me know alright?” Jane positioned her fingers and slowly slid them into Amelia’s soaked pussy.

“Oooh!” Amelia moaned, as her hips bucked a little, involuntarily. Her clit throbbed as she choked out an “I’m sorry!” and closed her eyes, breathing deeply to calm herself. She looked up at Doctor Jane, purposefully clenching her pussy muscles. She studied Jane’s face as her muscles tightened around the fingers inside her.

Jane slowly withdraws her fingers, but with them almost out she get a wicked idea. She can’t help it. She slams them back in again! She hears another moan, louder this time. She looks up into Amelia’s wanting eyes. They spoke no words but they were pleading. Jane starts moving her fingers in and out, her thumb brushing over Amelia’s clit. She hears the sharp gasp as she touched it and has to stifle a moan, as she continued to work Amelia’s clit with her thumb.

Amelia moans with each plunge. She finally gives in completely and starts thrusting her hips. “Ohh god yes!!” Her pussy tenses with each thrust and she feels it sucking in Jane’s eager fingers. She looks up at her doctor, sitting between her open legs. She notices Jane’s lips, parted. Her chest, heaving and jiggling. Nipples poking through the thin material of her scrub top.

Jane notices Amelia’s eyes on her. “Shit, Amelia!” she says. “I’ve never had one of my patients entice me so. You are so gorgeous. Mmmm and your tight little pussy feels sooooo goooood.” she moans.

“Ohhh Jane! Don’t stop!! Aaahh make me cum! This feels amazing!!”

Jane’s own pussy oozes as she assaults Amelia’s with her fingers. She keeps thrusting, making sure her fingers rub over the g-spot with each insertion. The fingers on her other hand rub fast circles on Amelia’s clit. “Ohhh that’s right Amelia! Cum for me! I want to really taste you when I lick your pretty little cunt!!”

Amelia’s pussy clamps down on Jane’s fingers as cum starts to trickle down Jane’s fingers and hand. Amanda’s back arches as she bucks her hips and her orgasm takes her. She groans, “Jaaane! I’m cumming!!”

“Oh fuck! Yes Amelia! Cum baby, cum!!” Jane’s fingers keep speed for a moment and then slow as she feels Amelia’s orgasm coming to an end. Amelia’s body goes limp. She gasps for breath as Jane slowly pulls her fingers out. Jane licks her lips as she stares at the drenched pussy in front of her face. She moans as her head leans forward. She starts to lick, from Amelia’s asshole to the top of her slit. Over and over she runs her tongue from bottom to top, gentle enough but also meant to tease and excite. She starts to pay more attention to Amelia’s hard little clit, flicking over it with her tongue each time she passes it. Jane dips her tongue deeper into Amelia, tasting her sweet juices and lapping at her beautiful wet cunt. Jane’s own pussy is dripping from the excitement of hearing Amelia cum, tasting her, and feeling her tight pussy wrapped around Jane’s fingers. She moan’s against Amelia as she licks. “You taste so fucking good!”

Amelia’s hips start to rock as a second orgasm takes her. Her thighs are shaking, fingers clutching Jane’s hair, holding her head in place. “Oh fuck! Yes Jane! Lick my cunt!” Amelia rides out her orgasm, keeping her eyes on Jane’s mouth and tongue. She whimpers softly as her orgasm comes to a halt, and the need to please her sexy doctor takes over. “Jane, may I please have you now?” she asks, breathless.

Jane’s head was spinning. She was so aroused. She wanted nothing more than to be brought to orgasm by this stunning young woman. She smiled and stood up to walk around the table. She leaned over and kissed Amelia, an urging kiss. When the kiss broke she sat Amelia up and wrapped her arms around her waist, pulling her off the table while groping her cute little ass. “I would love that,” she whispered.

Amelia shoves Jane toward the table, and starts ripping off her clothes. She throws Jane’s shirt across the room, unclasps her bra and drops it to the floor. She stops to hungrily lick and suck on the gorgeous breasts, nibbling at her hard nipples. She spends a few minutes enjoying Jane’s boobs, but soon the moans she was hearing turn into whimpers and pleading groans, and she knows she needs to return the most generous favor. She yanks down Jane’s pants to see a clean shaven, but very wet pussy in front of her. The pants drop to the floor and she points to the table and orders for Jane to hop up there. Jane kicks off her tennis shoes and lays down on her back, looking at Amelia. Amelia smiles and swirls her finger in the air. Jane quickly rolls over, gets onto her hands and knees, and almost immediately starts moaning as Amelia starts licking her soaked pussy. She runs her tongue from Jane’s clit to her ass a few times, and then moves only to Jane’s asshole. She begins licking faster as Jane’s moans intensify, and puts 3 fingers in Jane’s pussy.

Jane almost can’t control herself. She knows she won’t last long with all the previous excitement building on her anticipation. She grips the side of the table hard as she moans and trembles. “Oh god Amelia! That feels so fucking good!! Fuck me!!” She reaches between her own legs and starts rubbing her clit.

Amelia adds some pressure as she licks Jane’s asshole. Her fingers feel like they’re being squeezed right off inside Jane’s tight pussy. She keeps fucking though, faster and harder as she feels Jane getting closer to reaching her climax.

“Fuck!! Don’t stop baby! Yes!!” Jane screams. All of a sudden her orgasm peaks, and she rubs hard at her clit. Her body jerks and trembles as she rides each wave. Soon her movements slow, and finally stop.

Amelia gives Jane’s ass one more long lick before removing her face and fingers from Jane’s body. She plops down into the chair behind her and sighs with satisfaction as she watches Jane flop down for a few minutes to breath.

Amelia finally got up and walked over to the table. She kissed Jane on the back of the neck and around and to the side of her face. “That was so hot,” she said. “I think maybe I got too nervous to get my exam today. I will reschedule and be back in soon.” She started collecting her clothes and putting them back on as Jane turned her head, smiling, to look at her.

“That’s a plan babe!” Jane grinned, and started getting dressed. She then crossed the room and grabbed Amelia around the waist, kissing her passionately. “You just may be the best patient I’ve ever had.” She teased jokingly.

Amelia laughed and returned the kiss. “I should hope so. See you in a few days, Doctor Jane.” And turned to walk out the door.

My Anal Experience

You can tell a lot about someone by the blanks she leaves on a job application. The little gaps in her job history speaks volumes. A question left unanswered is like a confession of past wrongs. People expect me, as Human Resources manager, to read what’s in a resume, but I’ve always felt that it’s what’s NOT in a resume that tells me something about a person.

Heather Courtnall would be in my office in a few minutes, applying for a position with the company. What position ? Well, there’s the first blank on the application form. Her resume shows an education in accounting, and several years of experience in the field, but she didn’t fill it in on the application. Maybe she needs a job so badly that she’s willing to accept a position in data entry, or in secretarial.

Her next blank was left in job history. A four year blank, in fact.

My mind filled with various scenarios. Usually there would be an explanation. Going back to school, raising a young family, whatever. Usually, the applicant would explain this in her cover letter, which in this case was notably absent.

Finally, a real no-no. She had left blank the question about whether she’d been convicted of a criminal offense. I puzzled over this one. If she had been convicted, it’s surely something she’d either put down on the application, or lie about, but not leave blank. If she hadn’t been convicted of a crime, she’d surely put down “no”. Was it a case pending ? Was she hoping that I wouldn’t ask?

There were a whole host of omissions in this application. Personal references, contact numbers at her previous employer (as if that would stop me from calling), even an emergency contact, in case of illness or accident.

Of course, what’s in a resume can say a lot too. Her address was in a very bad part of the city. A slum, really. Her age, 32 years old (pretty young to be down and out). There was an old certificate proclaiming her to the honor roll at her college, and an old reference letter from her first employer, praising her as “promising”.

With the job market so slim, I knew that our advertisement would bring people out from the woodwork. We were one of the few local companies, based on our strengths overseas, that was hiring right now. This put me in a position of power, which of course, I would never consider abusing if I though the applicant had any real potential of advancing in the company (an exercise in self interest, I assure you). This girl, well, I’d have to see.

I buzzed the intercom, and asked Madeline to send in the next applicant. I stepped up to the door to open in a crack. I could hear Madeline down the hallway.

“Mr. Kosztanza will see you now, miss.”

This sound, followed by the hurried clicking of Heather’s step towards my door. I returned to my desk, and watched her enter the room.

The woman had dressed well for the occasion. She wore a coordinated blue blazer and skirt, nice blouse, and carried an attache case under her arm. The clothes were a bit out of style, perhaps a leftover from when she was the head of the A/R department of her previous employer some years back, I speculated.

But, god, was she nervous. I stood to shake her hand, and she almost tripped over herself in her approach to the desk. She was a skinny thing, maybe a little too skinny for my tastes, with a bra size to match. Her face was fairly nice with striking green eyes, but a few stress lines showed through the make-up surrounding them. She must have been a really attractive girl before the drugs took over.

That’s what I decided had happened. The gap in her job history, the ambiguity about a criminal conviction, her address in a heroin infested neighborhood, her “almost-too-thin” appearance, they all pointed to a recent drug addiction. Was this a part of her attempt to kick the habit?

“Good morning,” I said, “Please have a seat.”

“Good morning,” she replied. I think she must have caught on to the way that I was eyeing her. She seemed yet more self-conscious as she took a seat across from me. I know I was leering, but she still had legs she could be proud of.

I pulled out her application, and turned over to the page where I’d find what I wanted.

“There’s no answer here,” I started “about criminal convictions. Are there any?”

I sure knew how to start things off on the right foot. I could almost feel her heart sink as I asked the question. How quickly she dropped her attempted self-confidence was a thing to behold.

“I…uh… wasn’t sure how to answer,” she stuttered. “I mean, I … um … entered a court ordered program to treat my problem.”

“That counts as a conviction,” I offered. “You should answer `yes’ to that question on applications.”

A short pause, as the tears welled up in the corners of her eyes.

“What’s your addiction to?” I pressed further.

“It was heroin, but I swear, I’m off of it. I’ve been clean for six months now.”

“I see, and that’s why you’ve been out of work for some time.”


She was trying so hard, I almost felt sorry for her, but I was getting that predatory feeling instead. I could have this woman.

“I’ll tell you what, if you’re really off the drugs, I can do something for you,” I said.

“Really,” her eyes lit up.

“If,” I continued, “you’ll do some naughty things for me.”

She didn’t know what to say, and it showed. Her mouth hung slightly open in an anxiety inspired pause.

“Just say, `Anything you want’ and we’ll get started,” I coached.

Her mouth was slow to react, but did nonetheless.

“Anything you want,” she said, and it was music to my ears.

Just to seal the agreement, I pulled out the `New Hire’ form from my desk. She watched as I filled out her particulars, and checked off `accounting’ under `Department’. At the bottom of the page, I signed my name, and dated the form. When done, I placed the “New Hire” form face-up on my desk.

“It’s right here,” I said. “All you have to do is bring this form to the personnel office across the hall, and they’ll finish the process.”

She wanted this badly. You can always tell when an addict wants something badly.

“But first, let’s see that body of yours.”

She stood, still self-conscious. She began to unbutton her blazer.

“That’s not sexy enough,” I interrupted. “I want a strip tease.”

She looked downwards, and began to do a little strip tease for me. Not bad really, not enthusiastic, but not bad. I think it really bothered her to be doing it in her nice outfit. I was loving it. I loved getting that good first glimpse of her bra, that first look up her skirt to see her little cotton panties. By the time she got to taking her bra off, and stepping lewdly out of her panties, I was hard as a rock.

I pulled open another desk drawer, and removed a tube of lubricant.

“Lube up your ass,” I demanded. “Bend over the desk, and lube it up good for me.”

She looked at me pleadingly.

“Not in the ass,” she begged.

I just held out the tube for her, and allowed desperation to make her decision. God what a nice view. I told you she still had great legs, and her ass was wonderful. It was pure pleasure to see her bent at the hips over the edge of my desk, with her middle finger pushing lubricant up her ass for me.

“Keep working it in there,” I said. “I need to get ready too.”

From where I was, I was in good position to reach her face. I unzipped myself, and pulled out my cock. Now, I’m not going to say I’ve got an eleven inch dick. In fact, I’d say it would be just slightly above average, and I’m a fairly big guy anyhow. It is, however, good and thick. I stood and slapped it against her lips in an unspoken command. She took it.

“Mmmng, that’s a good little cock sucker. Get it ready so I can fuck your ass.”

She was pretty good at this too… I wondered if she had turned a trick or two to support her habit. I watched as she continued to work her fingers in and out of her tight little ass with the lubricant. Obedient too, I liked this girl.

I pushed my cock further into her mouth, until she began to gag.

“Keep on sucking,” I warned her. She did.

When I’d had my fill, I pulled out and remained with my cock positioned in her face for a while.

“Lick my balls.”

She worked my balls gently in her mouth, all the while lubricating her ass. I was getting a bit overheated, and stopped her short.

I retrieved a condom from my desk drawer. There was no way I was going to risk getting a disease from some junky. I began to walk around the desk, and Heather froze, knowing what was coming next.

I pulled her hand away from her ass, and slipped a finger of my own in. She was nice and tight. This was going to be good.

Anticipation is a wonderful thing. I put on my condom and placed my cock at her rear entrance, and then paused to savor the moment. Was that muffled sobbing I heard from Heather. So much the better.

Slowly at first, I pushed my cock into her ass. She’d done a good job of lubricating, but there’s just no preparing for the real thing. I hear her gasp as the head went all the way in. I pushed harder now, enjoying the pressure of her tight little hole.

“Take it, you junky whore,” I said with venom as I pushed all the way in. She began crying again.” Fuck, yeah,” I continued. “Are you used to getting fucked for money?”

I couldn’t believe that I was getting close to cumming after just the first stroke. I tried hard to hold off. As a distraction, I took the time to lean forward and reach under Heather to grab hold of one of her little tits.

When I began to move my cock in and out again, I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I decided to give it to her hard right away. I grabbed hold of Heather’s nipple with my right hand, and gave it a nasty little pinch before really going to work on her ass. I gave her probably a dozen violent thrusts before feeling my balls explode.

“I’m cumming in your ass, you dirty drugged-out whore.”

With that, I filled the condom, and collapsed on Heather’s back, breathing heavily. She lay there, sobbing quietly.

When I pulled out, went back to Heather’s front side, and pulled off my condom.

“Here’s a little something for you,” I said, as I discarded the used condom onto the side of her face. She just lay there, silently sobbing, with the cum leaking down her cheek.

“I’ll leave you alone now, to clean up before you go to the personnel office. Don’t be too long. There are some tissues in this drawer,” tapping on the top drawer of my file cabinet.

With that, I locked the rest of my drawers, and went out for lunch.

I wondered how long it would take Heather to compose herself. I sure hoped that the tissues would help. I kept them in the top drawer along with most of the things I’d confiscated from dismissed employees. Well, things like drugs, if you must know. Why, there must have been a week’s supply of heroin in that drawer.

Speaking of which, it’s a good thing Heather had quit the habit, as I happen to know that the personnel office conducts mandatory drug testing on every new hire.

A Fucking Story

Everett smiled and lit his cigar. Like a locomotive pulling out of the station, thick spurts of smoke erupted rhythmically, slow puffs that soon gave way to a haze. He narrowed his eyes, indulging himself in a moment’s reflection, and then fought the dry heat with a swig of dark lager.

“I tell you, this chick was fine,” he said. “Big tits, legs, just a hot little blonde.”

“Yeah? She was at the party?” Andy leaned forward.

“Friend of Liz, I think. They went to high school, or something.”

“The tall one?” Andy lit his cigar into a blue cloud.

“No, I mean, not her, medium height. I think you’re thinking of the one who came with Stone.”

“Okay, white dress then?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I kinda forgot what she was wearing.” Everett smirked, pushing strands of limp hair from his face. “She had white panties, if that helps. I remember those.”

“Yeah,” said Andy, leaning back to take a drink. “I know which one you mean then.” A band began to set up in a corner of the bar, the drummer rattling his cymbals as he put them in place.

“I started talking to Liz about the show she saw – Elli and her drove up to Hoboken and saw the Femmes at some club.”

“No shit? Isn’t she from Hoboken?”

“Yeah, I guess, I never thought about it.”

“Maybe that’s when she hooked up with her friend. What’s her name?”

“Christina, or something like that. Some song came on while I was talking to Liz and this babe started jumping up and down and squealing and just had to dance, and I turned and saw these tits bouncing, they just caught my eye and suddenly I had to dance, too.”

Andy lifted his glass. “Comprende, amigo.”

“She looked sweet, kind of innocent, but man . . . .” Everett paused for effect. “She danced like she was fucking, I mean, moving the same way, you know what I mean?”

Andy smiled and nodded. Everett twirled his cigar between his fingers and propelled a stream of smoke toward the dark rafters.

“Anyway, I took her over to my place. Liz gave me one of those looks when Christina told her we were leaving. You know how she gets.”

“I do, I do.” Andy remembered all too well his last episode with the Liz Beck. “God, I know.” He drank a long drink of the warm ale, finishing the glass.

“I unlocked my door, hoping to God that Dennis had decided to crash out at Fenwick.”

“Did he drive up to the beach again?”

“Yeah. He’s got that girl, you know, Hearts?”


“She has this tattoo on her left breast of a heart. Kinda freaky.”

“Right for Dennis, I guess.”

“Just perfect. He’s been up there the last four weekends. Don’t see him until Monday morning.”

“She lives up there?”

“Working on the boardwalk or something. Waitress, I guess.”

“Yeah, perfect.”

“She walks in my place, Christina, and I close the door behind us and when it clicks shut, she puts her arms around me and starts to kiss me. Wet, sloppy, tongue kisses.”

“Jackpot. Was she drunk?”

“A little. We both were. Lubricated, as they say.”

“Janet got plastered and hit Renee.”

“She looked pretty messed up when I saw her. I think she’s got problems.”

“Yeah, I heard something about that.”

“Tell me.”

“Later. Long story and I’d rather hear about your blonde.”

“Fuck, yes,” said Everett, slapping his leg with a laugh. “I led her to the sofa and I sat down. I left the lights off, so it was kind of cozy, the light coming from the hallway, but she walked over and turned on the light.

“Two more,” the waitress said, picking up Andy’s empty glass and placing it on her tray. Everett nodded, while his companion held up a peace sign.

“She twirls around, and my eyes are fixed on her, watching those tits bounce and her ass, it was round and high, you know what I mean?”

“Mmmm,” said Andy, sucking his cigar. Taking it from his mouth, he pointed to a woman standing by the jukebox. “Like hers?”

“Debbie?” Everett asked. “Yeah, like hers but tighter. I’m telling you,man, she was sweet.” The waitress sat the fresh mugs on the round table.

“Thanks,” mumbled Andy. Everett handed her a folded dollar.

“Yeah,” he said. Leaning forward, Everett spoke in a hush. “She tells me the place is great and then, whoosh, she lifts her dress over her head. White panties, white bra, just jiggling while I’m staring.”

“No shit?”

“I could smell her cunt, and I look at the bulge of her little panties and she is so wet, the juice is running down her legs.”

“Man, oh, man.” Andy’s eyes opened wide, enraptured by the image.

“She’s giggling. My dick was so fucking hard, but I’m just sitting there, waiting to see what this chick does next. She was hot. I could see her nipples through her bra, big tits, and the pebbles are pushing right through the fabric. She kneels down between my legs, and looks up at me with this wicked smile.”

“No way.”

“Pulls out my cock and starts kissing it, like it was her baby, or puppy or something. I’m loving it, watching this pretty bitch go at it. I lean over a bit, to reach for her tits and when I get a finger on one of those nips, she puts my dick in her mouth and while she’s sucking me, she’s reaching back to undo her bra. She’s blowing me, and I’m squeezing this big tits, hanging down so the nipples are huge.”

“I love that. You know who has great nipples? Stephanie.”

“Aren’t they? I could suck her titties all night long.”

“Mmm,” replied Andy.

“Remind me to tell you about the fourth. I have a great story about her. You know what we should do?” Everett’s voice dropped low again.

“We should try and fuck her together. That’d be great.”

“Would she?”

“I’d bet on it. Anyway, I reach back and start squeezing her ass. It was so fine. She’s still sucking my dick like there’s no tomorrow and I’m already wondering if I could get some, you know, some of that ass.”

“Did you?”

“Wait. I’m squeezing this pretty butt and she looks up at me with baby-doll eyes, and asks me if I want to spank her. I pat her ass a few times, but she crawls over a bit, you know, so she’s got her tits pressed on the sofa, and she pulls down her panties. I move over behind her, because by this time I’m dying to see her cunt.”


“Golden hairs, I kid you not, big puffy lips, swollen around this dripping wet pink pussy. I swear to God, her little clit was throbbing. Then she wiggles her butt like you wouldn’t believe and tells me she’s been a bad girl. I smacked her a dozen times, she’s moaning like she’s coming, each time harder. My hand prints are all over this chick’s ass, and finally I couldn’t take it any more and I just ram my cock into her pussy. She was so wet, I could hardly feel
it, except it was burning hot and soft.”

“Incredible.” Andy finished off his beer.

“I swear I fucked her for four fucking hours. Everything about her just turned me on, and the minute I felt like I couldn’t go on any more, she’d take over and grind my prick inside her. I can still picture her riding me, those big tits bouncing in big circles while she pummeled me with her hips. I remember she pursed her lips when I finally fired that load inside her, and then as the strength is draining out me and I’m ready to collapse right there on the floor, she started sucking me. I just let it happen, kinda feeling cool, and then I’m watching her tits swing under her, and then I reach around to finger her pussy.”

“What a night.”

“I’m kinda playing around and all of sudden she swings around and plants that sloppy cunt right on my face. I couldn’t help but lick at her with my tongue, and hold her ass to keep her from smothering me. I licked her for a while – I didn’t have much choice, and finally she starts moaning and squirming and then presses her clit down hard. I thought she was going to crush my face when she came.”


“Yeah, but she rolls over and I get behind her and start spanking her again, calling her a naughty bitch and she starts moaning, ‘yes’ and I saw my chance and I just sank my prick into her ass, just like that, all in one motion and she screamed but then she started fucking me so hard I couldn’t hold on for another minute, bucking back hard and squealing ‘yes’ with every stroke and then I shot my load up her asshole.”


“Now I’m totally wasted, and I fall back to sit down and smile and she turns around and starts kissing my dick. I told her to save some for tomorrow and passed out. I woke up about noon this morning and she had already split.”

“Too bad.”

“Yeah,” Everett said, thoughtfully. “I could have fucked her again.”

“So, you want to call Steph?”

“She’d be coming til Tuesday. But I’ve got to split. Maureen is in town and I promised to meet up with her.”


“From college – big tits, long legs. I’ll tell you about it. Call me tomorrow.”

“Sure,” said Andy. “Enjoy the ride.”

“Yeah, I will. Later.”

Andy sucked a hit from his cigar as he watched Everett leave. “Too cool,” he said, blowing a thin cloud of smoke into the darkness.

The Sexy Golden Blonde Masseuse

Samantha, the golden blonde, was really great and satisfied me to completion.

I called her on the phone, and after hearing her sexy-soothing voice I could not help but getting her erotic services. She gave me detailed directions and I quickly drove to her private secluded location where she met me at the door in a robe with a devilish smile. She took me to her quaint massage room and watched me undress. I was so embarrassed my thick cock was hard as a rock. She giggled and looked me in the eye and provocatively said while caressing my pole, “I’ll take care of that for you”

She politely asked me to lay on the comfortable rub table face down and she waltzed out of the room. She rapidly returned in a white thong and high heels, then began rubbing my back with a soft touch rub. We chatted and laughed while she was caressing my back. I whisked my hands across her great ass and thighs. She has very soft skin.

This massage therapist was very conversational and worldly.


S he tickled my testicles and notified me she was done with my back. I then rolled over and she happily told me, “Well it’s my turn now!”

Nothing beats a fully nude mutual massage with a hot, mature blonde! She laid on her back and I began massaging her beautiful soft perky breasts, II began licking and kissing her erect nipples and enjoying her nice, soft, tan body. We French kissed and she fondled my erection with her hand. I then went down on her, pulled off her thong and went for some DATY on her trimmed blonde pleasure trail! Her pubic hairs were blonde too!


Pure indulgence, her kitty tasted like a vanilla sundae and she became quite moist When I looked up at her she was squeezing her breasts, eyes closed, and her head was arched back. She was enjoying the fruits of my skilled tongue. I then began licking her belly and working my way up, sucking on her perfect boobs and licking her neck. Again, we French kissed and I rapidly tapped the head of my cock on her clitoris. I kept riding my cock between her labia while we were kissing. She squirted, smiled, and licked my neck. She seductively whispered in my ear, “It’s time for your flip.”

I then stood up, she removed herself from the table and I laid on my back. Mr. Johnson was very hard and ready for some action. She lightly caressed my thighs and then began soft kissing my balls while stroking my shaft.

She looked and me with those seductive blue eyes and sensually uttered, “He is ready.”

She swallowed my cock with no condom and glanced up at with me the erotic face of an adult film star. She grazed her tongue across my cock from top to bottom, left to right.

I grabbed her big breasts and squeezed them firmly. She softly moaned while licking and sucking on Mr. Happy. At one point she jerked my rod and tongued the head of my penis while staring at me like a starving virgin who never enjoyed life’s sexual pleasures. Then finally, she began deep throating and bobbing on my cock. She wanted my load and I was going to inseminate this seductress’s sexy mouth.

She grunted, squirmed, swallowed and stroked. I could not hold out any longer! I could not resist, I EXPLODED inside her pretty mouth, grabbed her head and held it on my cock until I was done cumming. I let go and she pulled her head back with some of my warm jizz dripping from her lower lip and asked me if I was relaxed! I replied, “Very!”

She stood up and grinned. That seductive-evil grin and she reminded me that she never saw so much sperm in her life while cleaning off her chin. “You must have release about a pint!” she exclaimed.

I smiled, stood up and went to get my pants. Before I began to put them on Dr. Ziploc fell out and she was amazed. “Oh my, I guess it’s 420?”she said.” I hope you don’t have to go?”

I answered slowly, “Not exactly”.

She then grabbed my arm and picked-up the Mary Jane and escorted me to the living room. We both were still naked. We sat on the couch completely nude and enjoyed some 4:20! She had the eye, the look I have seen before. The look of she needed my seed. She desired to be inseminated by my DNA.

She gazed at me directly in the eye and licked her upper lips. She announced to me, “You are spending the night sweetie!”

And, fortunately, I did…

The Hotel


Spring break is finally here. A week off to enjoy my fiancé, kick back have a lot of Cabo Wabo tequila and relax, or so I thought. I get home from school and head for my front door. My tie is already off my sleeves are rolled up and I want a drink. As I put my key in the lock I notice an envelope taped to the door. I open it and its from my fiancé.

Honey, go to one of the best hotels in town and get a room. Text me the info and I will be there in an hour. Your overnight bag is in the backseat of your car.

What? I go back to my car and sure enough my overnight bag is behind the driver’s seat. When did she do that, I thought to myself. I get in my car and start driving trying to find a hotel. After a while I pull into one of the best hotels in town. The Four Seasons. They have one of the top restaurants in town, full fitness center, pool and jacuzzi and a spa. Again, spring break just started too, so I figured what the hell.

I go in and splurge on a suite for 1 night telling him it might be 2 and that my fiance will be joining me later.

Opening the door to the room I just soak it in. This room is huge. Separate living room and bedroom. The shower could fit 4 people (hmm could be fun). Then I see the balcony with chairs. That will come in handy I think. I get out my phone and text my wife with all the details. A couple of minutes she texts back:

Relax and get comfy be there in an hour.

She knows how stressed I have been at school with all the mandated tests we must give, so I guess this is just her way of starting off a well-earned break. Walking into the bedroom I take off my tie and kick off my shoes and laydown.

Hearing a knock at the door, I realize I fell asleep on the bed. I get up and open the door and there is my gorgeous fiancé wearing a white t-shirt and yoga pants.

“Hi are you Charley? I’m Ava. You texted that you would like some company for a while”

Oh, her games. “Yeah, sure come in on. Umm can I get you something to drink?”

“Water is fine if you have any.”

I went to the mini fridge in the front room and pulled out a water.

“So Charley, what would you like to do.”

“I’m not sure, guess I’m a bit nervous since this is my first time with an?”

“Escort” she chimes in “Not to worry honey I will take care of you but first we need to care of the matter of a donation for my time”

“Oh of course. I’ll be right back” I went back to my room and looked in my briefcase for an envelope. I see one that seems to already have something in it. Opening it I see about $200 in 20’s and shake my head with a smile thinking “she has thought of everything”

Walking back to the front room I hand her the envelope and she just puts it in her purse.

“Now how would you like to get started?”

“Umm I’m not sure.”

“Oh I know.” She exclaims, “How about a nice back rub to get the blood flowing, so to speak”

“Sounds good. How about in the bedroom?”

“Sure honey. You go get out of your clothes and come back with just a towel and I will get the room ready.”

A few minutes later I return with a towel around my waist. “Ava” changed into one of those “sling” bikini’s and my jaw hit the floor. It was purple and so barely there. The woman in my life was gorgeous in it.

“Honey, if you would like to lay down on your stomach, I can start with your back”

After “adjusting” myself I laid down and she poured some oil on my back and started rubbing. She then started asking me those questions “escorts” might ask of new folks, “So where you from? How long do you plan to stay in town?” Those kinds of questions. I answer each one since it was the part of her game.

“Back is done. Time to roll over”

I rolled over and my cock created a huge tent with my towel.

“Oooo” she said “that looks interesting”. Taking the towel off, she climbs on the bed and sits right on my cock. “Oh yeah I like this seat” Her hands start rubbing my shoulders and chest. “It’s ok if you want to touch honey”

I reach up start rubbing her tits through the sling bikini. Soon she takes my hands to the straps and I take them off releasing her tits and her gorgeous nipples are nice and hard. Leaning forward she shoves my face right between her tits and I start licking and kissing.

“Oh we must be done with the massage part then” she giggles. “Guess I should get a handle on things”

She grabs my cocks and starts jerking it slowly while I am basically mauling her tits with my hands and mouth. I hear her moan as I slip a finger inside her wet pussy, finding her “spot” right away. I know she likes it when she starts jerking faster on my cock.

“Well, Honey, should we put this nice cock somewhere warm?”

“Oh yeah” I say “how about you on your hands and knees to begin”

“I love doggy style” she squeals as she gets into position. I take the time to rub myself up and down her wet slit before I even put the head in.

“Oh don’t tease baby give a girl what she wants. Fuck me hard”

You know I do like to be courteous to the ladies, so I go all in. Fast and hard.

“Damn” she cries out. “That is an awesome dick”

I slap her ass making it shake and turning it red. “Yeah baby do that again on the other side. Make them match”

Who was I to turn down such a request so I smacked her other cheek. “Yeah baby, treat me like the whore I am.”

I think by this time I was well on my way to doing that. Grabbing her hips, I start thrusting in and out as hard and fast as I can. “Ava” was busy moaning, groaning and screaming at the top of her lungs on how good she was getting fucked. She finally screamed out her orgasm that I am sure the entire hotel heard. Probably didn’t help that I stuck my right index finger in her ass, or it might have. Not sure.

She falls forward off my cock and looks at me “Wow stud, that was amazing not many clients get me off at all and certainly not that loud. “

“Happy to be of service Ava, but I haven’t cum yet. Ideas”

“Just lay back and let me take care of you and you WILL cum”

I smiled at that did what she said. I laid back on the bed propping myself with a pillow and she went to town on my cock. First she stated sucking my cock up and down make loud slurping sounds until she just lowered her face all the down until her nose touched my crotch. Good I loved her deepthroat skills. Coming up for air she just looked at me and smiled and did it again. After coming up for air the second time she gasped “I’m going to ride this thing till I pass out.” She climbs on top and points my cock to her slick, dripping hole. Slowly she lowers herself gasping all the way down. After getting settled she started slowing going up and down in a kind of frog style. All I know is, is that was fuckling hot.

Smiling at me she puts her legs down and tries to spin around. She almost made it and we laughed about it. Completing her turn, she squatted again like a frog and put my dick back in her. Leaning back carefully she grabs my hands and places them on her tits. I start squeezing away and she picks up the pace. Up and down over and over. Speeding up and moaning so loud I thought the hotel was going to call the cops. She pulls my hands off her and lean forwards to fuck me. Her ass is slapping my stomach so fast and loud it sounds like someone playing a bass kick drum. My hands smack her ass and then grab it pulling her harder and harder on me. Taking my right thumb, I start rubbing her asshole again. That elicited a huge moan from her.

“Go ahead stud. Put a finger in my ass again.”

“Can I put something else in your ass?”

“I normally don’t let clients go there, but for another $100 it’s yours.”

“Deal” I said as I pulled out of her pussy. She grabbed my cock and aimed it at her other hole and just slowly sank down on it.

“God that is huge.”

She leans back again on me and starts riding me again. This time her moaning doesn’t start soft but loud.

“Oh God this dick is going to split my ass. Fuck my ass baby fuck it hard.”

I for one never had a problem fucking her gorgeous ass and I fucked it hard. After a few minutes, I feel my balls tighten and I try to hold back as much as I can, but since it is my gorgeous fiancé and her tight ass, I couldn’t hold back for long.

“I’m going to cum” I shout. She stops and crawls off and turns around and swallows my cock. That did it I started shooting loads and loads of cum in her mouth that makes her gag. I look down at her and cum is oozing out of her lips since she is smiling at me with my cock in her mouth.

“God I love when you cum in my mouth.”

Suddenly there is a loud knock at the door. We look at each other in that shocked “UH-Oh” look. I grab the towel and head to the door. I open it a small bit and there is somebody in a suit and a police officer.

“Sir, it has come to our attention that you may have a female companion that is a prostitute. We do not allow that at this establishment. “

My fiancé who is also in a towel opens the door wider. “Gentlemen,” she says “Since I am his fiancé I would know if he had a prostitute with him. He has just as me.”

“Oh, well um I apologize for interrupting. Please keep the ummm noise down,” and quickly walks away.

The officer tips his hat to us and just smiles as he leaves. We close the door and look at ourselves and just start laughing. My fiancé starts to hug me.

“You still owe me $100 for fucking my ass.”

I hug and whisper back “How about another $200 for another go around.”

“You’re on.”