Swapping Cum with My New Neighbours

I like to tan in the yard out back of my condo. Not all over tanning, but I like to wear my smallest, tightest Speedos. I bought them in Italy where all the guys where tiny Speedos, it’s just natural. And I wore them on holidays, you know, cruising out of Nassau where anything goes on board, and on the beach in the Dominican Republic where they’re used to Europeans. But wear them in Tampa and someone calls the cops!

Anyway I was tanning, enjoying the tight lycra cupping my cock and balls, giving myself a rub; you know what I mean, when someone drove up the alley. The car stopped right by the fence next to my sun lounge and I heard a girl’s voice and then the gate into the yard next door being opened. And then another girl’s voice over the engine, and then a crunch.

“Fucking hell,” the first girl yells.

Then a car door opens and the second voice says “Shit!”

The motor is still running right by my head.

The place next door has been empty for a while, so I stand up and look over the fence. Two feet away are two gorgeous girls, early twenties I guess, one is a leggy brunette, long straight hair framing her face, a tiny bikini top over very short denim shorts; the other a slender blonde, hair not quite so long, cute face, tight T shirt and another pair of tiny denim shorts.

They are squeezing round a blue pickup piled with furniture and boxes which they’ve managed to not quite fit through the gate into the yard.

“Hi,” I say. “Need any help?”

They look up and smile. The blonde turns and I enjoy noticing that her T short is torn, stylishly, not just ripped, exposing her neat firm tits and a deep cleavage.

“Hi,” she says. “Maybe. I think we’re stuck.”

“We’re moving in today,” the brunette says. “We’re your new neighbours.” She flicks her hair off her face flirtatiously.

“Let me come over and give you a hand,” I say. I pulled on my sleeveless T, a tight fit over my muscular torso, and short cut so that it only came down to the top of my Speedos. Then walk out of my gate into the alley and across to where the pickup is stuck.

“Why don’t you let me drive it out and back in again?” I say.

“Sure,” says the blonde, running her eyes over my body. “Nice outfit.”

“I was tanning,” I say. “Don’t want to waste this great weather.”

The keys are still in the ignition. I squeeze in, feeling my shirt ride up my back and knowing my Speedos are cut tight and low across my ass. I slip into the driver’s seat, turn the key, and soon have the pickup straightened up and backed into their yard.

“Thanks a bunch,” says the brunette. “I’m Gina and this is Stacy.”

“Dave,” I say, and offered my hand in case they want to shake.

Stacy laughs and shakes it, and then Gina. I fold my arms so that my tight shirt rides up at the front, giving them a view of my navel, and my waxed torso down to where my lowcut Speedos brush the top of my cock and outline my circumcised knob. I’m pleased to say they both take a long like and I sense the first faint stirring and the lycra going taut.

“Nice swimsuit, Dave,” says Stacy. “Where do you like to swim?”

I lean back on the pickup, taking up a more extended pose.

“At the gym mostly,” I say. “Or the beach. But I can’t wear these at the beach.”

I wink.

“Yeah,” says Gina. “They’re great. Just what the guys wear in Europe. We went to the south of France last year and all the guys are confident about showing off their hot bodies.”

“You girls are pretty hot yourselves,” I say responding to their lead, hopefully. These girls are fucking hot and in my head I start spooling forward, not sure which one I want to fuck first. But then it doesn’t really matter. To see these girls is to want to fuck them. I just hope they like fucking each other as well. A threesome would really make my day.

We stand and smile at each other, sort of wondering who’s going to speak next. Gina giggles and reaches out, running a finger down my chest.

“How about we unload the pickup and then relax?” she says.

So we untie the load and start lifting down the furniture and boxes. We work together and all get sweaty. It’s a great opportunity to touch first their hands, and then help them lift things. I notice how much they like to touch each other. Then I help lift Stacy up onto the pickup. I grab her waist from behind and let my body linger against hers for a moment, wondering if she can feel my cock, moderately swollen already, against her back. Then I lift her bodily into the back of the pickup, aware of her sweet sweaty smell and the smooth curve of her ass in her tight denim shorts.

When everything is inside Gina finds us three beers, and we swig them back. And then she finds a joint and lights it.

“You smoke weed?” she asks.

I nod.

“It relaxes me,” she says.

She draws deeply and passes it to Stacy, but before Stacy puts the joint between her lips, Gina leans forward, brushes her friend’s blonde hair away from her face and kisses her. It is a long lingering kiss and I watch their lips working against each other. And when they are done, Stacy takes the joint and Gina turns to me.

“And they say weed helps you suppress the gag reaction.”

I wonder if I’ve heard her properly. But my cock gets the message and tents inside my Speedos. Gina looks down, laughs, then runs her hand down my cock and cups my balls.

“Which just might come in handy.”

I lean back on the side of the pickup, reach my hands out to her face and pull her towards me. We kiss, her hand still under my balls. Her mouth is firm and I part her lips decisively with my tongue and sweep it about her mouth. I feel her grip my balls tighter.

And as I kiss her I feel Stacey alongside and her hand on my cock through the tight fabric, circling it and rubbing from knob to balls and back, slowly at first. I reach an arm around her and pull her close, disengaging from Gina and kissing Stacey. And then they kiss, their faces inches from mine, their breathing heavy and their hair brushing my face. And the whole time neither lets go of my cock and balls.

I close in, my arms round them both, pushing them into the side of the truck. I run my hands down their sides as they kiss.

“So Dave,” Gina says. “Do you want to fuck in the truck or inside?”

I kiss her. Stacey slides down onto her haunches. Her mouth is round my cock, on the outside of my Speedos. She hangs on with an arm round the back of my knees. Her lips and and teeth and tongue work the head of my cock through the lycra. My cock is straining against the fabric and her mouth.

Without disengaging her mouth, Gina slips my T shirt up under my chin. I step back so she can finish the job. She lifts it over my head. Stacey has released my cock from my Speedos. They are still tight over my balls and under my cock, against her chin as she takes my cock into her mouth. I lean into Gina against the truck with Stacey kneeling between us, and push my cock as hard as I can into Stacey’s mouth. She works it over with her tongue, pulling the back of my Speedos down until they are under my bum where she can slide them down to my knees.

I am wondering again if we can be seen from any of the condos or the lane, but I think it’s OK. It’s only my back window that looks in on the driveway where the truck is.

“Truck,” I say to Gina. I find the clasp of her bikini top and undo it smoothly. It drops onto Stacey’s head. Gina has great tits. I bend a little to take the left one in my mouth.

Stacey stands. She still has the joint. Now Gina is drawing on it. The lit end must be just near the top of my head.

I take my mouth off her tit. Gina passes the joint to me. I draw deeply. Stacey is naked now and sitting on the tray of the truck. She has spread some towels on the tray. Gina takes the joint and I take two steps to the back of the truck, my Speedos loosely about my knees. Stacey has spread her legs, displaying her neatly trimmed bush. She is fondling herself. Gina is behind me, naked too I guess. She rubs my back from top to bottom and then runs her hand down my ass crack and under so she can cup my balls from behind.

“Tongue fuck her,” Gina whispers in my ear. “I want to see you tongue fuck her.”

I lean down, Gina’s hand still cupping my balls. I spread my legs, assuming the position. Stacey has the finest pussy. I place my left hand against the top of her thigh and run the fingers of my right hand lightly over her slit, thumbing her lightly so that she swoons, and her cunt juices flow. I thumb her a little harder.

Gina is kneeling behind me, between my legs. I bend forward and splay my legs even more, stepping out of my Speedos. She pulls my cock back at an angle towards her, forcing me to bend further. I have worked two fingers into Stacey’s pussy. She is sucking the fingers she was pleasuring herself with.

“Do you like to be finger fucked?”

She nods.

I push my fingers into her as far as I can, then turn them over so I can thrust and bend. She squirms and moans.

Gina is on her back now between my legs, my cock bent back into her mouth. I can finger fuck Stacey and push my cock into Gina’s willing mouth. At this angle I am hitting the roof of her mouth, rubbing my knob hard into her. I’m still finger fucking Stacey and I have my other thumb in her pussy as well. I lean down and place my lips onto her finely trimmed bush and then run them across her slit. I withdraw my fingers and enjoy her smell. Then with my tongue replacing my fingers, I reach up and tweak her nipple. She leans back flat on the tray with her legs out wide, her right hand playing down around where my tongue is seeking out her clit. Her cunt juices are flowing freely and I lick greedily.

Gina has found a position where I can squat over her face and force my cock back into her throat. The joint seems to have worked magic. She hasn’t gagged at all. If I lift my mouth from Stacey’s pussy I can look down at Gina taking my cock. Her eyes are expressionless but I think she might have given me a little smile around my fat cock. I hold my cock still for a few seconds deep in her throat. She does gag a little. I hold it a moment longer than is comfortable just to test her limit. She pulls back so I resume the gentle squatting rhythm and go back to focusing on Stacey’s moist pussy.

Stacey shows no sign of tiring of being tongue fucked while fondling herself. I let her finger herself around my tongue. Her squirming and groaning increases and then she comes, her groin bucking and kicking. And when she is done she leans forward, puts her hands behind my head and pulls me even harder into her pussy, and places her legs over my shoulders, pinning me to the truck tray.

I hold my breath wondering how close I am to coming in Gina’s mouth. But she must be wondering too. She disengages and then I hear her voice beside me.

“Stacey likes guys to cum in her ass,” she says. “And I like to watch.”

Stacey lets me go and rolls aside for Gina to sit on the tray. My precum is slick around her mouth. She runs her tongue around her lips, then leans forward to kiss me. I taste my own precum on Gina’s tongue.

Then she pulls me up onto the tray and I lie flat. My cock is still proud, pointing at the sky. I can see the back windows of my condo in this position, and the back windows of the girls’ condo.

“I want to cum again,” says Stacey. She lowers herself onto my face where I can lick her pussy again. Gina lowers herself onto my cock. I feel her take it in her hands and feed it into her wet hole. She leaves her hand there, sandwiched between her pussy and my torso, and bounces up and down on me. The girls are facing each other and I feel them lean towards each other, and then hear the sound of them kissing. I tongue Stacey’s dripping cunt, looming over me. She lets herself down onto my face, first her cunt over my mouth and then leans forward so I can explore her asshole. She is smooth and sweet smelling. I circle her hole with my tongue. Stacey is tight so I reach up and finger her asshole. She laughs and twitches a little until she is comfortable.

Gina is riding my cock hard now. I am deep inside her, hard and raw, thinking about how long I can last. And again, she understands and climbs off my cock just as I am running out of time. I reach down to my numb cock and reassure myself I am still hard.

Stacey rolls aside. The sunlight makes my eyes water.

A voice whispers in my ear. “I want to watch you fuck her ass.” It is Gina. She wants me to fuck Stacey’s ass now that I have lubricated her with my tongue.

“OK,” I say. “But I want you to prepare her while I fuck you.”

Gina nods. Stacey lies down in the truck and spreads her legs. Gina kneels down, and places her mouth between Stacey’s legs and just as I had minutes before, starts licking her vigorously. Gina’s bum is in the air now so I take my opportunity. Her pussy is a neat shaved gash, slick from her arousal. I kneel, place my hands on her back, and push my cock into her pussy. She eases around me, still paying attention to Stacey who is shielding her eyes from the sun.

I thrust in and out of Gina. She is wet and supple and I am slapping my balls against her ass, holding on tight to her waist. Kneeling like this I realise I can see a window of the next condo. It is curtained, I think. I don’t know who lives there, but if they’re at home I hope they’re enjoying the free show. I can look along Gina’s back and watch her head bobbing between Stacey’s legs. Gina spits repeatedly. Stacey’s firm breasts glisten. She puts her hands behind her head and pulls itself up a little and smiles at me. She mouths ‘fuck my ass’ and I know it is time.

I pull out of Gina and push her aside. Stacey rolls over and presents her asshole to me. It is slick with Gina’s saliva.

“Stacey likes to be fucked up the ass as hard as possible, don’t you?” Gina says. She takes my cock and pulls me forward, guiding my cock up to Stacey’s puckered hole. I rub Stacey’s asshole, insert a finger, then a second. She wriggles her butt and squirms obligingly.

“Do whatever you like,” Stacey says.

I push my cock gently into her ass. There is no resistance. Reaming a hot girl’s ass is just about as good as fucking gets. Gina smiles and kisses me. She crouches over Stacey’s back from where she can watch my cock penetrating Stacey’s ass. I widen my legs as far as I can to improve my balance. Then Gina’ puts a hand between Stacey and me, touching my cock when I pull back, her fingers pressing into me when I thrust forward. With her other hand around my ass she feels me fuck Stacey’s ass, fingers my ass and kisses me.

Stacey moans, pushing back playfully onto my thrusting cock. Her ass tightens onto me, encouraging me to push as hard and as deep as I can, in spite of Gina’s hand between us, circling me like a cockring.

“Are you ready to cum?” Gina senses everything as I feel it. Before I can reply I explode into Stacey’s ass, generously creaming her inside with semen. I spasm four or five times, and then again as the orgasm passes. But I hold on, deep in Stacey’s ass, Gina holding me tight, her mouth against mine, her tongue darting across my lips.

Stacey sighs and pulls away a little. My cock slides back, at first a rod connecting us, then slipping from her ass. And as soon as we’re disengaged, Gina pushes me aside, leans down and repositions herself against Stacey’s freshly violated hole.

“Mmmm,” they both say, and I realise Gina means to suck as much of my cum from Stacey’s asshole as she can. This I’ve never experienced before, a hot girl sucking cum from another hot girl’s ass. Now it is my turn to watch. I kneel where I can watch Gina’s willing tongue working Stacey’s asshole, putting a hand behind her head where I can push her face into Stacey’s groin. I laugh, and Gina giggles, blowing bubbles of cum which form and pop on her lips.

“You fucking asshole,” she says, a trail of my cum running down her chin.

“No, you fuck the asshole,” I say, pushing her down again. “And I don’t want you to waste a single drop.”

Gina sucks and licks for a minute, Stacey wriggling engagingly, then pulls herself up. Cum is leaking from Stacey’s asshole onto the tray. Stacey sits up, turns to us both, and spreads her legs, then with her hand scoops some of the cum herself and licks her fingers. The she scoops some more and leans forward so that Gina can lick her fingers. I watch them lick, and then they kiss, first with lips together, and then tongues, and then pulling back so that ropes of my cum form between them which they can suck up or spit into each others’ mouths.

“Have you tasted your own cum, Dave?” Gina asks, blowing bubbles again. I love this filthy girl. I shake my head. So they pull me down into their huddle. Stacey, then Gina offer their cum-slick fingers for me to lick. But most of my jizz is in their mouths now. I feign disappointment. So Gina pulls me down and kisses me. My cum is slick and salty in her mouth and on her tongue. I am surprised how much she is holding in there.

Stacey is kissing me now. Her mouth tastes of my cum too. The three of us cuddle on the truck tray, naked and spent, swapping my cum. The girls spit on my face, wipe their fingers round my mouth, my cheeks, under my eyes, through my hair. Our faces are glazed.

“Yum,” Stacey says. “You can ass fuck me anytime.”

“Happy to be of service,” I say.

Gina sucks the last of my cum and Stacey’s ass juices off my cock. The day is warm and I lie back, letting her mouth pleasure me, and thinking about ass fucking Stacey anytime and the next time swapping my cum with Gina.