Summer Nights in Wellfleet

“Oh, come on,”

Grant teased. “You’ve been here all night. Rob won’t care about ten more minutes.” He lazily stroked his cock as he leered at me. And I began to wilt, as he knew I would.

“Besides,” he said as he closed the distance between us, “knowing Laurie, she’s got him lying flat on her bed right now, fucking the shit out of him.”

“She does get wild, doesn’t she?” I sniggered.

“Wild? That girl’s a freak,” Grant growled as he gently pulled my head down to his now fully hard cock.

It was a thing of beauty. Long, thin, blacker than the rest of his skin, and veiny. I grabbed it by the base and just breathed on tip, enjoying feeling naughty. As I started to stroke him with two hands, I heard Grant suck his breath in and throw his head up, eyes squinted.

“Enjoying yourself?” I teased.

“Mm hmm,” Grant breathed, looking back down and smiling at me.

It hit me then. Here I am, naked in a summer house in Wellfleet, jacking off my college booty call while my husband is two doors down fucking Laurie. Grant wasn’t kidding about her being a freak. I can still remember watching her wear out those two lacrosse meatheads freshman year. They must have cum about three times each, and Laurie just kept screaming for more. When they couldn’t get it up any more, she unceremoniously opened our dorm room door and told them that she had an early class. As soon as she shut the door, she turned to my bed and smirked, “How was the show?”

Grant broke me out of my reverie by lightly smacking me across the cheek with his dick.

“You reliving last night, Cor?” he chuckled.

“As if, asshole. I’m just wondering what I’m going to get out of giving you a morning hummer.

Grant just burst out laughing. “Oh come on, Cor. This is me you’re talking to. You love sucking dick. How many times did you come by playing with yourself while you sucked on this big thing?” he teased, as he smacked me again with it, a little more forcibly this time.

I grabbed hold of it again with two hands. It was beautiful. “I don’t know, Grant. Maybe the magic is gone now that I’m married to one of your best friends.”

Grant took hold of my head with both hands and moved me slowly over to the tip. “We’ll have to make new magic then,” he growled.

“Mmm,” I responded as I slowly started to go down on him. Naturally, one of my hands found its way down to my well used clit.

Fifteen minutes later, I found myself examining my naked body in the hall closet mirror. I noted the hicky with dismay and got especially worried when I saw that my ass was a little red from when Grant smacked it last night. Oh well, I sighed. I’d have to smooth this out with Rob. Besides, I’m sure that Laurie left plenty of marks on him, so he’d be in no position to complain.

As I walked past the cheap mismatched rental house furniture to our room, I started to think back to last night. My ass was still a little sore from when Grant fucked it. More than anything, that was what I had been wanting since the six of us decided on this impromptu college reunion. I wanted Grant to take me … to feel completely in his power. The feeling of giving myself to him completely, and trusting that Grant would use me but keep me safe. I mean, Grant’s a jackass – way too full of himself to ever be marriage material, but that narcissism sure came in handy in the bedroom. He started slow and gentle, but everything was about his need, about how he needed my body. By the end, he was just a machine.

Breathe, I told myself as I approached our door. Rob will need a lot of love and reassuring right now. He needed to know that last night was a one-off, or maybe a once in a while off, that Grant really did nothing else for me. He needed to know that we were still good.

Right as I turned the handle, I realized that I hadn’t washed Grant’s cum out of my mouth. Fuck! I couldn’t turn back now. Taking one last breath, I opened the door and found –

An empty room? The bed was still immaculate from when Rob made it yesterday morning. Panic started to creep in as noticed a couple of drawers left open. Rob’s clothes, meticulously refolded and put into drawers with a surgeon’s care as soon as we got here two days ago, were all gone. My stomach lurched again when I saw that his phone and wallet were missing from the bedside table.

I ran over to Laurie’s room and burst in without knocking. She was asleep on one side of the queen bed, the other side pristine and definitely not slept in. I almost tripped over an empty bottle of wine as ran to her bedside and shook here awake.

“Fuck! What?” Laurie’s body responded groggily as recognition started to dawn on her. “Oh, Cori. Shit, what time is it?”

“I don’t know. Morning,” I screamed. “What happened last night? Where’s Rob?”

My yelling brought the others into the room. Grant, shirtless, wearing a pair of jogging shorts, John, doing the button on last night’s shorts, also shirtless, and Audrey, with John’s t-shirt on.

“Fuck, Cori, stop yelling!” Laurie pleaded, screwing her eyes shut. “I am so fucking hung over right now. The room won’t stop spinning.”

Audrey came over to me, concern all over her face.

I was starting to get hysterical, but I took as deep breath and tried to calm myself before turning back to Laurie. She had pulled the sheet over her head and was trying to cover her ears with her hand.

“Laurie,” I soothed, “you have to listen to me. I know you’re hurting right now but I need to know where Rob is.”

“He left,” she mumbled from under the sheet.

I felt an ice tendril in my chest. Left? As in left me? As in getting a divorce?

I pushed everything down and tried again with Laurie.

“What do you mean, hon? You were going to sleep with him last night, remember?

“He didn’t want it,” she said with twinge of anger.


“I had my tits in his face and his cock in my hand and the fucker said that he didn’t want to do it, ok?” Laurie exclaimed, throwing the sheet off and looking at me. The light in the room and the movement made her wince in pain and she turned back away immediately, groaning.

“I – “

“I followed him into the house,” she went on, from underneath the covers again. “He was at Grant’s door staring in. I guess you too were so hot and bothered that you didn’t have time to shut it. I looked over his shoulder and saw Grant eating your ass out. I reached around him and tried to jack him off but he was completely limp. When Grant started to put his dick your ass Rob pulled my hand off and walked back to your room.”

“Laurie, that was eight hours ago!”

She continued as if I hadn’t said a thing.

“When I got to your room, he was already throwing his clothes into his bag. I told him to calm down, that we would just go over and get you. He grabbed my arm, hard.” Laurie involuntarily grabbed her arm as she said this. I noticed the vague outlines of a hand print there. The ice tendrils began to grow larger in my chest. “The fucker said that if I interrupted you, he would tell Steve that I fuck around.”

Steve, her fiancé. Of course, Rob was such a boy scout that he wouldn’t want to hurt him, regardless of what Laurie wanted.

I was starting to get hysterical again.

“But why didn’t you come in and get me as soon as he left?”

There was an edge to Laurie’s voice again. “Fuck him – I threw myself at him and all he could do was cry.”

“He was crying? When?”

“When he was looking at you and Grant. I’m trying to jack him off and the fucker’s crying,” she said, bitterness evident.

Oh god, I cried as I ran back to our room and grabbed my cell off its charging cord.

Answer, please answer, I pleaded into the phone, but all I got was Rob’s familiar message.

“Rob, honey,” I blubbered. “It’s Cori. Where are you? Please call me as soon as you hear this.”

I followed up with a text and collapsed onto my bed.

Ten minutes passed and I called again. And again five minutes later. I started to see horrible images of Rob’s car wrapped around some tree. Wait, maybe he didn’t take the car. I ran past John, Audrey, and Grant, who were busy cleaning up the bottles and Solo cups from last night. Oh god, Rob hardly ever drinks but he did last night. He did it to be social – for me. He even took a couple of hits off the roach that we passed around.

He had that look of surprise as I passed him the clip. The look morphed into one of exasperation as he took it from me, took a long hit, and began coughing. As the others sniggered, he looked back at me, smiling, and just shrugged.

I threw open the front door and my heart sank when I saw the empty spot in the driveway where our car was. As I leaned against the door jamb in exhaustion and despair, Audrey came over and gently led me back to my room.

“Let’s get some clothes on you, honey, and then we can figure this out.”

I woodenly complied and came back out and collapsed onto one of the awful sticky white rattan couches and just started sobbing. It started to hit me that my husband just left me, that my marriage could be over.

“He loves you, Cori,” John softly said. “He just needs a little time, that’s all.”

“We drank a lot last night. I don’t know where he is … if he’s safe … if he got into a -“

The horror of that thought made nauseous. I ran to the bathroom and lost whatever was in my stomach. Again, Audrey helped clean me up and led me back to the living room, where she gave me a cool wet towel for my forehead.

“Shit,” Grant said. “What the hell is wrong with him? Laurie would have given him one of the best nights in his life.”

He saw the look of horror and disgust on my face and murmured a “no offense” and went silent again.

John suddenly got up and got on his cell. I heard him leave a message on Rob’s phone.

Five minutes later, we heard a ping on John’s phone, which he had thrown on the glass coffee table.

We all stared at it for a second before John grabbed it and read the text. His face was inscrutable for a few seconds before he turned to me.

“Well, he’s fine,” John said very slowly.

“What do you mean fine,” I yelled. “Where is he?”

“Home. He’s home.”

I grabbed the phone from him and read the text still on the screen. HOME SAFE. TELL CORI TO HAVE A GREAT REST OF THE WEEK WITH GRANT.

Home? It’s a six hour drive back home to Albany. I tried calling again but all I got was the recording. I called our home number and got the recording there as well.

“Whatcha going to do, Cor,” Grant asked.

“What do you mean, what am I going to do? I’m going to go to my husband.”

Getting home wasn’t so simple. Rob already took our Jetta and John couldn’t drive me – he had an important meeting in Boston in two hours. Audrey didn’t have a car and Laurie was out of the question – she was still too drunk to do anything. That left Grant. He had rented a car from Logan Airport when he arrived two days ago.

An hour later, the two of us were driving down a surprisingly uncrowded Route 6, on our way to the Mass Pike. I looked over at Grant, who hadn’t said a word since we left.

“Do you think it will be ok,” I asked, hating myself for being so unsure about my relationship with my husband.

Grant took a moment. “Sure,” he said, finally. “Rob’s always been the sensitive type. He just needs some, um, reassurance, that’s all.”

We went quiet again for a few miles.

“I wish we never did it last night!” My eyes began to water again as I started thinking about Rob driving down this same road in the middle of the night.

“Yeah, I know.” Grant was pensive. “I still can’t figure out why he wouldn’t fuck Laurie. Shit, that girl’s smoking.”

I looked at him, a little exasperated and he took it the wrong way.

“I mean, she isn’t as hot as you, but you know she’s fine. Any man in his right mind wouldn’t mind a piece of that.”

Grant’s comment reminded me for the umpteenth time why we were never a couple. For as may times as we hooked up in college, I always knew that he was fixated on playing the field. I used to get so jealous when I heard that he went out with some other chick that I would go to his apartment late at night and fuck him senseless. By senior year, I finally wised up. He wasn’t healthy for me – there certainly was no future for us.

I really wanted him to pine for me when I told him that we wouldn’t get together any more, but Grant just took it in stride. I think he fucked Laurie that night.

“Yeah,” I said finally. “She is hot.” I wasn’t thinking about that, though. I couldn’t get Laurie’s words out of my mind. Rob was crying as he looked into our room. My Rob was crying while he saw Grant fuck my ass.

Shit. This was not going to be good.

I called and texted him about twenty times during the drive and never got a response. Finally, Grant told me to just leave it be – he was flooring it and the continual calls might just piss Rob off even more.

We made great time driving back to Albany. For once, the gods were in our favor and we pulled into our house at 5 pm.

I noticed the newspaper still in the driveway. Not good. It didn’t look like Rob left the house since he made it back.

The lights were all off downstairs. I called out to Rob but no answer. I was just about to run upstairs when I saw him slumped in our easy chair.

I started run and grab him but I hesitated. I was afraid. He looked up, his eyes red-rimmed and glassy. “You’re home?”

I tried to put my best face on. “Of course I’m home, silly. God, don’t you ever pull this again. You had me so worried. Why didn’t you call me back?” I sat on his lap and hugged him. His body remained listless, unwelcoming.

I suddenly felt him tense up. He was staring at Grant, who stood smiling in the doorway.

“You brought Grant.”

There was hurt behind that statement. It came from every fiber of his being and it rocked me to the core.

“I … I needed a ride. John had that meeting and Laurie was still drunk from last night.”

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Why was I so dense? Of course Grant being here would upset him. I didn’t even think about it in my rush to make it home.

“You bringing the vacation back home, Cor?”

“What? Of course not! How could you think such a thing?”

He just looked at me and I had to look away, ashamed.

“Hey man, just be cool about this, ok?”

Fuck, Grant, not now. I gave him a look pleading with him to just shut the fuck up.

He either didn’t see me or didn’t care.

“Cori loves you, man. Anybody can see that. Last night was just a break, that’s all. We thought you were cool with it.”

Rob’s face began to cloud up. Even Grant figured out that he misspoke.

When Rob finally responded, it was slow, measured. Every word hit me like a bullet. “I wasn’t cool with it, Grant. I wasn’t cool with fucking Laurie behind her fiance’s back and I certainly wasn’t cool with you fucking Cori in -“

Rob couldn’t finish the sentence. In the ass. I knew why that cut him especially deep. We’d never done anal before. I offered once and he didn’t want it. It must have been hard for him to see Grant doing me there.

Rob took a long breath and recovered. “I wasn’t cool with you fucking Cori, period. Although, apparently the two of you clearly don’t care about that.”

“Rob, please, I … this ends now. Last night. It ended at soon as I saw that it hurt you, baby.”

“Really? So you didn’t pull off the side of the Mass Pike to break one off on the way home?

“What? No! How could you think that? What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me is that my wife needs more that I can give her. She needs one of our ‘friends’ to fuck her ass because I’m not man enough to keep her happy.”

“What -“

“Whoa, guys,” Grant broke in. “You clearly have stuff to work out. I’ll just see myself out.”

“Don’t leave on my account,” Rob said, bitterly.

I was furious. The emotional roller coaster of the last eight hours were starting to get to me. I was about to turn to Rob and tell him to apologize to Grant, when I caught myself. “You wait right here. I’m going to see Grant to his car and we are going to has this out.”

Rob just gave me a look that screamed whatever.

“Shit Cor, he’s pissed.”

No shit, asshole, I thought. It didn’t exactly help matters bringing him here.

“You going to be ok to drive back?”

“Yeah, no big thing. I’ll pull into a motel if I need to.”

“I’d let you stay the night but, you know.”

“I know. No worries, girl. Go back in there and make things ok with your man.”

He smiled that smile of his and I gave him a hug thanking him.

“It’s going to be ok, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, he’s crazy about you,” Grant replied warmly, rubbing my arm.

He got in the rental car and drove away. As I turned back to the house, I saw Rob in the doorway, his face a mask of rage.

He stalked off as I walked into the house. I followed him up to the bedroom where started to throw open drawers.

“What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like? I’m moving out of the bedroom. Far be it from me to come between you and your fuck buddies.”

“What are you talking about, Rob? I don’t have any fuck buddies. I’ve never been with anybody since our first date!”

“Until last night?”

It was like he hit me with a baseball bat. Last night. I messed up our marriage last night.

I softened my tone, trying to show my heart in every word. “Honey, last night was a mistake. I understood that the minute I talked to Laurie. If I had the slightest inkling that it would have hurt you, I never would have done it. Please tell me you believe that.”

Rob let out a breath and sat down heavily on the bed. I hoped against hope that he was beginning to remember my love.

“You know that there was traffic last night, right?” he asked, in a very quiet voice.


“Last night? Driving back? There was an accident on 495 and road work on the Mass Pike. It took me eight hours to drive back.”

I was completely confused. Why was he talking about this? I just sat next to him, our sides touching, trying to make any connection I could.

“The whole drive, I kept staring at my cell, waiting for you to call. Even if Grant were God himself, he must have been done by the time I left, I told myself. You’d call soon after I started.

By the time I got to Hyannis, I started having visions of the two of you together. Fucking. Doing things that you never did with me. Of him making you cum in ways that I could never do.”

The ice in my chest began to grow again. I could see him in the car staring down at his phone.

“Rob, stop! Please, honey, let’s not talk about this.”

“When I hit 495, I was sure that you guys were at it again. Maybe he had you cowgirl. Or maybe he was pulling you back by the hair as he fucked you. I kept waiting and waiting for the call and each minute that it didn’t come created another image. By the time I hit the New York border, I knew that I couldn’t compete. I mean, he had you all night, Cor. How can I compete with that?”

I grabbed him as tight as I could, blubbering all over his shirt and face.

“It’s not like that, honey,” I cried. “There is no competition. It’s only you.”

Rob just stared off at the wall. I turned his face to me, but I saw nothing there. No love, just hurt.

“How many times, Cor?” he asked woodenly.


“How many times did you do it last night?”

“Oh, honey, let’s not talk about that,” I begged. “Let’s talk about us. About how to fix us.”

“No!” he yelled. “I deserve to know. How many times did that asshole fuck you last night?”

“Rob, please, this won’t help us.”

“How many times?”

“Three.” I let go of him and sat upright, our sides still touching, but the connection gone. I stared at the same wall he was looking at.

After a long pause, he asked, “How many times in the ass?”

“Just the once.”

“Was that the first time?”

“Rob,” I pleaded again, “we shouldn’t do this.”

“Was that the first time?” he asked again, a little more insistently.

“No, the first time was before that.”

Again, a pause. He processed what I said. “Shit, didn’t take you guys long to get busy, did it.”

Neither of us said anything for a while. I felt his breathing get shallower, and then he started to sob. This might have been the worst feeling in my life. I made my husband break down and cry.

“Please Rob,” I begged, grabbing him again. I couldn’t say anything more as I dissolved into tears with him. The helplessness nearly laid me out. I did this to him and I couldn’t make it better.

Eventually Rob controlled his breathing and his tears.

“When was the third time?”

It was like he slapped me. How could I tell him more?

“Honey, please, let’s not do this any more?”

“I deserve to know, Cori,” he said doggedly. “I need to know.”

“I … it was in the middle of the night. Grant woke me up and we did it.”

“He woke you up? You fell asleep in his bed?”

“I … I guess so.”

“Why didn’t you come back to our room when he woke you up?”

“I – I don’t know.”

I hung my head. We both knew. I stayed there because I wasn’t thinking about Rob. I was only thinking about how good Grant made me feel. As I flashed back to last night, I could picture Rob stuck in traffic staring at his phone, waiting for me to call while I was coming on Grant’s dick. All of this happened because I wanted Grant.

“And that was it?”

“That was it.” I decided that I wasn’t going to tell him about the morning blowjob. I couldn’t bear hurting him any more..

Another long pause. “You really hurt me, Cori,” he said, simply.

I just nodded in agreement. I couldn’t turn to look at him. I knew he was right.