Confessions: She didn’t want me to overhear

My mom was a promoter in the music business. She had a lot of musician boyfriends and of course they were always out of town (and cheating on her but that’s a different story. They would call her when they were lonely or horny. One night, this all started, I was too hot in the summer air and went to sleep on the living room sofa where the air conditioning was. The phone rang late as it often did and I sleepily picked it up but overheard Mel my mother’s current (then) boyfriend. He was a country musician like most of them. What got me was that he immediately started talking sexy and instead of hanging up, I just stood there, in my shorts, listening. My mother wasn’t objecting, she missed him and they were talking very sexy about touching and feeling each other.

I realized they were both playing with themselves as they spoke.

At this point, I got hard and reached down and was also playing with myself. Mel really had my mother going and talked about licking her cunt and things like that which really got me jerking. Suddenly Mel groaned loudly and huffed and puffed and groaned again. My mother also came but she was being more quiet because, I guess she didn’t want me to overhear. Fat chance, ma! I was squirting cum all over your sofa comforter! Soon Mel hung up, falling asleep drunk, and so did both of us at home. The next day I could hardly look at my mother and when she asked me what was wrong and did the phone call wake me up, I just said, yeah, that must have been it. The rest of that summer and for the rest of the summers I lived at home I would stay awake listening for the phone to ring and one my mothers’ boyfriends to call.

I would always pick up right after the second ring which usually worked. The dumb thing was I listened to a lot of private conversations about things I didn’t care about, though sometimes they were about me, and that was really boring! Sometimes there were arguments and I would hang up. But sometimes they would have sex on the phone just as hot as that first time and so would I.

I wonder if she ever knew, or even suspected, but she never let on if she did. To this day I still pick up the phone and have to think before I say anything. To this day I like to have a fantasy about phone sex or sex with my mother.

I sure found out what she liked.

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