Sexy Little sisters first time Part 1

This is a work of complete fiction, any similarities to persons living or dead is purely Coincidental.

My name is Greg, I’m 23 years old 6″3 and 295lbs, I’m not fat but I’m by no means in shape. My cock fully erect is a modest 7 1/2 inches.

I’ve had 4 girlfriends and a few one night stands here and there but my real sexual experience happened two years ago with my younger stepsister.

My father remarried, and his wife brought with her two daughters Margaret and Joscelyn.

They were very young and I never looked at either of them as more than my step sisters but something changed after seven years.

I had just moved back in with my father and stepmother to save money whilst finishing graphic design school and my girlfriend crystal had just dumped my ass.

It was an unusually hot and humid early May day for the midwest. As I set my last box of books down I wiped my sweating brow, the sound of ice clinking on glass drew my attention to the doorway and there stood Margaret in nothing but a white tee shirt and black panties.
She was sucking deeply on a rocket pop her tongue rolling around the tip, each slurping sound Exaggerated in a Sensual way. She offered the sweating glass of ice water, I wordlessly took it and drank it in 3 big gulps.
Ah … thanks I needed that, I said.

She took the glass without a word, turned around to leave, then my dick slammed into my zipper. Her black panties were actually a super sexy thong that showed her incredible ass in all it shapeliness.

Margaret was in her last year of high school, 5’4, about 110 lbs with 34c cup her measurements were 34, 27 and 37, her hair was long dirty blonde.

I blinked and she was gone. Damn if she’s gonna walk around here like that I’m in trouble…..
My cock was pushing against my zipper so hard that I had to deal with it.

I made my way to the bathroom to do do my business, as I sat down on the John I saw the laundry hamper and hanging out of it was a lacy pink thong…

I knew it had to be one of the girls because we all three shared this bathroom.

I picked them up and took a deep sniff from the crotch the rich smell of young fresh pussy filled my lungs, I can honestly say I had never came that hard and fast before, I had to wipe the cum off the walls.

Later that same night.

After I finished unpacking my books I decided to go workout, after a pretty grim diagnosis from his doctor my father converted part of the Garage into a home gym. It was pretty well equipped With an elliptical, a treadmill, a weight bench area and even a weight machine.

I started on the treadmill, my headphones playing papa roach at max volume, after 30 minutes of off and on running and jogging sweat pouring down my face. I was so engrossed in my music I didn’t even see the door open.

Last resort ended and I looked up and there was Margaret bent over ass straight out, her short shorts not covering anything I could see her luscious pussy lips pink and obviously swollen and hungering for a cock. Asshole Partially visible, clean and perfect.

I tripped and busted my ass. The treadmill caught my shorts and pulled them halfway off exposing my erect cock.

Margaret ran over to see if I was ok, she tripped and fell face first into my lap mouth only inches away from my erection.

I tried to move to pull my pants up but her hand grabbed my wrist.
Are you this hard because of me? she asked.

The smell of her sweat and perfume mixed sent a surge of blood to my cock giving me the strongest erection I’ve ever had.

Well if you are going to walk around in thongs and let your pussy hang out of course I’m going to go wild. I said.

I’ve never seen a real hard on this close before, just some girl giving a blowjob in the stairwell at school. She said.

She started at it for what felt like forever, then she nodded as if to affirm something to herself and grabbed my cock and started slowly stroking it.

The shock of her touching me almost sent me over the edge.

Wow hold on! What if someone catches us? Your mom will cut my dick off! I half heartedly protected, it really felt amazing tho.

Mom and your dad went out to dinner and Joscelyn is staying at a friend’s house, so it’s just the two of us for hours and besides the look on your face is begging for more. She said.

The tip poured precum all over her hand, the wet fapping sound grew louder as she intensified her stroking.
I couldn’t hold on anymore, my back arched and I screamed out in ecstasy as I blew my load all over her face. She started in surprise, she lend herself away from me, she wiped a little bit of cum off her face and inspected it rolling in between her thumb and forefinger. Cautiously she stuck out her tongue and tasted the sticky cream on her hand. Her look of caution changed to a look of desire.
She proceeded to clean the cum off her face and eat the rest of it.

Then she pushed me back.

She slowly lowered her head and took my dick into her mouth and began sucking very slowly, taking in only the first few inches at first but gradually took it in deeper and deeper until her chin rested on my balls.

I could tell it was her first time, but she seemed oddly practiced then I thought back to the rocket pop earlier today. Her tongue swirled around my cock in a perfect clockwise motion. Her mouth was warm and her spit was water falling out of her mouth. Her eyes were watering so much that her mascara was running.

Even though this felt amazing I knew I’d last longer than before after just cuming, so I decided to pleasure her as well, I reached out and pulled her gym shorts down and ran my index finger around her lusting pussy lips, her body shook and shivered with my touch but she made little noise other the sloppy sound of her mouth.

I Continued exploring her pussy with my fingers being as gentle as possible not pushing farther than she was ready for. I decided that this leaning against the wall in this Awkward position was very uncomfortable for so I grabbed her shoulders gently and moved into a laying down position then pull her to be face to face with her and deeply kissed her.

I moved my hand back down to her pussy and gently inserted two fingers into her, she tensed and moaned into my mouth and for a moment I thought she was struggling to get off me, but I then I realized she was grinding on my fingers pushing them deeper into her.

We continued our kissing swilling our tongues around one another it felt like she was trying to crawl inside of my mouth, damn her lips tasted so good.

With my free hand I lifted her sports bra and began rubbing her magnificent breasts, pinching her nipple softly, massaging her chest seemed to turn her on even more and she continued her motion faster and faster.
She tensed her whole body, Spasmed and she screamed into my mouth her pussy clenched down hard on my fingers as if trying to bite them off.
She stopped her grinding and let her full body weight rest on me, her body still mildly convulsing, we sat there like that for just a few moments but I wondered if that was her first orgasm.
Finally her body stilled so I pulled my face away from hers and grabbed her ass with my free hand and moved her into position over my face and began eating her out.

Her pussy was beautiful, completely smooth and smelled of woman. It tasted better than anyone before or after her.

She screamed in surprise and joy Her moans grew in intensity, she ground her hips hard into my face trying to push my tongue deeper and deeper, I could feel her body tense, her pussy walls tightening around my tongue pulling it in deeper. She came a second time, her body went limp, I held her by her thighs to keep her from falling.
I continued to eat her out until my tongue was raw, she tasted so good I didn’t want to stop even for a moment, when I did finally let her lay down she had cummed 5 more times. Her full body lay on me and I realized how small she really was compared to me, my dick was ready to go, but she fell asleep on top of me I kissed her head and nodded off to sleep.

End of part.
I hope you enjoyed this sexy little story.
I’ll be finishing part 2 soon.

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