Confessions: Sex with a girl when I was 9

My cousin and I had a sexual relationship from the time we were 5 till 17 yrs old. He lived with us for a time and was very much a brother. We started experimenting at 5 in an exploratory way. We thought nothing about it being wrong. By the time we discovered it was not correct for close relatives let alone boys to play like this, we figured that it still felt good so what the heck. We both would switch being the girl, so we satisfied each other. Soon we discovered oral sex and performed it on each other regularly. We never had what you’d call a romantic attachment though, no kissing or anything like that.

I first had sex with a girl when I was 9 with a friend down the street I’d known all my life. This made us feel grown up, on top of having something fun, secret, and special between us. We did it a few more times at sleepovers and such. By the time I was 13, I had become an open minded boy.

I knew a lot about sex as I read a lot and felt I had some experience.

It was at this time my sister 12 became sexually aggressive. She knew nothing of my experiences. She seemed to like to wrestle in underwear, try to catch you in the shower and sneak peeks. We went on holidays and we got to stay in our own motel room next to our parents. Like a lot of conversations between kids late at night, it turned to sex and under the pretense of curiosity or practice or whatever it led to actual sex.

I found the weirdest part the first kiss. We had already touched each other all over, but I’d never kissed anybody properly before. She kissed me first.

I wanted to kiss someone for a long time but when it happened, for a second all I could think of was this was my little kid sister not a real woman.

I kissed her back so she wouldn’t think there was something she did wrong. The third time something broke then we couldn’t get enough. Suddenly we were giddy all the more because we were siblings. We did everything. The next day we were a bit shy but blown away by the fact we had a lover who’d been there all along. We knew we’d do it again and we did. We were very good together. By the time we were 16 we started cooling to each other. She got a boyfriend, then I got a girlfriend and we became ordinary teenagers. My cousin and I still played a bit but it knocked off by the time I was 17. My sister never knew. We all went on to do fine with our lives and are happy in our relationships.

I ended up an average hetero..

I’m glad we learned from each other when we did and I feel there’s nothing wrong with it.

I’ll bet a lot more goes on than we know. So long as people with dirty minds don’t make the individuals feel bad about themselves, it’s just growing up.

I feel we know each better because of it and are more bonded. Kids do have sex lives and as long as it’s between them on their own terms that’s fine.

And if your sister is attractive, don’t try and tell me you haven’t caught yourself checking her out when she walks out in summer in a bikini!

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