Sex On An Elevator

What woman doesn’t worry when she gets on an elevator with a large, muscular, cruel looking man? Who knows what could happen?

He went down the hall to the elevator and pressed the button, humming to himself as he waited. A couple walked by, and he examined her with a smirk, ignoring her companion. He had little to fear, after all. At six feet seven, his chalk white body rippling with muscles, his shaved head gleaming, few indeed were the men willing to challenge his right to do as he pleased.

The elevator door opened and he stepped in, automatically noticing it was already occupied by a woman. It was only as the doors were closing again that he noticed just how gorgeous she was.

She turned to look up at the elevator lights, carefully avoiding looking at him. He didn’t care. He stared at her openly, admiringly. She was wearing a pair of jogging shorts and a tank top cut off above her belly button. Her long brown hair was wound in a thick tail that hung down her back, the bangs kept out of her face by a headband.

She noticed him staring, and nervously flicked her eyes from the lights to him then back. He continued to stare. She had nice long legs, and a good set of tits inside the tank top. Her face was sleek, intelligence in her soft brown eyes.

“You got a nice set of milk jugs there, baby,” he said softly.

Her eyes widened and she tensed up but said nothing.

“You hear me, baby?”

Still she said nothing, moving slightly further from him, until her shoulder touched the wall.

“Nice legs too.” He gripped her arm and twisted her around a little so her back was to him.

“Nice round ass too.”

“Leave me alone!” she cried, jerking her arm away and backing into the corner of the elevator. She folded her arms over her chest and stared up at him in fear and anger.

“Let’s see those tits,” he leered. “I wanna know if they as white as the rest of you.”

“I’ll scream!” she warned.

“Who gives a shit, baby? Ain’t nobody gonna hear you.”

He took a batch of keys out of his pocket and studied them for a moment, then tried to fit one into the elevator panel. It didn’t work. He tried another. It slid in easily but wouldn’t turn. He sighed and tried a third. This one worked and he switched the elevator off, then to service.

“Wha… what are you doing?” she gasped.

“Jus givin’ us a little time,” he grinned.

He moved against her then, he pressed into her. She brought her hands up against his chest, pushing feebly at him as her lower lip began to tremble. He gripped the back of her head in one hand and mashed his lips against hers. His other hand slid down her back and cupped her full round ass, his fingers kneading it through the thin shorts.

She struggled weakly, moaning and whimpering as his tongue pushed into her mouth. His heavily muscled white body pressed her into the wall as he darted his tongue about inside her oral fuckhole. His hand tightened on her ass, then gripped her shorts and just ripped them apart.

She cried out, the sound muffled by his mouth. His fingers had torn the shorts right off, leaving her only in her panties. A second later he’d torn those apart as well and her narrow brown bush was bared to his questing fingers.

He cupped her pussy as her legs jerked and twisted helplessly. He palmed her cunt mound, then began rubbing it with his fingers ashe pulled back on her head and jammed his lips even harder against hers. He forced a finger up between her tight pussy lips and wiggled it around inside the struggling woman’s pussy tube.

He chuckled cruelly, his hand gripping her thick pony tale and jerking it down hard. She cried out in pain as he forced her head back hard. Trying to keep from falling backwards, her legs slid automatically apart and he squeezed her pussy in a tight grip, his fingers cupping her buttocks from beneath even as he ground the heel of his palm into her soft cunt meat.

He let go of her cunt for a bare instant, his hand gripping her tank top and tearing it off her with a loud ripping of fabric. He tore her bra off next, shredding it as he had the rest of her clothes and leaving her utterly naked before him.

The woman was a deep shade of red, her face a mask of fright and humiliation as she whimpered and sobbed. His hand rubbed at her pussy hard, then he bent and ran his tongue across her left tittie, sliding it around her nipple, then over it. He closed his big lips on her nipple and sucked hard as he thrust a finger high into her tight pussy again.

She jerked and trembled and thrashed weakly, but was too weak and too frightened to put up any real defence. he sucked her nipple up into his mouth then closed his teeth around it and bit down.

“Ohhhh! OooooooH! PPplleeeeassse!” she wept. He bit harder and she cried out in agony. He thrust a second finger up into her snatch, pumping them hard, using her violently.

His mouth moved off her nipple and he opened it wide, then bit down on her tit again, then again, then again. He moved his lips quickly across the soft white mound, licking and biting cruelly. He shifted his face to the other tit, biting it all over as he forced a third finger up into her tight cunt box.

He pulled back abruptly, remembering how little time there was. He sighed, hating to rush things but aware of the danger, should the super discover the locked elevator and release it. He flung her against the far wall. She turned terrified eyes on him as she tried to cover her naked body with hands and arms.

“Turn around,” he snarled. She gasped in new fear and then slowly, her body shaking, she turned her back to him.

“Now get down on all fours like the bitch in heat you are, slut,” he growled.

She sobbed louder, but slowly eased herself down on her knees, then onto all fours, her head down.

“Spread those legs, whore!” he snapped, “And raise that white ass up higher.”

She complied, whimpering and whining as he dropped to his knees behind her. His hands cupped her ass cheeks, stroking and squeezing the soft flesh as he admired the view. He slid one hand under her, cupping and rubbing her fuck mound as he undid his fly and brought out his hard cock, the white meat glistening with sweat.

He pressed the knob against her crack and eased it inside as her trembling grew wilder and more uncontrollable. She moaned loudly as he forced her cunt open and slid the first inch of hot white cock into her. Then he gripped her hips in both hands and thrust hard, driving half his prong into her at once.

She screamed, then burst into fresh sobbing. He thrust again, and again, burying his thick white fuck tool inside her tight belly. He moved his hips in slow circles, tearing his cock around inside her guts. His hands slid up and down her sides, feeling the harsh pumping of her chest.

He began to fuck his cock up and down inside her, his hands fisting her fat, hanging breasts, squeezing and kneading them. His fingers dug into her soft meat, pinching it. He mashed them flat against her ribs, then let them drop and encircled them, squeezing from the sides, mashing them into hard balls of distended meat.

He loomed over her, bending forward, his hips slowly grinding into her buttocks as he brought his chest down against her back. His hands pressed flat against the floor of the elevator cab right next to her own hands.

He thrust into her with hard strokes, his cock sliding steadily out then thrusting in hard, sliding back out then thrusting in hard. Each deep penetrating thrust rocked her body forward and brought a cry from her whimpering lips.

He began to really give it to her then, his body humping wildly, his cock slicing back and forth between her tormented pussy lips, his cock knob smashing heavily into her cervix as his hips slapped into her buttocks.

His cock spiked into her crotch tunnel, almost lifting her forward off her knees with each harsh, cruel thrust. He growled and bit down on the side of her throat, his teeth tearing at her flesh as he pounded her shaking, trembling, jiggling body with his own heavily muscled frame.

Then he came, his juice blasting down into her hot pussy, sluicing down into her very womb. He arched his back, grabbing her long pony tail and tearing her head up and back, jerking her up off her hands and bending her back against him as he sent wad after wad shooting up into her tight belly.

She screamed as he jerked her head back. He pulled on her ponytail like he was reining in a wild horse, forcing her back hard against him as his cock pumped sperm up into her cunt pipe. He jammed his free hand down between her legs and squeezed her cunt savagely, mashing her cunt lips around his pecker as she gave awail of agony and terror.

He grunted and sighed in satisfaction, letting her cunt milk his juice from his tight balls.

He laughed and let her hair go, shoving her back onto her face. He slapped her ass, drawing another squeal from the trembling woman. He put his cock back in his pants and started to rise, then halted. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them up behind her back, pressing her face into the floor. He pulled her thick pony tail down and wound it around her wrists, then tied it tightly.

He stood then and pressed the button for the basement. The woman continued to kneel there with her face against the floor, whimpering and whining.

He picked up her torn fragments of clothing and stuffed them into his bag, then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. He held her panties in one hand and pressed them against her mouth until she opened her lips, then he forced them completely inside.

“You do what you’re told, girl,” he glared.

The elevator doors opened and he pulled her out. Her hands were pulled up tightly behind her neck and he gripped her hair, pushing her forward ahead of him. They went out into the empty garage, her feet, still clad in tennis shoes, scuffling on the pavement.

He opened the trunk of his car and flung her into it, then slammed the trunk shut. Nobody saw anything. He got into the car and drove home. It would be a long night, a night of unspeakable fun with his little toy. In the morning he’d set her free, perhaps, if she were good, he’d even give her a copy of the videos he would make.

He smiled. Life was good.