Pony Girl Training

Often female slaves will be acquired for this purpose, or suitable girls will be acquired and submit willingly or are forced into becoming pony girls.

Some of the required physical attributes in a female slave to be a pony girl are: strong legs proportionate to other measurements, not too short overall, reasonably well-endowed tits with normal nipples and aureoles, and youthfulness and energy.

Hair on their bodies particularly their cunt is NEVER permitted under any circumstances. Regular shaving of the cunt hair, legs and rest of the body is required as well as daily depilatory application to keep the hair from growing back. Head hair is never allowed below the shoulders. Obesity or being overweight is also another prohibition.

Daily cunt hair depilation and shaving serves several purposes; as reminders of her submission to her Master or Mistress, of her proper place, discipline, punishment for disobedience, and finally it serves to further her submission and cultivates a proper attitude by humiliation. Keeping the pony girls’ V and cunt shaven is a sign of her submission and serves as a reminder to her of that submission.

Proper mental attitude is achieved through training and discipline administered on a daily basis. Mental attitude includes obedience to her Mistress/Master’s orders, either spoken or indicated with various control devices such as the reins, riding crop or in the case of a pony girl who is well advanced in training, knee pressure on her body by her rider. Also essential is the desire of the pony girl to please her Mistress/Master.

At the beginning of this novel I stated that it was about the training of pony girls. Mental attitudes instilled in a pony girl are done in stages. Each stage building on the previous one. The first stage is obedience, whether or not it is voluntary. The second is enjoyment of the pain and pleasures experienced. The third stage is enjoyment of the pain and or pleasures because that is what the Master or Mistress wishes. The fourth stage and final stage is the desire to please her Master or Mistress in whatever way they wish. Once a pony girl desires to please her Master or Mistress then they are fully trained.

Implicit in the final stage is full and complete voluntary obedience, enjoyment of the pain or pleasures as well as the desire to please. One point about the final stage; it is not uncommon for a Master or Mistress to give, sell or lend a pony girl or slave to another Master or Mistress and the pony girl or slave girl should feel honored if that is what her Master or Mistress wishes since it pleases her Master or Mistress. Also she should feel pleased that she has brought her Master or Mistress pleasure.

Pony girls are sold, traded, bred, raced and exercised in manners similar to real horses. They are also sometimes bred for their tit milk, which some enjoy as connoisseurs.

An essential part of their training includes proper responses to the pull of the reins, tugs on the bit and strokes of the crop or whip.

One of the first lessons a pony girl must learn is, once she is harnessed to a cart or wagon, is to present her buttocks for the stroke of the crop or whip to start her ride or lesson at her Master or Mistresses’ command. This is done by the pony girl simply arching her back thus presenting her buttocks for the stroke.

She should arch her back in such a way to make it easy for the whip’s stroke to be placed close to the point where her ass cheeks meet the top of her legs. She must also learn when pulling a cart or wagon or when saddled, to high step keeping her knees high and well apart with each step she takes. She must become accustomed to the underneath rein going between her legs, as well as the reins attached to her bridle and bit, and the bearing rein keeping her head held back in proper posture. Blinders may be attached to the sides of her head bridle so that she can concentrate on where she is going.

It may be necessary for her Mistress/Master to use the whip or crop on each cheek of her ass with each step she takes to keep her high stepping with her knees well up and apart. It also is desirable for the Master to use the whip simply to keep her moving properly.

The humiliation the pony girl will feel with each step she takes, showing off her nether lips, her shaven V area and the jingle of the bells as she moves and the swaying her of tits and the display of their decorations and the swish of the tail insert, plus the red marks of the lash on her behind are absolutely essential in her training and necessary for development of her submission and attitude. She needs to get used to strokes of the whip or crop on her body and ass from time to time, and move where here Mistress/Master directs her with the strokes.

She must also become used to being put on display for other Masters or Mistresses. She must become accustomed to being milked, if that is what her Master or Mistress desires; this can either be done by hand or machine. Most owners prefer the hand method as it humiliates and further instills a proper attitude in the pony girl.

Others prefer simply to suck on the tits as a refreshing drink or to further her embarrassment as this also produces the required submissiveness.

She must also expect, if the Master desires, to have her nipples pierced and possibly the nether lips of her cunt for the insertion of rings for control purposes. The rings inserted in her nipples or cunts nether lips may have reins attached to further control her, or weights or bells may be attached if she is to be disciplined or put on display for show or sale.

One essential piece of equipment is the high collar ALL pony girls wear to force them to keep their heads held high, and the bearing rein assists in this. It also is locked on and has several O rings on it for the attachment of leashes and chains. Chains may be attached to the collar rings and then to her nipple or cunt rings for further control or display purposes.

The collar may also be made of metal as could her wrist and ankle cuffs; if this is the case they are soldered or riveted on. The collar also is a reminder to her of her submission and the fact she is owned by her Master. The collar also may have an ID tag attached with her name, measurements and other pertinent information.

One of the hardest pieces of equipment for the new pony girl to become used to is the bit. This is inserted in her mouth between her teeth and over her tongue and is buckled tightly rendering speech impossible.

The girth belt strapped and buckled tightly around her waist with rings for attaching her and the saddle straps around her waist and below her tits are also essential pieces of equipment for training. There may also be, depending on her Master or Mistress’s desires, asshole stretchers, tail attachments or insertions, as well as variously shaped smooth or ribbed insertions in her cunt. Her nipples may have bells or tassels attached as well as glitter being applied.

Her mouth may or may not have lipstick on it, red is a common color for this. She will have her feet shod in shoes that are buckled and locked on or have horseshoes attached to protect her feet or she may be barefoot.

The underneath rein which can be used either when the pony girl is saddled or pulling a cart furthers her submission and training by forcing her to display her nether lips each time she high steps. It also can cause her to become over-excited since it rubs against her cunt lips thus possibly causing her to orgasm or cum furthering her humiliation or excitement. She may require discipline or a sound whipping if this situation occurs without her Masters’ permission or desire.

She may also require strong discipline if there is detected resistance to being trained, milked, shaved, being put on display, being harnessed or acceptance of the bit or being sold or lent to another Master or Mistresses, or disobedience, or lack of submission. The most common problem occurs with resistance to being bred with a stud. This ALWAYS requires a hard, strong, severe whipping in order for the proper attitude and submission necessary for the breeding to occur.

Pony girls are housed in stalls covered with soft straw on the floor for sleeping, rings on the wall to hold her in various positions while being harnessed or decorated or shaved. Locked doors are essential as well as no windows. Food is provided through a water bucket that is filled with water or other drink and a feed bag for the solid food. Use of her hands to eat is absolutely forbidden and must be punished IMMEDIATELY.

She is fed only while being watched and the drink bucket and feed bag are removed immediately upon her finishing. She is also groomed every day as well as bathed by washing her down with a hose of cold water. Otherwise in her stall she is unharnessed and free except for cunt and or asshole inserts or stretchers and perhaps a suitable ball or penis-shaped gag or bridle. The head gear may or may not be removed.

She may also have blinders on or in extreme cases a full discipline helmet complete with ear plugs. Discipline/whippings are either administered on the spot where the infraction occurred or in her stall or in the stable’s common room in front of the other mares to cause her humiliation thus furthering her training in submission.

Care must be taken during the administration of discipline, daily exercising, punishments and whippings so as not to permanently leave marks or welts or scars on the pony girl’s body as these would decrease her worth and sale value and decrease her attractiveness and possibly cause increased training time due to resentment.

This does not rule out branding or semi-permanent markings (i.e.: tattoos) for identification purposes. Branding is done either on the inside upper left thigh or on high on the buttocks just above the cheeks where the curve meets the spine. Distinctive and small are the guidelines for brands.

Brands serve not only as identifying marks but also further her humiliation and submission. Tattoos are placed where the Master or Mistress desires and should be designed with an eye to increasing the pony girls’ value and attractiveness, as well as appreciated resale value. She must also to get used to pulling a cart with another mare or mares as part of a team.

At various times her Master or Mistress may desire the pony girl to sexually please him/her in various ways, in this she needs also to be not only ready , willing and able to please but also essential is the desire and/or need to please her Master or Mistress in whatever way they desire as well as showing the proper enthusiasm while doing so.

A note regarding tail attachments; the tail attachment is typically inserted in her asshole and has a retaining ring at its end to prevent her pushing it out.

It is typically left in for long periods of time since it serves to humiliate her further and also stretches her asshole, the better for her Master to use if he desires. It is usually replaced by plugs of increasing width so that the permanent widening of her asshole is effectively accomplished. First insertions usually require strong discipline with the crop on her ass to insure she relaxes her sphincter so that the insertion can be made.

Usually 5 or 6 hard strokes of the crop across both ass cheeks just short of welt raising are sufficient. If her asshole seems too small to accept it, it is usually forced in anyway since asshole sphincters are very elastic and in time will widen to accept it more easily.

If when first bridled she refuses to accept the bit, threat of punishment may be sufficient to make her submit or it may be necessary to pinch her nipples or nose hard enough to make her open her mouth, during which time the time the bit can be quickly inserted.

Resistance to having her V shaved may require several strokes of the crop across her ass or front upper thighs or her tits for submission.

Care should be taken to NOT produce lasting marks or welts unless deemed necessary by her Mistress/Master. A further note on the potential breeding problems; long strong legs on the mare usually produce the same on the fillies if the stud is similar. Physical attractiveness qualities should also be as closely matched as possible to produce similar offspring.

Immediately after whelping the fillies from the mare separation of them is vital. Two or three fillies/foals from one mare is slightly above average for the length of the mare’s breeding lifetime, but not abnormal to expect from a healthy stud and mare. After 2 or 3 offspring having the mare spayed is the usual routine.

Tit milk produced during this time is NOT essential for the fillies/foals. Milk from the pony girls’ tits can also be induced to start artificially either by hand manipulation or by machine or in some cases medicinally. If it is decided to milk her, daily milking should begin as soon as she starts to lactate. The milk produced can be used as the Mistress/Master desires.

The milking can be done by machine or by hand, the preferred method. One simply has the pony girl bend over a low post or railing to which she is tightly tied and thus her tits are hanging free. Each tit is then grasped around the base and the nipple is squeezed until milk begins to flow into the bucket or basin below. Squeezing of the nipples and tit several times may be necessary as well as stretching or pulling the nipple.

Daily exercising and training is usually in the corral. Several turns around the corral while attached to the training leash complete with bit and bridle and the whip to ensure she high steps properly should suffice. Likewise with a cart or wagon attached or when saddled.

Some notes on display and potential problems as well as displaying for sale or breeding. When the pony girl is put on show , she may be part of a race to demonstrate her speed and training or she may be displayed to show off her physical attributes or both. When she is on display for show purposes, she should keep her feet close together, arch her back to thrust out her tits and ass and keep her head held high and well back.

The bearing rein can assist in proper head posture. She should expect to be examined for strong teeth, weight and shape of her tits, tightness of her cunt and assholes, strength of legs, overall smoothness of her body, excitability and submissive and obedience attitude. She may be easily examined for tightness of cunt and assholes by simply having her bend over with her legs spread apart so that fingers or other inserts may be put inside her exposed holes. Tit weight, feel and consistency may be examined by simply palming each one.

They should feel smooth and soft yet firm and the heft should be appropriate for their size. The nipples should not be too large nor the aureoles. When fingers are inserted in her cunt they should be moved around while inside her to test the tightness and degree of wetness and likewise for her asshole. Her asshole should be reasonably tight and not seem too loose. Wetness of the fingers after withdrawing them is an indicator of excitability, and pinching her tits or nipples or giving her a few strokes across her ass or tits with a crop and then examining by hand her cunt for wetness is another good indicator for excitability.

It is expected that she will excite fairly easily after having her cunt examined or her nipples pinched.

Also after a few strokes of the crop across her ass she should be somewhat wet. The degree depends on her submissiveness and level of training.

When a pony girl is put on display for sale purposes along with all the above tests and indicators to examine a few more need to be looked at. She should when told to display herself assume a posture of kneeling back on her heels with her legs spread wide apart, back arched to thrust out her tits and if her hands and arms are free to lace her fingers together behind her neck tightly. Or if her arms are not free she should either kneel or stand and keep her feet close together and arch her back to thrust out her tits and ass for inspection.

She should be taught to stand with her legs wide apart and her fingers locked behind her neck, arching her back to emphasize her tits and ass if her hands are free. She should also recite various formulas of submission, such as “I hope I please you Mistress/Master. or I am yours to command, or very common. My mouth, ass, cunt and tits are for you, Mistress/Master, to use as you desire.” She should also be taught how to bow her forehead, touching the floor at her Mistress/Master’s feet.

She should also be taught or demonstrate her submission by kissing the crop or whip both before and after being disciplined as well as thanking her Master or Mistress. She should also be taught how to display her tightness and wetness by bending over with wide spread legs and part her cunt lips with the fingers of one hand and then inserting a finger in herself slowly move it in and out. Additionally she should be taught to caress her body , cupping her tits and pinching her nipples tweaking them to erectness.

Daily discipline with the crop is essential. Welts may be expected to last for a few hours or for several days depending how hard they were delivered. If the skin is broken there may be scars unless immediate medical aid is administered. Daily discipline with the whip or crop should consist of 10 to 20 strokes with the crop on her ass or tits and several between her legs with the lash. She may or may not be gagged during this time.

The number of strokes along with the daily number recommended for discipline may be increased depending upon the severity of her offense and degree of punishment it warrants as determined by her Mistress/Master, a riding crop or cane may be used as desired or deemed necessary.

Weights or clips may be attached to her nipples or rings to increase the degree of pain and punishment and humiliation she will feel.

Now that you have an idea of what a pony girl is and what a pony girl does and what problems may be encountered the following story can be more readily appreciated and savored. It is a TRUE story and ALL the participants participated of their own free will and consent and no one was under the age of twenty-one.

This is a story about the acquisition, submission, sale and training of several pony girls, whom we shall call Barbara, Sylvia, Margaret and Angela who was Sylvia’s step-daughter.

Barbara started to tremble again and when she buckled the strap tightly under Barbara’s chin forcing the huge ball gag deeper in her mouth Barbara’s full tits started to shake. Lifting Barbara’s hair she slipped the leather discipline helmet over her head and smoothed it down over her face and cheeks and pulled on the laces to draw it tight. Snapping a chain to a loop on top of the discipline helmet and pulling on it she made Barbara’s painfully bend her back more as she tugged on it before snapping it to another ring on Barbara’s waist.

Barbara’s full luscious tits started quivering with their erect nipples as they were thrust out to the maximum and her blonde cunt hair and lips were pushed out prominently. Barbara shivered and trembled in her tight bondage and the woman gently stroked her ass cheeks and ran her hand down her smooth inner thighs a few times lightly touching her cunt lips making Barbara jerk painfully and patted her cunt hair and caressed her full tits gently pulling on Barbara’s nipples as she calmed Barbara down telling her to just be good and that everything would be fine.

Stroking Barbara’s smooth ass cheeks again and telling Barbara not worry and just do as she was told she made Barbara in her tight bondage follow her naked and taking short mincing steps as she tugged on a leash snapped to Barbara’s collar and pulled on it tugging her out of the room.

Barbara stumbled due to the short chain between her ankles and the woman helped her up with a hand in between her smooth ass cheeks. Barbara jerked at the touch of her fingers on her cunt lips and almost stumbled again but the woman held her upright and dragged her along towards the other room.

Barbara was still trembling as they entered the room and the cool air started to harden her nipples as the woman slapped her on her ass cheeks harshly and told her just do what she was told as she guided Barbara over to a low wooden platform on which was a thick upright post with a hard rubber end.

She helped Barbara get on the platform because of her ankle chains and helmet and Barbara was still trembling as the woman made Barbara kneel down next to the post in her very tight bondage telling her to spread her knees as wide apart as she could. The wood felt very hard and rough under Barbara’s sensitive knees as she was forced down.

Barbara jerked in her bonds as she felt the woman’s hands roughly pull her thighs further apart as she guided Barbara’s hips over the post until it was just poised at the entrance to her pussy. Pushing Barbara down further on her knees making Barbara lean slightly forward with her full tits dangling sexily she gently parted Barbara’s cunt lips with her fingers spreading them wide open as she forced Barbara to lean back and the hard rubber end of the post slid into her open cunt.

Barbara squirmed and moaned as the thick post forced its way in past her tender tissues and she tried to get up but the woman pushed on her shoulders harder forcing her down even more.

Finally it was all the way in Barbara’s cunt spreading her lips wide and bulging outward as they gripped the post obscenely. Barbara was sobbing and moaning in pain softly over her gag and breathing heavily when she felt the woman take her hands off her shoulders. Barbara grunted and cried over her gag moving her hips from side to side as she tried to find a comfortable position.

Bending down the woman snapped the chain connecting Barbara’s ankles to a ring in the platform so she couldn’t move them and tying some straps tightly around her bent knees and pulling roughly on them clipped them tightly to some hooks on the side of the platform forcing her legs painfully wide apart causing Barbara to moan again as the post forced its way further into her tender cunt as her weight forced her body lower.

The woman then took a pair of shiny steel alligator clamps connected by a short length of chain and grasped Barbara’s left breast weighing it in her hand and squeezing hard on it pulled on Barbara’s nipple stretching it while Barbara moaned over her gag and then attached the alligator clamp as she cried and groaned in pain and jerked on her bonds as the sharp teeth bit cruelly into her nipple but her chains and straps held her very tight and almost immobile.

She did the same to Barbara’s right tit and Barbara yowled anew in pain as the little jaws bit into her nipple and her full luscious tits swayed and bounced but she only succeeded in pushing the post painfully deeper into her cunt.

Telling Barbara to good and relax she stroked her thighs and gently patted her ass cheeks and gently pulled on Barbara’s cunt hair as Barbara moaned over her gag in pain. She checked the chains holding Barbara’s ankles down and made sure the clamps were tightly attached to her nipples squeezing them and smiling as Barbara jerked anew in cruel pain in her tight bonds.

She pulled on Barbara’s knee’s making sure they were as wide apart as they could go and secure in the straps and ran her hand down over Barbara’s smooth flat stomach feeling the bulge of the post lower down as it impaled her and left to show in the guests.

Barbara was spread eagled kneeling down with her legs spread wide apart showing her cunt hair and the huge post impaling her cunt exposing her cunt lips spread wide open as they gripped the post for all to see moaning and crying softly to herself with her head pulled back with painful alligator clamps on her full luscious tits and hard nipples. Barbara trembled and shivered in her tight bondage and the woman came up on the platform and smoothed her flat stomach again and caressed her tits and smooth ass cheeks seeking to soothe her.

She also squeezed Barbara’s cunt lips gently around the post to make sure it was tightly inserted and gently stroked her blonde cunt hair and pulled on the chain on top of Barbara’s helmet making Barbara bend her back thrusting out her full tits with the cruel alligator clamps even more as Barbara moaned and cried in her tight bonds before snapping it tightly to a hook on her belt.

Going behind Barbara she patted her smooth ass and gently stroked her cheeks before pulling them wide apart and just lightly touching Barbara’s asshole with a finger which caused Barbara to jerk painfully forward in her bonds. Then she invited the guests to examine her.

Barbara felt some hands stroke her smooth soft ass cheeks and run down along inside her smooth thighs to the straps holding her knees checking them to make sure they’re wide apart and very tight. She moaned over her gag as her chains were pulled making her arch her back even further while her full tits were squeezed and caressed. She jerked painfully in her bonds when she felt some fingers painfully squeeze her cunt lips gripping the post and pull on her cunt hair.

She jerked forward when some hands roughly slapped her ass cheeks and painfully spread them to expose her asshole and some fingers were shoved in to see how tight she was. When someone released her nipples from the clips she sighed only to jerk and scream in her bonds as they were cruelly put back on again. She heard a man say he wanted to see how tight her bonds and sensitive her skin was.

The woman got up on the platform behind her and gently stroked her ass cheeks to calm her down as Barbara started to tremble in her tight bonds making her full tits bounce and sway and painfully twist her cunt on the huge post as she told her to be good. She jerked forward in her tight bondage crying in pain when she suddenly felt a riding crop hit her right ass cheek very hard.

The blows got harder and more severe as he used the crop cruelly on her ass leaving bright red marks where it stung her and she moaned and started to cry behind her gag and move her cunt up and down on the post as much as she was able with the chains holding her tightly down on it.

He didn’t stop until her ass was covered in welts and she was sobbing and crying in her bonds.

Her bulging cunt lips still gripped the post tightly and she could barely move when he started again this time with a cane and someone started to whip her tits cruelly in front causing her to moan and cry and her full tits with the cruel nipple clamps bounced and swayed as she moaned and tried to cry out over her gag and the new bruises he raised on her smooth ass still sore from the crop he had just used caused her to moan anew in pain and made her push her tits out more for the whip caressing them and cruelly impale herself painfully further on the post.

She was sweating and moaning and breathing heavily when she felt the woman come up on the platform and gently stroke her ass cheeks and pat her tits and gently squeeze her cunt lips around the post as she told her that she had been very good so far. Releasing the chain holding her ankles and unstrapping her knees she helped Barbara up off the post only to pull her over on her stomach making Barbara yelp in pain as her weight pressed her tits with the cruel clamps into the rough wood and pulled on her ankle chains cruelly making Barbara to arch her back and spread her legs wider as she snapped it to a small hook hanging on her waist belt.

She pulled Barbara on her back again and Barbara moaned in pain as the welts on her sore ass rubbed and scraped against the rough wood of the platform. Caressing Barbara’s full luscious tits she told her to be good and do as she was told. Bending she tied the straps tightly on Barbara’s knees again and pulling on them made her spread her knees as wide apart as they could go before snapping their ends to hooks on the side of the platform.

Barbara was now spread eagled completely naked with her full tits jutting up in the air rising and swaying as she gasped and moaned in her tight bonds and her legs pulled wide apart showing her pale blonde cunt hair and her cunt lips wide open and the alligator clamps still painfully attached to her nipples.

Someone said he wanted to see how excited she was and the woman going back on the platform went over to Barbara and freed her nipples from the painful clamps with Barbara sighing behind her gag. She reached in between Barbara’s widespread legs and gently parted her cunt-lips with her fingers causing Barbara to jerk in pain as she moved her ass on the rough wood.

Holding Barbara’s cunt lips wide open with her fingers she started to push a very, very wide wooden dildo into her cunt and Barbara grunted and moaned in pain as she cruelly twisted it and forced it all the way in past her tender tissues and she bent and started to play with Barbara’s full tits and nipples sucking and pulling on them as Barbara started to breathe harder and gasp and moan.

Shoving and twisting on the dildo with Barbara moaning and gasping as she arched her back lifting her sore ass off the rough hard wood and her full tits cruelly marked with the lash bouncing up and down. Barbara groaned with pleasure and pain as her ass scraped the rough wood as she brought Barbara to the brink and then pinched Barbara’s clit making her scream and moan in pain over her gag and jerk in her tight bonds as she came again and again dripping onto the platform with her wide spread legs showing her open cunt lips and moaning softly in her bondage behind her gag.

Barbara was breathing heavily as her ankle chains were released from her waist ring and she was permitted to kneel on the rough wood and she was flushed bright red from her tits down to the top of her pale blonde V. The woman forced her to sit back on her heels and made her arch her back by tugging harshly on her leash thrusting out her full heaving tits and cruelly forced Barbara’s legs wider apart with the heel of her boot as she pulled back on her shoulders displaying her full heavy sore tits and cunt lips.

She felt someone lift her sore tits and started to cry again as they were cruelly squeezed and the nipples pinched. She felt hands feel her soft inner thighs and then she jerked in her bonds as they roughly parted her wet cunt-lips and pushed inside her sore cunt.

She started to gasp and moan and breathe heavily as they moved in and out and almost jerked upright when her clit was cruelly pinched but the woman holding her leash pulled harder on it forcing her to arch her back even more thrusting her tits and sore cunt forward as she moaned and cried in pain. Picking up her leash the woman roughly pulled her to her feet and helped her off the platform moaning and gasping as she led her back into the bedroom where she tied Barbara’s leash to a ring set high in the wall forcing Barbara to stand on tiptoe and removed the discipline helmet.

She removed Barbara’s blindfold and she blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light. Barbara hung there moaning and crying in pain. Barbara’s upper chest was scarlet and flushed from her recent orgasm and her tits and ass were streaked and marked from the cane and lash. The woman gently stroked her hair and sore ass cheeks and caressed her full tits while running her hand down Barbara’s smooth stomach to gently pull on her blonde cunt hair calming her as she told her she had been very good and obedient and she could expect a reward.

Barbara still wore the huge ball gag stretching her mouth and her ankles were still connected with the short length of chain and her wrists were still tightly bound behind her. Barbara moaned again in pain over her gag and jerked in her bonds as her sore ass rubbed against the rough wall as she tried to find a comfortable position as the woman left closing the door behind her and locking it. Shortly the woman returned and released Barbara’s leash from the wall and blindfolded her again.

Barbara was trembling from her tight bondage and she gently smoothed and stroked Barbara’s long blonde hair and sore ass cheeks as she calmed Barbara down telling her she was going to have her reward and just be good and everything would just be fine and not to worry. Pulling on her leash she made Barbara stumble due to her short ankle chains and follow her into an adjoining room.

Barbara felt some smooth tile on her bare feet and then the woman guided her over to a rough wooden table by her tightly bound arms and roughly turning Barbara around to face her making Barbara scream in pain over her gag as her sore ass scraped its edge to sit up on the table. Helping Barbara lie down she gently smoothed Barbara’s flat stomach and ran her hands softly over her full jutting tits and caressed her cheeks smoothing them over the tight huge ball gag in her mouth and then bent and attached Barbara’s leash on her collar to a snap hook on the side of the table holding Barbara’s head tightly down. When Barbara started to tremble and moan in pain again over her gag her full tits with their rapidly hardening nipples started to quiver.

The woman stroked her hair and patted her thighs just touching her open cunt lips causing Barbara to jerk in pain as she moved her sore ass on the rough wood as she calmed her again telling her be good. Bending she attached some straps around Barbara’s knees and pulling on them spread her knees wide apart before tying them to little rings on the table’s side as Barbara moaned and cried over her gag.

Barbara’s arms were still bound behind her making her arch her back more thrusting out her full tits and making her cunt lips spread wide open as she wriggled in her tight bondage trying to find a comfortable position to lie in. The woman ran her hand over Barbara’s flat stomach down to Barbara’s blonde cunt hair which she gently stroked and with her fingers spread Barbara’s cunt lips wide apart to expose her inner pinkness told Barbara her reward would soon arrive and left leaving Barbara moaning spread-eagled on the rough table in tight bondage and blindfolded so she couldn’t see or move due to her straps and chains.

Shortly she heard the woman return and felt someone stroke her inner thighs and kiss her sore tits and nipples and stroke her long blonde hair and then she jerked in pain as fingers roughly pulled her cunt lips wide open and moaned and cried jerking in her tight bonds as a huge cock forced its way deep in her cunt past her inner tissues. She grunted as she felt someone’s weight settle on her stomach and hands roughly grabbed her tits to squeeze them hard and suck on them with their erect nipples as the huge cock began a slow in and out motion as she gasped and bucked and moaned in her excitement with each thrust.

The head almost pulled out with each thrust only to be brutally rammed in her cunt again as she moved her hips and cunt upwards to meet it. Rough hair scraped her clit and she started to moan and cry and gasp and finally started to cum just as the huge cock spurted hot cream in her again and again. She felt it pull out and she started to moan again as she felt herself drip on the table with her widespread legs and cunt lips for all to see. Feeling the woman touch her cheeks and gently stroke and smooth her hair she told Barbara that that was her reward for being good and obedient and shortly she would have some more again.

She unsnapped Barbara’s leash attaching her collar to the table and helped her sit up as she untied the straps holding Barbara’s knees wide apart and then guided Barbara over to the edge of the table as Barbara yelped in pain as her sore ass cheeks roughly scraped on the wood.

Calming Barbara as she started to tremble again in her tight bondage with her hands still bound behind her and blindfolded she smoothed Barbara’s hair and gently stroked her sore ass cheeks as she dragged her stumbling down the corridor completely naked with her short ankle chains and the leash she was holding attached to Barbara’s collar ring. Pulling on the leash she dragged Barbara back to the bedroom and opening another closet door with a tiny cell like grill at its top.

Barbara had answered an ad for models and telephoning she had been given an address to go to for an interview. Arriving she was shown into an office by a woman who asked her a number of questions, like what were her measurements and was her hair natural or not but not any about her experience.

Shortly Barbara was told she had the job and that it was modeling a line of clothes at private parties for their clients. Telling her to go home and she would be contacted Barbara did so. A few days later Barbara was called and given an address to go to for her first assignment and that when she got there she would be told what to do and wear.

Barbara went to the address the woman had given her which was near the waterfront. Answering the door was another woman who showed her inside to a bedroom where she told Barbara to strip down completely and put on what she found in the closet. She then left and closed the door leaving Barbara alone. Barbara reached behind her and unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor and stepped out of her shoes.

Clad now in a half slip and lacy bra she reached behind her back to unclip her bra and bent slightly forward as she let the cups drop away to reveal her large full tits crowned with her erect nipples. Putting her fingers in the waistband of her half-slip she slid that down over her long legs to join the pile of clothing gathering at her feet. Then she slipped off her thin panties in one smooth motion and they joined the rest of her clothes.

Sitting on the bed she unhooked her garter belt and rolled her stockings down her shapely legs and stood up stretching her arms. Barbara was about 5’5″ with golden light blonde hair on her head and tits that were very full and didn’t sag in spite of their size and her cunt hair was natural. She had a sweet curve to her hips and a jutting smooth white ass to match. Now completely naked she walked over to the closet and opened it.

Inside she saw a short leather skirt and a leather bolero top and some other leather things hanging on hooks that she didn’t recognize and some steel manacles. She put on the short skirt and leather top and smoothed them down over her flat stomach. She had to breathe in before she could get the single button on the bolero top to close and even then it was tight and her erect nipples poked it outwards.

Looking in a mirror hanging on the wall she studied her image. The skirt barely covered her full ass and the twin cheeks of her behind and the cleft between could just be seen. Her light blonde cunt hair just peeked out from under the bottom of the short leather skirt. The bolero top barely covered her full tits as they strained against the material and it left her midriff completely bare and it had little bows tied holding it closed at its top and sides. Barbara felt very sexy and excited and almost naked as she studied her image in the mirror.

Her reverie was interrupted by the woman coming back in the room asking why she wasn’t ready yet. The woman looked her over and then walked over to the closet and took out some of the leather things Barbara hadn’t recognized. Ignoring Barbara’s protests and telling her to lift her hair out of the way she buckled a high leather collar with D rings tightly around Barbara’s slim neck which she then locked with a small padlock forcing Barbara to keep her head back and held high.

Taking hold of Barbara’s wrists she put soft leather cuffs around each buckling them tightly and then padlocked them with small locks. The wrist cuffs also had some rings around them. Then bending she made Barbara lift each of her legs and buckled around her ankles another set of leather cuffs also with some rings. Then before Barbara could react she pulled her hands up to her collar and clipped her wrists to rings near its back thrusting Barbara’s full tits out even more against the tight bolero top. This position forced Barbara’s elbows up and back and made the thin material of the leather top almost pop open.

She bent and connected a small length of chain to Barbara’s ankle cuffs making her take short mincing steps. Then grabbing her by her arm she pulled Barbara out of the room to begin her first assignment.

The smooth tile of the floor felt strangely cool to Barbara’s bare feet as she was pushed into the room in which there were several men and women. She led Barbara over to them holding her by her arms and invited them to examine the material. One of the men lifted her short skirt in front feeling the material exposing her blonde cunt hair and Barbara felt herself turn red.

He had the woman turn her around and he lifted the back of skirt exposing Barbara’s soft white ass and the cleft between them to his gaze and Barbara blushed again as his fingers lightly brushed her cheeks. Then he let it drop and had her turned around facing him and started fingering the tight bolero top running his fingers along the seams and also pushing against Barbara’s soft tits.

When he tugged on it to test the button it unexpectedly popped open with her tits bouncing slightly and exposed Barbara’ full tits to his gaze and her nipples started to harden in the cool air. She tried to pull her arms down to cover herself but the hooks clipping her wrists to her collar prevented that. He told the woman he wanted to examine the material of the skirt more closely and she tugged down the zipper of the skirt Barbara was wearing making her reluctantly step out of it and then gave it to him.

Barbara was now naked in front of them from her waist down with her blonde cunt hair fully exposed and she tried to cover herself by twisting around and bending from her waist but the woman holding her pulled her upright with a harsh smack to her smooth jutting ass telling her to properly display the material. She bent Barbara forward so he could examine top more closely and Barbara’s full tits hung down in his face and one of her nipples lightly brushed his cheek causing an electric like shock to go thru Barbara.

Then telling the woman he wanted to feel the bolero top more she untied the little bows at its sides and slipped it off Barbara and gave it to him. She pulled Barbara upright again in front of them as her tits jiggled with the movement and bounced slightly. Barbara was now completely naked in front of them and started to struggle but the cuffs on her ankles and wrists were very strong and the woman held her tightly in place.

One of the women said she wanted to see how strong the cuffs were so the woman holding Barbara forced her over to face the wall where there were little snap hooks on it running up and down.

Turning Barbara around, she unclipped the link holding Barbara’s left wrist to her collar and quickly lifted it above her head to one of the overhead hooks on the wall and clicked the hooks together holding Barbara’s wrist immobile. She unsnapped the other clip holding Barbara’s other wrist to her collar and clipped that to the other hook above Barbara’s head then bent and unhooked the chain connecting Barbara’s ankle cuffs and forcing Barbara’s legs apart snapped the rings on her cuffs to matching hooks in the floor spreading her legs wide apart.

Barbara was now spread-eagled completely naked on the wall with her wrists and ankles held tightly in place by the leather cuffs. She blushed a bright red from her cheeks to the top her tits and down to her navel and tried to turn her face to the wall but her position on the wall and her jutting ass cheeks pushing on the wall didn’t allow her much movement. One of the men got up and walked over to her saying he wanted to look at the collar more closely.

He ran a finger along it and tugged on one of its rings roughly pulling on Barbara’s neck and then he lightly ran his finger along her bound arm up to her wrist causing chills to go thru Barbara. Bending to her ankle cuffs he felt the cuff on her left ankle and then ran his hand up her leg and lightly patted her cunt hair. He ran his hand up over her smooth stomach towards her full jutting tits then stopped just underneath them. “Nice merchandise” he said as he returned to his seat.

A few minutes later the woman who was the host and also Barbara’s employer left the room and the others followed her leaving Barbara alone. She hung on the wall for what seemed like hours but actually was only a 1/2 hour when the woman returned. Releasing Barbara from the wall she led her back into the bedroom and told Barbara to relax for a little while before the next show.

Returning shortly the woman told her to get up and get ready for the next show. She did not remove Barbara’s collar or ankle and wrist cuffs however. Opening the closet door she pulled out a wide leather belt that she buckled and tightly cinched around Barbara’s slim waist. Taking Barbara’s right wrist she forced it behind her back and clipped its ring to a snap hook hanging from Barbara’s waist belt.

She did the same to Barbara’s other wrist and this had the effect of thrusting Barbara’s full tits out even more and make her arch her back pushing her ass upwards. Barbara’s wrists were tightly held behind her and she started to tremble and the woman lightly stroked her full quivering tits and ran her hands over her flat stomach and patted her ass cheeks as she calmed Barbara down. Smoothing and stroking Barbara’s hair she told Barbara not worry and that it was all part of the show.

She then put a soft leather blindfold over Barbara’s eyes cutting off Barbara’s sight and buckled it behind her head and bending she clipped a short chain to Barbara’s ankle cuffs. Forcing Barbara to open her mouth by smacking her smooth jutting ass cheeks and twisting her nipples she forced in over Barbara’s teeth a huge leather ball gag that caused her cheeks to bulge which she then buckled tightly behind Barbara’s head over her long blonde hair.

Barbara was still trembling as she took short mincing steps due to the chain connecting her ankles as she was led almost naked and bound tightly out of the room by the woman tugging on a leash she had snapped to one of Barbara’s collar rings.

Leading her out into the room again she led her over to a low leather covered platform and stopped at its edge. Helping Barbara get up on the platform because of her ankle chains and blindfold she made Barbara first kneel and then lie on the platform on her stomach. The smooth leather felt very cool and soft to Barbara as she lay there on her stomach with her legs and ass thrust up in the air.

Clipping the leash from her collar to a ring on the side of the platform so Barbara couldn’t move her head she bent and attached a short chain to the chain connecting Barbara’s ankles and pulling on it forced Barbara’s feet towards her waist making Barbara arch her back more. Clipping its end to another ring on Barbara’s waist belt she stepped back to inspect her work. Barbara’ was effectively hogtied on the low platform with her back arched thrusting out her ass and gagged and blindfolded and her head was bound so she couldn’t move it easily.

The chains put a strain on Barbara’s back and she wriggled and moaned softly over her gag thrusting her ass out even more as she tried to find a comfortable position to lie in. Patting Barbara lightly on her ass causing her to jerk in her tight bondage the woman smiled and told her she would return shortly with her guests. Before she left she picked up two leather straps and put them around Barbara’s bent knees and tied their ends to the side of the platform pulling on them to spread Barbara’s legs as wide apart as possible.

Shortly Barbara heard the guests entering the room. She jerked in her bonds as someone lightly ran their hand over her smooth ass cheeks and then harshly slapped them. She tried to move her head and legs but due to her position all she did was thrust her ass out even more. She felt a finger running along the inside of her leg going up her thigh and just touching her exposed cunt lips and stroke the wisps of hair peeking out from under. Someone lifted her and pulled her forward on the platform so her tits hung free over the side and she grunted over her gag as her full weight settled on her flat stomach.

She felt someone lift and squeeze her full tits weighing them and then she jerked in her bonds and tried to scream over her gag as her nipples were cruelly pinched but the cuffs and chains held her fast.

Then she felt her ass cheeks being stroked, patted and kneaded and then pulled roughly apart to expose her asshole and she jerked again in her bonds when a rough finger was harshly shoved inside her testing her tightness. She tried to wriggle away when she felt fingers pull apart her cunt lips and push inside. They wriggled them about and in and out and as they were pulled out they made a slight popping sound.

She heard them talking about how tight she was in her ass and how soft and excitable her tits and nipples were and blushed a deep red as someone remarked that she was also very wet in her cunt too. Someone said they’d like to get a better look at her so the woman went over to Barbara and released the leash holding her head to the platform so she could kneel upright. As Barbara did so her full tits swung loose and free and bounced slightly as she came erect.

Her knees were still bound wide apart and her leash was pulled back and clipped to another hook in the platform pulling her head back and making her arch her back thrusting out her tits even more. Thru her wide spread knees her blonde cunt hair could be seen and also her spread cunt lips.

She was still blindfolded as she felt her tits lifted and weighed again and squeezed and her nipples pulled on and she jerked in her tight bondage in pain when her nipples were again cruelly pinched. She felt someone’s hand touch her upper thigh and stroke her cunt hair and toy with her cunt lips. She moaned and jerked in her bonds as the fingers roughly pulled her cunt lips apart and suddenly inserted themselves roughly in her cunt and she sagged in her bonds when they were finally withdrawn. One of the men said he like to see how excited Barbara could get. The woman released the leash holding her head back only to pull it down forcing Barbara’s head to the platform again.

Going behind Barbara and stroking her upthrust ass cheeks she gently parted Barbara’s cunt lips and started to insert a 6″ wide dildo in her. Barbara grunted and moaned in pain as it was forced past her inner tissues and she was breathing heavily by the time it was all the way in her. She jerked in her tight bondage as the woman then started to stroke and play with her clit.

Continuing to play with her clit the woman skillfully brought Barbara just to the brink of orgasm and then she started to withdraw the dildo from Barbara’s cunt and Barbara’s body shook and trembled in her tight bonds as she shuddered and came again, again and again. Finally Barbara was released from her bonds and allowed to kneel upright on the small platform. Her hands were still bound behind her and the blindfold was over her eyes and the chain connected her ankles and the straps still held her legs wide apart.

Untying her knee straps the woman helped her down from the platform and led her by her leash back into the bedroom. Removing the blindfold from Barbara’s eyes and the gag from her mouth Barbara flexed her sore jaw muscles and then the woman released her wrists from behind her back and unsnapped the chain connecting her ankles but not the tight belt encircling her waist or her high collar.

Telling her rest and relax for a bit and she could take a bath or shower if she wished before the final show she reminded Barbara to keep the belt and collar on as she left the room leaving Barbara lying naked on the bed.

When she left Barbara went into the small adjoining bathroom and started to draw a hot bath putting in it while it was running some bath powder resting on the side of the tub. Shortly the tub filled up with hot water and bubbles and Barbara removed her high collar with the little key she’d been left by the woman and also her tight belt and wrist and ankle cuffs.

Easing herself into the water she slowly lay down in it until the water and bubbles covered her up to her neck and then lay back and tried to let the hot water do its work and relax. The hot water had a very relaxing effect on her as she let it soothe and caress her body as she gently fell asleep.

When she woke up about 15 minutes later she stepped out of the tub and drained the water toweling herself dry. She put perfume from a small bottle she found all over her body including her full breasts and brushed and combed her hair and then reluctantly put the high collar about her neck again not neglecting to lock it with the small padlock. She put the belt around her waist again and pulled it very tight and went back out into the bedroom and laid down on the bed again.

Shortly the woman returned and telling her to stand up again and put the cuffs back on her wrists and ankles buckling tighter them than before or so it seemed to Barbara. She adjusted her waist belt pulling on it to make it tighter and had Barbara breathe in before she finally buckled and locked it closed. Then she walked over to the closet and took some more leather things including a full leather discipline helmet.

She took Barbara’s right wrist and forced it behind her back to snap its a ring to a hook on her belt and did the same to Barbara’s other wrist making Barbara arch her back to relieve the strain and thrust her out her tits and jutting ass even more. She bent and reconnected the chain connecting Barbara’s ankle cuffs and then connected a chain from that to another ring on Barbara’s waist belt. Going over to Barbara and making her open her mouth she inserted the huge leather ball gag forcing it behind her teeth so her cheeks bulged and buckled it tightly behind Barbara’s head over her long blonde hair. She put the blindfold on Barbara again cutting off Barbara’s sight cinching the strap very tight.

Barbara knew now that it was all about to start over again, from the beginning, from the beginning, her body shivered in anticipation, she was ready, very, very ready…