Confessions: Plans to seduce her

The first time I noticed my mom was when I was 11.

I started to go in a sit on the toilet and talk to her while she was in the bath tub. Nudity was never a big thing around our house.

I spent a lot of time in my bedroom coming up with plans to seduce her. One night when I was 12 and a half, we were watching a movie on satellite and it was super hot out. She was laying on her bed naked.

I kept sneaking peeks at every chance I could without getting caught. Then I got busted. She asked me if I was looking at her tits.

I turned red faced instantly. She knew I was looking so I couldn’t lie. But I did. We finished watching the movie and started to surf through the channels. We happened by the xxx channel.

I said something like wow look at those tits on her. Mom countered with mine are better than that.

I said maybe but I can’t touch yours. She laughed and said why can’t you.

I awkwardly said because you’re my mom. She then said true but if you want to I’ll let you if you keep it between us.

I got terrified, began shaking but went for it. All the while we had the xxx channel on. She asked me if I wanted to touch her pussy and I did but said no.

I got a supreme woody for myself from this. The phone rang right in the middle of our encounter.

It was mom’s boyfriend. He was out of town on tour with a Canadian Icon rock and roller.

I left her room while they spoke. For the next 2 years nothing was mentioned of the escapade. One night I was in my room watching a porno and mom came home from the bar. She came in and caught me. She just teased a bit about it and went up stairs.

I followed minutes after hoping to catch a glimpse of her changing. She was laying on her bed in this sweater dress that buttoned down the front. She started to dial the phone. She then asked for Joe.

I asked her why she was phoning him. She told me that she wanted him to come over for the night.

I got jealous and hung up the phone.

I told her that she didn’t need to do that she had a boyfriend (who lived with us). She then told me he was boring and she wanted something better.

I retorted with if you just want to get laid I can do that. She looked at me and said DAVID you don’t do that with your mother.

I said why not I touched your tits. Then she said you really want to. Of course I do. So I began un-buttoning her dress. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.

I opened it up and stated to rub her pussy. She opened her legs up wide and I stated to slide my fingers in her. Within seconds she was soaked.

I was having my fantasy of 5 years coming true.

I headed in to lick her pussy. The smell was incredible then as my tongue touched her she started to moan softly.

I wasn’t very experienced in sex but I went for it and pushed my tongue as far as I could inside her vagina. After what seemed to be an eternity I went for the home run. She stopped me and told me to lay on my back. When I did she started to suck my cock.

I was in ecstasy. her mouth engulfed all I had to offer. The excitement was too much to bear and I released in her mouth. She never lost a drop. All of my sperm went straight to belly. She then Climbed on top of me.

I laid there as she straddled my body and put my penis in place. She looked at me and said I have been waiting for a long time to fuck you.

I said no way and right then I entered her slick pussy. She rode me slowly at first but within minutes she was at full gallop.

It took about twenty minutes for me to cum again. After that mom laid down and told me that whenever I wanted to do it again she would. 6 months after our encounter she and I moved to Burnaby. She had finally had enough of her boyfriend who was very mean to her. We ended up becoming bed partners on a regular basis. Mom began inviting me to have sex with her and her cousin Bonnie after awhile.

I used to get to play doctor with Bonnie when I was in grade three and she was like 26.

I have actually gotten to have intimate relations with many female members of my family.

I have never stopped liking older women since that night when I was 14.

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