Owning The Boss's Daughter Chap. 02

“Owning The Boss’s Daughter” is a complete work of fiction. All characters and ideas were made my me, the author.

Owning the Boss’s Daughter
By Muhabba

Codes: M/F, Teen, Reluc

Chapter 2.

It took David far less time to drive back home then it had taken him to drive to Dick’s
house. The instant he and Kim had gotten in the SUV he had politely, but angrily, pulled
out of Dick’s drive-way, looked both ways before getting on the road and turned his radio up
as loud as he could without breaking any noise ordinances. Kim smirked to herself as she
watched her husband be angry but not enough to maybe disrupt somebody else driving on
the road. He was like that, anyone else in a snit wouldn’t care about being a bother to
those around him but her husband was the most considerate person in the world. Also
one of the most repressed which was why her panties were getting wet as David angrily
followed all traffic laws on the way home.

It had taken Kim years to get her husband to start coming out of his shell but it had
been worth it. Granted, he only came out of his shell at home but still it had been worth it
in the bedroom. With the lighter traffic it took minutes less to get home but the instant
they hit their drive-way she had her seatbelt off and was already halfway out of the
passenger door. She didn’t quite jog to the front door but she was definitely in a hurry as
she unlocked the door and rushed in. She heard her husband close and lock the door
behind him as she rushed up the stairs with a wild smile on her face. When she darted into
their bedroom she heard David coming up the stairs. She ran her fingers through her hair
to shake out the hairspray holding her wild curls and turned around just as David appeared
in the doorway and she smiled wider.

David took a mental image of his wife as he stood watching her, the green gown fitting
snuggly on the curves of her fantastic body, her hair flaring out and the smile of a kid in a
candy store. He undid his tie and pulled it off of his collar letting it fall to the floor. He
took a step closer and let his jacket slide off of his arms and saw his wife lick her lips. He
took another step as he unbuttoned his shirt and his wife’s eyes grew wider. He took
another step as he undid his belt and Kim rubbed her palms against her wide hips. He next
step brought him to his wife and he possessively trapped her hips and yanked he forward,
groin to groin and she grunted as she chewed her bottom lip.

Kim wrapped her arms around David’s waist, holding him to her. She could feel him
already hard inside his pants and took a moment just to enjoy the feel of him pressed
against her. She slowly molded her body to him, pressing herself tightly against his whole
body and she leaned her head in closer to his. He tried to kiss her but she playfully moved
her lips away from him and giggled. He growled and it sent a shiver down her spine before
he tried to kiss her again. Once more she moved to the last moment, giggling again.
Once again David tried to kiss her but brought a hand up from her waist to the back of her
head, holding her in place as he finally managed to press his lips to hers.

Kissing her fiercely, David practically shoved his tongue into Kim’s mouth drawing a
moan from her. His hand slid from her hip to her taunt ass, squeezing it firmly as he held
her beautiful face to his. She began grinding against his erection through his pants and he
forcefully jerked her to him, rubbing back against her and drawing another moan. He slid
his hand from the back of her head down her graceful back to her arched spine, his
fingertips dancing down her skin. When he reached the zipper of her gown he opened only
a few inches, leaving it there as he slipped his hand inside. She began shrugging her
shoulders to get the arm of her dress down but he didn’t help, he made her work for it,
struggle to get naked for him.

Grunting in frustration as she struggled to get out of her dress, Kim tried to wiggle out
of her husband’s strong embrace. He held her tightly to him as one of his hands cupped
one cheek of her ass through her gown, parting her taunt cheeks as his other hand trailed
down inside of her gown, his fingers sliding down the cleft of her buttocks. She gasped in
pleasure and frustration as his fingertips gently probed the entrance to her ass and she
continued to struggle to be naked. She could feel his prick throbbing against her mound
through his pants and tried to slide her hands between them, to free his hard cock but he
once again jerked her towards him denying her access to him. He broke the kiss and licked
down her jaw, kissing further down and nibbling on her neck and causing her needy pussy to
churn in desire.

David practically growled as he slid his finger lower past his wife’s tightly puckered ass
to the back of her dripping wet pussy. He slid his finger around in a circle, teasing the
entrance to her wet cunt causing her to gasp out and mewl in need before sliding his hand
out of her gown and releasing her round ass. He took half a step back as he released her
and watched with a glint of pride as she struggled to pull her gown down and finally be
naked for him. She had to wiggle her hips to push the gown over them but let them slid
down her legs so that when she stood back up she was finally naked except for her stockings.
His eyes trailed up from her feet to her long legs and firm thighs, the stockings had cute
purple bows on them and her pussy was wet and bald with a tuft of dark red pubic hair
above her glistening slit. Her stomach was flat and fluttered as he continued to inspect her,
her chest heaving as her large breasts rose up and down with nearly a perfect teardrop
shape. Her lips were parted slightly as she panted and her wide eyes were locked
expectantly on him.

“Please,” Kim whispered breathlessly as David finally locked his eyes with her own.
She didn’t really know the reason behind this but she always felt the need to present herself
to her husband, to know what he thought of her as she was. She needed to know he
desired her. In all of her past relationships she had been the dominant one with sex but
with David she felt disarmed, amazed that a man as sweet and loving at him desired her.
Not just her body, but all of her. She had spent so much time training him to be the
dominant lover that she had used to be and now that he was she nearly hungered for his
approval of her.

“You are easily the most beautiful, sexy woman I have ever seen,” David said simply.
For him it was a fact: Water was wet, the sky was blue, grass was green, and Kim was the
most beautiful woman on the planet. A blush bloomed across her face and the top of her
chest as she looked down at her feet sheepishly. He crooked a finger under her chin and
brought her face up so he could look into her eyes. “I love you.” Another fact.

“I love you too,” Kim whispered back before once again pressing herself to David,
molding herself to him. He kissed her deeply again, taking her breath away as she began to
wrap her arms around his neck before he stopped her. With her wrists in his hands he
began kissing down to her jaw, down her neck to the hollow of her throat, never releasing
her. He kissed down her chest to between her heaving breasts, kissing one breast just
below the areola and then kissing the other. She moaned in pleasure as he kissed each
nipple lightly before taking one into his mouth, sucking the hard nub before massaging it
with his tongue. “Yesss…” she hissed as he switched to her other breast and then kissed
back to the middle of her chest. He got down on his knees in front of her and released her
hands and looked up at her with a twinkle in his eyes.

Smiling wickedly up at his wife, David kissed the top of her abdomen before kissing
farther down to her stomach. He licked around her bellybutton and she ran her fingers
through his hair, gripping him tightly as he slipped his tongue inside causing her breath to
catch in her throat. He slipped his tongue out and licked around it again before trailing
further down her pale beautiful body.

“I… I thought… I thought we were… we’re going to… to play rough, not… not tease
the… the wife,” Kim panted as her eye lids fluttered.

David gave a quick kiss to the heated skin just above Kim’s pubic hair before looking
over at the bedside clock. “It’s eleven forty-five. I’ve got fifteen minutes before you’ve
got to get your ankles around my neck,” he said before running his tongue down through his
wife’s pubic hair and the top of her moist slit.

“You bastard,” Kim said through a groan of lust as David’s tongue slid down one of her
swollen labia and up the other. His tongue circled around her needy pussy, never quite
reaching her slit or her sizzling clit. She panted and moaned as he licked and kiss the areas
around her dripping pussy mound and she tugged on his hair trying to move him to the
burning juncture between her thighs but he refused to yield. His tongue slipped between
her pussy-lips and she gasped out in surprise, her legs trembling as he licked up to her clit.
He raised one of her legs up and draped it over his shoulder before cupping her ass to hold
her up and she put all of her weight there as she held his head between her thighs.

Using his wife’s silky smooth ass as hand grips, David held her to his face as he licked
up from her taint to in between her wet pussy-lips. He circled his tongue around her tasty
hole before sliding up to the top of her pussy and taking her hard clit between his lips. He
sucked on the little pearl as he licked it with his tongue making Kim shudder above him. He
licked back to the entrance to her pussy going slow, delicately, making sure to take his time.
He circled the entrance to her hot hole, teasing her with his light touch and making her gasp,
the sounds his wife were making because of him filling him with a sense of pride despite
everything else he had felt tonight. No matter how bad he had been treated at work, no
matter how his boss treated him, no matter how much pity was in his co-workers’ eyes, here
he was in control.

Gripping Kim’s heart shaped ass firmly, David rolled his tongue into a tube and
suddenly shoved it as far as he could into Kim’s sodden pussy. She squealed out above him
as he began thrusting his tongue in and out of her, fucking her with his rolled tongue. Her
cries of bliss echoed throughout the dark bedroom as she gripped his head, holding on
tightly as she came. He never stopped shoving and pulling his tongue in and out of Kim’s
boiling pussy as she rode his face and shuddered with the force of her sudden orgasm.
Fuck Richard Staff. Fuck his job. Fuck those condescending assholes at work. He had
everything he need here in his hands and on the tip of his tongue.

“J-J-J-Jesus,” Kim stuttered as David slowly lowered her into the bed as her legs gave
out. He stood up between her obscenely spread legs and began stripping as she struggled
to regain control of her breathing. “Fuck, that… that was so goooood,” she groaned with
a dopey smile on her face. She looked down the length of her naked body sprinkled with
sweat as David tugged down his pants and stood up completely naked, his proud cock hard
and up thrust. “Gimme a minute,” she said as she took a deep breath and tried to get her
legs to stop trembling.

“Can’t. It’s almost midnight,” Dave said as he crawled up his wife’s naked body.

“Oh, you bastard,” Kim said with a grin as her husband crawled over her. He ran his
hands from her knees to her thighs, squeezing her toned flesh, his thumbs teasing her lust
swollen pussy briefly before continuing up her body. Her stomach fluttered again as he ran
his palms up her abdomen to her heaving chest and squeezed her large tits. Once again his
thumbs teased her, lightly running around her hard, pale pink nipples, making her breath
catch in her graceful throat, her expectant eyes locked with his.

Bending down briefly, Dave gave is wife’s nipples a quick kiss each before sitting up
straighter with his hands sliding down her sides to her long legs. He could hear her
breathing coming in ragged gasps as he cupped the back of her knees and lifted her legs up,
spreading her thighs, her dewy labia opening slightly. A pearl drop of her juices trailed
down to the crack of her compacted ass-cheeks as he positioned himself, the tip of his
throbbing cock teasing the entrance of her tight pussy. He knew every inch of his wife’s
body, every nook, crack, and cranny and could find any part of her in the pitch black. She
groaned below him as he pushed himself forward, his soft cock-head slipping inside of Kim’s
cunt as she gripped the sheets in her fists.

Kim mewled in need as David slowly penetrated her, teasing her with his cock, the
cock she wanted thrusting inside of her. She kept her hands to her side, letting him tease
her, letting him fill her slowly, trusting him to see to her needs. Her needy pussy parted
around him, gripping him possessively, pulling him inside of her as she rolled her hips up for
him to give him easier access to her body. Her breasts swayed lightly on her chest as she
panted for breath, groaning in desperation and pleasure, pleasure at his cock stretching her
pussy and desperation to have more of him in her. The more of his cock he slipped into her
the wider he held her legs out, drawing them up until they were nearly running up parallel
with his body.

Keeping the last inch of his cock out, Dave bent down slightly and peered at his
beautiful wife. A light sheen of sweat coated her body, her red hair plastered to her
beautiful face, her large tits pulled slightly to the sides due to gravity, and her thighs spread
obscenely wide with his her pussy stretched tightly around his cock. She was a vision that
he never got tired of appreciating her. He placed her ankles on his shoulder and she
immediately locked them behind his neck and she jerked him forward as he buried the last
inch of his cock inside of her.

David didn’t wait, he immediately pulled his prick out a bit and thrust it roughly back
in, Kim’s tits jiggling on her chest as he began fucking her hard and deep. He could feel his
balls slapping wetly against her ass as he pummeled into her, bracing himself against the
headboard. His wife groaned out with every hard thrust, raising her hands up and gripping
his hips, holding herself still as he rocked back and forth inside of her wet, dripping cunt.
The wet smacks their bodies made echoed almost as loudly as his wife’s moans of pleasure
through her gritted teeth, her brow furrowed as she concentrated on the pleasure he was
giving her.

Kim groaned out as her husband fucked her, her ankles were as she had promised, up
around his ears by midnight, giving him full access to her body. She simply laid back and let
Dave have her, giving herself to him fully and trusting him to see to her every need as he
barreled into her over and over again. She ran her hands up and down his sides as he
pumped his cock into her, releasing all the frustrations he had built up tonight with every
sharp jab of his prick. Her naked, writhing body felt like it was alive with electricity
generated between her quivering thighs. She moaned and groaned with pleasure, her back
arched, her hips up-thrust, her arms gripping Dave’s sides, her teeth clenched, her lips
parted as she huffed for breath, her orgasm rising up inside of her.

As Kim pants and grunts became one single, drawn out moan, David buried himself
inside of her spasming cunt, triggering her orgasm. Her tight pussy gripped his cock like a
vice, rippling around his shaft as he stared down at her body writhing in bliss. He groaned
as he came, his voice joining her own, his orgasm joining her. He filled her boiling pussy
with his thick cum, his jaw straining as he held himself still, his thighs twitching as he held
himself up along with his wife’s legs and lower body. He slowly let her down, lowering
himself down on top of her, his chest pressed against Kim’s large tits, her nipples scrapping
against his skin. “I love you,” he panted in spent lust.

“I love you too,” Kim groaned, her body relaxing into the mattress as she lovingly
wrapped her arms and legs around her husband and kissed him deeply.


As David’s wife slept contentedly in his arms, her head on his chest, Richard Staff tried
to plow as hard into his wife as his arthritic hips would let him. Christina’s body barely
moved as he moved on top of her, her eyes still glazed in her drunken stupor as he grunted
and smiled. “Oh baby, you feel so good,” he panted and wheezed, “That feel good, baby?
Does Big Daddy’s cock feel good to you?”

Christina barely heard her husband. Behind her blurry eyes she was in the office of
her personal lawyer, the paperwork finalizing her divorce laid out in front of her. “Yeah.
That’d be wonderful,” she mumbled. In her mind she was signing the last of the papers,
her personal banker seated beside her punching in the last of the settlement numbers.
“Take is slower, don’t miss a bit,” she slurred happily.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Dick groaned, “I’ll take care of all of it.” Sweat poured off of his
wrinkled body as he panted and groaned with exertion.

“Take care of everything,” Christina moaned while her butler handled the last of
Richard’s furniture leaving her house.


Down the hall from Richard nearly having a heart attack, Tim reclined on Kassy Staff’s
bed as they sat together, hip to hip. “You are such a sweet girl,” Tim said as sincerely as
possible but Kassy knew that he wasn’t being sincere at all.

“Thank you,” Kassy said sheepishly. She knew this guy, Tom she thought her his
name was, worked for her father. She had met him downstairs during the party and he
seemed like a nice guy but when she had found him inside of her bedroom he had startled

“No, really,” Tim said as he laid his hand on top of her own delicate hand, “I’ve never
met a girl like you before.”

Kassy tired to hide a blush even though she knew it was a easy compliment. She’d
heard it every since she was a little girl but it was still nice to hear from time to time and
Tom was kind of cute. Old but kind of cute. “You shouldn’t be in my room ‘tho,” she
chided him.

“But where else did you want to meet me?” Tim asked while trying to sound

“You… you thought I wanted you to meet me?”

“Well, yes. Why else would you act that way towards me if you didn’t?”

Kassy tried to think of what she could have said or done to make Tom think that she
wanted him to meet her in here. “It was just a party, I was just being polite,” she said
defensively. “You’re supposed to be polite to people when you first meet them so that,
y’know, they will like you and be polite back and stuff,” she said as the older man slid his
hand lightly up and down her forearm.

“And it worked,” Tim said proudly, “I do like you. And you like me, right?”

Kassy had to think of what kind of signals Tom may have picked up on. “I… suppose…
I guess…” she stuttered.

“That makes me so happy,” Tim said before leaning forward and kissing Kassy on the
corner of her mouth. She jerked away from him and he simple kept smiling at the sexy
young girl.

“What… what are you… what are you doing?” Kassy asked in shocked.

“You said you liked me,” Tim said as he slid his hand across the confused girl’s lap and
grasped her slender waist. He leaned forward again, pressing against her firm teenage
body and tried to kiss her again. His tongue slid wetly across her lips as she tried to push
him off of her but he was far to strong for her.

“St… stop,” Kassy pleaded as she beat weakly against Tom’s chest.

“Don’t you want me to like you?” Tim asked as he nuzzled Kassy’s graceful neck, “You
said that you liked me and wanted me to like you.”

“I… I guess,” she murmured weakly.

“Well then, kiss me, baby,” Tim sneered. The nervous young girl didn’t so much kiss
him as open her mouth and let him stick his tongue inside. He thoroughly explored her
gaping mouth as he slid his hand higher up her side. If there was one thing he loved more
than a hot teenager it was a hot teenager that just surrendered herself to him. It just made
fucking them so much more enjoyable. God bless alcohol.

Kassy groaned out weakly as Tom laid down on top of her, his weight pushing her
down on the mattress. She’d been here before with some guy telling her that she had led
them on but not telling her what she had done to do it. It seemed that every time her
father held a party or a business meeting at his house one of his employees would sneak up
behind her and tell her that she had made them fall for her some way. It had been
happening since she was a little girl.

Tim slid his hand from the sexy teenager’s side to one of her large, full, heavy breasts.
His eyes shot open in surprise at the feel of her. Her breast was just about the firmest tit
he had ever had in his hand and he was pretty sure that she wasn’t even wearing a bra. He
ran his thumb over where her nipple was, teasing it to full hardness before kissing down her
neck to the hollow between her collar bones and then licked down to her smooth, warm,
creamy cleavage. He kissed over on top of her dress to the middle of her large breast and
licked the material over her nipple. He sucked at her nipple through her top, sucking hard
and forcing a groan from between her pink lips.

Trying to sound appreciative, Kassy moaned again as Tom roughly played with her
breasts. Just like most guys he had went straight for her chest and began pawing at it, she
just hoped he didn’t rip her dress, it was one of her favorites. Wanting to keep her dress
safe she reached behind her and unzipped it, quickly shrugging it off of her shoulders.

Tim had to keep himself from shouting out with joy as the girl pulled her top down to
reveal her firm, proud breasts. His eyes were glued to her phenomenal tits, his mouth
gapping open at the greatest pair of sweater-kittens that he had ever seen on or off the
internet. Kassy pulled her dress down to her waist and leaned back on her elbows, her
chest thrust out for him. He had known the first time he had seen her that all she would
need was a little bit of encouragement so she would have an excuse to stop playing coy and
just give it up like he knew she really wanted to. With trembling hands he reached up and
grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed the pliant flesh, her golden orbs bulging out from
between his fingers. “Thank you, God,” he muttered as he bent down and took a firm, ripe
nipple between his lips.

Trying to keep back the tears of failure, Kassy stared up at the ceiling hoping to see
some sort of divine intervention but it was just the same old ceiling she always saw. Why
was this happening to her. Again. What was she doing wrong that always led to some
guy wanting to just jump on top of her and wiggle around until he came. Luckily to her he
seemed like this guy at least wouldn’t take long.

“Yeah, baby, your tits feel so good,” Tim groaned as he licked from one teenage tit to
the other and pawed at her chest. With one hand he squeezed one luscious tits while
sucking on the other one while using his free hand to unzip his pants and release his hard

Kassy opened her golden thighs as Tom crawled on top of her. Here goes another
pair of panties she thought as she felt him push his pants down to his ankles. He did
exactly what she expected him to do and just wormed his way between her legs with his
pants down around his ankles. He barely even managed to pull her panties to the side
before trying to stick it in her and she gingerly tried to pull her dress up around her waist
before he ripped it by his aimless writhing.

The head of Tim’s prick found the entrance to Kassy’s cunt with a the subtlety of a
hound-dog searching for it’s master’s next target. He rubbed himself against her and
hoped that she would be wet enough because there was no way he was going to stop now.
He nudged against her and she gasped out, ready for him as she drew her panties far to the
side to let all of him inside of her.

As Tom began trying to shove himself inside of her while she held her panties to the
side, Kassy tried to remember which pair she had finally decided on wearing for the party.
She hoped it wasn’t the pretty pink pair that she liked so much but she didn’t think so
because those would have shown through her dress. She had tried on a black pair that
wouldn’t have shown through but tended to create a very visible panty line. Was it the
dark blue pair with the bow, she wondered but decided that it wasn’t because the bow
would have pressed against the material of the dress to let everyone know that it was there.
Maybe that was the signal Tom thought she had been giving him and wondered if he saw
the bow and somehow thought it was meant for him. With him finally getting the first of
him inside of her she decided that it didn’t matter anyways, they’d probably be stained
beyond repair by the time he was done.

“Oh, baby, you’re so tight,” Tim groaned as he nuzzled against Kassy’s neck. He
wasn’t sure but he thought the teen girl felt completely bare of hair and the idea turned him
on even more. Perhaps if he’d been more appreciative of her needs he would have found
out but with half of his prick sliding in and out of her teenage cunt he couldn’t exactly stop
to find out.

Kassy ran her hands up and down Tom’s back through his sports jacket and cooed at
what she hoped were the right times. It was obvious that she had just gotten herself once
again involved with some guy that just wanted her body or, even worse, was just trying to
show up her daddy. Why did she keep letting this happen? What was she doing wrong?
Why couldn’t she find a guy that liked her just for her? Above her his face was sweating,
the droplets falling into her eyes and she tried to blink them out and kept wondering if she
had finished her homework.

“Yeah, baby, you like that,” Tim grunted as he rocked himself deep inside of the young
girl’s amazing body, “You like that, don’t you?”

Continuing to grunt at what she hoped were the right times, Kassy went over her Trig
homework in her head. Or rather, tried to. It seemed like the whole class was only made
just to make her feel stupid and her best friend, Veronica, wasn’t any help. Then she
wondered if she had called Veronica like she had said she would. It was so hard to keep
track of things sometimes and she’d had her dad’s party to get ready for. She was sure that
Veronica wouldn’t get mad at her if she did forget. And then she wondered if Tom would
get upset if she checked her phone. She doubted it since he hadn’t looked her in the eyes
since his first kiss but her phone was way over on the table and she couldn’t reach it since
they were laying sideways on the bed. Oh well, he sounded like he was almost done
anyway and she’d just check then.

“Oh yeah, take it, baby, take,” Tim grunted as he continued thrusting himself in Kassy’s
young, tight cunt. Her large, firm breasts swayed back and forth on her chest, gravity
having no effect on them as they moved. He bent down putting a kink in his neck but it
was worth it to have one of her ripe nipples in his mouth. He mumbled out around his face
full of teenage tit as he came, filling her juicy pussy with his thick, hot seed.

As Tom came inside of her like an asshole without even telling her, Kassy remembered
that she was in fact wearing her light yellow panties with little balloons on them. They
weren’t anywhere near her favorite pair so she wouldn’t care to much about throwing them
away after Tom finally left. It was a small price to pay for not having to give him a blow-job
or something she guessed.

To be continued…

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