Confessions: One of my best friends

I have had a great interest in adolescent sibling incest since I was about 13 because of both experiences below that happened to me. One of my best friends in jr. high school, (who was male and the same age) had sexual intercourse with his 17 year old sister on a regular basis.

It started after she walked in on him masturbating once and continued until his older sister went off to college. This in spite of the fact that both were popular in school, both good- looking and had no shortage of dates, This was around 1975. They are both quite happily married with families today and neither seemed adversely affected.

I know this case is true, because both our families were close, and the 3 of us were very good friends. Our families took vacations together and I spent a lot of weekends with them at sleepovers. After swearing me to secrecy, both he and his sister, confided in me that they were having sex. We even planned to have a tentative 3-fer one weekend, but the right opportunity never presented itself. We could never get rid of a either set of our parents long enough, or I’m sure it would have taken place. Several years later around 1980 (when I was around 18) I walked into my best friend’s house.

It was one afternoon after school, and he and his 17 year-old sister were home alone. (Incidentally, I was dating his sister at this time). After calling out for them in the kitchen and getting no answer, I heard water running down the hall, and realized the shower was running. Upon listening, I heard their voices and giggling in low tones coming from the bathroom.

It dawned on me that my best friend and his sister; who was my girlfriend at the time, were taking showers together.

I slipped quietly back out into the kitchen for a few moments and continued listening.

I then heard his sister start to quietly moan in what was obviously sexual pleasure of some kind.

I left and came back later, never mentioning the incident. Oddly enough, even though she was my girlfriend at the time, the incident didn’t make me jealous at all. Quite the contrary, I found it rather arousing.

In a strange sort of way, I even felt safe in the fact that she was cheating on me with her brother, who I considered my best friend. As twisted as this sounds, I was actually happy for both of them that they had each other to do this with.

I also knew it was mutual and consenting by both, and felt safe in the knowledge that her own brother would never do anything to hurt her. Once again both of these siblings are now married and have families and are very close. Neither has been adversely affected, insofar as I can see. {Just a footnote, I continued dating his sister for 9 months after this incident, but we broke-up when she left for college} Both of these events, which are 100% true, have aroused in me an insatiable curiosity about sibling sexual relations. Unfortunately, I am an only child, so I have no personal experiences with a sibling of my own to draw from.

I, like yourself, believe that is one of the best kept secrets of siblings and occurs FAR more than anyone will admit because of its taboo nature.

It’s just the law of averages.

I cannot help but think, that if I, as one person, have had experiences with 2 sets of siblings having sex, were neither set of sibling couples knows each other at all, in a small middle-class rural area of about 20,000; that this HAS to be much more of a common practice than anyone will admit. However, it is considered so perverse that almost no printed matter exists on the subject to try and research it. Believe me, I have tried. Tons of literature is available on parent-child incest but almost nothing exists on sibling incest. What does exist is all geared to parents for prevention of sibling sex in the adolescent years. There are no case studies, interviews of past sexual siblings, or any statistical figures to try to determine its magnitude. That is the type information I am interested in. That’s why after running across your Newsgroup thread using a search engine, I was so delighted to see that someone else shares my interest and curiosity on this subject.

If anyone has e-mailed you any true experiences on the subject, would you please consider e-mailing them to me or tell me where on the web or Usenet is a good source of information on this subject? Also if you know of any sources to research it in book form, would you be kind enough to please e-mail me that information also. And if anyone responding has expressed any interest in e-mail correspondence on the subject or possibly forming an IRC chat area, I would be interested in that also. Thank you for taking time to read this rather lengthy letter, and please feel free to add my two above contributions to your research. Hope to hear from you soon so I may finally get some answers to my 20 year curiosity on this subject as well.

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