Confessions: One day I opened my pants

My first sexual experiences were with family members.

I have no guilt over this, because I think it was normal experimentation. My earliest recollection is from when I was about 11 years old. My parents had a foot massager, which was a device that plugged into the wall and had two vibrating pads which you put your feet on. One day I opened my pants and tried rubbing my penis against it through my underwear. The sensations were very strong and I had my first orgasm. Later, I brought my younger brother down to the basement and showed him. (He is a year younger than me.) After I came, he tried it and came also. We masturbated together with the massager on a regular basis, and this led to other things. We began feeling and rubbing each other’s erections before using the massager, and eventually engaged in mutual masturbation without the massager. We were always horny and looking for a chance to play with each other. This went on for about a year, and then one day I decided to try sucking him.

I got between his legs and took his little dick between my lips.

I moved my mouth around on it for a while.

It was nice. He did it to me afterwards.

I don’t think either of us came that first time, but it was very sexy and enjoyable. Sucking pretty much took the place of masturbating after that. We would take turns sucking each other to orgasms at every opportunity. We often did it at night, since we shared a room.

I think I began ejaculating when I was 12. He was sucking me one night, and I ejaculated in his mouth. He took my penis out right away. We were both fascinated by my cum.

I tasted it by licking it off of his hand. He usually let me cum in his mouth after that. He didn’t start ejaculating until a couple of years after that. This went on until I was almost 16, but during the last year or so our sex play tapered off greatly as we became more interested in girls. We haven’t spoken of it since, and I consider us to both be heterosexual now, though I often fantasize about sucking a guy.

I had one experience with my sister Wendy.

I was 13 at the time, and she was 15.

It was a weekend day during the winter, and my parents had gone to one of my brother’s hockey games. My sister’s friend Nancy had come over, and the two of them disappeared while I was playing video games.

I found them in our attic, which had been fixed up as a den. Nancy had brought over an x-rated video tape, and they were watching it on the TV and VCR in the attic/den.

I walked in and busted them, and told them I wanted to watch it too.

I was thrilled by the tape. We challenged each other to show our privates, and so I took out my hard cock. They dropped their jeans. They felt my penis, and I dared them to suck me. Both girls refused at first, but then Nancy decided to do it. My sister watched her, and then she decided to try it too.

It was very exciting.

I felt Wendy’s pussy, and got them to show me their breasts. Nancy encouraged me to lick my sister, so I did. When I stopped, Nancy tried it. We took turns licking her until she came.

I was incredibly horny.

I wanted to fuck one of them, but they both refused.

I asked Wendy to lick Nancy, but she wouldn’t.

I ended up masturbating and cumming all over the floor while I felt Nancy’s pussy. Wendy was very embarrassed about it afterwards. She swore to me that she had never had sex with a girl before, and made me promise never to tell anybody. (She wasn’t aware of that our brother and I were fooling around, and I didn’t tell her.

In retrospect, maybe I should have.) We never touched each other after that day, but it has been a source of my fantasies ever since.

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