New Year’s Kisses

Seriously, it’s not even midnight and I can already hear champagne bottles popping open. My roommates are practically alcoholics at this point in the game. 9pm and our party hasn’t even started, in fact- nobody has shown up yet as I’m finishing up the last bit of taping for the decorations. Black and gold everywhere in my small apartment, glittered balloons filled the ceiling, glitter was everywhere- hell, the Jello shots were even glitter. I shimmy my way into my tightest and shortest black dress because why the hell not? It’s New Years and my fiancé doesn’t usually see me in revealing clothes. As I get ready for my friends to arrive I curl my blond locks and let them fall freely to my shoulders and add a dab of my bright cherry lipstick. I look hot. I’m not used to this.

I typically wear loose fitting tops and leggings with a ponytail- but not tonight. I smile as I see this alter-ego of myself glancing back in the mirror. “This is too much” I think to myself. I then begin to doubt myself but before I could change my mind, there’s a knock at the door. My already drunk roommate screams in delight and runs to open it. It’s too late for me at this point. My best friend has already called me out on my little black dress look. I blush now that the attention is on me. My fiancé squeezes my ass behind the kitchen counter as our guests begin to pile the beer in. The night goes on with various rounds of drinking games and before I know it I am in my room with my sheer black tights down to my ankles.

Two hours have passed and I’ve had a few shots to many while on the other-hand my fiancé was still fairly sober. He pushes me onto my back and I can already feel myself getting wet as I hit the bed. I am drunk to the point that I’m not very quick to respond so I just laid back and let it all happen. Slowly I feel my tights slide down my legs. All of the lights are on and although he is my fiancé I feel very exposed. Staring into my eyes he slides a finger into my pussy. Pushing in and out I can feel myself begin to breathe heavily. I let out a low whimper of pleasure and he pushes his hand over my mouth and tells me to not make a sound- we have guests and it would be rude if they weren’t in on the fun. My legs spread open and he begins to kiss my stomach, slowly moving down towards my clit and his warm tongue is now flicking quickly. The intensity is making me squirm and his breath slightly tickles my inner thighs. His grip holds my legs still against the bed. I begin to wonder how long we have been away from the party when he begins to nibble my clit. He slides three fingers in massaging my insides roughly but ever so sensitively. I feel the pressure building up. I want to cum but I want this to last. I can’t take it anymore.

My face is flushing, heart pounding, insides shaking. As he finishes sucking on my pussy I feel the electric shock of my orgasm rush through my body and up my spine. Digging into my pussy a few last times as it pulsates on his hands I let out a breath of relief. I lie there breathlessly as he smiles of his accomplishment. I have always loved when he makes me his. It’s the greatest part about our sex life. It’s why we work. I am the ruler of our roost when it comes to our daily adult lives as far as time management, our finances, etc. but he practically owns me in the bedroom. As my breathing slows he lays beside me, circling his fingers through my dress around my nipples. My drunken body takes it, feeling the tingling all inside my body. He begins to whisper in my ear and I can smell my feminine scent from his breath, “Happy New Years babe. My turn.”

Before I got a clear message of what was happening, I am then pushed to my knees. His grip pulls my hair back, mouth gaped open. The sensitive part is over, now time for the rough stuff. My tights are still draped around my ankles, constraining my movement. “Pull your boobs out” he says. I reach into my dress and pull out my breasts. The tightness of my dress hides my stomach so only my C cups and pussy are showing. For the first time in my life, I feel like a porn star, and in a confident way. I love listening and completing his demands. He gazes at my perky breasts and begins to pinch and pull at my nipples. Again I make the mistake of uttering a whimper of pleasure. This is not the rules, I know this. “Keep your mouth shut bitch. Now it’s time for your punishment”.

Unzipping his pants and exposing his penis, he pulls me close and forces me to deep throat his 8 inch cock with his grasp on my hair. His hand pushing into my head, I feel my eyes water up. His dick is so hard in my mouth and it begins to turn me on even more. He holds me there for a few seconds before exclaiming “next time you want to make a sound remember what a dirty slut you feel like right now”. He lifts me off and I agree to his rules. I stand up and begin to ride his cock with my still wet pussy. I’m still so sensitive down there from my orgasm but seeing the arousal on his face kept me going. I want him to cum with me on top but he had other plans.

He pushes me off again and tells me to suck him off. I circle my lips around the tip before I slide my tongue from bottom to top. I can taste myself on him and I realize why he likes eating me out so much. I feel him beginning to squirm now so I take my hands and widen his legs by pushing from his inner thighs. In and out his dick is sliding to and from my mouth. My hand takes my place on him and I breathe warmly on his balls. I start to lightly lick them and I can feel his tension heighten. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum” he says under his harsh breath. I quickly move back to position my mouth on his cock and feel his manhood squirt into my mouth. As he likes it, I swallow his cum until he is finished.

Whew. Nearly 45 minutes has passed at this point and our friends are probably wondering where we are. I pull myself back together and touch up my makeup. I shamelessly open my bedroom door and rejoin the party that has gotten wild at this point. I look around the room and see one hell of a mess that I will have to clean in the morning right after I’m hangover free. As I looked across the room my best friend, the one I was talking about earlier, her name is Sarah, then shoots me the “I know what you did” look and I just send back a smile and grab a drink. I’m certain my fiancé is done for the night and probably asleep now.

Unfortunately the countdown to midnight begins without him, but I couldn’t complain since he just gave me the best sex we have ever had together. Everyone rushes to find their midnight kissing partners and naturally Sarah and I are now a team in this. “HAPPY NEW YEARS!” Everyone shouts, the champagne bottles now burst open and spill everywhere and then it happens. Sarah has her lips locked to mine. It doesn’t feel like a I-kissed-my-best-friend kiss, it feels like a I-want-to-fuck kiss. I’m confused, but so turned on.