Natalie Portman, The Florence Nightingale Effect

This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not know Natalie Portman, Benjamin Millepied, or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

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Natalie Portman, The Florence Nightingale Effect
By Muhabba

Natalie couldn’t help herself as she reclined in her hot bubble bath. The tub was built to easily hold two people and her slender body was nearly swimming in it as she ran her hands across her small chest. She cooed slightly in pleasure as her fingertips toyed with her hard, sizzling nipples and she smiled wickedly to herself. The temperature of the water, the candlelight, the soft music playing, everything was perfect to help put her in the mood for her husband as he squeezed her small breasts playfully.

A moan escaped her pink lips as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the wicked pleasure her fingers were giving her. She hadn’t seen her husband in two weeks due to his job as a Creative Management Agent and she giggled to herself at all if the pleasurable things she had planned for them tonight when he got home. As one hand squeezed a small tit more firmly her other hand slowly traveled down her slick body to the now burning juncture of her slender thighs.

Benjamin was supposed to be home in a few hours yet and she had planned a very special evening for them both. Her fingers toyed with her small, heart shaped pubic hair that she had trimmed earlier before caressing her wet, slick, bald labia. She pinched and rolled a erect nipple with her fingertips as the fingers of her other hand massaged her needy cunt. She giggled at the thought of calling her vagina a “cunt”, such a naughty thing for her to do as she slide her middle finger into her hot, tight pussy.

Natalie moaned in pleasure and arched her back as she penetrated herself, her thumb slowly circling her erect clit as she masturbated slowly, softly, lazily enjoying the things her sinful fingers could do to her. Her breathing became more erratic and ragged as she slid another finger into her tight hole, stimulating her G-spot as she began grinding her pussy against her hand.

A wicked giggle slide over her face as she wondered what her fans would think if they new that Natalie Portman was a masturbator. It was such a nasty thought and sent a shiver up her spine as she groaned out in pleasure. “Would it cause a scandal?” she wondered as she began plunging her fingers faster into her burning pussy.

Natalie chewed her bottom lip as she imagined the paparazzi following her around trying to snap pictures up her dress or down her top. Or the fan’s sneaking around trying to look into her windows to watch her undress or in the shower, lusting after her. She imagined them at their homes, alone in the dark, their hard pricks in their hands as they jacked-off over pictures of her. And surly some of those fan’s were women, toying with their nipples and pussies just like she was doing right now. The water in the tub began sloshing out of the sides as her hips bucked uncontrollably and she felt herself about to orgasm.

Natalie took a deep breath, her small tits breaking the surface of the bubbly water as she slid her fingers out of her churning vagina. “Better save that for Benjamin,” she said with a giggle as she waited for her legs to stop trembling. “Too bad, that was going to be a good on,” she thought as she slowly got out of the tub. The began toweling herself off, spending a bit of extra time on her breasts and pussy, before walking naked into her bedroom.

She already had her dress picked out, a slinky black number with spaghetti straps and almost indecently short over her knees, it was her lingerie she couldn’t decide on. She tried on the matching pair that she thought would work the best, a sheer black bra and thong. The bra did wonderful things to her small breasts and clearly showed her hard nipples and the thong fit snugly against her hot vagina and the strap sank between her tight ass-cheeks. As far as she was concerned her best features were her wide brown eyes and chestnut colored hair but Benjamin thought it was her pert ass. “But what will he think if my panties are all wet because I was touching myself in the bathtub?” she wondered playfully.

“Oh, this is silly,” Natalie giggled as she decided to keep the lingerie and finish getting dressed. She put her long, chestnut colored hair into a loose bun and looked at her reflection in the mirror. “Oh, Benjamin, you’re in for such a good night,” she said naughtily as she went into the kitchen to get everything ready for her romantic night.

Natalie started getting the meal she had ordered ready and lighting the candles before she was startled by a knock on her door. It was far to late for visitors and Michael wouldn’t knock on his own door so it must be a stranger. A surge of fear went through her body as the door knob started rattling and she heard muffled voices from the other side of the door which all of the sudden didn’t appear thick enough to protect her from an intruder. She started imaging all the things a home invader would do to her, all the vile, disgusting things she saw on the news.

An image of herself flashed through Natalie’s mind of a lone gunman forcing his way in at gunpoint, tying her up using her slinky black dress, slowly cutting her out of her lingerie, and raping her repeatedly, her body helpless as he used her mercilessly. Another image flashed behind her eyes of multiple intruders raping her repeatedly one at a time and then all at once, filling her completely with their thick, hard, throbbing dicks. “But what if one of them is a woman?” Natalie began wondering before squeaking in shock as the door opened.

“Benjamin! What are you doing scaring me like that?” Natalie asked as her husband shuffled inside, “And why are you knocking in your own front door?”

“Just trying to give you a heads-up,” Benjamin said as he opened the door wide and began pulling an older gentleman inside.

Looking at the older man, Natalie tried to remember how she knew him. “Is that your Uncle Norman?” she asked. She hadn’t seen him since her wedding and she remembered him as being kind of creepy and unsettling. His beady eyes had seemed to just crawl over her body every time she caught him looking and he didn’t even have the decently to look away or act embarrassed, he had just smirked. “What’s he doing here?”

“He’s sick, sweetie, and there’s nobody in town to look after him,” Benjamin said, hoping his wife would understand.

Natalie stomped her foot and huffed before putting her fists on her slender hips. “He’s a grown man, he can take after himself,” Natalie argued.

“But he’s sick,” Benjamin whined as he helped his uncle to the couch. “Plus, I’ll make it up to you, sweetie,” he said hopefully.

Natalie crossed her arms under her small breasts as Benjamin began taking his uncle’s bags into the guest bedroom. “And how’s that?” she asked, still fuming. “Plus, I only made enough dinner for two.”

Benjamin came back into the living room and smiled sheepishly at his beautiful wife. “That, ah… that should be enough, really,” he stammered.

Natalie looked at her husband in confusion before realizing that outside of his uncle’s bags, Benjamin had no other luggage. “Where’s your clothes and stuff at?” she demanded.

“I, ah… I, ah, I got called to an emergency meeting,” Benjamin said softly, hoping that would mean Natalie wouldn’t be as mad. It wasn’t the most logical of reasoning but it was all he had as he began lifting his uncle off of the couch.

“No!” Natalie said as she followed her husband and uncle-in-law into the guest bedroom. “Absolutely not. You are not leaving me alone with your sick uncle for God knows how long!”

“I’ve got no choice, honey,” Benjamin said as he laid Norman down and began covering him up. “And if I don’t leave now I’m gonna miss my flight,” he said as he moved in front of his angry wife. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear. I arranged my schedule so that after I get back I’ll have three weeks off. How’s that sound?”

Natalie stood in the middle of the room pouting with her bottom lip stuck out. “And no cell phone?”

“No cell phone,” Benjamin said with a soft smile.

“And you’ll wait on me hand and foot,” Natalie said with a small smirk.

“Yes, dear,” Benjamin said with a light kiss to his wife’s forehead. “Now I’ve got to go. I love you,” he said as he walked swiftly out of the room.

“Love you too,” Natalie poured as she watched her husband leave.

Natalie looked down at Norman who was snoring loudly, his white hair mussed and his wrinkled face unshaven. “Well shoot,” she muttered as she shrugged in defeat before heading into her bedroom. She stripped naked and threw on a comfy pair of thread-bare panties and one of Benjamin’s old T-shirts and then headed into the kitchen. Still a little upset she didn’t bother trying to eat and just collected the food and put it away into the refrigerator before cleaning up the rest of her romantic evening and putting it away.

To worked-up to head to bed yet, Natalie started on the next days chores and gathered her and her husband’s laundry and threw them into the wash. She went into the guest bedroom to see if Norman had clean clothes and discovered that while the clothes could be considered clean they reeked of cigar smoke. Throwing her hands up in frustration she threw his bags in the laundry room and looked in on him. She threw back his covers and found that he was a sweaty mess. “Dang it, Benjamin,” she muttered.

Tying her hair back, Natalie started stripping Norman of his clothes. She started with his grimy soaks and then his stained T-shirt, throwing them in the small laundry basket she had brought. Her nose wrinkled at the disgusting part where she had to take down his pants but when she managed to tug them down to his mid-thigh she stood a step back and said, “Whoa.” Her husband’s uncle or not, he was hung. Hung much better than Benjamin as a matter of fact and she blushed in embarrassment at the sight of the older man’s bulge. “So much for trying to imagine what Benjamin will look like when we’re older by looking at his relatives,” she thought with a giggle.

Natalie felt her blush of embarrassment change into a blush of something else lower in her body and quickly covered the slumbering man back up before removing his pants from under the blanket to save Norman some dignity. And maybe herself as well. With her panty covered ass high in the air, she fished around underneath the covers until she found what she though were his pants. As her hand grasped something large and soft she wondered if Norman had left something in his pockets before the object throbbed and began to grow larger.

It took Natalie a moment to realize that for all intents and purposes she was now accidentally jacking off her uncle-in-law and she shrieked with disgust and pulled her hand out from under the blanket. Her eyes became wider as the blanket began to rise up in the center with Norman’s erection. “Oh my,” she gasped softly as the tent continued to rise proving exactly how much more well-endowed he was than his nephew. She couldn’t exactly tell how long the hard penis was but he was definitely larger than average.

Natalie stared at the bulge in her blanket, unaware of exactly how long she was staring, “Oh, this is ridiculous,” she whispered to herself, “We’re all adults here.” She walked purposefully to the foot of the bed, her eyes locked onto her feet. She pulled the blanket up and grabbed the wadded pants and pulled them free before placing the blanket back. Unconsciously she stole one last glance at the tented bed before walking quickly back to the laundry room.


Natalie woke with a start and a pinch in her neck. From her over stuffed chair she looked around the darkness and tried to remember where she was. The last thing she remembered was folding laundry and looked down. The basket was at her feet with only half the clothes folded which meant she had fallen asleep in the living room but what had woken her? The idea of being gang-raped by home intruders ran through her mind again and a shiver went through her body before she heard the noise again coming from the guest bedroom. Had the intruders broken in through the guest bedroom window? Then she remembered sick Norman sleeping in the guest bed. Then she remembered his massive erection and felt herself blush again before she heard more moans.

Groaning in slight pain after sleeping while sitting up, Natalie dragged herself out of her arm chair and limped into the guest bedroom. Norman was still in the bed although he had been apparently tossing and turning and had kicked his covers off and was now laying shivering in the middle of the bed. Sighing in frustration she went over to the side of the bed and saw that, luckily, his erection had gone down. “How long do those last if a man doesn’t… release?” she wondered as she looked down at the pathetic old man.

Picking up around the bedroom, Natalie failed to notice Norman’s eyes peering at her though his heavy lidded eyes as she moved around, her bare legs scissoring from beneath her T-shirt. She moved out of the guest room and finished picking up the rest of the house, keeping herself busy until bed time.

On her way to her bed room Natalie remembered her fear of rapists breaking into her house and having their way with her over and over again. She thought about it way more than she should and knew she was just scaring herself but the idea of a group of men, maybe a few women, breaking into her home in the middle of the night while she slept, tying her up spread eagle to her bed, stripping her naked, climbing between her outstretched legs, forcing themselves inside of her over and over, using her to satisfy their perverted lusts, kept her up at night sometimes. Checking to make sure the windows and doors were locked she set the alarm and decided to check on Norman one more time.

Creeping silently, Natalie poked her head through the door and saw that Norman had wiggled around and kicked most of his bed clothes off leaving him covered only in his underpants. The greatly older man was shivering in the middle of the mattress, his teeth chattering loudly as she looked at him from the doorway. “Oh, you poor dear,” she whispered, forgetting momentarily how much she didn’t like him. She walked in and quickly covered him up to his chin and looked down at him. He was still shivering and she guessed his fever had broken leaving him chilly.

Natalie tried to think of what to do as she stood next to the bed. She could turn the heat up for Norman but that would make it too hot for her to sleep even with a fan. She thought momentarily of sleeping nude but the thought of leaving her body open and exposed for some peeping tom pervert to spy on as he feverishly masturbated his thick, hard prick while she slept completely unaware and vulnerable sent a shiver through her. “What is it with men and their sick fantasies?” she wondered. Finally, with no other option, she shrugged her slim shoulders.

As much as she disliked Norman he was sick and in need and Natalie couldn’t bring herself to abandon him like this. Straightening up the covers she crawled into bed with the older man and covered them both up, pressing her body close to him so that he could share the warmth of her body. He continued to shiver as she yawned, her lids heavy while she held him in her arms but after a while his trembling body began to relax and she decided that after he had calmed totally she’d head to bed. Slowly her eyes grew even more heavy and before she knew it she drifted off into slumber.

“Sweetie, this food is divine,” Benjamin said from the far side of the table. He looked very dapper in his tuxedo as Natalie stared lovingly into his eyes.

“I’m glad you think so, honey,” Natalie said sweetly as she sipped her soup. She adjusted her shoulders slightly so that her black evening gown showed off her cleavage to her husband’s delight.

“Oh, darling, I must have you right now!” Benjamin proclaimed as he threw his linen down forcefully and stood up.

“Oh, Benjamin, you’re so bold,” Natalie blushed as Benjamin stalked towards her like some wild animal. He yanked her to her feet and threw her to the bed with enough force to knock the breath from her for a moment. Naked, he stared down at her with an animal like gleam in his eye before yanking her dress off effortlessly. “Oh, Benjamin,” she cooed, her chest heaving with desire, her nipples pointed and sizzling in electric need.

Benjamin forced himself between Natalie’s legs, burying himself deep inside of her wet vagina. “Oh, Natalie, my love,” he all but growled in passion.

“Oh, Benjamin,” Natalie whispered breathlessly as her loving husband worked his penis deeply in and out if her wanton body. She wrapped her slender legs around his waist and rolled her hips up to meet his thrusts, her breathing becoming ragged as she climbed closer and closer to orgasm. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as she moaned and when she opened them up again to look upon her husband’s face it was a stranger’s eyes looking down at her.

Natalie looked up in fear at the stranger violating her. “Who… who are you?” she gasped in fear as the intruder’s thrusts became harder, more forceful, delving deep inside of her tight, wet pussy. She grunted with each piercing jab of his cock, her juices trailing down her compacted ass-cheeks as her small tits jiggled on her chest.

“It doesn’t matter, you dirty whore,” the intruder said between lustful grunts as he slammed into her harder and harder. Her breath escaped past her lips in jagged grunts with each thrust, her slender legs poking straight out from around his body on top of her. He bent down and sucked in one of her hard nipples, attacking it with his tongue as he reached underneath her helpless body and gripped her tight ass.

Natalie was ashamed of herself as she felt her orgasm continue to rise. The knowledge that an intruder had broken into her home and started fucking her did nothing to stop her body from responding to his wicked cock, in fact it seemed to make it worse. The intruder’s cock was so thick it was stretching her delicate pink pussy farther than Benjamin had ever been able to and it felt hard as steel inside of her, driving her body higher and higher to unwanted pleasure. “Please… please stop,” she pleaded as she unconsciously pushed her small chest more firmly against his sucking mouth.

The intruder continued assaulting Natalie’s small, firm tits, licking and sucking on every inch of her exposed chest. “You don’t want me to stop, you dirty, dirty whore,” he chuckled as he sat up straighter on his knees, bringing Natalie’s ass up on top of his thighs, his cock never leaving her tight cunt. “Admit it. You love this,” he chuckled as he gripped her ankles and held her legs apart to give him a unobstructed view of her sweating, lust filled body.

“Oh God no,” Natalie pleaded as the intruder fucked her even deeper than before, his cock seeming to reach up into her chest. “Please don’t look at me like this,” she cried, ashamed and embarrassed by the way he was staring at her naked, vulnerable body.

Suddenly the intruder was on his back forcing Natalie to ride him. “That’s right, bitch, ride that cock like it was a horse,” he said with a deep laugh.

“No, please don’t make me,” Natalie cried as she lifted her hips up and down on the intruder’s thick dick. A blush of shame burned across her face at the squelching noises her pussy was making as she fucked the intruder, her small breasts jiggling wildly on her slender chest. Suddenly a small set of hands began toying with her breasts as a female intruder walked up behind them, sitting down and straddling the male invader’s hips.

“You like that, don’t you, slut,” the female intruder whispered into Natalie’s ear, “You like having a girl playing with your pretty titties, admit it.”

Natalie couldn’t stop her body from rocking back and pressing her taunt ass against the female intruder’s hot, wet pussy. The female intruder began thrusting up against her, humping her pussy against Natalie’s ass as she continued assaulting her chest.

The male intruder held on firmly to Natalie’s hips as he and his partner continued assaulting her helpless body. “What would your husband say if he could see you know, getting off on two strangers fucking you and you loving every second of it?”

“Why don’t you ask him?” the female intruded asked as she pointed off to the side.

Natalie looked over at the other side of the room and saw Benjamin there, tied to a chair, his pants and underwear pulled down to his ankles, and a large erection pointing straight up, throbbing and hard with a small pearl of pre-cum at the tip.

Suddenly Natalie’s orgasm crashed over her and she looked down at Norman’s wrinkled face. She held his hands up to her chest by his wrists as he squeezed her small tits and pinched her nipples. She held herself down, his cock filling her and stretching her as her orgasm continued, her spasming cunt gripping his thick pole as he grunted. Norman exploded into her, filling her with his thick, hot cum and triggering another orgasm to crash over her, her entire body twitching and rocking as she cooed out pathetically.

Collapsing against Norman’s surprisingly strong hands, Natalie struggled to regain her breath as Benjamin’s uncle slowly lowered her down. She collapsed against his pasty chest, both of them gasping in spent pleasure until he started snoring softly. It took her several moments of laying on the much older man’s chest with his soft, sticky cock still inside her before she could get her strength back and she slowly, weakly, made her way out of Norman’s arms.

Quickly pulling down her T-shirt, Natalie looked in horror at what she had done. Norman was a sick, old man, in her care and she had all but raped him. She started to cry, hot tears of shame dripping down her face as her bottom lip quivered in shocked wonder. She could feel the mixture of their cum dripping down the insides of her still twitching legs and fell back into the chair she had imagined Benjamin tied up in. Her nipples were still hard breather her shirt, her weak legs spread wide and her sticky pussy on full display, her panties wrapped around one ankle, her chest heaving in fear and shame while her tears continued trailing down her face.

“What have I done?” Natalie moaned as she cupped her face in her hands and began to cry, fat tears dripping down from between her fingers and splashing on her slender thighs. Sobs tore through her body as she let the tears flow with the shame she felt at practically raping a old, feeble man. Her body shivered as she continued to cry, her body shuddering in despair.

Looking through her fingers at Norman still asleep on the bed, Natalie struggled to control herself. There was nothing left to do but take control of the situation and the first thing was taking care of the older man she had taken advantage of.

Natalie started to pull up her wet panties and shivered at the sensation of the cold material touching her sticky pussy but she had no other clothes in this room. She straightened the bed back up and tried to clean Norman up as much as possible but her hands were shaking with shame and despair as tears continued falling down her face, her eyes red and her vision blurry. She finally decided that he was a presentable as possible and then quickly hurried to her private bathroom and hurriedly stripped naked.

Rather than place her soiled clothing in the laundry she threw them into the trash can, swearing never to touch them again and toss them out in the morning. She turned the shower on as hot as she could stand and then a little bit more before stepping in, her naked skin quickly turning pink under the steaming water. She stood naked in the shower letting the hot water warm her body to the point of nearly scalding her as she held her face in her hands and wept. Her slender body shook with tears and shame for several minutes as she tried to push the memory of fucking her husband’s uncle out of her mind. Her hand trembled as she grabbed a bar of soap and tried to wash the shame from her body while steam filled the room making it impossible for her to see the door to the bathroom open and close.

When the door to the shower opened, Natalie could feel the temperature change slightly before feeling something hard press against her ass and a pair of arms circling her waist. Her eyes shot wide open in fear as a warm body pressed itself against her back and a tongue licked her earlobe. Her body shook in fear as a husky voice whispered in her ear, “Your pussy felt soooo fucking good,” and realized Norman had joined her in the shower.

Struggling weakly against Norman’s arms, Natalie mewed weakly, “Please don’t.”

Norman held Natalie’s naked body closer to him and slid his hands up to her slender chest, cupping her small tits. “It’s okay, darlin’,” he whispered, “Just needed to finish up what you started.” He pushed himself forward, sliding his now hard cock-head against her firm ass, searching for the tight little entrance to her cunt.

Natalie shuddered in fear and revulsion as she felt Norman’s cock slide between her taunt ass-cheeks, sliding down over her puckered asshole, and down farther to her still wet pussy. “No, please don’t,” she whimpered as she continued wiggling against him. Her nipples ached in need as he began rolling them between his rough fingertips and a small coo of unwanted pleasure escaped her lips.

“Mmm, bulls-eye,” Norman groaned in pleasure as his prick found Natalie’s gooey cunt. He pushed himself forward an inch, pinning her to the shower wall with his cock as he began pushing himself forward, sliding his prick in a short thrust at a time, groaning in pleasure as he filled her. He kept a firm hold of her small tits, squeezing and twisting them as her tight pussy parted around him, gripping down on his hard shaft.

Natalie began panting in unwanted lust as Norman slowly entered her vulnerable body, bracing her hands against the slick walls of the shower as the hot water flowed down her heated flesh. She wanted to turn, to scream, to demand that he remove himself from inside of her but fear kept her from moving and lust kept her moaning and panting in need as he filled her completely. She could feel his boney hips pressed against her ass as the last inch of him filled her and he held himself steady against her, just enjoying the way she felt pressed against his body and wrapped around his shaft. Without realizing what she was doing she began grinding against him, wantonly fucking herself with his cock.

“You little slut, you,” Norman giggled as Natalie began rocking her slick, naked body against him, using his cock to get herself off. Between fucking him while he was asleep and now, he hadn’t realized what a little slut his nephew had married. He slid one hand down her naked body, over her flat stomach, to the burning juncture of her slender, trembling thighs. “You gotta be just about the best nurse ever,” he groaned, “Fucking an old man in his sleep just to make him feel better.”

“No… No, I didn’t…” Natalie started to plead but it was no good. She was guilty. She had sex with a helpless old man, taken advantage of him, and now he was using her body to punish her and she deserved every inch of her punishment. She gasped out in pleasure, her body bucking violently against the old man as his hand cupped her traitorous pussy, his skilled fingers strumming and stimulating her hard, little clit. “Oh God,” she groaned as her pussy gushed with need and she twisted her hips while she rocked herself back and forth harder, fucking Norman’s cock like a common whore.

Holding himself more firmly against the writhing young woman, Norman continued pawing at her small tit while strumming her clit. He had no need to move at all, she was doing all of the work, fucking his aching pole all by herself, groaning and panting in lust and he had barely done a thing to her. She was just like all the other whores he’d fucked. Just a repressed little girl needing a real man to show them how to fuck. “Just wanted to thank you for the ride earlier,” he groaned into Natalie’s ear, pinching her hard nipple with one hand and furiously flicking her clit with the other.

“Oh fuck!” Natalie gasped out as an orgasm roared through her wet, naked body like a thunderstorm. Between the heat of her body, the heat of the water, and the heat of Norman’s skin pressed against her, it felt like her body was no longer there, that the only way she existed was by her vibrating nerve-endings as she came. Her toes curled on the slick floor of the shower, her fingertips digging into the tiles as her pussy clamped down on Norman’s invading prick, rippling around it, milking it. She could feel him filling her with his thick, hot cum, the heat radiating up and out through her body as she stuttered dumbly in pleasure, grinding against the old man she had fucked again.

“Ohhh, that felt good,” Norman groaned into Natalie’s ear as his cock began to soften inside of her cunt. He gave her a slap on her tight ass, grinding himself against her naked body one last time before pulling himself out of her. “So much better than earlier,” he hissed evilly.

Natalie’s eyes shot open in shock and she spun herself around to face Norman. “What… what do you mean?” she gasped in fear.

Norman smirked at Natalie as he reached up and ran the back of his knuckles over her still hard nipples. “My fever broke earlier this evening. I was awake the whole time you were riding me,” he said with a chuckle.

“But… but I was asleep,” Natalie pleaded, “I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“Don’t worry, cupcake,” Norman grinned before stepping out of the steamy shower, “I was awake enough for the both of us and you are an amazing fuck.”

Natalie watched the creepy old man leave the bathroom, tears once again spilling down her face as shame and despair washed over her again. She slid to the wet floor, curling into a protective ball, her arms wrapped around her knees as she sobbed to herself. She stayed there as the bathroom began to cool, shivering for several minutes before slowly getting to her feet and stepping out of the stall. Her mind felt numb as she finally dried off and put on her robe and stepped out of the bathroom.

Mostly on automatic pilot she shuffled to the kitchen and began thoughtlessly making herself breakfast. She couldn’t find the energy to actually cook so she settled for a simple bowl of cereal, spilling milk everywhere as she took the bowl to the table, slopping it’s contents over the floor. She ate numbly, not even tasting the slightly stale breakfast as she stared blankly off into the distance as the sun began pouring though the kitchen window. She lost track of time until a creak coming from down the hall grabbed her attention, Norman was up. She looked at a near-by clock and saw that she had been sitting listlessly for nearly two hours suffering in shame and denial.

Wearing one of Benjamin’s robes, Norman strolled into the kitchen and walked past Natalie with a simple pat on her shoulder. He walked over to the refrigerator and opened it up, peering inside for something to eat, his voice startling her when he finally spoke.

“That was some morning, huh,” Norman said with a sneer that Natalie couldn’t hear. “You kinda took me off guard there for a bit. I woulda said something but I was still getting over my fever,” he continued as he pulled out some things to make himself a sandwich. “Course, I wasn’t in any shape to stop you, was I?” he finished as he sat everything down on the counter, his back still to Natalie.

Natalie shivered as her stomach flipped with disgust as she remembered riding the older man’s hard cock to orgasm. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything, there was no defense for what she had done, cheated on her husband and took advantage of an enfeebled old man.

Norman smiled to himself in evil glee, Natalie’s silence speaking volumes about how she felt and how he could take advantage of it. “Wish I could have participated a bit more, y’know? I’ve never been fucked by a woman as beautiful as you and I feel bad that I kinda just laid there like a dead fish,” he said, not even acknowledging what he had done to her in the shower. He gathered up his sandwich and joined her at the table, trying to keep the smile off of his face as she refused to look at him while he continued talking, “I mean, I can understand it, sure, but I think there are better ways with dealing with your issues than taking it out on an old man.”

As Norman’s words slowly sank into her brain, Natalie began blinking and turned to the older man. “I… I don’t… I don’t know what you mean,” she stuttered.

“Well it obvious to me,” Norman said between bits of his sandwich, “You fucking me to get back at Benjamin. It’s my fault really.”

“You’re… you’re fault?” Natalie said, oddly hopeful.

“Sure, sure,” Norman said, struggling to keep the smile off his face as he played with the young woman’s emotions, “Me being sick and all. I put off going to the doctor for a few days too many and when Benjamin showed up I musta looked quite the sight. And them him dumping me off on you, musta got you riled up.”

“I… I guess?” Natalie said with a note of confusion. Was she mad a Benjamin? She’d been upset, sure, but she loved her husband.

“Just do me a favor, okay?” Norman said as he placed his hand on Natalie’s shoulder, “Next time you’re upset, just come talk to me. You don’t have to take your frustrations about Benjamin out on me, fuckin’ me just to get back at him. I understand you made a mistake and I forgive you but Ben is my nephew and if he ever found out what you did, well, that would pretty much break my heart. Okay?”

Natalie’s confused mind locked onto the thought. It was a mistake, it was Ben’s fault, she had been angry, it was all over now. She eagerly nodded her head.

“How ‘bout this,” Norman offered, “How ‘bout you and I get dressed up in some swanky clothes and go out for a early dinner, just you and me. Make it a family night. Sound good?”

Immediately locking on to the idea of moving past her mistake, Natalie eagerly nodded her head yes. “That… that sounds nice… Norman,” she agreed.

“Call me Uncle Norman,” he said as he finished the last of his sandwich. “I’m still ‘bout exhausted so I’m gonna go take a nap before then. Didn’t get much sleep last night after all but best forgotten. I’ll let you clean up,” he said as he stood up, gave Natalie a quick peck on her cheek and walked back to the guest bedroom with a wide, self-satisfied smile on his face.

Norman laid down in the bed he had spent the night sick in. The room had the musk of sex and he had to stop himself from laughing out loud at the situation he had fallen backwards into. When he had woken up in the night with his nephew’s hot ass wife laying next to him his sick had lurched to life. There we as no way he was going to pass up the opportunity like this pass him by. Slowly he had lifted Natalie’s shirt up to bare her small, firm tits, his mouth watering at the sight of them. He had lost track of how long he had played with them but by the time he was done she was groaning in her sleep and rubbing her tight ass against his boner. He had been almost afraid that taking it farther would be taking it to far but the fact he could smell how horny she was told him to go for the gold.

With Natalie sleeping and moaning, Norman had slid her wet panties down and taken them off one leg before laying flat against her. He than placed his cock between her legs and let her bump against him, letting her do all the work so she would think it was all part of her dream. He moved her around until she was flat in her stomach, rolling her hips down to hump at the comforter while he laid flat in his back next to her. He had then softly lifted on of her legs up, pulling it over his hips so her wet, heated cunt was grinding against his thigh. And then with every hump and roll of her body against him he worked up body up on top of his and slid his prick against her gooey cunt. Eventually the slumbering woman had worked the tip of his prick between her sticky pussy-lips and he lifted his hips up to spear her with his cock. Biology and whatever dream Natalie had been having did the rest.

Closing his eyes, Norman drifted peacefully off to sleep wondering what he could get away with next.


As Natalie and Norman ate their early dinner she had to admit to herself that he was actually quite charming. She had worn the dress she had planned wearing for Benjamin, although with more conservative underwear of course, and as they enjoyed the atmosphere of the small restaurant he had been a perfect gentleman. He had told her some of his stories of the past and even some tales of her husband when he was younger and she had found herself laughing and relaxing more and more in his company. And as their evening wore on she found it easier and easier to forget about what she had done to him earlier, fucking him in his sleep and riding him to orgasm. Twice.

They ate their light dinner before leaving the restaurant and heading out in the limo to catch a movie. Natalie found herself warming more and more to Norman, giggling at his jokes, touching him lightly on his shoulder and knee. Before she knew it they found themselves at the theater and hurried inside to get out of the light drizzle of rain that had started. Natalie paid no attention to the light sprinkles of water across her chest or the way her black dress now clung to her body. And she didn’t notice the way Norman was leering at her when her back was turned.

Natalie and Norman quickly found their seats just as the movie started, a romantic comedy that she had been planning on seeing with Benjamin. The lights dimmed as the movie started and she snuggled up to Norman as he placed his arm around her slender shoulders. Natalie quickly became engrossed in the movie starring two of her favorite actors, finally completely forgetting what had happened between herself and her uncle. Until she felt his hand sliding up her silky smooth leg.

Natalie had been comfortable laying against Norman, enough so that she had paid no attention to her dress as she crossed her legs. The dress had slid up over her knee and she hadn’t bothered to pull it back down as a proper lady should. And when Norman had patted her affectionately on her knee she hadn’t thought anything about it but now his hand was nearly halfway up the inside of her smooth thigh.

“Stop that!” she whispered angrily as she squeezed her supple thighs together. Although she squeezed as hard as she could, Norman’s hand was stronger than her slender legs.

“Shhh,” Norman whispered into Natalie’s ear with a snide smile on his face, “Someone might hear us and then we’d wind up in the papers tomorrow.” He tried to keep a note of concern in his voice as his hand slid between his niece’s thighs to try and keep her off guard. Being concerned about what he was doing to her was better for him than to just take advantage of the dark theater and thrust his hand into her panties. If she got her wits about her than she might just go ahead and storm off, paparazzi be damned but if he took his time, went nice and easy, he could have himself a little fun. Besides, the movie was shit.

Natalie hissed as Norman’s fingers slid across her panties but quickly silenced herself, what would happen to her if someone took a picture of her with a old man’s fingers between her legs? She grunted in disgust as his fingers worked their way underneath the delicate material of her panties and caressed her vulnerable pussy. He began lightly stroking her labia, his thumb resting on her clit hood, barely moving. She took a shuddering breath as his fingers dipped low under her pussy-lips, stroking her sensitive taint before sliding back up, caressing the outer edges of her labia. Her entire body shook momentarily as he simply rubbed her up and down lightly, almost lovingly.

Norman couldn’t keep the evil grin off of his face as he lightly fingered Natalie. Already he could feel a bit of moisture gathering as he stroked her, a small bulge forming under his thumb as her clit began to harden in it’s sheath. He had to stop himself from giggling in glee as he teased Natalie’s warming, wet pussy.

Hissing again, Natalie tried to squirm away from Norman’s questing fingers as the tip of his middle finger teased the entrance to her pussy. Why was this happening? Why was her body betraying her like this. Why was she enjoying this? What was wrong with her? She wanted him to stop. She didn’t want him to do what he was doing. She wanted to cry out, to cry for help but she couldn’t, she was trapped. If someone saw her now, knew that apparently some part of her was enjoying this, what would they think of her? She was trapped with Norman’s fingers wiggling around inside of her and being forced to enjoy it.

“I haven’t had this much fun at the movies since I was a kid,” Norman thought as he slid the tip of his middle finger into Natalie’s wet cunt. He left it there for a moment as he used his other fingers to lightly massage her now slick labia, his thumb circling her clit and bringing it to full hardness. He slid his middle finger in up to the second knuckle and began sliding it in and out, fucking her with just half of one finger. She was still leaning against his chest now panting with unwanted pleasure and trying to control her breathing. He could feel the warmth coming off of her body and once again had to stop himself from giggling. Why were guys so worried about the size of their cocks when, with a little experience, you could get a girl off with just your fingers?

Natalie mewled pitifully as her entire body betrayed her. Her nipples were hard as pebbles and felt like they were sizzling with desire, her small tits nearly aching with the need to be touched, her pussy now completely wet and soaking into her panties. She struggled to keep from crying out in unwanted pleasure or squirm around in desire. She had to concentrate on not rolling her hips up, fucking herself on Norman’s fingers as he slid a second digit into her wanton body.

“You are so fucking wet, sweetly,” Norman whispered into Natalie’s ear, “I knew you’d love this.” He was so glad that the theater was as dark as it was so she couldn’t see the shit-eatin’ look on his face as he finger-banged her. He slid his two fingers in slow and deep, keeping a steady pace, letting her body rise up slowly to orgasm as she began groaning into his side, fighting with herself to keep quiet.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Natalie groaned into Norman’s side trying to stifle her moans of lust. She gripped his wrists in both hands, holding him still as she began rolling her slender hips up to get as much of his fingers inside of her as she could. Her orgasm boiled up inside of her, slow as lava, burning her as she began to crest. She bit into Norman’s jacket, stifling her moans as she came, stuttering in lust as her juices gushed out, soaking Norman’s hand. She held her breath, her small chest rubbing against his as she tried to quietly ride out her orgasm.

As Norman felt Natalie begin to relax he slid his fingers out of her sodden cunt and gave her an affection kiss on the top of her head. He slid his fingers from between her twitching legs and licked her juices off before straightening her dress and patting her knee. “Good girl,” he whispered before straightening up, “I knew you’d like that.”

The movie ended and Natalie scurried out to the lobby as fast as she could without making a scene. She kept looking over her shoulder expecting Norman to be chasing after her but the old man just leisurely followed her with a self-satisfied smirk on his face the whole time. Outside she crawled into the back of the limo without waiting for either him or the driver to open the door for her and waited with her arms crossed under her breasts for Norman to finally join her. When he finally decided to get in she ordered the driver to take them home, trying to keep the anger out of her voice.

During the car ride Natalie simply sat and fumed, trying to ignore Norman leering at her, his eyes crawling up and down her body. When they arrived home she quickly got out of the limo, angrily not waiting for her door to be opened, and stomped inside the house and waited for her uncle-in-law. Once again he just followed at a slow pace, his eyes still crawling all over her as she glared angrily at him. As he closed the door behind him she finally turned to him and shouted, “Don’t try to deny it, Norman, you did that on purpose!”

“What?” Norman asked, not even pretending to not know what Natalie was angry about, “I thought we were on a date. A nice restaurant, and romantic comedy, it was all very lovely actually.”

“We were not on a date and you know it, Norman!” she snapped.

Like a predator, Norman took a small step forward, careful not to startle the actress. “And how would I know that, exactly?” he asked with his hands down and his palms out, “After all, you picked the restaurant. You picked the movie. And after what happened last night and this morning, how was I supposed to know?”

“You… You admitted you knew what was going on last night,” she huffed. “You… You’ve planned this whole thing!” she yelled, her small chest heaving.

“I did?” Norman asked innocently. “I planned on getting sick? I planned on my nephew showing up unexpectedly? I planned on you getting all frisky ‘cuz Benjamin left you all high and wet last night? I think you’re giving me to much credit,” he said with a sneer.

Natalie tried to work through the confusion in her brain. It was so easy to blame Norman for everything but she had participated, hadn’t she? “O… Okay, maybe you didn’t plan it… But you definitely took advantage of it!” she cried.

“Heh, the only person taking advantage was you, sweetie,” Norman said with a chuckle.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Natalie said defensively.

“Don’t forget, I was the one you took advantage of, angel,” Norman said with a leer, “I was all prone and sickly and you wanted the dick your husband didn’t give you so you took advantage of a poor old man.” He took another small step towards Natalie, his hands still down at his sides.

“That’s… That’s not true,” Natalie pleaded, “I was asleep. I didn’t know what was going on.” Her mind continued swirling in confusion. “I was tired, you were sick. I don’t even know how it started,” she mewled.

“It all started with you,” Norman said taking another step forward, almost close enough, “You pressed up against me, wiggling that tight little ass up against dick, groaning next to me, rubbing up against my cock. It’s all you, baby.”

“I… I… I was… I was asleep,” Natalie pleaded with herself more than with Norman, “Oh Benjamin, I’m so sorry.” Warm, fat tears started rolling down Natalie’s face. There was nothing else she could do but put an end to everything. She turned to Norman who was standing much closer to her than she had realized. “Norman, I’m afraid I must ask you to leave. I’m not sure what’s happened between us but I’m afraid I’m going to have to call Benjamin and tell him everything. It’s the only proper thing to do,” she said with resignation.

“You little slut,” Norman said with a snicker.

Natalie gasped in surprise, her hand going to her chest. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, you little slut,” Norman said with an evil grin on his face as he took another small step forward putting himself with in arms reach of the beautiful actress. “You’re not gonna call Benjamin,” he said.

“I most certainly am…” Natalie started before Norman interrupted her.

“Bullshit,” Norman growled, “You just wanna try to hide the fact that you’re a dirty little slut who enjoyed every inch I gave you.”

“I never,” Natalie gasped.

“You certainly did,” Norman said as his body relaxed. “You coulda called your husband this morning after riding my cock in bed, but you didn’t. You coulda called your husband after the shower but you didn’t. You coulda called your husband outside of the theater,” he continued as he slid up to just barely inches from Natalie, “You coulda called him in the limo, you coulda called him the second you stepped into this house. But you didn’t.”

“I… I… I…” Natalie stammered, her eyes wide in fear.

“You coulda stopped this anytime you wanted but you didn’t,” Norman continued, “You didn’t do any of that because you’re just a dirty little slut and you loved gettin’ fuck by a dirty, old man.”

Natalie’s chest heaved, her heart beat a machine gun rhythm in her slender chest, her arms hung limply at her sides, her head hung in surrender. She couldn’t think of a thing to say. Was it true? What was happening to her? Why was there no one here for her? “Someone help me,” she pleaded.

Norman’s rough hands slid up Natalie’s arms to her bare shoulders and he smiled even wider when she didn’t react. He crooked a finger under her chin and lifted her head up until she was looking into his eyes. “No.” he simply said.

“Please don’t,” Natalie mewled.

“Heh,” Norman chuckled before gripping Natalie’s upper arms roughly and yanking her forward, her slender body smashed against his. He wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her to him as he pressed his lips to her lips and shoved his tongue into her mouth. He wrestled against her tongue as she weakly tried to push him away, his tongue thoroughly exploring her mouth before sliding out. He licked her jaw up to her ear before nuzzling against her slender neck as she started trying to wiggle out of his hold on her. He nibbled down her chest as she groaned out in disgust and he began licking around the exposed flesh of her cleavage, his fist gripping the delicate material.

Natalie cried out in fear and shock as Norman ripped her dress open in the back. She clutched what she could in the front, fighting against him as he tried to drag the flimsy dress down her body but he was far to strong to resist so she simple surrendered her grip, crying in defeat.

Norman yanked what was left of Natalie’s dress down her willowy body until it was pooled around her ankles. She pitifully tried to cover her chest with her arms so he grabbed her wrists and slowly pulled them apart. She tried to resist weakly but she knew it wouldn’t help and he growled in pleasure as she allowed him to uncover her. He yanked her forward again, holding her by her slender hips, grinding himself against her barely covered pubic mound as his tongue trailed along her exposed chest.

Natalie looked up at the ceiling as Norman attacked her vulnerable body, tears streaming down her face, her arms hanging limply to her sides as he feasted on her cleavage. There was no point in struggling, he was far stronger than her and all she could hope for was that he would be quick.

Running his hands up Natalie’s sides in a feverish need, Norman ripped her plain black bra off of her body, releasing her small, firm tits. He cupped the small orbs in his hands as he sucked one nipple into his mouth as hard as he could, attacking it with his tongue and growling like some kind of animal in need. He licked from one breast to the other, her nipples hard as pebbles, her chest heaving as he devoured her petite tits. She began struggling against him again so he slid on arm around her back, grabbing onto her tight little ass, holding her to him firmly.

Continuing to cry, Natalie prayed for some kind of relief. Norman’s hand and mouth already had her nipples hard and sizzling with unwanted desire but now he had a hand on her butt as well, his fingers digging in between her cheeks, seeking out her most private of places. And God help her she could already feel herself becoming wet.

“God you are a hot little slut,” Norman growled as he continued roughly pawing at Natalie’s nearly naked body. He slid his hands back to her hips, holding her steady as he began biting and nibbling his way down her torso, over her flat stomach to her pantie covered pussy. He licked back up from the elastic of her panties to her bellybutton, licking around it, using it to telegraph everything his tongue was going to do to her.

Natalie cried out as Norman’s tongue scrapped along her panties and then back up to her taunt stomach. As he tongued her bellybutton she couldn’t stop herself from imagining what his tongue was going to do to her later, teasing her, sliding against her, darting inside of her, lapping away at her most delicate folds before parting them and sliding inside of her.

Norman growled in pleasure at the scent of Natalie’s now heated and wet cunt. He’d barely come more than a few inches towards her pussy and already she was practically soaked with desire. He could hear her panting in lust, a light sheen of sweat breaking out across her flush body. Holding her hips, squeezing them as hard as he could, he licked his way up her exposed body until he was standing in front of her, looking down at her. “Show me what a real slut you are,” he demanded, “Suck my cock.”

Natalie couldn’t bring herself to look at the forceful older man but she didn’t hesitate to comply either. She gave a short nod before getting down on her knees in front of him, reaching up to the front of his pants with shaking hands. She slowly opened his button and zipper, parting the material of his pants like she was opening a unwanted present before sliding them down to his thighs. She hid her face from the bulge in his underwear as she reached up, fumbling with the elastic due to her trembling fingers before finding it and pulling them down with his pants. She reached up with one delicate hand to find the base of his cock before reaching up with her other hand to cup his dangling balls. She turned her eyes to the side so she wouldn’t have to see the throbbing tip of him as she opened her mouth and sucked in her husband’s uncle’s cock. Her lips sealed around his girth as she delicately licked his head, the salty taste of his pre-cum smearing around her tongue and nearly making her gag as she got to work on him.

“That’s soooo good,” Norman groaned above Natalie as she began lightly sucking his cock, her moist lips sliding slowly up an down his first few inches. Her hands worked his cock and balls as she got used to having his dick in her mouth, testing it with her tongue and sliding it around inside. He kept his hands on his hips making sure not to move, making her do all the work in pleasing him. He didn’t want her complaining that he had fucked her mouth, he wanted her to fuck him with her mouth. As she became more used to him inside her mouth she began taking his cock deeper inside of her until he was bumping against the back of her throat, her tongue massaging the big vein of the bottom of his shaft. Her fist would meet her lips as she tugged on him and swallowed him, her other hand lovingly tickling his balls. “My nephew is such a lucky guy,” he sneered, “You are one hell of a cock-sucker.”

At the mention of her husband as well as being called a cock-sucker, Natalie froze at the derogatory comment. Fresh tears began rolling down her cheeks at what Norman was doing to her, making her do, calling her those names, forcing her to cheat on her husband. And as she wallowed in her self-pity at what was being done to her, her pussy throbbed in need and shame rolled through her nearly nude body.

Norman knew he had struck a chord with Natalie and chuckled to himself as he gripped the sides of her head and began fucking her mouth. He slid his cock-head over her tongue, along her cheeks, over the roof of her mouth, relishing the feel of every moist, warm bit of her mouth as he fucked her beautiful face. And what a face it was, it was easy to tell why she had graced magazine covers all over the world with her striking features and wide eyes. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, rubbing himself across her stunning face, smearing her saliva and tears over her beautiful features, watching as she simply knelt there statue still and let him do it, before sliding his cock back into her mouth.

As Norman gripped the sides of her head tightly, Natalie knew what would becoming next. She leaned forward slightly, extending her head and opening up her slender throat and just as expected the older man rammed his cock down into her. She tried not to choke, just simply holding his prick in her throat, swallowing around it, causing him to gasp out in pleasure and her to blush in shame as a bit of pride filled her at being the one to make him make that sound of pleasure. He rocked his hips back and forth with sharp thrusts, fucking her throat before pulling his cock out of her mouth entirely. She looked up at him expectantly as he loomed over her.

“I swear, you’re just about the best cock-sucker I ever had, slut,” he sneered, “I’m actually a bit jealous of my candy-assed nephew now.”

Natalie’s cheeks burned in shame at her uncle’s words. It was one thing to be a cock-sucker, it was another to be sucking this horrible old man’s cock, but shame coursed through her at the thought of doing a better job with Norman then she did with her husband. She never took Benjamin that far into her throat so why did she let Norman do it? She looked up a the evil, nasty, old man, her wide eyes gleaming with tears. “Please. No more,” she begged.

Chuckling again, Norman reached down and roughly yanked Natalie up to her feet by her arms causing her to gasp out in fear and surprise. He got down on one knee in front of her as he reached for her plain, black panties and yanked them off, baring her wet pussy to him. She tried to push his head away but he just shoved his rough hands forward between her slender legs. He inhaled deeply before gripping her ass and holding her to him as he licked her deeply from her puckered asshole, through her dewy labia and up to her already hard clit, once again making her gasp. “Smells and tastes like you ain’t through yet, little slut,” he said before sinking his fingers into her ass and shoving his tongue up her dripping pussy.

Screaming in unwanted pleasure, Natalie gripped Norman’s head for balance as he attacked her wanton pussy with his tongue. Her body betrayed her again, her cunt gushing with desire as her nipples throbbed in need. Completely on it’s own, one of her slender legs rose up and draped around the older man’s shoulder, relieving one of her arms to rise up her gasping body to start toying with her hard, sizzling nipples.

Norman thrust his tongue as hard and deep into Natalie’s drooling cunt as hard as he could, fucking her with it like it was a cock. He worried her pussy like a cat with a mouse causing her to squeak out between ragged gasps of breath. He ate her hole like he was mad at it, grudge-fucking her with his tongue. He squeezed her ass as hard as he could, sure that he was going to leave bruises marking her body as his territory. Her warm, slick juices covered his chin like he was eating ripe fruit, dripping down onto his chest as he continued assaulting her gooey pussy, growling like an animal.

“Oh, oh, oh…” Natalie panted in lust, humping her pussy against her uncle’s face. His grip on her ass was the only thing holding her up as she felt her orgasm rise up inside of her, centered in the wet, hot juncture of her trembling thighs. She ground her teeth together and sealed her lips shut as she began to cum, the sound of her own pleasure ringing in her ears making what was going on seem too real like she had a choice to cum or not. Her burning cunt clamped down on the invading tongue as she came, her juices gushing out and covering Norman’s chin and jaw as she lost all balance, surrendering to the grip he had on her clutching ass as her muscles twitched and jerked with boiling pleasure.

As he drank down Natalie’s honey sweet juices and smiled wolfishly into her gushing cunt, Norman laid her slumping body down gently. He disentangled himself from her legs and stood up, watching her naked body twitch as she moaned in pleasure wearing only her black pumps. For some reason it just made the sight of his orgasming niece all the hotter. Burning the image into his brain he began taking off the rest of his clothes, his eyes never leaving Natalie’s sweat slick body.

As she came down from her orgasm, Natalie’s mind seemed to clear and she realized what had happened again. Norman had fucked her. And she had to admit to herself, she had let him. She began crying in shame again, holding her hands to her face so she wouldn’t have to look at him as she laid prone on the ground. Suddenly his laughter broke through the fog of her despair and she forced herself to look up at him through her fingers. Her eyes were clouded with tears but she saw clear enough that Norman was completely naked now, his cock ridged and up thrust, seeming too visibly throb. “Oh God. Please no more! Please,” she begged pitifully as she rolled over on her stomach and tried to crawl away but her muscles were still lax after her orgasm.

“After all the work I did and you think you just get to crawl away from me,” he chuckled. He took a step forward and fell on Natalie’s body, grinning as she writhed underneath him. He licked her earlobe as he rubbed his erection between her ass-cheeks, running his length along her puckered asshole that he was sure he’d be visiting before he got to much older. She cried out beneath him, wailing like a wounded animal as he slide his cock down, over the entrance to her ass, across her sensitive taint, and placed the tip of his prick at the entrance to her wet, slick, bubbling pussy.

“Don’t know why you’re blubbering like that,” Norman grunted as he slid the tip of his prick into Natalie’s burning cunt and held himself there, “You and I both know you’re gonna enjoy it.” He slid himself in slowly, an inch at a time, relishing the feel of her parting around him, squeezing down on him as she moaned breathlessly underneath him. Her hips rolled up slightly to give him easier access to her slender, horny body and he smiled like a shark above her. Her fingers were digging into the carpet and he slid his hands up from her slender hips to her wrists, holding her in place. And then he roughly shoved the last of his prick inside of her.

“Oh God!” Natalie shrieked as she came, her vulnerable pussy clamping down on the dick invading her, her juices flowing. Her entire body shuddered in pleasure as Norman began fucking her hard and deep, his hips making wet slapping sounds against her up-thrust ass. Her hands were balled into tiny fists as her uncle filled her again and again, grunting with every thrust, his balls bouncing off of her pussy-lips. She ground her teeth together trying to hold back her moans of lust and pleasure coursing through her body as well as the cries of shame and despair. She looked around the living room seeking some sort of help but all she could see were pictures of herself and her husband scattered around. She began to cry again as she also began thrusting herself back to meet Norman’s ridged cock.

The instant Norman felt Natalie start to rock her body back against him he leaned down and whispered into her ear, “Such a good, horny, little slit, ain’t ‘cha?” He redoubled his efforts, slamming his cock into Natalie’s body like a car crash. Her grunts and moans of pleasure echoed through the dimly lit living room. He twisted his hips, angling his cock-head to run against everything she had inside of her like a tongue exploring a mouth. She groaned and hissed like a cat as she began writhing breathing him again, rocking her slender body back and forth, fucking him as roughly as he was fucking her. “That’s it, you little bitch,” he chuckled into her ear, “Cum for your Uncle Norman.”

“Oh Fuck No!” Natalie screamed at the top of her lungs as she was rocked by another thunderous orgasm. Every muscle in her slender body seized up, winding tighter like a spring, her fingers closing into fists, her toes curling, her head thrown back, her back arched, her ass clenched, her legs and arms shaking as stars exploded behind her eyes. And through it all, the sound of Norman chuckling evilly in her ear as he continued pounding into her as her wide, brown eyes stared at the pictures in the shelves above her. The pictures of her and Benjamin’s wedding day.

“Fuuuuck yeah!” Norman grunted as he came. His balls drew up tight against his body as he plunged himself as deep into Natalie’s spasming body as he could. His thick, creamy load overflowed from his niece-in-law’s boiling cunt, slipping out of her and dripping into the carpet to mix with her own juices. As he finished with his orgasm he pulled himself out and stared down at Natalie twitching on the floor.

Natalie’s eyes glazed over as she rode out her orgasm, her muscles seeming to melt until she was fetal on her carpet. A pair of strong hands reached under her, lifting her up easily and carrying her away. She snuggled against someone’s chest as she remembered the times her father had carried her like this as a child so she slid her thumb into her mouth for comfort as she was taken into the warm darkness.

Norman sat Natalie down on her bed and snickered as he watched her suck her thumb. “You are about the most repressed piece of ass I’ve ever met,” he chuckled before playfully ruffling her dark hair. He pulled down the covers before walking into the adjoining bathroom to collect a stack of washcloths. Wetting half of them he walked back into the bedroom and sat next to the slumbering woman. Taking a wet cloth he began cleaning her up spending a great deal of care and time on her breasts and between her legs. He used the other washcloths to dry her some before throwing the entire stack into the bathroom. He snickered to himself as he watched her continue sucking her thumb as he stood up. He removed her thumb from her mouth and quickly replaced it with the tip of his soft cock, letting her nurse on him like an infant.

Removing the tip of his prick from Natalie’s mouth, Norman shuffled around to the other side of the bed and climbed in. He snuggled up to the slumbering beauty and then covered them both up for the night.

Natalie moaned pitifully through out the night, dreams and memories of her with her husband disturbing her rest until she was woken by the early morning sunlight in her eyes. She felt a warm, secure arm around her and found herself disgusted with the sensation before throwing it off of her. She felt a strange lump pressing against her lower back and quickly rolled away from it as she woke up fully. She wasn’t surprised to find herself completely naked below the covers and the memories of last night washed over her like cold water. She threw the covers off and found Norman, equally naked, next to her, smirking at her like a contented cat.

The force Natalie had used had woken Norman up and he stared at her naked body as she glared hatefully at him. “Mornin’, sweetie. Was it good for you?” he asked with a chuckle.

Unable to help herself, Natalie looked down the length of Norman’s body from his hated face to his semi-hard prick. At first she was filled with disgust and self-loathing but the too familiar feelings were quickly replaced by hate and anger. Hate for herself for what she had done and anger at Norman for doing it to her. “Shut up,” she growled before reaching down and grasping his hardening dick.

“Yes, ma’am,” Norman said as he sat up slightly against the headboard and relaxed, letting Natalie work his prick. He smiled wide as she fisted him, jerking him off to full hardness before bending down and taking him into her mouth.

Natalie slid her pink tongue around the sensitive tip of Norman’s cock before sucking him into her mouth. She sucked him forcefully, roughly bobbing her head up and down, practically growling as she fisted his prick, squeezing him tightly. Her hand slid from the base of his dick to his bloated balls, squeezing them hard enough to make him grunt as she fondled him. She released her hold on him and pulled him out of her mouth before sitting up and straddling is hips. She had no idea what had possessed her but the shame and anger she felt at herself and Norman had sent her into a primal lust she couldn’t remember having ever felt before. What had her uncle in law done to her?

Reaching up to Natalie’s chest, Norman began squeezing and kneading her small tits, rubbing his thumbs across her sensitive nipples. “You’re certainly in a good mood this morning,” he said with another self-satisfied chuckle.

“Shut up,” Natalie ordered as she took Norman by the base of his cock and lowered herself down. Her horny pussy took the unfortunately all too familiar prick and she moaned in hated pleasure as it stretched and filled her again. She rocked her hips back and forth, pistoning up and down, her juices trailing down the shaft until she met his groin, his dick filling her completely. She held him by his shoulders, refusing to look him in the face as she began driving herself up and down, riding him and groaning out as he filled her again and again.

Norman released one of Natalie’s small, firm tits and ran his hand down her body, grasping her hip as she started riding him harder. Her free, petite little tit began jiggling wildly as she moved faster and faster, looking anywhere except his face, refusing to acknowledge him in any way except for his cock. And he was perfectly fine with that. He could feel her hot juices sliding over his balls as she thrust herself up and down on him, gasping out, her voice echoing through her bedroom. He squeezed hard, pinching her ripe little nipple causing her to gasp out in pain and pleasure, her body still moving faster and faster on his cock.

Looking anywhere except for Norman’s face, Natalie’s eyes eventually came to rest on a picture in a frame sitting on her bedside table. The picture was of her and Benjamin together on a pier somewhere in Hawaii, her in a modest bikini and him in swimming shorts and a open Hawaiian shirt. They smiled as the sun set behind them, the pier empty, the shops closed, his arm around her shoulder, her arm around his waist. She was so happy then but now, while forcibly riding her husband’s uncle’s cock, the picture stabbed her in the heart. She braced her hands on the headboard of her and Benjamin’s bed, rolling her hips, pistoning up and down on Norman’s ridgid cock, panting and moaning like an animal, sweat rolling down her body, her churning pussy gripping him tightly, and her eyes locked on the picture. Her orgasm began boiling up inside of her as tears of shame rolled down her face and she gasp in lust like some animal, her shame turning her on more and more.

Norman followed his niece’s eyes and smirked when he saw what she was looking at. His hand continued to knead her small breast as he felt her pussy gripping his cock and held her stead with his other hand on her hip. He began thrusting up inside of her, letting her do most of the work as she punished herself by locking eyes with the picture of her and his nephew. “You are such a fucking whore,” he chuckled amused when she still refused to look at him, using his cock to get herself off. “Just a fucking slut desperate for cock,” he continued, “Just wanting a big, thick, hard dick to get her off.”

“Shut… shut up, Nor… Norman,” Natalie gasped. She rolled her hips roughly, stimulating her clit, groaning in pleasure as her orgasm began to roll through her. She cried out in lust, Her fingers gripping the headboard, her burning cunt gripping Norman’s cock. Her juices spilled out of her, covering the old man’s lap as he laughed below her and she could feel his prick erupting inside of her, filling her with his hot, burning cum.

Norman used both hands to squeeze Natalie’s slender hips as firmly as he could, grinding himself up against her as she shuddered and cried, purposefully drawing out her orgasm, her eyes still locked onto the picture. He laughed out loud as she moaned softly one more time, her body relaxing above him. “Get what you needed? Get a big cock in you to get off? Get yourself a early morning quickie to set you right?” he bellowed joyfully.

“Shut up, Norman,” Natalie barked before swinging a leg out and getting off of the old man’s lap. She found a stack of washcloths on the table and used them to get herself cleaned up before stomping out of her bedroom to go and take a shower.

“I could use some breakfast,” Norman shouted after her with a wide, wicked smile.

Natalie turned the water up hot enough to nearly scald her sensitive flesh, her skin quickly turning red as she stood beneath the water, hoping that it would drown her. She took a washcloth and began soaping herself, scrubbing her skin raw trying to get the feel of Norman off of her skin until she could stop shuddering in disgust with her uncle but mostly disgust with herself. She cried in shame, her stomach flipping as she thought about what she had done, what she was doing. And shame at how much she had enjoyed it purely on a biological, animal level. She had allowed Norman access to her, to her most sensitive, intimate places but her heart still belonged to her husband. The thought of her husband dried up her tears as she scowled to herself in the shower and let the anger course through until she felt she could face the world with the shame of what she had done.

Taking a different washcloth she began scrubbing between her legs, rubbing hard enough to cry out in pain, desperate to be clean, angry at herself. She turned the shower off and stepped out with the cloth still in hand before flinging it across the room in the direction of the trash. She told herself that she’d burn it later as she grabbed a towel and began angrily drying herself before also throwing the towel away and telling herself she’d burn it as well as she stepped into her bedroom. She purposefully refused to look at any picture that contained her husband as she grabbed a old, comfortable pair of short running shorts and began looking for her nightshirt.

Natalie tore through her room looking for any of her nightclothes, spending five minutes looking until Norman’s voice echoed from the kitchen. “Lookin’ for somethin’, pumkin?” he called out and she could hear the snide smirk on the old pervert’s face. She stood topless in her room, fuming at the sound of the old man’s voice, her fists on her slender hips. She knew it was some sort of power-play, Norman stealing her nightclothes but she couldn’t see a way out of it. She could just go ahead and get dressed but that would mean he had won some kind of argument she couldn’t understand the rules to, after all, why else would he refuse to let her dress comfortably in her own home? Refusing to allow Norman to manipulate her she stomped out of her room into the kitchen.

As his niece-in-law walked into the kitchen, Norman looked her up and down hungrily. Her shorts showed off her slender legs and revealed just the smallest hint of the underswell of her tight ass and her small, firm tits jiggled with every angry step. “So, what’s for breakfast?” he chuckled.

Natalie scowled at her husband’s uncle. “I’m having eggs so you will just have to put up with my leftovers,” she said as defiantly as possible.

Norman shrugged his shoulders at the topless beauty as if he was conceding some point to her, after all, he had her where he wanted her, topless and serving him. His eyes spent most of the time trying to stare through her shorts. Her graceful back was also of particular interest to him and he told himself that he was going to have to cum on it before to much more time passed. “You’re just about the sexiest cook I’ve ever had,” he chuckled and smirked when Natalie didn’t reply. “I bet you could make a fair bit of money being a topless chief, selling yourself at parties,” he continued. He could see the muscles in her neck and shoulders straining as she tried to ignore him. “Couse, you’d make even more money if you just sold that little piece of heaven between your legs.”

Grinding her teeth, her hands balled into fists, her knuckles turning white, Natalie continued to try to ignore Norman. She angrily whisked the eggs as the old man continued verbally abusing her.

“I could get a pretty penny for you,” Norman chuckled again, “And you’d love it. And the way you can ride a cock, hell, you’d make top-dollar. With a cunt like that you could pretty much travel the world fuckin’ for money.” He laughed as Natalie froze for moment and he could see her jaw tightening. “And you’d love it too. Hell, the way you came in the shower when I just showed up. It was second nature to you, a random prick showed up and you just took it. That little slit from God you got sure does know what to do with a dick,” he taunted, his eyes twinkling with malicious glee as his nephew’s wife continued not defending herself, “Not to mention your mouth. I ain’t had a blow-job like that since, hell, since Ben’s parents got married.”

Natalie’s hands shook as she poured the eggs into the pan.

“Ben’s mom sure did have a pretty mouth,” Norman laughed, “And what a tongue. Course your titties are kinda small, might have to give a discount for those little things.”

Natalie spun around in a fury. “There’s nothing wrong with my breasts!” she yelled.

Norman took several moments to leer at Natalie’s slender chest. “You’re right. Just about the perfect size for a handful,” he said, his eyes locked on her heaving tits, “If I remember correctly.”

Natalie stomped her foot angrily, her tits jiggling wildly as she growled in frustration. She was angry at Norman for his treatment of her but she was more angry at herself for falling for it. She spun back around and returned to their eggs, furiously stirring them.

Chuckling, Norman reclined in his seat to continue staring at Natalie’s tight ass. “Nothing to say to that?” he asked snidely, “You’re just a little whore that loves dick. A big, hard, stiff dick to ride ’til you cum. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

The phone on the counter rang and Natalie’s hand snatched it up before the first ring had finished. “What!?” she snapped.

“Babe? That you?” Benjamin asked worriedly.

Natalie’s eyes went wide with joy and shock at hearing her loving husband’s voice. “Ben! It’s you,” she said with a wide smile, “I’ve missed you so much!” she squealed.

“Me too,” Ben said.

Norman’s face split into a wide, snake-like grin at Natalie on the phone. It was almost like the sexy, skinny, topless actress had forgotten all about him and he decided that she need reminding. He stood up slowly and crept up behind her, all of her attention on the phone and the sound of his nephew’s voice. With only a hair’s breadth between their bodies he placed his hands on her slender hips, holding her still as he felt her jump a little in surprise and give a quick squeak of shock.

“What was that, babe?” Benjamin asked.

“Nothing, sweetie,” Natalie said as Norman began grinding himself against her butt. He kept a firm hold on her hips, refusing to let her go as she struggled against his grip. She cupped the phone and hissed over her shoulder, “Stop that!” Ben kept talking while his uncle kept molesting her and she realized how trapped she was. If Ben knew what was happening to her she’d have to explain everything that had happened to her and she didn’t even know how to explain it to herself. The evil old man kept slowly dry-humping her as his hands slid around to her flat stomach, squeezing her body to his while his nephew was none the wiser.

Keeping one arm wrapped around Natalie’s waist, Norman slid his hand up her body, slowly creeping to her slight chest. He cupped one of her small, firm tits, pinching her hard nipple and rolling it between his fingertips causing her to gasp out. She continued struggling weakly against him, barely moving really, just enough to tell herself she was actually doing something when in reality she was just a little slut getting off on getting felt up while talking to her husband. He could hear his weak-willed nephew clearly, almost as clearly as Natalie groaning in unwanted pleasure.

“What was that, hunny,” Benjamin asked.

“No… nothing, Ben,” Natalie said, trying not to groan as Norman continued fondling her breast. Her eyes went wide in fright when she felt his free hand start to creep down her lower abdomen. Her lower lip began to tremble as his fingers reached the elastic of her shorts, dipping below them, sneaking towards her pubic mound and she cursed herself for not wearing underwear. As he molested her she felt a stirring in her mind, a memory from long ago swimming just below the churning water of her mind. It would pop up and she would grab at it but it would quickly sunk back down into the depths of her unconscious mind.

Noman’s fingers snuck lower into Natalie’s shorts, his middle finger searching out her tight little slit and he chuckled into her ear. “Just a horny little slut,” he whispered as his finger parted her dewy pussy-lips. He split her wet labia with his middle finger using his pointer and ring fingers to trap her lips against either side of his middle finger, sawing up and down her cunt and with just a few strokes he had her poor, abused pussy seeping with the juices of her unwanted arousal. She groaned into the phone and he began nuzzling her neck lovingly in contrast to what he was doing to her pussy as he whispered, “My dirty, little whore.”

“Are you okay, you sounded like you were groaning,” Benjamin asked with a small tone of worry in his voice.

“Ah… ah, it’s, ah… I was just… just stretching,” Natalie blurted out, “It’s morning here.” Against her will she began rubbing her ass against the semi-hard lump pressed against her as a mixture of anger and lust ran through her followed by shame. It couldn’t have been ten minutes since she had scrubbed her abused pussy raw to get the feel of Norman’s prick off of her and now she was humping herself between his hand and penis. She tried her best to carry on the conversation with her husband but all she could do was grunt in reply to try and hide her gasps of forced pleasure.

“…so I should be home by tonight,” Benjamin finished happily.

“That… that’s gre… great, dear,” Natalie said as a shiver of pleasure coursed through her traitorous body, “I’ll… I’ll see you th… then.”

“Love you,” Benjamin said before hanging up.

Natalie let the phone drop to the counter so she could brace herself and finally let out the groan of lust that had been building inside of her.

With a snicker, Norman quickly pulled his hands away from Natalie leaving her gasping.

Angrily, Natalie looked over her shoulder at Norman as he stared at her with a self-satisfied smirk on his face. “You fucker,” she hissed.

Norman shrugged his shoulders. “You know what? I’m not that hungry,” he said before turning around to walk out of the kitchen, “I think I’ll take a nap. I’m still healing, after all.”

“And you can sleep in the guest room, you dirty pervert,” Natalie called angrily after her uncle-in-all. He waved her off dismissively and when he was gone she noisily removed the pan from the stove and plopped down on the kitchen counter. She covered her face as she fought off more tears, refusing to cry any more because of that horrible man. She had shocked herself using profanity against him but there was really no other name to call him but what he was, a pervert. Nervous, scared and confused, Natalie sat unabashedly topless at her kitchen table wondering what she was going to do when her husband finally got home.


When he finally woke up from his nap, Norman stretched like a contented cat with a wide, self-satisfied smile on his face. He looked over at the alarm clock and saw that it was well after lunch time but he wasn’t hungry, after all, if he needed something to eat he was sure his niece would do in a pinch. He had to stop himself from laughing out loud at everything he had put Natalie through and his dick started to raise up. It wasn’t just the sex, although she seemed to be gettin’ better as time wore on, it was her complete obliviousness at everything he had done. She was basically powerless against him and he wondered what kind of unbelievably sheltered life she had been raised in that had made her such a easy mark.

When Benjamin had told the family who he had been dating, Norman had spent an entire weekend masturbating to her first movie, The Professional. And when he had finally meet his nephew’s girlfriend he had spent another weekend looking up every movie the beautiful, slender woman had ever made. The most provocative thing Natalie had ever done was show her ass in some art house movie, and had been naked but covered but he had spanked himself silly over it. She was really a tasty piece of ass. He chuckled to himself as he sat up on the side of the bed and wondered what kind of game he could talk her into before his nephew made it home.

Curled up on her couch, Natalie heard the shower turn on and knew that Norman was up and awake. She had spent several hours silently alone on the couch both trying not to think of everything she had done as well as trying to think of a way out of it. She felt like she was trapped in the center of a spider’s web. A web she herself had spun out of all the lewd, perverted things she had done and allowed to happen. Things she was ashamed to admit that she may have enjoyed. She had no idea those things had been buried inside of her and she wished she knew how to shove them back into the hole they had been found in.

When the shower turned off she knew that she was going to have to face Norman again and she tried to prepare herself for giving her uncle-in-law the telling-off that he deserved. She could hear the perverted old man walking out of the guest room and sat herself higher on the couch and prepared her most withering gaze, the one she used on Benjamin when he had finally pushed her to the limit. It was a gaze she had practiced in the mirror several times for various movie rolls and had never failed to work on her husband yet.

When Norman walked into the living room he saw Natalie sitting ramrod straight on the couch and tried to keep a smirk off his lips. She had found where he had hidden her shorts and it was obvious she had been waiting for him and had the look of some disapproving mother on her face. The kind that said that she was both mad and disappointed at her child. But he was no child. “I think we should have a talk,” he said like he was some sort of disapproving father about to chastize a way-ward daughter.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Natalie agreed keeping the stern look of disapproval on her face. She continued to glare at him as he made his way over and sat opposite of her on the couch. He was wearing a simple T-shirt and sweats, his feet bare as he looked over at her. She barely blinked as they peered at each other, neither one looking away.

“So, I take it Benjamin will be home tonight,” Norman said. He knew that she knew that he had heard everything over the phone but he purposefully made the comment sound like a question.

“You know he will,” Natalie said defiantly.

Norman nodded solemnly as he looked down at his hands cupped together in his lap and looked at Natalie from the corner of his eye. She was dressed in a white T-shirt with jeans and socks, obviously braless beneath the material of her top, her nipples pressed slightly through the white cloth. “Then I think it’s time we started acting like the adults we are and call off our little fling,” he sighed unhappily. He tried to keep a smile off of his lips at the look of shock on Natalie’s beautiful face. Her eyes were wide and her mouth hung open in shock at his words.

Natalie lost the look she had practiced so many times in the mirror. She couldn’t believe Norman had just said what he had just said. “What?”

“Listen, sweetie,” Norman said as he looked up at Natalie and put a look of mild concern on his face but mostly it was a look of understanding, “I’m not going to say it hasn’t been fun, it really has, but I couldn’t possibly continue sleeping with my nephew’s wife.”

Natalie’s mouth continued to gap open in shock. “What?”

Norman placed on affectionate hand on Natalie’s knee. “And it’s not that you aren’t a beautiful woman, you are, and I count myself blessed that I’ve been able to spend this time with you,” he continued, “But Benny is my nephew and I’ve actually dishonored myself as well as him by engaging in our affair. Do you understand?”

“I don’t… I don’t… What?” Natalie stammered in confusion.

Norman took his hand off of Natalie’s knee and patted her affectionately on the shoulder with his other hand. “When you came onto my be while I was sick, it was like being touched by and angel,” he said, still struggling to keep a smile off of his mouth, “And in the shower it was like bathing in the waters of the fountain of youth. And in the theater, and then on the floor, it was like I was reborn as a younger man.” Natalie’s mouth continued to hang open and he took the finger of his free hand and crooked it under her chin, encouraging her to close her mouth. She couldn’t speak through the shock she felt and it amused him to no end. “But I think I know what really happened,” he added.

“What?” Natalie said. She realized Norman’s finger was under her chin and shook her head until he pulled it away.

“You wanted an adventure,” Norman continued, “And I suppose, after making love to you when I was sick and helpless, I wanted one too. It’s perfectly normal, angel.” He ran his hand back from her shoulder to her back, stoking her. “But I’m afraid our little adventure will have to end. For your husband’s sake if not for ours.”

Natalie couldn’t even bring herself to speak. It was like Norman had been living a completely different life than her over the last couple of days. Was it possible he had actually thought that was what had been happening? Had it all been just a fling to him? Had it meant nothing to him? Had the emotional turmoil she had been feeling been nothing more than some harmless adventure to him? Had the emotional turmoil only been her? Did he really just… go along with what was happening with no maliciousness at all on his part? Was that possible? Was it all in her mind.

“Do you understand, sweetie?” Norman asked with all the false sincerity he could muster. He nearly choked on his air at the look on Natalie’s face. He could hear the wheels spinning and creaking in her head, confused at everything he was saying. After everything he had put her through she just couldn’t conceive that he had been doing all of this on purpose. It wasn’t a lack of intelligence on her part, it was just that she had been always been protected and kept naive and it was a naivety that he was gleefully taking advantage of. After all, he and Benjamin came from the same family so how could she believe that he had been born so differently than his nephew. With that in mind, of course everything was just a big misunderstanding. He was actually afraid the beautiful young star could hear him cackling inside his mind.

Natalie snatched at the idea that the last few days was just a huge misunderstanding. “Of… of course,” she said eagerly.

“I’m so glad,” Norman said with the sweetest smile that he could muster, “Can I have a hug?”

Natalie smiled with relief as she nodded. She tentatively opened her arms up and Norman embraced her warmly. His hands didn’t wander, didn’t slide provocatively across her body, didn’t try to take advantage of her in anyway shape or form and she found herself melting against his embrace. He broke the hug and sat back up and she did the same. Then her face went slack and her mouth gapped open in shock when he spoke again.

“…and a blow-job?” Norman added. Once again he tried not to snicker evilly at the look on Natalie’s face. “Just to say, you know, good-bye and no hard feelings,” he added as he pulled down the elastic of his sweats and scooped out his prick. He tugged on himself lightly, letting himself grow erect slowly as his niece’s eyes drifted down to his lap. “I’d sure appreciate it,” he finished as his cock slowly hardened in his hand.

“I don’t… I don’t… I don’t…” Natalie stammered as she looked down at Norman’s slowly expanding penis. A sense of surrealism enveloped her. This was in no way how she had imagined this conversation would go. She had thought it was over. Her infidelities finished. She had thought she would have been able to put everything behind her and continue with her life but there it was, the slowly hardening prick she had gotten so used to since her husband had left her all along with his leachous uncle. She didn’t even react when she felt Norman put his hand between her shoulder blades and gently press her down.

“I really do appreciate this,” Norman said plainly as he gently pushed Natalie down over his lap. She put up no resistance, just reacted in complete shock and let him guide her down like nothing was wrong. Once again he was amazed by how easy a mark his nephew had married.

“I don’t… I don’t… I don’t…” Natalie continued to stammer as she allowed Norman to press her down to his wicked penis. She braced her hands against his thighs to keep him from pushing her face into his pubic hair and his dick rose up to meet her lips. Her body was on autopilot, acting on his own accord since her brain refused to process the situation she was in. It had been over, her dirty, sexual fling had been finished. Norman had said as much but somehow she once again found herself opening to welcome him into her body. Granted, it wasn’t nearly as perverse as some of the other things that had happened to her, waking up with his prick inside of her, allowing him to fuck her in the shower, cumming on his fingers in a theater filled with people, riding him to another orgasm. With out being told, one of her hands circled the base of his prick and began tugging on him as her other hand gently cupped his balls.

Norman relaxed on the couch as Natalie’s soft, warm lips sealed themselves around the tip of his cock. Her head started bobbing up and down, taking half the length of his prick as she tugged on his shaft and massaged his balls. He slid his hand from her back to the back of her head, guiding her lightly as her tongue massaged his length. He was amazed at how easily she had accepted partial blame for him fucking her crazy. It was like all she needed was the smallest excuse to be a complete whore.

The feel of Norman’s hand on the back of her head broke Natalie from her shocked compliance. She took a deep breath and steadied herself, expecting him to begin thrusting up into her mouth and start the verbal abuse she had become so used to. But Norman remained silent, his hips still. She turned her head slightly to the side, the head of his prick bulging against her cheek as she looked up at him. His eyes were closed and his face looked content. There was none of the malicious glee she had become accustomed to, none of the contempt, none of the verbal abuse. He simply sat still, seemingly just enjoying the feel of him in her mouth. It added to her confusion.

Once again Norman tried to keep a knowing smirk off of his face. He could feel Natalie staring up at him, studying him, waiting for him to act like he had been but he was a master of the unexpected and simply sat still. He knew it would add to her confusion and that she would undoubtedly continue just to prove that he was the bastard she had become used to. She would continue sucking his cock just to prove that he was the horny bastard that had fucked her endlessly since waking up in her guest bed and he would continue not acting like a horny bastard just to get a blow-job out of her. She was his puppet and he masterfully held her strings.

Her eyebrow cocked in suspicion, Natalie went back to her blow-job. If this is what it took to get Norman to finish their whatever they were doing then she’d do it. After all, she’d done worse since her husband had left. She went back to bobbing up and down on her uncle’s prick, her lips stretched tightly around his girth, her tongue rubbing firmly against his shaft, her fist meeting her mouth as she slid wetly up and down his dick. Her other hand deftly juggled his bloated balls as she concentrated on sucking his prick, the tip of his cock bumping against the back of her mouth with every suck and lick. Her shoulders were tensed as she waited for him to begin forcefully fucking her mouth and call her the whore and the slut he was convinced that she was. And what could her argument against it possibly be? Here she was, bent over his lap, sucking his cock, all in an effort to get him to leave her alone and let her get back to her life.

Relaxing against the back of the couch, one hand on the back of Natalie’s head to guide her up and down, Norman once again groaned out in contentment. He thought about how many men wanted to be where he was with Natalie Portman’s lips wrapped around their dick and smiled wide. Hell, how many men would have loved to have lived his life at all? He’d never put down roots, went his own way, pretty much did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, consequences were for other people. He wasn’t necessarily a con-man but he was smart enough to get what he wanted whenever he wanted it. And he couldn’t remember the last time he’d paid a single tax. But now, now he had his crowning achievement. One more hole to go and he’d have everything out of Natalie Portman that any man could possibly want.

Natalie did the best job she could with Norman’s prick. She sucked forcefully, she let strings of her saliva drip from the corners of her mouth to help lubricate him, she massaged his shaft with her tongue, she ran his sensitive head around the insides of her moist mouth, she added a twist with her wrist as she slide her fist wetly up and down his length, and she firmly massaged his balls with her other hand. But for some reason, no matter what she did, she felt uninspired. For some reason it felt like she was simply masturbating him with her mouth, the entire act barely registering as sex of any kind. Granted, she still felt a little confused by the whole situation but that didn’t help the strange thought in the back of her mind that she was missing something, some kind of key component was missing.

Flattening her head against Norman’s groin, Natalie deep-throated the older man, an act she didn’t even know she could do until her uncle had fucked her throat. His pubic hair tickled her nose as she held him in her tightly clutching throat and squeezed his balls in her hand. She bobbed up and down quickly, her lips meeting his groin until she pulled back a little and let his tip rest inside of her mouth. She circled him with her tongue before diving back down, deep throating him again. But for some reason it still felt like something was missing.

Norman enjoyed the power he had over Natalie now. She was doing all the work while he sat lazily on her couch and let her, allowing her to try and please him. It was almost funny. He had spent so much time abusing her physically, verbally, and even mentally and now she had no idea what to do on her own. Her blow-job was completely uninspired but like a fat girl on prom night, she was trying her best. He wondered how long it would take her to figure it out as he stared down at her.

Mechanically, Natalie continued sucking her uncle’s dick. Her mind was in turmoil, confusion whirling around and spinning her thoughts into useless torrents. She was trying her best but for some reason it felt like this was just some cardboard cut out of sex, a useless parody. “What am I doing wrong?” she wondered helplessly as she held Norman’s cock in her mouth. The strange confusion and frustration filling her mind had her on the verge of tears and she desperately wanted someone, anyone to tell her what was going on and what to do. Tears spilled from her eyes, dropping down onto her husband’s uncle’s lap as she continued sucking on his prick, frantically wanting to do it right.

The sight of Natalie crying as she tried to figure out the best way to please him was the greatest aphrodisiac that Norman could ever possibly need. Either that or holding her down and forcefully fucking her to senses shattering orgasm against her will. Either one would do for him. “Oh, sweetie, that feels so good,” he groaned as he rolled his hips up, sliding is cock as deep into his niece’s mouth as he could and cumming deep into her throat. With every spurt of his hot cum she swallowed eagerly, her throat rippling around his throbbing cock-head as he drained himself into her talented mouth.

Natalie eagerly sucked down Norman’s thick load, her hand squeezing every drop out of his balls and shaft as he drained himself. With the last of his cum sliding like liquid silk down her throat she allowed his softening prick to pop out of her mouth and looked up at him expectantly. He smiled down at her and patted her head affectionately as she waited.

“Oh, that was so nice,” Norman said warmly, “Thanks.”

Disappointment filled Natalie as she allowed Norman to pull her up before stuffing himself back into his sweats. She continued to wait.

“I’m going to take a nap before Benjamin shows up,” Norman said nonchalantly as he stood up. Without looking at the young woman who had just sucked his cock, he walked out of the living room to the guest bedroom and closed the door behind him. It took all of his willpower not to look back at her just to check that she had the look on her face that he knew he had placed there.

Natalie looked behind with disappointment on her face as even more confusion filled her. She had finally figured out what had been missing during the blow-job, the missing element she hadn’t even realized she had become accustomed to and the realization had left her even more confused. Not once did Norman yell or beret her. Not once did he demand something from her. Not once did he force her to do anything. And without that bizarre guidance she had been lost, unsure of what to do. She hadn’t been the most practiced of women when she had married Benjamin but on their wedding night she still knew what to do but just now, with Benjamin’s uncle in her mouth, she had felt completely lost. A single tear trickled down her cheek as she wonder what it was that Norman had done to her, how he had made her want to be verbally and physically degraded in order to get off.

Refusing to give into the confusion filling her, Natalie pushed it aside and began getting their home ready for Benjamin’s return, sure that once he was home everything would be right again. To begin with the laundry needed to be done. She had been so busy sinking to new levels of depravity, thanks to Norman, that she had no clean clothes of her own much less for her husband. With Norman asleep she felt a bit safer and more comfortable in her home so she stripped off the old jeans she was wearing leaving her in only her T-shirt and panties. She started the washing machine and began cleaning the house in total until she stepped on something odd in the living room.

The rug felt stiff below her foot so she bent down, wondering what it was. When Natalie suddenly remembered that it was the spot she and her uncle had… had had their fling, she felt suddenly woozy. In her shameful excitement she had soiled the carpet. Disgusted with herself she began frantically cleaning the spot, desperately trying to remove the evidence of her marital crime while also trying to remove it from her memory. It was a fitful experience but at strange sense of pride seemed to fill her chest as the carpet slowly became clean but her heart grew heavy as she realized that no matter what she did she couldn’t remove the stain of what she had done as a wife.

When Natalie was finished in the living room she threw the wet clothes from the washer into the dryer and decided it was time to start dinner. Having food ready for her husband when he returned home was something a good wife would do and she wanted to be a good wife more than anything in the world right now. It would be a simple meal, something they could eat together before Benjamin headed to bed, tired from his trip. She didn’t even think about what Norman could eat, refusing to feed the pig of a man and with any luck he would sleep until her husband got home. She knew that her uncle wouldn’t dare try anything with her while Benjamin was home, she’d be safe.

Concentrating on preparing her husband’s welcome home meal, Natalie didn’t hear Norman enter the kitchen. He sat down as quietly as he could, staring leachously at Natalie’s ass as she moved through the kitchen cooking. Every time she would reach up for something in the cabinets her shirt would lift up exposing her pantie covered rear-end and every time she bent down for something on or below the counters her ass stuck out straight at him. He licked his lips hungrily just staring at his niece. When she reached down to pull a skillet out below the stove he could see up her gaping T-shirt to her small, dangling breasts and he groaned out like a eager animal.

Natalie jumped up and looked back at the sound and, of course, found Norman leering at her. “Stop it,” she ordered before turning back to her and Benjamin’s meal.

“Stop what?” Norman asked as innocently as possible, “I’m not doing anything.”

“You know perfectly well what you are doing, Norman,” Natalie said sternly, “And I’d kindly thank you to stop it.”

“There is just no pleasing you,” Norman chuckled, “You wanted me to stop fuckin’ you and I have and now you’re upset when I sit here and do nothing.”

“Then stop staring at me,” Natalie said in her most stern voice. She looked at the clock on the wall as she cooked and did some quick math in her head. She cursed herself for thinking Norman would do anything more than cat-nap and now her pants wouldn’t be dry for another fifteen minutes. She refused to give him the satisfaction of admitting to him her slight embarrassment at being half naked and going off to her room to get her robe to wear. This was her house and if she wanted to do her laundry and cook without her pants then she would, old perverts be damned.

Norman tried his damnedest to stare through Natalie’s panties as she finished cooking. After a while a buzzer sounded off in another room and he guessed his little peep show would be over and he was right. Natalie stormed off into the laundry room and came back wearing a comfortable pair of sweat pants. “Show’s over I guess,” he said with a chuckle.

“I threw your clothes into the guest room,” Natalie said nonchalantly as she continued cooking, refusing to look at her uncle, “You can sort them yourself.”

Chuckling at Natalie’s idea of punishment for his behavior, Norman got up and walked past his niece, swatting her taunt little ass on his way by. “I guess I’ll just have to get to it then,” he said as he walked out of the kitchen while Natalie refused to say anything to him.

By the time Norman came out of the guest room, Natalie had already changed into less casual clothes. She wore a simple button-up, short sleeved blouse, nicer jeans and had her hair up in a loose bun. She could feel Norman still leering at her as he made his way to the living room but she refused to acknowledge the older man in any way. She made a point of only setting two places to eat and he chuckled at her little display of defiance as he walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Natalie then kept the food warm on the stove and sat at the kitchen table to wait for Benjamin and thank God she didn’t have to wait long.

With a rattling of keys the front door to the house opened. “Benjamin!” Natalie squealed excitedly as she jumped up from her chair. She practically ran through the living room and jumped into her husband’s arms forcing him to drop the luggage he was carrying. He wrapped his arms around his wife as she frantically planted kiss after kiss on his face. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Benjamin chuckled, “What did I do to deserve this?”

“I missed you,” Natalie giggled. All the pain, despair and remorse she had been through melted away in her husband’s arms as she squeezed him tightly.

“Benjamin, good to see you, boy,” Norman wheezed as he slowly sat up from the couch. He could see Natalie staring at him in disbelief as he made his way to his nephew on shaking legs. “So glad to see you,” he said as Benjamin set Natalie down. He weakly shook his nephew’s hand and pretended to dab sweat off of his brow with his other hand. In just a few seconds with a few steps and a few weak pumps of Benjamin’s he had managed to take all of the attention away from Natalie.

“Uncle Norman, how are you feeling?” Benjamin asked worriedly.

“Can’t complain, can’t complain,” Norman said with a slight, fake cough, “Your wife has been taking care of just about all my needs.” He looked over at Natalie and had to stop himself from laughing at the look of stunned disbelief still on her face.

“I’m so glad to hear that,” Benjamin said with all sincerity to his uncle before turning to his wife. “Honey, I really can’t thank you enough,” he told Natalie.

“I’ve been thankin’ her every chance I get,” Norman said, leering and waggling his eyebrows at Natalie with Benjamin’s head turned away from him. His nephew gave Natalie a quick peck on her forehead and Norman made silent kissy faces at her.

When Benjamin turned back to his uncle he missed the mischievous look on the older man’s face. “You were so weak when I found you. I wish you would have let me take you to the ER,” he said earnestly.

Norman shook his head slowly, hunching down a little as if the effort of standing was getting to him. “I doubt I would have gotten nearly the same attention from them that I got from your wife,” he said as warmly as he could. Behind his nephew, Natalie began glaring angrily at him. He looked back at his nephew and clapped him warmly on the shoulder. “You must be famished from your trip,” he said as he held his arm out to present the kitchen to Benjamin, “Natalie made us a light supper so why don’t we tuck in?”

Natalie couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing as Benjamin took Norman by the elbow and led the old man into the kitchen. Why was Norman acting like he was still sick unless to mess with Natalie in some way. And what was she supposed to say, that she didn’t make any food for the poor old sick looking man. She glared evilly at the old man as he turned his head and smiled at her over his shoulder and he and Benjamin entered the kitchen.

Benjamin looked at the two places set on the table and looked back at Natalie. “Honey, there’s only two places set, aren’t you eating?” he asked.

“Oh, don’t you worry about her,” Norman reassured his nephew, “She ate while she was cooking. Isn’t that right, Nat?” He looked back at Natalie and wagged his eyebrows at her, daring her to call him out on his lie.

“I… I… I… sure,” Natalie stammered as Benjamin and Norman sat down. “The man is pure evil,” she thought to herself.

With no way to call out Norman she tried to keep herself from storming through the kitchen as she served them both. The meal wasn’t elaborate, simply a salad, soup, and some crackers and as the two men began eating she joined them at the table. She sat between Norman and Benjamin giving all of her attention to her husband while turning her back to her uncle. “So how was your trip, sweetie,” she asked Benjamin.

“Not bad, not bad,” Benjamin said before taking a sip of soup, “It wasn’t even really a emergency. A client just overreacted to a small slump in The Market so all I had to do really was just baby him a bit.” He turned to Natalie and tried to smile as warmly and apologetically as he could to her. “So I’m sorry I had to leave you all alone,” he said.

Natalie’s heart melted at the puppy dog look on her husband’s face. She cupped her face in her hands and gave him a firm kiss on the lips, momentarily forgetting who was sitting behind her. “It’s okay, I’m just glad to have you home,” she said. It was an extremely romantic moment between husband and wife until the wife felt the uncle-in-law’s hand on her thigh.

Benjamin saw his wife jump a little from the corner of his eye. “You okay, honey?” he asked before taking another sip of soup.

Trying her best to ignore Norman, Natalie smiled as sweetly as she could at her husband. “I’m fine, sweetie,” she said as she tried to swat her husband’s uncle’s hand away from her thigh without drawing attention but the old man kept a firm hold of her slender leg. His hand started to creep to the insides of her thighs. She tried pinching him but nothing she tried would deter the old man. Her husband told her all about his trip but she couldn’t pay much attention with Norman’s hands between her legs. He began squeezing her denim covered groin, her pussy moistening despite herself, and whenever Benjamin’s attention was fixed on his dinner she glared at the old pervert behind her from over her shoulder. He just grinned back between sips of her soup that he had practically stolen.

“That was great,” Benjamin said before giving Natalie a quick peek on her cheek, “I’m gonna go get cleaned up.”

The moment Benjamin was out of the room, Natalie spun around in her chair and swatted at Norman. “What is the matter with you!” she whispered angrily.

Norman grinned wickedly at Natalie. “You’re upset when I’m touching you, you’re upset when I’m not touching you. There’s just no pleasing you sometimes,” he chuckled as he set his napkin down on the table and moved off to the guest room.

While sitting next to her husband on the couch listening to how his trip went, Natalie’s stomach dropped when she saw Norman come back out of the guest room. The fact that he was fully dressed, shaved, showered, and looking so well rested told her that he was up to something. And the shark like smile on his face just proved it. How could Ben not see the hungry, lustful look in his uncle’s eyes? Norman sat across the living room from them and joined in, catching Benjamin up on how well she had taken care of him. It sickened Natalie. How could someone lie to family like that old man was doing?

“Well I hope you two don’t mind but I think I’m going to head to bed a bit early,” Benjamin said with a playful slap on his wife’s thigh.

“Good idea, good idea,” Norman agreed, leering at Natalie when his nephew’s back was turned.

“You two going to be okay without me?” Benjamin asked playfully as he started walking to his bedroom.

“I’m sure we’ll be fine together,” Norman said, wiggling his eyebrows at Natalie.

“We’ll be fine,” Natalie agreed coldly, glaring angrily at Norman. A sense of inevitability flowed through her body as she got up from the couch without even excusing herself and made her way into the kitchen with her and Benjamin’s dirty dishes, Norman could clean up after himself. The leachous old man followed her into the kitchen and she could feel his eyes on her but she refused to acknowledge him as she wiped down the kitchen counter. She could hear him breathing as she put the leftovers in the fridge but she refused to even act like she knew he was there. As she bent over the kitchen table she could hear his footsteps but refused to act like she knew what was coming next. With her husband only a few dozen feet away his uncle placed his old, leathery hands on her slender hips.

Holding onto Natalie’s hips, Norman began grinding himself against her out-thrust ass and chuckled as she whimpered.

“Please don’t,” Natalie asked. Her tone was flat, devoid of inflection because she knew there was no stopping what was coming next. Even though his nephew had returned home Norman was still going to fuck her.

“Then stop me,” Norman dared before licking her graceful neck, “If you want.” He knew she wasn’t going to say anything as he rubbed his erect prick against her ass through their pants. He felt her shudder as he pressed himself forward against her body bent over the table. He ran his hands up to her chest and chuckled as he felt her hard nipples through her top. “Knew you weren’t gonna say shit,” he laughed as he squeezed her small tits.

Natalie surrendered to Norman. Even with her husband here she wasn’t safe. Helplessly she stood still as he slowly had her way with him, telling herself that there was nothing she could do. He had her trapped. A gasped escaped from between her lips and she told herself it was just the shock of him pinching her nipples and had nothing to do with simple biological pleasure. He ground himself against her even harder, humping her as she stood stock still and waited for him to get done with her. It was all because of the situation she was in and had nothing to do with the way her traitorous pussy was warming or the way her nipples were sizzling with unwanted desire. Why is this always happening to me, she wondered, unaware of exactly how far back her situation went.

“Fucking dirty slut,” Norman whispered into Natalie’s ear, “I can fucking smell you. Knew you weren’t gonna say shit.” He used his grip on her tits to twist them, almost to the point of pain and heard her grunt in reply before he slid his hands back down to her sides. He roughly yanked her pants open before unceremoniously tugging them and her panties down to her slender thighs, baring her ass to him. He ran his rough hands over her pliant flesh, using his thumbs to part her taunt cheeks apart and grinning to himself at the sight of her hidden little asshole.

As Norman slid his thumbs over the entrance to her ass, Natalie whimpered in shame as she shuddered in pleasure. His course hands slid roughly over the sensitive flesh of her rear-end and no where else. He had no concern for her other than the part of her body he had exposed to his greedy eyes and needy hands. He gripped her hips possessively and yanked her back against his cloth enclosed erection, grunting in pleasure as he ground himself against her. She whimpered out again as he slid down on his knees behind her, his hands holding her taunt cheeks apart and she groaned out as she heard him inhale deeply behind her.

“You’re fucking dripping,” Norman chuckled as he watched Natalie’s warm juices slowly trail down the insides of her thighs, “I knew you were just waitin’ for me to get you alone.” He extended his tongue out as far as he could and took a quick lick of his niece’s lust swollen pussy-lips and she cried out above him. “Little whore, just waiting for your husband to get out of the way so I could fuck you the way you wanted,” he said before taking another quick lick and causing her to moan out. He used his thumbs to hold her labia apart and jammed his tongue as deep into her pink hole as he could, wiggling it around playfully before roughly fucking her with it.

Norman quickly released her hold on her causing Natalie gasp out in surprise. She could hear him stand up behind her and her heart sank. He wasn’t done with her yet. She shuddered as she heard the sound of his zipper opening and the rustle of his clothes as he pulled his pants down.

Norman began rubbing his cock-head across the flesh of Natalie’s upturned ass. “Now, a little dirty slut with an ass like this isn’t gonna tell me nobody ever tried to stick their cocks up it, are you?” he chuckled as his pre-cum left gleaming, sticky trails over his niece-in-law’s ass.

Natalie tried to refuse to answer but a quick, painful slap on her ass by Norman’s hard hand changed her mind and she nodded her head. “A… a few times,” she admitted with a blush of shame.

To balance out the red mark he had left on her ass, Norman slapped her other cheek. “Bet a dirty little slut like you enjoyed it, huh?” he chuckled, “My nephew ever try to stick it up your ass?”

Once again Natalie tried not to answer but another quick double slap to her rear-end convinced her otherwise. “He… he never… never tried,” she said as fat tears of shame began rolling down her face. I’m fact, nobody had really tried since she had graduated college.

“Heh, doesn’t surprise me any,” Norman said as he placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to Natalie’s gooey cunt, “He never did have much sense.” He began rocking himself forward, dipping the head of his prick just barely inside of her before pulling back out and pressing himself against her rosebud of an asshole.

“No- o- o- o-…” Natalie stuttered as Norman probed against her ass and then back into her dripping cunt. He slid a deeper inch into her slick pussy before pulling back out and pushing into her rear entrance again. He repeated himself again, pulling out of her ass and back into her pussy, delving another inch inside of her wet hole before shoving himself back into her tightly clutching ass, burrowing inside of her an inch at a time like a worm until he was buried deep inside of her back entrance.

“Oh Jesus your ass is tight,” Norman gasped. He held himself still, relishing the feel of his nephew’s wife’s ass wrapped tightly around his stiff pole. She was writhing beneath him, unable to find a comfortable position with him buried deep inside of her. He held her hips as still as possible as she gasped and groaned like a pinned cat, held down by his prick. “Fucking little whore needing a big dick to split her ass and fuck her good,” he groaned as the cute little noises of pain and discomfort turned deeper, throatier as she got used to him being buried inside of her. “Fucking little whore doing all the work, just enjoying herself,” he chuckled.

Norman accusing her of enjoying herself steeled Natalie and her head whipped to peer angrily at him from over her slender shoulder. He had whittled her down to just a tight hole for him to fuck and then insulted her by accusing her of enjoying it. Once again she had lost some fight with him she hadn’t even known she was fighting much less out to fight it. “Just finish it, fucker,” she growled.

“Ha!” Norman cried out before slapping Natalie again on her ass. She turned away from him and he could see her arms bracing herself against the table as he pulled out a bare inch and thrust himself back in. He began working himself rough and deep inside of the tightest ass he’d ever had, his balls rocking back and forth, slapping against her pussy. “Fucking whore wants a cock up her ass, fucking whore will get a cock up her ass,” he complied as he fucked her hard and slow, burying himself deep with each thrust. “Take that cock, you slut. Take that cock in your ass that your husband won’t even bother to give you,” he chuckled as she began panting and moaning.

“Don’t you fucking talk about my husband!” Natalie growled. She ignored the sound of Norman chuckling again as she began thrusting herself back against him, syncing with his thrusts to get as much of his cock into her ass as possible. She tried to ignore him as much as possible, reducing him down to just his prick the same way he had reduced her down to just her ass as she fucked back against him. With every thrust back she grunted in pleasure, the feel of the cock stretching her tightly clutching ass overriding the shame bubbling up inside of her chest.

Holding himself still, Norman let Natalie do all the work. Her slender body was rocking against him, her ass slapping against his hips as the horny slut fucked him all on her own. She was gasping and moaning with every lunge back, enjoying the feel of her ass sliding over his shaft. He had no idea when the last time she’d gotten a good prick up her rear but going by how much noise she was trying not to make she had missed it and was now enjoying every bit of it. Why a girl would want to deny herself something she could have just by asking any stranger he had no idea but he was certainly enjoying it now.

“Ah, ah, ah…” Natalie panted as her body rocked against Norman, his cock piercing her again and again. Her delicate hands began to ball into fists and her toes began to curl as she felt her orgasm begin to rise up inside of her. It had been to long since she had let herself feel such a hard penis inside of her rectum and she was helpless to fight against the feeling now. Maybe if she’d been more honest with her husband about her own needs she would have been able to fight off Norman’s advances. Tears of shame were still rolling down her face as she cried out in pleasure, her needy body shuddering as her orgasm began rolling through her, her pulse thundering in her ears.

“F- f- f- fuck- k- k- k-…” Norman stuttered as Natalie came around his cock. Her ass squeezed down on him with a strength her slender body didn’t show she had. She fell forward on the table, her quaking ass sticking up higher in the air as she was rocked by her orgasm. He quickly yanked his cock out of her ass with a lewd pop, fisting himself as his balls tightened against him. He exploded an instant later, his thick load splashing against her ass as he came, his white seed painting the flesh of her quivering rear.

As she came down from her orgasm, Natalie’s groan of pleasure turned to pleading whimpers. As her mind cleared the shame in her heart washed through her with just as much power as her long denied anal orgasm.

Norman took one last look at Natalie’s cum splashed ass before chuckling to himself and zipping his pants back up. “Well that was certainly something.”

Natalie glared back angrily at Norman, hating the pleased look on his face. “You dirty fucker,” she growled.

“Says the slut that just came with a cock up her shitter,” Norman chucked before heading off to bed.

Watching Norman walk away, Natalie managed to pulled her pants up before collapsing into a kitchen chair. She held her head in her hands and cried in defeat and surrender as she finally admitted to herself what was in her heart. What she needed in order to be happy. Who she really was. Who she been every since she was twelve years old. It was almost like Norman had introduced who she wanted to be to the woman she actually was and to the confused girl she had been. And she cried that the woman she actually was had all but smothered the woman she tried to be and had used dirty, shameful sex to do it.


When Benjamin woke up the next morning he was greeted by the smell of cooking bacon and coffee. He threw on his robe and padded to the kitchen to find Natalie cooking breakfast for them. She wished him a good morning and gave him a big hug before throwing their breakfast onto two plates. Along with the bacon she had cut up several pieces of fruit and poured them both a large glass of orange juice. “So I take it I’m out of the dog house about leaving you with Norman?” he asked.

Natalie just shrugged her shoulders non-committedly while she chewed her bacon. “Life happens and everything turned out okay,” she said before smiling and patting Benjamin on his hand.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Ben said and enjoyed his breakfast with his wife. He told her more about his trip and she listened politely to him even though he knew she found his job boring. He then told her about his plans at work for the day to clear out the three week vacation he had promised her before they finished their breakfast and headed to their bedroom.

Natalie insisted on helping Benjamin get ready for work and then stripped first him and then herself. She walked him into their bathroom and started his shower, following him in to bathe him. She started with his hair and worked her way down his body, washing around his now stiff prick to his legs as she got down on her knees before him.

Taking her husband’s cock in her hands, Natalie gave him a few loving tugs as she looked up at him with a warm, loving smile on her lips before taking him into her mouth. She gave Benjamin a long, drawn out blow-job, her lips, tongue, and fingers thoroughly exploring every inch of his hard shaft, welcoming it, and him, back to their home.

When Benjamin came, Natalie willingly swallowed everything he had to give until be was dry. She used her hands to softly clean his cock and balls, rinsing him off before standing back up and turning the shower off. She dried her husband off and set his clothes out for him before drying herself off and getting dressed. She finished getting her clothes on before he did, dressing casually since she’d be taking her clothes back off shortly.

Natalie walked Benjamin to the front door and gave him a sweet kiss before closing the door behind him and locking it. It wasn’t a odd act so it wouldn’t seem suspicious if her husband returned home early but it would stop him long enough for her to get her clothes back on. From the living room window she watched him leave, waving at him as he drove away before letting the curtain close.

Padding across the living room, Natalie pulled off her T-shirt to reveal her small, pert breasts. Reaching the short hall to the bedrooms and house bathroom she leaned against the wall to tug down her pants to reveal her high, taunt ass and exposed pussy. Wadding her clothes under her arm she realized it was the first time she had been naked this far out from the privacy of her own bedroom. The stepped up to the door to the guest room and opened it, tossing her clothes just inside.

Still in her socks she walked over to Norman sleeping in the bed, lightly snoring. She pushed the covers over to the side of the bed revealing the older man’s naked body. She wasn’t really surprised that he was sleeping naked, he probably went to bed last night knowing what she was going to do this morning. Well, maybe not everything she was going to do. She moved the covers enough to completely expose him except for the upper half of his chest, his shoulders, and his face. She had no interest in him from the waist up right now anyway.

Natalie got down on her knees beside the bed and gripped his soft, flopping dick. She wrapped her lips around his soft tip, licking him with her tongue before sucking his entire prick into her mouth. She gripped his balls with one hand as she bathed his soft cock with her tongue. He slowly started to harden as she circled the thumb and pointer finger from her free hand around the base of his prick. As he started to lengthen in her mouth she began tugging his cock with one hand while massaging his balls with the other.

Norman slowly came out of sleep and looked down over the top of his comforter at Natalie sucking his dick. “Hmmm. Knew you were a little cock-sucker at heart,” he groaned lustfully.

Natalie stopped sucking on her uncle in law’s prick long enough to glare angrily at him and flip him off. She resumed sucking, never breaking eye contact with the old pervert, staring defiantly up at him as her lips slid wetly up and down his shaft.

“Don’t be mad at me,” he chuckled as he ran his fingers through Natalie’s hair and slowly humped up against her face, “You’re the slut in denial in all this. Just look at you now.”

Natalie swatted Norman’s hand away and let his dick fall out of her mouth. “Don’t fucking touch me,” she ordered as she repositioned his prick to take it back into her mouth, “And stop fucking talking. I don’t want to be reminded there’s anything above your waist.”

“Ha!” Norman laughed before giving his niece a mock salute, “Yes, ma’am.” He used his fingers to close a imaginary zipper across his lips before sitting up a little straighter and placing his hands behind his head. He watched Natalie take his cock back into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked hard on him. Her talented tongue massaged the length of him as her beautiful face bobbed up and down over his lap, her eyes occasionally flashing angrily at him whenever she accidentally made eye contact with him. She continued massaging his dick and balls with her hands as she blew him, trying to enjoy him in her mouth while trying to ignore the fact that he was there at all. And she had even swore at him, it was maybe the hottest thing she had done since he’d arrived.

She slipped her lips half way down Norman’s prick as her hand came halfway up his shaft, her lips meeting her fist before her mouth and hand reversed direction again. As her hand reached the base of his rigid shaft she twisted her fist around him and as her lips reached the top of his cock she circled his cock-head with her tongue. Her other hand continue fondling his heavy balls, juggling each large orb between her fingers as he groaned above her. Norman was amazed at the starlet’s dexterity, accomplishing three different feats with his dick and balls. She really was a natural.

Rolling her eyes in frustration at Norman groaning in pleasure above her, Natalie released him from her hands and mouth. “I thought I told you to shut-up,” she said bitterly as she got to her feet.

“Trust me, doll,” Norman chuckled as Natalie climbed up on the bed and straddled his lap, “If you were where I’m at you’d be moaning too.”

“Just shut-up, Norman,” Natalie ordered as she took the base of the old man’s prick and aimed him up between her slender legs.

“Heh, whatever the lady wants,” Norman chuckled as Natalie rubbed the top of his prick against her wet, dripping pussy, “Never let it be said I’m not a gentleman.”

“You’re not a gentleman,” she mocked bitterly as she slipped the tip of his cock into her hungry pussy and groaned out as she slid herself slowly down his pole. She moaned out in lust and desire as his hard shaft parted her hot, slick walls and she released him to brace her hands against his chest. She growled in frustration at having touched his surprisingly muscular chest before yanking the comforter down so she wasn’t in contact with his skin any more than she had to.

Norman chuckled at the look of disgust on Natalie’s face as she squirmed around on top of him. “Heh. I may not be the gentleman you want,” he said as he gripped his niece-in-law around her small waist, “But I’m the dirty fucker you need.” With a quick jerk he thrust his hips up, spearing the horny actress on his prick causing her to shudder in sudden pleasure. She gasped out in surprise and lust, her eyelids fluttering and her slender body shuddering, her chest heaving, her small breasts jiggling, and her tight pussy rippling around his throbbing prick. He chuckled again as she struggled to regain control of her body and glared angrily down at him.

“Fucking stop it!” Natalie barked as she grabbed both of Norman’s wrists and yanked them away from her waist. They struggled against each other with his cock buried inside of her, her body rocking back and forth and up and down, slowly reaching a wet rhythm. Her taunt body rose up and down, her tight cunt sliding up and down his shaft as she angrily fucked the perverted old man’s cock. Slowly their fingers intertwined and she used his hands as hand-holds to lift herself up and down his throbbing shaft. She closed her eyes, not to ignore her uncle-in-law and not to pretend that she was having sex with her husband but rather to just concentrate on the pleasure she was receiving. The feel of the soft cock-head rubbing against her G-spot, her clit rubbing against the lower abdomen below her, the shaft burrowing inside of her wet, heated pussy was all that she cared about as she fucked herself. The fact that there was a man that she had come to completely loath attached to the prick giving her so much pleasure wasn’t even a secondary concern to her, all that mattered was the pure pleasure rising up inside of her.

Norman’s eyes suddenly went wide in shock as Natalie violently shoved his hands away and gripped him by his shoulders. She began grinding herself against him, almost bruising his pelvis as she squeezed his meat with her tight, rippling cunt. Her eyes opened slowly and glared defiantly down at him as she worked her naked, sweat slick body against him. Her small, pointed breasts dangled a few scant inches from his gasping mouth but whenever he went to suck in a hard nipple she moved her slender body away from him.

“What am I?” Natalie growled.

“Wha?” Norman asked, completely perplexed by Natalie’s suddenly strange behavior.

“What am I?” Natalie angrily asked again with a sudden shove of Norman’s shoulders against the headboard, “ Fuckin’ say it!”

A strange nervousness spread through Norman’s body that oddly didn’t effect his hard prick. He had never seen this look on Natalie’s before. She looked not just angry but… hungry?

Natalie shoved Norman’s body hard against the headboard as she thrust her body back against his hard cock. “You’ve been saying it since you’ve been here. Don’t lose your balls now,” she ordered.

A slow smile of realization spread across Norman’s face. He slid his hands up Natalie’s slender thighs and gripped her thrusting hips. “You’re a dirty slut,” he said and the beautiful, angry actress actually shuddered in pleasure. “A filthy whore,” and she groaned in contentment. “A cock hungry slut that just wants a cock up in her,” and she moaned out, “Any cock. A dirty whore that’ll take any prick between her legs,” and her body worked like a piston on his dick, “A cum slut that’ll let any man between her legs,” and she began keening like a trapped animal. He continued verbally abusing her as his hands began sliding over her body pinching her nipples, twisting her breasts, slapping her ass, and even squeezing her throat.

With no warning, Natalie threw herself back, burying Norman’s prick inside of her as deeply as she could as she came. Her tight cunt squeezed down on him as her juicy pussy gushed in pleasure, her eyes closed, her head thrown back as she rode Norman and her orgasm at the same time. Her entire body spasmed and she fell forward, Norman’s face buried in her slender chest and small breasts as she writhed and squirmed in naked pleasure.

Squeezing Natalie’s taunt, sweat slick ass as he practically gnawed at her small tits, Norman began thrusting himself up into her twitching body as his own orgasm rose up inside of him. His balls boiled as he jack-hammered away into his nephew’s wife as she continued cumming on his throbbing cock. He grunted suddenly as the spent actress squeezed his hips with her thighs, her knees digging into her sides.

Forcing herself up, her hands braced on the wall above Norman’s head, Natalie peered down at him. “Not yet you don’t,” she said as she began lifting herself up, “I’m not done with you.” She slid off the side of the bed and stood on shaky legs. “Follow me,” she ordered putting an extra swish in her step knowing that the old man’s eyes were locked in her swaying ass as she walked out of the room.

A wide, leachous smile split Norman’s face as he followed Natalie into the bathroom. He watched her slender body stretch as she turned on the shower before looking over her shoulder and smiling wickedly at him. She stepped into the steaming shower and began wetting her hair and body, leaving the shower door open for him. He softly stroked himself as he watched her, the suds from her shampoo cascading down her lithe body as she washed herself. He began unconsciously jacking himself harder, faster as she began soaping her body, her hands slipping across her slight chest and down her torso.

Making sure to lock eyes with Norman, Natalie leaned back against the wall of the shower stall as she washed her legs from her toes up to the middle of her thighs. She spread her legs slightly as her hands traveled up the insides of her legs to her hot, wet cunt. With one hand she slid two fingers into her dripping hole while using her other hand to circle her sizzling clit. She moaned lustfully as she rocked her hips up against her hands, her eyes never leaving her uncle in law’s as she pleasured herself. She could feel her juices trickling down the insides of her thighs to join the water rushing down into the shower drain.

Her eyes stayed locked on Norman’s as Natalie turned around slowly, bowing her graceful back and present her tight ass to him. Her hands slid around her sides to grab her cheeks and parted them to give the perverted old man a unobstructed view of the puckered little entrance to her ass. She motioned to his hands with her eyes and gave him a smirk as she said, “Don’t waste it.”

Norman looked down at his body and realized his hand was a blur as he jacked himself off watching Natalie’s slutty shower show. “Heh,” he chuckled as he released his hold on himself, one hand tugging his cock and the other fondling his balls, “Didn’t even realize what I was doin’. Guess I was distracted.” He boldly walked into the shower, absolutely sure of what was going to happen next but as he went to grab into his nephew’s wife’s hips she turned around to face him.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Natalie chided Norman, “You’ve been negligent about something every since you showed up on my doorstep.” She placed her hands on the old man’s shoulders and kissed him deeply, her tongue dancing in his mouth before pulling back. “Down,” she ordered with a knowing smirk.

Norman peered at Natalie like she was a different person, someone he had never met before. She certainly wasn’t acting like the repressed woman he had spent days taking advantage of. She pressed down on his shoulders and he let himself be guided down until he was on his knees in front of her. She gripped the back of his head as she wrapped one of his her legs over his shoulders and used them both to move his mouth between her legs and he let her, captivated by her newfound confidence.

“Lick,” Natalie ordered before leaning her head back and closing her eyes to help concentrate of the pleasure she knew without a doubt that she had ordered him to give her. She gripped the back of his head and groaned in pleasure as Norman wrapped his arms around her legs and took a hold of her ass. She rolled her hips up against his mouth as he extended his tongue, parting her lust swollen lips and teased the entrance to her wet hole. She groaned in lust as he penetrated her and she gripped his hair in her hands to brace herself as she humped herself against his mouth. She had hated every conversation she had been forced into with him every since he had arrived but now she had finally found a good use for his mouth.

He wasn’t sure he exactly enjoyed how dominant Natalie had quickly become but Norman couldn’t help but find her new confederate attitude sexy as he lustfully fucked her juicy pussy with his tongue. He made sure to tease her clit with his nose every time he licked down her slit and then circled it with his tongue as he licked back up. His tongue trailed around her heated pussy-lips, through the small patch of hair above them, and then down to her sensitive taint before trailing back up, and then parting them. He spared her again, thrusting his nimble tongue in and out of her cunt causing her to groan out louder above him. He could feel her lithe legs trembling around her and gripped her ass tighter to support her for what he knew was coming next.

“F- f- f-uck- k- k-,” Natalie stuttered as her orgasm rose up inside of her. Her legs twitched wildly as she gripped Norman’s hair tighter, grinding herself against his face as she came. She could feel his tongue and jaw working to catch her juices as they flowed out of her to join with the water spiraling down the drain. She held him to her as she rode out her orgasm, slowly becoming limp in his hands until her quivering body began to relax.

Taking a deep breath to make sure she had her body back under control, Natalie released her hold on Norman and leaned limply against the shower wall. She looked down at him with a wicked glint in her eye. “Good boy,” she said with a affectionate pat on his head, “You get your cookie.” She turned around and rolled her ass out, arching her back gracefully to present herself to her husband’s uncle as he stood up. His hands caressed the firm, soft flesh of her ass as she looked at him from over her shoulder. “You know, if you would have led with your tongue we would have had a completely different couple of days together,” she said mischievously.

“We both got what we wanted,” Norman said gruffly as he positioned himself behind Natalie. He placed the tip of his prick against the wrinkled entrance to her ass and pushed forward, his soft cock-head piercing her body and they both groaned out. He worked himself slowly inside of her with slow but forceful strokes moving barely an inch at a time. He wasn’t in the mood for talk, all his energy and concentration set just for fucking his nephew’s wife’s ass. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt desire like this. The at first repressed woman had changed into something else through the night and his cock throbbed painfully with the absolute need to fuck her. If she had tried to stop him now he had no idea what he’d do, all he wanted was just to be buried inside of her and he’d probably promise her anything to do it. Luckily for Norman, Natalie left her body open for him, her moans and groans of lust spurring him on.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Natalie painted softly as she worked herself back against Norman’s insistent cock as it slowly but surely pushed it’s way into her tightly clutch ass. His grunts and moans of lust made her feel more alive than she had felt in years. He had spent his time with her using and abusing her even under her husband’s nose but now he and his prick belonged to her. His panting breath sounded so needy, so wanton, it was like he would do anything to get inside of her and she was feeling magnanimous enough to let him. She felt him bury the last inch of himself inside of her and heard him grunt in contentment behind her, his breath tickling her ear as he reach around her and a wide smile of power spread across her face. There was no doubt in her mind that he was hers.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Norman grunted in need as he gripped both of Natalie’s small, firm tits in his rough hands. Her hard nipples slipped across his palms as he furiously kneaded her breasts and he slid his prick out of her ass a bare inch before sliding back in. He tried to go slow, to enjoy the experience but it was useless, he was hopeless, he needed this, needed to cum, needed to fuck Natalie’s ass, needed it more than his next ten minutes of breath.

“Fuckmefuckmefuckme…” Natalie squealed in delight as Norman began to roughly fuck deep inside of her ass. There were no games here, at least not now, not any longer. All there was now was pure lust, the pure need to fuck and cum. He rocked furiously against her, pressing her against the slick walls. His hips slapped wetly against her ass, the noise echoing through the bathroom as he grunted in animalistic need into her ear causing her smile to spread wider as she rocked herself against him. “Make me cum, Norman. Fuck my little ass and make me cum,” she ordered. He didn’t say a word but she could feeling him nod his head in compliance and she could feel her power grow.

In bed with her husband that she loved, Natalie had come to the realization about how deeply repressed she had become over the years. Her sex life had begun as a child while filming her move The Professional. On set she had met a older member of the crew and he had taken a liking to her and she had started sneaking around to visit and play with him. One of her little play dates had begun with him giving her sips of alcohol and ended with her short shorts around one of her ankles and his prick buried deep inside of her hairless little slit. For days and days this had continued until having a child drunk on set gave away the man’s game and he had disappeared, the situation never being spoken of again. Being a child and drunk she hadn’t even realized what was going on and that it was a bad thing, she hadn’t even realized that it was sex and she had, in fact, been raped until years later but that was when it had begun for her.

After The Professional, Natalie had been told she was a shoe-in for a Oscar one day so she had spent all of her time and concentration on that goal. Who had time for boys when they were going to be a Hollywood legend. When she was just a bit older and other girls her age were practicing their make-up in the mirror she had been practicing her lines. While other girls her age had dated boys their age off and on and off again she had spent her time with older men as acting coaches. And once again been taken advantage of. After what had happened on the set of The Professional she had sworn off drinking nearly all together but one acting coach had introduced her to special pill. He had told her that the little white pill would help her relax and he had been right. At no point in time did she feel nervous or scared as he peeled her clothes off and gently violated her. And after telling her parents the man disappeared and was never spoke about ever again.

And then came college.

Along with being a serious actress, Natalie had become a serious student at Harvard University. She had made new friends there and they had laid out for her a whole new world outside of acting. One of those things had been Frat Parties. At her first party she had stood shyly in the corner watching all the other students happily chatting, forming social groups of conversation and then moving on to a different group. It was fascinating to her and she promised her friends that she’d be more active at the next party. And she did.

Being a celebrity Natalie was use to people wanting to get to know her and hear all about Hollywood but having grown up in front of a movie camera it was old hat to her and she had wanted to hear about life outside of Hollywood and one strapping boy had eventually said he’d show her. He was bold and at her third party she found herself happily buzzed when he had taken her up to his room. Neither one of them had any fantasies about their encounter being any more than a fling and that was what it had been. A three month long fling. He had shown her so much she didn’t know about sex and what her body could do and what she had wanted but as school went on they drifted apart when their studies had become more daunting.

When Benjamin had come into her life he had been a perfectly acceptable mate, both in and out of bed, and so had she. But now, because of her husband’s uncle, she remembered all the things he had discovered about her self all those years ago.

The smile had left Natalie’s beautiful face as she gritted her teeth, grunting with need as Norman pounded in and out of her ass. She had told him to fuck her ass and make her cum and he had eagerly complied. He slid one hand from her chest down her slick body, down her flat abdomen, down between her slender legs to the churning juncture of her thighs. He slid two fingers into her tight, burning hole as his thumb strummed her erect, sizzling clit. It was all she needed.

“I’m fucking cumming, you dirty old bastard!” Natalie cried out triumphantly as her body spasmed. Her hungry cunt clamped down on Norman’s thrusting fingers as her clutching ass clamped down on his throbbing cock. Her entire body shook as her muscles twitched and shivered, her fingers and toes curling as water filled her gasping mouth, stifling her loud cries of pleasure. And for once she didn’t care if her neighbors heard.

“Fuck- k- k- k-,” Norman stuttered dumbly as he slammed her prick as deep into Natalie’s ass as he could. He quickly filled her before his thick load exploded out around the tight rim between his shaft and the right little ring of muscle guarding the entrance into her body. He fell flat against her, his body shuddering as he slowly came down from what he thought could possibly be the best orgasm of his life.

As he slowly regained control of his spent body, Norman nuzzled his nephew’s wife’s swan like neck. “Not bad,” he whispered into her ear while his now soft cock slipped out of her ass.

“Ha!” Natalie laughed out looking over her shoulder at her uncle in law, “That was the best you ever had and you know it.” She softly pushed Norman away from her and grabbed a bar of her favorite soap as she looked him up and down like she was appraising him for something and liked the look of confusion on his face as he presented himself for her inspection. He held his hands palms out at his side a blank look on his face his soft cock dangling between his legs. “This is mine and Benjamin’s shower, you’ll have to use the other one,” she said as she grabbed a washcloth and began washing herself, ignoring the naked man.

“Sure you don’t want to do the job yourself?” he asked with a knowing smirk on his face.

Without even looking at Norman, Natalie continued washing herself. “I don’t think so, I’m kind of busy,” she said matter of factly.

When Natalie didn’t raise to his bait, Norman didn’t quite know what to do. He stared at the beautiful woman as she continued washing herself and ignoring him. He cocked an eyebrow at her before shrugging his shoulder and stepping out of the shower. “Whatever,” he muttered before walking out, dripping water all over his niece in law’s carpet because fuck her.

When Natalie was finished with her shower, Norman was sitting on the couch waiting for her. She wore a old pair of comfortable looking faded jeans that hugged her hips and a comfortable thread-bare white T-shirt the was just thread-bare enough to show her black bra underneath. Her hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail that left her beautiful face completely exposed to show that she wasn’t wearing the least little bit of make-up. She had a newfound glow about her that was all her own and walked confidently passed him to the kitchen. “Don’t worry about food, darlin’, you look good enough to eat,” he said with a mock growl.

“You’re so sweet,” Natalie said in a condescending tone of voice, “But you’re going to have to fix your own food, I’ve got to get ready for dinner.” She began searching through the cabinets and could feel Norman leering at her from the kitchen doorway. “You like Italian?” she asked but otherwise ignoring him. She kept her back to him to hide the wide smile on her face. She knew he was continuing to bait her and she enjoyed frustrating him.

Norman leaned against the doorway with his arms across his chest and tried not to show how much he was getting annoyed. “But what’s poor little Benjamin gonna eat?” he said, mocking his nephew’s name.

“It’s a family dinner, silly,” Natalie said with a giggle and a tone of voice that said it should have been obvious what she was doing, “You know, before you leave.”

“Humph,” Norman grunted, “And where exactly am I going?”

Natalie turned around and glared fearlessly at her uncle in law. “You’re going home, Norman. Our little game is over,” she said matter of factly.

“And what if I’m not done playing?” Norman sneered.

“You can play with yourself. We’re done,” Natalie said. Norman had given her a near perfect set-up for that little line and she had enjoyed it shamelessly.

“Ha!” Norman mocked the joke he had fallen into before glaring back at his niece in law. “You and I both know my little limp-dick nephew ain’t gonna give you what you need,” he said in contempt.

“A: Don’t talky about my husband like that,” Natalie began, “And B: Jesus your arrogant. You haven’t done or shown me anything I can’t teach Ben or buy online. They’re called ‘Marital Aides’ for a reason. That’s it, it’s over, we’re over and we’re gonna have a nice family dinner before you leave and then never darken my doorstep again. Is that clear?”

Norman actually took the time to think it over. The little woman appeared adamant. Sure, he could tell his nephew that his wife was cheating on him but that wouldn’t get him back into Natalie’s panties and besides, Benjamin was always good for a couple of bucks here and there. “Fine, whatever,” he said with a dismissive wave of his head before turning and heading back to his room to pack, “And no, I hate Italian.”

“Lasagna it is then,” Natalie called back spitefully with a wide, self-satisfied grin on her beaming face.

The End.

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