My Wife’s Friends

I got home early from a business trip and parked my car in the garage. From there I could walk into our house without opening the front door so my wife never heard me coming. I found her standing in our living room looking out into the garden. Of some reason I never said anything, instead I intended to sneak up behind her and give her a kiss. I stopped before I did it because I realized she was in her own world and when I stood there I heard her breathing heavy.

When I got closer I could see that she had one hand under her blouse touching her nipple and the other under skirt. I had never seen her masturbating even though I expected that she did it from time to time. Her eyes were focused into our garden and when I looked in that direction I saw the young man who had helped us past months. He was standing by the lawn mower drinking water from a bottle and you could see his muscles as he only wore shorts and shoes.

I looked at my wife again and realized that she loved the view so I continued to sneak up on her. When I reached her I put my hands over hers and held them in a firm grip so she couldn’t move away.

“He is really handsome,” I whispered in her ear and continued, “Go on and enjoy the view.”

I started to move my hands over hers. The response was immediate and she started to breathe heavy again. I let loose of my hands and held her from behind and now she really masturbated in my arms. I looked at the man and guessed that he was about 18 years old and he was really good looking. My wife took my hand and put it under her panties. I felt her wet pussy over my fingertips.

“Touch me! I want you to touch me,” she whispered.

I started to rub her clit and it didn’t take long until she started to tremble when she had her first orgasm. I stopped for a couple of seconds to give her a chance to catch her breath then I continued to touch her clit again. She had another orgasm within a minute and then I stopped.

“Do it again, don’t stop,” she whispered.

I touched her clit again and let my fingers slide into her pussy. I continued to work from her pussy to her clit and from her clit to her pussy over and over again. She had another orgasm and this time I pushed four fingers in her pussy while she had a chance to relax and then I played with her one more time to give her a final orgasm. I let her go after this and asked her, “Isn’t he pretty, Olivia?”

“Oh yes he is,” she replied.

“That’s fine dear. I want you to challenge him. You don’t have to worry, I will not be jealous. In fact I have had fantasies about you making out with another man while I was watching and helping out,” I said to her.

She turned around to me and smiled so I continued, “Take off your panties and make sure that he will see your pussy when you’re bending down to ground.

She hesitated but I gave her a kiss on her cheek kneeled down in front of her and took her panties off.

“That’s it dear. Go on now and play with him and see what will happen.”

She look into my eyes and smiled, then she went to the door and walked into the garden. I was hiding behind the curtain, curious of how it would turn out. I saw her walking over to the man who just finished mowing the lawn. She said something to him and he replied. I could not hear what they said but then she touched his arm and walked over to the flower bed and bent over so both the young man and I could see her wet pussy. I saw how he reacted with surprise and was not sure about what he would do. She returned to him and kissed him without any hesitation, then she pointed in my direction and said something to him and he laughed. She kissed him another time and then she took his hand and then they returned to the house together.

When the got in my wife looked at me and smiled, “Did you like that honey?” She said holding his hand.

“Yes, I did dear. It is beautiful to see you walking hand in hand with this you man,” I replied.

“And what did you tell me that you wanted me to do?” She asked.

“I want you to fuck this young man and I will assist you in any way you want,” I answered.

She turned to the young man, gave him another kiss and said: “You see. It is fine that you’re with me. It is a surprise though that he never have understood that you have been sleeping with me the past month.”

I was standing there surprised of what I just heard. My wife took the boys hand and walk to the bathroom. Just before they entered it, she turned to me and continued, “Honey, You can make the bed for us. First I will have a shower with my lover!”

She closed and locked the door. I heard them laughing and then they turned the shower on. I walked over to the door and tried to listen to what they did but I couldn’t hear much. Within a minute I went to our bedroom and made the bed as my wife had told me to do. When I was done, I sat down on the side of the bed, exhausted. All of this had taken me off guard and I felt humiliated to be told to make the bed and not to be allowed to stay there. At this point I was so confused that I never heard my wife enter the bedroom. She was naked, accompanied by the young man. She stopped right in front of me and I saw that she had shaved her pussy, something that had been out of the question before in our relationship.

“Well done honey. It is just what I expected by you. What do you think about my pussy, doesn’t it look good?” She told me.

“Yes it is wonderful,” I answered.

“Kiss my pussy, right here right now. I want to feel you touch me,” she said.

I leaned forward and kissed her pussy and could smell the flavors of the body lotion she used.

“Now I will have a nice time with this young man while you will cock dinner for the three of us. Just to make things easier on you, we will leave the door open. That way you will have the chance to see and hear me enjoy it.”

She took a firm grip in my hair and pulled me up from the bed and guided me out of the room. Then she returned to the bed and got settled on her back. The young man jumped in bed and kissed her tits, her belly and then he went down to her pussy and started to lick her there.

I stopped by the doorway and looked at my wife and this young man. She enjoyed the treatment and his hands were all over her. His tongue penetrated her pussy and kept on playing with her. I must admit that it was a pretty view, my wife fucking another man. I decided to leave them alone for a while and went into the kitchen. I had a look in the refrigerator and came up with an idea of what to cook for dinner. I was a handy man in the household. Cooking dinner or cleaning the house was not an issue for me. In our marriage we’ve had moments when my wife travelled a lot and then I had to take care of the daily habits.

It took me half an hour to get it all in the oven. This meant that I had 20 minutes to have a look at my wife and the young man. When I got closer to the bedroom I could hear that they were in the middle of it all and they didn’t hear me approaching them. When I saw them, my wife was on top of him riding his dick. Just then she jumped off and got settled doggy style while he changed position and started to fuck her from behind.

I could sense the smell of sex from where I was standing and it was a smell that I loved. I looked at them and before I knew I could see that he shot his cum into my wife’s pussy and they slowed down. He pulled his dick out of her pussy and they both got settled side by side. He started to touch her again and his hand approached her pussy and he played with her clit. Just then my wife realized that I were watching and she stopped the young man. “Hey, you don’t have to do more right now. My husband is here to serve me. Honey come over here and eat my pussy!” She told me.

“Yes dear!” I answered.

I walked over to her and kneeled down before her pussy and when I got close enough, I realised that the young man had just filled her up. I stopped for a second but my wife saw it coming and before I had a chance to hesitate she put her hand on the back of my head pushed my face towards her pussy. I opened my mouth and tried to aim at her clit, but she objected right away.

“Not my clit yet. Start with my pussy, lick it clean,” she commanded.

I did as she said, I cleaned her up and the young man was lying there by her side, kissing her without being bother by me. When I was done with her pussy, I continued with her clit and licked her until she had an orgasm. Without a notice she let me go after that and she said, “Now go on and continue with our dinner.”

I left the room with a strange feeling, thrown out of the bedroom again but this time I had even licked her cum filled pussy. I cannot say that I was proud or happy because deep inside of me I was humiliated and pushed around. In all of this it was impossible to tell her to stop it because I had given her my permission and even if she had started cheating with this you man I had given her my approval without knowing about it. I knew that I had to take the consequences and do the best of it.

With all of those thoughts in my head I finished the cooking and set the table. I returned to the bedroom to tell my wife and the young man that the dinner was ready. I found the two of them already dressed up. My wife wore a new black short dress. It presented her figure in a nice manner, with her tits in great shape and a slim body. The young man had new jeans and a trendy t-shirt. We all returned to the living room where I had set the table for us.

The dinner passed and we had a really nice time. I was sitting on one side of the table and my wife and the young man on the other side. She held his hand and several times she leaned close to him and they kissed. Every time she did it, I had to smile and show that it was accepted by me. Finally when where were done all of us left the table and my wife started to talk: “Honey. My lover will go out downtown tonight with his friend, so he will leave us alone for the evening. Isn’t that nice of him?”

“Yes dear,” I replied.

“Well it is wonderful I think. But just to be prepared, I have told him that he can crash her tonight and his friends can join him as well,” she said.

“What?” I replied.

“What! Stupid, I have already had a gang bang with them so this would just be a rendezvous. I can bet that you would love to see me fucking with those young men. They really know how to fuck,” she said.

I kept quiet now as I understood that I had nothing more to come with.

When the boy had left the house I had to take care of the dishes and clean up the kitchen. When that was done, my wife ordered me to change sheets in our beds as well. Finally I had done all that and had a chance to sit down by her side on the coach watching TV.

“Honey, wasn’t that a nice surprise, I mean me and the young man,” she said.

“Yes, it was,” I answered.

“I must admit that I was really surprised when you found me in the living room, but it has turned out better than I ever could have dreamed of.” She continued and then she turned to me and gave me a kiss.

“Honey! That thing about a gangbang, was that real?” I asked her.

“Real? Why should I lie about that?” She answered.

“Well, it doesn’t really sound like your thing,” I said.

“Give me a second and I will show you something.” She said and went over to the other room and returned with her cell phone. She started to do something and then she handed me the phone and I saw a clip starting to play. It was my wife being fucked by two young men at the same time. It was not the same man as had been in our house this day. One of them fucked her from behind while she was sucking the other man.

After a minute she got settled in front of them while they jerked off and shot their cum in her face and she tried to get as much as possible in her mouth. When they where done one of them took over the camera and our friend from today took his place in front of her and he also jerked off and shot his load in her face. When the clip stopped, my wife started to talk again.

“That was taken a month ago and we have done it several times since then. It is great to have their hands all over my body and to feel them coming over my face and body is great. I do hope that they will show up tonight.”

I looked at her and didn’t know what to think but I felt that the clip really had turned me on and I had a rock hard dick. My wife saw it and touched my trousers and whispered to me: “Take them off and let me see what you’ve got!”

I took off my pants and underwear. My dick was really standing rock hard now. I must say that I was well equipped and my dick was even bigger then what the young men had to offer. My wife moved over and started to suck me and I felt good. She continued for a little while before we turned around on the coach and I came on top of her and started to fuck her hard. I expected to come quick but by some reason all of what had happened this day made it possible for me to restrain myself. So instead of coming within a minute or two, I was able to fuck her for 30 or 40 minutes and when I came, I shot it all in her pussy and stayed inside of her for another 10 minutes.

This was a moment of love that made it all worthwhile and my wife showed me also that she really loved. When I pulled my dick out of her I kneeled down and kissed her pussy and then I sat down beside of her. She put her hand over her pussy and I realized that she did it to catch the cum pouring out of her pussy. After a while she moved the hand to her mouth to lick it clean. After this both of us were so exhausted that we turned the TV off and we retired for the evening.

I guess both of us fell asleep right away and it was dark outside when I heard someone on the doorbell. My wife got out of bed before I realized what was going on. She went to the front door nude and I was still in bed when I heard several men talking in the hall. I slowly came to my senses and I made a guess that it was the young man my wife had been fucking. Then I recognized other voices too and that made me think of the clip she had showed me this evening. I heard the voices coming closer to the bedroom and then they all showed up in the room.

“Honey, I’ve got company,” my wife said and then she continued. “You better get out of bed now, because we need the whole space to have a really nice time.”

“Yes dear,” I replied in an obedient manner.

I jumped out of bed, nude like my wife. Meanwhile I looked up and I saw my wife standing with one young man on each side of her both and holding her behind her back. As soon as they came into the bedroom, another man appeared followed by a couple. The couple was a young woman and a young man holding hands as they walked into the bedroom. I was surprised because I thought my wife really were in for a gangbang and not a group orgy.

“They are cute, don’t you think so?” my wife asked looking in the direction of the couple.

“Oh yes they are,” I answered.

“They wanted to see for themselves what an old woman like me can achieve in bed. That’s great, taking advice and I do hope they want to play along with me,” my wife said and then she continued, “Now my dear, I want you to stay in the living room for a while. We will call for you when you are needed in here. So go on and leave us now.”

When I left the room I saw how my wife got in bed waiting for the young men to follow her. It didn’t take long until all of them had jumped in bed too. Their hands were all over her beautiful body and she really enjoyed it from the beginning. I could hear them when I sat down on the coach in the living room but I could not see what they were doing.

The sound changed within a couple of minutes and now it was more moaning from having sex. All the time I sat there without knowing what to do. My wife had told me to wait and I had no clue about what she wanted from me. I lost track of time and I don’t know for how long I waited. Finally I heard my wife calling, “Honey. We need you here now!”

I jumped out of the coach instantly and hurried over to our bedroom. There I saw my wife in bed with one young man on each side of her and a third sitting on the side. The other couple were also lying in bed looking at me as I came in.

“Yes dear, you called for me,” I said as soon as I got there.

“There you are. What took you so long? Have you been sleeping?” She asked me.

“No, I got here as fast as I could,” I answered.

She looked at me and I saw the hands of the young men touching her naked body, it looked so nice.

“We really have had a nice time so far but I need your help to clean me up. You know these three boys really filled my pussy with their cum and I want you to eat my pussy now.” She smiled at me as she spoke and then she continued, “On your knees and crawl over her to my juicy pussy. Now!”

I did as she commanded me to do. It was out of the question to admit that it turned me on but I was really looking forward to eat her pussy. Just as I was about to kiss her right there, she pushed and some cum poured out of her. I took it on my tongue and swallowed. Then I put my lips over her opening and sucked as hard as I ever could and I enjoyed the cum that got in my mouth. I swallowed.

“That’s nice dear but I guess I have to sit on your face so you really can clean my pussy,” my wife said after a few minutes.

I turned around and got settled. Gently she turned around as well and got settled above me. She spread her pussy lips and the cum flooded from her pussy now, all over my face. My mouth was wide open to take as much as I ever could. When I was almost done I felt how she got a bit tense and all of a sudden she farted. With the fart came sticky juice of cum mixed with her shit. I felt disgusting and I realized that at least one of them had fucked her in her ass and he had shot his cum in her.

“Oh dear, I didn’t mean to do that,” my wife said apologizing.

I couldn’t say anything as I tried to hold back from throwing up.

“I can’t help being a bit sore in my ass. I am not used to be fucked that way but what the heck, open your mouth wide and you can might as well have some more,” my wife continued.

She had me in a firm grip and I could not move away or avoid it. She changed her position so I had her ass over my mouth and then she farted another time. This time there came more juice and I was forced to take it in my mouth. I could not hold back from vomiting but I managed to keep it in my mouth and swallowed to get it back in my stomach. She changed position again and now she really sat on my face and I could not breathe. After a few seconds she jumped off my face and turned to me.

“Well done honey. I never could imagine that you could eat my shit, but now I know. I think we should make that as a new habit of ours,” she said.

“I’d rather not,” I replied without thinking.

Without a notice she slapped my face hard. I had never experience her to be violent so I was really take by surprise.

“You better listen to me now. If I want to make it a habit of ours then it shall be.” She told me with a harsh voice and all the others in the room laughed.

“Yes dear,” I answered.

“Now you are excused. We don’t need you until the morning so go and rest on the coach in the living room.” She ended our conversation.

I felt ashamed as I left the room. I heard all of the young men laughing behind my back. I was not only being humiliated, I was abused by the woman I loved. When I turned around I saw their faces and how they smiled. Then I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth to get rid of the taste of her shit. It helped a little bit but when I got the living room I drank some vodka straight from the bottle and it helped a little bit more. I still heard voices from the bedroom but I was not sure if they were just talking of if they fucked. For me it was nothing so I took a blanket and got settled on the coach and I fell asleep right away.

I woke up when the morning light hit my eyes. It was really early and I needed to go to the bathroom. It was all quiet and I sneaked not to wake anyone up. When I passed the door to bedroom, I peaked in. To my surprise I found my wife between the legs of the young woman. She was licking her pussy gently and the woman really loved it.

My wife had always said that she never could think about touching another woman and there she was, eating pussy. I stopped and watched them play. None of the men were awake. It was just the two women playing on their own. The young woman placed her hand behind the head of my wife and pushed her harder and harder against her pussy. When she came I could see how she trembled. My wife stopped and moved slowly up to get on top of her. Then they kissed and it felt like forever. I moved slowly backwards to make sure that they wouldn’t see me.

I still needed to pee but I knew that if I went to the bathroom I would reveal myself. I returned to the living room and looked for a place to pee but I couldn’t find one. Finally I found a bottle that was almost empty and started to use it instead. I was focused on what I was doing and when I was finished I held the warm bottle in one hand looked at it as I put it on the table in front of me. Just then I looked up and realized that my wife had been watching me.

“So what are doing my dear?” She asked.

“Eh, I couldn’t hold myself anymore and I didn’t want to wake you all up,” I answered.

She smiled and picked up two glasses before she came over to me. Then she sat down beside me, took the bottle in her hand and started to pour my pee in them.

“This bottle is really warm. It feels good, you know. I wonder how well it will taste,” she whispered to me.

When the glasses were filled she took her glass and gave me the other. I saw how she put it to her lips and started to drink. She gave me no alternative so I had to do the same thing. It was not bad, I must admit. Slowly we drank as our eyes met and when our glasses were half empty she stopped and so did I.

“Thanks honey,” I said.

“You’re welcome dear. It is good to hear that you are an obedient husband that I can count on,” she replied.

I leaned forward to kiss her and she returned my kiss. It felt good, her soft lips against mine.

“Now you have to finish the bottle by yourself. I need to go and rest with my boyfriends,” she said and continued. “And don’t think about pouring the bottle out. You just don’t know when I am watching you, so do a proper job now.”

She left the room and I relaxed on the coach, then I started drinking. First what was left in my glass and then what was left in hers. The pee tasted better when it was warm so I hurried to pour up some more in my glass and drank it all. I got settled after that and fell asleep again.

I don’t know what time it was but suddenly I heard my wife calling again.

“Honey, where are you? We need you here!” I heard her yelling at me.

“Coming!” was I all I could say as I stumbled towards the bedroom.

She was sitting on top on one of the men when I came in. Her tits were jumping up and down and his shaft all the way in her pussy. She said nothing when I entered the room. She just focused on enjoying that dick, moving back and forth to make the dick move around inside of her. Then she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Come here and lick my clit!” She commanded me.

I moved closer and leaned forward to put my tongue to her clit and started to lick her. Now she moved even more and I could sense that dick penetrating her pussy really hard. She started to move up and down riding him and it made it harder for me to keep up, but I did my best. Then all of a sudden she let the dick pull out of her and it hit my lips.

Instantly I opened my mouth and felt it penetrate my mouth and the young man continued to fuck my mouth instead. My wife reached down and took a firm grip around it and put it back in her pussy and continued to ride him. Then she did it again, she let it slip out and I took it in my mouth. This time she reached down and started to jerk him off and it didn’t take long until he shot his cum in my eyes and over my face.

“It’s so nice my little husband. I can make you do anything.” She said as she let me go.

“Now come here so I can give you a kiss, then I want you to make breakfast for us. I want you to use the apron only so don’t spend and time on looking for cloths to wear.” She said with a firm voice.

As I got up she kissed me and licked the cum off my face. The other men in the room were only watching and when I looked at the couple I saw how they were fucking on the side of us, without anyone paying them attention.

When I reached the kitchen I put the apron on and prepared the breakfast for all of us. I was about to make pancakes as the first of our guests got settled by the table. I was turned from the table so they could see my bare ass and back. When I was done with the first rounds of pancakes, I turned around and saw that all of them except my wife had come.

I served pancakes and returned to the stove to make another round and when I was done my wife had also taken a place by the table. All of them but me were dressed where especially my wife had dressed up to make her presence more delightful for all of us. She was really pretty with a smart business outfit that made the young men a bit shy of her. I served the second round of pancakes and my wife stopped me.

“Honey! You better take the apron off so all of our guests can see how well equipped you are. They all believe that you have a tiny little dick that cannot satisfy me.” My wife spoke to gain attention.

“Yes dear, I will,” I answered and as I did it I felt how my dick grew large instantly. When I dropped the apron to the floor it was rock hard and my wife took it in her hand.

“You see. This dick is big enough to fill my pussy but it isn’t the size that matters, it is the amount and intensity. All of you my friends have been wonderful tonight and I am looking forward meeting you again.” She spoke with a smile.

“Now honey. Get settled by the table, there is an empty chair on the other side,” she commanded me.

I walked around the table and sat down between the young couple with the young man on one side and the girl on the other. As soon as I got settled I felt a small hand over my dick and looked to my side. It was the young girl who took the chance to touch me. I looked at her and she smiled, then she turned to my wife and I saw how her eyes gave a silent consent.

I froze, afraid of her boyfriend to realize what was going on. Slowly I started to have breakfast not to reveal anything while I had this hand gently stroking my dick. After some more minutes she let go off me and we could all continue with our breakfast.

I must admit that it was a long breakfast but finally we broke up and my wife escorted our guests to the door followed by me. I was nude standing by the side of my wife when she kissed all of her young lovers goodbye while I had to stand there watching without participating. Finally when all of them had left, she closed the door and turned to me.

“This has been fantastic. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to live out my sexual fantasies. It was way beyond my imagination,” she said and took me in her arm.

“It was a pleasure for me to see you enjoy it,” I replied.

“It was? Too bad we haven’t talked about this before,” she continued.

We looked into our eyes and smiled. Then she got down on her knees in front of me and took my dick in her mouth. She started sucking me with an intensity I had never felt before. I tried to hold back as much as I ever could but finally I had to let go. She took all of it in her mouth and licked me clean afterwards. Slowly she let her tongue lick my belly and chest before she stopped kissing me with the remains of my cum in her mouth. After a minute she stopped and whispered in my ear.

“Honey! Don’t forget that I love you, but I want you to take more responsibility of the household work from now on so I can spend more time with my lovers.”