Confessions: My sister and I

My sister and I had oral sex on and off from the time I was about 15 till I was 20. She is 2 years younger than I. Mostly I went down on her. We had bedrooms facing each other. She would rock her waterbed and make it make sloshing sounds and that was kind of my cue.

I would go over and she would lift her night shirt. To this day, I have not tasted pussy as sweet. There was never any force, and most of the times it happened she would come to me and outright ask me to lick her. We didn’t speak during sex (for me, it was because my mouth was busy) probably out of fear or the parents catching us. You know how fundamental religions are about these things.

I don’t think I learned much about pleasuring women, but I did learn that I love to go down on a woman (if she is moderately clean).

I still fantasize about it now and then. The only detrimental affect it’s had is that she started feeling guilty about it and made a big scene about it all. The fact that she feels bad about it hurts me. She didn’t speak to me for about 4 years. Only recently has she started coming around and acting like I’m human again.

I don’t know what kind of affect it had on her in general because even now she won’t talk about it. *grin* As it turns out, she was in a monthly porn magazine that I occasionally pick up.

I bought the month after she was in it and found her picture in the letters to the editor. The letter mentioned the issue and showed one of the photos from the pictorial. Still trying to collect that one, but it’s been a couple years.

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