Confessions: My sister and I were kids

My story started when my sister and I were kids, she was probably 9 and I was 12, it was typical playing doctor. After a few times and realizing my sister enjoyed these games I started to take them further, we progressed from touching to mutual masturbation, oral sex. We used to sneak around outside in the bushes or in the house when no one was at home, take our clothes off, and I would finger her and fuck her with things like candles and show her how to stroke and suck my erection. Finally I took it even further and had sexual intercourse with her one day when the rest of the family was out. We had sex with each other another dozen times or so over the next year, outside in the bushes, in her room at night, and always my sister showed eagerness and seemed to enjoy the excitement of what we were doing.

It was several years later when we next got together, I must have been 19 which would have made her 16. We were very close, it started one night when we were at home alone and drinking my dad’s whisky, I had always been sexually attracted to her, especially since she reached puberty, she had a nice body. Finally I just asked her if she wanted to get naked with me, she was nervous and embarrassed at first but seemed relaxed and excited after we got our clothes off. Her naked body was beautiful, I think it was the fact that it was so wrong and so naughty that made it so incredibly exciting, it was a buzz that was so strong it was like a drug with me.

After several sessions of mutual masturbation we actually engaged in intercourse.

I made sure not to cum in her so the chances of her getting pregnant was smaller. She was much more responsive than when she was younger, I don’t know if she had an orgasm but she did seem very excited. Over the next 4 years we had sexual intercourse or masturbated each other often, usually about once or twice a month.

I always tried to make sure we did it right after her period to reduce the chances of her getting pregnant. Usually I would sneak into her bedroom late at night, sometime I snuck into the bathroom while she was in there, and occasionally we would do it outside which was especially exciting. We almost got caught by our parents several times and once by some neighbors when I visited her while she was baby-sitting. This risk element added to the incredible excitement even more. The last time we had sex was three years ago, we were both married by then and we were at home visiting the parents for Christmas, everyone got very drunk and late at night we slipped outside and we fucked inside my parents caravan.

It was the most furious sex I had ever had, it was powerfully erotic. Soon after that I called her and asked her to meet me at a hotel room, I desperately wanted to have sex with her again. She showed up with her husband, she told me she had told him everything and it had to stop, I had never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life. We talked later and she told me she felt very guilty about the secret she carried with her and was so relieved to get it off her chest.

I think incest will always be much more alluring and exciting and any other form of sex because it was taboo. Sex with my sister was the ultimate form of erotic lust, the excitement of doing something so wrong was enormous, there were no emotions mixed in, there was no worry that she might leave me.

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