Confessions: My sister and I undressed

My sister and I undressed and touched in our teens. She was 2 years younger and the aggressor.

It started when we were kind of wrestling. That was the closest I would dare go sexually, but the body contact was fun. Once when I had her down she said I will do ANYTHING if you let me go.

I immediately thought about sex, but was afraid to take any action or do anything.

It happened a couple of more times and when I finally said what would you do she squeezed my cock and said I will suck this/ She was probably 14 and I was 16. Not too much happened because I was so chicken, but she did put my cock in her mouth a few times.

I’m sure she wanted a lot more to happen but I was scared.

I have talked to 2 girls who had sex with their dads. Both said it was good.

In one case the sex was ongoing. She was in her 30s. She also had a sex life other than her dad.

In the other case it started on her 14th birthday and continued till the morning of her wedding day at 19. She said the pleasure was mutual. Later she said, Now you know more about me than my analyst.

I often wondered if sex with her dad and her need for analysis had a connection.

I never asked.

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