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I’m just coming out the shower from washing off all of last night’s excitement I’m sore in a way I never thought I would be how used muscles that I haven’t used in years butterflies your ass out last night was more than worth the pain I’m feeling today I knew when I started working at this nightclub that I was going to learn and experience really interesting stuff I never thought I would partake in any of it though. I was just going to the VIP lounge or a few of the Big Rig Power Players were in last night there were these two extremely hot dark handsome gentleman along with three other guys that could have Blended in with the crowd I already knew that I had to dress skimpy and tease the guys all night long. I was in a sheer dress are you can see my nipple piercings and a garter and sheer thigh highs with nine inch bike heels every chance I got I was bending over and let the guys get a pee and my pussy lip speaking through my thongs. Every time I made eye contact with the two dark and gorgeous gentleman I’m not with short watering in my pussy would get wet I could just imagine one or both of them bending me over it and fucking the shit out of me.  Halfway through the night I decided to change my clothing I went in for a see-through silk Teddy and just garter and thigh highs when I entered the room with the gentlemen’s drinks I made a point to bend over to that they can see I was my pussy was naked I noticed them both staring so I smiled and went and get my ass a little Pat. When I went to leave the room one of the gentleman followed me out into the hallway ask me if I care to join him and his friend for the night and seeing the town. I told him I think I can find a few more interesting things to do than to sightsee he asked me what that could possibly be I told him use your imagination if you can get rid of the extra three that you have in there I’m sure me you and your friend can have lots of fun. He got this kind of surprised look on his face if it didn’t smiled and said give me 15 minutes so I went and found storm to come back to the VIP lounge with me, when we both walked in you could tell that they were surprised to see us both so I made my way across the room to the chaise lounge they had I laid on the stretch lounge and spread my legs looked over at storm and said why don’t you show these gentlemen how women enjoy other woman’s pussy she smiled and walked over and knelt beside my body she slid my teddy to the side to the reveal one of my breasts she used your tongue to flip it my nipple rings and she use your other hand to reveal my other fresh so she could toy with my ring she smiled at the gentleman and told him she says watch this she took her hand and ran it down my side in between my legs I smacked the inside of my thigh and said spread. I did as I did a storm ass and spread my legs wide she didn’t positioned herself in between my knees and push my legs further apart. She angled herself to where the gentleman could see what she was doing she took both her hands and use them to spread my lips apart to where you can see the opening of my pussy she toyed with my clit piercing liking it a few times with her tongue then she suck my clit into her mouth at the moment she suck on my clit she used one finger and slightly started playing with the opening of my pussy not pushing her finger in past her first knuckle teasing me. A storm starts to apply pressure and more sucking on my clit she slides a second finger in but this time all the way deep goes in and out fast and hard I let out a loud moan and say that’s it f*** that pussy and suck that clit right show these gentlemen how to eat pussy. I had noticed that the gentleman had moved their seating to where they were sitting directly behind storm so they can see everything she was doing you can see the Bulge in their pants from where I was getting hard and let me tell you oh my God they look huge. About that time the second gentleman has zip his pants and and taking his cock out and was slowly stroking it the length of it was quite long from what I could see and he was just slowly stroking it like he didn’t really have a care in the world the gentleman that had followed me into the hallway was staring directly at my face watching my every facial expression. So I close my eyes and just relax and it started enjoying the feeling of having her f*** my pussy and suck on my foot about that time and hands on my breasts and tongue licking at my nipples I open my eyes to see the first guy staring at me while playing with my breast and my nipple rings he says I hope you don’t mind I just couldn’t resist. I looked over at him and say I don’t mind at all then I realize the second gentleman has now moved to where he is standing on the other side stroking his dick I’m assuming he’s wanting me to suck his dick but I’m not ready to suck his dick yet I want the first guys. I told the guy that is playing with my nipples to please pull as dick out and let me see what he has my mouth is watering just from the thought of putting it in his dick in my mouth once he has his zipper and his dick comes out of his pants I can tell he is every bit of 9 in if not more from the look on my face I knew he knew I was impressed he says I take it you like I reply I like it enough that I want you to bring it up here and let me taste it. He smiles and says I never refuse a request only hope you can suck my cock good and all of my cock not just half Selene lives up to my mouth I part my lips take my tongue and it just the tip of it running around circles around the tip of his dick he kisses and I open my mouth wide insect and feet feeling hit the back part of my throat I don’t have all of him in me in my throat I have about three quarters of the way he looks at me and says damn as talking sexy my cock in your mouth like that do you think you can actually take it off let’s see if you can so I relaxed my job even more and has up and down a few times and then without giving any warning I suck him all the way down so I can feel his balls hitting my chin and I take my tongue and lick his balls at that exact moment he says oh my f****** god that’s amazing and suck dick like nobody else I’ve had before. My mouth is slobbering all over his massive cock my pussy juices start coming faster than storm can lick up, I stop sucking cock just long enough to tell the other guy to get on his knees and help storm eat my pussy and ass, and I also say don’t forget to get my ass ready to be fucked also u know how I love being fucked in my ass, which one of u gentleman want to be the first to fuck my tight ass? I asked them what they mark on my face knowing that both of them and can’t wait to slap my ass I can’t wait for it be stretched, I love that feeling. Storm is giving my pussy and ass hell eating it like it’s her last meal. I love when storm buries her face in between my legs her and the other guy are both eating my pussy like it’s their last meal I stop and tell him I’ll right now one of y’all start sucking my pussy the guy that was eating my pussy now and starts his nine inch dick all the way to the hilt deep inside my pussy I let out at hiss. Now storm climbs on my face and starts riding my tongue. I can’t see the picture in front of me but I can tell Sue storm is sucking that 10 inch dick deep down her throat and she was riding my time the feeling of him burying his dick deep inside of me it plus her riding my tongue is almost more than I can bear I shove her off and stop him and tell him now let me suck your dick I want to taste my pussy juices off your dick, I’m now on all fours sucking his dick as he’s laid-back storm climbs on his face and makes him start eating her pussy as he’s eating her pussy and I start sucking his dick the other guy with that massive cock gets behind me and bear is it in one quick switch with motion taking burys cock to the hilt in my soaking wet pussy and starts moving back and forth at a medium pace he takes his finger sticks at my mouth tells me to suck I so I can get it good and wet and then he takes and sticks it in my ass, the intense feeling of being fucked in my ass and pussy is almost overwhelming. I start matching his pace each time he enters my pussy and ass I suck the other cock down my throat. Storm pace is almost frantic she’s riding his tongue hard and says I’m about to cum u ready so u can lick it up, I stop sucking and say yes please, when I answer her she screamed out cuz of her intense orgasm. She moves to lay in front of me and I lick her pussy clean and then kiss her and say tasty. I look up and tell the gentleman in my pussy when I going to fuck my ass he replied now and takes the head of his cock and puts it at my hole so I slowly start moving take him inch by inch inside my ass once he’s completely inside, I tell the other guy to come fuck my pussy and he moved so I can ride him also. I love the feeling of being spread and stretched I moan loud and the guy in my ass said I think she’s loving this. I say fuck yes please fuck me harder,so they do now I’m being fucked hard and fast then I feel hands in my hair pulling I moan that’s it fuck me fuck me good,about the moment I feel my orgasm about to explode I say I’m cumming and then my entire body starts shaking they both continue for a moment then they pull out and me and storm r on our knees so they can explode their cum on our chest once they both finish cumming storm and I lick each other clean.

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