My First Black Experience

My first experience with a black man was the result of my husband’s continual nagging about how he would love to see me getting it on with a black man. At first I thought he was joking but he wouldn’t let up on it. In the end I reacted by getting really pissed off at him. I told my husband Dave, that I wasn’t even remotely attracted to black guys and that his fantasy was really freaking me out.

He dropped it for a while but about a week later we went to a nightclub with some friends and a black guy asked me to dance. Or should I say he just took my hand and led me out onto the dance floor. I couldn’t believe Dave didn’t say a word or do anything, but then again he was too caught up in his own little fantasy I guess. I ended up dancing with this guy for quite awhile and really had a great time. He was funny, tall, had great body and really knew how to dress.

The contrast between Marcus and my husband Dave couldn’t have been greater.
Anyway Marcus gave me his number – but I had no intention of calling him and told him I was married. On the way home Dave just kept going on and on about how turned on he was seeing me dancing with a black guy, and begged me to call him. I refused, and was furious when a few days later Dave found the number and called Marcus.

I guess I should have thrown the number away but in hindsight I’m glad I didn’t. Marcus thought Dave was crazy and told him to F-off before hanging up. Later, I called Marcus to apologize for my husband and he asked me out. I said I couldn’t, but for the first time in our marriage I actually thought about it.

Over the next week Marcus kept calling to ask me if I had changed my mind and Dave kept encouraging me to say yes. It was the most bizarre situation I had ever been in, and my opinion of my husband began to change; not for the better. I was shocked when I came home one evening and found Marcus there – Dave had asked him to come over and take me out. I couldn’t believe it! But Dave had pissed me off for the last time, I stormed into our bedroom changed and said, “Let’s go Marcus so my idiot husband can sit here and fantasize about us.”

After I cooled down a bit, I actually had a great time. Marcus was just so confident, masculine, and nice. He thought it was hilarious that my husband was urging me to going out with him. I admitted that it was his fantasy to see me have sex with a black guy. Marcus just laughed and I really appreciated the fact that he didn’t bring it up the rest of the night.

He kissed me good night and said he thought I was a beautiful special person and that he loved my red hair – I never trembled so much!
My husband was gagging for news about what had happened and it just made me realise even more what a little perverted worm he was. I told him we’d had a good time. All he could do was keep asking,

“But did you screw him? Did you?”

A couple days later Marcus called to ask how I was doing and if I’d had a good time on our date. I told him I had but that Dave was badgering me about it constantly.

Marcus asked me out again and this time I said yes right away. After I hung up the phone I had to sit and think about what I was doing. I suddenly realized, ‘here I am married, going on a date with a black guy, and all because my husband has some twisted fantasy.’

It really felt thrilling in a way and for the first time I thought about what it might be like to be with a black man.

Over the next month Marcus started taking me out and slowly chipped away at my resistance. I really enjoyed being with him and he made feel so sexy.

I started making an extra effort to look nice for him and had my hair done and bought a couple new outfits.
At first Dave encouraged me and sometimes I’d tease him with details about how Marcus had kissed me or held my hand. But it would always return to the same thing “Oh I want to see you in bed with him,” and his insistence just ticked me off more.

It made me think how much more of a man Marcus was.
During dinner that evening we talked about Dave and he said if I were his lady he would never let another man touch me. Marcus became decidedly cooler towards Dave when he came to pick me up, as did I. Although I hadn’t had sex with Marcus I stopped making love with my husband, it just creeped me out when he’d touch me now. After a while Dave realized his fantasy had turned things sour between us and he tried to make up. He said he wasn’t interested in seeing me screw a black guy anymore because I was his wife. He said that he wanted me to stop seeing Marcus.

I suppose I should have, but by this point I had become good friends with Marcus and I really enjoyed our nights out. So I told Dave that although I was willing to work on our marriage, Marcus was my friend and I wasn’t going to just turn my back on him.

Dave got very surly after this and called me a slut and a “nigger loving whore”. I was so upset I left the house crying. I went to Marcus’ apartment and told him what had happened. He was so sympathetic and kind. After a couple glasses of wine he kissed me tenderly and held me in his strong arms – I just couldn’t resist any longer. I had never felt so horny and excited in my life.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being with a black man you’ll know what I’m taking about! Marcus lived up to all the stereotypes I’ve ever heard about black men. Sex with him was incredible! He made me feel so feminine and the contrast between our skin was an unbelievable turn on to me. As I’ve mentioned I’m a red head so am very fair and blessed with a naturally curvy body. Marcus is big, black and all muscular angles. Our first love making was a life changing experience for me and I am now firmly a black man’s lady! I stayed with Dave for another month. He tried to patch things up and even acquiesced to my seeing Marcus, but I had made up my mind.

Strangely enough Dave did get his chance to see me in bed with a black man.

Dave came home early to find me and Marcus making love. He pulled out his penis and started jacking off as he watched us. When I saw him there wanking off in the doorway I yelled at him to get the hell out of the bedroom, but he just kept ogling us.
Marcus was having none of it though, and got up and pushed him out of the room and locked the door. I was astonished when he came back to the bed, kissed me and said, “Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted.”

I opened my legs and guided my black stallion right into his white mare. Oh, I love him so much!!!

I moved out the next day.

Dave tried to start some trouble but Marcus slapped him around like a little boy. I’m now happily divorced and have just become engaged to Marcus and I’m pregnant. Although it was a little hard for my parents and friends to accept, there is no way I would ever consider loving any man but a black man!