My Fantasy Turns Real

Mary and I had been married for three years. My wife was not a total prude but was conservative. In the bedroom, she loved to have sex and was wild fuck. I doled into swinger’s magazines and websites, I really loved the idea of sharing Mary. I really wanted to turn my fantasy into a real thing.

I said Mary, we are very young, but you like to dress in skirts that are longer than most young women, please wear shorter skirts, I love to see your legs and I am proud to show off my wife. I want other guys to see what I’ve got, that they can’t have. (I thought to myself, I’ve got to start somewhere, maybe progress and convince her to wear miniskirts and start giving guys good views of her panty clad pussy.) It took my about six-month, but l had finally succeeded, and she was now almost daily wearing miniskirts, Mary looked hot. (Every time I looked at her, I thought to my next step, I need her to start spreading her legs for me at the theatre.)

I have a very close friend name Steve, I told him what my plan was. and he quickly agreed to help me, I told him his reward, if I could turn Mary into a slut and fuck strangers, he probably would be the first strange cock in her pussy. I started texting Steve when we would be at the mall, so we could walk downstairs and have him purposely look up, so he could get an eyeful of Mary’s panties. Mary leaned over to me and said, I think Steve is looking under my skirt, it’s embarrassing. I said, why are you embarrassed, you shouldn’t be, you’re a beautiful young woman. Mary, if you look around, most young women have on short skirts, I don’t think they are very worried, they too, ride escalators and use the stairs. We got to the bottom of the stairs and asked Steve, did you like what you saw? Steve replied, I love those sexy red panties Mary is wearing, Mary looked down and I said, that’s why I buy her sexy clothes, I like Mary to look red hot and we high fived and headed for the car.

I walked back with Steve while Mary opened the trunk and leaned over, as she leaned we got an eyeful of tiny red panties, I had never seen an ass look so fucking hot. Steve and I again high fived. We got in the car, Mary sat between us, her skirt rode very high up on her milky white thighs, she looked fucking good, I wanted to fuck her right there, but I was driving. I said, hey Steve, what the hell, you already took a gook peak at Mary’s red panties on the stairs, check out those legs. Steve replied, man, Mary is here, or I would tell you what I would do with those legs if I ever got the chance. I took my right hand and laid it up high on Mary’s thigh. As I slid my hand further up, finally felt her very wet crotch, she took her hands and tried to stop my hand from moving further up, but I was stronger. I swung in to a deserted ally and parked. I immediately, put my right arm over her shoulders, and started to passionately French kiss her. I quickly moved my left hand under her skirt and started fingering her pussy vigorously. Mary in a moaning low voice was saying, please don’t, please don’t, but at the same time she was bucking her very wet pussy against my fingers.

I had Mary in a very aroused state and while I was busy with her, Steve had pulled down his pants, I said, Steve we’re all adults, tell me what you would do with Mary if you had a chance, before Steve was finished talking, I pulled Mary’s panties off and handed them to Steve, I said her take these as a memento. Steve said, I’ve got a better idea, I’ll show you. Mary and I were kissing when he grabbed Mary by her arms and pulled her against him, I took my hands and helped Steve lift her over his rock-hard cock. Steve was no time, he impaled Mary’s very wet pussy in one swift thrust and started thrusting upwards while slamming Mary on his cock.

Mary was moaning loud as Steve was slamming into her pussy, OOOOOOH, OOOOOOH, AAAAAAAH, he started slapping her ass while he was thrusting into her, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, she was going wild fucking harder with ever slap, she started saying, HARDER, HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK THIS MARRIED PUSSY. Once Mary started saying that, I knew, I had succeeded, Mary was now my slut-wife.

I said, we need to get out of here before some cop shows up. I said, Steve, take her in the back seat while I drive. As I drove, I had a great view of Mary’s legs dangling over Steve’s shoulders as he repeatedly plowed into her pussy. Steve said out loud, HEY BUDDY, I’D LIKE TO VISIT OFTEN AND KNOCK OUT YOUR SLUT’S HOT PUSSY! I replied, SURE YOU CAN HIT ON THAT PUSSY ALL YOU WANT. YOU CAN EVEN TELL OUR FRIDAY NIGHT POKER GROUP THAT FROM NOW ON THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT WHEN THEY PASS ON A FEW HANDS.

We got the house, I told Steve to take her to our bedroom, I was a little tired, so I laid in the guest bedroom, I could hear for a long time the springs of our bed squeak and our head board hit the wall almost all night as he fucked the shit out of Mary. After that day, Friday poker nights got very interesting. Every Friday poker night, Mary was always dressed in different color very sheer nightie lingerie’ with stilettos. Mary gave all the guys blow jobs as they played at the table or while they sat on the couch. Mary’s reputation was getting around, the poker circle was quickly expanding. When the guys wanted to fuck Mary, they usually took her to the bedroom, we always knew when Mary was being fucked on the bed, along with hearing her screams and moans, we could hear the headboard repeatedly hit the wall very loud and these days I hear those sounds almost every day, my former conservative wife knows she’s a slut that loves lots of cum dumped in her pussy.

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